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20 All Belly Fat Is Not Fat by Devorah Feinbloom 24 Lessons Learned on Winning the GMO Labeling Vote by Mark Kastel 26 You’ve Got to Have Friends by Miriam Rosalyn Diamond 28 Take Back Your Home From Technology by Susan McNamara 32 Yoga Wisdom for Modern Relationships by Julie Rost 36 Embracing Our Shadow by William Bloom 38 Rowboating With Hobos: Where Do You Fall on the Autistic Spectrum by Poe Ballentine 40 Habits of Change

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ers every weekend all summer long, he does — just listen to the relentless inner critic of mine who has disturbed my peace day and night for over five decades! Apparently, I am as ignorant about noxious noise as my neighbor. But if I only focus on his behavior that annoys me, I will miss my cue to notice the more sinister noise culprit within myself. And, of course, I won’t be able to like my neighbor very much either! Instead of allowing stress and frustration to define the situation, I can choose to appreciate the gift-indisguise opportunity my contentious neighbor offers me to grapple with my own inner critic…and make sure to check out the local noise ordinances, as well!


Sacred Circle

This brings to mind Deepak Chopra’s ice cream cone manifestation metaphor: You can imagine holding an ice cream cone, you can see someone else walking by on the sidewalk holding one, you can find the cone actually in your own hand by preparing or purchasing it or having someone place it there for you. Manifestation occurs on many levels. Casual and intimate relationships, as well as chance encounters, all reveal valuable clues to help you reclaim the mystery pieces of your own identity. Every encounter you manifest potentially holds the gift of truth. According to James Allen, pioneer of the self-help movement and author of the 1902 motivational classic As A Man Thinketh, “The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears.” In today’s world, we are faced with many terrifying and many exciting possibilities, all of which are reflected as potential choices we will make in our relationship to Earth and each other. It is no accident that social media and the Internet have exploded onto the scene at precisely this moment in time to enable alert and receptive people all over the planet to learn about, publicize and address pressing global issues such as climate change, women’s rights and sustainable food production.

Illustration by Claudia Tremblay

The brave new world ruled by social media and the Internet that runs our lives through apps downloaded onto little plastic boxes called smart phones is like any new technology introduced to society and resisted by the old guard. Or is it? Author Susan McNamara writes in this issue, “…our children have turned to technology to give them what they need in terms of guidance and connection. We are putting them in the hands of something that does not, cannot, and will never, ever truly care about them.”


f all my treasures, my relationships are the most cherished. Having little enthusiasm for most entertainment venues, shopping or travel adventures, I channel my energy mainly into people and ideas, always in search of resonance with the elusive truth. Truth means it’s true for everybody — a balanced, fair and impartial path to follow. Earth revolves around the sun; all people are created equal. Although some may try to dispute it, the truth always holds up under scrutiny. You will feel more balanced and empowered being around people living the truth; their steady vibration makes your energy want to resonate with the same stability.

Long ago I accepted the truth that my relationships are a mirror of myself. As yoga teacher Julie Rost writes in this issue’s article “Yoga Wisdom for Modern Relationships”: “In short, we attract to us the people and situations that match our existing thoughts.” When you are innocent and filled with beauty and magic, naturally a hummingbird appears, traditional harbinger of joy and love, as seen in Claudia Tremblay’s artwork on this page. Who wouldn’t want to see a magical hummingbird reflected back in self-image? But all too often we’ll encounter more unflattering reflections. Even though I might think it’s my neighbor who is loud and disturbing to me — I don’t blare outdoor speak6 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

This could rewrite human evolution. What happens as children become more dependent on technology and less familiar with how to care for others who care for them? Just as disturbing is the withdrawal from nature and the outdoor world in favor of interacting with a screen. Most troubling is a screen set to a steady stream of interactive violence. How can we let our young people do this to themselves and our future? Ideally, we will use this new technology for all its worth to clean up the planet and lift humanity out of its poverty, war and disease. Big goals, which must first be imagined and reflected back millions of times between believers before they can even be possible, so the small efforts of every individual doing their best counts plenty. As novelist Barbara Kingsolver notes: “We all would rather believe that we can go on using our cars and our computers and our hair dryers and everything we turn on everyday, because it’s a great inconvenience for us to stop guzzling carbon-based fuel…For most of our [ancestral] existence we probably spent a large portion of our waking hours looking for food. Women did more of the foraging and men did more of the hunting, so women have subverted the foraging drive into shopping and men have subverted the hunting drive into sports. In the distant past you would have been the best forager in the village, but today you’ve got three hundred pairs of shoes.” Eventually we will reach the tipping point in our disconnected, consumer-driven, technology-addicted culture and tap back into the power of the sacred circle that will have us looking towards each other and seeing hummingbirds again.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Visit

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Keystone XL Pipeline Delayed In April the U.S. State Department announced it will delay its decision about moving forward with the Keystone XL pipeline — a 1,700-mile, Canada-to-Texas pipeline that would carry a daily load of up to 35 million gallons of dirty oil from Canada’s tar sands — effectively shutting out any decision before the November elections. The delay is generally viewed as a win for pipeline opposition, allowing more time for the growing movement of engaged citizen activists to gain traction. Political observers note that the delay is more about letting President Obama avoid deciding an issue that splits two Democratic constituencies — environmental groups and labor unions — before the election, rather than legal issues of the case. “Either way, every day this pipeline doesn’t get built is a day that our climate is healthier and wildlife in the pipeline’s path are safer,” said Bill Snape, senior counsel at the Center for Biological Diversity, which hosts a Keystone XL facts page and action alerts at — Source: Center for Biological Diversity

Congress Introduces Landmark Cosmetic Animal Testing Ban

Vermont Votes For GMO-Labeling On May 8, 2014, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law legislation making Vermont the first state in the nation requiring mandatory labeling of food containing genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Labeling officially begins July 1, 2016 and also bans GMO-tainted foods from being labeled “natural.” The national Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and other GMO-industry giants have already declared their intentions to sue the state in federal court to overturn the law, arguing that GMOs are safe and the label unfairly warns consumers away from their products. These legal threats have intimidated most other states away from passing their own laws, but as Governor Shumlin noted comparing the issue to other Vermont state laws that were first in the nation, such as banning slavery and allowing same-sex marriage, “We are prochoice. We are pro-information.” “This is a victory for everyone who eats,” said Andrea Stander, Director of Rural Vermont. As the Center for Food Safety points out, 64 countries including China, Russia, and all European Union nations currently have GMO-labeling laws in place. The website has been created to help pay legal expenses in case the law is challenged. — Source: 8 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

In April, Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., introduced the Humane Cosmetics Act, a landmark bill to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals. This historic legislation would not only end animal testing for cosmetics within the United States but would also prohibit the sale of products that have been tested on animals elsewhere — forcing other countries we do business with to stop testing as well.

 Thousands of animals are used in cosmetics tests in the U.S. each year despite the widespread availability of better alternatives. Rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals endure endless chemical assaults to their skin, eyes, and internal organs and are never given any pain relief. But non-animal methods more accurately predict human effects in much less time and at a lower cost — without the cruelty.

 In addition, more than 500 cosmetics brands in North America do not test final products, formulations, or ingredients using animals. The European Union, India, Israel, and parts of Brazil have banned animal testing for cosmetics. Call, then email, your elected officials to ask them to sponsor the Humane Cosmetics Act. — Source: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Health Is Normal Many chiropractic patients are surprised to learn that chiropractic actually doesn’t cure anything. So, how do you explain the millions of patients that have recovered from diseases with chiropractic care? The fundamental truth is: health is your normal state. If you’re not healthy, there is something interfering with this normal state. The best care that doctors of any type can do is to remove interferences that may be preventing your body from expressing its normal and optimal health potential.

The chiropractic focus is on your nervous system, which controls and regulates every aspect of your body. Restoring better brain/body communications permit a more normal and optimal expression of health. The fact that your illness may improve in the process is an expression of better nervous system control of your body. Thus, chiropractic doesn’t cure anything. Only your body can do that, if there isn’t any interference, that is! — Source: Northboro Chiropractic Care

New Hope for Tired Brains Until recently, neurologists believed that a person’s brain stopped physically developing when they were 25 to 35 years old. But a growing body of research points to the possibility of lifelong neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to adapt to new input — and a 2011 Massachusetts General Hospital study found that those who meditate regularly for as little as eight weeks changed the very structure of their brains. MRI scans showed that by meditating daily for an average of 27 minutes, participants increased the density of the gray matter (which holds most of our brain cells) in an area that is essential for focus, memory, and compassion. Previous research had already shown that monks who had spent more than 10,000 hours in meditation had extraordinary growth and activity in this part of the brain. It’s now clear that even relative beginners at mindfulness can quickly rewire their brains in a positive way. — Source: Frances Weaver, The Week

Truth In Advertising?

For a better start in life

start COLA earlier!

ve s Acti mote – Pro estyle! ality! Lif erson osts P essential – Bo y d o es b – Givgars! su

How soon is too soon?

Not soon enough. Laboratory tests over the last few years has proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and “fitting in” during those awkward pre-teen and teen years. So, do yourself a favor. Do your child a favor. Start them on a strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages right now, for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness.

The Soda Pop Board of America 1515 W. Hart Ave. • Chicago, ILL

With sugary beverages being today’s Public Food Enemy #1 in our nation’s obesity epidemic, it’s hard to imagine that parents were once encouraged to “do their children a favor” and place them on a “strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages...for a lifetime of happiness!” My, how times have changed! continues on page 10


SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 9

NEWS AND NOTES continued from page 8

You, Too, Can Grow Fresh, New Bone Bone weakening is a common problem associated with aging. In most people, sometimes during your 30s, your bone mass will begin to decline gradually. Exercise, however, naturally builds stronger bones. Your bones are constantly being rebuilt in a dynamic process involving the removal of old bone through osteoclasts and regeneration of new, healthy bone by osteoblasts. Load-bearing exercise works to build stronger bones by stimulating cells responsible for the synthesis and mineralization of bone (osteoblasts). Weight-bearing is one of the most effective remedies against osteoporosis, because as you put more tension on your muscles it puts more pressure on your bones, which then responds by continuously creating fresh, new bone. It can go a long way to prevent brittle bone formation and help to reverse damage already done. Weight bearing exercises include activities like walking, jogging, stair climbing, biking, dancing, yoga, weight lifting, strength training exercises and impact-producing sports. Vary your weight bearing activities to exercise all your muscles and joints. — Source:

Compassion Mojo Lama Tsomo is one of the first American women ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist lama (2005). A student of Gochen Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, she managed to pick up the Tibetan language to converse directly with her teacher using concepts not readily expressed in English. Living a quiet life up until recently in the mountains of Montana, Lama Tsomo is building a Buddhist retreat center there and developing a plan to teach Tibetan Buddhism via a network of living-room learning and practice circles. She is the new face of Tibetan Buddhism in America with her 2014 book release Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling? A Westerner’s Introduction and Guide to Tibetan Buddhist Practice. To those feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by the immense suffering in the world, particularly following a natural disaster, Lama Tsomo offers this insight: “…to exercise the compassion muscle, there are practices, such as tonglen, where you visualize people who are caught up in a disaster or a difficult situation, breathing in the suffering to relieve them of it and giving back happiness. The breath and visualization help you to make your natural compassionate response more vivid and visceral. It then helps to take you out of the I-can’t-do-anything paralysis mode into action mode. Over the years I’ve found that the exercising of this ‘compassion muscle’ has increased my capacity for compassion tremendously.” — Source:

A Festival of Universal Cooperation Nature evolved a creature that could think and speak. This creature created technology. Human technology was initially primitive, gradually becoming more sophisticated. With the scientific revolution of the 17th century, science and technology exploded into whole new horizons. The impact was so great that the 18th century Enlightenment coined the term “progress.” The 19th century Industrial Revolution seemed to affirm the promise of a better life for all. The 20th century saw more invention than all previous centuries put together. Now, in the opening decades of the third millennium, all life on Earth is threatened by environmental despoliation and nuclear war. We have reaped the lunatic fruits of knowledge without wisdom, rationality without virtue, mentality without heart. Survival necessitates planetary citizenship — a pragmatic, humble, compassionate, cooperative, heart-centered way of thinking and living. This demands a change of mindset. The universe evolved a species to think globally and change its behavior. Our wisdom must expand to match our technological prowess; otherwise we will destroy ourselves. A resurgence of radical democratic activism could yet transform civilization, from patriarchal tribalism and militaristic, self-consuming consumerism to a green and healthy festival of universal human cooperation, caring for each other and Earth while preparing for quantum leaps in explorations of both inner and outer space. — Stefan Schindler

10 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Jill Purce The Healing Voice Liberation through the Ecstasy of Chant Healing Our Soul with the Sound of Our Voice Discover and release your voice, learning the ancient Mongolian shamanic practice of overtone chanting. A rare opportunity to release your own voice and develop powerful ways to energize, revitalize, and heal yourself and others. Saturday, October 11 - Monday, October 13 10am to 5pm Pine Manor College 400 Heath Street Chestnut Hill (Boston), MA

Cost for three days: $425 Short walk to venue from public transportation, Green Line, Chestnut Hill Station and buses. Free parking at College.

This is Jill’s first appearance in New England since 2010. Space is very limited, we strongly advise booking early!

FAcebook: (508) 429-9716

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vera vOlFSON, ccH

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DeB Hall, lic. ac.

Karen Lilley, MA, LMHC • (508) 393-0015 Anxiety and stress release with EFT, TAT and Emotion Code. Northborough & Sterling, MA.

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This is a partial list of our members; we have many talented people in our network to meet.

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VIBRATIONAL LIGHT HEALING TRAINING Four-part training: Sept 14, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14, 2014; Sundays, 10 am-5 pm, Andover, MA $575 • Learn advanced methods of using sound, light, color and vibration to heal. Learn to connect to the heart to work with the 7 rainbow rays of light and the Universal Light Matrix. A life changing course with unique wisdom teachings channeled by shamanic visionary Leontine Hartzell.

SHAMANIC LIGHT HEALER APPRENTICESHIP Begins Sept 13, 10 month program, Eye of the Eagle Center, Andover, MA Powerful training program in shamanic energy methods

SHAMANIC POWER DANCE CEREMONY June 13, 7-10 pm , 6 Locke St, Andover, MA

Leontine Hartzell,CH, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner

Integrative Veterinary Care Center for Companion Animals “ You’re using integrative health for yourself and your family…your pets are family too…they deserve the best in comprehensive care.” — Dr Margo Roman DVM

Main St. Animal Services • Margo Roman, DMV 72 W. Main St, Hopkinton, MA

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SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 11

dwell on loss, even if it pains you. As Socrates noted, put your energy into building something new and better. Venus forms a healing sextile to Jupiter on Wednesday the 18th. Build unity and seek cooperation during this midweek period. Word from long lost pals is likely when the Sun overtakes retrograding Mercury on the 19th.  Summer officially begins with the Sun’s arrival in Cancer during the morning of Saturday the 21st. Tensions persist this week as Mars moves into an opposition with Uranus. The volatile alignment, exact on Wednesday the 25th, reignites the T-square configuration that has persisted since spring. Accidents and hostile outbursts are more likely. Fortunately, the fertile Cancer new Moon is exact early Friday morning. The life-affirming conjunction of the Moon with the Sun sees both “lights” in trine to mystical Neptune. Let imagination and spirit guide you in making peace, planting seeds and starting new endeavors.  Look after valuables on Sunday. If care is not taken, inattentive owners and fickle lovers may find themselves singing the blues. 



Astrology Forecast for Summer 2014 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — SOCRATES


ummertime holds so many delights — long hours of daylight with easy-going, shirtsleeve weather, fresh local produce, backyard barbecues, jaunts to favorite beaches and parks, and of course, stargazing on warm nights. June always feels ripe with promise under deep blue skies. July brings fabulous fireworks. August hosts my favorite meteor shower, the Perseids. The only logical question is: Why can’t the season last longer here in New England? In this new age of climate change, one never knows for certain, but there are indications from on high that we will experience severe heat waves and drought this summer. The elevated fire risk merits extra care and caution, especially if you’re out camping in wilderness areas. Conserve water whenever possible. While some tensions persist, spring’s cardinal grand cross is behind us and we are months away from the next Uranus/Pluto square. Profound changes continue at every level of society. Hopefully, evolutionary processes will be more manageable during these summery months. Let’s see what the stars are saying. 12 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

June The breezy, free-wheeling month begins true to form, with a cheerful lunar conjunction to optimistic Jupiter. Fortunate alignments between Venus and Neptune, as well as the Gemini Sun and Uranus, generate plenty of pleasant surprises, visionary dreams and romance during the first week of June. On Saturday the 7th, mental Mercury begins a retrograde period. The winged messenger backs out of Cancer and into Gemini before resuming forward motion on the first of July. Plans may fall through but loving Venus’ trine to Pluto the night of the 8th helps soothe any hurt feelings. Neptune turns retrograde on Monday the 9th. Dreams and memories are especially moving this week, as the Moon is also waxing full. Venus tilts with Saturn as the full “Strawberry” Moon is exact at 12:11am EDT on the 13th. Mars is also at odds with Pluto, so be especially kind this weekend. Matters of principle do not justify poor behavior. Respect differing opinions but be willing to part ways if a relationship is no longer a constructive one. Don’t

Cue up Mercury and away we go. The fleet footed planet of communications turns direct the morning of the first. Many folks will feel primed for a vacation trip. As the July 4th holiday nears, the Cancer Sun is moving into a powerful opposition to Pluto. Some years back I wrote in this column that the passage of Pluto through Capricorn would diminish the USA’s standing in the world, as well as the power of the presidency. Unfortunately for our nation, I was correct on both counts. The Sun/Pluto opposition is exact during the predawn hours of the 4th. Another government scandal could be brewing. Current conflicts and difficulties are exacerbated by the Sun’s square to Uranus, exact on Tuesday the 8th. Life is fragile and every second seems packed with meaning and portent during the first week of July. Be vigilant if you’re traveling. Watch your speed. Clan gatherings get a healthy boost from a fine angle between Venus and Uranus. The waxing Moon is exactly full in Capricorn at 7:25am on Saturday the 12th. A cardinal grand square is in play this weekend. Get motivated. Tackle a demanding project at home or make personal lifestyle changes a reality. Shedding old habits can be quite liberating.  There’s excellent news for those born under fire signs. On Wednesday the 16th Jupiter enters Leo for a oneyear stay. The jovial, protective giant of the solar system bestows awards and recognition on those who have earned it. President Obama, a Sun sign Leo, is likely to see improving poll numbers. Mixed trends dominate the coming few days. In quick succession Venus enters Cancer, there’s a last quarter Moon, Mercury trines Neptune, the Sun tests Mars, Saturn turns direct, Uranus goes retrograde and Mercury opposes Pluto. Whew! Heads will spin. I suggest everyone stay calm and patiently take one thing at a time. As the great and gentle Indian wise man, Swami Satchidananda said, “Nothing is taken from us that is truly ours.”  Life goes on with a flourish as the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and forms a joyful conjunction with Jupiter on Thursday the 24th. This is a fabulous day to plan the future or spend quality time with loved ones. Moods become more low key and private as the Leo new Moon of Saturday the 26th draws near. 

Love can descend into possessiveness on Sunday. Venus is testing Pluto. Loyalties may feel strained. Keeping score is toxic. It’s better to forgive, forget and move on. More lighthearted influences are felt as the month draws to its close.

August Friday the first is a super busy and high energy day that sets the tone for the coming weekend. Venus is at odds with eccentric Uranus but ably supported by steadfast Saturn. Mars challenges Jupiter. Opinions are forcefully expressed but loudness doesn’t equal correctness. Spirited debates carry on into Saturday as Mercury passes by Jupiter, further activating the Mars/Jupiter square. International relations may take a dangerous turn around this time. Keep your cool in personal dealings. Sunday’s first quarter Moon could precipitate a shift in priorities. It’s a fine time to practice letting go. Unfathomable behavior reflects inner conflict. Don’t take things personally. A formidable lineup builds as the Moon waxes full. Life seems to move at blazing speed. On Friday the 8th the Sun and Mercury are conjunct. Mental activity intensifies but objectivity can suffer during these close unions. As fate would have it the two stars are in trine to Uranus but also in square to Saturn. The trines bestow visionary genius and are excellent for networking and teamwork. The Saturn aspects urge care and caution, and could bring delays.  The “Sturgeon” Moon in Aquarius is exactly full Sunday the 10th at 2:09pm EDT. Thus a weekend of high drama and excitement moves to its end. By nightfall the Moon is traveling void-of-course and moods mellow. Quieter trends prevail for much of the month. Make time in your schedule for relaxing and summer fun. Check out the aforementioned Perseid meteor shower the night of Tuesday the 12th. Viewing may not be ideal so soon after the full Moon but you could be pleasantly surprised if the weather cooperates and skies are clear. The Sun reaches the harvest sign of Virgo on Saturday the 23rd. Precious summer days are dwindling. The Virgo new Moon of Monday the 25th reminds us to invest in our overall health. Balance work with pleasure. Get enough sleep and exercise. Eat well. Venus tests Mars and Saturn this week so be prepared to do what you must, alone if necessary. Partners may not be supportive, or funds may be tight. Still, there are many simple pleasures to be had. Take in the late summer energy. The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on Friday the 29th underscores the need to bring magic to everyday living. Some lucky souls will be on the way to holiday weekend enchantment. Whatever your situation may be, appreciate your gifts. Sharing with those less fortunate is one way to spread joy. More than a thousand years ago Gautama Buddha noted, “There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path.” Have a good holiday, and keep looking up!

Eric Linter offers a complete range of astrological services including readings, classes and his “On Top of the Stars Monthly Guide” for making inspired career and personal decisions. Contact Eric at Read Eric’s daily forecast on the Spirit of Change holistic magazine homepage at


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Let Me Read You,Then Heal You Ross J. Miller has been giving psychic and past-life readings and healing sessions worldwide for over 25 years. During a reading he communicates telepathically with his numerous angels and spirit guides who read and interpret the client’s aura (the spiritual light surrounding one’s physical body). Ross also communicates with the client’s own angels and spirit guides (most people have several of each). These angels and spirit guides then convey the information that is most needed or desired by the client. All of Ross’s readings are positive and constructive in nature. In addition to answering all of your personal questions pertaining to love, health, relationships, soulmates, business, career, relocation, dream interpretation, parents, children, and pets, he covers topics as diverse as: your life’s purpose, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life. Ross can also help you to identify and communicate with your own guardian angels and spirit guides. After your psychic or past-life reading, Ross can then heal the various issues that come up during the reading.

Ross J. Miller

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Hidden Benefits in Your Bathroom

Moving the world towards Wellness, one person at a time I can help you learn to manage stress, anxiety, emotional eating, the shock of a medical diagnosis. tina Marian, RN, BSN, Certified Holistic Health Counselor Certified Abundance Life Coach & Certified EFT Practitioner* Over 30 years experience as a Psychiatric and Addictions Nurse * EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, a stress reducing technique based on meridian tapping, a 5,000 year old technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with a 90% proven success rate.


InItIal Phone

Consu ltatIon

Plant Spirit Medicine is the ancient shamanic practice of partnering with plant spirits to bring healing. It recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Plant Spirit Medicine brings deep healing to the spirit, promotes balance and harmony, and can lead you to a life filled with joy and purpose.

