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The Massage School

(Total tuition after scholarship = $4,600)

In celebration of our tenth year providing Massage education, we are very pleased to once again be able to offer these scholarships to all students admitted to the program starting in September. These scholarships are part of our ongoing fight for social and economic justice. How can we afford to offer these huge scholarships? It’s very simple. Because we are a small independently owned school, we don’t have the overhead and profit pressures of the larger corporate schools. We don’t have highly paid executives, outside investors, or external corporate owners to pay dividends to. The owners of The Massage School are the main teachers and the administrators of the school. We care about the healing benefits of massage and have fought hard behind the scenes to keep it accessible to all people. In this era of high unemployment, our mission is more important than ever: to make the best massage education accessible for working people and single parents. We work extra hard to be able to offer these scholarships so you can spread healing to a world that needs it now more than ever.

Our Tenth Year

We started The Massage School 10 years ago with a simple idea - wouldn’t it be great to build a massage school that taught modern massage technique, with a hands-on approach to learning, at an affordable price, and with a simple, practical and flexible schedule. We are a mission-driven school, passionate about making massage available to people from all walks of life. Compare our school with programs costing $12,000 or more. We designed our program to produce Massage Therapists with excellent technical skills. Our graduates are prepared to begin their professional career immediately upon licensure without any time necessary to “get up to speed.” We have two campuses in Massachusetts: Easthampton and Acton. The next class begins September 26th in Acton and September 27th in Easthampton. Please call us today at 413-529-2900, or download the application from our website and mail it to us.

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Your Success Quality of Your Education. he Depends on t

top 10 Reasons why people choose Spa tech institute: ReputatioN: Simply put, many employers prefer Spa Tech graduates, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Quality oF educatioN: You learn from successful working professionals teaching a well developed and supported curriculum.

Flexible Schedule: You can choose from day, evening or mothers hours programs.

coNveNieNce: You can find a Spa Tech campus near you in Ipswich, Westboro and Plymouth, MA as well as Portland and Westbrook, ME.

SuppoRt: We aren’t satisfied until you have a successful career. Employers are constantly looking for Spa Tech graduates. coNSiSteNcy: You know exactly what you will learn and have the educational support system to make it easy to get consistent, high quality results. advaNced topicS: As a graduate you get a 20% discount on future programs and classes, making it affordable to get dual licenses, the latest industry trend. iNNovatioN: Experience unique, energy based education that enhances your learning ability and increases your perception, retention and performance. NetwoRk: As a Spa Tech student and graduate you are surrounded by people who care about quality. Success oriented people make the best network. FiNaNcial aid: We help you find all sources of available funding including Section 30 and Federal Student Aid for qualified students.

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For over 30 years Spa Tech Institute has been graduating top level practitioners in the healing arts field in New England. As the area’s only accredited energy school offering Therapeutic and Holistic Massage, Polarity Therapy including RYSE and Natural Skin Care, Spa Tech graduates have a reputation for being well prepared both personally and professionally. There are lots of schools and programs to choose from but very few that have been in the business for over 30 years and are still run by the founder and owners. To find out why this makes a difference, we encourage you to visit the school before you make your decision.

Now accepting early registration for Fall classes. Reserve your seat now while there is space. / 800-262-8530 SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 7

Musings By Carol Bedrosian

When self-care becomes the art of everyday healing


n transferring our 10-year digital archive over to the new Spirit of Change website, I was astonished to discover that a majority of my Musings columns repeated the very same refrain issue after issue: Your health is in your hands. Use them to keep yourself healthy. For over 20 years (including ten years before digital) this message of self-care has found endless ways of fresh expression on these pages, a testament to its timeless relevance and rich potency. Self-care is our most natural and intuitive form of medicine. Practice enough and it becomes the art of everyday healing. The dismal state of our overpriced healthcare system coincides with the decline of inexpensive self-care and home remedies. People stopped believing they could take care of themselves when modern medicine brainwashed them into believing they needed expensive pills and surgery to stay healthy. Joseph Mercola, MD, reports on mercola. com that in just a ten-year span, from 1992 to 2002, the number of prescriptions written increased by a whopping 61 percent, despite the lengthy warnings of possible side effects accompanying every advertisement and prescription dispensed. The American Cancer Society lists radiation as both a cause and a cure of cancer on its website. Knowing the danger, why promote radiation as a diagnostic tool in breast cancer detection when thermography and regular self-breast massage can detect the same condition without the potential harm? While your body already knows how to stay healthy, you might need practice in learning how to access and follow its advice. Our cultural practically worships western medical science and discredits any other sources of health information, even though our bodies are far more informed about our medical needs than any doctor or diagnostic machine could ever be. This is why growing numbers of patients with incurable diseases and stage four cancers are choosing to forgo treatment with deadly radiation and drugs and are successful in their recovery with alternative health treatments using food, colon cleansing, energy medicine and other forms of holistic medicine. The healthcare of tomorrow is here today: no healer or treatment is more powerful than the regimen offered by your body’s own healer in residence. Tune in for your unique advice.

My Resident Health Expert’s Most Recent Advice Although I can’t immediately incorporate every health suggestion I receive, I pay attention to information and intuitions that keep popping up over and over again. This is your body’s way of getting your attention without having to create symptoms or disease to get the message heard. EAT LESS SUGAR AND CUT OUT SWEETENED DRINKS. Although I’d heard this information a hundred times before, I happened to read just one more article that spelled out the disastrous effects of sugar in the body and the information finally took root. I’m consciously saying “no” to more sweets and flavored drinks. Although raw honey has some nutritional and medicinal value, use it sparingly. EAT HEALTHIER FOOD. More vegetables (organic), less meat, no processed or GMO. Learn about your food. Garden. Cook more meals at home. Start juicing. DO YOUR OWN HOUSE AND YARD WORK. Turn home chores into a mini yoga session by lunging, stretching, bending and moving in a conscious way to accomplish tasks. For even greater benefit, coordinate the movements with deep breaths in and out. Avoid toxic housecleaners, pesticides, fertilizers or any products that smell like chemicals; they sabotage healing potential. REDUCE CELL PHONE USE. Cut down on excessive EMF pollution directed to the brain by avoiding cell and cordless phone use as much as possible. Text your messages or use a land line. Avoid WiFi in your home or living near cell phone towers. Children, 8 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

