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Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) developed by Judith A. Swack Ph.D. HBLU™ is a unique, effective and powerful mind-body healing methodology that gets people unstuck and eliminates struggle — even when other therapies have failed — by simultaneously clearing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to success.

HBLU™ has helped people: • Heal Emotional Issues including: Traumas, Phobias, Anxiety, PTSD, Burnout & Stress, Depression, Addictions • Heal Medical Conditions including: Chronic Pain, Headaches, Back Pain, Digestion Problems, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergies & Asthma, ADD and Learning Disabilities, Interstitial Cystitis, Physical Injuries • Erase Food Cravings & Create Lasting Weight Loss • Ameliorate Symptoms & Extend Life Span in: Cancer, Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease • Foster Happy, Healthy Relationships/ Marriages or Survive Divorce from an Impossible Ex • nurture Spirituality and Intuition: Feel your personal connection with God, define and manifest your soul mission, connect to spiritual guidance, develop psychic and healing talent

“Judith transformed my life. If not for her HBLU™ work, I’d be divorced by now, have no children, be struggling to make money and be always sick and in pain. I went from being angry at life to being joyful and happy.” R.M., EDUCATIoNAL SALES

“I want you to think of me as someone who can help you flow and grow in all areas of your life.” JUDITH A. SWACk, PH.D

HBLU™ helps people rapidly achieve the results they want to live full, happy, healthy and satisfying lives. Many conditions can be treated in as few as eight sessions, however significant results can often be seen in as little as one or two sessions. Dr. Swack and her associates work in person in their Needham, MA office or by video-skype or phone.

call (781) 444-6940 for a

FREE 15 minute phone consultation

Healing from the Body Level Up I Training: Healing Trauma and Installing Boundaries Learn How to Rapidly Transform and Heal Your Clients and Yourself

UPcOMIng EvEnTS 6/19 & 8/9 — Relationship Success Series Part I: Flirting: The Psychology of Instant Sexual Attraction Are you looking for a partner? Whether you’re single or coming out of a relationship, it is always fun to learn or refresh those flirting skills. Learn what is sexy, the difference between flirting and seduction, how to connect easily, and how to follow-up! Learn a simple technique for eliminating the fear of rejection that works in just minutes! 7-9pm. Sponsored by The Boston Center for Adult Education. Call 617-267-4430 to register or visit 6/25 & 8/16 — Relationship Success Series Part II: The Soul Mate Fantasy and Other Relationship Myths Whether you’ve just entered the dating scene or you’re in a longterm, committed relationship or marriage, discover Judith Swack’s secrets to entering and maintaining successful relationships. First, understand your relationship-readiness stage and explore the mysteries behind instant attraction. Next, uncover how you and your partner’s readiness stage affects your decisions and your relationship. Learn how to choose and keep your ideal mate, especially the three minimum criteria for creating a successful, happy marriage. Explore the common assumptions that can hurt your marriage. Come away with a better understanding of your romantic relationship and discover the surprisingly simple measures of a satisfying marriage. Sponsored by The Boston Center for Adult Education Call 617-267-4430 to register or visit 7/9 & 7/16 — Instant Intuition Everyone has some degree of psychic ability, but most people ignore these subtle signals. In this intriguing and fun filled evening, Dr. Swack will teach you how to see auras, read people’s minds, feel people’s energy fields, and distinguish real intuition from irrational, emotional reactions. 7-9:30pm at Newton Community Education, 617-559-6999. 7/17 & 7/24 — Introduction to Mind-Body Healing Mind Body Healing is a field of healing that assumes that the mind and the body form one unit and thus uses specific techniques to quiet the mind, release negative emotions, and facilitate healing of the body. In this fascinating seminar participants will learn powerful, yet easy to use, techniques for communicating directly with their unconscious minds, bodies, and souls and releasing unwanted emotions and self sabotaging behaviors. 7-9pm. At Newton Community Education, 617-559-6999.

HBLU™ integrates the best of biomedical science, psychology, spirituality, applied kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and energy psychology techniques, along with original research. It is a unique system that: · Bridges the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, body, and soul. · Teaches you exciting new techniques from the field of Energy Psychology including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). · Is fun for both therapist and client, helping to eliminate therapist burn-out! 28 CE credits for Social Workers, LMHCs. and RNs

november 7-10, 2013 9am-6pm • Needham, MA

“Of the many workshops I have attended, none has compared with Judith Swack’s for sheer intellectual excitement, psychotherapeutic innovativeness, and practical effectiveness.” Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, author of Six Pillars of Self Esteem

800.310.6549 or 781.444.6940 • • 2 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

LOCATIONS Ipswich, MA • Plymouth, MA Westboro, MA • Westbrook, ME

Be on the leading edge of the integrative health profession by becoming a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner. With the new Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP) designation and upcoming changes in the integrative healthcare model, polarity therapy is uniquely positioned to take advantage of new regulations and opportunities.

Clear, Balanced, Aligned: The Power of Polarity Therapy The science of polarity therapy is the foundation of good health and creativity in all aspects of your life. It’s a powerful platform for transformation and personal development as well as a health maintenance profession. Because polarity therapy integrates a wellness model that includes energetic bodywork, exercises, nutrition and counseling, it creates a professional platform that addresses the whole person and is accepted in the larger healthcare industry. Since most of the work is done with the client fully clothed, it is also resulting in a much broader acceptance by the public than other modalities and can be performed in a wider range of settings.

Now Enrolling for the October, 2013 Advanced Polarity Therapy Program. Financial Aid Available for qualified students. SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 3 To learn more, call Spa Tech Institute at 800-262-8530.


Saturday, November 16 9am-7pm Sunday, November 17 10am-5pm New LocatioN Marlborough, MA Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center $12 weekeNd admissioN including 225 exhibits, 90+ workshops



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Professionals In Focus.

Dr. Neal Robert Smookler: Passionate Advocate for his Profession.

Dr. Neal Robert Smookler


t feels quite freeing within seconds; an immediate and tangible change, says Dr. Neal Smookler. What Smookler is describing is a fascinating method that resets and refreshes the brain back to it’s youth. It seems as if you are growing younger; that was dumbfounding to me in those early days, still is.” At 51, Smookler has been ‘rebooting’ brains for almost two decades now. Smookler is serious about his work and others take him seriously, despite his smiling hazel eyes and youthful looks.

After graduating from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, he moved back to Boston, but within just a few years was introduced to Alphabiotics. “After my first alphabiotic brain reboot, I was, uh ... humming. I was literally resonating in what I can only describe as an insulated cocoon of warmth, openess and peace. It felt like a valium taking effect while in a flotation tank. I felt like my mind, my body, even my cells went through a decompression. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Life began to take on a bit of a magical view that I hadn’t felt before. I remember waking up one night because I was so happy.” “As much as I loved chiropractic - I couldn’t turn away from my experience. So with a warm, fuzzy feeling I said goodbye to my past incarnation as a D.C. and discontinued all chiropractic activity in order to function full time as an Alphabioticist.” So just what was this discovery? In a sense, “water-wings” for dissolv-

ing limitation. “Inside your head is a physical mechanism that enables the brain to reboot itself. A re-set button, if you will. I want to be very clear; it’s not there by accident. We’re hard wired by Mother Nature this way. I was trained twenty-one years ago to know where the mechanism is located, and exactly how to activate it.” “Alphabiotics is a simple way to address any challenge or limitation, health or otherwise. The method results in a release of unconscious, accumulated stress - resolving vastly complex issues with stunning simplicity.” “With the participant lying face up on a specially designed table, the alphabioticist performs a very unique movement of the head.” One present theory suggests that the pineal gland in the brain has the ability to create a piezo-electric charge when it is deformed. A piezo-electric potential is a ‘spark’ created as the result of an

applied compression (alphabiotic method) on a crystalline structure (the pineal gland.) In theory, the compression causes the pineal gland to deform and then reshape - resulting in the conceptual spark. In mere nanoseconds, neurons begin to fire spreading the potential throughout both brain hemispheres, triggering the reset. “It’s a communication that encourages the brain to override the daily ‘emergency stand-by’ mode, like an ‘all clear’ signal. The internalized fight-or-flight response which is really a very low level state of alarm or shock is released. As long as this goes unchecked the end result is diminished potential - read that, limitation.” “What I believe the alphabiotic method is accomplishing - is bringing a person out of shock; prompting the brain to begin a series of systems

checks, assessing the various levels of function, while re-setting the blueprint (DNA) back to an earlier, uncorrupted (by stress) version. Because we are designed for whole brain function, this is the mode it defaults to. Now, without a perceived danger - the brain finds no need to remain stuck in the daily survival mode. As the brain unlocks from this outerreactive state; energy wasted on the stress response is reclaimed to address any challenge or limitation.” Smookler’s work has been featured on WBZ, WZBC & WATD. When asked what he enjoys most about that work — Smookler hesitates for a moment, then as if the answer was there all along he replies, “people often come with a sadness, an emptiness. After a session — the light returns, you can see it in their eyes, that spark.”

Web: | Contact: | (508) 625-1170

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 7


Make Your Home A Healing Haven


n a sense, we are all homing pigeons. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place you will ever feel more comfortable or secure than in your own home. Perhaps this is due to the innate safety we felt in the womb, our very first home, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we always seek a return to that initial sense of security. At home you are free to be yourself more than anywhere else on the planet. Naturally in tune, home is the place we establish our soothing, comforting and healing routines — a favorite spot, food or activity that restores and rewards the body. Home is where we eat, love, rest, feel safe and thrive; we collect our possessions there. Without a home, we are healing impaired — all the more tragic for those who are homeless, in foreclosure or have no choice about living in a home that is not a safe haven. Unfortunately, it is during those stressful times that we most need the regenerative powers that only home sweet home can provide. Consider yourself blessed if you already appreciate your home as a healing center. By far, the best medicines to get well and stay healthy are nutritious food, energizing the body with movement and breath, stress reduction and the avoidance of toxins. You need no other pharmacy than your own home to dispense or fill all these prescriptions — and with no danger of overdosing or harmful side effects. Better yet, even the smallest dose of any of these medicines injected into your daily routine eventually adds up to better health. Ironically in our mainstream culture, medicine at home that has been practiced for thousands of years is called “alternative” and medicine that has been practiced for less than 100 years in a doctor’s office is called “traditional.” Medical science, while dazzling and impressive, is still evolving; the intelligence network running your body knows more about your unique health needs than all the doctors in the world combined. The question is, are you willing to listen? Fortunately our bodies are amazingly resilient, adaptive and forgiving. It’s never too late to start making new healthy choices; even decades of unhealthy habits can be healed and reversed at home once you learn what is making you sick. Clearly, the two biggest culprits in our culture are unhealthy, processed foods and toxic products. Most household cleaners, air fresheners, cosmetics and personal care products on store shelves contain numerous toxic ingredients as defined by our own EPA, FDA and other government protection agencies. Despite outright bans on these ingredients by most European countries, the US insists there are safe levels of exposure to these toxins for humans and allows manufacturers to include them in their products. Manufacturers make non-toxic versions of these same products for their European markets. These products and ingredients are not safe; every whiff of Febreze® Air Effects nets you 87 different chemicals up your nose, including known neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and lung irritators, according to the Environmental Working Group. Years of inhalation and absorbing these toxins through your skin increases your cumulative toxin body burden. The sooner you stop sniffing and lathering these products on your body, the sooner you can begin to divest it of this burden and allow your body to heal. You may discover some surprising results. While common sense tells us we should avoid processed foods, red meat, unhealthy fats and sugar, enticingly promoted fast foods are filled with these ingredients and remain the most popular comfort foods in America. They are the true “SAD” Standard American Diet. By contrast, holistic cancer centers offer successful treatment and cure to stage four cancer and other terminally ill patients using a raw vegan diet, colon cleansing, vitamin and mineral supplements, and other mind-body treatments. Tens of 8 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

thousands of patients have been cured naturally without surgery, drugs or radiation once the body is cleared of its toxic body burden and nourished with healthy food. Perhaps because of these stunning medical successes, raw vegan is no longer a threatening and extremist choice, but visionary. A raw vegan diet uses no animal products of any kind, including dairy or honey, and various percentages of raw according to individual preference. Some vegans include cooked fruits, vegetables or grains in a more modified diet. Cancer curing protocols are strictly raw. In addition to its remarkable health benefits, eating a vegan diet means one less person feeding off the abuse and contamination of concentrated animal feedlot operations (CAFO), which are exempt from many animal cruelty laws. Celebrity health chef Mark Bittman just launched his new VB6 diet — Vegan Before Six. This means no animal products in foods eaten before 6:00pm, but allows for those who want to incorporate healthy, sustainably produced and humanely raised animal products in their diet. It’s all about choices. Turning your home into a healing haven will not happen overnight, but keep in mind that any home, at the very least, provides a level of convenience, privacy, freedom and comfort you would be sorely lacking without. Keep focused on working in cooperation with your inner wisdom and watch how quickly your thoughts manifest as new healing experiences at home.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Visit

Elizabeth Thorson RN

Working with clients of all ages living throughout the globe

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 9

A metaphysical exploration that weaves quantum physics with the essence of being human. Mowery’s debut is a probing, heartfelt journey into magical realism that will leave you breathless. Now oN

aNd Kindle

Pyramid Books, Inc.

~Tools for personal growth~

The Largest, Most Complete New Age Store in the Salem Area Books Tarot Crystals Jewelry Incense Dream Catchers and Other New Age Gifts Licensed Professional Readers Daily Psychic Phone Readings Available Located at 214 Derby Street in Historic Salem, MA (Opposite Pickering Wharf)

978-745-7171 ~ 978-741-3224 fax 10 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013


Dear Carol, I recently read your paper Spirit of Change for the first time. When I came upon your Musings “Atheists Are Alright With Me,” (Spring 2013) I paused and began reading it out of curiosity. Religion has always been around me, however I began to really take a fresh view of it about 10 years ago. I struggled to identify and put to words the feelings that began to shape my new faith. Slowly over the years I began to feel more spiritual but less religious in a formal sense. It wasn’t until I read your article that I was able to finally see the words that described my evolving spirituality. “What if god is simply the general operating dynamic of everything in the universe acting at once? This unites every single person in that mighty field of divine creation with the common task of doing their little piece in creating the world the best way they can at every moment. We are the ones we have been waiting for.” ....and “You don’t have to believe in God to know that when you go out the door in the morning, you walk on sacred ground. [Kathleen Dean Moore]” I’ll continue to look forward to reading more of your writings and thank you for your good work! — Warm regards, William Smith

Hi Carol, Read the article about atheism (“Ten Myths and Ten Truths About Atheism” by Sam Harris, Spring 2013) and frankly found it to be kinda’ offensive. As I see it, the problem with this article is primarily that it tries to make its arguments based on negative statements about religious people that just aren’t true. Religious or spiritual people come in all different types, just like atheists do. People on a spiritual path are still capable of being intelligent, logical and tolerant. Some are and some aren’t, just as some atheists are tolerant, logical and intelligent, and some aren’t. If the author wants to say that people are intolerant of atheists and should be more tolerant, he needs to extend the same standards towards religious people. He doesn’t have to agree with the spiritual beliefs of someone else, but you cannot make a case for tolerance by being intolerant of others. There’s a great deal that I enjoy about Spirit of Change. This article didn’t measure up to what I’ve come to expect from you folks and I thought you deserved to know that. The only way to build tolerance and respect is to practice it, and this article, regrettably, falls short of that goal. I’d enjoy seeing more articles on atheism and other paths that explain and promote those paths without having to tear down others to do so. — Sincerely, Catherine Kane

Wind-Centered Economy Response I work in a control room monitoring nine wind farms across North America. I have 5 years of experience in the field both operationally and in the market. I like the

enthusiasm in this article (“Building a Wind-Centered Economy,” Winter 2012) but they completely glossed over maintenance costs. That’s a big issue. These things break down daily. Sometimes a quick reset will fix it; sometimes they go down for a week. I’m sure that with enough wind farms in the country this could be resolved, but you can’t go off talking about the low cost. It is more expensive than what this article is saying. As turbines age, there is more maintenance costs involved. A big reason why wind energy is so cheap is because of the production tax credits we receive from the government as well as renewable energy credits we sell on Green-e and voluntary markets (basically cap and trade). Don’t get me wrong; I am all for more wind energy as it’s way better than the alternative fossil fuels, but they should bring up maintenance costs and low efficiency. I believe 50% is considered very good efficiency and it’s impossible to get higher than that. Just makes it seem a bit biased. — Regards, Johan Oudheusden

New State Vaccine Bills Threaten Vaccine Choices There is a flurry of activity across state legislatures regarding vaccines. According to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), 91 bills — including companion bills that appear separately in the House and Senate — are currently being tracked across 33 states by the NVIC Advocacy Portal. Since the Portal launched in 2010, the number of bills threatening the legal right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination in America has grown at an alarming rate. For comparison, the portal tracked 61 bills in 25 states in 2011. Director of Advocacy Dawn Richardson noted that the bills have common themes: attacks on exemptions, employee vaccine mandates, tracking systems/registries, meningitis vaccine mandates and human papillomavirus (HPV) mandates. A number of proposed bills are attempting to restrict the use of conscientious or philosophical, religious and medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination laws. In Vermont, companion bills HB 138 and SB 102 suspend philosophical and religious exemptions if the vaccination rate falls below 90 percent. There has not been any floor

Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Program in Mythological Studies

action on these bills, which means there is still time for Vermont residents to make their opinions known to legislators. Vermont NVIC state director Jennifer Stella noted these Vermont bills are harmful because the autonomous right to decide whether or not to inject a drug into your body or that of your child should not be contingent upon the number of people exercising that right. She strongly encourages Vermont’s elected lawmakers to consider the importance of preservation of the fundamental human right of informed consent, and not grant any further power to unelected agencies. Another hot topic across multiple states is “no exceptions” employer mandates tying vaccination status to right to employment. In Vermont, legislators are considering SB 103 and HB 114 that would require pertussis vaccinations for teachers and child care workers. Though there has been little action on both bills, it is still a great concern that teachers, as well as child care workers, are being targeted with vaccine mandates that could end their careers. Watch for an interesting debate in Connecticut, where SB 1128 proposes flu vaccine mandates for health care workers who have direct contact with patients and residents, and HB 5539 proposes flu vaccine mandates for nursing home employees, but SB 55 proposes a prohibition of any employer from mandating flu vaccine as a condition of employment. In 2013, NVIC co-founder and President Barbara Loe Fisher wrote a referenced commentary about the aggressive movement toward unfair employer mandates and how several major labor unions, such as the American Nurses Association and Services Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Employees Union, oppose such mandates. Vaccine choice advocates warn the public that bills of this nature in Vermont, Texas, Connecticut and all the other states need to be opposed and legislators need to be educated. The NVIC Advocacy Portal helps citizens achieve and protect the right to informed consent and vaccine exemption. It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made and where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact. By signing up to become a Portal member at you will receive advocacy alert emails when action is needed to support efforts in your own state or nationally. — Patrice La Vigne, National Vaccine Information Center continues on page 12

Where Myth Meets Depth

is a doctoral program designed as an integrated M.A./ Ph.D. sequence that explores the understanding of human experience revealed in mythology, and in the manifold links between myth and ritual, literature, art, and religious experience. Special Attention is given to depth psychological and archetypal approaches to the study of myth.

An Accredited Graduate School with Two Campuses near Santa Barbara, California

805.969.3626, ext. 305 or visit call

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 11

LETTERS AND NEWS continued from 11

Harvard Announces Closure of Primate Research Center Harvard Medical School issued a statement in April announcing that its New England Primate Research Center in Southborough, MA, will be closing within two years. While the school cites financial reasons for the closure, the facility has also been the subject of controversy and investigation after the deaths of four monkeys between June 2010 and February 2012. According to the Boston Globe, U.S. Department of Agriculture investigators found numerous violations of animal welfare rules. Animal rights activists, who have repeatedly criticized the facility, welcomed the news. “The closure of Harvard’s Primate Research Center is the best news I have heard,” says Michael A. Budkie, Executive Director of SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now!). “The potential now exists to bring freedom to many monkeys and to redirect millions of dollars into clinical and epidemiological research, which will more directly benefit humans.” HMS said it has begun working with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funds eight primate research centers across the nation, on a transition plan for sending the primates to other sites. Budkie said his organization will contact the school’s administration to explore the possibility of placing at least some of the primates in sanctuaries. “These primates have suffered enough,” added Budkie. “They deserve a chance to have a new life in another environment where their needs will be put first.” — Source: Earth First! News

Letter from Rosemary Gladstar: United Plant Savers 20th Anniversary

Gordon Edward Waite the Healer – Through the Power of God’s Spirit Spiritual Healing Power Healing Working in the following areas: ~ Desire to abandon drinking alcohol, smoking and other addiction without any side effects. ~ Help with allergies, anxiety, depression, anorexia, any ailment of the nervous system including brain and mind conditions. You have experienced the doctor’s treatment. Now visit a healer and become well!

Spiritual Healing Absentee Healing Animal Healing

Available for Appointments, Workshops, Demonstrations & Lectures.

Any type of disease, ailment or affliction can be eased away.

Call for information and to schedule an appointment:


(508) 529-6177

Crystal Cave The


Stones, crystals & minerals! Jewelry, unique gifts & books Reiki, classes, workshops, readings & more!


Like us on Facebook and check our website for schedule of events. •


50 Park Street, Medfield, MA • Hours: Wed–Sat: 11ish–5ish, Sun: 12ish–5ish

12 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

These are exciting times for herbalists! We are witnessing the art of herbalism rapidly regaining its rightful place in the American tradition of health and healing. However, as herbalism flourishes and winds its way into the mainstream of America, it is eliciting a unique set of problems and concerns. Where once only a small handful of people wildcrafted plants in the wild, ever-increasing numbers are now heading to the hills. This increased usage along with habitat destruction is causing an alarming shortage of plant resources, including some of our most treasured medicinal species. Furthermore, other countries with an uninterrupted tradition of herbal healing are experiencing a severe shortage of medicinal plants and look to the North American continent for supplying these herbs. United Plant Savers’ (UpS) mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. Our mission includes the conservation and preservation of native medicinal plants and the habitat they grow in, with a focus on organic cultivation and long term sustainability. United Plant Savers is nearing its 20th anniversary! One of our goals this year is to increase our membership so that we are a larger voice for the plants. Please help us reach our goal of 2000 members by 2014! Membership entitles you to free seeds and plants, discounts at events and conferences, the Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, quarterly bulletins and the opportunity to be a voice for the plants. Please visit to join us! — Rosemary Gladstar Editor’s note: Interested in herbs? The International Herb Symposium, June 28-30 and the Women’s Herbal Conference, August 23-25 are two outstanding herbal events organized by Rosemary that benefit UpS and are not to be missed! Visit See page 5.

Using Dirt to Build Communities This summer Kleiwerks International and Ashevillage Institute are offering learning opportunities in natural building in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Taught by top-notch instructors at a leading eco-urban demonstration site, the programs empower participants to build beautiful, long-lasting, climate-appropriate structures using local clay, sand, straw, bamboo and other affordable, abundant materials. Current industrial building practices use more than 50% of the world’s resources; they are wasteful and harmful to our environment. Natural building promotes accessible, harmonious and time-tested technologies that empower people to build for themselves, work with their passions, create community, and participate in a growing global movement that offers real solutions to many of today’s ills. A nine-day Natural Building Extravaganza will be held August 9-18, bringing together an experienced team of eight instructors who will offer a comprehensive smorgasbord of 20 hands-on workshops, classes, slideshows, field trips and special projects. The NBX will be hosted at the Ashevillage Institute’s one-acre eco-urban demonstration site, with many projects already underway. When people come together in the mud, from a variety of backgrounds, ages, experiences and purposes, life isn’t quite the same! For more information visit

Greenpeace Student Opportunities The Greenpeace Semester is an environmental training program for young adults who are driven to make real, positive change in their communities and on campuses. The Semester gives participants the skills needed to organize and advocate for the environment — from volunteer recruitment to understanding how to use the media to talk about an issue. Participants will leave the program well prepared to make a difference. Also available is the Greenpeace Summer Experience, July 8-August 9. Greenpeace summer training is an accelerated program with one week of travel and four weeks of intensive workshops. Tuition is $2200. Because Greenpeace is committed to making the semester accessible for all students who are passionate about protecting the planet, there are a number of scholarships available. For more information visit — Source: Curriculum of Hope for a Peaceful World, Winter 2013.

Keep YOUR family HEALTHY and ALLERGY-FREE with an all-natural health care system for your nose! The Basic Sinus Care Kit includes everything you need to: manage sinus infection, relieve your allergies, and discover natural sinus care. Contains: Sinus Relief, Sinus Support, Congestion Relief, Herbal Neti Soother, Super Neti Juice, Plastic Travelers Neti Pot & the Managing Sinus Health book.