New HampsHirei Julie ellerbeck • Tilton, NH • Chris Griffin • Wilton, NH • (603) 540-0606 • massaCHusetts Jean Bergstrom • Leverett, MA • (413) 367-2842 • Jewell Greco • Shutesbury, MA • (413) 259-1814 • Kateri mcCue • Arlington, MA • (978) 877-7367 • rachael shea • Worcester, MA • (508) 395-0356 •

All healers listed here are Lay Spiritual Healers in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

14 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Dear Karen, I have always flushed my toilet with the lid closed, but I heard you can flush away bad chi in your home by leaving the lid open when you flush. Is this true?


his is a good question, as your query illuminates the amount of inaccurate feng shui information available to the public, especially on the Internet. With their water flow and pooling functions, bathrooms create both positive and negative energy consequences in your home. The constant rushing of water down the sink, bath drain and toilet, stirs up a lot of chi in your home with a potential to create chaos. Still water, on the other hand, collects the energy around it, and most specifically the positive energy that encourages and attracts finances and good health, so the toilet you’re sitting on is actually a gold mine! It is advisable, however, to keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed at all times, even when not in use, to support these helpful pooling properties of the bathroom. This practice has aesthetic benefits as well; it prevents you from opening a door and staring into an open toilet at first sight. Keeping your bathroom clean will also attract more positive chi to the standing pools.

Toilets flushed with open lids really do not affect the removal of unhelpful chi, and are, quite frankly, a health hazard. Negative energy in a home accumulates in areas of cluttered, dark, and stagnant areas. Piles of dusty papers, moldy, damp, cold areas that do not receive fresh air or sunlight, unkempt human and pet spaces, and unused areas are huge magnets for all sorts of low vibration energies. Unless these conditions occur in the bathroom, toilet and drain flushing will not remove any negative chi. Likewise, those who save water by not flushing after each toilet use should be aware that unflushed waste becomes stagnant chi and is a severe detractor from the positive pooled energy of clear standing water.

Journey of the Soul Healing and Enlightenment for Your Body, Mind & Spirit

DIY Feng Shui Hi Karen, I am very interested in the topic of feng shui. How can I increase my awareness of the good and bad flows of feng shui energy in my house?


our interest in this wonderful topic and the fact that you have written indicate that you may already be attuned to the dynamics of energy flow more than you think! Understanding feng shui is not much different than the mundane activity of choosing the right melon at the grocery store. Although the melon inside is hidden by the rind, you are able to easily detect the right one by its feel, shape, scent, and often by an instinctive knowing. The cues given by the melon that you respond to allow you to make a good decision. Or have you ever walked into house or a room and had an unsettling feeling or even an actual negative, visceral response? Without prior knowledge of the argument, misfortune or tragic event that transpired, many of us have experienced this ability to sense the energy trail of an event. Similarly, feng shui is very much about the information you gather through the senses of sight, sound, scent, touch, and knowing or feeling. Cultivate your powers of observation to notice your neighborhood, your landscaping and building exteriors, and your interior spaces with their colors, shapes, materials and object placements. Sensing requires inner quiet that allows for receptivity to the subtle, non-physical pathways of chi in a space. It is this invisible realm that has so much influence on what is happening at the tangible, physical levels in our environment. To heighten your feng shui awareness, simply imagine that you are a skilled practitioner. Take three or four deep, cleansing breaths to clear your mind and step outside your home and close the door. Set the intention that you are entering your house with the goal of quietly observing, without judgment, the energy flow in the space. Open the door and re-enter your home. Begin your walk through by moving from the entrance area to where you feel yourself drawn — left or right. Without judgment, notice where you can walk easily without sensing energy blockages or physical objects that limit your movement. Carefully observe what areas you are pulled to, and what areas you avoid or save for last. With your feng shui eyes, see and sense areas of clutter hidden or in plain sight. Do you notice any unexpectedly dark, stagnant or unused spaces, or areas that uplift you? Is living energy in the form of plants, animals, fish and natural lighting showing up? Is there artwork on the walls or tables that does not project positive images you find pleasing? Over time humans will adjust their chi to accommodate environmental imbalances and become desensitized to their presence. You will most likely be amazed with a few surprises in what you notice because you are in a neutral state of openness and careful observation. With your new awareness, you can make adjustments as needed. Repeat this exercise at the entrance to each room.

Author of Many Lives, Many Masters

Author of Born Knowing

WITH DR. BRIAN WEISS AND JOHN HOLLAND Join Past Life Regression Expert, Dr. Brian Weiss and Medium, John Holland

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Karen Feldman is a certified feng shui practitioner and interior designer, and the owner since 1994 of Urban Eden, a full-service holistic interior design firm in Providence, RI. Karen helps her residential, commercial and corporate clients to co-create spaces that are beautiful, functional and in alignment with the best interests of their well being along with the planet’s. Contact Karen at or visit

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Holistic Medicine 6 6 6 6 6 6

Holistic Medicine Lyme Literate Chelation Therapy IV Therapies Detoxification Oxygenation Therapies

Credit: Don Burkett, courtesy Flickr

Arthur N. Gertler M.D.

Protecting Gray Wolves Gray wolves were added to the Endangered Species List in 1975 after being wiped out across the lower 48 states by governmentsponsored trapping and poisoning programs. Thanks to Endangered Species Act protections, populations have since bounced back, but new efforts to delist them could put the animals under the gun again. 

Office located at:

D’Arcy Wellness Center 63 South Main Street, Natick, MA 01760 phone: 781-752-6378 fax: 508-653-3283

Dear EarthTalk: Is the gray wolf still endangered in the United States and how successful have reintroduction efforts been? — Loren Renquist, Salem, OR The gray wolf is still considered “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). But a June 2013 proposal by the Obama administration to delist the animals — save for a small struggling population of Mexican gray wolves in Arizona and New Mexico — could change that if finalized later this year. Gray wolves were added to the Endangered Species List in 1975 after being wiped out across the contiguous 48 states by government-sponsored trapping and poisoning programs. Thanks to protections under the ESA, populations have since bounced back nicely in two out of the three regions where protections and reintroduction programs were initiated. In the Great Lakes, wolf populations rebounded from just a few hundred individuals in the 1970s to over 5,000 today, expanding their range from Minnesota to Wisconsin and Michigan. In the Northern Rockies, natural migration from Canada and reintroductions in Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho have resulted in some 1,700 gray wolves now roaming across Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon. “Despite these substantial gains, the job of wolf recovery is far from over,” reports the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). “Wolves need connected populations for genetic sustainability, and natural ecosystems need wolves; yet today wolves occupy less than five percent of their historic range.” That’s why CBD has joined a chorus of voices in urging the federal government to continue protecting gray wolves under the ESA. The U.S. government had been scaling back wolf protections in recent years, so animal advocates weren’t surprised to see the Obama administration’s proposal. “In April 2011 Congress attached a rider to a mustpass budget bill that stripped Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in all of Montana and Idaho,

16 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

the eastern third of Washington and Oregon, and a small portion of northern Utah —an unprecedented action that, for the first time in the history of the Act, removed a species from the endangered list by political fiat instead of science,” says CBD, adding that wolves were subsequently delisted in Wyoming and the Great Lakes. “Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin have begun public wolf hunting and/or trapping, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating with state agencies, is expanding its program of trapping, radio-collaring and releasing, then aerial gunning the pack-mates of these collared wolves — a program that… had been limited to those that preyed on livestock.” CBD fears that such tactics will become common if ESA protections are removed in the lower 48 states. Luckily for the wolves, the Obama administration’s delisting proposal suffered a setback this past February when an independent review panel concluded that the decision was based on insufficient science and should therefore not be enacted. “The science used by the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) concerning genetics and taxonomy of wolves was preliminary and currently not the best available science,” reported panel member Steven Courtney, a scientist at UC Santa Barbara. The review panel finding has opened a new public comment period on a proposal that has already generated more than a million comments. A final decision on the delisting proposal is expected by June. CONTACTS: CBD,; USFWS,

EarthTalk® is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E—The Environmental Magazine ( Send questions to Subscribe:

Where Myth Meets Depth

Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Program in Mythological Studies is a doctoral program designed as an integrated M.A./ Ph.D. sequence that explores the understanding of human experience revealed in mythology, and in the manifold links between myth and ritual, literature, art, and religious experience. Special Attention is given to depth psychological and archetypal approaches to the study of myth.

An Accredited Graduate School with Two Campuses near Santa Barbara, California

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Gemstone Infusions


The Golden Standard in mind. body. and soul. products Sprays & Scrubs to enlighten the soul • lift vibrations • and enhance your life All products contain three natural healing elements Pink Himalayan Salt • Gemstone Infusions • Essential Oils Custom blends are available upon request.

Love Chocolate, Love Self

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IFJJA%D@CC<I  GjpZ_`Z?\Xc\i&I\^i\jj`feK_\iXg`jku),p\Xij\og\i`\eZ\ E\nkfe#D8 V nnn%K_\Dpjk`ZNXp%Zfd V -(.$,).$*,/* 18 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

have spent much of my life dealing with the topic of healthy relationships, not only interpersonally, but also with food and with myself. I grew up being self-conscious of my body image and had issues with weight since I was a child. (It never helps to be brutally teased as a young’un and certainly we live in a society that pushes an unobtainable image for girls and women to try to emulate.) Just recently, I finished a (rather intense) master’s program in holistic health and am going through a (rather intense) divorce. It’s amazing that emotional stress eating is still a part of my life after all these years, but I’m here to say that it is. The difference is that now I have many healing tools to work with and a much better relationship with myself, so I bounce back more quickly. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and have used food for comfort in the past, as well as to numb emotions. It has taken years to even be able to comfortably write these words. I wear my battle wounds and scars openly now, including my most recent emotional stress eating. In order to transform guilt and shame, light has to be given to what is in the shadows. It’s my belief that in order to have a healthy relationship with anything or anyone, including food, we have to be very honest, open, aware and present with what is real and alive in ourselves. For many people, it’s not until we see a photograph or video of ourselves that we might realize, “OMG! I’ve put on weight!” Or maybe your pants feel tight or you see a number on the scale you don’t like to see. Others might have a health scare or condition arise, which becomes their call to do something better for themselves. Still others might be blessed with becoming a parent and realize that it’s time to model good behavior for these young ones. Whatever it is that may open your eyes, take it as a blessing that your eyes have been opened at all for you to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to get back on track. Here’s a note about scales for anyone who has an unhealthy relationship with them. I am speaking from experience here. For years, I would avoid scales because it seemed as though this small, inanimate object had the power to dictate my happiness and self-worth. I might feel great but as soon as I would get on the scale, if I saw a number I didn’t like, I would feel like the biggest loser on the planet. It has taken years, honestly, to be able to get on a scale and use what I see as information only. There are still days when I get on the scale and the old power it had comes back to try and devalue me, but now I know how to better handle my old thought patterns and I push them aside. That’s the best I can do. I’m human, just like everyone else. I am in the process of trying to simplify my life; I’m clearing out rooms, drawers, closets, spaces; I am replacing broken furniture. I am renovating a barn into a workspace, organizing house and life. I’m doing periodic juice fasts, getting massages when I can, clearing out energy by doing a whole lot of sweating, crying, laughing, singing, dancing, visiting energy workers, etc. I tell myself to be extremely gentle in this process and because I’m trying to be gentle, I am eating chocolate as if it was not going to be sold or made ever again! I am completely addicted to chocolate. It’s minimally processed and very dark chocolate that

I eat. I take my chocolate in all forms: powdered, sugared, nibs, whole, bitter. I will drink it, I will eat it, and I’ve joked about snorting it if I needed to. There are many reasons why I am eating this chocolate. It’s a treat. It is something sweet when I am feeling sad. It is something bitter when I am feeling bitter. It is something so delicious when I feel good. It gets mixed with herbs and roses and is medicine for me. It blisses me out during a very stressful time. I love the taste of it. I have sometimes permitted myself to eat it all throughout the day. I wake up to drink it and eat it. I think about when I will eat it again and go out to buy my favorite kinds. Chocolate comes from cacao plants. Cacao, which can be found in healthy food stores, is the actual word for cocoa. Cacao pods grow on cacao trees. Inside the pod is a creamy kind of fruit, as well as the seeds, also called cacao beans. Chocolate as we know it comes from those beans. The beans get pressed; the oil that separates is the cacao butter (cocoa butter), while the fiber left over is cacao powder (cocoa powder). Typically cacao powders are minimally processed, not treated with alkali or chemicals, can be offered as organically grown fair trade products, and are loaded with antioxidants. Whole beans can be purchased or they can be chopped up in small pieces called cacao nibs. Chocolate is made by mixing powder, butter and sweetener; the higher quality your ingredients, the healthier your chocolate will be. Here’s an easy chocolate truffle recipe. Add in your favorite herbs if desired to give a medicinal lift.

Chocolate Love Truffles ½ cup cold-pressed coconut oil ½ cup coconut butter or ¼ cup cacao butter ¼ cup cacao powder ¼ cup maple syrup (always start with less)

optional herb suggestions cardamom, lavender, rose petal, hawthorn berry, tulsi (Holy Basil) In a small double boiler, heat coconut oil and butter until softened; remove from heat. Add in cacao powder and quickly whisk until there are no lumps. Add maple syrup, herbs if desired, and stir or whisk to mix thoroughly. Taste to see how sweet this is; always best to begin with less sweetener. If you use cacao butter the batter will harden quickly so you have to move fast. Here are your options: 1. Put this mixture in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to stiffen up so you can hand roll them into balls. Roll the balls in cacao nibs, chopped walnuts or almonds, coconut flakes, cacao powder, bee pollen, sesame seeds or some combination of these ingredients. 2. Pour into small silicone ice cube trays to make your own little chocolate bites. Sprinkle a few nibs or other treats into the bottom of the ice cube trays and then pour the hot chocolate on top. Let them sit for 10-20 minutes to firm up. After you pop them out of the tray, you will have chocolate bites already garnished on top. If you’re adding herbs, one-half to one teaspoon of either powder or tinctures will work, although the medicinal qualities may be more potent in tincture form. Tinctures come as alcohol-based extracts, which could impart a slightly cordial taste to the chocolate, or as elixirs, also

called glycerites, which are made with vegetable glycerin and have a sweeter taste. As for herb choices, I love to include rose petal because who doesn’t love roses? Rose elevates mood and helps with depression; likewise, hawthorne berry uplifts the heart center. Tulsi supports the immune system and helps with adapting to change and stress in one’s life. Lavender is a calming herb and cardamom is said to be an aphrodisiac of sorts. Really, I just love the aromatic quality of cardamom, so why not add it to my chocolate! Don’t have time or ingredients to make chocolate? Blend any of these herbs and steep in hot water to make a pleasant tasting comfort tea that can be as soothing to frazzled minds and overexerted bodies as in chocolate form. As with any herb that you are interested in using, read and learn all you can about it to see if it will work well with your body. As I continued my love affair with chocolate, I knew I was eating a lot but didn’t quite care — it wasn’t high on my list to care about it other than to love it and eat it as often as I could. I exercise daily and I generally feel great in my body. One day I started to notice that those looser pants started to feel a bit snug. I stood on my scale and discovered I had put on weight. Of course I did! I actually didn’t need the scale to know this, but I needed to know how much I put on so that I could get back on track. As of this writing, I’ve gone through the full stages of grief over this weight gain: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. In the past, I would have been depressed for weeks or months before doing something positive about it. This time I looked at the scale and said, “Okay. There’s my baseline, my starting point.” I could beat myself up and say, “Look how you failed. You are starting over again. How could you do this to yourself?” But that internal bully is little good to me. I know the truth. If I am truly going to be loving, kind, gentle or compassionate with anyone, I’ve got to start with me. I do it with my thoughts, beliefs, and I do it while I’m eating. I still eat chocolate but I am super mindful now of how much I eat as I eat it. I savor small bites. I don’t eat it daily. If there are times when I eat more than I should, I still love myself and I enjoy it as I eat it. I look to find other ways that I can soothe my emotions or treat myself to something special that isn’t foodbased. I look at all the other ways that I am holding onto this weight and look to releasing heavy thoughts, old habits, stuck feelings. I am also doing strength training to move my body in new ways and help to reduce pain and inflammation from injuries I’ve had. All of this is helping me to deepen the relationship I have with myself and the relationship I have with food. Look to the more subtle cues from your body to see how beautiful you are and how wise your body is. Let your body be your guide, tuning into its vast wisdom, and the wider world around you will be appreciative for the loving, real, present and truthful person receiving all that attention.

Linda Mahns Wooliever, MA, is a healthy food chef and educator, offering classes and consultations, and teaching people how to live their best, most juicy life through delicious nutrition. You can find many herbs, cacao ingredients and the best nut milk bags on the planet at or call (802) 223-2111. Email Linda your food questions at

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Take the sluggish thyroid test: • Gradual and steady increase in weight? • Tired, sluggish and feeling anxious, nervous or down (depression)? • Feeling of inactivity? • Lack of interest in life? • Cold intolerance (hands and feel always cold)? • Hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin? • Memory problems?

If these symptoms describe you,

even if you have normal thyroid values on blood tests, call Dr. Devorah Feinbloom, Holistic Chiropractor, to learn about a new technique that improves thyroid function without hormones of any kind.

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ot all belly fat is fat. Sometimes it is bloat, sometimes constipation, sometimes water weight and, yes, sometimes belly fat is just fat. In order to properly assess what might make the belly distended, one has to understand anatomy and the way hormones work. In addition to being overweight or having metabolic syndrome — a triad of conditions including high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and belly fat, which together increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke — a gut diagnosis must take into account whether a woman is menstruating, pre or post menopausal, how the body rids itself of toxins and what medications are in the bloodstream and stored in the tissues. The digestive tract is a good place to begin searching for answers to a bulging belly. If gas and abdominal pain accompany your little paunch, then you simply may not have enough hydrochloric acid (HCl) produced by your stomach or digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Chronic stress trumps digestion and shuts off the switch for making digestive enzymes. If this sounds familiar then remember to take some deep relaxing breaths before you eat. Production also diminishes with age. Luckily there are supplements to replace both the acid and the enzymes.

Leaky Gut Means Inflammation

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Times have changed. More and more people are becoming sensitive to gluten or

wheat and have multiple food allergies. Eating food that your body cannot process causes inflammation in the gut. If you have ever injured your knee or elbow and the joint became swollen, this is what happens in your intestines. Doing an elimination diet or removing the major culprits, like gluten, will help flatten the belly out. Consider removing dairy from your diet since over 50% of the population is lactose intolerant according to the National Institute of Health. Leaky gut is a condition of the cells lining the last part of the small intestine where absorption of takes place, separating from each other and allowing undigested food particles and microbes to cross a boundary into the deeper tissues of the body where they don’t belong. This puts your immune system on high alert and inflammation ensues along with gas and bloating. The most common cause of leaky gut is ingesting ibuprofen and other non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications for several weeks in a row. There is some evidence that eating wheat and genetically modified foods also contribute to a leaky gut. This breach in the walls allows inflammation to travel to other parts of the body and can contribute to a wide range of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and autoimmune conditions. Leaky gut is not a diagnosis taught in medical school, so it’s somewhat of a mystery in the medical community, but often chiropractors trained in applied kinesiology can help patients figure it out. As serious at this condition is, healing leaky gut takes only about 6 weeks with the proper supplements and diet. The digestive tract is home to 100 trillion bacteria made up of 500 to 1000 species of “good” bacteria, which, when well stocked provide the perfect ecosystem for supporting the immune system in the gut. Numerous scientific studies attest to the essential importance of these micro-organisms that live in symbiosis with us. In fact, the ratio of gut flora to human cells is about 10 to 1. These cells also supply vitamins, support the cells lining the small intestine to act as a barrier, and even direct the “bad” bacteria to do its bidding for the body when the good bacteria is in control. A few courses of pharmaceutical antibiotics, however, can tip the scales in favor of the unwanted pathogens being the captains of your bowel. For example, when yeast are not kept in check, eating any sugar, white flour or alcohol can send them out of control, as if drunk, as they expand, expand, expand like bread rising. You may find yourself sitting with your pants unbuttoned. Both prebiotics and probiotics are part of the strategy for returning your gut to normal bacterial balance.

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Constipation: Enemy Number Two While conventional medicine defines constipation as having two to three bowel movements per week, many people who eat a diet high in vegetables, fruit and fiber relieve themselves two to three times a day! Depending on the size of the colon, it can hold up to 25 pounds of feces. Those who don’t evacuate regularly might truthfully be said to be “full of it!” Constipation can be the result of poor diet, eating foods one is allergic to or not getting enough fiber. If you have added fiber and removed potential allergens and the colon is still sluggish, you might have an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition. Find a doctor that investigates using a whole thyroid panel instead of just TSH to determine if your thyroid is sluggish. Make sure your labs include a reverse T3 test and anti-thyroid antibodies. If you have had your gall bladder removed, bile salts, which are the body’s laxative, are limited and need to be supplemented. Make sure you drink enough water. Divide your weight in two and drink that amount of ounces of water daily. The digestive tract is also deeply tied in to our emotions so if you are the kind of person who is a “holder on-er” or someone who is dogmatic or can’t let go, consider exploring why it is hard to let go. Add breathing techniques or stress-reducing tools to your daily routine.

Detoxifying the Liver

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Although the body has several ways of detoxifying itself, the main organ of detoxification is the liver. Because we live in a world with constant exposure to external toxins from the air, water and possibly the food we eat, not to mention cosmetics, alcohol and drugs, the liver can get to a point where it is overwhelmed by toxicity. Like a drain that gets clogged so everything backs up, if the liver cannot metabolize the toxins, they have to get out of the blood stream somehow, so the body’s intelligence stores them in the back of the closet located in the fat layer above your belly button. (Think big-bellied guy in a speedo.) Cleansing programs along with using infrared saunas can slowly help toxins flush out of the system. continues on page 22

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The ratio of gut bacteria

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The liver is also the organ that breaks down steroid hormones, such as cortisol (the stress to human cells in the hormone), and estrogen. When the liver is sluggish, hormones will accumulate in certain digestive tract is about tissues in the body. While excess estrogens can 10 to 1, providing the add weight to the hips, buttock and thighs, it can also contribute to belly fat, as can excess perfect ecosystem to cortisol. Sticking to a good 21-day liver cleanse program, you will feel lighter in body and soul. support our immune According to author Roni Caryn Rabin in the New York Times, one in ten Americans functioning. Just a few now takes an antidepressant medication; courses of antibiotics, among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four. Most antidepressants are ashowever, can tip the sociated with gain weight, especially in the belly region. If you have to take them, make scales in favor of sure you eat real food and eliminate sugar. If you gain a lot of weight, speak to your doctor unwanted pathogens in about identifying other options that would still control of your bowels. give you the support you need. Chronically high circulating cortisol, a hormone released by the adrenal gland under stress, is the major culprit of fat deposits in the belly region. This visceral fat tissue responds to cortisol by further increasing its size. This can cause insulin resistance. Sitting for thirty minutes in an infrared sauna a few days a week will help to lower cortisol levels and give you a deep sense of relaxation. Taking a restorative yoga class and doing some yogic breathing will also be a wonderful outlet for reducing stress. Make an adrenal supportive smoothie using maca, a Peruvian superfood that helps the body to adapt to stress and boosts the libido too!

Balancing Estrogen Dominance Hormones need to have checks and balances so they don’t overstimulate the body. In the body, estrogens instruct the DNA of estrogen-sensitive tissues to make more and bigger cells (this is what gives women our contours) and progesterone says, “Okay, that’s enough, stop!” Estrogen dominance is a state where there is not enough progesterone to oppose the action of estrogens. Estrogen is likened to a gas pedal in a car while progesterone acts like the brakes. If the brakes are not working, the estrogen keeps pushing the DNA to do its bidding — think cysts, tender breasts, PMS, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Estrogen dominance can be found both when a woman is menstruating and menopausal. Accompanying this state may be a potbelly. The best way to reduce the risk of creating a state of estrogen dominance is to eat organic and hormone-free food. Most people don’t realize that pesticides are xenoestrogens, meaning they act like estrogens in the body. Fill your plate with plenty of cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, which aid the liver in completely metabolizing estrogens, and eat a high fiber diet so these metabolites leave the body. Luckily there are many herbal strategies for hot flashes and night sweats so that you don’t have to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and add more estrogen to the body. Belly fat, bloat, constipation, toxicity, estrogen dominance — does one relate to you? Follow your hunch. Educate yourself. If need be find a practitioner who can help you come up with a plan you can break up into small doable goals — not just with food, but to take time for yourself and calm your mind. Get rid of foods that don’t serve you. Ask friends for healthy recipes or buy a cleansing cookbook. Be patient. Give your protocols time to work. You will be glad you did.

