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So The Horse You’re Buying Ticks All The Boxes.

Make Sure You Do, Too. When you sign your sales-slip at the Ready To Run, make sure you tick the box. It’s the only way to be able to take part in the R3 million Ready To Run Cup in 2014.




Friday 1 November at 16.00 Sunday 3 November at 14.00 TBA Sales Complex, Gemiston

The Ready to Run concept has come a long way. The preparation of the young horses entered for the sale. The riders at the gallops. And above all, the quality of the catalogue. That’s in no small part thanks to the rich races coupled to specific sales. Money talks. The field that will assembly for the 2013 Ready To Run Cup this week has more classic candidates than ever before. It’ll be a tough race to win. By the same token, those classic candidates get their chance to feature in many of the big races later in the season.



sire c A P Arrow 13 Admire Main 5 Albert Hall 1 Antonius Pius 1 Archipenko 1 Argonaut 3 Ashaawes 1 Bernardini - Black Minnaloushe - Brave Tin Soldier 6 Captain Al 5 Count Dubois 1 Danehill Dancer - Dylan Thomas 1 Dynasty - Elusive Fort 2 Encosta De Lago 1 Fort Beluga - Fort Wood 1 Go Deputy 2 Greys Inn 1 Hussonet 1 Ideal World 1 Jay Peg 4 Jet Master 1 Judpot 2 Kahal 15 Kildonan 1 Lateral 2 Latino Magic 2 Linngari 1 Lundy’s Liability - Mambo In Seattle 2 Meteor Shower 1 Miesque’s Approval 1 Mogok 1 Muhtafal 3 Mullins Bay 11 National Emblem 1 Oracy - Parade Leader - Pure Prize - Ravishing 1 Rebel King 3 Right Approach 6 Rock Of Gibraltar - Sail From Seattle 2 Scarlet Letter - Seventh Rock 4 Silvano 2 Starcraft 1 Tale Of The Cat 1 Teofilo - Tiger Dance 4 Tiger Ridge 1 Tobe Or Nottobe 1 Toreador 3 Trippi 3 Var 1 Way West - Western Winter 3 Windrush -

f 10 4 - 4 - 5 - 1 4 8 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 - - - - - 1 2 - 15 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 4 15 1 2 1 1 - 3 1 1 - 1 1 4 - - 1 1 1 - 2 3 1 2 1 1

t 23 9 1 5 1 8 1 1 4 14 6 2 1 1 3 3 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 5 3 2 30 2 2 2 1 1 3 2 2 2 7 26 2 2 1 1 1 6 7 1 2 1 5 6 1 1 1 5 2 1 5 6 2 2 4 1





Four colts and fillies already have merit ratings of more than 100, with Mike de Kock’s Danehill Dancer colt Umgiyo (MR105, bought at 525k) leading the pack. Ready To Run has come of age, and serious buyers have no choice but to give it serious attention. Being with the best, that’s the name of the game.

Are You Ready?


There is a horse for everyone. Whichever end of the market your budget permits you to dabble, history shows that your chances are as good as the next bidder of securing one of the eighteen slots for the R3million carrot in November 2014.

he Ready To Run concept has changed the way we approach sales. For the good. The illustrious alma mater includes the likes of Horse of the Year Igugu and champion Pierre Jourdan, as well as more recent students like this season’s promising 3yos Dover Beach, Winter Star and Admiral’s Eye. Other notables to have graduated from the RTR Sale include last season’s Oaks winner Dylan’s Promise, Gr1 SA Derby runner up Gothic, Gold Bowl hero Winning Leap, and star international miler Imbongi. From the time tested ritual of a gut feel, a scratch of the head, a book with a glossy cover and a peek over a stable door, we have moved on to an age of information overdrive coupled with a realistic and attainable lifechanging short term reward. The gut feel and the book may still be there. But we have so much more now. And so it should be as buying racehorses is one of life’s ultimate investment decisions. Take the world class gallops held a fortnight ago at Summerhill and Yellow Star Stud. They were analysed to oblivion by some of the best judges in the industry for the eighth year in succession. That in a game where the laws are not necessarily written and informed opinions differ as to the right, and the right. Take the transparency that followed as the gallops were filmed and placed on the web. The expert’s top selections were also published and recorded for analysis. It’s called getting your homework done for you. And it costs the customer nothing.

As judge Dean Kannemeyer said: “How can they limit us to six of the best? I had twenty on my shortlist, and there were a multitude on the fringes. The quality is just rocketing and shortlisting is tougher every year!” This year’s catalogue of 248 lots is surely the best of the very best to date. The judges were unanimous and agreed on that. The statistics are there to back up the hype. As many as 22 of the horses that have lined up in recent times for the Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale have become millionaires and stars on the local and international circuits This year, many of the country’s top farms will offer lots and the overall quality of the catalogue shows how this sale has grown in status and class and rates up there with the best sales in the land. Already, no fewer than 41 graduates of last year’s sale have reached the winners box – and another 33 have finished in the money, and should win soon. Among the notable graduates from last year’s sale are the likes of impressive recent winners Sabre Tooth, Rainy Day and Nisa’s Love. The latter has been described by trainer Charles Laird as a likely Oaks filly, and this full sister to Gr1 winner Love Struck is a filly to follow. One RTR graduate to have made an impressive recent debut was the Admire Main filly Ikimasu, who ran second first time out – beaten by a fellow Ready to Run graduate, Rainy Day. Ikimasu won her second start on Saturday going away over a mile. Word has it that her trainer Gary Alexander is excited. That means something! Other proven performers to have

