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July 29, 1987

A Salute To Lodge 84 Dallas Youth

Lisa Reznik

Paul Manak

Congratulations Lodge No. 84 Youth Club members and leaders are proud to announce our 1987 high school graduates. They are Lisa Reznik of Bishop Lynch HS (with honors), Larry Petr of Thomas Jefferson HS (with honors), Joey

Joey Hubik

Richard Andreason Hubik of No. Mesquite HS (with high honors), Paul Manak of Woodrow Wilson HS, Richard Andreason of Woodrow Wilson HS, and Paul Conner of No. Mesquite HS. We all wish them the very best in their future and will miss their presence in our youth clubs.

All of these young men and woman have contributed to the success of Lodge No. 84, some have been Lodge 84 king or queen, some District III king and queen, and Lisa was our State Queen in 1985 - 86. In the 31 years of our Teen Club, this group has been one of our most - outstanding and

Paul Conner hard - working. Given this dedication and spirit by which they've lived as members, we at Lodge No. 84 have no doubt they will be successful leaders for many years to come. The Youth & Leaders of Lodge No. 84, Dallas

State YAD - August 16 Temple High School

2/VESTNiK-Wednesday, July 29, 1987


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'Editor f:OMMENTS

NOTICE: NO VESTNIK ON AUGUST 19th NOTICE - There will be NO VESTNIK issue dated Wednesday, August 19th, which means that any letters, mail, etc. received after Friday, August 7th, will have to wait for the Wednesday, August 26th issue! Write and mail accordingly!

*** YAD(Youth SPJST STATE Achievement Day) is rapidly approaching and will be upon us before we realize it! This year's State YAD (Talent, Beseda, Scrapbook, Arts and Crafts, and Royalty) promises to be an excitng day for many youngsters from seven districts of our SPJST, which will take place Sunday, August 16th at Temple High School on North 31st Street parellel to 1H35 in Temple. If you are a contestant in any competition, you are reminded to register in time or be in line before registration time is over, because some of the workers in charge of registration have other duties. The Youth Department is asking everyone's cooperation. Those of you who are performing in the Talent competition, are asked to announce your own selections, but NOT namesjodges, or districts. Keep in mind that the microphone will not hurt anyone, therefore, step right up so that you can be heard. We also suggest you rehearse your presentation as well as the time limit that the Rule Book allows, several times. In case any first place winner cannot be represented at State YAD, be sure to inform your district youth counselor so the second place winner may represent your district. For more details on State YAD, refer to the State Youth Director's schedule and map in this issue. We also wish to remind you that there will be a noon meal served at the high school facilities. The editor will, again, be taking official pictures of the State YAD first place winners and we are asking for everyone's cooperation. Good luck to ALL YAD entrants! ***

According to the youth letters, it seems they all enjoyed District YADs and camp. Great! *** Many of our members and readers remember Brother Hugo and Sister Viola Kocian (formerly of Lodge No. 88, Houston) and later of Lodge No. 178, Longview - Kilgore, and his company transferred him to Edison, New Jersey where they reside presently. Your editor received a letter and check to the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas (CEFT) this week and feels you may be interested in what he mentioned. His reference to the Pledge of Allegiance is the story Red Skelton has told about his boyhood memory of the pledge. We thank Hugo and Viola for the letter and their welcome contribution.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR I am sending you a couple of articles for the Vestnik. We received the Vestnik regularly and enjoy it very much; it brings us closer to home and the fine hospitality we enjoyed in that part of the country. Viola and I are both doing fine and we enjoying the sights of the East Coast; even though our work schedules are pressing, we live in a type of a historic area which was a gathering place for American soldiers for the European Theater during World War 11 and for immigrants from foreign countries after the war. Camp Kilmer was a huge place then, they tell me, and some of it is still here used as a training center for the unemployed. Unemployment here is approximately 4 percent, but the cost of living is very, very high. We have learned to shovel and drive in the snow last winter; 16 inches at one time, however, the seasons are beautiful. The summers are mild and just a few hot days. May God bless you for your good work! The enclosed $25 check to CEFT for the Czech Chair is in memory of the late Brother Ludwig Kucera of Lodge No. 88 in Houston. Mr. Kucera was our family attorney and good friend for many, many years and had helped us and the family in good direction. Fraternally, Hugo Kocian Edison, NJ *** Recently, your editor received a nice and welcome letter, in the Czech language, from Director of Czechoslovak Foreign Affairs Office Antonin Pelikan that, in late 1986 (designated as "The Year of Peace"), United States and Czechoslovakia concluded and signed an agreement of cooperation, between the two nations, in the area of exchange of culture, education, science, technology, etc. including information on benevolent (including our SPJST Society), gymnastic and sport clubs or organizations plus cultural, musical and folkloric groups, radio and television programs, publications (including our SPJST Vestnik), travel groups, and other interested parties in both nations. Therefore, there will be more inter - change between interested groups in both nations which is a very welcome endeavor in our future in both countries. It certainly can do NO harm and only good can be the outcome! We have the "Agreement" ready to publish when space allows in a continued series and, even more importantly, we have the Constitution of the United States ready for publication, also. Remember, the 200th anniversary or "birthday" of it is being and will be celebrated this year, especially, in September and our members and readers are ALL requested to read it, carefully. (The constitution is being tested in these days during the Iran - Contra Congressional Hearings.) We hope our space is not too limited; of course, SPJST affairs take preference in our Society's Vestnik. ***

In this issue is a letter of explanation and information from Brother Rudy Klecka (member of Lodge 28) about the "People to People Exchange Program Agreement;" please read it. You may contact Brother Klecka at his office or home concerning the approximate cost per person for the trip. (See Page 12)

Wednesday, July 29, 1987—VESTNiK/3

SPJST MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES Home or Farm Mortages: 9-1/2% for 10 years 10% for 11 to 15 years 10-1/4% for 16 to 20 years

Commercial Mortages: 10-1/2% for 1 to 10 years 11% for 11 to 15 years No Points

Lodge 15, Buckholts Honors Members Dear Members: Well, if you didn't get to come to the party we gave for our 50 - year honorees on Sunday, July 19, you really did miss a good party. SPJST SL President Howard Leshikar presented our honorees Ann Balusek, Milton Shiller and Louise Sakwitz with the 50 - year membership pins. Thank you, Brother Howard, so much for coming. We really did enjoy having you. Thanks to Henry and Helen Janacek for coming and playing for us. We had a good time dancing to the music. We also honored our older active members Vlasta Kamenicky (58 years), Joe Zajicek (57 years), Louis Zajicek (61 years), and Anton Svetlik (60 years). We all appreciated what the older members did for our lodge and appreciate all they are still doing for our lodge. I want to thank Judy Vaculin for baking a very beautiful cake. Everyone really enjoyed it. Refreshments of cake, sandwiches, nuts, mints, punch and coffee were enjoyed by all. Thanks, also, to Pat Hillman and June Harwell for the beautiful flower arrangements. Afterwards we played games of dominoes and Taroky. We really did have a good day; you see what you missed by staying at home. I will send pictures later. The next meeting for Buckholts Lodge No. 15 will be August 12th at 7 p.m.; a covered dish supper will be served. I hope to see you then. Fraternally, Jo Lee Shiller —SPJST-

28, East Bernard Meeting Lodge

Dear Members: It is time again for another monthly meeting; the eighth (8) of the year for Lodge Karel Jonas. It will be held at 2 p.m. on August 2nd in the small office at 106 Leveridge Street. The "Order of Business" will be standard. At this writing, there are no special items scheduled on the agenda so the meeting should be over quickly.

There will be an "After the meeting get - together" for a bliffet luncheon and fraternization, upstairs in the hall. The July meeting was on the 12th, due to the 4th of July holiday. It was a short meeting, even with the detailed report , given by A.J. "Tony" Kelner on the hall roof condition and what will be needed to repair it. Another report given gave the good news that the lodge did meet its quota and will have one (1) delegate per 100 members. All other reports were accepted as given. It was reported that Sister Trudy Harris, daughter of Sister Elsie and Brother Frank Brdecka, is due to have a rather serious operation in a New York hospital. Sister Ann Luquette fell on July 1st and fractured a shoulder bone and, at this writing, is out of the hospital. These were the only two members reported on the sick list and we wish them a speedy recovery. If we missed someone, it was not our intent. We cannot report it , if we are not told. To any and all of our members who are ill, we wish them all a speedy recovery. Brother A.J. "Tony" Kelner won the door prize. The after - the - meeting buffet luncheon and fraternization get together was held upstairs in the hall. Sisters Janik, Hanzelka, Brdecka, Sontag and Nezval along with Brothers Lupik, Kubena and A.J. Kelner made the luncheon a success. The lodge furnished the fixings for sandwiches. There were some apricot kolache, which are this writer's favorite; they vanished like camphor in a high wind on a hot day. A special thanks to those who stayed to help with that all - important cleanup after the luncheon; without your help, those of us who have to stay would have to stay longer. Thanks again. To the faithful, see you on the 2nd and this writer remains --Fraternally yours, Joseph D. Nezval, President —SPJST---

Lodge 54 Special Called Meeting A special called meeting of Lodge No. 54, West was held on July 19, 1987 in Lone Star Hall. The proposal of the sale of SPJST property to the Sokol West organization was accepted. Sokol West purchased a parcel of land, 130 feet by 189 feet from the northwest corner of the SPJST property on which they will build a gymnasium. SPJST Lodge 54 members are very happy to have completed this transaction with the Sokol West group and wish to thank them for all the improvements they have made and all of the work that they have done. We wish the Sokol West group much success in their endeavor. Fraternally yours, Anne Emery English Reporter --SPJSTLodge

88, Houston

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Brother Johnny Kosut is home from Methodist Hospital recovering from open - heart surgery; also among our sick members are Laura Warnasch, Victor Krutilek, who is a patient at Memorial Northwest Hospital; Della Kadlecek, who is at Heights Hospital; Wesley Peterson, at Heights Hospital; and Jerry Poston and Dub Pulley. Sister Minnie Bravenec is now residing

at Bayou Glen Nursing Home. A speedy recovery is wished to all of our sick members. The benefit dance sponsored by the Men's Club on Friday, July 10th was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone. The proceeds from this dance will benefit the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas. The Dramatic Club will meet on Monday, August 3rd at 7:30 p.m., with a social to follow the meeting. All Dramatic Club members are requested to attend this meeting. ALL COMMITTEE MEMBERS

ARE REMINDED TO ATTEND THE MONTHLY LODGE MEETINGS. Upcoming dances include: Saturday, August 1st -- Knights of Dixie; Friday, August 7th -- Texas Brew; Saturday, August 8th -- Al Pierson; the dress code will be observed; Saturday, August 15th -- The New Red Ravens. Fraternally yours, Frances E. Vala Second Vice President —SPJST-

Lodge No. 88 Houston Youth Club and Youth Leader Lora Mabry, kneeling in front row to the right and handicapped youngsters from the Houston Lighthouse and Lighthouse Youth Leader Emily Reeves kneeling at the center in front row. Lodge No. 88 Youth Club hosted a wiener roast for the visually impaired and other disabled youngsters at the Houston Lighthouse on June 26th. [See story elsewhere in this issue.]

Ask The Youth At Lodge No. 88, Houston Did you have a good time? A loud echo "YES" rang out as the youth club had a wonderful HOT - DOG outing Friday, June 26 hosting the handicapped youth of the Houston Lighthouse at the Lighthouse play grounds. Your undersigned reporter and wife, Rita, were privileged to have been among this group outing and to have experienced what it is like to be around such a wonderful group of youngsters. The parents of the youth of our lodge must be proud of their children because they are truly young ambassadors representing Lodge No. 88 in a most fraternalistic manner. Our youngsters conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and really exhibited true fraternalism while feeling great sadness for their less fortunate playmates at the Lighthouse. Hot dogs with mustard and chili, chips, cold drinks, cookies and popcorn were the order of the day. (The popcorn was furnished by the three entrepreneurs of POPCORN of Lodge No. 88, namely, George, King and Bill). The greatest attraction was the swimming pool. There were approximately thirty visually impaired and other disabled youngsters in the pool along with our youth club members numbering about twenty - five. It didn't take long for them to work up an overwhelming appetite as the aroma of charbroiled hot dogs floated out across the open area. Youth Leaders Emily Reeves of the Houston Lighthouse and our own

Sister Lora Mabry worked on the serving line handing out hot dogs and all the trimmings, etc. It wasn't unusual to see each youngster making three or more trips through the serving line while testing each hot dog to determine if the last one might be as good or better than the first one. And the chaperones didn't back away from the goodies as we all partook many times over of the good old American traditional hot dog. After the wonderful feast all youth from both groups were gathered in a large playroom for a bit more fun and frolicking prior to calling it a day. But before breaking up our youth from No. 88 presented each child from the Lighthouse with a toy which they had bought with the money they had made from cake sales and car washes. In what better way can our youth express Benevolence, Humanity and Brotherhood? Lodge No. 88 thinks this is commendable of our youth and our youth leader, Sister Lora Mabry, who is an inspiration for our youngsters. Let us not underestimate the innocence, sincerity and truthfulness of a child. Fraternally, Homer Alexander Fraternal Activities Coordinator —SPJST--

Lodge 88 Memorial Fund Receipt of contribution of $10 from Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Broz to the Lodge 88 Memorial Fund in memory of Edward A. Broz has been gratefully acknowledged. Fraternally, Harriette Allison —SPJST-

4/VESTNIK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987

Lodge 154, Fort Worth To Meet Dear Members and Friends: It seems like it's been a long time, so it's time to remind you of our next meeting Sunday, August 9th. It's time to be selecting a date for the District ill meeting we will be hosting. Sisters Maria Prill and Eve Dockery arrived home safely from their trip to Germany. They reported a wonderful time in spite of some rain. On Sunday, July 12, very tired and weary group who represented the USA in Denmark at the 8th Gymneastrada arrived safely. They all say there are no words to express how wonderful and beautiful it was. Brothers Rome and Jerry Milan and Sister Henrietta are still in Europe visiting relatives in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. They will go to France to the Gallery where Sister Milan has some of her paintings. They are due back the 30th. Jill Parker, a senior at Azle High School, was one of 1,750 student council leaders who attended the 51st National Association of Student Councils June 28 through July 2 in Buffalo, New York. She serves as president of the Azle High School Student Council and vice president of the National Honor Society. She is also president of the Azle High School Choir. Her major objective will be to get a traffic signal installed at the intersection of Boyd Highway (FM 730) and the high school main drive to help prevent someone from getting seriously injured. Jill is the daughter of Brother Jerry and Sister Donna Parker and granddaughter of Sister Rose Steinman. Good luck, Jill! She is a lifelong member of our lodge. We extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Brother Larry R. Schramm who passed away Monday. May he rest in peace. Brother Billy Sanders was hospitalized for several days, but the doctor let him and wife, Sister Carol, go on their trip to Jamaica that he won. They had a wonderful time. Brother Marvin Janca was also hospitalized for tests and glad to hear he is home, and to Sister Debbie Milan who had surgery Wednesday. To all: "Get well, soon!" Birthday wishes galore went out to Sister Millie Kubala who was driven up in a 1922 Ford by her son - in - law Jim Muse on Sunday, July 19 to the National Hall where she was greeted outside by a host of relatives and friends. She was honored with a delicious dinner for all, followed by a dance to Jodie Mikula. Everyone was amazed at her good memory, when we youngsters are so forgetful, and to dance so well. We hope you have a continued good health and many more birthdays. "God bless you!" Sisters Jeanie and daughter, Billie Jo Mason, will be flying out Sunday, July 26 for South Bend, Indiana to visit with Sister Frances Mamula and family. Summertime is finally creeping in on us. So until --- keep smiling! Fraternally, Mary Pavey