in particular, should avoid EMF exposure wherever possible, as their skulls are thinner and nervous systems are still in development. Avoid storing or resting cell phones and computers on the body. GET PLENTY OF SUNSHINE. Avoid the 10am-2pm peak hours of strongest sun, but seek out a daily dose of vitamin D from its natural source — the sun —to build your immune system and trigger unique cellular benefits. Avoid toxic sunscreen. APPLY YOUR BRAINPOWER. Replace negative, fearful or self-sabotaging thoughts with confidence that your body is occupied 24/7 with healing and maintaining balance, its natural state. Your thoughts feed your body. Every affirmation is medicine the body will use to heal and return to balance. Every worry and negative thought feeds disease. CAREFULLY CONSIDER DENTAL WORK. We already know fluoride and mercury are poisonous, although the FDA has yet to formally declare it and remove them from public use. Evidence is mounting that root canals and fillings actually trap tiny bacteria permanently inside the tooth and cause a continuous stream of decay feeding upon itself to circulate throughout the body for life. Furthermore, energy medicine recognizes direct connections between each tooth and its corresponding organ or area in the body. In numerous instances, trapped tooth decay has been linked to serious diseases and symptoms that vanish once the tooth is removed from the body. Consult a holistic dentist. Reconsider any dental work. Avoid fluoride in dental products and water; avoid mercury in fillings. Pay serious attention to diet (sugar) and oral health to prevent problems. CULTIVATE OPTIMISM AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Find the silver lining in every situation. Reach out and touch the lives of people around you in a positive and healing way and the energy will be returned to you.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher and editor of Spirit of Change Magazine, New England’s holistic health magazine. Visit or email

Advertisement. Abridged from the April 2003 ALPHABIOTICA! Newsletter / New England. Vol. 3, Issue 4. Reprinted with permission. The New England Alphabiotic Association 2007.

PEOPLE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD Neal Robert Smookler: Passionate Advocate for his Profession

“It’s not so much a new therapy, it’s more like a new idea. In fact, the profession is evolving into quite a unique helping system”— says Neal Smookler. What Smookler is so passionate about is a seemingly simple method that ‘reboots’ the brain much like you’d reboot your home computer. “Its eloquence lies in its simplicity, most importantly it’s safe,” the Wellesley Alphabioticist replies. (Alpha, what? ...was my first response, but we’ll get to that in a moment.) This is just how open and approachable Smookler speaks. At 42, he has been ‘rebooting’ brains for well over a decade—from his Wellesley, MA and Back Bay Centers. Smookler is serious about his work and others take him seriously, despite his smiling blue eyes and youthful looks. Growing up in Framingham, about 30 minutes west of Boston, he is one of two children of Edward and Phyllis Smookler. “It’s funny, a lot of people recognize the last name because it’s so unique and many remember seeing that family name on my Dad’s dental office for forty plus years”. Upon receiving his bachelors degree in Biology from BC, he went on to continue his professional studies for a number of years in Los Angeles, CA. After moving back home, Smookler set up shop in July 1990 in The Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, where he still resides as an Alphabioticist (I promise you we will get to that in a moment.) “Everything went as planned for a couple of years”, proudly pointing to a wall mounted copy of The Newbury Street/Back Bay Guide that did a rare cover story of his business at the time. Rare, because as Smookler explains “usually art galleries and hair salons were the only ones to ever make it to the cover, not professionals. So in a way I was truly tickled and honored. It was fun back then, everything was fresh and new. I had no idea of the events in the next few months that would change me forever.” Smookler grins half-nostalgically, half seemingly still in awe of the synchronicity of it all, remembering a seminar he attended in October 1991. “Throughout the weekend the gentleman presenting the seminar kept mentioning this ‘brain reboot’. I had no idea what the was talking about, let alone what it had to do with the seminar. At weekends end, he invited anyone who wanted a ‘reboot’ to lie down. My first thought was lie down where? There’s nothing but seminar tables with tablecloths, hard candy and pitchers of ice water.” “Oh well. I lay down while apprehensively awaiting my turn, all the while trying not to knock over the water pitchers. Then, without so much as an explanation, the gentleman proceeded to perform

the ‘reboot. ’It was very brief, so brief in fact that I wasn’t sure what to make of it.” “I got up and I was, uh ... humming. I was literally resonating in what I can only describe as ‘an insulated cocoon of peace.’ It was as if the heaviness of my life somehow lifted. Do you know what I mean? I seemed to shift out of ‘brown out’, no longer waiting for the proverbial second shoe to drop. I felt like my brain, my entire body had been reset, providing me with a clean slate. Have you ever experienced something that rang so true for you, that you just knew it was right? There was no intellectualizing, no analyzing or trying to figure it out. Just a gut feeling of perfection. I couldn’t turn away from what I had experienced. I knew with absolute certainty that I would do this work. Two and one -half months later I was down in Dallas, Texas taking my first class.” Well, now Smookler really had my attention. What exactly was done on that Autumn weekend back in 1991? He explains to me that the ‘reboot’ is a colloquial metaphor that refers to The Alphabiotic Method—which was developed into a comprehensive helping system in the 1950’s. “It’s based upon the same fundamental principle as rebooting a computer”, explains Smookler. “It is in essence a high level sensory pattern interrupt that introduces a very positive communication into the brain. There are no machines or instruments used—It’s very low tech and organic. The nature of this communication instantly balances both halves of the brain, clears stress switches and resets the system back to it’s ‘original factory settings’, i.e. the clear, healthy blueprint provided you by Mother Nature.” He continues, “It’s a catalyst for the brain to do a Complete Systems Check. Now, without a perceived clear and present danger, the brain finds no need to remain locked in the daily ‘hypervigilant’ fight or flight stress response. As the brain shifts out of this defensive, fragmented, outer-reactive, ‘emergency stand-by’ mode misappropriated resources are freed up to attend to priorities which had been ‘swept-under-the-rug’. When the body perceives danger—resources for healing, thinking, joy, sleep, creativity and tapping the authentic expression of you—get placed on the ‘back burner’ where they will remain until you shift out of that survival pattern. One nice thing about this system is that there is no sprinkling of what Smookler calls magic ‘pixie dust’ or anything of the like. “This method has an interoperator reliability approaching 100% and can be scientifically replicated with results that are predictable and universal.” Most people within the first five or six sessions know that something very unique has been accessed through the rebooting process.