graduated from the 2012 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale include the Gr 1 filly Admiral’s Eye, promising fillies Pej and Winter Star, topclass Gr3 winner Arcetri Pink, and the Gr 1 colt Umgiyo. Impressive debut winners Solar Star, Yeoville and Duly Ordained are other horses to have caught the eye as recent RTR graduates. The list of stallions includes South Africa’s very best sires, such as Captain Al, Dynasty, Fort Wood (USA), Jet Master, Kahal (GB), Silvano (GER), Trippi (USA) and Var (USA). We saw Capetown Noir win the Gr3 Matchem Stakes recently. We marvelled at Red Ray win the Gr3 Cape Classic last Saturday. They are both sons of the late, great Western Winter (USA) and his three colts and a filly will be in great demand. Then there are also the promising sires Antonius Pius (USA), Argonaut, Jay Peg, Judpot (USA), Kildonan, Rebel King and Sail From Seattle (CAN), to name but a few, who are also strongly represented. World-class sires represented on the sale include Bernardini (USA), Danehill Dancer (IRE), Encosta De Lago (AUS), Hussonet (USA), Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE), Tale Of The Cat (USA), Teofilo (IRE), Dylan Thomas and Danehill Dancer. Sires with their first 2yos selling include Brave Tin Soldier (USA), Elusive Fort, Fort Beluga, Ideal World (USA), Lateral (GB), Mambo In Seattle (USA), Oracy (NZ) and Seventh Rock (AUS). There are few emotions that beat choosing a winner. There is no better feeling than buying well. Couple that with a horse, and the sky is the limit. The adrenaline rush of the lead in is a high we all deserve to experience at least once in our lives. Then, and only then, will one discover how oh so easy it is to talk about love and unbridled passion! But the decision has to be founded on the principles of maximising the fun and minimising the risk. It helps to be armed with knowledge and the comfort of a prospect of a realistic return. Because it is fair to say that in any investment one expects to have fun and to make some money. And not because it’s a greedy, capitalist thing. It’s because it’s about winning. It’s about success! Are you READY?



The Sale-With-Race concept has grown dramatically and proven a boon for prospective buyers. The simple reality is that the odds are now stacked in our favour. The objective is to find the best horse on the particular sale, as opposed to necessarily the best horse in the country. This Saturday’s R3million Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup is the richest race of its kind in the world, and hosts a quality field to match the occasion.

f course, if the best on the sale also happens to be one of the best in the country, then that does no harm to the balance sheet in the long term. A look back at the history of results and the final log published recently, show that there is no guaranteed simple recipe for success. Spend

R100 000, or spend R1 million. It all really depends on what you bought. That reality is amply illustrated in the field of eighteen that lines up on Saturday. A diverse range of price brackets are in evidence. This merely underlines the maxim that every man has a chance of striking gold at the Ready To Run Sale. This was probably best illustrated in the line-up

for last year’s Cup, when almost 50% of the field cost R100 000 or less. Thanks to supply, but no doubt more to demand, there’s a slightly more pricey feel to this year’s top entries, with a strong element of the R200 000 plus purchases (19 in total on the final log), among the original leading contenders. But ten of the horses on the final log cost R100 000 or less, or were unsold.


It may be pertinent to also recall that that just a few renewals ago, the first two home, Hollywoodboulevard and Igugu, cost almost R2 million between them, and in that particular year, they were the only two in the betting. The selection panel this year once again faced a thankless task, but appear to have acquitted themselves well. Although there will always be disappointments with the tight competition and the big stakes on offer. The panel’s brief was simply to ‘Choose the best field to compete on turf on the standside track at Turffontein over 1400metres on the first Saturday in November.’ Is anything simple, though? The prize money for this year’s race is paid all the way down to tenth position again. The winner picks up a healthy R1 250 000, with

at the Summerhill Gallops: the selection short-list of eight judges (Put yourself to the test: watch the gallops on the website – or










COLTS #4 Western Winter YES 1 #26 AP Arrow NAP 1 #72 Kahal YES 1 #104 Enconsta De Lago YES YES NAP NAP 4 #126 AP Arrow YES YES 2 #141 Kahal NAP 1 #142 Captain Al NAP YES 2 #144 Trippi YES YES 2 #154 Western Winter YES YES YES 3 #159 Hussonet YES YES YES NAP 4 #160 Mullins Bay YES 1 #161 AP Arrow YES 1 #163 Admire Main YES 1 #170 Mullins Bay YES 1 #172 Brave Tin Soldier NAP NAP 2 #204 Dylan Thomas YES 1 #215 Admire Main YES YES 2 #233 Seventh Rock YES 1 FILLIES #18 AP Arrow NAP 1 #20 Silvano YES 1 #30 Admire Main YES 1 #36 Trippi YES NAP YES 3 #38 Var YES 1 #65 Admire Main NAP 1 #82 Kahal YES 1 #87 Pure Prize YES 1 #97 Silvano YES 1 #108 Trippi NAP 1 #109 Muhtafal YES NAP 2 #132 Brave Tin Soldier YES NAP YES 3 #176 Admire Main YES 1 #193 Danehill Dancer YES 1 #196 Western Winter YES YES 2 #206 Rock Of Gibraltar YES NAP YES 3 #214 Kahal YES 1 #221 Way West YES 1 #222 Silvano YES YES YES YES 4 #223 Kahal NAP 1

Are Your BOXES Ticked?

lamented loss of Stronghold is evident in his 7 candidates, while Kahal (5), Mullins Bay (4), Admire Main (3) and Solskjaer (3 in the top 16) explain the hand Summerhill has been dealt. As for the imports, the presence among this year’s race ‘finalists’ log of the progeny of celebrated international stallions Rock Of Gibraltar (2), Encosta Da Lago, Dylan Thomas and Danehill Dancer is notable. You could change your life forever in just two days this weekend! A great sale. A great race. Don’t miss the boat.

