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20 YEARS OF POLO BARBADOS DOESN’T TIME FLY? Polo has grown beyond all recognition from a few enthusiastic members to a thriving Barbados sport known all over the world. At one stage we had five polo fields and yes, it has been tapered largely because of economic challenges. However, the buzz at polo remains, and crowds still flock to our grounds for lazy Sunday afternoons to socialize, relax, enjoy and be entertained by breathtaking sportsmen and women and magnificent ponies. It doesn’t get much better. We welcome back the Villages, Cheshire and Canada as well as the Ladies. Both Apes Hill and the Barbados Polo Club under new President Philip Tempro have worked hard to showcase a busy and competitive season. We also congratulate Equestrian Rider Roberta Foster on her recent successes overseas. She has represented this island often and we are extremely proud of this magnificent lady and her horses! You can read more about Roberta in Sporting Barbados 2020 on www.sportingbarbados.com. Over the past twenty years I have not done this journey alone. I would like to thank my husband Clarence Hiles for his many wonderful articles, our brilliant designer Julie Ray who continues to come up with stunning layouts and gives her utmost into putting this publication together, our many photographers Lisa Davis, Michael Evans, Peter Marshall and Julie Ray and of course to the dozens of advertisers who have made this free quality glossy possible. It’s a publication that is enjoyed by lovers of the sport and we thank you for your support and loyalty over the last twenty years. So Cheers to you all and here’s to a terrific 2020 season of Barbados Polo! Sincerely, Pamela x

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Season of Action COVER: Rhys Odle & Paige McCabe Photo by Lisa Davis

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2020 Barbados International Polo Season DATES




12 19 23 26

Sunday Sunday Thursday Sunday

Barbados Cancer Society Charity Day Regatta Polo Day / Holders Local Tournament Holders Local Tournament Holders Local Tournament

Holders Holders Holders Holders


2 6 9 16 20 23

Sunday Thursday Sunday Sunday Thursday Sunday

BPC Canada Tour BPC Canada Tour BPC Canada Tour FINAL BPC Villages (USA) / Battle of the Sexes BPC Villages (USA) / Battle of the Sexes BPC Villages (USA) / Battle of the Sexes FINAL

Holders Apes Hill Holders Holders Apes Hill Holders


1 3 5 8 10 12 15 22 24 26 29

Sunday Tuesday Thursday Sunday Tuesday Thursday Sunday Sunday Tuesday Thursday Sunday

BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour FINAL Pick A Team: 4 - 6 Goal Tournament Pick A Team: 4 - 6 Goal Tournament Heart and Stroke Foundation / Pick A Team FINAL AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour Final

Holders Holders Apes Hill Holders Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill


5 7 9 11 14 16 19 21 23 25

Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday

AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour AHPC Visitors Tour Over 40s VS Under 40s Tournament Over 40s VS Under 40s Tournament Over 40s VS Under 40s Tournament

Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Holders

NO COOLERS ALLOWED • FULLY STOCKED BAR & AFTERNOON TEA ON SALE FIRST MATCHES START AT: 3.15pm* For updates please call: 230-1308 or you can follow our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM @barbadospoloclub Entry: BDS$2o. Children under 12 FREE 8

*Weather Permitting




The International season is from January to May. The Polo Club is centered at Holder’s Hill, St. James on the West Coast. Holder’s Hill and Apes Hill are the only playing fields currently in the international season. Matches are played on Sunday afternoons, but where touring teams visit midweek matches are often played on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. There is a small entrance fee to watch Polo and the bar is full stocked!

Ponies normally play one chukka per match, or two half chukkas. In Barbados matches are normally four chukkas. Each chukka lasts for 7 minutes, but it can last longer as stoppages are frequent. however there is a further 30 seconds of play unless the whistle is blown, the ball hits the boards, or the ball goes out of play. Play does not stop if a player falls off his horse but is not injured. However, play is stopped if a horse injures itself, the bridle gets entangled, or a horse's bandage comes undone.


Polo is overseen by two mounted umpires who consult each other on decisions. Should they disagree, they can seek the opinion of the match referee also known as the ‘third man’

Polo requires a horse which can run fast, stop quickly and turn at speed. Captains of teams are the only players who can discuss questions arising during a game. No player shall appeal in any manner to the Umpire for fouls, but the Captain can discuss any matter with the Umpire. You score a goal by hitting the ball between the goal posts positioned at the ends of the field. The posts are 8 yards apart. In Polo teams change ends when a goal is scored, thus equalling out any ground or weather advantage. Switching sides also allows each team equal opportunity to start off with the ball on their right side, as all players must hit right-handed. A goal is equal to a point. Sometimes a team starts with a goal advantage because of players handicap. The highest handicap is 10 rated and the lowest is minus 2. Match organizers try to compete with similar aggregate handicaps to avoid miss-matches.

pablo crespin

There are two basic defence techniques allowed in polo. The hook, or hooking AND the bump, or ride-off.

Matches are played within the boards and spectators must be careful to avoid standing too close, as ponies can and do jump the boards during play. jamie dickson



Each of the four players is assigned a position numbered from 1 to 4. No. 1 is the attacker, no. 2 is a midfielder, no.3 is the team’s tactical link, and No. 4 (also known as the “back”) is the defender at the back most position. While no. 1 and no. 2 play forward, 3 and 4 take on the defence. At halftime, the divot-stomping takes place. This popular custom is one that allows spectators to leave the stands and come onto the pitch, participating in the ceremony of the game. Divots are the patches of grass kicked up by the ponies during play.

may also occur during the match or at the start of each chukka, always in place where the previous chukka has ended. Good commentators will enhance the enjoyment of the polo experience. They provide ongoing facts and quite often the tit-bits of interest, humour, jokes and banter. rhys odle

