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General Information

Full Name - Daniel Frank-Umoh Country - United Kingdom D.O.B - 01/06/1996 Sport - Basketball Introduction Statement My objective is to combine both my academic studies and sporting talent at university in America. I believe that I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required areas in which to have a significant impact on the college team I represent and help them win games. I would like to go to university in America as not only is the education there good but the level of basketball is higher and more challenging which will allow me to improve my skills even more as well as learning the right skills for a future career.

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Academic Information

High School - Woolwich Polytechnic Graduation - June 2014 Projected Grades - English A - Maths B - Business B - Sports A* Academic Goals While working with my uncle in his security company, I gained a real insight into an operational business. I loved it. I helped him to process revenue income on spreadsheets, calculating the wages to be paid to employees. I did this every Saturday and Sunday for 10 weeks before the run up to my GCSEs. My aim is to work for and eventually run a business successfully just as my uncle did, and studying business at a university level will allow me to continue developing the necessary knowledge and skills. I would like to study abroad too, as this will help open my mind not only to how business functions where I live, but how businesses function around the world.

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Athletic Information

Team - Woolwich Polytechnic Coach - Coach Momodu E-mail - Achievements - Grenwich Champions - Individual record of most blocks in a game(14) - School record for most blocks in a season(374) College Goals My demanding schedule has allowed me to learn how to combine my current studying while gaining top results at national level. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No.1 athlete on the team and will do what it takes to win national championships.

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One on One with Daniel

What makes you different I am a hard worker and do not give up until I meet my required target. I hate to lose so I push myself and my team every time I play. I am a unique player as I am able to be defensive as I am able to get rebounds and blocks as well as contesting shot and I am also offensive as I can lead fast breaks and get points for my team, clutch points if needed. Overall I am unique as I am a quite outgoing person, this means I have the ability to make the team happy and wanting to play. I can’t go a day without smiling and laughing and it rubs off on my teammates which makes us a happier team as a whole. Finally I am unique as I may be slender compared to other players but I know how to use my strengths and how to minimize weaknesses in order to be fully effective.

Anything else you would like a coach to know? I won Basketball attainment for 2010-2011 and also 2011-2012 in school. I have also been awarded school MVP 3 times form 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. I am also passionate about music, I love music. It helps me relax, feel at ease and get myself in the right frame of mind. I listen to music before I play any game to help reduce stress and get me pumped for

Why do you want to compete in College? Basketball has been my life for the few years I have been playing, this means that playing in the future is something I want to do as it is a hobby and I am good at it. I would love to compete at college as it will allow me to work on my game and get better at the sport. I would love to play college basketball in America as it seems to be more of a challenge than to basketball in the UK and I love challenges. It is a dream of mine to pursue a basketball career so playing college basketball in America would get me one step closer to that dream.

Life Goals I not sure what my life goal for the future, all I know is that I want to enjoy what I’m doing. Whether it take me through the sports route and into the NBA or through the business route and into a work placement. I want to enjoy what I do as if I don’t then I t would be a waste of my time.

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