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Copyright © 2021 Spondeo Consulting Asunmaa. All rights reserved. Editor in chief: Tuomas Asunmaa Content Manager: Julia Morta Graphic design: Anna Jędrzejewska Website: E-mail address: (+48 514 615 048) Special thanks to our sponsors YIT Development, UPM, Pagero, Ecovis, Leinonen, Bilans, HT Laser, FSP and Koskisen, our fantastic Clients and the whole Spondeo Team.

Introduction Dear Reader, I visited Poland for the first time in 2004, Krakow was one stop during our interrail trip through Eastern Europe. It was the time when Poland and nine other countries had just joined the EU, and me and my friend thought it would be fun to scroll through Central and Eastern Europe. During one month we traveled through 9 countries and we liked Poland the most. A year later I had my studies done and I got an accounting traineeship job in Wroclaw - it was the beginning of the outsourcing wave. Frankly speaking, it was a bit boring as a job but luckily I ended up doing a weekend job as a promoter of Finlandia vodka. My task was to be a Finn in bars a clubs and teach people Finnish words, tell about our culture, deliver drinks and pose in pictures. It was a fantastic journey, I did the promo in 12 cities and learned many fun facts, such as Matti Hautamäki being the most popular Finn in Poland (that time). I noticed that Polish people think pretty positively about Finland and Finns - I cannot imagine that a Polish vodka promotion in Finland with a genuine Polish Wojtek would earn a big success among Finns. Once the tour landed in Poznan, I met Weronika and ooops, 6 years later we got married. Classic! This year marked 10 years of being an entrepreneur in Poland. In the early 2010s we had a staff rental company, focusing on blue-collars and since 2014 Spondeo. Over the years Spondeo has slowly grown from 2 persons’ side business to our current team of 8. We have helped over 100 Finnish companies in the Polish market - from market researches to factory establishment, recruitment, acquisition, sales, fairs, crisis situations.. – you name it. Numerous times I have been asked how is the Finnish community in Poland - this booklet will now serve as an answer. You will find entrepreneur, business, sport and culture stories from Poland with a Finnish heart. As usual, it started as a much smaller project but it expanded once we noticed there are so many interesting stories to put on paper. And, most importantly, we had our fantastic Anna and Julia to make this happen – iso kiitos!! Hopefully next autumn we can prepare a new edition. If you have an interesting story that deserves to be told – please let us know!

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Sand Valley Golf Resort Sand Valley Golf Resort was established in 2006. It is set in a rural area 2 km from Expressway S7 and 7 km from the Elblag Canal. Sand Valley has emerged as Poland's flagship golf project in the new millennium – rated by Golf World as the best in the country and one of the Top 100 in Continental Europe. The course was designed by German Tony Ristola and two Finns, Lassi-Pekka Tilander and Kai Hulkkonen. Antti Pohjonen, the Chairman and CEO at Sand Valley, also comes from Finland. It has been about 14 years since he arrived to Poland “for a week”.


The course extends over 100 hectares of picturesque Polish countryside, offering a breathtaking 18-hole championship course (par 72), 6-hole par-3 course, roofed 20 bay driving range and a large practice putting green. Every year various tournaments are held at the resort, such as World Amateur Golf






or Midsummer Golf Madness. Sand Valley also organizes weddings and integration days - all surrounded by world class links golf experience. Inland






of foreigners to enjoy Stay & Play - the packages put together with the goal of creating the perfect golf vacation. In 2019, Scandinavians were close to 90% of all of the visitors. One of the regular guests is Heikki Kovalainen, a Finnish racing driver. Onsite luxury Villas - Scandinavian in design and American in spirit – perfectly complement the golfing


experience. They are equipped with Finnish saunas, designer kitchens and free Wi-Fi. Larger houses come complete with their own private swimming




The resort offers 120 beds in the Pool Villas. Pelican Apartments are more suitable for the needs of couples and smaller groups. The golfers spend their evenings at the clubhouse bar & restaurant with a Nordic vibe, where they can try international selection of dishes prepared from fresh






Sand Valley 23, 14 - 400 Pasłęk

+48 552 482 400




Vistula Sauna The Floating sauna in Warsaw was designed in 2020 by Kwadratura and Marek Piwowarski. It was opened in 2021 and is operated by Miami Wars. The sauna occupies the area of 15 m2 and is moored at the Czerniakowski Port. This project is a part of the implementation of the civic budget in the capital city of Poland. The idea was submitted by Filip Pelc. The Vistula Sauna encourages the inhabitants of Warsaw to visit the Czerniakowski Port and spend more time amongst the greenery.

Source: Miami Wars

The city-nature dichotomy is currently a subject of criticism. The initiative of residents of Warsaw proves the need Source: Miami Wars

to implement innovative ideas related to nature. In contrast to the Vistula Boulevards, the Czerniakowski Port is quiet and peaceful. The Vistula Sauna is a perfect place for a calm contemplation of the natural surroundings. The port is home to beavers, otters and river birds. Most of the shores remain in their natural state. The panoramic window, characteristic






to observe the port, especially the flora and fauna of the Vistula River. The floating part is built of metal elements and wood. The hull, posts and upper deck is

made of steel.

The structure of the walls, external facade and the internal Source: Miami Wars

finishing of the walls are wooden. The sauna-ship can be towed to another place, which makes it possible to use the sauna in completely new, surprising spaces. Moreover, it is completely demountable and 100% recyclable. The Vistula Sauna can be used by a maximum of eight people. The facility is equipped with a toilet, shower, changing rooms and rest area. On the roof there is a large upper deck where the visitors can sunbathe. The sauna can also be used by people with disabilities. It is open every day from 6 am to 12 am and the residents are able to enjoy it free of charge between the hours of 8 am and 12 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm, as well as 5 pm and 6 pm. Everyone can also book the sauna in advance.

Source: Miami Wars

Port Czerniakowski 136, Warszawa

+48 791 197 500




Warta Poznań Warta Poznan Football Club was established in 1912, which makes it the oldest football club in Poznan and one of the oldest in Poland.The Club was set up by a group of young people who did not want to join the teams run by Germans in Prussian Poznan. Robert Ivanov, a Finnish professional footballer, currently plays for club Warta Poznan as a defender. He was born in Helsinki in 1994 and has made his debut for the Finland national football team in 2019. Warta footballers are two-time winners of the Polish Football Championship, in 1929 and 1947. They were runners-up five times, and were in the top three of football sides in the country fourteen times. Warta Poznań currently Source: Warta Poznan

has a place in the top ten most-titled football clubs in Poland. The scorer of the first ever goal for Poland at the World Cup was Warta Poznan’s ace striker, Fryderyk Scherfke. Shortly after promotion to the 1st Division, the Club found itself in dire straits. It was rescued in 2018, when Bartłomiej Farjaszewski and his Finnish wife, Niina Farjaszewska, bought the Warta Poznań Football Club and repaid its debts. In life and in business, Niina claims to be guided by sisu,

Source: Warta Poznan

which is unique in Finnish culture. It can be described

as a certain type of perseverance or strength of will that can push you through a stone a mentality of never giving up. The situation of Warta Poznań steadily improved. In 2020, a team that nobody was backing achieved a historic success and was promoted to the Polish Ekstraklasa after being absent for 25 years. The most clearly visible symbol of positive changes in the Club is the stadium lighting completed in June 2020 with its four, large characteristic masts. Warta Poznań’s calling card has always been the




Source: Warta Poznan


of footballers. Since the beginning of 2020, all training of children and youth players takes place at the Warta Poznań Academy. In line with tradition, and at the same time following






is schooling over 360 male and female sportspeople. Warta wants to be a socially engaged club. Warta is one of the five clubs in Poland that established





i.e. football for amputees. The girls’ section has also been operating since last year. The values of sustainable development and care for the environment are very important to the club. The club also promotes an ecological lifestyle. Source: Warta Poznan

Jana Spychalskiego 34, 61-553 Poznań

+48 608 271 521




ATC ATC was established in 2009 in Lodz and has been producing semitrailers for tractor units and trailers for trucks ever since. Finnish Antti Vaisanen works in the sales department of the company, where he is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships mostly with international customers.