Smart Meter, Smarter Options In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded $3.4 billion for the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) that “seeks to accelerate the transformation of the nation’s electric grid by deploying smart grid technologies and systems…and makes grid modernization a national policy.” The investment has since swelled to $4.5 billion. Advanced Metering Initiatives (AMI) — or “smart meters” — wirelessly transmit the details of your energy consumption back to your local utility company at regular intervals. Unlike the conventional hard-wired or analog meters we’ve had on our houses for generations that only report the total amount of energy used, information transmitted by smart meters could potentially reveal our daily routines, changes in those routines, how many people live in a home, what types of electronic equipment are in the home and other personal details of our lives. Could electrical use records possibly be subpoenaed as court evidence in future trials? Proponents of the grid allege that this energy consumption data can be used to promote and create energy efficiency. For instance, utility companies using smart grid technologies currently send out notices to customers showing them how their energy usage compares with their neighbors’, and report that this information educates and motivates change in customer usage. Other programs alert customers by text or email when their energy usage crosses into a new pricing tier or peak time usage. While approximately 40 million smart meters have already been deployed in the United States (California and Maine have the highest penetration rate in the country), serious health, safety, privacy, homeland security, and financial concerns exist over this technology. Specifically, the continuous pulsed radio frequencies (RF) emitted from meters attached to homes, as well as skepticism about spending billions of dollars for a new meter system that effectively prevents the US from moving towards more sustainable energy, have created enough grassroots stir to prompt serious community debate, bans in some towns on meter installation, and promote legislation allowing citizens to opt out of smart meter installation on their homes. continues on page 14

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ology Integrative Onc

ormation in recurring managed integrative activn directing team

(ND), is a tyr University ic of Naturopath

College e Chair of Botanical Cancer oncology at the medicine, opathic family

In addition to her academic appointments, Dr. NoĂŠ practices:

Naturopathic Integrative Oncology ook the textb

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Naturopathic medicine is well known for helping to prevent cancer using lifestyle counseling and detoxification, but can also complement conventional treatment modalities using clinical nutrition and botanical medicine. of

Dr Jody

• Naturopathic Family Medicine • Naturopathic Integrative Oncology NoÊ, MSc, ND

Preface by Dr Peter J. D'Adamo, ND

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Type and at Right for Your at the erative Medicine

Dr Jody NoĂŠ,

MSc, ND mo, ND Peter J. D'Ada Preface by Dr


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14 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

LETTERS AND NEWS continued from 13 Dr. Tim Schoechle, an engineering and policy consultant with expertise in smart grid technologies, is the author of a new report entitled “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid.� This report reveals that billions of dollars in federal subsidies will be misspent on installing new meters on an old grid instead of upgrading the grid infrastructure to one that would integrate renewable energy resources and decentralized (local, community) power generation. The big victory with smart meter installation is for the meter networking manufacturers and investor-owned utilities (IOUs) — which, incidentally, have no financial incentive to promote energy conservation, renewable or affordable energy sources. Aside from the national risks incurred by neglecting to install a supergrid that can launch Americans into an energy-sustainable future, the added electromagnetic radiation pulsing 24/7 from smart meters comes with a host of potential health hazards for homeowners and their neighbors. Electromagnetic radiation pollution has been called the health crisis of our time. Many individuals, including those with neurological disorders, MS, medical devices implanted in their bodies and EMF sensitivity report devastating effects from wireless meters attached to their homes, sending out bursts of radiation several times a minute all day, everyday. Marguerite LaChance of Springvale, ME, writes: “In May of 2011 a so-called smart meter was placed on my house without my authorization and with no notice or warning of all the health hazards. Around that same time, I started feeling tired all the time, getting very dizzy, passing out and having chest pains. I needed a cane to walk around so I would not fall, but I fell many times. I had test after test and endless blood work. “At this point my son, Robert, started doing research on the Internet and discovered that other people were having the same health problems from smart meters. My son called CMP [Central Maine Power Company] and asked them to remove the meter and they did so within two hours after he told them I had a pacemaker. “CMP told us it would cost us $40 to put back the old meter (even though they took it for free in the first place.) They also said we would have to pay an extra twelve dollars a month for that. I understand approximately half the state is not on smart meters and they are not paying an extra twelve dollars a month for the old fashioned, safe meters. “I am very happy to say after that meter was gone I stopped having chest pains. My energy started coming back to me and I was walking without the cane, sleeping nights, no more headaches, no more chest pains. My life is pleasurable again.� The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is the agency responsible for determining safe levels of RF exposure. Dr. Amy Dean, board certified internist and president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, cites peer-reviewed scientific studies concluding that “significant harmful biological effects occur

Photo courtesy of Clare Donegan

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By Dr. Jody NoĂŠ, MSc, ND


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Naturopathic Integrative Oncology

Dr Jody NoĂŠ

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Is your bed on the other side of this smart meter wall bank? from non-thermal RF exposure,â€? such as that emitted from smart meters. While Sweden and other European countries have already labeled continuous low level RF exposure a health hazard, the FCC is adamant that this radiation is only dangerous in amounts that actually heat the human body (thermal effects) with high level RF, such as the principle by which microwave ovens cook food. According to the FCC, “At relatively low levels of exposure to RF radiation, i.e., levels lower than those that would produce significant heating, the evidence for production of harmful biological effects is ambiguous and unproven. Such effects, if they exist, have been referred to as ‘non-thermal’ effects‌[however] It is generally agreed that further research is needed to determine the generality of such effects and their possible relevance, if any, to human health.â€? So the FCC policy is to regulate the obvious — don’t microwave yourself — but for smart meter RF, we’re not sure, so let’s experiment with the public and see what happens. FCC guidelines for smart meter installation, however, do mandate â€œâ€Śa separation distance of at least 20cm [approximately 8 inches] from the end user is required and must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.â€? Yet meters are routinely mounted side by side and less than 8 inches apart in huge banks, meaning sleeping infants, people with pacemakers, MS, and other neurological disorders are well within 20 centimeters of this pulsed radiation, possibly even sleeping with their beds on the other side of that wall bank; they just don’t know it. Many states include opt-out smart meter options for consumers who request them, either with or without additional fees to retain your old meter. However, even if you opt-out for your home, you could still be subjected to RF pollution from neighbors or other more powerful smart grid utility-installed repeater transmitters in your neighborhood. To learn more about smart meters and opting out, visit For information on RF health dangers visit In Massachusetts, a hearing will be held for smart meter opt out bill H 2926 on June 18. Please contact your state and local legislators prior to that day. Watch this 5-minute video about smart meters that is suitable for presentation at all public meetings where utility company officials are taking comment from the public: watch?v=UPLSwAm9DkQ — Carol Bedrosian with additional reporting from Patricia Burke and Clare Donegan.

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• Protect you from EMFs and other

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After wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer for only 20 minutes, she reported feeling more awake, energized and refreshed.

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Astrology Forecast for Summer 2013


fter a very long winter and a chilly spring marred by an unprecedented assault on the cherished Boston Marathon, this summer is the time for New Englanders to relax their shoulders and let their hair down. Millions of residents and visitors alike can be found trekking across sandy dunes to enjoy shimmering ocean beaches as well as back yard barbecues, picnics and camping at countless rivers, lakes, ponds, and parks. The entire region is startlingly alive with wildlife, too. From great whales frolicking in the National Marine Sanctuary of Stellwagen Bank, to majestic soaring eagles and countless other creatures both large and small, there is much to see and hear. The land and forests are rich and fertile. Everything seems to exhale life! From the southernmost islands to the Canadian border, farm stands hum with activity, tables piled high with mouthwatering fruits and vegetables. Over it all arcs a great blue sky. At night the heavens glisten with the light of myriad stars. How I thrill watching the lights of fireflies at dusk give way to the wonders of the Milky Way as night deepens! As wonderful as summer in New England is, it is short. We do well to make the most of every moment of every day. This sentiment is echoed by the continuing presence of the major astrological alignment of our lifetimes, the square between Uranus and Pluto. Invisible to the naked eye, these two distant planets are having an enormous effect on our dear Earth. Uranus amplifies idealism, the voices speaking out for social justice and clamoring for technological progress, such as wind and solar generated electricity. The maverick planet also encourages the search for freedom and enlightenment. In esoteric astrology it is called The Great Awakener. Pluto, on the other hand, represents the repressive powers of some governments, corporations and industrialists, and their stranglehold on democracy. Known in mythology as Lord of the Underworld, Pluto evokes the darker side of the subconscious, where emotions such as rage, jealousy and envy lurk. Historically, Pluto has occasioned uses and misuses of power. These two planets remain at odds during the summer 16 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

months. Global shifts in influence are under way. The USA is no longer supreme. China and other emerging economies are increasingly viewed as worthy rivals and, for better or worse, are growing in importance around the world. Change has rarely been easily welcomed. We humans are creatures of habit. But we must embrace change and progress as best we can. Even with summer’s less hectic schedules, there will be many surprises.

June June begins with a taste of things to come. The Gemini Sun is aligned with visionary Uranus. Weekend social gatherings are friendly affairs, filled with optimistic people. The Moon is on the wane so be sure to finish up what you can before the new Moon in Gemini on Saturday, the 8th. Double-check all plans, schedules and travel arrangements. Take nothing for granted. Summer officially arrives on Friday the 21st. Many folks will be off on marvelous, dream-come-true adventures. Others will soon be facing tough challenges. The Sun in early Cancer tests both Uranus and Pluto, initiating a new cycle of confrontations and transformations. Many issues come to head around the time of the 23rd’s full “Strawberry” Moon in Capricorn, exact at 7:32AM EDT. If you’ve been feeling stuck, help soon arrives. Jupiter begins a year-long stay in Cancer on the 25th. A couple of days later mental Mercury turns retrograde. These planetary events provide chances to reconsider one’s place in life, and hopefully gain some useful new perspectives. Jupiter and the Sun are also part of a watery grand trine configuration, along with Neptune and Saturn. We find once again that the world sorely needs loving kindness and arts that inspire. Err on the side of caution over the weekend of the 29th and 30th. The last quarter Aries Moon triggers a fresh round of tensions late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Mind your manners and your speed.

July 4th of July celebrations are deeply nostalgic as well as passionate. The Cancer Sun is in an exact square to jit-

tery Uranus. Unexpected happenings can necessitate the re-scheduling of some planned events. Use phones, computers and tablets to stay up to date on the news. Heartfelt feelings and great camaraderie are hallmarks of the entire week. Savor home and family life as the Moon nears the new stage over the weekend. During the wee hours of Monday the 8th Saturn turns direct and the Moon is new. The cosmos is sending powerful but mixed signals. The Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury all oppose Pluto and square Uranus. The stars can resuscitate ventures that have been on hold since winter but progress is likely to be halting at first. The middle of the month with its waxing Moon and several stellar alignments boosts activity and performance levels. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, forming a perfect grand trine, are at a peak. Mars has entered into and energizes the configuration. Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 20th and we’re off to the races! This may be the finest week of the year for creative, compassionate and enlightened undertakings. Minutes before noon on Monday the 22nd the Sun enters Leo and just two hours later the full “Thunder” Moon in Aquarius is exact at 2:16PM EDT. Mars is also conjunct Jupiter. It’s hard to imagine a more dynamic start to the working week. However, we must all be vigilant in our personal conduct and aware of goings on in the world. Jupiter and Mars are testing the Uranus/Pluto square. Explosive developments and Earth changes are an unavoidable part of modern living. Pay attention, especially on Saturday the 27th. The overheated astrological climate continues without letup until the last day of the month. Venus, the Goddess of Love, graces the evening sky and provides several helpful late July alignments. Give yourself to love and you cannot possibly go astray.

August August brings easier traveling. The waning Moon helps calm the hyper-charged atmosphere. Social auspices are excellent for the first weekend of the month. The Leo New Moon of Tuesday the 6th is a prelude to Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto. Communications are laced with hidden meanings and convoluted logic. Freudian slips can be quite revealing. Threats are voiced. The opposition can also spur constructive shifts in philosophical and political thinking. Be a pragmatist and you’ll make the best of these potent energies. Keep your eyes set squarely on the new and good during the weekend of the 10th and 11th. A breezier, more easy-going stretch of time takes us through to the full “Sturgeon” Moon. Exact at 9:45PM EDT on the night of Tuesday the 20th, the Moon evokes mystical overtones as it is also aligned with Neptune. Jupiter is in square with Uranus the same night so we may discover some surprising new pieces of information and alliances. More changes follow. The Sun on the 22nd and then Mercury on the 23rd enter Virgo, the traditional sign of the harvest. These sign changes are the reminder that summer will soon be gone. The planets squeeze a lot of activity into the final week of August and I’m sure many readers will be doing likewise. Be aware of your consumption of food and drink over the weekend. Both the Sun and Mercury, conjunct on Saturday the 24th, stand opposed to Neptune. If you’re boating or swimming, be sure to have a buddy who knows your whereabouts at all times. Absolutely no drinking and driving! The dangerous period extends through Monday the 26th. Romantic relationships can follow a tempestuous course around this time. Venus is testing the Uranus/Pluto square and also at odds with Jupiter. Generosity may be unappreciated and lead to unwanted consequences. Pick your companions wisely. Rational thinking is a valuable tool later in the week. On Wednesday mental Mercury aligns with Pluto. Don’t second-guess your gut feelings. A solar alignment with pragmatic Saturn as well as Mercury’s rambling sextile aspect with Jupiter launches the Labor Day holiday weekend with great fanfare. Much of the weekend plays out with the Moon in Cancer, the sign of domesticity and family. Both weekend getaways and relaxing backyard barbecues are excellent options. Do what you please to renew your spirits, and remember, keep looking up.

Eric Linter offers a complete range of astrological services including readings, classes and his “On Top of the Stars Monthly Guide” for making inspired career and personal decisions. Contact Eric at Read Eric’s daily forecast on New England’s premier holistic magazine website at

Marconic Reconnection … Bridging the Fifth

Spiritual Alchemy & Healing Seminars Celestial & Galactic Guides say it’s time to Upgrade and reconnect to the Axiatonal System of the Universe. Axiatonals are vibratory lines in the 5th Dimensional body that connect us to resonating Star systems.

Marconic Reconnection is newly available in 2013 for: • Uncapping “Trumpet” Chakras


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• Activating DNA

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• Stimulating Light Encoded Filaments (Bringing Information) • Stimulating the Pineal HyperDimensional Gateway for Travel

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Attract Bees and Butterflies To Your Garden ny Harmo Center

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Retreat to a warm woodland setting for deep peace and new insights Medfield, MA 508-359-8056


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18 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Dear EarthTalk: I’d like to have a garden that encourages bees and butterflies. What’s the best approach? — Robert Miller, Bakersfield, CA Attracting bees and butterflies to a garden is a noble pursuit indeed, given that we all depend on these species and others (beetles, wasps, flies, hummingbirds, etc.,) to pollinate the plants that provide us with so much of our food, shelter and other necessities of life. In fact, increased awareness of the essential role pollinators play in ecosystem maintenance, along with news about rapid declines in bee populations, have led to a proliferation of backyard “pollinator gardens” across the U.S. and beyond. “Pollinators require two essential components in their habitat: somewhere to nest and flowers from which to gather nectar and pollen,” reports the Xerces Society, a Massachusetts-based non-profit that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. “Native plants are undoubtedly the best source of food for pollinators, because plants and their pollinators have coevolved.” But, Xerces adds, many varieties of garden plants can also attract pollinators. Plant lists customized for different regions of the U.S. can be found on the group’s website. Any garden, whether a window box on a balcony or a multi-acre backyard, can be made friendlier to pollinators. Xerces recommends providing a range of native flowering

plants that bloom throughout the growing season to provide food and nesting for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Xerces also says that clustering flowering plants together in patches is preferable to spacing individual plants apart. “Creating foraging habitat not only helps the bees, butterflies and flies that pollinate these plants, but also results in beautiful, appealing landscapes.” Along these lines, gardeners should plant a variety of colors in a pollinator garden, as color is one of the plant kingdom’s chief clues that pollen or nectar is available. Master gardener Marie Iannotti, an gardening guide, reports that blue, purple, violet, white and yellow flowers are particularly attractive to bees. She adds that different shapes also attract different types of pollinators, and that getting as much floral diversity of any kind going is a sure way to maximize pollination. Another way to attract pollinators is to provide nest sites for bees. (See sidebar next page.) The group also suggests cutting out pesticides, as these harsh chemicals reduce the available nectar and pollen sources in gardens while poisoning the very insects that make growing plants possible. Those looking to go whole hog into pollinator gardening might consider investing $30 in Xerces Society’s recently published book, Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies, which provides a good deal of detailed information about pollinators and the plants they love. Gardeners who have already encouraged pollinators can join upwards of 1,000 others who have signed onto Xerces’ Pollinator Protection Pledge. And the icing on the cake is a “Pollinator Habitat” sign from Xerces stuck firmly in the ground between two flowering native plants so passersby can learn about the importance of pollinators and making them feel welcome. CONTACTS: Xerces Society,, “Bee Plants,” attractingwildlife/a/Bee_Plants.htm.


EarthTalk is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E—The Environmental Magazine ( Send questions to Subscribe: Free trial issue:

Where Do Bumble Bees Nest? Most bumble bees nest underground, often in abandoned holes made by ground squirrels, mice, and rats, or occasionally abandoned bird nests. Some species do nest on the surface of the ground (in grass tussocks) or in empty cavities (hollow logs, dead trees, under rocks, etc.) In gardens, nests are often found in compost piles or unused bird houses. Queens most likely overwinter in small cavities just below or on the ground surface. They have also been noted overwintering in manmade habitat such as woodpiles, rock walls, and in sheds. The most comprehensive studies on bumble bee nesting habits have been done in Britain, where several nationwide nest surveys have been conducted with the help of citizen scientists. Through these efforts scientists have been able to analyze many different nesting sites used by different bumble bee species, allowing comparison of the nesting data between and within species. While there is still much to be learned, particularly here in North America, this research has significantly contributed to our understanding of bumble bee nesting behavior. Of interest, there is a fairly high correlation between species’ use of nesting substrates and the common habitat features that are available, suggesting that bumble bees are opportunistic in nest site selection. Some species do have nesting preferences, but will take advantage of many different locations and materials. The most comprehensive study analyzed over one thousand nesting sites. Of the top five nest locations — bird box, cavity in rock wall, compost pile, under building/manmade structure, hole in the ground — four were artificial structures and they represented more than three quarters of observed nests. While there may be some surveyor bias here as citizens are more likely to be looking where people live, it still means that gardens and natural areas with buildings, rock walls, bird boxes, etc., can provide significant habitat. This adds to the growing evidence that urban areas, parks, gardens, and managed natural areas can be significant refuges for bumble bees. It also suggests that creating and conserving nesting habitat in natural areas and habitat fragments can potentially be a significant contributor to the reproductive success of bumble bees. If you have found a bumble bee nest, please share the information with the Xerces Society, so we can continue to learn more about the nesting habits of the bumble bees in North America. Our nest survey can be found online at http://www.

Let Me Read You,Then Heal You Ross J. Miller has been giving psychic and past-life readings and healing sessions worldwide for over 25 years. During a reading he communicates telepathically with his numerous angels and spirit guides who read and interpret the client’s aura (the spiritual light surrounding one’s physical body). Ross also communicates with the client’s own angels and spirit guides (most people have several of each). These angels and spirit guides then convey the information that is most needed or desired by the client. All of Ross’s readings are positive and constructive in nature. In addition to answering all of your personal questions pertaining to love, health, relationships, soulmates, business, career, relocation, dream interpretation, parents, children, and pets, he covers topics as diverse as: your life’s purpose, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life. Ross can also help you to identify and communicate with your own guardian angels and spirit guides. After your psychic or past-life reading, Ross can then heal the various issues that come up during the reading.

Ross J. Miller

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Ross is well-known for healing people of migraines, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety attacks, anger, grief, abuse trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, phobias, ADHD, anorexia, bulimia, PTSD and more.

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Death has always been a misunderstood subject… feared as the final demise of one’s consciousness. The Death Transition is a book that answers questions on Pre-death and after-death experiences which will be encountered by an individual upon death. A book for readers who are curious about the destiny of their existence after physical death.

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Amazing Wrap Sandwiches Portable, delicious nutrition — day or night


’ve been eating a plant-based, high percent raw vegan diet for the past 12 years. I’m an advocate for a middle-approach to healthy eating. This means balance and balance will not come by eating extreme diets. I love to give tips and tricks that make it easy to add more healthy and delicious recipes to your diet that will win over your taste buds and your family members’ as well. Food has a special power to bring people together and to make them feel healthy and vibrant. People with diabetes, candida, cancer, food addictions, allergies, sensitivities and other special dietary needs all benefit from learning how to use food as medicine for themselves. The past few nights I’ve been enjoying wraps for dinner. They are deliciously flavorful, even with substitutions within the recipes. I am a big proponent on using what you have. Most of these recipes are great just about any way you make them. If you have any questions, please email me and I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can! Why are wraps so nutritious? These wraps have got everything going for them: plant-based, whole food nutrition that is packed with micronutrients, which heal us naturally and easily. To begin, we have greens as a good part of this meal. Greens provide incredible nutrition including iron, calcium, and protein, vitamins A, C and sometimes K, to name a few. Greens act as natural anti-inflammatories for our bodies. continues on page 22 20 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 21

HEALTHY EATING continued from 20 Remember to vary your greens! Vary your whole diet, actually. Don’t get stuck on just a few things in your diet. Try everything. Sprouted grain tortillas are hearty, chewy and provide whole grain nutrition. They are less processed than the white flour tortillas that we are used to. If you were to use the collard greens instead of the sprouted grain tortillas, your wrap would be something like 10 calories and you would get a powerhouse of nutrition similar to kale. (Don’t worry about the collard leaf being too thick or bitter, it works great for a wrap and softens because of the ingredients inside it.) If you choose to use a whole wheat tortilla, make sure the ingredients say “whole ground wheat” instead of “unbleached flour.” Whole ground wheat is the least processed form of flour aside from sprouted grain products on the market. If you use seaweed in your wrap — and I hope you do! — you get added vitamins and minerals added to your plate and a great taste, too. Dulse is probably the mildest seaweed out there, in my opinion, and a little goes a long way. Dulse is high in iron, potassium, calcium, B, A, C, E, fiber and protein, to name a few. Dulse helps to pull toxins and heavy metals from the body. Dulse is a great source of iodine, which is good for vegetarians and vegans who choose not to use iodized salt. For those of you who want some added taste of salt without actually adding salt, seaweed is your best choice. There’s a lot of tasty seaweeds out there and they are great for the body, so give it a try if you haven’t already done so. Sprouts and microgreens. Well there’s just too much to say about sprouts and micro greens. These are essentially the same thing, mind you. Microgreens are sprouts that are grown in soil and they are packed with nutrition. Because sprouts are baby plants, they are easier to digest and assimilate in the body. Sprouts, when made fresh and at home, cost pennies on the dollar and nobody can tell you that eating healthy costs too much when you grow your own. Growing/eating green sprouts also ensures that we can have access to the freshest greens all year round.  Cooked or sprouted lentils. Whether you eat these cooked or sprouted, you are getting a great legume that gives extra protein and something satisfying for your

belly. For those that say that they can’t survive on eating just plants because they never feel full, I’m here to tell you that by adding nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and/or cooked or sprouted legumes, you will feel fuller and more satisfied than just eating greens, root veggies and fruit alone. Lentils are a good source of iron and protein. 1 cup of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein and that’s not shabby! Everything else on the list below is just delicious icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned. If I can give you a recipe or two that is amazingly delicious made with minimally processed, whole food that you can make in minutes, I believe I am doing a good thing in my life. The RAWking A1 Sauce is so easy to make and it’s mostly made with fruit and vegetables. The marinated veggies give you a way to have the taste and texture of sauteed vegetables without cooking. These recipes are easy, incredibly delicious and require very little skill in the kitchen. You literally have to just put the ingredients in a blender and turn it on. Then you assemble the wrap and you have something delicious to eat any time and anywhere. These wraps can be pre-made so that you can make them the night before and take them to work with you. 

Wrap Ingredients

• S prouted grain tortillas, or use collard leaves if you want to try 100% raw. Also feel free to substitute with gluten-free tortillas or whole wheat if that works for you. • Whole dulse •M  icro greens include any green sprouts grown in soil instead of water such as sunflower, peas shoots, radish greens, broccoli sprouts •C  ooked lentils, or use sprouted lentils if 100% raw. Feel free to substitute with cooked mung or black beans, etc. • Green olives, stuffed or unstuffed • RAWking A-1 sauce (see recipe) • Fresh basil • Fresh tomatoes (optional) • Baby spinach (optional) • Marinated veggies (see recipe)

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Follow the photo assembly instructions you see in these photos.

1 sprouted grain tortilla (use a fresh collard leaf if 100% raw) — put your collard leaf or sprouted grain tortilla on a plate and fill it with green sprouts

2 now add your cooked or sprouted lentils, baby spinach and/or fresh basil to the wrap

3 add some RAWking A-1 sauce and marinated veggies (veggies not shown!)

4 now add some red pepper, stuffed green olives

5 now add some whole dulse to the wrap and whatever else is your favorite topping like fresh tomatoes, cukes, carrots, anything!

RAWking A1 Sauce I am honest when I say that I never really enjoyed the bottled stuff but this recipe is the bomb. This recipe makes almost 2 cups of sauce so it lasts for a while in the fridge. 5 dates, pitted (medjool dates are the best)
 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes (not in oil)
 1/2 apple 1/4 cup coconut nectar (or substitute 1/8 cup honey) 2 cloves garlic
 1 T blackstrap molasses
 1/4 tsp horseradish, powdered or minced
 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt
 1 pinch ground cloves
 1/2 tsp rosemary
 1/3 cup olive oil
 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
 1 lemon, peeled and deseeded Blend all the ingredients in your blender. Scoop out into a container and refrigerate. If this makes more than you want to use, immediately take half and freeze it for later use. Serving suggestions: Add this to the wrap or serve over cauliflower “rice.” Simply process cauliflower in the food processor until it resembles a “cous-cous” like appearance and serve.

Marinated Veggies This is so delicious, I can’t even stand it. I take sprouted grain tortillas and fill them with salady stuff (lettuce, carrots, etc.,) and this recipe. 6-8 oz portobello mushrooms, washed and thinly sliced 1 red bell pepper, deseeded and thinly sliced 1 small onion, peeled and thinly sliced 
1/4 cup olive oil
 1/4 cup lemon juice
 1/4 cup shoyu
 sauce 1/4 cup  coconut nectar
 1 tsp garlic powder
 1 tsp Italian seasoning
 1/2 tsp cumin
 pinch of Himalayan salt Add the first three ingredients to a bowl and set aside. Put all marinade ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. You can also put into a sealed container with the lid securely on and shake it to blend together. Cover the veggies with the marinade and let sit so the flavors can marry and the veggies can soften. You can pre-make this recipe and leave the veggie marinade in the fridge overnight. The longer you let the veggies sit, the softer they become, but the minimum sitting time would be about 15-30 minutes. (In other words, don’t let the time to let the veggies set keep you from making this recipe. Even the crispier veggies tastes delicious.) The marinade makes a great dressing as well. Happy eating!