The “Throw In” is performed after each goal. Both teams line up at the halfway line of the pitch, facing the umpire, respectively in the direction of the opponent’s goal. The umpire throws the ball between the two teams to resume play. “Throw Ins”

pablo crespin



philip tempro



A thrilling 2020 season of riveting Polo action is finally here. We gallop into a packed season on January 12 with the Barbados Cancer Society Charity Day. We expect to see excited, generous fans and friends of Polo coming out to support this worthy cause. There will be two major local tours this season, the first one starting on January 19th. This year, the management committee will be laser-focused on re-energizing local tours, local businesses and local players and reigniting their enthusiasm for the sport. Great Polo is dependent on creating a strong community of players, groomsmen, trainers, support staff, fans and sponsors who are all passionate about the game. We want to build greater local interest in this amazing sport. We are intent on incorporating more ladies into the tours and providing more opportunities for lower handicap players. Furthermore, we are in discussions with new sponsors with a wide social reach. We look forward to sharing more in the weeks ahead and welcoming them into our fold. We are also engaged in developing Polo as a major tourist attraction. Polo in Barbados offers a unique prospect for tourists. They can spend the day soaking up some beach fun and then, within mere minutes, be at an action-packed game on world-class grounds. With Polo, you can come for the great ambience then quickly get wrapped up in a match, cheering wildly for the skillful players on the field. We look forward to warmly welcoming new faces - locals and tourists alike. We always aim to provide quality service, unforgettable experiences and electrifying action on the field.


Among the tours this season that promise to be highly competitive is the Younger vs Older Tour featuring both men and women. We also have three international tours on our roster and we welcome back teams from the USA, Canada and England. The ever popular Battle of the Sexes is expected to once again be a highlight in February. This time around a special international ladies team will mount up for what will undoubtedly be another gripping showdown with the guys. Matches like these and all others would not be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors, and to all of you the management committee says a huge thank you. Your unswerving commitment has been vital to the creation of season after season of truly world-class tournaments and events. This season, the management committee will endeavour to not only maintain the high standards to which fans and players have become accustomed but also to make the game more accessible to Barbadians and visitors alike. We look forward to bringing new blood and fresh vigour into the world of local Polo. We can’t wait to see you there. Philip Tempro



BPC Players’ Handicaps


Pablo Crespin 3

Adam Deane 3

Jamie Dickson 3

Philip Tempro 2

Rhys Odle 2

Luis Clerici 1

Richard Deane 1

Harry Manning 1

Oliver Williams 1

Stephen Williams 1

Philip Atwell 0

Roddy Davis 0

Paul Andrews -1

Ashleigh Deane -1

Bill Dilane -1

Camilla Williams -1

Linda Williams -1

Poppy Zive -1



francisco bilbao

Year after year, The Barbados Polo Club highly anticipates the visit of close friends from The Villages Polo Club, in Florida, USA, and this year was no different. An extremely fun week with fantastic polo and it keeps getting better. The Villages tour is part of a double header that promises to draw a fantastic crowd with scores of supporters.


francisco bilbao being chased down by tiva gross

lucas nicolao


POLOBARBADOS philip tempro

a low-scoring first chukka due to heavy defense saw the game scoring only get underway in chukka 2

roddy davis

As rain threatened to wash out play on day one, The Villages came out to play against fellow tour members- Crown of Light Ladies to put on a fast, furious and spectacular game for all who descended on the Holders PoloGround. The Villagers fielded a 7-goal team of Francisco Bilbao, Paige McCabe, Jimmy Wetter and Joe Watkins giving the 5-goal ladies team of Ashleigh Deane, Rosie Ross, Tiva Gross and Sarah Wiseman a run for their money. The ladies however would start with a goal and a half advantage to make up for the deficit. In no time at all, Bilbao got the ball rolling to give his team the boost of confidence needed and lock in the first goal of the afternoon. Nevertheless, Ross was hot on his heels to get the girls’ name up in lights. Throughout the game, Bilbao safely secured 6 goals for his team; all beautifully assisted by his mates and had the ladies defeated by ½ goal in the dying seconds of the game. Gross, not happy with that outcome picked up the ball off the boards and dribbled it through the posts. With no time left to spare, it was hard luck for the visiting American team and everything that the girls needed for a favourable 6.5-6 outcome. Day two and it was time for revenge, The Villages came to Apes Hill Polo Field ready for war. With many swings and many misses, the game was riddled with penalties and aggressive play, causing the majority of goals to be scored by penalty shots. The Villages had attempt after attempt at goal but unfortunately just could not execute enough goals to give them the edge. A great afternoon showing true team work from our friends, The Villagers as they each played true to their position allowing for the other to execute theirs, but with Pablo Crespin effective in his striking position and backed strongly by Jamie Dickson and Roddy Davis, they ultimately could not subdue Barbados’ play, surrendering the win 7-6.


miguel lis-plannels, jim parr & francisco bilbao

Argentinian-Barbadian Pablo Crespin secured all seven of the home team’s goals while Bilbao rocketed all six of the visiting team’s goals between the posts. Back at Holders once again to fight it out and this time, The Villages ensured they secured their title. Within seconds of play, Philip Atwell dashed all dreams as he gave a pick up to what was a very slow first chukka. Miguel Lis-Plannels followed suit within seconds of the second chukka beginning and with the loudest screams from the sidelines, this was dubbed the most exciting goal of the evening. With Bilbao securing three more over the game’s duration, his superior play and ball skill stood out amongst the field. As all four visiting players strongly executed their part, the score reflected with a 4-3 win, bringing them closer to the overall tournament win. Going into day four, with the visiting team trailing ever so slightly behind by one point, they had the taste of victory in their mouths from Thursday’s successful game

and every intention of returning home to the USA with the trophy. The game was hot, it was quick, and every player was determined to win. With a low-scoring first chukka due to heavy defensive work by both teams, the game scoring only got underway in chukka 2 as each team snuck one in. With half time over, and each team having re-grouped to new strategies, the players returned to the field. Team Barbados caught on fire and found its rhythm with Jamie Dickson and Adam Deane putting in goal 2 and 3 for the afternoon and bringing Barbados to a 3-1 lead. The final chukka of the tournament saw a 30 yard penalty within the initial seconds with a positive result drawing the teams closer with a 3-2 score and keeping everyone hopeful for a strong come back. Unfortunately, Dickson popped one more through the uprights dashing all dreams of the US team and claiming stake on the trophy.

