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NEWS • August - September 2014 • Issue 94

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Editor’s Comments It’s the Crop Over season once again and with it comes a great buzz of excitement covering many social, musical, cultural and party activities. Everything builds up to the big Kadooment Day Parade, which has become a colourful spectacle that attracts many visitors and returning nationals in August. But behind the fun and enjoyment of the revelry lies the huge business benefits that embrace tourism, hospitality, car hire, restaurants, activities and real estate. Our economy will be energized by the Crop Over Season, which sadly only comes once a year, which is why we have to make the most of it and showcase our island in all its grandeur across many social and business sectors. Everyone has a part to play as we not only enjoy ourselves on this traditional celebration of the end of the sugar cane harvest, but we make the most of business opportunities to attract visitors back or to encourage them to purchase property. Buying or renting property in Barbados is relatively simple and although the island has endured tough economic times over the past five years there are more and more positive signs that we are on the road to recovery. This can be seen clearly in the property market which is now more competitively-priced that ever and which offers a magnificent range of real estate to suit any budget. We hope you enjoy the Crop Over Season and through the pages of On the Cover: Barbados Property News or our dedicated website The Crane Private Residences you find the house of your dreams. Pamela Hiles Editor

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Oran LTD’s #1 priority is to protect your home Oran LTD believes that there is nothing more important to you than your family and the home in which they live, and for the last fifty years we have manufactured superior aluminum and UPVC products that have protected homes and businesses alike. One of our major goals is to help you eliminate potential vulnerabilities in your home that security threats can exploit. The two major threats to consider are intruders and bad weather. Crime Opportunity theory is a theory that suggests that offenders choose targets that offer a high reward with little effort and risk. The occurrence of a crime depends on the obstacles that the criminal face including alarm systems, large dogs, formal surveillance, and security bars. The major way to avoid criminal activity goal is to increase the effort the offender must make to carry out the crime so they are less inclined to attempt an intrusion. Oran LTD security grills are one means to do this. The grills are made from expanded aluminum extrusions to form panels which are set in a variety of frames. Fixed grills are made in a number of different frame surrounds so that they can be attached to existing windows and open spaces. Light-weight, weather-resistant, and customizable, Oran LTD security grills are a great option for windows and doors. Although the visibility of security grills is an important deterrent for criminals, another option is a less conspicuous approach achieved with hidden security bars. As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, Oran LTD launched a new generation louvre called the Security Louvre. The Security Louvre is beautifully designed to complement your home while optimizing ventilation. More importantly it consists of 4” or 6” blades in glass and aluminum with built in security bars between every blade. Structural silicone is used to secure the louvres to the frame ensuring maximum durability and weather-protection. Whether you take the direct approach or a less conspicuous and more aesthetic approach, criminal threats must be deterred. The second major security threat is bad weather, especially during Hurricane season. Oran LTD’s RoyalGuard ™ UPVC Impact Product Line is just the product to combat this threat by meeting rigorous impact standards. For a window to be considered an Impact Certified Product it must first successfully pass rigorous impact and cycling test requirements as well as structural test procedures. Tested products must survive the impact of a 2” x 4” timber being shot at the window from a canon under laboratory conditions simulating that of an actual hurricane. The glass will break; however, it will stay within the window frame due to a combination of structural silicone and laminated interlayers that hold the glass securely. Today most building codes in coastal communities in North America require approved impact resistant products to be used in new construction & refurbishment projects. The RoyalGuard ™