Linda Wooliever is a healthy food chef and educator, teaching people how to live their best, most juicy life through delicious nutrition. She is the owner of Vermont Fiddleheads in Worcester, VT and runs an online business manufacturing the best nut milk bags on the planet. Visit or call (802) 223-2111. Email Linda your food questions at


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Welcoming Pleasure Back to the Table

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Conquer Compulsions (overeating, smoking, procrastination, etc) Rise Above Petty Annoyances, Hurts and Anger Make Sound and Timely Decisions Increase Energy and Zest for Life Enjoy a Calm Quiet Mind Stay Focused on Tasks Reclaim Your Memory Let Go of Past Trauma Sleep Like a Baby

Enjoy a relaxing, effortless transformation

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By Anne Gulick


love and embrace the raw food cuisine…and I am also French. For me (and my French compatriots), eating is sensual, nurturing, and deeply satisfying. We expect nothing but pleasure out of the experience, and our bodies respond accordingly. As it turns out, while researching the whole “French don’t get fat” paradox for my own work, I discovered that there is quite a bit of research showing that pleasure is a powerful metabolizer. Pleasure increases oxygenation and blood flow, and decreases the production of cortisol and insulin, ultimately helping you burn fat and build muscle. In this country, many people spend their lives “trying” to clean up their diets only to encounter feelings of confusion, resistance and deprivation; others will succeed at their 1-week cleanse, but will go back to their pre-detox habits as soon as it is over, bemoaning their lack of willpower. The problem with this, and why I think it always backfires, is that there is no pleasure or satisfaction, only stress. This leads to feelings of failure and to a stress response within the body that triggers fat accumulation and relentless cravings. The missing key ingredient is this: When you’re turned on by your food, you turn on your metabolism and a whole lot more. One research I came across looked at the relationship between nutrient absorption — in this case, iron — and food preferences. When the meals were “disliked” the iron absorption was less than 50%, whereas when the meals were “liked” the absorption of iron was about 80%.1 Basically, if you put yourself on a diet of foods you think you should eat to lose weight and be healthier but don’t enjoy it one bit, you are not doing your body any favor. Obviously, this isn’t your green light to binge on all your favorite junk foods, as there are simply no nutrients to absorb from them, but the point is to focus on your connection to your food. How you eat — sensually and with pleasure, or shoving it in while multitasking — and how it makes you feel. It is about getting out of your head and into your body. In order to fully connect with your body, you need to slow down, get playful, and become engaged with your food and environment. Only then can the sensuality and satisfaction of eating breathe you back into the present moment, turning your metabolism furnace on, as well as bringing your awareness to the other pleasures in your life you might have otherwise been too rushed to notice — your kid’s dimples, your partner’s warm skin, or your best friend’s laugh.

It is time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones and commit to welcoming pleasure back to the table. Drop your suspicions and judgments around food and learn to trust your body. It knows what it wants. Here are a few tips to get you started:

❦ Flirt with the veggies at your grocery store. They might look threatening at first, but perhaps you just don’t know how to best engage them. Get to know your veggies one at a time, experimenting with a new one each week, then choose your favorites. Kinda’ like speed dating!

❦ Make love in the kitchen. Apologize to your kitchen for having neglected it for so

long and get busy with it. It will really pay off for you to spend a little quality time in this special room. Turn the music on or invite your best girlfriend. Who knew it could be so fun, stress-free, and rewarding!

❦ Get juicy. Improvise a party for your cells — green juices will treat them to a real good

time! No need to invest in a juicer as there are plenty of raw juices available now at your local natural store. Just keep them green and organic; no one wants a shot of pesticides!

Finally, cleaning up your diet and lifestyle does not have to be an “all or nothing drama.” You can have some raw life-force food and a French macaroon. You can have both vibrancy and decadence. Get your taste buds buzzing and nutrient density soaring with the simplicity of superfoods, some of my favorites being kale, avocado, and quinoa. Put them together in one bowl and they will rock your world!

VaVa Vous (Super) Bowl

3 cups chopped kale, central stem removed 1 cup cooked quinoa 1 avocado, diced ½ cup of chopped nuts or seeds (raw) 1 cup cubed zucchini and/or cucumber ¼ cup chopped red bell pepper ½ cup dried cranberries (optional) ¼ cup chopped red or green onions Note: Get frisky! Make it your own by adding all your leftover or CSA extras. Massage some dressing onto the kale for a few minutes to soften this hardy green powerhouse. Give it some good elbow grease. I keep several creamy dressings to vary the pleasures; see two recipes below. Then add the remaining ingredients and toss with the leftover dressing. For added texture, color, and nutrition, sprinkle a teaspoon of black sesame seeds.

Lemon Vinaigrette

3 T fresh organic lemon juice, plus zest ¼ cup olive oil ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 1 T agave or honey

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Creamy Avocado Dressing ½ ripe avocado 3 T olive oil 2 T apple cider vinegar Juice of 1 organic lemon ½ T honey or maple syrup

Place all the ingredients in a blender and voila! NOTES 1. “Food That Tastes Good Is More Nutritious,” Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter, October 2000.

Born and raised in France, Anne Gulick is a nutrition and lifestyle coach and a raw food chef. After a ten-year search for answers to debilitating issues ranging from autoimmune disease to severe fatigue and depression, Anne realized that her body knew how to heal itself when nourished properly and now coaches clients how to do the same. She can be reached at (508) 528-3561 or

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Education Excellence

~Hypnosis Certification~

10 Tips to Restore A Healthy Sleep Cycle

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By Patty Tucker

Arthur N. Gertler M.D. Holistic Medicine 6 6 6 6 6 6

Holistic Medicine Lyme Literate Chelation Therapy IV Therapies Detoxification Oxygenation Therapies Office located at:

D’Arcy Wellness Center 63 South Main Street, Natick, MA 01760 phone: 781-752-6378 fax: 508-653-3283

D\\kPfliLe`hl\?\Xck_E\\[j )*.+D\e[feIfX[ :ldY\icXe[#I@')/-+

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*Àœ`ÕVÌÃÊ>˜`Ê-iÀۈViÃ\Ê >ÌÕÀœ«>̅ˆVÊ œ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜ÃÊÊ;ÊÊÊ>ÃÃ>}iÊ/…iÀ>«ÞÊÊ;ÊÊ,iyiݜœ}ÞÊ;ÊÊ >ÀÊ >˜`ˆ˜}Ê ÊÀˆ`œœ}ÞÊÊ;ÊÊV>ˆLiÀÀˆÊEÊiÀL>Ê/i>ÃÊ;ÊÊ À>˜ˆœÃ>VÀ>Ê/…iÀ>«ÞÊÊ;ÊÊi>Ì…Ê-VÀii˜ˆ˜}ÃÊ

Ê >ÌÕÀ>ÊiÀLÃ]Ê-Õ««i“i˜ÌÃ]Ê*iÀܘ>Ê >ÀiÊ*Àœ`ÕVÌÃ

ՏÊ >ÃÃÊEÊ*Àœ}À>“Ê-V…i`ՏiÊ"˜ˆ˜iÊ 26 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013


f you are having trouble sleeping on a nightly basis, you know how poor sleep affects your days. However, there are simple steps to take to get real results. By definition a chronic sleep problem has developed over time, so it will take some persistent effort to get better. Here are 10 sleep tips to get you back to a consistent, healthy and normal sleep pattern.

TIP #1: Set a regular time to get up every day, including weekends. The actual time you choose doesn’t matter that much, but being regular about it does. If you have to get up by a certain time to make it to work 4-5 days a week, then that is going to be your wake-up time workdays and weekends. The human body, like the squirrel body or the bear body or the chrysanthemum body, dances with rhythms of the natural world. We need to get into that dance and move in regular rhythms to become regular in our responses.

TIP #2: Set an intended bedtime. This should be

the same every night so that you can be certain you are allowing adequate time in your schedule for sleep. I say “intended” because you may not be sleepy at the same time every night, and you should only try to sleep when you are sleepy. Designate a time when all else will be laid aside and sleep will be the priority and given the respect it deserves. Post your bedtime in your PDA. Set an alarm

clock in the living room or kitchen that will proclaim your bedtime as surely as the one in the bedroom proclaims your wake-up call.

TIP #3: Allow enough time for sleep. Most humans need close to eight hours of sleep per night. Studies reveal that those who average less than 6 hours a night die younger. Sleep is a vital opportunity for the body to heal, restore and to clean up tissues, organs and systems. Without enough sleep, simple maintenance functions may not get completed. TIP #4: Create a bedtime ritual. A warm bath, snuggly jammies, teeth brushing, a bedtime story, reciting hopes and gratitude, a kiss and then turning out the lights. Sound familiar? Child or adult, doing the same things every night at the same time serves as a signal to your body that the chance for sleep is approaching so it can gently reset and get ready for sleep tasks. The quiet relaxing nature of pre-bedtime activities gives you an opportunity to shift gears mentally and emotionally, as well. TIP #5: Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. When you walk into your bedroom at the end of a full day to start your sojourn to slumber you should receive one message only: Sleep. (Okay, two: Sleep and intimacy.) If you walk into your bedroom and see a treadmill,

a computer, a TV, a telephone answering machine, a pile of bills, a pile of laundry, a pile of anything other than pillows, your brain is getting mixed messages. With so much distraction the brain doesn’t know what you want or intend. Move everything out of your bedroom that does not relate to or promote good sleep. Choose your favorite restful colors. Hang pictures that remind you of relaxed times and places. Make it soft like a hug and quiet like a sanctuary.

TIP #6: Get out of bed if you can’t sleep. In the beginning, when trying to reset your sleep patterns and retrain your responses, you may find that even though you have set regular hours, followed a relaxing bedtime ritual and gone to bed in a tranquil cocoon, sleep still doesn’t appear on demand. If you find yourself awake in bed and getting upset about it, get out of bed. Whether this is at the beginning of the night, the middle of the night or in the hour before the alarm, do not teach your brain that it is acceptable to be awake in bed. If sleep is obviously not there, get up. Go to another room and do something quiet and restful until you feel sleepy. Then go back to bed and try again. If you wake up as soon as you get back in bed, then get up again. Repeat until you fall asleep easily. TIP #7: Control your environment. You will sleep better if it is dark. The brain gets one of its biggest clues about when to sleep from the daily changes in light. Melatonin, the most famous sleep hormone, is only produced when the surrounding light begins to fade. Melatonin production can be shut down by as little as seven minutes of light exposure. Streetlights, nightlights, the glow from a computer screen, TV or even the alarm clock can be cutting into your ability to produce adequate melatonin to fall asleep, stay asleep or get back to sleep. Keep it quiet. This can be a challenge in some neighborhoods, but good earplugs can be transformational. Turn off the TV, or better yet, move it out of your sleep sanctuary all together. The flashing lights and quick dialogues, often with varying volumes between shows and commercials are just the opposite of the environment required for healthy sleep to develop. When your ears pick up human voices, your brain wave patterns change to alert status. This is not what you want if you are trying to sleep. Temperature affects sleep too. The ideal temperature range for sleep is between 72 and 58 degrees. Try lowering the bedroom thermostat a couple notches or trade your blanket for a lighter one. TIP #8: Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs near bedtime. Caffeine

keeps the brain’s alerting system turned on. The effects can last up to 9 hours. That means a diet cola at 3pm may be what’s keeping you up at midnight. Nicotine has similar alerting effects. While alcohol can lead to relaxation and quicker sleep onset, your liver has to change it into other chemicals before it can be safely eliminated. One of those chemicals has stimulant properties similar to caffeine and you will have some difficulty getting back to sleep until the new chemical is cleared from your system. Recreational and pharmaceutical drugs can alter sleep patterns in surprising ways.

TIP #9: Eat well to sleep well. To do anything well, including sleep, the body and

brain need adequate, clean and appropriate fuel. Avoid large portinos, spicy, fatty or rich foods near bedtime. Dinner should be finished at least 2 hours before your intended bedtime to allow time for initial digestion. Lying down with a full stomach is an open invitation to heartburn.

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TIP #10: Don’t worry about it. Worrying about sleep, stressing over it and making

it bigger than is has to be won’t help. One of my favorite tricks is to perform a nightly “brain dump.” Sit down each evening and write out everything you would normally be worrying about in bed. This might include big stuff like how to pay the mortgage, smaller stuff like remembering if the tires need rotating, as well as stupid stuff like wondering if your favorite summer shirt will still be in fashion next year. After writing furiously for 10 minutes or so, the scribbling will come to a stop on its own. Later, in bed, when those worrisome thoughts start to come up you can say, “No, I wrote you down, so I don’t need to think about you right now.” It really works!

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Patty Tucker, PA-C, sleep coach, consultant and adjunct faculty of the Family Sleep Institute, is a graduate of the Stanford School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program and has been a medical practitioner for over two decades. Since 2001 she has specialized in sleep medicine. Visit

IFJJA%D@CC<I  GjpZ_`Z?\Xc\i&I\^i\jj`feK_\iXg`jku),p\Xij\og\i`\eZ\ E\nkfe#D8 V nnn%K_\Dpjk`ZNXp%Zfd V -(.$,).$*,/* SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 27

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Reiki Success In FERTILITY



By Dawn Fleming

eiki, a Japanese energy modality, may seem difficult for the logical mind to understand, but that is because in the western world we tend to comprehend only what we can see. When we look at the human body we see the biological aspects of bones, skin, hair, etc., as well as the chemical components of blood and hormones. Researchers have proven that we also embody an energy component. Energy exists within each cell and between each cell — our subtle matter. In many areas of the world, medical treatments or health and wellness models include the integration of some type of energy medicine to treat the whole body. When one’s energy is out of balance, the body is impacted in some way. Over time, an energy imbalance will manifest as some type of symptom or dis-ease in the body. The longer a practitioner works with an energy modality, the more sensitive he or she becomes to what is or is not happening in a client’s energy field. After writing an article on Reiki and fertility issues, I received a phone call from Karen* explaining the challenges she was facing with fertility and how the medical community was advising her to adopt or receive a donor egg. Something in her voice tells me that she knows she can become pregnant. We then discuss what Reiki can do to support her body, mind, and emotions, whether she is trying to get pregnant on her own or go through the in vitro fertilization process. Our life history impacts and creates the energy dynamics that are occurring in our body. Positive behaviors like good eating habits, exercising, and increasing healthy self-

esteem feed a positive energy flow through the body. Constant stress, lack of exercise, substance abuse and harboring a negative or fearful attitude cause blocks in the energy field that diminish flow to certain areas of the body. The energy field might also be damaged from broken bones, falls, past surgeries, major illnesses, or long term emotional or mental stress. An energy practitioner must first assess what is or is not occurring in the client’s entire energy field and then work toward repairing and restoring it. What we need to understand when seeking any energy modality for healing is that it took years or even decades to create the energy dynamic that is occurring in the body to support or obstruct our health and pregnancy goals. Restoring wellness is a process. During my first session with Karen, I explored where her energy was blocked or out of balance and began to restore her energy field. I noticed that the energy around her reproductive system was very low. The left ovary energy seemed too hot, and it felt as if the energy was isolated or not connected with the rest of the reproductive system. I observed that her field on the left in those areas was leaking energy so I started working to seal the energy leaks and saturate her field with Reiki. I also felt that her sinuses on the right side were troubling her. All parts of our body serve a role in keeping us healthy. Our energy, when at its optimum, supports total health and well being. It provides the fuel for all our body’s systems and organs to work at full capacity. Without a full tank we may feel as if we are struggling on various levels; our body might not be able to perform in the way the various components were meant to and we might be experiencing depression or feeling overwhelmed. Unlike the medical arena where doctors note measurements of hormone levels, follicle development, anatomic abnormalities and other patterns during the work-up of infertility, Reiki cannot label specific impairments in a woman’s energy field because each person’s energy dynamic is different. The common thread is that each woman’s energy is diminished in some way, but the unique reason for the low energy level and energetic adjustment differs for each one. After finishing the energy field assessment, I then used Reiki to bring Karen’s energetic body back into balance. It may take several sessions to restore a body’s energy broken and depleted energy lines (chakras, meridians, nadis, hara line). Fortunately, Reiki can energetically connect people at a distance and achieve the same amazing results whether they are apart or physically together in the same space. Reiki can be used throughout a woman’s cycle to support the growth of follicles and recruitment of healthy eggs, the fertilization of eggs and assisting the embryo to implant in the uterine lining. Reiki also provides emotional and mental balance helping the client to align with the process of fertility in a more positive way. It is very discouraging for a woman to be told by the medical community that she should give up when she is feeling empowered to manifest a family. The negativity permeates into her emotional and energetic fields, creating more blockages. Reiki supports her into a place of knowing that all parts of her being are working toward creating the highest good for all. We are powerful manifestors, especially where our hearts are concerned. Energy follows thought and is empowered by our feelings. It is important for women with fertility issues to know that the process of receiving Reiki to restore the energy field should begin as soon as possible when you are considering conception by any means. This gives your energy field time to be cleared, repaired and strengthened for your new cycle to begin. Reiki also helps with the lack of energy that a woman feels in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, as well as providing excellent labor and delivery support. A physician client who successfully used Reiki to become pregnant noted that although there are no scientific studies on Reiki in the treatment of fertility, infertility is a medical crisis for a couple, impacting every aspect of their lives and wellbeing. Taking exquisite care of each other and the relationship during this time is mandatory. Diversifying your healing team to include complementary and alternative treatments, with yourself as a committed member, will make all the difference in how quickly you can achieve your goals. The Reiki that clients receive during this process not only supports the reproduction process but also helps to bring balance and peace in mind, body and life. *client named changed to protect privacy

Author Dawn Fleming has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. As a Reiki Master, life coach and medical intuitive she assists her clients in meeting their wellness goals. She practices in Chandler, AZ and has clients all over the world. Visit

Awaken Your HeaLing touCH reiki i, reiki ii and reiki Master Classes Libby barnett, MSW | Reiki Master Teacher Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable teacher with more than 33 years experience blending Reiki with conventional medicine. Libby’s expert Reiki instruction makes your learning easy and your practice precise. Offered in Boston Area & Wilton, NH

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with Feng Shui Home Tips

Reconnect to yourself through the elements of nature.

July 27-30th 2013

4 days, 3 nights

By Karen Feldman

FoR moRe inFoRmation contact:

erik at or John at



ith the arrival of the warmer months and more available daylight, many of us find our fast-forward lives accelerating even more. Our homes, which ideally should serve as quiet sanctuaries of peace and nurturing energies to restore our equilibrium, often contribute to our chaos and stress levels instead. A home filled with clutter or imbalance cues messages of stress back to our subconscious mind, causing us to trample even faster on the treadmill of life. The science and art of feng shui has been practiced in the Far East for centuries as an antidote to our sense of disconnection and overwhelm within our environments. Its mindful and often subtle use of the five elements — water, wood, earth, fire, and metal — along with intentional object placement and color selection can shift an uncomfortable space with agitated energy into one that is sustaining on many levels. We can derive immediate benefits from this practice with some easy-to-follow basic guidelines.

Balance the Five Elements

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Begin with balancing the five elements of water, wood, earth, fire, and metal and check for their harmonious use. You may be surprised at how the obvious has been overlooked! Start with the basics. Is there too much fire energy in a quiet, personal space such as a bedroom? The bedroom is a quiet, yin space and a location for the shielding elements of earth, wood, and water to bring a sense of calm. The water element puts out excess fire with flowing, asymmetrical lines. Dark blues and black get us in touch with our feelings and emotions. The wood element provides the nurturing and healing connection to the natural world with plants, soft fabrics and wallpapers. Earth stabilizes

and grounds us with the colors of cinnamon, rose, burnt orange, and yellow. Many of us are not having enough restful, deep sleep because our bedrooms are too energized with fiery red tones, animal prints, intense lighting, computers and electronics that are always on, cell phones and texting tones going non-stop. Those struggling with sleep issues may suddenly find their problems reversed when soothing dark, earth tones are brought in, and electronics and excess mirrors are removed. Focus on using soft fabrics without distinct textures in a variety of shades from medium blue to midnight blue and black. Small amounts of crystal and glass will also help to encourage the calming effects of still, yin water. Is your bedroom too bright? Excessive use of artificial lighting has created the unfortunate phenomena of light pollution in our non-stop, 24/7 culture. Especially for urban dwellers, the constant intrusion of nighttime commercial lighting seeps into our bedrooms and disrupts normal circadian rhythms, prohibiting deep sleep. Dimmers, warmer tones, low wattage bulbs and smaller fixtures increase our chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Start by turning down all but one or two smaller lights at least an hour before retiring to allow the body to transition naturally into the evening’s quiet energy. Unlike the on and off switch on your wall, your body needs adequate time to shift out of the active yang energy of the day into the still yin energy of night. Mindfully walk through your home with feng shui eyes open. The simple but powerful corrective of adjusting the five elements and yin/yang balance will go a long way towards creating more calm in your living environment. Even our most yang public spaces such as living rooms and family rooms tend to be overly active. We

have revved up our lives far too much, and consequently seek out the familiarity of busy and buzzing environments. A plethora of LED-blinking electronics with a profusion of wires everywhere or the use of primary and/ or bright colors that do not harmonize and disrupt visual flow can easily turn a room into one, big yang screech! Step back from these spaces to create more healing living spaces in your home. Turn the visual and auditory volumes down to help the conscious and unconscious minds recalibrate to a more natural, healing balance. Simply put: “See calm, be calm.” Your home is a mirror of your internal state of being. If you enter a room and are greeted with pointy, sharp, angular, prickly, busy and chaotic visuals and sensations, sanctuary is hard to find. Likewise, the broken chair hidden in a corner, the ripped edge of a window treatment or the cracked vase are cues that trigger you to remain in a state of anxiety; something’s not right. Desensitized to their presence, however, you are not even aware of their counterproductive messaging power.

Bring Nature Indoors Pay attention to nature’s cycles and seasons and live in harmony with them. Our physical body is our first home; our dwellings become our second one. Just as we naturally use more yang foods and clothing choices in summer, and more yin choices in winter, our spaces need to be aligned with seasonal requirements if we are to be fully supported. For summer remove heavy, dark drapes, use lighter color and fabric slipcovers, and eat more upward-growing, plant-based foods. Biomimicry is the study of mimicking nature to find solutions that will insure human survival on the planet. For instance, like plants, humans are phototropic; we are hardwired to move towards natural sunlight with its lifeaffirming solar rhythms. Using full-spectrum or natural solar lighting indoors mimics the 1500 wavelengths of sunlight that reaches our retina and nourishes our body and brain. Artificial lighting that bears no resemblance to sun or moonlight streaming through our windows increases our subtle sense of agitation and disconnection from our own well being, and is often cited as an underlying cause for depression and seasonally-affected mood swings. Employ the concept of biomimicry when making choices for your lawns, gardens, and planting arrangements outside. Using drought-resistant species in desert areas is an example of allowing nature to demonstrate the most beneficial use of the land for all concerned. Bring these plants inside as well. Connect yourself with the productive cycles of the elements and allow nature to show you what it needs to sustain itself and thrive. Morphic resonance is the idea that every substance in nature has its own unique “signature,” and this essence is found in even the smallest amount. The mere act of bringing a lovely seashell into your home, with all of its specific, watery, healing energies will also carry with it the collective consciousness of all seashells and, thus, the exponential multiplication of its positive presence. Like connects to like. Integrating the unseen power of plants, stones, rocks and creatures in our indoor environments helps us more fully integrate our lives with the blue and green world outside of our buildings, leading to improved mental health.

Good Housekeeping What does your house sound like? Smell like? Feel like? Are you greeted with chemical or moldy odors, or dingy views that do not delight the senses? A house that has not been recently and thoroughly cleaned will cause the same reaction we have to a person who does not shower regularly. We are repelled, not encouraged, to come closer to this energy field. This lack of attention indicates a sense of despondency and hopelessness, and these negative emotions will be continually reinforced as we enter such a space. Use the wood element where this situation exists in the form of purifying and energizing plants to shift the energy immediately. Fresh flowers placed in a dim space quickly work their powerful magic as well. Notice how uplifted you feel when gazing upon a bouquet of even the most humble wildflowers. Roses are said to carry one of the most healing vibrations on the planet. A single rose placed in your line of sight will bring a world of luscious, calming roses into your energy field. Are there too many harsh, right angles and too few flowing, curving lines and shapes in your environment? In nature, energy ideally moves in a soft flow. A long, unbroken hallway allows energy to speed through and not meander into a space to nourish it. Adjust the flow of energy in a space by counteracting with an equal and opposing force. To add horizontal energy to balance out fast-moving vertical, place pictures on the walls or a carpet runner that aligns side to side. Hang a crystal to disperse shooting energy. As your eye is distracted and slowed down by these visual cues, so too, will the energy that enters the space. Are you able to enter each room of your home and find clear horizontal space? Clutter works Iike a black hole to suck the life force and healing energy out of a space. Unaligned, poorly hung pictures on the wall or clothing and paper precariously stacked everywhere will only reinforce your sense of “being on edge.” Consider the toxic chemical load present in your home if you are not using natural and sustainable materials. The new furniture and carpets you have just purchased may also possibly have hidden health costs from the outgassing of harmful chemicals for many months or years to come. Listen to your body and pay attention to complaints it registers about how furnishings look, smell, feel or even taste! Nature strives toward a state of balance, safety, and grounding. Feng shui masters discovered that living in harmony with the natural elements, the landscape, and the cycles of nature provided rewards such as good health, a positive outlook and abundance. The more the natural world is intentionally incorporated into a dwelling, the more its occupants will thrive, sending positive ripples into all aspects of their lives.

