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Aril$Z prat)) Official Organ Of The Slavonic Benevolent Order Of The State Of Texas, Founded 1897 HUMANITY



Postmaster: Please Send Form 3579 to: SUPREME LODGE, SPJST, P.O. Box 100, Temple, Texas 76501 VOLUME 62 — NO. 16 APRIL 17, 1974

FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK Why does a man buy life insurance? Following are some reasons (very logical) readers of these lines will do well to give serious thought to and why choose SPJST Fraternal Life Insurance? The reason is clear and simple. It is the most beneficial insurance obtainable when we consider ALL of the benefits included with it. WHY? * * WHY DOPE A MAN BUY LIFE INSURANCE? Because on a morning during the days of his youth he overheard just enough of a discussion between his mother and father together that they had borrowed money to pay his tuition at the university, and he determined forthwith that they would be repaid. Because one soft summer evening the most wonderful girl in the world sh yly promised herself to him and him alone so long as they both should live, and he vowed to himself that no matter what might come, she would never regret placing her future in his hands. Because one bright morning a building contractor handed him two shiny keys on a thin loop of wire and pronounced the exciting words, "She's finished and all yours," and he swore that no quirk of fate would ever drive his bride from this, her home. Because in the predawn hush of

ECOLOGY STILL NEEDS YOUR //ELF Conserve water -- don't let it run unnecessarily. Catch rain water for your plants. This saves our drinking water. Join a car pool — it is economical ly and ecologically sound. Ride a hike when possible, it's good exercise and doesn't foul the air. Use litter bags in your car and boat. Consider wooden toys over plastic. They last and have heirloom possibilities. Kick the cigarette habit — it's ad for your air and ours. Returnable betties are still the best buy. Glass can be sterilized and refilled or crushed and reform ed. Showers use less water than bath and are cleaner. There are many others — all good. a wintry day the first thin wail of a newborn babe calmed his nervous pacing with the solemn realization that he and that wonderful girl had created a new life,

and he pledged himself right then that no child of theirs would lack all the training and all the preparation the world of tomorrow might demand. Because one never-to-be-forgotten midnight his next door neighbor died and he spent the endless hours until morning trying to comfort and reassure a widow wholly incapable of comprehending or coping with the economic facts of life and he resolved that should he be the first to go in his household, his widow would be as free from money worries, and the necessity for money-management, as humanly possible to arrange. Because on his fortieth birthday, when he and two other men pooled their resources and established their own business, he insisted that prudent arrangements be made for the protection both of the three families involved, and of the business, in the event one of the partners might die. Because as he grew older and gained knowledge he realized more and more that the day would come when he would have to step aside for a younger man, and he promised himself that when that fateful day arrived 'he would be prepared to retire with dignity. It is for reasons such as these that life insurance is purchased

VtSTNIK VESTNIK HERALD Entered as second class matter Januar); 3r4, 1933 at West, Texas, under the Act of Congress of August 24, 1922. OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE SLAVONIC BENEVOLENT ORDER OF THE STATE OF TEXAS EDITOR R. J. SEFCIK — Box 85, West, Texas 76691 Residence: 1204 N. Davis Street Tel. Res.: 817; 826-5989 — Shop: 826-5282


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PUBLISHERS CECHOSLOVAK PUB. COMPANY, WEST, TX Subscription $4.50 SUPREME LODGE "SPJST Temple, Texas AC 817 773.1575 BOX 100, Temple, Texas 76501

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Mr. Silas H. Smith, Box 100 Temple, Tx, 76501 — Ph.: AC 817; 773-1575

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DIRECTORS John A. Kubena, Dist AC 713; 968 .3251 (office) Res: 968-3937 PO Box 308, La Grange 78945 Henry Vitek, Dist. H AC 512; 859.2549 PO Box 67, Granger 76530 Cyril (Sid) Pokbadnik, Dist. III AC 214; 741-1874 (Office) Res: 824-8072 2924 Elm St., Dallas 75226 Stanley Bros, Dist. IV AC 915; 442.3271 Lowake, Texas 76855 Ernest 3. Hanka, Dist. V AC 713 ; 529-3019 and 529 . 3010 (Office) Res: 862-5744 6759 Cindy Lane, Houston 77008

Wednesday, April 17, 19'74 simple, elemental reasons which spring with impelling force from the hearts of responsible men. Generally, men buy life insurance; it is not sold to them. And the life underwriter with an understanding of the human heart becomes the honored recipient of their business. WAITING to buy life insurance

means: Less insurance for the same amount of money. The possibility of being uninsurable. The chance of losing a home because of mortgage payments. Unnecessary "doing, without" to give children training. Possible liquidation of your business. Not enough savings for an old age. No funds for borrowing for business opportunities or family emergencies. Probability of a tremendous shrinkage in your estate. Gambling with your family's security. The dangers of dying too soon or living too long. • • Prof. Joseph J. Skrivanek, Jr.,

of TAM' wrote us this brief note: Mr. Sefcik: I am happy to announce that the twenty students who will be leaving for Charles University, Prague, have been selected for a total of thirty-two applicants. I am sorry that we were unable to take them all. The selected students come from more colleges and universities than last year. Schools represented are: The University of Houston, Texas Technological University, The University of Texas, Lamar University, Temple Junior College, Our Lady of the Lake College, Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., and the sponsoring university, Texas A&M University. Present plans are to leave on May 2'7 and return July 11. I will give you the names later. 37S.

We, the entire SPJST, wish them all well! Your editor would desire to request: You are guests of another country; be at your best behavior! Good Luck! gore in "Features" section.

Wednesday, Apra! 17, 1974


Newsbriefs First Lt. Larry Kruse, Blytheville, Ark., U.S. Air Force Base, spent a ten-day leave with his parents, Brother Lowman and Sister Lillian Kruse and his grandmother. * * We received a very nice postcard from Brother Frank and Sister Ruth Kurz, members of Lodge mailed from Sao Paulo, Brasil, where he is a consultant with the railroad. * Isadore H. Wagner, 74, passed away suddenly on Saturday, March 16th, in a Shiner hospital. Funeral services were held from the Shiner Catholic Church, with burial in the Shiner Catholic Cemetery. Brother Wagner was a member of SPJST Lodge No. 10, Shiner. Mrc. Betty Ruth (Leo) Majek, 45, died in Corpus. Christi on March 28th Funeral services were held on Saturday, March 30th. Sister Majek was a member of Lodge No. 79, Corpus Christi.


In a double ring ceremony on Saturday afternoon, March 16 at the Ocker Brethren Church in Zabeikville, Miss Patsy Martha Klu sacek became the bride of Albert Joe Koslovsky of Rosebud. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Klusacek, Sr. of Temple and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koslovsky of Rosebud. 'e Rev. Albert Michalik officiated at the ceremony. Wedding music was provided by Mrs. Larry Posvar of Rogers, organist, and Mr. Sam Farrow of Temple, soloist. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a gown of Chantilly lace of bouffant design featuring a Sabrina neckline and long puffed sleeves of lace with match ing cuffs. The full tiered lace skirt featured a chapel length train. Her veil of illusion was held by leaves of Chantilly lace sprinkled with small seed pearls. She carried a colonial nosegay bouquet of white roses outlined with white carnations and baby's breath highlighted by purple statice.


She wore the traditional "'SomeFlower girl was Miss Tammy Ko thing old, something new, someth- tis of Temple. She wore a dres ing borrowed and something blue." identical to the bridesmaid an Her jewelry included a diamond carried a tiny white basket o necklace, a gift of the bridegroom ,Tring flowers. and her ,grandmother's gold weddBest man was Larry Koslovsk ing band. of Rosebud. Groomsmen were Al Mrs. Jimmie Franklin of Temple, fred L. Klusacek, brother of th sister of the bride, served as mat- bride and Rickie Novosad, both o ron of honor. Other attendants Temple, Jim Ed Slovacek, Loui were Mrs. Dale Goates, Mrs. Rickie Koslovsky and Kenneth Helpert, al Novosad, Miss Carol Shenkir, all of Rosebud. Michael Franklia of Bryan sery of Temple, Mrs. Larry Koslovsky of Rosebud and Miss Ann Greger ed as ring bearer. of Lott. Ushers were Jimmie Franklin am The attendants wore long gowns Johnny Herring of Temple and La of lavender crepe with purple vel- ry Zabcik of Rosebud. Candle-ligh Nelour empire jackets. The jacket ers were Donald Kotrla and Jimm; was outlined with purple, laven- Spanhel, both of Temple, cousin, dekl and blue trim. They wore of the bride. Guests were registered by Mr. matching lavender shoes. The head pieces were of lavender satin flow- Louis Koslovsky, also of Rosebud After the ceremony, a reception ers with purple velvet streamers. They carried continental style bow dinner and dance was held at Se quets of baby's breath and lavender atop Star Hall. Guests were regis mixed flowers with purple stream- tered by Mrs. Lynn Trout Of Waco Serving the bride's cake were Mrs ers.

4 Alfred L. Klusacek and Miss Jackie Ledbetter, both of Temple. Serving the groom's cake were Mrs. Jonnny Herring of Temple and Mrs. Jim Ed Slovacek of Rosebud. Distributing the rice bags were Lisa Franklin of Bryan and Carolyn Groseclose of Rosebud. Members of the houseparty included Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Vanicek, Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Kohutek, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Buffington, Mr. and Mrs. William Kosarek, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kohutek, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frerisch, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pechal, Miss Connie Luc ko, all of Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Pokorny of Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Joe J. Dubcak, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Zavodny and Mr. Larry Posvar of Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Balusek of Buckholts, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Lucko of Cameron and Mr, and Mrs. Harold Wieser of Rose bud. The bride is a 1971 graduate of Temple High School where she was a member of the Future Homemak ers of America and the Distributive Education Club. She is presently employed by Temple News Agency. The bridegroom is a 1970 graduate of Rosebud High School and attended Temple Junior College. He is owner of Albert Koslovsky Plumbing and Backhoe Service in Rosebud. Parents of the bridegroom hosted a rehearsal supper Friday evening in the fellowship hall of the church. The couple presented gifts to their attendants. After a short wedding trip the couple will live at 520 West Farish in Rosebud. (Mrs. Albert Koslovsky is a member Or Lodge No. 47, Seaton and Mr. Albert Koslovsky is a member of Lodge No. 89, Rosebud — Editor)


your hospitality and the wonderfull fellowship which you, as a fraternalists, have always shown. Many years before 1897, Bohemians, as they were (at that time) cal led, immigrants from today's Czechoslovakia, who had settled in the great State of Texas, held membership in a fraternal Society called in Czech: Cdesko-slovenske Poderar ne Spoiky) abbreviated name C.S.P. S. The C S.P.S. had, at that time, twenty-five lodges in Texas, all very active and all very progressive. Fraternal insurance conditions, at that time, were very rapidly changing, because members wanted the security of good reserves to guarantee prompt payment of accrued benefits, which, at that time, were rather slow in coming. In the spring of the year 1896, the C.S.P.S. had a convention in a large northern city, at which convention all of the twenty five Texas lodges were represented. These Texas lodges, for some years prior to that convention and again in 1896, presented an important program to improve the insurance feature of their Society, one of which was the establishment of set rates for the different ages instead of one flat rate for young and old. Again the national Society refused those than ges, so, upon returning to Texas, the twenty five lodges ca lei? a state meeting in La Grange, Texas in June 1897. They founded the Slavon is Benevolent Order of the State of Texas or the SPJST, the name in Czech: Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas President of this new Society was I.J. Gallia. VicePresident, Fred Breska and Secretary, Jahn R. Kubena. Twenty-two lodges were present et the first convention and three -SPJST--more were given a charter as of 64th ANNIVERSARY OF LODGE July 1, 1897, making a total of 25. POKROK NO. 84, DALLAS, TEXAS Mx. Chairman, Officers of the Its tenets were proclaimed as Benevolence, Humanity and BrothSupreme Lodge, Officers of Lodge erhood. No. 84, Honored Guests, My SisAs we celebrate this anniversary ters, Brothers and Friends: together, I am fully aware of the I am proud and delighted to be with you to-day and to be a part sacrifices and efforts by the officof this celebration... the 64th An- ers, committees and the memberniversary of this local Lodge No. ship of Lodge Pokrok Dallas No. 84 who have given so much of their 84 of SPJST. time end effort in order that we On behalf of Justine and myself, can all enjoy occasions such as we thank you for the invitation this. to be with you. We thank you for I take great pride in my many

Wednesday, April, 17, 1974

years of membership in the SPJST Fraternal Society. Here I have met many fine Fraternalists and I am proud to include among them such as old timers as Brothers Marek, Skrabanek, Urbanovsky, Steiner, Duron, Vodicka, Kutil, and Houpy ...these are only a few ...certainly many, many more could well be ntioned. I consider it a great honor and pleasure to be asked to visit with you this afternoon for a few minutes about our Society in particular and, in general, the future of Fraternalism. I know that each of you, as you Teed your daily papers and watch television news, feel as I do; these are trying • times and changing times. Uncertainty and insecurity are on every side. Yes, we are faced with problems in America but I would point out to you, this afternoon, that we have, in our possession, the answer to many of these problems; that answer is FRATER NALISM. I believe sincerely that through the good works of Fraternal Societies, we can influence people and direct them -- we can cause people to have CONCERN FOR OTHERS. It is only as we have concern for others that we can build, for each of us, a better life and as we build a better life, we build a better city, state and country. I have always said that in our Societies we have the Manpower; we have the Ability; and, YES, we have concern 'for others. All we need is ACTION AND INVOLVEMENT! If we can UNITE in action and become involved, the programs of this Society will give us unity, strength and prosperity. Pride in your membership in this Society, or any other good Fraternal Society is the key factor. Sometimes we lose sight of the true value of our membership if we do not involve ourselves and take part in, every way possible, in the activities of our lodge, then we fail to reap the full benefits of Fraternalism, I have said before to you: each of us can't always be an officer or a committee member, but surely eveiyone of us can always participate in all activities cf our lodge. I would caution that when you are an officer or a committee member that you fulfill that obligation. Re-

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 cently I read in the Fraternal Monitor of the following sixteen ways to kill a lodge: 1. Don't attend meetings but if you do, arrive late. 2. Be sure and leave before the meeting is over. 3 Never have anything to say at meeting; wait until you get outside. 4. When at meetings, vote to do everything ... then go home and do nothing. 5. The next day, find fault with officers and fellow members. 6. Take no part in the lodge's affairs. 7. Be sure and sit in the back so you can talk things over with another member. Nobody will notice. 8. Get all the lodge will give, but give nothing in return. 9. Never ask anyone to join the members in promoting good fellowship. 10, Talk cooperation, but never co operate. 11. Threaten to leave the lodge if anything isn't the way you want it. 12. If asked to help, always say you haven't time. 13. Never read your bulletins. You might find out what is going on. 14. Never accept an office or serve on a committee. It is much easier to critize than to do things. 15. If appointed to a committee, never give any time to it. Let the chairman do it all. 16. Don't do anything more than you have io do, and when others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the cause, howl because the lodge is being run by a clique. Commercial insurance companies provide insurance and financial ser vices just the same as we provide them; but I can truly say that this is where it steps. As Fraternal Societies, we have many services that are only ours. The question here that I would like to ask is: ARE WE DOING ALL THAT WE CAN IN OLR LODGES? I know that many of our Societies and lodges sponsor many worthwhile projects and there is always room for new ideas and new projects. Again it is only as the membership becomes involved that they develop a true sense of BELONGING; a true feeling that one is a part of the Fraternity. The more involved we get the entire

V2STNiK membership, the stronger the Society becomes and this is also true of a local lodge. Anything worthwhile takes effort. It was an effort for you to be here this day; yet your very presence here speaks of your interest in this 64th Anniversary of Lodge No. 84. Effort means involvement; we must always take the first step. Don't ex pect a person always to come to you. We must go see prospective members, we must tell them our story, we must ask them to join our lodge. We will all become stronger because, of this effort, our lodge will grow, our Society will grow and our influence and unity will grow! Did you ever think about the GREAT PLUS our Society has over a commercial insurance company in our YOUTH PROGRAM? At local, district and state levels our youth are taught concern for their fellowman and the benefits of fraternalism# Since the beginning of time, man has practiced Fraternal ism; it is a way of life! it embodies Justice, Charity, Patriotism, and Brotherly Love. It is the basic foundation on which this nation was founded. Our Youth Program is unique in that, at age 16, a youth can have the very same privileges as any adult member. We have had this program for many years and its success has been pleasing to all of those who have involved themselves in it. Some misunderstanding or lack of information on these privileges has sometimes resulted in loss of interest. I would urge each of our youth to take full advantage of their rights and privileges. An active and involved member, regardless of age, is a good member. We all know that the youth of the world today is the hope of the world tomorrow. MY HOPES for the future of our world were recent ly re-assured by an essay I read written by a 16-year-old American Czech girl, Nadine Vasicek. I would like to share it with you. The title is "AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL" "0 beautiful for spacious skies. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plains ..." As the words in the song above suggest, America is truly a beauti-