jamie dickson


rhys odle & paige mccabe battle for the line



In keeping with past years, rain threated to wash out play on the first afternoon of the Battle of the Sexes 2019 but with two touring teams on island, battle ensued pairing up the John Hardy Ladies against The Villages of the USA. The Ladies started with a 1 ½ goal advantage as The Villages came out fielding a fully loaded team which included 5-goaler Francisco Bilbao. However the shortfall was not reflected in the ladies’ performance. With even play between teams, it was an extremely close game the entire way through with Bilbao securing all six of The Villages’ goals and Rosie Ross cranking in three goals and Sarah Wiseman and Tiva Gross securing one goal each. With seconds left winding down to the end of the fourth and final chukka and the ladies ½ a goal down, Tiva Gross made a break to goal from the far boards followed in hot pursuit by Bilbao who was ridden off midway to goal by Ashleigh Deane allowing for Gross to dribble the ball through the goal and boost her team ahead. With no time left to spare, it was just what the ladies needed to secure their first win of the tournament. Coming back stronger than ever after a taste of victory on their first match, day two was set for upset at the gorgeous Apes Hill grounds. Joining the ladies for the



... with Wayne Archer back on the field, the ladies didn’t stand a chance.

sarah wiseman controls the play while wayne archer rides in for the challenge

second day of play was local polo enthusiast Linda Williams and international warrior Paige McCabe who would be rejoining the field for her second game of the afternoon. A fast and furious match ensued with gunners Rhys Odle and Bill Dillane of the Hublot men charging out front to get the ball from goal to goal, beautifully passed on by their 3-goaler - Lucas Nicolao. Richard Deane made himself known in chukka 3 after two rough chukkas of faulty tack and smoked the ball between the uprights just ensuring his team coasted home with the title of the afternoon. Day 3 saw newest lady player Poppy Zive joining forces with Gross, Ross and Wiseman - hungry for a win to get back on top heading into the finals. With the men carelessly giving away penalty after penalty, Rosie was able to beautifully execute on each and every one of her penalties and direct the ball between the goal posts with perfection. Unfortunately with local pro Wayne Archer back on the field, the ladies didn’t stand a chance. In the play of the afternoon, Adam Deane fired the ball past the club house as Archer galloped on and yelled at his teammate “release”.


Deane, being marked heavily by Gross launched the ball forward with Archer following on to then cranked the ball towards goal albeit too far left. In true Cambiaso style, Archer made the necessary correction by nailing a back hand shot across the goal mouth that made all in the stands jump to their feet in praise. Monique Archer, Barbados Polo Club’s longest standing ladies player took to the field to fight for the title of Battle of the Sexes 2019 on the final day of play. Players arrived at Holders grounds slightly over zealous and determined to fight to the bitter end. The ladies gathered on the sidelines and plays and strategies were discussed. With Barbados’ newest Polo player Paul Andrews making his debut with the Club, the men had a solid lineup with Harry Manning, strong on defense and Pablo Crespin and Salvador Duggan to do the middle work. Hairline cracks started to show in the early for the ladies and by the halfway mark, the men had solidified with 4 goals to the ladies’ 2 goals. The second half of the game began with a bang as Ross catapult into action; in an attempt to get her team back on even ground.

top: salvador duggan bottom left: sarah wiseman, harry manning. bottom right: tiva gross, sarah wiseman, rosie ross, monique archer


POLOBARBADOS the winning mens team: harry manning, salvador duggan, pablo crespin & paul andrews

... trophy bragging rights were taken home by the John Hardy men

jacob hassid & monique archer

However, the men’s keen eye and target accuracy was on point causing a remarkable upset and the Trophy and bragging rights were taken home by the John Hardy men. Post game, hands were shaken and all met in the Club House where the women definitely took home the title of “Bar Stars”. 2020 is looking positive already for the ladies as they are chomping at the bit to get their trophy back. diamonds international ladies with jacob hassid



stephen williams and enrique bauzada chase down the ball



BY ASHLEIGH DEANE The Twenty-Nineteen Canadian Tour delivered nothing short of what was expected: large crowds, friendly and familiar faces and exhilarating game play. Visiting regulars Mike Egan, David Payne, Paul Knapp and Enrique Bauzada returned to give the Bajan boys and girls a run for their money, this time with key player Brian O’Leary in tow as team manager and sub-commentator. The tour took place over a grueling three days between Holders Polo Club and Apes Hill Polo Club. Team Canada took an early lead in the tournament, securing day one as their own and ensuring home advantage did not come to the fore. Starting the game with a half goal advantage, a very slow first chukka and no goals converted, the teams kicked it

into high gear for chukka two with Canada capturing five quick goals while Barbados held on to three. Barbados scored one more goal in chukka three, bringing them within half of a goal of Canada and closer to the taste of victory. With one chukka remaining and time running out quickly, Barbados desperately needed to up the ante and get some goals on their side but regrettably for them, Canada got the extra in the final minutes of the game, ending in a 5.5-4 score. Day two, team Canada entered the field with extreme confidence, on a high from Tuesday’s win and this time on a level playing field. The ball was thrown in Canada shot towards goal making absolutely no mistake and raising the stakes of the

Canada shot towards goal making absolutely no mistake...