Dr. Devorah Feinbloom graduated summa cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 1983. She has created and led many holistic workshops in the Boston area and is nationally known for her four-week liver cleanse program called Nutritional Re-Boot Camp®. Dr. Feinbloom has offices in Marblehead, MA and Brookline, MA. Visit

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By Mark Kastel


hat can we learn from the narrow defeats of citizen initiatives in California (Prop 37) in 2012, and Washington (I-522) in 2013? First, before being exposed to an onslaught of misleading advertising, underwritten by an investment of over $66 million by corporate agri-business and biotechnology interests, strong majorities in each state favored consumers gaining the right to know in the marketplace. Vested interests knew exactly what was at stake. In markets where consumers have the right to choose, like Europe, food companies react with sensitivity to consumer sentiment. Few follow the law’s requirement to label GMO content. That’s because, based on market research, these brands decided not to include GMO ingredients in their product formulations at all. Why would astute marketers want to force-feed their customers food they reject? Yet here in America agribusiness decided to fight like hell, led by biotech interests like Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta, along with well-capitalized Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) lobbyists. Although the right-to-know movement has had some successes (a big win this April in Vermont that requires GMO labeling by 2015 in the state, plus legislative initiatives moving towards GMO labeling in Connecticut, Maine and other eastern states) and has heightened awareness nationally, why did the citizen ballot initiatives lose in the two most populous and politically influential states on the West Coast? An eater voting with Monsanto is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Timing Is Everything There is a world of difference, in both quantity and makeup, between presidential election years, “off years” and “off, off years.” Nowhere was this truer than in Washington State last fall, when there was a record low voter turnout when GMOs were on the ballot. Off-year elections, historically, see much lower turnout and skew to voters who are white, elderly and vote more conservatively. Sadly, if Washington had only had an “average” low turnout, analysis shows the initiative would likely have won. When exit polling was examined in Washington, GMO labeling was supported by almost every other demographic. No matter how you sliced and diced the data — by age, race, ethnicity, income, education level — the majority voted for labeling. But in the narrow loss the disproportionately high turnout by senior citizens skewed the results. LESSON: Ballot initiatives should be run in presidential years or when there is another race on the ballot that will command a high turnout.

Tactics Matter In this post–Citizens United political environment, where corporations and corporate kingpins can pump an unlimited amount of money into elections, candidates and initiatives that are not backed by corporate money are always going to be underdogs.

Tactics need to be developed to leverage a smaller amount of funding — and in most elections almost everything boils down to electronic advertising. In a state like California, with massively large and multiple media markets, that’s a tough row to hoe. The campaign in California spent a lot of money up front on personnel and consultants. Some political observers would have recommended doing everything possible to conserve funds to funnel into an ad campaign. The anti-labeling crowd, spending more than $45 million in California, was able to get on the airways first. Their storyline was based almost totally on BS. They told voters that labeling would hurt farmers, cause food shortages, result in price spikes, and create a fertile field for trial lawyers who would sue all participants in the food industry. These were specious arguments. The pro-labeling crowd finally got ads in front of voters but it wasn’t until late in the election cycle. When exit polling was conducted it appeared that the initiative actually won...on election day! What happened? Citizens who chose “early voting” disproportionately rejected the proposition. They were exposed to a massive disinformation campaign before pro-labeling forces could afford to correct the record. Also, just like in Washington, early voters tend to be older, more conservative and more dedicated voters.

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LESSON: Conserve resources and get on the airways quickly.

Size Matters Although many exemplary corporate citizens (along with a few nonprofits in the organic movement) came forward to help fund the campaign in California (and to a lesser degree in Washington), we just didn’t have enough fuel. Although about $17 million was raised to support the two campaigns, some major players sat the fight out. Their participation might have made all the difference. The largest AWOL corporate player, by far, was Whole Foods Market. In California, after months of pleading by operatives in the campaign and leaders in the organic food industry, Whole Foods steadfastly refused to contribute even a nickel, saying that they didn’t get involved in political campaigns (although it should be noted that citizen initiatives are nonpartisan). After receiving pressure from their customers they finally relented, contributing just four days before the election — too late to have a material impact on the advertising campaign. And their contribution? A paltry $25,000. (Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb also gave $25,000 to CA Prop 37, and Robb and COO A.C. Gallo gave $30,000 to WA I-522.) Let’s put that into perspective. With annual sales in the $12-$13 billion range (about the same as Monsanto’s) and a market capitalization of nearly $20 billion (the most valuable grocery chain in the nation at the time), there is no doubt that Whole Foods could have done much more. As a comparison, let’s use the $25,000 donation from Good Earth Natural Foods, an independent grocer in Fairfax, California. If Whole Foods had matched that, based on their 320+ stores, they would have contributed $8 million! That’s the amount Monsanto spent to crush Prop 37. Whole Foods wasn’t the only major corporation sitting on the sidelines. United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI), at $6 billion in annual sales, was also a Prop 37 holdout (although co-founder Michael Funk gave $75,000). Washington-based UNFI’s contribution to I-522 was $50,000 — paling in comparison to the millions given by the top Yes donor, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. While giant agribusinesses — including Dean Foods/WhiteWave (Silk, Horizon), General Mills (Muir Glen, Cascadian Farms, Lärabar), and Smuckers (R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organics) — sold out the interests of their customers, organic movement heroes dug deep to finance a campaign based on truth, justice and the precautionary principle. These included Nutiva, Nature’s Path and Lundberg Family Farms, who were joined by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Organic Consumers Association, Food Democracy Now and others. They came oh so close to beating Big Food.

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LESSON: Big-dollar players must walk their talk and get in the game early. Adequate funding for the Yes campaign is imperative.

Mark Kastel is co-founder of The Cornucopia Institute, a populist farm policy research group based in Wisconsin that provides information to family farmers, consumers, the media and other stakeholders in the good food movement.

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recently had an appointment with a physical therapist. As part of the intake process, she said she would do a social assessment about me. That consisted of asking about who resides with me, my marital status, number and ages of my children. It felt as though something was missing. Why weren’t questions about friends and social connections part of the assessment? After all, data shows that friendship is correlated with health, well-being and cognitive aptitude. For example, people with close chums are two to three times more likely to survive heart attacks and major surgery than those without. Close relationships correlate with stronger immunity. Having at least six close friends can significantly decrease diagnoses of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and mortality rates.  The benefits of friendship extend beyond physical health. Studies show that individuals with active social networks handle stress better and feel happier when spending time with friends than alone or with family members. When college students were asked what gave their life meaning, nearly all mentioned friends — more than family, religion or career.  How do friends affect health and well-being? First, companions provide emotional assistance. They can be confidants who bolster feelings of connection, providing sounding boards and hope. Second, they can offer instrumental help for those experiencing set-backs by running errands, providing monetary assistance, and helping with meals and childcare. Third, they can serve as sources of information, providing knowledge, lessons from their own experiences, and referrals to other experts. Just the mere association and interactions with friends can decrease stress levels. As the saying goes “A burden shared is a burden halved.” Friends can increase our feelings of mattering — that we are significant and count in the world. They value us and help clarify our senses of self. Close pals can aid with personal development through appreciation, advice, compassion and encouragement.

Tips for Nurturing Friendships Make a point to spend time together. Talking and participating in activities are valuable means of maintaining friendly relationships. Some friendships, particularly among women, are talk-based, sharing the narrative of experiences, expressing and getting support for the frustrations, successes and ironies of daily life. Others are more activity-based, such as attending sports matches, socializing in larger groups, partaking in cultural events or pursuing common interests like working out, playing card or board games, shopping and knitting. Like plants that need watering, friendships need time and attention to thrive. So if you haven’t been in touch with a good friend lately, pick up the phone or e-mail and make personal contact. 26 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Be present. In this age of texting, tweeting, IM-ing and other constant distractions, it can be difficult to focus on one conversation at a time. Although people often think they can multi-task, our brains cannot process several different higher-level stimuli simultaneously. Solid relationships are built on attentiveness. Genuine listening can take effort and discipline. When a friend is speaking with you, the most considerate thing you can do is give them your undivided attention. Unless you are researching or interacting with another party as part of the discussion, aim to put your electronics aside and concentrate on being with those in proximity.

Respect and value what your friend has confided in you. In this age of social media and high levels

of sharing, it’s important to remember that people differ regarding how much personal information they like to broadcast and what they want to keep private. If a friend reveals something in confidence, it’s vital to honor that and respect their right to privacy. Let them decide who should know the intimate details of their lives, even if it is something you would openly share about yourself. Think twice about reiterating to another party something a friend has told you about him or herself.

Cultivate sensitivity to maintain trust. Similarly,

it’s important to refrain from raising sensitive matters that your friend has revealed in a way that may hurt him or her. Maintaining confidence includes trusting that our friends will value the sensitivity of the matter at hand. In times of anger, it can be tempting to remind buddies of the mistakes they disclosed and remind them of their weaknesses and foibles. Doing so can violate the trust they have placed in you to respect the sensitivity of their concern, and breaches in trust are among the top threats to friendships.

Honor your friend’s dreams. Even if they seem

far-fetched or unattainable to you, respect your friend’s hopes. We are typically drawn to people because they are similar to us or because we share mutual tastes and values. At the same time, no two people are clones, and you will likely run into some variations in priorities and choices. So if a friend has a goal you find foolish or difficult to understand, respect that this is important to them. Do they want to become a professional chef? Sing the national anthem at a sporting event? Learn ventriloquism? Go to the North Pole? As long as it doesn’t fly in the face of justice or safety, respect your friend’s hopes and wishes. People who truly care about us will endorse our dreams, even while we have our doubts. Friendships are precious gifts. Like many delicate treasures, building and preserving them takes effort. While we have many demands on our time and energy, it’s important to cherish and consciously tend to our friendships, as we would tend to our own well-being. The benefits may be even more valuable.

Dr. Miriam Rosalyn Diamond teaches the Psychology of Friendship, Organizational Psychology and the Psychology of Adult Life at Boston University and conducts adult education classes and workshops around the country on a variety of topics. She can be reached at

Techniques to Radically Improve Intimacy & Sex

TanTra is The yoga of Divine sexualiTy

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k Y c o a u r Home B e k a T From Technology By Susan McNamara

Misty Meadows Herbal Center Lee, NH


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ome is where it all begins. At its best, our home life is what nourishes, protects, and sustains us — kids and grown-ups alike. Given how important this is, how can we create a place that nurtures and protects the real needs of our children? This is a difficult question to delve into, which is perhaps why so few of us ask it. Many of us are so caught up in the doing and the keeping up with it all that our homes, and therefore our children, are forgotten in important and significant ways. This has dire consequences for them — and for us. In our absences, both literal and emotional, our children have turned to technology to give them what they need in terms of guidance and connection. We are putting them in the hands of something that does not, cannot, and will never, ever truly care about them. We are taking a tremendous risk when we ignore the costs of allowing technology to be the most important thing in our children’s lives. Whatever we allow into our homes and into our children’s lives should be a powerful and congruent reflection of what they truly need and what we value most. And so I ask you, when was it that we traded the developmental needs of our children and the needs of our families for flat screens, iPods, and X-Boxes, deluding ourselves into believing that these are the makings of a good home? Why have we made our devices a priority over the people we live with? We need to ask ourselves, “While we’re out running the rat race, who’s keeping an eye out for the real needs of our children?” This is not about being supermom or a helicopter parent. It is not about being the CEO of your kids. Nor is it about turning your child into a project or an extension of yourself. What it is about is turning our homes into sanctuaries, places where our children’s real needs are honored. To be sure, there are obstacles. Many of us live far from our families of origin and the neighbors we grew up with, leaving us without a sense of support and continuity. We are so busy, that often, attending to the details of home life and our children’s needs feel like too much of a burden. We are brainwashed 24/7 by marketing that tells us what our families need in order to be successful and happy, which in all actuality runs counter to their true well-being. And then there are the experts who tell us what our children need; while at times helpful, more often than not their advice leaves us trying to catch up and measure up, all the while robbing us of our own internal guidance and common sense. Between our

“As concerned parents, as concerned human beings, let us always remember that the best place to start improving the world is at home.” — Annemarie Colbin 28 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

distracted busyness, the advertisers and the experts, we have trouble remembering that every child needs an environment that sustains them. A place where their real needs — an important conversation, a hug, a reminder, a wholesome snack, a limit — are met.

A People-Centered Home

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Is my home screen-centered or peoplecentered?” A screen-centered home puts devices front and center in the physical spaces. The screens dictate how you spend your time and take priority over time spent with others in your home. Look at the overall flow, rhythm and feel of your home. Does it feel good to you? You do not need to consult an expert — you are the expert. What does it feel like to be in your home? Relaxing? Chaotic? Nurturing? Noisy? If the screens are creating anything less than a safe haven, a supportive space in which to connect and relax, you have your answer. Perhaps, instead of asking how we can create ways to integrate technology into our homes and children’s lives, we should instead be asking how we can cultivate homes and other environments that consider and respond to real, basic human needs. When the screen-centered life becomes so much more compelling than the good feeling in our home and our family’s presence, we have lost our bearings and left our children adrift. So, what would a person-centered home look and feel like? It is a sign of the times that we even need to ask this question. A people-centered home puts relationships and the real needs of family members first. It means creating structures and rhythms where basic needs like hunger, sleep, stillness and connection are tended to daily. How we tend to our children’s needs while creating the environments they live in is what they internalize and what they will recreate for themselves down the road. In a nutshell, how we care for them when they are young is how they will care for themselves for the rest of their lives. No screen will ever do this for them. Ever. This can only happen in the context of a relationship with a caring adult. As a matter of fact, screens block the possibility of people-centered living as the lure of their bells and whistles trump the subtleties of human interactions. This has a tremendous cost for our children and our relationships with them, for the loss of interaction keeps you from knowing how they are really doing and what they really need. The items that you spend your money on and the prominence you give them in your home tells your children everything about what you value most. In addition, how you set up the spaces in your home influences the essential human activities of eating, gathering, sleeping, creating, resting, and contemplation. What technologies do you have in your home? Where and how are they positioned? Do you need so many? Home is an external place and an internal experience. How you set up your home up and what is in it will set the tone for your child’s internal experiences — the development of social skills and self-esteem, how they regulate themselves, what values they cherish and so much more. Forget about right and wrong or good and bad, and aim instead to create a home that reflects their true needs and your values. Give your children an internal experience that they can “come home to” for the rest of their lives.

Removing Technology From The Table

The kitchen is the hub, the hearth of your home. There is a reason why at any gathering, no matter how crowded, this is where people gather. This space feeds us physically and metaphorically. Be very protective and conscientious about screen life interfering with your family’s ability to gather and be nourished in this space. When our surroundings are noisy, chaotic, or stressful, digestion shuts down. If your children are distracted or viewing disturbing images while they are eating, their body’s ability to digest and assimilate nutrients will be impaired, compromising their overall health. Additionally, when we are distracted we are less likely to notice the signals our bodies are sending about fullness and whether or not the food is agreeing with us. Allowing your child to zone out in front of a screen while they are eating is a very destructive and difficult habit to break. Given the obesity epidemic in this country, this is a habit we cannot afford to encourage. Screens may quiet them, keeping them docile, but they are learning to be disconnected from the needs of their bodies. This learned disconnection leaves them victim to all kinds of disconnected experience down the road, such as premature sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, peer pressure. In order for your child to know what they need or what they are feeling, what is working and what is not working for them, they must be in their body. Therefore, learning how to meet their hunger needs while being present in their bodies is essential.

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TAKE BACK YOUR HOME FROM TECHNOLOGY continued from page 29 To train them to distraction when they are satisfying their hunger encourages them to ignore their bodies. This is a no-brainer: no technology at the table. Removing technology from the table allows your child to be more connected to their bodies, and more connected to you. Table talk is how young children learn about so many things â&#x20AC;&#x201D; language, social skills, customs of the family. As they get older and are moving more and more into the world, it is their time to try out how their ideas and experiences line up with what we have given them. The dinner table is a safe and sacred place for them to learn and practice who they are as a person and how to get along with others. It is our time to witness who they are becoming. And it is everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to practice the art of listening, compromise, growth and forgiveness in the presence of others. Do not miss this time with your children. You will hear about what is on their minds and in their hearts. You will build a relationship with them that stands at the very center of your home life. This is not to be missed.

Screens In The Bedroom?

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30 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Sleep is an absolute biological need. It has been described as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;royal cradle of growth.â&#x20AC;? Adequate amounts of sleep are non-negotiable if you want an even-tempered, healthy, learning-ready kid. This is a difficult concept for many parents to grasp and implement with their children, given that they are unable to do this for themselves. Too many of us have fallen prey to out of control schedules and chronic, screen-induced sleep deprivation. However, it is incumbent upon us to be the guardian of our childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep. It is well documented that sleep deprivation results in lower grades, an increase in accidents, poor health, weight gain, and an increase in depression. If your child is consistently sleep deprived, you are signing them up for weight gain, inflammation, lowered immune functioning, and reduced capacity to learn. You are setting them up to be on an emotional roller coaster, meaning all of their relationships â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including the one with you â&#x20AC;&#x201D; become more difficult. If they are chronically exhausted, they are more likely to become dependent on energy and other caffeinated drinks, sugar, and refined foods, all of which the body craves when it is sleep deprived, and all of which will further deplete their health. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, video games or Internet in childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bedrooms? And that many experts recommend a 1-2 hour buffer between bedtime and screen-time to help kids fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply? Whatever your values concerning technology are, refusing to allow technology in the bedroom makes good sense for our childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep, and therefore, overall health and well-being. Recognizing that screens in the bedroom set the stage for staying up late is the first step. We all have had that experience of bypassing our bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cry for sleep because we got lured into something on TV or on the Internet. If we as the grown-ups struggle with this, how can we expect our children to stand in the presence of this influence and not be swayed to ignore one of their most basic

and important biological needs? In addition to sleep disruption and deprivation, screens in your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bedroom also mean that you cannot possibly know what they are getting into, isolated as they are from your protective influence. It is too easy, as a parent, to be seduced by the peace and quiet you can get while they are engrossed by the screen. But the reality is, if your child has technology in the bedroom, you can count on them being exhausted and overexposed. To be frank, nothing good is happening late at night when your child is left unattended with a screen.

Creating Screen-Free Common Spaces

Are there spaces in your home that encourage gathering, stillness, and creativity, free from the demands of the devices? When screens are prominent, the pull is just too strong, and their presence serves to undermine reading, talking, relaxing, playing, and more. All of these activities and ways of being are absolutely essential to childhood. Consider creating and maintaining screenfree rooms and areas. Consider rearranging furniture to create spaces conducive to people-time versus screentime. Maybe you can put a device in the cabinet, like my husband and I did soon after our daughter was born. Like the old saying goes, â&#x20AC;&#x153;out of sight, out of mind.â&#x20AC;? How can you diminish the presence of the screens in your home to facilitate more of what you truly value and what kids truly need? Home life is our childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first community and there is no underestimating the lifelong importance of this experience. This is where our children get their ideas about how to be in relationship and what to expect from their group affiliations. It is where kids form their habits about how to take care of themselves, how to spend their time, move through their days and therefore through the world. Given all of this and so much more, when we make our homes a sanctuary we offer our children a lifetime legacy of health and well-being. If your home is currently overrun with screen life, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let yourself be fooled by the notion that this is as good as it gets or how you must live. If your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s screen life is getting in the way of their home life, then what they are doing is not good for them as individuals or for your family as a whole. Period. When technology runs our homes we lose our children and we lose each other. At its heart, this is about changing how you and your family are living. It is about making different choices, sometimes difficult ones. Every day. Large and small. Easy and difficult. There may be initial resistance. And there will be setbacks. But if you articulate your values, use your observational skills, and discern the truth about what kids really need, your home life will thrive.

Susan McNamara, M.A., CHHC, is a certified holistic health counselor who also holds a masters in counseling psychology. Susan teaches at Westfield State University where one of the topics she explores with students is the impact technology is having on their health and well-being. She also consults with families interested in making conscious choices regarding technology use in their homes. She can be reached at (413) 527-2230 or

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“The quality of our relationships is a reflection of our state of mind.” — Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra —

Yoga Wisdom for Modern Relationships By Julie Rost

32 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014


here is a profound truth in Yoga philosophy that at first seems pessimistic, but once understood, brings freedom and the experience of unconditional love. The teaching is that all things we love, including relationships, will eventually bring us sorrow. For instance, we enjoy spending time with our friend, and then they say something that hurts our feelings. We appreciate our parent and then feel burdened by them. We feel respected by our partner and then feel they are not treating us well. We have fun with our child and then find ourselves bored or exhausted. This back and forth nature is what Yoga philosophy calls “the noose of suffering.” The good news is that Yoga offers us a path toward transforming this suffering into enlightenment through self awareness, understanding our mind, taking responsibility for our own thoughts, and realizing ancient spiritual wisdom. The first step in Yoga is awareness, and for most of us this begins with the body. We learn the physical poses of Yoga, which help us become more aware of health and imbalance in our body, where we hold tension, and how to relax. Most students of Yoga become more aware of how they breathe and how to do so more consciously, becoming more alert and relaxed. This alone helps countless students to reduce stress in their lives and therefore in their relationships. Many students will tell me, with a humble smile, that their families like them better on the days they do Yoga. The more transformative and lasting benefits however, come when we heighten our awareness of how our mind works. This understanding is key to enlightenment through our relationships, and key to how we experience all of life. In short, we attract to us the people and situations that match our existing thoughts.

A Thought Is A Seed That Sprouts A yogic concept called the gunas, or qualities of reality, helps us understand the different ways in which our thoughts can affect our relationships, resulting either in more suffering or more joy. Relationships that lead to peace and contentment contain a quality called sattva, an energy that is pure, balanced, and of a virtuous quality. We often ask our students to think of someone for whom it is easy for them to love — perhaps a pet or child — as it reminds them of this nature of unconditional love, overflowing with abundance, freedom, peace, purity, forgiveness, acceptance, trust, surrender, ease, and a feeling of union with something greater than ourselves. All these virtuous words in Yoga define our true nature. But we forget our true nature, and the limited nature of our mind takes over. This leads to the other two qualities, rajas and tamas. Rajas is a state driven by the ego that seeks to control, manipulate, convince, judge, help or fix. We see it in our relationships when we want someone to change, when we think we are right about something, or have expectations of another in any way. Tamas is the opposite, driven by a low self-esteem or weak ego. Fear predominates, as does the need for approval, a victim mentality, insecurity, or any disempowered state. The power of understanding these qualities of reality

is that they help us be more aware of how we are thinking in any given moment, at which point we can steer a different course. But consciousness is not enough unless we have also committed to take responsibility for our own state of mind. It is very easy to blame other people or life events for our misery, especially when we are steeped in that quality of thought. There are two concepts that can assist us here. First, if we are ready to take responsibility for our own thoughts, we begin with the recognition that our thoughts are not correct! They are, quite simply, units of energy that are constantly changing. We can cling to them or not. Meditation teaches us to watch the thoughts go by like clouds in the sky, and not latch on to them. Yoga describes our entanglement with our thoughts as maya, referring to the earthly or human condition that is by nature dreamlike or illusory. Our thoughts only become true from a spiritual or enlightenment perspective when they match the vibration of love or any other virtue. This becomes useful in relationships as we practice releasing our attachment to our thoughts, and being right. Instead, we choose to release the thoughts that are non-virtuous and feed those that are. The second idea that helps us take responsibility for our thoughts is the notion of karma, which reminds us that every action brings about a reaction. If we choose to believe this theory, it also stands to reason that every reaction had a prior action. That means that our reaction to other people has to do with an action we already started into motion in the past. It could be this lifetime or a past lifetime, should you be inclined to believe in reincarnation. Thich Nhat Hanh, a well known Buddhist monk, provides a helpful metaphor involving seeds. When we have any thought, it plants a seed of that quality. For example, if I get angry, I plant a seed of the angry feeling. That seed will inevitably grow and blossom into a flower that I will see in the future in some way. When I get angry at my friend, I am seeing the blossoming of a flower from a seed I planted in my past. This helps us to see that our reactions have less to do with the person we think is causing them and more to do with the past thoughts we cultivated. Thich Nhat Hahn advises us to water only the good seed-thoughts, and to practice a lot of forgiveness toward ourselves in relation to the negative seed-thoughts.