5 ful nation, extending from the Atlantic. to the Pacific and consisting of plains, deserts, and mountains. Perhaps more beautiful than the mountains or plains is the priceless freedom which all Americans have. The Bill of Rights, included in our Constitution, states that each Amer ican has certain rights, which are, too often, taken for granted. Where, but in America, do people have the freedom to express their opinions about their government without be ing punished for their beliefs? In this great nation we also have the freedom to worship as we please, voice our opinions, write and print our beliefs, and the right to own property. Many people assume that we will have all of these freedoms forever. However, this is not necessarily true. These freedoms may be taken away unless we are careful to protect them and value them highly ,and it is our duty, as Americans. to protect these freedoms un less we want a country in which the individual has no voice in his government and is punished for his personal beliefs. I believe that America is truly a beautiful nation with all these precious freedoms, and as an American, I will protect them. I feel that we should all be very proud to be Americans and of this beautiful nation." My friends, I believe this remark able essay is a tribute to all of our Youth of today. It should be partic ultirly meaningful to us, because it comes to us from a Youth of one of our Sister Societies. In closing, I would like to congratulate the past and present officrais of Lodge Pokrok No. 84, for their many years of dedicated service to this Lodge. On this 64th Anniversary, I salute each of you and the entire member ship and wish you much success in the future. May we see each other often! Crd Tess You. The above is the speech delivered by SPJST District III Direc for Sid Pokladnik on the occasion of the 64th Anniversary of Lodge No. 84, Dallas — Editor). AN OPEN LETTER TO COLLEGE . AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Dear Student: Did you know that Czech language courses are offered at Texas

6 A&M University? That you can major in Czech here at TAMU? That twenty students of Czech ancestry from several of our state tmiversities will be leaving this university on May 27 to study at the world-famous Charles University (Karlova universita) in Prague, Czechoslovakia and that the Czech government is footing the bills except for the $25.00 tuition and trav el expenses of about $450.00 -that's seven weeks of intensive studying of the Czech language with the finest instructors obtainable anywhere, plus concerts, movies, operas, travel, festivals, you name it Did you know that the Czech language is a critical language and that the United States gcvernment encourages students to study it because it is the Key to other Slavonic languages — a language spoken by several hundred million people; for example, the Russians, Ruthenians, Bulgars, Serbs, Croats, Ukrainians, Slovenians, Poles, Slovaks, Moravians, Wends, etc. And did you know that both military and civilian students who studied the Czech language at TAMU and went into military service, were assigned to the intelligence branch? I could go on and on—. Texas A&M University has been leading the nation in the number of students who have studied the Czech language. Won't you help enrich yourself and at the same time help us not only to retain our fine record but to improve it? If you are of Czech extraction the language will be easier for you than another. Courses in Czech may be taken to qualify you as a teacher in our schools, to satisfy your language requirements toward graduation, to prepare you as a translator, to enter foreign service or for pure enrichment and self satisfaction. You may want to take one, two, three, or four hours of Czech, or more. You may also apply for a scholarship; most of the universities oftering Czech have scholarship money which our many Czech organizations contribute to. If you are now a student at TAMU and have questions about the Czech language, please go by the Academic Building, Room 129 B, and talk with Professor Skrivanek about it. If you are a high


Wednesday, April 17, 1974

school graduate and will be going guage, or to those who have atto a university other than TAMU, teat:ed a college. go by and see the Czech professor The main requirement for particat that university about their pro- ipation in this organization is a grams. If Czech is not offered deep interest in the preservation there, find out why! Recently, at and promotion of the Czech Ianan administrators' conference in g uage .ind culture. Austin, I asked a superintendent So if you qualify on this one why Czech was not being offered main account, please try to be with in his school. He said tnat he is us at the Austin meeting. all for it, but no one has asked We will adjourn by 2:45 p.m. so him to oiler it! I nope you who that all who wish may attend the react lads will take it from there, UT Czech Club — sponsored actibecause he, hit tne nail , right on vities at the Taylor SPJST Hall, tne head! You can not expect "out- starting at 3:30 p.m. eiders" to do our, work! After Calvin C. Chervenka sn.ouiriering this loan for years, President of CESAT -SPJSTe are cielignted to see others beSTATEWIDE MEETING AND coming aware of the urgency of SOCIAL OF CZECH STUDENTS preserving the Czech language and AND TEACHERS 1N TAYLOR culture. We would like especially to The Czech Club at the University saiute Professor Vlasta Splawn of Texas, Tech University and Profes- of Texas is hosting a meeting, sosor Teofil Haiama of the Univer- cial and dance for all high schosity of Houston. lu is our sincere ol, junior college and university hoics that other communities will students and their instructors of awaken and ao sdaletrung about the Czech language on Saturday, the teaching of Czech in tneir April 20th. This event will take elementary or nigh schools. 'Too, place at the SPJST Lodge Nc. 29, tnere are several junior colleges in two miles east of Taylor. The hall Texas where Czech should be is air-conditioned. All students and taught because of tne large enroll- teachers of the Czech language in ment of students of Czech descent. Texas are cordially invited to atUnfortunately tnesa units usually tend. Schools expected to be repreoiler only spanish and perhaps sented are UT, Texas A & M, Uniuerman or lerenen, leaving tne versity of Houston, Texas Tech, Czecn-American little choice. I Temple Jr. College, Rogers HS, and hope we will not allow tins to go El Campo HS. ail ana on unenailenged. The meeting will commence at 3:30 p.m., followed by a social, and NOTICE a catered barbecue supper at 5. The This is a last minute reminder day's activities will be climaxed by and invitation for all interested a dance at 8 p m. with music by persons to attend Tne Czech Ex- the Rhythm Aires Orchestra of Htuaents Association of Texas (CE Fort Worth. The public is invited to SAT) meeting in Austin on this the dance; admission will be $2 per coming Saturday afternoon, April person. 20. There will be a registration fee The meeting will start at 12:30 p. for the students and instructors, m. in the Nowotny Room of the which will also cover the cost of Alumni Center on the UT-Austin the meal. Several guests will be recampus. cognized and will make brief reTire Alumni Center is located marks during the afternoon meetdirectly across San Jacinto Street ing. from the Memorial Stadium Press The purpose of this activity is to Box. Enter off San Jacinto Street, establish good communication and and park in the Alumni Center relationship between all students parking lot. and instructors, and to discuss Contrary to the impression some matters' of mutual interest and people may have, membership in concern. this organization is not limited to Bobby Horton persons who have attended the President, Czech Club, UT University of Texas, or to those Dennis Kubiak who have studied the Czech IanArrangements Chmn.

Wednesday, ApriY 17, 1974 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS INSTITUTE OF TEXAN CULTURES AT SAN ANTONIO San Antonio, Texas 78294 .. March 1974 To Our Friends: First the good news: We plan to sponsor the Third Annual Texas Folklife Festival in 1974 ...A formal announcement is awaiting confirmation of necessary funding by private Texas foundations. Despite "Delia", a $27,000 loss, the uncertain energy crisis, etc., we refuse to quit under fire. We have too much FUN. The Festival IS the most effective means we have found yet for telling the story of our Texan diversity and creating good will between the various elements of our population. Now that many other states are threatening to copy it, we just can't quit. The not-so-good news. the Institute is unable to afford Certificates of Appreciation for our 3.847 participants who made history come to life in 1974. Our intentions are honorable but our pockets empty. 0. T. Baker Festival Manager R. Henderson Shuffler Exec. Director -SP.'S r—

DISTRICT II SPRING MEETING District II Members: Remember our meeting on April 21 at Lodge No. 29 in Taylor ! Registration 1:30 to 2 p.m. Meeting will start promptly at 2 p.m. Before election, the youth will have an hour to sell whatever they wish in their booths to make money for their respective lodges. After elections and the meeting is adjourned, the youth will have a cake auction (limit 4 cakes per youth club). Lodge 29 will serve a barbecued chicken supper with the trimmings for $1.50 after our meeting. We especially hope our new 50-


L to R: District-II SR Lad Zatopek, Brother Mike Moganye, SL President Nick A. Morris, and SYD Dorothy Massey. (Photo sent in by Brother Gustafson. —Editor). March 19. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance, then paused in silence for Mrs. Frances Kruger who passed away February 19, 1974. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Acknowledgement of all correspondence and a get-well card was sent to Christel Sandifer who is recovering from surgery in a Brownwood hospital. The treasurer's report was given and appoved as read. Mike Mogonye and Charlene Cole were approved as new sales reprePictured are the triplet members of sentatives. Premium refund checks Lodge No. 18, Elgin. L to R: Me- were presented to the following: linda, Melissa, and Melanie Motet- Jim Mogonye, Charles A. Haisler, zschk. These cuties were present Charlie Mogonye, Sr. and Molly during the re-activation meeting Seggern. and social held March 19th at A motion was made and approved Lodge 18 in Elgin. (Photo sent in to accept the following new memby Brother Nick A. Morris, who bers: Donnie Cannon, Evelyn Gussays they are really cute. —Editor). tafson, Leslie Gustafson, James year members can be at the meet- Biggers, Jimmie Lee Christensen, ing — they are: Lodge 24: Clara Mary Gregg Christensen, Paul Lewis, J.G. Lewis, Henrietta C. Ma- Christensen, Lou Dove Christensen, tous and Charles W. Tomasek. Lod- Sandra Mogonye and Jennifer ge 29: Anna Dusek. Lodge 47: Jos. Nelson. The group was honored to have Dana, Jr., Wm. Junek, Amalie Motl Mr. Nick Morris, president of the and Mildred Zalesky, Lodge 155: Supreme Lodge, as their guest Meteor N. Frnka. t.,peaker; also present was Mr. Lad Let's all get our "carpools' togeZatopek, District II sales representher and see each other at Lodge 29 tative and Mrs. Dorothy Massey, in Taylor on April 21st! State Ycuth Director. Alice Banning Tne meeting adjourned for felDist. II Secretary lowship, coffee and kolache. -SPMTFraternally, LODGE NO. 18, ELGIN The Elgin SPJST Lodge No. 18 "Curley" Gustafson, held its regular monthly meeting Secretary


8 LODGE NO. 107, FLORESVILLE Dear Members: Lodge 107, Floresville held their monthly meeting Sunday, April 7th. We had a nice attendance. Mrs. Ed Zidek won the door prize. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 5, at 4:30 p.m. Youth club meets the same date at 3 p.m. Games party begins at 6:30 p.m.. Refreshments are served after each meeting. Make plans early and attend. Fraternally, Christine. M. Baumann, Reporter -SPJ6

LODGE NO. 54, WEST Dear Members: The regular meeting of SPJST Lodge No. 54, West, was called to order by Vice President Raymond Volcik on Tuesday, April 9, at 7 p.m. Brother Frank Cocek read the minutes of the previous ' meeting and they were approved as read. Sister Fran Popp read the financial report which was very good; she also gave a short report on the District III meeting which was in Elk on March 31st. Brother George Kacir gave a report and stated that the District III meeting in the fall, will be held at Lodge 54, he also reported that Sister Fran Popp was elected secretary of District III. Congratulations, Fran. Frank Kucera is our new sales representative. He was admitted to the hospital on March 31 for emergency surgery. Brother Kucera is now at home and we hope he is feeling well. Janice Jares and Tammie Lynn Willenborg are our new members. Congratulations! Youth Leader Maxine Sefcik gave a report on the youth club activities: West Rest Haven entertainment, District III meeting, Easter egg hunt, trip to Dallas and bake sale. Sister Selcik also gave a check for $5.75 to the youth club from her and her husband, since the Supreme Lodge Youth Department did not grant the payment for the first quarter (3 months) allocation because the youth club had not been active for a complete quarter. Prior to Sister Sefcik's presentation, she gave a thorough explanation why she felt this presentation is rightfully necessary. Mrs. Mary Marek won the door

prize. Our next meeting will be held on May 14, at 7 p.m. Sister Fran Popp made a delicious cheese cake which was served following the meeting. Fraternally, Mona Zahirniak, Reporter -SPJSTLODGE NO. 88, HOUSTON

Dear Readers, Members, Friends and Guests of Lodge 88: Please take note that our annual Princess Ball will be held on April 19th. There are numerous and very lovely young ladies and, of course, our handsome young men vying for the title of Princess and Prince, Duke and Duchess, and Count and Countess. This year, all the girls will be dressed in pink and all the boys in their best bib and tucker. The mothers of the youth club have been working on our pink decorations for weeks and this promises to be a great affair. Leo Heinrich will provide music for all ages, so please make your reservations early and the young candidates have dance tickets for you. By purchasing them in ad-' vance you will save 50 cents on each ticket, because that night they will cost $2 instead of $1.50. Each book of tickets that the candidates sell to all you very kind people will be converted into points and so will each advance dance ticket sale. The high point seller will be the winner.. The first large prize on these books of tickets is a hindquarter of beef, so 150-200 pounds of beef is a pretty good bargain for $1.00, for some lucky person. Our next large gift is a $50 savings bond and then a $25 cash prize. We have many nice door prizes, also. Please remember that this is not a dance just for the young people. After all, no one is more important than our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all of their very good friends! Please join us for a fun-filled evening and give all our young people a chance to earn some money for our building fund which will include a very much needed youth room for our young people, the future leaders of our lodge. Thanking each and everyone of you in advance, I remain, Very fraternally yours, Mrs. Wilhelmina. Mendoza

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 SPECIAL NOTICE: ESPECIALLY LODGE NO. 66, WACO Dear Member and Friends: There will be a 1976 Convention Committee meeting at Lodge 66, Sunday, April 21, at 6 p. m. All lodges in the area are asked to attend because the committee wishes to get started on plans for entertainment, fund-raising and business details. Otner committees will be selected. Members interested are asked to attend. We need your help and support. Fraternally, Annie Hanus, Convention Committe. Sec'y LODGE NO. 135, ENNIS Dear Vestnik Readers, Loilge No. 135, Ennis hold their monthly meeting one week early this month due to the fact that Easter falls on the second Sunday in April. Sister Mary Laznovsky read an invitation from the Dallas-Ennis Fraternal Council to the meeting which will be held on April 17 at 7 . 30 p.m. The hosts for this meeting, will be SPJST Lodges 130 and 84; location of the meeting is at 7448 Greenville Avenue in Dallas. Financial Secretary Jerry Chudej gave a financial report followed by Youth Leader Irene Chris tian, with a report on youth club activities. For the month of March, the Club had a bake sale and used the proceeds to go bowling. Everyone had such a good time that a motion was made that the adults of our lodge be included on the next bowling trip. It was brought to the attention of cur members, that Sister Bessie Laznovsky was in Baylor hospital in Dallas for surgery. Our meeting for the month of May, will not be held until the third Sunday, May 19th. The Ennis Polka Festival will be held on the first Sunday, and Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday. We hope to see more of our members present. Fraternally, Irene Christian Vice Pres:dent

Wednesday, April 17, 1974


Es T N f K

"Big Bird" looks puzzled by all of the youth clustered so close at Lodge No. 84's anniversary celebration.

Brother Lloyd Baker, 1972 "Brother of the Year" at Lodge No. 84 presents a plaque to Brother Oldrich Horak and announces that Brother Horak was chosen from 1973. Sister Wanda Petr is "Sister of the Year," so watch for her picture, soon! (Photos by Sister Rose Scott. —Ed.) LODGE NO. 81, DALLAS Dear Members, This Saturday, April 20th, the Polka Peppermint orchestra is•playing for your dancing pleasure at Lodge No. 84, 2625 Floyd Street. We look forward to seeing all of you here for an evening of fun. On May 4 — Charlie Adamcik's Polka Tones play here for a dance. Admission is free and the crowd will be large, so come early. The kitchen is open so klobase sandwiches, hamburgers and coffee are always available; no need to eat at home. The mnnthly lodge meeting is Sunday, April 21 at 3 p. in. Start making some of these meetings; it might become a habit.

Brother Willie and Sister Carlyn, Ondrusek are grandparents again! Brother Jack and Sister Barbara Wolfe, are proud parents of a baby boy! Sister Barbara was the lodge secretary before giving up the office, to prepare for this big event. We congratulate the happy family. I guess just about everyone is planting a garden of sorts this year. I'm still waiting for Randy to loosen that dirt in the back next to the fence. The weather is on my side right now because yesterday when the sun was shining so beautiful, Randy got out the hoe and rake. Boy, did I get excited! Maybe next week, he will start digging! Rose Scott, Enter. Sec'y -SPJST-LODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Our regular monthly meeting was called to order and youth members Gary Marek, Doug Uptmor and Richard Seith led the members in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Gary Marek then said the SPJST pledge. Flag Bearer, Sister Carol Dobecka, reported we had 43 members present and ten guests: Mrs. Edward Mynar, Larry Brown, Raymond Holy, Jr., Barret Ivy, Elton Stuckley, Mrs. Joan Ondrej, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Eyers, Mike Watson and Pauline Hanak. We were glad to have you all with us and come back again.

