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Game on Read SSM and know who’s winning and who to watch. Know what’s happening and what’s hot. Authoritative. Exciting. On target. Get in it. Game on.

Community. Loyalty. Partnership. SportStars™ Magazine partners with local, regional and national organizations to embed our advertisers into the heart of each community and each reader we serve — from football jamborees to track & field events, major soccer tournaments to neighborhood swim meets, we bring you community. Community Partnerships

■ Boys and Girls Club

■ PGA Jr. Tour

■ High School Ballistics

■ Tieni Duro Competitive Cycling

■ Community Youth Center

■ The First Tee

Regional editions in major markets, with over 90% localized content means SportStars covers high school sports more authoritatively than any other publication. We put your business in front of loyal, active readers who are passionate about their sports — ­ their players and their communities.

Editorial Profile SportStars Magazine covers high school sports — the athletes and the action with regional editions in major markets. We feature every high school and hundreds of athletes, county-by-county in every local edition. SSM brings energy, excitement and entertainment to today’s high school athlete and active adult reader. ■ SportStar of the Week: Honoring exceptional achievement

■ Locker Room Chatter: The buzz on what’s happening, what’s said and who said it

■ The Numbers: Rankings, stats and more! ■ Impulse: Hottest products and trends

■ Tee2Green: Tips and tricks to go low on the course

■ Health Watch: Advice to keep athletes on their game

■ Fusion: Endurance sports news and how-tos

■ GameDay: Where the games are played

■ Seasonal coverage: All sports, all the time

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Our Mission

SportStars™ advances the physical, social and behavioral development of young athletes through sports education and coverage and sports- and health-related clinics. We make stars of every player by promoting a safe, fun and healthy sports experience for all children — youth through high school. We provide interesting and intelligent, educational and compelling publications and clinics that reinforce positive self image and confidence, leadership and acceptance, and health and nutritional enrichment — core values found in the team experience and encouraged by active, healthy lifestyles.

Loyal, passionate parents & athletes ■ SportStars™ is the #1 magazine for active, engaged sports enthusiasts reaching readers who share a passion about their sports, community and children. ■ SportStars™ provides you the largest, most active unduplicated audience of supporters and participants: parents, coaches, volunteers and athletes.

Reader profile ■ SportStars reaches 538,880 monthly highly involved readers on average with each regional edition. Readers with buying power! ■ Regionalized editions feature every high school team and circulate at hundreds of schools and retail locations across the cities we serve. ■ SSM brings sports coverage, lifestyle, trends, health and nutrition and performancefocused instruction along with character and life-skills training to today’s high school reader. ■ Similarly, SSM speaks to the parent, coach and adult fan-base by chronicling the players and the games in the community in which they live and care passionately for.

Targeted, Integrated Magazines ■ SportStars™ Magazines are extremely targeted, reaching a loyal, active fan base by utilizing a saturated circulation model.

■ SSM is distributed at every community high school and hundreds of retail-based businesses where target audiences frequent.

■ SSM clients are integrated into the culture and lifestyles of each community through focused editorial about the teams, leagues, athletes, games and schools covered in each localized edition.

Demographics. Core Market: Teens & 35-54


of our readers use SportStars™ to plan their sporting activities; they’re active participants. n SportStars™ target readers — families with children under 18 years:


(avg. each community edition)

n Our buying audience is the sports participant/enthusiast— players, parents, volunteers, officials, trend-setters and buyers; these active participants have above average household incomes

($75,483 average)

86% 92%

use SportStars™ to make buying decisions

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Jan. 13, 2011 #15

Size/ Color

Space Cost

Space Closes/Art Due

Jan. 4/ Jan. 10

Release Date

Jan. 13

Fall sportstars of the year Jan. 27, 2011 #16

Space Closes/Art Due

Release Date

April 5/ April 11

April 14

April 28, 2011 #22

April 19/ April 25

April 28

May 12, 2011 #23 NCS swimming preview

May 3/ May 9

May 12

May 26, 2011 #24 baseball/softball playoffs

May 16/ May 23

May 26

May 31/ June 6

June 9

June 14/ June 20

June 23


April 14, 2011 #21

Size/ Color

Space Cost

winter sportstars of the year Jan. 18/ Jan. 24

Jan. 27

Feb. 10, 2011 #17

Feb. 1/ Feb. 7

Feb. 10

Feb. 24, 2011 #18

Feb. 15/ Feb. 21

Feb. 24

March 1/ March 7

March 10

little league tryouts/ cycling gear up

Basketball playoffs March 10, 2011 #19 baseball/softball preview March 24, 2011 #20 Lacrosse preview/ camps special

March 15/ March 21

March 24

June 9, 2011 #25

state track & field Jun 23, 2011 #26

spring sportstars of the year


July 14, 2011 #27

Size/ Color

Space Cost

Space Closes/Art Due

Release Date

October 27, 2011 #34

Oct. 18/ Oct. 24

Oct. 27

Aug. 2/ Aug. 8

Aug. 11

November 10, 2011 #35

Nov. 1/ Nov. 7

Nov. 10

Aug. 16/ Aug. 22

Aug. 25

November 24, 2011 #36 photopalooza

Nov. 15/ Nov. 21

Nov. 24

Aug. 30/ Sept. 5

Sept. 8

December 8, 2011 #37

Nov. 29/ Dec. 5

Dec. 8

Sept. 13/ Sept. 19

Sept. 22

Dec. 13/ Dec. 19

Dec. 22

August 11, 2011 #29

August 25, 2011 #30 football preview

Basketball Preview

volleyball preview

college recruiting

Release Date

July 28

July 19/ July 25

Sept. 22, 2011 #32

Space Closes/Art Due

Oct. 13

club soccer tournament play

Sept. 8, 2011 #31

Space Cost

Oct. 4/ Oct. 10

July 14

little league wrapup/ county swim special

Size/ Color

October 13, 2011 #33 golf showcase

July 5/ July 14

July 28, 2011 #28


December 22, 2011 #38 state fooball/ west coast jamboree

Mechanical guidelines BLACK & WHITE


Digital art on Mac disc accepted, accompanied by a proof, showing a maximum of 70% shadow dot and a minimum 5% highlight. Halftones and Advertisements