172, Pasadena Report

Happy summertime to all of you from your Lodge 172 reporter. Yes, it's hot, but it always is in July, but coming in the cool of winter is the Gulf Coast Czech Festival! Plans are being made daily and weekly to make it one great show. Start making your plans now to be here in the Great City of Pasadena on November 7th and 8th. We have word that we will have people here from several states so if you will need accommodations, be sure to make reservations early. We will have one meal per day from 11 a.m. to approximately 2 p.m. There will be food booths, also. Friday, November 7th from 9 p.m. to I a.m., there will be ballroom dancing by Donnie Wavra and band. Saturday, November 8th, ballroom dancing from 6 p.m to 10 p.m. to Leroy Rybak and band. Many other singing or musical groups from other cities and states will be entertaining off and on during the day for your enjoyment. Did you know that Vickie and Jerry Dressler now have a Doctor of Education in their family? Congratulations to Dennis Dressler, now a Ph. D. from Denton North Texas State University. He will become Director of Education at the University of San Francisco. Dennis, we all wish you success! It seems that the heartaches come to the members of our lodge very frequently of late. One of our members, Joe (Herb) Kimmons, just recently passed away and we send our best thoughts to his family. The following members have lost loved ones recently, namely, Raymond Skrabanek (lost his mother, Frances Skrabanek), Johnny Mikeska's (brother, Frank, passed away), and Esther Mikeska's (great - grandson, Brandon Mines, was drowned in a freak accident just a few days ago). Our hearts and prayers go out to you all in your sorrow. Our Saturday night dances are going strong. On July 25th, the Texas Brew band played at one of our best dances. August 1st Neal Hart will again be playing good dance music for us. I hope you won't miss it. With all the rain, our trees and grass are looking good. We are within a few dollars of having enough to buy our new front door -- your dollars making your lodge ever more beautiful. J.V. Thomas, Reporter —SPJST-

Sales Representative of Ldoge 183 - (Back row I to r): B. J. Hlavaty, Jerry Heisler, Norman Kneschk, Daniel Roznovsky. (Front row 1 to r): Anglenia Stiborek, District HI Rep. Norma Alford, and Inez Greenlees.

L to R: District HI SR Norma Alford, Lodge 183 President Inez Creenlees, and District III Director Sid Pokladnik.

Jerry Mikus, fir,t place finer at Bass Tournament for the Deaf in Individual Competition.

Bar helpers John and Irene Pustejovsky.

—SPJSTPresident Inez Greenlees

NOTICE: No Vestnik On August 19 —SPJST-

Highlights Of Lodge 183, Mid-Cities Dear Members: It's vacation time and also my birthday as I will make this a short

One of Lodge 183 Bingo callers, Robert Sill.

note to let you know your reporter is still active in lodge activities. I drove back from fishing down at my farm for the lodge meeting Monday, July 13th. There was a small attendance because of vacations. Business was taken care of as usual around the "old place." Tuesday, July 14th, Arlington Chamber of Commerce planned their formal ribbon - cutting welcoming the lodge as a member of the chamber; this is a big step forward for the lodge. Inez Greenlees is very happy for the lodge and its members. On the sick list this month is Dorothy Kral in the hospital, also Jerry Mikus is going into the hospital (Thursday, July 16th) for surgery; hope they will have a speedy recovery and be back with us soon. Jerry Mikus won the $10 door prize this month, and Cody Bartosh lost $5 by not being at the meeting. I welcomed Janie Allen's letter in the Vestnik and interest in helping to get the youth involved in SPJST activities. 1 hope she will attend the September meeting and be voted in as youth leader and help our lodge grow. The July dance will be in the past by the time this letter is printed, but the August dance will be Saturday, August 8th with "LAST CALL" country/western band playing for your

dancing pleasure. Entertainment Chairman Ed Kral said that this band has agreed to play for the New Year's Eve dance, so it's not too early to start planning for your New Year's Eve party now and be ready for a good time. Remember, also, the Westfest on September 5th and 6th (Labor Day Weekend) and there will be a parade Saturday at 10:30 a.m. This would be an enjoyable way to spend Labor Day. Be seeing you around! Fraternally, Norman M. Kneschk, Reporter



88 Men's Club

On behalf of the Men's Club of Lodge No. 88, I want to thank everyone who has given their support to the benefit dance held on July 10th. It was a hugh success. Sale of tickets and donations resulted in a net of $2,335.93. This will be donated at a future date to the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas. The Men's Club is still accepting donations toward this worthy cause. Thank you! Ed Miculka President of Men's Club *** LIST OF DONORS FOR CZECH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION OF TEXAS - MEN'S CLUB OF LODGE 88 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Prochazka - $120 John & Mary Kosut $20 John & Judy Sindel $100 John Kroulik $5 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Siller $10 Frances Janski $5 Carl Smith $5 Thelma Maresh $25 Mr. & Mrs. Gus Gerlich $20 Steve Michalec $25 Mr. & Mrs. Karl Lindemann $25 J & B Wrecker Service $25 Pearl Hanka - [In memory of Ernest Hanka] $200 Jimmy Brosch Enterprises $25 Rosey's Paint & Body Shop $25 Frances Olexa [In memory of Frank Olexa] $100 Mr. & Mrs. Harley Cox - [In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krejci] $100 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hagan $60 Elvin Stoever $5 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lee, Jr. $10 John Vasula $25 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Miksch $10 Willy & Elsie Angele $10 Edgar & Edna Ruppert $10 Thomas & Lydia Marsh $50 Rudy & Maxine Sefcik $10 Cash in iar one night at Bingo $6 TOTAL $1,031


Club Of Ft. Worth Report


Dear Members and Friends: The meeting was called to order by President Maria Tesar with 27 members present and guests Justine Chaloupka, Evelyn Spacek, Cecilia Klodgnisky and Mickie Peters. The minutes and the treasurer's report of the June meeting were read and approved. We express get well wishes to Linda Rangel, Louise Oujesky and Genevieve Earle who were on the sick list. We also express our condolences to Dolly McGill, whose mother passed away recently.

It was also reported that Mary Dunlap was in Phoenix, Arizona to be at the bedside of her sister, who is seriously ill. The July birthday members were Carolyn Cleveland, Jeanie Mason, Rosie Steinman and Billie Starr. A four - piece hot plate set was brought by Frances Tirk for the door prize. The lucky winner was Mary Pavey. The August 6th hostesses are Mary Pavey, Ann Sustala and lma Lou La Plant. The menu for that August meeting will consist of coldcuts, salads and desserts. This is vacationtime for many of our members. Maria Prill and Eva Dockery have returned from a 17 - day visit in Germany. Carolyn Cleveland has also returned from Denmark where she took part in a gymnastic dance exercise performed by the Ft. Worth Sokols. Frank and Jo Prochaska, along with Janie and Nolan Allen and their children, spent some time on Padre Island. An announcement was made by Jo Prochaska that St. Thomas Catholic Church will celebrate its 50th anniversary on July 26th with a Mass, dinner and dance at National Hall in Ft. Worth. Several of our members enjoyed Christmas in July, with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, a delicious meal, pleasant exchange of fellowship and also an exchange of gifts in accordance with Mr. Right's Christmas letter, which was humorous and unique in the method of exchanging gifts among each other, simultaneously. This event was hosted by the Ladies' Circle of SPJST Lodge No. 92 in Ft. Worth on July 14th. Since I am also a member of the Dallas Circle of Czech Women, I know that I speak for all of those who attended in saying that this was a splendid party. Our congratulations to Mrs. Millie Kubala who celebrated her 90th birthday on July 19th with a dinner, followed by dancing to the music of Jodie Mikula Orchestra at National Hall in Ft. Worth. To see this spry "young lady" surrounded by family and friends was an exhibition of love and joy. We also express our congratulations to the Jodie Mikula Orchestra who celebrated their 20th anniversary with a festive party at SPJST Lodge No. 25 in Ennis, Texas on July 19th. It was indeed a joy to see so many Mikula fans from far and near. We wish to convey our congratulations to Sylvia and Rudy Dolkos who celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on July 25th with a renewal wedding Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, followed by a reception at their home. Due to traveling plans, there will be no report from me prior to the September meeting. Fraternally, Lydia Alholm Secretary/Reporter


To Alief And Surrounding Area


Alief Evening School under auspices of Alief Independent School District is again offering a Conversational Czech course right after Labor Day at Hastings High School. The location of this school is between Bellaire Blvd. on the South and Alief - Clodine on the North on the Southwest side of the intersection of Cook Road and High Star Drive in the community of Alief.

The first lesson of this 12 - week course, designed to develop basic skill in the Czech language wherever it is spoken, will be Wednesday, September 9th and henceforth once a week on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuition, set by the school, will be $43 and the instructor will be John J. Karas of Houston. For additional information related to this notice, contact Alief Evening School (AISD), P.O. Box 68, Alief, Texas 77411. Phone: 498 - 8110 x 320 or 495 - 4053. Post Scriptum: Studies of Czech and classes of the same are vitally important in perpetuation of our national heritage as they bring forth the increased ethnic awareness of all involved Czech - Americans. Everybody knows that the advantages of learning another language are a hundredfold, and the fact that Czech belongs to the Slavonic languages (largest group of European languages) adds to the value of the Czech language. Knowledge of Czech is a halfway step towards the learning of other Slavic languages. Czech is, according to the survey done by the Texas Educational Agency in the early seventies, the third language of Texas, after English and Spanish. Anyone interested in this class should register as soon as possible or should come to the walk - in registration August 26th and 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Please do not wait until the start of the first class. Everybody, young or old, is welcome. Instructor John J. Karas of Houston -

Study Czech At The Victoria College The Victoria College will offer Beginning Czech for the first time this Fall. The class will meet the requirements for foreign language credit and is a transferable course. The class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9:15 p.m. and the Victoria Czech Heritage Society is giving limited scholarships for the Czech class. For more information about the scholarships, call Mrs. Ella Arnold at 512 - 573 - 2330. Registration for the evening classes will be held between 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building according to the following alphabetical schedule: Monday, August 24 -- P - Z; Tuesday, August 25 -- A - G; Wednesday, August 26 -- H - O. Any student taking both day and evening classes must register only one time. This must be done during the day registration period. We encourage the Czech community of the Gulf Coastal Plain to also sign up for the class. The class is open to all interested people. If you wish to speak to the Czech instructor before you register, call Mr. Thadious T. Polasek at 409 - 562 2207 after 7 p.m.




8% annualized For period from May 1, 1987 through July 31, 1987



Board Bulletin Board DISTRICT I The next Spring Meeting of District I will be hosted by Lodge No. 13, Dime Box on April 10, 1988 at 2 p.m. *** DISTRICT H The Fall Meeting and Fun Carnival of District 11 will take place on Sunday, September 20, 1987 at Lodge No. 187, Round Rock. *** DISTRICT VII The District VII Fall Meeting and Family Day will be held on Sunday, October 25, 1987 with Floresville Lodge No. 107 as host lodge.



Section STATE YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT DAY (STATE YAD) August 16 -- Temple High School ***

DISTRICT YAD Dist. 1 -- August 2, Lodge 186, Caldwell Dist. 6 -- August 9, Lodge 30, Taiton ***

CAMP Dist. 2 -- July 27 - August 2, Val Verde, McGregor —SPJ ST—

The State Youth Director


Dear Youth Leaders and Parents: There will be a new "Special Category" at State YAD this year, Cake Decorating. All the youth are encouraged to compete in this new category. A youth may register by filling out a grey entry card and turning it in to their youth leader. Listed below are the guidelines for this new category. ,Good Luck! Fraternally, Claudette Reese, SYD *** CAKE DECORATING GUIDELINES All entries must illustrate a birthday theme

6/VESTNIK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987 - Decorating shall be done on a form; not on actual cakes - The maximum size to be no larger than 9 inches in one direction and no more than 13 inches in the other direction with a maximum height of 4 inches tall. It may be any shape within the maximum size range. - Display board shall be cardboard - Allow no more than 2 inches between the edge of the cake and the edge of the display board, - Cake entries as follows will be disqualified: Cakes not illustrating a birthday theme Cakes larger than 9x13 or more than 4 inches tall Decorating shown on actual cakes Entries presented on glass, china or metal display boards Additions, other than icing, to the entry such as decorative plastic, metal or paper miniatures, paper doilies or ruffles - Age divisions for the judging will be: 6 - 9, 10 - 12, 13 - 14, 15 - 17 - Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in all age divisions with one overall grand prize winner selected from the 1st place winners. GRAND PRIZE Large Trophy 1st Prize Blue Rosette 2nd Prize Red Rosette 3rd Prize White Rosette JUDGING CRITERIA Overall appearance and neatness 35 Uniform size and shape Shape appropriate for theme Display board is clean and neat Color coordination and appeal 15 Pleasing color combination Color appropriate for theme Has eye appeal Technique Variety of tubes used Level of difficulty is appropriate for age Appropriate for type of decoration Creativity and Originali

Sunday, August 16, Temple High School 415 North 31st St., Temple TO: All Concerned: We are looking forward to and planning for one of the biggest and most successful State Youth Achievement Days. If you are a contestant in anything, be sure that you register in time or are in line before registration time is over. We are asking that everyone cooperate because the people in charge of registration must then move on to other jobs. (The schedule for this day follows this report.) Please do not put your craft in the display area until after you register. If you have a large craft or several crafts to enter, get your relatives or friends to help you ahead of time. We will again have large signs designating the various craft areas. Contestants in talent must be sure to bring their own props -- including their tapes, cassettes and the equipment on which to play these. This is very important because we will not be able to furnish the necessary equipment. Contestants in talent are asked to announce their own selections, but NOT names, lodges or district.

