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May 2018 Issue #66

Sea Lions Athlete Attends RBC Canadian Swimming Championships By Victoria Klassen


regor MacPherson was one of the youngest athletes to compete at the RBC Canadian Swimming Championships in April. Fifteen years old is the youngest qualifying age for

male swimmers, which meant the May-born Gregor competed at age 14. “Gregor’s competitive spirit makes him strive to be competitive with the best age group swimmers in Canada” said Sheilagh McNeil, Gregor’s coach at the Cornwall Sea Lions

Swim Club. She said only about 40 swimmers from across Canada compete in each event in an open age category. At last summer’s Canadian Junior Championships, Gregor qualified for the RBC Canadian Swimming Championships. Unfortunately, shortly after that he was diagnosed with fractures in his vertebrae and a herniated disc that required eight to 10 months for recovery. During the healing process he continued with some training, but only returned to competing in the last month. Despite these challenges, Gregor went into the RBC Canadian Swimming Championships with a positive outlook. “Being one of the youngest swimmers there just keeps you humble,” shared Gregor. “I like to think of it as I made it, but it’ll be what I do in the following

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years that will make me ‘one of the bigger fish in the bigger pond,’ as I like to put it.” Gregor said he would love to represent Canada on the world stage in the future. His favourite moment from the meet was right before he competed in the 100m backstroke. “The moment when I jumped in and they said ‘take your marks,’ and the buzzer went off—all my energy transferred into the water.”

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May’s Mom of the Month, Carrie Leger, travelled to Washington DC with the Saint Joseph’s Lady Panthers Rugby Club where she was chaperone and nurse to 34 athletes. After last year’s success at the varsity level of the Maryland Exiles Youth Rugby Festival, this year the Panthers competed in both the elite and varsity brackets. With so Starting many kids playing, all available hands were at needed to keep things running smoothly. “There were lots of bumps and bruises and trips to the trainers’ tent on game days. I helped those kids,” says Carrie. Her field duties were only part of the job: The team visited the Smithsonian in downtown Washington and attended mass at a local





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Have your chance at winning a Free Jewellery box with church. each purchase made before Mothers Day! “She was a big help,” says Panther coach (and Carrie’s husband) Casey Leger. “I think the kids are calling her ‘Mama Leger’ now. We had several parents on the trip, and they were all great. We’re lucky to have that kind of support.” Making dreams come true since 1937 This wasn’t Carrie’s first rugby tour. Two years ago she accompanied the team on its 6 Second Street East, Cornwall trip to BC. Carrie has a daughter, Abigail, who plays on the team. Her eldest daughter, Making dreams come true since 1937 613-932-4022 Malorie, also played before she graduated. “The best part of the trip was seeing how excited the girls were to play. They have this East, Cornwall | 613-932-4022 6 Second Street | huge energy that just affects everything they do,” she says.

Issue no 66  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 66, Mike Piquette

Issue no 66  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 66, Mike Piquette