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NEWS • June - July 2019 • Issue 123

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Editor’s Comments The summer months have started with a buzz- a lot of things are happening on the island and in Barbados Property News. We have properties to buy and rent aplenty, a new development, our annual feature Green Barbados – with single use plastics banned from July, Crop Over looming, and sadly the passing of a newspaper Icon and BPN friend. The new development, The Estates in St George, will appeal to the retirement community and is in the popular parish of St George. Located close to Boarded Hall, extensive work has already started with the site cleared pending roadways prior to construction. Green Barbados is catching on in the island as environmental issues become more and more evident. We certainly need to recycle usable waste and we need garbage to be removed in a timely way. Schools are now Pamela Hiles, Editor involved throughout, as the importance to educate is vital to conserve and preserve. Thanks to Green Globe consultant Lucy Agace for her insightful editorial. Kadooment Day is always in early August, and the party has started! Crop over is underway and the island comes alive with colour and music. Don’t miss this popular time. Rentals are always available with agents, but what about buying your own piece of the Rock? Sales continue to be excellent value as prices have been pegged for some time. Sadly, Barbados lost a genuine Icon with the passing of Harold Hoyte in late May, the co-founder of Nation Newspaper in 1973, his journalism spanned over 6 decades. It was also with great personal sadness that I recently learned of the untimely death of Kim Lashley from Property Holdings. I have known Kim for decades and I will miss her smile, conversation and professionalism very much. On the Cover: The Crane Private Rest in Peace Harold and Kim. Residences

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Beyond Sunshine: How Barbados and The Crane Private Residences perfect the art of island living


boasts bright and expansive living spaces with coastal views and contemporary furnishings. Ownership also provides access to an established luxury resort community featuring an impressive array of world-class amenities and services including 24/7 security, 5 award-winning restaurants, a retail shopping village and of course, the renowned Crane Beach – voted “Best Caribbean Beach” by USA Today.

Mia Duguid, Ownership Representative, The Crane Private Residences Barbados has long been regarded as an investor’s paradise and the reasons for this go far beyond the clear financial benefits. A significant part of our island’s charm is built on the unparalleled lifestyle that one can experience and create here, and from the ease of access provided by direct, international flights, to world-class telecommunications and utilities, Barbados makes it easy to truly perfect the art of island living. For individuals who choose to invest in The Crane Private Residences, this experience can be yours tenfold, and here’s why: A World Class Destination When you choose The Crane Private Residences, a piece of paradise becomes yours. Barbados enjoys a stellar reputation as a leading jurisdiction for secure investment with solid infrastructure, and of course, year-round sunshine. Ranked #1 out of 144 countries in the Destination Satisfaction Index from Norstat and dp2research, our island’s attractiveness proves to be more than just a marketing spiel – it’s fact.

A Stress-Free Legal Process It is not necessary to retain the services of an attorney-at-law, with ownership at The Crane Private Residences held in trust by First National Trustee Company. The Trustee ensures that there is no debt, prior ownership or lien on the property and ownership can be willed, transferred or sold at any time. Unlike typical freehold purchases, the trustee structure also offers quick property transactions and requires no closing costs or legal fees. However, should you still wish to have an attorney-at-law review the Purchase Application, our Ownership Representatives will happily refer you to a local law office. An Unbeatable Financing Schedule Financing home ownership can be a challenge for even the most astute investors. At The Crane Private Residences, we offer staged payments based on construction milestones. For example, you can have payments scheduled on your apartment or penthouse at a percentage of your $777,000 - $1.9M USD purchase price based on development milestones such as Foundation, Watertight and Practical Completion. An Effortless Property & Rental Management Experience Each residence in this master-planned, turn-key development can be managed by the developer, Crane Resorts, when not in use by the owner. With the option available for hotel services and a full rental management programme, this is an effortless residence or vacation property to own, whether intended for personal use or as an investment. Phases 1 & 2 of The Crane Private Residences are completely sold out and Phase 3 is moving fast, so contact us today! To book a tour or for more information, call 416-6560 or visit

An Extraordinary Resort Lifestyle Uniquely positioned as a private residential community within the 40-acre gated Crane Resort, The Crane Private Residences 19


GARDEN & EQUIPMENT SHOP ...More than a garden store! A DIVISION OF S E R A L L


New House & Land Development

Highland, St. Philip 21 Lots Available Package prices range from: $224,000-$304,000