9 Sister Barbara Jean Hykel then read the minutes from the previous meeting, and they were approved as read. The other officers gave their reports, and they too, were approved as read. Sister Schuetz gave her youth report and she thanked everyone for helping the youth with their booth at the District III meeting: Sister Schuetz will need to know, real soon, how many youth members will be attending summer camp at Camp Val Verde, so be thinking about this! Sister Lydia Dobecka reported sending the following cards: Sympathy — the Perez family; get well — Georgia Dobecka, A. B. Plunkett, Frank Popp, Mrs. Bessie Velek; birthday -- josie Mae Dulock, Cyril Svrcek, Bobby Dobecka fApril); new arrival — Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Dobecka, who are the proud parents of a baby boy, Kevin Ray. President Krizan then read a board of trustees report on the dances which have been held at our lodge since the first of the year The membership then voted and accepted one new adult member and one new juvenile member into the lodge. Under new business, the membership voted to help co-host the 22nd SPJST Convention, to be held in June, 1976. We will be working with three other lodges in the area to host this convention. President Krizan then aanounced that our annual picnic would be July 21. Members wishing to donate items for the auction, should let President Krizan know what you are donating as soon as possible because they would like to get things ready for the printing of the necessary tickets. Our next &Ince will be May 20, with music by Clinton Brown and the Tenons. Sister Barbara Jean Hykel read the correspondence: a thank you for expression of sympathy from the Perez family and a letter from the Supreme Lodge reminding the officers of the workshop to be held in Ennis on May 25. The winner of the $2 door prize wac Sister Martha Monthei, and the progressive door prize winner was not present, so at our next meeting (May 5), this prize will be $7.00.



After President Krizan adjourned the meeting, the youth club presented their Easter program. The younger members then had an Easter egg hunt. The members, next enjoyed a very delicious supper of fried chicken with dressing and all the trimmings. Clinton Brown and the Texans furnished music, for a dance which followed. Fraternally, Pat Wachsmann, Rep. —SPJST-

NO. 30, HOLLAND Dear Members and Friends, The Holland SPJST Lodge No. 80 held its monthly meeting on April 6, 1974. The meeting was called to order by President David Ivicic with the pledge of allegiance led by Lori Bohac. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. New members accepted were Nancy Ruemke, Kenneth Janke, and Kenberly Dawson. Reports of various committees were given by committee chairmen. James Ruemke was noted as being on the sick list. We wish him a speedy recovery. New business discussed was the cleaning of the outside area of the ball. Coleman Benner and Johnny Barabas were appointed to get infoimation on a front gate entrance. Salary for the kitchen chairman and workers in the .kitchen was discussed at length and final deciMon will be made at the next meeting. Committees for the picnic were anointed by the president. Bingo committee — Mrs. Ralph (Cathy) Ivilitek, Mrs. Donald (Nancy) Ruemke, Mrs. Jim Alan (Glenda) Liles, Mr. Jim Alan Liles and Miss Monica Pajestka. Country Store Conumttee — Mr. Ralph Milek, Mrs. D.I. (Marie) Bo-. ha.c, Mrs. Coleman (Virginia) Ben. ner and Mrs. Frank (Helen) Pa• jestka. Anyone wishing to work or donate something should contact one of these people. The picnic will be held May 26th starting at 1 p.m. with the Seaton Choral Club, furnishing -the entertainment. There will be a free dance in the afternoon and at night with music by Joe Patek. Sup per will start at 5 p.m. On April 26th the lodge will host LODGE

political rally with candidates from around the county and state invited. Everybody is invited to come out and meet the candidates. The representative to the May Fete in Taylor from Lodge No. 80 will be Miss Priscilla. Burns. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moran Burns of Holland. Her escort will be Mr. Itus,seil Volney of Holland. After the meeting, a barbecue supper was enjoyed by all members and their families. The next meeting will be May 5, at 2 p.m. Fraternally, Monica C. Pajestka a

VISIT FROM LODGE NO. 8$ When you will read these lines Easter Sunday will be in the past. Lodge 88 has an Easter egg hunt each year for every child and regardless if the youngster is a member or not, any child is welcome to participate in the fun. The youth club members with the help of youth leaders and their mothers color eggs by the hundreds. On Sun day they hid eggs in the tall grass and bushes on our picnic grounds. Ususally the grass on the grounds is kept cut and trimmed, but for East er the grass is allowed to grow tall to serve the purpose; perhaps some times the people wonder why the picnic grounds are so neglected. There will be dozens of children Turning and laughing through the grass trying to collect the most eggs since there will be a prize given for different achievements in this Easter hunt. Sister Louise Knapick is in charge of this event. Wednesday, April 17th will be a busy day at the lodge from 9 a.m. till? The Birthday Club is sponsoring a Home Arts and Craft party. It should be a huge success with all the enthusiastic committees working so hard. Willie Mae Wood is the president of the Birthday Club. Come out for sure and see all the handmade novelties and, if you wish, you may also learn how to make them. Friday, April 19th is a special event sponsored by the youth of Lodge No. 88; The Princess Ball will be an affair to remember because plans and preparations are made to make this a huge success. The youth are very busy in selling tickets for various things to gain

Wednesday, April 17, 1974

points. This is a challenge to all who are involved in this contest to place themselves in the first place. The Friday night affair will determine which of our young ladies will have the pleasure to represent our lodge as princess. Of course, there will be other royalty personnel, so come out and see. Again, please don't turn these young people down when they approach you with a request to buy a ticket to the dance or on the prizes that have been donated by devoted members and friends. Wanda Kennedy is doing her utmost to help with this project. Sister Clara Jecmenek is a lucky girl. Sunday, April 7th., Clara had a birthday so her dear husband Tom treated her to a delicious lunch and then escorted her to the Sokol Hall for a social afternoon. Believe it or not, Clara hit the lucky button and walked off with the prize. Good for you, Clara, I am glad you had a nice day on your birthday and I wish you many more. Tom's and Clara's granddaughter, Reine Walker, is the president of the Imperial Guard at the Waltrip High School and is on her way to New York for three days and then she will fly to Washington D.C. for three more days. Reine is a very intelligent and smart young lady and her grandparents are very proud of her. Her younger brother, Raymond Walker, while his sister is enjoying this fabulous trip, will he helping his grandfather, Tom Jecmenek, at the lodge. Friday, April 19th will be a memcrable day for the Kennedy family. They all will meet at the Indian Reservation at Woodwille, Tx. for their annual family reunion. Some will come from California and also from Georgia. Noel Kenredy and his wife Wanda are looking forward to a pleasant day. Ellen Gill, our financial-secretary, is a city girl during the week and, on the weekends, turns into a cow girl; she drives out to Chapel Hill, Texas, where she has a 40 acre spread with 22 head of cattle and nine new-born calves. She has a comfortable trailer-house on the premises to spend the weekend. While there, she is a very busy girl and, on Monday, she starts off with the same grind in the SPJST Lodge No. 88 office.

Wednesday, April 17, 1974


The Miculka's (Edward and Agnes) are also city-country folks. Their big comfortable farm house is located on a hill. The 67 acre piece of land is beautifully sloped and when you cross one hill and look back, the house on the hill has disappeared; it cannot be seen! The breeze is so refreshing and clean. On the land there is a family cemetery with interesting, inscribed tombstones which date back to 1867. These mortals sleeping their lasting sleep must have lived a hard life as there is also a graveyard with six buried infants. These child ren must have died during an epidemic. You stand over these graves and your mind runs through a lifetime of hardships these pioneers ex perienced to build this land of ours into what it is today. There also is a lake with clear water in which you can see the bottom. Edward planted catfish and bass in that lake. Huge majestic oak trees are all around and make you feel very humble and the blue bonnets, in huge spots, make the surroundings beautiful. You see 32 head of angus cattle grazing peacefully while 14 young calves romp around the pasture. All in all, it was very pleasant to be there. The weekend guests were Rosalee and Tim Kostom, Naomi Kostom and myself. Agnes and Edward are delightful hosts; we all enjoyed our visit tremendously; thanks! The Frank Dvoraks ventured to McKinney, Texas, two weeks ago to visit with their daughter Elsie and her husband George Kadera, the son of Brother Steve and Lydia Ka sera. George is director of the Job Corp. Center for Women since 1966 and also serves on the school board in McKinney. His wife, Elsie, a graaua te from Texas University, is the soloist in the Episcopalian Church and is very active in the church. They have daughters ICal.rolynn, Frances, Alisha and son George, Jr. Karolynn, the oldest, attends the Texas University in Austin, Tx., and majors in music as her mother did. Last week, Frank and Frances Dvorak made a trip to Fort Worth, Tx., to visit their son and family. Son Henry Dvorak (Doctor of Science) is employed for 21 years by the Gen eral Dynamics as engineer director; his spouse, Polly, is a graduate of Texas University and devotes her

time to church work and rearing her family of five: three sons and two daughters. Karen, the oldest, from Texas University and is very much interested in politics. Brother Louis and Oleta Hanus and Mrs. Garrett, Oleta's mother, left Friday, April 5th for a b,isiness trip to Warren, Ark., and returned Monday. Louis said the weather was ideal and the country sights were breathtaking. They enjoyed the four day trip very much. The clean-up day date was changed from April 21st to May 5th; kindly take notice and mark your calendar accordingly. There will be plenty of work for everyone. Come out early and plan on staying to the finish. Sister Mary Elzner entered Sam Houston Hospital Monday, April 8th. We hope it is nothing serious and you will be coming home soon. Brother Leon Lewandowski is also ill and entered the Veterans' Hospital. Hope you will get well soon. Fraternally, Frances Olexa -SPJ -

11 Flentze have increased their policies. The youth club will be attending the District II spring meeting in Taylor on April 21st. Members are asked for donations concerning the local youth clubs bake sale. Those who can not attend are asked to leave their donations before noon April 21st at the Red Ranger Grocery. The board will conduct their monthly meeting at 8 p.m. on April 29th at the lodge. Any member, wanting to attend, is welcome. Fraternally, Glenn Psencik LODGE NO. 66, WACO Dear Members, Lodge No. 66 will hold their meeting Sunday, April 21st at 2:30 p.m. promptly. The ladies are asked to please bring sandwiches and a dessert for the social; ice cream will be furnished by the lodge. There will be an Easter egg hunt for all children in the lodge. Members bring your children and join the fun. Special Nate: There will be a 1976 Convention Committee meeting at Lodge 66, Sunday, April 21st at E p.m. All lodges in the area are asked to attend since the committee wishes to get started on plans for entertainment, fund-raising and business details; other committee chairman will be selected. Members interested are asked to attend because we need your help and support. Fraternally, Annie Harms Secretary

LODGE NO. 24, CYCLONE Dear Members, Our last meeting was convened by the new President Harold Schneider. President Schneider took over the office after Brother Johnnie Svoboda resigned last month. Newly-elected Vice-President Ed win Marek was welcomed into the lineup of officers. Both, Brothers Schneider and Marek assured the membership that tney will work closely together to help the success of the lodge. We should, because the members think strongly that fraternalism is the working SP.:ST-togetherness and the enjoyment of LODGE NO. 47, SEATON success, whether great or small. CHORAL CLUB And to keep fraternalism, ours we The Seaton Choral Club met last should support the president and night for its regular rehearsal with vice president in their decision the following members present: making and voicing our opinions Leon Sodek, Ruby Bolton, Jerry on any issue because they need and Dorothy Pechal, Leon and Valto know what the membership lie Zavodny, Butch and Georgie need and wants. Eoclek, Cathy Milek, Paulina Kopec Sick list: John Paul Chervenka, ky, Emily Stuteville, Martha Kluson of Johnnie and Carol Cherven sacek, Frank and Ellenore Spanka, received a broken arm. He is hel, Willie and Adeline Kohutek, at home though, trying to figure Ralph Kohutek, Johnny and Laver cut his new environment. ne Vanicek, Benny Mikeska, Lillian Our new members to the lodge and Bill Kosarek, Frank and Lillian include Joe Pool and Alton Scott. Mikulec, Annie Jakubec (our talenMembers Bruce Marek and Roland ted leader), Otto and Matilda Ha-



nus and Calvin Chervenka. who brought four distinguished guest students of Czech language at the University of Texas, namely Bobby Horton, president of Czech Club UT; Dennis Kubiak, arrangements chairman for the statewide meeting and social of Czech students and teachers to be held at Lodge 29 on Saturday, April 20th; Gail Jurik, student of the Czech language at UT and David Mikeska, teacher of the Czech language at Rogers High School and Temple Junior College. We had a wonderful time singing our regular favorites and several new songs with our visitors joining in with us (which everyone enjoyed so much) and with the enthusiasm that was present we sang almost twice as long! We appreciated your visit and we hope you come again, soon; visitors are always welcome and anyone who would like to sing with us. Why don't you try it at our next rehearsal on Tuesday, April 22nd. starting at 8 p.m.? you might be surprised how well you can sing in a group come and try! After the rehearsal, we had a short meeting discussing the Cameron Folk Festival which will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June?, 8, and 9). We have decided to sing on Saturday, June 8 around 4 p.m. so come out and practice with us and participate in the Cameron Folk Festival. It's wonderful to be a part of such a eappy group. Fraternally yours, Otto Hanus Reporter

Bulletin Board SPRING DISTRICT MEETINGS The District II spring meeting will be held Sunday, April 21, 19'T4, with Lodge Praha No. 29, Taylor as host. Registration, 1:30; meeting, 2 p.m.; supper following meeting. *

The annual meeting of District IV will be held Sunday, April 28, 1974, with Lodge No. 49, Rowena as host. -SPJSTSPRING WORKSHOPS

Saturday, May 4 — Hallettsville High School (hosted by Lodge No. 4). Workshop commences at 10 a.m. with one hour for lunch, and final joint session at 2 p,m.

Wednesday, April 17, 1974

Saturday, May 11 — Taylor — at Lodge 29; beginning at 10 a.m. with one hour for lunch, and final joint session at 2 p.m.

District IV: YAD — June 9, Abilene. Camp — July 22-25 — Buffalo Gap

Saturday, May 25 — Ennis — at Lodges 25 and 135. Workshops begin at 9:30 a.m. with an. hour for lunch and final (joint) session at 2 p.m., of all sections at Lodge 25. -SPJST-

District V: YAD — June 9, Lodge 172 Pasadena Camp — June 22-25, Hollygrove


The District I fall meeting will be held Sundae?, September 29th, 1974, with Lodge No. 13, Dime Box hosting the event. (Further information pending). * District V will hold its fall meeting on October 6, 1974 at Lodge No. 81, Needville. * * District VI will hold its fall meeting on October 6, 1974 at Hillje, Texas, at the SPJST Lodge with Lodge No. 50, El Campo as hosts. Pete Sablatura, District VI President * * The fall meeting of District VII has been set for November 3, 1974. Host lodge will be Lodge 133 San Antonio. More details later. -SPJSTS.P.J.S.T. REST HOME

ADDRESSES: S.P.J.S.T. REST HOME NO. I 500 East Lake Drive P. O. Box 850 Taylor, Texas 76574 S.P.J.S.T. REST HOME NO. II P.O. Box 347 Needville, Texas 77461 -SPJSTYOUTH



District I: Youth Leaden Training Class April 27 — Fireman's Kitchen, Brenham, Texas. YAD — June 16, Lodge 9, Snook. Camp — July 15-18, Bastrop. District II: YAD — July 14, Lodge 47, Seaton. Youth Leaders Training Class — May 6. Camp — August 1-4, Val Verde District III: YAD — June 23 — Lodge 66, Elm Mott Camp — August 4-7, Val Verde

District VI: YAD — July 21 Camp — June 17-21, Bastrop. District VII: YAD — July 28 Youth Leaders Training Class May 4 Camp — July 1-3, Chaparral. FROM THE PRESIDENT'S OFFICE STATE YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT DAYS — 1974 TO: All Lodges Although it is early in the year, it is a good idea to make these arrangements as soon as possible for many good reasons. I am referring to the State Youth Achievement Day (Royalty). Any lodge wishing to host the State Royalty competition should get in touch with this office as soon as possible. We have set the date for this competition for Sunday, September 8, 1974. We would like to hear from all lodges interested in hosting this event no later than Thursday, April 25. In this way, we cdn give all lodges an equal opportunity to bid to host this event. Send your inquires directly to this office. It might be added that a good PA system is required for this occasion, plus good lighting, plus a platform about 20 feet long and 3 feet wide that is to be placed in front of the main stage We have had this at the last four State YADs and it has proven to be very successful. Also, the host lodge should be prepared to serve a meal to those in attendance. It is difficult to estimate the number of people who will be attending this event, but judging from past experience, we have had anywhere from 300 to 450 attending this occasion. This office has also hired and paid for the orchestra that has furnished music for dancing after the State Royalty, so all of these arrangements will be taken care of from this office.