product line is designed to meet the most stringent of the codes for Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Windows are a critical component in the protection of one’s home against bad weather. The RoyalGuard ™ Impact Product Line is designed to maintain the integrity of the window and door openings, which tend to be the most vulnerable in the event of a hurricane or high winds. Blown out or broken windows can lead to water and wind penetration that causes damage to assets inside the house. Furthermore, blown out windows provide an avenue for wind to get inside a house which can lead to the roof being blown off. Consumers have access to a number of products geared towards hurricane protection, from storm shutters to storm panels. While some of these alternatives may be less expensive than Impact Products, none offer the benefit of constant passive protection. Plywood sheets and hurricane shutters are cumbersome and time consuming to put up, offering little in terms of aesthetic appeal. In addition, vacationing home owners may not be on site to secure their homes against encroaching weather systems. The RoyalGuard™ Impact Product Line offers the security of knowing that one’s home is always protected without the hassle of sealing up the house with every hurricane warning. RoyalGuard™ Products are also designed to burglary resistant guidelines and tested to meet the industry’s highest standards for preventing forced entry. Oran LTD is here to help you eliminate potential vulnerabilities in your home while still upholding an aesthetic infrastructure. The company’s vision is “To create the window to view the world, and the door to welcome others to share it.” Oran LTD recognizes the importance of innovation in this process and is constantly reviewing and growing their product line to meet the needs of stakeholders and customers.

Austerity - The Buzzword of The Modern Era I never knew the word “austerity” existed until a few years ago when the effects of global meltdown started to hit hard in several European countries and there were protest marches against Government policies and some placards read “An end to Austerity measures.” After a quick flick through the pages of my Oxford dictionary I was suitably enlightened as to the meaning of this Draconian word, which has now become a buzzword in the modern era. There are several meanings of austerity, but the one that is commonly coined in economic circles describes policies used by governments to reduce budget deficits during adverse economic conditions. With this in mind it is little wonder that virtually everyone in Barbados these days could spell austerity backwards given that it has become a part of our everyday life. Our much-maligned Government was dealt a bad hand when it took office during the worst economic period since the 1930s, but its fiercest critics will still feel the DLP leadership has failed to steady the ship with their self-denial and unpopular policies of taxing their way out of the crisis. Most of their remedies seem to be at the taxpayer’s door, which is a flawed and totally negative strategy in the face of adversity. After all, balancing the books is a straightforward process of reducing expenditure by controlling costs and outlays or increasing revenue. Everyone in life has to do it whether in business or in their homes. Of course, Government has huge responsibilities within this process, but at the end of the day the principle remains the same-you have to work at both ends of the Balance Sheet to turn a loss into profit. And therein lies the dilemma. Politics is a complex arena and although many articles have been written on the current economic situation in Barbados, only the Government has the power to make things happen. It is lovely democratic ideology to believe the people hold the power because they elect their leaders, but in reality they have one bite of the cherry every five years and have to sit it out until each term is over before they are enfranchised once again. To think otherwise is living in Cloud Cuckoo land. Of course, we can always protest and



agitate, and the value of peaceful protest is currently being shown against the Solid Waste Tax, another Government fundraiser on the back of others that have failed to generate the funds needed to balance the books. It remains to be seen if this is “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” but surely the time has come for a review of the bigger picture? Barbados has a population just under 290,000 and is 166 sq miles in size. In the economies of scale it is small, yet our Exchequer carries the burden of a large public workforce, and numerous ministries and politicians. Virtually every elected member of the Government has a ministry so we have to question the merit in so much governance within a small country. Surely Barbados could be run within 15 constituencies rather than 30, and surely 15,000 civil servants could meet the island’s requirements rather than 28,000? The cuts may seem drastic measures, but this is all part of austerity action and where best to start the process than within? Creating unemployment is not something that should be taken lightly, but many of the government and statutory services could be sold off to private enterprise, which would create more efficiency and quality within the workplace, areas which are heavily criticised within the Civil Service. I recently did a mortgage for a Civil Servant and she was mortified that she had to provide a job letter because she was a “civil servant and had a job for life.” Unfortunately the banks are a lot more discerning these days so the job letter had to be produced. We live in a completely new world and have to adapt to the changing circumstances. Prosperity will return, but only if we recognize that austerity begins within and moves outwards. And it doesn’t have to be completely one way. A visionary administration will invest in measures to stimulate the economy and boost enterprise if it is freed from the shackles of debt and austerity. Are our leaders up to the challenge of a new world or is there another fundraising tax in the pipeline? Clarence Hiles is a local businessman with extensive experience in banking, real estate, journalism and sport. He is currently the Editor of Caribbean Property Magazine and Managing Director of Caribbean Mortgage Services.