How To Choose Joy With great practice, we can become aware of how our mind works and then begin to cultivate practices that support enlightened thinking. Yoga offers three ideas that can help us change our perceptions. The first is to understand that the real goal in life is not actually happiness, but wisdom. This means then, that each relationship is an opportunity to obtain more wisdom about ourselves and life. Whether we are happy or not is beside the point — it is a fleeting emotion anyway. Every person in our lives, and perhaps most especially the difficult people, become our greatest teachers. We must then choose to believe this. We must decide that other people, and all events in life, are there to guide us toward our own self-realization. Or we can carry on continues on page 34

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YOGA WISDOM FOR MODERN RELATIONSHIPS continued from page 33 and suffer. An idea was once offered to me by a great healer in my life, which exemplified the powerful shift that can come when we decide to believe something because it enhances our life to do so. This is a scientific process. We recognize that a certain belief causes us suffering and another belief causes us joy. Why not choose joy? In this case, I was suffering from the end of a relationship in which I felt betrayed and abandoned. This healer suggested that I imagine that this person who had hurt me had done so because our spirits agreed prior to incarnation to be in each other’s lives in order that we might learn certain lessons. My partner left me because our souls had previously agreed he would, and as a result I would learn to honor and love myself. Whether or not we believe in reincarnation, or this story, doesn’t matter. When I imagined the story to be true, I felt incredibly free. I was able to truly feel forgiving of him and grateful for his role in my life. This is transformation, healing, and enlightenment. Another tool Yoga offers when we are most emotionally charged in a relationship is the simple but direct practice of pratipaksa bhavana, or “practice the opposite.” This is particularly helpful in cases where we know we are thinking suffering thoughts but don’t understand where they come from and don’t know what to do. If applied to the former example, I was feeling betrayed and angry. I could ask myself, “What is this trying to teach me in this moment?” or “What is the opposite action I could take, the one I don’t feel like taking, but the opposite?” If I was feeling angry I could practice forgiveness or acceptance, or whatever feeling sets me free in that moment. The advice “Fake it ‘til you make it” applies here. Each day, pray or meditate and ask to get one step closer to actually feeling that new state. It might take time, but it works.

Releasing Relationship Karma Finally, we have wisdom available to us that is over two thousand years old. The teachings of Yoga were first put into writing in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These teachings direct us fundamentally in how to manage our mind. This is particularly useful when we remember that many of our issues with others come as a result of subconscious beliefs, so no amount of self awareness will change us. The sutra in chapter 1, verse 33, provides a path for re-training our mind, or releasing what Yoga would call our subconscious deposits (bad karma). It says, “By cultivating attitudes of friendship toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous and equanimity towards the non-virtuous, the consciousness retains its undisturbed calmness.” Let us understand these four guidelines.

Cultivate attitudes of friendship toward the happy and compassion for the unhappy. These first two guidelines are easy for most. We cultivate an attitude of friendship (maitri) toward happy

people when we smile back at them, or reciprocate their kindness. We avoid letting ourselves be victims of jealousy or envy. We have compassion (karuna) when we listen to our friend who is sad, or bring soup to our father when he is sick. This guideline encourages us to pray for all who suffer, that they might be blessed and guided according the larger universal plan. Perhaps you feel how this action transforms us ten-fold in the process.

Cultivate delight in the virtuous.

The third guideline invites us to emulate the people we admire, rejoicing that they exist. We can strive to emulate their virtuous traits, such as generosity, selflessness, strength, courage, peace, or wisdom. We can delight in the curiosity of a child, the hard working nature of our neighbor, the humor of a teenager, or the dedication of Mother Teresa.

Cultivate equanimity towards the non-virtuous.

The final guideline is perhaps the most difficult in its meaning and in its application. To practice calmness or equanimity (upeksanam) with the un-virtuous calls us to look at the words “equanimity” and “un-virtuous.” Any un-virtuous traits we observe in others, such as insensitivity, cruelty, or greed, is a reflection of our state of mind. We generally judge in others what we harbor in ourselves. Furthermore, judging them only reinforces that quality in our own minds. The world is within us and to change the world we must change our thoughts. I’ve heard countless attempts to make exceptions to this advice, but none of them bring freedom to the beholder. Only more suffering. Once again, we are brought to the well of enlightenment, but no one can make us drink. If we so choose to cultivate equanimity towards the un-virtuous, we do so with an attitude of neutrality, balance, unaffectedness. It is not likely that we will feel this state easily. It is often described as simple, but not easy. This guideline calls us to live in that sattvik or pure state, where no person or thing can pull us off balance. It reminds us that our happiness is internal, not dependent on external circumstances. It is not apathy or aloofness, but a true “being with what is” or living meditation. It is real and unconditional love. Perhaps the most profound practice of this wisdom is to truly listen to someone else. Make a decision to be quiet and listen to someone you love for a significant period of time. Resist any tendency to judge, help, fix or talk at all. I have tried this with my husband when we walked on the beach, surprised at times with my own inability to remain silent for even a few minutes. When I would succeed, he would quite often tell me something important about the way he was feeling, or something he was thinking about. I am so grateful when this happens. By listening we unite with others and live out namaste, which means “The light in me sees the light in you.” Namaste.

Julie Rost, ERYT, CYT, is director of the YogaLife Institute of NH, a training center and community for Yoga students, teachers and therapists, located in Exeter, NH. Visit or (603) 969-8968.

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What is my life purpose? Why did I choose this life? Nancy Canning was trained by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, is a certified Life-Between-Lives Therapist The afterlife is not a blank slate. Special

and has taught this work internationally.

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Embracing Our Shadow How to look deeply into the eyes of your own shadow and embrace it with love

By William Bloom

9\?\Xc\[ N_\e[fZkfijXe[k_\iXg`jkjZXeËk_\cgpfl# ZXccIfjjA%D`cc\i% Ifjjn`ccgjpZ_`ZXccp[`jZfm\ik_\iffkZXlj\ f]pfligifYc\dXe[_\Xc`k% 9pg_fe\fi`eg\ijfe

IFJJA%D@CC<I  GjpZ_`Z?\Xc\i&I\^i\jj`feK_\iXg`jku),p\Xij\og\i`\eZ\ E\nkfe#D8 V nnn%K_\Dpjk`ZNXp%Zfd V -(.$,).$*,/*

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hen I worked in St James’s Church, Piccadilly, there was a wonderful quotation blue-tacked to one of the walls. If you walked from the adjoining rectory through to the church you could not avoid seeing it. It was a quotation from the Swiss psychiatrist and mystic, Carl Jung: One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. This comes from his book Alchemical Studies and in the same passage he goes on to write that this process of making the darkness conscious “is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” Never was a truer word written. Spiritual people will often do anything to avoid looking at their own faults and shadows. We could have a television talent competition for avoidance, denial and excuses. Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome. And who is the winner today for denying their bad behavior, blaming others and maintaining a smug composure? Roll up. Roll up. Everyone welcome. I always smiled when I passed the Jung quotation in the church. I liked the realitycheck. I especially liked it because so many of the speakers on our program were naïve about the human condition. They delivered intriguing and inspiring ideas that promised better health, improved finances and more loving relationships. You are probably very familiar with this type of teaching. Change your thoughts. Change your attitude. And you will attract whatever you desire. But they did not acknowledge or understand our deeper shadows. That type of teaching points in an interesting direction but is, in my opinion, misleading and shallow. It misleads because it ignores the huge unseen and unconscious material that is beneath the surface. It treats the human psyche as if what you see is what you get. But human beings are like icebergs, only the tip showing. Below the water is a mass of psychological history, karma and ancestral influences. More than that we are also animals, complex mammals, naked apes with powerful biological instincts. We loudly profess our spirituality — souls on immensely long journeys, developing heart and consciousness — but it would be gullible and immature to ignore our biology. Look at some of the embedded instincts that can drive our feelings, thoughts and behavior: The need for food, shelter, status and comfort. Lust and loneliness. Pain, irritability, excitement and sloth. Responses to threat, rudeness and aggression. You may think all these behaviors are just human. In fact they are driven by biology and you can clearly see them in other animals. (Don’t get in the way of a tired, hungry, ir-

ritated beast, whether it is a member of your family or an elephant in the jungle. Let them have tea first.) But there is one biological drive that is particularly human and is especially challenging for us. Our mind-brains, our monkey-minds, are endlessly whirring with a compulsive neural drive to understand, interpret and comment on all that is Yes, we are beautiful happening. This never-ending chatter, which includes cosmic souls. And we are made-up stories and fictions, results from a biological also biological creatures drive that has ensured our species’ survival. enmeshed in our personal Our brains fill in gaps, so that we have a whole picture and story. You can see this in rudimentary and collective karma. form in animals: Grey clouds = Rain = Animals go to water hole = Dinner. Our brains compulsively fill in gaps — and are often wrong! Someone promised to phone you and then doesn’t. Your brain makes up a story… This continuous brain activity and our other biological drives trigger different levels of arousal. You see food you like and hormones of digestion are produced. You perceive a threat and your body responds with anxiety. You see something you like and your body responds with desire. Our minds and bodies are integrated in an intimate neuroendocrinal anatomy. And our confabulating brains — creating the story, filling in the spaces — compulsively tells a story to relieve us from the anxiety of unknowing. Those are the biological realities for all of us: the pursuit of food, survival, status and never-ending internal gibbering chatter. It is problematic, isn’t it? Here we are, beautiful cosmic souls and we are incarnate in this flesh and blood activity. No wonder there are spiritual traditions that try to ignore the body or, even worse, punish it for being so biological. It is important for people who are serious about spiritual development fully to understand these realities. Yes we are beautiful cosmic souls. And we are also biological creatures enmeshed in our personal and collective karma. Look at the worst forms of human cruelty and you can see all of these dynamics converging and at work. Stupid, cruel, bestial behavior justified by internal stories of delusion. Exhausted, frightened, threatened, caught up in a herd dynamic, who knows what any of us might do?   Eckhart Tolle graphically refers to our shadow as the pain body and in A New Earth writes that it “is a semi-autonomous energy form that lives within most human beings…It has its own primitive intelligence, not unlike a cunning animal, and its intelligence is directed primarily at survival.” All experienced spiritual practitioners are realistic about our shadows. There are, for example, wonderful Eastern paintings of serene meditators surrounded by terrible dragons, ghosts and ghouls all representing aspects of the shadow self. We have to take all of this seriously, don’t we? Surely it merits our highest wisdom, insight and compassion. In acknowledging the shadow we are realistic about the challenges in our spiritual development. We can be strategic and wise in self-managing our growth. We no longer have to lose energy in fandangos of denial. We no longer have to guilt-trip ourselves as if there is something personally and uniquely wrong with us. Our shadow behaviors are all just part of the human condition. So what’s my advice to help us along? It is no different from that of all wise spiritual traditions. First, deepen your experience and connection with the wonder and benevolence of nature and cosmos. You need the fuel and motivation that come from being connected to the great mystery and benevolence of life. Commit to increasing surrender and openness to spirit. Second, turn up the volume on your insightful and wise compassion. Open your heart more fully to the realities of the human condition, practicing acceptance, forgiveness, healing and integration. And if none of that works you might try ice cream or a movie…anything that calms the beast. Until you are ready to make the moral and compassionate effort, to look deeply again into the eyes of your own shadow and embrace it with love.

William Bloom is Britain’s leading author and educator in the mind-body-spirit field with over thirty years of practical experience, research and teaching in modern spirituality. He is founder and co-director of The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality and the Spiritual Companions project.

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Rowboating With Hobos Doesn’t everyone fit somewhere on the autistic spectrum?




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have three gifts: I can make an excellent cream soup, I’m a good speller, and most people who don’t think I’m a smartass or from Venus think I’m funny. Even my computer programmer ex-brother-in-law, who never laughs and is probably to some extent autistic, admits that I have a “sophisticated sense of humor.” My wife, Cristina, however, didn’t think I was funny. She took all my remarks literally. I’d say to her, “Why don’t we walk to the store on our hands today?” and Cristina would frown and say, “No we can’t do that.” Then I would say, “We’ll hitchhike to Rapid City then, catch a freight train back before dark,” and Cristina would shake her head somberly and frown. She couldn’t fathom why I might want to hitchhike to Rapid and return by freight train or walk on my hands or steal a helicopter or go rowboating with hobos or contact my home planet or pull my pants down in front of the queen. When you read as much as I have about autism, everyone after a while begins to look autistic, everyone fits somewhere along the spectrum, just as it was a few years ago when it was discovered that we are all gay, that we all fit somewhere along that spectrum. (I suppose, consistent with this argument, we all fit along the heterosexual spectrum as well.) It was interesting to see how many traits Cristina shared with our son, traits that in his case were numbered as symptoms under the broad canopy of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): literal-mindedness, awkward personal interaction, dearth of social interest (except with family members), hypersensitivity to stimuli, wandering attention, lack of empathy, rages when rituals were disrupted. Some of these traits, in Christina’s case, could be chalked up to her having been struck senseless by a drunk driver in Zacatecas many years before, but she admits that she’s always been spacey and not too social, that her personality hadn’t changed markedly since it was formed. That made me reflect on what my retired NASA electrical engineer friend told me after my remark about the preponderance of mathematicians bunched along the autism spectrum. He’d known a number of high-functioning autistics at NASA. One in particular, an eccentric experimental physicist named Bunthram, insisted, “I’m

not autistic. I’m Bunthram.” Bunthram didn’t believe in autism. What most people considered autism, Bunthram considered part and parcel of the genetic bundle of the logical mind. Furthermore, Bunthram didn’t want to be social or touched or to go play volleyball, square dance, or sit around a bonfire singing “Kookaburra Sits on the Old Gum Tree.” He wanted to work and be left alone. He liked his one-dimensional life and his job and his apartment, his cats and the TV shows Battlestar Galactica, Airwolf, and Charmed. He thought most people were over socialized, but that was their business. His hero was Nikola Tesla, one of the landmark intellects of all time, who wouldn’t have achieved that height without his ASD tendencies toward isolation, celibacy, pattern obsession, ritualism, and the rest of that prototypical geek package. I am always relieved to turn to optimistic views on autism. I have long suspected that autism is a natural intellectual function correlating to our increasing need for specialized, nonlinear, incoherent, and advanced thinking styles and not a disease or a developmental disorder. The work of Simon Baron-Cohen, not the comedian but the psychopathologist (do they call you a “psychopath” for short, Simon?) at Cambridge University, illustrates this view. Baron-Cohen has been doing genetic research on autism for years and has theorized that most autistics have a drive to systemize. Mathematicians, physicists, engineers, logicians, number theorists, software programmers, and quantum cryptographers are all good examples of systemizers, and in each of these fields, you’ll find higher rates of autism. Systemizers are much more likely to be male as well as autistic. About 80% of all autistics are male. Baron-Cohen proposes that autism is therefore an extreme male-brained profile. But this doesn’t make it inherently psychopathological. In fact, autistics by their asocial predispositions, narrow preoccupations, tendencies toward ritual and repetition, sensory filtering, and so on, are able to work long periods without distractions on deep projects that might bore other people to death. Think space travel and the overall management of a cyber-connected universe.

At the end of any spectrum is dysfunction, chaos, madness, disease, and snack machines getting pushed over. On the political continuum both the left and the right lead unimpeded to totalitarianism. And I wouldn’t want to rely too heavily on psychology or go all New Age on you and declare that autism is a gift. It does however seem possible that with its considerable claim on the population, its numerous talented representatives, its frequent association with rapid brain growth, and its continued ability through exhaustive research to evade cause or cure, what we’re calling autism (and the heavy psychological inference of abnormality or disorder) might well instead be cerebral evolution. Cristina is a systemizer too. She gravitated to a profession — dentistry — that demands close attention to detail along with emotional distance from the pain and patients she is literally inside of. Often on Saturdays when we were courting in Mexico she couldn’t go out because she had to “organize” her room. Everything in our house has a place. I don’t get to put anything where I like, even the end table with my books, which I find in a neat stack each time I sit down to read. Whenever she works with me, whether cooking in the Olde Main kitchen or on a side job I pick up, we end up arguing before we do things her way. I am constantly startling her as I come around a corner or out of a room, even though she knows I am in the house. Faithfully, like a prisoner in solitary, she’ll put an X through each day on the calendar with a black ink pen. Staring at me as I explain something to her, she’ll say when I was through, “You need to trim your eyebrows.” She’d check the dishes after I washed them, remake the bed the way she liked it, refold the clothes after I’d done laundry, tell me what shoes to wear, much of this leading to an argument, since it seemed to me more like nagging and controlling than her drive to systemize. Her job as a dental assistant is extremely important to her, and she puts so much into her work (she’s the best worker I’ve ever known) that she barely has the energy to quarrel when she gets home in the evenings. Most noteworthy in all of this is that at the other end of Baron-Cohen’s systemization spectrum, as we part from masculine science and sine-cosine-tangents, we find the feminine empathizers, those who have the ability to identify with others, read facial expressions, imagine how others feel, make a crawfish étouffée with steamed asparagus and jasmine rice, give change to panhandlers, and not intentionally say hurtful or antagonistic things. As a rule, systemizing and empathizing are opposed. If you’re strong on systemizing, you don’t want some goober to come along and mess it all up. If you’re long on empathizing, it isn’t likely that you’d stare willingly into an electron microscope for 12 hours or obsess about how the pillows are arranged on the couch. Systemizers are rule-based, less flexible, and more inclined to stick to patterns and positions. Empathizers are more emotionally oriented, free form in approach, care less about rules than getting along, and usually give in when the argument starts because, really, what difference does it make what shoes I wear if I’m driving you all the way to Omaha? Whether you believe that autism is a blessing or a curse, the result of an SV40 monkey-virus mutation (if you’re interested in this angle, read Edward Haslam’s Dr. Mary’s Monkey) or the mercury-destruction of mitochondria, having a sense of humor is your pass out of ASD. Autistics are rarely funny, the reason both Einstein and Steven Haataja should be excluded from the list. Cristina is funny, too; she’ll say that she looks like a fish or that I look like a homeless guy. Still, my droll, ironic style evaded her for years because she fielded every line I delivered literally. Most of this had to do with language, humor being one of the last things you learn in a new country. But one day after Cristina had described a tyrannical dental patient from Virginia who’d been told to leave the office due to the volume of abuse she’d heaped on everyone, especially Cristina, I said, “Why didn’t you just keep tipping back the chair until she slid out?” As usual Cristina only stared at me, trying to ferret out whatever nasty thing I might’ve been implying. And then the outlandish justice of what I’d suggested suddenly hit her, her face relaxed and opened, her eyes fluttered, and she broke into a grin and laughed. And the way she stared at me for the next thirty minutes was like six years of reassessment, as if she were recalling all the other jests and joshes and jocularities delivered solely to relieve tension and make life a little more pleasant and bearable. It was a revolutionary moment, a watershed moment, like rods of dusty sunshine poking through holes in penitentiary walls. Once she understood that I wasn’t criticizing or incriminating her or making preposterous suggestions to confuse her or tarnishing her public image or intimating that I didn’t love her anymore, we had our first cease-fire.

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“Rowboating With Hobos” is adapted from Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere by Poe Ballantine, and reprinted with permission of the author. It originally appeared in The Sun, February 2014.

Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick, M.Div., MSW, L.I.C.S.W., Reiki Master “Sanctuary” Raymond, NH • 603-895-4530 • SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 39


“Changing habits is one of the most fundamental skills you can learn, because it allows you to reshape your life, to reshape who you are. That’s truly transformational.” — Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

9 Habits Of The Super Successful 1. Get up insanely early. 2. Keep promises, no matter how small. 3. Learn how to tell stories. 4. Lead, don’t dictate. 5. Don’t be afraid of, or embarrassed by, your failures. 6. Ask questions, alot of them. 7. Be honest with yourself and others. 8. Take breaks. 9. Take notes and stay organized.

“I was reminded there is a process to habit creation: believe it is possible, make small changes first, understand your motivation, overcome setbacks. There is a process — and it is repeatable. As long as we have breath we have opportunity to bring about change.” — Joshua Becker,


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” — Mohandas K. Gandhi

40 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Change Your Routine Turning off the autopilot of even one daily routine can help you become more mindful overall. Take a small pause from routines here and there to allow new soul growth to emerge so when life gives you a big reason to pause, it won’t be a shock to your system. 1. Take a new route to work or school. 2. Trade cars with your partner for a day. 3. Take a shower with your eyes closed. 4. Sit in a different seat for meals at home or work. 5. Sleep on the other side of the bed. 6. Eat something you’ve never had before. 7. Eat breakfast for dinner; eat dessert first. 8. Listen to new music. 9. Leave the TV off. —

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Solala Towler The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy: Realizing the Promise of the Spiritual Union Sounds True, Boulder, CO 2014 Our idea of intimate partnership is steeped in emotion, and sexual relationships, in particular, often carry a lot of psychological baggage. In The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy Solala Towler reveals how experiencing sexual connection through the lens of the ancient Chinese Taoists makes for a much smoother relationship between partners and makes the experience of sex more energetically healthy and fun! Understanding our energetic system, and that of our partner, we can travel the “watercourse way,” letting things ebb and flow without getting caught in what sometimes becomes habitual drama. Couples are encouraged to explore what makes each partner feel safe, relaxed and beloved. Exercises include ways for both men and women to balance and tone organs, increase sexual strength and balance subtle energies. For singles or anyone suffering from a wounded heart, The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy recognizes sometimes love can leave us sad and fearful and afraid to reach out again. Using exercises for healing and opening a heart that may be closed, hurt or scared is a path to new relationships. From a Taoist standpoint sexual energy is just that — energy. In Chinese medicine this energy is located in the kidneys, the seat of willpower. A man can satisfy himself and his partner and master this energy through practicing optional orgasms. When this vital energy is built up and stored without releasing during sexual intercourse, there is lots of healthy, potent energy available for other things. This expansive juicy energy remains accessible for later sexual relations, but it can also be used in business, in spiritual pursuits, or in any area that benefits from heightened creativity. Interestingly, since a woman does not release outwardly during sex in the way a

man does, there’s no need for her to withhold (in Taoist terms) her rejoicing. How does this translate for same-gender partners? The Tao has no judgment about sexual partners from a moral standpoint; the concern here is one of potential imbalances. Non-heterosexual couples need to make sure both partners are getting enough of yin energy — receptivity, water, rest — and yang essence — outward, expansive, fiery — to achieve a proper yin/yang balance within the relationship. Close friendship with persons of the opposite gender and taking certain yin or yang strengthening herbs are two balancing practices same-sex couples may want to consider.

Jennifer Louden The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year New World Library, Novato, CA 2014 Your to-do list is bursting and your morning got derailed. Now what? A rebellious alternative to linear to-do lists, The Life Organizer offers heart-based planning that taps into how you want to feel and considers the inevitable interruptions in a woman’s life. Fifty-two weeks of creative strategies help women to “dismantle the Berlin Wall of Busyness” and balance what they truly want in life with what life requires of them. “What do I desire?” is a scary question for many women, but knowing what you want has a lot of power. Keep in mind that discerning what you want doesn’t mean you have to act on it. Still, if you’re stuck, starting with, “What don’t I want?” can be really helpful. As for that overwhelming morning to-do list? Try sorting it by “have to”, “could do” and “let go of.” Or try this simple Life Organizing in the Moment exercise: Feel your feet on the ground, reach up high and inhale, exhale, sighing and feeling loved as you place your hands over your heart. Ask “What choice feels easiest for me in this moment?” Total time to reorient yourself? Less than one minute.