Be sure to get your scrapbooks to your DYC or get them to the YAD during registration time. We hope you and your club and your district are represented at this State YAD. Do not let them down. if you can 't come, be sure to inform your DYC so that your alternate or second place winner may represent your district. See you at the Temple High School on August 16th. The directions to the Temple High School are as follows: Coming from the south on IH35, take the Adams Avenue Exit, turn left at 31st Street. The high school is located on your right. Coming from the north on IH35, take the Adams Avenue Exit, take a left on Adams, cross bridge and take left at 31st Street. There are motels in the Temple area offering nice accommodations if you plan to stay overnight either before or after the State YAD. We are starting a little earlier this year and hope to be able to finish as soon as possible so that people needing to travel a distance will not be inconvenienced. You will also notice that the lunch hour overlaps some of the activities. This is regrettable, but there are many phases to cover and as stated, we hope to finish at a reasonable time. Fraternally, Claudette Reese


State YAD Schedule Beseda, Talent, Crafts, Royalty Temple High School 415 North 31st St., Temple 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. — Craft, Talent, Royalty, Beseda and Scrapbook -- Registration 10:00 a.m. -- Welcome by SL President Howard Leshikar — Flag Presentation - "America The Beautiful" sung by Ruth Hanusch (Lodge No 47) -- Introduction of Supreme Lodge Officers, Directors and District Youth Counselors 10:15 a.m. -- I3eseda Competition: Junior & Senior -- (Craft Judging Begins) 11:30 a.m. -- State Point Awards District III Director, Sid Pokladnik -- $1,000 Scholarship Presentation by SL President Howard Leshikar 11:00 - 12:30 -- NOON MEAL 11:45 a.m. — Awards -- Beseda -- Introduction of Beseda Judges Individual 12:30 p.m. Competition -- Introduction of Craft Judges -- Break (15 minutes) 2:30 p.m. -- Group Talent -- Craft & Scrapbook Awards -- Craft Viewing 4:30 p.m. -- Awards - Talent -- Introduction of Talent Judges 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. -- Supper 6:00 p.m. -- Royalty Competition -- Parents invited to sit up front Royalty Recognition Interview Dukes & Duchesses Remarks by retiring 1986 King & Queen Announcement of Runners - up & Presentation Announcement of 1987 King & Queen Coronation & Robing Remarks by 1987 King & Queen

To Waco, Dallas, Ft. Worth

I,gh Schoo',

SPJST Home office

To Austin and S. Antonio

Directions To State YAD - Temple High School Introduction of Royalty Judges 7:30 -- Closing by President Howard Leshikar

PLEASE NOTE: The following pictures will be taken by the editor at the State YAD at the Temple High School August 16th. Please make yourselves available for these pictures. If you leave, you won't be included. I pic ($1,000 scholarship winner with President Leshikar and Plaque; another with parents.) 1 pic (all participants massed on stage) I pic (1st Place Beseda dancers w/trophy - Junior Group) 1 pic (1st Place Beseda dancers w/trophy - Senior group) I pic (Teenager of the Year w/plaque, Junior of the Year w/plaque and 1st Place Scrapbook Award - President of Youth Club which made the scrapbook, w/ribbon and award) 1 pic (1st Place Craft Winners Junior Division, 6 - 12 w/trophies) I pic (1st Place Craft Winners Senior Division, 13 - 17 w/trophies) All on 1 picture: (1st Place Talent, Ind. 6 w/trophy) (1st Place Talent, Ind. w/trophy) (1st Place Talent, Ind. w/trophy) (1st Place Talent, Ind. 15 - 17), w/trophy) I pic (1st Place Junior Group Talent Winners) 1 pic (1st Place Senior Group Talent Winners)

August Vestnik Project Gingerbread The Czech gingerbread cookie was much more than just a delicacy. They were artistic treasures often being used to decorate tables at medieval banquets and as hand - decorated wall reliefs.

In 1419, there were approximately 18 bakers of gingerbread in Prague (Bohemia). At this time, gingerbread was baked always for higher society. After the reign of Mary Thereze, the Austrian Empress, the business expanded greatly and became very popular. Gingerbread was baked on a large scale commercially for sale during local village Pilgrimages, Fairs, Feasts and Thanksgiving (posviceni, hody). During this time, ingredients were carefully selected and recipes were secretly guarded. Special ground flour, honey and syrup was used. Eventually, sugar replaced the honey and syrup was replaced by dark molasses. Naturally, the most important ingredients were the spices, mainly ginger, and ancient tropical Asiatic spices were imported at great expense during the earlier years. Some bakers also added more domestic spices such as nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. The cookie molds or cutters were of beautifully carved wood in great variety as they were adapted to each season, holiday or celebration: from queens, knights and kings to children, heroes, animals and some of a comical nature. This folk art dates back to the early 15th century and has been preserved by being lovingly brought to this country by numerous immigrants. Today, these molds are prized by collectors as no two reliefs are ever alike. Gingerbread from the old city of Pardubice, Bohemia has always been the most - prized in the Old Country and even today, foreign visitors recognize the superb quality. Today, many cooks make the popular gingerbread cookie - houses which are so popular at Christmastime in this country.

NOTICE; No Vestnik On August 19

Wednesday, July 29, 1987-VESTNiK/7

August Vestnik Project

August Vestnik Contest (Teen)


YOUTH LEADER LODGE NAME Match the profession with the correct person. You can earn a possible 20 points by completing this contest.




was much more than just a delicacy. 1. The Czech 2. They were artistic treasures often being used to decorate tables at and as hand-decorated wall reliefs. , there were approximately 18 bakers of gingerbread in 3. In Prague (Bohemia). 4. At this time, gingerbread was baked most always for were 5. During this time, ingredients were carefully selected and secretly 6. Naturally, the most important ingredients were the mainly ginger, and ancient tropical Asiatic spices were imported at great expense during the earlier years. 7. Some bakers also added more domestic spices such as and or cutters were of beautifully carved wood in 8. The great variety as they were adapted to each season. dates back to the early 15th century and has 9. This been preserved by being lovingly brought to this country by numerous immigrants. as no two 10. Today, these molds are reliefs are ever alike. Send to: SPJST Youth Dept. P.O. Box 100 Temple, Texas 76503 ***

August Vestnik Contest (Junior NAME



Word Search -- Baseball Listed here are teams associated with baseball. How many of the can you find? Words appear forward, backward, across, up and down, and diagonally. Circle all words and earn 20 points. Send to: SPJST Youth Dept. P.O. Box 100 Temple, TX 76503









Send to: SPJST Youth Dept. P.O. Box 100 Temple, Texas 76503 1. Violinist

a. Babe Ruth

2. Football Player

b. Jimmy Conners

3. Actress

c. Louis Pasteur

4. Tennis Player

d. Auguste

5. Explorer

e. Eugene Ysaye

6. Poet

f. John S. Sargent

7. Artist

g. Eddie Van Halen

8. Musician

h. Nathaniel Hawthorne

9. Inventor

i. Robert E. Peary


10. Scientist

j. Thomas A. Edison

11. Basketball Player

k. William Cullen Bryant

12. Sculptor

1. Charles W. Eliot

13. Singer

m. Joseph Pulitzer

14. Novelist

n. Bobby Orr

15. Baseball Player

o. Michael De Bakey

16. College president

p. Larry Bird

17. Journalist

q. Bill Bates

18. Actor

r. Ellen Terry

19. Surgeon

s. Enrico Caruso

20. Hockey Player

t. Richard Burton

From The District Youth Counselor District II Youth Achievement Day Results The District II YAD was well attended by both youth and adults. The youth were full of enthusiasm and they were well - represented from the whole district. There were 50 youth members who participated in the Talent and Royalty Contest and there were 200 entries in the Arts and Craft Contest. We had 2 kings and 5 queens "ompeting in the Royalty Contest. On the district level, all active youth clubs, including Academy, Seaton, Taylor, Cyclone, Granger, Elgin, and Lovelady were very well - represented. I would like to thank the youth leaders and assistants, the District II officers, SL President Howard Leshikar, District II Director Willie E. Kohutek, SYD Claudette Reese and many other sisters and brothers who were so efficient in helping to make our YAD such a great success. It was through your help that made this day successful and we certainly do thank everyone. I would especially wish to thank the 5 people who did all of the tabulating. Brother Willie E. Kohutek supervised this committee. Others on the committee were Ronnie Rieger, Leslie Gustafson, Jan Salmon and Nell Miemin. The local lodge youth leaders and assistants all did their part and certainly did it well. Thank you, again, one and all! I also wish to thank the judges who donated all of their time and we

certainly do appreciate the use of their time and talents. All of the District 11 members wish to thank Lodge 24, Cyclone which was such a good host lodge and helped in many ways to make our YAD a great success. Special thanks to the members who worked that day in the bar and kitchen, also for the delicious meal they served and the use of their fine facilities. Special thanks to Rose Harvell and her boys, local Lodge No. 24 President Barbara Macek and her husband and son for helping get the hall ready for YAD; also, thanks to Gloria Ebner (my assistant), her husband, Fred and son, Lance for their help - all during the day; also to Melvin Steger for his knowledgeable help to keep the program moving and ALL leaders and assistants, many of whom worked the entire afternoon. Thank you to SYD Claudette Reese for taking pictures of the first place winners. We appreciate all your help with the pictures and the decisions you helped us make. I also wish to thank everyone who attended the YAD, bringing someone or helping and your support by being present; it takes all of us to make the day a success. The results of the YAD are as follows: Royalty 1st place King -- Michael Morris (47) 1st place Duke -- Joshua Smith (47) Runner - up King -- Scott Listiak (74) Runner - up Duke -- Travis McKenney (74) 1st place Queen -- Brianna Bohac (20) 1st place Duchess -- Brenna Bohac (20) Runner - up Queen -- Jennifer West (74) Runner - up Duchess -- Tanya Haynie (74)

/8VESTNiK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987 Beseda 1st place -- Lodge 47, Seaton Junior Beseda Circle 1st place -- Lodge 74, Lovelady Teen Beseda Circle Craft and Talent Winners individual Talent: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Angela Pechal (47) 2nd place -- Nikki Rieger (29) 3rd place -- Melanie Koslovsky (47) Ages 10 - 12 -1st place -- Melissa Hines (29) 2nd place -- Diane Pavelka (47) 3rd place -- Amber Watts (18) Ages 13 - 14 -1st place -- Tommy Bowen (18) Ages 15 - 17 -1st place -- Kimberly Schneider (24) 2nd place -- Scott McKenney (74) 3rd place -- Jennifer West (74) Junior Group Talent: 1st place -- Lodge 74, Lovelady 2nd place -- Lodge 47, Seaton 3rd place -- Lodge 47, Seaton Teen Group Talent: 1st place -- Lodge 74, Lovelady 2nd place -- Lodge 18, Elgin 3rd place -- Lodge 24, Cyclone Pictorial Arts: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Tanya Haynie (74) 2nd place -- Melanie Koslovsky (47) 3rd place -- David Macek (24) Ages 10 - 12 -1st place -- Matt West (74) 2nd place -- James Billeck (47) 3rd place -- Michelle Skrabanek (47) Ages 13 - 14 -1st place -- Travis McKenney (74) 2nd place -- Ronnie Rose (177) 3rd place -- Melanie Zavodny (24) Ages 15 - 17 -1st place -- Scott McKenney (74) 2nd place -- Jennifer West (74) 3rd place -- Tallula Hyman (74) !Needlecraft Ages 6 - 9 -1st place - - Tracey Jo Chervenka (24) 2nd place - - Nikki Rieger (29) 3rd place - - Tracy Kiusacek (47) Ages 10 - 12 1st place -- Deanna Calk (47) 2nd place - - Tammy Machu (29) 3rd place - - Bradley Marek (24) Ages 13 - 14 1st place -- Kristie Waits (24) 2nd place - - Brianna Bohac (20) 3rd place - - Christy Marek (24) Ages 15 - 17 1st place -- Kathy Listiak (74) 2nd place - - Kimberly Hubnik (24) Sewing: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Nikki Rieger (29) 2nd place - - Brandon Pechal (24) 3rd place - - Natalie Tomastik (177) Ages 10 - 12 1st place -- Tommy Rieger (29) 2nd place - - Laurie Gibson (47) 3rd place - - Rodney Posvar (24) Ages 13 - 14 1st place -- Brianna Bohac (20) 2nd place - - Kimberly McNeill (177) Ages 15 - 17 1st place -- Jennifer West (74) 2nd place - - Janet Macek (24) 3rd place - - Debbie Bowen (18) Science & Education Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Tommy Gibson (47) 2nd place -- Jason Harvell (24) 3rd place -- Angela Pechal (47) Ages 10 - 12 -1st place -- Tammy Machu (29) 2nd place -- Matt West (74) 3rd place -- James Billeck (47)

Ages 13 - 14 -1st place -- Melanie Zavodny (24) 2nd place -- Christy Marek (24) 3rd place -- Donald Tomastik (177) Ages 15 - 17 -1st place -- Sherry Michka (74) 2nd place -- Kathy Listiak (74) 3rd place -- Nikki Brown (18) Hobby Kits: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Tommy Gibson (47) 2nd place - - Brenna Bohac (20) 3rd place -- Melanie Koslovsky (47) Ages 10 - 12 1st place -- Tammy Machu (29) 2nd place - - Laurie Gibson (47) 3rd place -- Rodney Posvar (24) Ages 13 - 14 1st place -- Ronson Pechal (24) 2nd place - - Shawn Tomastik (177) 3rd place -- urn Bowen (18) Ages 15 - 17 1st place -- Kimberly Hubnik (24) 2nd place - - Kathy Listiak (74) 3rd place -- Janet Macek (24)

This year we were honored to have our 1986 District II Royalty Winners Lance Ebner and Sherry Michka (our State Queen) to MC the District YAD. They did a wonderful job and are to be complimented for their performance and willingness. This year we missed our Editor Rudy and Maxine Sefcik. If they are not present at our YAD, it seems there is something missing. We missed both of you; we were sorry to hear you could not be present. Better luck for us next year. Thanks, again, to everyone! Fraternally, Frank Klinkovsky, DYC *** (Photos - When Received)

From The Youth Leader Lodge 84 Teen Club

Foods: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Nikki Rieger (29) 2nd place -- Brandon Pechal (24) 3rd place (tie) -- Derrick Malicoat (29) and Tommy Gibson (47) Ages 10 - 12 -1st place -- Tommy Rieger (29) 2nd place -- Carl Macek (24) 3rd place -- Rodney Posvar (24) Ages 13 - 14 -1st place -- Kristie Waits (24) 2nd place -- Melanie Zavodny (24) 3rd place -- Christy Marek (24) Ages 15 - 17 -1st place -- Kimberly Hubnik (24) 2nd place -- Janet Macek (24) 3rd place -- Daryl Kortis (47)

The Teens of Lodge 84 held their 31st annual crowning of a king and queen on July 18, 1987. Congratulations Teen Club for another successful year. And congratulations to our new Queen Tara Andreason and King Brandon Andreason. We are proud of you and all the Teens who worked towards the success of this day. Thanks to all the donors of prizes; your help with our Teen Club of Lodge 84 is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Fraternally, Bessie Petr Youth Leader —SPJ ST —

Constructed Items: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Jeffrey Posvar (24) 2nd place -- Jason Harvell (24) Ages 10 - 12 -1st place -- James Billeck (47) 2nd place -- Tommy Rieger (29) 3rd place -- Michelle Skrabanek (47) Ages 13 - 14 -1st place -- Travis McKenney (74) Ages 15 - 17 -1st place -- Scott McKenney (74)

Letters From The Youth

Handicrafts: Ages 6 - 9 -1st place -- Tanya Haynie (74) 2nd place - - Nikki Rieger (29) 3rd place - - Melanie Koslovsky (47) Ages 10 - 12 1st place -- Tammy Machu (29) 2nd place - - Rodney Posvar (24) 3rd place - - Lori Greger (47) Ages 13 - 14 1st place -- Travis McKenney (74) 2nd place - - Christy Marek (24) 3rd place - - Susan Holtman (24) Ages 15 - 17 1st place -- Scott McKenney (74) 2nd place - - Lee Ann Page (20) 3rd place - - Janet Macek (24) Scrapbook Contest: 1st -- Lodge 74, Lovelady Youth Club 2nd -- Lodge 47, Seaton Youth Club 3rd -- Lodge 24, Cyclone Youth Club The two scrap books will be permitted to compete at State YAD. All of the first place Talent and Craft winners will compete in statewide competition on August 16 at Temple High School. I would like to congratulate every contestant for a fine performance and 1 wish all the first place winners much luck whenever they perform at State. The audience is also to be complimented for being quiet.