Tel: 425 4064 •

Putting the Environment at the forefront by Lucy Agace, Green Globe Consultant Barbados is going green! I can safely say, that after many years of watching the carefree attitude to the environment, this government, led by Prime Minister Mia Motley have totally engaged with putting the environment at the forefront of their agenda. Well perhaps it’s not on the same level as dealing with the financial deficit, but on the whole the new BLP government of 2018 is dealing with, not ignoring, the challenging issues that Barbados and so many countries are facing right now. In fact, it is said, the economic impact of Climate Change on small island countries all over the world will be devastating. This is why it is so important for all countries everywhere to begin transitioning to managing their countries in a more sustainable way. Sustainability is built around the balance and interconnectedness of three core criteria: Economic, Social, Environmental. Sustainability is the process of people maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and meet current and future human needs and aspirations. It is our future needs that have been neglected, ignored and basically not thought of. For example take fishermen. I spoke to one just recently and he told me fishermen (that earn there living solely from catching fish) will, when they find a school of fish, take as many as they can and go back and clean them out, given the chance. They will not leave any. They will not think of next month or the next breeding season= they are not geared that way, plain and simple. This is just an example, forgive me if you are a fisherman l am not singling you out, we are all guilty of the ‘now’ mentality. Well, it is now time to change, to think differently, to look ahead and consume at a sustainable rate. Meaning leave enough of the natural resource for others and future generations, not deplete the resources or habitat to the point of destruction or extinction. Barbados already has a number of hotels practicing the three core values l mentioned above and have excellent quality



Green Globe certifications to prove it. The certifications prove (among other things) they have a waste management plan, conserve resources and equally important, support local employment, entrepreneurs, community development and local farmers or growers. Certification is a visible consumer identifier, whereby consumers can easily recognise eco-wise accommodation. The same goes for rental properties, owners can now certify their properties by consulting with Responsible Rental Solutions. Certification doesn’t mean costly overnight changes to your residence. It does mean a commitment to proper waste management, sourcing local materials and merchandise over imports, zero single-use plastic items, reduction in energy use, paying a living wage and supporting local artists and culture. For more information on the process please see our advert for Responsible Rental Solutions. More recently the tourism market has seen a rise in consumer demand for certified accommodation, whether they are renting a villa or choosing a hotel. Around 47% of travellers nowadays are looking to stay in or purchase a more environmentally friendly property. People would rather experience the same or better standards they live by whilst abroad or on holiday. Tourists are demanding tours and excursions that immerse them in local culture and leave only positive impacts on the environment and local communities. Entrepreneurs all over the island are offering various types of guided tours and activities, filling this growing market. Barbados is also fast becoming a renowned holistic destination with many hotels and individuals offering spa and healing treatments, yoga, energy work and sound healing. Over the last year alone I have noticed more small businesses start up and more people growing and selling fruit and vegetables. Buying local creates and supports livelihoods, markets, a balance of wealth and community development. In turn social standards rise and so does the economy. This also means we import less food so the environmental cost of transport in Green House Gas emissions (GHG) alone is reduced, which helps reduce climate change. GHG in the earth’s atmosphere trap heat and make the planet warmer. The largest source of GHG emissions is from human activities such as burning fossil fuels for electricity, transportation and heat. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the major GHGs and in order to counterbalance the effects of CO2 we need to protect and restore forests and oceans which absorbs it. Barbados already has a tree planting program and a coral restoration project called Corall, both need more support.

Putting the Environment at the forefront When oceans absorb CO2 they become more acidic this is called ocean acidification. Oceans have been absorbing CO2 for centuries but it is only recently we have come to understand the full negative impact it is having on coral reefs and marine life. Oceans and therefore coral reefs, are impacted by many things including soil erosion, pesticides, strong cleaning fluids, over fishing, oxybenzone (found in sunscreens), coastal development, stormwater (runoff), sewage and plastic. Thanks to various media formats around the world plastic pollution and how we address it, is on the agenda of almost every country. The Barbados government brought in a ban on the importation of various types of single use plastic items in April 2019. In July 2019 no-one will be allowed to actually use these banned items. These are all steps in the right direction to clean up the island, not just to help prevent bags and plastic landing up in landfill but also to stop them ending up on the land and in the sea. Plastic items that end up in the ocean breakdown over time by a combination of the effects of sunlight and salt. They form ‘micro-plastic’, small particles, which are consumed by plankton and other tiny marine organisms which in turn are eaten by bigger fish which are


eaten by us. So unless we stop plastic ending up in our oceans we will continue to eat these invisibly harmful fish. We will not learn the effects of these tiny plastic particles have on our bodies for years to come. But it’s not just fish, it is estimated that 90% of seabirds contain plastic debris, decimating seabird populations worldwide. Some plastic can take as long as 100 years to decompose and it also contributes to GHGs. A recent report predicts in 2019 plastic pollution will contribute the equivalent of 850 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. Staggering. Plastic pollution is a global problem, we have a collective responsibility to start dealing with it in our own homes and work-places. We must cut down buying various items packaged in plastic and instead choose plastic free items. Let’s focus on what we can do at home to improve our sustainability. Natural resources include water, sunlight, the ocean, plants and animals. We are blessed with daily sunshine so we can rely on it to do various things for us. Grow food, dry our washing and if we install solar panels we can heat our water for free. With enough solar panels we can store electricity and/or give it back to the grid and in return get money off our electricity bills. The initial outlay can be a barrier


but renewable energy is the direction we need to go. Ridge to Reef may not be a phrase you are familiar with. Essentially it is used to describe that what happens on land effects the sea, that they are connected. Heavy rains cause soil erosion, where soil is carried down hills and slopes into our streams and gully ways leading out to the ocean. It’s called runoff but with it comes harmful chemicals that farmers/growers use on their land called pesticides. Contour farming will help soil erosion and the use of cuscus grass on the perimeters. Anything discarded on land like; plastic cups, straws, sweetie wrappers and snack packets also get carried down into the sea, contributing to the plastic pollution problem. It is time to step up to the new Green Barbados. Time to take pride in our environments:- land and sea and to respect, protect and restore it wherever possible. Teach these values in school and engage with local projects that support these values. If all Barbados residents and visitors could practice mindfulness for their environment, half the task of becoming a more sustainable greener island could be achieved. We have to change the way we think from ‘me’ to ‘us’. We have to work together for us to survive in a healthy flourishing island and planet, now and in the future.