Linda Bender, DVM

your entire life on a fully booked passenger plane. Confined to your airline seat your whole life, you grow four times faster than you would normally, and then you die. Although people in animistic cultures are rarely vegan and often depend largely on animal labor, they would find this bombastic way of raising chickens, also known as factory farming, exploitive and unconscionable. We must pay attention to the animals as they communicate the need to remedy our disrupted connection to them and to the planet.

Animal Wisdom, Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA 2014 On a ski vacation with his family a Welsh Corgi named Oly is presumed to have tragically perished in an avalanche slide. Four days later, having traveled miles of wintery unknown territory, Oly is found sitting outside his family’s motel room staring at the door. In 1974 Chinese people observed bizarre behavior of rats, snakes and other animals. Based on these warnings seismologists told officials to evacuate the city of Haicheng, and when a 7.3 earthquake hit later that evening tens of thousands of lives were saved. So how did it come to be that humans think of themselves as a superior species? “Every animal knows more than you do.” This Native American proverb resonates soundly throughout Animal Wisdom, veterinarian and animal activist Linda Bender ‘s marvelous look at what animals teach us and how they share wisdom with the world. Ornithologists say the majority of bird song is not for communication, but for the sheer joy of singing. Elephants respond to happenings huge distances away. Though non-verbal, companion animals often understand more than we tell them. How can this be? Consider that animals don’t use words because they don’t need to. Their intuitive telepathic way of knowing may far surpass anything we could convey verbally. Perhaps we can learn from our canine companions what all the hours on the meditation cushion try to teach us: Time is as elastic as we allow it to be. The dog waiting for his person is overjoyed at the end of the day when his person returns. The preceding long hours of patience and solitude are minimized as the exuberant moment of dog-human reuniting becomes expansive and fills the day. Animistic cultures, those believing animals have a soul, were the norm in preindustrialized societies. Humans lived in close contact with animals, relied on their intelligence and desire to serve, and communicated with them regularly through animal spirit guides. So where did the notion of animal inferiority come from? Humans have commoditized animals, disregarding their individuality and divinity. Imagine spending

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health. Boston School of Herbal Studies, Arlington. (781) 646-6319.

5/28 — A PATH TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS TRAINING.Come to a free introductory session from 6:30-8:00 in Brattleboro, VT, on our programs. Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, offers all helping professionals and students a way to deepen and broaden your work. We have been training for more than 30 years in a powerful process of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Located in Amherst, MA. For more information or to register contact: or

6/2 — WHAT IS THE EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE DAILY ROUTINE AND WHY SHOULD I CARE?Come to Tintagels Gate in Athol, MA, and get answers to these questions! Eden Energy Medicine helps you balance your body’s own energies to improve and maintain health. Come learn the routine for free at 6:30pm. or (978) 830-4611.

5/31 — REIKI CERTIFICATION.Wilton, NH, Libby Barnett, MSW. 33 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 6542787. Reiki II: 6/1

JUNE TANTRA 1: INTRO TO SEXUAL AWAKENING.Make a direct connection with the Divine Beloved. Peter Sklivas will lead meditations into Tantra ecstasy and sharing process with a partner. Cost: $80/couple or $50/person. 6/7 Gloucester; 6/28 Glastonbury, CT; 6/29 Braintree; 9/21 Danvers. Tantra 2: Heighten Intimacy and Love, see website for dates and locations. or call (978) 210-2190. 6/1 — A PATH TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS TRAINING.Come to a free introductory session on our programs. Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, offers all helping professionals and students a way to deepen and broaden your work. We have been training for more than 30 years in a powerful process of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Located in Amherst, MA. Sunday, 6:007:30PM. For more information or to register contact training@ or visit Also held 6/23. 6/ 1 — MEDICINAL PLANT WALK.1-3 p.m. Learn about the healing actions of plants. We will look at which parts of the plants are used medicinally and how they support

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6/2 — HAVE I FORGIVEN?Discuss 8 checkpoints in this teleclass drawing from Chapter 4 of Trish Whynot’s book, “Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? Finding Opportunity In Your Obstacles.” 8-9:30pm. Visit for registration info.

in the world. Do not miss this special opportunity to learn from the Grandmaster! Arlington, MA. Contact: Marie Favorito. (617) 501-9118. 6/7 — PSYCHIC AND HOLISTIC FAIRE.Women of Wisdom. North Easton, MA. Psychics, angel readings, mediums, crystal healings, Gaiadon Heart, chair massage, Reiki and more! Sign yourself up for a few appointments and bring your friends! (508) 2303680. 6/7 — RINGS OF ODEN 1: NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR QUANTUM HEALING.Developed by Aaron and Sue Singleton, experience self-healing with the Rings, increase healer potential. Configurations enhance mental clarity/ intuition/immune, endocrine/chakra balance, cleanse liver/ gallbladder/lungs/kidneys, reduce anxiety, etc. Portland, CT. 6/8 — A PATH TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS TRAINING.Come to a free introductory session from 3:30-5:30 in Albany, NY, on our programs. Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, offers all helping professionals and students a way to deepen and broaden your work. We have been training for more than 30 years in a powerful process of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Located in Amherst, MA. For more information or to register contact: or 6/10 — GOT SELF?Free introductory teleconference for Board Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach Teleconference Training. 5:00- 6:00PM. If you are thinking of becoming a business or life coach, this is the opportunity to find a coaching format based deeply in spiritual principles and the process of conscious evolution! Register at admin@ Teleconference also available 7/18, 7:00-8:00PM, 8/31, 12:00-1:00PM.

6/3 — MONTHLY NATIVE AMERICAN DRUMMING CIRCLEat Wisdom of the Ages, 7:15-8:15pm. Come play traditional drumming rhythms and absorb the healing energy of the drum! A fun and healing group, beginners welcome! $10/person. or (860) 651-1172. 6/4-6/9 — AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS NATIONAL CONVENTION.“Discover Your Inner Wisdom Through Dowsing.” A dowsing and metaphysical conference for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable week where hundreds of people come together for fun, education and promotion of dowsing. With dozens of presentations, dowsing schools, vendors, practitioners and two keynote evenings, it’s a life-changing event! Lyndonville, VT. For more information: 6/6-6/9 — MARTHA’S VINEYARD HEALING RETREAT.4 days, 3 nights. $1195. Early bird by 4/14/14 for $995. Reconnect with nature using aromatherapy, crystals, Qi Gong, and meditation. Contact Erik at or John at (860) 593-8397. 6/6-6/12 — BOSTON HEALING TAO PRESENTS GRANDMASTER MANTAK CHIA’S WORLD TOUR 2014.Chi Kung and meditation for more energy! Grandmaster Chia is one of the most important figures in contemporary Taoism. He has revolutionized the healing arts by openly teaching many previously hidden techniques in Chi Kung. He is in the top 20 List of 100 Most Spiritually Influential teachers

7/9-7/14 — Veterinarian Linda Bender shares her techniques to enhance your natural intuitive ability to engage in interspecies communication at several locations in Massachusetts. See July listing.

6/13 — SHAMANIC POWER DANCE CEREMONYled by Leontine Hartzell. Friday, 7-10 pm. Free or donation. Experienced journeyers welcome to this ritual where we allow spirit to move through us with song. Unitarian Church, 6 Locke Street, Andover, MA. 6/14 — FAMILY CONSTELLATION SEMINAR.Jamy and Peter Faust introduce the concepts and teachings of Family Lineage Healing through The Constellation Approach. The seminar is experiential with various ways to participate throughout the day.  All can benefit regardless of your relationship with family members or knowledge of family history. Saturday: 9:30-6, Waltham, MA. Seminar registration or private constellation sessions: 6/14-6/21 — RITUAL HEALING VILLAGE WITH MALIDOMA SOMÉ.Join us for this 7-day intensive rite of passage journey, including powerful healing rituals in nature to reconnect with the ancestors and awaken the healer within.  Cherry Plain, NY. Pre-requisite for apprenticeship. 6/18 — ULTIMATE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WORKSHOP.Katalin Matyus, MS, MA, helps you connect with your authentic self and life purpose to set your goals in alignment with who you are and create your dream life! Open Doors Learning & Healing Center, Braintree, MA. Register at or (857) 488 2871. 6/20-6/26 — 2014 INTERNATIONAL SOUND THERAPY CONFERENCE RETREAT.“In the Service of Sound.” North Andover, MA. 14 speakers, 2 dozen workshops, live evening performances. or 6/20 — SUMMER SOLSTICE GOLDEN LIGHT RETREAT. 6-8 pm. Cost $100. Bring love and peace inside you and your lineage. Always welcoming new members! Contact Bhavna at, (774) 242-2112. 6/21 — REIKI CERTIFICATION.Concord, MA, Libby Barnett, MSW. 33 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/22 6/21 — MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL OF FAIRIES.Featuring Kellianna Girouard in concert. Misty Meadows Herbal Center, Lee, NH. 66 acres of gardens, woodland medicine trails, labyrinth. (603) 659-7211. Now accepting registrations for 2014 Advanced Herbal Studies weekends. 6/21 — INCREDIBLE RIDE: AN EVENING OF REJUVENATION, INSPIRATION AND ENTERTAINMENT.Saturday, 5-8pm. Tatnuck Books, 18 Lyman Street, Westboro, MA. Program begins with relaxation/meditation followed by motivational speaker and author of “Take Your Life & Love It,” Jacki Rose, on life lessons learned from her biking experiences, with a powerful message on how to live your life to the fullest, topped off with fun and mesmerizing entertainment by mentalist, Tony Sherman. Free event. Space is limited. RSVP: 6/21 — EXPERIENCE LIVING ON THE FARM!Learn the many soulful benefits of living off-grid from life coach Sharon Wallen. Play with baby goats, wander sacred spaces,

splash in the pond, open your heart to natural rhythms. Canterbury, Connecticut. (401) 588-1799. 06/21 — SCHOOL OF ANIMAL COMMUNICATION. Women of Wisdom, North Easton, MA. Learn how to increase communication skills, speak with animals living and in spirit, talk with an animal’s higher self, and more. (508) 230-3680. 6/21-22 — DISCOVER YOUR SOUL POTENTIAL.BLU-e™ Level 1 with Certification. “A life lift!” Guided Chi Chakra Meditation 5/29, 6/12, 6/26. Additional holistic happenings, details, dates for Metrowest and Boston at 6/23 — A PATH TO RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS TRAINING.Come to a free introductory session on our programs. Psychosynthesis, a spiritual psychology, offers all helping professionals and students a way to deepen and broaden your work. We have been training for more than 30 years, in a powerful process of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Monday, 6:00-7:30PM. Located in Amherst, MA. For more information or to register contact visit 6/24 — DEALING WITH FOOD INTOLERANCE.Strategies and herbs for food intolerance issues. Free lecture. 6:006:45pm at Palmer Family Chiropractic, 114 Water Street, Bldg #3, Milford, MA. For registration and more information: 6/24-25 — SINGING SEMINAR.Find your voice and become the singer you want to be in 2 days! World famous seminar teaches beginners to sing and professionals to reach new notes. Strengthen your voice, become more confident, increase your range and more. 169 Mass Ave., Boston. Sign up online or (781) 599-1476. 6/27-29 — BEST OF THE BEST MEDITATION RETREAT with Gene Ang, PhD. Held at Rolling Ridge in North Andover. For details and registration 6/27-29 — COME MEET AMMA,internationally acclaimed humanitarian and spiritual leader. Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro, MA. Public talks, music, meditation and individual blessing (darshan). Free of charge and open to the public. Contact or call (716) 226-6223. 6/28 — NINE SIMPLE LAWS TO CREATE JOY AND GRACE: THRIVE BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Internationally renowned medical intuitive, healer, and author Sue Singleton’s near-death experience provided invaluable insights into the universe’s underpinnings. Author of the highly acclaimed book, Nine Simple Laws to Create Joy and Grace, book-signing follows workshop. Manifest better with the missing puzzle pieces — the other 8 laws! 6/28 — STOP CHASING SYMPTOMS…FIX YOUR ROOT CAUSE!Visionary, inventor, and intuitive healer Aaron Singleton’s unique and empowering experientials transform lives. Experience The Energy of Life® integrative, intuitive healing process, find your root cause, explore root causes of backaches, migraines, arthritis, allergies, gas reflux, anxiety,

OCT 2014 — Experience spiritual growth and emotional healing on this once in a lifetime two-week retreat in Brazil with John of God. See Upcoming listing or

asthma, infertility, and more. Aaron demonstrates how chasing symptoms, or medically diagnosing an illness or condition is inadequate and irrelevant if your goal is to fix the problem! 6/28-29 — INCREASING CREATIVITY THROUGH MOVEMENT WORKSHOPwith dancer and choreographer Sallee Slagle. Free your creative body, increase personal space and experience your body as the instrument of expression. For anyone wanting to be more creative and comfortable with their body. (781) 5991476.

JULY 7/1-8/26 — MUNAY-KI RITES: ANCIENT SACRED RITES OF HEALING.Join us for 8 Tuesdays 7-8:30pm and be immersed in this ancient Incan tradition to become a person of wisdom and power. To register: (617) 965-6440, 7/9-7/14 — ANIMAL WISDOM WORKSHOPS AND BOOK SIGNINGS WITH LINDA BENDER, DVM.7/9: Heaven on Earth, Pembroke, MA, 6:30-8:30pm, www. 7/12: Circles of Wisdom, Andover, MA, 1-2pm and 2-4pm, 7/13: Unity Boston, Brookline, MA, 1-3pm 7/14: Soul Purpose, Swansea, MA, 6:30-8:30pm, 7/11-13 — WEATHER SHAMANISM LEVELS 1 & 11.Held at All That Matters, Wakefield, RI. Contact (401) 782-2126 or or. Weather Shamanism Level 111 extended studies program September 19-21 in Port Clyde, ME. Contact (207) 240-0292.

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CALENDAR continued from page 45 7/13 — ZUZU’S 9TH ANNUAL SUMMERTIME NEW AGE EXPO.Sunday, 10-5pm. Holiday Inn Hotel, Rte 1 North, Peabody, MA. Beat the heat and renew your spirit! Join us for a fun and enlightening day. Have your aura photographed, enjoy an energy healing session, chair massage, or a reading with one of our many talented psychics. Shop our unique vendors for crystals, jewelry, books, photography, soaps, bath products, incense, candles, statuary and more! Enjoy one of our free seminars and take a chance on our dozens of free door prize raffles. Admission is $5. Details at 7/17-19 — THE WEALTHY SOLOPRENEUR:Shift your mindset, make more money and activate your marketing mojo over a 3-day live event by internationally known expert and best-selling author, Kate Beeders. This is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to up level their success quickly while building both a business and life they love. Get your ticket before the event sells out: Questions: 7/18 — GOT SELF?Free introductory teleconference for Board Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach Teleconference Training. 7:00- 8:00PM. If you are thinking of becoming a business or life coach, this is the opportunity to find a coaching format based deeply in spiritual principles and the process of conscious evolution! Register at admin@ or 7/18-20 — INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (IET) LEVEL 1-3 INTENSIVE.Women of Wisdom, North Easton, MA. Three powerful attunements to the angelic ray that activate your 12-strand Spiritual DNA.  Basic, Intermediate, Advanced in one weekend. Manual and certificate included. 508-230-3680 7/19-20 — THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN® BASIC WORKSHOPwith Nan Moss in Vermont. Basic workshop also held June 14-15 in Maine; Advanced workshop Shamanic Dreamwork™, June 21-22 in Maine; Advanced workshop Shamanism, Dying & Beyond, July 26-27 in Vermont. Registration at Down to Earth Shaman’s Circle 7/22 — HERBS AND DIET TO HELP FIGHT CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.Free lecture. 6:00-6:45pm at Palmer Family Chiropractic, 114 Water Street, Bldg #3, Milford, MA. For registration and more information: 7/24-27 — HBLU TRAINING: HEALING TRAUMA AND INSTALLING BOUNDARIESwith Judith Swack, Ph.D. Healing From The Body Level Up 1 training shows you how to rapidly transform and heal your clients and yourself. 28 CE credits for social workers, LMCHs and RNs. 9am-6pm. Needham, MA. (800) 310-6549. 7/31 — MEDIUM SPIRIT MESSAGES.12-9pm. Featuring: Cathi and Cristina Burke, Doreen Tripp, Elaine Read-Cole, Emma Phaneuf, Jill Jardine, Lauren Bortolami, Lori Doupé Sheridan, Michelle Kundzicz, Nancy Smith and Patti Sheets. Reading $40/20 minutes. Free marketplace open to public; Jewelry, organic products, healing stones and more! Held At Nantasket Beach Resort, 45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA. More Info or (781) 834 2728. Vendors welcome. Sponsored by

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advanced shamanic healing and practice methods. Taught by Leontine Hartzell,

8/2 — LUGHNASSADH OPEN RITUAL,Saturday 3pm. Séance, 8/30, 8pm. Mabon Open Circle, Saturday 9/20, 4pm. Tintagels Gate, 505 Main Street, Athol, MA. Hours: Sun 12-6, Thurs-Sat 10-6. (978) 830-4611. www.tintagelsgate. com. See full schedule of events and classes online.

9/14 — VIBRATIONAL LIGHT HEALING TRAINING.4 Sundays, beginning 9/14, 10/19, 11/16, 12/14. 10 am-5 pm, Andover, MA. $575. Learn advanced methods of using sound, light, color and vibration to heal. Learn to connect to the heart to work with the 7 rainbow rays of light and the Universal Light Matrix. A life-changing course with unique wisdom teachings channeled by shamanic visionary Leontine Hartzell.

8/2 — TAKE YOUR LIFE & LOVE IT!Life-changing one day rejuvenating retreat with Jacki Rose for peace and serenity! Enjoy powerful writing exercises, fun activities, and connecting with other like-minded people. Doubletree Westboro Hotel. Cost: $77 ($55 early bird by 7/11). RSVP at  8/13-8/17 — BUILDING THE BRIDGE TO YOUR DESTINY THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS.A 5-day retreat with Linda Howe. During this retreat we learn to transform our relationship to change, make peace with past traumas and make conscious choices based on empowering questions. Discover how to dissolve fear, let go and accept not knowing. Author Linda Howe shows us a way to nurture and sustain the spiritual practice of personal freedom.  Retreat held at Rolling Ridge in North Andover, MA, with both commuter and lodging options. Sponsored by Circles of Wisdom, www.circlesofwisdom or (978) 474-8010.  8/22-24 — 27TH ANNUAL WOMEN’S HERBAL CONFERENCE.Held at beautiful Camp Wicosuta on Newfound Lake in NH. Over 35 well-known women herbalists and natural health care practitioners with over 70 workshops for all levels of interest and expertise. $295 includes meals, camping, workshops and activities. www.womensherbalconference. com or (802) 479-9825. 8/23 — HEALING HEARTS RETREATat Miracles in Motion. 8-5:30pm. Retreat includes yoga, learn to communicate with horses, learn how horses mirror our dark and light sides, group lessons. Keene, NH. (603) 357-7282. 8/26 — OMG! I’M SO CONFUSED — WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING NOW?A talk about diet. Free lecture. 6:006:45pm at Palmer Family Chiropractic, 114 Water Street Bldg #3, Milford, MA. For registration and more information: 8/30 — SACRED CIRCLES MYSTERY SCHOOL.20142015 Program: Ancient Paths, Ancient Wisdom. Early bird registration deadline. For more information: (617) 9656440, 8/31 — GOT SELF?Free introductory teleconference for Board Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach Teleconference Training. 12-1PM. Register at or visit

SEPTEMBER 9/12-14 — LUCID DREAMING AND SHAMANIC AWAKENING.With Sandy Corcoran and Robert Waggoner. Sandy is author of Shamanic Awakening and Robert is author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. Held at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center in Craryville, NY. (508) 435-2681. 9/13 — SHAMANIC LIGHT HEALER APPRENTICESHIP, meets once/month for 10 months. Andover, MA. Learn

9/14 — PSYCHIC AND HOLISTIC FAIRE.Women of Wisdom. North Easton, MA. Psychics, angel readings, mediums, crystal healings, Gaiadon Heart, chair massage, Reiki and more! Sign yourself up for a few appointments and bring your friends! (508) 2303680 9/19-9/29 — HIDDEN IRELAND.Unpack only once! Join Irish native Ann Quinlan for a small group, all-inclusive (air not included) land journey in Ireland. Unpack and settle in at Ashley Park House, your 75-acre bird sanctuary estate home. Private coach trips. Gourmet organic meals. Ann is based in Portland, Maine. Details and registration at, email or call (207) 899-2606.  9/21 — AROMATHERPY CERTIFICATION COURSE.Learn how essential oils work to heal body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive course addresses the body systems, their common ailments and the essential oils most helpful for each condition. Boston School of Herbal Studies. Arlington, MA. (781) 646-6319, 9/20 — REIKI CERTIFICATION.Newton, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 33 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 9/21 9/26/14-6/14/15 — PATH OF THE HEALER APPRENTICESHIP, CERTIFICATION TRAININGwith Deborah P. Wilson. Whether you are a practicing healer or wanting to develop your healing skills, this nine-weekend certification training in Wholeness EnergeticsTM is for you. Largely experiential, the course provides a grounded understanding of the science of the human energy field, techniques to read and direct energy, and tools to address root blockages. The program is devoted in equal parts to learning techniques of energy medicine and delving into your own inner journey of transformation and growth. Shutesbury, MA, (413) 2560999,

UPCOMING OCT 2014 — JOHN OF GODis perhaps the world’s most renowned spiritual healer. This 12-day spiritual retreat in breathtaking central Brazil offers the opportunity to witness up close and/or personally experience spiritual enlightenment, physical and emotional healing that is described as life-changing. $1,600 includes all meals and hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, personal and group time, journey to the sacred waterfall, one crystal bed session, translation and any personal assistance. Does not include airfare or visa. Contact: or Patrick: (617) 866-3302.

9/19-9/29 — Discover hidden Ireland with Irish native Ann Quinlan on a small-group land journey with organic meals and private coach trips, including this stop at The Rock of Cashel. See September listing or 10/5-10/10 — THE SOUTH: ILLUMINATION.First course in The Light Body School with Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds. During the South, you will learn how to create sacred space wherever you are, to empower yourself and bring healing to those around you. The South course offers emotional healing where you can engage your personal histories and release their grip all at once — not one by one, but like a serpent shedding its entire skin all at once. Held in Omega, NY. Registration and info at 10/11-13 — JILL PURCE “THE HEALING VOICE” WORKSHOPLiberation through the ecstasy of chant. Cost for three days: $425. mandala. (508) 429-9716

11/15-16 — 8TH ANNUAL SPIRIT OF CHANGE MAGAZINE’S NATURAL LIVING EXPO.Royal Plaza Trade Center, 181 Boston Post Road West, Marlboro, MA. Saturday 9-7; Sunday 10-5. Featuring 225 exhibits, 75 workshops, free natural product sample bar, cooking demos, personal wellness shopping, holiday shopping, mini healing sessions, readings, healthy food and fun. Don’t miss New England’s largest holistic health event! Keynote tickets on sale July 1 at See page 2-3 this issue. Look for the full expo program guide inserted in the fall issue of Spirit of Change Magazine.


meditators both welcome. Instruction provided. 28 Worcester Lane, Waltham. Go to for more details. CLASSES IN CHANNELING AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION with Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness, channeled by Andrea Seiver. Have a personal reading, join Learn to Channel, other classes, enjoy Evenings with Vywamus June 5, July 3, Sept.11. (617) 332-1541, SHAMANIC DRUMMING CIRCLEfounded 1993. Usually second and fourth Fridays of every month. 7pm. Quaker Meetinghouse, Cambridge, MA. Open to all, instruction available on website: Terrence (978) 952-2704 or Emily (781) 641-3980.

10/12 — JOURNEY OF THE SOUL.Join past life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss and medium John Holland for an evening of healing and enlightenment for your body, mind and soul. Back Bay Events Center, Boston. 10am-5pm. Register early and save or (800) 654-5126.