Karen Feldman is a certified feng shui practitioner and interior designer, and the owner since 1994 of Urban Eden, a full-service holistic interior design firm in Providence, RI. Karen helps her residential, commercial and corporate clients to co-create spaces that are beautiful, functional and in alignment with the best interests of their well-being along with the planet’s. Contact Karen at or visit

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Healthy Home Walk Through

Best Bathroom Products Green Shield Organic Bathroom Cleaner, Fresh Earth Friendly Products Shower Kleener CLR Calcium Lime, Rust Cleaner Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir Earth Friendly Products Toilet Kleener, Natural Cedar Green Shield Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Seventh Generation Natural Tub & Title Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir Lysol Professional Disinfectant Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Bathroom Cleaner Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pine Fresh

By Environmental Working Group

Learn which household products to use and which to avoid

Bathroom Products to Avoid Lysol Action Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner Country Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach, Rain Clean Scrubbing Bubbles Extend A Clean Mega Shower Foamer Tilex Soap Scum Remover Toilet Duck Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Lysol Aerosol Bathroom Cleaner Sunshine Fresh Clorox Bleach Foamer for the Bathroom Drano Professional Strength Max Gel Clog Remover Safeway Bright Green Drain Opener Professional Strength Drano Clog Remover

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Green Shield Organic Squeez Automatic Dishwasher Liquid Detergent, Lemongrass The Honest Co. Honest Auto Dishwasher Gel, Free & Clear Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Hypo-Allergenic Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Pacs, Free & Clear Better Life Dish It Out Natural Dish Liquid, Unscented Ecover Rinse Aid Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Powder, Free & Clear Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, Citrus Earth Friendly Products Wave Automatic Dishwashing Gel Lavender Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Automatic Dish Pack

Dish Cleaners to Avoid Simple Green Naturals Dish Washing Liquid Ajax Dish Liquid with Bleach Alternative Lime Clorox Commercial Solutions SOS Pot Pan Detergent Palmolive Eco + Gel Dishwasher Detergent, Lemon Splash Ajax Triple Action Dish Liquid Hand Soap, Orange Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Gel Dawn Ultra Concentrated Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Hawaiian Pineapple Easy-Off Professional Liquid Dish Detergent Concentrate Cascade Powder Dishwasher Detergent Palmolive Ultra Oxy Plus Odor Eliminator Dish Liquid

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rom kitchen, bathroom, glass and all-purpose cleaners to dishwashing detergent, laundry soap and bleach, Environmental Working Group has scoured the chemical ingredients of more than 2,000 different household cleaning products and come up with a list of some of the best — and some you should avoid. EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning provides practical solutions to protect you and your family from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. That’s important, because U.S. law allows manufacturers of most cleaning products to use almost any ingredient they wish, including known carcinogens and substances that can harm fetal and infant development. The government does nothing to assess the safety of the vast majority of cleaning products before they’re sold to consumers. The Environmental Protection Agency only regulates cleaners that contain registered pesticides (such as disinfectants with “active ingredients”) whose labels the agency must approve. To fill the gap, EWG’s staff scientists evaluated the ingredients listed on cleaning product labels, websites and worker safety documents based on information available in top government, industry and academic toxicity databases and in the scientific literature on potential health and environmental problems. It’s important to keep your home clean, but in doing so you might be using products that contain chemicals that can trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions, eye

and skin irritation or that are known or probable human carcinogens, said Sharp. Even more troubling is that the law doesn’t require most types of cleaners even to disclose what chemicals are in them. Instead, many companies use vague terms such as “surfactant” or “preservative” to describe their ingredients, leaving consumers in the dark about the specific chemicals they may contain and whether they might pose health hazards. EWG believes that’s not good enough. Consumers have a right to know that information at the point of sale before bringing cleaners into their homes. From the database it compiled, EWG identified some of the best and worst products in each of four categories to give consumers a sampling of products that received high or low scores in EWG’s rankings based on what’s known about their ingredients and how much their labels disclose. Any product in the “Worst” categories received an “F” grade in EWG’s rankings for one or more of the following reasons: 1) they contain ingredients linked to health effects such as asthma and respiratory problems, skin allergies and irritation, developmental and reproductive toxicity or cancer; 2) they contain ingredients may have harmful environmental effects; or 3) product labeling failed to disclose ingredients that may be toxic. continues on page 34

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Best Laundry Products Yoga At The Ashram Studio, Millis, MA

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Serenity Yoga Center, 363 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730. Kripalu-affiliated studio. Fully equipped. Daily classes: beginners to experienced to power. 781-275-4092 •

Bridgewater Maha Yoga Center, 992 Bedford St. (Rt. 18), Bridgewater, MA 02324, 508-697-3273 Yoga all levels, Hatha, Ashtanga, meditation, massage. Yoga teacher training (YA).

Brighton Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Center, 103 Bennett St., Brighton, MA 02135. 617-782-1727. Loretta Levitz, Dir. Yoga, all levels (including disability), Ayurveda, teacher training, private or small groups.

Cambridge Boutique Yoga at A Holistic Healing Center. Private and semi-private yoga sessions in an intimate environment. Cultivate your vinyasa yoga flow. Call 617-710-1337 or email Kundalini Yoga Boston, 186 Hampshire Street. Transformative yoga and meditation open to all levels. $25: 2 weeks unlimited yoga. Concerts, workshops, training and art gallery. 617-868-0055

Holbrook Real Life Yoga Studio, 239 North Franklin St.(Rt 37). Traditional hatha, power flow, Kundalini with meditation, monthly restorative yoga, tai chi, gong meditation. 781-767-1827 •

Holden Opening Lotus Yoga. An eco-green studio. • 508-829-7435 456 Main St., Holden, MA, 01520. Beginneradvanced. Gentle-vigorous. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and more. 34 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Millis Yoga at the Ashram. 368 Village St. Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Qigong, Kids Yoga, Tai Chi. Gong meditations, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. First class free. 508-376-4525. The Yoga Studio. Experience a tranquil and welcoming environment to practice yoga amid calming music, soft lighting and a peaceful, restorative atmosphere. Beginners welcome! 508-376-8508

Princeton FrogPond Yoga Centre. Classes in the tradition of Raja Yoga for all levels of practitioners. 200 and 500-hr classes begin January 2013.

Uxbridge State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center. Yoga, massage, Environ advanced skin care/ facials, hair removal, Reiki training, reflexology, energy healing, mentoring, workshops. 508-278-2818

West Boylston Central Mass Yoga And Wellness, Inc., 45 Sterling Street. 200 and 500 hour teacher training, 45 classes a week. All levels welcome! • 508-835-1176.

Westborough Westborough Yoga for healing, transformation and health. Offering Svaroopa Yoga, meditation, private yoga therapy and embodyment, prenatal and gentle yoga. Contact Michelle Gross: 508-341-6424.

Worcester Amethyst Point. 232 Chandler St., Worcester. Hatha/Iyengar yoga, meditation and tai chi/qigong. All levels. Monday-Saturday. 508-753-3975. Include your studio. Next ad deadline is August 1, 2013. Call 508-278-9640 or email

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Laundry Products to Avoid Fab Ultra 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent, Spring Magic Tide Plus a Touch of Downy Liquid Detergent, Lavender Ajax 2X Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent, Original Ivory Ultra Snow Liquid Laundry Detergent Cheer BrightCLEAN HE Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free & Gentle All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent HE, Fresh Rain Dynamo Liquid Laundry Detergent Gain Liquid Detergent, Island Fresh Tide Liquid Detergent with Febreze Freshness Meadows Rain Wisk High Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent

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All Purpose Cleaners to Avoid Easy-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser Concentrate Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner Walmart Great Value Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Lestoil Grease & Stain Heavy Duty Cleaner Drano Professional Strength Kitchen Crystals Clog Remover Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner Citrus Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Aerosol Spray Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser for Bath and Kitchen, Mountain Breeze Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser

Healthy Home Checklist

Now that you know which products to avoid, walk through your home and open your bathroom cabinet, look under your sink, and check those laundry supplies. It’s an easy, hands-on way to create a less toxic environment for your family. When you’re done, you’ll breathe easier (literally!) knowing that you’ve tackled the toxics that matter most in your home. For an even healthier home, read through this checklist of more things to look for.

Kitchen r Do you cook with non-stick cookware? Replace with cast-iron, stainless steel, or glass when possible. Stuck with it? Take care not to overheat it. The Teflon coating (PTFE) releases toxic fumes at high temperatures. r Do you use plastic food containers? We recommend glass over plastic. Never microwave food in plastic containers. For baby, use glass or BPA-free plastic bottles. r Do you drink water bottled in plastic? Kick the habit. For water on-the-go, get a reusable water bottle, like stainless steel (not plastic or aluminum lined with plastic). r Any canned food in the pantry? Cook with fresh or frozen whenever possible; most food cans (including liquid infant formula) are lined with bisphenol-A (BPA), a toxic chemical that leaches into the food. r Do you eat conventionally grown produce? Check EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides (http://www.ewg. org/foodnews/) to be sure you buy organic when pesticide residues are highest. r Do you eat high-mercury fish? Ask before eating and head for the lower-mercury types (especially for pregnant women and young children) such as haddock, pollack, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, sardines, and salmon.

Bathroom r Do you use air fresheners? Don’t! Most contain a number of toxic chemicals that contaminate the air you breathe. r Is there fragrance in your personal care products? We don’t know what’s in “fragrance,” so it’s safer to choose all fragrance-free personal care products. Always check ingredient lists to be sure. r What kind of toothpaste do you use? Choose fluoridefree for kids younger than 2 and teach older kids to rinse and spit; fluoride is toxic if swallowed. Also, pick a paste without triclosan, an antibacterial chemical; you’ll see it on the ingredient list. r Do you use liquid hand soap? If so, avoid antibacterials. Even the American Medical Association recommends against using them at home as researchers have determined that antimicrobial soap does not work any better than plain soap and water in preventing the spread of bacteria. By skipping the antibacterials, you limit your exposure to triclosan, which may disrupt thyroid function and encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics when they are needed most. r What material is your shower curtain? Avoid vinyl shower curtains. If you get a new curtain of any type of man-made material, leave it outside for several days before using. r Do you have extra body and hair care products? Less is more. Skipping cosmetics like hair spray and detangler, body sprays and powder is less toxic — and cheaper!

Laundry And Cleaning Closet r Are your cleaners green? Do your product labels list all ingredients? Most don’t, but they should. Support companies that disclose all ingredients by buying their products — you have a right to know. Find out the ingredients by calling the manufacturer, avoid the toxic ones and choose green-certified products whenever possible. r Do you need all those products? Most homes can be safely cleaned with a few non-toxic ingredients: vinegar (it’s anti-bacterial), baking soda, water, a HEPA vacuum, microfiber mops and cloths — and some elbow grease! Skip laundry products you don’t need, like dryer sheets, fabric softener, and chlorine bleach. Never mix bleach with ammonia, vinegar or other acids as the combination can produce deadly gases.

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Odor Eliminator

Made from over 30 plants including: Mint, Eucalyptus & Lemon Call: 866-602-6556 Safe for people, pets & the Earth. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Made in the U.S.A.

All Around The House rW  as your home built before 1978? If so, it probably contains lead paint. When repainting, use a wet sanding technique to reduce dust, choose low VOC paints and always paint with the windows open for good ventilation. Keep kids away from rehab dust and loose chips. r Got foam furniture? Foam products (like stuffed furniture and mattresses) are often treated with toxic fire retardants, so keep them well-covered. Ask whether a product is treated before you buy and choose naturally fire-resistant materials, like cotton and wool, when possible. r Don’t “protect” your fabrics and carpets with sprayedon chemical coatings; simply clean spills quickly. r Do you use pesticides or insecticides? Try non-toxic alternatives first; pesticides are a last resort. If you choose to use them, store them out of reach of children. Organic gardening is healthier for kids and pets, since they live closer to the ground. r Do you have a wood deck, picnic table or playground set? Those made before 2005 likely contain arsenic. Test to confirm and either replace with safer wood or reduce your exposure by sealing it, replacing high-use areas and washing hands after touching, especially before eating. r What materials are your kids’ toys made from? Top contaminants to avoid are: lead paint, play make-up, cadmium and lead in play jewelry, and phthalates in soft plastics (like teethers and rubber duckies). Choosing non-toxic toys for young kids is especially important because so many end up in their mouths. r Skip the biggest hazards and avoid air fresheners, use a baking soda and water paste to clean the oven and tackle toilet stains, and use a mechanical snake to unclog the drain.

The Environmental Working Group is the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization. Through the power of information, their mission is to provide straight facts, unfiltered and unspun, investigate government subsidies that encourage wasteful practices, and to support policies that promote thoughtful stewardship of our land and natural resources. For dozens of valuable consumer guides, lists and articles, visit or call EWG headquarters in Washington, DC at (202) 667-6982.

Why Bathe in Water You Wouldn’t Drink?

Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine Dr. Jody E Noé MS, ND Cancer Care Support your body & reduce side effects through integrative naturopathic treatment 101 West Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT 860-495-5688 t Dr. Jody E. Noé is a Licensed, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

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How to Keep Your Cool Without Air Conditioning

“The more you feel peace in meditation the closer you are to God . . .” —Paramahansa Yogananda

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8 tips to help you beat the heat this summer by Stan Cox


Krishna Kaur

he torrid summer of 2010 capped off the hottest decade ever recorded on our planet. American households responded to the heat by doubling our consumption of electricity for air conditioning, as measured since the mid-1990s. Our A/C use has, in turn, boosted greenhouse gas emissions from power plants — helping to speed global climate change and to ensure that future heat waves will be even more frequent and intense…and that we’ll soon be cranking up the air conditioning yet another notch. But people are starting to recognize this vicious cycle and trying to put a stop to it. I’ve met many people from across the country who enjoy the non-air conditioned life, even in the heart of the Sunbelt. Here in Salina, Kansas, a place where triple-digit highs are common, my wife Priti and I have lived without air conditioning for ten years. Air conditioning plays an important role in protecting the more vulnerable segments of our population during heat waves. But that doesn’t warrant its lavish deployment throughout society for much of the year. Whether you live in a house on a shady lot or in a third-floor urban apartment, it’s possible to stay comfortable by reviving and updating simple hot weather strategies that have been cast aside during the age of air conditioning. And it can be done without costly equipment or home renovations. The key is to focus on is people-cooling, not building-cooling. Your body is constantly converting chemical energy from food into heat; hot and/or humid weather makes it harder to unload that heat. But filling a home with chilled, still, dry air around the clock is only one of the many ways by which we can help our bodies maintain their thermal balance.


Keep air circulating. Air movement is highly effective in helping you evaporate perspiration and shed heat. On a merely warm day, a breeze through an open window is enough to do the job, but in truly hot weather, especially if it’s humid, turn on a fan. Ceiling fans are good, but the direct breeze from a portable or window fan can be more effective. In summer, we have a window fan blowing directly across our bed at night. 36 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let the morning weather forecast scare you into reaching for the A/C switch. If all of the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s occupants are away at work or school during the day, midday temperatures are not very relevant. If you are going to be home all day, the predicted high temperature or heat index may sound menacing; however, a naturally ventilated indoor space often remains at least ten degrees cooler than the outdoor maximum, and air movement knocks a few more degrees off the temperature your body is actually sensing. In a closed-up, air conditioned home, a thermostat set in the mid-to-upper eighties would create a suffocating environment â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but with open windows and moving air, living in such temperatures is no sweat.

Change your location with the time of day and sun position. If C youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re fortunate enough to have a basement, take advantage of the geothermal cooling it provides. A fan enhances the effect. And if things get really tough, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no need to be an absolutist. For a few hoursâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; break, you can quickly and fairly efficiently cool down a one-room refuge with a window air conditioner.


Reserve sedentary activities for the hottest part of the day. When physical work is called for, just accept that you may need to wring out your shirt afterward. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do your running or other exercise at three in the afternoon under a broiling sun, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do it in an air conditioned health club either. Research shows that regular exertion in the heat builds the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tolerance, helping you function better in hot weather. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make extra heat. Remember that any energy-consuming household E device releases waste heat. Plan meals that involve less cooking; cut back on boiling and baking, especially. Keep the dishwasher and any unneeded lights turned off. Use solar technology â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a clothesline â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to dry the laundry. And take cold or lukewarm showers to avoid burdening your indoor atmosphere with a big load of humidity.


Get wet. High humidity may be the enemy, but water in liquid form is an essential ally. When itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feasible, hit the lake or local swimming pool with your friends and neighbors. When itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not (and if water supplies are sufficient), nothing cools like the old garden hose or lawn sprinkler.


Stay near plants. Head to the woods, where it always feels cooler. Plants can cool twice â&#x20AC;&#x201D; by blocking sunlight and by absorbing heat as they transpire water. If you have a yard, you can further reduce the peak indoor temperature by creating more shade. If possible, have trees, especially to the south and west. If thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not possible, a dense stand of other kinds of tall plants â&#x20AC;&#x201D; giant reed (Arundo donax) or sunflowers, for example â&#x20AC;&#x201D; can be tall enough by July to shade the sun-baked sides of the house. We have grapevines covering a couple of windows. Bring in the night air. If, when the sun starts going down, the outdoor temH perature drops below that in the house, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a signal to pull in some of that outdoor air.

Use a whole-house or attic fan if you have one; otherwise, set up one window fan blowing in and another out.


Meet your neighbors. Especially in the evening, spend time under a shade tree, patio umbrella or screen porch, or head for the neighborhood park. Using natural cooling can help reverse the trend toward isolation from neighbors and nature that has characterized the age of air conditioning. The most important adjustment to be made is not in the thermostat but in our own view of what constitutes comfort. When people say they couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t survive without air conditioning, they tend to be thinking about the last time they dashed from a sunbaked parking lot into a chilled home or business. But focusing on those extremes ignores a wide range of perfectly livable, pleasant environments that come at a much lower cost to you and the planet.

Stan Cox is the author of Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our AirConditioned World and Finding New Ways to Get Through the Summer. His website is This article originally appeared in YES! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas with practical actions. Visit

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How Vintage Campers Will Save The Planet

✦ ✳

By Mariah Coz

✷ The Avalon turned COMET, an off-grid sustainable living trailer and mobile classroom.


s a student of sustainable design and one who also restores vintage campers, I’ve always been able to see the potential in old camper trailers. When I was in high school, I thought I would just buy one, decorate it and live in it. (Big dreams, right?) Then I found out about the Tiny House Movement and felt like I fit right in. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to breathe a new eco-friendly life into something used. Sustainable design became an essential part of my life. The COMET (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer) is an exercise in sustainability and small space living. It is an educational tool for children and adults alike. It is a DIY guide for others wanting to pare down and have little to no negative impact on the environment, other humans, and themselves. She is a preservation of incredible design of the past meshed with the essential design of the future. For the past year I have been turning this 1960’s Avalon trailer into the COMET: a full-time healthy living space and mobile classroom that is eco-awesome and off-the-grid, and costs less than $8,000. All materials used in the COMET are either sustainably produced or sourced from

38 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

re-purposed materials. There is a focus on re-used and free building materials. Affordability and DIY are essential because a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle needs to be accessible to everyone. Everything in the COMET has to be healthy for humans too; that means no toxins and no harmful chemicals. The COMET is an interactive space so that it can serve as an educational tool as well. Clear wall panels expose systems in action. A little window allows you to touch the super soft non-toxic insulation in the wall. The entire building process of my camper conversion is documented at to serve as a DIY guide for others wanting to explore tiny space houses, living off the grid and sustainable building practices. Living in a tiny space using only renewable resources is not a sacrifice, but a step towards freedom and happiness. With a holistic approach to house design, the COMET is healthy for the environment, the inhabitants, and the people who produced the materials. continues on page 40

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SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 39

Here are some of the key features that make the COMET ecologically and economically conscious:

Composting toilet with custom urine-diverter within.

1 2 3

It begins with personal action. I am a producer. We can all choose to be producers instead of consumers. Every time I make something out of nothing or build something useful out of something I found in the trash, I am a producer. Sustainability is about moving away from wasteful linear systems towards more efficient cyclical systems. In my designs for the COMET, I diverted waste back into the system wherever possible to eliminate unwanted byproducts. Remember, nature produces no waste.

Energy and resource conservation come before all else. Before looking at photovoltaic systems, before deciding what you will “need,” you must focus on conserving energy first.
 My advice: Go without, lighten the load. Choose a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner. Have a clothesline instead of an electric drier. Use a solar-cooker instead of the microwave. Ditch the hairdryer. Have a simple solar shower for the summer months. These are little things you can do in your daily routine to cut down on energy usage. Here’s what I did in the COMET:

Most of the kitchen is reused original parts, new rocket pump faucet.

• S olar shower: Solar heated water is perfect for quick showers and is also good for washing dishes in warm water when it’s nice out. •H  and pump faucet: This was an easy decision, as the Rocket Pump faucets were original to the 1960’s campers. But anyone trying to save electricity can use this option in place of an electric pump and save some energy. If I had to do it again I would go with a foot pump faucet, which is still manually powered but you don’t have to pump with one hand while you wash the other. •L  ED light bulbs: These are energy saving alternatives to traditional lightbulbs. The 60 watt equivalent uses about 7 watts. They have the same energy usage as the CFL lightbulbs, but last 10 times longer. •G  ood insulation: People always talk about getting more efficient boilers, heaters and appliances. But the real savings comes not in the newest technology, but in minimizing waste. Before thinking about buying a new “green” heat source, minimize wasted heat. Increasing insulation and air-tightness will save you money and energy.


Solar power can be grid tied or off-the-grid, depending on your circumstance. The COMET has an off-grid system, with a capacity of 555 watts of solar power (three 185-watt monochrystalline panels), more than is really necessary. The solar panels will be on an A-frame, separate from the camper so that they can be in the sun while the COMET is in the shade.


On average, you can collect about 6 gallons of rainwater in 100 square feet of roof space in one month where I live. This isn’t enough to be my entire water supply, and drinking roof-collected rainwater would require a filter system that I just didn’t have room for. So the water that collects on the roof will be directly diverted, via gutters and spouts, to the bumper garden.

6 Rear bench/ couch fold down into main bed at night. Fabric is all organic, from Sew Fine Fabrics.

40 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Conserve water by not using any by using a waterless composting toilet! Flush toilets take three really valuable resources — fresh drinking water, urine, and humanure — and turn it into sewage, which needs to be treated with harsh chemicals to be water again. My custom urine-diverting toilet separates liquids from solids. Urine collects in a removable vessel, and diluted with clean water, can be sprinkled on plants or at the base of trees. Solids, containing biodegradable toilet paper, are called “humanure” and collect in a square 5-gallon bucket until it is full. After each “deposit,” sawdust or peat moss is sprinkled in layers to remove any moisture. Urine diversion is the key to small-space, indoor composting of humanure. The less moisture there is in the toilet, the less chance for odors. The composting toilet vents to the outside via a PVC pipe and a tiny solar powered vent fan on the roof.


You can’t have an open compost pile in a tiny house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recycle your food scraps. A worm bin (vermicompost or vermiculture) uses red wrigglers to turn your food wastes into the perfect organic fertilize and is small in scale and odorless. A worm bin can be made from plastic containers; just put your table scraps in the worm bin every few days and they make short work of it. Talk about cyclical systems: My food scraps make the fertilizer that I use to create more food, meaning more food scraps – and it goes on and on!


My bumper garden could be called a glorified window box mounted onto the rear of the trailer above the bumper. The bumper garden will have a cover made of polycarbonate, a double walled plastic material used in greenhouse construction, so that it can act as a small cold frame for starting seeds and keeping plants warm.


If you are diligent about what goes down your drain and use all natural, biodegradable products, you can recycle your greywater to some extent. Some tips for biodegradable solutions? Clean with tea; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acidic enough to wipe down surfaces. Use natural toothpaste and biodegradable soap. Vinegar is also a natural antibacterial, but be careful not to put too much vinegar in soil.


Throughout the process of renovating the COMET, I learned that, wherever it is safe, it is better to use recycled materials than to buy new (even if the new materials are â&#x20AC;&#x153;greenâ&#x20AC;?, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easier to recycle something local to you). Where I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find enough materials secondhand, I bought something that was good for indoor air quality and good for the environment. By choosing to use certain salvaged materials mixed with new materials, I kept the feeling of the original 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trailers. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to live in an off-grid trailer to put these ideas into action! Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, you can take personal action towards living a little simpler today.

Mariah with a tiny house she helped build last fall.

Mariah Coz lives in a 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vintage trailer that she renovated to be an eco-awesome, off-the-grid mobile home and classroom. In her tiny home you will find lots of super tiny living ideas. See what Mariah and the COMET are up to at

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SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 41











un hS xt Si

Bey Recre on at d in

: 2 e v l s 1 e in t s r 0 2 Ou he g



S e r g io M a g a ñ a

C by

o ar


Did anything happen as prophesized on December 21, 2012? Sergio Magaña is a teacher of the 4,000-year-old Toltec tradition that understands the timing of momentous shifts occurring in human consciousness at the beginning of this 21st century. As we shift from orienting ourselves in the world externally — What do I have? What do I look like? Who loves me? — to a deeper understanding of our self in relationship to the universe and needs of the whole, we ride a great cosmic wave into the Sixth Sun of darkness, and the opportunity for nothing less than to recreate ourselves.

