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The Mystery Issue

Spring 2018

Lily Kiliski, 502

Spot Light Magazine EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Lauren Timmons, Stacey Shackford COMMITTEE MEMBERS Maria Yagudayev, Rachel Nobel Fields ART DIRECTOR Stacey Shackford PUBLISHED BY PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF PS 196Q

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It is my pleasure to reintroduce Spotlight Magazine to our P.S. 196Q family. One of my great hopes as an educator is to inspire a lifelong love of reading in students. And as you will see, P.S. 196Q students are a vibrant community of readers, authors, artists, and investigators. Just like our school, Spotlight celebrates our students’

diverse interests and passions: Inside you will find everything from comics to word problems, careful journalism to wild imagination. On behalf of the faculty and staff, we are proud of the work our students and parents have put into the magazine. I hope you all enjoy the issue as much as I did! Susan Migliano

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1 Spotlight Magazine

DEAR PARENTS We are so excited to shine a spotlight on our incredibly talented children by bringing back our beloved magazine Greetings from the PS 196Q Parents Association Thanks to all who have taken part in our activities so far this year, and to the wonderful volunteer staff and contributors to the Spotlight magazine. From Family Fitness Fun Days to fundraisers, we had an incredibly successful 2017, and a great start to 2018. The Parents Association is you. Please consider getting involved. We hope you and your family enjoy the magazine. And don't forget to thank our advertisers and their commitment to our school. Enjoy!



BY SLOANE COOPER, 301 School with a heart PS 196Q Outstanding students Talented teachers Lasting friendships Intelligent Growing by size Homework Together forever

SPOTLIGHT needs volunteers for its next edition. Interested? Please email


? o h W s s e u G LIKES: Brownies

LIKES: Rocky Road ice cream

DISLIKES: Not enough time


LAST SEEN: Standing outside, greeting students

LAST SEEN: Walking the halls, dressed in black (though favorite color is actually blue)

• Wanted to be an actress when she was a girl • Former fourth grade teacher and math coach • Likes taking long walks — all the way to Manhattan! • Drove across the U.S. twice with her children • Has two cats, Ganache and Dulce de Leche

• Voracious reader • Hidden talent: Singing and putting on plays at summer camp • Has five children • Favorite vegetable is zucchini • First job: Lifeguard

Interviewed by: Margaret Castiglia, 304

Interviewed by: Scarlett Metz, 301

LIKES: Children DISLIKES: Unhappy children LAST SEEN: On the phone, speaking to anxious parents • Was born two months early, weighing only 3 lbs. • Former president of an independent film distribution company

• Has a 25-year-old son and a 35-year-old step-daughter • Misses her dog, Kaycee

Interviewed by: David Shalom, 302 Spotlight Magazine 2

g n i r e v o Disc New Faces

MS. KELLY - K-011 Favorite sport: Gy mnastics Favorite vacatio n spot: Dominican Republic Favorite subject: Math Least favorite su bject: Social studie s Favorite author: Paula Hawkins Favorite museum : MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)


Interviewed by: Kaylee Chin and Krishvee Prasad, K-014

Favorite food: Pizza with pineapples Favorite drink: Water

Favorite mentor: My parents I have lived in... Three cities. I'm origi nally from Long Island. In my free time I like to... Go to the beach.

Interviewed by:

Zihe Huang, 431

MS. DUNBAR - K-0 15 Interviewed by: Alyssa Howard, 431

Favorite color: Black and red. My first car was red. Favorite animal: Owl. I think they have pretty eyes.

Greatest fear: Seeing anyone I love getting hurt.

Favorite game: I like to play cards with my family, a game called Spades.

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite vacation spot: Jamaica

Favorite movie: Trolls

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. I love having mac and cheese.

Favorite day of the week: Friday Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite book: "What Do You Do With an Idea," "Oh The Places You'll Go," and anything by Mo Willems

Favorite subject: Social studies


In my free time I like to... Play with my children.


Greatest fear: Mice Favorite animal: Butterfly Favorite color: Purple, beacuse it reminds me of my grandmother. Favorite instrument: Oboe Favorite ingredient: Cream cheese Favorite restaurant: Il Buco in Manhattan. My favorite dish is the homemade pasta. Favorite vacation spot: Long Beach Island In my free time I like to... Do Zumba and try new recipes. I can speak... A little French. Un poquito EspaĂąol. Interviewed by: Jilun and Pojin Wu, 203 and 404

3 Spotlight Magazine

MS. VALEO - 132 Favorite color: Pink Favorite drink: Pink lemonade Favorite food: Pizza Favorite animal: Giraffe Favorite song: "Lost in This Moment" by Big and Rich

I was inspired to become a teacher by... My third grade teacher. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was nine years old! The most important thing to me is... Family.

Favorite movie: Little Rascals Favorite hobby: Baking

Interviewed by: Mia Nesher, 404

Favorite hobby as a kid: Playing sports, like soccer. Favorite musical instrument: I used to play the clarinet. Favorite charity: American Cancer Society

Interviewed by: Alyssa Howard


Interviewed by: Sophia Venezia, 331

Favorite color: Purple

Yankees or Mets? Yankees

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

I love to learn about... Science

Favorite subject: Reading

In my free time I like to... Go to the park with my children. I have two children, a boy amd a girl, and two pets, a cat and a dog.

Favorite book: Twilight Favorite song: "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi Favorite tree: Weeping willow Favorite fruit: Apples Favorite friend: Kate

- 201 MS. DONOVAN Greatest fear: Spiders Favorite book: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by JK Rowling Favorite sport: I like to watch football and play badminton. Favorite animal: My pet cat, Daisy.

Interviewed by: Annabelle and Madelyn Yunatanov, 401 & 203

Before I was a teacher... I worked at a library and a clothing store. I was inspired to become a teacher by... My mother, who was also a teacher. If I could meet anyone in the world it would be... Barack Obama.

Favorite subject to teach: All of them. Scariest thing that ever happened to me: When I was 16 years old, I fell off a horse and hit my head. When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to be... A teacher. Spotlight Magazine 4

MS. HALL - 303 Favorite food: Pizza Favorite sport: Football and soccer Favorite animal: I love dogs. Favorite vacation spot: Disney World Favorite childhood book: I loved reading Beverly Cleary chapter books when I was a child.

Hidden talent: I love to sing. I used to be a part of many different singing groups in high school and college. If I wasn't a teacher, I'd be... An interior designer. In my free time I like to... Hang out with my friends and family.

Favorite musicians: Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink Favorite movie: "Because I Said So" Favorite subject to teach: Math

Interviewed by:

Art or Science? I like both subjects equally.

Marc Berman, 301

MS. PORCIELLO - 501 Greatest fear: Spiders and bugs Favorite food: Anything my husband cooks Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my family. Favorite song: "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley - I sing it to my baby. Favorite vacation spot: A beach that has white sand and clear water. Favorite part of teaching: I love the look on kids' faces when they don't get something, but then they get it and overcome a challenge.

1 MS. CABAN - 59

Interviewed by: Nina Barshai, 401

Favorite food: Salad and french fries Favorite subject: Math Favorite flower: Picasso Lily Favorite colors: Black, pink and purple Favorite TV shows: Science shows... and Spongebob Squarepants. Favorite Broadway show: Chicago Favorite movie: The Fifth Element Newest friend: Ms. May When I was young, I liked to... Read, be silly, and have fun with friends.

5 Spotlight Magazine

Interviewed by: Chloe Lee & Zoe Sharapov, 501 Hidden talent: Knitting, especially baby hats and blankets. In my free time I like to: Hang out with my baby, Dominic, and knit. Describe yourself in three words: Honest, because I have nothing to hide; Funny, because I love to laugh; Loving, because I love to love life.