Wednesday, Aprit 17, 1974 The other part of. State Youth Achievement Day (arts, crafts, talent, and Beseda) will again be held in a high school auditorium, the plans for which have not yet been finalized. The date for this event has been set for Sunday, August, 18, 1974. (Send in your bids at your earliest convenience and they will re-

vts rNtic ceive proper consideration by this office. Fraternally, Nick A. Morris President and Head of the Youth Department (Mrs.) Dorothy Massey State Youth Director

a. . SPJST leaders and members who attended Longhorn Recreation Laboratory at Glen Rose, March 31st through April 6th. Front row, L to R: Marlene Caraway, DYC V; Wilma Nesuda, DYC III; Howard Stetka, Youth Leader 47; Maxine Pavliska, DYC VII. Second row, L to R: Tom Caraway, Assistant DYC V; Elsie Brdecka, DYC VI; Dorothy Massey, SYD; Sadie Smajstrla, Assistant Youth Leader 32; and Edwin Smajstrla, District VI Sales Representative. Third row, L to R: Pat Tomastik, Assistant DYC II and Youth Leader 177; Frank Klinkovsky, DYC II; Lucille Haverlah, Lodge 107; Polly Bayer, Assistant DYC VII and Youth Leader 107; and Bob Bayer, District VII President. FROM THE DISTRICT YOUTH COUNSELORS DISTRICT II YOUTH COUNSELOR

Dear Members, The spring district meeting will be held on April 21st at Lodge No. 29, Taylor. The meeting will be as follows: Registration at 1:30 p.m. Meeting begins at 2 p.m. The meeting will stair with all of the youth on the stage. The Pledge of Allegiance will be repeated by all present which will be led by the District No. II flag hearer. After the Pledge of Allegiance, there will be a reading about the flag by the youth club presidents from

each lodge. After all of the youth read their poems, there will be some special selections presented by eifferent clubs. Then we all will sing "God Bless America" and that will end the youth program. Then about 3:30 p.m., the meeting will take a recess for one hour at which time all the youth clubs will have one hour to sell whatever they have. The profit will be kept by each club. After the meeting is called to order, all of the youth will have a separate short youth meeting to discuss future district — wide activities such as the skating party. We will also try tc plan some other type party. Then after the adult meeting ends,


we again plan to have a cake auction so ask your youth to bring some type of pastries, preferably cakes. We will have an auction but only four unit sales per club can be auctioned. If you have pastries left over besides what is auctioned, you will have to sell them yourself to the people, all this will be done after the meeting. All of the money that these pastries bring will go to the club who furnishes them. Lodges, this year, will be in numerical order for position place in the auction and then we will go the first round and auction one item per each club and then the second round and the 3rd round and the 4th round. If someone donates an item back, you can add it to your next round but if it is the final round and they wish to donate it back, you will have to sell it yourself as you are allowed only four unit sales per club. I also plan to have a blackboard to keep up with the sales per club. Let's see if you can earn some money for your club. I would like to meet with the leaders at about 1:30 p.m. if you can possibly make it that early. We need to get the program lined up and answer questions on booth sales. After the meeting Lodge 29 will serve supper which will consist of barbecued chicken with trimmings at a price of $1.50 per plate so plan and eat your meal with the hest lodge. Now, that we are coming closer to our summer activities,please RE MIND your children to start preparing their crafts and talents. Let's get a little more excitement and participation into these activities. The YAD will be July 14th at Lodge No. 47 — Seaton. The camp will be August 1-2-3 and 4 at Camp Val Verde. Please tell your chaperones now so they can be off at that time. Thank you very much for all your efforts and may we have fun together this summer. MORE DETAILS LATER. Also, we are planning a District II Youth Leaders' workshop which will be held May Gth 'Monday) at Lodge No. 47, Seaton. See you April 21st. Frank KlinkovskaDistrict II Y.C.

VtSTNIK DIST. IV YOUTH COUNSELOR Spring Youth Leaders' Seminar was held April 8, at IOOF Hall in Abilene. We had 11 who attended this meeting, which was one of our best meetings. I want to thank all of you ladies for making the meeting, because some of them got up at 4:30 a.m. to be on time for the meeting — long distances land 55-mph speed limit really makes a difference. All youth leaders of the district were present. Many craft ideas were exchanged — beautiful Christmas wreath, candle decorations, dyed broomweeds (which were put in woven baskets and looked very attractive) a hat made from a plastic bottle and crochet with purse to match! Christmas tree ornaments, and a child's purse which made a bassinet with baby doll and bottle. State Youth Director Dorothy Massey reviewed the new rule books from front cover to the back, so I think everybody gained knowledge by studying these rules over again. A lot of time was devoted to YAD plans and planning for camp. YAD will be held June 9, so let's all 'enter and see how many prizes you can win. This year let's make it the best yet! We can if we will work harder! District IV will go to camp from July 22 through the 25th, at Buffalo Gap. District IV meeting will be held April 28, at Rowena so let's all make it to Rowena. I ahnost forgot that we worked with ceramic tile at our meeting Monday, and some creative art was made that looked very attractive. We will use this at our camp. Fraternally, Mrs. Mary Haisler, Dist. IV YC -SPJSTFROM THE LODGE YOUTH LEADERS

LODGE NO. 88, HOUSTON Dear Youth Club Members: Just a little reminder that April 19 is almost here. This being the date of our annual Princess Ball! I hope each of you are working very hard on selling tickets and dance tickets. I would like to thank each of you, at this time, for selling the tickets and also helping on the decorations. 'There is still much

work to be done before the big night, so don't be surprised if you are called on to help in some way. Be sure and tell your friends and family about this special night and urge them to come. We will have lots of fun. I also want to thank all the contestants running this year for the hard work they are doing. I am very proud of each of you. I can only say, I wish each, of you could win. So, if the crown is not placed on your head that night, you are still a winner in my book. Any group of youths who have worked as hard as you have the past few weeks, can only be top-notch leaders of tomorrow. You have each worked with me so beautifully. Thanks to each of you. I love you all! To those of you who do not know the details of our ball, they are as follows: Date: Friday, April 19th, 104 Time: 8:30 'til 12:30 Place: Chandelier Ballroom, Lodge 88 Price: Advance, $1.50 $2.00 at door All proceeds go to the Youth Building Fund. Fraternally, Mary Frances Wahlberg Teen Youth Leader -SPJST--

LODGE NO 66, WACO Dear Members: Just a reminder about our youth meeting on Sunday, April 21st. Please try to be on time. Meeting starts at 2 p.m. We will have our Easter egg hunt after the adult meeting. All Lodge No. 66, youth members are invited. Don't forget your baskets. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Silas Smith for the cash do nation to the youth club. A big thank you to all who donated to our District III youth moneymaking project for our youth club. Our country store booth did very good. Margaret Pavlicek will bring the birthday cake. Don't forget your paper project, and let me know if you wish to enter YAD, talent or the queen contest. I will be looking for you at our meeting. Fraternally, Libbie Parma, YL

Wednesday, Aprth 17, 1974

LODGE NO. 17, NOVY TABOR Dear Readers: The annual spring barbecue for Lodge No. 17, New Tabor, will be held on April 21st.; Barbecue will be available by the pound or by the plate. Serving will begin at 11 a.m. The Blue Vest Boys of Caldwell will be playing during the noon, hour and for the dance at night, from 7 to 11 p.m. There will be games at 2 p.m. followed by public speaking by candidates for public office; and a cake auction sponsored lay the youth club. The youth will make and decorate each of their cakes and auction it off. The youth club will also have a General Store. All of the children are asked to bring anything they have made. Anyone else who wishes to donate items to the General Store, please contact me or Mrs. Willie Trcalek. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Items for sale will be homemade pastry items, canned goods, potted plants, sewing and craft items. Hope to see you all at the event. Fraternally yours, Betty Suehs, Youth Leader -SPJSTLODGE NO. 35, ELK

Dear Members, Our District III meeting was a great success as well as being well attended. All youth clubs participating enjoyed a great profit for their treasury. Our youth club cain thank its youth clabbers, their parents and all the interested adult members of Lodge No. 36. Thank you all for your wonderful cooperation and help. You all are a great, group of people! Our fund-raising project did very well. All our plates and vanilla were sold completely out. In our meeting, we decided to get some more plates in September, so you may be talking orders for them. At the April 7th meeting, we had an Easter egg coloring contest. My goodnps, what some children can do with a hard boiled egg!, each egg was so pretty! Thanks to Mrs. Fred Kubitz,a, Mir. Adolph Berlalk and Mrs. Jim. York, our judges. I know they had a hard time selecting the following winners: ages 15-17, 1st place — Cynthia Banik; honorable mention — Randy Pavelka. Ages 11-14: 1st place — Terri

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 Hand; honorable mention — Steve Dulock. Ages 7-10: 1st — Eddie Ray Banik; honorable mention — Julie Hand. Ages 3-6: 1st — Henry Brown; honorable mention — Brian Hand. After the adult meeting and after supper, we had our Easter egg hunt for ages 12 and under. Three prize eggs were also hid after a scramble for eggs and all eggs being found, prizes for the prize eggs were given. Those finding the three prize eggs were: Tracy Breitkreutz, Dawn Pavelka and Darrin Banik. They really enjoyed their chocolate bunnies! Remember our May meeting will be after the adult meeting on May 10th; that's a Friday night. Fraternally, Rosemarie Banik, YL --SPJST-

NO. 130, DALLAS Dear Readers, Wish I could be on the Academy Award stage in front of an audience of millions, so I could adequately thank everyone properly for all the help and cooperation I received at the recent teen-dance and Easter egg hunt that our youth club hosted. To say it was a success is the understatement of 1974! Approximately 175 persons attended. The weather cooperated beautifully, too, making the egg hunt very pleasant. I do have to thank Frances Sparks and Helen Durbin especially, for so ably taking care of the kitchen and preparing for such a large crowd. Also, many, many thanks to Flo Mikulec and "Easter Bunny" Fran Rhodes for making the egg hunt the success it wap. 'After all, it's no small task to hide over 1,000 eggs! And thanks also to Ed Kamas, who is always so willing to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. All of you are wonderful — bless you. And the chili that Joe Pokladnik eicrated for the hot dogs really did spruce them up. Thanks again. Joe. As I have said so many times before, my job, as youth leader, Is made so much easier because of our wonderful members. It seems that our teen dance kinda fizzled out, because of a lack of dancing partners. All you fellas who didn't come, you really missed an opportunity to dance with some real good-lookers. As it was, a vol-. LODGE

VtSTNIK ley ball net was put up and they had quite a spirited game, but have ycu ever seen volley ball played to the tunes of the 3 Dog Night? I was so pleased to see our sister Lodge 84 come "en force". I am as jealous as I can be of their little pre-schoolers — what a wonderful future their youth club has. I understand that Justine Marie Andreason has taken quite an interest in this group and has organized a "pre-youth club" with them. Isn't that just fantastic? And so, next on our agenda is our camp-out at Cleburne State Park. As lucky as I am, surely the weather will be as beautiful as it was on the 7th. I am hoping that we will get to see some new faces there. We still have room for a limited number more, so if any of you Lodge 130 members feel you uouki like to attend and have the most wonderful week-end of your life, please call me and I will be happy to clue you in on all the action. Again, this camp-out will be the weekend of April 19th, 20th and 21st, from 2 Friday afternoon to 2 Sunday afternoon. Everyone is free to come and go according to their needs during those times. Our next meeting will be on Monday night, May 13th, because of conflicts with Mother's Day and the Polka Festival in Ennis. At that time we will elect our officers for the coming year and hopefully be able to present a short program which will include our arts and crafts and talent entries to YAD in June. May I urge my members once again to intensify their efic•rts in finishing any projects that they have started and also to get those talent routines perfected! We have a great group, and I would like to see 100 percent participation on the 23rd. Fraternally, Rose Ann Parma, Youth Leader, Lodge 130 Dallas --SPJSTDISTRICT YOUTH LETTERS CORRECTED MINUTES OF THE FALL: DISTRICT III YOUTH CLUB MEETING HELD SEPTEMBER 16, 1973 The District III Youth Club met on September 16, 1973 at Lodge 92, Fort Worth. Secretary-Treasurer Cynthia Banik called the meeting to order due to the absence of the

15 president and vice-president. The reading minutes of the previous meeting were read and appaoved. Then the reading of the Executive Council meeting was read and approved. The treasurer reported $1,603.82 in savings from Youth Camp expenses fund and $273.02 in checking account. There were five lodges present with a total of 29 members. Also, there were eleven youth leaders, and assistant youth leaders, two visitors, and SYD Dorcthy Massey and DYC Wilma Nesu da. The scrapbook was shown by Historian Pattie Stanislay. Under old business we discussed our charity project which will be making or collecting items for the schools with Special Education clas ses or Kindergarten which will be donated by the District III youth club. The charity projects completion should be done by next district meeting. Under new business a day camp was discussed. A site was narrowed to Glen Rose on May 5, 1974, tentatively. A committee was Organized for the 1-day camp; they consist of the following: Site Location — Mr. Kamas; Publicity — Carol Dobecka; Activities -- Pattie Stanislav; Food — Rita Kamas, Carol Kamas, Charlotte Banik. The following officers have been elected for the 1974 year: President — Cynthia Banik, No. 35 1st Vice-President -- Carol Dobecka, No. (I' 2nd Vice-President -- Carol Karnes, No. 130 Secretary-Treasurer -- Pattie Stani slay, No. 66 Reporter — Denise Banik, No. 35 Historian — Charlotte Banik, No. 35 Photographer — Paul Kercho, No. 92 Sargeant-at-Arms — Doug Uptmor, No. 6 The meeting was then adjourned. Roll Call ....Adults 11 ...Visitors 2 Youth 11 No 6 0 No. 25 No. 35 No. 66 No. 84 6 No 92 No. 130 No. 135 No. 154 Cynthia Banik Secretary-Treasurer


THE SPRING DISTRICT III YOUTH CLUB MEETING HELD{ MARCH 31, 1974 DISTRICT III YOUTH CLUB The District III Youth Club met on March 31, 1974 at Lodge 35, Elk. President Cynthia Banik called the meeting to order. The roll call of lodges was read with ten youth clubs present and a total of 62 youth members. They were as follows: Lodge No. Youth Leaders 6 17 2 2'5 0 0 35 9 2 66 9 3 84 5 2 92 6 2 135 0 0 130 2 1 154 5 1 54 9 3 District III Youth Counselor Wilma Nesuda 2 visitors The minutes for the previous District III Youth Club meeting were read and approved with a minor correction. The reading of the minutes of the Executive Coun cil meeting was then held and approved. After the readings, it was brought to the attention of the sec retary to mail notification to each office' when there is an Executive Coune41 meeting. Each officer should be told of the place, date and time of the meeting. Under old business our charity project was discussed. Each club reported as to what they had eerie toward the special education project. Those clubs giving report were Lodges 6, 25, 35, 66, 84, 92 and 130. Our newest club Lodge 54, West. reported that they planned to take part in this charity project and they had only recently organized. Next, the District III Youth Club discussed the Easter egg hunt with a dance by stereo records which would be held at Lodge 130, Ennis on April 7. This party would be for the District III youth and would be held from 5 to 9 p.m. A count war taken as to the number of youth who planned to attend They were as follows: Lodge 84 — About 40 to 45 youth Lodge 130 — Yes, no number repc rted Lodge 54 — 8 youth


Lodge 154 — Not sure of attending The remaining lodges reported that they had previous engagement-s and could not attend. The aay camn, which was previcusly. discussed, tentatively, at the last District III meeting was discussed. because of various problems, mostly relating to being unable to get the designated camp site (Olen Rose) on May 5, 1974, it was decided we would, be unable to have trie day camp this spring. It was discussed we would wait until after District III Camp, 1974, and see if we had sufficient funds to finance a day camp for fall. Under new business, a vote was taken to have delegates from each lodge attend - the Executive Council meeting which is held a few weeks before the regular District III meeting in both spring and fall. Each lodge would be entitled to 3 delegates and 2 alternates. These delegates would meet with the officers of the District III Youth Club and discuss the coming business for the youth club. This business would then be presented to the whole body of the District III Youth Club at the next District III Youth meeting to be voted and approved by the body. All delegates would report back to their local lodges as to the business discussed at the executive meeting. Under new business a new charity project was discussed. It was decided by vote that all the clubs would join together to raise $300 for a Whirl Pool bath for the S.P. J.S.T. Rest Home in Taylor. The money would be raised by having a booth at the District III YAD. Each individual club would donate various items to this booth to be sold. It was also decided, by vote, that each youth club would donate a sum of money for this project. Any money left over from this project would be entered in the Dist lid III Youth Club treasury. The day camp for fall was again d i s c u s s e d. It was decided to table this business until the next District III Executive Council meeting. Before adjourning the meeting, it was mentioned that any club car pooling youth to the April 7th Dist riot Youth Club Easter hunt and dance should have the parents of each youth sign a permission

Wednesday, April, 17, 1974

slip. Fraternally, Pattie Stanislav Secretary-Treasurer --SPJSTLETTERS FROM THE YOUTH WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A SUCCESSFUL YOUTH CLUB By Mark Berta Lodge 160, District IV To have a successful youth club, you must have something of interest to bring members in. Some examples are door prizes, or drawings for money. After one has gotten members, you must keep them interested. The clubs can go on tours of local industries. Our youth club has toured Levi Strauss, Goodyear Proving Grounds, and the telephone company. Sports activities such as roller skating, miniature golf, bowling and horseback riding, are also lots of fun. Of course, you must have a good youth leader, one who the children like being around. The lady or man in charge of the club must be interested in the club and willing to spend much time to help the youth club grow and to be more interesting. The leader must plan many activities for all age groups. After the club is started, you must try to get some kind of office or niche for every member; try to get responsible people to have the more important jobs. Next, it is important to let the children be in charge of the meeting, not the adults. Every member should alwaYs have his chance to say what he wants to say. This will teach how to conduct a meeting to the younger children who are the next leaders. The meetings must not be too long and boring, or disorganized. Everyone would rather participate in fun activities than lister. to a, dull speaker. I have given some things that I hope will help you have a successful youth club. Now, I will tell you how our SPJST Lodger 160 Youth Club got started. it wasn't easy to get a youth club organized at first. The officers from the mother lodge tried some to organize one, some time ago. When I was about 3 years old, they mailed invitations to the members, inviting them to attend a meeting about organizing a youth club. Only three mothers and four children showed up. The president from the mother lodge

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 explained how we could get a youth club started. We didn't accomplish anything that day. In 1969 our mother lodge officers decided they would try again; they again sent out invitations. This time they planned a Christmas rodeo. Yes, the rodeo was a success. There we had lots of fun at the rodeo. I remember the adults competing against the youth in trying to put out candles with water guns, races, and who was Mrs. Santa Claus. I don't know who had more fun, the parents or the children. We competed and had fun. This was our main start. Also the youth won the rodeo. Mr. James Janousek, our past State Youth Director, caxne from Temple to help us with youth activities. The youth committee members are Mrs. Louis Pelzel, Jr., Mrs. Agnes Michalik, Mrs. Betty Mika, and Mrs. Laddie Socha. Mrs. Louis Pelzel was elected our first youth leader. Then we elected our officers for our youth club. That one day we accomplished more than anybody thought we could. Ever since that day Lodge 160 had a very successful youth club.