canada dominating the play


POLOBARBADOS enrique bauzada under pressure from lucas nicolao

game. Polo power house Jamie Dickson, not willing to allow Canada to take the lead in the tournament banged 3 goals through in quick succession followed by another 3 goals by Roddy Davis and Wayne Archer. Barbados was ahead now 6-1. As the last chukka began, Dickson shot one more goal ensuring his team was in good standing for the win. Bauzada seized the opportunity to score a final goal

luis team clerici canada goes with for family the steal andfrom supporters enrique bauzada


for Canada, but as the clock ran down, there was no more hope, ending 7-2. Coming in to day three, the final day of play, the battle descended upon Holders Ground once more, this time with a lot more riding on the game’s outcome. Barbados held its own throughout the first two chukkas but as the second half of the game started, the Canadians caught on fire, found their

enrique bauzada dominated the play for most of the match

system and controlled the momentum. Bauzada, who is no stranger to showing up the field once again proved why he more than deserves his 4 goal handicap as he undoubtably outplayed the Barbadians bringing the final game to a close with a score of 7-3. Team Canada were the victorious tournament winners.




When you think of the Cheshire Tour, two words instantly come to mind: fast and furious. Year after year, blood, sweat and tears are left on the field as both teams give of their all and will fight to the death‌ all for the bragging rights and the chance to defend their title and trophy. Cheshire brought along the biggest clan of red shirted Englishmen both to play and support the team over the four days of play. Unknown to spectators, Oliver Taylor returned from a brief hiatus only to play spectacular polo for his first day back on the pitch, backed with strong force by Martin Ffrench Blake, Charlie Walton and Dr. Stuart Wilson. Barbados’ boys put up a strong and hard-fought game, taking it down to the wire but Taylor edged one final ball between the uprights and Cheshire was saved by the bell. With one win under their belt on day two, the winning high was dragging on and in no time at all, the score board was lit up as Kane Phillips ran the ball from center field to goal mouth, making no mistakes and putting his name up in lights.

charlie walton controls the play in full gallop from adam deane


The final day held all the merit, as each team was depending on a win...

crowds stomping the divots at half time

Barbados, absolutely keen to ensure they did not disappoint the home crowd support, laced three beautiful goals through the bars, one after the other, securing a comfortable lead‌ comfortable but not good enough and Cheshire fan-favourite- Charlie Walton was having none of it. He scored three beauties himself, grasping the lead with his team for the first time for the afternoon. The two team came to level scores with a few minutes left on the clock and Wilson topped Cheshire up to lead 6-5. As everyone on the side lines held their breath, some in hopes that Barbados could notch in one more and the rest crossing fingers that Cheshire could hang on for a few additional minutes, the teams went all out but it was too little too late for Barbados. Now with two games safely in their back pocket, Cheshire could surely taste the victory. One more win would secure the overall tournament title and allow them to return to the United Kingdom with the sought-after cup. Both teams demonstrated extremely phenomenal team work in game three with Barbados


edging out Cheshire in a very close match to ensure the teams would have to battle one more day. The final day of the tour held all the merit, each team was depending on the win. The north side of the club was flooded by a sea of red and screams for the visiting team could be heard from miles away. The teams kept scores relatively even for the first two chukkas, neither letting their opponent have much room to break away. In the final two chukkas, Barbados kicked their defense into high gear while Adam Deane and Philip Tempro broke through the cracks in Cheshire’s, attaining two more points and bringing the final of the tournament to a draw. Cheshire proudly cantered away with the title for 2019 due to their goal differences gained early in the week.


philip tempro gallops down the field in chase of the ball


POLOBARBADOS martin ffrench blake

Cheshire proudly cantered away with the title for 2019 due to their goal differences... oliver taylor reaches to steal th eplay from joshua archer

pablo crespin shows his skills and control of the ball




adam deane under full gallop for the ball

New Zealand made the long journey back to Barbados for their second year of polo in paradise. Wrapping up the 2019 Barbados Polo Club season, the tour rallied a cheery crowd of polo enthusiasts to watch spectacular play over the three-day schedule. Leading the visitors this time around was three goaler Cody Jones, who was ably supported by Jonny Apatu, Simon Mcdonald and Peter Hyslop.


luis clerici



Adam Deane and Luis Clerici ran post to post, securing several goals...

top: oliver williams Bottom: poppy zive

Day one saw the visiting team take on Mango Bay’s Richard, Adam and Ashleigh Deane and Luis Clerici. The game set off at an exploding pace. Play was forward, fast and action packed, but Mango Bay got the better of the Kiwis throughout the game. Hot on attack and able to easily penetrate New Zealand’s defensive play, the home team started off hot, edging up by three in the first chukka. Able to keep the goal differences high above their opposition as Adam Deane and Luis Clerici ran post to post, securing several goals for their team, the game came to an end 6-2. Still working off the jet lag, New Zealand were going to re-group, rest, and come back stronger for their next clash. Coming fresh for their second day of battle, and with a little extra time to catch up on some sleep, New Zealand was out for day two’s title. The Kiwis added in Philip Thompson this time around, lining up against the host team of Oliver Williams, Marc Atwell, Poppy Zive and Roddy Davis. Both teams played hard, sticking to their men giving room to their team mates to make their tactical plays. Neither team able to score early on in the game, New Zealand finally lashed their first and only goal through the uprights in chukka three. Mango Bay bringing up the rear, was finally able to secure their first goal in first seconds of the fourth and final chukka. As time was ticking down, the home team quickly tapped an extra one in. New Zealand demonstrated phenomenal skill, play after play but unfortunately could not convert to goals, letting Mango Bay run away with one more win in the series.