Ad sizes

Full PAGE 9-1/2” X 10-3/4”

2/3 page 6-1/4” X 10-3/4”

1/6 page VERT 3” X 5-1/4”

1/12 page 2-1/4” X 2-1/2 ”

1/2 PAGE HORIZ 9-1/2” X 5-1/4”

1/4 PAGE 4-5/8” X 5-1/4”

1/8 PAGE 4-5/8” X 2-5/8”

1/2 Island 6-1/4” X 8”

1/3 page

VERT 3” X 10-3/4”


6-1/4” X 2-5/8”

1/3 Island 4-5/8” X 8”

1/2 page VERT 4-5/8” X 10-3/4”

1/3 PAGE SQ 6-1/4” X 5-1/4”

All bleed ads will be centered within image area and not trimmed. Allow a minimum of 1/2” total gutter width. Trim Size: 10” wide x 11-3/8” tall. Live area 9-1/2” x 10-3/4”. Production

85 line screen for B&W, 133 line screen for 4 color. Perfect alignment gutter bleed cannot be guaranteed. We do not accept film. Materials incorrectly sized will be altered to fit at the cost of the advertiser and the discretion of the publisher. Color Laser proof required for all color advertisements. 4 color web printing rotation: C, M, Y, K. Total ink density not to exceed 220%. UCR: 240-260, GCR: 85%.

SportStars offers complete production services to advertisers at cost, plus a nominal handling fee to cover pickup and delivery, postage, etc. Please call for production charge quote. Artwork submitted after closing dates is subject to revision if mechanical requirements are not met. The SportStars Online Marketing Alliance offers you great deals on combined print and online advertising packages. Call for details.

Fonts We have many fonts. To be certain that we match the fonts you desire, always include SCREEN and PRINTER fonts. We only accept PostScript Type 1 fonts. True Type fonts are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Placed EPS & TIFF Files Be sure to include any and all placed or embedded files. Any type should be outlined in your Illustrator files. Bitmap continuous-tone color images should be 266-300 dpi, bitmap continuous-tone grayscale images should be 200 dpi, and bitmap line-art images should be 600 dpi.


A supplied proof reduces the chances of mishaps. We cannot be responsible for digital ads submitted without a proof. In the event we have trouble with your digital file, we will modify the supplied file to match your proof. B&W ads must be accompanied with a full size laser proof. Color ads must be accompanied by: 1) Full size composite laser proof. 2) Full size color separated laser proof. 3) Composite color output like a Rainbow or Iris print.

Digital guidelines for submitted files Media delivery

Applications Accepted

Contact us Phone: (925) 566-8500 E-mail:; FTP:

We accept InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker and QuarkXpress. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher files. For other applications, contact production department.

E-mail us your art at or; or FTP: com. We also accept CDs & Mac-formated flash or memory stick.

All-in-1 Advertising:

SportStars Clients Receive All-Star Bundle

■ Full-Color Ads in Print Editions ■ “Interactive Advertiser Index” ■ Ads Run in Digital Editions ■ Banner & Skyscraper ads (optional)

■ FREE Exhibitor Space at SportStars Community Events ■ Response Data Sharing ■ Community Involvement

■ FREE Text Campaign ■ Mobile Marketing — Incoming/ Outgoing Offers & Text Campaigns

Special sections SportStars™ Events Calendar The Calendar section, editorial coverage and listings, are the #1 draw to SportStars™ 6 million annual readers. These sections are very desirable to advertisers. Full, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4-page ads are available within the calendar section as are special “Mega” and “Mini” ads.

Events Producers: Special Rates Event producers receive the 24-time  discount rate for contracts of three (3) issues or more in a calendar year for any standard size ad unit. Color upcharges &/ or production charges apply.

Mega ad

Mini ad

3” x 3.5”

Tony La Russa

Come hear ...

Tony La Russa Major League manager

Share secrets of successful baseball players! When: March 22, 2 p.m. Where: SportStars, 5356 Clayton Road, Concord

Yes! Clinics

1.5” x 2” n March 22, 2 p.m. n Where: SportStars, 5356 Clayton Road, Concord Call (925) 566-8500 to reserve your spot!

Clubs & Event Producers: EXTRA IMPACT on a budget! There are two Special Ad Sizes for event producers, clubs, teams, etc. when on a budget or looking for additional impact; the “Mega” ad (3” wide X 3.5” tall) and the “Mini” ad (1.5” wide X 2” tall). Both Special Calendar ad placements are payable in advance, with copy. Production is available for a nominal $25 charge on either of these sizes.

Focused sections for targeted marketing • Tee2Green — Weekly golf roundup • Red Zone — The area’s best high school football coverage • Twenty-four7 — Weekly events calendar • gameday — The best games on the horizon • In the Paint — If it happened in basketball, it’s in here • Impulse — Find out what products are buzzing • Fusion — Endurance sports: cycling, running, swimming & MMA • training time — Helping our athletes perform • extra bases — Slide into baseball & softball

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(925) 566-8500

advertising ■ Mike Calamusa Publisher x106; REGIONAL EDITION SALES ■ Mike Wolcott Account Executive x109; ■ Patrick McCormick Account Executive x102; ■ Erik Stordahl Special Sections x 103;

Distribution & delivery

■ Butch Noble Distribution Manager x107;

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