42 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Carol Bedrosian: What is the Nahuatl culture and calendars of central Mexico? Sergio Magaña: Nahuatl was the language that was spoken in the center of Mexico

— the most spoken one — because we have a lot of diversity and hundreds of indigenous languages. But the two main ones were the Mayan, which is spoken in the south of Mexico, and the Nahuatl is spoken in the center of Mexico. The spoken Nahuatl culture started with what history considered a nomadic group named the Chichimecas. Chi in Nahuatl is “power,” as in the Oriental language. So when we trace the lineage of mastery of dual power, that is the first reference that we have in history to both lineages of “awake” and “sleeping.” Nahuatl is still spoken in the center of Mexico by one million and six hundred thousand people, and a lot of new people like me, we learn the language through our training. Carol Bedrosian: What type of training is this? Sergio Magaña: The training is in many things. The main duality for us is tonal/

nahual. Tonal means who you are in waking, and nahual is who you are in sleeping. The main representatives in the tradition for those two paths are Quetzalcoatl, the rising serpent for the path of light — the awake, the tonal — and the Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror that refers to the path of darkness. When you enter into the tradition and find the correct teachers, you are trained in language, in the ancient dance, in the ancient ceremonies, and how to create in the awake — the path of light — and the path of darkness. The path of darkness is my favorite one. It means the path of the inside, the path of the dreamer. The ancient dreaming practices and the path of the obsidian mirror show you how to be the seer and transform yourself in the obsidian mirror. These practices make up a very rich and complex tradition. Carol Bedrosian: Last year, 12/21 was a much talked about Mayan calendar date with many things anticipated, including the end of the world — an apocalypse. What, if anything, happened on that day? Sergio Magaña: I think the great problem in understanding the ancient wisdom of Mexico is the translations, both from the Mayan and from the Nahuatl. For example, in the Nahuatl chronicles the Fifth Sun will end with earthquakes, there will be a lot of suffering and everyone will die. And the Mayan chronicle says something similar. So I think all these predictions are about not knowing how to translate the Mayan message and the Nahuatl culture’s message, because for the ancient Mexicans, that death doesn’t mean the physical death. It is one of the possibilities of dying, but death means changes. For example, in our culture we consider that we die six main times during our lifetime. The conception was the first death because you stopped being dead to become alive. The birth was another death because you stopped being in the womb of your mother to start being in the outside world. Puberty was another death because you stopped being a child to become a grown one. So for our tradition, death is change. Earthquakes, for us, mean change. The ancient structures in which the Fifth Sun were based are going to shake and we’re seeing it everywhere. The economics, the politics, everyone is shaking, the medicine. There will be a lot of suffering because people are not comfortable with change. “Everyone will die” refers to everyone will be forced to change. This doesn’t refer to the end of the world and to the death of everyone physically, but that everyone will be forced to change to actually live. This is not like a collective cataclysm, but people are facing their personal cataclysms and are forced to change. Yet a lot of people are facing their best part. What I think happened that day was an alignment of eight seconds between the sun, the center of the galaxy, the Pleiades and the Earth. It was like an acceleration forcing us to change more quickly. But it’s a personal decision, what you do and what you don’t do in these times. All the tools are available and everything is possible.

continues on page 44 Facing page: According to the Aztec calendar, also called the Toltec-Mexica calendar, a Sun is an astronomical period lasting 6,625 years. Currently we are in a period of transition between the Fifth Sun and the Sixth. What appears to be the sun’s tongue sticking out may actually be the tecpatl, the obsidian dagger, namely “justice” in the sense of mathematical soundness.

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 43

RECREATING OURSELVES IN THE SIXTH SUN continued from 43 Carol Bedrosian: In your book, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun, you mention that we’re moving out of the Fifth Sun now, and we’re already going into the Sixth Sun. The book mentions widespread famine. Would that also be a metaphorical sense or would that be in a real sense as food is a serious issue that we face today with GMO food, food scarcity, drought, famine. Sergio Magaña: According to tradition things are going to become extreme. So I think all the extreme things that are happening, like the Marathon bombing, all this violence, all this economic crisis in Europe, all this problem with food, are forcing us to change. A lot of people will suffer and some of them, of course, will die. The main transition between the Fifth and the Sixth Sun is that the Fifth Sun is the sun of light. What does that mean? Light and darkness for us isn’t good and bad; it’s a completely different interpretation. Light is the tonal, and in the tonal how are your eyes? Opened, when you are awake. So where do you see? Outside. Where is God? Outside. Where is the medicine? Outside. Where is satisfaction? Outside. The Sixth Sun into which we are entering is the sun of the inside. Like open and close, like dreaming. So God goes inside again. The medicine goes inside. Satisfaction and the conquest will be from your inside. We see a lot of things are changing, religions are falling, a lot of things are moving from the sun of light to the sun of darkness. But all these external things are the first stage of the change because the change for us started in 1991 and got to the climax in 2012. The first stage was twenty years of external change where a lot of our environment modified. But now comes the nine years until we finish the transition to 2021, where our own consciousness — the inner part humankind — will change. 2021 is the end of the transition. For us it’s when the cycle ends but the Mayan count is quite different. They are quite exact; for example, the 31st of December is 2010 and the first of January is 2011. The Mayan count is like that. The Nahuatl and the Aztec calendar count is not like that. It’s more like nature. In nature, for example, when night goes into the day, it’s not that suddenly it’s day. There is a transition. So for this transition, it started in the full eclipse that happened in Mexico in 1991 and will finish with another eclipse in 2021. For us now, they are in coexistence. We are like in the part of the sunrise where is there is still night but also appearing is the light. The transition will finish with an eclipse and that’s when we will be immersed totally in the Sixth Sun. It is not exactly that it all will happen in one day; that is more like the Mayan count. For us it has been happening and will keep happening that religions will fall, that a lot of the medicine systems won’t be very effective and people will begin to look at how to self-heal, that a lot of the satisfaction that was outside will go inside. I think we are lucky to be able to see and to experience the transition from a sun of light to a sun of darkness because the next period will be thousands of years in the other order — interest about dreaming, interest about the unconscious, underworlds, and what cannot be seen. Carol Bedrosian: Sun of darkness does not sound like a very positive thing! Sergio Magaña: Both of them, the sun of light and the sun of darkness, have

“If we wish to understand the change that took place in 2012, it is necessary for us to develop a very clear understanding of how each instant of the physical world is created out of the subtle world. Time is speeding up and the distance between a thought and its manifestation is shrinking. This new era will allow for anything — constructive or destructive — to manifest much more rapidly.” Sergio Magaña

but for us darkness isn’t a bad thing. It’s like sleeping; when you close your eyes you see the inside. When you are awake you see the outside. So now, it’s the sun of the inside. Carol Bedrosian: What will we find on the inside? Sergio Magaña: A lot of the belief systems that we’re basing on something outside

won’t be effective any more, like the medicine from the outside won’t be effective. So a lot of people will have to look on the inside. If they are able to look in time, they will survive and they will have their best time with grace. We really will be seeing what Freud and Jung said, and that has been said by a lot of traditions — that the dreaming state creates the awake is real. And if you don’t fix how you dream, you will never be able to fix how you live. For going forward, I recommend that people begin exploring their inside, to begin looking for teachings, not exactly mine or for a tradition, but the teachings of the inside — how to reawake your power to make self-healing, how to control your dreams, how to change without all that suffering, without wanting to keep what is falling down. I have seen the change for so many people. Changing, accepting, modifying dreams, self-healing — those people will change without suffering.

their positive aspects and their negative aspects. The Sixth Sun is a sun of darkness, Ometeotl! This is a traditional expression, which means “may this become real” or more literally, “the two energies (may combine to create),” as depicted by a double headed serpent. It also means the union of the energy heavens and of the physical world.

44 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Sergio Magaña, “Ocelocoyotl”, is a well-known healer in Mexico City, who has been trained in the Tol shamanic lineage (nahualism) of dreaming knowledge that has been passed on in the oral tradition without interruption from master to student for 1,460 years. He is the author of 2012–2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun: The Path of Quetzalcoatl, and travels extensively to teach in Mexico, the USA, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. For additional information please visit Sergio’s only 2013 East Coast healing workshop will take place September 27-29 in Natick, MA. Contact Sandy Corcoran at Carol Bedrosian has been the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine since 1987. Visit

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SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 45

Book Reviews BY Gail lord

What is my life purpose? Why did I choose this life? Nancy Canning was trained by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, is a certified Life-Between-Lives Therapist The afterlife is not a blank slate. Special

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K_\iXgpj_flc[kXb\_flij# efkp\Xij Ifjjn`cc[`jZfm\ik_\iffkZXlj\ f]pfligifYc\dXe[_\Xc`k% Ypg_fe\fi`eg\ijfe

IFJJA%D@CC<I  GjpZ_`Z?\Xc\i&I\^i\jj`feK_\iXg`jku),p\Xij\og\i`\eZ\ E\nkfe#D8 V nnn%K_\Dpjk`ZNXp%Zfd V -(.$,).$*,/*

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Jean Houston

Guido Masé

The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz 2012, Beyond Words, New York, NY

The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants 2013, Healing arts Press, rochester, VT

Visionary thinker Jean Houston knows, “We are living in the most unique time in human history.” Comparable to Dorothy’s black and white world in the beginning of the Wizard of Oz tale, our old ways of doing things — health care, education and economics — simply aren’t working. We are in a cyclone, being bumped on the head and called forth to create a new reality. How do we navigate such challenging times? The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz is Houston’s guidebook for the journey. Using the classic Oz narrative as metaphor, Houston reveals the tremendous and timely wisdom conveyed in this archetypal transformation story. Just like Dorothy after losing her little dog Toto, we, too, are in a state of profound longing for something different. After being catapulted from her uninspired life in Kansas and landing in Oz, Dorothy wants only to return home. It’s too frightening to be in this new and colorful place and she yearns for her outmoded, dismal previous way of being. Travelling along the iconic yellow brick road is Dorothy’s spiritual adventure. She gathers a community of support, a poly-racial tribe that includes the Lion (from the animal kingdom), the Tin Man (the mechanical kingdom), the Scarecrow (the vegetable kingdom) and Dorothy herself (human kingdom). Inclusion and respect of each kingdom is necessary as we create a new environment. Kind and beautiful Glinda represents Dorothy’s highest guidance, her entelechy. Entelechy, a wonderful old Greek concept, is “the fullest realized essence of a thing.” The entelechy of an acorn is to be an oak tree, a newborn’s entelechy is to be a grown-up. Like Dorothy, we must listen to the urging of our entelechy. Additionally, Houston asserts, the entelechy of each one of us is to be something really extraordinary.

How fortunate there’s a growing recognition that we need to eat real food! Still, there is a deficit. Despite the availability of organics in our markets, there seems to be a problem producing wholesome food in an affordable, sustainable way. In addition (and ironically), markets with the most vibrant and green whole fresh food sections also devote aisles of retail space to the bottled discoveries “missing” from our food. Are we truly enriched by ingesting powdered and encapsulated combinations of isolated chemicals? For eons, humans have gathered and consumed their essential food requirements without the need for high-potency capsules or marketed powders and pills. Our reliance on (and trust in) the for-profit supplement industry to make and keep us healthy is something previous generations would find baffling, if not downright bizarre! In The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants, herbalist Guido Masé skips the laboratory-created supplement aisle and instead focuses deeply on how to use three plant categories for mind and body wellness. Calling for a return to daily traditional cuisine, Masé draws on his storytelling skills to reveal both the historic and contemporary uses of aromatic, bitter and tonic plants. Venturing into biochemistry and human physiology, Masé adeptly explains how these special plants work in consistent and predictable ways to improve neuromuscular tone, aid digestive and metabolic activity, and even adjust our genetic expression, the way our cells read our DNA. Creating wild botanically based soups, salads, teas, spirits and tinctures make it easy to regularly include these plant categories into our lives. With little effort, the aromatic plants

(peppermint, lemon balm, linden, ginger and garlic) can be made into teas and baths. With a direct link to our ancient brains, the volatile oils of the aromatics reach the feeling centers of our limbic system and help regulate and relax tense organs and release tension. Unlike other medicines, plant-based healing isn’t hyperspecialized. The bitter plants (wormwood, dandelion, burdock and yellowdock) also ignite digestion and activate our metabolism. We don’t need a whole diet of bitter plants, but we do need a modest amount. Roasting dandelion root as a substitute for coffee is a satisfying way to consume bitters. And when used regularly, bitter plants slow sugar from entering the bloodstream. The tonic plants (chocolate, astragalus, red reishi and hawthorn) restore harmony and balance. Tonic flavonoids protect cells, nourish the immune system, and are anti-inflammatory. Known as “divine mushrooms” for over two thousand years, modern research is fascinated with the legendary red reishi to control blood pressure and boost immunity. Even small doses of these fungi can reduce allergy symptoms, such as hay fever and chemical sensitivities, almost instantaneously. While broken bones and massive infections are best treated by other means, consuming plants such as bitter dandelion, aromatic peppermint and tonic mushrooms every day (or nearly every day) as part of a regular diet will eliminate “wild plant deficiency syndrome” and nourish health naturally.

Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying, Big-Flavor Recipes Featuring the Top 16 Age-Busting Power Foods 2013, Ten Speed Press, Berkley, Ca

I have a confession; I read cookbooks, often cover-to-cover. Yes, I like to try the recipes, but sometimes there is so much great information and so many inspiring photos that just turning the pages sparks my culinary creativity. Chef and food educator Rebecca Katz’s The Longevity Kitchen is that kind of cookbook. Katz’s recipes use bright delicious life-enhancing foods exploding with nutrients to create what she calls the The Science of Yum. She says her two most important healing tools are her garden and her kitchen.

Her recipes focus on the Super Sixteen — the sixteen foods that provide the highest level of antioxidants, including avocado, basil, blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea, sweet potatoes and walnuts. Her enthusiasm for all things delicious and healthy is impressive and contagious. For a treat try Simon’s Most Nourishing Elixir, a concoction of lemon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and honey (“love in a cup”), or Wendy’s Wunderbars which incorporate dark chocolate, almonds, pistachios, dried cherries and dates for good, quick energy that isn’t a nutritional nightmare. Hooray!

The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC “Awaken, Empower, & Embody your (W)holeness”

Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

Barefoot Walking 2013, Three rivers Press, New York, NY Barefoot Walking is a scientifically researched appeal to leave aching feet with the shoe designers and experience instead the miraculous value of shoe-free walking. Guiding novices through a strengthening conditioning period, every imaginable concern of the newly shoeless from injury to terrain is addressed. Turning your feet into living shoes allows you meet the ground correctly and connect to the earth’s therapeutic restorative energy. Following a horrific skating accident, Mike Sandler was told he might lose his leg. Operations left him scared, with one leg one-inch shorter than the other. Creating a conscious lifestyle of walking barefoot healed him physically and made him stronger than ever. Can something as simple as barefoot walking really have such dramatic results? Absolutely. “We’re all born with amazing feet. And then we stuff them into narrow shoes.” Shoes hamper foot movement, which creates weak toes, weak arches and weak feet. And depending on the type of footwear, you’re messing with other body parts such as spine, knees shoulders, neck and back. The fix for years of unwitting shoe-wearing neglect is the gentle but extremely beneficial properties of vitamin G. G stands for “ground,” but it can also stand for “good.” Either way, on the ground is good for you and it’s where your bare feet belong.

Gail Lord is a freelance writer living in Massachusetts. Please send book review copies to 51 North Street, Grafton, MA 01519 or email

“ Wake up to Your (W)hole Life” takes us on the ultimate journey ... home to our Whole authentic selves. Available through “ The brilliance of this path is that once you learn to use the map, the way home is lovingly put into your own hands” — Martha Harrell, MSN, Ph.D.

Come to the WPI and the Wisdom Grace Mystery “school” (W)hole Life Coaching Wisdom WAY™ empowerment model Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship Reiki Training & Treatments Couples Transformational Intensives MSW’s earn NASW-approved CEU’s for classes in The Wisdom WAY™ and Reiki

Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick, M.Div., MSW, L.I.C.S.W., Reiki Master “Sanctuary” Raymond, NH • 603-895-4530 •


ChT, DD, Rev, PhD

Don’t be imprisoned by your destiny. Seeing the future can help you to change it, and Kyri Spencer can help. With over 30 years experience, Kyri has the psychic gifts to see what’s coming and the magical gifts to help you change it! Psychic • Medium • Hypnotherapy Clairvoyant • Palmistry • Past Lives Astrology • Magic • Rootwork • SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 47

6/8 — LIVING WITH YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN. Zelma Chamberlain, Med., draws from her own life experience as someone totally engaged in modern life but completely committed to her spiritual path. She’ll show you how you can live in the fire of today’s world while your spirit’s soaring higher. Saturday, June 8 in Massachusetts: bagels and coffee 9:45am; talk 10am-noon. At the Scandinavian Living Center, 206 Waltham St. West Newton, MA. Saturday, June 8 in Connecticut: talk 4-6pm; complementary vegetarian dinner 6pm. At the Friends Meeting House, 57 Hunting Lodge Road, Storrs, CT. Free. For more information: (781) 444-9013 and (860) 487-3597, and 6/8-6/16 — Q’ERO SHAMANS OF PERU DON FRANCISO AND DONA JUANA in NH and VT. Workshops (one on Mt. Washington), individual healings and manifesting ceremonies, group ceremonies. Ed Liebfried, (971) 344-8730,


Calendar of Events JUNE 6/1 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Newton, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/2

6/7 — HALT WIRELESS “SMART” METERS, 6:307:45 pm, 77 Himmelfarb Street, Millis, MA. Thousands of German physicians drafted the Freiberg Appeal to halt the devastating consequences of exposure to pulsing high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Support MA Bill H2926 allowing MA homeowners to opt out of unsafe wireless utility meters. With the incoming summer solstice energies, instead of utility price points, invoke co-creation with nature, the divine feminine and the ethics of the group soul., (888) 282-6510

8:15pm, 43 Plain Road, Wayland, MA. Involuntary exposure from wireless utility meters is making healthy Americans sick, unable to live in their homes and unable to work. Support MA Bill H2926 allowing MA homeowners to opt out of wireless utility meters., (888) 282-6510.


your field of energy, raise the cellular consciousness of your body, and align and purify specific energy channels. Held at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, MA. For more info and to register: or (978) 474-8010.

6/15 — MIDSUMMER OPEN RITUAL. 5pm at Tintagels Gate medieval metaphysical store. 505 Main Street, Athol, MA (978) 830-4611. Store hours: Sun 12-6; Thur-Sat 10-6. 6/15 — PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, PAST LIVES AND ANGEL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP with Ross J. Miller, psychic healer, medium, regression therapist. In this unique, experiential workshop you’ll learn how to identify your guardian angels and spirit guides by name and receive their guidance, healing and inspiration; discover your soul’s life purpose; experience two of your past lives and heal the residual karma from them; give psychic readings to others in class and more. Saturday, 10AM-5PM, Newton, MA. To register for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or pastlife reading or healing session in person or over the phone, visit our website: or call Ross J. Miller (617) 527-3583.

6/15 — JOIN DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP along with some of the brightest minds and top thought-leaders in physical and financial health for a day of education/training. Portland, ME. (781) 254-0548.

8:15pm, 9 Hill St, Quincy, MA. The installation of an exorbitantly costly wireless microwave computer system on a vulnerable electric grid that has not been adequately maintained is creating serious fire, safety, health, security, and cost consequences. Support MA Bill H2926 allowing MA homeowners to opt out of wireless utility meters., (888) 282-6510


6/12 — JOIN MARY BUDROSE and learn how to identify, clear, and release wounds held in the chakras. Class takes place on Wednesday from 6:30-9pm at Zuzu’s Healing Arts, Melrose, MA. Register: (781) 665-8844. $35.

6/22 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Concord, MA. Libby


2-3pm or 7-8pm EST. Limited space. Lessen the overwhelm. Connect, inspire, support and encourage. Set goals, create your new life! Firebird Life Coaching: (508) 366-2003 or  Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/23.

discussion, group energy sessions and meditations to open

6/7-6/13 — GRANDMASTER MANTAK CHIA’S WORLD TOUR 2013. Inner Alchemy: Chi Kung and Meditation. Presented by Boston Healing Tao. Grandmaster Chia is one of the most important figures in contemporary Taoism. He has revolutionized the healing arts by openly teaching many previously hidden techniques in Chi Kung. Do not miss this special opportunity to learn from the grandmaster! Contact Marie Favorito, (617) 501-9118.

6/8 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/9.

48 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

7/26-28 — Gather under the arbor at the 2013 Sunray Elders Gathering in Lincoln, VT for teachings and celebrations with native elders. See July listing or visit

6/22-23 — PRANIC HEALING LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP. Healing self and others. A life altering experience. Enrolling now. Intros at ongoing Thursday night meditations. North Andover, MA. Miriam Smith, certified healer and teacher. (978) 683-6129.

6/28 — OPEN HOUSE AT SPA TECH INSTITUTE IN PLYMOUTH, MA. Free chair massage, facials and more. Learn about classes and financial aid for qualified students. Meet students and teachers. RSVP (508) 747-3130.


6/28-30 — 11TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL HERB SYMPOSIUM. Held at Wheaton College, Norton, MA. An

Upgrade and reconnect to the axiatonal system of the universe in the 5th dimensional body. Solstice event at First Spiritual Church, Onset, MA. For information and registration

extraordinary weekend with over 90 indoor and outdoor workshops for all levels of experience with herbalists from 13 countries. (802) 479-9825.

6/25-26 — 2013 SINGING SEMINAR. Find your voice


and become the singer you want to be in 2 days! World famous seminar teaches beginners to sing and professionals to reach new notes. Strengthen your voice, become more confident, increase your range and more. 169 Mass Ave., Boston. Sign up online  or (781) 599-1476

deep inner healing and self-transformation through a practice that integrates ancient mystical traditions, transpersonal psychology, and modern consciousness studies. 9am-9pm. Belmont MA. Cost: $150 (includes dinner).,, or (857) 264-1520. 


Sallee Slagle. Free your creative body, increase personal space and experience your body as an instrument of expression. For anyone wanting to be more creative and comfortable with their body. (781) 599-1476.

Free orientation to learn how mindfulness benefits health. Taught by Patricia Howard. 7-9 pm. Visions HealthCare, 170 Worcester Street (Rt. 9), Wellesley, MA. RSVP:, (781) 232-5431.

6/27 — MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION. Free orientation to learn how mindfulness benefits health. Taught by Patricia Howard. 10am-noon. Visions HealthCare, 910 Washington Street, Dedham, MA. RSVP:, (781) 232-5431.


6/29-30 — GIFT OF LIFE TRANSFORMATION: GAZING WITH BRACO. Braco catalyzes positive transformational changes for many visitors seeking help or life change. Hilton Boston Airport Hotel, One Hotel Drive, Boston.

10-6 pm, sessions begin hourly, 35 minutes each. Advance tickets online. $8 per session.

6/30 — PLANT SPIRIT HEALING WORKSHOP. Come journey to the whispers of plant wisdom...and discover how nature can heal and inspire. An outdoor day, communing with nature through intuition, observation and drawing. No experience required.

JULY 7/3-7/6 — ENJOY DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN MEALS at our summer home in Orrs Island, Maine watching fireworks from our porch overlooking the Casco Bay. Call David Snieckus or Margaret Arndt at (617) 964-2951.

7/5-7/8 — REIKI JIN KEI DO AND BUDDHO HEALING ADVANCED REIKI TRANING in the lineage of Dr. Usui. Patricia Warren provides compassionate and comprehensive training for serious seekers! From 11-4pm. (508) 528-5888.

7/13 — REIKI MASTER TRAINING. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Graduates of other teachers welcome. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki Master Teacher: 7/14.

7/13 — BLISSFEST YOGA AND MUSIC FESTIVAL. 11:30-7:00. Indoor and outside classes. Live music and kirtan all day. Healers, speakers, shopping, food. Yoga at the Ashram, 368 Village Street, Millis, MA (508) 376-4525.

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SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 49

dar at More about Complementary Color Therapy:

CALENDAR continued from page 49 7/14 — DOES YOUR PREMISE ALLOW FOR MIRACLES? Discuss a lifestyle that allows for miracles with Trish Whynot. Adapted from her book, “Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT?” ZuZu’s Expo, Holiday Inn Peabody, MA. Visit for details.

7/14 — ZUZU’S 8TH ANNUAL SUMMERTIME NEW AGE EXPO. 10-5pm at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Route 1 North, Peabody, MA. Join us for a day filled with insight and inspiration. Enjoy any of our free seminars and enter to win a free door prize raffle! Admission is $5, seniors $3, kids 10 and under are free. Sponsored by ZuZu’s Healing Arts. For event details visit

7/15-7/18 — COME MEET AMMA, internationally acclaimed humanitarian and spiritual leader. Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro, MA. July 15 and 18: free public spiritual talk, music, meditation and individual blessings. July 16-18: retreat offered with registration required. Contact or call (716) 226-6223.

7/18 — FREE, GENTLE YOGA THERAPY CLASS. Taught by Integrative Yoga therapist Alaine Amaral, RYT. Visions HealthCare, 910 Washington Street, Dedham, MA. 6 pm. RSVP: (781) 232-5431.

7/21-22 — MARCONIC RECONNECTION SEMINAR. Upgrade and reconnect to the axiatonal system of the universe in the 5th dimensional body. At The Gathering Inn, Hubbarston, MA. For information and registration


7/20-21 — THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN . Montpelier, VT. Nan Moss and David Corbin. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies basic workshop, prerequisite for all Foundation programs. Contact (207) 593-6016 or Visit

8/10 — FREE, GENTLE YOGA THERAPY CLASS. Taught by Integrative Yoga therapist Alaine Amaral, RYT. Visions HealthCare, 910 Washington Street, Dedham, MA. 6pm. RSVP: (781) 232-5431.

8/13 — OPEN HOUSE AT SPA TECH INSTITUTE in Westboro, MA. Free chair massage, facials and more. Learn about classes and financial aid for qualified students. Meet students and teachers. RSVP (508) 836-8864.

8/16-18 — ANCIENT WISDOM RISING. A weekend of teachings, stories, ceremony to enliven your connection with nature and spirit. Honor and learn with wisdom keepers from around the world including Sobonfu Somé (West Africa), Eliot Cowan (Huichol/Plant Spirit Medicine), Oren Lyons (Onondaga), Tom Porter (Mohawk), Eda Zavala (Peru). Retreat to Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY.