Lodge 6, Cottonwood Youth Club Met Dear Readers, Well, camptime is over for another year. It was held at Camp Val Verde. Everybody reported that they had a good time. Congratulations to Lanette Hykel and Tammi Dobecka of Lodge 6. Lanette was selected queen and "Teenager of the Year" for District III and Tammi Dobecka is duchess and "Junior of the Year" of District III. Other winners at District III YAD were Kevin Dobecka who placed first in Hobby Kits. Keith Hykel, Kevin and Tammi Dobecka also won other places in crafts. Our 90th annual picnic of Lodge 6 was held July 21st. Everybody had a great time. We thank you for coming and supporting us. I will bring the cake again for this month. Fraternally, Sharon Hrabal (7-21-87) —SPJSTDime

Box YC Holds Meeting

Dear Readers, Our last monthly meeting was held Monday, July 20, 1987 at 10 a.m. President Trudy Korenek called the meeting to order. The flagbearer of the 'month was Matthew Ford. He led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Jennifer Gold then read the minutes of the last meeting. They were approved as read. Then she called the roll. After that, Treasurer Scott Whitsel gave the balance of our club's checking account. Under old business, we discussed the date of going to the Schlitterbahn which is August 10th. We will leave the hall at 8 a.m. This is for the 12 and over group. The 11 and under group decided to go skating. Then they will go to Bastrop Park for swimming. Under new business, we picked our date for the annual lake get - together. It will be at Birch Creek Park and will begin around 11 a.m. The door prizes were won by Delia Wiederhold, Kurt Pharis and Wesley Ford. Door prize was drawn by Matt Ford. The meeting was adjourned and Mrs. Ford talked to those about going to camp. Trudy Krenek (13) President (7-22-87) —SPJST-

17, New Tabor Youth Club


We began our monthly meeting on July 5, 1987 at 3:30 p.m. There were 25 members present. We discussed camp and we adjourned our meeting at 4:10 p.m. Fraternally, Chris Beasley Reporter (7-22-87) —SPJST-

39, Bryan YC Plans Activities


Dear Members, The youth club of Lodge No. 39 is planning to go to Camp Val Verde this week. Hopefully, we will he making many new friends and see lots of old ones. We have been working on our fund raiser which is collecting donations for a chaise lounge and chair. Our drawing will be held in about 2 weeks. Our charity project for the month of July will be making cards for the elderly in the nursing home. Fraternally, Brian Faust (14) 1103 Village Drive College Station, Texas 77840 (7-22-87) —SPJST-

160, San Angelo YC Elects Officers Lodge

The youth club of Lodge No. 160 met for a short meeting on July 9th. New officers were elected. They are: President - Robyn Jansa, Vice President - Jason Schwartz,. Secretary Christy Dierschke, Treasurer - Bridget Schwarts, Reporter - Todd Schwartz. After the meeting we had a joint swimming party and picnic in Ballinger with the youth club of Lodge No. 49. At this writing we are all getting ready for camp July 20th through 23rd. Fraternally, Todd Schwarts, reporter —SPJST-

Wednesday, July 29, 1987-VESTNIK/9

Lodge 39, Bryan YC Rehearses Talent Dear Members, The Lodge No. 39 Youth Club has been very busy with our YAD rehearsals. We will be entering two Senior Group Talents and one Junior Group Talent. We have been meeting for about four hours, every week to practice. We will have to skip practice this week because we will ge going to camp. What a welcome change! See you there and , again at YAD. Fraternally, Grant Faust (9) 1103 Village Drive College Station, Texas 77840 (7-22-87) -SPJST--

Swaim Expression Of Sympathy We, the Resolution Committee and entire membership of Lodge No. 81, Needville, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our lodge brother HUGO ONDREY, who, died Tuesday, April 28, 1987, in the MD Anderson Hospital, Houston, Texa; at the age of 78. Funeral services were held at Davis Dawson Funeral Home in Rosenberg, with Monsignor James Madden of Sacred Heart Catholic Church officiating. Burial was at Greenlawn Memorial Park. Rosary was recited Thursday night. Survivors include his wife, Josie Ondrey of Pleak; two daughters, Mary Ann Butler and Dorothy Anderson of Pleak; a son, Hugo Joe Ondrey of Houston; two sisters, Fannie Bell Ratcliff of Arkansas Pass and Betty Jean Ondrey of Pleak; a brother, Henry Ondrey of Pleak and six grandchildren. May our departed brother rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Mary Werner Mary Matcek Winnifred Susan -SPJ ST-

Expression Of Sympathy We, the officers and entire memberhip of Lodge Pokrok Jihu No. 72, Cameron, extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed lodge sister EMILIE VIVIAN SCHUH, of Austin, Texas who died Saturday, May 30, 1987 in an Austin hospital at the age of 70. Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 2, 1987 at St. Louis Catholic Church in Austin with Msgr. Louis Wozniak officiating. Interment was in Assumption Cemetery. Grandsons were pallbearers. Rosary was recited Monday, June 1 at 7 p.m. in the Colonial - Walden Funeral Home Chapel of Austin.

Sister Schuh was born in Cameron, Texas on November 9, 1916, to Will and Amelie Kovar Ondrej. She lived in Austin for the past 50 years. She was an original member of St. Louis Catholic Church where she was an active member of the Altar Guild for many years. She retired in 1981 from the Austin ISD Food services. She was a member of SPJST Lodge Pokrok Jihu No. 72, Cameron. She was also a member of Telephone Pioneers. She was preceded in death in 1985 by her husband, George V. Schuh. Survivors are two daughters, Loretta Jeanne Cadis of Mandeville, Louisiana and Emelie Louise Ille of Austin; one son, George William Schuh of Dripping Springs; an identical twin sister, Vilma Byram of Cameron; nine grandchildren; three great - grandchildren; and a number of nieces and nephews. May she rest in eternal peace. Submitted by: Lillian B. Mikulec


Expression Of Sympathy, We, the Resolution Committee of Texaska Orlice SPJST Lodge No. 13, Dime Box on behalf of our entire membership, wish to express our deepest and sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed lodge brother BARNEY WILLIAM RANKIN, 76, of Dime Box, who died Wednesday, June 10, 1987 at the Lee Memorial Hospital. Mr. Rankin was a retired farmer and rancher. Funeral services for Mr. Rankin were held Friday, June 12 at 3 p.m. in Trinity Lutheran Church in Dime Box with burial in St. John Lutheran Cemetery. Officiating at the services was Rev. John J. Socha. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Norma (Lielko) Rankin; one son, Newman Barney Rankin of Houston; one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Peters of Birch community; four grandsons and three great - grandsons. Also two sisters survive Barney; namely, Mrs. Pearl Beohme of Caldwell and Mrs. Walter (Ruby) Marburger of Dime Box. Mr. Rankin, the son of Richard and Elizabeth Swartz, was born December 26, 1910 in Elgin, Texas. Barney loved his church and looked forward to being in church every Sunday. All of those who knew Barney loved him and admired his quiet, friendly personality. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends. Phillip and Lucky Funeral Home of Giddings was in charge of arrangements. May our departed brother rest in peace and may his memory live among us forever. Resolution Committee: Mary J. Kubena Albina Milburn Emma Ovcarik -SPJST_

Expression Of Sympathy We, the Resolution Committee of Texaska Orlice SPJST Lodge No. 13, Dime Box on behalf of our entire membership, wish to express our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed lodge brot:e: CARL FORD, JR.,

who passed away Sunday, June 14, 1987 in a Caldwell hospital at the age of 59 years, 10 months and 3 days. Services were held Tuesday, June 16 at 2 p.m. at St. John Lutheran Church in Dime Box with Rev. Donal Key and Rev. Annl Kolmeier officiating. Burial was in St. John Lutheran Cemetery in Dime Box. Mr. Carl Ford, Jr. was born in Morton, Mississippi on August 11, 1927 to Rolena and Jan Ford. On November 1, 1952 he was married to Joyce Lindsay and this union was blessed with five children. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Joyce Ford; two sons and daughters in - law, Kenny and Ray Ann Ford, Ricky Ford and Doris; three daughters and two sons - in - law, Carlo and Ron West, Danita and Doyle Wiederhold, La Donna Ford; one brother, James Ford; eight grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother, Richard Ford. Mr. Ford was a faithful member of the First Baptist Church of Dime Box and lived in Dime Box for 14 years. He was a member of Pipefitters Local Union #211 of Houston for 35 years. Brother Carl put up a courageous battle with cancer for the past 13 months; through that time he never forgot that God was the true healer. Phillip and Lucky Funeral Home of Caldwell was in charge of arrangements. Brother Ford will be greatly missed by his family and friends. May our departed lodge brother rest in peace and may his memory live among us forever. Resolution Committee: Mary J. Kubena Albina Milburn Emma Orcarik


Expression Of Sympathy We, the members of the Resolution Committee of Lodge Pokrok Dallas No. 84 on behalf of our entire membership, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the family of our departed lodge sister MARGARET JAMES, who passed away on June 18, 1987 at the age of 66. She was born and lived in Dallas. Sister James was a "50 year" member of SPJST Lodge No. 84, Dallas. Survivors include one son, Roger James of Dallas; two daughters, Marsha James McClanathan and Mary James Tapia of Dallas; six grandchildren and sister, Frances Groeshow of Dallas. Services were held at the Ed Smith Funeral Chapel with Father Becker of St. Edward Church officiating. Burial was at Grove Hill Cemetery in Dallas. May our departed sister rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Evelyn Salac Cheryl Petr Ida Schulz -SP JST-

Expression Of Sympathy We, the undersigned Resolution Committee of Lodge Karel Havlicek No 4, Hallettsville, Te.xas on behalf of our entire membership, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed lodge sister

ROSIE HOLY, who passed away Sunday, July 5, 1987, in the Shiner Hospital at the age of 96 years. She was born July 5, 1891, in Lavaca County, Texas to the late Martin and Katherine Sklar Galetka. She married John Holy on October 29, 1912, in Hallettsville, Texas. He preceded her in death on March 29, 1974. She was a member of the Czech Moravian Brethren Church in Vsetin, the SPJST Lodge No. 4, and the Vsetin Czech - Moravian Brethren Christian Sisters Society. A prayer service was held at 8 p.m. Monday, July 6 at Kubena Funeral Home Chapel. The body lay in state until 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, July 7, when it was moved to the Vsetin Czech Moravian Brethren Church for 10 a.m. funeral services. The Rev. Henry Beseda and Dr. Mark Labaj officiated. Burial was in the Vsetin Cemetery. Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Elsie Mascheck and Mrs. Victoria Zak, both of Hallettsville, Mrs. Josephine Zaruba of Yoakum, Mrs. Rose Hutzler of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mrs. Mildred Webb of Manchaca; three sons, Alfred B. and Erwin Holy, both of Hallettsville, Leonard Holy of Texarkana; 23 grandchildren; 25 great - grandchildren. May our departed sister rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Gayenell Chudej Mary Matula Victoria Zak


Expression Of Sympathy We, the members of the Resolution Committee of Lodge Stefanik No. 142, Houston, Texas wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our lodge brother CHARLES EDWARD CERNY, 44, who died July 15, 1987. An avid sports participant, he was physically active in all sports. A loving husband and father, he will be dearly missed. Survivors include his wife, Carol June Clement Cerny; parents, Martin and Ida Cerny; daughter, Christine Lucas; son, Allen Cerny; sisters, Betty Supak, Marian Roznovsky; brothers, James, David and Leon Cerny; also numerous nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. A Mass of Christian Burial was held at 10 a.m. Friday, July 17 at St. Rose of Lima. Catholic Church, 3700 Brinkman, Houston, with Father Eric Petri, celebrant. Interment was in Houston National Cemetery. A rosary was recited at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Pat H. Foley & Company Funeral Home Chapel. The family requests memorials to the Houston Hospice, 8707 Katy Freeway, Suite 208, Houston, Texas 77024. Brother Cerny was a member of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church and SPJST Lodge No. 142, Houston. May our departed lodge brother rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Rosie Ali: cjochen Elizabeth Hermis -SPJST-

10/VESTNiK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987

In Memoriam Our beloved mother Frances [Petters] Skrabanek, age 99, entered into rest July 6, 1987, who was a resident of Jacinto City. Mrs. Skrabanek was born in Taylor, Texas to Joe F. Petters and Mary (Baca) Petters. Services were held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Earthman Highlands Chapel with Rev. Larry Koslovsky of Crosby Czech Brethren Church officiating. Burial was at San Jacinto Cemetery. The grandsons served as pallbearers. Members of Lodge 172 and District V Director Jerry Prochazka also attended the services. Mrs. Skrabanek died in a Jacinto City nursing home. She lived in the area about 57 years. Her husband, Frank J. Skrabanek, passed away 18 years ago. Survivors are sons and daughters - in - law, Vernon E. and Alice Skrabanek of Highlands, Victor and Ethel Skrabanek of Old Ocean and Raymond and Ruby Skrabanek of Jacinto City; daughter and son - in law, Elsie and Foster Prescott of Houston; 19 grandchildren and 26 great - grandchildren. Submitted by, Raymond W. Skrabanek Member of Lodge 172


Features Ahoj! Czechoslovakia By Willa Mae Cervenka May 21, 1987, was the departure date for my 19 - day jaunt to Czechoslovakia. On arrival, at the. Ruzne • Airport, Prague, the rain did not dampen my enthusiasm, because, after my previous six trips to Czechoslovakia, 1 knew that. again. I will be among friends and relatives, who give the meaning to the term, "Beautiful People," for they are truly beautiful of persons and hearts. After the sixteen - dollar, per day currency exchange, and passing through the custom lines, there they were, Dr. and Mrs. Martin Smakal and son, Jacub, Franti§ek Kueera, son, Radek, Majka Vyoralova and son, Jaromir, all lined up smiling, with open arms, welcoming me with flowers and wine. Then I followed the entourage to the home of Mrs. Marie Smakal, where she had a tasty meal ready for us. The jet - lag and hoopla of the day forced me to retire early for a night of rest. Being exhausted, sleep came quickly and morning came too soon. The fluffy feather bed cover that was on my bed slipped to the floor during the night, which reminded me of my childhood days when my mother tied the fluffy feather bed to the bed posts to keep it from falling off the bed. From my room at the Smakal home, I could see through the large bay window, a magnificent view of a garden with flowers and vegetables and, in the background, were mountains covered with green trees. In Prague is the U FLEKU restaurant, an ancient brewery and tavern combined, that dates back to 1499 where the beer has been brewed for centuries only for the use in this tavern. The beer is dark and heavy and 14 percent alcohol content. You can