You Be The Judge Ready To Run Judges Michael Roberts and Graeme Hawkins

Well over one hundred of the entries were put through their paces at Summerhill. As is the custom each year, a panel of judges picked their plums post-gallop. Each were officially allowed to pick 3 fillies and 3 colts. Last year, Admiral’s Eye (MR 102, bought at 340k) collected joint-highest votes among the fillies. You can put yourself to the test, by watching the gallops of all sale-entries on Here’s what the judges saw at Summerhill this year.

R600 000 for second, R400 000 for third and R200 000 for fourth. R125 000 is paid for fifth place, the sixth placed runner gets R110 000, seventh finisher banks R100 000, while eight, ninth and tenth finishers won’t scoff at the R80 000, R70 000 and R65 000, respectively. On the final log of the top 36 before finalisation of the field , our champion breeders, Summerhill held the strongest hand with 23 (65%) while interestingly, demographically the fillies dominate the colts with 21 (60%) against 15. On the stallion front, the much-

Mick Goss might have made it to the top of the law profession, but probably not as a schoolmaster. In the past, the instruction to the panel of experts giving their views on the breeze-up gallops at Summerhill of the Emperors Palace Ready To Run candidates was that you selected three colts and three fillies. Now there’s plenty of cause for concern about some schools in this country, but this class got out out of control. The following must all report for detention - Alec Laird, Simon Vivian (he may appeal as it was his first visit!) and particularly Graeme Hawkins and Muis Roberts. The latter two came up with 13 and 10 choices respectively! Full marks to Sean Tarry, Dean Kannemeyer, Joey Ramsden and Craig Peters who knew the rules and picked three colts and three fillies each. Now the joint most popular colt - selected by Messrs Ramsden, Tarry, Vivian and Hawkins - was the Encosta De Lago youngster out of the four-time winning Aussie mare, Bella Princess (lot 104). In true Mick Goss fashion it’s been named Intandokazi which I’m sure the Summerhill boss will enlighten on its meaning for those of us whose extra subjects at school were Latin and French. The name is also unlikely to delight our commentators Igugu was easy as she only had five letters. Also getting four votes - and the nod from Messrs Laird, Kannemeyer, Hawkins and Vivian - was another Aussie-bred (lot 159). He is a son of Hussonet out of the unraced Australian mare, Get Around. Both Alec Laird and Simon Vivian both liked lot 163 which is a son of Admire Main and a half-brother to Extra Zero and Negev. Trainer Louis Goosen is sure to take a close look at this colt whose name - Hyaku - shouldn’t be hard to remember. Last year Sean Tarry backed up his opinion by buying a couple that he’d picked out so it’s worth noting that he liked a Western Winter colt (lot 4) from Ambleway Thoroughbred Stables as well as a Mullins Bay colt (lot 170) consigned by Summerhill. In the fillies department, four of the panel - Messrs Ramsden, Tarry, Vivian and Hawkins - were clearly impressed by a daughter of Silvano (lot 222) who is the first produce of a half-sister to Lostintranslation. Three of this quartet Sean, Joey and Graeme also liked the same family lot 36 - a daughter of Trippi named Defining Looks. She is the eighth produce of the mare, Snooty Lady, dam of Lostintranslation. Another of the female sex getting three votes - this time from Messrs Vivian, Ramsden and Kannemeyer - was Summerhill’s Rock Of Gibraltar filly, Rich Girl. This is a top Australian pedigree and the filly’s dam, Miss Moguls, is a half-sister to Wyndam Easy who is a six-time winner in Hong Kong. She should sell for big money. - by Dave Mollett, The Citizen

R3 Million Emperors Palace READY TO RUN CUP

“you have to be innit to winnit”

Are Your BOXES Ticked?

photo Leigh Willson








An exotic international element was seen at the Yellow Star Stud gallops.

The World Stage

Dynasty’s magnificent multiple Gr1 winning daughter Beach Beauty slammed a strong field at Kenilworth on Saturday and prospective purchasers at this weekend’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale will be keeping a close eye on the former SA Horse Of The Year’s three daughters on offer. Beach Beauty won the Gr1 Garden Province Stakes and the Gr1 Paddock Stakes, together with the Gr2 Drill Hall Stakes and Gr2 Premier Trophy in 2013. She is back in the Cape Summer of Champions to improve on her brilliant third place behind Martial Eagle in the 2013 Gr1 J&B Met. Her sire is one of the greatest racehorses bred in South Africa and has become one of the country’s leading sires. Highlands Farm’s son of Fort Wood has been enjoying a purple patch with his runners of late. Dynasty’s flood of winners recently also include Unencumbered, and promising 3yos Dynastic Power, Speed Rocket and Krystle Carrington. The Dynasty sired full siblings Irish Myth and Irish Maid also gave their sire a notable recent double when winning at Durbanville a few weeks back. To date, Dynasty (himself a former BSA purchase) is the sire of more than 30 stakes horses, and his offspring have won over R30 000 000 in prize money. His top horses include the Equus Award winners Irish Flame, as well as the likes of Jackson, Ancestral Fore, Run For It, Sage Throne, Dynamic and Demanding Lady. A truly great racehorse himself, Dynasty has three fillies on offer at this year’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale: An unnamded Seminole filly (23) is a daughter of the smart, stakes placed Captain Al mare Seminole. Her second dam is the flying machine Lupine Lady – whose sire Wolf Power is the damsire of US superstar Wise Dan. An unnamed Spumante filly (43) is a half-sister to 3 winners, including the stakes winning 2yo Cool Zone. Her dam is an own sister to Gr3 winner Ghostly Galleon, and a half-sister to two other black type winners. Strawberry Pink (245) is a half-sister to four winners, including the game stakes filly Jabulani Jive and promising 3yo Pemba Island. Her dam, by leading broodmare sire National Assembly, was a Group 3 placed winner of five.

