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POLOBARBADOS Welcome If you are reading Polo Barbados then you’ve made a wonderful choice to vacation on the island!

“ You need to forget winter and enjoy sand, sea and sunshine with the polo experience. We feel it is very special. You can stay on the sidelines at polo, or join the vibe in the clubhouse with a glass of bubbly or afternoon tea. Watching polo on this island is simply wonderful. Watching polo games is not an expensive sport with so much entertainment on offer and you can get as close as you want to the action. A Polo tradition is taking part in the stomping of the divots, during the half time; to repair the hoof prints from freshly cut turf. It is also a great opportunity to maybe win a bottle of bubbly!! This season we are hosting polo friends from far away New Zealand. Thousands of miles separate our islands and the Kiwis will provide healthy competition. They can also be guaranteed our wonderful hospitality. It comes at a warning-watch the rum punch! We also host our old rivals Cheshire, making their annual trips with their bright cherry red polo shirts. Don’t forget the ever popular Battle of the Sexes Tournament featuring the Ladies vs the Men. The season starts in January and continues until Mid-May. Drop me a note about how you enjoyed the polo experience and we’ll try to include it next year if you sending an attached photo. Send to We would love to hear from you. Most of all, have fun at après Polo! It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

“ hiltop publications ltd. 11 cottage ridge, st. george, barbados bb19071 • tel: (246) 228-9122 • • Thanks - The Editors would like to thank advertisers, the polo members and everyone who helped to produce this publication. Unless specifically detailed, all the editorial is attributed to the editors and accuracy was deemed correct when going to print. No part of this publication should be reproduced without the permission of the publishers. Copyright Polo Barbados 2018







-74COVER: - Lisa Davis - Hazel Jackson at Apes Hill Polo Club during the final of the 2017 AHPC Massy Ladies International Tournament.



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2018 Barbados International Polo Season DATES



JANUARY Sunday Tuesday

28 January 30 January

FEBRUARY Thursday 1 February Sunday 4 February Tuesday 6 February Thursday 8 February Saturday 10 February Sunday 11 February Tuesday 13 February Thursday 15 February Sunday 18 February Sunday 25 February Tuesday 27 February MARCH Thursday 1 March Sunday 4 March Thursday 8 March Sunday 11 March Tuesday 13 March Thursday 15 March Sunday 18 March Sunday 25 March Tuesday 27 March Thursday 29 March Saturday 31 March APRIL Tuesday 3 Thursday 5 Sunday 8 Tuesday 10 Thursday 12 Saturday 14 Sunday 15 Tuesday 17 Thursday 19 Sunday 22 Tuesday 24 Wednesday 25 Thursday 26 Sunday 29


April April April April April April April April April April April April April April

BPC Villages (USA) Tour / Battle of the Sexes BPC Villages (USA) Tour / Battle of the Sexes

Holders Apes Hill

BPC Villages (USA) Tour / Battle of the Sexes BPC Villages (USA) Tour / Battle of the Sexes BPC Canada Tour BPC Canada Tour AHPC 6 Goal Tournament BPC Canada Tour FINAL AHPC 6 Goal Tournament AHPC 6 Goal Tournament AHPC 6 Goal Tournament FINAL BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour

Holders Holders Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill Holders Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill

BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour FINAL BPC / BUTTALS Open BPC / BUTTALS Open BPC / BUTTALS Open BPC / BUTTALS Open BPC / BUTTALS Open FINAL AHPC Hickstead AHPC Hickstead AHPC Hickstead AHPC Hickstead FINAL

Holders Holders TBA Apes Hill Holders TBA Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill

AHPC Ferne Park AHPC Ferne Park AHPC Ferne Park FINAL AHPC DJ Cats AHPC DJ Cats AHPC DJ Cats FINAL BPC / BUTTALS Tournament BPC / BUTTALS Tournament BPC / BUTTALS Tournament BPC / BUTTALS Tournament FINAL AHPC Ladies International AHPC Ladies International AHPC Ladies International AHPC Ladies International FINAL

Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Holders TBA TBA Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill

DATES MAY 1 Tuesday 3 Thursday 6 Sunday 8 Tuesday 10 Thursday 13 Sunday 19 Saturday

TOURNAMENT May May May May May May May

BPC New Zealand Tour BPC New Zealand Tour BPC New Zealand Tour FINAL BPC Jamaica Tour BPC Jamaica Tour BPC Jamaica Tour FINAL BPC Presidents / Kearns Trophy

FIELD Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill Holders Holders Holders



• There are eight players on the field at once. Four on each team. Plus two Umpires • A goal is scored by hitting between the posts at the end of the field as high as you want • Polo ponies may play a maximum of 2 chukkas in one day, with at least one chukka gap in between • The game begins with each team in line forming two rows with the players in order 1, 2, 3, 4 facing the umpire in the centre of the field • A goal equals a point • Sometimes you get a half point or more if the other team has a higher handicap • A ride-off is when one player rides his pony next to an opponent to push him away from the ball or players


• Chukkas lasts for 7 minutes but an extra 30 seconds may be played to win a game • Games in Barbados are only 4 chukkas • The best players are the players with a higher handicap. The best players in the world are 10 goals • A full-size field is 300 yards long, and 160 yards wide • After every goal is scored, players change ends, this is to avoid giving one team an advantage due to wind or sloping ground • Different types of penalties are awarded depending of the nature of the foul. 30 and 40 Yard = free hit at an undefended goal • Crossing the line is the most common foul in polo • A player may hook an opponent’s stick provided he is on the same side as the ball


BPC Players’ Handicaps


Cristian Chaves 4

Danny Atwell 3

Marc Atwell 3

Pablo Crespin 3

Adam Deane 3

Jamie Dickson 3

Richard Gooding 3

Lucas Nicolao 3

Teddy Williams 3

Wayne Archer 2

Salvador Duggan 2

Jeff Evelyn 2

Philip Tempro 2

Alex Cole 2

Bruce Bayley 2

Ramon Alvarez 1

Luis Clerici 1

Richard Deane 1

Harry Manning 1

Rhys Odle 1

Oliver Williams 1

Stephen Williams 1

Joshua Archer 0

Philip Atwell 0

Jake Bayley 0

Roddy Davis 0

Sir Charles Williams 0

Monique Archer -1

Zoe Archer -1

Ashleigh Deane -1

Christansia Evelyn -1

Vicki Gonzalez -1

Camilla Williams -1

Linda Williams -1

Bill Dillane -1 15



“ dear friends We welcome you once again to join us for our 2018 polo season. We have an action packed itinerary planned including many of the traditional visiting polo teams as well as some new events which are sure to provide spectacular viewing both on and off the field. This season we are expecting teams from USA, Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica as well as the popular Battle of the Sexes, Cheshire and of course the Barbados Open which is the most keenly contested fixture on the calendar. We are indebted to our sponsors who have seen the marketing benefit of Polo as a spectator sport in recent years and have continued their support for the new season. The level of Polo played on the island has been improved largely due to the level of sponsorship. On behalf of all of our players, we thank you for your support.

Our patrons and Guests on Polo afternoons has also grown steadily and the Club has become a permanent social fixture for tourists and locals alike. We really appreciate having you joins us and please remember that Polo is a dangerous sport. There are likely to be flying balls and sometimes horses too ! So please be safe and while you keep your eyes on the action stay back from the Boards especially if you have small children with you. The line of play is actually 20 feet outside the boards as horses and players will hop over from time to time. Finally, I would like to thank the Committee of Management and the Manager Mr. Adam Deane for coordinating what is sure to be an entertaining season and we hope that you will join us.

Bruce Bayley President

“ 16


Keith Melville FEBRUARY 16TH, 1934 - JANUARY 11TH, 2018 BY WAYNE ARCHER

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” abraham lincoln H.K. Melville, Uncle Keith, Uncle Smelly Melville, Uncle Mellie. I affectionately refer to one of the greatest, kindest, most jovial men I have ever had the privilege to know, by any of the above names. As commonly said here, he knew me before I was born. Uncle Mellie and my late father J.A.K. (Tony) Archer, were very close friends. I am not exactly sure how their friendship started but I do know it’s as far back as Polo days at The Garrison. In fact, he was my father's best man at my parents’ wedding back in July of 1966. Friendship between Uncle Mellie and my parents lasted a lifetime. My first true memories of Uncle Mellie date back to when I started riding at Little Bentley Stables as a 10/11 year old. My father sent his beloved horse Winston to Little Bentley to be stabled where my brother Paul and I would go most Friday afternoons for ‘riding lessons’ with Auntie Angela and crew. Of course at that age I would not have had any idea of the arrangements, but knowing the man, it was probably an act of kindness. In those days U Mellie would allow his polo ponies to be used in the riding school, something unheard of nowadays. Horses such as Sultana, Moonstone, Flying Drake, Olé Olé come to mind. They were some good days with many gymkhanas, show jumping events and most importantly, socialising held at Little Bentley. After my father's sudden passing in July 1984, I lost the opportunity to be surrounded by horses, something I was born around and truly loved. What felt like an eternity of not riding and interacting with horses ended when I was invited back up to Little Bentley by U Mellie, for one his famous hacks. These hacks were long and involved a tremendous amount of trotting through Woodbourne roads. It was through this opportunity I began taking an interest again. I moved into the Old Barn at Little Bentley in the early 90’s and lived there for a couple years. My relationship with Uncle Mellie grew during this time. Though an age difference of some 30 years it never felt this way with the constant rude jokes and dirty talk together. Memories of him driving his tractor mower around Bentley in his black speedo come to mind. Something I always teased him about and got cursed everytime for. And again, the very long trotting hacks in the roads. 18

Given the opportunity to play Polo in 1996, I then joined The Barbados Polo Club. Through kindness of other members I was loaned ponies to play until given my first horse to play polo by no one other than Uncle Mellie. This horse was given to him off the track, a horse by the name of Firecracker. The deal was that I had to keep it at Little Bentley and I had to school it into a Polo pony. Many, many afternoons were spent at Little Bentley trying to achieve this. Firecracker was crazy at first but eventually turned out to be one very good Polo pony. He then gave me another, Go Go Man, with the same understanding. Uncle Mellie allowed me to stable my horses at Bentley for a number of years . In those days he also allowed me to use his personal ponies, Distinctive Lady, Blue, Tam, lent me his prized green Daihatsu jeep and box, nothing was ever a problem. On reflection, just pure kindness. We never played much Polo together although I do remember playing a few chukkas towards the end of his Polo career and the beginning of mine. He on his beloved Arab Tam, his favourite. We served together on the COM of the Polo Club for many many years - he as President and I in numerous different roles. He was one to rule with total diplomacy and tact, a trait I always admired. For many years leading up towards the end of his Presidency, we worked very closely together for the Polo Club. We spoke often, met often, running various ideas, issues - you name it by one another. I always asked how he could be so devoted to a sport for so long that he no longer played. Again, very admirable. When I took over as President of the Club a couple years ago, it was indeed an honour to have stepped into the shoes of a man who had been in that position for 40 yrs. It was no easy position to fill. The Barbados Polo Club, and indeed Barbados, has lost one of the most devoted, dedicated members one can ask for. A true gentleman through and through. One thing I am pretty confident about is that somewhere out there, there is a proper gathering of good men and women gone before who are all together having a whiskey or rum and a good social.


