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Dear Spiritually Guiding Friend Special Powers and Psychic 3 Protection Ghost Stories


First of all a very warm welcome to the brand new Spiritually Guiding Newsletter. Here you will find a run down of what has been happening in our Facebook Page and our new Group Page. Inside read the stories from our friends and what has been happening over the last month.

Spirit Spark, Orb or Light 5

As you may be aware Spiritually Guiding has been very busy over the last month, we changed pages 22nd January 2013, it was a fresh year so we thought why not a fresh start with better things to come?

Meaning of Six of Swords


Haunting of Edinburgh Vaults


Congratulations to Gina Marie she was the lucky first Spiritually Guiding friend to

Psychic Vampires? Say What...


get Free One Card Tarot Reading on 25th Jan. Since then there has been other winners who enjoyed their Free One Card Tarot Readings.

Chakras and Aura’s


Afraid of Failure


Lower Stress and Anxiety


Like our previous Spiritually Guiding page Tarot of the Day has proved to be popular again as well as Pendulum Readings where we had a great turn out of questions being asked. I would like to thank Dawn Rogers for being a guest writer for us which you can see on page 9.

Missed volume two of Spiritually Guiding Newsletter? Volume Two can be viewed here. I hope you can continue to enjoy Spiritually Guiding with us and I hope you enjoy the newsletter, I would love to know your feedback. Do YOU want to write an article for Spiritually Guiding? Please get in touch with me at Regards, Julie, Spiritually Guiding Founder

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Issue 3

Special Powers? What would you have and why? In our Group Page I asked our members if they would have a special power what would it be and why? Below is some of the comments:

wild and free, feel the earth beneath my bare feet and watch the sunset and moon rise xx

Dawn Rogers: I always felt an urge to heal so I became I Reiki Healer, but special powers...I want Elaine Fleming-Watt: I'd like to to FLY! be invisible for the day, and go Karen Newman: To be able to teleport ! All the people and places where I'm not supposed too :)) Thank you for all your comments! I could visit! David P. McDonald: to be able to heal people by the laying of hands, there is to much suffering in this world. Kirsty Spence: I would like to turn into an animal, be able to run

Louise Cascarino: I'd love to have the freedom that comes with flying but I'd also like to take people pain whether its physiological or physical, I'd like a super power that gives me both, is that cheating??? ;0) xx

Importance of Psychic Protection and why? So you work for spirit? You don't protect yourself? You meditate and leave yourself wide open? Everyone who works with spirit or developing needs to protect themselves in one way or another.

such as Michael, Gabriel or Raphael.

is about finding the right way for you.

Visualise yourself surrounded by a bright white light or bubble that only your highest good can enter.

How do I know if my psychic protection is working?

You will feel confident, happy and So who needs protection the most? safe when venturing out or working with spirit. Psychic or Spiritual We ALL need to protect ourselves development shouldn’t leave you when working with spirit, always but feeling drained in anyway. the people who need it the most are empaths. These people are natural You will feel grounded, you can do intuitives and need more protection as this by feeling the earth beneath your they are more open to energy fields feet or my favourite is to visualise around them. Spiritual development strong tree roots from my feet going opens everyone up quicker. deep into Mother Earth.

Psychic protection is about protecting yourself from negative spirits or unwanted energies. Protecting yourself means you are less likely to feel drained so quickly and affected by their energy. Not protecting yourself is like leaving your back door open all night and day so anyone and everyone can walk in. By doing this you will also How else can I protect myself? be more sceptical to illness. Smudge your area with sage, this helps By having a high vibration (happiness, to clear energies and make your space positive) especially when working with harmonious again. But you have to do this every day. and for spirit. Help to raise your vibration to happy thoughts, thinking and acting positivity. Call upon Angels There are others ways available but it