Neal Robert Smookler

As I sat with Neal, I noticed a small scar line on his left index and middle finger. Thinking this was related to his work, I asked. Leaning back in surprise, “Oh those, I recently started studying Indian classical music by taking sitar lessons. Pretty brutal on the fingers.” he said. “Today, there are people from all backgrounds at the training in Dallas, Texas.” He makes it a point of communicating that all practitioners are meticulously trained and certified by the International Association and goes on to say that “if you have ever mastered a musical instrument, you know that after years of disciplined practice, a transition from rote mechanics to the the more subtle nuances of the instrument seamlessly begins to reveal itself.” (A point that should keep Neal in good spirits as he attempts to master the sitar.) “This method is no different. I know of no one who has mastered it in less than 5 to 7 years of focused effort and commitment.” Worldwide, it’s estimated that the ‘reboot’ has been provided safely over 2.5 million times since the 1930’s. Smookler has personally done the same over 80,000 times in the last eleven years. Smookler’s work has been featured locally on such media venues as WBZ, WZBC & WATD. When asked what he enjoys most about his work — Smookler hesitates for a moment, then as if the answer was there all along he replies, “people often come with a sadness, an emptiness. Upon Integration—the light returns, you can see it in their eyes, that spark.” Today, Smookler lives in Hopkinton, spending his professional time in Wellesley, Massachusetts—The Center for The New England Alphabiotic Association. And who knows, maybe India in the near future. (508) 625-1170.

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 9


High Gluten GMO Foods Linked to Celiac Disease


arol, In Eric Vance’s article about Pam Ronald in the spring issue of Spirit of Change (“Genetically Modified Conservation”), he writes “she frequently notes that there’s no record of anyone ever becoming sick from a GM crop.” That statement is untrue. An estimated 3,000,000 people in this country have celiac disease which is caused by ingesting gluten found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats. Although researchers are working on different possible meds for this ailment, at the present time the only effective treatment is to live gluten-free. Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose; the average patient goes seven years before a correct diagnosis is made. About 97% of all celiac patients (of the above mentioned 3 million) have not been diagnosed. There is a genetic component to celiac disease, but it has become much more prevalent in the twenty-first century because of the increase in the amount of gluten in the genetically modified grains that are part of our diet. Before GM grains were common, a slice of bread might contain 100 mg of gluten; today a similar slice of bread contains 2,500 mgs of gluten. Celiac is not the only ailment which is exacerbated by high amounts of gluten. There is a lengthy list, too long to mention here, that add to our collective misery as well as our health care costs. A few diseases that come to mind: autoimmune diseases (such as MS, Parkinson’s, lupus), depression, certain cancers, rosacea, carpel tunnel, failure to thrive, endometriosis, dermatitis herpetiformis, epilepsy, ataxia, rheumatoid arthritis and miscarriage. Pets are being diagnosed in greater numbers with autoimmune diseases because they are getting much more gluten in their diets, both in pet food and the “person” food they get. I refer you to books written by Peter H.R. Green, MD of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York City. Also, there is a book called Dangerous Grains, by two doctors named James Braly and Ron Hoggan. I know that you will want to set the record straight regarding illnesses that are caused at least in part by GM foods. Don’t take my word for it! Consult with the doctors who have written these books. ~ Judith L. Howland, Hartland, VT

GMO In Spirit of Change?


ear Michella and Carol, I am deeply disappointed in the recent GMOpromoting article by Erik Vance featured in Spirit of Change (“Genetically Modified Conservation,” Spring, 2011). Whatever emotionally armored scientists and science writers might say, “switching a few base pairs of DNA” is destroying the song of life. There is only the false pretext of love and compassion in what Vance is advocating. Try your own experiment: meditate with two vegetables of the same variety. Choose one that is known 10 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

to be a genetically modified organism (GMO), and one that was grown organically. Meditate with the GMO fruit/vegetable (like a tomato) and feel, sense, experience it. Then put that vegetable down and meditate with the non-GMO, organic version. Feel, sense, experience that. Talk to each fruit/vegetable; listen to their songs with your full sensory, spiritual awareness and vision. And then decide for yourself what the difference is. This, of course, requires trusting your spiritual senses. To me, Vance’s perspective is clearly summarized in the caption: “The line between ‘genetically engineered’ and ‘traditional’ crops really exists only in the media and politics. For scientists it’s more of a continuum with traditional breeding on one end and crops with genes borrowed from vastly different creatures on the other.” This speaks loudly to me that Vance has lost his ability to discern the truth of his heart. Just because scientists can’t feel the difference between a traditionally bred crop strain and one made in a lab doesn’t mean GMOs are functionally equivalent, much less spiritually equivalent. And spiritual energy within nature is so far beyond what we think! When you are in a pristine forest, you feel more peaceful. Why? You cannot begin to explain it, but everything is in right relationship with everything else, in a supportive cycle that sings a beautiful song of overlapping codes of light and vibration which speak to your soul. It requires real sensory awareness and discernment, and a reference point in something truly natural to know what is wrong with a GMO fruit. Erik Vance’s article pretends to be all about love and charitable, virtuous intention to save the world. To me, his proposal is deceptive: it paves the way to numb the heart and encourages people to trust science dressed up in wishful thinking promulgated by those who are blocked in their hearts. This type of science can do horrific things and

never notice the pain it is causing to others and nature. On a brighter note, it is possible to “genetically engineer” vegetables and even animals in a whole other science: a natural light-science of love, which is what some people like Luther Burbank have done. This is a slower process that is similar to traditional breeding, but with another layer: you are praying to Source (by whatever name) to help provide through this plant a more nourishing, beneficial form of life that is in harmony with the human needs of the time. The spiritual light, the real intelligence of that plant or animal (plants are much more malleable spiritually) will begin to respond with compassion and co-creative connection to the human(s) making these heart-centered requests. In a process way beyond what the human mind will ever be able to conceive, the plants will begin altering their own DNA over time, and with enough loving prayer, begin producing a stable new genetic line that is distinct and more beneficial. We do not need invasive, expensive, sexy lab techniques. We must use our hearts if we want to enter the new paradigm and achieve a world free from physical limitations like poverty, disease, and hunger. Lab techniques will never provide real integration, and will not produce stable genetic changes because of the higher blueprint of loving intelligence. The divine blueprint supersedes and controls the DNA; artificially imposed “tweaks” just disrupt it. ~ Namaste, Jordan Bain EDITOR’S NOTE: Please see related GMO articles from Winter 2010 Spirit of Change at that give “the other side” of the story: • “Genetically Modified Chaos” by Dennis Willmont  • “ EarthTalk: GMOs” by the editors from E-The Environmental Magazine continues on page 12