RESIDENT SCIENTIST BY ALYSSA LAZARUS, 402 Meet Ms. Vicente, our new science teacher — and a former horse trainer! During a recent interview with Ms. Vicente, I learned so many exciting things, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Before Ms. Vicente was a science teacher, she was a horse trainer. While working as a trainer, she realized how much she loved teaching children and that science was her passion so she became a teacher. She has been teaching for 11 years. For three of those 11 years, she was a health teacher. When Ms. Vicente isn’t teaching she loves to exercise, ride horses, and play with her three boys. Ms. Vicente wants all students in the school to have fun and enjoy themselves while they are conducting experiments in science. Her favorite experiment is testing food for the fat content, “because it relates to the students’ lives and makes them think about their health,” she said. She also shared some experiments that students can do at home (see below). These sound so cool and I can’t wait to do them at home with my parents. After spending some time with Ms. Vicente, I also can’t wait to see all the fun we have in science this year!



WHAT YOU’LL NEED Half a lemon Water Spoon Bowl Cotton bud (Q-tip) White paper Lamp or other light bulb

WHAT YOU’LL DO 1. Squeeze lemon juice into the bowl and add a few drops of water. 2. Mix with the spoon. 3. Dip the Q-tip into the mixture and write a message onto the white paper. 4. Wait for the juice to dry so it becomes completely invisible. 5. To read the secret message, heat the paper by holding it close to a light bulb.

CLASS NOTES: Ms. Vicente suggested some more experiments to try at home. All can be found at • MAKE YOUR OWN ROCK CANDY • COLOR SYMPHONY • MAKE YOUR OWN PLASTIC MILK

Spotlight Magazine 6

INNER MYSTERIES Sun Salutations from New Yoga Teacher By Amelia Metz, 502

Did you hear about the new yoga program at PS 196Q and its wonderful teacher, Ms. Jolley? Well, you should know she is “awesome and fun and energetic,” says Laila in class 301. Ms. Jolley was inspired to become a yoga teacher because yoga was part of her college degree in dance. Also, when she started teaching dance full-time, she thought that yoga was a creative way to dance. I hear that Ms. Jolley does lots of breathing exercises and strengthening poses like sun salutations. “Balance and strength poses build your muscles and they both help you focus and concentrate,” said Ms. Jolley. “This is why they are my favorite.” Ms. Jolley is so busy teaching kindergarten, first and third grade students, that it is amazing she still has time for her other job as a competitive dance trainer. Next semester she hopes to get to know children in the other grades that she has not taught yet. When she does have spare time, Ms. Jolley loves to hike and read, watch movies, and hang out with friends and family. Did you know that Ms. Jolley is married and her husband’s name is Morgan? They do not have any kids but they do have two cute cats. She also has an older brother. Ms. Jolley loves working at PS 196Q because she loves kids and she thinks that “all the parents are supportive and very nice.” In November, she got to meet some parents at an early morning yoga and mindfulness workshop, including my mom, who said: “It was great to learn mindfulness techniques that Ms. Jolley is also teaching to the students. It was very relaxing to try a few for ourselves!”

The Mystery Man in the Gym By Brandon Waworuntu, 503

Have you met our newest gym teacher, Mr. Murphy? Well, I have! I had a fun time sitting down with Mr. Murphy and getting to know him better. Mr. Murphy has great plans for our school. He was inspired to become an elementary school gym teacher because of his love of sports -- his favorite is hockey. He hopes to develop a well-rounded program that all students will enjoy participating in. Some favorite games that Mr. Murphy plays with his students are Hula Hoop Hut Knock Down, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Radioactive River. He also leads the Mighty Milers Program, which now involves games and activities, instead of just running laps. The program encourages students to be physically active to stay fit and healthy. Being an elementary school gym teacher is Mr. Murphy’s dream job and it has been better than he expected. His goal in life is to be the best dad to his three daughters. In his spare time, Mr. Murphy loves being at home with his family and being a firefighter. So, if you want to meet a nice and cool gym teacher you should stop by the gym and say hello to Mr. Murphy. I think he will bring fun and excitement to our school.

7 Spotlight Magazine

The Halls Are Alive With the Sounds of Keyboards By Layla Sagar, 303; Art by Alex Roman, 304 I love music, and really enjoy my classes with Ms. Lee. So when I walked into her music class for the first time this year, I was so excited to see a bunch of new keyboards. At the end of second grade, my mom told me that someone she knew who worked at an organization called Music and the Brain was going to help the school get some new keyboards for Ms. Lee’s class. Boy, was that exciting for me, especially because I learned to play the keyboard earlier this year. It also made me very proud to know that my mom was able to do something nice for my school. Ms. Lee is really talented. During a recent interview, she told me that music is something she has enjoyed since her childhood. She has

been playing the piano for a very long time. Her favorite things to play on the piano are Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Ms. Lee also enjoys playing chorus songs and Theater Arts songs with P.S. 196 kids, and she likes to listen to the clarinet. Ms. Lee is currently teaching group lessons to kindergarten, first and second grade. The students take turns learning on the 16 keyboards that Music and the Brain provided. Lots of kids are excited that they all get a chance on the keyboards, including my friends Maesha and Rohan, who are in second grade. Ms. Lee said students of all ages have enjoyed playing the instruments. I know I am!

Try this at home Tree is a great pose for beginners. 1. Start with your feet together; place your right foot on your inner left upper thigh. 2. Press your hands together as if in prayer. 3. Find a spot in front of you that you can hold in a steady gaze. 4. Hold and breathe for 8-10 breaths, then switch sides. 5. Keep your abdomen tight & shoulders relaxed.



rom the tango to the topsy turvy, fifth graders learned some smooth moves during ballroom dancing classes this fall. The dances came from different countries and cultures: the Dominican Merengue, American Fox Trot, Cuban Rumba, Argentine Tango, Harlem Swing and Vienna Waltz. These dances are very fun to learn. If we finish everything we need to by the end of class we get to do the extremely silly sugar dance, so we can loosen up from elegance. Did you know there are tons of benefits for students from participating in a ballroom dancing class? These include memorization skills, confidence, elegance, and rhythm.

We practice our ballroom dancing in the “grand ballroom” auditorium and have an amazing instructor, Ms. Veronica. She said the funniest thing that ever happened in a class was during the “Topsy Turvy”, when the ladies and the gentlemen switch roles so the lady is the gentleman and the gentleman is the lady. That is really hard to figure out. Class 501 student Nina Davidson's favorite experience was “seeing the professionals Ms.Veronica and Mr. Lu ballroom dancing because it’s very inspiring and I learned a lot.” Hannah Wong, from class 531, said, "It’s a fun time to interact with my friends and peers.”


Spotlight Magazine 8

MYSTERY MEAT? Who knew there were so many secrets in the cafeteria? Well, some of those secrets are about to be revealed because a cook named Rupert let me in on some. He is new to our school, but has been a cook for 15 years. Did you know that the people who cook and serve alternate every other week? So one person might serve one week, and then cook another week. They do this because then it makes it fair, so everyone gets a chance to cook and serve. Another secret Rupert let me in on is it takes two whole hours to prepare lunch! Now let’s dive deeper into these mysteries of the cafeteria. “Where does this food come from?” you might ask. The answer is quite simple: Many places! Most of the delicious food we get has actually traveled from New Jersey (about 20 miles) in a truck that has a freezer to keep all the food cold as it travels. Then there is New York Thursday, when all the food comes from local dairies, farms, and bakeries. So we know where it comes from, but where does the food end up? Any food that is left over (and up to two crates of leftover milk per day) are thrown away.


Rupert reports that if he could choose an y items for lunch, he mozzarella sticks, piz would put za, and french fries on the menu. I defin with him on that on itely agree e! It seems as if every one loves the burge for they are the mo rs at lunch st popular item there . So, Rupert was kind enough to share thes e “secrets” of the ca me. There are proba feteria with bly even more secre ts to be unlocked sti magician, too many ll. But, like a secrets mustn’t be revealed. There is so to the school’s cafet much more eria than meets the eye.