Source: ATC

The products offered by ATC are manufactured based on individual







of customers. The extensive experience of engineers - from the design and construction department - allows ATC to implement any, even the most complex, orders. The production department is a group of high-class specialists in the field of construction of semi-trailers, with many years of practice in the country and abroad in leading European companies. The company also advises the clients in the fields of design and utility. Thanks to their long experience, the specialists working at ATC are able to recommend the best and proven solutions which optimize the costs of transport activities and raise the standards of use.

Source: ATC

The company has an extensive offer, which include: one- to five-axle low-bed semi-trailers, low-bed semitrailers with hydraulically steered axles, low-loader semitrailers with a detachable hydraulically controlled balcony, single






extendable low-loaders with a recessed load bed, tow truck semi-trailers, platform semitrailers, specialist semi-trailers, low loaders trailers, platform trailers and container trailers for all types of containers. The vehicles manufactured by the company pass technical tests in accordance with all the EU guidelines without any difficulties, both those carried out in the country and, for example, tests conducted by the international concern

Source: ATC


Dupois 114/116 Lok.A1.1, 93-465 Łódź

+48 517 849 968




Business Finland Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 600 experts work in 40 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is a part of the Team Finland network.

Source: Business Finland

Activities of the organization focus around key industries, i.e.:







food & beverage, health & wellbeing, ICT & digitalization. The local advisors identify market opportunities, consult and make high-value connections in the respective markets. The office of Business Finland in Warsaw serves not only inquiries related to Poland, but also to other countries of the region, e.g.: the Baltic States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and others. “If your company seeks for new markets and new opportunities, I encourage you to contact our advisors. Our team of experienced advisors, with strong local expertize and business acumen – Zofia, Agnieszka, Piotr,

Source: Business Finland

Anna and Radek - will help you within Business Finland’s mandate,” – says Kirsi-Maarit Poljatschenko, Senior Director, Head of Region Europe Central. Team of Warsaw office: •

Piotr Hajdecki,

Radek Kukuła,

Anna Łomża,

Zofia Stelmaszczyk,

Agnieszka Wróbel.

Source: Business Finland


+48 508 983 253




Espeo Software Espeo Software was founded in 2008 by Sylwia and Pawel Rogowicz, who lived and worked in Tampere, Finland for over 4 years. After working with countless large Finnish enterprises and gaining experience in agile working methods of software development companies, they decided that it is time to build something on their own. When Sylwia and Pawel returned to Poland, they founded Espeo with the idea to take the innovative practices from Finland into their company culture and core working methods. They combined the Finnish attachment to agile work and attention to usability with Polish software development talent.

Source: Espeo Software

Digital consultancy with strong Finnish roots Espeo Software builds and designs holistic custom web and mobile applications by providing the software development team that the client needs. It inspires and empowers clients to focus on their business goals without having to worry about the background processes. With strong Finnish roots, it is driven by the Finnish innovative spirit to create state-ofthe-art solutions. Although the delivery center with over 70 people is headquartered in Poznań, Poland, Espeo has been working with Finnish companies for more than 13 years. Today the daughter company, Espeo Software Oy in Finland, is led by Managing Director Aki Inkeroinen, who joined the company in 2015 after working in the Finnish IT

Source: Espeo Software

industry for more than 20 years at companies like Dell and IBM. Espeo Finland enables stronger collaboration onsite

End-to-end project development

with clients on the project and gives them access to top-

From the very beginning, Espeo’s team wanted to specialize

notch Polish developers.

in creating amazing web and mobile applications and user centered UX/UI Design, and deliver dedicated IT systems that make clients into market leaders. From the business idea to a full project maintenance and support, Espeo takes responsibility for the whole project lifecycle. In addition, Espeo has been building solutions for enterprises using the private blockchain Hyperledger Fabric. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with significant added value as blockchains add a level of transparency and efficiency that cannot be reached with other solutions.

Source: Espeo Software

Baraniaka 6, 61-131 Poznań

+48 618 480 065




Finnish Trade Guild The Finnish Trade Guild (FTG) was established in the early nineties as an informal organization integrating and supporting companies with Finnish share capital operating on the Polish market. Since March 2004 FTG has been an integrated National Section of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). SPCC is one of the largest bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce in Poland. Its headquarters are in Warsaw, and is regionally represented in Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw.

Source: Finnish Trade Guild

Board of the Finnish Trade Guild (2021): •

Marcin Bruszewski (Fortum), Chairman, SPCC Board Member;

Tuomas Asunmaa (Spondeo), Vice Chairman, SPCC Board Member;

Markku Ekholm (Suomen Unipol), SPCC Board Member;

Source: Finnish Trade Guild

Esa Tuomi (Nordea Bank);

The Finnish Trade Guild is a focal point for its member

Tomasz Konarski (YIT Poland);

businesses operating in Poland, representing their views

Piotr Hajdecki (Business Finland);

Piotr Pruś (Ecovis).

and interests, organizing cultural and networking events (such







Independence Day’s Night and other FTG-organized social,

Deputy Board Members:

business and VIP meetings), liaising and cooperating with third parties and providing business support that adds value and complements SPCC membership benefits. Some

Maria Onikki-Gorski (Leinonen);

Harri Reiman (HRX).

of these include: additional access to market and business information, support with promoting legitimate business interests and contacts with decision makers, networking in form of SPCC business mixers, professional development and information exchange in form of topical seminars and conferences, access to SPCC and FTG member data base, use of the SPCC office meeting room in Warsaw free of charge, cooperation with other bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce in Poland and the Nordic and Baltic Embassies. FTG represents business sectors from finance and insurance to manufacturing, logistics and transport, accounting, telecommunications, building and construction, IT, legal services, wholesale and retail trade, power and fuel

Source: Finnish Trade Guild

industry, chemical industry, paper and packaging and metal industry, to name a few. Marszałkowska 142, 01-061 Warszawa +48 228 497 414




Huuuge Huuuge Games brand exists since 2014 - however, the company’s history is much longer. In 2002, Finnish Anton Gauffin – currently the CEO and President, founded a mobile gaming company in northern Finland called Gamelion. The company grew and quickly opened a first studio in Poland (2006) in order to take advantage of the technical talent needed to build more games on more and more phones. Henric Suuronen, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the company, strategic advisor and one of the investors, also comes from Finland.


games. Their core franchises are Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino. Both constitute around 88% of Huuuge total revenues. Their new franchises constitute 12% of total revenues and their stake is increasing dynamically. Huuuge is one of the fastest-growing mobile free-to-play games







to empower billions of people to play together, and a vision to transform mobile gaming into a massively social experience. The company has 10 offices in 8 countries worldwide,








connections, 1M+ daily active users of its games and players

At first, the Huuuge Games only made games for larger

from 195 countries. In 2021, Huuuge Games made history

publishers – including Sony and EA Games. Nowadays

after making the largest IPO offering in Polish history,

the company develops and publishes games that are easy

as well as to date the largest in the European mobile

to play, great for small breaks and longer sessions alike,

gaming sphere.

and designed around our social-first, “play together” ethos. The social-first nature of the games is based primarily upon



of the players to chat, play and



one another in game and in real time. The concept of playing




with central

to the company’s approach to game design. Huuuge








in implementing real time multiplayer


at scale in social casino


Rondo Daszyńskiego 2b, 00-843 Warszawa

+48 538 637 061




ICEYE ICEYE started as a project in 2012 and became a company in 2014. It was established by Finnish Pekka Laurila and Polish Rafal Modrzewski, who were both in the university group working on Aalto-1, Finland’s flagship satellite project at Aalto University. In 2018, the company launched the first Polish-Finnish observation satellite into orbit. The commercial satellite called ICEYE-X2 weighs approximately 85 kg and is equipped with ICEYE`s SAR (synthetic aperture radar), which allows to conduct observation of the Earth`s surface regardless of weather conditions. Work on the device took three years, and its integration was carried out over 6 months in Finland and Poland.

