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Editor’s Comments It is that time of the year when we enter the party zone and dress up funny for the Kadooment Day Parade and have a ball. Yes, there is a serious side to this celebration of our culture and particularly the harvesting of the sugar crop, but for many locals and visitors the revelry and party atmosphere dwarfs tradition and heritage. That said, the Crop Over Festival combines both and gives everyone the chance to let their hair down and to boost our tourism product. We hope all our visitors have a great time and stay after Kadooment Day to enjoy the beauty of Barbados. We also hope you consider buying property and coming back more often as the buying process has never been easier and property prices are very attractive. Although we would rather ignore it, the threat of a hurricane hitting Barbados is very real and our annual article highlights many of the issues and important considerations that need to be taken on board. The smart property owners will always have a “Be Prepared” strategy in place and those who don’t are risking their property and possessions just to save a few dollars. This is folly when you look at the devastation that could happen. There are properties to suit every pocket in the pages of Barbados Property News and you can also keep abreast of the property scene through our website and electronic copy at www.barbadospropertynews.com Enjoy the Crop Over season and enjoy our August/September edition of Barbados Property News.

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On the Cover: Saint Peter’s Bay

Pamela Hiles - Editor

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Barbados Office I Orena I St. Lawrence Main Road I Christ Church I Barbados I T 1 246 428 8091 I E infobarbados@bcqs.com I www.bcqs.com BAHAMAS












Bottom Bay, St. Philip

Fort George Heights, St. Michael

Lovely 3-bed/2-bath property in quiet BDS$1,600,000 or FOR RENT $7,500 neighbourhood near the beach - BDS$895,000 Beautifully designed home with swimming pool

Arch Hall, St. Thomas

2-storey property with 3-bed/1-bath apt upstairs & 2-bed/1-bath apt downstairs - BDS$395,000

Hoytes New Development, St. James Modern, recently renovated 3-bed home with attractive finishes - BDS$395,000

Carlton View, St. James

24,770 sqft in upmarket development minutes from west coast beaches - BDS$450,000

Buttals, St. George

9,646 sqft within small, charming development with lovely country views - BDS$270,088


Old Chancery Lane, Christ Church 3-bed/2-bath home with large enclosed garden & lovely view - DS$2,800

Yorkshire, Christ Church

4-bed house situated on 11 acres (2 acres enclosed) with 1-bed apt - BDS$5,500

Airy Hill, St. George

Recently renovated 3-bed home on 2.5 acres with 17,000 sqft enclosed - BDS$3,750

Garden Gap, Christ Church

Fully renovated 3-bed/2-bath house with 1-bed apt & pool - BDS$8,000

Lower Carlton, St. James

Modern, attractive 4-bed/3-bath home fully enclosed with plunge pool - BDS$5,000

Bannatyne, Christ Church

Spacious 4-bed executive home with cottage, swimming pool and lovely views - BDS$9,000

Visit our website www.cipcaribbean.com • Tel: (246) 424-6633 • Email: info@cipcaribbean.com

49 Warrens Industrial Park, St. Michael. T- 421-2087. www.sortyourstuffonline.com

Want a big closet without a big hassle? 1HHGDFXVWRPVROXWLRQWRÀW\RX" 1HHGPRUHVSDFHLQ\RXUFORVHW" We offer melamine custom closets that make the most HIÀFLHQWXVHRIDQ\ZLGWKLW¡VEHWWHUWKDQDEDVLFFORVHW rod! Installing your dream closet is easy as 1, 2, 3 with RXUWLPHVDYLQJV\VWHPVWKDWFDQEHGRQHLQXQGHUDGD\ Add components or just change the position of shelves, GUDZHUVURGVDQGPRUHIRUXQSDUDOOHGà H[LELOLW\


Jewellry Organisers

Accessory Organisers

Shoe Storage


Port St. Charles is many things, but essentially we’re unique.