Young bloods close out South Africa tour BY MICHAEL PHILLIPS

Patrons at Holders got to witness one of the most exciting and fastpaced matches for the 2017 season as Barbados pulled out a thrilling win over the visitors to take the title in the 2017 South African tour. With the series tied at two games apiece going into the final, the older players were asked to move over to make some room for two young-blooded teams in the heated exchange.


josh archer leading the charge down the field followed closely by Johan Van Reenen



The Barbadians seemed to find their rhythm in the second chukka...

Joshua archer



The game had to be cut short at three chukkas as showers rendered the field treacherous, however, all and sundry were kept on the edge of their seats as Adam Deane, Jake Bayley, Josh Archer and Rhys Odle took on South Africa's young fiery side, all aged 17 to 19. South Africa had the run-of-the-mill in the first chukka and scored their first goal from a 60-yard penalty inside the third minute. James Crowe hit the ball high and hard at the North end to put the visitors ahead. Not too long after, another James, this time O'Sullivan, cut a beautiful shot to his right from the middle to see the ball go all the way. With just seconds left on the clock, Johan Van Reenen joined his teammates on the boards as he escorted the ball through the uprights. The Barbadians seemed to find their rhythm in the second chukka and Adam Deane pulled the first goal back as the showers intensified from the earlier drizzle. Deane made it three when he made good on a 60-yard penalty and then a 40-yard penalty. However, the South Africans were not fans of the equality and regained the lead when Grant Louw hit a lovely, long shot from about 70 yards out.


johan van reenen

marc atwell

jake bayley

The third chukka would be the last as the umpires decided to end the game due to the deterioration of the field. The Bajans drew level again as a bit a of bad luck struck the visitors when Rhys Odle sent a long shot to the North to find Deane who cut a decent neck-shot towards the uprights. However, an attempt at clearance by the South Africans saw the ball going over the line to tie things up at four goals apiece. Jake Bayley gave Barbados their first lead and what would become the game-winner with a sensational cut-shot at the South end.

left: the winning barbados team from the final day: Joshua archer, jake bayley, rhys odle & adam deane




After coming dangerously close to doing the double, the Virgin Atlantic Ladies allowed the Diamonds International Men to slip away to a one-and-a-half goal win in the final of the 2017 Diamonds International Battle of the Sexes. Sticking it to the men in the penultimate game with a six-two victory after losing the opening two games, the girls let the boys go with a six to four-and-a-half win.


one of the most fiercely-contested tours put on by the Barbados Polo Club...

Luis clerici under a heavy ride off from hazel jackson

POLOBARBADOS paige mccabe

Wiseman brought the women back with an exciting play from the middle of the field, with Cole breathing down her neck... Playing at the Holders ground, the Ladies dropped points in the first two games after going down seven-five and two-one. However, the landslide win in Game-3 gave the women an inkling of hope of retaining the title in the grudge match. Historically one of the most fiercely-contested tours put on by the Barbados Polo Club, this year was no different as the series pulled what was easily the biggest crowd for the 2017 season. Outside of the polo, one of the biggest draws continues to be all-inclusive and boutique pavilions and marquees put on by sponsors of the series. One of the biggest hits at the finals was the Virgin Atlantic tent which was serving Pimm's and prosecco to supporters. Much like the Cheshire series, support at the Battle of the Sexes is never even and it ends up being heavy-handed towards the women and rightly so as the team always boasts some of the best names in the game playing wth a local lass. On the big day, the women sported a team that featured Emma Boers, Sarah Wiseman, Hazel Jackson and Barbados' Vicki Gonzalez. They began the exchange with a half-point edge as the men had a one-goal handicap advantage on them. That roster saw Rhys Odle, Luis Clerici, Stephen Williams and Alex Cole suiting up for the men, and it was Cole that got the men off the mark first. Clerici took the ball up the left before moving in towards the North end. He was met by defiant defence in the ladies' quarter but he left the ball just in front the uprights for Cole to finish the play. The women regained the lead with a goal from Boers as the young promising player made a similar play to Clerici's, moving off the left boards and cutting in to score at the same end on the very next play. The men ended the chukka in control as Cole knocked home a cracker from about 40 yards . The women were given no quarter in the second as their score remained one and a half going into halftime. The men on the other hand, scored twice more with one of the goals going to Williams off a crafty under-neck shot. At the top of the third, Wiseman brought the women back into contention with an exciting play. She pushed the ball from the middle of the field, tapping with Cole breathing down her neck the entire way. Much to the delight of the spectators, she shrugged off his pressure and finished the play. The third chukka belonged to the ladies as Jackson

sarah wiseman

stephen williams and hazel jackson


alex cole

brought the women back within striking range after pouncing on a ball left by Gonzalez who failed to finish an earlier play. The women picked up the lead a third time, three minutes into the final chukka. However, the men would have the final say as the highly-competitive Odle got his name on the boards when he hit home a scud from about 50 yards out on the left. As the final seconds dropped off the clock, Clerici did the same thing at the other end to put the men up to six. Also coming to a head on the same evening was the Villages Tour which saw the visitors taking home the trophy after a slim six-five victory over Events Unusual Barbados. After winning the opening game of the series, the Villages team allowed the hosts to bounce back and tie the tour with a three-one win. However, after winning Game 3, six four to retake the lead, the visitors closed out a solid tour in the final. virgin atlantic ladies getting prizes from diamonds international‘s adeline lister


the winning diamonds international mens team: rhys odle, luis clerici, stephen williams & alex cole

emma boer taking the ball down the field under the watchful eye of alex cole


salvador duggan


The Villages

joe watkins


francisco bilbao, paige mccabe, joe watkins, justin baisch

THE VILLAGES took home the trophy after a slim six-five victory...

cristian chaves

lucas nicolao


francisco bilbao


philip tempro

teddy williams & roddy davis

left: justin baisch, craigg corrie, francisco bilbao, joe watkins & paige mccabe

francisco bilbao

jeff evelyn




KIWIS SET TO VISIT The Barbados Polo Club will be hosting a Team from New Zealand this Season, for a 3 game Tour. The Team will be represented by 6 players ranging in handicap between 5 and 0 goals. This should be a very exciting tour and the club looks forward to welcoming the Kiwis. The first game will be on Tuesday, May 1st at Holders Polo Field, the second on Thursday, May 3rd at Apes Hill Polo Club and the Final on Sunday, May 6th at Holders Polo Field. CHRISTOPHER ‘KIT’ BROOKS - Handicap 5 Christopher plays polo at Cambridge Polo Club in New Zealand. He has won the New Zealand Open 3 times, and the Savile Cup 4 times. He has also played polo for New Zealand in England, Mexico, Australia, China, Malaysia. Hawaii is his favourite polo destination (before this trip to Barbados). When not playing polo ‘Kit’ is breaking in and pre training racehorses.


POLOBARBADOS AARON VOWLES - Handicap 3 Aaron has been playing polo since the Mid 90s where he has played all over the world professionally and now adding Barbados to the list. After playing in the UK for 7 seasons alongside the royal family on a few occasions he decided to finally return to New Zealand. Aaron bought a 2000 acre farm in Central Hawke’s Bay NZ, which farms an intensive sheep/beef/cropping operation. He still breeds a few polo ponies which he plays.

SIMON MCDONALD - Handicap 2 Simon started playing polo at the age of 21 at The Tuki Tuki Polo Club in the North Island province of Hawke’s Bay. Whilst still relatively new to the sport, Simon spent 3 years playing polo in Australia as a young horse trainer and low goal player where he achieved a handicap of 3 goals. When Simon returned to NZ he was able to continue playing polo along with his other passions farming, rugby and dog trials. Simon is now the secretary at The Wanstead Polo Club where he lives a few km away on his 200 hectare sheep and beef property with his wife Lisa and their 3 children.

FRED COATES - Handicap 0 Fred plays for the Birchleigh Polo Club in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. An Australian by birth, he has spent the last 3 years in Hawkes Bay learning to play polo with the aim of getting his three children to join him and form a family team. Prior to polo, Fred has spent his time in Western Australia involved in tourism and property development. His other interests include thoroughbred racing, skiing and aviation.

PETER HYSLOP - Handicap 0 Pete Hyslop is 52 years old and Married to Bridget with 2 children. His interests are farming beef and growing grapes as part of the huge Hawkes Bay wine industry. Peter started playing polo 3 years ago after not having ridden for 20 years and just loves it. Peter has picked up the game very quickly and is a natural horseman. His biggest regret is not learning to play polo 30 years ago. 'It's a bit tricky when your 50 plus!!' Peter's other interests include game bird shooting and lying on a sandy beach every once in a while.