The world class sire Encosta De Lago has sired 95 stakes winners, with his offspring having earned over AUS$127 000 000 in prize money. His 19 Gr1 winners include the ill-fated Australian sire sensation, Northern Meteor. To us he is best known as the sire of former Equus Champion 2yo colt, and subsequent Dubai star, Musir. Champion Australian sire Encosta De Lago has really made his mark on the South African racing industry. Not only is the son of Fairy King responsible for impressive recent winner Taarish, but his local runners include a champion 2yo, a Derby winner and sire, an Astrapak 1900 hero, and numerous other black type performers. His star performer in South Africa, thus far, was former Equus Champion 2YO Colt Delago Deluxe, himself now at stud in Australia. During his campaign, Delago Deluxe won seven races and over R1,400,000. His wins included two at the highest level – with Delago Deluxe picking up both the Gr1 Sun Medallion and Gr1 Golden Horse Casino Sprint. Another star son to have raced locally was the now Alchemy based sire Dan De Lago. The latter defeated a star studded field to win the Gr2 Gold Circle Derby, defeating the likes of Aslan, In Writing and Lizard’s Desire on that occasion.

His paternal half-brother Safwan also defeated the champion In Writing when he dead heated for first place in the 2011 Betting World 1900 – earning himself a place in the Vodacom Durban July in the process. The latest son of Encosta De Lago to stamp himself a classy sort is the Al Adaayit owned and bred Taarish – who has won his last two starts on the trot. His offspring have also, understandably, proven very popular in the local sales ring. At the 2013 Emperors Palace National Yearling Sale, a daughter of Encosta De Lago was knocked down for R1,600,000. A dual champion sire in Australia, this world class sire has two blue blooded lots on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale: An unnamed Rocking Rhonda (AUS) filly (14) out of a mare by the great sire Redoute’s Choice (this being the reverse cross which produced Musir). Her second dam was a top-class Group 3 winner of four races. Intandokazi (AUS) (104) is a colt out of a four time stakes placed mare by Flying Spur (himself a close relative of Encosta De Lago). Second dam was second in the Group One South Australian Oaks and this is the family of millionaire, and Group One winner, Heart of Dreams.

Jay Peg has five lots on offer this weekend. Leopard Lily (29) is a filly out of a three time winning daughter of National Emblem. This is the famous Lily family, responsible for such stars as Vega, Bold Thatch and Fort Defiance, to name a few. Silver Peg (31) is a colt, whose winning dam is a Silvano


Today’s Prices Tomorrow’s Champions The exceptionally well bred stallion Ashaawes has come up with a number of smart performers including the classic colt Sanshaawes, and the Oaks placed filly Priceless Jewel from his first crop. Ashaawes is currently South Africa’s second leading


The South African champion has made an excellent start to his stud career. The country’s all time leading money earner’s first crop continue to churn out winners, with his latest coming in the form of Justin Snaith’s promising Attachment, who broke her maiden in fine style at Durbanville a fortnight ago. Her sire has been in fine form this season, with recent winners including Wise Geek, Shake And Bake, and Catalina Blues, to name but a few. Jay Peg’s first crop, now three, also include the high-class stakes winners Flash Drive (Cape Of Good Hope Nursery) and Olympic Owen (Gr3 Protea Stakes).

An Australian filly by the Classic Darley sire Teofilo was on show, while A.P. Indy’s best son Bernardini provided another. There was also a smashing colt by Newmarket based Archipenko, a top class horse trained by Mike de Kock. The good mover is out of a winning half sister to the great Dancer’s Daughter, and half brother to an Epsom winner. These sires sell in multiple seven figure rand equivalents overseas but buyers in the Bloodstock South Africa arena might see real value for the three smart looking yearlings. One hundred and thirty knowledgeable people gathered on Yellow Star Stud to witness the large Balmoral Consignment of Johannesburg-bound 2 year olds stride out not only for the watching experts but also for video recording on the impressive track. Arrow-straight new white railings bordered the course running alongside a row of beautiful trees and with a smart marquee, viewing areas and delicious waiter-served food, all Bloodstock South Africa’s and Balmoral’s hard work was vindicated. Everyone stood outside the large marquee to see no less than fifty five Balmoral horses complemented by several from Connington Stud and Yellow Star The progeny of Jet Master and Silvano, Captain Al and Dynasty, Kahal and Trippi were interspersed within a schedule constructed so that riders could be shuttled and reallocated with military precision. Other sires represented impressively included Tiger Dance, Count Dubois and a representative of the late National Emblem. Oracy and Seventh Rock were among the striking new boys and other pinhooked yearlings had grown as hoped into nice racehorses at a sensible price. Kip Elser, the America based guru known around the world for his Kirkwood Stables’ consignments to Breeze Up Sales has viewed every gallop in the catalogue that can be viewed. He was full of praise for the show. While Teofilo and Archipenko have been covered elsewhere in these pages, Bernardini is a noteworthy attraction. An unnamed Jackie (AUS) filly (177) is by Champion 3yo colt in USA and Gr1 Preakness Stakes winner Bernardini (USA) out of the Last Tycoon mare, Jackie. This is the family of the seven time stakes winning NZ mare Excitable Lady (Imposing)