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Letters and News | continued from page 10

Old Way Garden Wisdom


ear Carol, I hope you find a moment to consider some less well known but significant scientific findings regarding plant life that could be included in Spirit of Change at some point. My life’s work has become validating my Sicilian Nona, Jennie, and the many oral traditions she brought with her from Siculiana village, Argrigento province, Sicily, regarding her backyard garden plot. I would join my Nona every weekend from the time I was about 5 or 6 in that tradition called “farming out,” which I loved. I would kneel on the earth beside my Nona with great reverence. She would place her lips up close to her blossoming plant life and whisper words of love; she would call them Mommies, her love word. It was clear to me, even as a child that my Nona was acting within an order of thinking that I call “Old Law” or the “Old Way.” She engaged in many agricultural practices that refuted what some would call common sense. For example, she planted extra rows of some of her vegetables “to feed the insects.” “They have to eat too,” she would advise. And she would plant flowers amidst her vegetables so the bees and caterpillars could eat too. And her garden would thrive. It wasn’t until I came across an issue of Nature while working at MIT that I caught glimmerings of an alternative perception of reality. An article published in 1995 talked about “plant talk.” Professor Josef F. Stuefer, plant ecologist with the University of Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, had for years been exploring the same kinds of phenomena I had witnessed happening in my Nona’s garden. He has concluded that plants talk to one another when they are of the same seed batch or the same rhizome reproductive lineage. He has concluded that when under attack by herbivores, plants, so related, will signal their neighbors through release of pheromones and their neighboring plants will emit alkaloid substances that render them toxic or distasteful to the assaulting herbivores. Images of my Nona’s garden immediately came to mind and I saw that while she had been operating from an oral tradition, it was scientifically grounded. My Nona was not an “ignorant peasant” as she had often been described, but a bearer of wisdom passed down through the ages. So now I have my hands full with Jennie’s Farm to replicate my Nona’s garden here in Orleans. The ways of my Nona are likely those of many other indigenous people throughout the globe, who are even now being pushed off their land in favor of the big corporate farmers. And I’m afraid that the seeds of knowledge they have practiced and handed down may also be lost. I believe that at some point the health and healing aspects of Spirit of Change will eventually have to meet up with principles of right farming, including relevant discussions concerning both the proper scale appropriate to healthy food raising, but also strategies regarding the tools and practices of healthy food raising as well. May I close with this quote from Columella’s On Agriculture, Books II & III (70 A.D.): “And so I gladly profess myself a demonstrator, rather than an inventor, lest anyone should think that our ancestors are unjustly 12 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

Part art, part yoga, part vaudeville, all heart at Wanderlust Vermont, June 23-26 at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort. deprived of the praise that is their due. For there is no doubt that they knew, even though it has been handed down in no writing, and yet in such a way as to give directions.” ~ Warmly, Sandy Schaefer Ung, Orleans, MA

Hidden Health Risks of Cell Phone Usage


o the Editor, Democracy requires participation amongst the governed, but the people must be provided the information necessary to render informed decisions. All people maintain a fundamental right to safety and health information about technologies that will directly impact one’s health. San Francisco’s trend-setting disclosure of radiation specific absorption rates (SAR) signifies a pivotal shift in the raging debate over the hidden long-term health risks of cell phones. Lt. Gov. Newsom describes his legislation as “a modest and commonsense measure to provide greater transparency and information.” For over a decade, the FCC, a federal agency handling communication matters, stipulated the exact methods used approximating cell phone’s SAR. Shockingly, the FCC established SAR limits without any pre-market safety testing, and guidelines are outdated by over 15 years. Currently, the FCC is arguing (without offering any reasoning) that SAR is meaningless and proposing to eliminate all wired landlines. The FCC withdrawal of information from their website paralleled arguments from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry (CTIA) opposing San Francisco Right to Know ordinance about disclosing cell phone radiation levels.

In order to separate truth from fiction, we need more independent research instead of self-serving studies funded by the cell phone industry. UC Berkeley Professor Joel Moskowitz argues that independent studies demonstrate “consistent evidence that heavy cell phone use for a decade or longer increases brain tumor risk at least 30%.” Mr. Snowden of the CTIA wants to be “very clear. The CTIA has not said once…that cell phones are safe.” The CTIA argues that most studies do not demonstrate a direct link between cell phone usage and cancer. However, these studies examine health effects only in the short-term. The early introduction and ubiquity of cell phones in Scandinavia translates into a 240% increased risk of glioma for individuals using their cell phone in excess of ten years. Comparatively, Israel, Germany, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, France, and Canada have all expressed serious concerns. Switzerland already requires SAR warning labels on cell phones, and France already has cell phone marketing restrictions to children. Additionally, the U.S. President’s Commission on Cancer reports that extended cell phone usage causes brain tumors. It is inexcusable to allow technological advances invented to enrich our lives rob us of our lives instead. Reducing direct radiation exposure to the brain can be achieved by promoting simple precautionary measures like wearing a headset, using the speakerphone, or texting. Enacting simple precautions to reduce exposure will save us from a potential global epidemic of brain tumors. Consumers in California must continue to demand the successful Right to Know ordinance be implemented in San Francisco. Consumers must demand cell phones require warning labels similar to cigarettes. Consumers

must demand their city follow in the footsteps of San Francisco. Even if we agree to disagree on the validity of current studies, we should make the compromise that information and simple precautions help protect public health. ~ Sincerely, Zack Marks,

Let Me Read You,Then Heal You Ross J. Miller has been giving psychic and past-life readings and healing sessions worldwide for over 25 years.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please see related articles this issue: • “EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Centuryâ€? • The Invisible Pollutants: Electricity and Magnetism

During a reading he communicates telepathically with his numerous angels and spirit guides who read and interpret the client’s aura (the spiritual light surrounding one’s physical body). Ross also communicates with the client’s own angels and spirit guides (most people have several of each).