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Issue 3

Ghost Stories Like ghost stories whether fact or fiction? Then you will love these true life stories from our members...have some to share? Why not email me yours and you might be in the next newsletter. ~~~~~ Kelli Fraser: Mines was when I moved into my new house 2 years ago things kept happening. Strange things one night my little girl who was only 3 and a bit was sleeping in her bed and my little boy was sleeping in his room no One else was in the house but me rite next to my little girls bed was a scribble with her dads name rite in the middle of it she can't write or read and it wasn't there b4 she went to sleep when I woke her up in morning I noticed it. Another night. Someone punched me I thought it was my boyfriend but he was lying down in the bed so I knew something was there I got a medium out to the house a few months after all this and more strange things going on she told men the person that done that to the wall was on Brooke's dads side of the family and there was a little girl in sprit word wanting to play in middle of night I don't understand why the put her dads name through the drawing though still puzzles me. The thing that happened to me was the old man that lived in the house b4 me had passed away in my bedroom and he did that because I didn't respect men. So this medium said to me nothing has happened again after she have house a blessing but at the time I was a bit scared xc Shirley Holmes: I was in bed my 5 year old asleep in her room my partner on night shift and when I put bedside light off after bout 10 minutes I felt someone kiss my forehead I had the best sleep in very long time and next day going round smiling and giggling. I’ve a lot of people in sprit so not sure who it was I'd like to think it was my mum. Also bout 7 yrs ago an ariel wire we had hanging unused in our bedroom so its wrapped up started to move my partner and I watched it few minutes then I sat up in bed and said your not wanted here tonight and it stopped next day my partner tried everything to get it to move the same way but couldn't I'm sure it was my dad who'd died few days b4 and my daughter used to talk about a man sitting on her bed she only knew my partners dad so cud it b my dad one of my uncles or my big brother who was born asleep x The man on my daughters bed she used to say was a man she didn't know or recognise Margarette Rose: Living with an ex boyfriend (aka: huge life lesson). One Christmas he brought home a medicine wheel. said it was a gift from his uncle. It was made out of wood, leather, fur and feathers with beads. Not a dream catcher but a medicine wheel. It was really nice looking. He insisted on hanging it from the bedroom ceiling as if it was a dream catcher. He worked nights and I worked days so we weren't sleeping at the same time. I had two cats. As soon as that medicine wheel was hanging up my cats would not even go into the bedroom. it was as if there was an invisible line that they would/could not pass. They would sit right at the doorway and cry. Also they would watch the air back and forth in sync with each other. It was impossible to not believe they were watching the same thing. That was scary! I had terrible sleeps and dreams for a couple days. Talking to ex bf on the phone I told him that I don't want that thing in the house any more and to put it outside. He was so mad and said it was a gift and he's not throwing it away. That night was the 3rd night, I went to sleep and while I don't remember what I was dreaming about it was scary and I woke up with my two cats right on top of me. They were 'meat loafing' but looking up at the same invisible thing. It was weird because they never sleep on me only beside. I felt like they were protecting me. I could not get up like I was paralyzed and was really drowsy so fell back asleep. When I woke up in the morning I put the medicine wheel outside. I felt like it was a stolen item or gotten in ill faith or had someone/thing attached to it. People say it must have been the leather and fur on it that made the cats weird but I don't think so. I had Indian slippers and mitts and a dream catcher that didn't bother them. The cats never slept on top of me again. Spiritually Guiding Interesting story Margarette Rose. Even if it was a gift the item has the other person's vibrations on it. Which also means if it was not used for the highest good that is what the item will give off in vibrations. Laura Fealtman: My first experience was when I was 5.For days I kept seeing a shadow man in the corner of my room, and he kept moving closer and closer to me. One night he was right above my bed. I then felt a cold hand touch my leg and I was yanked off my bed and pulled under it. I heard voices, and other hands were touching me. I couldn't see the light in my room. It was completely dark and cold but warm at the same time. I felt the hands push me out from under the bed. After that, I was always followed by the shadow man, and I could see other spirits as well. Jan Smith: Thank you for accepting me into the group! In reading earlier posts, I was intrigued by the "ghost" stories since I've had several encounters over the years. My favourite being the sight of my deceased grandfather standing at the foot of my bed several days after the funeral. It was a long drive home and I felt he was just letting me know all was well and he was glad we'd arrived home safely... my daughter (4 at the time) saw him at her bedroom door, as did a friend staying in our guest room down the hall. Around that same time, I was managing a gift shop. One morning it was very quiet and slow (and I was alone) when a little old man came through the door. He was rather shabbily dressed and carrying an old cigar box. When I asked if I could be of assistance, he said he wanted to show me something. I was a little apprehensive but agreed . He opened his cigar box, pulled out 3 old balls of various sizes and materials (I remember one was an old rubber ball and one was a baseball) and proceeded to juggle. He kept it up for several minutes, smiled, put the balls back in the cigar box, and walked out the door. I quickly followed him out to thank him but he disappeared. I felt he was there to show me that everything I was "juggling" in my life at that time could be handled and that all would be well. The thought of that visit always makes me smile.