JARED THOMPSON - Handicap 1 Jared lives in Hawkes Bay (NZ) with his wife Rae and 3 children Hagen, Maggie and Kingston. He is a businessman with interests in 6 Toyota vehicle dealerships and an electronic labelling company. Jared comes from an old New Zealand polo family with where his Grandfather, father, uncles and brother all play or played polo. He has played polo at various times for the last 21 years and currently has a 1 goal handicap. He is currently the Club Captain and plays at the Hawkes Bay Polo Club. Outside of New Zealand, Jared has played polo in China, England, Dubai and Mongolia.



Forced to Split the Spoils BY MICHAEL PHILLIPS


TEDDY WILLIAMS was the man to tip the scales in the second chukka...



johnny coddington

It had to be called 'even-steven' when the curtain came down on the 2017 One Caribbean Estates Cheshire Tour. The annual series, which is steeped in years of friendly rivalry between Barbados and England, saw the teams parting ways as equals with four goals each at the end of an exciting game in the final clash last season. With the saga broiling in over 30 years of competition, the true spirit of the tour was embodied as the 2017 tour was cut down to three game-days as inclement weather saw the series losing a day in the middle. However, the polo gods smiled on the final and the rains gave the tour a reprieve to conclude business. One Caribbean Estates Barbados drew first blood in the opening game, while Cheshire drew level in Game 2 to set up the grudge match in the finale. However, when the dust settled at the Holders Polo Club, the Mickey Hutchinson Trophy went off with the Cheshire Team while the Cheshire


Tour Challenge Trophy stayed at home with the local side. As is customary in the final, the crowds came out and the allegiances were torn down the middle as Cheshire came with their own supporters while several visitors on-island came out to lend their voices to the cause as well. On the local side of things, the support was so one-sided that some of the British visitors jumped the fence to make up the numbers for the hosts. Despite that, Barbados struck first with Jamie Dickson easily converting a 30-yard penalty. Cheshire bounced back on the very next play to see the teams tied at the end of the

cheshire supports with their team

the 2017 tour was cut down to three game-days as inclement weather saw the series losing a day...

friendly rivalry

adam deane & oliver taylor fight for the ball


one caribbean’s dominique silvera & richard hudson presenting trophy to the barbados team of harry manning, jamie dickson, adam deane & teddy williams

teddy williams

adam deane

first chukka. Johnny Coddington was able to get his mallet on the ball inside a mess of hooves at the South end, sending the ball over the line in the dying seconds of the period. Teddy Williams was the man to tip the scales in the second chukka in the favour of the home team. Not too many seconds had slipped off the clock when Harry Manning was moving through the middle of the field to the southern uprights. With Cheshire's Will Padden and Williams between him and the goal, Manning put a lovely shot over their heads that landed just ahead of latter. Williams made no mistakes with the play and put just three touches on the ball to take it just in front the bars. Moving to the right, he finished things with a lovely under-neck shot. At the other end, Dickson was gifted another penalty that he put to rest to see Barbados up to three. Cheshire never let the locals get too far ahead of them and Oliver Taylor knocked one over the line for the visitors before the second chukka 42

richard gooding keeping a close eye on his cheshire opponent

ended. With loads of exciting exchanges coming between the horns of the third chukka, the score remained the same as neither side was able to get the ball through the uprights. Barbados held a three-two lead going into the final chukka but that was leveled when Taylor sent a solid rolling shot that found its mark despite several empty swipes from the Barbadian defence. The equality was short-lived as Dickson escorted the ball to the South end for Barbados' fourth goal. The tension rose as the final moments wound down with Barbados were sitting on a possible victory and Cheshire was hoping for some manner of a miracle. And they found it as Taylor put the ball through the bars for a fourth goal just before the horn went to force an extra 30 seconds of play. The title almost went to Cheshire as they broke off toward the North end, but the final horn sounded before they could make good on the effort.


ICBL takes two at Williams and Gooding Memorials BY MICHAEL PHILLIPS

It was 'twice as nice' for the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd. (ICBL) teams as they rode off into the sunset with two trophies when the Apes Hill Polo Club hosted both the Elliot Williams and Roger Gooding Memorials back in April.





... Dickson, one of the better players on the island, got himself on the boards...

jamie dickson takes the line from teddy williams

icbl roger gooding memeorial presentation: philip tempro, jamie dickson, marc atwell, adam deane, annika povey, richard gooding, teddy williams, danny atwell & alex cole

richard gooding

In the Elliot Williams Memorial, which was the first of the two matches played on the evening, Team ICBL overcame the odds to dismantle a higher-handicapped side featuring Oliver Williams, Stephen Williams, Linda Williams and Richard Deane. Starting with a half-point due to the inequality, Team ICBL, which read; Roddy Davis, Christancia Evelyn, Harry Manning and Philip Tempro, built on the edge to get up to three and a half while Apes Hill only mustered a single goal by the final chukka. With the Roger Gooding Memorial taking the form of a 6-goal tournament in previous years, the organisers upped the ante on the quality of teams and hosted a 10-goal edition for 2017. With Adam Deane, Marc Atwell, Philip Tempro and James Dickson suiting up for Apes Hill, Team ICBL consisted Danny Atwell, Teddy Williams, Alex Cole and son of the honouree, Richard Gooding. The first chukka ended evenly with both teams sitting on a goal each. ICBL struck first with Gooding finishing a play set up by an Alex Cole-5B penalty. Just over a minute after, Tempro easily knocked the ball over the line from just in front the uprights to tie things up. There was only one goal in the second chukka and spectators were made to wait the entire period before Marc Atwell cut a lovely shot at the North end in the dying seconds to put Apes Hill ahead. ICBL drew level early on in the third as Teddy Williams was able to escort the ball through the goal unhindered. ICBL were a team possessed in the third as they would go on to take the lead and extend it up to 5-2. First, Gooding beautifully backed a shot through the goal for the three-two lead, then Williams, on the very next play, hit the ball from about 80 yards out along the ground and it rolled safely to its destination. Finally, Gooding, showing off his strong back-hand, had another ball over the line at the South end. Before the horn went to end the third chukka, Dickson, one of the better players on the island, got himself on the boards to bring the Apes Hill team up to three.

oliver williams


roddy davis

harry manning

linda williams

stephen williams

winners of the elliot williams memorial trophy. team icbl roddy davis, harry manning & philip ahtwell with icbl representatives & team ahpc linda williams, stephen williams, oliver williams & richard deane

ICBL continued their reign in the final chukka with Danny Atwell sending home a nice neck-shot from about 70 yards out after only one minute of play. ICBL shut things out for the 7-3 win when Williams took the ball all the way to the South end before leaving it alone for Cole to finish.

alex cole



APES HILL/HUNTINGTON TEAM Wins Ladies High Goal Victrix Ladorum The Huntington/Apes Hill Club Ladies did themselves very proud last summer. The Team of Camilla Williams (0), Sam Buckles (3), Lucy Taylor (5) and Nina Clarkin (10), competed in a number of high goal ladies tournaments over the summer months in England, winning The Knepp Castle Ladies, The Beaufort Ladies and The Cirencester Ladies. By winning three of the four tournaments they entered Apes Hill


/ Huntington won the coveted prize of Victrix Ladorum with 23o points, a 110 points more than their closest rivals The Cowdray Vikings. The team also had the added bonus of having Mia Cambiaso; daughter of the number one polo player in the world, Adolfo Cambiaso sub for Lucy Taylor for one of the games at Cowdray. Congrats to the Ladies and we can’t wait to see what they achieve this year.

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Sponsors ‘in Action’ The 2017 Barbados Polo Club season saw the club welcome back some old sponsors and develop some relationships with new sponsors.



Polo News THE 2018 BARBADOS POLO CLUB COMMITTEE PRESIDENT - Bruce Bayley VICE-PRESIDENT - Phillip Tempro CLUB CAPTAIN - Richard Deane VICE CAPTAIN - Danny Atwell SECRETARY - Ashleigh Deane TREASURER - Harry Manning COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Wayne Archer, Marc Atwell, Roddy Davis, Adam Deane, Jamie Dickson & Oliver Williams


NEW VENUE 2018 season started with the entry into the market of a new polo field. Privately owned and run by Paul Andrews owner of Bellevue Plantation the field is a small informal setting which will offers polo holidays for players looking to spend time in paradise at the beautiful property where they can participate in chukkas, lessons and organised matches. When not playing polo guests can explore our beautiful island and all it has to offer.

2017 was a sad year for the Barbados Polo Club family. We lost two beautiful souls. Our hearts and prayers remain with the families of Charles Leacock, QC and Zander Venezia and the club extends their deepest condolences. In his memory and the true spirit of how Zander lived his life, the Venezia family have started a foundation in their son’s honor which aids in the assisting of disabled and underprivileged children in Barbados. Donations towards this great cause can be made to the Zander Venezia Foundation. #livelikezander

ON THE MEND We are happy to report that the much loved Jonathan Simpson has completed his treatment for Cancer of the Tonsils and has been given a clean bill of health. We look forward to hearing his voice once again this season and his quick wit and banter over the mic.

TEAM BARBADOS ABROAD Adam Deane (3) Marc Atwell (2) Harry Manning (1) and Christansia Evelyn (-1) traveled to The Villages in Florida for two matches in May, 2017. The Barbados team won the first match but lost the final on the Sunday by one goal. In his final match before retiring from Polo, Andy Moran scored the winning goal for the Villages home side to win The Shamrock Cup.



Polo News


guille usandigaza, miguel amadey, emi, stephen & linda williams

Now in its third year, The Food and Rum Festival held their Taste the Spirit of Polo Event on November 18th at the beautiful Holders Polo Grounds. The atmosphere at Holders is always a favourite and Patrons were treated to a tuk band on arrival followed by delicious food, cocktails and a fun afternoon of polo. Teams were once again presented with a beautiful trophy locally made by Torchworxx.

guille usandigaza, miguel amadey, stephen williams & leandro floccari

A BAJAN ABROAD Last Summer just after the season concluded in Barbados Linda Williams traveled to the United States to participate in a Ladies polo tournament. The tournament took part in Chicago in May, where Linda played on Julia Smith’s team. With a relatively unknown team particularly because of two unknowns which were Linda and Kimberly from Mexico, the team surprised everyone by getting into the final. Although they lost the final, Linda told Polo Barbados that the hospitality in Chicago was second to none and the experience was amazing. She gave thanks to the San Filippo family, Sherry and Mark Cope for their hospitality which they extended to her and Stephen on their visit.