Be Sure You’re Prepared To Weather The Storm Forecasters have predicted an extremely active 2013 hurricane season. We have already witnessed the passage of one tropical storm Chantal - which thankfully had limited impact on Barbados. We trust that we can remain this lucky during the coming months, but without a doubt, being prepared for the hurricane season is your best course of action. It’s easy to put a plan in place for the season, instead of waiting for the last minute and getting caught up in the rush at the hardware stores and supermarkets. When you think of the peace of mind that comes with being prepared, you should promise yourself that this season is the one when you’ll finally have a plan in place to protect your property, your business and ultimately, your family. So, take these easy steps and put your Preparedness Plan in place today. Is your Insurance Coverage adequate? Could you afford to rebuild your home if it were destroyed? Is your business in a financial position to replace its equipment if damage occurred? If you’re not sure, you should review your property insurance policies now to ensure that your home, contents and vehicles are adequately covered. If you own a business, you should similarly review that policy or those policies as well. If you do not have insurance, now is the time to put this in place. The investment in the premium is well worth the coverage that will be provided. Be sure to choose an insurance company, like United, which has a track record for prompt and compassionate response in times of catastrophe and has an AM Best Rating of A-Excellent which ensures that United is financially strong enough to pay your claims as required. It’s important to note too, that United rewards its clients in Barbados and throughout the region, by giving special discounts to those clients whose homes are constructed or retrofitted to resist hazards. Do you know where your closest Emergency Shelter is located? As strong as your home may be, you never know if you are at risk of losing your roof or a significant portion of your house during a hurricane. You should be prepared to either take shelter with a relative, friends, at a hotel or a shelter. You should know where your nearest shelter is located and have a plan for how you will evacuate your home and get to the shelter or other locations. Be sure to identify who you will call to advise that you have evacuated to a shelter, so that you have someone who knows where you are located in the event of a hurricane. An Emergency Supply Kit is a must You should have an emergency supply kit and be sure that each family member knows where it is located and its contents. Shop today to stock up on all the items you’ll need to survive during and after a storm. You should include provisions to carry you through a week or two after a storm or hurricane. Note that the more food and water and other items you have the better off you will be in the event of an emergency. This will put you in a position to assist family and friends if needed. Remember to print hard copies of any documents you’ll need and store these in a Ziploc bag. Remember to also keep your insurance policy in a safe place. Be sure too to have the basics available - a first aid kit, kitchen utensils and supplies, personal care items and medication for you and especially for babies, small children and the



elderly. Battery operated devices such as radios and flashlights and the batteries to keep them running are also important for your kit. Keep cash and fuel on hand as ATMs will most likely not be operational after a hurricane and this will also be the case for gas stations. If you have a business, remember to put a workplace plan in place which addresses the same issues as your home and then more. You need to have a business continuity plan in place in the event that the storm or hurricane interrupts your business. It’s important for you, your staff and your customers. Develop an Emergency Communication Plan You should determine now how you will get in contact with members of your family who may not reside with you or who may have to move to alternate accommodation before, during or after a hurricane. Nothing causes more distress than not being able to reach your loved ones during or after a hurricane. Be sure to charge your phones and other electronic devices such as computers which will allow you to communicate. In addition to this, whether it’s just to communicate with your family members or you own a business and need to get a message to your staff, the radio, texts and other messaging tools can be very useful methods to get a message out quickly. Be sure to have the telephone number and the emergency contact details for at least two of the local radio stations’ personnel to get a message out over the airwaves if required. A clean-up around your Home or Business is even more important now Debris around your home or business can become a dangerous missile during a hurricane. Tree branches close to windows which seem harmless during a gentle breeze, can become deadly with hurricaneforce winds. Clogged gutters and down pipes could lead to flooding of your premises. Remove these today and be sure to involve the Barbados Light and Power in the removal of branches which are close to power lines. Secure your vehicle and ensure there is nothing around it which could lead to its being damaged. Your car may be an important lifeline if you need to evacuate your location quickly during or after a hurricane. Emergency Services - keep their numbers handy Finally, keep all numbers for emergency services close at hand so that you can be in contact with the right people at a moment’s notice. One important number you should have if you are a United client is our emergency hotline number: 230-4997. Before, during and after a storm or hurricane, our Emergency Response Team is always there to provide assistance and support. With United, you’re always prepared By taking these simple steps today, you can put a plan in place which makes you significantly more prepared for the eventuality of a storm or hurricane, and allows you to provide better protection for your family, most importantly, as well as your prized possessions. For over 35 years, United has helped families and businesses throughout the region to rebuild after the storm and hurricanes have passed. We don’t just talk about it, we have been there, we have done it and we stand ready to do it again! Our track record speaks for itself. Give us a call today and let’s make sure you’re well prepared to weather the storm. You’re in Safe Hands with United.