Source: ICEYE

As CSO, Laurila has been instrumental in establishing and directing the company’s strategy, and previously as CFO, raising the initial $20M funds for ICEYE. Laurila joined forces with Modrzewski to create synthetic-aperture radar microsatellites to solve various large-scale issues the world faces, including those related to the melting ice caps, ice monitoring, agricultural issues, and analytics focused on terrestrial observation. Modrzewski brings with him a wide domain of expertise in engineering through his years as a researcher. The company is tackling this crucial lack of actionable information with world-first aerospace capabilities and

Source: ICEYE

a New Space approach. ICEYE’s radar satellite imaging service, with coverage of selected areas every few hours, both day and night, helps clients resolve challenges in sectors such as maritime, disaster management, insurance, finance, security and intelligence. ICEYE is the first organization in the world which successfully launched SAR satellites with a launch mass under 100 kg. ICEYE Poland was established in 2017 in Warsaw and was the firm’s first office outside of its headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It is one of ICEYE's Mission Operations Centers to control communications with the satellite constellation. The customer service team was also incorporated into the Poland office to provide technical assistance, access to information and image request services. The office is led by ICEYE’s Polish operations managers Robert Wagemann and Witold Witkowicz, who is responsible for all Polish recruitment efforts as well as scaling ICEYE’s customer services to a maturing base of clients. Source: ICEYE

Wspólna 70, 00-687 Warszawa




Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamaki Architects is a Finnish company which designed the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and, more recently the Zurawie mixed-use block in the Gdansk Shipyard area. Founded in 1997, Lahdelma & Mahlamaki Architects was the creation of long-term architectural partners Ilmari Lahdelma and Rainer Mahlamaki. Rather than approaching a project with the aim to push or challenge an architectural trend, Lahdelma and Mahlamaki take each design with no preconception, constructing solutions which are fundamentally contextual and responsive to their situation. Each project is its own thesis, delivering an experience totally unique to that building. POLIN, the Warsaw Museum of the History of Polish Jews, sits alongside the memorial to the Jewish Ghetto Uprising and tells the story of Polish Jews not only in the contents of the museum, but also in the public spaces and views to each other and the rest of the city. Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects brought to the project

a level

of modesty – rather than creating a loud statement – that spoke of the time in which it was constructed, whilst also being the vessel for past and future stories of Polish Jews. The basic form of the building is compact and reserved, not detracting from or overshadowing the surrounding park. From a distance its envelope blends into its Source: LMA

surrounding – dappling the light and reflections with its

international awards, such as European Museum Academy Prize 2016, Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award 2008 or Eurobuild Award 2013 for best design of a commercial or public building. In 2017, Finns presented at POLIN their own exhibition as a part of the celebration of Finland's centenary.

Source: LMA

Source: LMA

staggered panels. As one gets closer, the panels reveal clusters of letters – spelling POLIN in Latin and Hebrew letters (in English ‘Poland’ or ‘rest here’). At the same time, cut right through the building is a soft, undulating gorge – connecting the monument to the Uprising, with the park and the city. In one sense the form looks to evoke ideas of the parting of the red sea and the cracks in Polish Jewish history. Regardless of what symbolism the visitor decides to attach to it, the space creates a calm silence, a transition between outside life and the wealth of history contained within the museum. POLIN Museum was awarded several Source: LMA

Tehtaankatu 29 A, FI-00150 Helsinki

+358 10 315 43 00




Navigo Finnish education system is gaining popularity in Poland with more and more schools applying its famously effective methods. Some of them, like Navigo schools, base their entire model on Finnish schooling, combining it with Polish education system requirements. Other institutions choose only some of the techniques which make them similar to the schools in Finland. In public elementary school in Radowo Małe students are taught how to put theory into practice, e. g. by applying mathematics in the kitchen. Meanwhile, No Bell school in Konstancin – Jeziorna near Warsaw offers classes in communication, empathy, logic, and critical thinking. While most of Finnish schools in Poland are only available for elementary education, No Bell is also a high school. Another primary institution with no bells is Mikroszkoła Włochy in Warsaw – the students there have little homework and the methods of teaching are based on understanding how the brain works. Source: Navigo

Navigo elementary schools are currently open in Warsaw, Poznań, and Wrocław. The chain will also open a high school in Wrocław next year (2022/2023). Their approach is based on: •

trust instead of constant control – teachers and students are encouraged to be independent and creative,

responsibility – teachers choose their own methods of conducting classes and are accountable for the effects of their work; students actively take part in planning their education process by using competence maps and

Source: Navigo

working with tutors in upper grades,

practical application of knowledge – education

“creative boredom” and group projects. Subjects in grades

in Navigo prepares children for their adult life

4th and up are divided into subject blocks and students

in a modern, constantly changing world full of new

have their abilities tested using the Gallup test – all of this


to show them how to teach themselves and develop

contact with nature – children spend as much time

individual talents.

as possible outside, •

minimalism – applied in different ways - for example in spatial arrangement within the school, lack of homework, or time for rest during the school day,

support – teachers build individual relations with every student and support children’s talents and passions, as well as offer individual assistance if needed.

No grades, tests or bells are present in Navigo schools. The older the students are, the more time they spend working on their own. Within the day, there is a time for Source: Navigo

Source: Navigo

Source: Navigo

Warszawa, Poznań, Wrocław

+48 506 198 083




Polar Night Software Polar Night Software was established in 2020 in Lodz. The company provides a broad range of services related to the development of digital products and services for companies across multiple industrial domains. Finnish Henri Jaaskelainen, the Founder and CEO, created the software consultancy company with his international top-notch team. Three of his partners also come from Finland – recruitment specialist Ilkka Suhonen, IT sales executive Anssi Pakkanen and Antti A. Luostarinen.


The engineers at Polar Night Software are responsible for

The company has an impressive portfolio of projects that

delivering top quality software solutions using cutting-edge

helped the customers take their business to the next level.

technologies and tools.

For example, the engineers from Polar Night Software designed







The company not only offers design of the technical

Hetitulkkaus, which allows Oulan Group’s customers

architecture, but also implements it on a robust code and,

to access interpreter services on demand when they need it.

on top of that, manages the project management. Moreover,

The company also delivered a highly reliable and well

the team takes care of the customers’ existing software and

organised partner integration layer for LVS Brokers Oy.

can extend it with new features or custom integrations. The employees have an experience with both legacy and modern technologies on multiple platforms. They are specialists in providing a variety of maintenance services, some of which are bug fixing, new features development, migration and code refactoring. The developers master the following main technologies: React, Angular, TypeScript, Python, C#, .Net, Java, Node.js and JavaScript in general. Polar Night Software provides end-to-end deliveries, team extensions and consulting on best practices of nearshoring software development for business executives and managers. Source:

Wólczańska 125, 90-521 Łódź

+48 731 407 479




Spondeo Spondeo was established in 2014 in Poznan. Its mission is to help companies to grow in the Polish and Central and Eastern Europe markets. Finnish CEO Tuomas Asunmaa co-founded Spondeo with his wife, Weronika Gidel-Asunmaa. He came to Poland from Oulu in 2005 and has ever since worked closely with the market. Tuomas takes pleasure in supporting the Scandinavian community in the country - he is currently a Board Member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Trade Guild in Poland.