The Missing Pumpkin Pie by Margaret Castiglia, 304


very, my older sister and I looked in the kitchen. The pie looked delicious - even if a bunch of crumbs were on the side. I knew I wouldn't have a bad dessert like that time we ate a month-old cake from my friend's birthday. But when we looked around something big and gray came out of nowhere and bit into the pie. "Yikes!" Avery shouted. Then it ran away. I had no idea what that thing was at all. All I saw was a flash of gray and some footprints. So, I told Avery to guard the kitchen. I went to Phillip, our dog and scooped him up since he was pretending to sleep. That's when I noticed that he didn't eat his food and smelled like pumpkin pie. "Avery! Phillip ate the pie!" I said. Then we saw another pumpkin pie. It had no bites in it, not even crumbs on the side. Avery brought Phillip out and I put the pie on the table. When I was served I took a big bite out of my slice. Mmmmm, it was so good!

9 Spotlight Magazine

Code word: ASP

m a r g o r P l After Schoo BY KRISTEN CHO U, 431


hat’s your favorite out-of-school activity? Is it playing a sport? Or making music? Or learning a foreign language? How about arts and crafts? What if I told you there was one place where you can do it all? It’s at our school! The afterschool program has all these activities and more! A few examples are Farm to Table, where you can learn how to cook from a real chef, and Robo Mind Tech LEGO Robotics, where you can build Lego mechanical models. Then there are music classes, sports and three languages: French, Chinese or Spanish. The most popular classes, according to Ms. Maria, are clay sculpting and sports. She thinks students enjoy the clay classes because they like to create different structures, paint them in unique ways, and bring them home to show their parents their hard work. She thinks students like the sports classes

because they get to run around and be a part of a team. But who is Ms. Maria? Ms. Maria Romero is the afterschool director at PS 196Q. She started the program nine years ago, in 2008. She thought it was important for students and also for the school community to give students a safe and fun place to be, and she wanted to be part of it. Most of the time her job is fun. Ms. Maria enjoys seeing students every day engaged in their activities, and talking to parents. But it can be challenging, too. The biggest challenge is that it is necessary to limit the number of students in each class because of the space. This program is so popular that more than 300 students out of about 1,000 attend it each day! Students enjoy the afterschool program for many reasons. One student says: “I enjoy this program because it has a variety of different activities to

choose from and it’s fun.” Another student says: “It gives me time to hang out with my friends.” Still another student says, “It allows me to have some fun after so much work in my classes.” Many students take more than one class in a week. For example, one fifth grader says that he takes science on Monday, ELA on Tuesday, math on Thursday and acting on Friday. “Afterschool is different from regular class because you get to do fun things that you don’t get to do in class, like acting,” he said. These students have been taking afterschool for a long time. Two students have been going there for six years! When they don’t have afterschool, they would just do their homework when they got home. If you were an afterschool director like Ms. Maria, what activities would you add?

Spotlight Magazine 10


By Eilon Bober-Tsafrir, 402

When you’re looking for a good book to read, a mystery is what you need. Mysteries are one of the most popular genres, dating all the way back to the 19th century. Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys are all prominent mystery books. With the classic suspense and just the right amount of action, nothing can beat the entertaining, chill-crawling thriller. It may be a bit challenging at times, finding just the right mystery book. That is the reason this guide was created, to help ensure that you have a good book on your hands. All the books listed here have been recommended by Ms. Taps, the librarian of The School With A Heart.

Grades K-2

Bones Mysteries (Series) David A. Adler es on nine Follow Detective Jeffrey Bon a missing ng udi incl s ure ent mystery adv nt park me use am ed plac mis e, cupcak . pie g arin tickets, and a disappe

Young Cam Jansen (Series) David A. Adler Cam Janson can remember eve rything she sees! This is because she has photog raphical memory. Her real name is Jennifer but because of her great memory, people started calling her “the Camera.” Then “the Camera” shortened to just “Cam.” Join Cam on multiple adventures and see if you can solve all the mysteries before Cam does—or maybe not.

A to Z Mysteries (Series) Ron Roy One of the most popular mysteries for second graders, this series features a book for each letter in the alphabet. Help Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose solve the mysteries from the very beginning of The Absent Author to the very end of The Zombie Zone.

Grades 3-5

The Boxcar Children (Series) Gertrude Chandler Warner “One warm night four children stood in front of a bakery. Nobody knew them. Nobody knew where they had come from.” So begins The Boxcar Children, the classic story of four siblings, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny who set out on their own. This is an excellent book series, which most will enjoy.

es) The 39 Clues (Seri Multiple Authors tures is no less better Each of the eleven adven rdan, the best-selling than the other. Rick Rio ns son & the Olympia author of Percy Jack of ze Ma e Th h wit ies books kicks off the ser for superb time searching Bones. You will have a . hill Ca and Dan the 39 clues with Amy

Belly-Up Stuart Gibbs Twelve-year-old Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt believes that the hippo at the brand-new FunJungle has been mu rdered. Could the culprit be FunJungle’s ani mal-hating head of operations? Or is it the owner, a man who is much more concerned about money than animal welfare? Join Ted dy and Summer as they dig deeper into the crime and face more danger.

Now that you have finished reading this guide, you should soon be engrossed in a mystery. For more fun-filled mysteries, check out 11 Spotlight Magazine


Our students love reading, thanks in part to plenty of wonderful programming that promote books. The first fun Friday of the school year was a Pajama Party. Hundreds of parents came into the classroom toting their children's favorite books for some shared storytime. Local authors and illustrators also visited the school for several meet-the-author events, including The 39 Clues author Peter Lerangis.



JACOB FREI, 431 One dark and stormy afternoon a girl was waiting for her dad to come back from a business trip. He found a book in an ancient ruin. The book was magical. A man at the ruins warned her father about the book. The father ignored the man. Then he handed his daughter the book as a souvenir. The dad did not know the book was crazy. The daughter had a long day, so she climbed into bed and started to read the book. Suddenly, Jack in the Beanstalk started to come out of the book and tangled around the girl while she was in bed. The beanstalk almost got her, but soon enough her mom came in and saw her, and ran to call the police. The policeman took the book and locked it up in jail, so it would never get out of jail no matter what happens.



ne sunny morning, Evan woke up. He was very excited to celebrate his birthday because his parents would give him his very first library card. That afternoon, Evan went to the library with his new card. When he got there, he walked through the aisles and looked for a book. There were so many books to choose from. Then he kind of heard a book calling him. So he walked up to the book. It looked perfect for him. So he grabbed it. The librarian told him it was a brand new book, a person just dropped it off at the library. She didn’t know if it was a good book or a bad book. She wasn’t much help. But for some reason, he knew he had to keep reading it because he was so curious that he couldn’t put the book down for a few hours. He was so focused on his reading that he didn’t notice that everything in the scary book was actually happening around him. Bad luck! He didn’t even notice! A big wind crashed into the open window and all the loose papers were flying in the library. Evan looked to see what happened. It was a big mess. People were angry at him. “Oopsies,” he said. Evan didn’t want to bring the book home because he was brave enough not to bring harm to his family.

So then the family was so happy and everything was perfect. When the daughter went back to school, it was a normal day and happily ever after.

