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NEWS • October - November 2019 • Issue 125

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Editor’s Comments Cooler breezes have returned to the island and although Hurricane Season is not over yet, the intense heat we saw in the summer has abated. It’s time to get ready for Christmas! This is traditionally the time of year that Bajans do a huge spruce clean and get ready for the season ahead. Many hotels and restaurants shut in September and October to renovate and do maintenance and the average householder in Barbados is the same. See the editorial from Harris Paints and the many lovely soft furnishings and accessories available from our partners in this edition – designed to enhance your home in every way. Congrats to Dwellings who now have a line of exciting outdoor furniture on display. We can’t wait to see more! Pamela Hiles, Editor There is no going back from being GREEN. We welcome Lucy Agace and her regular article on recycling and the many ways we can all make a difference and ‘be the change’. As we approach Halloween and then Thanksgiving, we look forward to welcoming many of you to our shores. Some of you are regular ‘snowbirds’ with beautiful homes here, some are coming for a bit of warmth . Whatever your reason, Barbados is a mature destination with a top-notch reputation where you will never be bored. We have great properties for sale and rent – take a look inside and on . Enjoy your stay whatever you do.

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On the Cover: Dwellings

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Bring Home

Williams Industries Complex, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados Email: Tel: 246 424-2661



FOR SALE Highlands, Sandy Lane Estate, St. James 5 Bed, 5 Bath Luxury Home US $5,900,000

FOR SALE Half Way Tree, Sugar Hill 5 Bed, 5 Bath Luxury Villa Land Area: 28,974 sq.ft. US $2,700,000

FOR SALE Waterside Penthouse 501, St. James 3 Bed, 3 Bath Beachfront Apartment Floor Area: 2,775 sq.ft. US $2,200,000

FOR SALE #4 Bannatyne, Christ Church 6 Bed, 5 Bath Luxury Home Floor Area: 5,029 sq.ft. US $1,150,000

FOR SALE 303 Somerley, Christ Church 2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment Floor Area: 1,458 sq.ft. US $595,000

FOR SALE Hillview F121, Sugar Hill, St. James 3 Bed, 2 Bath Townhouse US $605,000

FOR SALE #7, El Sol Sureno, Christ Church 2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment Floor Area: 1,350 sq.ft. US $347,500

FOR SALE Forest Hills 7, Royal Westmoreland 2 Bed, 2 Bath Home Floor Area: 2,250 sq.ft. US $850,000

FOR SALE 203 Blue Waters, Enterprise, Ch Ch 2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment Floor Area: 1,120 sq.ft. US $295,000

LAND FOR SALE Lot 19 Piedmont, Gibbs, St. Peter 13,196 sq.ft. of Residential Land US $149,500

LAND FOR SALE Polo Lot 3, Apes Hill, St. James 23,997 sq.ft. of Residential Land US $190,000

LAND FOR SALE Cassia Close, Roach Village, St. George 3,903.03 sq.ft – 8,147 sq.ft. Prices starting from US $37,500

FOR RENT Atlantico, Cattlewash, St. Joseph 3 Bed, 3 Bath Home Floor Area: circa 5,000 sq.ft. US $5,000 per month

FOR RENT #7, El Sol Sureno, Christ Church 2 Bed, 2 Bath Apartment Floor Area: 1,350 sq.ft. US $1,875 per month

FOR RENT Polo Villa 14, Apes Hill, St. James 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath Home US $3,500 per month Contact our experienced agents today. Weston, St. James BB24032, Barbados W. I. Tel: (246) 432 1159 Fax: (246) 432 2733 Email:

Standard’s 60th Anniversary!


Congrats to Standard Distributors on reaching their 60th Anniversary. A lovely cocktail party was held as part of the celebration where 2 Mile Hill played and many clients and associates were treated to delicious cocktails. Here’s to another 60 Standard!


The Realty of Social Media


Hosted by BEAVA and Led by Simone Pasmore of Webstylze Ltd. The module covered the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for Lead generation, and how these portals may be best utilized within the Real Estate domain. The content of the module highlighted the need for using social media, best practices, and how to create engaging content on the various portals. Simone indicated how and when to use relevant and trending #hashtags @mentions to not only reach your audience but additionally the audience of others to increase your followers. Follow the 80/20 ratio, be social 80% of the time and offer sales or promotional posts 20% of the time. She said these are great guidelines to follow to keep your audience following your brand. If you are all about sales and not about servicing the needs and desires of your demographic, they will quickly become disengaged and more than likely unfollow your brand. “Twitter is not dead!” especially helpful for following, Real Estate News, What’s Trending in hashtags and Real Estate Gurus as it is an open portal. Twitter still has a boasting 330million active monthly user engagement rate. LinkedIn the online professional network, has seen an increase in popularity, Simone demonstrated how to use groups, endorsements and recommendations to better create networking opportunities. Simone further highlighted how to use LinkedIn Premium “Sales Navigator” to solicit leads and expand your professional Network.