Hurricane Season is Here!

Hurricane Season starts in June and ends on Independence Day, November 30th. That’s six months out of the year where we are at risk of Thunder Storms, Tropical Waves, Tropical Storms and worst of all Hurricanes. Optimists say because we have not been hit by really bad weather for years means we won’t be hit; pessimists reply that the longer we survive the higher the chance we’ll be hit soon. Let’s look at this as realists, first we need to protect ourselves from harm and then our most expensive investment, our home, from damage. Storm and Hurricane protection, for yourself and your home is available on the island and can be easily accessed with free consultation and estimates available for all home or office owners. Many supply a few types of protection but only one company (Talius) offers USA approved, Hurricane rated systems, in seven distinct styles to protect even the most modern designed home or office. Talius was the first to offer Safe Room Protection; this is a single room in the home that can be easily modified to provide life-giving protection to occupants during a severe Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Many home owners have taken advantage 34


of this concept as the start to their two to three year planned protection investment for their home. Call Talius (271-1245) to find out more on this unique plan. Hurricane protection is commonly offered in two styles storm shutters or roll shutters, Talius though, aware that homes and offices are no longer built along the rectangle model of Plantation houses across the island, has seven protection styles, along with their professional experience, to offer home and office owners. Roll Shutters, operated manually and/or automatically, are the most efficient systems. These shutters are permanently attached to the home/office, conveniently rolled up out of sight until needed and then in seconds they can be rolled down into place to provide instant protection against anything up to and including a category 5 Hurricanes. Roll shutters also aptly fill the role of security protection for your home or office while you’re away from the premises. Storm Panels are hurricane rated Poly Carbonate see-through panels that can be placed over your vulnerable openings in a matter of minutes. These panels can to be stored out of sight until needed and come with all the hardware (usually preinstalled onto your walls) needed to affix each storm panel. Shutters come in three different styles, Colonial, Bahamas and Accordion offering different looks to best suit the style of your home or office. These are usually used to protect windows but the Accordion style can also be used to protect larger window openings, and doorways as well. Many of today’s homes and offices use large glass areas that may be very expensive to protect using traditional methods, for these areas Talius has a product called Clearly Safe. These transparent flat poly carbonate sheets, permanently attached to your glass areas, will transform them into a hurricane rated protectant that will stop any loose debris, converted into homedestroying missiles by the high winds of a storm or hurricane, from getting in. Another product that allows great flexibility is Talius’ Hurricane Fabric, a rated protection product that, like the storm panels, takes only minutes to install. For fifty percent of the year every Bajan is looking towards the African coast, not as our homeland, but as the producer of that one weather system that will put Barbados under a Hurricane watch. The weather professionals talk about, not if Barbados will be affected by a deadly weather system but when. There are very few natural disasters we can protect ourselves from, we happen to live in an area where we can protect ourselves from the most common naturally created catastrophes, Storms and Hurricanes. We have been lucky so far and with better and better weather prediction we can have enough time to set up personal and home/office protection but only if we are ready. Call Talius today and be better prepared.