Hungry as ever to go home with at least one win under their belt, play returned to the Holders Polo Grounds to wrap up the final afternoon of the New Zealand Tour. Mango Bay’s team consisting of Jamie Dickson, Josh Archer, Harry Manning and Oliver Williams matched up against New Zealand’s Cody Jones, Peter Hyslop, Simon Mcdonald and Philip Thompson. Harry Manning, strong as ever on defense did not allow any room for the opposition to have a chance at goal while Williams & Dickson barreled between the

goal posts. Running out of time for a comeback, New Zealand added one more off the stick of Mcdonald, but with just seconds remaining in the fourth, the visitors could not subdue team Mango Bay’s excellent team play, surrendering the win 7-1. roddy davis goes for the hook

marc atwell take sthe ball down the boards

joshua archer races for the ball



Polo News

CONGRATS A huge congrats to Christansia Evelyn on finally completing her studies and being called to the BAR. Her studies to be an Attorney have not allowed her to play as much polo as she would like, but now we hope to see more of her on the field.

THE 2020 BARBADOS POLO CLUB COMMITTEE PRESIDENT - Philip Tempro CLUB CAPTAIN - Richard Deane VICE CAPTAIN - Jamie Dickson SECRETARY - Ashleigh Deane TREASURER - Harry Manning COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Rachelle Jardine, Adam Deane, Oliver Williams, Linda Williams, Stephen Williams

A NEW PRESIDENT The Club welcomed Philip Tempro as the new president of the Barbados Polo Club after Wayne Archer stepped down from the position. We wish him well in his new role in the club.

INJURED 2019 saw Marc Atwell sidelined for most of the season with an injury to his face. But this did not stop the talented player and he was back in the saddle towards the end of the season as quickly as he was given the go ahead.

MOVING UP CONDOLENCES In 2019 the club said goodbye to Andrew ‘Andy’ Dowding. Andy was laid to rest on December 12th, 2019 at St. George’s Parish Church. We extend our condolences to his children Sean and Sarah and his entire family. In recent years Andy’s health did not allow him to come to polo as much as he would have liked but he was an invaluable member who was always willing to help, and will be greatly missed both on the field and around the clubhouse sharing a drink.


At the end of the 2019 Polo season the handicap committee met to review the players handicaps and the only change was to Rhys Odle who moved from a 1 goal to 2 goals. Congrats Rhys. We look forward to seeing Rhys on the field in 2020.


Polo News TRIBUTE TO SIR CHARLES Ambassador Gustavo Martínez Pandiani made a tribute in recognition of Sir Charles Williams contribution to the sport of Polo in Barbados. In his speech the ambassador noted that Sir Charles was a pioneer in the sport of polo on the island and then presented him with a painting commissioned by the famous Argentine artist Alejandro Moy, which reflected a typical polo scene in front of a Caribbean landscape.

5 7 4/ *(8 2 & 3 &, * 2 * 3 8 .38*7.47 )* .,3 ` &7(-.8*(897* 8 . 1 * ` :& 3 . 8 . * ` & 3 . 8& 7 = ;& 7 * +.3. -* ` .30 ` 29(- 247*

aece:)a)c‰ ¼ Fa{k ‰„










HICKSTEAD The All England Polo Club Hickstead returned to our shores, boasting a formidable and versatile line up. An over subscription of players resulted in in an extended number of matches scheduled over a two week period, starting at the end of March. Once again Apes Hill Polo Club were the hosts. The 2019 tour provided spectators with quality horsepower and dynamic tactical plays, producing closely fought matches. Due to the high number of nine matches the Hickstead team was rotated, leaving the two professional players Jonny Good & Niall Donnelly (both H’cp 4) as the core of the team. For the first four matches the two pros proved their caliber. They were ably supported by the father and son combination of David and Jon Turner, as well as Ana Escobedo who was competing in Barbados for the first time. This trio had a handicap of 0 goals. The local opposition which was also rotated for the first half of the Tour, comprised of youth blended with experience. Leading the mix at Apes Hill Polo Club were another father and son duo of Stephen and Oliver Williams (H’cp 1), with stalwarts Pablo Crespin and Jamie Dickson (H’cp 3). Philip Atwell also provided valuable experience.

niall donnelly takes a hard rideoff from rhys odle



As the matches moved to Holders, Richard and Adam Deane joined in the fray and proved to be a strong combination. Again a third father and son combination, showing that polo has strong family ties. Other notable contributions who tested their mettle came from Philip Tempro, Salvador Duggan, Jeff Evelyn (H’cp 2), Lucas Nicolao (H’cp 3) and Rhys Odle (H’cp 1). Jonny Good and Niall Donnelly, with some top class horses under them, proved to be a force of reckoning.


They displayed clinical finishing, tactical astuteness and provided confidence to their team mates. Ana Escobedo linked up very well with her horses and added value to the team. Repeat guests David and Jon Turner demonstrated they were as formidable as ever off their handicaps. The matches were closely fought with not more than a couple of goals difference on average but on paper Hickstead were ahead by 4 - 1 at the half way mark. This left the Apes

salvador duggan controls the play down the boards

Hill Polo Club team with more resolve and determination heading into the second phase of the Tour. Hickstead had a new line up with team owner and leader John Bunn (H’cp 0) keen to take home the spoils. Sharing the team for the next five matches were Georgina Brittain (H’cp 0), experiencing polo on the island for the first time and the ever improving Bill Dillane (H’cp -1) based at Apes Hill Polo Club. Jonny Good and Niall Donnelly provided the backbone of the team again.