Source: Spondeo

Spondeo is built on transparency, agility and embracing outof-the-box solutions. The team focuses on simplifying processes, ideas and communication in order to make things more efficient. Our attitude is hands-on, favoring getting things done vs. fancy powerpoints. The main goal is to be Spondeo has 4 business lines: go-to-market, remote

a fair, fast, friendly a flexible partner, and have some fun too.

recruitment, Sales as a Service and advisory projects.

In 2021, Spondeo had over 30 clients - mostly Finnish companies already active in the Polish market or looking for

Spondeo provides recruitment services mainly in the Polish

an entry – from startups to stock-listed companies.

and Finnish markets, but has also projects in the UK and Germany. Location does not matter, as they have had remote recruitment in their DNA since 2011. Their customers are mainly in manufacturing, engineering, logistics, services and IT sector – and in 2021 they have recruited the entire range of workers from basic production, to the Country and Factory manager level. Besides traditional recruitment and direct search, Spondeo can also assist with contracts and advising in employment matters, salaries and policies. Go-to-market consulting can be a one-time project, typically a market study, real estate search or business partner identification, or involve longer-term local responsibility and assist with the whole business launch process. Spondeo has





Source: Finnish Trade Guild


establishment, M&A, team building and providing local business support. Advisory cases are typically second opinions, company opening/closing, and different kind of problem-solving. Sales as a Service includes traditional door opening - sales partner






approaches by phone and digital channels. We can also offer support by leasing our staff to act as a local Sales or Project Manager. Besides Poland, we have provided this service during 2011 on the pan-European level and beyond. Source: Spondeo


+48 514 615 048




Suomen Unipol Suomen Unipol Oy was established in 1979 in Finland. The company specializes in imports and sales of Polish industrial chemicals and plastics. It takes care of sales, transport, warehousing and distribution on behalf of our customers and principals. Solid experience, careful planning and large volumes allow cost-efficient and high-quality operations. Suomen Unipol’s suppliers include many leading Polish chemical companies, the most important of which is Ciech S.A., With operations on the global market.

Source: Suomen Unipol

Suomen Unipol’s total annual sales reach about 20 million euros. Every year the company delivers close to 100,000 tons of different chemicals and raw materials to the Finnish, Scandinavian, Baltic, German and other nearby markets. It designs all transport and warehousing operations together with the customers, partners and suppliers in order to address the individual requirement of each customer. Truck deliveries from country to country can be arranged in a few days and from the warehouses within a few hours. The services offered by Suomen Unipol also include chartering bulk vessels and tankers, and, upon request, rebulking and packaging. The product palette consists of a wide range of chemicals and plastics which are delivered to, among others, food, glass, metal, paint, cable, mining and paper industry. Suomen Unipol also delivers products for hospital and laboratory use, and for water treatment plants.

Source: Suomen Unipol

For years, the company has been the market leader on the Finnish soda market and has now achieved the same position in Estonia. Suomen Unipol belongs to the Chemical Division of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders and is part of the Responsible Care program which links responsibility for environmental, health and product security within the chemical branch. The company is a member of Finnish Packaging






environmental responsibility with respect to reuse of packages.







of the European Union’s REACH regulations in accordance with the FECC’s (The European Association of Chemical Distributors) guidelines.

Source: Suomen Unipol

Karapellontie 8, FI-02610 Espoo

+358 96 823 26 0




Tactic Games Tactic Games, which publishes games under the brand Tactic, was founded by Aarne Heljakka in 1967 in Pori, Finland. That is where the company manufactures about 5 million board games every year. Polish branch of Tactic Games was established in 2012 in Krakow. Polish players enjoy and trust the company. Tactic products were distinguished with the title of Good Brand 2020 – Quality, Trust, Reputation. This distinction is awarded to the most promising and recognizable brands on the Polish market.

Source: Tactic Games

Tactic Group is an international, growing, well-known and successful group of companies. It is one of the strongest, most productive and fastest developing marketers of board game products in Europe. Tactic sells its products in over 70 countries around the world. The company has been a leading creator and producer of best-selling board games for several decades. In addition to the board games business, Tactic is also a fastgrowing distributor of the most appealing toy brands and

Source: Tactic Games

a successful publisher of children’s books. The company is known for high quality products, very professional sales personnel, accurate and prompt deliveries, excellent customer service and the capability in identifying the latest trends. The main focus of Tactic is to produce entertaining games that offer moments of genuine, warm fellowship, and which add content to miscellaneous social situations. Their offering includes various categories of games divided into 3 main groups - for children, adults, and families. Tactic’s goal is to be number one in board games through creating the feeling of wanting to play again and again.

Source: Tactic Games

For over 50 years Tactic has developed thousands of game projects and localized countless games. Only the most exciting new game ideas meet the company’s high development standards as it aims to bring the best possible entertainment for players of all ages. Together with wellchosen classic games, their products offer an outstanding price-quality ratio in games of strategy, skill and chance. Top brands include: Kimble, Alias, iKNOW, Wanna Bet, Flags of the World and many more. Tactic also produces some of the trendiest outdoor games, such as the Finnish throwing game Mölkky. Source: Tactic Games

Kocmyrzowska 13A/14-15, 31-750 Kraków

+48 723 735 774




Valkea Media Valkea Media was established in Warsaw in 2000. The Founder, Esko Kilpinen, comes from Finland and currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board in the company.


Valkea started with one title called Aktivist, which was focusing on the nightlife. It turned out to be hugely successful







and spearheaded transformation of the nightlife scene in Poland. The company grew quickly through establishing


new titles and acquisitions. Over the last fifteen years, Valkea Media has transformed itself from a traditional print media house to a custom content production house creating a full spectrum of effective cutting-edge communication solutions to our clients, whether it is on or off-line content ranging from social media marketing, video, print and events. Valkea’s own media brands set it apart in the advertising agency landscape. The company consistently leverages many years of media-savvy experience to conduct successful content, native, PR, and classic marketing campaigns for its clients. The best-known titles today are


probably two English language magazines: Warsaw Insider and Warsaw Business Journal. Some of the latest projects include: Manufaktura – Poland’s biggest shopping center – choosing Valkea as strategic creative advisor. Ecco shoes (Danish brand) buying influencer marketing, events, social media marketing and TV campaign from Valkea. Douglas (the cosmetic shops) buying &



development, marketing


content Valkea,

solutions Zabka

the convenience retailer, with more than 7,000 shops in







communication from Valkea.


Jerzego Ficowskiego 15, 01-74 Warszawa

+48 801 800 278




Aleksandra Michta-Juntunen Aleksandra Michta-Juntunen is a Pole who moved to Helsinki in 2007. She is deeply fascinated with Finland, Finnish people, culture and cuisine, and decided to share her passion with people from Poland. For this reason Aleksandra became an author and culinary blogger. She also collects Finnish translations of Polish literature, enjoys wandering in endless Finnish forests and relaxing in the sauna. There are several interviews conducted with Aleksandra by Polish journalists, in which she talks about her experiences from Finland.


conversations with various people who live there. Moreover, the publication makes it easy for the readers to apply the newly-acquired knowledge from the book into their daily life – in order to be as happy as people living in the Northern Europe. Aleksandra often visits Poland, where she gladly attends meetings with her Polish readers and shares her personal insight into Finland. The participants have an opportunity to ask questions, admire unique photographs taken by Michta-Juntunen and even try salmiakki, traditional


candy brought straight from Finland. Fińskie smaki (Finnish flavours) is the only blog written in Polish, which focuses exclusively on Finnish cuisine and Finland. Aleksandra regularly publishes recipes for Finnish dishes – either present in her Finnish family from generations or created by herself. She also posts interesting articles about habits, language and the history of Finland. Aleksandra’s book, Finlandia. Sisu, sauna i salmiakki, was published in 2019. The readers have a chance to take a closer look at the contrasts that rule in the incredibly diverse, multi-layered society of Finland. The author debunks some - and confirms other - stereotypes about Finnish people, thoroughly describes the true meaning of sisu and explains little known habits and celebrations typical for Finland. Michta-Juntunen is also a co-author of a book Codziennie jest piątek. Szczęście po nordycku (Every day a Friday. A Nordic way of happiness). It includes interesting information about Nordic






fascinating Source:





Books about Finland Books about Finland by Polish writers concern different areas of Finnish world. Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolalek introduces the readers to Finnish cuisine, while Malgorzata Sidz proves that Finnish society is not as homogenous as it might seem. Many books by Finnish writers were translated to Polish and are appreciated by the readers from Poland, e. g. Guide for a xenophob. Finns by Tarja Moles or famous Moomins by Tove Jansson (originally written in Swedish).