half-sister to top filly Hidden Beauty. This is the family of champions Imperious Sue and Victory Moon. Penstock (46) is a brother to a winner. He is out of the smart, stakes winner Storm Flo – an own sister to the Gr1 filly Regal Quest. Red Savage (48) is a colt, whose dam is a sister to four winners. This is the family of the Grade 3 winner Major Hero. Dublin Rebel(174) is a colt whose dam is a five time winning daughter of emerging broodmare sire Casey Tibbs. Second dam is the Gr2 winner Firestar.

active sire by Average Earnings Per Runner. His second crop also looks promising, and it produced another winner recently when the Riverton Stud bred Assegai scored a smart win at Scottsville a fortnight ago. The Sandown Stud based Ashaawes is by Kingmambo, a world leading sire, and sire of leading sires Lemon Drop Kid, King Kamehameha, Henrythenavigator and King’s Best. Ashaawes is equally well bred on the female side – his dam is a stakes winning daughter of the great sire, and broodmare sire, Seattle Slew (also broodmare sire of Ascot Stud’s exciting young sire, Sail From Seattle). Ashaawes is from a family replete with champions and Grade One winners including Hooray, Excellent Meeting and successful sire Doneraile Court. His statistics also make for impressive reading - from a small crop of foals (which number just 27 runners), Ashaawes is represented by five black type performers. The son of Kingmambo is above such sires as Rock Of Gibraltar, Kahal and Dynasty on the AEPR list – despite not having covered such a high quality of mare. This promising young sire has only one lot on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale: Grey Mirage (151) is a beautifully bred colt. He is a half-brother to six winners, including Gr2 Diadem Stakes winner Golden Ivory. This is a top international family whose members include such high-class performers as Face Value, Miss Matched and Don Raffael.






One of the world’s premier stallions, the Coolmore based Rock Of Gibraltar, was an exceptional racehorse and is one of the very best sire sons of the mighty Danehill at stud today. “The Rock” has sired over 80 stakes winners to date, and had a noteworthy group race double recently, when his son Celtic Rock and daughter Ebiyza won the Gr3 Prix Andre Baboin –Grand Prix des Provinces and Gr2 Prix de Royallieu respectively. To Kahal, whose offspring include no fewer than 19 Gr1 horses, is currently fifth on the SA general sires list. The son of Machiavellian, also South Africa’s second leading sire of sand horses, is not only one of the country’s best sires, but also one of South Africa’s most versatile stallions. Kahal’s offspring include Grade One winners from 1000m (Noble Heir) to 3200m (Desert Links), and not a season goes by without Kahal producing a top-class individual. One of South Africa’s leading sires, Kahal, has been in tremendous form recently. Not a week goes by without Kahal been represented by a handful of winners, and Thursday’s Vaal meeting was no exception. Bush Hill Stud’s wonderful sire had a double when Boy Oh Boy and Cante Libre won the fifth and sixth races respectively. The Paul Matchett trained Boy Oh Boy was notching up his fifth career win when winning over 1600m, while the gutsy filly Cante Libre took her tally to six wins when landing the afternoon’s sixth event. Bred by the Gary Player Stud Farm, Cante Libre was a terrific bargain buy at the 2010 Emperors Palace National 2YO Sale. The filly, owned by Mr P Magee, cost just R40 000 – but, to date, has earned her connections nearly R400 000. As winner of the Listed Banyana Handicap, Cante Libre will be a valuable broodmare when she retires to stud. He has 30 superbly bred individuals on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale: Sapphire Girl (5) is a filly out of a winning daughter of Rambo Dancer – the same cross which produced Gr1 performers Love Struck and No Worries. From the family of high-class performers Rusty Pelican and Royal Glitter. Soviet Line (6) is a colt out of the top-class, Grade Two mare Real Red, from the family of Gr1 winners Top Seller, Al Nitak and The Sheik. Drury Lane (13) is a half-sister to 2 winners, one of whom won six. She is from the family of speedy filly Old Rituals, and this filly is bred to be quick. Secret Seal (21) is a colt whose dam is a halfsister to two graded winning fillies, including champion Special Key. Another whose pedigree screams speed! Crete (27) is a full brother to the Gr1 placed stakes winner Fenerbahce. His dam was a smart, stakes placed juvenile. Kalahari Silver (33) is a colt whose dam is a stakes placed half-sister to the Grade One winner, Garb Of Guise. In The Trenches (45) is a colt whose dam is a winning sister to Gr3 winner Side By Side. From a top family whose members include the likes of Rip Curl, Hail Caesour, and His Lordship. Wottahottie (49) is a colt whose dam is a winning half-sister to two stakes winners. From the family of recent winner Salutation, and illfated Gr1 winner, Last Watch. Fair Colour (64) is a filly, whose dam is a halfsister to Kahal’s Grade One winning son Desert Links. Thus the filly on offer is a three parts sister to Desert Links. Victory Silks (70) is a brother to 2 winners. His dam is an Al Mufti daughter of fine racemare Vino Rosa, and this is the wonderful Drohsky family. Dakiwe (72) is a colt who could be one of the star lots of the sale. He is a half-brother to the Grade One winning former RTR superstar Pierre Jourdan, who won over R4.5 million during his stellar career. Gaisce Gold (79) is a half-brother to another people’s champion, the record breaking Hear The Drums – who won a staggering 34 races! Banda (82) is a filly out of a stakes winning