Issue 3

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Spirit Spark, Orb or Light, what is it? Some of our members have reported making contact, this was their way is seeing a spirit spark or light, here are letting her know they we’re there. their stories. These spirit sparks are very different to spirit orbs and look just like that, a Natasha Fererro PaveyL Have you spark of lights that seem to dance, ever seen stars when you are dizzy? look very bright, vibrant, yet calming Well it was just one orb/spark of and memorizing before fading away. light, around a 5p coin size that I saw out of my right eye, it whirled around Orbs are loved ones who have passed and went upwards. Have been seeing over they send us signs to show us them this week quite a lot but didn't they are still with us, they can do this know what they were so Googled it. in many ways but one of the most Apparently its a sign that your angel/ reported ways is via a orb or spirit guide is with you. It was utterly spark as mentioned above. amazing. An orb is simply a ball of light, or ectoplasmic energy, energy forms that Spiritually Guiding: Mine was when are believed to be the human soul of I was in bed about to roll over and those who have left their physical sleep, there was a purple ball of body on Earth and is able to produce bright light to the right hand side, its own light. which seemed to danced for a short It is not surprising that an orb is the while before dancing with bright most photographed anomalies white lights in the middle of the captured to date. You can see them as room. There we're also colours of pinks and yellows mixed in with each being transparent or they can display themselves as a bright solid form of other, I got the name ArchAngel Raphael straight away and realised it light. was my Guide and Angel coming to see me, magical experience and something I doubt I will ever forget. So what are they? The lights Spiritually Guiding saw was in fact her Guide and Angel

To avoid a dust orb for example if the area is extremely dusty, avoid moving and disturbing the dust. Before hitting the shutter button wait ten minutes without any movement I the room. This will allow any dust to settle before taking the picture. Also make sure your camera lens is clean and spot free.

I have seen spirit orbs with my own eyes and captured it on camera. How did I know it was a spirit orb and something else? Before the time of taking the photo I was getting ready to take a photo of my daughter in her first school play, as I was getting her and myself ready to take the photo I saw an orb come from the back of my daughter and come straight to my leg, which it seemed to vanish at that point. Before I then took the photo I asked the spirit to come in the photo (you can ask right?) and yes you guessed it, the spirit orb was captured in the photo just above my daughters head. This photo can be seen below (real orb). If you look closely, real Not all orbs captured though are real, orbs will contain a face. take the below photographs for example. Many orbs captured are either dust particles they are yet to settle, water droplets, dust on the camera lens, light reflections, bugs and or insects as well as other ways. Real Orb

Dust Orb

Rain Orb

Bug/Insect Orb

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Issue 3

Tarot Card of the Month Six of Swords Meaning Upright Card Six of Swords upright can indicate a time of integration or reintegration. Harmony and at ease. New people coming into a persons life that they can trust and after intense suffering they can now start to feel optimistic and balanced with a harmony of life. A move or a journey, possibly over water is also present within the cards. Maybe this person all ready knows where they are going or maybe they are just thinking about it. Luck is very much on this persons side and any changes that are made will work out for the better. In order to move forwards this person may have to leave something behind in order to complete this transition. They are not to be afraid to let go to what it is they are holding onto, looking into the future and see the bigger picture for their greater good. Dwelling on the past never helps anyone for the long term, only stops this person from achieving what it is they really want. This card says this person is doing their best to let go and doing their best to get through the day, this has not been easy and they may find themselves feeling depressed or a sense of being lost. Lack of interest, motivation and tired is also present here.