8/20 — TURNING WISHES INTO WANTS. Kate Rivera, CPCC introduces the Well-Formed Outcome model and helps participants develop a model they can use personally to turn their wishes into actionable, achievable motivationdriven goals. 7-9PM. Free. (617) 479-5443. to sign up. 8/22-8/25 — THE FOUR DOORS TO FINDING REAL FULFILLMENT AND MEANING IN YOUR LIFE. With Dr. Ibrahim Jaffee. Two introductory evenings of ancient Sufi spiritual teachings in Sturbridge and Boston. Two-day workshop in Sturbridge. Contact Elisha Raczkowski at (413) 262-2395 or Register online

8/23-8/25 — 26th ANNUAL WOMEN’S HERBAL CONFERENCE. Over 35 well-known women herbalists and natural health care practitioners offering over 70 work-

shops for all levels of interest and expertise. Workshops, herb walks, ceremonies, drumming, music and dancing, crafts, bazaar, and more. A benefit for United Plant Savers. (802) 479-9825

8/24-25 — THE LIGHTWORKERS HEALING METHOD™ LEVEL ONE. Are you ready to be who your soul wants you to be? Level 1 in Natick, MA. Webinar, distance learning and CE credits available. Experience a free class and register at

UPCOMING SEPTEMBER — PATH OF THE HEALER APPRENTICESHIP, NINE-WEEKEND TRAINING. The training with Deborah Wilson teaches bio-energy medicine and the science of the human energy field, and provides tools to discover and correct root blockages to health and techniques to expand consciousness and to read and direct energy. Shutesbury, Massachusetts. (413) 256-0999,

9/18 — MANTRAFEST TOUR 2013. 7pm. An evening with Deva Premal and Miten with Manose. Special guests The Guruganesha Band. The Chevalier Theater, 30 Forest St, Medford, MA. Tickets

9/21 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Newton, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 9/22.

9/27-29, SERGIO MAGAÑA’S ONLY 2013 EAST COAST HEALING WORKSHOP: Sacred Wisdom of the Toltec Healing Traditions. Roots & Wings Healing Arts Center, Natick, MA. Limit 45 participants, early prepaid discount. Sandy Corcoran (508) 435-2681 or e-mail

7/23 — TURNING WISHES INTO WANTS. Kate Rivera, CPCC introduces the Well-Formed Outcome model and helps participants develop a model they can use personally to turn their wishes into actionable, achievable motivationdriven goals. 7-9PM. Free. (617) 479-5443. to sign up.

7/26-28 — SUNRAY ELDERS GATHERING. Sunray Peace Village, 2202 Downingsville Rd., Lincoln, VT. Teachings and celebrations with Native elders. All welcome for Saturday night healing ceremony. Camping available. Children’s activities. Monday, July 29: Workshops with presenting elders. Tuesday, July 30: Intro to Peacekeeping.

7/27-7/30 — MARTHA’S VINEYARD HEALING RETREAT. 4 days, 3 nights. $1195. Early bird 6/22 for $995. Reconnect with nature using aromatherapy, crystals, Qi Gong, and meditation. Contact Erik at or John at (860) 593-8397. 

AUGUST 8/2-8/6 — EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF COLOR. Founder of Complementary Color Therapy, Arlene Arnold, offers five days of opportunities to experience the power of color at Alternatives for Health, Sturbridge, MA. See calen-

50 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

8/16-8/18 — Gather in the Catskills for a weekend of teachings, stories and ceremony to honor and learn from indigenous elders from around the world. See August listing or

9/28 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Credit cards accepted. CEU’s/contact hours. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 9/29. 10/12-14 — BRINGING TRAUMA-INFORMED YOGA INTO MENTAL HEALTH and Healthcare Professional Training. Wellfleet, MA. 12 CEUs with Joann Lutz, LICSW, Certified Advanced Instructor; Ayurvedic Yoga therapist. Residential option. Visit

11/1–11/15 —14-NIGHT, 15-DAY FALL RETREAT IN PERU. Join us for a personal journey of transformation in an ancient place of peace, power and spirit. Explore Machu Picchu, the breathtaking Central Highlands, and Lake Titicaca. Deep experiential immersion in sacred Incan sites, ceremonies and heart-centered culture. $2,880. Details:

11/16-17— 7th ANNUAL NATURAL LIVING EXPO. New England’s largest holistic expo. 225 exhibits and over 90 workshops and featured events. $12 weekend admission. New location: Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlboro, MA. See page 4. Sponsored by Spirit of Change Magazine. Call (508) 278-9640 ext 2 or or visit


11/1–11/15 — Explore Machu Picchu on a 15-day personal journey of transformation in Peru. See Upcoming listing or visit

FARMERS’ MARKET. Meet the artists, vendors and farmers behind the product. Every Monday, 4pm to dusk at Bellingham Whole Foods, 255 Hartford Ave, Bellingham, MA. 508-966-3331. Store open daily 8am-9am.

DRUM, CEREMONY, JOURNEY CIRCLES led by Joan Mikasha-Alexander, RN, HN-BC, Reiki Master, herbalist, CCAP, shamanic healing. Healing circles with open community participation in a beautiful natural setting in southern Vermont. Please bring a chair, piece of wood for the fire, a friend, love and a desire to evolve for yourself and the planet. 5:30-7pm third Thursday of each month. Blue Heron Pond, 773 Guilford Street, Brattleboro, VT. Please bring a drum if you have one; we do have extras. Chanting, dancing are welcome. Love donation of $10. Questions; (802) 258-8235 or 

BOSTON SCHOOL OF HERBAL STUDIES. Arlington, MA. Affordable evening and weekend classes, medicinal plant walks, herbal apprenticeship programs, advanced training and aromatherapy certification. Call (781) 646-6319 or see

INTEGRATED REIKI CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, The Gathering Inn Women’s Center, Hubbardston, MA. Margaret Thompson and M’Liss Calzaretta of Evoking Alchemy. Level I through Master classes, private healing sessions, Reiki shares.  For schedule, go to or call (978) 820-1139. 

OVER 50 YOGA. Every Saturday at 8am and 10am in North Kingstown, RI. Developed especially for people over 50, this class focuses on enhancing flexibility, strength, and balance. Small classes, individual attention, and modified poses. $10 and $12 per class.

MONTHLY MEDICINAL PLANT WALKS. 1-3 p.m. Learn to identify healing plants in our area. Medicinal

plants are everywhere — in our backyards, along the streets we walk, and in open spaces all around us. You will learn which parts of the plants are used medicinally and how they nourish us and support health. $15. Boston School of Herbal Studies. (781) 646-6319. For dates see

CLASSES IN CHANNELING AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION with Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness, channeled by Andrea Seiver. Have a personal reading, enjoy 2013 Evenings with Vywamus: June 6, July 11, September 10. (617) 332-1541. 

HARMONY CENTER, MEDFIELD, MA. Free guided meditation: 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings. Personal growth and wellness programs for body, mind, soul and spirit held in a beautiful woodland setting. View schedule: Call (508) 359-8056.

READING GATHERINGS. Facilitated by Reverend Jeannine Bakriges, ordained Spiritualist minister and certified metaphysician. Offered on Saturday or Sunday from noon5pm. Schedule a gathering at your home, receive two free readings! For more information: www.thespiritualspider. or (802) 368-7217.

MEDITATION EVENINGS. Wednesdays, 7 to 8:30 PM. All welcome! Introduction and guided meditation, refreshments. No fee. Suggested donation $10. Advaita Meditation Center, 28 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA. (781) 647-0020. FREE WOMEN’S GATHERING: MONTHLY POTLUCK DINNER. 2nd Wednesday of each month. The Gathering Inn Women’s Spiritual Center and Retreat House, Hubbardston, MA. 6:30-9pm. New events happening all the

time. See full schedule online at (978) 820-1139.

SHAMANIC DRUMMING CIRCLE founded 1993. Usually second and fourth Fridays of every month. 7pm. Quaker Meetinghouse, Cambridge, MA. Open to all, instruction available on website: Terrence (978) 952-2704 or Emily (781) 641-3980. THE ECLECTIC INSTITUTE OF AROMATHERAPY AND HERBAL STUDIES offers: Introduction to Aromatherapy, August 3, Boylston MA. Also teaching for: Herbstalk June 8-9; The International Herb Symposium June 28-30; and the Woman’s Herbal Conference August 23-25.

WELLNESS ROUNDTABLE HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS NETWORKING GROUP. Please join us at our monthly meetings, second Wednesday each month in Northboro, MA. Stay inspired and create collaborative professional relationships. A welcoming community working for the greater health and well-being of all. Contact

TAI CHI CHUAN. Classes in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, both group and private, held at Gin Soon Tai Chi Club, the oldest school teaching Tai Chi Chuan in the greater Boston area. Classes held Monday-Thursday 11-1. Evenings from 4-8. Saturdays 1-4. 33 Harrison Ave, 2nd floor, Boston, MA. (617) 542-4442. PRANIC HEALING WORKSHOPS AND WEEKLY TWIN HEARTS MEDITATIONS. Cleanses, energizes, and relaxes body, mind, spirit. Thursdays, 7-8:15 pm. Miriam G. Smith, certified MCKS pranic healer and teacher. (978) 6836129.

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 51

new england’s

Holisticdirectory sUMMER 2013

Categories • Acupuncture and Asian Medicine . . . 52

• Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55-56

• Herbs and Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

• Retreats and Retreat Centers . . . 62

• Astrological Consulting . . . . . . . . 53

• Consciousness Transformation . . . 56

• Homeopathy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

• Spiritual Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

• Bookstores and Gift Shops . . . . . 53

• Counseling and Therapy . . . . . 56-57

• Holistic Medical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

• Salons and Spas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

• Centers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53-54

• Healing and Bodywork . . . . . . 57-59

• Nutrition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

• Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness . . . . . . . 62

• Classes, Certifications & Schools . 54-55

• Healing: Combined Modalities ..59-60

• Readings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61-62

Acupuncture & Asian Medicine Acupuncture of Worcester Holistic Health since 1974

Dr. Yvonne Chen, Lic. Acupuncturist One of the first practicing acupuncturists in the United States, Dr. Yvonne Chen began her acupuncture practice in Washington, D.C. in 1973, moving to Worcester one year later. Trained in China as a medical doctor, Dr. Chen’s years of study and research included in-depth work with both traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Her approach to health incorporates keen knowledge on the nature of disease, use of

Acupuncture Plus Yoga

Bryn Walsh

Licensed Acupuncturist

52 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

energy balancing, nut­ritional counseling and the promotion of spiritual well-being. Acupuncture is especially effective in the treatment of: • Pain: migraine headaches, stress relief, tendonitis, arthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, whiplash, accident and trauma injuries and TMJ syndrome • Improving bodily functions: respiratory ailments, insomnia and impotency • Nervous system disorders: Bell’s Palsy, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and stroke recovery • Behavioral changes: weight control and smoking cessation. Located at 110 June Street, Worcester, MA 01602. For an appointment or for more information, please contact Dr. Yvonne Chen at 508-755-5557.

Conditions we treat include: Anxiety 0 Depression 0 All GYN concerns Digestion problems 0 Asthma 0 Allergies Headaches 0 Insomnia 0 Muscle/Joint Pain Fatigue and More Qigong treatments and instruction are also available. Acupuncture is a safe, time-tested, and transformative therapy for many conditions. We offer comfortable, effective treatments using a combination of Chinese and Japanese style acupuncture, suited to your needs.

Patricia Smith Burkhart, MAC, LIC. AC.

Gentle relief from: • stress and pain • medication side effects • chronic health problems

494 Union Ave., Framingham, MA 0 508-341-3481 0

I look forward to alleviating your suffering. Whether your issue is chronic pain, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, plantar fascitis, golfer’s elbow, infertility, uterine fibroids, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, a compromised immune system, or a host of other problems, I can help you. Call for a free “meet and greet” appointment. 259 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA Free parking in rear. 781.648.0911

Treatments and classes for healing all stress-related ailments, sports injuries, women’s health issues and more We treat stress-related ailments such as anxiety, mild to moderate depression, and insomnia, sport’s injuries such as back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, and women’s health issues such as PMS, irregular menses, infertility, and menopausal symptoms. We also specialize in facial rejuvenation (micro-current facial), acupuncture facelifts, and offer non-needle options. Bryn Walsh has over 22 years experience. 481 Great Road #6, Acton, MA 01720 S 978-266-9889 S

Contact us for a free consultation.

Blue Lotus Healing Arts is dedicated to mind/body healing, education and wellness. First, to heal pain and illness; second, to maintain wellness and live strong and clear; lastly, to clear blocks in your life so you can manifest your gifts and joy. This is our vision of health for you.

5-element Acupuncture & more Nature’s Path to Healing & Personal Transformation

To make an appointment, call 617-965-6440. 70 Athelstane Rd, Flr #2, Newton Ctr, MA

new age gift shop

Astrological Consulting

Books and music @ Aromatherapy and tools Incense and candles @ Cry­stals and jewelry Learning Center



Esoteric Psychology Monique Pommier, M.A., Ph.DE

Astrology illuminates one’s psychological landscape and journey. It times life developments and reveals their designs for the soul. I offer astrological services and ongoing psychospiritual counseling with astrology, Jungian and esoteric psychology as a comprehensive ground of exploration and guidance


Questions? Astrologer Eric Linter has answers. Changes in relationships, career, health, finances or spiritual practice are inevitable. Eric’s clarity will help you stay on the right path. His insights help you better understand and appreciate life’s challenges. His clients say Eric Linter is “profound and enlightening” and “one of the best astrologers on the East Coast.”

on current issues and lifelong questionings. By accessing the deeper order of your life, you gain transformative insights into the evolutionary meaning of particular challenges and new perspectives to direct your choices. My background includes an MS and PhD in Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy. Jungian psychology, Eastern and Western Traditions are key foundations in my approach. I have been in practice for 25 years. U Astrological Consultations U U Psychospiritual Counseling U 617-524-7072 Eric, a professional astrologer for 25 years, works with individuals, couples and businesses. Specialties include career moves, personal creativity and karmic relationships. Consultations are available in person, by telephone, or on cassette. Eric also offers classes, lectures and appearances at parties and special events. For more information and to schedule a private session, contact Eric by email or call:

Workshops @ Reiki Training @ Readings Yoga @ Gaidon Heart @ Bellydance Psychic Development Holistic Healing Center

Usui and Karuna Reiki @ Hypnotherapy Reflexology @ Massage @ Crystal Healing Inner Child Healing @ Body Talk™ Hours: Mon–Fri 10 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-5 pm, Sun noon-5 pm. Gift Certificates available. 118 Washington St., Rte. 138, N. Easton, MA 508-230-3680

Centers Therapeutic Services and Classes

Acupuncture T Massage T Reiki Reflexology T Stress Management Tai Chi and Qigong T Yoga T Nutrition Tong Ren T Feng Shui T Laughter Yoga Strength Training T Breathwork Reiki Classes T Reiki Shares

Additional Specialized Services

X 508-541-4115 X

“I learned more from one session than I did from 5 years of analysis.” - J.G., Cambridge, MA

Bookstores and Gift Shops

T Oncology Massage Central Massachusetts’ only hospital-based complementary care center Professional Holistic Care for Everybody Fitchburg, MA T 978-665-5800

Witch Owned and Operated

78 N. Washington St, N. Attleborough, MA 508-643-3400 G 877-33-WITCH

The Silver Willow

Large selection of bulk herbs The Silver Willow’s own herbal tea blends Handmade herbal products for you and your whole family, including your pets Crystal Balls n Tarot Cards n Pendulums Incense n Ritual Tools n Statues Challis’s n Reiki Treaments The largest selection of New Age books in the entire area!

An Herbal, Metaphysical & New Age Gift Shop for all your herbal and ritual needs

Classes in Aromatherapy, Astrology, Tarot, Wicca, Herbs and more

Home of the Celtic Cricket Psychic Reader... What’s in your Future?

Tue-Sat 11:30-7, Sun 12-5 pm., Mon-Closed, 54 Fall River Ave. (Rt. 6), Rehoboth, MA n 508-336-8813

Readings available in person or over the phone

Thanks to our volunteers and Angie’s Spa Cancer Foundation, some of the above therapies are available free to patients in our cancer center.


Largest New Age Store in New England

Ritual Supplies G Crystals G Gemstones Jewelry G Incense G Candles G Gifts Mediums and Spiritual Counselors on staff Various classes and workshops!

T Complete Decongestive Therapy for treatment of lymphedema

Hot Power Yoga and Gentle Yoga Classes YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

200 & 500 Hours u 14 Yoga Studio Locations Dorchester, Roslindale, North Cambridge, Easton, Westwood, Canton, Braintree, No. Attleboro, No.Scituate, Duxbury, Hingham, Weymouth, Hanover, E. Bridgewater

Private Readings Tarot, Psychic or Mediumship Telephone Readings or Walk-Ins Huge selection of health-related products, jewelry and metaphysical needs 395 Washington Street, Braintree, MA Store open daily, 9 am-10 pm, 7 days a week u 781-843-8224

We are a nonprofit Center devoted to teaching meditation and exploring Advaita, the spiritual tradition of self-realization. To learn more about us, go to our website or visit us at our lovely, historic house in Waltham. Ample parking and wheelchair accessibility. Wednesday Evenings Open Meditation Introductory Classes Reading Groups and other Activities

28 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA 02451 G 781-647-0020 Centers continued

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 53

Centers continued Bodywork and Readings

Massage Z Cranial-Sacral Z Reiki Z Polarity Full Spectrum Healing Z Angel Readings Spiritual Counseling Z Psychic Readings Classes and Workshops

Yoga Z Tai-Chi, NIA Z Journey Dance Qi Gong Z Crystal Bowl Workshops Psychic Development Classes Z Meditations Healer Training Programs Host your event here!

163 Main St., Suite 6, Medway, MA 02053 508 533-0669 Z

Our two gorgeous workshop rooms are available for rent by the hour and the day. Charming, light filled practitioner rooms are also available for rent. Reasonable rates!


Center for Complementary Medicine and Holistic Therapies

Full-time, part-time and hourly space available for rent.

Acupuncture Chiropractic Colon Hydrotherapy Massage Couples Counseling Hypnotherapy Reiki EMDR Psychotherapy Reflexology

v Professional Reflexology Certification and Approved Continuing Education in Reflexology, Massage, and Reiki v Integrative techniques give students a strong foundation and create a balanced treatment style v Students qualify as professional therapists upon completion

54 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

A great education is spiritually transforming: You overcome your limitations and realize your highest potential, at the same time you learn the foundation and skills to succeed. Excellent education is not by chance; it comes from years of listening to employers, graduates and students to find the best way to teach the most valuable information to make you successful. As a leader in energy medicine and

~ Now teaching Reflexology at ~ All That Matters in Wakefield, RI Cortiva Massage School in Watertown, MA v 508-317-3044 v

B National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) pending approval B Approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage 79 Thames St., Newport, RI B 877-832-1372

Programs take from 4 to 12 months, depending on your schedule: Full-time, mother’s hours or part-time evenings. Accredited. Licensed. Financial Aid available for qualified students. 800-262-8530 v

exclusively or incorporated into your healing practice. Two-year certification program. To learn more, or for free home study course and more information including course descriptions, certification requirements, and links to online videos and teleseminars, please visit: Energy workers : Learn advanced protocols for applying therapeutic gems


The next Level I program begins in the Fall of 2013 and runs one weekend per month for nine months. We have offered this training for 30 years in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Full program information is available on our web site.

Our goal is to act as a bridge between complimentary and conventional medicine through the training of qualified holistic practitioners. Join us!

B American Massage Therapy Association Member

SAMA is a consciousness-based massage school inspired by the matrix between science and art; where ancient wisdom meets modern medicine; where massage,

You deserve an education that honors who you are and who you are becoming.

v Courses meet state and national standards; CE’s approved from ARCB and NCBTMB. School is licensed by Commonwealth of MA, Dept. of Education

Ayurveda and yoga reunite. Our seaside Newport campus in Rhode Island provides a beautiful space for students to enliven and amplify the natural intelligence of the healing process within others and within themselves.

Sacred Stone School for Allied Massage& Ayurveda: S.A.M.A.

Ipswich • Plymouth • Westboro

214 Market Street, Brighton, MA 02135 617-787-3511

Classes, Certifications & Schools New England Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies

Massage | Aesthetics Polarity | RYSE

energy based education since 1980, Nancy Risley recognizes that your education is a transformational healing process. As a successful therapist, author and teacher, her vision is to help you realize your dream of work that is creative and supports all aspects of who you are. Whether you work in a spa, clinic, or have your own business, you gain the required skills to create satisfaction as well as increased flexibility, control and income. The next step to fulfilling your future is to call for a no obligation, information interview with our Career Advisor. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your future.

The Synthesis Center Professional Training in Psychosynthesis Psychosynthesis is a holistic, transpersonal model of human development integrating psychology and spirit in the healing arts. The Center offers two Professional Training programs in psychosynthesis for all helping professionals and students. The Psychosynthesis Professional Training Program teaches psychosynthesis theory, the principles of holistic psychology and the process of psychological and spiritual development. It provides an in-depth theoretical and practical training as well as intensive personal, professional and spiritual growth in a face-to-face setting. This training is open to those actively engaged in or studying the helping professions. This is a comprehensive three-year program that leads to certification as a Certified Psychosynthesis Practitioner (CPP). CEU’s for social work and mental health counseling are available.

The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coaching is a nationally certified, coach training program, offered for the first time in the fall of 2012. This program will train people in psychosynthesis coaching and leads to a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) certification through the Center and to the prestigious and nationally certified Board Certified Coach (BCC). The program is offered via teleconference or live sessions and prepares people to work in the expanding field of life and business coaching and its many variations. The training process is deep and rich, supporting the coach trainee in stepping fully into the field, through personal and shared processes, didactic training and on-going cocoaching practice. This program will begin again in the late summer/fall. Free Introductory sessions for our programs will be offered in the spring and summer of 2013, both as teleconferences and in-person sessions in both Amherst, MA and Brattleboro, VT. The Synthesis Center e Amherst, MA e 413-256-0772

The (W)hole Point Institute The heart of The Wisdom WAY™ is the point at which our psychology intersects with our spirituality. This point is the space in which we awaken — for real. Alaya Chadwick has drawn on her 28+ years of experience to develop The Wisdom WAY™, a personal, practical, self-sustainable map and method for personal and spiritual growth. Found in The Wisdom WAY™ are the tools you can use to Walk Awake saying Yes to life.

The (W)hole Point Institute offers a wide range of self-development experiences, healing opportunities, and empowerment trainings for individuals and couples or partners. These workshops are both experiential and educational and are offered in group and/or one-on-one settings. Additionally, there are intensive apprenticeship programs which offer personal in-depth study. 2-Day Intensive (W)hole Workshops Learn practical tools to reveal your own unique pathway to (W)holeness. 2-Day PAIRing™ Workshops (People Activating Intimate Relating™) Open to couples and singles, this workshop is for those who wish to bring their relationships to a deeper level of self-appreciation and intimate union. One-on-One (W)hole Life Coaching Relationship Intensives for Couples Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship Reiki Level I and II classes Learn this ancient healing art to support yourself and those around you. …and much, much more! NASW-approved CEU’s available

Oftentimes we feel like we are simply sleepwalking through life. We find ourselves responding to people and experiences as if we are on “auto pilot.” We can feel like we have little energy or joy in our lives. We may wonder, “How do we wake up?” The Wisdom WAY™ is the skeleton found inside most healing modalities, including conventional therapy and alternative practices. What makes this WAY different is that you are the expert. By following the map using your own life experiences, you unravel the mysteries of yourself and reveal the wonder you truly are on all levels — emotional, physical, and spiritual.

“Alaya Chadwick is able to put ‘hands and feet’on extremely complex concepts in a way which connects them to the living reality of everyday life.” — Martha Harrell, MSN, Ph.D. Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick M.Div., MSW., L.I.C.S.W., Reiki Master,

Author of: Wake up to your (W)hole Life Raymond, NH r 603-895-4530

Affordable Herbal Education Throughout the Year ❖

Intensive 7 Month Herbal Apprenticeships

❖ Advanced

Instructor Linda Patterson offers over 20 years of experience in the science, art and principles of herbalism and aromatherapy.

• Monthly Workshops

Weekend Intensives and Evening Classes

These leading-edge workshops are taught by Ed Langan, author of Creating with the Law of Attraction: 10 Principles that will Change Your Life.

Ready to Change?


For times, dates and descriptions of the workshops South of Boston visit:


Classes begin in June with six amazing full weekend retreats starting in October and running through May. For more information: F 508-740-3038

Ongoing certification courses offered throughout the northeast including: ✴ 7-Month Herbal Certification ✴ 4-Month European-Based Aromatherapy Introduction ✴ 4-Month Advanced Aromatherapy Course ✴ 3-Month Conscious Nutrition Course ✴ Palmistry a tool of diagnoses 978-297-4502

Join our yoga community as we study, practice and share the transformative benefits of Yoga. All levels of ability and experience are welcome to an environment that is safe and open to diversity in body, mind and spirit. Therapeutic, scientific and heartcentered in our approach, we unite in our desire to understand and live Yoga’s five branches.

• 200 and 500 Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training

Aromatherapy Certification

“Ed was very good at explaining the key points and keeping it simple. It was very positive and uplifting.” — D.A.

