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The Shagya Arabian,

a description of this rare breed

Shagya Arabians are noble horses with harmonic and well balanced conformation. The head is clean and well shaped with a broad forehead, with an expressive face with dark, intelligent and observant eyes and nostrils which are very capable of enlargement on exertion. The ears are small and delicate, have nobly curved tips. A well-shaped neck is adorned with a silky mane, the skin color is dark. The withers are prominent and well-muscled, set well back over strong muscled back. The tail is set high and carried in a wide arc. Shoulder and croup are large-scale, well angulated and muscled. The correct foundation is dry with distinctive, large joints, short, well-shaped hooves of resilient horn. Lively temperament, good-natured, docile, gentle character, energetic and hard-working step, swinging, elastic and floating, almost silent trot, round, ground covering canter are characteristics of this breed. A size of at least 1.50 cm to about 1.63 cm and a cannon bone under 18 cm is ideal. Shagya-Arabs come in all primary colors, like Black/brown, Bay, Chestnut and Grey. Shagya Arabians are exceptionally fine, people facing horses with a versatile range of services and endless stamina, tireless dedication and dance-like lightness in his deft movements. The Shagya is a further development of the "Arab race" of the stud Babolna and Radautz dar. Shagya Arabs are today internationally bred on the basis of the recognized foundation horses. Only horses that can be completely attributed to the founder of studs or recognized Arabian, may, be used for breeding purebred ShagyaArabs. Pure breeding methods used for more then 200 years have produced the Shagya Arabian, a diamond among breeds. The Shagya Arabs exhibits nobility, and a friendly personality The breeding goal is a large framed, Arabian type horse, which is equally suitable as a riding or carriage horse, suitable for everyone, with an extremely noble appearance. His pleasant temperament and a willingness combined with perfect type for many disciplines has contributed to his popularity. Pure breeding methods used for more then 200 years have produced the Shagya Arabian, a diamond among breeds.

History of the Shagya Arabian breed  

This rare Arabian based breed, is recognized by WAHO as its own distinctive breed. The Shagya Arabiian was orignated by the Austro Hungari...