District VII Youth Counselor and youth leaders. L to R: Assistant Phyllis Purchis (107), DYC Maxine Pavliska (107), Polly Bayer (107), Thelma Hrncir (117), and Evelyn Matula (133).


NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Dear Members, Our meeting was held on April 7. On April 9 we went to the rest home and prqfsented an Easter program. We went skating on April 16. The birthdays in our club included Margaret Lander and Melanie Mazanec Terry brought the birthday cake. Robert Seith will bring the May birthday cake. Our next meeting will be held on May 5. Fraternally, Edward Hykel —SPJSTLODGE 54, WEST Dear Members, I want to write about the funtime we had in Dallas at Lodge 130 on April 7. At the Sokol Hall, a nice lady met us at the door and asked us to write our name on the name tag. Then we ate a good meal before the Easter egg hunt. There were a lot of boys and girls (my age) hunting eggs. I found a few eggs and enjoyed hunting them. Thank you for the nice time. Fraternally, Edwin (Bubba.)leik LODGE

District VII Youth Club officers. L to R: Vice President Teresa Purchis (107), Secretary Margaret Matula (133), Reporter Steve Richardson (107). Not pictured are President Kathy Richardson (107) and Treasurer Ty Romike. LODGE NO. 4, HALLETTSVILLE Dear Vestnik Readers, The liallettsville Youth Club held its monthly meeting April 7, at the Grant Building. President Annie Zabransky called the meeting to order. David Zak read the roll call and read the minutes of the previous meeting. The treasurer's report was noit given because the treasurer was abzent. Then the president introduced our visitors Dana Grones, Laurie and David Neubauer and Steven Ko rime.

Among the well-known SPJST Society youth members are Cadet David Hrncir of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and his sister, Connie Hrncir, past state queen, who are both members of Lodge 117, Robstown, and who attended the District VII meeting recently. Under old business, we discussed the Easter Charity and a bicycle party which will be held in May. Under new business, we discussed a Mother's Day program. Then we adjourned the meeting. After our meeting, the younger member hunted Easter eggs. The ladies played games, and the men played dominoes. Refreshment were served. Door prizes went to the following: Adult — Victor Vasek, Child — Denise Vasek and Birthday Cake — Mrs. Frank Zabransky.



Our next meeting will be held on May 12th. Fraternally, Arlene Zak (12) Reporter —SPJSTLODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Dear Members, At our Friday night socials, we will start working on some new crafts and we will start working on our Mother's Day projects, so everyone come out and join in the fun. In our May meeting, we will have our election of officers and we will have to select three delegates to represent us at the district youth council meetings to be prepared for our district youth club meetings that are held twice a year. Fraternally, Karen Hykel _OP T.T

LODGE NO. 160, SAN ANGELO Dear Readers, Just to tell the members who don't know we changed our nieeting day, from April 14 to April 21. We are going to play miniature golf; we are not sure where we are to have our meeting. Mrs. Socha will let you know where the meeting is to be held. Also, if you are going to enter individual speeches for YAD bring them and the whole youth club can hear it. It's nice to have a week off for Easter vacation. We haven't had a vacation since summer. Fraternally, Barta (14) Mark —SPJST LODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Dear Members, We held our regular monthly meeting on Sunday, April 7. The attendance was good and we had five visitors: Monica Mynir, Jeanette Mynar, Annette Mynar, Elton Stuck ley and Barret Ivy. Glad to have you all and come back to see us again sometime. Youth Leader Willie Mae Schuetz asked the members to be deciding on whether or not they are going to summer camp. She will have to turn in her report on the number attending soon. We went skating on April 16, and met at Sister Schuetz's house at 6:30. At our next meeting, May 5, we will have the election of officers and we will also elect three delegates to attend the district youth

council meetings. The birthdays for April were: Melanie Mazanec and Margaret Lander. Jerry Hykel brought the pretty Easter Bunny cake. Robert Seith won the door prize and will bring the cake for our May meeting. Fraternally, Joyce Wachsmann --SP.JS•r--

LODGE NO. 153, LA SALLE Dear Readers, On April 7th, at 3 p.m. we held a hall clean-up and an Easter egg hunt. We started off with a general cleanup of the Fire Hall and then, while it was drying, we went out and had our egg hunt. Marilyn and Jeanette hid the eggs out back while others played in the front. Then the action began! There were hunters everywhere, looking in trees, under benches, boy! was that a sight! After a while everyone gathered around and the eggs were counted. Then the announcement was made — the champion egg hunter was Cecilia Sprencel with a grand total of 15 eggs. Our runner-up was Cheryl Wagner with a total of 12 eggs. Good work, egg hunters. The eggs were then taken up and di.se tributed evenly among everrine. Then came time for refreshments. We had cookies, punch, and Easter eggs, of course. These were furnished by Mrs. Drastata. We thank you, they were great. The hall was dry and it was now time to get back to work. We went in and set up the tables and things for our April meeting and everyone then went home. Overall, the clean-up and hunt were a great success and everyone enjoyed it. Let's keep up the good work and, who knows, what could happen! Hope you had a happy Easter. Fraternally, Jeanette Hla.vaty (15) Vice Preisident —SPJSTLODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Dear Members, We had our Easter program Sunday, April 7. After the program, we had an Easter egg hunt. The prize egg winners were in age group 1-6: Darrell Uptmor, Lisa Ondrej and Kathy Brem; 7-13: Bobby Hykel, and Lisa Uptmore won the prize eggs. Terry Ifykel

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 LODGE NO. 47, SEATON Donna Kohutek called the junior meeting to order April 7. Youth Leader Howard Stefka led us in the pledge of allegiance• and club motto. Birthday celebrants are Allison and Karen Stefka. We discussed our- social and voted on a hayride which is April 26; meet at the lodge at 6 p.m. and we will leave at 6:30. We had 22 juniors present and 2 visitors, Wade Mikulas and Julie Emmons. Our District II meeting will be in Taylor, April 21, at 1:30. We will have a booth to sell some sweets. Our YAD will be July 14 at Seaton Star Hall. Also camp will be from August 1 to the 4th, at Camp Val Verde. Joyce Pechal won the door prize. Remember to save 46-oz. juice cans and 1 lb. coffee cans; if you want more information about this, contact Howard Stefka. Fraternally, Kim Mikulas (13) RPJST

LODGE NO. 6, COTTONWOOD Dear Members, At our Easter program we sold tickets on some items. The winners were: Barrett Ivy — a rabbit, donated by Josie Mae Dulock; Daryl Helona — rabbit cart, donated by Mae Helona; Amy Eyers --plastic rabbit, donated by Aubrey Uptmor family; Mrs. Edward V. IV,Vnar --,Easter rabbit cake, donated by Robert Dobecka family; Joyce Wachsmann — Easter sand bucket and candy, donated by Edward Hykel family. Thank you everyone for you? don ations and for buying tickets. Fraternally, Robert Hykel —SPJSTLODGE NO. 47, SEATON Dear Members, On April 7th we held our regular monthly meeting. Dewayne Mesecke led the pledge of allegiance and club motto. President Donna Kohutek called the junior meeting to order at 2 p.m. Kim Mikulas read the roll call and 22 junior members were present. There were two birthday celebrants in the month of April. They are Karen Stefka and Allison Stefka. We would like to wish them a happy birthday.

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 Joyce Pechal won the junior door prize. We had two visitors at our meeting. They were Wade Mikulas and Julie Emmons. We would like to thank them for coming and invite you to come back. Our social for the month of April will be a hayride on April 26. We are going to meet at the lodge at 6 p.m.; and leave at 6:30. We talked about our District II meeting, which will be held at Taylor lodge. Registration starts at 1:30 and the meeting starts at 2 p.m. on April 21. On July 14, District II YAD will be held at Lodge 47. On April 9, we made decorated projects for the people of the Leisure Lodge. Thanks to the people who came and helped make the projects. Our next meeting will be held on May 5. Fraternaaly, Peggy Mesecke (11) Reporter —SPJST-

EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY We, the Resolution Committee of Lodge No. 92, Fort Worth, in behalf of all our membership, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our lodee brother, BILL PAUL POLANOVICH who died April 2, 1974 at his home. Mr. Polanovich was a lifelong Ft. Worth resident and a retired salesman for Ft. Dodge Laboratory. He was a member of St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Diamond Oaks Country Club and the Elks Lodge, and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II. Surviving are his wife, Trudy; a son, Stephen Bill Polanovich of Fort Worth: three daughters, Mrs. Marcia Eppstein of Port Washing-



ton, N.Y., Mrs. Raye Snyder of Houston, and Mrs. Dee Ann King of Foe, Worth; two brothers, A. T. Fall of Houston and Paul '1'. Polano vich of San Antonio; a sister, Mrs. Mary Lou Hollobough of Garland; and five grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 5, in St. Andrews Episcopal Church, with burial in Mount Olivet. May our departed brother rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Mrs. Annie Langer Mary Ann Krivanek Lydia Alholm

Sister Jordan was a member Of Lodge No. 88 and ct member of the Birthday Club of Lodge No. 88. She is survived by daughter, Miss Elsie Jordan; son, William H. Jordan; sisters, Mrs. J.F. Cioettsche of Conroe, Mrs. Hermina Brown of Houston and Mrs. C.L. Hurley of Waller and brothers, Edward S. Hruska of Ellinger. Services were held Monday, March 11, 1974 at the Heights Chapel with Rev. Lawrence Junek officiating. Burial was at Forest ParkeLawndale. May our departed sister rest in


Resolution Committee: Margaret Allbritton Mary Tilich Dorothy Hensley —SPJSTEXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY We, the Resolution Committee of the Novy Tabor SPJST Lodge No. 17 at Caldwell, Texas, in behalf of our membership wish to express cur heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved fanilly on the death of their husband, father, grandfather and cur beloved lodge member, JAMES ROBERT BOWERS who passed away suddenly on Thtusday, March 21, 1974 at his residence. Brother Bowers was born in Cald well on April 24; 1920 to Robert and Jessie May Bowers. Mr. Bowers was married to the former Inez Jones. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Caldwell and attended Caldwell High School, Allen Academy of Bryan and Southwestern University of Georgetown. Brother Bowers worked for the Burleson County Rationing Beard during World War II and later was an Investigator for the Texas Insurance Department. Since 1953, he was the manager of the Bower s•Harvey-Schiller Funeral. Home in Caldwell. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Wayne (Peggy) Diver of Taylor and Mrs. Craig (Bobbie Mae) Spier , of Dickinson; a brother, Harry Bowers of Caldwell snd one grandson, James Spier of Dickinson. Funeral services were held March 22, from the Bowers-Harvey -Schiller Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Lawrence F. Herbert officiating 'Interment was In the Mason-

EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY We, the undersigned Resolution Committee of Lodge No. 81, Need vine in behalf of our entire member ship, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our deceased brother, CHARLIE W. MEYER who passed away January 10, 1974 at the age of '79. Funeral services were held Saturday, January 12 from the First English Lutheran Church in Damon, with Pastor Glenn Rosberg officiating. Burial was in the Guy Cemetery. Mr. Meyer was a farmer and a longtime resident of Fort Bend County. Brother Meyer is survived by his wife Lillie A. Meyer; a son, Leonard of Damon; two daughters, Mrs. Clara Nordt of Damon and Mrs. Viola Nordt of Rosenberg; 2 brothers, Ernest of Needville and Eddie of Damon; three sisters, Mrs. Ella Brauer of Damon, Mrs. Hermina Tehman of Needville and Mrs. Lydia Parker of Needville and five grandchildren. May our departed brother rest in peace. Resolution Committee: Mary Werner Emily Kolaja, Winnie Susan —SpJSTI XPRESSION OF SYMPATHY

We, the undersigned Resolution Committee, in behalf of the entire membership of SPJST Lodge No. 81, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our deputed sister, ANNA H. JORDAN who passed away March 8 1974 at the age of 86 years.

20 is Cemetery in Caldwell. Brother Willie Trcalek, president of Lodge No. 17, served as an active pallbearer. To the loved ones and to our beloved brother, we wish eternal rest and may his memory be honored unto eternity. Resolution Committee: Willie H. Trcalek Andrew Vavra Melvin H. Skrabanek

V 1 STNtK and Mrs. Luise Hiller. Angleton. Funeral mass was at St. Anne's Catholic Church with Father Pa'di Fee officiating; burial Eastgate Catholic Cemetery. May our departed brother rest hi peace. Resolution Committee. Margaret Allbritton Mary Tilich Dorothy Hensley —SPJST- -

EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY In behalf of the entire membership of Lodge No. 29, Taylor, we, the Resolution Committee, do hereby extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of brother, A. J. KROPP, age 47, who died in Johns Community Hospital. Brother Kropp, born in Taylor on December 7, 1926, was a salesman for the Hoefgen Co. He was a veteran of World War II and a member of the Taylor Brethren Church and the local American Legion Post. In 1949 he was married to Edith Mikulencak who survives. Others surviving are his mother, Mrs. Joe 0. Kropp and two brothers, Joe D. Kropp and Ray Kropp, all of Taylor. Funeral services were held from the Condra Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Dan Marek officiating. Burial was in Taylor City Cemetery. Pallbearers were Billy Simcik, Vencil Mares, Frank Zurovetz, Leonard R. Whitten, Clifford Tomancak, Victor Janosec, Edward Roznovak and Johnny Zgarba. Honorary pallbearers were Harold W. Hoefgen, Harry Berry, L. 0. Burch and Louie Mueller. May our departed brother rest in peace. Resolution Committee: Paul Pasema,nn, Jr. Jerry Tallas Otto Reiger

EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY We, the undersigned Resolution Committee, in behalf of the entire membership of SPJST Lodge No. 88, Houston, wish to express our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed sister, MARY J. TELGE who passed away Wednesday, March. 13, 1974. Sister Telge was a native and former resident of Kourim, Praha, Czechoslovakia and a Houston resident for 52 years. She is survived by sons, Henry lVfachocky of Houston, John Machoc ky of Gulf Breeze, Fla. and six grandchildren. Services were held Friday, March 15 at the Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Chapel, with the Rev. John McMahon officiating. Burial was at Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery. May our departed sister rest in peace. Resolution Committee: Margaret Allbritton Mary Tilich Dorothy Hensley —SPJSTEXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY We, the undersigned Resolution Committee, in behalf of the entire membership of SPJST Lodge No. 88, Houston, wish f,o express our sin cere sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed brother, RAY HENRY BEDERKA who passed away March 16, 1974 at the age of 46 years. —SPJST — Brother Bederka was a member EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY of St. Anne's Catholic Church, SP We, the Resolution Committee JST Lodge No. 88 Houston, and a of Lodge No. 79, Corpus Christi, in Korean veteran. behalf of our entire membership, Brcther Bederka is survived by wish to express our sincere symhis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton pathy to the bereaved family of Bederka, Dayton; brothers, Alfred our departed sister, I3ederka, Baton Rouge, Joe and Jim BETTY RUTH MAJEK, my Bederka, both ef Dayton. Billy who passed away on March 28, 1974 Bederka, Houston, Charles Beder- at the age of 44. Funeral services ka, Crosby, Curtis Bederka, Waco; were held from Maxwell P. Dunne sisters, Mrs. Mary Graves, Devers, Funeral Home on March 30, with

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 continued services at the First Church of the Nazarene, conducted by the Rev. John P. McIntosh. Burial was in Seaside Memorial Park. Sister Majek was born April 18, 1929 at Eureka, Kansas. She was admitted to Lodge No. 56 on September 8, 1967. She had lived in Corpus Christi for the past 17 years. Survivors are: her husband, Leo Majek, Jr., (the orchestra leader); three daughters, Mrs. Darlene Knauss, Misses Cherie L. Hansen, and Melissa B. Majek, all of Corpus Christi; two sons, Harold D. Hanson of Lexington Park, Md., and Don H. Hanson of Dallas; four sisters and two brothers and three grandchildren. May our departed sister rest in eternal peace. Adopted in the meeting held April 6th, 1974. Resolution Committee: John Stasa Monta Foster Adolph Pilat —SPJSTEXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY In behalf of entire membership of Lodge 154, Fort Worth, we, the Resolution Committee, wish to extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family of our departed brother, LESLIE B. DALTON, who passed away March 29, 1974 in the Veterans Adm. Hospital in Dallas after a lengthy illness. Survivors include his wife Frances Dalton; a brother, Cecil Dalton of Denison; five sisters, Mrs. Harold Henry of Sherman, Mrs. Opal Fitch, Denison, Mrs. Frank Kusch, Guymon, Okla., and E. V. Waldrop, of P ot t sb or o, Mrs. Lee Swindall, Richardson; and several nieces and nephews. Rosary was at 7 p.m. Sunday at Shannon's North Chapel. Burial was at 10 a.m. Monday at All Saints Catholic Church. Rev. Robert Alvarado officiated. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery. May our departed brother rest in eternal peace. Resolution Committee: Mary Hale Rose Steinman Mary Pavey —SPJST--

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Wednesday, April 17, 1974

Death Claims Paid During March, 1974 TEMPLE, TEXAS MARCH 28, 1974 Death Claim No.