Attract money Improve relationships F Achieve better self-esteem

of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies

Medicinal Plant Walks June 16 - July 21 - Aug. 11

Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create whatever you desire:

Eclectic Institute

Monthly Medicinal Plant Walks

Master the Rhys Method Life Purpose Profiles, Chakras, and 12 Gateways of Consciousness F Create conscious relationships & inspired careers F Be a leader in the field of energy medicine F Become part of a larger spiritual community F

The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine is for anyone who is ready to take a quantum leap into their personal power to create conscious relationships and passionbased careers and businesses by living fearlessly and finding their deepest purpose in life. We work with people who are successful and heart-centered, and feel deeply that there is something big missing in their life, but they can’t quite put their finger on it.

upcoming Herbal Classes

Workshops with Ed Langan

Energy Medicine Practitioner Certificate Program

• Meditation Training Arlington, MA ❖ 781.646.6319

ChangeYour Life

New England’s Premier Personal Growth and

Training with Facial, Tongue, and Pulse Diagnosis

For more information on all our classes, see

We show them how to access their deepest calling and the extraordinary power that is often hidden deep within them, so they can be inspirational lights in the world today. This is an amazing transformational personal growth program which will also provide you with the best, cutting edge tools and healing technology. Our program offers you the opportunity to:

• Yoga classes offered daily

Julie Rost, Director

• Weekend Intensives

8 Clifford Street, Exeter, NH v 603-479-3865

• Yoga Therapy Training


A Love Coach

Edie Blue, M.S., CLAC ◆

Are you recovering from a breakup?

Tired of the dating drain?

Haven’t had a date in ages?

Would love to meet your soulmate?

I would be delighted to assist you in manifesting more love in your life. My coaching will help you to see and feel visible, tangible results. Together, we will co-create a joyful journey to a new love especially tailored for you! Call for FREE 10 minute consult! In person or phone coaching ◆ Workshops Concord-Cambridge, MA 857-753-6819 ◆

Ed is also available for coaching. Coaching continued

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 55

Coaching continued A strengths-based, forward-looking approach that will help you develop strategies to move aspirations into actionable plans.

lisa borchetta, macp, cmc, aCC Are you... In transition: divorce, career change, etc.? Seeking clarity and re-connection with your core? Pursuing personal and professional goals? Actualize the change you seek.


Life Coaching W i t h K at e R i v e r a , C P C C

Spiritual Teacher

Lisa Borchetta is a Certified Mentor Coach and an IFC Certified Life and Executive Coach, public speaker, teacher and published writer, with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

After experiencing a dramatic shift in consciousness, Kristin began healing within the multidimensional soul and universe. She works in unison with a team of spirit guides to transform the soul by releasing layers of density, old trauma, and conditioning, that have hindered a brighter and clearer expression of the Radiant Self.

Schedule a complimentary half-hour telephone session! Individual and Group Sessions In person / Telephone / Skype Firebird Life Coaching r 508-366-2003

We all know that integration of body, mind and spirit is essential to this journey. I use my twenty five years of holistic

bodywork, mindfulness practice, teaching, and coaching to create the program that is right for you. Take action to create your life today! Call or write to learn more about coaching and to get your free copy of Five Simple Steps to Fulfillment. Kate was the perfect supporter for me throughout my transition. She helped me to see myself and to believe in my value. She created a safe space for me to dream big, take risks and get to where I needed to go. — LB, University Working with Kate enabled me to leave a secure and ‘good enough’ job to create the work I really love. I’m not only much happier; I’ve also achieved great success. — MG, Yoga Studio Administrator

Kate Rivera, CPCC Certified Professional Life Coach

Member: International Coaching Federation 617-479-5443 S

Consciousness Transformation Andrea Seiver, Ph.D. Channeled Readings Classes Have you spoken with an ascended master recently? Vywamus, channeled by Andrea Seiver, is a master and teacher who is working to help all humans make the shift into the higher levels of consciousness. Readings with Vywamus cover your life work, relationships, past lives, and other

56 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Kristin Kirk

issues with his characteristic warmth, humor, and practical advice. Channeled Classes and Spiritual Tutoring help you personally evolve and begin to live in a state of higher consciousness. Evenings with Vywamus: Vywamus shares his energy and discusses your questions on topics of general interest. Donation $10. Other Classes: Learn to Channel • Advanced Channeling

This may occur as soul clearing, past life and current life healing, emotional and mental release, balancing of subtle energetic anatomy, integration of multidimensional consciousness, embodiment support, and channeled guidance. With 20 years in practice, Kristin offers healing sessions, both long distance, and locally, for individuals, couples, groups, pets, loved ones, and those who have passed on. She also offers ‘Journey Into Awakening’, a transformational and educational series to support and facilitate the awakening process.



Counseling and Therapy Helen Thorgalsen, D.C. Edu


Stop waiting for the life you want and start creating it now! You have everything inside you to fulfill your dreams and desires — to live a life of authenticity, happiness and fulfillment. You just need a skilled guide to bring your strengths, talents, and fullest self-expression to the surface. I can be that guide.


“I believe each of us has at our core a fundamental sense of self and we are at our happiest and most productive when our day-to-day lives align with this inner core.”


The life you want is waiting for you.

Transformational Healer

ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor

Do you find yourself saying “I want to feel better”? Dr. Helen Thorgalsen is an ASAT™ Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education. C.O.R.E. is the roadmap to finding the root cause of patterns we repeat over and over. It is an opportunity to shift your perceptions and bring more joy and happiness into your life. Helen has created “I Want to Feel Better” because she believes we all have issues of some sort that we want to resolve to

allow ourselves to feel better. Whether it is nutrition and wellness, repeating negative patterns, your spiritual journey or addressing addictions, there are changes big and small we can make to ‘Feel Better.’ Helen finds that through listening and opening to divine guidance she is able to help clients gain new clarity, heal the past and move to a new level of love and joy. Let Helen be your guide to Feeling Better, finding more joy in your life and having more fun! Expect the Unexpected! Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation Phone, skype or in person Kennebunk, ME R 207-205-5333

Weekly Group and Various Workshops Offered

Glenn utilizes heart-centered therapeutic techniques, and at times powerfully combines hypnosis and psychotherapy. This method is safe, effective and faster than using only talk therapy. The results will amaze you! You’ll notice a huge change in your life as he works with you to make your goals a reality. Don’t wait! Call now to set up your FREE initial consultation. It’s time to create the change you desire.

Conveniently located near the commuter rail in Needham. Just a short drive from Rte. 128/I-95 617-462-6642

Helping People Live Better Lives Glenn Bigonet, M.A. Mental Health Counselor Clinical Hypnotherapist

Life Coaching

Improve motivation, accomplish tasks & more

Holistic Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Lori Miller-Freitas, LICSW

Holistic Psychotherapy/Clinical Consultation

Using extensive professional experience to resolve issues related to: Trauma, Grief, PTSD, Anxiety and Phobias, ADD.

For information, contact Andrea at 617-332-1541 •

Get to the core — Transform your life! You are on this earth to be happy and realize your true potential.

Certifications: LICSW, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. Visa/MC acccepted.

Available Now! The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness A Vywamus Book Read more at

EMDR R TAT R Hypnosis R Reiki I use a combination of traditional, body centered and energy therapies to increase the speed and deepen the level of holistic healing.

294 Pleasant St. R Ste. 103B R Stoughton, MA 781-297-2003

Body-Centered Psychotherapy Listen to your body…follow your heart. The heart is the first organ to form in the body, and is the organizing factor for physical formation, including brain formation. Trauma, deprivation or neglect creates heart wounds, which keep us from accessing our deepest selves. Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) facilitates an emotional, energetic rewiring, helping us activate and express the power of the heart. Emotional safety,

words, touch, meditation, movement, presence and silence facilitate verbal and non-verbal expression. Meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, self-esteem, purpose and passion, love, intimacy and sexuality follow. Straight, GLBT and poly-friendly. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups Sunday nights in Newton. Apprenticeship training. Books: Living with Vision, and Healing the War Between the Genders Blog: Mediation for couples and families. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups. Apprenticeship training. Newton, MA 617-965-7846

Holistic Psychotherapy Dedicated to the freedom to explore and express the authentic self.

Jonathan Chisholm, MA Present moment awareness is the technique and goal of this psychotherapeutic process. Healing begins as you learn to be fully aware of and respectful to your own inner state while being present with another person. In this way, you can learn to let go of old relational habits and the self-limiting beliefs that lead to them. You can genuinely address various addictions and learn to release the traumas and hurts that underlie them. Emotions that were once overwhelming become

Constructively connect with your daily/ life challenges. Learn and benefit from layouts, placement, sacred safe-space, and therapeutic percussion. G Ideal for life transformations and routine spiritual rebooting G Meditation, renewal, focus G Healers: be healed, supported G Sessions under 90 minutes Serious crystal energy work since 1987

Barbara Madden Johnson M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C. Do you have a belief that, inside of you, you have the potential that yearns to be released? For most, a fleeting glimpse is all they’ll ever have. For others, there is a way. Just imagine…releasing your true potential. Work­ing together, one-on-one, you can over-

Center of the Heart Whole Health Integration

Joan Holzman, Psy. D. Lic. Psychologist, Lic. Marriage and Family Therapist Dance/Movement Therapist From the time we are very young we take life’s experiences to heart. Over time we may forget our core, hurts and feelings, but they remain with us. Our heartfelt experiences help shape our sense of self and our interactions with others.

I offer a variety of modalities such as: EMDR, Sandtray Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Therapeutic Movement & Psychotherapy to help heal our core issues and attain a more integrated sense of health and well being. I look forward to meeting you. Client Comments: s Sandtray – “Sand tray therapy helped me see my life more clearly.” s EMDR – “I had insights I never had before.” s Therapeutic Movement – “It was great to feel the freedom in my body after working with you.”

100 Lafayette St, Pawtucket, RI 02860 401-952-0142

Learn perspectives for living and loving that expect opportunities even during challenging times. You can’t thrive on problems but you can thrive on the wisdom, understanding and compassion gained from them.

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed.

Dr. Trish Whynot is a holistic counselor, speaker and author of “Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT? Finding Opportunity in Your Obstacles.” Visit for ordering information.

Dr. Trish Whynot’s way incorporates ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling, meditative

come problems that have kept you from achieving your goals and desires. Unlock your potential! Restore inner bal­ance! Come alive! Barbara Madden Johnson, M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C., a certified master practitioner and licensed trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, has over 25 years experience helping individuals with: u Career and identity is­sues u Immune and autoimmune illnesses u Chronic fatigue syndrome u Depression u Learning disabilities and ADD u Relationships u NLP Certification Training Program u Bel­mont, MA. Some insurance accepted. For an appointment, call 617-484-1716.

This work must be done gently. You will need the guidance of someone who will keep you on task but at the same time allow you to go at a pace that feels safe. You need someone you can learn to trust. We enter into a collaboration that is itself a form of meditation. By learning to be present to each other in the therapeutic setting, a new possibility for being in the world emerges.

Holistic Counseling Concepts Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education

Metro-Boston G G 617-771-5119

a guide to who you are and what you need from life. As you begin to respect your feelings and perceptions as valid, you realize you are free to live your life in a way that naturally flows from who you are. You become yourself.

techniques and wise guidance that comes through the Mineral Kingdom. Eliminate the root of physical, social, and financial problems: Discover, address, and release issues blocking health and wealth. G View relationship discord and illness as opportunities for growth and change. G Open to an array of extraordinary futures. G

“What im­pres­sed me about Dr. Trish Whynot was her ability to see through the chaos of life’s web and identify the root cause of any problem.” — Bob Olson, Editor, Workshops and Sessions Available In Office, Phone or Skype Middleton, MA G G 978-314-4545

Healing and Bodywork 22-Strand DNA Activation

Bring your Divine Blueprint into Physical Plane Manifestation and experience greater empowerment, improved health (mental, emotional physical and spiritual), increased utilization of your brains potential, greater creativity, and increased energy and clarity.

Also, bring forth your greatest talents and abilities, clear many karmic and genetic patterns, hold greater amounts of light in your physical body, and much more. Great for those who feel ready to shift out of those “stuck” areas into tremendous empowerment, improved health on all levels, and living your higher destiny agreements and highest potentials. Rev. Claire Luft Master Teacher/Master Healer Ancient Mystery School Guide & Ritual Master Heart's Singing Healing Center, Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 v

42 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA 01742 978-369-6138 Healing and Bodywork continued

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 57

Healing and Bodywork continued

The John Harvey Gray Center for

Reiki Healing

Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. Awaken your healing skills immediately and be a powerful channel for Reiki energy! The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing was established by John Harvey Gray and Dr. Lourdes Gray in 1996 to empower and develop a student’s capacity for healing. The Center offers the most thorough Reiki healing training available, ‘with no cut corners’, as it was taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. John Harvey Gray received his entire Reiki training from Hawayo Takata. He was one of the original 22 Reiki Master Teachers trained by her. He was also the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the Western Hemisphere until his passing into spirit on January 12, 2011.

Patricia Warren Reiki Jin Kei Do

Lourdes was initiated by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1996 after intensive one-on-one training by John Harvey Gray. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes has taught over 700 Reiki workshops and trained more than 8,000 Reiki students to date and serves as the director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Each workshop consists of two full days of learning and hands-on practice. You will immediately be able to effectively channel Reiki healing energy for yourself, others and pets. In Reiki First Degree you will: ✴ Quickly and easily develop your natural,

intuitive powers. Within minutes, be able to scan and feel a person’s aura and chakras for analysis. ✴ Effectively treat any condition with Reiki energy— physical, emotional or spiritual, chronic or acute. ✴ Immediately be an effective Reiki healer, confidently bringing comfort and calm to family, friends, clients and pets ✴ Receive a training manual & certificate. The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing P.O. Box 696, Rindge, NH 03461 Visa/MC Accepted

Union, returning 13 times, as well as to thousands of people in medical, religious and educational settings throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Middle East since 1989.


✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

New Englands most InternationallyExperienced Reiki Master since 1989 Patricia has taught healing techniques of Buddhist, Sikhs and Christians for over 25 years. She is the appointed East Coast representative of Reiki Jin Kei Do ~ Buddho Healing, authentic and advanced teachings of Usui Reiki in the lineage of Buddhist Monk Seiji Takamori. Patricia was the first woman to teach Reiki in the former Soviet

✦ ✦ S

All Levels of Reiki Jin Kei Do Training Buddho Healing (advanced Reiki classes) “His Garments Hem” Christian Healing Touch Gung Fu Chinese Tea Ceremonies Past Life Regression Justice of the Peace Spiritual Director S


























This is the face I used to have! Reveal your unique beauty and natural expression with Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation. This restorative and relaxing

Let me help you give your best to your clients!

a I look ten years younger!

Offices in Cambridge and Quincy 617-479-5443 a

Experience colon hydrotherapy in a safe, relaxed environment using state-of-the-art FDA registered equipment. Stephanie Dumas I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Owner

Lexington Medical Building 16 Clarke Street, Lexington, MA

Nakri HEALING CENTER Nadsa de Monteiro

Lightarian & Usui Reiki Master/Teacher 781-860-5116

Lightarian Reiki and Usui -Tibetan Reiki Classes — all levels Aura Readings via your Akashic Records Reiki Sessions that address your issues and initiate the transformation that is right for you Dorchester, MA ✴ 617-285-1056

S A G E Joya Z . B aynes T I-ACT Instructor T National Board Certified T 12+ Years Experience T FDA Approved Instrument T Closed System

Patricia Warren, Reiki Master Teacher 508-528-5888 ✦

58 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

which remained with me for days.


AMTA professional active member #16866 MA Licensed Massage Therapist #8907

Mark Noble, LMT

a …put me into a balanced and relaxed state


“The Noble Method,” (a phrase coined by a college friend) is the synthesis of everything I’ve ever learned about the human body, structure and function, sports, first aid and movement theory. (My BA is in Dramatic Arts.) I graduated from Cortiva in 2010 and I’ve been located on the Boston waterfront since 2011.

Therapeutic maintenance massage for massage therapists and other performing artists.

releasing one after another behind my eyes.

Reiki Jin Kei Do CD $16 S

methodology uses massage, reflexology, natural skin care and carefully designed patterns of touch to release stress and tension in the face and body. After one Facial Rejuvenation session people have said: a Amazing experience! I felt the layers of tension

S Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 1 CD S

Massage Therapists need to take care of THEMSELVES , as well as their clients and businesses; that’s why I’m offering a 30% discount to licensed and student MTs! I took my first AMTA workshop in 1983, bought the recommended text, and began to practice informally with actors, dancers, and later, with co-workers.


with kate rivera, lmt, amta

Cleansing for the body, the mind, the spirit

See Full Class Schedule: ✴ 603-899-3288

Facial Rejuvenation

Sage Guided Colon Therapy through The Mind-Gut Connection Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Cleansing T 617-710-1337 Lifetime Health & Consulting 1166 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA Steps from Harvard Sq., Harvard Univ. & MIT

Divine Intervention is “Where the Impossible Becomes Possible.”

Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission Advanced Energetic Hands on Healing from the Mayan Lineage. Miraculous Healing for all issues that require attention.

Rev. Claire Luft is a Master Healer and Master Teacher of Divine Intervention Healing. This healing technique is sacred, powerful, and produces Physical Plane Results. Heart’s Singing Healing Center Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 u

The Divine Touch

I work intuitively with my clients, looking at who they are as a whole — on both physical and emotional levels. Whether to maintain health and flexibility, regulate chronic pain or relieve an injury; each session will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Healing: Combined Modalities Do you need healing or solutions for any life issues?

Swedish Massage a Deep Tissue Massage Reiki a CranioSacral Therapy

Holly Bickerstaffe, LMT I have always had a knack for helping people, in any way that I can, and found my calling to do so through Massage Therapy. I am fascinated by the connections between the mind, body and spirit, particularly the different ways these connections can be utilized to benefit the body as a whole with the use of surgery or medication.

Monthly pricing and discounts for certain health insurances.

ABMP Membership #914145 MA License #3755

For more information: a 978.265.3698

A Higher Balance

Libby Barnett, MSW, RMT Awaken Your Healing Touch Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable Reiki Master with 33 years experience. Libby learned Reiki from John Harvey Gray in 1979, and is the longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher on the East Coast. Her book, Reiki Energy Medicine, Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital, and Hospice has sold over 70,000 copies in five languages. Use Reiki to create more joy, ease, and happiness. Let Libby’s warm, heart-centered approach help you take your next step toward self-love and inner peace. Reiki brings balance and harmony, supporting you doing the work you were born to do. Reiki facilitates transitions, promotes creativity and wisdom, and accelerates spiritual growth, helping you manifest your magnificence. Libby has been teaching Reiki at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for 14 years. She has taught medical and nursing students at Harvard, Brown, Tufts, and Yale, as well as staff at Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, Beth Israel, Mt. Auburn, Emerson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Southern New Hampshire, New York Columbia Presbyterian hospitals, and social workers at the University of Maryland. Libby was featured in a Reiki segment for the PBS nationally televised series, Body and Soul. “Libby has a beautiful way of teaching and creates a perfect atmosphere for healing and learning.”

"My commitment to teach the Usui System of Reiki Healing in the authentic, traditional manner inspired me to visit Japan to retrace the roots of Reiki. I am dedicated to teaching this sacred healing art to promote health and conscious living on the planet. I invite you to give yourself the gift of Reiki. It is an easy, effective self-care tool to love, heal, and empower yourself. I look forward to meeting you and sharing Reiki.”



Facilitating Peace, Oneness, and Joy! Rev. Denise Roberge Rev. Denise is a life-long intuitive, teacher, energy worker, counselor and ordained Interfaith/Metaphysical minister who is registered at the Massachusetts State House as an Independent Clergy. Her guidance is channeled through the Angelic Realm and your own personal guides. All OneMind services help you access your inner wisdom, move through cur-

Dance-Music Therapy V V

Holistic Advising V

Call: 857-488-2871

Judy supports your essence with transformational healing sessions and gatherings like Sacred Yoga, Kriya Meditation, Divine Openings, SoulCollage®, Reiki Training, and more. Distance healing and phone readings Salem, MA V 781-639-1236

rent issues and into your own power. You receive practical ideas, divine connection, and healing. All modalities are fluid, so you receive a customized service which brings you balance in body, mind, and spirit.

For individuals or groups Intuitive Angel Readings V Reiki Plus Spiritual Counseling V Guided Meditation Spiritual Development Classes V Tapping Networking and Referral V Life Coaching Customized Ministerial Services

Weddings V House Clearings/Blessings End of Life Services V Baby Blessings Pre-Marital Counseling Rev. Denise is available for sessions in person or by phone 508-269-7894


The Way to Balance,® LLC Center for Advanced Healing and Training

Reiki II Class on day folowing Reiki I Class

To register or for more information: • 603-654-2787


Chakra Numerology V

Healing Services and Classes

Reiki I, Wilton, NH Classes: June 8 or Sept. 28

All credit cards accepted. Social Work, Nursing and Massage contact hours/CEU’s available. Reiki Master Teacher Training info available on request.

Akashic Records Reading V V

Judy Christine Copp, M.Ed, BCPP, RMT

Reiki I, Boston Area Classes: Newton, MA: June 1 or Sept. 21 Concord, MA: June 22

Reiki Master, Wilton, NH Classes: July 13 or Oct. 12

Healing Center Sanctuary for Your Awakening Consciousness

Reconnective Healing V

HBLU Mind Body Therapy V


Certified Reconnective Healer, Certified HBLU Therapist, Certified Akashic Records Consultant, Psychic Medium, Singer/Writer, Dancer/Instructor/Therapist



Katalin Matyus, MS, MA

Gift Cards Available Office located in Chelmsford, MA

One of Libby’s passions is teaching hospice staff and volunteers. Fueled by Reiki energy, their healing touch is enhanced, creating greater effectiveness in calming agitation, soothing pain and providing comfort. In class, a powerful slide presentation captures the essence of Reiki and highlights the latest research. Reiki stories from Libby’s extensive experience will uplift and inspire you, showing how anyone can learn Reiki. You receive attunements and practice giving and receiving Reiki. You leave class with an illustrated notebook, certificate, and Reiki pin, fully trained and certified to do Reiki on yourself, family, friends, and animals. “Hands on, Reiki’s on.”


Aaron & Sue Singleton, Founders

Resolve WHY you are sick, or feel unfulfilled! We combine Medical Intuition, Massage/Integrative Bodywork with many more modalities. v

Medical Intuitive Readings that get to the Root Cause of why you are ill, or as a means of prevention.

Visionary Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Sound and Light Therapy, and Hypnotherapy to address issues of anxiety, overwhelm, loss, resentment, and more.

v Trauma Release Modalities for bone, mus-

cle, nerve, organ issues. Years of pain gone in just a few sessions, or even just minutes. v

The Rings of Oden™ for the release of X-Ray, MRI, chemo, EMF’s, antibiotics, vaccine and other drug residues, environmental pollutants, petroleum, plastics, and more. 21 Water St. Amesbury, MA 01913 978-834-0341 Healing: Combined Modalities continued

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 59

Healing: Combined Modalities continued

Colon Hydrotherapy

Nadine Miller I-ACT Certified Keeping you healthy from the inside out! Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most important things we can do to keep our bodies as healthy as can be. Many people struggle from constipation, bloating, fatigue, being overweight, and feeling sluggish on a

R Medical intuitive sessions, energy heal-

We are now offering special package prices to Spirit of Change readers!

R 25 years of experience in traditional and

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 508-566-7873

Hypnotherapy W Reiki W Polarity Therapy White Light Healing W Remote Healing By combining traditional healing methods such as Reiki, hypnosis, and polarity therapy with his original white light healing therapy, Mark Levin was

For an office appointment or to place a remote healing request, please call: 617-233-3986

Vibrational Transformation

By increasing your Vibrational Frequency, you’ll transform the denser, heavier energies within your system allowing you to:

Energy Healer Reiki Master Certified Hypnotherapist Mark Levin specializes in:

We are vibrational beings. Your Vibrational Frequency informs your entire reality. Vibrational Transformation is a process whereby vibrations are introduced into the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies for transformation.


Embody and reveal who you truly are


Unleash your innate gifts, talents and abilities

G Come back into harmony with your true

desires in all areas of your life

Offices in Watertown, MA and Cumberland, RI Available in-person or by phone 617-448-8749 G

Intuitive Hands-On Healing R Hypnosis Thetahealing R Reconnective Healing® The Reconnection®

National Guild of Hypnotists

True wellness occurs when all parts of ourselves have released and healed. Healings address everyday problems whether they are physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or spiritual. By resolving negative issues and patterns, clients will experience renewed opportunities to live the life of their dreams.

283 Main Street, Kingston,MA 02364 R 508-280-1523

Awaken your dreams for yourself and for the life you want.

Nora V. Helbich, CCH

60 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Wendy Marks

M.Ed, C.A.S., FAPA ing and integrative therapy complementary healthcare

Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual light

Leontine Hartzell is a trained shamanic practitioner and counselor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, certified therapeutic ener­gy healer, crystal and sound therapist, plant spirit medicine practitioner, psychic channeler, and legally ordained minister. With the help of her spirit guides,

R Improve your physical, mental, and

spiritual health R Works with individuals to develop their

own intuitive skills “As a healer, I work with individuals in a way that consciously promotes a peaceful and healthy planet. Our healing work takes place despite the conflicts that wash over us in our daily lives. By healing ourselves we create changes that have a ripple effect on the world around us.” R 781-449-5368

Leontine uses soul retrieval, removal and healing of energy blocks, chakra balancing, intuitive counseling, guided imagery, and energy healing methods to heal posttraumatic stress and related disorders, depression, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, grief, and addictive behaviors. Past life issues and current life traumas that affect the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health are healed to allow the client to move into a life of joy and fulfillment. Private Sessions Long-distance Healing r Phone Readings Workshops and Classes Andover, MA r r 978-475-1268

Herbs and Gardens

sibili t n

s tie

Cheryl Wright


112 Park Street, North Attleboro, MA

able to create very powerful healing processes for hundreds of satisfied clients both within the physical confines of his office, and remotely throughout the entire world. There are many clinically documented cases of spontaneous healing performed by him. Located at 121 B Tremont Street, Suite 19, Brighton, MA 02135. For those who are unable to come to my office, home or hospital visits are available. Major credit cards accepted.