Private collection of M. Tomaszewska-Bolałek

Private collection of M. Tomaszewska-Bolałek

M. Tomaszewska-Bolałek is a journalist, specialist in food culture, head of Food Studies at the SWPS University and








She conducts meetings, gives lectures, organizes cooking classes and writes the blog Kuchniokracja. Her book, Tradycje kulinarne Finlandii (Culinary traditions of Finland), has a lot to offer to the readers who look for unusual flavours. As a result of a turbulent history, Finnish dishes are influenced by Swedish, Russian and Sami cuisines. Traditional meals are endearing in their simplicity. There is a great respect for products that for centuries were often difficult to obtain. Other important features of Finnish cuisine include use of natural foods and rational management of ingredients. M. Sidz spent five years in Finland, while studying

Private collection of M. Sidz

at the University of Turku. Her book, Kocie chrzciny (Cat’s christening) includes series of talks with Finns about their various views and experiences. The author also explains intricacies of Finnish history and national identity. The reader is invited to take a thorough look at Finnish culture beyond stereotypes and expectations. Sidz opens the doors into the Finnish houses, where the readers can see diligent, forbearing people - who enjoy celebrating, but also often have to struggle, for example with loneliness. Finland is








and divisions; wonderful and difficult at the same time. Private collection of M. Sidz




Finhome Finhome Ltd. is a Finnish-Polish family business established in 2016. The Finnish Home is located just next to the city of Poznan in peaceful Kliny village, surrounded by idyllic forest - perfect for outdoor activities in nature. The company runs a complex of wooden log-buildings: 120 m2 house, sauna and grill-house, situated on 3000 m2 garden – called Finlandia SPOT (@finlandiaspot). The complex was built between 2017 and 2020, in collaboration with almost 30 Finnish business partners.

Source: Finhome

Finlandia SPOT by Finhome is a perfect meeting and education spot for organized groups up to 25 people – like buiness partners, families and friends. It offers a spacious meeting room, 8 sleeping places, kitchen, a sauna building, hot-tub, grill house and fire place. All the buildings are well-

Source: Finhome

equipped and have access to free Wi-Fi. At Finlandia SPOT all visitors can feel relaxed by nature - like at home.

The Finlandia SPOT team represents understanding of Finnish and Polish business, education and cultural needs, and stays in collaboration with multilevel network of experts and business support organizations in Finland and Poland. The team has over 15 years of experience in running international projects, matchmaking events for different sectors, as well as

boosting international

marketing and PR projects. At Finlandia SPOT, groups can order tailor-made services (B2B meetings, matchmaking and networking events)

Source: Finhome

or choose one of the programs for groups: Outdoor Adventure (Survivals in Zielonka Forest or Wild Kitchen lesson), business workshops (team building, creative marketing, PR and CSR), family & friends workshops (DIY, ceramic, open fire cooking), workshops for foreigners (Traditional




workshops. Finlandia SPOT Team is open for all suggestions related to the programs and ready to adjust all types of workshop to the group's requirements. Source: Finhome Source: Finhome Kliny, ul. Miła 14, 62-004 Czerwonak




Finnish studies in Poland Finnish Studies in Poland are currently offered by three universities in Poland – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (since 1975), University of Warsaw (since 2007) and University of Gdansk (2015). The scope of study includes language, literature, culture and the history of Finns and Finland. The students are taught language theory, grammar, translation and linguistics. In addition, Finnish Studies acquaints with the literature of outstanding Finns and the works of Finnish scientists. In all three universities the enrolment for Finnish studies takes places every two years (since 2016 - every year in Warsaw). The students have also an opportunity to spend one or two semesters (in every cycle) living and studying in Finland as a part of Erasmus program. In 2005, at Poznań AMU Finnish studies became combined with Hungarian studies. Therefore, currently there is philology with specialization Finno-Ugric studies – Finnish philology. The students can earn their Bachelor’s degree in three years and Master’s degree in two years. Source:

In Gdańsk, the students have a chance to gain knowledge of Finnish and Finland by choosing Scandinavian studies with Finnish specialization. The university describes the degree as more interdisciplinary than a traditional philology. The focus is put not only on a language and culture, but for example, also on international law, as well as Finnish economy and business. Source:

At the University of Warsaw, besides Finnish, the students are additionally required to study Hungarian or Estonian. Since 2010, there is a student association Majakka by The Department of Hungarian Studies. It aims to better understand and promote Finnish culture. In both Warsaw and Gdańsk, it takes four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree. This is due to the difficulty of the Finnish language and the fact that the learning process is one of building blocks. The extension of the undergraduate education allows students to achieve a language proficiency at the C1 level, which enables them to use Finnish at work. The graduates often find employment in international corporations which provide



(for example accounting).







Finnish wooden houses in Warsaw Otwarty Jazdow (Open Jazdow) in Warsaw is an intimate, full of green settlement of wooden Finnish houses. It was built right after the end of World War II at the Jazdow Street, near Polish parliament. It is a rural community in the center of Warsaw, unique on both Polish and European scale.

Image by Michał Augustyn

established to work on a project to preserve several houses. The residents of the estate invited NGOs and informal groups to cooperate during the Night of Museums 2013. The success of this action resulted in the Śródmieście District agreeing to lend vacancies from June to November and the creation of the Open Jazdów initiative. A unique, open to social and culture-shaping space was created dozens of associations, foundations, informal groups and sponsors have been involved in its activities. In 2021, the Partnership Open Jazdów (established in 2015) was distinguished by the European Commission for its exceptional commitment to the protection and development

Image by Mateusz Potempski

of the common European heritage. The organization is open The wooden houses were a part of the reparations which

to cooperation with Finnish companies.

Finland was forced to provide to the former USSR following World War II. The Jazdów estate initially consisted of


Finnish houses are also located in the Pole

90 houses built for the employees of the Warsaw

Mokotowskie park. Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński

Reconstruction Office (Biuro Odbudowy Stolicy), whose

used to live in one of them. The city council has recently

task was to prepare large-scale post-war reconstruction


projects. Over the years, the settlement has become smaller

the renovation of both houses.








with many houses leased by foreign governments for the use as embassies, or repurposed. However, while it has shrunk, part of the Jazdów estate remains, with a total of 27 houses, of which 7 are inhabited by locals, the remaining 20 being occupied by various NGOs and other organisations with conservation in mind. In 2010, the authorities of the Śródmieście District took steps to displace the inhabitants and complete liquidation of the estate. Stowarzyszenie Mieszkańców Domków Fińskich Jazdów (Finnish Houses Residents Jazdów Association)






to preserve the settlement. In 2012, the Ambassador of Finland, Jari Vilén, became interested in the estate that was being closed down. In 2013, a Polish-Finnish group was Image by Patrycja Drzazga

Jazdów 10/5, 00-467 Warszawa




Grupa Pohjola Grupa Pohjola is a group established by five Poles who met while studying Finnish at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. They wanted to share their passion and knowledge about Finland with as many people as possible, so they decided to create a Facebook fanpage and later a blog. The Facebook page by Grupa Pohjola is currently followed by almost 2,000 people. The authors regularly publish interesting pictures and news. From time to time, the fans have a chance to take part in competitions and win some Finnish awards – usually recently published books.