Spotlight Magazine 12




espite being the coldest and rainiest day of the month, more than 800 students and parents lined up on October 29 for the annual Parents Association Halloween Party, co-chaired by our mothers, Alyssa Pollack and Stephanie Cooper. We never saw the entrance of our school so spooky. Students were greeted by a large inflatable black cat, before being led into the staircase of spookiness. It took a team of more than 20 parent volunteers six hours to decorate the staircase, cafeteria, and gym. Hundreds of yards of plastic tablecloths covered the beams in the lunchroom. More than 100 bags of spider webs and 200 pumpkins were used around the school. Balloons all over the hallways added to the festivities. The gym was transformed into a huge Haunted Thrilling Dance Party, playing all our favorite songs. It felt as if we were all at a concert, having the time of our lives. We ran into former student Emily Fischer, who couldn’t resist coming back for our amazing Halloween Party. Students could take a break from dancing in the gym to take spooky pictures with cool props just outside. Or they could go down the hall to the

13 Spotlight Magazine

lunchroom, where you could find spooky crafts. Olivia Lam, a third grader, was blown away by the amount of pizza that was handed out. She counted more than 50 boxes at one time! And let’s talk about the Lemon Ice King. Students got to choose from over five different spookalicious flavors. To top it off, the servers came in costume -- cool and crazy all at the same time. What a big surprise when students discovered Assistant Principal Mrs. Koatz dressed in her big funky hat, walking down the hallway like a real runway model! We had a chance to chat with her about her favorite Halloween memories. She said her favorite part of the party was seeing all of the students dressed up in such creative costumes. She especially loved a dad who was dressed up in a baby costume with a binky. Mrs. Koatz shared with us that as a child, she remembered her brother dressing up as the Pillsbury dough boy. She had a big smile on her face as she was telling us. Mrs. Koatz also loved bobbing for apples when she was in school. Maybe next year we can suggest bobbing for apples at our party -- GROSS!

1 per, 30

ne Coo By Sloa

& Madison

Pollack, 30


The Haunted House by Gonzalo Rojas, 101

O Finn Timmons, 101


nce upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a haunted house. It was spooky and super scary! One day, a little boy went to the haunted house. He was nervous to open the dusty door... but he just opened the dusty door. In two seconds a crazy fox super big popped up! The boy ran... not noticing he was going in the haunted house. He ran upstairs into the attic and stopped at a spider web next to a treasure box that was old! He opened that treasure chest and inside was... a key! He was about to grab the key when... a monster jumped up! The boy grabbed the key and ran... not noticing he came to a table that looked exactly like a living room from an apartment. But as soon as he walked inside the room... a scary balloon popped up! The boy ran and stopped to a sink full of water. And since the boy's hands were dirty from touching everything, he decided to turn on the faucet! But as he turned the faucet on... a BIG SCARY GIANT CAT CLAW CAME UP! The boy was shocked; And ran to the living room! He ran outside the door out of the haunted house that was super SUPER scary. That night in the woods the boy ran out of the forest and finally FINALLY went home. Gone. Forever. The End

Spotlight Magazine 14

king o o L s i A Spy - A Song At Me By Amelie T. G utie

rrez, 203

Somebody is looking at me They’re following me I feel crazy She’s following my footprints She’s going everywhere I go I want to follow her I want to see what she’s trying to do to me Because I don’t know What is it I feel crazy na na nanana I feel crazy na na na She’s following me She’s following me I’m feeling crazy I feel crazy My head is spinning around What is happening Am I doing something wrong What is happening I can’t even think about what’s happening What is happening now What is happening now Now I know she wanted to see if I was a criminal No way I was even though she told me so Oh ohohoh Oh oh We both agreed that I was no criminal So we just became friends But one day she spied on me No please don’t do this You don’t have to do it You don’t have to do it You don’t have it Now we’re not as close as we used to be We don’t really like each other like before Oh oh Oh oh please stop Da da dee da da Da da dee da da da da Well now she knows that I’m not a criminal Now we’re friends again But I told her don’t do this again Now we’re working together on the same case Both looking for footprints But not mine Da dee da dada

15 Spotlight Magazine

Katelyn Wong, K-012 Amelia Rivero, 402

The Mystery of Penny BY KATHERINE CAO, 402 The story happened in Manhattan in 1917. A little girl named Penny opened the door of her house. CREAK! The door opened. Scared, Penny jumped back and peered in suspiciously. She saw nothing but plain darkness. Cautiously, Penny stepped inside and turned the light on. Surprised, Penny’s mouth dangled open. All of her books were scattered across the floor. A broken vase lay at her feet. She cleaned up the mess and went to bed. She was thinking about the sound she heard when opening the door. How did the books fall off the shelf? A vase fell without anyone touching it? It was a mystery. The next day Penny went to the library. She met a boy.

Penny found herself standing in the middle of a crowded city. She looked around. “Where am I? How did I get here?” As thoughts ran through her mind, a girl came over. “are you lost?” “Hmmm...I think I am lost. May I ask where it is?” The girl told Penny that this was Manhattan, but 100 years later, 2017! Penny was shocked and found very interesting things. People no more travel by horses. They take trains and even flights. People no more use mail. They use phones and e-mail. “This is really amazing and interesting,” Penny thought. “ can I go back? Oh, where is the book?”

“Hi!” said the boy. “I am Smith.” Smith showed Penny a book. “It is a magical book,” Smith said. “Oh, I’ve got to go...”

It was never to be found...

And before Smith even finished his sentence, he ran out. Penny was very curious and opened the book. Suddenly a big BOOM interrupted the sound of pages flipping. A huge blast of cold wind blew in and books flew everywhere. It brought Penny out of the window and disappeared in the sky. Penny entered a world of darkness. She closed her eyes.




nce upon a time, there was an amusement park. When it shut down at night, the rides became real. The horses and ponies all got in the forest to find their new homes. The new day came but all the people were surprised when they came because the rides were gone. That night, the securities got in the forest to find the rides at the amusement park. The securities thought they should not be gone, or a magician turned them into real rides and commanded them to go in the forest. When the securities arrived, it was too late, they were eating grass and they did not want to go. So they called the firefighters to take them back to the amusement park. On the way, the firefighters felt the ride kicking and jumping, trying to get off. When they were there, they told the magician to turn the animals back to rides. The next day, the people were excited to see if their rides were there and they were! So they played on it however they wanted to. The amusement park felt happy for the rides to come back like before.

Spotlight Magazine 16

? American Inventor By Gabriella Chow, 304

Mystery History Can you guess these mysterious historical figures? Answers online at:

I was born on February 11, 1847. I invented: The phonograph, the motion picture camera, the long-lasting electrical lightbulb, power utilities, and sound recording. I held 1,093 US patents, as well as many in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. I was self educated. I was called “the Wizard of Menlo Park.” I had two wives. I died on October 18, 1931, at age 84.



By Ben Rubenstein, K-011 I am quite famous. There are statues of me. I lived long ago. I discovered electricity.


Famous Soldier

By Noah Rubenstein, 204

Artist & Scientist

By Kristina Raevsky, 205

My birthday is February 22, and I would be 285 years old today.

I am an artist, inventor and scientist from the 15th century.

My family is rich and I have many siblings, but no children, only stepchildren.

My last name means I am from a town in Italy.

I have red hair, but you’ll need to look up to see it, because I am over six feet tall!

My most famous painting is hanging at the Louvre in Paris, France.

I am a good horseman and I like to hunt.

This painting is also called “La Giaconda,” meaning “The Laughing One.”

When I am indoors, I like to dance or watch plays in the theater. I am a soldier and fought in many wars, but before that I had quieter jobs. First, I was a surveyor, and then I was a British ambassador.


I drew pictures and designs of hang gliders, helicopters, war machines, and musical instruments. I studied the human body and made drawings of muscles and the human skeleton.


Be a Historical Detective At your next family gathering, pull aside a family member and interrogate them. Here are some sample questions: When and where were you born? What were your parents’ names? What is your happiest memory of your parents? What is the most important lesson they taught you? Where did you grow up? What did you do for fun as a child? How did you like school? What did you want to be when you grew up? What jobs have you had? What would be your recipe for happiness? 17 Spotlight Magazine

Kiara Chadha, 205


nov, 401

Annabelle Yunata

Secret ow, 501 Isabella Ch Said in hushed whispers Everyone can't be told Can't be too loud Reached only to the ears of the chosen Even the chosen are quietly told To not be said openly

POETRY, BEAUTY Mystery Eilon Bober-Tsafrir, 402

Asha Somesw a

ran, K-031

Where the mystery shall begin Is amidst the night of the frost. Wherein the detective does An investigation assigned by his boss.

Full of suspense, a clatter and a boom The detective arrives, “You’re going to the dark room.” But the thief sprang into action Instead of obeying Saying such words as: “I’m not staying.” The chase begins But doesn’t last long For when the thief grins He slips off the ground.