tape featuring the BR/■1" ACI Orchestra order food and hot garlic toast there. This large outdoor beer garden has appearance on television. Since there long tables with benches and a stage are musicians and singers who once with an orchestra playing Czech polkas were members of the MORAVANKA, the Brilai band, I think sound as and waltzes and the guests chiming in with familiar songs. You will see artists good as the Moravanka. Majka Vyoralova and Kveta selling their' arts and Czech soldiers in Navratilova sound great on this uniform and many other people drinking beer and having a good time. televised program. Jerry also sings a The orchestra plays for only two duet with his mother. All the members hours, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and only on of the Brriaci band are hoping for an invitation to perform in America. certain days of the week. A legend: Later we went up a winding trail that that many years ago waitresses at U FLEKU had to be over 50 years of age leads to the Vyoral "CHATA" on the and weigh over 150 pounds. Theory: mountainside. The vacation but has flowers, a vegetable garden and a small that this might guarantee the waitresses' safety from the students of vineyard, plus a panoromic view of Brno. It's a get - away place from the the nearby university who frequented hum - drum of daily living. After the premises. returning to the Vyoral apartment and In Prague there are so many things receiving a Orchestra VHA tape to do and see, especially if you have friends and relatives who know and other gifts, we all got into Jerry's Franti gek Macinka in his sklep. In the red sports car and whizzed to "where the action is," and keep the background is Milan tech. ball rolling for that! ALHAMBRA, Moraysky Zekov, Bfeclav, to spend the best known night club in town with some time with Majk a's mother, of wine - tasting. There were many a show, you can order a meal or just Maria Senkova. Her home is a large large barrels with red and white wine. drink and watch the show or dance. It three - story house and, in the Franti§ek Macinka, the host, using a backyard, a menagerie of cattle, is located in the Ambassador Hotel. glass siphon was serving wine from If you want to hear some good chickens, hogs, geese, rabbits and different barrels. I learned all I wanted music and "kick your heels" dancing sheep. With her jolly disposition, we to know about wines! I had a grand go to NOVAK'S. Then there is the U had an extra entertaining time. I was time and must say the Podlu2ans were ZLATE KONVICE, has music, gypsy, treated to a tour at LEDNICE, a park masters of a fun - filled evening with interesting fountains and gardens. and serve a cold plate and Czech beer laughter, singing and story - telling. washes all this down nicely. With so On the way home, we had a treat of The fellow musicians were teasing Pepsi - Cola. I was happy to see that much ground to cover, I will just list a Franti gek Macinka about his horse ride few others: U ZLATEHO JELENA - Coca - Cola and Pepsi - Cola can be in Texas when the Podlu2ans were good food; U PLEBANA - good food purchased all over Czechoslovakia. No hosted by Professor Josef Skfivanek and drinks, U PAST IA2 KY -- music sooner did I get to the Senkova home, on his ranch. Franti gek was very Jaroslav Grof, a member of the and good food unique to Prague, anxious to get on a horse, so, eargerly, there is the internationally known Podlt.ian band who performed in he mounted the horse, then one of the LA.TERNA MAGICA; you need no Bryan, Texas last November, called me fellow musicians tapped the horse on and informed me of the plans that a knowledge of the Czech language to the hindquarter -- this gesture caused enjoy this imaginative show. The group of the Podluians made for me the horse to suddenly take off. during my three - day stay. Jaroslav Franti g ek's eyes got big as saucers, as National Theatre is a beautiful theatre. I had an interesting visit with ZORA came by and took me to their beautiful he held on for dear life until the horse was stopped. Franti g ek admitted that HLOBILOVA, opera singer and her home in Venice Bilovice. On arrival, daughter, EVA JEHLICKOVA, also his wife, Ludmilka, presented me with he had a moment of anxiety; after all, perform at the National Theatre. She a beautiful large doil, dressed in a "The horse didn't understand Czech!" handmade kroj. They have two sons, sang for the Soviet Leader MIKHAIL The Macinkas also have a nice home, GORBACHOV when he made a trip Robert and Leo g , ages 9 and 12. Then there I had a delightful visit with his I was taken to meet Jaroslav's mother, to Czechoslovakia last April. Zora wife, Jana; son, Peter, age 9; Hiobilova offered to provide tickets or Anna Grof and his brother, Jindrich. daughter, Jana, age 8 and also take me personally, on a private tour Franti g ka OSLZLA, Ludmilka's Franti gek's parents. There was more mother, came by for a while. to the National Theatre. Due to food - more drinks. Franti gek is the another commitment, regretfully I bassfiddle player in the band. Franti g ek presented me a "special had to decline her invitation. Featuring in Prague is the guest" ribbon to wear to the FIDLOVACKA Opera. Fidlovaeka TVRDONICICH Festival on was a shoemaker tool for polishing Saturday. leather. Fidlovaela was a typical folk Milan tech and his wife, Jitka and feast of the Cobblers of Prague two sons, Ald, 17, and Hynek, 12, celebrated in the NUSLE VALLEY. In also have a beautiful home with a the procession of the shoemakers patio, where they entertained me, guild, a tree with fidlovaeky was Milan and his son playing the carried around. The song, "Kde dulcimer. Majka Benadova. (one of the Domov Milj" is sung on the scene by dancers who was in Texas) and her the blind man, MARES, praising husband came by and joined the group simply and frankly the beauties of in the outdoor barbecue supper. Milan Bohemia with its mountains, tech fetched an apron and barbecued blossoming meadows and humming the sausages in the modern patio. birds. While feasting on the sizzling sausages Due to an over - booked itinerary, I and other food and, of course, the had to decline a visit with VANDULA wine, Milan tech showed colored PRAGLOVA, who sang with the slides on a screen in the patio of the Moravanka band, also sang with the Podluans' trip to Texas. That night Veselka Orchestra when they the two - day TVRDONICICH performed in Texas. Vandula is Festival started which was only a short Jaroslav Grof, in his cellar, is sending her best regards to all of the distance away, and we could hear the siphoning wine to Gary and Sandra people she met in the USA. bands playing which set the mood for a Cervenka. On my way to Brno, I detoured to joyous evening. That evening a group of the TIIEBIC for an overnight visit in the Saturday morning was a beginning home of Mr. and Mrs. BLAHOSLAV Podlu2an families gathered at the of another wonderful day. After a POLACEK. There, I enjoyed the visit Grof's home and from there we were hearty breakfast, I went to Jan and with good food and drinks. Next day, escorted by Franti gek Macinka and Vladka Bleek's home for a brunch; the Poldeek family drove me to the wife, Jana, to their wine cellar. Their Jan Blaiek plays the violin and Vladka home of MAJKA VYORALOVA and wine cellar has two levels -- one a dances with the Podltilan group. After son, JAROMiR, "Jerry." In 1980, beautiful furnished party room and a lunch, I was back at the tech home Jerry at the age of 15, visited Texas. cellar where you see many large barrels and Milan's and his wife, Jitka's He is sending a special "hello" to all of wine. There they had prepared a parents came by. Zdenek Bravenec who remember him. Jerry graduated feast, barbecued chicken and all the dropped by and reminisced about his trimmings and a variety of pastries. from college last June and, in October, trip to Texas. Then a number of people Following the meal, under the is going into the Army for one year. dressed in costumes came by from the In the Vyoral home, while Majka direction of Franti gek Macinka, he led nearby festival. Later that evening was bustling in the kitchen preparing us downstairs into a large cellar to Jitka and Ludmilka and I, wearing the food, Jerry, was showing me a VHS continue the celebration for a session guest ribbon, walked to the

Wednesday, July 29, 1987—VESTNiK/11 Sherry Goode -- pie Randolph Brown -- cookies Donna Zikuhr -- brownies Tom Hooker -- cookies Needville National Honor Society -cookies Blue Baron 4 - H Club -- cookies and cupcakes. —SPJSm -

Frantigek Macinka (left) with Milan tech, Jaroslav Grof and Jan Blaiek singing in Macinka's cellar. TVRDONIC1CH Festival. There were rows of benches with spectators watching the activities, orchestras playing, singing, solos, duets, all adorned in beautiful costumes. Czechoslovakia has about 15 festivals annually. The STRAZNICE Festival is the largest and attracts about 100,000 people. In the Podluii area, you can see many acres of vineyards. Usually, the owner has a wine cellar, where the wine is stored and a party room. It's a custom on weekends, holidays and other occasions to get an accordian player and invite guests to the wine cellar for eating, drinking and singing and be merry. The private owners of these wine cellars excel pride and joy, especially when they serve a sample of their wine from the casks. Both Jaroslav Grof and Frantgek Macinka have and serve a rich assortment of high quality wine which have been highly evaluated and won recognition. Hanging on the wall in the party room of the cellar, there are numerous plaques indicating awards of recognition. The Podluians asked me to extend their greetings and thanks to all the wonderful people in Texas. (To be continued)

—SPJSTS.P.J.S.T. Rest Home No. II Report

The Board of Directors and Staff of S.P.J.S.T. Rest Home No. II in Needville would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for the time and donations they contributed to make life more enjoyable for our residents. "In Memory Of" Contributions: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walcik -- In memory of Ben Bacica The children and grandchildren of Emily and John Kolaja -- In memory of Emily and John Kolaja The family of Margie Hall -- In memory of Margie Hall Money Donations: Slavonic Mutual Fire Insurance Association Chapter No. 30 WFLA Lodge Texas No. 289 Slavonic Mutual Fire Insurance Association SPJST Lodge No. 81, Needville SPJST Lodge No. 88, Houston -(This donation was used to purchase several games for the activity department and an Accu - Chek II blood glucose monitor for the nursing department.)

Donations: Hope Lutheran Church Women of Beasley -- refreshments, birthday cakes St. Michael's Altar Society -- cakes Mrs. Evelyn Franz -- Poinsettias for tables and hallways, and spring flower arrangements for the tables Dorothy Krell -- candy Betty Jurica -- cookies Carol Janc -- chips and dips Robert Vacek -- cake and deviled eggs Frances Muzny -- cookies Sophie McDougle -- cookies Elaine Smith -- cookies Dawsey/Engish -- Architects -- Fruit and cheese tray AARP Chapter #1772 -- boxes of bananas Lydia Hortman -- brownies, cake Juanita Chudalla -- cakes Pearl Hanka -- cake Damon Ladies -- arts and crafts Ruth Circle -- cakes First Baptist Ladies -- cakes KJZT Juniors Society #85 -Valentine cookies, candy, and flower basket Elsie Mahlman -- cake Kroger of Rosenberg -- candy canes Rheba Dinges -- balloons for Valentine's party Martha Marx -- cakes, cookies Clara Charanza -- apple strudels Margaret Charanza -- cookies, cheese balls, dips, fruit and cheese tray Kathleen Pugh -- ice cream, punch, birthday cake Angelina Mach -- finger sandwiches Helen Schnell -- cake Kay Martinez -- bingo prizes Bessie -- Warncke -- cake Travis Beard, Jr. -- walker Flossie Schimara -- cake Immanuel United Church of Christ Women's Guild -- cakes Harriet Legendre -- material for arts and crafts The family of Margie Hall -- punch bowl set The Sunday School Children of First English Lutheran Church -- Easter rabbits Tammy Zgabfy and Belinda Krobot -- fruit Jackie Schneider -- banana pudding Traci Weainan -- brownies Tammy Christian -- pound cakes Viola Fuchs -- cake The United Methodist Women -cakes Lisa Wheeler -- brownies Laura Wheeler -- Jello Lisa Trevino -- Easter eggs Lori Trevino -- cake Laura Trevino -- fruit bowl Sheryl Machs -- ice cream and cake

Col. John D. Shmoldas

Shmoldas Retires From Active Service Col. John D. Shmoldas currently assigned as the Chief of Joint Concepts and Reconnaissance Branch, Tactical Division, Directorate of Advanced Programs, Military Deputy for Acquisition, United States Air Force, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., retired June 30, 1987 from active duty service after 24 years of service. Colonel Shmoldas was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, November 19, 1940, and graduated from Spring Branch High School, Houston, Texas, in June 1959. Colonel Shmoldas entered the Air Force Academy in June 1959 and graduated on the superintendent's list for military and academic excellence in June 1963. As a commissioned second lieutenant, he completed pilot training at Webb Air Force Base, Texas in August 1964 and subsequently graduated as distinguished graduate and most outstanding crew from the first class upgrading to the newly-acquired RF4C at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, in December 1964. In October 1965 he deployed as an RF - 4C pilot systems operator with the 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Squardon to Tan Son Nhut Air Base, South Vietnam. He flew 231 combat missions including 56 missions in North Vietnam. In May 1970 after a 4 - year tour of duty at Alconbury, England, he was transferred to Headquarters United States Air Force in Europe as the aide to General Holzapple, Commander in Chief, U.S. Air Forces in Europe. Assigned to The Tactical Air Warfare Center at Eglin AFB FL as the Assistant Deputy Commander for Operations in August 1982, Colonel Shmoldas served as Program Director for the Fighter Electronic Counter Countermeasures Tactics Development and Evaluation (FECM). The F - 15, F - 16, and F - 4 results became the basis for an Air Force review of ECCM capabilities and programs to rectify deficienies. In July ,, 1984, Colonel Shmoldas returned to the Pentagon as Deputy Division Chief of the Weapons Division in Directorate of Operational Requirements and assumed duties as

Chief of the Joint concepts and Requirements Division in May 1985. During his tour, the Air Force completed a global study of surveillance and reconnaissance requirements and funded a major conversion of tactical reconnaissance from film based to timely eiectro optical systems with broad joint service and international cooperation. As head of the Requirements Team for the Air Force Acquisition Streamlining Task Force, Colonel Shmoldas made and implemented significant changes to the operational requirements process which should save significant time and reduce development and acquisition costs. Colonel Shmoldas is a command pilot with more than 3,000 flying hours. He has flown the RF - 4C and the F - 5. His military decorations and awards include: the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters and the Air Medal with 11 oak leaf clusters. and the Legion of Merit award. Colonel Shmoldas was awarded a Masters Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and has completed Air Command and Staff College, Armed Forces Staff College, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and is a graduate of the Program Manager's Course of the Defense System Management College. Colonel Shmoldas is the son of Helen Shmoldas of Lovelady and the late Julias R. Shmoldas. Colonel Shmoldas is married to the former Lea Adele Wattiez of Huntingdon, England. The Shmoldas have two children, Jonelle and Andre. Among the relatives attending the special ceremony in Washington, D.C., were Louis R. and Shirley Michka of Lovelady, Texas. Chester Shmoldas, uncle of the honoree, was unable to attend. (Article and photo courtesy Directorate of Advanced Programs Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force -- Editor) —SPJST-

CHS Of Texas Meeting/Genealogy Seminar In Ennis The

The Czech Heritage Society of Texas will hold a regular meeting on August 15, 1987 at SPJST Lodge 135 and Sokol Center, one and one - half miles East of Ennis on Hwy. 34. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. for the Czech Genealogy Workshop sponsored by the Society and hosted by Lodge 135 and Sokol members. The workshop will be from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Research experts will be speaking on how to locate your ancestors in passenger lists, courthouse records, church records, the federal census, tombstone inscriptions and by computer genealogy. There will be maps of early Czechoslovakia for sale, plus books by these experts for sale and for browsing. There will be a $3 admission charge with a nominal charge for the Czech lunch that will be served at noon. Entertainment will be provided during the lunch period. We would like to stress the fact that the Czech Heritage Society of Texas is not just interested in genealogy. Our primary goals are to preserve the heritage, culture, language and genealogy of Texas Czechs. The society is non - denominational and non - profit.

12/VESTNIK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987 For further information contact Miss Sylvia Laznovsky, Route 7, Box 47 at Ennis, Texas 75119, (214) 875 3091; or Mrs. Marjorie Matula, State President, Route 2, Box 197, Victoria,

Texas 77901, (512) 575-0820. Katherine Wokaty, Pub. Chairman Czech Heritage Society of Texas —SP JST —

SOUVENIRS American Czech Culture Society P.O. Box 271221 Dallas, TX 75227 Gentlemen: Please ship the following items. Payment is included with my order. Thank you. Commemorative Sesquicentennial Book ($2 each/2 for $5)

qty $

Enameled Flag Lapel Pin - $2 each qty $ Postage and handling $ TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED $ THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER!