11325 Jerry Ondrasek

Lodge No. Location

Date of Admission

9-22-23 & 6-14-54 5-10-08 8- 3-19 11-5-16 1- 31-51 5- 8-04 7- 8-30 5-14-22 9- 3-16 7-14-66 10- 5-38 9- 7-34 5-22-57

Date of Death


Certificate No.


C-1694 & C-12218 2- 6-74 4 Hallettsville A-4715 11326 F. G. Fabian 86 75 2- 6-74 At-7453 11327 Albina Yarborough 4 Hallettsville 2-14-74 77 A-4123 11328 Josef Paul Simcik 29 Taylor 2-22-74 64 C-10897 11329 Ferdie J. Appelt 4 Hallettsville 2-15-74 A-3444 94 11330 Frank Mach 35 Elk 59 C-1259 11331 Vlasta Mary Gaither 1 Fayetteville 2- 3-74 87 A-15429 11332 Frances Kruger 2-19-74 18 Elgin 82 A-6900 11333 Otto H. Juren 3- 1-74 47 Seaton 11334 Roy Wayne Waldrop 16 12-20-73 94 Wheelock E-36150 80 2-24-74 11335 Josephine Z. Appelt 13-2186 4 Hallettsville 88 13-1119 3- 3-74 11336 Rudolf Cadan 20 Granger 62 C-13220 2-27-74 11337 Mary Blink& 40 Hillje 7-1346 75 2-21-74 0-3019 11338 Leo Frazier 63 Sweet Home. 2- 9-13 77 2-28-74 A-3481 117 Robstown 11339 Ludmila Pavelka 11- 2-64 61 2-22-74 W-31535 173 Galveston 11340 Anton Chester Pyka 5-18-19. 80 141 Mixville 3- 3-74 A-15157 11341 Frank Jez 5-12-12 82 A-973 2-22-74 17 Caldwell 11342 Ed. S. Dusek 3- 844 A-2946 76 29 Taylor 3- 7-74 11343 John Adolph Simcik 66 3-9-25 13-21 2-20-74 92 Fort Worth 11344 Anna Chaloupka 1- 8-28 83 C-531 3- 3-74 88 Houston 11345 Eva Podany 74 8-31-65 W-33423 88 Houston 2-18-74 11346 Helen Viola Doyle 10-11-08 89 A-2337 97 Placedo 2-2P-74 11347 Anna Duseik 6-15-24 & 66 88 Houston 2-21-74 A-9128 & 11348 Emmett Cocek 12-14-45 D-1712 5-13-06 15 Buckholts 86 2-24-74 A-4704 11349 Emil Shiller 6-7-56 135 Ennis K-171 3- 7-74 63. 11350 Stanley J. Svehlak 1 Fayetteville C-7448 6-19-44 3- 6-74 69 11351 Bohumel A, Noska 6-231-53 3- 8-74 B-4313 77 11352 Annie A. Mikulencak 165 Moulton 1- 7f-43 29 Taylor 3-15-74 , 50 C-8767 11353 Clifton J. Stacha 20 Granger 7-11-09 2-28-74 84 A-8321 11354 Jos. Volcik 29 Taylor 5-11-19 3-10-74 87 A-7290 11355 Pauline Kind 4-12-25 3- 31-74 107 Floresville 76 13-39 11356 James P. Jaksik 84 Dallas 11-24-73 10- 7-59 57 K-23236 11357 Rose Koncak To the survivors of our deceased brothers and sis ters, the Supreme Lodge, SPJST, exp resses its heartfelt sympathy. Fraternally yours, Leonard D. Mikeska Secretary-Treasurer 15 Buckholts





Ve stredu 17. dubna 1974


Postmaster: Please Send Form 3579 to: SUPREME LODGE, SPJST, P.O. Box 100, Temple, Texas 76501 ROCNIK 62 — OSLO 16 17. DURNA 1974

Z redakce Jii po mnoho let ueenei representujci rtzne odborne vedy, studovali a studuji pozoruhodnou civilisaci Main, ktera stala. na vysokem stup ni vYvoje ji2 davno pied tim, Kolumbus objevil Ameriku. Po kadu let zabYvala se americka Carnegie institution vykopavkami a znovuzkizenim palact a chi-dint' MajskYch v Ounglich Yucatanu a Guaternaly a pracnYm lu gtenim napisu, zanechanych tam ueenYmi In .diany, kteti, kdysi dobyli americkYch krajil tropickYch. Na techto vkzkumnYch pracich pracoval jmenovank institut s pomod lekaiu, meteorologu, zoologft a botanikfl, kteti se venuji studiu trooickYch z yikat a rostlin, anthropologfi, kteii zaznamenavaji piesne telesne proporce dne gnich potomkfi psychologii, zememetiefi a to ke Potomci kdysi pozoruhodneho indianskeho kmene Majil tvoil vetgi cast clrie gniho obyvatelstva poloostrova Yucatanu. Prvnim problemem ,na ktery naraYiej4 ueenci pfl lu g teni zahadne civilisace Majfi, je zji gt`ovani easu a nfista, kde byla poprve yypestovana kukufice, jak ji zname. Vyrestov,;,ni teto pinozrnne kukuidce bylo prave onim zemedelskYnt pokrekein, kterY umotnil Indiantm stati se taxman, usadili se tei trvale na jednom miste, vystaveti si mesta a venovati se Ode a umeni. Tgenci veri, ze indiani ueili dvou

LASKA • Jaroslav Vrchlicky Lasku nepoehopig, poked` iiv, lasku neutopi g, tak div! Nezapieg ji v nitru, neznidg, vidy ti pods pinou svoji Lasku neumlei g, jeji zvest vesmirem dal zahimi v more hvezd lasku neuldieig, mleici vYmluvnej gi nad vichry je Lasku nezastavi g, jeji proud piivali se, zahrne te, Bozi soud. Lasku reotravig jedem z1:,(7m„ jako fenix vzletne Oral skrze dYtn. Marne se ji bring, je to zas, tisiekrit ji rams, na pospas dig sve srdce hnevu, zufi g snad, laska ticha Nude v srdci dal se swat Toi nezbYva, neili pied ni sklonit zbrati at' jii sviti- v iivot v gedni, sehSrlit skraii! Jeji sladke poiehnini brat i dat a se slovem "do skonani" milovat! (Z retigtenyeh 27. srpna 1901.) rcstlin, teoncetli a druhe nezname, aby poprve vypestovali kukutici kde si na mexicke pahorkatine. Ueenci provideli take studium zvi teciho a rostlinneho tivota Yucatanu a to v nadeji, ze tak dospeji k rnalostem o potrave starove kYch Majt a o materialech, ktere tito obyvatele Yucatanu uzivali k vYrobe syYch praktickYch a ume-

leckYch piedinetfi. Specialists tropickYch nemoci ztravili delg i dobu studiem zdravot nieh problemil, kteiYin2 kdysi self edit Majovi,5. shiedali, ze u porevnani s jinYmi tropickYrni krajinami je Yucatan , neobyeejn6 zdravou zemi. I■Tejpozoruhodnejgim nalezem bylo zji gteni fakta. 2e tropicka chudokrevnost, o ktere se lekaii domnivali, ze obyeejne doprovazi m.alarii, existuje na Yucatanu i pies to ,de se tarn. vyskytuje jen velmi malo piipadil malarie. VYzkumy, pravlasti starch Maja nejsou jests zdaleka dokoneeny a stale se jimi zabkvaji uC'enci nejen amerieti, ale temef- z celeho sveta. -SPJS


Oddil dopisovatelti CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS CtenY bratie redaktore: Zavazuji si za obeanskou a krajanskou povinnost tirnto zdelit cte ne veiejnosti, co se zde v Corpus Christi podnika, mimo spolkove pra, ce a doufam, 2e to bude aspoti nektere dendie Vestniku zajimat a ze bratr redaktor tomu popfeje to a pozornosti v 'Ceske asti, ktera neni deny dost zasobena, jak by si toho zasloudla. Ve stfedu veder dne 3. dubna 1974 se konala osadni obeanska schilze v sokolovni, ktere bylo pfitomno 21 posluchaeff a dva reenici, vgichni dospeli. Byla to smes portstavajici

Ve stkedu 17. dubna, 19'74 ze etyk narodnosti: Cecil% Polake, Hemet. a Anglosast. Pan Richard B. Pavlasek z Alice, Tx., ptedstavil PHD Preston C. Kronkovskeho z Austin, Texas, kte ry v anglickem jazyce se ujal slova. Podal vysvetleni za jalcYrn prijel mezi nas. Vaech pritomnYch bylo 23. Jrnena jsou ptiloteny. Names of visitors who attend the social meeting at the Sokol Hail Corpus Christi, Tx., April 3, 1974 at 8:30 p.m. Mir, Mrs. Nolan Birmingham Mr. W.E. Brandesky Mr., Mrs. Joe Dudzienski Mr. Joe Fey Mr. M.D. Foster Mr, Mrs. Knapek Mr. Al. Kucera Mr. Roy H. Peal Mr., Mrs .Frank C. Sacky Mr. Joseph Sevcik Mr. F.L. Sacky Mr. Jerry Sijansky Mr., Mrs. Frank Sijansky Mr. John Stasa 7.1r., Mrs. Frank Veselka The speakers names: PhD. Preston C. Kronkovsky, Mr. Richard Pavlasek. Podobne i program, o kterY se jed no, v tele zaletitosti. Byla to jen informaeni ptednitaka, svolana telefonem tech organized, ktetre zde pesobi. Jen maid east ptedstavitelii onech reznYch spolkti byla ptitomna. Tento podnik nebyl virbec oznamenY v novinach, v rozblase nebo dopisy. Jak jsem vyrozumel z one ptednalcy, Dr. Kronkovsky ptijel zde z Houston, kde mei ptednaku a ptedtim v San An tonio. Chce navetivit vice meat v Texasu, aby apeloval k piistehovalcOm a jejich potomktm, by se dovolavali vladni finaneni pomoci, ktere tit po mnoho ran teSi ty rid rodnosti, co se dotadovali ptimo u vlady ye Washingtonu D.C., prosttednictvim kongresnikil a senatorte My zde mime to same, prava hla sit se o finaneni podporu, ale musime uvedomit naee zastupce, co zde Mame pro zachovani tradic, zvykte vzdelani a pod. Ve Washing tonu D.C. prY dasud nevi, ze v Texasu mime vzdelavaci i telesnou rYchovu, kterou s sebou ptivezli nal Sokolove ze stare vlasti ,z tech a Moravy, ze Slezka a Slovenska. Oni take nevi, kde nate SPJST Jednota mimo pojilteni na tivot,


VtSTNIK kond schtize, sjezdy, ze mane kluby mladete, ktere pestuji starodav ne tance, zpevy, hry a na nekterych nZstech vyuuji i matetskemu jazyku. Po strance udrieni matetskeho jazyka zde v Texasu bylo malo udelano mezi naim lidera, Ale nevi jeSte vat: ztraceno, jestli uvedomelY lid bude mit zajem a bude-li tomu venovat troche sveho easu a aye schopnosti, dd se naiadni tivot prodloutit. Dobro, vtile vie zmete! Pozoruji, kde nail potomci mail .ivy zdjem, nyni veta, net kdykoliv pked tim. Sbliteni se VYchodu se Zapadem ma na to velkY vliv. narod se nemusi styclet za sytij vod, za svoji historii, on nenapadal sve sousedy. On se vidy jen branil, kdyi sam byl napaden. Ja jsem Moravan, tot' chlouba ma — kdo rcete, ten ji and. Ten, kdo zna dejiny sve ndrodnosti, ma easteene znalosti o vYvoji a postupu i zmendch, ktere se udaly po clobu jeho trveni. Jako kat dy malt' tvor je zatlaeovan do poza di, tak je to i s temi narody. Kdo se neumi branit, musi podlehnout co slaboch. Kdyi nahledneme brae do tivota natich ptistehovalcil zde v Texasu, shledame, ee skoro vaichni meli zadatky. Adak svoji pill a vytrvalostl dosahli toho, po eem Veude, kde se usadili, tam dali tomu okoli novY vzhled. Z divokYch pustin a lest nadelali trod ne, polieka, nastaveli pottebne budovy pro sebe a pro svuj dobytek. Dale obchody, tkoly, kostely, spolkove sine. SyYm Mem do zadatku dal: vychovu, skolnim &tern potteb ne vzdelani, aby se mohli le pe uplatnit v teto zemi, aby meli lehei tivot net vSichni ti prilkopni ci, kteti v potu tvate museli uhajit svoje take postaveni a nest east() i poniteni od tech, co mluvili odliSnYm jazykem. Ne \Teem byla dana ptiletitost a moinost dosahnout vyMiho vzdelani. Ta,kovYch sn.ativYch .`st`astiivcu dosud malo, ale kagdYm rokeni jich ptibYva... Jako katda, zeme, tak i tato, tonto smitenY narod, jent pozirstave. a mnoha ptistehova lYch narodti, potiebuje, aby jeho obyvatelstvo si bylo sobestaene; mu si mit razne zamestnani, rezne obory. KaIdY jednotlivec rna Most se uplatnit tam, kde se nejle pe hod!. Kandy druh vykonare pra

ce tvati celY retez toho naeho osazeni na tondo svete. Preston C. Kronkovsky ma v pla- , nu ueinit pokus v peti texaskycla'meatech: Austin, San Antonio, Hous ton, Corpus Christi a v Rio Grande Valley. Tato mista by byla zastou pena (katde) jednim vlivnYm muaerri a jednou tenou a takto spo'One siprit tuto rayalenku jen by vedia Primo do Washingtonu k na aim hlavnim vlacinira zastupctim v Senate i v Kongresu. Kdyit by ontol nekdo navazat prime spojeni v torn to ptipacie, zde je jeho adresa: Preston C. Kronkosky, PhD. NO Brazos Street, Austin, Tx. 78701 S bratskYm pozdravem. John Stasa —SPJST-



Mile sestry a brat', Preci.seda Leon Zavodny zandjil nai schtizi 7. dubna, v nedeli odpoledne za dosti dobre navatevy. Vadana eest vlajce povstanim vSech, ptitomnYch. Nosidi vlajek byli brat ti Steven Morris a James Allen.' VSielmi Utednici byli ptitomni. mrti elenti jsme nemeli a ket by tak ziistalo hodne diouho neb jsme jich melt mnoho v kratke dobe. Nemocne deny jsme meth sentry Albine Lesikar, Amelia Ondrasek; Stacie Hejny, Rake Fojtasek a Ade, le Urubek a bratki — Ed Urubek a. Ladciie Pavelka. Prejeme vein nemocnYm elentim aby byli hodne zdravi. Radi jsme videli sestru Enge R. Emmons ve schtizi, ktera byla pedal/no v nemocnici a ptivezla sebou i sve NavUevou jsme meli sestru Ann' Balusek od tadu Oslo 15, bratra a sestru Otto a Matilda Hanes od tadu eisio 66 a bratra Eddie Noack od tadu dislo 174 Rockdale. Thalia nes vane navAteva a ptijd`te zase zpet. Nove eleny jsme ptijali, do detske` ho odboru: Julia Margret Moore,' Mac Alan Haisler, James Alan Land, Charles Robert Fisher, Donald Le Fisher, Jennifer Kay Hrachovy a Arron McLosand Gist. Dospeli: Forrest E. Gist, Sarah Wilson, Esteban Ramirez a Ellena Ramirez. Od naeho tadu ptistoupili k du O. 24, Cyclone, bratti Johnnie Mikeska, Patrick Mikeska, Mike Mikeska a sestra Lila Mikeska. Ptistoupila k naSemu tadu od du eislo 174 Rockdale sestra Lois