Sienna Mainhart, K-012

Sleuth 301 mo, Isabella Jim

Mystery Alex Roman, 304 Mysteries happen very often You have to be very careful Stories may become mysteries Television may show mysteries Even soccer mysteries are interesting Raining might be a mystery You probably never solved one.

Snow is falling from the sky Luna is shining brightly upon high Everyone is wondering where Under the moon The wolf is Howling frighteningly

Goodbye Haiku Wolfgang Hoffman, 504 The yearbook’s secret. Melancholy. But, have hope! Mystery new school.

Gwen Hopkins, K-011

Spotlight Magazine Spotlight Magazine 19 18

Mr. Linden's Library

Presented with nothing but a mysterious title, photograph and caption, two of our ambitous authors were inspired to continue the story...

"He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late."


ne gloomy, grey day in the middle of nowhere stood a tiny house. There lived Sarah, her mom, her dad and her grandpa. That day Sarah and her Grandpa happened to be cleaning the attic and they came across a trunk with many old dusty books. Sarah, who loved books, was very excited to read them all. Grandpa, who shared her love for reading, would normally be excited too, but once Grandpa took a glance at the titles of the books, he abruptly shut the trunk. Sarah was going to ask him "Why?" but he looked so rattled in that instance she decided against it. Grandpa reacted as if there was something dangerous in there. "They are just books," Sarah thought, "What harm can they do?" Little did she know those books are special and indeed very dangerous. Grandpa knew that those books had a long and notorious history. They were from Mr. Linden's library. When grandpa was a child, Mr. Linden's library was owned by Mr. Linden who was "a wizard." He told everyone that but no one believed him. Some even thought he was crazy. Mr. Linden was a vengeful person. He sought revenge on all those who made fun of him. So the first chance he got, he opened a library. He then put a magic spell on all of his books. When people read these books they disappeared. Some people claimed that as they were flipping through one


he girl was very still as the only thing being seen was the frightful look on her dad’s face. Her worried father looked at her and saw that she had the book in her hand. He knew that she had opened the book and got cursed. After all, she was always super curious and had questions for everyone all the time. You can’t blame Sarah for being like that, God just created her that way. Sarah’s father was so heartbroken, her whole family was, having the feeling of losing someone who was so dear. Meanwhile, Sarah was trying to wake up. She never meant to freak out her parents. “Think Sarah, think!” she thought. The thought of getting buried alive would make her heart stop beating. Sarah finally heard her father say to her mother, “I don’t think there’s any chance that she is still alive. We should put her in a coffin and bury her. The more I look at her, the more I think I will cry.” Sarah couldn’t breathe when her mother agreed with her father. Were they evil??? She didn’t want

19 Spotlight Magazine

of many of Mr. Linden's enchanted books they saw names of the people who disappeared into the book. Other people said every time someone disappeared into a book, a new chapter was added to the very same book. The next day Grandpa told Sarah about Mr. Linden's books but she didn't believe him. Grandpa was worried because he knew Sarah would read one of those books regardless of what he said so he went down to the basement to the safe, where he took out something he thought he would never see again: the locket. The locket was the only thing that was able to resist the magic spell on the books. Immediately he gave it to Sarah, saying it was an early birthday gift. Sarah, who liked jewelry, happily thanked him and ran off to play with Oreo, their family dog. That night, Sarah tip-toed down the hall and climbed up the ladder to the attic, opened the trunk, and picked out a random book. She then ran back to her room. The next morning, Grandpa went into her room and saw nothing but an empty bed. His heart turned to ice. From there, his eyes darted to the lamp by the bedside. There laid the locket he had given her. "What have I done?!" he screamed.

to find out. Besides, how could she? Her parents wouldn’t hear her. All she wanted to know right now was how she could wake up before her parents buried her. Sarah wasn’t quite sure about what she should do. All she felt like doing was sleeping some more. There was no plan going on in her brain. Usually, she would be able to come up with a escape plan but Sarah never thought that a book could make you “fall asleep” until now. You can’t blame her, it’s not normal that you would find a book of spells and curses. “What can I do? Well, which spell did I read? Ummmmm, oh I remember, it's the one that talks about falling into a very deep sleep. 'All there is to see, is a person all asleep, find a nest and just rest.' That’s what it said. Maybe if I say the spell backwards, the spell will be reversed. 'Rest just and nest a find, asleep all person a is, see to is there all.' "Why is this not working?” Sarah’s parents were working very fast, even though they were still sobbing. They were more

Lukas Tsao, 502

than halfway done building a coffin to put Sarah in. Wait, no, they are already DECORATING! Sarah wondered why they were decorating the coffin. Whatever, at least they aren’t up to putting Sarah in the coffin or worse, burying her. Sarah was super discouraged, on her mind were three things: How she would get out of this nightmare, how much time she had left to stop her parents from thinking that she was dead, and lastly, sleeping. Ugh! Sarah’s parents were making so much noise. How would she focus in this noisy room full of annoying sounds? It made Sarah feel like sobbing too. Just then, Sarah finally figured out a plan for her problems. She was worried that it might not work, but it doesn’t hurt to try, does it? “Maybe if I say the spell again, it will work,” she thought. So, Sarah tried doing that. Suddenly, silence filled the room... Kelly Shaw, 401

y YOUR TURN What creepy tale would you spin after looking at the picture? Curious to see more? Head to the library and check out: The Mysteries of Harry Burdick by Chris van Allsburg Then try your hand at penning your own stories! Good luck!


The Little Mermaid June 8 & 9, 7:30 p.m.

Spotlight Magazine 20




K-014 , n e h C y r r e T

Noa Spevack, 231

Scarlett Metz, 301

21 Spotlight Magazine

Joseph Rosenthal, K-011

Kaylee Chin, K-014

Jed Anglo, 231

Ashley Go, 103 Eric Chen, 402

Alistair Au, Alistair K-014 Au, K-014 Spotlight Magazine 22

SURPRISE! OM THE BATHRO SURPRISE One time I went to the bathroom with Mya. We were about to leave. Fiona from our class came in. The door slammed. Me and Mya screamed. And then we laughed because it was kind of funny. By Cleo Timmons, 102

THE SURPRISE UNDER THE BED BY YAHLI NESHER, 231 Do you know that monsters exist? One stormy night, James saw a monster under his bed. He called his mom. "Mom, there's a monster under my bed!" His mom replied, "You know monsters don't exist."


end, I woke up morial Day week On Sunday of Me on our sofa. in a sleeping bag d da d’s en fri y to m y just woke up.” one saying, “The He was on the ph other was so gone. My little br My parents were d if Mr. A’s son, ke as jumped and he at th ed ris rp su to play. ing to come over his friend, was go rents were en though my pa ev ed ar sc t no s I wa in the middle heard something gone. I thought I of the night. ok us to our bik’s Cube. He to Mr. A solved my Ru to play with use later. We got other friend’s ho nt missing. s y our parent we da at th s ilie m fa two e letter for me t letters for us, on My mom had lef to me said: other. The letter and one for my br l to have the ita sp went to the ho y m m Mo h, ica “M d you made me e my firstborn an baby. But you ar u.” a mom. I love yo , I would get I saw them again en wh I knew that be a big sister. And I would to hold my baby r my favorite be always remem ll wi I . ain ag r he brot surprise.

23 Spotlight Magazine

But James looked again and he saw three big yellow eyes looking at him from under the bed. The monster had sharp, poisoned teeth, red fur, and a small nose. James was really scared. He ran to the living room and his mom heard footsteps. She went to the living room. But she didn't notice that a furry little monster went right into her room. James's mom was mad at him because she thought that he was the one who went into her room and woke her up. James said it was the monster. But his mom still didn't believe in monsters. James tried as hard as he could to prove to his mom that he saw a real monster under his bed. When she went to sleep, she didn't notice that the monster was under her bed, and they all had a good night's rest.