Grupa Pohjola’s blog is focused on everything related to

experiences, aim to introduce the country from as many

Finland, Finnish culture and language. The authors,

different perspectives as possible. There are six main


sections of the blog:







culture – includes five following subsections: movies, lifestyle, literature, music and visual arts. There are reviews of books written in Finnish and books about Finland; movie recommendations; information about different genres of music and cultural events;

ecology – articles like Lahti – green capital of Europe 2021 or a thorough explanation of the issue with an excess snow in Helsinki, which often ends up in the Baltic Sea;

Finnish language – several creative lessons of Finnish; information about available summer courses in Finland; interviews with university students of Finnish studies;

history – prehistory of Finland; introduction to the fascinating Finnish mythology; the country during WWI, civil war and WWII; origins of Santa Claus; Polish elements in the history of Finland;

politics – in this section the authors explain the specifics of Finnish political system from scratch and present current issues in Finnish political scene. The blog is the only source of articles on Finnish politics available in Polish;

travel – photos and unique observations from the authors’ various trips to Finland; useful information about Finnish airlines; comparison between certain habits which differ in Poland and Finland; tips on how a reader can become poronhoitaja - start his/her own reindeer farm.








- the members of Grupa Pohjola - are constantly working on improving their online presence. They are also open to cooperation in order to get more individuals interested in Finnish culture. Source:





Kalevala Kalevala is known as “the only Finnish village in the world located outside Finland.” It was established by Michal Makowski, who came up with the idea during one of his visits in Finland. He became so fascinated with the country and its people that he decided to bring the essence of the Finnish world to Poland. Kalevala village introduces visitors to the Finnish history, culture and customs. The project was approved by the Finnish government.


In winter, Santa Claus visits the village. The guests are also encouraged to take walks with friendly Siberian Husky dogs, go for trips in the mountains, take part in toboggan rallies and use a specially created educational path. Even if the guests decide not to stay overnight in a tent, they can take part in a tour of the village, light a fire together in the Finnish sauna, taste Finnish delicacies and have a great time during various events that take place there. The visitors can purchase products from Finland in a store located in Kalavala, for example the famous Finnish Baby Boxes or liquors such as Minttu, Salmiakki, Koskenkorva Sauna or Valhall.


Kalevala is located in Borowice near Karpacz. The choice of the Karkonosze Mountains was not accidental the nature there in many aspects resembles that found in Finland. Numerous attractions are waiting for guests in Kalevala - Finnish saunas, lavvu tents, barrel bathtubs and barbecue cabins. The reindeer, which permanently live in the village, were also brought to Poland from Finland. Thanks to the VR technology, the hosts are able to organize the Northern Lights displays. The movies, recorded with a 360-degree camera, can be enjoyed while sitting on a comfortable deckchair outside - with a blanket, hot chocolate and Scandinavian music on headphones. Source:

Lapońska 1, 58-564 Borowice

+48 500 290 965




KIRJA Kolektyw Tlumaczy Literatury Finskiej KIRJA – Finnish-Polish Literary Translators Collective KIRJA – is a group of Polish enthusiasts of the Finnish language, literary arts and culture. The members met for the first time at the workshop for Finnish literature translators in March 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, they established the Kirja collective. Another valuable result of the same workshop was the anthology of translations, which was also published in 2019 and is now available on the group’s website.

Source: KIRJA

thoughts about a book on an event page established by Kirja on






Instagram. take









competitions on Facebook page. The awards are usually latest books. The main goal of the Kirja group is to popularize Finnish literature in Poland. The members regularly attend book fairs and reading events, publish reviews, meet agents and representatives of publishing houses, talk about important Source: KIRJA

events from Finnish literary life (for example via Instagram or Facebook live), create podcasts and – of course –

The Kirja’s page on Facebook is currently followed by

regularly read and translate plenty of books. They are also

almost 1,200 people. The authors regularly publish news

open to cooperation with any people and organizations

about the latest translations, reports and curiosities from

interested in Finnish literature.

the literary life of Finland. They also celebrate important events, such as International Translation Day. There are currently nine members of the Kirja collective - all listed and thoroughly described on the website. They come from different parts of Poland, live in different countries, are of different ages and varying tastes when it comes to their beloved literature. However, what connects them is that they all flawlessly speak Finnish and, in one way or another, Finland plays a significant role in their lives. The translators from Kirja organize various creative events, for example, there were already two editions of a challenge to read one Finnish book during the summer (topic and language








The participants were then encouraged to share their Source: KIRJA

Poland, Finland




Mannerheim: Polish Years “Mannerheim: Puolan vuodet (Mannerheim: Polish Years)” is a book by Anna and her husband, Jukka Soisalon-Soininen. He is a Finn who has lived in Poland for about 30 years. The author works also as a journalist, licensed tourist guide and organizer of trips for groups and individuals in Poland, Finland and other parts of Europe. Mannerheim: Puolan vuodet is a valuable and interesting addition to the literature on Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, one of the most famous figures in Finnish history. He commanded the Finnish armed forces during the World War II and went on to serve as the president of Finland. As he writes himself, he spent the best years of his life in Poland. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Cavallery School in 1889, Mannerheim was assigned to the regiment in Kalisz on the German border. “I had nothing against my placement in Poland, to which I always was glad to return to. The more I got to know the Poles, the better I understood them and enjoyed them”, he wrote. In 1911, Mannerheim was appointed commander of the regiment stationed in Warsaw. There he was invited into Polish high society, for example, Zamoyskis, Potockis, Krasinskis and Radziwills, of which many he knew already since the times when he was buying horses for the tsar’s stables in Petersburg. Counts Maurice and Adam Zamoyski and Prince Zdzislaw Lubomirski with Private collection of Jukka Soisalon-Soininen

his wife Marie were some of his best friends. Mannerheim’s

As a politician and leader, but also privately, as a grey eminence, Mannerheim laid the foundation for diplomatic relations between Finland and Poland. He kept Poland and Poles in his heart throughout his entire life. Mannerheim: Polish







Mannerheim’s relations with Poles, shows how Poland influenced his way of thinking and makes it possible for a reader to look at Poland through his eyes. The book was published in Finnish a year ago and will also be available in Polish in 2022.

Private collection of Jukka Soisalon-Soininen







correspondence and in personal encounters for a long time. In 1914, Mannerheim was bestowed the command of the Cavalry Brigade. After Germany declared war against Russia, his troops fought in southern Poland, and he stood witness to the destruction of the Polish countryside, of which he was ashamed. He visited Poland after the end of the World War I – in 1919, to meet Pilsudski. He managed to free some his Polish friends from concentration camps during World War II, for instance count Aleksander Zamoyski. Private collection of Jukka Soisalon-Soininen

+358 50 501 54 50




Paula Wolski Paula Wolski is a singer, songwriter and musician.The artist, who originally comes from the South of Finland, has spent the better part of the past decade living in Krakow. She plays ukulele and sings bluegrass and country, as well as folk tunes inspired by traditional Finnish music. Besides her career as an artist, she also works as a Finnish language teacher.