CONGRATULATIONS Congrats are in order to Ollie Williams and his wife Danielle on the safe arrival of their baby boy, Dax Tiberius Wyndham Williams was born on November 26th, 2017 at 6.49 in the morning. We look forward to him carrying on the family tradition of playing polo.



Lord John Alderdice & The Craniacs BY LORD ALDERDICE

You have a nickname for the group?

What do you enjoy most about Polo in Barbados?

Yes, the nickname we have given ourselves is ‘The Craniacs’ because we are all crazy about The Crane!

For me Polo brings together a love of horses, the joy of watching a competitive but sophisticated team sport in the glorious Bajan sunshine, and in the great company of some wonderful friends. The Polo crowd are relaxed and easy, and with a few nibbles and some glasses of bubbly, what’s not to like?

What brought you to Barbados? Joan and I had been searching for years to find a place where we could have guaranteed winter sun because January can be a rather depressing month in northern Europe. We tried lots of different places - India, Kenya, South Africa, Madeira, the Bahamas, and the Canary Islands, but they all had their problems. Some required anti-malarials and others just didn’t have reliable sun and warmth. Eventually we made it to Barbados in 2007 and immediately fell in love with the people as well as the place. We have been back every January since then, and have made very good friends here, some local and others from Canada, who also come here every year. January in Barbados is now a highlight of the year, so we don’t plan to change that pattern. What brought you to the Polo? Was that your first time? I grew up with ponies and always loved them. We became good friends with Tristan Blades when she worked at The Crane and quickly realized that she loved horses too. It was through Tristan that we and our Canadian friends first came to watch the Polo a couple of years ago and it is now a fixture in our January Barbados diary.


Do you all go to polo in your countries? Has anyone ever played polo, equestrian or owned race horses? No, I don’t think that any of the Craniacs are Polo people or own race horses, but in Barbados we have the climate and the time to enjoy all sorts of things that we don’t get round to doing at home, and Polo is way up that list. We rarely get to the horse-racing at home either, but in Barbados we also have the time to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the course at the Garrison. Do you know Stephen Hutchinson from Tayto? He’s a big Northern Ireland Polo player that used to come here every year with Cheshire. No, I don’t know Stephen, but Tayto is a brand of crisps that we are very proud of in Northern Ireland - come to think of it, a bowl of Tayto crisps would go really well with some bubbly, watching a Polo match in Barbados!

What do you enjoy most about Barbados? We came originally for the climate and the stunning beaches, but we discovered that the Bajans are a wonderful people and although it is a small island, there is so much to do that we never get bored and we always have some things we don’t get done that are noted down for next year. They go on the list along with the beach crawls, snorkelling off a catamaran, visiting gardens, eating delicious seafood, music and dancing on The Waterfront in Bridgetown, and of course the Polo, which are fixed parts of the schedule every year. Besides going to Polo in Barbados, what do you do? Do you mostly stay up at the Crane? We love relaxing at The Crane but there are so many things to do and places to go on the island that rarely a day passes when we do not go out somewhere. We always hire a four-wheel drive for the month so we can come and go as we please, and we have got to know how to navigate the network of little roads that criss-cross the island - which is just as well, because in some places there are not too many signs! Do you keep the friendship up outside of your time on the island? Yes, most of our ‘Craniac’ friends are Canadians and not only have we visited them in Canada, but also some of them have visited us in Northern Ireland, in London, and at our other home in France. Of course with e-mails and Facebook it is so much easier to keep in touch these days that hardly a day passes without us connecting up on-line with our Craniac friends from Barbados. You yourself were a prominent politician in Northern Ireland; are you still involved in politics in some way? I am not directly involved very much in Northern Ireland political life now, but as an active Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords (the Upper Chamber of the British Parliament) I participate actively in parliamentary debates and activities in London. After leading the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland for 11 years and being one of the negotiators of the Good Friday Agreement, I was the first Speaker of the new Northern Ireland Assembly, and then was an international Commissioner responsible with the three other members of the Independent Monitoring Commission for overseeing the standing down of the paramilitary organizations and normalization of security in Ireland. I then went on to Chair the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords during the Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government, and also to work all across the globe in places where there is violent political conflict. Now, though I still travel a great deal, I am spending increasing amounts of

POLOBARBADOS time at the University of Oxford where I have established a Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict. There we not only research and engage in processes to deal with conflict, but also pass on our experience and understandings to other parts of the world and to the next generation. Unfortunately the challenges of violent political conflict are getting worse not better, so escaping to Barbados becomes ever more attractive. What about the others? What do they do? My wife, Joan, has now retired from her work as a Consultant Histo/Cyto Pathologist. Her work was making diagnoses of disease processes down the microscope - deciding if a lump or other cells that you have are cancerous or have some other kind of disease process. She now spends increasing amounts of time helping with our children and grandchildren who live in various parts of England and Scotland. Our other friends are judges, or accountants or other kinds of professionals, but most are either retired or are moving towards retirement. That is a significant transition process and one we often talk about over a rum punch or a Banks beer in ‘1887’ - the bar at The Crane. What do you enjoy most about the Crane? There are so many wonderful things about The Crane - the beach and the pools; the restaurants and bars; the village and


the magnificent gardens, and of course the apartments which are all luxurious but homely living spaces. But it is the people, the culture and the atmosphere that really make it for me. I don’t want somewhere loud and boisterous with lots of activities laid on. We come to live in Barbados more than to have some kind of ‘all-in entertainment’ holiday resort. The Crane isn’t for everyone, but if you are a Crane person, you will just come back again and again and again.

Jimbo fewster preparing for final of the jaeger-lecoultre gold cup. photo compliments of Š John Periam Photojournalist UK 01243 584718


On Cloud


Teenager Jimbo Fewster has just completed a wonderful 2017 polo season and there is every reason he’s going to get better and better in 2018. His meteoric rise in international celebrity polo is owed to a debut appearance for King Power Foxes in the historic Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. Dubbed the ‘Wonder Boy,’ Jimbo captured the headlines from the illustrious 10-goal brothers Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres, who provided the guile and experience to win the famous British Open Tournament. Jimbo was joined with Hugo Taylor to create a memorable victory over the El Remanso team. Jimbo capped with 3 goals in the match, and the ultimate reward came with the MVP Award (Most Valued Player). By his own admission Jimbo was taken aback by the Award; “I remember first seeing the Gold Cup Tournament as a 9-year old and I said I was going to win this some day. Little did I know that I would be playing with the great Pieres brothers, I scored three goals, and won the MVP Award. I never thought about it with all the excitement of winning, and I couldn’t believe when my name was announced. It was a dream come true!” Jimbo was certainly launched in the world of high goal polo, with newspapers and Internet worldwide. And he is no stranger to Barbados polo. Martin Fewster is his father and the family has strong connections in Barbados with Bjorn Bjerkhamn and Bruce Bayley. Martin is well known in local polo and Jimbo has inherited his prowess. The family is enshrined in polo. Jimbo owes much to his father and mother’s induction, as he rode small ponies with his sister from an early age. He first started polo at 13 although Jimbo felt he was old at that time; “In Argentina the 10-goal players started at 3!”

... Jimbo capped with 3 goals in the match, and the ultimate reward came with the MVP Award...

Playing in Argentina has opened opportunities to compete with some of the finest polo players in the world. Jimbo felt privileged to play with the great Ruso Heguy and 24-goal competition when he visited. He has already played in Spain, Argentina, England, Barbados, and will play in Dubai over Christmas. Jimbo is 18, and is now looking to play all over the world. He sets his own standards and inevitable they are high. He wants to increase his handicap with more goals, and he wants to win more tournaments. He would welcome a return to Barbados, although it appears his next season is already a busy one.



However, the prize in 2018 is to repeat a win at the Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. Jimbo doesn’t have much time outside polo these days, but he enjoys football, tennis and F1 racing. He’s natural in the glitzy world of POLO.


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1. Sir Charles with his grandson Sam. 2 Francis Atwell 3. Peter Odle with Carol Clark 4. Melanie Marks & T.J Davis 5. Stephen Williams & Jim Parr 6. Richard Gooding with his son Rafe and his sister Annika Povey & her son Warren 7. Bruce Bayley 8. Marc Atwell & Christansia Evelyn 9. Jim & Jennifer Parr 10. Zoe Archer with her aunt Angelique Edwards and her son Hunter 11. Pablo Crespin with his wife Carol 12. Sir Charles Williams 13. Stewart Gill with his son. 14. Kent Cole 15. Camilla & Linda Williams 16. Adian Tempro with Charlie Williams





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Cote d’Azur Dominates BY JAMIE DICKSON

The success of the inaugural tournament in 2016 was proven by the return of Massy United as title sponsor and an increase in the number of teams from four to six. Testament also to the global growth of women’s polo and the keenness of the lady participants to source this refreshing brand of polo in winter climes.