All the ensuing matches mirrored the first set, with end to end attacking polo and resolute defending, combined with all the horses mustering their talents and creative flair. The local players made a valiant attempt to reduce the deficit but it was Hickstead who came away as victors. A special mention must be made to John Bunn for his loyal support by returning with his Hickstead team annually for over fifteen years. As well as the integral contribution of Sir Charles Williams. His continued passion for breeding produces high quality horses, which has been the bedrock of island polo for many years. stephen williams

jamie dickson & niall donnelly



DUSSELDORF EASTER TOUR 2019 BY JAMIE DICKSON This was a special tour in many ways, reflecting the encompassing significance of polo. Trudo Knoefel, conducted his first polo lesson at Apes Hill Polo Club over 10 years ago, continued the sport when he returned home to Dusseldorf and met his wife through his connection with polo. Trudo and Johanna were celebrating their honeymoon during this visit with polo at the forefront ! Apes Hill Polo Club were honored to host them. Joining Trudo in the the Polo Club Dusseldorf team were

local players Oliver Williams (H’cp 1), Adam Deane and Jamie Dickson (Both H’cp 3). Their opponents for the first match on 17th April at Holders were Stephen Williams, Luis Clerice (Both H’cp 1), Philip Tempro and Salvador Duggan (Both H’cp 2). They all provided a tough test due to their quality horse power and respective positional skills. A hard and close fought match ensued with fast paced end to end runs and plenty of pressure from both sides. Resolute defending and close marking provided a nail biting finish. A wonderful neck shot goal from Trudo Knoefel made the difference as Polo Club Dusseldorf emerged as victors with a score of 5 - 4.


harry manning, lucas nicolao, jeff evelyn & stephen williams

... the pressure to seal victory remained until the final minute.

The showdown at Apes Hill Polo Club on the Saturday proved to be a thrilling finale. Stephen Williams and Lucas Nicolao returned to the fold, accompanied by the guile and strength in experience of Jeff Evelyn (H’cp 2) and Harry Manning (H’cp 1). They all played under the banner of “Coats of Arms”, the exclusive quality clothes line, who were sponsors for the day. An electrifying battle proceeded with plenty of galloping and tight team play as not more than a goal margin separated the teams. Neither side were willing to concede and the pressure to seal victory remained until the final minute. harry manning looking to steal th eplay from jamie dickson

lucas nicolao

The Polo Club Dusseldorf team were determined to seal the series with a win the following day, again played at Holders. They faced off against Monique Archer (H’cp 0) and Lucas Nicolao (H’cp 3) who joined forces with Philip Tempro and Salvador Duggan. This strong and well balanced quartet were not intent on acquiescence, pressuring the Polo Club Dusseldorf team into playing a defensive game. The scores were even heading into half time, with the break resulting in tactical changes from both sides. Exciting phases and a high level of play from all the players continued as they made valuable use of their best horses. This time it was the local team that emerged as the victors with a score line of 5 - 3, levelling the series at one a piece and setting up a winner takes all final match.


trudo knoefel

As the sun steadily dropped below the Caribbean sea, blossoming her orange hue across the horizon, it was Adam Deane who scored a well crafted neck shot to secure the win for Polo Club Dusseldorf. Enabling Trudo Knoefel to add to his celebratory visit by taking the spoils back with him to Germany, from the place where it all began.


A decade of memories We take a look back over the last 10 years of Polo in Barbados. Here are a few of our favourite memories.




Canadian polo player Brian O Leary took time out to answer some questions about their tour! Is Barbados your favourite winter polo location? Yes, Barbados is top of the annual travel agenda, I have been travelling here for around 15 years and always look forward to our visit. The visiting Barbados teams normally visit both the Toronto and Calgary Polo Clubs. How many Players and supporters do you usually bring to the island?

When we travel the contingent varies from ten to thirty, we’ve had ladies teams, mixed teams and plenty of family and supporters What are the main differences between Polo played in Canada and Polo in Barbados? The primary difference between Polo in Barbados and Polo in Canada is the sun is probably shining and its warm here, we dont have that guarantee back home.


How many matches will you play on this trip? During this trip we will play four games ,the main game on the Sunday, a practice on Tuesday, a game Thursday and the finals at Holders Hill on Sunday. Have you any favourite restaurants or spots in Barbados, when not playing Polo, what do you and the team like to do? Favourite restaurant would be Bombas located south of our favourite accommodations and beach at the St. Peters Bay resort. Bombas is relaxed and friendly and the food is unique to the island. When not playing Polo we enjoy our time away from the cold Canadian winters and tour the island, enjoying the sunshine and beaches. You must have met many members over the years. Any particular favourites or long alliances? We have so many great friends and acquaintances formed over the years, really too many to mention, Toronto Polo Club has been visiting Barbados for over 50 years. In the first ever visit Charles Williams played on the Barbados team and now the sons and grandsons of the Toronto team have carried on the tradition playing against Charles sons and grandsons. Tell us something about your location and club? Do you travel a lot to play Polo around the world? The Toronto polo Club has 5 full sized fields

...when not playing we spend our time touring the island, enjoying the sunshine and beaches.

Have you seen a resurgence in the popularity of the sport?

Polo participation always ebbs and flows with the economy, the resurgence and strength we saw up to 2008 has not been reestablished yet but we have seen keen growth in the past two seasons...



spread over three locations with a sixth field online for 2022, whereas 20 years ago every other weekend would be a travel weekend to clubs within a ten hour radius now the consensus is to stay local with the superb fields available at home. Canadian winters are renowned for cold weather, snow and ice. Barbados is in the Tropics and you will


encounter a totally different environment. Can you really prepare apart from the sun cream? The biggest challenge and adjustment in playing during February in Barbados is we are coming out of a -20 winter. The blistering sunshine and heat can take its toll on visiting players, the organisers in Barbados are generous in letting the visitors play

POLOBARBADOS in the second game of the evening as the heat reduces. Plenty of electrolytes are the order of the day. What about Ladies Polo in Canada growing? it seems to be doing well in many parts of the world. Our members play equally whether men or ladies but we do an annual ladies tournament for a charitable cause and the entries and level of competition continues to rise. Favourite part of the tour?

For sure the favourite part of coming to Barbados is winning the Sunday game, nothing beats it!







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poloponyessentials 8 2


1 7 4 5






Saddle Can be made from leather or suede. Polo saddles are English style. They are a supportive structure and designed to balance the rider in the centered position on the horse’s back. Over Girth Used to provide additional security in holding saddle in place. Wraps over saddle seat and around the horses belly. Girth Keeps the saddle in place on the horses back. Attaches on both sides by two or three leather straps.