American-Czech Culture Society The Texas Sesquicentennial was a well - deserved occasion to boast of Texas pride. Proud of Texas heritage. Proud of tradition. Proud of cultural roots. Proud of what we have become. The Texans of Czech Ancestry assisted in producing many events to celebrate the Sesquicentennial. One of the more memorable occasions was a weekend celebration held in conjunction with the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. The Czech celebration offered many varied activities such as a genealogy symposium, a banquet and dance, a museum - styled exhibit on the influence of Czechs in Texas history and a colorful music and dance production in the Cotton Bowl. The three - day event was attended by Czechs across Texas as well as Czechs from Louisiana, Iowa and Nebraska. A special commemorative book, produced especially for the Sesquicentennial and offered by the American - Czech Culture Society of Dallas, is still available in limited quantities. The book reflects the love for the Czech heritage which is alive and growing in Texas. Copies are available at a special price of $3 each or two books for $5. Also available are enameled lapel pins featuring the crossed flags of Czechoslovakia and Texas at the price of $2 each. Books and pins may be obtained by writing: Souvenirs, American - Czech Culture Society, PO Box 271221, Dallas, TX -/5227. Sharmayne Krizan, Publicity —SPJST-

To People Farm Exchange Program Agreement Signed People

A "People to People Farm Exchange" program between Rudy Klecka, Klub Kontinental, East Bernard, Texas 77435 and the JZD Cooperative Agricultural Agrokominat of Slusovice, Czechoslovakia, was discussed and signed this past June, to arrange an exchange of a group of farmers, ranchers, dairy and poultrymen between the two countries. The purpose of the exchange is to contribute to the broadening of understanding between the American and Cechoslovak people and to further development of mutually beneficial

and friendly relations between the two countries. The agreement between the two countries is the first such with the Slusovice collective farm to come to America, Dr. Zdenek Novak said. He is very interested in his group visiting Texas and looks forward for the first exchange to be a success. The cooperative of Slusovice ranks among the top and most productive Cechoslovak agricultural enterprises and, in some aspects, among the top farming organizations. The cooperative's activities spread, over 17 villages in the Gottwaldov district, totaling some 20,025 acres, with 13,741 acres in cultivated land. There are 3260 members permanently active, with 810 members of secondary education, and 326 with a university education and 17 rank among senior scientists with a candidate of science degree. The American members to sign up for the program and participate in the full 12 - day collective program will have no cost upon arrival in Czechoslovakia, hotel accommodations, 3 meals daily, drinks, transportation, entertainment and visa fees. The airfare from Houston/Prague and return will have to be paid by the person participating. East Bernard will host the Cechoslovak farmers reciprocity during their stay in Texas. Local farms, ranches, schools, A&M University, NASA, Houston, Galveston and San Antonio will be visited. The departure date to Czechoslovakia of the American farmers is set for September 15, 1987 and returning October 1, 1987. The exchange arrival of the Slusovice members will be in early November 1987 for 12 days. Persons interested to be "gratis" guests of Slusovice collective farm and participate in the program are urgently asked to contact Rudy Klecka, at (409) 335 - 4456 from 8 to 5 p.m. or after 5 p.m. (409) 335 - 4471. A deposit of $200 per person is required to hold your seat reservations. A valid United States passport is needed and a Czech group visa will be secured. May I hear from you by telephone as soon as possible? Rudy Klecka Lodge 28 Member


Vyvial Reunion Reunions Darilek Reunion A "maximum effort" reunion of the Darileks and their descendants is scheduled for August 2, 1987 in Moulton at the air - conditioned Knights of Columbus Hall (formerly known as the VFW Hall) located on Highway 532 to Gonzales. This includes the families of the four Darilek brothers and one sister, namely, Vincent, Joseph, Thomas, Frank and Emilie Pavlicek, and their cousin, William Darilek, all natives of Czechoslovakia. Planning for this occasion is in progress. Families are asked to bring a covered dish. Plans are for a family Mass to begin at 10 a.m. on the day of the reunion. All are asked to bring family tree information and old family photographs. For further information, contact Alice Darilek Didear, 754 St. Pius Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412, or phone day - (512) 853 - 0243 and evenings (512) 992 - 1617. Mrs. Georgia Henderson Star Route 1, Box 112 Louise, Texas 77455 (512) 771 - 3698 ***

Prikryl Reunion The descendants of the late Ondrej Prikryl and Mary (Zrubek) Prikryl will hold their reunion at the VFW Post 8918 at Circleville on Sunday, August 9, 1987, starting at 10:30 a.m. All the descendants of Hynek Prikryl and Anton Zrubek are invited. A catered lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m. Please bring a dessert for your family. Circleville is located 5 miles south of Granger, Texas and 5 miles North of Taylor, Texas on Highway 95. Contact Rosie Lee Prikryl, 2502 Donna, Taylor, Texas 76574 or Hattie Cmerek, Box 326, Granger, Texas 76530. ***

Annual Shenkir Reunion The families of John and Frances Shenkir will gather together on Sunday, August 9, 1987 for their annual reunion. The gathering will be at the SPJST Lodge 24 (Flag Hall) at Cyclone, Texas. Pauline Ziober Meek ***

Kovar-Volcik-Prcin Reunion The annual family reunion will be held Sunday, August 16, 1987 at the VFW Hall at Circleville, Texas. Registration will begin at 10 a.m. There will be an auction of homemade goods and a door prize right after the noon meal. Families attending bring a meat dish and a vegetable or dessert dish to feed the members of your family attending. Each family is asked to bring an item for the auction and door prize. Evelyn Leshikar Box 97 Taylor, Texas 76574 ***

The descendants of Ignac and Marie Vyvial will meet at the American Legion Hall in Rosenberg, Texas on the August 9, 1987. This is an annual reunion for family and friends so come early and stay late. Prepare your favorite dish and join us in a covered dish dinner. Liquid refreshments, etc. will be furnished. Allen L. Vyvial Member of Lodge 81, Needville ***

Sebek Reunion The annual Sebek reunion will be held at SPJST Lodge No. 24 (Flag Hall) Cyclone, Texas on Saturday, August 1, 1987. Registration will start at 11 a.m.; an evening meal at 4 p.m. (The meat, beans, bread and tea will be furnished plus the plates, forks, napkins). You are asked to bring salads, desserts and if you wish snack food for those arriving early to snack on before our meal. Friends and relatives are invited to join us. We only ask for you to donate toward the meat and other expenses. Bernice Sebek ***

Zavodny Sula Reunion You are invited to the Zavodny Sula reunion on Sunday, August 30, 1987 at the Seaton School Community Center, located approximately 7 miles east of Temple on Highway 53. Doors will open at 10 a.m. There will be refreshments before lunch. Come early and enjoy a day of happiness and old memories. For dinner, we ask that you bring a basket lunch, consisting of a meat, vegetable and dessert -- enough for your family and friends. Bread, tea, coffee, plates, napkins, etc. will be provided. If some of you failed to receive a letter, please notify them and encourage them to attend. Clarence & Wanona Sula Rural Route 1 Burlington, Texas 76519 (817) - 985 - 2432 ***

Trcalek-Zalobny Reunion All relatives and friends of the deceased John and Helen (Zalobny) Trcalek of the New Tabor community are invited to attend a reunion at noon Sunday, September 27, 1987 at the Caldwell Senior Citizens Center, 210 W. Buck, Caldwell, Texas (next to the City Hall). Everyone is asked to bring a basket lunch. Plates, cups, silverware and tea/coffee will be furnished. Each family is asked to encourage their families to come because there will be no individual invitations mailed out. Feel free to bring pictures and other things to remind us of memories of the past. Committee: Annie (Trcalek) Sefcik Georgia (Sefcik) Fritsche David Sefcik —SPJST-


east Credni organ Slovanske Podporujiei Jednoty Statu Texas, zalokene roku 1897

29. eervence 1987

ROtisliK 75 tiSLO 29 hochova hledela ko gtetem urazit zamek ztratila na ge zem na a vysvobodit bratra. Muselo to bYt Ul pry tri mesta v Texasu zaeinaji velmi horke kdy2 nyni je poeasi je tak jednat o torn, aby se pfijal zakon ktery horke a vzduch ladny, le ano? Jiste by nedovolil miti ty nebezpeene psy Tak Vgelicos budou potrestani a deti byli piedani do "Pit bull", a mysli se, le se to brzy Aneika Houdkova prozatimniho domova, dokud se to uskuteeni. Tak minulY tYden v patek zase se nevyfidi. Rodie'e jsou vinni, le tak Take pry zase ti nezakoniti lids se stala velka tragedie, kdy2 poblile Com- krute zachazeli s detmi. dali jiti pfes pouge v Arizone a dva Ten soudce Cave, ktery byl obvinen, muli zemfeli a jeden je nezvestny. Bylo fort, Texas, jistY kostelni bus a ei jak se fika "van" museli ziistat stat le met v gelijake nepekne styky s zenami jich pry 25 a z tech ktefi chteli pfejiti tu nebot' tam hodne pr gelo a voda ul byla a pfi torn byl tee obvinen ze tfech pougf jen2 je 50 mil dlouha, a kdy2 pies kola. Najednou se phihnala voda a pfipadu le gidil pogtou, byl pak bylo 110 stupfin horka tak jim to nakonec propugten na svobodu a mule gpatne dopadlo. Dvacet jich bylo dam) smetla bus a phevratilo ho do vody a 33 jich bylo zachraneno, osm chybuji a zas pracovat jako soudce zde. Myslim, do vezeni. Meli platit $350. kald9 le kdy2 soudce udela neco tak tee 400 dolaru a gpatne jim to skoneilo. dye z dallaskeho okoli zahynuly, kdy voda je odnesla a utopili se. Mnozi se nepekneho, le asi lido budou mit strach Je to velmi zle se tak pou gfet v torn a nebudou miti duveru v nej-- horku a obyeejne z toho nic neni. museli driet stromu za vetve, aby nemyslite? Ja bych tak soudila aspori. Pofad jegte hledaji toho eloveka ktery neutonuli a vzalo to tfi, al skoro 4 Nyni se dejou veci kter y jsou hrozne a byl vinen smrti tech 18 lidi v tom hodiny net je pak lids zachranili. Bylo piece jegte se najdou druzi, ktefi to zameenem voze, a jestli ho najdou, tak to hrozne v to zime u vody a mysleli, le ul se nezachraneji a zemfou. Vetgina neodsoudi, a jak pak maji ti mladi pak jiste bude za to platit dobie. Kdo by byla studenti kfestantske gkoly z Balch jednat, kdy2 to se easto stava? On mel chtel mit na svedomi tolik livotil, bYt dobhe potrestan za to, le se tak ano? Springs a te2 toho kostela Seagoville Tak ten olej ul vygel zase nahoru, Road baptistskeho kostela a byli na choval jako soudce, le? Saudi Arabove darovali pfes 8 nebot' nyni ma cenu pies $22. a 34 vYletu, a pro mnohe gpatne skoneil. Bylo to ov gem hrozne pro rodiee tech milionu texaske universite A&M aby centu za beau. KaldYch par dni to studentn, kdyi nevedeli zda (Yeti jejich Arabska universite pomohla jim stoupd a tak tide nevedi, co si maji jsou livi anebo mrtvi. Byli to mladi od zdokonalit zemedelske vYzkumy jistou myslet, kdy2 loni byl jen 10 dolaru za 13ti let al do 17 ti leti a nektefi byli ze universitou v Arabii. Jisti tifednici ul beeku, col bylo moc malo. Tak ted' Seagoville, Balch Springs, Mesquite, z etyti roky spolupracuji s Araby aby se musime eekat a2 jak se to vyvine na mohlo vyue'ovat zemedelstvi na dvou svete. Dallasu a z jinYch mestech. Je to velice Posledni dobou se zaeinaji sem do smutne, le ty mlade iivoty ukoneily tak universitach v Arabii, kter y oni nutne potfebuji tam. Texasu stehovat nekolik riiznYch brzo a za takovYch okolnosti. Ten Davis z Fort Worthu propustil firem, takle znalci si libuji, le toto Tel nam oznamovali, le pet tech ktefi chti kandidovat na presidentskY sveho pravnika nebot' pry ma tolik pomuie zvednout finaneni situaci. Tel tihad, se spoleili a chti vgelijakYmi dluhy a nemohl by platit mu a tak asi je hodne budov se prodava a nove se feemi a skandaly po gpinit Reagana. po vg em a ti co laluji ho, nedostanou staveji, a pak delnici a zamestnanci tech firem se budou stehovat sem a tak Toto je ovgem moc gpatne jednani od nic. Zprava jedna udava, le prave nyni je se to hodne polep gi na vgechny strany. tech lidi, ale pry asi to nektefi budou sezona tech "shrimps" eili eesky Vgak je hodne lidu bez prace a kdy by konat at' si fika kdo chce co chce, jen "garnat obecnYch" kdy se sbiraji aby se to zlepgilo a prace byla k dostani tak kdy2 oni zvitezi. se prodavaly ale jelikol Amerika to jiste bude moc dobre pro mnohe Iranska lod' stfilela na francouzskou nechce aby nezakoniti fide se podileli lidi. lod a ted' Francie se rozlobila a Firma LTV ktera ma odboeku zde v pferugila diplomaticke styky s Iranem a na lovu, tak majitele lodi kteri je poslala zamestnance a jejich vYslance poulivaji na ten lov se boji, Je Dallasu, ziskala kontrakt od letecke dome. Iranove ov gem zas vyhostili nebudou miti delniky na to a mo is nd ob- (Asti vojenske v cene skoro sedm a tfi vYslanci zpet do Francie. Tak je to chod asi zanikne. Nedavno policiste evrte milionn, aby vypra covali nove velice napjate a nektefi si mysli, le jegte udelali hon na ty nezakonite a chytli 42 baterie-hnane systemy pro vojenskou to zaene valku, kdy Iran hekl, le bude jich. Patrola hranieni hekla, 2e oni spoleenost a pry zde se to bude stfilet do lodi kter y maji vlajky budou pohad pracovat aby zastavili to zhotovovat, a bude price pro mnohe. Asi 15 protestoril z Iranu se seglo americke. Celt' svet bude asi valeit pfechazeni tech ktefi nejsou obeani a nemaji pray° sem k nam se pa govat. Za pfed budovou dallaskYch novin zase. U2 kolik dni trvaji ty velke ohne v poslednich 18 mesic0 tak tfi tisice jich "Times Herald" a stelovali si, le lid v sedmi statech a sice: Oregonu, Kalifor- bylo chyceno a poslano zpet do Mex- Iranu nema ladne prava, aby mohli nii, Washingtonu, Idaho, Montane (v ika. Jen& ti stejni zase se 'Ahem par stehovat skrze svobodu a spravedlnost, Utah a Novem Mexiku byly uhageny hodin vrati zpet. Je to stale velka prace je pry to velmi gpatne, nebot' nemohou koneene),Rikaji, le deft' a snih uhasily ty lidi hledat a chytit je. Jak pak to bojovat pro to aby meli lep gi Iivot. Vie se odbylo v tichosti a bez rozbrojii. trochu a ul bylo to potheba neb ty ohne bude dale s nimi? Distriktni pravnik fekl, 2e ul je tak V Amarillo, Texas zase tfi mladi u2 zpilsobily velke gkody kdy2 to trvalo zemfeli, kdy2 kopali kanal pro a celkem spalily 48 tisic akru pastvin a unaven s tim farafem, ktery si 'aka, ie by rad veal kdo jeho lenu chtel zabit, firmu jenl mela tam pfipojiti trubky kdy to trva lest). Jaka to je gkoda dlouho a co vie pokazi i tem lidem ale kdy2 policie lada, aby vypovidal vodni a 25 stop hluboka jama se pied porotou jak to vie bylo, ten den probofila a zasypala je. Je gte tfeti mul ktefi mail domovy poblile, le ano? Busova spoleenost Greyhound kdy jeho 2ena byla prepadena tak nebyl nalezen. U2 koiikrate se to stalo koneene pfevzala druhou busovou odmita mluvit. Ten pravnik mu feki, le a ted' tel rodina jednoho eloveka, ktery spoleenost Trailways, minul9 tYden za at' tedy mluvi anebo aby odjel z teto zahynul pfi takove situaci kdy2 se 80 milionu dolaru. Toto pry bude lepgi zeme prye. On uz byl velice zlY, le kopala kanalizace, tak nyni 2aluje firpro obe firmy a pry zamestnanci faraf si dela co chce a tak bude muset mu na mnoho milionn dolarii, le Trailways skoro vgichni delnici obdrli pfigti tYden vypovidat, at' chce anebo nebylo dosti optrnosti phi tom. Jenle praci a chti aby spoleene utvorili ne aby vie uz bylo vyfizeno. Pofad se ten Novel byl Mexikan a nebyl velkou a silnou firmu. Ta Trailways nachazeji lido, le mysli, le si mnlou obeanem USA a tak se asi to jegte potahne skrze to. Phi takove praci ma firma ma snad 3900 delnikil a tedy to delat co chti a nedbaji zakonn. Ted' jsou ty vYslechy skrze to iranske jiste b9t mnoho opatrnosti, le ano? bude dobre pro ne kdy2 podrli sve Ti lido ktefi bydli v torn Comfort, zamestnani. Spoleene pry budou fidit situace s temi zbranemi, a me se zda, le 80 procent v gech cestovnich bust) kteil take jaksi nemluveji v gichni pravdu. Texas pobliie feky Guadalupe kde se pfijizdeji do americkYch mest, a snad Pofad jen fikaji "ie si viibec stalo to hrozne ne gfesti kdy2 bus se nepamutuji nic", kdy2 se jich ptaji jak pievratil do feky tak nyni fekli, le nyni se vie polepgi vgude. Policie zatkla jiste rodiee zde za to, to vie bylo s thin zbranemi a s penezy ul se nagly dalg i mrtvoly mladYch a le sveho 7 leteho hocha pry potrestali ktery se obdriely za ty zbrane tern v celkem pry je jich ul 9 a dalgi nejake pro nejak9 pokus neposlugnosti tim, le Nicaragua. Zapiraji a nefikaji nic jaksi chybeji a rodiee tech stale doufaji, le jej zavieli a zamkli do venkovni boudy novel° a spravneho. U2 se to Wine jegte nekde jsou naiivu. Pak jeden a nechali ho tam al hoch kfieel a sous- tolik dni a jegte toho moc se nevynaglo. mladik ktery se utopil tak jeho mrtvolu 9 mil od to feky kdy2 voda jej e& meli strach a zavolali policii. Nyni Kdolvi, jak to dopadne a jak dlouho to nagli rodiee jsou zavheni a ona musela by potrva se vgim. Amerika pry ztratila odnesla?Celkem bylo 8 bust) se studenzaplatit 3 tisice a on musi zaplatit pet mnoho na sve povesti s timto o sem ty a jen dva busy byly zachycene vodou, a tolik bylo utopeno =a4nnozi tisic pet set za to. Kdyi policiste pfi gli k nyni se jedna-- zvla gte v Evrope, to tiudce tak videli, le 8 lets sestra moc tolik nemysleji o nail zemi. Pry museli b9t dani do nemocnice. Mnozi