Tiva Gross


monique archer

lottie lamacraft & heloise wilson-smith

emma wood


TEAMS MASSY UNITED Linda Williams Ashleigh Deane Lucy Coddington Lottie Lamacraft

1 0 5 5

COTE D’ AZUR POLO CLUB Christansia Evelyn 1 Vicki Gonzalez 1 Rachel Hughes 2 Hazel Jackson 8

AR AESTHETICS Angela Rob Camilla Williams Sam Buckles Sarah Wiseman

0 1 3 8

DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL Zoe Archer 0 Monique Archer 1 Tiva Gross 6 Izzy McGregor 4

MRS. B’s Georgina Walters Maxine Betteridge Hannah Henderson Heloise Wilson-Smith

0 0 4 5

LA CANDELARIA DEL MONTE Zhanna Bandurko 0 Raya Sidorenko 1 Emma Wood 5 Emma Boers 5

A healthy mix of seven local players, seven visiting professionals and ten visiting amateur players enabled the matches to be competitive throughout. The handicap total of 12 goals (Ladies Handicaps) enabled the younger local players, namely Christansia Evelyn, Ashleigh Deane, Camilla Williams and Zoe Archer, an opportunity to showcase their talent. The tournament also gave the spectators the chance to watch one of the leading global professional players in Hazel Jackson (Handicap 8) who was the spearhead of the eventual winners, Cote d’Azur Polo Club. The league matches commenced on Tuesday 21st March at Apes Hill and continued the following day at Holders, with Thursday at Apes Hill once again. The results of these matches, in which each team played two matches within their league of three, concluded that the finalists competing for the main prize were Cote d’Azur Polo Club, a new entrant, and Massy United, defending champions. The subsidiary final for 3rd vs 4th placed teams and the consolation final, enabled all the players to compete on the finals day, continuing the good spirit that had been shown throughout the week. The main final was very even for the first half of the match with no quarter given by any of the hard riding ladies. Cote d’Azur, with Hazel Jackson showing her experience, pulled ahead in the third chukka. With Massy United supporters cheering from their field side tent, the players for this team gave their all but the spoils of victory were earned by Cote d’Azur, winning by a score line of 6 - 3.5. Rachel Hughes as captain lifted the trophy on the podium and all the smiles from the group photo of all six teams, emulated what the week entailed for all the Ladies.

LEFT TO RIGHT FROM THE TOP: tiva gross being chased down by vicki gonzalez hazel jackson & izzy mcgregor raya sidorenko izzy mcgregor rides off emma wood winning team: rachel hughes, chrsitansia evelyn, vicki gonzalez & hazel jackson sarah wiseman reaches for the ball heloise wilson-smith emma boer taking the ball down the field



20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Bits of Barbados POLO History

British cavalry introduced Polo to the island in the 1880s Polo was first played at the Garrison The Garrison was used for the Derby in 1846 before polo fields appeared The British military withdrew in 1905 and ended the polo exchanges Holder’s Hill started in 1965 Sir Charles Williams is the oldest player in competitive polo and is in the Guinness Book of Records There are at least six polo fields - can you name them? The Barbados Polo Club was formed in 1884 The club folded in the 1930s because interest in the game had dwindled. Keith Melville was Club President for over 39 years The Kidd family donated the land to play polo The Kidd family are distinguished polo players including having played for England The Villages from Florida are the longest-serving visitors Adam Deane is the youngest player with the highest handicap There are currently 4 families with at least 3 family member playing - Williams, Deanes, Archers, Atwells Bruce Bayley is Club President and Richard Deane Club Captain Alot of retrained racing horses are used for polo ponies Clifton Polo Club inaugurated the first Barbados Open in 2004 Apes Hill Polo Club has over 100 horses This will be the 15th year for Battle of the Sexes


and the WINNER IS... EVENTS UNUSAL VILLAGES TOUR - Joe Watkins, Justin Baisch, Francisco Bilbao, Lord Lyall Lucas Nicolao, Adam Deane & Monique Archer

AHPC 6 GOAL TOURNAMENT - Team They Did: Lucas Nicolao, Luis Clerici, Wayne Archer, Roddy Davis & Carlos San Roman

BPC Diamonds Intl. Battle of The Sexes - Match 1: Virgin Atlantic Ladies - Sarah Wiseman, Hazel Jackson, Emma Boer & Christansia Evelyn.

ROGER GOODING MEMORIAL WINNERS - Team ICBL: Richard Gooding, Teddy Williams, Alex Cole & Danny Atwell

ERIE DEANE TROPHY - Winners: Richard Deane, Ashleigh Deane, Vicki Gonzalez & Adam Deane, Roddy Davis receiving the trophy from Ann Deane, Wife of the late Erie Deane.

ONE CARIBBEAN ESTATES CHESHIRE INTERNATIONAL - Presentation by One Caribbean TONY ARCHER MEMORIAL TROPHY - Winners receiving the Estates representatives Richard Hudson and Dominique Silvera to the two teams for the trophy from Valerie van der Meulen-Sheppard. Team Courtesy: first Sunday of the 2017 Tour. Pablo Crespin, Luis Clerici, Christansia Evelyn & Vicki Gonzalez



The Buttals



jamie dickson takin git down the boards

PHILIP TEMPRO making a run down to the south goal

richard gooding & adam deane chasing down the ball

Jeff Evelyn lining up the ball with stephen williams coming in for the steal


rhys odle flying down the field at buttals

adam deane the mercedes benz representatives with the winners and runner ups of the 2017 open




The Barbados Polo Club and the Barbados Cancer Society held hands for the first time ever in 2017 as they joined forces to host Polo for Prostate. The charity event, which got the season's major events off to a start in January, was a rousing success as funds and awareness were both raised as players championed the cause under the banners of the Barbados Cancer Society and Prostate Cancer Awareness in the evening's feature game at Holders.


Prior to the event, Dr. Dorothy Cooke-Johnson explained that due to the stigma associated with testing for prostate cancer, it was a subject often dodged or ignored completely by many men. However, the aim of the benefit event was not only to raise funds for the early detection clinic, but to also normalise the idea of getting checks. The Cancer Society team boasted a line-up which saw the ever-improving Rhys Odle, Stephen Williams, Philip Tempro and Alex Cole. Odle opened up the account in the first chukka to be followed closely by Tempro to see their team leading, two-nil at the end.

Archer was set on raising awareness as well as his team’s score...

Saddling up for Prostate Cancer Awareness was Vicki Gonzalez, Wayne Archer, Teddy Williams and Jeff Evelyn, and they finally got into the game in the second chukka. Archer broke the ice for his team but the margin would be opened up again as Odle scored a second time before the horn went. With half the game already gone, Prostate Cancer Awareness decided to give chase and Archer knocked a goal home at the North end after his team had several tries at the uprights. Just about halfway through the third chukka, Archer struck again when he got himself a 60-yard penalty at the South end. Archer's stroke was long and true and none of the Cancer Society player scattered along the way could stop the shot. Odle clearly was not a fan of the equality and tipped the scales again when he backed a shot at the South end and the ball rolled casually over the line. Before the end of the period, Odle would be giving trouble again and he came dangerously close to scoring in the dying seconds. He, however, made good on the effort at the top of the final chukka to make the score, five-three. Archer was set on raising awareness as well as his team's score, and a 30-yard penalty, which he made no mistakes with, brought Prostate Cancer Awareness back within one with three minutes left to play. Both teams fought tooth and nail as the final minutes dropped off the clock, with Prostate Cancer looking the more deadly of the two as the Cancer Society mostly fought to hold their lead. Archer missed out on tying things up when he sent a lovely under-neck shot at the South end in the dying seconds. However, the ball had other plans and rolled wide of the goal to see the game end at five goals to four in favour of the Barbados Cancer Society.



stickwork going for the steal

marc atwell hooking philip tempro

luis clerici nearside shot

richard gooding hooked


rhys odle & adam deane

johnny coddington


Great Expectations The thrills and spills of horses racing may be the domain of polo matches, but the frenzied mayhem in the final furlongs in front of the main Grandstand at the Garrison has no equal in a close finish. The Sandy Lane Gold Cup meets all expectations, perhaps exceeding them.




“SIR DAVID SEALE is the President of the Barbados Turf Club... Sandy Lane Gold Cup Race Day, falling in the middle of the polo season in Barbados, is a huge favourite in the Barbados sporting fraternity. Frequent racegoers may have the occasional blemish on regular Racing Meets, but they never miss the Gold Cup. It takes place on the first Saturday in March and there are other accompanying events like Broadway Musicals and polo. Dating back to 1982 it is the jewel in the crown, and much coveted by owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders and punters. The Gold Cup Race Day ranks as the top Ten in local sport, and at the top with many local sportspeople. Buzz starts a few weeks before Race Day, with preparation in racing circles over many months. Great care is taken with owners and trainers to have their prize horses primed for the big event. Jockeys are also booked with great care well in advance, and several of the best travel from overseas, mostly from Canada and England. Barbadian jockeys have performed with distinction in Canada and Pat Husbands is acknowledged as the best in the business with over several thousand wins. His prowess is unrivalled, and amongst his plethora of outstanding successes at Woodbine, he has four Gold Cup wins to his credit at the Garrison. Barbados racing is well known by the Canadian, English and Irish fraternity. Owners like Eugene Melnyk, Gay Smith and Ken Ramsey have raised the profile, especially at Gold Cup events. However, the doyen of international racing from the island is Barbadian Sir Michael Stoute, who first started modestly at the Garrison in the mid Sixties. He later emerged as a prolific trainer with numerous Classic titles all over the world. Sir Michael is a huge favourite within local racing, and continues to keep in contact , visiting regularly, despite being domiciled in Newmarket. Polo personalities are heavily involved at Race Days with Richard and Adam Deane, and Jonathan Simpson being top trainers, while Sir Charles Williams and Bruce Bayley, the President of the Barbados Polo Club, have some notable breeding successes. Of course, many others flock to the Garrison for this special event, and securing a hospitality box is a prized possession, Sir David Seale is President of the Turf Club and has won multiple Gold Cup wins as an owner. His vision and enterprise has been a driving force within local racing.