daughter of recently deceased champion, Western Winter. She is from the family of current high-class stayer, Knight To Remember. Roubini (83) is a colt, whose dam is a three time winning daughter of top broodmare sire Al Mufti, and is from the family of Gr3 hero Chico Azul. Diesel Power (85) is a brother to 3 winners, and a half-brother to the useful Bodybuilder. His second dam is the July winning champion – Devon Air. Prince Of Arabia (93) is a colt whose dam is a sister to the smart sprinter Trance. This is the great Enchanting family responsible for numerous sprint champions over the years. Paris Princess (112) is a half-sister to 5 winners, including the Dubai World Cup placed, local hero Paris Perfect. She is from a top New Zealand family, and this filly’s future value looks limitless. Close Relative (124) is another superbly bred filly. She is a full sister to two stakes horses, including Emerald Cup placed Uncle Tommy, and is a half-sister to Equus Champion Sprinter, and promising young sire, Rebel King. Raise And Double (131) is a filly whose dam is a Muhtafal five time winning half-sister to 3 stakes winners. Razed In Black (141) is a brother to three winners, and a half-brother to the Group 3 horse, Blushing Peter. His dam was the smart, Gr3 winning juvenile, Elegant Blush – and this colt is bred on the potent Kahal/Jallad nick. Lovely pedigree. An unnamed Enroute To Heaven colt (143) is a brother, or half-brother, to 5 winners, who have won an accumulated 16 races. He is from the family of the classy sprinter Tuscan Elegance, and is another colt bound to prove popular! An unnamed Field Rose filly (150) whose dam is a winning half-sister to Gr2 winner Bridal Paths, and is from the family of Gr1 winning millionaire Pick Six. Fear The Fire (155) is a colt, with a tremendous pedigree. He is an own brother to top filly, and Fillies Guineas winner, Festival of Fire, and is from the family of no less a celebrity than Horse of the Year and legendary sire, Jet Master. Kalahari Gal (157) is a filly, whose dam is a winning Al Mufti to a stakes winner sprinter, who won eight. Her dam is very closely related to the Gr1 winning siblings, Al Nitak and The Sheik. An unnamed Irish Honour filly (175) is a full sister to the Grade One winning speedball, Noble Heir – who won the Computaform Sprint. From the wonderful Drohsky family. Muskogee (190) is a sister, or half-sister, to 3 winners. Her dam is a winning half-sister to 3 stakes horses, and second dam is champion Up The Creek. Kylemore Abbey (199) is a half-sister to five winners, and is bred on the powerful Kahal/ Northern Guest cross. Her dam is a winning half-sister to classy sprinter Dunmore West, and this is the family of top-class performers Alderry and Royal Vintage. Kosava (223) is a beautifully bred filly. Her six winning siblings include Oaks winning champion Icy Air and Mauritius sensation Ice Axe. This filly also shares the potent Kahal/ Northern Guest cross. Paradis (228) is a filly, whose dam was a stakes placed winner of six. She is from the family of classy stakes winners Hard to Get, Deepo, and Wall Street Dancer. An unnamed Precedent filly (240) whose dam won seven including the Gr3 Flamboyant Stakes. Her dam is a sister to Gr1 winner Legality.

date, Rock Of Gibraltar has been represented by no fewer than nine Grade/Group One winners, and his offspring have won in excess of $82 000 000! Rock Of Gibraltar’s stock have done exceptionally

well in South Africa, where his representatives include multiple Grade One winner Europa Point, sensational, Grade One winning sire Seventh Rock and brilliant Guineas winner Gibraltar Blue.

This great stallion has a single lot on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready to Run Sale: The well named Rich Girl (AUS) (206) is a filly, whose dam is a Giant’s Causeway half-sister to 2 stakes horses. From the family of numerous black type performers, this filly is bred on a similar Danzig/Giant’s Causeway cross which produced champion Soft Falling Rain.


Hit The High Seas!

Ascot Stud’s exciting young stallion Sail From Seattle has made an early impact. He was the fifth top sire at the 2013 Emperors Palace National 2yo Sale, where his offspring fetched up to R400 000. Sail From Seattle has certainly made an eye catching start to the new racing season. Recently represented by a hatrick of winners at Kenilworth, the son of Gone West had a good double at Durbanville on Saturday when two of his 3yo sons showed great promise. The Brett Crawford trained Gulf Storm got the ball rolling for his sire when scoring a facile, hands and heels ride over 1200m. Now a winner of two in a row, Gulf Storm looks to have a bright future ahead of him. Bred by Ascot Stud, Gulf Storm is out of the Kilconnel mare, Royal Drummer. Sail South gave his sire the double when scoring an impressive, come from behind win in the last afternoon. The Stephen Page trained colt, highly rated by his connections, was considered good enough to go for the Gr3

Elusive Fort Cape Classic. Bred by his part owners Mr and Mrs Pott, the colt is out of a Northfields mare. Sail From Seattle, whose first yearlings fetched up to R1 000 000, has a number of classy 3yos represented him from his first crop. Among them is East Cape Champion Seattle Storm, Grade One performer Tommy Gun, and the highly rated filly Seattle Moon. Another son of the stallion, the unbeaten My Nephew Eric, has been exported to Hong Kong. He has 2 lots on offer at the 2013 RTR Sale: Royal Admiral (17) is a half-brother to 3 winners, one of whom was stakes placed at two. His dam is a stakes placed Al Mufti halfsister to a nine time stakes winner. An unnamed Niche colt (218) is a full brother to the useful stakes horse Navistar, and a three parts brother to the smart Sahvara. The colt is from the family of champion sprinters Taban and En Avant.