Oddil Dopisovatelil


pfatele a znami tam sedi ve gkole a vyekavaji co se vyvine, kdy2 jsou jegte natal nezvestni, a modli se a te gi se, le to snad dobre dopadne pro ostatni. Ted' zase Arabove a Ziele maji rozruchy skrze to, le Zide nechti aby se prodavaly slepice, kter y byly zabite a oeistene Arabami, ie pry Arabove nejsou eisti a lids ktefi je koupi pak onemocni. Tak nyni je to napjate a Arabove fikaji, le oni maji sve slepice die arabskeho zakona a ti se pak stehuji do jiste Usti kde neni na ne dohled a prodavaji ty dobre neoeistene slepice a to nedela dobrotu v Israeli. Tak moina, le to nedobte skone4. Zase jeden ptipad, kde dune narody se nemohou srovnat jak by meli. Nage mesto ma zase volby aby se ve'delo, zda guverner Clements dela nam dobrou praci anebo ne, tak musime eekat al vydaji zpravu jak to dopadlo s volbami. ✓ mengim meste Sealy zavfeli jedinou nemocnici kterou tam meli a ted' budou nemocni jezdit al 20 anebo 30 mil do nejbligi nemocnice. Asi 60 zarnestnancii nemocnice je nyni bez prace, a tak je to v ge velmi gpatne pro vgechny. Chteji aby nekdo koupil tu nemocnici a dal vie do pohadku a pak by mohla bYt zase otevfena, nebot' je tam nutria pro pacienty ktefi potfebuji ogetfeni. Take nemocnice zde a ye Ft. Worthu si steluji, le maji malo ogetfovatelek a hledeji ziskat je z Kanady, Anglie a Irska a pi =ece jegt'e to neni dolt. Zdej gi Parkland nemocnice fekla, oni maji 210 mist pro ogetfovatelky (registrovand), a pohad 2fihlaiky tech pracovnic je min a min. Reditele musi v gelijak si nahanet ty ogetfovatelky, le jim musi dati pfidavky penelite a v gelijake v9hody aby je sehnali. Je to zle nebot' v gude je velmi potfebuji a nevi se, jak to bude naddle. ✓ srpnu bude zase prodej tech majetku musi bYt prodane kdy2 nemohou majitele zaplatit dluhy, a fekli, le tentokrate bude v gechno toto vice jak dvakrate vice v cene net' tento eas v loni. Asi 274 majetku v cene pfes jeden bilion dolaru budou pfevzate, kdelto v 1986 bylo 182 majetkii v cene pfes 545 milionn dolaru vzato prye lidem. Nejvice majetkii bylo apartmentnich budov, pak obchodnich, pak pozemek a hotely a motely. Je theba aby se vie hodne zlep gilo nebot' se nastavilo v geho a ted' je to hodne tak prazdne a gkodi to mestu. Neco se bude muset stat aby zas to bylo lepil. ✓ LondYne v Anglii jist9 elovek gel do tamniho musea a vytdhl pistoli a stfelil na starol'itnY obraz (davna malba) a ae obraz met sklenenou ochranu, piece po gkodil malbu ktera ma cenu 8 milionti dolaru. Je to obraz nabolenskY kde je vymalovan Jeli g s pannou Marii, a s Annou a jegte jednim svatym. Prot' neco takoveho alai se nevi, ale mu2 byl zateen a je ye vezeni, a kdosi bude muset obraz opravit, aby lids mohli jit se podivat nadavnou malbu. Prot' fide nyni kazeji ruzne starolitnosti, kdy2 jim to nic negkodi? Diive takove veci se nedely, ano? Malif da Vinci jej maloval. Nedavno jistY elovek ktery fidil radiovou stanici KLIF-AM, tak fekl, ti Tide ktefi zahynuli v torn zameenem voze blile El Paso, le pry dostali co si zaslouiili le chteli vniknout sem do USA. Toto ovgem poboufilo lid MexickY zde, a ladaji aby spoleenost ho propustila ale to ho

14/VESTNiK-29. tervence 1987 nechce pustit a tak to jiste pokazi styky s bllymi lidmi za tu o§klivou fee a to bude dosti napjate mezi nimi. Myslim, 2e to nemel vefejne tak fikat, ie? A Mexikani fekli, 2e budou hied& aby iadnj, z nich nic neposlouchal a nepodporoval firmu za to, kdy2 ho nepropusti z prate. Tak u2 vime, jak dopadly volby poslane telefonem tem novinam zde a site i'e tfikrat tolik lidi fekli, 2e vubec nemysleji, 2e Clements dela dobrou praci a mnozi chti aby byl vyloueen z titadu. Nektefi jsou pfi nem ale tee druhS ch je moc vice. Dnes je pondeli a je pohfeb jedne to divky ktera se utopila v to fete a zitra zase ti etyfi studenti se pohfbi. Tel° toho mladika z Dallasu kter zachrarioval druhe a byl odnesen vodou tak dosud jej nena li, aekoliv fekli, 2e budou hledat a2 ho najdou. Budou to smutne pohfby pro kaRleho. Proe se to muselo stat?



Upozorneni na blizici se vyueovini ee g tiny v Alief. Aliefska veeerni §kola zahaji v zafi po Svatku price dalil kurs hovorove eatiny. Vy6ovani bude opet e stfedu, dvanact tydnu, od 7 do 9 hodin veeer. Prvni lekci bude stfeda devateho zafi. Tento kurs bude zase zamefen na jednoduchou konversaci se zaklady mluvnice k roz ifeni hovorovS ch moinosti v ude, kde je pouEvana eeska fed. Adresa: Alief Evening School Alief Independent School District P.O. Box 68, Alief, TX 77411 Telefon: 498-8110x320 nebo 495-4053. Post Scriptum: Vyueovani ee§tiny a tfeeni se Ceske feei je velmi nutne k zachovani naieho narodniho dedictvi tu v Texasu. Studiem eeskeho jazyka se stavaji eeskoamerieti studenti mnohem vice etnicky uvedomeli. Znalost jiiVch jazykil je vVhodou jak e vefejnem tak






First Annual

Holiday Polka Test LABOR DAY WEEKEND September 4, 5, 6, 1987

i v soukromem 2ivot6; znalost Ugtiny usnadni navic tee studia jiOch slovanslOch jazyku. Znalost Ze tiny je rovnel nezbytne nutna jak ke studiu rodokmenu eeskSrch ofistehoyalcii do Texasu v minulem stoleti tak i k jinym geneologicl4m qzkumilm. Catina je tfetim jazykem Texasu, hned za anglietinou a panel§tinou; snaime se v emoine o udrieni tohoto pofadi. — Prosim upozornete na tento kurs C"e§tiny v Alief sve pfibuzne, pfatele i zname. Ueitel John J. Karas Houstonu.




SPJST fad Jaromir c. 54, West, TX



Friday, September 4 HOLIDOME BALLROOM 5:00 - 6:00 Jim Bochnicek, Papillion, NE 6:00 - 8:00 Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen, Houston, TX 8:00 - 10:00 Jim Bochnicek 10:00 - 12:00 The Texas Dutchmen, Houston, TX

Saturday, September 5 HOLIDOME BALLROOM 12:00 - 2:00 Dean Hansen, Ithica, NE 2:00 - 4:00 Jim Bochnicek, Papillion, NE 4:00 - 6:00 Dean Hansen 6:00 - 8:00 Ivan Kahle, Norwood, MN 8:00 - 10:00 Jim Bochnicek 10:00 - 12:00 Ivan Kahle

JFK BALLROOM 12:30 - 2:30 Gil Kranik, Swanton, NE 2:30 - 3:30 German Old Thyme Band, NE 3:30 - 4:30 Gil Kranik 4:30 - 5:30 German Old Thyme Band 5:30 - 7:30 Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen, Houston, TX 7:30 - 9:30 German Old Thyme Band 9:30 - 11:30 Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen

Sunday, September 6 HOLIDOME BALLROOM Polka Mass and Polka Club Grand March 10:30 12:00 - 2:00 Tommy Bishop, Oakland, NE 2:00 - 4:00 Jim Bochnicek, Papillion, NE 4:00 - 6:00 Tommy Bishop 6:00 - 8:00 Dean Hansen 8:00 - 10:00 Jim Bochnicek 10:00 - 12:00 Dean Hansen

JFK BALLROOM 12:30 - 2:30 Ivan Kahle, Norwood, MN 2:30 - 3:30 Frank Kostka & Jolly Yanks, NE 3:30 - 5:30 Ivan Kahle 5:30 - 6:30 Frank Kostka & The Jolly Yanks 6:30 - 8:30 Kenny Shuda, Grand Island, NE 8:30 - 9:30 Frank Kostka & The Jolly Yanks 9:30 - 11:30 Kenny Shuda Bus from Houston & Ennis to leave Thursday, September 3rd & return September 7th. Trip from Houston will be $215 and $185 from Ennis. This total includes bus trip, admission for 3 days and 2 nights at the Holiday Inn. For information contact: Raymond Zapletal, Rt. 4, Box 284 A, Ennis, TX 75119 (214-875-5584); or Gene Patalik, 8813 Friendship, Houston, TX 77080 (713-468-5083)





LODGE POKROK DALLAS 2625 Floyd St. NO. 84 Dallas, Texas

Saturday August 1

JFK BALLROOM 5:30 - 7:00 Ernie Kucera, Abie, NE 7:00 - 8:30 Math Sladky, Waverly, NE 8:30 - 10:00 Ernie Kucera 10:00 - 11:30 Math Sladky



bratfi a mile sentry: Clenstvo naieho fadu se se lo nt mimofadne schuzi dne 19. eervenct 1987 e dve hodiny odpoledne za tieelem rozhodnuti o prodeji easti pozemku wests14m Sokoltim. President fadu bratr Ted Kocian zahajil schazi e dve hodiny a pfivital vgechny pfitomne Cleny a Clenky naieho Wu a hosty od Sokola. Vysvetlil tieel nail mimolidne schfize a vysvetlil polohu pozemku v severozapadnim rohu a podminky, za kterch by se mel pozemek prod& Soko

y y

Po nekolika otazkach pfitomnjrch Menu a elenek byl prodej pozemku odhlasovan a president fadu Kocian podekoval pfitomnSrm elenum, jejichi poeet nepfevy§oval obvyk1S7 poeet tleastnikii schiizi a vyslovil nadeji, spoluprace mezi bratrslqmi organisacemi SPJST a Sokola bude se i naddle aspeKne rozvijet zdarne a ku prospechu obou organisaci. Nekolik feeniku, mezi nimi i zastupce Sokola vice president Daniel Moravec podekoval za ochotu elenii naieho fidu pfi vVpomoci v teto zaleitosti a jini feenici poulcazali na to, 2e i kdy2 sekretafka poslala v em elenum pozvanky na schazi, piece jenom nebylo id& 2adnou novou tvat krome rodiny John Mynafe. Na zaver teto kratke zpravy chci pfipomenout, ka.20 fad ma odpovednost za svaj majetek a kdy'l neni mono dosahnout toho, 2e elenstvo nav tevuje schiize, pak se nemohou divit, 2e zbkvajici Nenove rozhoduji podle sveho nejlep§iho svedomi a vedomi, i kdyi se toto rozhodnuti nekomu tfeba nelibi. Na§e dal§i fadna schke bude konana v zafi 13. 1987. re ime se na shledanou v nail sini s vet'S'im poetem eleml a Clenek. S bratrskVm pozdravem .Ian Vaculik

Music By

Country Boys Polka Band (Polkas, Waltzes, Country-Western & Modern) DANCE TIME: 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. — The Entire Family Is Welcome — Admission: $5.00 Per Person Adults 17 Years and Under FREE! (Parking Area Guarded By Security Guard Until 1:00 a.m.) BEER, WINE, CHAMPAGNE, AND SET-UPS AVAILABLE, AND YOU CAN B.Y.O.B.