On the Sandy Lane Gold Cup Race Day itself, huge crowds come to the Garrison. Grandstands and Hospitality Boxes are at a premium. Inside the track is packed with a host of fun events and catering, while the perimeter has thousands watching with picnics, and tote to place their bets. There are normally ten races from 12-30pm with the penultimate race close to 5pm. Prior to the big race a Gala Parade takes place with regiments bands, dancing, stiltmen and gymnastics. “Beautiful Barbados” rings around the Grandstand. Music plays an important role in this spectacle, as the Barbados National Anthems is played with other anthems, who are participating in the Gold Cup. Then we finally see the competitors for the first time at the Parade Ring, resplendent with colourful jockeys, dashing attire and beautiful horses. The buzz builds to boiling point and Dignitaries, television crews and photographers abound. A lot of speculation on social media and in the press takes place prior to the big day, although many punters have their favourites and rarely change. It is interesting how punters make their selection. Some go for the colours, some go for catchy names, some support personalities, some are attracted for the jockeys, some search for form in previous races, but at the end

of the day, most racegoers are oblivious to a prospective winner. Owner Ken Ramsey was once again a hot favourite in 2017, but most of the 12 runners over 1800m had similar expectations. At least, when they passed first time in front of the Grandstand they had a chance. However, when they raced out into the country the race developed into a tremendous scrap and when they reached the final few furlongs at the strait several winners were anticipated. Former 2016 winner Jamon Samuel on Dorsett with RM Hermandez on High Noon Rider and Pat Husbands on Keystoneforvictory struck to the front. Dorsett was jostled from Hermandez’s mount, and Pat Husbands made his attack. However, Jamon on Dorsett edged home with a half-length to spare and recorded a memorable victory for the second time. As expected the connections went ecstatic, led by trainer Robert Peirce and owners Steve and Allan Madoo from the Trinidad connections. The purse was $214,000 with extras at $35,500, so it was a welcome boost for the jubilant jockey on Dorsett. Is a triple crown likely? If you want to find out make sure to be at the Garrison on the first Saturday of March in 2018.

“The SANDY LANE GOLD CUP is staged on the first Saturday in MARCH...



and the WINNER IS... Winners of Elliot Williams: Roddy Davis, Harry Manning, Philip Atwell, Linda Williams, Stephen Williams, Oliver Williams & Richard Deane

JAMAICA TOUR - Team Barbados: Sir Charles Williams, Richard Gooding, Danny Atwell, Roddy Williams. Team Jamaica: Leslie Fong-Yee, Rachel Turner, Paul Chin & Shane Chin

Team Events Unusal: Pablo Crespin, Jamie Dickson, Philip Tempro, Craig Corrie (Events Unusual), Joe Watkins, Justin Baisch, Francisco Bilbao & Paige Mccabe

PRESIDENT TROPHY WINNERS - Lucy Taylor, Johnny Coddington, Will Battle of The Sexes: Virgin Atlantic: Linda Williams, Paige Mccabe, Hazel Jackson, Sarah Wiseman. DI Men: Philip Atwell, Rhys Odle, Alex Cole, Harry Manning Padden & Oliver Taylor

WINNERS OF AHPC 6 GOAL - Danny Atwell, Teddy Williams, Sir Charles Williams, Jimbo Fewster & Camilla Williams


SOUTH AFRICA TOUR: James O'sullivan, Grant Louw, Johan Van Reenen, James Crowe, Monique Archer (Archer’s Hall), Jake Bayley, Josh Archer, Rhys Olde & Adam Deane




Polo is not for the faint hearted. It is inevitable that if you play you will eventually have a fall. Luckily none of the players or horses were seriously injured in these falls captured below...


THE 12TH POLO AWARDS 2017 The HPA Lifetime Achievement Award - Sir Charles Williams

Tuesday evening, 30th May 2017, Sir Charles has once again excelled and been honoured by the Hurlingham Polo Association at The Guards Polo Club at Windsor Great Park, where he received the HPA Lifetime Achievement Award. Often referred to as "The Oscars of the Polo World", The Polo Awards are an annual event held to recognise the best in global polo, highlighting the true legends of the game. This International black-tie Awards evening is a public salute to the game of polo and provides an opportunity for the most outstanding individuals of the polo community to be accredited and applauded amongst their peers. Created by Polofix Endorsed by the Hurlingham Polo Association, supported by an array of premium partners. and first launched in 2005, The annual Polo Awards event delivers recognition to the best of the best within the game. From patrons to professional players, administrators and ponies alike, the evening sees 300 guests from the polo fraternity gather to celebrate the successes of the previous year and launch the start of the new season.


This year celebrated the 12th year of the Polo Awards, and last night the Guards’ Clubhouse was filled with professionals, patrons, families and friends of the polo community from far and wide. All guests were celebrating the achievements of the 2016 season, as well as recognising the efforts of selected individuals. The evening began with a Laurent-Perrier champagne reception, accompanied with delicious Mosimann’s canapés, which gave everyone the chance to catch up and swap plans for this season. As the sun began to set, guests took their seats and the first of the awards were presented before more Mosimann’s delights were served for supper. As the presentations came to a close, the revelry continued into the bar until final carriages signalled the end of another entertaining evening celebrating the excellence and talent of polo. We Salute Sir Charles in achieving yet another world recognition!!

The 2017 recipent of the HPA Lifetime Achievement Award SIR CHARLES WILLIAMS

Nikki Beach Worldwide Launches its 14th location On Sunday, March 19th Nikki Beach hosted a pop-up event for the finals of the Barbados Invitational Open Polo 2017. Locals from Barbados and guests from around the world flew in to partake in “The Celebration of Life� with Nikki Beach.




Peter Higney, Director of New Business Development for Nikki Beach Worldwide was present along with Chef Brian Molloy, Director of Culinary Operations for Nikki Beach Worldwide. Attendees mingled with one another, enjoyed 2 polo matches, and danced to music spun by Nikki Beach's DJ Jerome Zanini. Guests sipped on Nikki Beach signature mojitos while enjoying a globally inspired menu with highlights including Barbados ceviche with Mont Gay white rum, Nikki Beach famous chicken satay with jasmine rice, Marbella shrimp pil pil with lemon oil mashed potatoes, Koh Samui Thai beef salad with crispy rice noodles and an array of fresh sushi offerings. Miss Barbados Shannon Harris was also present to take part in the festivities.

About Nikki Beach Worldwide: In 1998, entrepreneur Jack Penrod introduced the world to Nikki Beach, the first and original luxury beach club concept that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one. Today, the Nikki Beach concept has transcended its international venues and grown into a global, multifaceted luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand comprised of a Beach Club Division; a Hotels & Resorts Division; a Lifestyle Division; a Special Events Division and Nikki Cares, a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity Division. Nikki Beach can now be experienced in: Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Saint Tropez, France; Saint Barth, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Marrakech, Morocco; Koh Samui, Thailand; Mallorca, Spain; Ibiza, Spain; Porto Heli, Greece; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Dubai, UAE; Bodrum, Turkey and Versilia, Italy. Nikki Beach has a pop-up location during the Cannes International Film Festival. The Hotels & Resorts division has properties in Koh Samui, Thailand; Porto Heli, Greece; Bodrum, Turkey and Dubai, UAE. For more information, please visit or Facebook: Twitter: @nikkibeachworld Instagram: @nikkibeachworld Snapchat: @nikkibeachworld Spotify: @nikkibeach


Chef Brian Molloy Director of Culinary Operations Nikki Beach Worldwide Celebrated for creating the extensive and delectable menus featured at Nikki Beach’s 14 locations, Chef Brian Molloy has spent the past 17 years with the company perfecting the signature tastes and dishes representative of each Nikki Beach around the world. With a focus on fresh ingredients and simple presentations, Chef Molloy is responsible for bringing Nikki Beach’s cuisine to the forefront of this world-renowned luxury brand. Chef Molloy’s impressive 25-year culinary career includes stints as the top chef in the finest restaurants and hotels in the world, including Ireland’s Moyglare Manor Hotel and Tullfaris Country House Hotel, as well as Australia’s Bank Restaurant in Sydney. While in Australia, Chef Molloy was also the private chef for billionaire media tycoon Kerry Packer, along with several other celebrities and personalities, where he honed his craft of cooking for the global elite. In 2000, Chef Molloy moved to Miami, where he joined Nikki Beach as Executive Chef for Nikki Beach and Pearl Restaurant and Champagne Lounge. Immediately realizing a shared culinary vision with Nikki Beach founder Jack Penrod, Chef Molloy was asked to bring his culinary talents to

additional Nikki Beach properties across the globe, including Marbella, Ibiza, Saint Barth, Saint Tropez, Mallorca and the annual pop-up at the Cannes International Film Festival. As Nikki Beach grew into an international brand, so, too, did Chef Molloy’s role with the company. After a recent promotion to Director of Culinary Operations for Nikki Beach Worldwide and Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Chef Molloy now also oversees the food operations at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Koh Samui in Thailand, Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Porto Heli in Greece, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Bodrum and Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai.

Says Chef Molloy, “Working alongside my friend and mentor Jack Penrod is incredibly fulfilling. The opportunity to create signature dishes that speak to each of our locations, while setting the culinary tone for new projects to come, provides the spark that I relish.” While working for Nikki Beach, Chef Molloy has whipped up dishes for some of Hollywood’s brightest lights spanning Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Britney Spears, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Lopez and Prince Albert of Monaco, to name a few. A frequent guest on local and national television, Chef Molloy has also appeared on The Travel Channel, NBC and ABC on behalf of Nikki Beach.