Yidoen Tenzin, K-012


enjamin the Buffalo was known as the greatest detective. All the other animals called Benjamin to help solve a real tough mystery. Curry the Caterpillar was missing. He hadn’t been seen for over two weeks. One day he was just crawling on a tree branch, and then he was gone. Kyrie the Kangaroo, Thomas the Tiger, and Harden the Hippo looked everywhere, but nobody could find their friend.  Benjamin started by looking on the tree. What he found looked like something he once read about in a non-fiction book. It looked like a covering where

someone might be hiding. He looked at his book in class, and saw a similar picture. It was a cocoon. Benjamin the Buffalo discovered that Curry the Caterpillar turned into Curry the Butterfly.  When he told his friends, the animals were amazed. Kyrie the Kangaroo screamed out “Hop hop hooray!” Thomas the Tiger said this was a roaring success. Harden the Hippo was the first to see Curry the Butterfly fly by and flutter hello.  Their friend was safe, and the mystery was solved. By Benjamin Silver, 101

Hidden Objects By Sanjana Paul, 501

CAN YOU FIND: Clock Smiley Face

Fork Foot Pencil

Cloud Worm and rock Arrow Spotlight Magazine 24

D L R O W THE OTHER Written and illustrated by ERIN CHO & ZIHE HUANG, 431

Jenny turned around to see a small man with huge trousers, so big that even her fat grandma would seem skinny in them.

Chapter 1


enny and Robert were playing outside in Jenny’s yard. At that moment, Jenny’s mother, Marian, came outside carrying a tray of cookies and a pitcher of lemonade.

“Ahoy, princess. Fine day, scaredy-cat. Hey, where are your whiskers?” the clown joked, then fell on the floor laughing.

“Who wants some cookies?” asked Mrs. Jacklynn.

Jenny blushed, then answered, “Sorry Clownsy. This is not the right time to laugh. Where’s Robert?”

“Me!” Jenny and Robert responded excitedly as they sat down on the porch.

At the sound of the name, the clown froze, then repeated, "Robert?" in a tone that suggested he was thinking.

After the kids finished their delicious snack, they jumped up and ran into the house. They went past the living room and into the kitchen. Marian turned around and gave them a surprised look.

Jenny blinked. This might be my chance to find out where Robert is, Jenny thought. Then she turned back to the still silent clown.

“Jenny and Robert, I thought you guys were playing outside. Did anything happen to you?” Mrs. Jacklynn asked, confused. “No, of course not, mother. It is just that I want to ask if me and Robert can go into the woods behind our house to play for awhile. Please, ma! Please, ma!” Jenny pleaded, then made a cute face. She could never refuse. “Of course you can. Just come back before it is dark out,” Marian replied, smiling. “Bye, Mrs. Jacklynn,” Robert shouted as they ran out the door. “Children, just be sure not to enter the part of the woods with the black trees. That place is very dangerous,” Marian shouted after them. So, Jenny and Robert walked into the woods and started playing. This went on for a while as they switched between the games Steal the Bacon and Hide and Seek. Soon, the children got bored of these games. “Maybe we can go inside the black trees. That will be fairly interesting. I reeeeeeaaaalllly want to know how a piece of the woods can be so dangerous,” Robert said. “I’m not so sure,” said Jenny. “It can totally be fun. I understand that, it is just that the woods seem to be scary. By the way, my mother once told me a story about the woods beyond the black trees. Here it goes: The Story of the Black Woods Once, a long time ago, there was a young boy who wandered into the woods. Many people warned him that the woods were a very dangerous place. He might not have noticed it. Or he could have gone in on purpose. No one will ever know, because at that time, the woods weren’t black yet. The boy went into the woods and never came out. Many people said that the woods are filled with evil creatures that will kill you once you go inside. The people thought of painting the woods black so that no one would ever make this terrible mistake again. After that, a few people went inside the woods to prove that the woods were normal. None of them were ever heard from again.

25 Spotlight Magazine

“Any directions?,” she asked excitedly as she grabbed a flying notepad and pencil from the sky. “So that is the end of the story,” Jenny concluded. “Ha! Do you think that is true, scaredy-cat? Ok then, you stay out if you want, but I’m going in. I will prove you wrong. Just you wait and see. Bye!” Robert teased as he excitedly ran into the woods. “Don’t, Robert! Please don’t do it, trust me! You will surely kill yourself...” Jenny staggered. Just as she said those words, she heard a wail of sorrow coming from the woods. Oh no! That sounded so much like Robert’s voice. Can it really be him? If so, I need to save him, Jenny thought worriedly. I need to get him back to his home before it is too late. Or I will be the one who gets in trouble for the accident. She ran into the woods after Robert. Just as she passed the black trees, something swallowed her whole. Then she felt herself falling backwards into a tunnel. Chapter 2


enny looked up. What was this place, she thought. There were Vikings, dragons flying with balls of fire, and witches cursing dwarves and elves with forever-lasting spells. Where in the world was Robert, Jenny asked herself, confused. “Robert Elijah Daniels! Come back here!” Jenny screamed. No reply. “Robert? Please. No games. Am I dreaming?” Jenny yelled again, surprised that no one answered her the first time. Someone tapped Jenny on the shoulder. “AAUGHH!” she shouted in alarm. A clown chuckled behind her. “Ha! I got a princess! That one always makes me laugh,” the voice said.

“He went left, the right way. With a gobbling sandwich of anchovies," the clown reported. Jenny blinked again. Left was the opposite of right, so how could she go left and right at the same time? This doesn’t make any sense, thought a confused Jenny. What did a sandwich gobbling anything have to with where Robert went? When she asked for more directions, all the clown would say is that he didn’t know anything else. Jenny moved on and saw a bunch of dwarf children ahead, under a great oak tree. They seemed to be joking about the brain. “Excuse me. Hi, hello?” The dwarf children turned around to see Jenny holding a notepad and a pencil stuck behind her ear. Now that the children were paying attention, she continued speaking. “I’m looking for Robert Daniels…” Jenny started.

The dwarf children burst into laughter. “Robert?” one dwarf shouted, making Jenny very annoyed. “Had Robert the robber robbed Robert’s bank?” another dwarf child answered back. Jenny watched as they sang and stamped their feet. She was furious. This is getting me nowhere, Jenny thought, devastated. She stomped off and the noise soon cleared. After a few minutes, mist began to form. Jenny spotted a tower with the words “The Sorceress Tower” carved on the walls. Jenny hoped the sorceress would have information about Robert and went in. After climbing exactly 348 stairs, she saw the sorceress meditating with a sign that said, “DO NOT DISTURB.” “Excuse me, dear sorceress. May I please...-” Jenny began politely. The sorceress immediately shushed her. Jenny wrinkled her nose. That’s rude, she thought. Jenny lifted a finger and the sorceress growled. “Last chance,” the sorceress growled. Jenny begged. “Please, sorceress. I am looking for Robert Elijah Daniels. Have mercy.” The sorceress opened one eye. “Go northeast, you will find the witch of every-known, faithful servant. Now the last thing I got to say is… GET OUT OF HERE!” the sorceress yelled. As Jenny rushed down the stairs, she was smiling. I’m finally getting somewhere, she thought. After passing a few funny-looking emoji creatures, Jenny thought of the warm cookies, her mom, and playing happily in the woods. These thoughts once again renewed her confidence. Soon, she reached the witch’s castle. It was a significant sight. Jenny opened the door and the witch was

strangely standing by the doorway, as if she knew Jenny was coming. The witch’'s name turned out to be Brenna. She offered a crystal ball to Jenny and said: “This ball will show you the movements of your dear friend Robert. My fellow sorceress Lucinda has sent me a messenger bird, and told me that a girl looking for someone named Robert will be arriving to my castle any minute.”

in public areas. Next time, I will tell the secret of this nonsense. You…” Brenna made a quick landing, then clasped her sooty hand over his mouth. “Sorry. I don’t let people, especially clowns get in my way.” Whoosh! The clown turned into a lollipop mushroom.