Reserved Card Recent losses have hit this person hard, they are feeling in a state of great unhappiness and cannot see a way forward. Thoughts are very much clouded with a sense of confusion. There are feelings of being betrayed, angry and very much discouraged. Only this person can pull themselves out of their misery and move forwards. Confusion why the situation happened, there may not be any reasons but it is how the person deals with the matter that helps. Maybe this person cant face the truth or situation that is causing all the issues in their life? Trying their best to move on from the past that is stopping them from moving forwards. There maybe some blocks in this persons way and this is why they find it difficult to move forwards. Maybe a transition has been forced upon this person and they don't want to move on to new territories. Unresolved issues from the past needs sorting instead of tucked away under the carpet. Doubt about making the right decision is also indicated here.

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Haunting of Edinburgh Vaults Edinburgh’s Old Town is said to be the most haunted site in the British Isles. During the 18th century the old town became barely habitable due to overcrowding, at this time the council began developing the New Town. The access from the Old Town to the New Town was made possible with the building of the North Bridge and access to the city was then improved when the South Bridge was built. When the bridge was built the land under it had been excavated to make chambers, large and small rooms, which made up The Vaults. The Vaults we're used mostly by merchants and craftsmen that had local businesses on South Bridge for storing their wine and other goods. Locals suggested the Vaults could be used for something other than storing good/products. It is also said at the time the notorious body snatchers Burke and Hare may have brought their victims underground before selling them on to hospitals but there is no reported documents of this happening. As time went on they were then filled and their existence erased from public records. Two hundred years later they were discovered and excavations started to bring light to these long forgotten chambers. Soon after, the Edinburgh Vaults opened for tourists and many of today's local ghost tours companies regularly include them in their tours. Tourist accountings of strange sightings and sensations while inside the vaults have become numerous and have sparked interest for paranormal investigations. Paranormal Reports The frequent reports of paranormal activity and ghost sightings resulted on Living TV's, Most Haunted, to investigate the vaults in both a 24 hour investigation and for a Most Haunted Live show on Halloween 2006. The television show Ghost Adventures investigated the vaults and claimed to have numerous encounters with spirits there. In 2009 a BBC TV production team filming a one-off TV special featuring Joe Swash recorded unexplained voices in the vaults during an overnight sleepover by Swash. One voice appeared to be that of a Catholic priest reciting the Last Rites. Swash was the only person in the vaults and did not hear the voices himself at the time of recording, despite the sounds being audible on his own microphone. The voices continued to be heard on the recording for some 20 minutes before abruptly ceasing after what appears to be the sound of children yelling. BBC sound engineers initially thought the sounds may be explained by voices drifting into the tunnels from nightclubs nearby but this was found to be incorrect and no other logical explanation could be found. The recordings were broadcast as part of the finished program Joe Swash Believes in Ghosts on BBC Three in January 2010.

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Psychic Vampires? Say what?...

So what is a Psychic Vampire? A Psychic Vampire is a person or How can I stop it from happening? being who generally feeds of another persons energy. These are also know as Energy Vampires as well as Empathic Vampire. Use a shield of bright white light or bubble around you, you can also use the colour violet to do this. Ask the light to protect you These type of vampires generally leave a person feeling very against all negative forces and energies. exhausted while in their presence. They can become unfocused, feelings of depression or generally feeling low and going back If you know who the person is, cut the cords. Visualise the into ‘their shell’ without any general reasons why. cords from yourself and the person you want to cut the cords with, and visualise cutting those cords from you both or if you How can I recognise them? like visualise putting the roots from you both. Do you know a person who always asks for advice? They never act on the advice that has been given to them? All give and no take? These people may seem like they need advice and you may be willing to help but this person will wear you out for their own good.

Visualising your energy coming back to you and away from the person who is taken/took it. Weaning colours for protection, i.e. purple. This could be a item of clothing, jewellery or crystal.