Spotlight on Barbados Fertility Centre

the state of art laboratory at barbados fertility centre


The story begun 16 years ago when two exceptional people had a vision to create a world-class center of excellence for IVF. They are Dr. Juliet Skinner and Anna Hosford RGN, founders of the world-renowned Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC). Since they opened BFC’s doors in 2002, they have helped thousands of couples from around the world achieve their dream of a having a baby and starting their family. Dr. Juliet Skinner, a Barbadian scholar, completed her medical training at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She returned to Barbados as a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and quickly realized the limited options for couples suffering with infertility. Dr. Skinner and Anna had worked together in Ireland and shared the same ethos for the highest standard of patient care. Anna, a trained Registered Nurse specializing in IVF, had set up clinics in both the USA and Ireland. Combining their skills and passion, it was here at that Barbados Fertility Centre was born. Dr. Skinner said, “We knew from the outset that by reducing stress it would have a positive impact on IVF outcome. Our vision from the start was very clear, we were going to create an IVF tourism destination and strive to offer the best care possible for couples at a very emotional time of their lives.” Anna Hosford added, “We knew we could provide a world class IVF centre where we focused on individualized care. Taking time with each patient and tailoring their medical protocols to the individual means that we provide care that they couldn’t receive elsewhere. The icing on the cake is that couples get to unwind and combine treatment with a vacation on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados.” Infertility affects a staggering 1 in 6 couples worldwide. Over 88% of BFC’s patients travel from outside to Barbados for treatment at the Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited center. Having this gold seal of approval from JCI assures patients of receiving the highest standard of care. This accreditation means that BFC is ranked alongside prestigious clinics such as the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital in terms of global recognition for the best-in-class care. The reach of BFC is global as they have helped to create babies all over the world, even as far afield as Australia and China! Couples are drawn to BFC for many reasons but cost and success rates are a major consideration when choosing the right clinic for their treatment. BFC sees upwards of 67% of their patients walk out the door pregnant. This compares very well for USA patients who see a national average of only 42% and for UK patients, the national average at home is only 22%. BFC understands that IVF is not only a medical investment but a financial one as well. Each cycle is tailored to the

anna hosford helping couples achieve their dream of a child

state of the art clinic in hastings

... COST and SUCCESS rates are a major consideration when choosing the right clinic... specific needs of that individual. Coupling these factors BFC strives to keep treatment costs low. A full IVF cycle at BFC is $6000USD - 1/3 of the cost of USA treatment, making BFC an affordable option for treatment. As a company BFC have invested heavily in their international medical team, state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques. Dr. Skinner said, “If we can increase a couples chance by 1%, that 1% could mean a baby! We pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned to investigate the reasons for infertility and each patient is individual not a number to us.”


dr. juliet skinner and anna hosford, founders of barbados fertility centre celebrating the 15 year anniversary since opening the clinic. One of BFC’s greatest assets is their staff. From the moment a patient walks into reception they are greeted with warmth and compassion. Anna said, “Team spirit is so important in success. We believe a key part in choosing our team is the shared philosophy that members want to do their very best for our patients. We consider ourselves the “DREAM TEAM” as we help people’s dreams come true every day and every one of our wonderful staff members believes in this dream with us.”


BFC is located in Hastings and moved into Seaston House in 2005. Seaston House was once a traditional Barbadian plantation house, but today it is a state of the art facility with scan rooms, consultation rooms, an operating theatre, laboratory and a 4-bed recovery suite. BFC believes in complimenting traditional medicine with alternative therapy. Onsite of Seaston House is “The Life Wellness Centre”, where couples are treated holistically with massage, reflexology, acupuncture and reiki and can have sessions with a counsellor to handle the emotion associated with IVF. Dr. Skinner said, “We are proud to have provided the latest scientific advances to our patients. From breakthroughs like vitrification, egg freezing, the latest PGS genetic testing and offering better diagnostics with minimally invasive treatment options such as hysteroscopy, or better sperm retrieval techniques such as Micro-TESE. BFC is committed to offering our patient’s their best chance of having a family. In addition to these advances, BFC has a successful immunology protocol for those patients who are successful at achieving pregnancy but experience repeated miscarriages. We are going to continue to make dreams become a reality for our patients. We know they trust us to provide our very best for them and our aim is always to turn the patient into a parent!” For more information on the work of BFC please go to or call them on +246 435 7467.

The Barbados National Trust For the preservation of places of historic, architectural and archaeological interest and of ecological importance or natural beauty

Beyond the sun, sea and sport, an island rich with heritage DISCOVER IT ALL AT THE SITES OF THE BARBADOS NATIONAL TRUST



Explore these six acres of winding pathways, relaxing ponds and unique trees. Ask about our horticultural and design classes!

Enjoy this interactive museum and learn the history of this quaint port town. Adults and children are welcome!



Travel back to 1818 when this signal station was used to communicate the presence of ships off the coast of Barbados, as well as to alert the authorities of rebellions.

Visit the underground Mikva (ritual bath), the cemetery and the informative museum.


WELCHMAN HALL GULLY, ST. THOMAS Explore this gully with its micro climate that is the home of a wide collection of plant species found in the Eastern Caribbean; including a nutmeg grove.

Discover Barbados’ largest and only complete sugar windmill set within the breathtaking countryside of St. Andrew.

Open House 2018: Our major fundraiser, whose season runs from Jan 7, 17, 24, 28, 31 | Feb 7, 14, 18, 21, 28 | Mar 7, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 View striking private homes and experience added value at historic sites. Gun Hill by Moonlight 2018: A cocktail party to remember! Jan 27, Feb 24, Mar 31, Apr 28, May 26, Jun 30, Jul 28, Aug 25, Sep 22, Oct 27, Nov 30, Dec 22 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm Sunday Hikes: FREE! Fast-paced or Stop & Stare, morning or evening.

We welcome your support through membership, volunteering and donations. Telephone: 246.426.2421 or 246. 436.9033


I am a big believer that if you are going to do something then you should do it properly. We should always give 100% to anyone or anything we hold valuable in our lives. I was blessed to be a part of a team that gave well over 100% recently as we undertook a journey that we will never forget.

It all began two years ago when I reached a cross roads in my career as an equestrian after my show jumping mare was injured and I knew she was going to be out of work for at least a 12 months. I had been working towards the CAC Games on her and this meant I had to make some tough decisions. That this happened to coincide with my International Show Jumping Coach finishing his contract and his impending departure from the island meant decisions had to be made as quickly as possible. I briefly considered taking some time away from equestrian sport but to be honest in the back of my mind I was also mulling over the idea of Three-Day Eventing. For those non-horsey people Three Day Eventing is the triathlon of equestrian sport. This discipline combines dressage, show jumping and cross-country. My daughter Zoe had the perfect horse for this sport as he had already competed in Eventing in Ireland and I had certainly enjoyed cross-country as a teenager and so Eventing warranted some serious consideration on my part. As fate would have it, I was introduced to Nick Turner who was coaching the Irish Eventing Olympic Team at the time and he came to look at our farm. Nick was really encouraging when I asked if he felt we could prepare adequately from Barbados to compete in the CAC Games. Leaving Bim to permanently train abroad was just not an option. I decided a long time ago that there is no better place to be than home, especially when home is beautiful Barbados. For me one of the most rewarding aspects of this project was the thought of bringing 3 day eventing to the island and knowing that we could build on the sport here. This wasn’t just about a team of people trying to get to International Games, but about starting something that hopefully would last for generations; a sport that

we could introduce to young Bajan riders (and maybe not so young riders) and a sport that was very well fitted to repurposed thoroughbred horses. Two great friends of mine, Tristan Blades and Laura Smith, were equally excited by this idea. I also mentioned to Nick that we really couldn’t hope to try this if we didn’t have a coach who could teach us the sport safely and to a high standard. About a month later I had an email from Nick introducing me to Joss Gray who he felt would be a good fit for our project. I wasted no time in contacting Joss, who was coaching the Qataris while based in the UK and had formerly coached the Indonesians to take the silver medal at the South East Asian games. I thought it was highly unlikely he would consider our program coming from such a fast paced background, after all not everyone adjusts to full-time island life easily, but felt it was worth giving it a shot. Joss flew over to Barbados and spent a week checking everything out. It turned out that island life suited him perfectly and within no time he was hooked. After a few months, he and his family relocated to beautiful Bim, but not before we found an amazing mare in England to be my new Eventing partner. The next part of the project involved building a training facility in Barbados. With the expertise of Andrew Hunter, one of the course designers for the London Olympics, we set out to do this and with the help and determination of a devoted team of experts and volunteers by April of 2017 this was completed. The challenges to make this happen were numerous but the result was just incredible! Barbados had its first safely built cross country course at Whitehall Equestrian Centre complete with many of the fences and questions that would be expected in top level competition.



We always knew that as much as we would love to be able to train here and do this all from Barbados that traveling with our horses to gain competition experience was critical. In August, the Bajan horses flew to the USA and we followed shortly after. Zoe had just completed her CXC exams and in order for her to be a part of this project it would mean a gap year for her. As a parent who believes in an education being extremely important, this was a tough decision. However, I also felt that the opportunity this presented and the life lessons and memories it would give her far outweighed the negatives. She would return to her studies at the end of 2018 with a wealth of new experiences under her belt. For Laura and me, we had to figure out how we would base ourselves in the US and still run our businesses and we knew this would be very hard on our families. Joss would also be away from his wife and children for the 3 months. Opportunities such as this however come around once in a lifetime and we felt that this was just too great an opportunity to pass up! Carpe Diem…and so we did! We were based initially in Lexington Kentucky. For anyone who loves horses Lexington is paradise! The city considers itself to be the ‘horse capital of the world’ and it delivers in every way. Well-known for its famous thoroughbreds and racing industry we were blown away by the breathtaking landscapes and the warmth of the locals who provided Southern Hospitality at its best. Every imaginable horse sport takes place in Kentucky. Landing that first day we were exhilarated looking out of the plane as the farms stretched for miles around the city and airport. The farm we were training out of was called Valley View and I cannot express how unprepared we were for the beauty of this place. It was magical! Valley View is a full training facility with a jumping arena, an enclosed dressage arena and a complete cross country course with a sky blue water complex! It was such a treat to train there and every morning we would drive in the front gates, I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. In September I competed in my first ever event at the Kentucky Horse Park. I can honestly say that nothing prepared me for the intense emotions that went with this. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in all my life. We walked the course in freezing rain and I couldn’t help but feel maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew. However, I had faith in my coach and figured if he believed I could do this then I could. After the dressage phase was complete we did a final course walk and thankfully the weather had improved quite a bit. I learned that the more you walk the course the less intimidating it became. It was quite something to take in all of the instructions and remember where all of the jumps were. The plan was a very low pressure one which basically comprised me riding so long as I was happy at each fence and the minute I felt concerned I was to pull up. I remember being in the start box with my heart pounding and heading out with a sense of purpose! I think at about jump 8 I was just on such a high that I knew there would be no pulling up for us! I can honestly say that it was the most amazing fun I have ever had in my riding career. I love the speed and challenge of polo but there is something very different and much more adrenaline enhanced in cross country. I was equally amazed that at my first event I placed 2nd and 5th on my horses. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement. To say I was hooked on this sport would be to put it mildly. The next competition was near to Louisville, Kentucky. Laura and Zoe also entered this competition and for Zoe it was her first real experience in this sort of event. She had given it a try in