TAI CHI CHUAN.Classes in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, both group and private, held at Gin Soon Tai Chi Club, the oldest school teaching Tai Chi Chuan in the greater Boston area. Classes held Monday-Thursday 11-1. Evenings from 4-8. Saturdays 1-4. 33 Harrison Ave, 2nd floor, Boston, MA. (617) 542-4442.

THE ECLECTIC INSTITUTE OF AROMATHERAPY AND HERBAL STUDIESoffers lectures at Herbstalk in Somerville, MA, June 7th; The Herb Show at Tower Hill Botanical gardens in Boylston, MA, August 2nd; and Flower Essence making workshop August 10th.

10/25 — PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, PAST LIVES AND ANGEL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPwith Ross J. Miller, psychic healer, medium, regression therapist. In this unique, experiential workshop you’ll learn how to identify your guardian angels and spirit guides by name and receive their guidance, healing and inspiration; discover your soul’s life purpose; experience two of your past lives and heal the residual karma from them; give psychic readings to others in class and more. Saturday, 10:00AM - 5:00PM, Newton, MA. To register for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or past-life reading or healing session in person or over the phone, visit our website: or call Ross J. Miller (617) 527-3583.

GUIDED CHI CHAKRA MEDITATION.5/29, 6/12, 6/26. Additional holistic happenings, details, dates for Metrowest and Boston at

PRANIC HEALING.Private healing. A life altering experience. MCKS Level 1 workshops. Thursday night meditations, North Andover, MA. Miriam Smith, certified healer and teacher. (978) 807-1634.

BOSTON SCHOOL OF HERBAL STUDIES.Arlington and Lincoln, MA. Affordable, evening and weekend classes, aromatherapy certification courses, herbal apprenticeship programs and advanced training. Call (781) 646-6319 or see OPEN MEDITATION,Advaita Meditation Center, every Wednesday, 7 to 8:30 PM. Please join us for meditation, discussion, and refreshments. Newcomers and experienced

WELLNESS ROUNDTABLE HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS NETWORKING GROUP.Please join us at our monthly meetings, second Wednesday each month in Northboro, MA. Stay inspired and create collaborative professional relationships. A welcoming community working for the greater health and wellbeing of all. Contact

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new england’s

Holisticdirectory summer 2014

Categories Acupuncture and Asian Medicine . . 48

Classes, Certifications & Schools . . 50-52

Healing: Combined Modalities ..55-56

Retreats and Retreat Centers . . . . 58

Astrological Consulting . . . . . . 48-49

Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

Holistic Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Spiritual Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

Bookstores and Gift Shops . . . . . . 49

Consciousness Transformation . . 52

Homeopathy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Salons and Spas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

Centers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49-50

Counseling and Therapy . . . . . . 52-53

Nutrition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57

Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness . . . . . . . . 58

Children's Health Services . . . . . . . 50

Healing and Bodywork . . . . . . . 53-55

Readings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57-58

Acupuncture & Asian Medicine Acupuncture of Worcester Holistic Health since 1974

Dr. Yvonne Chen, Lic. Acupuncturist One of the first practicing acupuncturists in the United States, Dr. Yvonne Chen began her acupuncture practice in Washington, D.C. in 1973, moving to Worcester one year later. Trained in China as a medical doctor, Dr. Chen’s years of study and research included in-depth work with both traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Her approach to health incorporates keen knowledge on the nature of disease, use of

energy balancing, nut­ritional counseling and the promotion of spiritual well-being. Acupuncture is especially effective in the treatment of: • Pain: migraine headaches, stress relief, tendonitis, arthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, whiplash, accident and trauma injuries and TMJ syndrome • Improving bodily functions: respiratory ailments, insomnia and impotency • Nervous system disorders: Bell’s Palsy, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and stroke recovery • Behavioral changes: weight control and smoking cessation. Located at 110 June Street, Worcester, MA 01602. For an appointment or for more information, please contact Dr. Yvonne Chen at 508-755-5557.

Patricia Smith Burkhart, MAC, LIC. AC.

Gentle relief from: • stress and pain • medication side effects • chronic health problems

Acupuncture Plus Yoga

Specialties include: anxiety, mild to moderate depression, back pain, migraines, and infertility, as well as other health issues. We also specialize in facial rejuvenation (micro-current facial) and offer non-needle options. Bryn has over 22 years experience. Available weekdays and weekends by appointment. 481 Great Road #6, Acton, MA 01720 S 978-266-9889 S

Whether your issue is chronic pain, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, plantar fascitis, golfer’s elbow, infertility, uterine fibroids, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, a compromised immune system, or a host of other problems, I can help you. Call for a free “meet and greet” appointment. 259 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA Free parking in rear. 781.648.0911

Astrological Consulting Star Flower Alchemy Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive Sarah Fuhro

Treatments and classes for healing all stress-related ailments, sports injuries, women’s health issues and more

I look forward to alleviating your suffering.

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human



Esoteric Psychology Monique Pommier, M.A., Ph.DE

Astrology illuminates one’s psychological landscape and journey. It times life developments and reveals their designs for the soul. I offer astrological services and ongoing psychospiritual counseling with astrology, Jungian and esoteric psychology as a comprehensive ground of exploration and guidance

needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms, including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present. To learn more, please visit our website. * 508-652-9880

on current issues and lifelong questionings. By accessing the deeper order of your life, you gain transformative insights into the evolutionary meaning of particular challenges and new perspectives to direct your choices. My background includes an MS and PhD in Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy. Jungian psychology, Eastern and Western Traditions are key foundations in my approach. I have been in practice for 25 years. U Astrological Consultations U U Psychospiritual Counseling U 617-524-7072

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 48


Questions? Astrologer Eric Linter has answers. Changes in relationships, career, health, finances or spiritual practice are inevitable. Eric’s clarity will help you stay on the right path. His insights help you better understand and appreciate life’s challenges. His clients say Eric Linter is “profound and enlightening” and “one of the best astrologers on the East Coast.”

Eric, a professional astrologer for 25 years, works with individuals, couples and businesses. Specialties include career moves, personal creativity and karmic relationships. Consultations are available in person, by telephone, or on cassette. Eric also offers classes, lectures and appearances at parties and special events. For more information and to schedule a private session, contact Eric by email or call: X 508-541-4115 X

CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE! Our new Healing Center features a spacious 1000 sq. ft., sun-filled yoga studio, private and peaceful massage and acupuncture treatment rooms, and a serene meditation space that also hosts workshops. For appointments and information, please call:


“I learned more from one session than I did from 5 years of analysis.”

617-965-6440 945 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, MA you achieve your goals in life — for love, relationships and finances.

- J.G., Cambridge, MA

Offering S Healing with Reiki sessions

Bookstores and Gift Shops Witch Owned and Operated Ritual Supplies G Crystals G Gemstones Jewelry G Incense G Candles G Gifts Mediums and Spiritual Counselors on staff Various classes and workshops! 78 N. Washington St, N. Attleborough, MA 508-643-3400 G 877-33-WITCH

S Spiritual sessions with angels and your

guides/a loved one

Learn to Love your Life At Bhavna’s Wellness Group, we help you to connect with yourself at different levels. We believe in realeasing and taking care of all of your stresses in every aspect of your life. We help you to rediscover who you really are, to help you to grow and to be happy and loving in life. S Have a thirst for more spirituality? S Do you feel you are an older soul? S Do you feel you deserve happiness now but

are stuck and don’t know what to do next? Join our Advanced Spirituality and Goal Achievement Course. Clear your negative karmas from all your past lives and receive connection with the Universe, let them help

Crystals G Books G Jewelry G Statuary Incense G Gifts and More!

Chair Massage G Classes Workshop and Events 122 West Emerson St., Melrose, MA G 781-665-8844


S Licensed mental health counselor support S Make more money, save more money

with a financial professional S Learn Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

Join the weekly unique divine/chakra/angel meditation every Tue. eve. from 6-8 pm. Free monthly support group for cancer and heart patients ~ Free 20 min. Reiki sessions Summer Solstice, June 20: Golden Light Retreat, 6-8 pm, cost $100 bring love and peace inside you and your lineage Always welcoming new members! Contact Bhavna at: S 774-242-2112

~ Multiple Synergistic Therapies ~

Psychic Readings G Reiki G IET

Metaphysical Shop

S Clearings, food detox programs

Discover Our Natural Approach To Wellness Check for upcoming events, classes and promotions Learn how to regain and maintain a happier and healthier life in an atmosphere of abundant support

Chiropractic BioPhysics Nutrition & Health Coaching S RE-SIZE-ME Whole Body Vibration S Postural Fitness Infrared Sauna S Thermography Massage S Mineral Clay Therapy Integrative Energy S Kundalini Yoga Svaroopa Yoga S Meditation Classes Reiki S Emotional Freedom Technique Energy Medicine Free Green/Health Workshops 201 Boston Post Rd. West, Marlborough, MA 508-460-0091


Certification Programs Include: Holistic Training, Earth Medicine, Reiki, Psychic Studies, Hypnotherapy, Gaiadon Heart, IET, workshops & much more


Wish your health care providers would work together to better understand the whole YOU? That’s what we do. All of our practitioners meet in a weekly Round Table to do just that. The result? More comprehensive treatment for you.


Usui & Karuna Reiki G Hypnotherapy BARS G Massage G Crystal Healing Integrated Energy Therapy G Ear Coning Inner Child Healing gift shop

Unique Jewelry G Healing Tools G Statues Crystal Bowls G Ritual Items G Angels Psychic and Medium

Hours: M-F 10 am-8 pm, S/S 10 am-6 pm 118 Washington Street, N. Easton, MA 508-230-3680


Acupuncture Therapeutic Massage Nutrition Counseling Chiropractic Custom Orthotics

Insurance Accepted! Most insurance plans accepted for acupuncture, chiropractic & nutrition counseling. We accept all health flex spending cards for ALL of our services. 102 Shore Drive, Worcester, MA 508.853.7500 Centers continued

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 49

Centers continued OPEN DOORS

Largest New Age Store in New England

Hot Power Yoga and Gentle Yoga Classes YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

Private Readings Tarot, Psychic or Mediumship Telephone Readings or Walk-Ins

Massage | Aesthetics Polarity | RYSE

200 & 500 Hours u 14 Yoga Studio Locations

Huge selection of health-related products, jewelry and metaphysical needs

Dorchester, Roslindale, Easton, Westwood, Canton, Braintree, No. Attleboro, No.Scituate, Plymouth, Duxbury, Hingham, Weymouth, Hanover, E. Bridgewater

395 Washington Street, Braintree, MA Store open daily, 9 am - 9 pm, 7 days a week

You deserve an education that honors who you are and who you are becoming. u 781-843-8224

A great education is spiritually transforming: You overcome your limitations and realize your highest potential, at the same time you learn the foundation and skills to succeed. Excellent education is not by chance; it comes from years of listening to employers, graduates and students to find the best way to teach the most valuable information to make you successful. As a leader in energy medicine and

We are a nonprofit Center devoted to teaching meditation and exploring Advaita, the spiritual tradition of self-realization. To learn more about us, go to our website or visit us at our lovely, historic house in Waltham. Ample parking and wheelchair accessibility. Wednesday Evening Open Meditation Introductory Classes Reading Groups and other Activities

Ipswich • Plymouth • Westboro

Full-time, part-time and hourly space available for rent.

214 Market Street, Brighton, MA 02135 617-787-3511

Children's Health Services self-esteem, guide them in learning to relate effectively with others and foster their natural enthusiasm for learning. S Child-centered preschool program S Nurturing, small group setting

At Small Miracles Preschool the unique spirit of each child is acknowledged and cherished. Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive environment where children thrive in an atmosphere of security and mutual respect. We strive to nurture children’s

S Developmentally appropriate, standards-

based curriculum S Ages 2.9 to 5 S Two or three days, 9 option available)


- 1



Ellen Kerstein, M.S. in Ed S Holliston, MA S 508-429-5764

Classes, Certifications & Schools exclusively or incorporated into your healing practice. Two-year certification program. To learn more, or for free home study course and more information including course descriptions, certification requirements, and links to online videos and teleseminars, please visit: Energy workers : Learn advanced protocols for applying therapeutic gems

50 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Accredited. Licensed. Financial Aid available for qualified students. 800-262-8530 v

three extended weekends and allows students to move into the monthly weekend Level 2 program starting in October. We have offered this training for 30 years in the Pioneer Valley. Full program information is available on our The Synthesis Center website, as well as the dates for free introductory sessions.

Acupuncture Chiropractic Colon Hydrotherapy Massage Couples Counseling Hypnotherapy Reiki EMDR Psychotherapy Reflexology

The Synthesis Center Professional Training in Psychosynthesis

limited openings available

Programs take from 4 to 12 months, depending on your schedule: Full-time, mother’s hours or part-time evenings.

28 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA 02451 G 781-647-0020 Se rvices

Center for Complementary Medicine and Holistic Therapies

energy based education since 1980, Nancy Risley recognizes that your education is a transformational healing process. As a successful therapist, author and teacher, her vision is to help you realize your dream of work that is creative and supports all aspects of who you are. Whether you work in a spa, clinic, or have your own business, you gain the required skills to create satisfaction as well as increased flexibility, control and income. The next step to fulfilling your future is to call for a no obligation, information interview with our Career Advisor. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your future.


Psychosynthesis is a holistic, transpersonal model of human development integrating psychology and spirit in the healing arts. It is a path of transformation and healing, with the goal of supporting the conscious evolution of all people. The Center offers two Professional Training programs in psychosynthesis for all helping professionals and students. The Professional Training Program, taught in person in Amherst, MA teaches psychosynthesis theory, the principles of holistic guiding (counseling) and the process of psychological and spiritual development. The program provides an in-depth theoretical and practical training as well as intensive personal, professional and spiritual growth. This training is open to those actively engaged in or studying any of the helping professions. The application of psychosynthesis reaches across professions, from psychotherapy, to education, the arts, pastoral work, business and more. This is a comprehensive two to three-year program that leads to certification as a Certified Psychosynthesis Practitioner (CPP). CEU’s for social work and mental health counseling are available. As an adjunct, people in this training will also be eligible for Psychosynthesis Life Coach Certification. The next Level I program begins in the Summer of 2014. The program is offered in

The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coaching is a nationally certified, coach training program. The next program starts in the Fall of 2014. This program will train people in psychosynthesis coaching and leads to a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) certification through the Center and to the prestigious and nationally certified Board Certified Coach (BCC). The program is offered via teleconference and prepares people to work in the expanding field of life and business coaching and its many variations. The emerging field of life coaching embraces the concept of positive psychology and resilience, with an emphasis on the power of each individual to change. Psychosynthesis has long had a strong affiliation with these principles. Visit our “Find A Coach” page on the website below to see some of the many ways psychosynthesis coaches are working in the world. In both our programs, we hope to facilitate the process of creating right livelihood for those who feel called to be of service to others. Free Introductory Sessions: Several teleconference introductions will be offered for those interested in joining the Transformational Life Coaching program. For details on the program and to register for an introductory session, visit our coaching website at The Synthesis Center e Amherst, MA e 413-256-0772

v Professional Reflexology Certification and Approved Continuing Education in Reflexology, Massage, and Reiki v Integrative techniques give students a strong foundation and create a balanced treatment style v Students qualify as professional therapists upon completion

Training Programs to complement all medical and holistic modalities Aaron & Sue Singleton, Founders

Internationally renowned Medical Intuitives, Authors, Visionaries, Inventors and Founders of The Energy of Life® (EOL) Integrative and Intuitive Healing Process, Sue and Aaron Singleton offer a diverse variety of Training Programs to complement all medical and holistic modalities, and to empower practitioners and laypersons. EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process for

Creating a Life You Love! Workshop Series A totally unique intuitive development and healing process that transforms lives for healers, doctors, executives, and fulltime parents. Apply the EOL Process alone, or to enhance Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc. The EOL Process for Discernment is prerequisite for medical intuitive training with Sue Singleton.

Our goal is to act as a bridge between complimentary and conventional medicine through the training of qualified holistic practitioners. Join us! ~ Now teaching Reflexology at ~ Hyannis, MA Cortiva Massage School in Watertown, MA v 508-317-3044 v

trauma and illness, without relying solely on linear meridian techniques. Learn powerful protocols for deeper, more rapid release of the Root Cause. Our easy to learn 60-point number system includes detailed diagrams; no prior acupressure experience or knowledge required. EOL Rings of Oden™ Net-Neutral Ionic

Technology for Quantum Healing: Revolutionary technology imbedded in The Rings of Oden accelerates light resonance and provides modulating energy frequencies for healing. Users resport rapid resolution of chronic pain, injuries, glaucoma, chronic emotional patterns and illnesses. The Rings combine Crop Circles, and DNA Holographic Re-Patterning to create specific vortices and frequencies for various conditions and spiritual transformation. Powerful for self-healing, as well as helping others. Other Workshops and Programs EOL Radical Hands-On Healing™ F Introduction to Medical Intuition F BioMorphic Geometry™ F Stone Play™ Crystal Matrix Technology

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Intensive 7 Month Herbal Apprenticeships Training with Facial, Tongue, and Pulse Diagnosis ❖ Monthly Medicinal Plant Walks ❖ Aromatherapy Certification ❖ Weekend Intensives and Evening Classes ❖ Advanced

Herbal Classes

Ongoing Classes, Medicinal Plant Walks

A Workshop with Ascended Masters with Ed Langan At this empowering workshop we will explore: F Spiritual connection F Law of Attraction F Money F Relationships F Who we really are F Moving along our spiritual path

Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies Instructor Linda Patterson offers over 20 years of experience in the science, art and principles of herbalism and aromatherapy.

Herbal Workshops and Seminars Herbal Apprenticeship

e 750 Main Street, Boylston, MA 01505 508-869-0545 a

Ed Langan is a spiritual intuitive, teacher, author and life coach. He has the ability to allow his inner being, and his guides, along with your guides, to speak through him. Here is your chance to ask questions to ascended masters. Every workshop is different and unique depending on the desires and energy of the participants. For times and dates of the workshops in the greater Boston area go to: Ed is also available for coaching.

Ongoing certification courses offered throughout the northeast including: ✴ 7-Month Herbal Certification ✴ 4-Month European-Based Aromatherapy Introduction ✴ 4-Month Advanced Aromatherapy Course ✴ 3-Month Conscious Nutrition Course ✴ Palmistry a tool of diagnoses 978-297-4502

their Family Lineage. Each weekend is a complete immersion into the major themes that are universal to all human beings: Father’s Lineage, Mother’s Lineage, Sibling Relationships, Effects of Illness, Disease and Death, Effects of Migration and Immigration, Conflict, War and Religion, Romantic Relationships (previous and current).

21 Water Street, Amesbury, MA 01913 978-834-0341

Advanced Training

Spiritual Connection

Classes as online webinars, DVDs/CDs, home-study manuals, and in-person in MA/CT.

Affordable Herbal Education Throughout the Year

Herbal Apprenticeships

Herbal Education Center

Your source for organic, high quality dried herbs and teas


EOL Visionary Acupressure System

Workshop Series This fusion of ancient and modern techniques makes a quantum leap to address

sibili t n

s tie

New England Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies

v Courses meet state and national standards; CE’s approved from ARCB and NCBTMB. School is licensed by Commonwealth of MA, Dept. of Education


Classes, Certifications and Schools continued

Medicinal Plant Walks: June 1, June 22 Aromatherapy Certification Course: Begins Sept. 21 For more information on all of our classes, see Arlington, MA ❖ 781.646.6319

Supporting World Peace, One Family at a Time The Constellation Approach™ is a healing modality that evolves consciousness in relation to your Family Lineage. The process combines Energy Medicine, Family Constellation methodology and Spiritual Awareness. The Approach opens the heart, shifts your perception, and brings about inner peace regardless of your current relationship with family members or knowledge of your family history.

“My constellation changed everything with me and my mother!” ~ Kathren Saturday Public Seminars are open to participation in The Constellation Approach™ and learning about Family Lineage Healing. You will have the opportunity to observe Constellations, be a representative within the Family Energy Field of a Constellation and possibly set up your own Constellation. Space is limited to assure an intimate and sacred experience. See Calendar listings for upcoming Saturday Seminars.

“I feel peace in my heart for the first time in months.” ~ Barbara

“I had no idea of the love that I could feel in relation to my family.” ~ William

The Immersion Program is offered over seven weekends held between Oct. 2014 and May 2015. Appropriate for those with a serious interest in embarking on a personal journey of transformation in relation to

Private Constellations Sessions available with Peter or Jamy in person, by phone or Skype. Jamy and Peter Faust F 617-484-4325 Classes, Certifications and Schools continued

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 51

Classes, Certifications and Schools continued

The (W)hole Point Institute The heart of The Wisdom WAY™ is the point at which our psychology intersects with our spirituality. This point is the space in which we awaken — for real. Alaya Chadwick has drawn on her 28+ years of experience to develop The Wisdom WAY™, a personal, practical, self-sustainable map and method for personal and spiritual growth. Found in The Wisdom WAY™ are the tools you can use to Walk Awake saying Yes to life. Oftentimes we feel like we are simply sleepwalking through life. We find ourselves responding to people and experiences as if we are on “auto pilot.” We can feel like we have little energy or joy in our lives. We may wonder, “How do we wake up?” The Wisdom WAY™ is the skeleton found inside most healing modalities, including conventional therapy and alternative practices. What makes this WAY different is that you are the expert. By following the map using your own life experiences, you unravel the mysteries of yourself and reveal the wonder you truly are on all levels — emotional, physical, and spiritual.

The (W)hole Point Institute offers a wide range of self-development experiences, healing opportunities, and empowerment trainings for individuals and couples or partners. These workshops are both experiential and educational and are offered in group and/or one-on-one settings. Additionally, there are intensive apprenticeship programs which offer personal in-depth study. 2-Day Intensive (W)hole Workshops Learn practical tools to reveal your own unique pathway to (W)holeness. 2-Day PAIRing™ Workshops (People Activating Intimate Relating™) Open to couples and singles, this workshop is for those who wish to bring their relationships to a deeper level of self-appreciation and intimate union. One-on-One (W)hole Life Coaching Relationship Intensives for Couples Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship Reiki Level I and II classes Learn this ancient healing art to support yourself and those around you. …and much, much more! NASW-approved CEU’s available “Alaya Chadwick is able to put ‘hands and feet’on extremely complex concepts in a way which connects them to the living reality of everyday life.” — Martha Harrell, MSN, Ph.D. Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick M.Div., MSW., L.I.C.S.W., Reiki Master,

Author of: Wake up to your (W)hole Life Raymond, NH r 603-895-4530

Join our yoga community as we study, practice and share the transformative benefits of Yoga. All levels of ability and experience are welcome to an environment that is safe and open to diversity in body, mind and spirit. Therapeutic, scientific and heartcentered in our approach, we unite in our desire to understand and live Yoga’s five branches.

• 200 and 500 Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training • Meditation Training • Yoga classes offered daily • Monthly Workshops

Julie Rost, Director

• Weekend Intensives

your Inner Joy Transformation Coaching with Gwen Irwin V What changes have you been putting off

because you can’t seem to get started? V Why wait to change your life?