Wanderlust? You May Not Have To Wander Far.

These angels and spirit guides then convey the information that is most needed or desired by the client. All of Ross’s readings are positive and constructive in nature. In addition to answering all of your personal questions pertaining to love, health, relationships, soulmates, business, career, relocation, dream interpretation, parents, children, and pets, he covers topics as diverse as: your life’s purpose, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life.



here was something missing. You could be a yogi, you could be a rocker, but there was nowhere to be both, as though losing yourself in your yoga practice and losing yourself in music were mutually exclusive lifestyles,� say Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess, co-founders of Wanderlust Festival. “We weren’t buying it. So we started a festival knowing that there were more people like us out there. Now in our third year doing Wanderlust, we know there are a lot more people like us out there!� Wanderlust is a rapidly-growing phenomenon of a festival that combines yoga, music and art with some of the nation’s most spectacular natural settings in the U.S. A celebration of conscious living, Wanderlust provides teachers, speakers, performers and programming for a community of like-minded, progressive people. For the first time this year, the festival is branching out from their Lake Tahoe, California beginnings and coming east for a landmark summer festival June 23-26 at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, home to many childhood memories made during summertime visits by Krasno and Hoess. Wanderlust Vermont is blessed to be able to draw heavily from what is local — great food, an incredible arts and wellness community, micro-brews and more — and combine it with some of the top yoga, music and wellness leaders in the country. Against an epic New England summer-green backdrop, festival music stages will see performances from Michael Franti and Spearhead, indie king Andrew Bird, kirtan yogi Krishna Das, Western Mass’ own singer-songwriter Sonya Kitchell and highlighted speaker Deepak Chopra. Instruction from world renowned yoga teachers will be offered, including Rodney Yee, Seane Corn and Anusara founder John Friend, who will bring his celebration of creative expression — Village Anusara — to the festival grounds. Enjoy a Vermont farmer’s market, some favorite tasty microbrews, and gourmet farm-to-table dining at this greento-the-brim event. Additional entertainment includes Vermont’s favorite Bread & Puppet Theatre Group and audience-participation burlesque — all family-friendly!  In the truest sense of the word, Wanderlust is a festival, a celebration of human experience. Part art, part yoga, part vaudeville, and all heart. Festivities kick off June 23-26 at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort. For tickets and information, please visit

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Ross can also help you to identify and communicate with your own guardian angels and spirit guides. After your psychic or past-life reading, Ross can then heal the various issues that come up during the reading.

Ross J. Miller

Psychic, Medium Healer

Ross is well-known for healing people of migraines, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety attacks, anger, grief, abuse trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, phobias, ADHD, anorexia, bulimia, PTSD and more.

Ross is available for psychic and past-life readings as well as healing sessions in person or over the phone.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit my website at or call (617) 527-3583 1075 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02465



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*Works with women only

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The Cosmic Forecast for Summer 2011 BY ERIC LINTER “We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.� — The Talmud


une and the summer season arrive with a series of solar and lunar eclipses. Often harbingers of unforeseen events, eclipses can bring reassurance to some people and portend calamity for others. I believe that challenging astrological influences serve as “course correctors,� and are designed to set us back on track. The important thing to bear in mind is that an overshadowing of either “light� only occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in closest alignment. The Sun represents spirit, Earth our physical plane of existence and the Moon our emotional history and instincts. Thus the eclipse periods are ripe with potential for self-knowledge. There is no better time for tuning in to one’s higher self. Those who meditate, pray and are receptive to spirit are more likely to benefit from increased clarity, awakenings, revelations of behind the scenes activities and other information releases. With two eclipses in June and one in July, there are sure to be moments of self-discovery and enlightenment this summer. Up close, personal experiences with an eclipse can be infrequent. In most cases, the location of the Sun or Moon must be nearly conjunct a planet in a person’s birth chart for it to be felt in a meaningful way. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis plays host to the first two June eclipses and the third, on July 1st, occupies the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. Not everything is what is seems. Healthy skepticism is advised. Don’t rush to make judgments. Take time to gather facts. Hopefully we’ll all gain clarity as the weeks pass by.

ne 2011 Ju

14 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011



The Gemini new Moon, a partial solar eclipse, is exact at 5:03PM EDT on Wednesday the 1st. The Moon casts a shadow on the Sun. Will emotions override logic? Not with the Sun and Moon in trine to Saturn. Self-preservation is a priority. Hard work, good judgment and an eye on success bring gains in coming weeks. However, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Post-eclipse, new information nc y l er J is likely to surface. Mental Mercury, after arriving in Gemini u n e 2 1 -J u Thursday afternoon, is square to confusing Neptune on Friday the 3rd. A change in outlook or strategy remains a strong likelihood. Friday is also an emotionally trying day because Uranus, Pluto and Saturn each test the sensitive Cancer Moon. The weekend sees smoother going. Jupiter arrives in Taurus, the earthiest of signs, on Saturday morning. Our solar system’s largest planet will remain in this grounded, comfort loving sign until June of 2012. This is good news for natives of Taurus and to a lesser extent, those born under the other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. There’s plenty more going on this weekend. Mercury and Uranus combine to amuse and enlighten countless minds. Friendships also thrive under the alignment. Venus lends special grace to Saturday night soirees. After a restful Sunday morning the social scene is again enjoyably busy later in the day. Career progress is good on the 6th and 7th thanks in part to agreement between the Leo Moon and Gemini Sun on Monday and Mercury’s trine with Saturn Tuesday afternoon. A more magical and mystical energy is also present. Jupiter is in sextile to Neptune Wednesday night. That same night features a tense first quarter Moon, which may briefly obscure the subtler, higher vibrations of the Jupiter/Neptune aspect. Don’t get caught up in meaningless details and worries. Find inspiration in nature, the caress of a loved one or a treasured spiritual teaching. continues on page 16