Shy and intimidating types, they keep their thoughts to themselves but their energy says something completely different. Through their silence they can draw energy from others to make *** Don’t just presume because you are feeling drained others are taking your energy, get yourself checked out at the Doctors them feel more included and wanted. as you may have a underlying medical problem that is causing A drama queen, someone who is out for an argument, wanting you to be feeling exhausted.*** to provoke attention from your anger and frustration so they can feed on your fury. The best way to combat them is to be polite back, smile it off, they are less likely to interfere with your More about Psychic Vampires in the next issue. aura. Know someone who wants to tell you every detail of their life and everyone else who will listen? Know someone who is loud? Wants to be heard over everyone else? Doesn’t let others have a say? They absorb energy through blasting your auric field, this disturbs the atmosphere. Invading your person space, they don't have respect for boundaries but it is a different story when you invade theirs. If you take a step back from them they gently move closer back to you. In your home they will pick up objects, personal belongings etc without permission. With all these some people are psychic vampires without even realising it. But others ARE aware that they are sucking your energy without you even realising it.

Issue 3

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Balancing the Chakras & Strengthening the Aura

By: Dawn Rogers, CRMT & Intuitive Coach Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel.’ Traditional writings say there are some 88,000 chakras in the human body. They are our psychic energy centers & they form connections between the physical body & the aura. The aura is just as much you as your physical body it just exists on the next plane up & carries a higher vibration. There are 7 major chakras located in key places along the spinal column from its base to the top of the head & they are the most significant. They are located in the ethereal body and they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. They carry life-force energy along the spine bringing this energy both up from the root & down from the crown. Having any of them blocked means the stuff you need for life does not get through. Ultimately, illness becomes directly related to the blockages that occur. All of the main chakras affect the physical body so strongly because each is connected to one of the body’s ductless glands. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine & the color associated with it is red. The glands this center corresponds to are the gonads. This is where our fight or flight instinct comes from. It is our grounding center as it is the chakra most closely connected to the physical plane. The Sacral Chakra is located 2 inches below your navel along your spine & the color associated with it is orange. It corresponds in the physical body to the spleen. It is the most creative center in a physical sense. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the base of the sternum & the color associated with it is yellow. Its corresponding glands are the adrenals. This center is considered the seat of the lower mind & in it we find focus & concentration. It is also the storage center for raised energy that is not yet needed. The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest & the color associated with it is green. The corresponding gland is the thymus. This center is considered the seat of unconditional love & the key to all healing work. The Throat Chakra is located at the root of the tongue. It is the higher octave of the root center so it is highly creative & also strongly sexual. The color associated with it is blue & it corresponds to the thyroid gland. This is our center of will. The ability to manifest desires comes from this center. Mediumship & channeling are abilities that focus in this center & you need to be sure that it is strongly developed in those cases to remain in control. The third eye or Ajna Chakra is located at the root of the nose, between the eyes & the color associated with it is deep indigo. This center is the doorway into the realm of spirit. When combined with the crown chakra it allows clairvoyant ability. It is the higher octave of the sacral center & again, highly creative. It corresponds with the pineal gland. The Crown Chakra is often referred to as the thousand petal lotus which is located at the top of the head & the color associated with it is violet. Fully opened it expands consciousness to higher planes. Insight, intuition & wisdom from the higher self can be connected with via this chakra. The gland it corresponds to is the pituitary. Open, healthy, & developed chakras equal the body being vibrant & filled with life force energy. It is important to open, develop, and balance ALL the chakras. As you develop them to carry more energy you create an expansion of consciousness & your psychic abilities begin to expand as well. Balanced chakras result in a stronger aura which makes it hard for outside negative influences to affect you energetically. This is the foundation of psychic protection. You can balance & develop the chakras in numerous ways from yoga, color therapy, music, physical exercise, balancing using crystals or pendulums, to Reiki healing, but one of the simplest most effective ways that I have found to accomplish this is through meditation. Focus & thought are energy & directing energy towards those centers can be enough to begin the balancing process.

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Issue 3

Afraid of Failure? Here is how you can cope If there was no fear, everyone wouldn’t be afraid to try anything once. If there was no fear of failing or making a fool of ourselves, everyone would try something at least once. It is surprising how many of us actually have and life by this fear, even those you would think of being confident and not afraid to do anything.

doing it you can’t really let anyone down? Fear is a problem that can keep us away from doing things we most want to do, achieve and get in life. It can stop us from moving forwards and taking opportunities by the horns and feeling proud of ourselves.