We all have areas of our life we would like to transform — weight, health, career, finances, or relationships, to name a few. I am trained in many modalities designed to help guide you through your process — EFT (Meridian Tapping), Andy Dooley’s Vibration Activation™, NLP, Holistic Health Education through Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Reiki, and I am a certified Infinite Possibilities

Coaching find “us” again with Come Back to Love Coach™

Robyn Vogel Private Coaching, Intimate Puja Circles, Workshops

52 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Rediscover the true connection that ignited your passion for each other when you met. Tantric intimacy coaching and psychotherapy tools will help you find the “us” again in your relationship. phone/text: 508-380-9254

Get in touch today! Contact me to set up a complimentary 20 min. phone consultation to see how I can help you. Sessions available via phone and in person. Visit my website to learn more and to pick up a copy of my free weight loss guide. V 978-462-3052

Consciousness Transformation Andrea Seiver, Ph.D. Channeled Readings Classes Have you spoken with an ascended master recently? Vywamus, channeled by Andrea Seiver, is a master and teacher who is working to help all humans make the shift into the higher levels of consciousness. Readings with Vywamus cover your life work, relationships, past lives, and other

issues with his characteristic warmth, humor, and practical advice. Channeled Classes and Spiritual Tutoring help you personally evolve and begin to live in a state of higher consciousness. Evenings with Vywamus: Vywamus shares his energy and discusses your questions on topics of general interest. Donation $10. Other Classes: Learn to Channel • Advanced Channeling For information, contact Andrea at 617-332-1541 • Available Now! The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness A Vywamus Book Read more at

Counseling and Therapy

8 Clifford Street, Exeter, NH v 603-479-3865

• Yoga Therapy Training

Trainer through Mike Dooley — featured teacher in the movie The Secret. I will lead you through your transformation using intuition to combine these tools and craft a process that works just for you. My specialty is coaching on weight loss and health through juicing and letting go of limiting beliefs about body, food, and diet. I have lost 60 plus pounds and have kept it off for good, transforming my health in the meantime. I can help you do the same!

Body-Centered Psychotherapy Listen to your body…follow your heart. The heart is the first organ to form in the body, and is the organizing factor for physical formation, including brain formation. Trauma, deprivation or neglect creates heart wounds, which keep us from accessing our deepest selves. Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) facilitates an emotional, energetic rewiring, helping us activate and express the power of the heart. Emotional safety,

words, touch, meditation, movement, presence and silence facilitate verbal and non-verbal expression. Meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, self-esteem, purpose and passion, love, intimacy and sexuality follow. Straight, GLBT and poly-friendly. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups Sunday nights in Newton. Apprenticeship training. Books: Living with Vision, and Healing the War Between the Genders Blog: Mediation for couples and families. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups. Apprenticeship training. Newton, MA 617-965-7846

Barbara Madden Johnson M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C. Do you have a belief that, inside of you, you have the potential that yearns to be released? For most, a fleeting glimpse is all they’ll ever have. For others, there is a way. Just imagine…releasing your true potential. Work­ing together, one-on-one, you can over-

come problems that have kept you from achieving your goals and desires. Unlock your potential! Restore inner bal­ance! Come alive! Barbara Madden Johnson, M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C., a certified master practitioner and licensed trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, has over 25 years experience helping individuals with: u Career and identity is­sues u Immune and autoimmune illnesses u Chronic fatigue syndrome u Depression u Learning disabilities and ADD u Relationships u NLP Certification Training Program u Bel­mont, MA. Some insurance accepted. For an appointment, call 617-484-1716.

Weekly Group and Various Workshops Offered

Glenn utilizes heart-centered therapeutic techniques, and at times powerfully combines hypnosis and psychotherapy. This method is safe, effective and faster than using only talk therapy. The results will amaze you! You’ll notice a huge change in your life as he works with you to make your goals a reality. Don’t wait! Call now to set up your FREE initial consultation. It’s time to create the change you desire.

Conveniently located near the commuter rail in Needham. Just a short drive from Rte. 128/I-95 617-462-6642

Helping People Live Better Lives Glenn Bigonet, M.A. Mental Health Counselor Clinical Hypnotherapist

Holistic Counseling Concepts

Learn perspectives for living and loving that expect opportunities even during challenging times. You can’t thrive on problems but you can thrive on the wisdom, understanding and compassion gained from them.

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed.

Dr. Trish Whynot is a holistic counselor, speaker and author of “Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT? Finding Opportunity in Your Obstacles.” Visit for ordering information.

Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education Dr. Trish Whynot’s way incorporates ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling, meditative

techniques and wise guidance that comes through the Mineral Kingdom. Eliminate the root of physical, social, and financial problems: Discover, address, and release issues blocking health and wealth. G View relationship discord and illness as opportunities for growth and change. G Open to an array of extraordinary futures. G

“What im­pres­sed me about Dr. Trish Whynot was her ability to see through the chaos of life’s web and identify the root cause of any problem.” — Bob Olson, Editor,

Holistic Psychotherapy Dedicated to the freedom to explore and express the authentic self.

Jonathan Chisholm, MA Present moment awareness is the technique and goal of this psychotherapeutic process. Healing begins as you learn to be fully aware of and respectful to your own inner state while being present with another person. In this way, you can learn to let go of old relational habits and the self-limiting beliefs that lead to them. You can genuinely address various addictions and learn to release the traumas and hurts that underlie them. Emotions that were once overwhelming become

Center of the Heart Whole Health Integration

Joan Holzman, Psy. D. Lic. Psychologist, Lic. Marriage and Family Therapist Dance/Movement Therapist From the time we are very young we take life’s experiences to heart. Over time we may forget our core, hurts and feelings, but they remain with us. Our heartfelt experiences help shape our sense of self and our interactions with others.

Life Coaching

This work must be done gently. You will need the guidance of someone who will keep you on task but at the same time allow you to go at a pace that feels safe. You need someone you can learn to trust. We enter into a collaboration that is itself a form of meditation. By learning to be present to each other in the therapeutic setting, a new possibility for being in the world emerges. 100 Lafayette St, Pawtucket, RI 02860 401-952-0142

I offer a variety of modalities such as: EMDR, Sandtray Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Therapeutic Movement & Psychotherapy to help heal our core issues and attain a more integrated sense of health and well being. I look forward to meeting you. Client Comments: s Sandtray – “Sand tray therapy helped me see my life more clearly.” s EMDR – “I had insights I never had before.” s Therapeutic Movement – “It was great to feel the freedom in my body after working with you.” 42 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA 01742 978-369-6138

Healing and Bodywork 22-Strand DNA Activation

Workshops and Sessions Available In Office, Phone or Skype Middleton, MA G G 978-314-4545

a guide to who you are and what you need from life. As you begin to respect your feelings and perceptions as valid, you realize you are free to live your life in a way that naturally flows from who you are. You become yourself.

Bring your Divine Blueprint into Physical Plane Manifestation and experience greater empowerment, improved health (mental, emotional physical and spiritual), increased utilization of your brains potential, greater creativity, and increased energy and clarity.

Also, bring forth your greatest talents and abilities, clear many karmic and genetic patterns, hold greater amounts of light in your physical body, and much more. Great for those who feel ready to shift out of those “stuck” areas into tremendous empowerment, improved health on all levels, and living your higher destiny agreements and highest potentials. Rev. Claire Luft Master Teacher/Master Healer Ancient Mystery School Guide & Ritual Master Heart's Singing Healing Center, Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 v

Improve motivation, accomplish tasks & more

Holistic Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Lori Miller-Freitas, LICSW

Holistic Psychotherapy/Clinical Consultation

Experience reiki healing and crystal therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Using extensive professional experience to resolve issues related to: Trauma, Grief, PTSD, Anxiety and Phobias, ADD.

Get to the core — Transform your life! You are on this earth to be happy and realize your true potential.

Certifications: LICSW, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. Visa/MC acccepted.

EMDR R TAT R Hypnosis R Reiki I use a combination of traditional, body centered and energy therapies to increase the speed and deepen the level of holistic healing.

294 Pleasant St. R Ste. 103B R Stoughton, MA 781-297-2003

Serving Northeast Massachusetts from Boston to Ipswich and Rockport

Briana M. Piaz za reiki master practitioner

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us or visit: F 781-629-9659 F Healing and Bodywork continued

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 53

Healing and Bodywork continued

Patricia Warren Reiki Jin Kei Do


✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

New Englands most InternationallyExperienced Reiki Master since 1989 Patricia has taught healing techniques of Buddhist, Sikhs and Christians for over 25 years. She is the appointed East Coast representative of Reiki Jin Kei Do ~ Buddho Healing, authentic and advanced teachings of Usui Reiki in the lineage of Buddhist Monk Seiji Takamori. Patricia was the first woman to teach Reiki in the former Soviet

Bringing complimentary and alternative care to our community... We are a dedicated and professional group of practitioners providing compassionate care to assist our clients on their journey to wellness.

Union, returning 13 times, as well as to thousands of people in medical, religious and educational settings throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Middle East since 1989.

✦ ✦ S

All Levels of Reiki Jin Kei Do Training Buddho Healing (advanced Reiki classes) “His Garments Hem” Christian Healing Touch Gung Fu Chinese Tea Ceremonies Past Life Regression Justice of the Peace Spiritual Director S














67 West Street, Medfield, MA 508-359-7400

S Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 1 CD S

Reiki Jin Kei Do CD $16 S















Patricia Warren, Reiki Master Teacher 508-528-5888 ✦

Healing in Harmony A Massage Therapy and Wellness Center


Libby Barnett, MSW, RMT Awaken Your Healing Touch Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable Reiki Master with 33 years experience. Libby learned Reiki from John Harvey Gray in 1979, and is the longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher on the East Coast. Her book, Reiki Energy Medicine, Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital, and Hospice has sold over 70,000 copies in five languages. Use Reiki to create more joy, ease, and happiness. Let Libby’s warm, heart-centered approach help you take your next step toward self-love and inner peace. Reiki brings balance and harmony, supporting you doing the work you were born to do. Reiki facilitates transitions, promotes creativity and wisdom, and accelerates spiritual growth, helping you manifest your magnificence. Libby has been teaching Reiki at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for 14 years. She has taught medical and nursing students at Harvard, Brown, Tufts, and Yale, as well as staff at Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, Beth Israel, Mt. Auburn, Emerson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Southern New Hampshire, New York Columbia Presbyterian hospitals, and social workers at the University of Maryland. Libby was featured in a Reiki segment for the PBS nationally televised series, Body and Soul. “Libby has a beautiful way of teaching and creates a perfect atmosphere for healing and learning.”

54 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

Our offerings include Acupuncture and Cupping, Ear Candling, Facial Rejuvination, Holistic Health Coaching, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Massage Therapy, Reflexology Reiki, Polarity, Eden Energy Healing, Wardrobe Consulting/Coaching and Holistic Life Counseling. And if all that wasn’t enough... crystals and gifts too!

One of Libby’s passions is teaching hospice staff and volunteers. Fueled by Reiki energy, their healing touch is enhanced, creating greater effectiveness in calming agitation, soothing pain and providing comfort. In class, a powerful slide presentation captures the essence of Reiki and highlights the latest research. Reiki stories from Libby’s extensive experience will uplift and inspire you, showing how anyone can learn Reiki. You receive attunements and practice giving and receiving Reiki. You leave class with an illustrated notebook, certificate, and Reiki pin, fully trained and certified to do Reiki on yourself, family, friends, and animals. “Hands on, Reiki’s on.” "My commitment to teach the Usui System of Reiki Healing in the authentic, traditional manner inspired me to visit Japan to retrace the roots of Reiki. I am dedicated to teaching this sacred healing art to promote health and conscious living on the planet. I invite you to give yourself the gift of Reiki. It is an easy, effective self-care tool to love, heal, and empower yourself. I look forward to meeting you and sharing Reiki.” Reiki I, Boston Area Classes: Newton, MA: Sept. 20 Concord, MA: June 21 or Oct. 18 Reiki I, Wilton, NH Classes: May 31 or Sept. 27 Reiki II Class on day following Reiki I Class Reiki Master, Wilton, NH Classes: Oct. 11; Graduates of other Reiki teachers welcome. All credit cards accepted. Social Work, Nursing and Massage contact hours/CEU’s available. Reiki Master Teacher Training info available on request. To register or for more information: • 603-654-2787

Kristy Taylor LMT

Nationally Certified, Reiki Master

Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage Swedish Massage Y Deep Tissue Massage Soul Massage (Swedish & Reiki combo) Hot Stone Massage Y Pregnancy Massage Shirodhara Y Reiki Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Cupping Massage Y Chakra Balancing $10 Discount for First Time Clients

Experience integration of body, mind, heart and spirit. Choose your path to wellness and be present for every step of the journey.

185 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI 401-949-5533

The John Harvey Gray Center for

Lourdes was initiated by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1996 after intensive one-on-one training by John Harvey Gray. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes has taught over 700 Reiki workshops and trained more than 8,000 Reiki students to date and serves as the director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Each workshop consists of two full days of learning and hands-on practice. You will immediately be able to effectively channel Reiki healing energy for yourself, others and pets. In Reiki First Degree you will:

Reiki Healing

Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. Awaken your healing skills immediately and be a powerful channel for Reiki energy! The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing was established by John Harvey Gray and Dr. Lourdes Gray in 1996 to empower and develop a student’s capacity for healing. The Center offers the most thorough Reiki healing training available, ‘with no cut corners’, as it was taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. John Harvey Gray received his entire Reiki training from Hawayo Takata. He was one of the original 22 Reiki Master Teachers trained by her. He was also the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the Western Hemisphere until his passing into spirit on January 12, 2011.

✴ Quickly and easily develop your natural,

intuitive powers. Within minutes, be able to scan and feel a person’s aura and chakras for analysis. ✴ Effectively treat any condition with Reiki energy— physical, emotional or spiritual, chronic or acute. ✴ Immediately be an effective Reiki healer, confidently bringing comfort and calm to family, friends, clients and pets ✴ Receive a training manual & certificate. The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing P.O. Box 696, Rindge, NH 03461 Visa/MC Accepted See Full Class Schedule: ✴ 603-899-3288

Healing and Bodywork continued

Experience colon hydrotherapy in a safe, relaxed environment using state-of-the-art FDA registered equipment.

HeartFelt Herbals & Healing

Stephanie Dumas

V Herbal Consultations

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Owner

Lexington Medical Building 16 Clarke Street, Lexington, MA Cleansing for the body, the mind, the spirit

V Shamanic Energy Healing V Health Coaching 781-860-5116

V Reiki

Classes and Workshops In-person and distance work

As an herbalist and shamanic practitioner, my goal is to help my clients regain their health and bring joy into their lives. I treat each client individually, with specific herbs, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. A shamanic healing session can help heal trauma, emotional issues and karmic issues, and remove blockages to health and wholeness. D eb Fate - M ental

Community Herbalist & Shamanic Practitioner 114 Water St. Bldg #3, Milford, MA 01757 774-232-2343 V

Divine Intervention is “Where the Impossible Becomes Possible.”

Divine Intervention

Spontaneous Remission Advanced Energetic Hands on Healing from the Mayan Lineage. Miraculous Healing for all issues that require attention.

Rev. Claire Luft is a Master Healer and Master Teacher of Divine Intervention Healing. This healing technique is sacred, powerful, and produces Physical Plane Results.

Sessions available in West Boylston MA, and by phone and Skype

Heart’s Singing Healing Center Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 u

Access the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Hypnosis susan powell, lmt Certified Hypnotherapist Reiki Practitioner

Change harmful habits & negative patterns Lose weight

Healing: Combined Modalities

Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual light

Leontine Hartzell is a trained shamanic practitioner and counselor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, certified therapeutic ener­gy healer, crystal and sound therapist, plant spirit medicine practitioner, psychic channeler, and legally ordained minister. With the help of her spirit guides,

Peggy Huddleston’s

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop™ R

Reduce anxiety


Use less pain medication


Heal faster

Marianne Hennigan, RN Reiki & Matrix Energetics Practitioner Marianne is certified in Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop™. This is a one-hour workshop, offered either in person or by phone.

Leontine uses soul retrieval, removal and healing of energy blocks, chakra balancing, intuitive counseling, guided imagery, and energy healing methods to heal posttraumatic stress and related disorders, depression, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, grief, and addictive behaviors. Past life issues and current life traumas that affect the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health are healed to allow the client to move into a life of joy and fulfillment. Private Sessions Long-distance Healing r Phone Readings Workshops and Classes Andover, MA r r 978-475-1268

“Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster empowers patients to lead the way to recovery.” – Mehmet Oz, MD Host, Dr. Oz Show

“…Peggy Huddleston’s workshop should be in the hands of everyone having surgery.” – Christiane Northrup, MD Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,

“I recommend Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster to all who require surgery and want to recover faster.”

– Andrew Weil, MD Author, Spontaneous Happiness

A family member/friend may accompany for free.

Overcome fears and anxiety

508 414-2619

Increase confidence and more...



massage THERAPY

Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage Therapy in a relaxing, professional atmosphere. Lila Reader, RN, LMT, I-ACT Certified 43 Hatherly Road, Rockland, MA 02370 Conveniently located 2 miles from Exit 14 off of Route 3.

Cornerstone Therapeutics F 781-775-7352

Vibrational Transformation Cheryl Wright

We are vibrational beings. Your Vibrational Frequency informs your entire reality. Vibrational Transformation is a process whereby vibrations are introduced into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies for transformation.

By increasing your Vibrational Frequency, you’ll transform the denser, heavier energies within your system allowing you to: G

Embody and reveal who you truly are


Unleash your innate gifts, talents and abilities

G Come back into harmony with your true

desires in all areas of your life

Offices in Watertown, MA and Cumberland, RI Available in-person or by phone 617-448-8749 G R 774-278-0298 Healing: Combined Modalities continued

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 55

Healing: Combined Modalities continued

intuitive HEALING

Wendy Marks

M.Ed, C.A.S., FAPA R Medical intuitive sessions, energy heal-

ing and integrative therapy R 30 years of experience in traditional and complementary healthcare

Light & Love


Reconnective Healing,® The Reconnection® & The Reconnection® Healing with Animals

Give yourself, your loved one or beloved animal a Reconnective Healing,® uniquely customized by the intelligence of the universe, whereby you or they will receive what is needed — emotional, spiritual or physical healing, not merely just what you think you should have.

Do you need healing or solutions for any life issues?

Katalin Matyus, MS, MA

R Improve your physical, mental, and

spiritual health R Works with individuals to develop their

ORION’S GATEWAY to Healing & Greater Consciousness

Harry Kroner CHt, QHHTP R Certified Past life Regression

Therapist R Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner R Clinical Hypnotherapist


Specializing in EMDR and “parts work”

own intuitive skills “As a healer, I work with individuals in a way that consciously promotes a peaceful and healthy planet. Our healing work takes place despite the conflicts that wash over us in our daily lives. By healing ourselves we create changes that have a ripple effect on the world around us.” R 781-449-5368

v Meditation Teacher

The Reconnection is the activation of a human being’s innate ability to serve as an instrument of healing, to access a shift in consciousness that allows us to recognize, feel, absorb and transmit an expanded level of the universal healing intelligence.

v Sound Healer v Past Life Regression



Reconnective Healing 401-323-7664


Intuitive Guidance R R


REIKI T RECONNECTIVE HEALING VOICE T MOVEMENT Visit our welcoming, tranquil space in northern Rhode Island on the Massachusetts state line for holistic sessions, transformative retreats and Reiki training classes.

Amanda de Rezendes

Reiki Master Teacher 508-612-7083 North Smithfield, RI T T

Life Coaching R

Personal Development Classes R

R Beverly, MA v 978-969-2513

Rev. Natalia de Rezendes

® RUSSELL RICCIO r 603-935-9106

Psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga, shamanism and past life regression can assist us in living in an embodied way and in moment-to-moment awareness, can heal wounds and deepen connection to spirit. This is what I teach. This is how I help others to heal.

v Shamanic Practitioner

The objective of The Reconnection® is to return the body to balance, while tapping into the universal healing intelligence.

Energy Healing R

Holistic Medical

Healing Music & Performance R R

Certified Akashic Records Consultant and HBLU Therapist Practitioner of the Reconnection & Reconnective Healing Singer / Writer, Dancer / Instructor

denise koelsch, LICSW

Dance Classes & Therapy R Call: 857-488-2871

Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine Dr. Jody E. Noé MS, ND

Past Life Regression and Healing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Consult your Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Angels Discover your Purpose and Lessons in Life Soul Healing and Releasing Release issues of Mind, Body, and Soul

Dr. Jody E. Noé, MS, ND is a Licensed, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, fulltime, academic and clinical faculty at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a published natural medicine researcher. Dr. Noé has been in practice for over 15 years and is a specialist in Integrative Medicine, and Naturopathic Oncology.

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained at accredited naturopathic medical schools, which are 4-year post graduate medical schools accredited by the US Dept. of Education. These medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care doctors where they can order labs, diagnostics and diagnostic imaging, perform physical examinations, and refer to specialists when indicated. A naturopathic doctor uses natural complementary and alternative therapies, in conjunction with, or in place of, conventional medicine, based on the individual. 101 West Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT v 860-495-5688

Call us or visit our website for more information. R 508-740-9745

R Clear stressful energy from home/office


R Balance geopathic stressors R Clear the energy of past relationships

Safe, effective, non-toxic, no side effects

R Clear out the energy of those

Support your intention for change with a Golden Ray Clearing You are intimately connected to your home. As we clear your home, we work with your energetic field to clear areas that are draining your vitality.

56 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

who have passed R Relocate non-physical beings R Remove draining energetic influences R Prepare your home for sale/rental For more information: David Dobson: 207-749-9747 Kristine Schares: 207-749-9745

Does not interact with other medicines Brings rapid, gentle balance of the immune system Holistic approach to healing and wellness

VERA VOLFSON, CCH T 508.397.6098

Group Sessions and Classes


Mediumship and Spirit Art Demonstrations Akashic Records F Meditations Mediumship & Psychic Training Drawing in Spirit & more

perfect balance and harmony with the way nature intends for you to live! Every Bite You Take is Either Fighting Disease or Feeding it!

Briana Piazza

certified health coach Are you fed up with feeling crappy? Controlled by cravings and food addictions?

Let’s talk, and together we can: F Reduce the risk of chronic disease F Lift that mental fog F Look fabulous


It’s time for you to fall in love with YOU!!


Contact us today to schedule your FREE initial consultation!


Briana Piazza F Certified Health Coach

It’s time to commit to making the rest of your life, the BEST of your life. It’s time to release the inner you. The you that is in F 781-629-9659 F

Readings International Intuitive Soul Guide Evidential Medium v Psychic Channel v Teacher Medical Intuitive v Healer Energetic Artist v Holistic Chef Available on Skype, phone or at my home in MetroWest. Private sessions or group parties. Includes mp3 ($60 1/2 hr or $100/hr) ~ Accurate and Informative Readings ~ 619-368-EDEN v 619-368-3336

Nancy Johansen RN, CCH, RMT

Psychic Intuitive S Angel Therapy Practitioner ®

Psychic Readings & Healings G Are you lost? Confused? Worried? G Searching for your soulmate? G Looking for peace of mind or guidance?

Crystal is a well known psychic and healer for over 25 years, serving the Boston area and beyond. With just your name, Crystal can provide a detailed reading of the past, present and future.


Spiritual connection Psychic Mediumship Spirit Portraits of loved ones in Spirit Akashic Record Life Readings Session packages available

Psychic Reading Energetic Healing

Ongoing classes in BLU-e™, Intuitive Development and Chi Meditation. Only BLU-e™ Teacher in U.S. v v v

Discover your soul purpose Connect with your guides and loved ones Amplify your gifts of intuition, healing and creativity with BLU-e™ “Come experience a life lift, in a weekend workshop!” Higher Education details available at:

Connecting you with your Angelic Dream Team, creating your Happily Ever After Angel Readings S Past Life Regression Angel Therapy® S Reiki S Hypnotherapy

at Angeltouche


F Manage stress

Did you suddenly realize you may be on the path to chronic conditions (like diabetes and heart disease) and a life full of pills and hospital bills?


…In the presence of loving Angelic energy

F Crush cravings

Private sessions in person or distance by phone and e-mail. Classes and workshops ~ North Attleboro, MA S 508-577-4552

What is a Psychic Reading or Energetic Healing? A psychic reading (or intuitive reading) is an energetic reading performed by a person trained in clear seeing. The reader sees energy systems and pictures in your energtic space, which consists of aura, body and spirit. The reader will look at the energy and pictures around the issues or questions that you bring to the reading. They’ll tell you what they see, how it is affecting you and help you move beyond the things in your life that are holding you back. What do I need to do to prepare for my reading? To get the most benefit from your reading, prepare up to three questions or issues you’d like to focus on.