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 15

Starspeak | continued from page 14 Sensitivities remain acute. Venus follows Mercury into Gemini the morning of Thursday the 9th where she, too, squares Neptune. Guard heart and purse strings zealously but follow your creative and spiritual impulses. With a long void of course Moon, Saturday the 11th is fairly laid back. Sunday suddenly feels very busy under the waxing Moon. Mercury overtakes the Sun, Venus engages Uranus, and Saturn in Libra resumes forward motion. There’s movement afoot! Be sure to get out and circulate. Watch your step as Monday and the new working week begin. The Scorpio Moon is at odds with sign-ruler Mars, causing many to feel edgy and impatient. We are also just a few days away from the total lunar eclipse and it is wise to proceed cautiously. Stay open to new ideas. The Full “Strawberry� Moon is exact at 4:14 PM EDT on Wednesday the 15th. The Full Moon gives us broader appreciation of our options, talents and possessions. Again, keep your mind open. Thursday may feel like a long and wearisome day but excitement returns as the weekend approaches. Plan a Friday night get together, either with a significant other or a group of friends. The social auspices are strikingly good. Saturday’s calendar may fluctuate with distractions and fickle friends. The night finds an easy-going groove. Mercury’s opposition to Pluto may stir up a hornet’s nest on Sunday afternoon. If you plan to honor Dad, let him have the last word. Mixed influences warrant careful watching the week of the 20th. Mars enters Gemini that Monday where the God of War promptly squares Neptune. Dangers include wild weather and errors in judgment. Mercury’s Tuesday square to Saturn can serve the helpful purpose of causing folks to think and be prudent. This is also the day of the summer solstice. The Sun enters Cancer and summer begins at 1:17 PM on the 21st. The Sun joins in the fray of an ongoing T-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. It is this configuration, now made stronger by the Sun, that speaks to current global power struggles and evolutionary changes. It appears we are in for a long, hot summer! A silver lining in the solstice horoscope is the Sun’s trine to Neptune. This is an aspect that awakens humanitarian impulses, encourages dreaming of a better world and ultimately empowers visionary actions. As June ends the Sun moves through the early degrees of Cancer, forming testing angles to Uranus on the 26th and Pluto on the 28th. We face important choices during this period. Every thought we think, word we speak or dollar we spend is concrete evidence of who we are and what we believe in. We do well to treat our selves, our associates and our Mother Earth with wisdom, kindness and respect. Mixed in with the tough alignments is an uplifting solar sextile to Jupiter during the evening of Saturday the 25th. Go to a fabulous party, informative lecture or seminar. Tend to home and family matters on the 30th.

+BOF4NPMOJLNaturopath, Iridologist, Intuitive Healer


It’’ss tim for YOU e THRIVEto !

/035)".150/ ."


Gordon The Healer

Laying on of Hands Healing Through the Power of the Holy Spirit

• Laying on of Hands • • Absentee Healing • • Animal Healing •

16 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

y 2011 Jul

July begins with the Cancer new Moon and a partial solar eclipse at 4:54 AM. The Sun and Moon are both in square to Saturn. There’ll be no quick starts today. A better idea is to slow down and prepare for the long holiday weekend. If you plan to travel, allow extra time to reach your destination. The stars breathe new life into earthly affairs on Sunday the 3rd. Backyard barbecues sizzle and fun is in vogue under a Leo Le 2 oJ u l y 2 3 - A u g. Moon. By the 4th the Moon is void of course, not a bad thing if you have your heart set on relaxing. Venus’ trine to Neptune and Mercury’s trine to Uranus put senses into a state of pleasurable hyper-alertness. There are good times to be had, even long after the last fireworks have pin-wheeled through the night sky. Those of us returning from holiday may strain to keep up with a dizzying workload during the afternoon of the 5th. Things are calmer that evening as we begin a very constructive phase that lasts into the middle of the month. Mars’s sextile with Saturn the morning of the 6th and Jupiter’s sextile alignment to Pluto, exact the morning of the 7th, set the tone. Here’s a super opportunity to capably deal with a wide range of problems, from routine tasks to restructuring partnerships and finances. Uranus, always a wild card, turns retrograde on Saturday the 9th. The direction shift may rumble the earth as well as governments and even some friendships. Continue to work with purpose and devotion and you’ll make notable progress on Monday the 11th while Mercury and Mars stand in a sextile. The following day brings more tests for partners. Venus is squaring Saturn. The strong survive. The borderline and questionable do not. The almost full Moon underscores the need to move on. As Thursday turns to Friday the 15th, continues on page 18


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EVS\( BW[S( 1]ab( EVS`S(

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;Og\O`R;/Â&#x2019;1O[P`WRUS;/Â&#x2019;ESab6O`bT]`R1B eeeecVSOZW\UQ][Â&#x2019;&'''!!


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Love Your Life. 194 Newbury Street (Rt 1 South) Suite 5 Peabody, MA 01960 | 978.854.5214 SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 17

Starspeak | continued from page 16 the full “Buck” Capricorn Moon rides high in the sky and is exact at 2:40 AM EDT. The event chart spotlights practical and philosophical issues. Do your business practices reflect your deepest core beliefs? If they don’t, this is a good time to make amends. The weekend of the 16th is a quiet one. Relative calm prevails all week. The Sun enters Leo on Saturday the 23rd. Even the last quarter Moon, also on the 23rd, is a late night event that many of us will sleep through. The morning of Monday the 25th is tricky. Keep an eye on your valuables, especially irreplaceable mementos. The late afternoon ushers in a more free-flowing mood that continues through Wednesday when the Leo Sun trines Uranus. Be responsive to hints, hunches and psychic impressions. The force is with you! An end of the week slowdown reflects the late stage of the lunar cycle. Back off the gas and coast a bit. Plenty of life will come to you if you let it. The Leo new Moon begins the gradual rebuilding cycle on Saturday afternoon, the 30th. Commune with your inner child this weekend. Be a kid. Spend time with your best buddies. It’s a great time to reclaim lost innocence.