Fear and failure is seen as something negative so of course we don’t want Think of all the things in life you to put ourselves through such a thing. could attempt if you took away the But if YOU had control of your own fear factor. What would you want to thoughts and turned the negativity achieve? Has there been something around to make it positive it doesn’t you’ve always wanted to do but don’t seem that bad after all does it? due to fear, due to failing or looking a Everything that we do, experience is fool? a learning curve in our life. Failure and fear actually helps us and gives us First of all you need to realise where the boost we sometimes need to be the fear is coming from and face it able to achieve our goals. When head on. Most of the time admitting something does happy to you and there is a problem that is stopping you see it as a failure and “I am never you from achieving your goals is a doing that again”. Turn it around and fantastic step as it now means you say to yourself “I am proud that I have realised there is a problem and gave it a try, it won’t get the better you can now go on your way to of me as I will come back better”. beating it. Can you see/sense particular emotions that surround this So how can I cope with these fear? What happens? Are you feeling feelings? As above change all your afraid of being criticised? Feeling negative feelings into positive, afraid of making a fool of yourself? nothing seems as bad looking at the Feel everyone will be laughing at you? world that way. Small, bite size steps Do you feel you will let yourself are also key. If you imagine the worst down or those you love so by not thing that you will NEVER do, don’t

do this first. Take your time and progress up to the big one. Mind over matter, believe you can do and will do anything you set your mind to. Facing the unknown, after all that is what fear and failure is about. Carry your favourite crystal or lucky charm with you to give you that extra boost and confidence that you need. What is the worst that can happen? Someone will say no? You will get laughed at? Realise this, take the good with the bad and play when out, take failure on the chin, pick yourself up and carry on. Someone laughs at you? Laugh with them, don’t take yourself too seriously. Have a plan B. life can become easier and manageable if there is a plan B to fall back on. If you plan a plan B you are more likely to take a risk and go for what you really want. Everyone has inner strength to be able to achieve what they want to. Don’t let fear and the fear of failure stop you.

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Meditation to Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels? How? Anyone and anyone can get stressed, even if you don’t think you feel stressed. There is always those days when you feel your patience has been tested to the max and you feel unable to cope and deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. The first a good way to de-stress is to breath. Yes, breathing but not just your every day breathing, oh no, deep breathing. Find yourself a quite spot in the house or in your sanctuary, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Breath in slowly and deeply, then breath out slowly and deeply. Focusing and concentrating on your breathing and breaths you are taking. Imagine yourself being covered in a beautiful white light, breath the positive light in and breath out the negative energy/stress. Do this for as long as you like or as you feel necessary.

Chamomile. Those that reduce the effects etc. Repeat as often as necessary. of stress on the body include Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Withania. Cocooning, when you are in the moment you feel totally overwhelmed, stressed Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to de- and need to take time out gently place stress the day away, Aromatherapy scents both palms side by side on your face, bypass the cognitive brain (the bit that fingers gently resting on your closed does the worrying ). Incense such as eyelids. This cocoons and quietens the Lavender, Champa, Sandalwood and or mind, until you feel more centred and Rose. ready to face the world again. If you also suffer from anxiety and don’t want to do down the meditation route. Meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety levels, Cognitive behavioural therapy – which aims to change patterns of thinking, beliefs and behaviours that trigger anxiety, Anxiety management and relaxation techniques – such as hypnotherapy, meditation, breathing exercises and counselling as well as other things mentioned will help you. However, if you think you still need mediation to help you through please seek medical advice.

Take a guided stress meditation, which can be found on YouTube or New Age shops I have even seen these type of CD’s in supermarkets. Or simply listen to Chanting outload, again do this in a quite the sea, listen to the waves gently beating place or in your sanctuary where you on the rocks and back into the sand. wont be disturbed. A mantra sound can be anything you want it to be, sit in the Have you tried herbs to de-stress? Herbs meditation position and repeat a single that calm include Passionflower, St. word that will help you, for example, deJohn's Wort, Kava, Oats, Damiana, stress, love, happiness, balance, harmony

Talk, it is as simple as that. Chat to family and friends, you don’t have to mention you are feeling stressed but having a good natter and a laugh is the best medicine for most thing. If you feel comfortable in taking about what is worrying you, tell them. A problem halved is a problem solved.

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Spiritually Guiding 3rd Newsletter

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