Blanket Available in a variety of colours and designs. Its use is to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle & protect the ponies back.


Stirrups Made of metal. Attaches to stirrup leathers. Holds the riders foot. Used for balance and helping with leg control and allowing the player to come out of the saddle.



Bandages or wraps Usually made of fleece. Used to protect the horse’s leg from the ball and mallet. Breast plate Attaches to the saddle. Its purpose is to keep the saddle from sliding back.


Bridle The name for the entire headgear the horse wears which includes the bit and reins.


noseband Made from leather or Rawhide. Has several uses. such as keeping horses mouth closed, aiding in stopping and can also be an attachment for martingales.


Reins Mainly made from leather. Attaches to the bit. Rider uses these to control their horse with stopping and turning. Polo bridles have two sets of reins. Top rein (snaffle reins) and then the bottom reins are either straight reins or draw reins depending on your horse and bit selection.


Polo People




8 4













1. Sir Charles Williams. 2. Roddy Davis 3. Rachelle Jardine & Emily Kinch 4. Team Villages 5. Jonathan Simpson 6. Jennifer & Ashleigh Deane 7. Jeff Evelyn & Chrsitansia Evelyn 8. Jamie Dickson & Linda Williams 9. Zoe Archer 10. Gina-Li Davis 11. Stephen Williams 12. Santiago Clerici 13. Oliver Williams 14. Paul Andrews and Richard Gooding 15. Lisa Venezia, Natalie Manning and Lisa Davis 15. Philip Atwell




1 2


Helmet Fiberglass shell covered in either leather or cloth. Cushioned on the inside with a high density foam liner for comfort and protection


Protective eye gear Protects the players eyes from polo balls, mallets and also help with the glare of the sun


Polo Shirt Traditionally made from 100% cotton but performance fabrics such as DriFit and Coolmax more frequently used. Custom designed with Team names, sponsors and players position number


Gloves Optional but provides the player with slip free, firm grip and protection from blisters. Most players use only on their right hand


Knee Pads Used to protect players knees in ride offs and contact from ponies. Made from prime leather and lined with closed cell foam or wool felt for shock absorption






Boots Made of leather, traditionally came in various shades of brown but recently there has been a trend towards black. Function is to protect the players leg from balls, in ride offs and also provides a surface to grip the sides of the horse Stick or mallet The stick is made from flexible manau-cane and the head is made from white Tipa. Sticks generally range in length from 50� to 54� and can weigh between 160 grams and 240 grams. The top has a rubber wrapped grip and strap. Whip Used to reinforce riders leg aids or as a training aid



8 6

additional equipment used Spurs Attaches to the heel of the boot and used by riders as an aid to encourage the horse to move forward or laterally


Elbow Pads Used to protect players elbows in ride offs and contact from polo balls and horses heads

Mouth Guard used to absorb impact and help protect teeth, gums and tongue

)81'5,9( )2/.





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1. Lana Mayers & Shante Greaves 2. Annick Lewis & Pebecca Pitcher 3. Joyce Beauvais & Michelle Jamieson 4. Linda White, Calista Gibling & Sylvia Hutcheson 5. Tania Butler with her sons Finn & Tate 6. Jacob Hassis & Pauline Tully 7. Daniel Belgrave & Malachi Joseph.





FLASH TO BACK1980 ENJOY... An interesting look back in time at how women’s polo was evolving in the sport in the early 1970’s and 80’s. Claire Tomlinson paved the way in the UK.

Women Polo Players and their chances of success - THE BAJAN MARCH 1980 February in the Barbados polo world is traditionally the month that signals the arrival of touring teams from abroad, and over the years we have seen teams from England, The United States and before the economic recession there, Jamaica. More recently, Barbadian fans have witnessed some outstanding performances by American based Rodger el Effendi and Englishman John Horswell, both of whom are six goal players, possessing the complete range of shots available to any polo players, sometimes bordering on elegance in their execution, and a thorough knowledge of tactical aspects of the game. The annual visits of high goal teams that include this caliber of player have gone far to improve the local standard of the game. The first team to arrive this year is Los Locos of England, who, with the exception of Major Michael Strange-Steel, have all played in Barbados before. The other members are David Gremmell, Simon Tomlinson, captain, and his wife Claire, who has the distinction of being the highest handicapped female player in the world. Female players are not a novelty in Barbados since Angela Melville, Margaret Leacock, Grainne Kearns and Sybil Edghill have all been playing for a number of years. Although they have not yet reached the standard required to compete in high goal matches, they are steadily improving in this predominantly male sport.

Reproduced with the kind permission of The Nation Publishing Company and The Bajan. 86


An ancient stick and ball game of Chino-Persian origin, polo was popularized by the British Calvary in colonial India just before the turn of the century. It is similar in principal to hockey and soccer with the team scoring the greatest number of goals being declared the winners. Unlike the other two games, every player is handicapped by an International Committee on a scale of minus two through to ten, according to ability. Thus the better a player becomes, the higher his handicap. Since it is a game of intense physical contact, which can indeed be dangerous, should the players become careless, it is not surprising that most of the rules applied to the game are largely safety measures. Controlling a thousand pounds of horseflesh at 30 mph while attempting to hit a ball some 3 inches in diameter is no mean feat. Yet Claire Tomlinson seems to manage remarkably well. Mrs Tomlinson was born into a polo playing family, with “a polo ground outside the house.” And while she amused herself as a child with bicycle polo, and other such games, she never had any intention of playing seriously until she went to Oxford University. At Oxford there were a number of people interested in the game and being the only one from a polo background, she was instrumental in its organization. After she left university and got married, Claire would have been quite happy to give up the game but was encouraged to continue by her husband Simon. Himself a keen player. When her handicap moved to a 3 and she was eligible to play in high goal polo, Hurlingham Polo Association tied to ban women from the high goal, on the grounds that it was dangerous. This ambiguity puzzled and angered Claire since to her mind “when you get to a certain standard its much nicer to play against people who are better than you and it seems a bit stupid, just because you’re a girl, to be told you can’t “. After many weeks of legal wrangling, she finally presented a petition in her favour to the Hurlingham officials signed by all the high players, which persuaded them to allow her to compete in the high goal for a trial period of one