When she asked for Robert, Jenny saw Robert… in the real world. He was looking around, obviously, for Jenny. How could he possibly be in the real world, Jenny thought, confused.

As the clown and witch were arguing, Jenny silently crept into the tunnel. In a fraction of a second, she appeared in the real world again, then ran out of the black woods as fast as she could. Even faster than the grabbing claws of the tunnel, trying to pull her inside again.

“That means…” Jenny looked at Brenna. “That means that I came here for nothing? Can you take me back home?”

“I can’t believe you made it out!” Robert exclaimed.

Jenny carefully took the crystal ball and thanked Brenna.

Brenna hugged the little girl. “I think I know a way,” she replied thoughtfully. Chapter 3


he witch led Jenny out of the tower, past the sorceress tower, past the great oak tree, and right back to the crazy clown.

Jenny returned home safely. Robert and Jen hugged. Marian peeped up, “What did I miss?” They stared at each other. It would be best to not tell her. “Nothing,” the united children said in unison. And Robert and Jenny never returned to the fantasy world again.

The End

“Hey princess, looks like you found another friend,” the clown whined. “Stop that, Clownsy.” the witch hissed. “Wait, what? The clown’s name is Clownsy? What kind of name is that? That means your name actually is Clownsy?” Jenny questioned, smiling. “Oh whatever! Let’s get out of here by now,” the witch cackled, pulling Jenny away from the weird scene. The witch then chanted a spell and Jenny floated off into the air. Seeing this miracle happen, the clown started threatening the witch. “Oh you dumb witch. I thought the law said that you witches are not allowed to use magic outside Spotlight Magazine 26

Gwendolyn Rosenstein, 402

Ruby Macklin, 231

27 Spotlight Magazine


ht. Marina was in It was a dark Halloween nig k-or-treating. her room dressing up for tric As she ch. wit She was dressing up as a she looked e, tum cos her finished putting on hat and ss dre rkly spa Her . in the mirror outside her g din lea shimmered. Her mom was ldn’t cou She . ing eth as Marina noticed som but ic, pan to d rte sta She ! see her fingers ething. She was then she remembered som want her mom not in Halloween and she did . tor doc taking her to the first house, When she finally got to the eat bag and r-tr k-o she looked at her tric d.” rte sta get t’s mumbled, “Le and said “Trick or She knocked on the door

She suddenly reali zed her legs were missing. Wait, am I turning invisible, she thought, and star ted to wonder, is that why the lad y couldn’t hear me? Was she fadin g away? She did not even bother going to knock on another door after she saw her hair was gone! Instead, she went to see Lea. Lea was the smar test girl in middle school. It took Le a a few minutes to figure out, but Marina was fading away. Afte r a few hours, Lea came up with a so lution, but she

could not find Marina! Suddenly, Lea heard something, a familiar voice. She heard Marina! “Where are you, Marina?” “I am here!” Marina replied. All of a sudden, Marina couldn’t talk. She tried, but she could not get a word out of her mouth. She fell down and asleep. She heard a sound. It was her mom, and she was yelling, “Marina, wake up! It is time for breakfast!” Marina sat up. She was still in her Halloween costume, but she could see herself.








treat.” nding at the There was a young lady sta ked at Marina loo y lad door, about 20. The t, little girl? I tha s wa at wh hy, “W and asked, couldn’t hear you.” der, “Trick or Marina screamed even lou treat!” r feet. Goodbye!” “Why no, I will not smell you slammed the door. replied the woman as she as she walked to She is crazy, thought Marina

the next house.

Spotlight Magazine 28



nce opone time at Jroms Howits Elmentre School thir were two cool kids named Joj Berd and Hirld Hochins. Thay had the menis prisble named Misstr Krop and he had the menis 4 thags in the world. One time thay tornd him into a chikin then a monke then finle Captin Underpans. Tralala! I fot for troth jostis and all that is pree jrunk and kotine and he flow of into the forist. Oto sed Jorj. Were is Mistr Krop? You men Captin Undrpans I think. He went of in to the forist. The two kids ran of to call the spis and the 4 thogs. Thay cam emetile. Cod you help os find Mistr Krop? Wen thay got ther thay sall a cape first thing.

29 Spotlight Magazine

He went this way, sed the dtektiv. Thay did not see Captin Undrpans. He was akchle spring on thim. Captin Underpans left stiks in a path of aros leting royt to a birse cav. Then the bir sall Captin Undrpans then they all loked up. We foned Captin Undrpans, horay, we all shatid.

Alia Antar Diab, 204

Spotlight Magazine 30

Julie Aihara-Weis,



Brian Huang, 531 31 Spotlight Magazine

Anna Yu, K-016

Jilun Wu, 203

Spotlight Magazine 32



Sloane, You are the best cousin in the world. We love you so much! Juliana, Logan & Sam Yotam! You are so gifted, charismatic and a leader. We are so proud of you and know you will do great in kindergarten.

Amelia - You draw amazing pictures and give me great hugs. Your smile tickles me. Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're not. No matter what, I always love you. To the moon and back. Grandma

Love, Ima & Aba

Dear Ezra,

Princess TigerLilly,

We are so proud of our Kindergarten Superstar!

You are the most special girl in the world! We just can't get enough of you!

Keep up the great work :) We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

Gavin - Always remember the greatest thing you can do is to be kind to yourself and others.

Hailey - Keep reaching for the stars!

To Caleb: May The Force always be with you!


Love, Daddy

We love you and are so proud of you!

Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you and your accomplishments, You are doing an amazing job in the 2nd grade! Keep up the great work! Sending you our love! xoxo Mommy, Daddy, Annabelle and Elliot

You are so awesome & we love you so much! Keep up the great work!

Amelia Metz makes me proud all the way in San Diego, California!! - Uncle Ryan

Love, Ima & Aba

Love, Mom + Dad Who is in a Kyrie? A kind boy who could do anything he sets his mind to and is loved and admired by his Baba, Mom and sister

Sophia, We love you so much.

We are so proud of you, keep working hard!

Love Spider-Man, the Flash, Ben 10 and Batman

Love, Mami & Papi

To Yoda's master... and the best little brother in the world! I love you! - Tristan Kuper

Love, Meowmers, Mutz, and Pepper Jack

Melissa - Shine bright!

Hi Mercy!

Mr. Bumpy wants to meet his three cousins!

Dear Rio,

Mika! You are an amazing child, a super-smart girl, a gifted artist and the sunshine in our family! We are so proud of you!


Sophia - To my secret agent, soccer lover, huge helper, chocolate eater, vegetarian, big sister, loyal friend, determined rock climber, quiet observer, Brave warrior, Kind soul, Smart cookie and Beautiful person. You are so very important! My 929. Love you to the moon and back! XO Mom

Meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow!

-Love, Mommy and Daddy

- Mom and Dad

Love, Mom and Dad To our dearest Madelyn,

xox Love, Mommy, Daddy and Caleb Maya Rose,

To Ms. Gaudio, Thank you so much for teaching and caring for Magen. He has so much fun coming to school, thanks to you! Love, The Shalom Family Dear Mia (404) and Yahli (231) We are So proud of you! Your stories in the magazine are creative and interesting. Good job! We love you very much. Mom and Dad

Jasper, our little California roll. We love you so much! Keep up the great work! Love, Mom and Dad Dear Matthew,

Evan - To my handsome, clever and favorite nephew. I feel very lucky to have you in my life. You always make me laugh with your very funny impersonations You are a joy in our family. Please make sure to continue to work hard in school & always listen to your parents.

All my love, Cathy

Mayar - I hope you love your new year in 196. I love you! Have fun! Shaza

We are so proud of how much you have grown up! You are the best big brother and son anyone can have!

Love, Mom, Dad and Chloe

Mommy, Daddy and Grant love you so much. You are brave, sweet and hardworking. Love you more every day! Evan, You are our pride and joy and are the best thing that ever happened to us!