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The Story Behind the Massy Name Walter Short is Managing Director of Massy Properties (Barbados) Ltd, which was formerly S P Musson Son & Company Ltd and also traded as Musson Realty now re-named Massy Realty. He explains the background to the Massy Group’s historic name change… In the past few weeks I’ve been regularly asked, “Why was there a need to rebrand Neal & Massy? It wasn't broken and was doing well so why mess with success?” I suppose the easy answer is to say our vision looking forward was not going to be best served looking backward so we needed to create a new identity, a new brand and a new image. After all, if we don't change, how can we ever improve? The decision was not one that was taken lightly. As far back as 2011 we came to realize in our strategic planning exercises, that we had many companies which could come together to better serve the needs of our customers, but they had different names and identities and this was a barrier to collaboration and was confusing to our customers. Furthermore, we also discovered just how few people know which companies were members of the Neal & Massy Group.

We then began to explore the benefits of a common identity and it soon became clear that a common brand was as strong as a surname for family members. As a result our employees now find it easier to collaborate with their sibling companies and consumers and clients easily understand and recognize the combinations of companies serving them. Another question I’m often asked is “Isn't this re-brand just another post-colonial takeover by a Trinidadian company?” This is a perception rather than reality as the companies haven’t suddenly changed or been bought over. They were all members of the Neal & Massy Group before and after the name change. The visionary name change aims to unite us around a common brand that represents the Caribbean and beyond. The rich legacy of our founders Neal & Massy and BS&T, which was forged several years ago in the spirit of Caribbean enterprise will now be developed and promoted under the Massy brand going forward. "A Force For Good, Creating Value, Transforming Life"

Great New Location for AM Electrical Solutions in Maxwell Arshad and Tasha Mehter have done a major makeover on an old property on Maxwell Main Road to create stunning modern offices for their new AM Electrical Solutions home! Well done to the team there and good luck at this great location. BEFORE


BEAVA News Come September 05, Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association (BEAVA) will host a seminar for members about the importance of Registration of Long Term Rental Agreements. The association will also deliver a module on Leases to participants which will be credited towards the BEAVA agents’ course. The three-hour session will be held at Barbados Yacht Club in the afternoon and will be generously sponsored by TMR Sales & Service Ltd. They have eagerly jumped on board with BEAVA for this informative seminar and cannot wait to present on its various goods and services, including Air-conditioning Installation and Servicing; Building Management Systems; Ventilation; Electrical Design; Supplies and Installation of Electrical Services; Energy Auditing; Fire Alarms & Supplies; Security. Members of the law firm Clarke Gittens Farmer, another company that has been working closely with BEAVA, has agreed once again to be the main presenters and have kindly obliged us with a teaser below on information about Leases. WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY LEASE? For most people, negotiating a lease between the landlord and tenant and signing on the dotted lines make up the entire lease transaction. Each party takes their respective copy of the lease, tucks it away in a safe place and makes a mental note of when it is due to expire or be renewed and it seldom sees the light of day again. Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of the story. There are several legal requirements that must be met to ensure the effectiveness and validity of leases in Barbados and most, if not all, will necessitate liaising with governmental departments and bodies. REGISTRATION OF LEASE WITH THE BARBADOS REVENUE AUTHORITY The law requires that a landlord must give the Barbados Revenue Authority prior notice of its intention to lease its premises by filling out and filing a prescribed form. When a lease is not registered in this manner, the landlord can find him/her self liable for the payment of a BDS$2,500.00 fine and/or 12 months imprisonment and if it accepts rent from the tenant. Further, the landlord will be unable to seek the assistance of the Court to evict a recalcitrant tenant unless the lease has been registered. In the case of residential leases, a landlord must complete and submit a Certificate of Rent Received to the Barbados Revenue Authority before the end of each calendar year in respect of each tenant. PAYMENT OF STAMP DUTY, PROPERTY TRANSFER TAX AND LAND TAX AND RECORDING/REGISTERING LEASES AT THE LAND REGISTRY In the case of a lease for a period of over one year, once the 50