year. During that year, her team won the first high goal tournament at Windsor, which she cites as her greatest achievement to date. In addition to the hard-nosed officials Mrs Tomlinson had also had to put up with a certain amount of animosity if not jealousy from her male opponents before gaining their acceptance. But she admits that in high goal polo., where most of the players are better than she is and don’t feel a need to prove themselves. While success has not come easily, yet with the same determination we saw her displays here on the field, Claire Tomlinson won her case, the cup and a precedent in English Polo. While the rules and regulations of a governing body do not prohibit female players in Barbados, they nevertheless do encounter other problems. In general there is the feeling that the young players of the club are not keen on women playing and consequently do not go out of their way to be helpful. This is also reflected in the fact that little or nothing is done to encourage juniors to get into the game. Angela Melville remembers the old days at the Garrison when youngsters were often lent a pony by the older members as a means of getting them into the game. Although she realizes that present day members who own expensive Argentinian ponies may not be willing to do this, she still feels that there are enough old ponies around that could be used to this end. All of the ladies agree that not enough is being done to encourage visits by low goal teams, which would give the lower handicapped players an equal opportunity for international exposure, thereby improving their games. Undoubtedly, it takes a special type of woman to play polo and be successful because of the nature of the game, for apart from the usual problems of any sports woman trying to achieve perfections, women have to put up with a lot of pressure from the male element if they are to continue. However perhaps in a similar way to that of flat racing, with more females entering the game, some of the old prejudices may fall by the wayside and in a couple of years we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.


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and the WINNER IS... 1 1. Winners of the first day of the DI Battle of the Sexes - Ladies Team John Hardy. Ashleigh Deane, Tiva Gross, Sarah Wiseman & Rosie Ross 2. Dimaonds International Ladies with Jacob Hassid. Paige McCabe, Tiva Gross, Sarah Wiseman, Jacob Hassid, Monique Archer, Rosie Ross, Poppy Zive & Ashleigh Deane 3. Barbados vs The Villages: Winning Team Christansia Evelyn, Adam Deane, Jamie Dickson & Philip Tempro 4. Jacob Hassid presenting the trophy to Harry Manning, captain of the Mens John Hardy team 5. Barbados Team Mango Bay winners vs New Zealand Joshua Archer, Oliver Williams, Jamie Dickson & Harry Manning


6. Polo against Prostate Cancer, Winning team Richard Deane, Jamie Dickson, Luis Clerici & Linda Williams 7. President’s Trophy - Team Whitehall: Wayne Archer, Lucas Nicolao, Luis Clerici & Joshua Archer

3 4







and the WINNER IS... 1

1. New Zealand Team Peter Hyslop, Cody Jones, Simon Mcdonald & Philip Thompson 2. Ashleigh Deane, Marc Atwell, Jamie Dickson & Roddy Davis 2

3. Harry Manning, Pablo Crespin, Marc Atwell & Joshua Archer 4

4. Team Cheshire - Dr. Stuart Wilson, Martin Ffrench Blake, Oliver Taylor, Charlie Walton 5. Jamie Dickson, Philip Tempro, Adam Deane & Rhys Odle 6. Team Cananda - Paul Knapp, David Payne, Mike Egan & Enrique Bauzada 7. Harry Manning, Lucas Nicolao, Luis Clerici & Monique Archer 3








A season of action

top left: salvador duggan, top right: roddy davis bottom left: poppy zive bottom right: pablo crespin under heavy defense from rhys odle



We take a look back over the 2019 Polo Season. We had alot of polo played and the opening matches did not disappoint. They showcased some great polo, which was competitve, fast and full of action. pablo crespin controls th eball as lucas nicolao rides in at full gallop

rhys odle

monique archer



BroadwaytoBarbados We welcomed back the Broadway to Barbados productions. It’s a show not to be missed with world class entertainers gracing our stage at Frank Collymore Hall and putting on performances from Broadway’s best shows! These productions are sponsored and organized in part by Diamonds International and proceeds go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the island for much needed equipment and services. To date over $2.6 million have has been raised for this worthy cause. Show dates for 2020 are 25-29 February. Tickets can be purchased from Diamonds International.



in action

The club continued to partner with some long time sponsors in 2019 and form new relationships. All in efforts to making your afternoon at Polo a fun experience.










… You can hook another players mallet … You can replace a pony at any time during play … You can back shots … You can score a goal between the posts at any height … You can ride off another player chasing the ball … You can get a free hit after the Umpires decide it is a foul … You can step outside the boundary if you need to ... You can replace an injured player with another of equal handicap

… You can’t play left-handed … You can’t cross the line of a player … You can’t play on the left side challenging a player … You can’t play the ball outside of the boards or back line … You can’t strike a player or pony deliberately … You can’t play after the horn sounds at the end of play … You can’t throw in without an umpire … You can’t argue with umpires … You can’t or shouldn’t continue playing if one of your team members falls off


Where to Watch Polo

Apes Hill Polo Field Holders Polo Field


Holders Polo Field -

Apes Hill Polo Field -

Telephone: 432 1802 (Landline with recorded updates) or Club Manager: 230-1308 The club also has a very active Facebook page where you can get updates: BarbadosPoloClub. Should you not receive the information that you require please - Email: barbadospoloclub@gmail.com

Telephone: 432 9550 or 262 3282 Should you have any further queries related to Apes Hill Polo Clubhouse such as rental information for weddings, private parties etc. - Email: info@apeshillpolo.com



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