“We spent the next month competing in KENTUCKY, TENNESSEE and GEORGIA... Ireland but this was the first serious event for her. We had purchased her gelding Millridge because of his talent and bravery but he was an unknown quantity in terms of his performance in events with an amateur. He proved us right when he put down a flawless performance with Zoe for them to take second place in their division. Laura who was the most experienced due to a past season in Florida also had a great first event on her new horse and placed third in her division. It was the first time out for our team and it felt so great at the end to have 3 solid results to show for our training. As a rider I was thrilled! As a parent, I was so pleased to see Zoe on a horse who loved his job and looked after her. As a Barbadian, I was filled with pride. We spent the next month competing in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia gaining invaluable experience. By no means was


every time out perfect but each time gave us a new perspective and showed us how much we still have to learn. The training we were doing was all in the hopes of preparing us to compete in our first qualifying competition in Florida, a CCI* at the Ocala Jockey Club. Anyone who knows eventing will understand that this was a fairly steep learning curve with many obstacles along the way. It is very much a balance of learning the sport and getting enough time in the saddle but not pushing your horse beyond their limits and risking injury. Fast forward to October and we arrived in Florida where our horses were based in Anthony, very close to Ocala. Again we were blessed in our set up as we were next to a fabulous training facility belonging to Clayton Fredricks, an Olympic event rider. Again Joss put together a comprehensive training program for our team as we worked towards the one star. Before we knew it, it was time to move the horses into FEI stabling. It felt we had been away from home for ages and yet at the same time we seemed to have blinked and reached this point. I have to say that Joss has the patience of a saint. Our nerves were running high and he kept his cool and was amazing throughout the event. We had the vet check on Wednesday and while we have all done these at home for the FEI Challenge series it was the first time in this environment. If your horse is deemed lame it is the end. Before you even begin it is over. Nerve racking after the time and effort but the horse must always come first! Thankfully all of ours were fit as a fiddle and sound. We were ready! Zoe had dressage first. For us to qualify we had to attain no more than 68 penalties in dressage, go clear on cross country and have no more than 16 faults in show jumping. Zoe, despite being very nervous, rode her test and achieved a qualifying score of 57 penalties. Laura and I both rode on the Friday and both achieved scores of 58 penalties. We were through the first phase! The next job was the cross country. We had walked the course 4 times each and felt as prepared as possible. There were some decent challenges during the course and we all knew it would be tough for us. There were two fairly tricky water complexes including the second one next to the clubhouse with a steep drop after a one stride combination. I couldn’t be there on course for Zoe at the start due to my own start time and I stood on the embankment next to the stables. My stomach was in a knot and as a parent I prayed for her to come through safely. It is much more nerve racking as a parent of a rider than actually riding the course itself. I strained to hear the commentator as they called her progress fence by fence and the sense of joy hearing her success over each fence was even more than I experienced at my first competition. Zoe and Millridge pulled off an amazing clear round in their first ever one star event and were just one phase away from qualifying for the games. I was over the moon for them! It was my turn next in the start box. All of the instructions were running through my mind. I was nervous but comfortable and I have had such a great run on my amazing mare Cami. She had been nothing but brave and bold, in fact a little too bold at times! We were counted down and out of the start box. Cami was focused and ready and the fences were all going to plan. We were hitting all of our minute markers to stay within the time allowed. We came to the first tricky part through the trees with a combination that required you line up the second element exactly or you would probably have a run out to the right. I lined up the trees in the distance and Cami shot straight through as planned. As the


Barbados had made history with ZOE’S QUALIFICATION... course went on and we were through our first water and past the coffin (a log, to a ditch to another log) I felt that we could really do this. We had just come through the jumping arena and were headed towards the clubhouse to the second water complex. I was very aware of Cami’s boldness into water normally and I recalled Joss’ warning that if we flew into the water from that drop it was likely Cami and I would part company. We lined up the one stride and were over the first part. Before I knew it Cami had darted to the left and it was completely unexpected. I pulled her back right and kicked her forward over the jump into the water. I had no idea at the moment if we would be penalized for a stop or not. A stop is ruled when a horse takes a step backward in front of a fence. I kept riding and figured we would have to see at the end. The rest of the course was text book and as we crossed the finish line my mind was reeling. I knew that if it was ruled a stop we would not be qualifying. We got hold of video to take a look and see if she ever stepped back as the announcer had not called it a stop. It was one of those times that you are just praying for it to go your way. The video didn’t show any backwards steps from the angle it was taken. We were all holding our breath for the official result. While we were anxious for the results we were also all aware that Laura was about to begin her course and we wanted to be there to support her. We headed to the course and waited at fence two as we could see her through the first few and then head across to the water. Laura and Vegas came out of the start box and were over jump 1. We were cheering her on as she approached fence 2 and it was one of those moments that we all experience as riders; a moment of hesitation or miscommunication and to our dismay as we watched her horse Little Vegas landed on top of the


fence. Laura fell hard and her air vest went off. In no time we were running to her and Vegas, praying it would all be ok. To our immense relief we could see Vegas was unhurt and after a few tense moments Laura also got the all clear. We were all very saddened as this would mean Laura and Vegas could not continue, and still nervous because I had not received the official ruling. We made our way back to find the technical delegate to determine the final ruling and they had located more footage which showed to our great disappointment that Cami had indeed stepped back with her front right leg and as such it was ruled a stop. It’s hard to describe how I now felt, especially after such an exhilarating ride that to me felt almost, almost so perfect but I tried to keep things in perspective and remind myself that everything happens for a reason. We decided to press on as the experience of getting back in the saddle after such a blow would be good for me. Millridge and Cami passed the second vet check with flying colours and we were off to the jumping ring. I completed on 4 jumping faults after having one jump down and Zoe was up. She finished with 4 jumping faults following a stop and a few time faults but none of that mattered, she had achieved her MER (minimum eligibility requirement) which meant she met the standards to represent Barbados at the CAC Games! At that moment all disappointment from the team was forgotten as we had managed to achieve the goal for our first team member on her first attempt at a one star! Barbados had made history with Zoe’s performance and we were all ecstatic! As Laura and I still need to attain our MER scores, we made new plans and stabled our horses with Peter Grey and then with Liz Halliday Sharp. While we were both disappointed not to have achieved this on our first attempt but we were both aware that horses do humble you and I love the challenges we are presented with as we keep learning in this sport. We have our second one star in April in Ocala. We head back up at the end of February to resume training and continue to work towards personal lifetime goals. Zoe will continue to gain invaluable experience in preparation for the Games. I know we can do this and am more determined than ever to improve our skills and work our way towards being the first riders ever to compete at the CAC Games for Barbados! The journey continues…stay tuned for part TWO!



ABOVE: mev hummer hx-t limo flat white LEFT: discover the fun and practicality of the all-terrain electric bikes. RIGHT: realize the flexibility of refurbished golf carts.

The Dickson brothers, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Barbados, set out on a mission to keep it that way. Neil and James’ passion for preservation became the driving force behind Solar Creativity Caribbean Ltd (SCCL), an eco-transport business supplying environmentally friendly, pollution free products geared to improve how people live and do business. With ecological living trending since the early 2000s Solar Creativity’s move to promote ecological transport in Barbados and the wider Caribbean was indeed timely. Many in the local environment were waking up to the physical and economical benefits of eco living including eco transport. By May 2010 Solar Creativity opened its doors, and to date their staple offering is a range of solar/electric powered vehicles and accessories - they provide new and reconditioned golf carts to residential customers as well as road legal solar /electric powered vehicles and batteries. The new and refurbished vehicles are comparable in general performance, and SCCL’s refurbishing service gives any potential owner the ability to make further physical and


performance improvements. For those who love to go off road, they’ve made available All Terrain Electric Motor Bikes. They also offer Solar Drive solar powered roofs to fit any golf cart and Trojan batteries, including Trojan renewable energy batteries for residential/commercial use and marine batteries for ocean vessels. For those looking to develop their corporate and industrial ventures Solar Creativity supplies the above products and service along with road legal, solar/electric 8-23 passenger buses and Trojan deep cycle batteries for machinery, such as electric forklifts and scissor lifts. To relieve local businesses of the burden of tying up valuable capital in holding their own stock, Solar Creativity also offers a range of spare parts and battery stock that is diversely extensive. To date, many of the company’s corporate and residential customers have benefited from Solar’s excellent After Sales Service, which includes meticulous vehicle servicing with repairs undertaken punctually, and a rapid Call Out Repair Service.

premium solar kits are available for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to save money and the environment.

Trojan Solar batteries, engineered to support renewable energy systems.

Solar Creativity Caribbean’s residential consumers have grown to include the residents of Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland and an expanding recreational consumer base encompassing every golf course in Barbados, from Apes Hill Golf and Polo Clubs to Rockley Golf Course. Resort and resort development customers include Port Ferdinand, Port St Charles, Sandals, The Crane Hotel & Residences, Sugar Hill and Island Villas. Corporate and industrial customers include Williams Equipment, Williams Solar, WIBISCO, Simpson Motors, Bushy Park Circuit, and The Villages at Coverley, PRECONCO, BARBADOS Light &

Power, Government Departments and various security firms. With a clientele that now stretches beyond Barbados, Solar Creativity continues to build a reputation as the leading provider of ecologically responsible and economically sound alternative transport. For more information contact Solar Creativity: (246) 262-3500/271-1239 Unit 9B, Williams Industrial Estate Cane Garden, St. Thomas, Barbados









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Telephone: 432 1802 (Landline with recorded updates) or Club Manager: 230-1308 Should you not receive the information that you require please - Email:

Telephone: 432 9550 or 262 3282 Should you have any further queries related to Apes Hill Polo Clubhouse such as rental information for weddings, private parties etc. - Email:


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