The Team at Alleyne Real Estate has changed slightly with the departure of long standing member Paul Alleyne who has relocated to Canada with his family. Roger Beale joined the company as COO, Michelle Marshall is now a Sales & Rentals Agent, Zaeema Motara has come on board as the new Sales Admin Coordinator and Mandy Mahon now heads the Sales Department. Pixie Mahon remains a Sales Agent with the team and Shane Johnson still spearheads the company as CEO.

THE BEST MORTGAGE rates and service in Barbados.



Sustainable Living


BY LUCY AGACE Building economic growth has dominated the way countries have been managed for decades, leaving depleted environments and vulnerable, reliant societies. This has to change. To move forward we need to live sustainably, with a balance between; protection of the environment, economic growth and the well being of people and local communities. In brief, sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present whilst allowing future generations to meet their own needs. There are many positive changes that have already taken place Barbados such as: installation of a solar energy plant, a ban on importation of single-use plastic items and styrofoam and use there of, improved free recycling facilities drop off and collect, more local farmers growing fresh produce, electric vehicles (charging stations) and more effective eco friendly pest management products. With water scarcity being an island-wide concern the Government, particularly the Minister of Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams, is currently looking at making it obligatory to install taps, shower-heads and toilets with waterconservation technology. I applaud this move but would also like to see it obligatory to have rain-water catchment on every property. This alone would help solve water shortage problems and hugely reduce the negative effects of run off water heading straight into the sea. Run-off carries a large amount of harmful chemicals into the sea, not to mention rubbish and other pollutants, these chemicals harm our corals and fish life; putting food security in jeopardy. We can all make changes in our daily lives, take some simple but effective steps at home, work and school to protect the environment and live for Barbados not just on Barbados. In this article I want to look at ways we can save water. Firstly l want you to start thinking about water being a very precious commodity not take it for granted. Lets start with water flow and pressure. Make sure you have, wherever possible, your mains intake pressure not to high, this will reduce the amount of water you waste. Most faucets are installed with individual small taps to adjust the flow of water from the pipe into the faucet, usually found under the sink. Turning these taps down can save you plenty of water, saving you money. There are also taps/faucets on the market that only work when you press a lever at the top or move your hand across a sensor. These taps work on timers and are an excellent solution for public areas, offices, schools and restaurant/bar kitchens. Widely available on island are toilets with a dual flush system, meaning there is a choice of small or large flush. Some

toilets with only one flush use 4 gallons of water in one flush, where as a water-saving toilet can use 1 gallon for a small flush. That saving will soon add up and make a huge difference, possibly 100 gallons/day. Let’s turn our attention to teeth brushing. Do you leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth? Having lived on a boat, where water is scarce I don’t, so I urge you to only run the water when you need to rinse, it will save plenty of water. It can take awhile for hot water to come through the tap right? Well instead of watching it go down the plug hole put a container under the tap and use the water to water the plants or keep it for another time. We all have plenty of gallon containers leftover from buying fresh coconut water, why not use these. There are multiple hardware stores around the island where we can buy water catchment tanks in various sizes. It is pretty easy to get a plumber to hook it up to guttering or an existing downpipe and install a tap near the bottom and then attach a hose. Even if you have one tank it is better than having none. If we look after our environment it will look after us but the reverse is also true. It surely is time to get onboard and feel good about the changes you make. If you work in a school or office it shouldn’t be too difficult to utilise some of the water saving ideas above, even if you will need to get permission. 33

Painted stairs – how to step up your game Hop on this hot new design trend that adds interest, creativity and safety to this everyday architectural feature. A lick of paint can transform stairs and uplift the finish of the interior or exterior of homes. Well positioned colour makes treads easier to distinguish and helps avoid mis-steps and falls while too many colours might confuse. Consider painting risers and tread in contrasting colours. Safety should be a primary concern in the final design. Stairs can take a beating from the impact of heavy footfall and repeated use, so stairway makeovers need a durable system.

The system 1. Assess the condition of stairs and factors that could affect safety for the homeowners. 2. Prepare by filling damaged areas to achieve a level surface and sand. 3. Thoroughly clean area to be painted both the tread and the riser using appropriate cleaners. For interior wood a mild degreaser or dish liquid will usually suffice but for exterior concrete you may need to scrub with a bleach solution to remove moss and mildew. Remove chemicals and detergents with clean water and allow to dry.


4. If previously uncoated apply 1-2 coats Harris Paints Super Grip Problem Solving Primer for wood or concrete. Note the final colours intended for the finish as in some cases tinting the primer could help build hiding more quickly. 5. For a durable finish apply 2-3 coats Harris Porch & Patio Acrylic Enamel allowing to dry between coats. 6. Consider using a clear acrylic glaze that won’t yellow to protect detailed artwork such as Harris Aqua Overglaze. Beware - this can become slick if exposed to water so best for interior applications or avoid tread and use on risers only.

High visibility Painting a contrasting line that wraps over the edge of the tread can help users more accurately gauge safe foot placement on the tread. Do not leave a gap between the line and the edge of the step which creates visual ambiguity. CAUTION: Painting is not recommended for stairs that have an exceedingly smooth, polished surface.