Image by Marcin Świdziński

Lato (meaning barn in Finnish and summer in Polish), her debut album, was recorded in the summer of 2020 in the sublime Polish wilds of the Bieszczady mountains. With the fine input of Kraków-based musicians A. Partyka (percussion), M. Bigulak (bass) and K. Chmura (guitar), this album has fused Paula's rich influences into her own distinctive style – at times melancholic, often buoyantly lifeaffirming – replete with mature bittersweet songs of love and loss. Some of the songs on the album include: Aamul’ varhain pastoral, with a sound that is at once intimate and expansive, conjuring visions of warm fireplaces and spreading wilderness; On jo myöhä - one of the most engaging tracks there, showcasing not only the versatility of that instrument in skilled hands but Wolski’s talent for composition, and Minun silmät ja sinun silmät, which in contrast, rattles along with something of a bouncing, exotic rhythm. Image by Marcin Świdziński

Text: Shaun O’Neill

Wolski grew up singing folk songs at school, while her home life swayed to the beat of her father's penchant for country music. Not surprisingly, Paula's subtle yet characteristic sound floats somewhere between the two. Now based in Poland, her finger-picking style of ukulele playing and voice harkens back to classic Americana – but with a twist. All of her songs flow through her native Finnish and are skillfully interwoven with elements of folk and bluegrass. The soothing dulcet tone of her vocal delivery is reminiscent of iconic female crooners like Gillian Welch, Iris Dement and Alison Krauss. Image by Agnieszka Zielonka





Puola Nyt Puola Nyt (Poland Now) is a community page on Facebook. It was created in 2013 by Finnish Tapani Karkkainen and it currently liked by over 2,600 and followed by over 2,700 people. The posts are regularly published, sometimes more than once a day. The administrators of the page are following news and making the Finnish public familiar with the recent development of Polish culture and society, new trends and events. Poland is being looked at from a plural and liberal, Nordic perspective. Puola Nyt makes it possible for Finnish speakers to always be up-to-date with a complex situation in the entire country. Facebook users can follow the content free of charge and are encouraged to share their constructive opinion in the comments. Puola Nyt is






the Facebook users are asked to write exclusively in Finnish. The comments, which offend others, Source: Puola Nyt

include lies, hate speech or trolling, are quickly deleted. Users who repeatedly behave inappropriately are permanently blocked from the page. As a result, the page manages to maintain friendly and informative content. Tapani Kärkkäinen, the Founder of Puola Nyt, arrived to Poland for the first time in 1984. In 1987, he came back to Kraków to study Polish. He also spent the academic year 1991/1992 in Warsaw, preparing his Master's thesis on







in Mickiewicz's "Pan Tadeusz". Kärkkäinen is a translator and journalist, whose specialties and objects of interest are Poland, its culture and literature, the multicultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as minority and religious issues. He often gives lectures on these topics at universities and book fairs. In 2008, Kärkkäinen was distinguished with Erkki Reenpää Award for a skillful translation of Polish literature. In the same year, he received a medal for the promotion of Polish culture. In 2011, the President of Poland awarded Ihim the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. In 2013, Kärkkäinen received the Mikael Agricola Award for an excellent Finnish translation of one of Olga Tokarczuk's novels.

Source: Puola Nyt






Sebastian Musielak Translator Sebastian Musielak was born in Poznan, where he earned his degree in Finnish studies at the University of Adam Mickiewicz. His first translation from Finnish was published in 2004. He has also worked as an interpreter - among others at the bus factory in Wroclaw and at the Helsinki shipyard Aker Yards. For over twenty years now he has worked as a freelance interpreter, who makes a living translating literature. Musielak is motivated by the desire to transmit emotions aroused by literature to new readers. He worked towards this goal for years by translating from Finnish into Polish about 35 novels and several shorter texts included in other publications. Works translated by Sebastian Musielak include detective novels by Mika Waltari, science fiction by Johanna Sinisalo and youth literature by Salla Simukka. He has cooperated and still cooperates with the most important Polish publishers - Rebis, Świat Książki, Czarne, Wydawnictwo Literackie, W. A. B., Książkowe Klimaty, Zielona Sowa, Pauza,




and Marpress. In 2015, Musielak founded the publishing company Oficyna Wolny Tor, which for three years published a few Finnish modern classics in e-book format. Private collection of Sebastian Musielak

He is also a supporter and mentor of young translators in both Poland and Finland. Currently, he is the director of the international course for beginner translators of Finnish prose into foreign languages, which is held biannually in Helsinki. In 2008, Musielak was awarded the prize of the Literatura na Świecie magazine in the New Voice category for the translation of the novel by the Finnish writer Daniel Katz, The Colonel's Woman. In 2017, the Ministry of Culture of Finland awarded him the annual state award to a distinguished translator of Finnish literature into a foreign language on the recommendation

Image by Jakub Koniecki

of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange. According to Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport Sampo Terho, who handed out the award, the prize is a special mark of honour for those who make Finnish literature a part of world literature. Besides






accomplished Polish translators of Finnish works. For instance, Iwona Kiuru already translated over 30 books for children and adults, and Bożena Kojro releases her translations under her own publishing house which focuses on the literature from Northern Europe (especially Finland).

Image by Adam Wittmann

Suchy Las near Poznań




The Embassy of Finland in Warsaw The Embassy of Finland in Warsaw is an official representative of the Finnish Government in Poland.The position of the Ambassador is currently held by Juha Ottman, while Erja-Outi Heino is the Deputy Head of Mission. The main responsibilities of the Embassy are to: promote and strengthen political, economic and cultural relations between Finland and Poland, share information on both countries to various interest groups in Finland and Poland, and provide consular services according to the Consular Services Act.

Source: The Finnish Embassy in Warsaw

The Embassy provides service to Finnish companies

and Poland, and take part in strengthening Finland’s image

together with Business Finland - Finnish government


organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and

for instance, in obtaining information about local business



culture and in finding cooperation partners. Honorary

in Poland is led by Senior Director, Head of Central Europe

Consuls can also provide information, advice and guidance



for Finnish citizens, who are temporarily visiting Poland.

in Berlin. The Embassy together with Business Finland form

Certain types of notarized certificates can be acquired

a business support team called Team Finland in Poland.

through the Honorary Consuls, yet they do not accept














passport applications nor do they handle matters pertaining The Embassy of Finland in Warsaw is present on social

to visas or residence permits.

media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There is also the Embassy of Poland in Helsinki and five Honorary Consulates of Poland in Finland (in Espoo, Kuopio, Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä).

Source: The Finnish Embassy in Warsaw

Honorary Consulates of Finland in Poland In addition to the team in Warsaw, Finland has nine other representations





in Gdynia, Białystok, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław, Kielce, Olsztyn and Toruń. Honorary Consuls are private individual, who take care of their tasks on a part-time basis without remuneration. Together with diplomatic mission, the Honorary Consuls promote economic and cultural relations between Finland Source: The Finnish Embassy in Warsaw

Chopina 4/8, 00-559 Warszawa

+48 225 989 500




Towarzystwo Polska - Finlandia Towarzystwo Polska - Finlandia (TPF) was established in 1928. Its headquarters is a traditional Finnish house located in Warsaw.The institution brings together people related to and interested in Finland and Polish-Finnish cooperation. The main activities of TPF include spreading knowledge about Finland, promoting Finnish culture and values, and maintaining friendly relations between Poland and Finland. TFP usually publishes the reports from recently organized events on its Facebook page.

From private collection of TPF

Source: TPF

The members of Towarzystwo Polska - Finlandia aim to make it an important and permanent point on the cultural map of the Polish capital. They invite everyone to come and visit – people young and old; fans of metal and traditional music; individuals interested in books, movies and dance. TPF strives to maintain friendly relations and interest of people connected with Finland in various ways: individuals in relationship with Finns, Finns living in Poland, Poles who have lived in Finland, students of Finnish studies and all other people who already know and love Finland. Apart from that, the organization wants to introduce new individuals to the Finnish world. The members believe that Finland has something to offer for everyone – books

Source: TPF

enthusiasts, board games players, photographers, students (future engineers and economists), historians, etc. The goal of TFP is to help interested people develop both in he structures of the institution as organizers and originators of events, as well as simply by enabling participation in lectures, workshops and other valuable meetings in some ways related to Finland. TFP also encourages everyone to learn Finnish language in order to better understand Finland, the country’s history and culture. The institution organizes several courses in various forms - individually or in small groups, on a chosen level of advancement, in Warsaw or remotely.