ust 201 ug




18 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


Here comes another round of lightning-fast changes. Regal Venus opens the new month with a marvelous trine to Uranus. Night owls will certainly have their fun. Daylight denizens must rg t. deal with the Sun’s mid-mornoA p e u g. 2 3 - S ing square to Jupiter. Keep your personal organizer handy because there is likely to be a huge pile of chores to handle. Take one thing at a time. The night of Tuesday the 2nd mental Mercury starts a retrograde that lasts until the 26th. Try to keep things in perspective. Don’t fret over inconsequential details. A few hours later, early Wednesday morning, Mars enters Cancer, adding to feelings of discomfort. You put the God of War at the kitchen stove and it’s going to take some time to get the soufflé right. As fate would have it Mars is traveling in aspect with magical Neptune. The two form a trine Wednesday morning, giving dreamers and reformers a boost. The following night Neptune retrogrades into Aquarius. The mysterious planet of deception, altruism, self-sacrifice and unconditional love remains in Aquarius until February of next year. The stars continue to be in a highly active pattern. Friday the 5th feels very busy. Saturday morning features the first quarter Moon in Scorpio. The rest of the day is calmer. Allow time for personal “space.” Once the very subdued Sunday morning has passed, livelier trends are felt. Following a lunar aspect to sociable Uranus, Venus aligns with Saturn. It’s a fitting backdrop for a gathering of old friends. Monday the 8th sees Mercury retrograde into Leo and oppose retrograde Neptune. Mars is also forming a square with Uranus, an explosive combination. Extraordinary care is advised on Monday and Tuesday, even as many projects proceed fabulously well. Imaginations are piqued but bad weather and faulty machinery, including computers, are threats. Fiery Mars also opposes obstinate Pluto just after midnight on Thursday the 11th. Don’t

go looking for trouble. Wait until after the full Moon to bring up a sensitive issue. The full “Sturgeon” Moon, now in Aquarius, maxes out at 2:57 PM on Saturday August 13th. The Leo Sun, Mercury and Venus are in close proximity while the Moon is aligned with Neptune. This is a socially energetic day and the full Moon adds plenty of pizzazz to the proceedings. Creative juices are flowing and the appeal of nature is magnetic. Head to a favorite spot and drink in the vibes. Bring your picnic lunch, camera, paints or hammock. Relaxing is the perfect remedy for the stresses of everyday living. The Sun, Mercury and Venus travel as a team, conjoining one another on Tuesday the 16th. The Pisces Moon is void of course. Although the day’s efforts may be of questionable value, the process will be pleasurable. Slip out of the office if you can and share the afternoon with a loved one. Fiery Mars is on the move this week, reaching a sextile angle to Jupiter around midday on the 18th. The aspect helps keep chins up through the midweek period. There could be reason to celebrate Thursday night. The weekend approaches and begins pleasantly. Saturday is good for shopping and gardening. Sunday the 21st presents multiple challenges; the late afternoon last quarter Moon is central among them. Disagreements and misunderstandings can derail a happy day so be prepared. Venus and the Sun stand opposite Neptune. Do what you can to preserve the peace and keep communication channels open. Be nice! The Sun pulls in to Virgo the morning of Tuesday the 23rd. Virgo, a mutable earth sign, reminds us that a new season will soon be upon us. Make it your intention to get the most out of each remaining summer day. Dive fully into the 24th. The morning is joyful. Perseverance is called for later in the day as Mars tests Saturn. The cosmic gearwheels turn more freely after the Cancer Moon passes by Mars the morning of the 25th. The turnabout is striking. Venus aligns with Pluto Thursday evening. Good will and love seem to be the cure for all that ails us. Mental Mercury returns to forward motion the evening of the 26th. If you get the chance to take a weekend junket, join up. In any case, go easy and plan to get some rest. The Virgo new Moon is on Sunday night and is part of a grand trine in earth signs. Taking a more pro-active approach to your own health and well-being is indicated. Don’t sell good food, exercise and natural healing modalities short. Next up, a couple of noteworthy celestial events. In the wee hours of Tuesday the 30th Venus trines Jupiter as the giant planet turns retrograde. Harmony between the two “benefics” is always a “feel good” story. The glad tidings are most likely to be received on Monday the 29th. Finally, after a daunting final day of the month, the late night hours bring good news. A visit from a friend or another trip could be in the offing. Keep looking up!

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Add quinoa to your summer meals for tasty variety that’s quick and easy to prepare. BY MICHELLE HIRSCH


his time of year is typically when we try to find ways to maximize our outdoor time and minimize kitchen time. What if I told you there’s an ultimate fast food that’s so versatile it allows you to produce tasty, healthy, whole food meals in less time than you’d spend picking up take out? This powerhouse food will also save you money and supply your body with the nutrients it needs to repair cell damage, all while giving you extra time to enjoy family, friends and favorite activities. It’s also one of the most picnic friendly foods around. What more could you ask? I’m talking about quinoa (keen-wah). It’s the small, mighty seed (often referred to as a grain) native to South America. Referred to as the “gold of the Incas,” it supplied their warriors with incredible stamina, so much so, that the Spanish invaders feared it, burned down the fields and forced the Incas to grow wheat instead. Quinoa was “rediscovered” in the ‘70’s and has been gaining in popularity ever since. It contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein and truly a super food. Preparing quinoa is easy. Just put the seeds in a fine mesh strainer (don’t use a colander or the seeds will fall out) and rinse under running water for a few minutes. You’ll initially see a little “foaming” as you rinse. Just rinse until the water runs clear. It’s an important step as it removes the saponin which coats the seeds. Saponin is naturally occurring in some plants and, due to its bitter taste, is nature’s way of ensuring that the birds don’t eat the crop. You can find boxes of quinoa at the store that say “no rinsing necessary,” but I always do — habit I think. Once the seeds are rinsed, simply add two cups of liquid (water or stock) for each cup of quinoa. Bring it to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer and cover. In 12–15 minutes you have the perfect addition to a number of dishes or just dig in and enjoy it “as is” in all its luscious, fluffy, chewy, nutty glory. To add extra flavor to your quinoa, you may dry roast it before adding the liquid. To dry roast, heat a heavy pan (cast iron is ideal) and add your rinsed and drained quinoa. “Saute” the seeds until they start to pop, usually about 3 minutes. Remove from the heat, add your liquid and cook as directed above. If quinoa is new to you, try some of the recipes listed here. Once you try it, I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Also, try substituting quinoa for the grain called for in any of your favorite recipes. If you’re concerned that folks you’re feeding will be reluctant to try something new, try tossing a handful of quinoa into favorite soup and stew recipes.