Hurricane Protection from Oran

Having been in the window business for almost 50 years, Oran Ltd recognizes that a window is more than just a pane of glass to fill an opening. Rather, windows and doors are a major aesthetic feature of your home or building that when used functionally can provide practical returns on your investment and enhance your living experience. At Oran Ltd. we believe that there is a solution to every problem and a design for every customer. We design our products in the Caribbean and for the Caribbean with the confidence to know that they can stand up to the environmental demands of our climate and the discerning taste of our consumers. Therefore we are confident that our experienced sales staff can guide you through the choices, and help you arrive at a solution that’s right for you. Currently there is a diverse range of products with added value options that are designed for different applications available on the market. With all these choices at hand and a limited budget, consumers face the challenge of finding the right product to fit their budget. Consumers should consider two important criteria: performance and aesthetics. Does the product or combination of products protect my home adequately? And do these products bring out the beauty of my home? In today’s market for windows and doors there has been a lot of attention given to the advantages of UPVC and aluminum. While both materials have different properties, for example UPVC cuts down on heat transmission more than aluminum without the aid of a thermal block, both materials are fairly comparable in the context of the Caribbean environment. UPVC has been labeled the preferred material for coastal products; however, aluminum itself does not rust from exposure to salt spray. In reality it comes down to the consumer’s preference. Both products have different appearances and are available with different options. At Oran Ltd. we offer a wide range of UPVC and aluminum products to meet the needs and specifications of all customers. For consumers focused on maximizing their homes resilience to hurricanes and high winds, we recommend products that have had their designs certified by Miami-Dade and Broward counties for large missile impact. Products like the RoyalGuard ™ Impact Line from Oran Ltd. and MaestroShield® Roller Shutters are backed up by the certification and engineering to protect your home against flying debris from high winds. In addition to these 36


options for certified hurricane products, Oran Ltd. offers laminated glass, consisting of two pieces of glass surround by a poly-vinyl butyl interlayer, in various thicknesses in all of its products, providing varying degrees of protection from debris and water penetration. Windows can also be fitted with coverings, such as louvre shutters, simultaneously providing protection as well as an aesthetic appeal. In addition to protection against destructive weather, windows can also mitigate the negative features of an environment. Insulated glass, otherwise known as double glazed glass, can be used to block sound transmission, creating a quiet and peaceful environment in your home. Insulated glass can also be used to cut down on heat transmission, keeping your home cooler when using air conditioning and cutting down on cooling costs. Similarly, glass tints add to the look of a home while reducing UV and solar heat transmission, which can warm your home and damage finishes. Special coatings, for example Low emissivity coatings, can also be added to glass to improve the performance glass in cases where sunlight is direct and intense. These value adding performance features can add a unique and tasteful design to complement your home. Both aluminium and UPVC windows offer customizable options for a number of frame colours to blend in with your home’s décor. Aluminium frames are powder coated providing a long lasting durable finish, while UPVC frames are in fact ‘painted’ using a proprietary staining system, called RoyalBondtm, which is accompanied by a 20 year warrantee. Glass tints can also be used to accompany frame colours, and when used with customized muntin designs will add a unique look to your home. When combined with different styles of windows these value adding options make you windows unique; however, it is the window or door itself, which is the main feature. Each style of product has its appeal. Double hung windows have been a bench mark design of traditional plantation houses for decades, because they maximize airflow by allowing hot air to escape through the upper open vent. Meanwhile casement windows provide an unobstructed view when open and maximize ventilation. When combined with vanishing pull down insect screens, flying pests are no longer a disadvantage of this particular window style. Similarly, sliding and bi-folding doors can be used to capitalize on both airflow and aesthetics opening your home to the beauty of the outside world, whether it is a manicured garden or picturesque view of the ocean. In addition, window coverings, such as louvre shutters or the high end louvretec operable shutters can also add a sophisticated and sleek look to modern designed homes, and can be combined with various window and door products offering innovative solutions to the toughest design choices. Whether you are building a home, re-designing a room, or simply replacing a window, Oran Ltd’s experienced and knowledgeable sales team is ready to assist you in choosing the product that adds the most value to your project.