Source: TPF

What is more, the participants have an opportunity to take part in a Finnish summer course taught by Helsinki Summer University.

Jazdów 10/8, 00-467 Warszawa

+48 606 290 008




Finnish production companies in Poland HT Laser Prevex Reka Rubber Ruukki Stofix TedGifted

Kemira Alteams Fiskars

Arnon Darekon Gebwell Promeco Wartsila Pyroll Stalatube Scanfil Uponor Infra

Termex Fiber FSP Steel Painting HK Scan Hydroline Cargotec

Axopar Boats Saxdor Yachts VA Varuste Xo Boats Stora Enso


Valmet Automotive

Koskisen Fortaco Fortum Teknoware UPM Raflatac Walki Paroc Scanclimber Eltete Metsä Tissue ORAS Olesno Wipak Fortum Heatmasters Huhtamaki Lammi Fundament Miilux PURMO Scanfil

Tikkurila Amerplast NTM Teknos YIT PKC Group Nordkalk U-Cont UPM Kymmene

Finnish IT/Tech/BPO companies in Poland Norian Accounting

Etteplan F-secure Bilot Bitcomp Nordcloud

Avaus Marketing Innovations In4Mo Metsä Group Services Digital Workforce Eficode ePassi Nordea Polar Night Software

Tieto Unikie

Etteplan Dunning Kruger & Associates Nokia Siili Solutions Solteq Tieto UPM Signal Solutions

Górny Śląsk

Barona ICT

Amer Sports Tieto

Frosmo Iceye LVS Brokers Nokia Nordea (IT) Swappie Teleste Wolt




Finnish sales offices/services in Poland Allstars Engineering Beweship Deltamarin Elomatic Eltel Networks Telecom Ensto Finnlines Ductor Europress Spondeo

Kipinä Kemira Konecranes Lago Logistics Peikko Ukkone

Nokia AFRY Valmet


BMH Technology Comatec Molok Vilpe

Caverion Lago Logistics Outokumpu Distribution Renta Tamtron Tactic Games Ahlstrom-Munksjö Ahola Transport Geobear Greencarrier Halton HRX Kemppi Kiilto Kone

Leinonen Lindstrom Martela Metso Neles Nokia Nokian Tyres Onninen Orion Pharma Pellon Raisio Nowa Era (SANOMA) Telko Valkea Media



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TOP25 Finnish companies in Poland in terms of sales (mil EUR) (2020, 2019*) Headcount

Company name

Sales (mil EUR)


6127 1404

Stora Enso


Cargotec 612


482 471 409

UPM Raflatac



419* 815 3084* 1135






Nordea Bank



735 1844




PKC Group









Nowa Era


Metsa Tissue Krp.













Valmet Technologies & Services






Valmet Automotive






Axopar Boats






700 117

Data source:

100 mil

200 mil

300 mil

400 mil

500 mil




TOP10 Fast growers (2021, 2020*, 2019**) Sales growth multiplier 2017-2020

Company name

Sales (mil EUR)



Digital Workforce








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Axopar Boats



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From the forest to the van Koskisen is a Finnish family company that was founded more than 100 years ago. We process Finnish wood into products that stand the test of time. Under the brand name Kore®, we design, manufacture and deliver high quality LCV cargo space lining sets comprising floors, walls and wheel arch covers to fit all the most common delivery vans available in Europe. Our Kore service center and main CNCmachining center, with total over 70 employees, is located in Toporów, near beautiful Łagów Lubuski. We are evolving, growing and constantly looking for new professionals to join our young, international team! Koskisen Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Nowa 6, Toporów 66-220 Łagów Lubuski, Poland


Meet our Team Tuomas Asunmaa

Tuomas founded Spondeo together with Weronika in 2014, and since that he has helped over 120 companies to do business in Poland and CEE. Tuomas started his journey in Poland in 2005, and has lived in Wroclaw, Warsaw and now in Poznan since 2015. He likes Polish pragmatism and never stopping dynamics and enjoys making some "funny" observations. In free time he is passionate about music, books, sports and art and is fighting against the world by ordering 5 Finnish newspapers in a paper format to Poznan. His biggest accomplishment of all times is the fact their 6-year old daughter speaks fluent Finnish.

Weronika Gidel-Asunmaa

Weronika is an HR expert, online recruitment, and headhunting professional with 10+ years of experience. She is passionate to connect Spondeo’s clients' from a wide range of businesses with top talents. You'll also meet her in various market entry and consulting projects with a recent focus on sustainable design and circular economy. Weronika loves slow-flow yoga, downhill skiing, Helsinki summers, and frosty winters of Lapland. Proud mother of Maria, growing to be an independent and empowered young girl. Lucky wife of Tuomas;)

Andrzej Wiśniewski

Andrzej joined Spondeo in 2016 only with common knowledge about Finns and Finland. Since then, he has praised Finnish honesty, creativity, and a sarcastic sense of humor. Outside of the world of economics, Andrzej spends his free time hiking and trekking in mountains and woods, riding a bicycle around the city, and taking a Finnish sauna in winter. Besides, he likes going to film festivals and listening to alternative music.

Piotr Worsztynowicz

Piotr joined Spondeo in 2018 and ever since has been engaged in sales projects for our industrial and IT customers. He is a graduate of European Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and MBA of Georgia State University program at University of Economics in Poznan. He loves to spend his time with his family and his three kids keep him quite busy. When he finally has time for himself he likes to hit tennis balls and read good literature.

Tomasz Wnuk

Tomasz is a student at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, majoring in international economic relations, specializing in international business. In February 2021, Tomasz joined the Spondeo forces to take part in pan-European partnership projects. He bases his future career on the belief in the effective combination of altruism and sustainable business. In his free time, he practices bodybuilding, mindfulness and develops interests in the politics of eastern countries. His favorite book is The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Anna Jędrzejewska

Anna is a graduate of Poznan University of Economics and Business and joined Spondeo in June 2021, having opportunity to take part in various recruitment and market entry projects. Since she approaches life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination, besides her interest in international business, she is happy to create graphics, draw and read psychology books in her spare time. Designing this catalogue gave her a lot of satisfaction. She is also a fan of spontaneous travels and a healthy lifestyle.

Julia Morta

Julia Morta is responsible for marketing and consulting at Spondeo. Working on the catalog gave her the opportunity to discover how many diverse Finnish businesses and cultural elements can be found in Poland. Julia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Poznań University of Economics and Business and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Management. She is an enthusiast of books, travels, and “The Matrix”. In her spare time, she enjoys taking long walks with her spaniel as well as playing the harmonica.

Matvey Kashyn

Matvey is Junior Business Consultant at Spondeo and is working tightly with CIS market, also responsible for primary potential clients search. Currently studying International Business he is combining work and studies, in order to get professional experience in multinational team. The rest of his time Matvey spends playing guitar and reading, of course sometimes he can't help lying in bed and watch films for the whole weekend. Big family, busy schedule and PS5 don't let him get bored.


Market researches & Market potential evaluations Sales partner network building Early phase kick-offs Study trips and business partner search

ADVISORY • • • •

HR – contracts, cultural conflicts, labor law, salaries Finance – how to organize accounting; special cases Second opinions & mystery shopping M&A’s – sourcing, contacting, PM


Sales or Project Manager leasing New client & RFQ acquisition Lead Generation Client & partner sourcing Fairs and events

(REMOTE) RECRUITMENT • Remote recruitment projects • Direct Search • Recruiter lease Locally in Poland and remotely in Finland.

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