Devoted to helping you feel better.



Pure Health & Wellness

daily basis. These are just some of the many symptoms with which colon hydrotherapy can help. Experience comfort and relaxation with the Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system. This open-style system is FDAapproved and brings colon cleansing into the 21st century with privacy and dignity.

Herbal Education Center

Your source for organic, high quality dried herbs and teas Herbal Workshops and Seminars Herbal Apprenticeship

e 750 Main Street, Boylston, MA 01505 508-869-0545 a

Holistic Medical Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine Dr. Jody E. Noé MS, ND Dr. Jody E. Noé, MS, ND is a Licensed, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, fulltime, academic and clinical faculty at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a published natural medicine researcher. Dr. Noé has been in practice for over 15 years and is a specialist in Integrative Medicine, and Naturopathic Oncology.

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained at accredited naturopathic medical schools, which are 4-year post graduate medical schools accredited by the US Dept. of Education. These medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care doctors where they can order labs, diagnostics and diagnostic imaging, perform physical examinations, and refer to specialists when indicated. A naturopathic doctor uses natural complementary and alternative therapies, in conjunction with, or in place of, conventional medicine, based on the individual. 101 West Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT v 860-495-5688


Homeopathy for everyone



Safe, effective, non-toxic, no side effects Does not interact with other medicines Brings rapid, gentle balance of the immune system Holistic approach to healing and wellness

Readings Psychic Mediumship

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empath

by Reverend Jeannine Bakriges Ordained Spiritualist Minister and Certified Metaphysician


Readings T 508.397.6098

Kelle sutliff

HOMEOPATHY Are you looking for help with a chronic health issue? Homeopathy can help adults, children and pregnant women.

Abby Beale CCH (candidate) Classical Homeopath

psychic Medium, radio Show Host and New Age Author 413-426-1024 Joy Pacitto CCH (candidate) Classical Homeopath 860-529-8313

Kelle’s opening many NEW doors of spirit communication

Kelle has over 14 years of psychic medium experience and offers: S Psychic medium readings in person or by phone S Intuitive web classes S Private investigation on missing person cases

Join her at 9 pm EST on Psychic Cup of Coffee on, broadcast to over 150,000 listeners! Her second book, Listen Up, the Other Side IS Talking, will be available in January 2014. “I would be honored to read for you.” 978-420-8213

505 Middlesex Tpk, Ste #13, Billerica, MA

Nutrition Nutrition with

Sue Makowski, RD Specializing in:

Wellness Weight Loss and Maintenance Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Sue Makowski, MEd, RD, LDN, CHES, RDH, is a highly qualified Nutrition Consultant, licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Contact Sue Makowski to see if she can be of service to you: 508-458-5062 P.O. Box 75, Uxbridge, MA 01569

Psychic Readings Energy Healings

Need insight and clarity?

A soul reading can help! By speaking directly to your guides, we will examine your life from a spiritual perspective to discover your life’s purpose and resolve issues about relationships, health, finances and career. Lisa Campion also teaches Psychic Development and Reiki Classes. Offices located at Solstice Healing Arts Center, Medway MA.

Are you in the middle of a change, crisis or transformation? c 508-473-0609

Reiki Classes Lisa Campion

Sessions Held: Hooksett, NH @ Hooksett Metaphysical (over Natural Choice Market) G Andover, MA @ Circles of Wisdom G Billerica, MA @ Stelio’s Family Restaurant G Gloucester, MA @ The Blue Shutter Beachside Inn G In Your Home (MA or NH) G

Whole Health and Nutrition Leanne J. Sotir, PhD, RNCP Holistic Nutrition Herbal Therapy Nutritional Supplements Whether you are suffering from specific health issues or are just interested in disease prevention, Whole Health and Nutrition has something to offer you.

At Whole Health and Nutrition, we offer a Customized Health Plan tailored to your own health goals and concerns. Your plan will include a personal food journal, customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as informational handouts. Consultations can be done via office, phone or Skype.

Julie Ann Evidential Medium, Psychic and Healer

To find out if a health consultation is right for you, check out our website at:

Mediumistic, Spiritual, Psychic & Channeled Readings Trained at the Arthur Findlay College in England

Contact Dr. Sotir at 781-987-4947 or

Individual or Group Sessions Fundraising Events

Phone, FaceTime, Skype sessions also available For appointments contact Julie Ann directly: 978.387.5306 Or book a session with Julie Ann directly at: Circles of Wisdom: Major credit cards accepted.

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 61


Gifted Psychic, Medium and Channel A renown intuitive advisor for the past 24 years, Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel and has worked for the corporate sector with a highlight including helping an oil tycoon land a multi-million oil



Intuitive Guidance for Your Life

Internationally known for her work with people via phone, in person, and radio, Jocelyn has been helping and guiding others for over 24 yrs. Known for her ability to “cut to the quick” Jocelyn gives you information you can use for all aspects of your life.

Readings are our Specialty With the Love of Angels Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski Spiritual Counseling  Trance Channeling Med­iumship  Psychic Readings Tele­phone Readings  Tarot Readings Aura Photos: Face and Chakra Body Astrological Charts  Angelic Healings Reiki  Polarity and Energy Work

deal! Tarot, numerology, Runes, the I Ching, crystals, palmistry, scrying, and tea leaves can be used to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the world. Receive a reading for relationships, fertility, finding a job, investment strategy, and just about anything!

Salons and Spas Do your part — get Green Hair! Voted Best Salon in Greater Sturbridge 2011-12

Psychic Readings in person or phone: 30 min = $45 * 1 hr = $80 * $1.99/min.

Free Wi-Fi

Mediumship Readings in person or phone: 1 hr = $110 * 30 min = $65 To schedule an appointment, or for directions, call or visit Emma online. Friend Emma Tracey Phaneuf on FaceBook!



If you are ready to take a journey into yourself and hear your story with fresh ears, you will come out with options, tools, and choices you may not have seen on your own. All sessions are recorded on audio cassette. ~ $25 off your first session. ~ For more information, call or email Jocelyn, Intuitive Consultant 978-694-8946

Angelica and Angels Landing offer a wide variety of both metaphysical and new age gifts. Browse around, enjoy the softness of the Angelic energy. Feel the magic that Angelica of the Angels and Angels Landing will bring to you. We have a knowledgeable staff to answer any and all questions. We also offer: classes, workshops, lectures, parties, weddings and healings. A reader is on hand at all times. By ap­pointment: Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski Classes Ongoing Weekly: Meditation & Focus on Psychic Development Open Monday through Sunday Angelica of the Angels 7 Central St., Salem, MA  978-745-9355 Angels Landing 131-1 Essex St., Salem, MA  978-744-0170


A Cruelty-Free Salon e

Organic Hair, Nails, Footbaths Airbrush Makeup L Vegan Mineral Makeup Organic Body Products

Dedicated to natural products and services that enhance inner and outer beauty while preserving the Earth’s resources. We’ve united talent with beauty and style, concern for environmental sustainability, and passion for natural living to create an eco-friendly salon experience in the heart of Central, MA.

Women Helping Women Reconnect to their Spiritual Center Cozy! Affordable! Welcoming!

62 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

“All roads lead to the same Truth” 82 Healdville Road, Hubbardston, MA g 978-820-1139

538 Main St, Fiskdale (Sturbridge), MA Find us on Facebook! L 508-347-7273

Beauty is more than skin deep and what you use on your body stays with you. We seek out organic products and our professional color and styling systems will always be non-toxic and ammonia-free. ~ COMING SOON TO WORCESTER, MA! ~ To stay updated on grand opening specials:

Spiritual Practices The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism embraces a religious and spiritual belief blending ancient wisdom with contemporary thought. Conveniently located off Watertown Square at the Masonic Center, 32 Church St, services are held at 10:30 am every Sunday, with mediumship, live music, inspirational talks, and healing by the laying on of hands.

As an evolving spiritual community, The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism offers weekday evening classes in mediumship, healing and meditation; Medium’s Day the 4th Saturday of every month; plus seminars and workshops throughout the year. For a detailed brochure, a listing of upcoming events, or to speak with the Pastor call 617-923-4334, or visit our website at: www.GreaterBostonChurchofSpiritualism. com. An affiliate of the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and the International Spiritualist Federation.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness

Retreats and Retreat Centers Offering rest and renewal for individual women and small groups through day-long or overnight retreats, nurture, stillness and meditation, as well as gathering spaces for Yoga classes, holistic workshops and transformative programs. See full schedule online. Nourishing meals available on site. Enjoy our Labyrinth, Meditation Garden, and Medicine Wheel.

New Location! Opening June 2013 232 Chandler St, Worcester, MA (upstairs from The Living Earth and Evo)

founder, received a deep and well-rounded training from Master Lai Hok Soon in Hong Kong and then as a disciple of Yang Sau Chung, first-born and heir of the legendary Yang Cheng Fu.

Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation The oldest Tai Chi school in New England, the Gin Soon Tai Chi Club was founded in 1969, authorized by Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung to propagate Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan in North America. Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu,

The school has attracted many students from around the world with its traditional approach to training: individual attention, emphasis on correct forms, personal development, repetition, mutual respect, hard work, and integration of body, mind, and qi. All instruction is by Grandmaster Chu and his sons Master Vincent Chu and Gordon Chu. Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation 33 Harrison Ave., 2nd fl, Boston, MA 02111 617-542-4442 •



Ross J. Miller, psychic. Meet your angels and spirit guides. Visit www.The 617-527-3583

Sue Singleton. 20+ years accurately finding Root Cause. 978-834-0341.


Elizabeth Thorson RN, Certified by C. Myss and Norman Shealy, MD. 207-712-9495.

Sharon R. Doolittle, DVM, Inc. Holistic. Smithfield, RI. 401-349-2668.


Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH). Dr. Margo Roman. 508-435-4077.

Dr. Jody Noe, MS, ND. Naturopathic integrative medicine. 860-495-5688.



Florence Whipple and Kristin Webb, Reiki Masters. Reiki classes. 978-777-5732.

Kathy Bernstein. 35 years of experience. 401-338-1317.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, IET and crystal healing. 508-539-2885.



Holistic Nutrition Services, Westborough, MA. 978-340-0448. www. Transform your health!

Touchstone Community School. Education for ages 4-14 Grafton, MA. 508-839-0038.



Ross J. Miller. Relive past lives and release blocked energy. 617-527-3583. www.The

Genesis Alternative Health. 30 years of experience. I-ACT certified instructor. NBCHT certified. 978-463-8800.


Body Balancing Center. I-ACT and National Board certified. 508-868-3624.

Libby Barnett, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher. 603-654-2787 CEU’s.

Healthy Spirit. Stephanie Dumas. I-ACT certified. 781-8605116.

Florence Whipple and Kristin Webb, Reiki Masters. Reiki classes. 978-777-5732.

Sage Guided Colon Therapy. I-ACT and NBCHT certified. 617-710-1337. Cambridge.

Gentle Spirit Reiki. Using your “inner wisdom” to heal. Beverly Healing Center. 978-473-1863.


Deana Paqua, shamanic Reiki, sessions and classes, 203-994-5045

Joel Perlmutter, Ph.D. Licensed 35 yrs. Stress, anxiety, relationships. Stow & Shrewsbury, MA. Putnam, CT. 978-897-9797.

The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. 603-899-3288. Reiki training. CEU’s.

Raise your consciousness with Celestial Psychology®. Celeste Mattingly, LCSW.



Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center. Haines Falls, NY. 518-589-5000.

Lelia Joseph, Ed. D., RCST. Craniosacral polarity. Fluid biodynamic style. 508-460-7038. 802-453-7088.

Still Waters Pond, Connecticut’s most private retreat center. Voluntown, CT.


Wild Dolphin Swims. Yoga, healthy food, Atlantean legends. 800-326-1618

Healed in 2 Hours. Ross J. Miller, psychic healer. 617-527-3583.



Raffa Yoga Urban Sweat, Cranston, RI. Yoga, saunas, steam rooms, therapeutic services.

Boston Feng Shui. Lynn Taylor, space wizard. 617-924-4205.


Urban Eden. Transform and empower your home/work spaces. 401-351-5632.

Mystical conversations between body and spirit. Correspondence courses.



From Your Home/Aura. Ross J. Miller, psychic medium, healer. Call 617-527-3583. www. The

Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, MA. Cambridge, MA and Portsmouth, NH.



Forest Circles, retreats, programs in a magical Maine forest.

Innerlight Center for Yoga and Meditation. Middletown, RI. Over 50 yoga classes weekly.


Wellness Works Yoga, Fern Lee, Worcester. 508-298-7836. Est. 1992.

Intuitive healing with Wendy Marks. Over 25 years of experience. 781-449-5368. 

Worcester Yoga Center. Ann Bissanti, CYT. 30 years

Holistic Specialities DIRECTORY

Add your business to this directory by emailing or call (508) 278-9640. Next deadline: August 1, 2013.

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 63

Classifieds R aily ea

g din

The D


Visit to read the daily astrology reading

BOOKS The Death and Resurrection of the West: Secrets in Biblical Symbols (2013). Why God will use His un-churched children to create a higher culture, now — with women leading the change. 4 chapters free at


All About Dowsing. Through dowsing discover more about yourself and your health. Self-instructional DVD’s, books, instruments. (805) 649-5721. Catalog: PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130.


St. Martin Hypnotherapy & Reiki Center Plymouth, mA

Distant Healing • Reiki Treatments

Complete Healing

For over 50 years, I have helped others and myself live a better life including dealing with cancer.

Miracles Do Happen!

CERTIFICATIONS Reflexology Certification. Online or hands-on. State licensed. or call (508) 987-0178.

CLASSES Upper Cape Tech in Bourne, MA near Cape Cod Canal is a leading provider of career training offering culinary arts, technical, trade, nurse’s aide, health careers, computers, nail tech, business careers, paralegal,  600+ online, healing, real estate, and more. Visit or call (508) 759-7711, ext. 211 for details. 64 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

Classified Display Ad 1” high — $80 2” high — $120 3” high — $160 All ads are 2 1/4” wide.

Questions? Call (508) 278-9640

NUTRITION Charlie Smigelski, RD. Arlington, MA. Medical nutrition therapy combined with Tong Ren energy healing produces amazing results for arthritis, Lyme, Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, MS, diabetes, obesity, HIV and hepatitis. (617) 877 2982

PYRAMIDS All About Pyramids. Wellness, meditation/experimental tabletop models. Worldwide research. (805) 649-5721. Catalog: P.O. Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130.

SKIN CARE Heal your body with our Castile soaps




I believe I can help you:

(774) 773-9153 • (508) 822-9000

HERBS The Herbal Place offers herbal programs for people and pets. Certified herbal and iridology classes beginning in June in Connecticut. Private consultations available including kinesiology and iridology. Reasonable prices. Weight loss also available. (401) 378-3580.

MEDITATION Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online. (617) 981-4287. Mindfulness classes from the comfort of your home!

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Volunteers Needed: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Music, Pet Therapy & More

Care Alternative is recruiting volunteers to work with terminally ill patients and their families throughout Massachusetts. Volunteers receive training and continuing education related to hospice and the support of the Hospice staff.

For information about classes and volunteer opportunities, please call 508-229-8390.

Chemical Sensitivity? 3 Burlington Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 1-888-CASTILE

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Increase your income personally or in your current business. To guarantee your success, we will send you a CD revealing some of our techniques absolutely free as an introduction. For your free CD contact (617) 755-9276.

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Wellfleet, Cape Cod house available for retreats, workshops, gatherings. Quiet, private, wooded. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large deck. Call (413) 586-6384 or email Vendor Space Available starting at $595 at the 2013 Natural Living Expo, November 16-17 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro, MA. Over 6,000 attendees. Details:

TRAININGS October 12-14: Bringing Traumainformed Yoga into Mental Health and Healthcare Professional Training. Wellfleet, MA. 12 CEUs. with Joann Lutz, LICSW, Certified Advanced Instructor; Ayurvedic Yoga therapist. Residential option. Visit

Volunteer at the 2013 Natural Living Expo, November 16-17 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlboro, MA. To join the expo team, email:

WEDDINGS Weddings and Life Celebrations. Spiritual or civil wedding services. Let’s create a joyful ceremony for your special day.   (617) 600-7191. 

WILD DOLPHIN SWIMS Swimming with Wild Dolphins. The ultimate human-dolphin connection. Meditative, healing Caribbean Island retreats. Yoga, healthy food, Atlantean legends. (800) 326-1618.

WRITING Water Stone Writers book writing/ editing packages. Do you have a story you have always wanted to tell? Have you acquired knowledge through your life or work which could help others? I will work with you to bring your project to fruition. I have been writing professionally for 15 years and am widely published. Call (774) 280-2142, Visit http://www.waterstonewriters.weebly. com, or email


MARKETPLACE • Chapped Hands • Cold Sores • Cuts & Scrapes • Burns • Antiviral Salves • Art ClAsses • studiospACe • digitAl photogrAphy/photoshop • AftersChool Art • yogA And dAnCe • MeMbers only ClAsses And events • MediA rooM And Wi-fi There is always something happening at Art on Center

We are a non-profit community art and educational center dedicated to providing an energetic, comfortable and safe place to the surrounding community.

15 Center Street, Fairhaven, MA. • 774-206-1709 • open Wednesday through saturday 11 am to 6 pm

Conscious Living & Dying Books

Holistic ResouRces & seRvices FREE

15 MINUTE CONSULTATION to help you and your family move through transitions of all kinds.


Vermont’s Premier Bead store

BEADNIKS Open everyday ~

21 Years

and Growing!

did you know? Beads are pandemic and pulsing with stories; they represent political, social, religious and cultural beliefs. According to Webster’s dictionary, a Beadsman/ woman is “one who prays for another’s soul”. Use yoUr mUse, feed yoUr spirit:

Beads • Crafts • Gems

115 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

(802) 257-5114 •

Transform yourself; Transform the world Color Therapy Courses, Training & Certification

Christine Corda | Psychic Medium Survivor of extreme haunting ~ Spiritual counselor Host of "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" radio show (203) 527-8525 |

Learn to use the power of color in complementary pairs to: • Dissolve old stuck patterns of thought, emotion and behavior • Live purposefully and joyfully from your authentic center Classes | Speaker | Spirit Circles | Gallery Readings | Children's Groups • 360-450-6849

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 65





2 Cousins Productions.................................... 33 A Higher Balance Healing Center................. 59 Abra Therapeutics........................................... 33 Acupuncture of Worcester.............................. 52 Acupuncture Plus............................................ 52 Acusage Academy............................................ 65 Advaita Meditation Center............................. 53 Advanced Cell Training.................................. 18 Advanced Allergy Ctr of New England........... 23 Cliff Aguirre..................................................... 19 Alternatives for Health.................................... 28 Amma............................................................... 67 An Apple A Day Acupuncture....................... 52 Andromeda’s Alley........................................... 53 Angelica of the Angels.................................... 62 Angeltouche..................................................... 18 Art on Center................................................... 65 Nancy Slonim Aronie...................................... 31 Arvigo Massage................................................ 45 Awakening Within..............................................9

Developmental Alphabiotics.............................7 Divine Touch, The........................................... 59 Divine Within.................................................. 45 Sharon Doolittle............................................... 31 Down to Earth................................................. 43

Langan Creative Arts, LLC............................. 55 Mark Levin....................................................... 60 Lifetime Health & Consulting........................ 58 Light Unlimited............................................... 15 Lightworkers Healing Method....................... 12 Lily’s Garden Herbals...................................... 35 Eric Linter......................................................... 53 Living Earth, The............................................. 25 Claire Luft.................................................... 57,58

Sacred Song Reiki............................................ 29 Sacred Stone Massage School......................... 54 Safe & Sound Home........................................ 33 Salem Sight Psychic Readings........................ 47 Salve Regina..................................................... 41 Saudavel Life .............................................. 32,65 Scentsibilities.................................................... 60 Science of Spirituality..................................... 28 Andrea Seiver................................................... 56 Silver Willow.................................................... 53 Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Ctr...... 53 Miriam Smith................................................... 27 David Snieckus................................................. 23 Soap Factory, The............................................. 64 Solstice Healing Arts....................................... 54 Sound Therapeutics......................................... 16 Spa Tech......................................................... 3,54 Frank St. Martin............................................... 64 Kelle Sutliff....................................................... 61 Synthesis Center.............................................. 54

B Rev. Jeannine Backriges.................................. 61 Susan Barbera.................................................. 23 Libby Barnett............................................... 29,59 Baylight Homeopathy..................................... 39 Beadniks........................................................... 65 Glenn Bigonet.................................................. 56 Blue Lotus Healing Arts.................................. 52 Edie Blue........................................................... 55 Blossom Healings............................................ 18 Body Balancing Center................................... 28 Boston Brain Works........................................ 24 Boston Meditation Group.............................. 36 Boston School of Herbal Studies, The........... 55 Brain Awakening............................................. 13 BrightStar Live Events..................................... 39 Tina Brigitini.................................................... 26

E Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies, The.................................................... 55 EcoCentric Salon & Spa.................................. 62 Enchanted Fox................................................. 45 F Firebird Life Coaching.................................... 56 FourWinds Society, The.................................. 45 Full Heart Acupuncture.................................. 52 G Gathering Inn, The.......................................... 62 Gemstone Therapy Institute........................... 54 Arthur Gertler.................................................. 26 Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation............ 62 Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism........ 62 Green Hair Company ..................................... 62 Groton Wellness Center.....................................9 Arthur Gutkin.................................................. 33 H Harmony Center.............................................. 18 Leontine Hartzell............................................. 60 Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc...............2 Healthy Spirit................................................... 58 Heart to Heart Design..................................... 30 Heavenly Healing............................................ 41 Maria Hoaglund............................................... 65 Holistic Margarida........................................... 24 Joan Holzman.................................................. 57



Nancy Canning................................................ 46 Care Alternatives Hospice.............................. 64 Chi For Healing............................................... 30 Jonathan Chisholm..................................... 43,57 Circles of Wisdom........................................... 27 Cloverleaf Farm............................................... 65 Commonwealth Ctr for Herbal Medicine...... 16 Sandy Corcoran............................................... 43 Christine Corda............................................... 65 Crystal Cave, The............................................. 12 Crystal Concentrics......................................... 57

Inner Traditions............................................... 20 Integrative Animal Health Care Center........ 17 Internal Wellness Center................................ 46 It’s My Health................................................... 26 J Jocelyn............................................................... 62 John Harvey Gray Ctr for Reiki Healing...... 58 Barbara Madden Johnson............................... 57 K Kristin Kirk...................................................... 56

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66 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2013

M Judith Mabel..................................................... 24 Marconic Reconnection.................................. 17 Market Street Health....................................... 54 Linda Marks..................................................... 57 Wendy Marks................................................... 60 MASH............................................................... 41 Katalin Matyus................................................. 59 Metrowest Thermal Imaging.......................... 14 Ross Miller.............................................. 19,27,46 Lori Miller-Freitas........................................... 56 Judith Mowery................................................. 10 Muhammad, David......................................... 30 N Nakri Healing Center...................................... 58 Natural Living Expo....................................... 4,5 Nature’s Rite...................................................... 13 New Day Hypnosis & Healing....................... 60 New England Clinical Thermography.......... 46 New England Inst. of Reflexology................. 54 Newton Dental Wellness................................. 20 Nexus Healing.................................................. 61 Dr. Jody Noe........................................... 14,35,60 Noble Method, The.......................................... 58 Nutrition with Sue Makowski........................ 61 O OdorGone of New England........................... 35 Open Doors Yoga............................................. 53 P Pacifica Graduate Institute............................. 11 Joy Pacitto......................................................... 61 Emma Phaneuf................................................ 62 Monique Pommier.......................................... 53 Pure Health and Wellness............................... 60 Pyramid Books................................................ 10

T Helen Thorgalsen............................................. 56 Elizabeth Thorson...............................................9 Tintagels Gate.................................................. 39 TransformationalTools.................................... 65 V Vera Volfson..................................................... 61 Gordon Waite......................................... 12,29,42 Pat Warren........................................................ 58 Way to Balance, The........................................ 59 Kristin Webb/Florence Whipple.................... 29 W Wellness Roundtable, The............................... 37 (W)hole Point Institute, The...................... 43,55 Whole Foods Bellingham............................... 51 Whole Health and Nutrition.......................... 61 Trish Whynot................................................... 57 Wisdom of the Ages........................................ 47 Woman of Wisdom......................................... 53 Women’s Herbal Conference.............................7 Cheryl Wright.................................................. 60 Y Yoga At The Ashram........................................ 36 YogaLife Institute............................................. 55



Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat.......................... 21 Regina Russell’s Tea Room............................. 22 Kate Rivera.................................................. 56,58 Rhys Thomas Inst of Energy Medicine..... 68,55 Denise Roberge................................................ 59 Ruah Cara......................................................... 61

Zuzu’s Beads..................................................... 25

AMMA M Arlbor ough, M A July 15 - July 18, 2013

meet mata amritanandamayi, renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Free Programs July 15 morning, 10:00am evening, 7:30pm onwards retreat* July 16-18 pre-registration required devi bhava, Free Program July 18 begins at 7:00pm a celebration devoted to world peace

loCatioN best western royal plaza hotel/trade Center 181 boston post road west (route 20w) marlborough, ma 01752 rt. 495 to rt. 20w (exit 24b). hotel is one mile on right iNFormatioN *visit for retreat registration or call 510.537.9417 For more information on ammaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new england activities please visit or call 716.226.6223

Numbered tokens for individual blessings are distributed one hour before programs begin. Tokens are limited by time constraints. Limited free shuttle service is available on free program days between the program and local commuter rail. Om lOkah samastah sukhinO bhavantu may all beings everywhere be happy Om lOkah samastah sukhinO bhavantu

SUMMER 2013 | Spirit of Change 67