Globe Trotting Archi

Archipenko, a former globetrotting superstar for trainer Mike de Kock, has made a smart start to his stud career. The blue blooded son of Kingmambo, whose first crop are now two, had another eye catching winner when his daughter Madame Chiang ran out a four length winner two weeks ago. Currently one of Britain’s leading first crop sires, Archipenko’s first runners include the impressive debut winner One Penny Piece, and the stakes placed Lady Penko. From the family of champion sires Sadler’s Wells and Nureyev, Archipenko was a top-class racehorse, who or placed in many of the world’s top races. “Archi”, as he was known, won five group races during his career – on three different continents. His victories included the G1 Queen Elizabeth II Cup, and G2 Summer Mile, while Archipenko was also placed in the G1 Arlington Million and G1 Dubai Duty Free. He retired to stud with a higher Timeform Rating than his sire Kingmambo!

This magnificent racehorse has one lot on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale: Lot 242 is a half-brother to two winners. His dam is a half-sister to Vodacom Durban July dead heater, and Equus Champion, Dancer’s Daughter, and this is also the family of impressive recent winner, White Flight.


Supply & Demand One of the world’s most exciting, and popular, young stallions will be represented at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale. Teofilo (IRE) is the sire of 5 Gr1 winners, including 2 Classics and 2 2yo Gr1 winners. An unbeaten juvenile

champion by the mighty Galileo, Teofilo has been one of Europe’s sire sensations this season. Teofilo has been represented by no fewer than 10 stakes winners globally this year – including five Gr 1winners. His tally includes the classic winners Trading

This world class sensation has a single lot on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale: An unnamed Cangino (AUS) filly (113), whose dam is a winning half-sister to Australian Gr 3 winner, and fashionable young sire, I Am Invincible. This lovely filly is bred on the potent and dominant Galileo/Danzig nick responsible for numerous stars - including the unbeaten legend Frankel.

Leather (Irish Derby) and Voleuse de Coeurs (Irish St Leger), as well as Prix Jean Prat hero Havana Gold. Voleuse de Coeurs herself is to be aimed at the Melbourne Cup this year. Following this stream of success, Teofilo’s progeny have been widely sought after in the sales ring. A colt by the sire fetched EU 230 000 at the recent Goffs Orby Sale, whilst yearlings by Teofilo fetched as much as 500 000 guineas at Tattersalls October Yearling Sale Book 1.



1. Buy a 2013 Ready To Run 2YO 2. Vendor portion levy R8,000 3. Buyer portion levy R7,500

For more information contact Bloodstock South Africa: PO Box 827, Germiston, 1400 • Tel: 011 323 5700 • Fax: 011 323 5788 •



RTR Buys Win In Style

Ikimasu, a buy at last year’s Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale, looked promising when breaking her maiden in fine style at Turffontein last Saturday afternoon. The Gary Alexander trained filly, making just her second career outing, showed her appreciation for a step up to 1600m, with an authorative 2.25 length victory. Bred by Summerhill Stud, Ikimasu was a R340 000 purchase at the 2012 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale. A daughter of promising young sire Admire Main, Ikimasu was produced by the Joshua Dancer Espinado, and she is a half-sister to the Gr2 KRA Guineas placed Corredor. While the talented, and well performer, Admiral’s Eye is one of four nominees for the KZN Breeders Award of Outstanding Two Year Old Filly for 2013-2014. As a juvenile, Admiral’s Eye won and was third in the Grade One Thekwini Stakes, beaten under two lengths by Equus Champion, Along Came Polly. A daughter of promising young Sunday Silence horse Admire Main, Admiral’s Eye was a R340 000 buy at the 2012 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale. Bred by Summerhill Stud, Admiral’s Eye is owned by The Fire Racing Trust. Their sire is well represented at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale, with 9 lots up for sale: Lot 30 is a half-sister to 2 winners. Her dam is a winning half-sister to G1 Cape Guineas winner St Johns Wood. Lot 65 is a filly, whose dam is a three time winning half-sister to Group 2 performer Approachable. This is an outstanding Argentinian family whose members include numerous stakes horses. Lot 69 is a half-brother to 6 winners, two of which won six races apiece. His second dam is a stakes winning daughter of breed shaping sire Raise A Native, and this colt is from the family of English classic winner Lucarno. Lot 138 is a half-brother to six winners, including the smart, stakes horse, Cookie Monster. His dam is a three parts sister to stakes winner First Arrival – dam of champion Let’s Rock ‘n Roll. Lot 163 is a half-brother to five winners, including Gr3 winner Extra Zero and classy filly Negev. From the top international family which produced Group One winners Maroof and Desert King. Lot 176 is a filly out of the four times stakes winner Ithala – herself a half-sister to Gr3 winner Mzwilli. Lot 197 is a half-sister to four winners, including the seven time winner Superfederation. From a classy New Zealand family which has produced many black type performers. Lot 215 is a half-brother to the smart, stakes winning sprinter Showmetheway. This colt is from a top family, whose members include leading SA sire Kahal. Lot 217 is a half-brother to unbeaten 3yo of 2013, Solar Star. The latter has been described as a potential feature race contender, and this colt is bound to prove popular! His dam is by leading US sire Carson City – himself broodmare sire of the mighty, but ill-fated, Barbaro.