Kelle sutliff


Tarot Card Readings G Palm Readings Energy Readings G Guardian Angel Dream Interpretation Psychic Teacher G Metaphysical Expert Specializing in Twin Flame Uniting One call will tell all! Crystal is sure to give you answers where others have failed. G 617-306-8720 G Available for phone readings and parties.

psychic Medium | radio Show Host New Age Author Call for Readings: 978-420-8213 Z

Connecting to Spirit is your inspiration, sustenance and support for your life’s journey. Nancy gently guides you into a connection with spirit and your soul for guidance, healing and direction. Whether you want to connect with a loved one who has passed, or you have questions and challenges you want to work with, allow spirit to inspire you in a reading session with Nancy. Free inspirational “Wing Tips” on our website. Nancy Smith, Angelscapes

North Andover F F 978-835-0005

What are the benefits? People who experience psychic readings are often able to finally see the things in their lives that are holding them back. With this seeing comes a shift in energy. They can move beyond the limitations of their present and engage in a more present, intentional and happier life. What happens during my reading? The reading is very much like a one-onone meeting with a counselor or friend. If the reading is in person, you will sit facing the reader. The reader will be in a meditative space with eyes closed. During your reading, the reader will look at the energy (seen in pictures) around the issues or questions you have presented. The reader will tell you what they see, and how these pictures are affecting you. They will look at the origin of these pictures and why you are choosing to continue to react to them. They will help you move these issues out of your life. “What brings the human experience home to me is that we are more alike than we are different. The fact that we all share the same human experience is a beautiful thing.” — Daniel Geist T 508-413-9333

Kelle’s new book Listen Up! The Other Side Is Talking is available! Get your signed copy through her website (also available on every book source in the Universe!): “Kelle is a wonderful evidential medium and radio personality. Her new book is enlightening and entertaining and will open you up to the reality of spirit contact.” – Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer Have you had your Psychic Cup of Coffee today? Join Kelle on Tuesdays at 4 pm EST online at and get your psychic pick me up! Readings continued

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 57

Readings continued



Intuitive Guidance for Your Life

Internationally known for her work with people via phone, in person, and radio, Jocelyn has been helping and guiding others for over 24 yrs. Known for her ability to “cut to the quick” Jocelyn gives you information you can use for all aspects of your life.

If you are ready to take a journey into yourself and hear your story with fresh ears, you will come out with options, tools, and choices you may not have seen on your own. All sessions are recorded on audio cassette. ~ $25 off your first session. ~ For more information, call or email Jocelyn, Intuitive Consultant 978-694-8946

Retreats and Retreat Centers

EDEN MANOR SPIRITUAL CENTER Host Your Next Event at Eden Manor Eden Manor offers comprehensive support for Yoga and Spiritual retreats. Eden Manor is available for your week-long retreats, as well as shorter weekend and weekday retreats.

“I run Live, Love, Teach, week-long yoga teacher intensives, which go from 8 am to 7 pm each day. You can imagine the complex logistics required to manage such a program, then add the housing and food logistics. At Eden Manor, Bernadette managed every detail for us. Every meal was perfect. Every need was met. I highly recommend this beautiful retreat center.” – Philip Urso, Co-founder, “Live Love Teach” Yoga Teacher Training School

Visit our welcoming, tranquil space in the Central Massachusetts countryside for holistic, restorative, transformative retreats, programs and training sessions. Personalized attention T Labyrinth Nourishing meals T Meditation garden



Chill Out, Ease Stress & Restore Balance Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation!

Dedicated to natural products and services that enhance inner and outer beauty while preserving the Earth’s resources. We’ve united talent with beauty and style, concern for environmental sustainability, and passion for natural living to create an eco-friendly salon experience in the heart of Central, MA.

Wakefield, RI T T 401-792-8234

T Integrated Reiki™ training T Energetics Training T Private Integrated Healing Sessions T Monthly public Integrated Reiki™ clinics in partnership with Evoking Alchemy ( Day-long or overnight accommodations for individuals and small groups Formerly known as The Gathering Inn 82 Healdville Road, Hubbardston, MA 978-820-1139

The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism embraces a religious and spiritual belief blending ancient wisdom with contemporary thought. Conveniently located off Watertown Square at the Masonic Center, 32 Church St, services are held at 10:30 am every Sunday, with mediumship, live music, inspirational talks, and healing by the laying on of hands.

Free Wi-Fi

Vegan-Owned L Organic Hair, Nails Airbrush Makeup L Organic Body Products Weddings are our specialty!

58 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

508-754-7336 246 Commercial St., Worcester, MA


New Location! 232 Chandler St, Worcester, MA (upstairs from The Living Earth and Evo) 508-752-1727 538 Main St, Fiskdale (Sturbridge), MA Find us on Facebook! L 508-347-7273

As an evolving spiritual community, The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism offers weekday evening classes in mediumship, healing and meditation; Medium’s Day the 4th Saturday of every month; plus seminars and workshops throughout the year. For a detailed brochure, a listing of upcoming events, or to speak with the Pastor call 617-923-4334, or visit our website at: www.GreaterBostonChurchofSpiritualism. com. An affiliate of the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and the International Spiritualist Federation.

founder, received a deep and well-rounded training from Master Lai Hok Soon in Hong Kong and then as a disciple of Yang Sau Chung, first-born and heir of the legendary Yang Cheng Fu.

Voted Best Salon in Greater Sturbridge 2011-12


Beauty is more than skin deep and what you use on your body stays with you. We seek out organic products and our professional color and styling systems will always be non-toxic and ammonia-free.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness

Do your part — get Green Hair!

A Cruelty-Free Salon

3 Boston Road, Sutton, MA i 508-865-1141

Spiritual Practices

Salons and Spas


Skin care and hair care products for all skin types and hair care needs. Our whole team continues to keep up with the latest trends and state of the art techniques.

Contact Bernadette to book your next retreat.

Also offering:


Creative Strands

Enjoy a Thai Yoga Massage or enjoy a softer touch with a Swedish Massage. We also have Deep Tissue Massages and many more. Facials to fit every season.

Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation The oldest Tai Chi school in New England, the Gin Soon Tai Chi Club was founded in 1969, authorized by Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung to propagate Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan in North America. Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu,

The school has attracted many students from around the world with its traditional approach to training: individual attention, emphasis on correct forms, personal development, repetition, mutual respect, hard work, and integration of body, mind, and qi. All instruction is by Grandmaster Chu and his sons Master Vincent Chu and Gordon Chu. Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation 33 Harrison Ave., 2nd fl, Boston, MA 02111 617-542-4442 •

R aily ea

g din

The D


Classifieds CLASSES

Upper Cape Tech in Bourne, MA near Cape Cod Canal is a leading provider of career training offering culinary arts, technical, trade, nurse’s aide, health careers, computers, nail tech, wellness, paralegal, aromatherapy, meditation, facial reflexology. 600+ online, healing, real estate, and more. Visit or call (508) 759-7711, ext. 211 for details.

DATING/SINGLES Visit to read the daily astrology reading

AUDIO CDs Custom audio CDs made from your old records and tapes. LPs, 45s and 78s cleaned and re-mastered without the clicks and surface noise. Cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes professionally converted. (858) 346-1520. Mention SOC and get free shipping on your first order!


Personalized Wedding! Create a truly

Available for Weddings in RI, MA, CT and NYC

Specializes in creating Spiritual and Secular ceremonies. Multi-lingual ceremonies in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Rev. Natalia believes in marriage equality.

Rev. Natalia de RezeNdes

Interfaith Minister Ordained through The New Seminary, NYC

Beautiful wedding vocals available.


(401) 323-7664 •

Classified Line Listings • $1.50 per word, $35 minimum • Add a box around your ad for $10

Classified Display Ad Send us your PDF ad file or we will design your ad for a fee. • 1” high — $80 • All ads are • 2” high — $120 2 ¼” wide • 3” high — $160

Spiritual Singles. Meet your soul mate, twin flame, poly-partners, friends on the largest, exclusively spiritual dating site on the Internet. Multi-thousands of conscious singles in New England. Join free.  

DOWSING All About Dowsing. Through dowsing discover more about yourself and your health. Self-instructional DVD’s, books, instruments. (805) 649-5721. Catalog: PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130.

HEALING Multi-Tasker. Hypnosis, psychic, perform marriages, and classes: “Improving your Intuition and Awareness,” with years of experience in all. Contact Linda at (781) 599-8275.

PYRAMIDS All About Pyramids. Wellness, meditation/experimental tabletop models. Worldwide research. (805) 649-5721. Catalog: P.O. Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130. All ads and listings must be prepaid. Check, MC, VISA and Discover accepted. Credit card payments may be processed online at Send payment and listings to Spirit of Change, PO Box 405, Uxbridge, MA 01569. Fax: 508278-9641. Email Questions? Call (508) 278-9640. FALL ISSUE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1, 2014.


Lovely office available at Northboro Wellness Center, perfect for body worker, acupuncturist, chiropractor, therapist. Reasonable rent. Cross referrals. Great location, parking. Rosemary (508) 769-9076. Newton Center Office Space For Rent. Full-time/part-time availability. Inviting, furnished psychotherapy suite includes private office, waiting room, clerical space and bathroom. Contact Chris Gruener (617) 965-6552,, 


Volunteers Needed: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Music, Pet Therapy & More

Care Alternative is recruiting volunteers to work with terminally ill patients and their families throughout Massachusetts. Volunteers receive training and continuing education related to hospice and the support of the Hospice staff.

For information about classes and volunteer opportunities, please call 508-229-8390.

TRAININGS Are You Ready To BE Who Your Soul Wants You to Be? The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul’s life purpose. Becoming a vessel for angelic healers is not a gift; it is a teachable, learnable skill. Progressive curriculum. Level One: The Foundation (prerequisite), September 13-14. Webinar and selfpaced distance learning options are available. As taught at Kripalu and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. CE Credits: NASW, NCCAOM, NCBTMB. Early registration ends August 13th.

Be a part of New England’s largest holistic event — join the Natural Living Expo team! November 15 & 16 in Marlborough, MA. Meet like-minded people and have fun! 4-hour volunteer work shifts in exchange for free expo admission and an event t-shirt. Please email for more information. 

WILD DOLPHIN SWIMS Swimming with Wild Dolphins. The ultimate human-dolphin connection. Meditative, healing Caribbean Island retreats. Yoga, healthy food, Atlantean legends. (800) 326-1618.


Gordon The Healer

Laying on of Hands Healing Through the Power of the Holy Spirit Any type of disease, ailment or affliction can be eased away. (508) 529-6177 Help given with the following ailments: • Broken bones (expect very fast healing) • Pain (in any part of the body) arthritis • Back problems, stomach disease of any kind, kidney problems (including the eventual elimination of dialysis use).

• Laying on of Hands • • Absentee Healing • • Animal Healing •

Available for appointments, workshops, demonstrations and lectures. Call for information and to schedule an appointment: (508) 529-6177

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 59


Holistic Specialties

ANGELS Ross J. Miller, psychic. Meet your angels and spirit guides. 617-527-3583. Visit www.The

CRYSTAL ENERGY WORK Workshops, meditations, one-on-one, distance work. 617-771-5119.

ANIMAL SERVICES Sharon R. Doolittle, DVM, Inc. Holistic. Smithfield, RI. 401-349-2668.

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY TREATMENT Healed in 2 Hours. Ross J. Miller, psychic healer. 617-527-3583.

MASH Integrative Veterinary Care, est 1982. Margo Roman, DVM. 508-435-4077.

EMF PROTECTION The Rejuvenizer®, protection from EMFs and other damaging frequencies. 512-301-2999.

ASTROLOGY Eric Linter, over 25 years experience. Readings, classes, daily forecast. 508-541-4115.

FENG SHUI Urban Eden. Transform and empower your home/work spaces. 401-351-5632.

BODYWORK Anna Smith, energy healing and bodywork for health and well being. 508-735-3838.

GHOSTS REMOVED From Your Home/Aura. Ross J. Miller, psychic medium, healer. Call 617-527-3583. www. The

CERTIFICATIONS Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, IET and crystal healing. 508-539-2885. CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND SERVICES Touchstone Community School Education for ages 4-14 Grafton, MA. 508-839-0038. COLON HYDROTHERAPY Genesis Alternative Health. 30 years of experience. I-ACT certified instructor. NBCHT certified. 603-347-1861. Bio-Detox Center. I-ACT and NBCHT certified. Westminster, MA. 978-874-6200. Body Balancing Center. I-ACT and National Board certified. 508-868-3624. Healthy Spirit. Stephanie Dumas. I-ACT certified. 781-860-5116. Sage Guided Colon Therapy. I-ACT and NBCHT certified. Cambridge. 617-710-1337. The Natural Path. Annette Cormier. Hudson, MA. Text: (978) 855-3056. COUNSELING AND THERAPY Joel Perlmutter, Ph.D. Licensed 35 yrs. Stress, anxiety, relationships. Stow & Shrewsbury, MA. Putnam, CT. 978-897-9797.

60 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

HEALING CENTERS Forest Circles, retreats, programs in a magical Maine forest. Groton Wellness. Dental spa. Medical center. Bistro. 493 Main Street, Groton, MA. 978-449-9919. MASSAGE THERAPY Amanda Bourbeau, LMT. Worcester, MA 508-246-6223. MEDICAL INTUITIVE Sue Singleton. 20+ years accurately finding Root Cause. 978-834-0341. Elizabeth Thorson RN, Certified by C. Myss and Norman Shealy, MD. 207-712-9495. Intuitive Healing with Wendy Marks. Over 25 years of experience. 781-449-5368. MEDICAL TOURISM Dental and surgery in beautiful Costa Rica. NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS Dr. Jody Noe, MS, ND. Naturopathic integrative medicine. 860-495-5688. NUMEROLOGY Kathy Bernstein. 35 years of experience. 401-338-1317.


PAST LIFE THERAPY Ross J. Miller. Relive past lives and release blocked energy. 617-527-3583. www.The READINGS Beth Ann Fisher. Spirit energy consultant. 25 years experience. REIKI Amanda de Rezendes, RM/T. MA and RI 508-612-7083. Hands of Light Reiki. Michelle Plume, Reiki Master. Southbridge, MA. 508-764-5390. Libby Barnett, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher. 603-654-2787. CEU’s. Florence Whipple & Kristin Webb. Reiki Masters. CEU’s. Reiki classes. (978) 777-5732. The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. 603-899-3288.

balance | healing | harmony | energy

Vermont’s Premier Bead store

BEADNIKS Open everyday ~

21 Years

and Growing!

did you know? Beads are pandemic and pulsing with stories; they represent political, social, religious and cultural beliefs. According to Webster’s dictionary, a Beadsman/ woman is “one who prays for another’s soul”. Use yoUr mUse, feed yoUr spirit:

Beads • Crafts • Gems

RETREATS Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center. Haines Falls, NY. 518-589-5000. 781-449-5368

(802) 257-5114 •

Wild Dolphin Swins. Yoga, healthy food, Atlantean legends. 800-326-1816.

Some Enchanted Evening

SPIRITUAL EDUCATION Mystical conversations between body and spirit. Correspondence courses. VISION IMPROVEMENT Coleman Natural Vision. Boston/Plymouth, MA. Shavasana your eyes. Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, MA. Cambridge, MA and Portsmouth, NH. YOGA Wellness Works Yoga, Fern Lee Worcester. Est. 1992. 508-298-7836. Worcester Yoga Center. Ann Bissanti, CYT. 30 years experience Iyengar yoga. 508-829-6300.

115 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

HEALINGS Mary Budrose Full Spectrum Healings Stoneham, MA | 781.526.7546

Candles Incense Crystals Jewelry Books Fairies Herbs Gnomes Tarot Decks Dragons Fantasy Angels 234 Main Street, Spencer, MA

(508) 885-2050

ROCKY MOUNTAIN PHYTO ESSENTIALS Highly Bio-Available Nutrition with Organic, Liquid, Ionic, Angstrom-Size Minerals Visit our website to order one of our best-sellers today!

Add your business to this directory. Next deadline: August 1. Email or call (508) 278-9640 x 4.

Microminerals USA – the Sparks of Life™ Sole distributor in the Americas • (619) 272-4945

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INDEX OF ADVERTISERS IN THIS ISSUE A Abra Therapeutics........................................ 21 Acupuncture of Worcester........................... 48 Acupuncture Plus......................................... 48 Advaita Meditation Center.......................... 50 Albatross Wellness................................... 53,57 Alternatives for Health................................. 20 Amethyst Point............................................. 31 Amma............................................................ 63 An Apple A Day Acupuncture.................... 48 Andromeda’s Alley........................................ 49 Angelscapes................................................... 57 Angeltouche.................................................. 57 Nancy Slonim Aronie................................... 34 Arvigo Massage............................................. 24 Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Center................ 31 B Susan Barbera............................................... 22 Libby Barnett................................................. 54 Beadniks........................................................ 61 Bhavna’s Wellness Group............................. 49 Glenn Bigonet............................................... 53 Blue Lotus Healing Arts............................... 49 Blossom Healings......................................... 61 Body Balancing Center................................ 36 Body, Mind & Spine..................................... 49 Body Therapeutics........................................ 49 Boston School of Herbal Studies, The........ 51 Brain Awakening............................................ 5 C Nancy Canning............................................. 36 Care Alternatives Hospice........................... 59 Celtic Art Therapy........................................ 61 Jonathan Chisholm................................. 37, 53 Circles of Wisdom........................................ 25 Commonwealth Ctr for Herbal Medicine... 38 The Constellation Approach....................... 51 Sandy Corcoran............................................ 14 Cornerstone Therapeutics........................... 55 Creative Strands Hair & Bodyworks.......... 58 Crystal Vibrations Jewelry........................... 30 Crystal’s Healings......................................... 57 D Janet Darling................................................. 26 Developmental Alphabiotics......................... 9 Sharon Doolittle............................................ 34 Down to Earth........................................... 7,28 E Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies, The.................................... 51 EcoCentric Salon & Spa............................... 58 Eden Manor................................................... 58 Enchanted Fox.............................................. 43 Engel Geist................................................ 21,57 Evoking Alchemy.......................................... 16

62 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2014

F Devorah Feinbloom..................................... 19 Flowforms Yoga............................................ 31 Flying Cloud Design.................................... 30 The FourWinds Society................................. 5 FrogPond Yoga Center................................. 31 G Gemstone Infusions..................................... 18 Gemstone Therapy Institute........................ 50 Arthur Gertler............................................... 16 Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation......... 58 Golden Ray Home Energy Clearing........... 56 Grateful Heart, The....................................... 34 Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism...... 58 Green Hair Company................................... 58 Green Path Garden Supply.......................... 19 Groton Wellness Center................................. 5 H Leontine Hartzell..................................... 11,55 Hay House..................................................... 15 Healing in Harmony.................................... 54 Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc......... 23 Healthy Spirit................................................ 55 HeartFelt Herbals......................................... 55 Helfand Retreats........................................... 28 Marianne Hennigan..................................... 55 Joan Hill......................................................... 11 Holistic Wellness Center......................... 20,54 Joan Holzman............................................... 53 Hot Core Yoga............................................... 27 I Inner Traditions............................................ 39 Internal Wellness Center............................. 22 J Jocelyn............................................................ 58 John Harvey Gray Ctr for Reiki Healing..... 54 John of God Guide....................................... 25 Barbara Madden Johnson............................ 53 K Denise Koelsch.............................................. 56 Kundalini Yoga Boston................................ 31 L Langan Creative Arts, LLC.......................... 51 Light Unlimited............................................ 41 Light & Love Healing................................... 56 Lightworkers Healing Method.................... 59 Eric Linter...................................................... 49 Living Earth, The.......................................... 18 Lotus Flower Living...................................... 33 Claire Luft................................................. 53,55

M Judith Mabel.................................................. 20 Maha Yoga Center........................................ 31 Tina Marian................................................... 14 Market Street Health.................................... 50 Linda Marks.................................................. 52 Wendy Marks................................................ 56 MASH............................................................ 11 Katalin Matyus.............................................. 56 Metrowest Thermal Imaging....................... 30 MicroMinerals USA..................................... 61 Ross Miller...........................................13,18,36 Lori Miller-Freitas........................................ 53 Miracles in Motion....................................... 42 Misty Meadows Herbal Center................... 28 Holly Eden Morrow..................................... 57 N Natural Living Expo.................................... 2,3 Nature’s Rite................................................... 10 New England Inst. of Reflexology.............. 51 Dr. Jody Noe............................................. 33,56 O Oasis Healing................................................ 55 One Voice Spiritual Center..................... 56,59 Open Doors Yoga..................................... 31,50 Opening Lotus Yoga..................................... 31 Orion’s Gateway............................................ 56 P Pacifica Graduate Institute.......................... 17 Pauline Pearson............................................. 13 Pipal Leaf Yoga Studio................................. 31 Plant Spirit Medicine................................... 14 Monique Pommier....................................... 48 Pyramid Books............................................. 37 Pure Jus.......................................................... 38 Q Quiet Mind Yoga........................................... 31 R Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat.................. 31,35 Raising Grace Coaching.............................. 33 Real Life Yoga Studio.................................... 31 Regina Russell’s Tea Room.......................... 17 Rejuvenating Retreats.................................. 22 Rhys Thomas Inst of Energy Medicine......... 64 Richer Life Journey....................................... 22 S Sacred Song Reiki......................................... 37 Salve Regina.................................................. 27 Scentsibilities................................................. 51 Science of Spirituality.................................... 7 Sea Change Energy Healing........................ 19 Andrea Seiver................................................ 52

Serenity Yoga Center.................................... 31 Small Miracles Preschool............................. 50 Miriam Smith................................................ 36 Some Enchanted Evening............................ 61 Spa Tech......................................................... 50 Star Flower Alchemy.................................... 48 State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center..... 31 Kelle Sutliff.................................................... 57 Synthesis Center........................................... 50 T Tintagels Gate............................................... 24 True North Center........................................ 58 Touchstone Community School................. 60 U Upper Cape Tech.......................................... 59 V Vermont Fiddleheads................................... 61 Robyn Vogel.................................................. 52 Vera Volfson.................................................. 56 W Gordon Edward Waite................................. 59 Pat Warren..................................................... 54 Way to Balance, The................................ 29,51 Kristin Webb/Florence Whipple................. 25 Wellness Roundtable, The............................ 11 Westborough Yoga........................................ 31 (W)hole Point Institute, The................... 39,52 Trish Whynot................................................ 53 Wild Dolphin Swims.................................... 59 Wisdom of the Ages..................................... 15 Woman of Wisdom................................. 26,49 Women’s Herbal Conference......................... 7 Worcester Yoga Center................................. 31 Cheryl Wright............................................... 55 X-Y-Z Yoga at the Ashram....................................... 31 The Yoga Studio............................................ 31 YogaLife Institute................................29,31,52 Your Inner Journey....................................... 52 Zuzu’s Healing Arts...................................... 49

Fall Issue Advertising Deadline: Friday, August 1, 2014 For info: (508) 278-9640

m e e t m ata a m r i ta n a n d a m ay i , r e n o w n e d h u m a n i ta r i a n a n d s p i r i t u a l l e a d e r

marlborough, ma

june 27 - june 29, 2014 Free Public Programs

june 27 | Evening program begins at 7:00pm june 28 | Morning program begins at 10:00am | Evening program begins at 7:00pm june 29 | Morning program begins at 10:00am

Devi bhava â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Free Program | a celebration DevoteD to worlD Peace june 29 | Evening Program begins at 7:00pm and continues until the morning hours


Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center 181 Boston Post Road West (Rt 20) | Marlborough, MA 01752


For more information on Ammaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s New England activities please visit or call 716.226.6223 numbered tokens for individual blessings are distributed at 8:30am for morning programs, and 5:45pm for evening programs. devi bhava tokens are distributed at 5:30pm. tokens are limited by time constraints. for more information about amma PleaSe ViSit

SUMMER 2014 | Spirit of Change 63


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