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lease has been fully signed and dated, the law requires that stamp duty be paid on the lease and the lease be recorded at the Land Registry within 3 months of the date of the lease. If this is not done, the lease will be void at law. Certain properties in Barbados fall within “registered districts”, meaning that they are part of the regime in which the Government oversees the certification of title to the properties. With respect to leases of property falling within registered districts, stamp duty must be paid on all leases and all leases must be registered at the Land Registry to give the tenant a legal interest in the property, regardless of the duration of the lease. Leases that are for a period of 3 years or more cannot be recorded without the original land tax certificate for that property being presented, and so the landlord will have to ensure that all land taxes are paid up to date (even if the land tax bill for that land tax year has not yet been issued). At the date of writing this article, the Barbados Revenue Authority is also likely to require that the Municipal Solid Waste Tax payable with respect to the property be settled in full before the Barbados Revenue Authority will issue a land tax clearance certificate. Additionally, Property Transfer Taxes payable in respect of leases for terms of 25 years or more. SETTING OFF RENT FOR INCOME TAX PURPOSES For commercial tenants in particular, having a lease stamped and recorded/registered is crucial as rent cannot be lawfully set off against assessable income under the Income Tax Act if the lease is not stamped and recorded/registered. VALUE ADDED TAX Where a landlord generates more than BDS$80,000.00 a year from rental of property, the landlord should register with the Value Added Tax Department of the Barbados Revenue Authority. Where the lease is for a period of 25 years or more there is no requirement for registration with the VAT Department as these leases are VAT exempt. EXCHANGE CONTROL PERMISSION Parties to a lease may also find themselves having to apply to the Exchange Control Authority for permission for the lease if one or more of the parties is non-resident and the lease is for a term of 3 years or more. Failure to obtain such an approval is an offence. In light of the above, it is necessary for all leases to involve some level of interaction with governmental agencies and departments as both landlords and tenants risk serious consequences if they fail to observe the legal requirements. It is recommended that both landlords and tenants seek advice of legal counsel when preparing and negotiating. Clarke Gittens Farmer is a commercial law firm, providing legal services for both domestic and international corporate and private clients. The information provided in this article is not comprehensive and is not intended to constitute professional legal advice. © Clarke Gittens Farmer

BCQS International Announces Associate Director Appointment BCQS International, the leading and Development Property Consultancy of its kind in the Caribbean region and Latin America announced today the promotion of Senior Valuation Surveyor, James Pollard, to the position of Associate Director based in Barbados. “James has over 8 years of experience providing professional valuation services to both public and private sector clients,” says Sanjay Amin, BCQS Director. “This experience coupled with his hard work and commitment, meant the promotion to Associate Director was a natural step. James will play a key role at BCQS, managing the expansion and raising the quality and standards of our appraisal and valuation business in Barbados, Trinidad and the Eastern Caribbean.” Michael McGrath, Head of Valuations for BCQS comments, “The promotion of James to Associate Director is a result of the high level of reporting, advice and professionalism he

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consistently delivers to our client base in Barbados, Trinidad and throughout the region. The said promotion will enable James to build upon the Company's strong reputation in the valuation sector.” "I am delighted with my new position at BCQS International and welcome the additional responsibilities that this role will entail,” said James Pollard. “I look forward to maintaining our high level of service as our company continues to expand in the field of property and development consultancy across the Caribbean region." Prior to joining BCQS in 2012, James was an Associate Director at John Arkwright & Co, a niche investment and development consultancy practice based in Mayfair, London. James holds an MSc in Estate Management from London South Bank University and a BA (Hons) in Economic and Social History from the University of Bristol. In addition, James is currently a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is a RICS Registered Valuer.

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Barbados Property News - August/September 2014  

Property & Services sales and rentals in Barbados

Barbados Property News - August/September 2014  

Property & Services sales and rentals in Barbados