Hejl Vitame vas vgechny k nagemu iadu a dostavte se do schtize. Byly etene .clekovne listky a pile dopisy ktere se vytidily dle potteby. Tajemnice Emily Stuteville lakeeetla protokol z minule schtize, kte ry byl ptijat jak sepsan. Zpravy vilech vkborA byly velice dobre. Br. Anton Motl podal zpravu za; dozor?i vkbor a bylo ujednano, ze se tento v Yb or o to must postarat, aby se obtezalo stromovi kolem nag i sine, ale aby se to odlodilo na ptigti rok neb uz marne jaro a stromy ut maji listi. Za freetni vYbor podal zpravu tet bratr Anton Motl. Penetity gek $50.00 byl ptijat od hidu RVOS eislo 5, za poutivani nag sine, ye ktere odbyvaji jejich sebum. Vedouci mladetie bratr Howard Stefka, podal zpravu pro mla,det a pak byly eteny geky tzv. premium refunds. Ptitti sehlize se bude konat 5. kvetna o 2. hodinach v nedeli odpoledne. Dosta.vte se v hojnem poetu. Prvni dvetni cenu vyhrala sestra Alice Banning a druhou cenu vyhrala sestra Lillie Chervenka. Mladet mela "Easter egg hunt" a potom jsme se vespolek pobavili "veselou hodinkou" a dobrkm zakus kern. Se sesterskkm pozdravem Annie Jakubec dopisovatelka -SPJS rTAK V§ELICOS Pie Aneika, Houdkova Teprve nedivno jsem se dovedela, ze pani Evelyn Salailova byla pocte na iirmou Liberty Mutual Insuran ce, u ktere je zamestnana, za 25 let erne sluthy. Tato krajanka za,eala u firmy s mengim ittadem, ale poctivou praci si ziskala oblihy, take nyni zastava zodpovednk Mad neb ma dozor nad kancelati. Sestra Salatova je elenkou tadu 84 SPJST ale take je .elenkou nageho Kroutku eeskYch ten zde v Dallas. Srdeene sestte Salaeove gratulujeme a ptejeme ji, aby ony pekne darky, jet od firmy a ptatel obdutela, mohla naletite v dobrern zdravi UL-it a ptejeme rnnoho dalgich Aspecht. Takoye zpravy me vidy velmi potegi, kayt mohu tici, ge zase jeden nag pocty. elovek dog( :1 uznani Hoste na na g Polka Festival v Ennis uti budou pomalu se shro-

matd`ovat, v gak take eas je jit za dvehui. Obdrtela jsem dotaz od by vale osadnice enniske, ktera, nyni bydli v Kalifornii, lie by rada obdrtela pamflety ohledne programu na ten festival neb sem se chysta rnnoho zajemcil. BYvala Louise Biel 8kaloudova je jit u decry v Austin, Texas a za kratko ptijede opet do Ennis na oslavu. Katdym rokem ji zde vidime neb to ji zajima V sobotu 6. dubna se pohidala pekna party v sini Sokola v Ennis a pti tom byli pocteni elenove \TYboru a take ti pracovniei Polka Festivalu, aby aspon nee° trochu kdy tak pilne pracuji po tak clouhou dobu. Bylo me teeeno, to pani Sandra Willifordova, se postarala o velice peknou vY gdobu sine. Stoly byly zdobeny stuirami derveno-modro-bilYmi a podstavce dr tiely male viajky americke a esl. s proutky rozmarynu, cot skYtalo pek ny pohled. Letos byio snad nejvice lidi v narodnich krojich, vie net kdy jindy a take ode v gech spolkt se segli krajane. V gude byla vesela, na lacla, a kahly se dobte bavil. Byla podava,na prvottidni veeete a vgeho bylo vice net dost. Uzene krocany a klobasy ptipravili u Ennis Market, Li gkovi a bylo to velice chutne. Ptikrmii bylo tet hodne a pe?Aim na dvou stolech a v geho motneho, takte ka gdy si mohl poslouPo veadi pak ptedseclkyne leto g -WhoPlkaFestivup al tomne hosty a pak byli pteastaveni ruzni einitele a ptiznivci teto oslavy a byli fotografovani pracovnici kakieho spolku v Ennis. Take byl ptitomen povetrnostni hlasatel z Dallas, pan Jack Van Roy. Vgak tet dobte znamY v Ennis. V gak take mu pan Mengik zahral "Mexican Hat Dance" aby nam pti • edl dobrk degV, kterk nutne pottebujeme v ptitomne dobe. Bylo s tim mnoho veselosti. U na geho soalu byli zvlagt hoste at z Granger, mantele Lad. Mareshovi a deera sleena Mar tha, vgichni z redakce Isla:since, ktere zname jit delgi eas. Velice pane jsme se s nimi bavili at do posledku a pozorovali taneeni rej hudbe pana J. 1Viengika. Radi jsme je zasc po del gi dobe uvideli a opravdu jsme litovali, ze s nimi nepti deli tez jejich bratr a gvagrovo,, man gale Henry Naizerovi; bylo by nam jegte veseleji. Take musim sdelit, to ph teto ()slave byly vystaveny pa

Ve sttedu 17. dubna 1974 nenky v narodnich krojich, ktere pettily pi. Frank Li gkove a pi. Ed Meng ikove a hezky se to vyjimalo. Vg ecko bylo krasne a potadatele si jiste zaslouti vtelk dik. Take musirn podekovat tem kuchatkam, kte re ptinesly a ptipravily to dobrou vedeti. Byl to krasnY veder a budeme vzpominat. Prase jsem obdrgela, listek od pi. Army Kopeekove z Btieovic, ktera jit je zase doma na Mora y& ale zpomina, na v geehny, ktere v nagem Kroutku poznala, kdyt zde dlela pied nekolika tkdny. Nage elenka sestra R. Kopeekova mela nehodu, kdyt upadla a porani la si koleno, take je nucena chodit o berlich. Take pan W. Nesuda se dosud naleza v nemocnici, ale je pry mu mnohem lepe, coi mu jiste pfejeme a snad ptijde brzy domU. Vgem nemocnkm nag Kroutek preje brzke uzdraveni a stale zdravi. A tea' chci poda,t ne'co pro zasnu'ni eten.atilm, V Arizone nejakk Stan Mazanek (snad krajanl byl studentem na universite v Tucson a behem to doby obdrtel po gtou oz namku od jiste pojigVovny z Oklahoma City, Okla., kde nabizeli pojistku na $5,000 na gest mesieti a premie ze bude stir, jen $1 na tuto dobu. Tedy nag krajan ze tertat vypsal ptihlatku na svoji malou rybidku zvanou "guppy" ktera stela 60 centii a ktera se jmenovala Fred Fin a On ze je majitelem. PH blagka byla ptijate., ale mil' Fred v prosinci 1973 ptigel o tivot a tak pan Maianek hned napsal v tiertu firme, to mu firma diuhuje tech $5.000. Zastupce one spoleenosti za jel do Arizony se dozvedet, zda to par. Mazanek mini vatirre a on tekl, to ano. Nyni zadalo smlouvani a ko p een() firma se vyrovnala a panu Mazankovi nabidla, $650, ktere on Myslim, to v budoucnosti bu dou spoleenosti opatrnej gi, nemyslite? SEATONSKY PEVECKI KR01.12EK ittADU 47 Seatonsky peveckY krouiek se segel veera veeer na pravidelnou zkou gku; ptitomni elenove; Leon godek, Ruby Bolton, Jerry a Dorothy Pechat, Leon a Valle Zavodny, Butch a Georgie Sodek, Cathy Milek, Pauiina Kopecky, Emily Stuteville, Mar tha Klusaeek, Frank a Ellenore 8panhel, Willie a Adeline Kohutek, Ralph Kohutek, Jamie a Laverne

Ve stkedu 17. dubna 1974 Vanieek, Benny Mikeska, Bill a Lillian KoS'arek, Frank a Lillian Mikulec, Annie Jakubec nak nadana kiditelka), Otto a Matilda Hariu'S a Calvin Chervenka, kterST ptivez1 ety ki vSrznainne hosty — pana Bobby Horton, pkedsedu Oeskeho klubu na Texaske statni universite, Denis Ku biak, pkedseda ptiprav schilze a slavricsti pro statni schuzi eskkch studentil a instruktorti eske keel, ktera se bude konat u kadu 29 v Taylor, v sobotu 20. dubna; dale sleenu Gail Jukik, studentku na statni universite a David Mikeska, instruktor Ceske keel ye vySai gkole v Rogers a v Junior College v Temple. ProZili jsme krasnk veder zpivanim naS'ich oblibenkch pisni a take nekolik novkch pisni. K nagim 2.pevaktim se pridali host& a s na;,in: nadknim jsme zpivali skoro dvakrat vice jako obyeejne. My jsme jejich navAtevu a dou fame, k pkijdou zase brzo nebot` jsou v'tdy vitane jako i ka2c1S7 jinY kdo chce zpivat s nami. Prod by jste to neudinili pki naSi zkouAce, ktera se bude konat v tedSt 22, dubna v 3 hodin veeer; manna, k by jste byli pfekvapeni, jak do/5k umite zpivat v nagem krouAku. Pkijd`te a zkuste to! Po zkou:ke jsme men kratkou schuzi chledne Cameronskeho lidoyell° festivalu,. kterSr se bude konat 7. 8. a 9. dervna a rozhodli jsme se, ze budeme zpivat kolem 4 hodin od poledne; tak prosim pkijdete se k nam podivat, abyste byli pripraveni na ten den zpivat na Carneronskem lidove mfestivalu. Je to velice kris ne Wit Menem tak veseleho krou4 ku. S bratrskSrm pozdravem Otto Hann§, zpravodaj

Oznartieni schflzi JARNI SCJECZE Jarni schnze druheho (IL) okrsku se bude konat v nedeli 21. dub na 1974. Add Praha, dislo 29 v Taylor nude hostem. as schfwe a podrobnosti pozdeji. • • Schtze etvrteho (IV.) okrsku so bude konat v necieli 28. dubna 1974. káci eislo 49. Rowena, bude hostem. PODZIMNI SCHUZE OKRSKir Podzimni sehiize I. okrsku se bude konat v :nedeli 29. zali 1974. tt,id Cislo 13, Dime Box, bude hostem. Dalsi informaci pozdeji!

`ITSTNiK Podzimni schtize VI. okrsku se bu de konat v nedeli 6. kijna, 1974 v Hillje, Texas. AAA eislo 50, El Cam po bude hostem. Petr Sablatura pkedseda VI. okrsku Podzimni scheme VII. okrsku bude se konat v nedeli 3. listopadu 1974 tad elk° 133, San Antonio, bude hostem. Dalk informace pozdeji! --SPJS


Ue'me se iiesky I ekce desata — Lesson No. 10 CTEN1 READING Read the following exercises and words out LOUD with your parents or friends. * Student a studentka Pavel je student. Vera je student ka. Pavel a Vera jsou studenti. Pa vol nerna per°, ale Vera ma pen). Dnes Karel neni ye Akole. On je doma. Ma rYmu. NA§ ueitel dava po-! zor ktt' pMeme na, tabuli. On vona Veru: "Nedelej chybu! spravne!" Zitra je. svatek. Studenti budou doma. My 7,62' mame svatek. Slovnidek — Vocabulary Pavel — Paul Vera -- Vera Karel — Charles ---- your ::dyZ 'when chyba -- error studentka — student (Fern.) rtudenti students dnes ---- today zitra — tomorrow neni — isn't svatek — holiday volati to call davati — to give rYlma — cold ne.§ -- our

25 spravne — correctly piss— write! budou — will be (3rd. person pl.) piscine — we write dava, pozor — pay attention Nedelej chybu — Don't make an error! Mluvnice — Grammar 1. The First Conjugation: The verb that belong to the first conjugation generally end in "ati". In the above vocabulary there are two such verbs, "davati" and "vola-ti". To conjugate them we take off the ending "ate" and add the verbal endings as follows: &Nati --- to give Singular 1st person: claNam — give 2nd person: davat" — you give 3rd person: dava — he, she, or it gives Plural &Name -- we give thivate you give dasaji — they give 2. The negative verb in Czech is formed by prefixing the particle "ne" before the verb. Example: "ne" plus the conjugation of "bfli", to be. • . Singular 1st person: nejsem -- I am not 2nd person: nejsi — you are not 3rd person: neni — he, she; or it is not. Plural nejsme — we are not nejste — you Are not nejsou — they are not Note that the third person singular is different. It is "neni" instead of the expected form "neje" Homework 1. Read aloud the reading excereise several times and translate it. 2. Copy the vocabulary into your notebook and memorize it. 3. Conjugate the verb "volati". 4. Review all of the previous les,sons that have appeared in the Vestnik. Pohadka Byl jeden kral, Ion daval priNy mysky, zapiskaly, payouekoye tancovali. Pribeh kocour velikfr tr, byl konec muziky, myg ky se yam ulekly, sup • - do dirky utekly.



Roman od ki. Courths-TVIablerove Pieloin Fr. Aadek Pokradovani Lena vahala s odpovedi. Potom odhodlane vstala. "Zavat se pisemne, 'de mi bude rodne platiti tedesat tisic renty — v mesienich riebo dtvrtletnich splat kach. Potom ti dam svobodu." Norbert se zarazil. "Pozbyla, jsi rozumu? Kde bych vzal tak velikou sumu?" "To jest tvou veci. ako budouci mantel baronesy falknovske bude ti snadno opatiiti si penize." "To nemohu — a take nechci. Vte, co mam, tobe dam, ale ani o laalet vice." "Potom lituji, ze nemohu splniti tveho pram. ZUstanu zde!" "Jest to posledni tve slovo?" "Me posledni." Norbert se uklonil kratce a rychle se vzda,111. INyni so najisto rozhodl, ze ponecsha dr. Voldanovi volnou ruku. Lena vyskodila, kdy odetel. Oei ji svitily jako podratdenemu dray ci a smykavYmi, divadelnimi kroky, podobajici se pohybrim divoke tygtice, p •echazela neklidne pod po koji. ZajimavY tivot nekyne ji na Falknove a Norbert jiste se s ni nebude mazliti. Avtak spolehala se na, to, 'to jiste prozradi svou Se tedesati tisici rodniho dtchodu mohla by vtude titi podle sveho vkusu. Snad by mohla potadavek sviij sniziti na padesat tisic a neda-li Norbert pohnouti se k tomu . promluvi rozumne slovo — rm & s baronesou falknovskou. Norbert veru stoji za to. Byl nyniil mnohem hezei net tenkrate, kdy ho pozna la. A neco podobneho maji teny rady. Znala sve pohlavi a Casto nabyla jit zkutenosti, jak jednaji teny zpozdile, kdyt je laska uchvati. VderejLi chovani baronesy utvrdilo ji v domnence, 'te jest ochot na ptinesti katdou °bet'. Zachovala se k Norbertovi tetrne i v to rozhodne chvili, kdy mohla vycititi, ze ji zradil. Patrne byl fines u ni a vyzpovidal se ji. A Irma zajiste mu vt•ecko odpustila a ho politovala. NejakY das jette poCka, zda-li Norbert sa, mneudini krokri, aby

se s ni smitil. Nestane-li se tak, zajde proste jednou k baronese na Lichnov a sail ji podminky rozvodu. Tak uvatovala a byla se syYm planem spokojena.