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Only One Unit left Price: BDS$405,000 Land and construction of a three-bedroom detached single storey home

For more information call 230 9215

Real Estate News Terra Caribbean Attains Prestigious RICS Designation

BARBADOS (July 1st, 2013) - Terra Caribbean, the local real estate firm specialising in sales, rentals, property management and valuations, has announced that they are now regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); a worldrenowned and respected professional body that monitors, guides and assists firms to comply with rules, regulations and ethical standards. Terra Caribbean attained this prestigious designation at the end of May, and now proudly carries the ‘regulated by RICS’ designation on their business letterheads and advertising. Andrew Mallalieu, an RICS member since 2006 and Chief Executive of Terra Caribbean, spoke proudly about having his firm regulated by RICS, “This is quite an accomplishment for Terra Caribbean and I am pleased to be associated with RICS; one of the leading organisations of its kind in the world. Attaining RICS status is the recognised mark of property professionalism, and in today’s world where individuals and organizations demand greater transparency and certainty with regards to standards and values, RICS regulation can ensure clients receive clear, impartial and expert advice from us as qualified professionals.” Speaking on the benefits of this regulation for the company and its clients, Chief Operating Officer and RICS member,

Hayden Hutton explained, “The validation that comes along with the RICS logo and the ‘Regulated by RICS’ status quo clearly illustrates Terra Caribbean’s commitment to a strict code of conduct that will be reflected in every aspect of our business. Under the RICS regulation, firm members and staff regularly update their skills and knowledge to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.” “We are very pleased that Terra Caribbean has registered as an RICS Regulated Firm”, added Michael Zuriff, Manager of Regulation for RICS in the Americas. “In doing this, Terra Caribbean is showing a commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards as well as an independent monitoring process that assures the quality of the real estate services they provide”. By following the RICS rules of conduct, Terra Caribbean can provide further confidence and reassurance to their clients that they have adopted the highest standards of professional business. So whenever you see ‘Regulated by RICS’ on any Terra Caribbean branded materials, you will know that you are not only engaging a firm that is providing the service you need, but also one that is regulated by a world renowned and respected professional body. About Terra Caribbean

Terra Caribbean is a fully integrated real estate firm providing sales, long-term rentals, property management, advisory services and holiday home rentals. Terra Caribbean owns the Bajan Services Limited and Blue Sky Luxury brands. For more information visit www.terracaribbean.com About RICS RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) www.rics.org is the leading professional organization in the world for land, property, construction and related environmental issues. It provides impartial, authoritative advice on key issues affecting society to business and government. Established in 1868 with global headquarters in London, RICS serves more than 180,000 members, candidates and students in 146 countries.


Crop Over Festival is Big Business There was a time when the Crop Over Festival was simply a series of parties, a few theme competitions and a band parade. How times have changed! These days the festival attracts thousands of visitors, runs for weeks, involves numerous tents, parties and competitions and culminates in a massive Kadooment Day parade that brings thousands of locals and visitors to the streets to watch and to participate. OK, perhaps the sponsorship injection has dropped a little with tougher economic times, but that’s barely apparent, as everything seems to get bigger and better every year. Crop Over in Barbados has long since lost its image as just another Caribbean party festival. Perhaps it still remains in the eyes of a few dinosaurs, but in modern times is presents a massive business opportunity across a wide range of activities and gives our much-maligned tourist industry a massive boost. Tourism chiefs, hoteliers, restaurant owners, activity providers, retail operators, real estate agents and property sellers may have been slow to grasp the full impact of the amazing rise of this festival, but in tough times it is almost a godsend to struggling businesses. Quite apart from all the pomp and pageantry of the parade, the music industry is stimulated by the challenge and although the veteran calypsonians may have been marginalized by the passage of time, their popularity seems endless. And what of those fancy costumes, which seem to reduce in size and increase in price every year? But where does real estate sit within this hugely popular and ever-growing social occasion? The answer lies in the numbers.