DESKTOPS Your office, your way!

Imagine it – a fully equipped office space, all included at an affordable flat rate in a safe environment! No, you’re not dreaming! Wi fi, air con, receptionist, telephone, electricity, furniture, shared Kitchen, bathrooms – pristine clean and centrally located with lots of parking! Welcome to Desktops! The newly created modern office space of the future for small businesses. You can’t afford a big fancy place plus all the add ons? Then you should find yourself at


Lower Estate and check out Desktops! You work from home but need an impressive meeting space for clients? Rent a meeting room that can hold from 5-10 people and include others via the internet on their state-of-the-art smart TV link ups. You can rent it by the hour! It seems that flexibility is the name of the game with this exciting new way to work in a professional environment. James Bradshaw, the General Manager, better known for Crane and Equipment and Moco Containers: “It’s something much needed in Barbados. And we have container storage space available for your documents or materials, so you can have your office space here and next door, access to your container 24/7.” The units come as a Professional Single (one person), Executive Single (One person) Double Professional Co-working Units (2 persons) and Triple Professional Co-working Units. There is a large photocopying, scanning and printing station which you can utilize for a fee and the virtual office is available for answering services, mail handling and forwarding worldwide. No more hassle – you just walk in and start working! Contact them at or


Why Hire an Architect? We asked Registered Architect Mark Hiorns, to give his insights on the value of engaging an Architect to add value to your building project or the construction of your home. Why Hire an Architect? “In brief, a qualified architect has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field whilst, you, the client/investor, may have little or none. The first step that a prospective purchaser of property may take would be to approach a real estate agent. BEAVA (Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association) has a list of members and is a good place to start As many in the real estate business would agree, Location is the first most important decision for those who wish to buy property. However, should the property be a vacant lot or an existing building that needs to be modernized or altered for change of use, the new owner’s next most important decision would be to find an experienced professional to guide them through the necessary process of development. That professional in my opinion should be an experienced Architect. There is a list of registered Architects, and this can be obtained from the Barbados Institute of Architects. (BIA) Telephone (246) 430 0956 In my experience many property buyers are wise to approach an Architect prior to deciding on the property to buy. Experienced Architects have a wealth of knowledge and are able to advise on land suitability, and the viability of existing structures. We can also help the potential client to develop a brief for the project, and establish an approximate budget while providing advice on whether there is a need for a Town Planning application. Although Architects are generally guided by a fee scale (percentage fees) the variety of services available vary considerably and it is not unusual for a client and Architect to agree on fees according to particular services required, these can be lump sums



or hourly charges. (BIA can provide a scale of fees, for guidance, based on projected building costs) Under normal circumstances, an Architect will offer to carry out work for a client in 3 stages. The client may choose all 3 or just 1 or 2 Stage 1: Design of building and submission of planning application. Stage 2. Production of detailed design drawings suitable for pricing accurately and for construction purposes. Stage 3. Inspection of the construction work and administration of the building contract. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When looking for an Architect, try looking at the buildings you like the look of first (Barbados property News is a good start, and also take a look at the BIA Diary’s annual show case, updated every year) and then make contact with the designer and even the owner if possible. Feel free to call and meet several Architects, it is important to work with someone you understand and feel comfortable with, since this process can span several years, depending on the size of your project. As with all professions, skills provided will vary, however, a qualified Architect will have completed up to 7 years in training and in order to practice in Barbados, that Architect would have to be registered with the Architects Registration Board. This process is necessary in order for the profession to maintain consistent and competent levels of service while conforming to a written code of ethics. A list of services and a copy of the code of conduct are available from the BIA Lets face it, for many the purchase and development of a property may be the largest investment they’ll ever make in their life time. Proper research and professional guidance are essential….don’t be afraid to ask for advice.”



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Port St. Charles is many things, but essentially we’re unique. Port St. Charles is an exquisite residential marina with a charming lagoon... Whether you decide to enjoy a meal at the Yacht Club Restaurant, lounge at the Sunset Pool with a delicious beverage, pamper yourself at the beauty salon or keep fit in the gym, everyone agrees that Port St. Charles is a completely unique experience.

Premium waterfront homes available for sale, holiday and long term rentals For Sales & Rental Information - T: 246.419.1000 Ȓˏ,/ Ȑ/0!2!Ȳ .% /1."Ȑ +)ˏȼˏ333Ȑ,+.0/0 $ .(!/Ȑ +)