XXII. Nenaskytla se ji pialetitost, aby mohla provesti svfn plan. Irma s tetou Kristinou se odebrala na cesty a to na neurditou dobu. S Norbertern se jit nesetla. Jen po Kolmanovi poslala mu pozdrav, kdy mu davala pottebne pokyny pro dobu jeji neptitomnosti na Lichnove. Kolman se stal brudivYm a nevrlYm. S nidim na svete nebyl spokojen od to doby, co baronka prodlevala na Falknove a ph pohledu na bled' oblidej Innin, vtecko v nem vtelo Nemol v nenavisti nikoho, ale baronka mu byla protivnou. Ovtem, Irmu ujistil, ee na vtecko dohledne, pokud bude na cesta,ch. Mute byt bez starosti. Oheas dochazely strudne zpravy Kelma,novi od Irmy. TYkaly se vettinou hospodatskYch zaletitosti a Kolman odpovidal na ne sv'm rat nym, velkym pismem, jet vyzdobil zvlattnimi kuorlinkami. Oct Kolmana dovidal se Norbert, kde se Irma zdrtuje a te jest zdra, va a Irma po katcle na konci dopisu Kolmanovi ptipojila pozdrav: "Prosim, pozdravujte srdedne me ho bratrance ode mne a ocl tety Kristiny." Rovnet pravide.lne v KolmanovYch dopisech byla doutka "Pan baron zdvotile dekuje za pozdrav a opetuje jej rovnet srdeene. Vede se mu dosti dobte, je zdrav a pracuje tolik, 'te me zbYva dosti Casu pro Lichnov." Krome toho napsal jednou, kdy se dopalil: "Baronka jette stale se zdrtuje na Falknove, pana barona to netev posledni dobe povatlive zbledl" Tyto a podobne poznamky na okraji listu, v nicht dal Kolman prtichod svernu hnevu, uvedi Irmu do smutne nalady. Citila, jak trpi Norbert ph techto nesnesiteln'ch pomerech a nedovedla pochopiti, jak yydrii tato tena na horke pude falknovske a jak hrozna to byla muka pro Norberta, kdy svou nu nahodou potkal. 2i1 opet jako poustevnik, s ni-

Ve sttedu 17. dubna 1974

kym se neschazel, jen obeas v hos podatskYch vecech se poradil s Kol manem, jen nebyl naprosto vese• lYm spolednikem a po kat& mrzute se zamraeil, kdy baronku ut zda• leka spatial. Zatel si po katcle, kdy ji mel potkati a za nic na svete nebybl by ji pozdravil. Vida bledY pochmurnY oblieej Norberttiv, byl jette urputnejti a nadaval ph kaade mallekosti, jen aby si ulevil. Norbert chapal starce Print dobte a nevykladal mu ye zle jeho hrube chovani. Vedel piiliv dobte, e ye svem nitru s nim citi. Na sousednich velkostatcich po Cali se diviti, ze nov' pan na Falknove kije tak v Ustrani. Byl-li smutek po baronovi Donatovi ptikazem, aby se ponekud stranil spaledenskYch zabav, mohl piece vidy navazovati styky se sousedy. Tet vedouci osobnosti v meste, zvlatte chistojnici posidky se diviti nemalo poustevnickemu tivotu baronoye. Tu a tam se Sutkalo, te mezi baronem a jeho choti nevi vtecko v potadku, te chodi podle sebe jako cizi Ude a docela katdY z ylatt` se stravuje. To rozneslo slugebnictvo. Povesti ty zavdaly podnet k vtelikYm domnenkam a falknovske panstvo, davalo zajimavou latku k hovoram. Jelikot Irma s tetou Kristinou odcestovaly, nedovedel se nikdo nic ani no, Lichnove. Za pravdivost kle pu slutebnYch osob nemohl nikdo ruditi. Avtak pro Norberta melo to aspoii tu vYhodu, ze ho nechal kaidY na pokoji a nikdo ho nevyrutoval z jeho samotatstvi. Lena nudila se hrozne na Falknove. Nikdy ani ye snu ji nenapad lo, ze bude hrati tak smutnou hu baronky falknovske. A Irma syym odchodem na cesty zmatila je ji vkpoety. Byla nucena vyekati, se vrati don't. Kdyby aspori mohla navazati spo leeenske styky se souedy. Aviak bez Norberta neodvatila se k navAtey am. Obdas pro vyrateni zajela si do Mesta. Tam zatla do cukrarny. do nid chodiivali i ciastojnici a s nimi bez ostychu kokotovali. V nejlcrasnejtich toaletich projiddela se ulicemi mesta a parky, tu a tam nem nakoupila, ne 'wave v nejelegantne j tich obchodech a tetilo ji, kdy se lide za ni ohliteli. Zakryta byla vidy zavojem a

Wednesday, April, 17, 1974 budila pozornost zvlaSte u dfistoj nikii, ktefi by ji byli radi na Falknove, kdyby jim byl Norbert jen troche vySel vstfic. Pokraeovani

Marek-Burns POHREBNt DOMOV V hodine zarmutku najdete u nas nejlep'Si pohkebni obsluhu a ceny levne. Tez prodavame polifebni pojiAteni: — od 1 mesice do 80 rokfi stab. Ambulance ye dne v noel. MAREK-BURNS FUNERAL HOME Bill Marek a Bill Burns Box 225 — Ph. 697-3661 Cameron, Texas

Harper-Talasek funeral homes

New Facilities 526 4188 KILLEEN

773 4564 TEMPLE

Hilsher's Home Supply Co. 2020 Washington Ave., UN 9-5831 730 E. 20th at N. Main UN 9-1441 5225 Washington UN 9.3387 HOUSTON, TEXAS For All Your FURNITURE APPLIANCES and EVERYTHING ELSE FOR YOUR HOME Be Sure to See


And Get "THE BEST FOR LESS" CASH OR EASY TERMS Your Satisfaction Guaranteed And Free Delivery Service VASE CESKE OBCHODY



DANCE LODGE POKROK DA NO. 84 2625 Floyd St. Dallas, Texas Saturday, April 20th MUSIC BY

POLKA PEPPERMINT ORCH. Beer and Setups Available, so YCBYOB! DANCE TIME: 8:30 P.M. TO 12:30 A.M. (GAME TIME EACH TUESDAY, AT 8 P.M.)

In 1974 Tour Eastern Europe with Leslie "Lada" Cerny ON OUR ANNUAL TRIP TO ....

Czechoslovakia for 6 days . AND AMSTERDAM, BUDAPEST, BUCHAREST .... FOR SEVEN.

Departing May 16th and Returning May 30th via BRANIFF to New York City, direct transfer to CZECH AIRLINES Su per Jet for Amsterdam, featuring a fine dinner (with Pilsner) enroute. Rates are based on Group Inclusive Tour (GIT) fares for 15 or more persons. Air fares subject to change as a result of International Air Fare fluctuation with fuel shortage.

Tour Cost: $1,215.00 per person, on basis of two per room. FOR A DETAILED BROCHURE MAIL COUPON TO: FORT WORTH TRAVEL 609 Fort Worth National Bank Bldg. Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Phone: (817) 338-0011 Please send complete information to: Name Address State



vtsT ix

Wednesday, Aprth 17, 1974




• Cechoslovak Publishing Co. Box 38 West, Texas 76691


Wednesday, Apri 7, 1974




DANCE Lodge Pokrok 88, Houston HOUSTON, TEXAS WEST 15th and BEALL STREETS

Friday, April 19th Princess Ball — 8:30 - 12:30 MUSIC BY

Leo Heinrich Orchestra Saturday, April 20th The Hi-Toppers FRIDAY, APRIL 26 — NICK NAVARRO

Services for All Faiths We arrange dignified services, individually suited to each family's beliefs.

Marshall & Marshall

SATURDAY, APRIL 27 — THE ELLINGER COMBO For Reservations Call: 969-576'7


bank & trust West, Texas,


SPJST Calendar FOR SPJST LODGES ONLY Lodge No. 6, Cottonwood Thursday, April 18 — Private party Friday, April 19 — Social Night, 7:30 p.m., public is invited Saturday, April 20 — Public Dance; Clinton Brown and the Texans, 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 26 -- Social Night, 7:30 p.m., public is invited Saturday, April 27 — Private party Friday, May 3 -- Social Night, 7:30 p.m., public is invited Saturday, May 4 — Public Dance; Billy Uptmor and the Makers, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 5 — SPJST Lodge No. 6 meeting, 3:30 p.m. Thursday, May 9 — Private party Friday, May 10 — Social Night, 7:30 p.m., public is invited Saturday, May 11 — Public Dance; Clinton Brown and the Texans, 8:30 p.m. -SPJSTLodge No. 15, Buckholts Saturday, April 20, Dance: Social Combinations Saturday, April 27 — Public Wedding DanIce (Tepera-Daxlik), Jodie and the Silvertones Saturday, May 4 — Dance, Dick Colbert and the Bud Men Wednesday, May 8 -- Lodge meeting Saturday, May 11 — Benefit Dance — Cameron Fire Department; Wilburn and the Country Kings Saturday, May 18 — Dance — Bill Henderson and the Sundowners Saturday, May 25 — Dance — Dick Colbert and the Bud Men. -SPJSTLodge No. 17, New Tabor Sunday, April 21, — Barbecue Dinner, 11 a.m.; 2 p.m. — Games, public speaking, cake auction; 7-11 p.m. Dance: Blue Vest Boys -SPJSTLodge No. 18, Elgin Tuesday, April 16 — Monthly lodge meeting and social at 8 p.m. in the TP&L Civic Room, Elgin. Reactivation efforts to continue. All members, prospective members and friends are cordially invited. -SPJSTLodge No. 24. Cyclone (Flag Hall) Saturday, April 20 — Otis Beck & the Best Yets Saturday, April 27 — Wedding Dance: Moeller and Bruggman. Music by Moods of Country Music ($2.50 per person)

VtSTNIK Saturday, May 4 — Wedding Dance — Susik and Herzog. Music by Jerry Haisler and Melody Five (Dress regulations: Dresses and pantsuits for women; men: no blue jeans). -SPJSTLodge No. 25, Ennis Monthly meeting every 2nd Wednesday night of month, 8 p.m. Every Wednesday night — open for members at 5 p.m. Every Sunday — Open at 1 p.m., family entertainment at 6 p.m.; members and guests from other lodges are welcome -SPJSTLodge No. 29, Taylor Saturday, April 20 — State meeting and social of Czech students and teachers; meeting at 3:30 p.m., supper at 5 and dance at 8, with music by Rhythmaires Orch. of Fort Worth. Public invited to dance; adm. $2 per person. Sunday April 28 — Dance: Battle Dance — Vrazels and Leo Majek; 4 to 10 p.m. -SPJSTLodge No. 35, Elk Saturday, April 20 — Jerry and The Melody Five Saturday, April 27 — Starlites Saturday, May 4 — A. J. and The Debonaires Friday, May 10 — Lodge meeting, 7:30 p.m.; youth club meeting, 7 p.m. Saturday, May 11 — Fiddle Swingstars Saturday, May 18 — Billy and The Makers Saturday, May 25 — Jerry and The Melody Five -SPJSTLodge No. 39, Bryan Saturday, April 20 — Music Masters Saturday, April 27 — Social Combinations -SP JS fLodge No. 40, Hillje Friday, April 19 — People's Recording Artists Saturday, April 27 — Jef and the Kickers Friday, May 3 — Battle Dance: Jef and the Kickers and the Dulwich Fox Saturday, May 11 — Triumphs -SPJSTLodge No. 47, Seaton Saturday, April 20 — Blue Vest Boys Tuesday, April 23 — Choral Practice Saturday, April 27 — The Little Fishermen (Dressiicy: Ladies, dresses;

Wednesday, April 17, 1974 Men, no blue jeans). -SPJSTLodge No. 48, Beyersville Saturday, April 20 — Dance: The Shackles Monday, May 6 — Reg. monthly lodge meeting with supper at 7:30 p.m. -SPJSTLodge No. 54, West Saturday, April 27 — UrbanovskyLeuschner wedding reception and dance Thursday, May 2 — American Legion meeting Sunday, May 5 — Shower reception Monday, May 61 — Youth Club meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, May 13 — West Bass Club meeting Tuesday, May 14 — SPJST Lodge 54 meeting, 7 p.m. Sunday, May 19 — Nors family reunion Saturday, May 25 — Wedding reception Sunday, May 26 — Kocian family reunion -SPJSTLodge No. 66, Waco (Linden Hall) Saturday, April 20 — The Harold Strand Orch. (wedding dance) Saturday, April 27 -- Leo Majek Saturday, May 4 Vrazel Polka Band (a , wedding dance) Saturday, May 11 — Otis Beck and the Best Yets Saturday, May 18 — Gilbert Kautz Orchestra Saturday, May 25 — Arnold Schiller and the Serenaders. -SPJSTLodge No. 74, Lovelady Saturday, April 20 — The • Debonaires Saturday, April 27 — Randy and the Serenaders (All our regular Saturday night dances are from 9 till 1. Lodge phone: 544-8200; President: 5447414 or 544-7292. -SPJSTLodge No. 80, Holland Friday, April 19 — The Moods of Country Music Saturday, April 27 — Rob Robbins and the Availables Saturday, May 4 — Bill Henderson and the Sundowners Saturday, May 11 — Country Music Revue Saturday, May 18 — Jerry, Butch, and the Gentries Sunday, May 19 — Havalik Reunion CANCELLED due to illness Saturday, May 25 -- Roy Robbins and the Availables

Wednesday, April 17, 1974



op en and available for any wed- Saturday, May 18 — Flea Market and Antique Show, 10 a.m. till dings, showers or parties. For indark, Temple Academy Dragformation & reservations call 862way, Hwy. 95. Youth club proj0079 or 861-6822. -8PJST-ects consisting of kiddy rides, Lodge No. 172, Pasadena social games, concession stand Dances are from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and watch the antique motors Socials every Tuesday at 8 p.m. run. Adm: 50c adults, children and every Saturday at 2 p.m under 12 free. Dealers welcome, Lodge and YC meetings held on $2 per booth. Public invited. the second Wednesday of each Proceeds for SPJST Lodge 177, month at 7:30 p.m. at the hall, 911 Academy Building Fund. --SPJSTEast Shaw, phone 472-9356. Executive meetings every 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. -SPJST-SPJSTLodge No. 174, Rockdale Sunday, April 28 -- Fourth anniSPOLEHLIVA POHROBNICKA. versary social, public invited. SLUiBA Place: Rockdale VFW on Hwy. Jsme pohotovi Vam po79 starting at 3 p.m. Sup per at slotditi bez rozdilu jak dale6 p.m. ko bydlite bez jakehokoliv Monthly meetings held every 3rd zvlaitniho poplatku. Wednesday of the month, at 7 p.m. S nami mftete mluviti desin the Rockdale State Bank Comky. My nabizinae Pohtebni pomunity Room. jiAteni pro kaddeim dlena ro-SPJSTLodge No. 176, Northwest Houston diny. Lodge No. 92. Fort Worth Saturday, April 20 — Dance; music Monthly meetings every second Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Long by Bill Kucera's Czech Mates Point National Bank. Saturday, May 25 — Dance, music FUNERAL HOME -SPJSTby Hi-Toppers of N. Braunfels Elsie Prazak-Etlinger Lodge No. 177, Academy -SPJSTdam.ska pomocnice Every second Tuesday of each Lodge 130 Dallas — Sokol Zizka BELLVILLE AND SEALY month, youth club meeting at 8:30 Saturday. April 13 — Czech-Mates p.m., lodge meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tel: Bellville No. 865-3121 of Dallas Sealy No. 885-3535 held at The Temple Academy Park Saturday, April 27 — Polka Pep- on Highway 95. permints of Dallas Saturday, May 11 — Texas Dutchmen of Houston Saturday, May 25 — Jodie Mikula of Ennis Saturday, June 8 — Harold Strand of Waco Saturday, June 22 — Polka Peppermints of DaUm -SPJST22 — 45 DAYS Lodge No. IS& Ennis Saturday, April 13 — Harold Strand SPJST meeting every second Sunday of month. Sokol meeting every fourth Sunday of month. VIA DELTA TO NEW YORK AND THEN DIRECT Entertainment every Friday night at 8 p.m. TO PRAGUE VIA CSA. -SP Pi T---

Lodge No. 84, Dallas Saturday, April 20 — Dance; Polka Peppermint Orch. -SPJS r— Lodge No. 87, Temple Friday, April 19 — Reg. lodge meeting, 7:30 p.m. -SPJST-Lodge No. 88, Houston Friday, April 19 — Princess Ball, 8:30 to 12:30; music by Leo Heinrich orchestra Saturday, April 20 — Hi-Toppers Friday, April 21 — Nick Navarro —semi-formal Saturday, April 27 — The Ellinger Combo Youth Club meeting the first Sunday of each month, at 3 p.m. Choral Club rehearsals every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. unless notified otherwise. Volunteers are welcome. Social every Thursday night 8 p.m. Supper served from 5 to 8 p.m. Breakfast is served at our Saturday night and special dances. -SPJST-

Pete E. Etlinger


VISIT CZECHOSLOVAKIA Via Czechoslovak Airlines Leaving Houston at noon July 11th

Lodge No. 142, Houston

Friday, April 26 — Youth Club meeting, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 27 — Barbecued chicken, dressing, and all the trimmings, 11:30 till? Saturday, April 27 — Dance: Gil Baca, featuring Vernon Drozd on the sax For reservations: 862-0079 The new lodge building is now

Round trip fare is $612.60 BASED ON A MINIMUM OF 15 PERSONS. RETURN ANYTIME BETWEEN THE 22 — 45 DAYS For further information or reservations, call or write

Karel Sicner — 713 686-4667 2021 JOHANNA — HOUSTON, TEXAS 77055



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