Wilgerbosdrift’s successful resident sire, Tiger Ridge has been a successful sire both locally and in North America. A former leading first crop sire both in Florida and South Africa, the stallion has been represented by 26 stakes winners globally, and his offspring has earned in excess of $33 000 000. As recently as last Thursday at the Vaal, Tiger Ridge produced a smart debut winner in the 3yo filly. Park Ridge. She was far too speedy over the Vaa 1000m track, scoring by a facile 3 lengths. Best known in South Africa as the sire of Equus Champion Cherry On The Top (only the second filly ever to win South Africa’s Triple Tiara), Tiger Ridge has also sired such notable graded stakes winners as Wagner, Leah’s Secret, and Kavanagh.

Tiger Ridge, who is a Storm Cat halfbrother to the great A P Indy, has 2 lots on offer at the 2013 Emperors Palace Ready To Run Sale: Misty Ridge (1) is a half-brother to four winners overseas. His dam, by champion sire Rainbow Quest, is a three parts brother to Kabool and the dam of multiple Grade One winner Europa Point, and this is the worldclass Fall Aspen, whose members include champion SA sire Fort Wood and this year’s French Derby hero Intello. Sheldrake (169) is a half-sister to the unbeaten Warmonger. She is out of the highclass Grade 3 winner Honour And Glory, and hails from the family of Gr1 Computaform Sprint winner Noble Heir.


Written In The Stars

Described by champion international trainer Mike De Kock as one of the fastest horses he ever trained, the ill fated Scarlet Letter sadly covered only one crop. The six time winner is remembered for pulverising his opponents with raw speed. By Danehill out of a Machiavellian mare, he sired only one crop at Rosedene Stud before his untimely death. His limited numbers of offspring will be closely followed and it may well be worth recalling that it is the fast sons of Danehill who are top of the pops as stallions. Think Exceed And Excel. Think Fastnet Rock. Think Danehill Dancer. Bodega (151) is a beautifully bred filly. Her winning Model Man dam is a half sister to Judgemental, who produced a host of winners. The female line goes back to the Gr1 winning family of Equus Champion Stayer Festive Occasion, dam of Durban July third placed Do You Remember.

THE CHAMPION cost While he’s on the verge R1million at the 2009 of becoming a pensioner, Emperors Palace Ready and seems to be entering to Run Sale, but proved the twilight zone that a bargain at the price. almost inevitably seems Igugu, winner of the to afflict aging stallions, Vodacom Durban July a Group One winner in 2010, bowed out in last weekend reminded the Gr1 Qipco British us of the considerable Champions Fillies and impact Pivotal once Arguably the greatest horse Mares Stakes at Ascot had on the international sold on this superb sale is the racing scene, and if two weeks ago. Her retirement from only because he would mighty daughter of Galileo, racing was quiet and be expected to make a Igugu. This magnificent mare, without any measure of pretty decent physical Horse of the Year in 2010fuss. It was the way she contribution to the did her thing on the track. outcome, he would 2011, has been a superb One of the bravest fillies certainly be among our ambassador, not only for the contenders. to depart Summerhill sale, but for South Africa. Stud, she was also as Oasis Dream, were it talented a racehorse as not for his lack of inches, this country has known. to find a compatible alternative would be an obvious proposition, Mick Goss recently wrote of sufficient standing to warrant but we fancy, with the bit of that it was odds against Igugu a date with one of racing’s most “inside track” we have, that there making a successful return to accomplished mares. There was is a special spot in the heart of her the form that took her to a Triple a time when she and Black Caviar part-owner Sheikh Mohammed, Tiara, a resounding victory in the were considered by many astute for Dubawi. Vodacom Durban July and as students of the game, as being If only because he’s at the courageous an effort as we’ve the best middle distance and other side of the Atlantic, Giant’s known in the J&B Met, given sprinting fillies anywhere. Causeway may not come into the pain that preceded her Cape It’s anybody’s guess as the equation, though his highlyTown performance. to whose court she’ll visit, performed son Shamardal and There was always going to be remembering that Fastnet Rock, the Irish National Stud’s Invincible a question mark as to whether for example, represents the cross Spirit, would be worthy outsiders she was going to have the will, (albeit Danehill on Galileo, as in any field of this class. let alone the physical capacity, to opposed to the other way round) Goss invites thoughts on scale the heights she’d previously that produced the immortal the mating from the legion of known. Summerhill fans. Frankel. As a daughter of the world’s “And what about the Knowing her trainer and pre-eminent stallion of the bloodstocker, Jehan Malherbe’s preferences of the man that made modern era, Galileo, she goes to marked preference these days it all happen when he raised his the paddocks as one of the most for the progeny of High Chaparral, catalogue at the Emperors Palace valuable breeding commodities he would ordinarily be a leading Ready To Run Sale in 2009, on the planet. Her heritage candidate for a mare of this calibre, Andre Macdonald, and has stuck though, mitigates against her but you wonder whether the line- with Igugu like a bee around the visiting her own father, which breeding to Sadler’s Wells might honey pot?” he asks. means the search is already on send them in other directions.

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2013 Ready To Run Feature  

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