Sunday, September 13th-16th, Annual Czechfest


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Be a part of the 14th annual

PLA-MOR CZECH DAYS POLKA FESTIVAL in LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Featuring 24 Top Midwestern Brass Bands for 3 days of music, dancing, food, fun, and friendship

Join Mildred and Calvin Chervenka in their 9th annual charter bus tour

August 6-10, 1987 Two Buses from Round Rock and Dallas with pickup stops in Temple, West and Fort Worth (Roanoke)

Prices of $155 from Dallas, $170 from West, and $185 from Round Rock, per person include bus fare and four nights in motel (based on double occupancy) For more information or reservations (first-come, first-served) please call

Mildred Chervenka (Dallas) 214-321-3955 Raymond Marek (West) 817-826-3622 Clem Kubacak (Georgetown) 512-863-8265

`411N9Gftft.' 6 10.0e/'e,140-'

Wednesday, July 29, 1987-VESTNIK/15

SPJST CALENDAR FOR SPJST LODGES ONLY LODGE NO. 4, HALLETTSVILLE Sunday, Aug. 8-Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 23-Lodge 4 Annual Family Day at the American Legion Hall, Hallettsville; Fried Chicken w/Trimmings to be served at Noon; plus plenty of Entertainment for All Ages


LODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Friday, July 31-Board of Trustees' Meeting, 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1-Lenart's Reunion Sunday, Aug. 2-Peterson Reunion Wednesday, Aug. 5-Lodge 6 Meeting, 8 p.m.; YC Meeting Friday, Aug. 7-Social Night Saturday, Aug. 8-Hykel Reunion Sunday, Aug. 9-Enders Reunion Friday, Aug. 14- Social Night Saturday, Aug. 15-Jansky Reunion Sunday, Aug. 16-Adlers Reunion Friday, Aug. 21-Social Night Satuday, Aug. 22-Sykora-Pavelka Reunion Sunday, Aug. 23-Zettler Reunion Friday, Aug. 28-Social Night Saturday, Aug. 29-Strauch Reunion


LODGE NO. 13, DIME BOX Saturday, Aug. 1-Private Saturday, Aug. 8-Soutern Wave Saturday, Aug. 15 -Texas Unlimited Sunday, Aug. 16-SPJST Meetings Saturday, Aug. 22-Private Saturday, Aug. 29-People's Choice


LODGE NO. 15, BUCKHOLTS (Lodge meeting every 2nd Wednesday of each month; Bingo night every Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. Lic. Permit No. 1740902352444-410001)


LODGE NO. 18, ELGIN Sunday, Aug. 9-Eddie Ray & The Polka Dots, 4-8 Saturday, Aug. 15-King of Swing Thursday, Aug. 20-Don Peachey from Wisconsin (P/W), 7:30-11:30; $5 per ticket Saturday, Aug. 22-Country Pride Sunday, Aug. 23-Fabulous Six, 4-8 Saturday, Aug. 29-Hi-Toppers Saturday, Sept. 5-Southern Wave Sunday, Sept. 13-Fabulous Six, 4-8 Saturday, Sept. 19-King of Swing Sunday, Sept. 27-Central Texas Sounds (Ellinger Combo), 4-8 (Most of our Saturday night dances are held from 8:30 to 12:30)

Saturday, Aug. 22-Billy Roy & Heart of the Night Saturday, Aug. 29-Cherokee Rose


LODGE NO. 39, BRYAN Sunday, Aug. 9-Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m.


LODGE NO. 47, SEATON Saturday, Aug. 1- Vrazel Polka Band Sunday, Aug. 2-Lodge & YC Meetings, 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8-Wence Shimek Saturday, Aug. 15-Joe Dukatniks' 50th Anniversary; Texas Turkey Band Monday, Aug. 17-Trustees' Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 22-Ervin Pagachs' 50th Anniversary; Jerry Haisler & The Melody Five Saturday, Aug. 29-Freddie Dachs' 25th Anniversary; Lee Roy Matocha Monday, Aug. 31-Lodge & YC Meetings, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5-Eddie Ray & The Polka Dots Saturday, Sept. 12-King of Swing Saturday, Sept. 19-Donnie Wavra & The HiLiters Saturday, Sept. 26-Fritz Hodde & The Fabulous Six


LODGE NO. 49, ROWENA (Happy Hour on Wednesdays, 6-10 p.m.; Game Social, 3rd Friday Night of each Month)


LODGE NO. 54, SOKOL WEST Saturday, Aug. 8-Wedding Saturday, Sept. 5-Wedding Sunday, Sept. 13-Lodge 54 Meeting, 2 p.m.


LODGE NO. 74, LOVELADY LODGE NO. 23, MORAVIA Saturday, Aug. 1-Rick Ellis Tuesday, Sept. 15-Lodge Meeting Saturday, Aug. 8-Honky Tonk Hearts *** Saturday, Aug. 15-Jodie Jay Band Saturday, Aug. 22-Honky Tonk Hearts LODGE NO. 24, CYCLONE Saturday, Aug. 29-Rick Ellis Saturday, Aug. 1-Sebek's Reunion Lodge Business Meeting First Monday of every (Bingo every Wednesday night, 7 p.m.; Kit- Month at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday night Dances 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. chen/Bar Open; Lie. #1-74-0875354-3)



LODGE NO. 25, ENNIS Saturday, Aug. 1-Lone Star Czechs (P/W&C/W) Sunday, Aug. 2-Gurecky Reunion Saturday, Aug. 8-Country Noblemen (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 22-Grape Creek (C/W) (Lodge monthly meeting every second Thursday of each month, 8 p.m.)

LODGE NO. 79, CORPUS CHRISTI/SOKOL HALL Saturday, Aug. 1-Majek Orchestra, 9-12:30 Sunday, Aug. 30-Vanek Bros. of Victoria, 4-8 Saturday, Oct. 3-Majek Orch. (9-12:30) Saturday, Nov. 7-GAZA EXPRESS (9-12:30) Thursday, Dec. 31-New Year's Eve; Majek Orch. (Hall Location: 5502 Kostoryz Rd., Corpus Christi; 512-852-9042; Public Invited)

LODGE NO. 28, EAST BERNARD Sunday, Aug. 2-Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m. at the Small Office, 106 Leveridge St.


LODGE NO. 92, FORT WORTH Sunday, Aug. 9-Regular Monthly Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11-Ladies' Circle Meeting, 10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 23-Lodge Dance with Don Peachey Orch. of Wisconsin (Every Friday Night Ballroom Dancing)


LODGE NO. 130, DALLAS/SOKOL /IAA Saturday, Aug. 8-Allan Reeves (B/R) Saturday, Aug. 22-Charlie Patterson (B/R) Saturday, Aug. 29-Harold Strand (Polka) (Dress Code: Dresses for Ladies, Coats and Ties for Men; Saturday night dances, 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.)


LODGE NO. 66, WACO Friday, July 31-Cherokee Rose Saturday, Aug. 1-Central-Tex Polka Boys Friday, Aug. 7-Cherokee Rose Saturday, Aug. 15-Cherokee Rose Sunday, Aug. 16-Lodge Meeting, 2:30 p.m.; YC Meeting, 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 22-Wedding Dance Saturday, Aug. 29-Sitll Southern Saturday, Sept. 5-Jeb McClellan Friday, Sept. 11-Billy Roy & The Heart of the Night Saturday, Sept. 12-Jerry Haisler Saturday, Sept. 19-Cherokee Rose Sunday, Sept. 20-Lodge Meeting, 2:30 p.m.; YC Meeting, 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26-Cherokee Rose (Dance hours, 8 to 12)



LODGE NO. 88, HOUSTON Saturday, Aug. 1- Knights of Dixie (B/R & Var.) Wednesday, Aug. 5-Birthday Club Meets Friday, Aug. 7-Texas Brew (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 8-Al Pierson; Big Band USA (Dress Code) Monday, Aug. 10- Lodge. Meeting, 7:30 Wednesday, Aug. 12-Birthday Club Meeting/Party Saturday, Aug. 15 -The New "Red Ravens" (Polka Time & C/W) Saturday, Aug. 22-The Original Les Blume Big Band Music (Dress Code) Saturday, Aug. 29-Central Texas Sounds (Polka Time & C/W) Wednesday, Sept. 2-Birthday Club Party/Luncheon Friday, Sept. 4-Texas Brew (C/W) Saturday, Sept. 5-Lee Roy Matocha (P/C/W) Wednesday. Sept. 9-Birthday Club Meeting/Luncheon/Card Party Saturday, Sept. 12-Manny Green (Big Band Sound; Dress Code) Monday, Sept. 14-Lodge Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19-Vrazels (P/T&C/W) Saturday, Sept. 26-Jan Garber - Big Band Sound; Dress Code (All Dances from 8:30 to 12:30) (*Dress Code Dances: Evening Attire, Ladies & Gentlemen) Bingo Games every Thursday, 7:15 Early Bird & 7:30 Regular Games; Lic. No. 3-000-621-2077-41001 (Men's Club meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30 a.m.; Breakfast/Meeting/Social)


LODGE NO. 80, HOLLAND Saturday„tug. 1-Swanner-Pajestka Wedding (Private) Sunday, Aug. 2-SPJST Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m. LODGE NO. 29, TAYLOR (Lodge 29 Adult Meeting every 2nd Sunday, 4 Saturday, Aug. 8-Special Super Bingo; Doors Open, 5 p.m.; Bingo starts, 7 p.m. p.m.; Youth Club Meeting, 3 p.m.) Saturday, Aug. 15-Mack Abernathy & His *** Texas Band (Bingo Night every Thursday, at 7 p.m.; Lic. LODGE NO. 30, TAITON Permit No. 30000077-419-001). Sunday, Aug. 9-Hosting District VI YAD at *** Taiton Community Center

LODGE NO. 135, SOKOL ENNIS Saturday, Aug. 15-Texas Czech Heritage Society Meeting at the Sokol Ennis Center, 1 1/2 miles East of Ennis on Hwy. 34 East; Registration ($3 fee), 8:30; Workshop, 9:30-4:00; Noon meal served LODGE NO. 142, HOUSTON Sunday, Aug. 9-Lodge Meeting, 2 p.m.

LODGE NO. 84, DALLAS Saturday, Aug. 1-Country Boys Polka Band LODGE NO. 35, ELK Saturday, Aug. 15-Jodie Mikula Polka Band Saturday, Aug. 1 -Billy Roy & Heart of the Sunday, Sept. 13-Czech Fest DinNight ner/Program/Dance Saturday, Aug. 8-Cherokee Rose *** Saturday, Aug. 15-"Easy"

LODGE NO. 183, MID-CITIES Saturday, Aug. 8-C/W Dance; music by "LAST CALL" (Bingo every Sunday, 1:30 p.m.; Tuesday andThursday, 7:00 p.m.; License Permit 17516910506-41002) (For Lodge Rentals, call Tony Sanchez (264-9691), or Pat Sill (265-5618)


LODGE NO. 186. CALDWELI. Sunday, Aug. 2-Hosting District I YAD (Regular Monthly Meeting on 2nd Sunday of each Month, 2 p.m.; Bingo Games every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, 7:30; also Bingo at 7 p.m.; Kitchen/Bar open; License '174207 33095-41002)


LODGE NO. 187, ROUND ROCK Friday, July 31-Leather & Lace Saturday, Aug. 1-Texas Fever Friday, Aug. 7-Leather & Lace Saturday, Aug. 8-People's Choice Friday, Aug. 14-Debonaires Saturday, Aug. 15-Carolina of Texas Friday, Aug. 21-Velvets Saturday, Aug. 22-Debonaires Friday, Aug. 28-BETH WILLIAMS & BAND Saturday, Aug. 29-People's Choice (Friday Night Dances, 8 . 12 p.m.; Saturday Night Dances, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.) (Small private party room available; contact Albert Lange, 255-8157)


LODGE. NO. 191, LUFKIN Saturday, Aug. 29-Youth Club "Back-toSchool Dance"; Proceeds to Benefit YC



No Vestnik On August 19 -SPJS I -


LODGE NO. 154, FORT WORTH Sunday, Aug. 9-Lodge Monthly Meeting, 3 P.m. (Bingo every Friday, 7:30 p.m.)


LODGE NO. 172, PASADENA Saturday, Aug. 1-Neal Hart (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 8-Wilderness (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 15-Nashville Express (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 22-Donnie Wavra (C/W) Saturday, Aug. 29-Texas Brew (C/W) Saturday, Sept 5-South Texas Bohemian Cowboys (C/W) Saturday, Sept. 12-Earl Epps (C/W) Saturday, Sept. 19-Original River Road Boys Sunday, Sept. 20-Social/Dinner/Dance; Dinner, 1-3 p.m; Dance, 3-7 p.m., with music by Vaneks (P&W/C/W) Saturday, Sept. 26-Texas Brew (C/W) (Executive Members' & Board of Trustees' Meeting each 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 7:30 p.m.; Regular Meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each Month, 7:30 p.m.; Friday night dances, 8:30-12:30; Saturday night dances, 9-1)


LODGE NO. 176, HOUSTON NORTHWEST Monday, Sept. 28-Quarterly Meeting Friday, Dec. 11-Quarterly Meeting




Saturday, Aug. 8-New South Saturday, Aug. 15-Rambin' Rhythm Saturday, Aug. 22-Treadin' Water Saturday, Aug. 29-Smithfield Saturday, Sept. 5-Country Junction Saturday, Sept. 12-New South Saturday, Sept. 19-Ramblin' Rhythm Saturday, Sept. 26-Treadin' Water (All Saturday night dances: 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Trustees' Meeting every 1st Wednesday of the Month; Lodge Meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the Month, 7:30 p.m.)

LODGE NO. 177, ACADEMY Saturday, Aug. 1-Debonaires Saturday, Aug. 8-Open Saturday, Aug. 15-Gentries Saturday, Aug. 22-"Easy" Saturday, Aug. 29-Open (Dances from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.) (Board of Trustees' meeting every 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Lodge Meeting every 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7:30 p.m. Bingo every Tuesday, doors open at 5:30 p.m. and Game time, 7 p.m.; License No. 17420422390-41002) *** LODGE NO. 180, BURLESON Saturday, Aug. 1-Country Junction

INTEREST RATE FOR UNIVERSAL LIFE: 9070 annualized effective through 7-31-87 -SPJSTYou may be aware of research

linking charcoal - broiled food to increased risk of cancer of the stomach and the esophagus, and wonder about your all - American, weekend barbecue. A 1970 study by the National Academy of Sciences did find that charbroiled meats cause cancer in laboratory animals. The prime offender may be benzopyrene, a carcinogen that forms when fat drips onto hot coals and the smoke coats the meat. But according to the National Cancer Institute, Americans do relatively little barbecuing, so the risk is quite small. The increase in cancer from grilled foods occurs mainly in countries where charcoal and open fires are the principal means of preparing food. Still, concerned chefs can lower the risk: Avoid charring meat, and cook more fish and poultry and leaner red meat. And have a glass of orange juice or a helping of broccoli with your meal. Both are high in vitamin C and carotenoids that may help to offset the benzopyrene. -SPJST-

16/VESTNiK—Wednesday, July 29, 1987


SPJST Annuity Program What A Way To Secure Your etirement Our annuities can be purchased to fund your Individual Retirement Account. In that case, both your annual contribution and the interest accumulation are tax-deferred until you start drawing money out of the plan. Or you can buy an annuity as an investment entirely apart from your IRA. In that case, the premium is not tax deductible, but the interest portion will not be taxed until you start taking money out of your annuity. Send in the coupon below for details. To: Mr. Bernard M. Gebala Vice President

SPJST P.O. Box 100 Temple, Texas 76503

I am interested in learning more about SPJST's high-interest annuity program ❑ as an IRA investment (check either or both) ❑ as a non-IRA investment Name: Street or P.O.: City: Telephone Number: (

State: Lodge Number


Vestnik 1987 07 29  
Vestnik 1987 07 29