History has shown that real estate sales to visitors are highest when the number of visitors on the island is highest. It may seem simple math to economists, but when the real estate sales boom was at its highest pre-2008, it is doubtful whether many real estate agents and developers gave the Crop Over Festival much marketing focus. Indeed, many people in the property business took their holidays in August and gave Kadooment Day a wide birth. Are these people really serious about their business? If ever there was a golden opportunity to take advantage of a social event to promote your business then this is it. Crop Over has seen a huge increase in the number of returning nationals and visitors from other islands every year, and of course, many returning visitors plan their holidays to coincide with the festival as they are guaranteed plenty of entertainment and a party atmosphere. In short, the island is buzzing and the festival helps showcase what a beautiful place we have to offer to either short-term or long-term visitors. It must seem a million miles away from the drudgery of more developed countries with their litany of depressing news, higher costs, unemployment, stress, and dismal weather. It may not be perfect in Barbados, but it still ticks many of the boxes in the Quality Lifestyle Checklist. Returning nationals are already aware of what’s on offer and it doesn’t take long for visitors to appreciate all the qualities on offer in Barbados. Real estate agents, developers, lenders and insurers need to show the same awareness and plan a marketing campaign from July to September that coincides with this major festival and offers prospective buyers an opportunity to buy a piece of the Rock. Let’s get serious about our business and seize the opportunity to do business with people who are already in love with Barbados. After all, they can’t party all the time!

Karcher Store Warrens: 425-9999 Karcher Store Wildey:426-9999 sales@karcherbarbados.com www.karcher.bb

BEAVA News Save The Date For BEAVA’s Expo For the first time, BEAVA (Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association) will organise and host an expo, aimed at showcasing a wide range of industry-related products and services. The event is slated for Saturday October 19th, this year at Barbados Yacht Club from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will target vendors in the following fields: Commercial lending institutions Construction companies Security firms Architectural firms Interior Design companies Paint and Hardware suppliers Real Estate, Brokering, Surveying & Property Management companies, Holiday and long term rental agencies Insurance companies Interested parties may email the BEAVA office at admin@beavainc.com or call Jeanine Jones on 836.0650 for further details.

BEAVA Educational Course a Success This past June, the BEAVA board introduced the first in a series of educational seminars for real estate practitioners. It is the association’s aim, through workshops such as that one, to ensure the industry is filled with professionals of a high calibre. The four-week class was designed in partnership with Barbados Community College, which was also home to the

Real Estate News

course. Topics covered included Ethics & Standards of Practice; MLS Rules and Regulations; The Real Estate Process; Comparative Market Analysis; The Sales Process and Leases. The classes were tutored by members Hayden Hutton, Alkins Kirton, Tania Wardle and Curtis Pounder, with invaluable help from Savitri St. John and Creig Kinch who lectured on legal topics and represented the law firm, Clarke, Gittens and Farmer. One particularly enthusiastic participant, Lara Jones of Stratford Properties, said she walked away with greater insight into the real estate industry and summed up her experience over that period this way: “The course was presented in such a way that it was enjoyable with a refreshingly simple format that could be easily understood. The lecturers were all well versed on the subject matter.” She added that she now has a better understanding of the comparative market analysis and the law as it relates to real estate. “We were very fortunate to have this particular panel of lecturers that took time out of their busy schedules to teach us,” Lara told Barbados Property News. “Excellent job BEAVA, and as always we are most fortunate to have Mr. Alkins Kirton to guide us in the right direction and offer his years of expertise and professionalism.” Cindy Coombes said she too was now armed with greater knowledge of what was required of her in her role at Caribbean Island Properties. “I found all the modules very interesting,” she revealed, “it was excellent, interactive … and informative. The only thing is that we probably could have done with a bit more time.” Due to the great success of this past course, President Suzanne Davis and the rest of the board are looking forward to presenting modules for its entire membership. Details of this will follow soon.

Participants in the recently held educational course which was jointly organised by BEAVA and Barbados Community College.


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Barbados Property News - Aug/Sept 2013  

Real Estate, Property Sales and Services in Barbados

Barbados Property News - Aug/Sept 2013  

Real Estate, Property Sales and Services in Barbados

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