Sloane, We are so proud of you and all the amazing things you have accomplished! Love, Ma and Buddy CPK! You are my sunshine! ;-) Guess who?

33 Spotlight Magazine

To Ally,

Love, Mom & Dad

To our dearest Annabelle, Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you and your accomplishments this year in 4th Grade! Keep up the great work! Sending you our love!

To HSSC love from AJLFC & CLC

xoxo Mommy, Daddy, Madelyn & Elliot

Dear Amy,

Kyle Lee,

You did a fantastic job at school and we are so proud of you!

We're so proud of you! Have a wonderful 5th grade year! Love, Mom & Dad

- mommy, daddy & grandma


Harper Eve,

To Magen,

We love you and are so proud of you!

You are like Flash, all is so fast. Keep up the good work at school.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Love you, Mom and Dad Scarlett Metz is such an awesome person, I love her all the way from San Diego! - Uncle Ryan Sophia: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think!

Love, Aunt Heather and Cholo

Dear Brian Madison, So proud of you! Congrats on being involved in the initial magazine! - Mom and Dad

Amelia - Thinking of you. Great Job in this, your last year at PS 196Q. Enjoy the balance of the term. Great Memories! Love you, Poppa

Dearest Emily, You are my BFF. Your friend Mia, 204 Keep swimming like a dolphin, and being smart like Einstein. You are #1! Love, Mom and Dad

We are proud of you and we love you! Love, Mom and Dad

Scarlett - Sassy and sweet, funny and smart, you teach me new things and make my days more fun, I love you with all my heart.

Love, Mommy & Daddy My Dearest Mia,

Shaza, Congratulations for being in this school. I hoped that I would go there and I did. It's an amazing place. -Mayar

Kristina, We are glad you are having a blast in 2nd grade. Your hard work in school really shows and we enjoy seeing you grow as a student and as a person. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

There is no one I love quite the way I love you. You are surprise and sunshine. Your heart is huge, and the way you care for me, your family and friends, is something that makes me melt every time. Believe in magic, kindness and gratitude. You are unique and wonderful the way you are. Keep believing in your heart that you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to. I love you.

Your Mom Sangita

To MAAC love from AJLFC & CLC

To Miss Carapazza, Thank you so much for all your time and all the efforts you put into our children's education. Love you, The Shalom Family Lily and Asher, We are so proud of you! Enjoy the rest of 1st grade. We love you. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Keep up the great work! We are proud of you! Love, Mama & Daddy

Grandma loves you and is very proud of you. You are the best grandson anyone could have. Keep up the good work.

You are the most wonderful daughter! We are very proud of you!

Dear David & Rachel,

Our Dearest Arusha,



To David,

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Love, Mommy


For the past six years you have worked so hard & we are very proud of the person you have become, and can't wait to see what you will do next. You are amazing just the way you are. We love you always and wish you happiness and success in your future at school! Mom, Dad, Lauren

Smart, Loving, Oh-so-special, Adorable, Never gives up & Endless love to give.

Dear Tessa: You are our life, our pride, our joy. You are so much more than we could have ever dreamed of! Love always, Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa

Amelie, We are so proud of you! You've had a great 2nd grade experience thanks to your positive attitude, love of learning, and strength! "The force is strong in my family." Sloane,

Dear Julian, It's no mystery, you are a star!

You are the light of our lives! Keep shining! We love you, Mommy + Daddy

Love, Mama, Papi, Rio, and Joaquin Scarlett - You are the best! You make me very proud. Keep up the good work at PS 196Q. Love you, Poppa Spotlight Magazine 34



Dear Joshua, Mommy and Abba are so proud of you! We love you very very much!! xoxo

Dear Adriana - We are very proud of you and the wonderful young, smart person you're becoming. Love you over the moon and back. Your Vid, Stevan, Daddy and Mommy Dear K.L.,

Dear GC,

To Our Soccer Star Layla,

Your beef is our business! Hahahaha!

Here's to a guy who is fun to the end,

We love watching how passionate you are in everything you do. You make us proud every day. Love, Mom & Dad

Love, your Auntie and Griffy

a guy who loves to laugh and make good friends. Stay happy and enjoy what you do.

Henry M. - Your mom, dad, brother (and cat) are so proud of you and we love the story you wrote for the magazine! Way to go!

Dear Scarlett, You are smart and funny and compassionate and wonderful. We love you and are so proud of you. Keep doing what you do, fabulous girl! xoxo Love, Mom & Dad & Amelia

Dear Ruby You always make us so proud. We love you so much! Xoxo Grandma and Grandpa

Milo, What does the number 353 mean? Once you figure that out, add 7. Now tell me one important fact about the answer. Get it right and you’ll win a prize! XOXO Mom & Dad

Dear Leah: Mommy and Abba are so proud of you! We love you very very much! xoxo

Hi Ezra!

Papa Bruce and Boube Caryn are so proud of the wonderful job you are doing in kindergarten! You are such a smart, happy, handsome guy! We love that you have fun in your activities too. We love you so much!

We love you more than words can say. We are very proud of you. You Rock!

We are so proud of you and all you do :) Keep up the good work!

Besitos, Bop-Bop, Pop-Pop & Shmud

Dear Lu,

P.S. Team Jam Forever

Love, Babushka & Dedushka

You make me and papa proud everyday! We love you to the moon and back! Keep doing the amazing things you do.

Hi Alyssa, We love you! We are so proud of your hard work with your interview with Ms. Vicente.

Love, Daddy, Mommy, Michael, and Mia

From Mom and Dad

To Our Jenna Ballerina,

You make us proud every day! We love you!

You are kind and generous and smart and wonderful. We are so proud of you and all that you do at PS 196Q and can't believe this is your last year at the school! Enjoy every minute. We love you!

You're such a big boy now! We hope you are enjoying kindergarten and learn a lot. You're going to do great things! We love you! Dear Marcos, Your Mommy and I are so proud of you and how hard you have been working in school! We love you very much! Love, Daddy

Love always, Snugabear

Dear Ruby You are the best mom ever! Keep the organic veggies coming. And remember more is always better when it comes to carrots! Xoxo, Nutella and Pretzel Hi Joshua,

Nina, We loved your article, you did a great job!

Love, Mommy & Papa

Cleo, you never stop amazing us! Fantastic work!

35 Spotlight Magazine

xoxo Mom & Dad & Scarlett

Dear Ruby -Thanks for always keeping me safe at night. You rock!

Ian Optimus Prime,

Love, Mommy, Daddy, & Hannah

Love, Mom & Dad

Dear Amelia,

MamĂƒe e Papai

Hannah - We can't believe you're a Senior now! It seems like only yesterday you were starting in kindergarten. We are proud of you & know you will make us proud as you move onto middle school! Love, Mommy, Daddy, & Ian

Seeing your smile every day makes us so happy. We are very proud of you.

Hi Alex R. from 304

Love, Mommy & Papa

Kaylee - You are simply amazing. You are our shining star and bring us so much joy and pride. We love you!

Love, Mom and Dad

Mary, our dear Baobei, we love you so much! It is a blessing to have such a kind-hearted sweetie in our life.

Love, Mom & Dad!

Dear Bun-Bun,


Just watch out for the giant piles of poo!

Love, Mom & Dad

We love you! We are so proud of all you do!

Love, Mom and Dad

Oliver, We are so proud of the little man you're becoming. Keep up the good work!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Ms. Darrell, YOU ROCK! Thanks so much! K-014


Finn, It's no mystery how much we love you. You rock! -- Mom & Dad You are an amazing girl! We love you! MamÃe e Papai Dear Nina, You are an amazing reporter! Can't wait to see your next published work!


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m the Ball Fields to Adventureland, ser Tag, Spor tsplex... and much more 41 Spotlight Magazine


Spotlight Magazine 42

Spotlight Magazine - Spring 2018  

The Spring 2018 issue of PS196's Spotlight Magazine is full of mystery...

Spotlight Magazine - Spring 2018  

The Spring 2018 issue of PS196's Spotlight Magazine is full of mystery...