Bowl-You-Over-Breakfast One of the best ways to start your day — packed with protein — this breakfast will easily give you the energy you need to get through your morning. Vary the fruit by using what’s in season. When using fresh berries, I’ll omit the dried fruit and just toss on the fresh berries once it’s in my bowl. Time saving tip: consider cooking extra quinoa at dinner and using the extra for breakfast. Just toss the cooked quinoa in a pan with some almond milk and heat. It easily beats out instant oatmeal for taste and nutrition. 1 cup quinoa, rinsed 2 cups water (or half water, half almond milk) 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup dried fruit (I like cherries or blueberries) 3 tablespoons nuts (I like a mixture of walnuts and almonds) Agave nectar or maple syrup (optional)

Combine the quinoa, water (or water/almond milk), cinnamon and dried fruit in a saucepan and cook over medium high heat until mixture comes to a boil. Cover and reduce heat. Simmer for 12 to 15 minutes. Top with agave nectar or maple syrup if desired.

Quinoa Sushi Roll In our house sushi rules. We serve it frequently as an appetizer or main course and I’ve experimented with many versions ranging from rolling them with soba noodles, whole grain mixtures, rice and quinoa. I have to admit that this version is one of my favorites. It’s hard to beat the nutritional boost and flavor and any leftovers make a tasty lunch the next day. 1 cup quinoa, rinsed (dry roast after rinsing for extra flavor) 2 cups water 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon cashew butter 1 tablespoon mirin (or 1 teaspoon of agave nectar) 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 4 sheets nori Variety of fillings cut into thin matchsticks (avocado, cucumber, carrots, daikon, scallions, sweet potato, smoked tofu, etc.) Place rinsed quinoa in a medium saucepan and add the water and salt. Cook for 12–15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and place quinoa into a large bowl (the larger the size and the lower the sides, the better; it helps cool the mixture down faster). Stir in cashew butter, mirin and rice vinegar and let cool. Prep your workspace by putting a clean cutting board on your counter. Place a glass of water nearby along with a sharp, serrated knife. Place a sheet of nori on your cutting board (short end facing you). Starting at the short end nearest you, place three or four heaping tablespoons of quinoa on the nori and spread it evenly towards the far end of the nori sheet. Cover about two thirds of the sheet with the quinoa. Select your favorite fillings and place in a single layer over the quinoa until you reach half way down the nori sheet (some quinoa will not have filling covering it). Starting at the end nearest you, tightly roll the nori sheet over the quinoa/filling layer. When you reach the bottom third of the nori sheet (nothing on it), dip your finger in the water and run it along the uncovered portion of nori to moisten it. Once moist, continue rolling tightly. Your roll will now be sealed and ready for cutting. Cut with the serrated knife. Each roll should give you six pieces of sushi. Note: You may use raw veggies for the filling, leftover cooked or lightly blanched. You may also lightly blanch collard leaves and substitute those for the nori.

1 cup quinoa, rinsed (after rinsing, dry roast for extra flavor) 2 cups water Pinch of sea salt 1 red onion, minced 1/4 cup sweet red bell pepper, diced 1 cup parsley, minced 1 large tomato, chopped 1 cucumber, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 quarter cup fresh mint, chopped 3 tablespoons olive oil 4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Freshly ground pepper to taste Place quinoa and water in a medium pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 12–15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Toss all remaining ingredients except for the olive oil and lemon juice in a large bowl and toss. Add the cooked quinoa to the bowl and toss. Mix the olive oil and lemon juice together, add to the bowl and toss everything to coat well. Taste and adjust seasonings. Chill for at least three hours to allow flavors to develop.

Irritable • Constipation • Diarrhea Bowel • Gas/bloating • Urgency Syndrome?? If you suffer these symptoms—perhaps worsened by stress or certain foods—you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Perhaps you’ve tried antacids or other symptom-treating medications, but you still have the same recurring problems. Our caring nutritional approach to treating IBS can help to remove the cause of your IBS at its source. Why continue to suffer? Trust the experience and knowledge of Dr. Judith Mabel, a nutritionist and author who specializes in developing individual nutritional solutions to a variety of health issues. Call today for an appointment.

Quinoa Pudding Finally — a healthy, nutrient rich dessert that tastes great. If you’re a fan of rice pudding or tapioca, you’ll likely make this frequently. Enjoy it as an after dinner treat, for breakfast or as a snack. Once you know the basics of making the pudding, variations are endless. The basics include four easy steps: 1. Start with cooked quinoa. 2. Add a milk-type liquid. 3. Add a sweetener. 4. Add flavoring.

Optimal nutrition for wellness management

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1 1/2 cups milk-type liquid (hemp, almond, coconut, etc., select your favorite) 1/3 to 1/2 cup sweetener (agave, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, etc.) 2 cups quinoa, cooked Flavorings: dried fruit (cherries, raisins, blueberries, etc.), orange or lemon zest, cinnamon, chocolate chips, cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla, chopped walnuts and/or almonds, pinch of sea salt Place liquid and sweetener in a saucepan. Add quinoa and mix well. Add flavoring (if adding vanilla, wait until the end of cooking). Cook over low heat until all liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat. Serve warm or chill in refrigerator. Note: if you want the chocolate chips to stay whole, only add them when adding the vanilla. If you add them during the cooking process they’ll melt into the pudding. Top with fresh fruit, chopped nuts, etc., if desired. See more quinoa recipes at

Powerhouse Tabouleh A great tabbouleh is a welcome addition to any picnic. This version kicks up the nutrition and gives a little different twist to an old favorite. Try this as a side dish, as a topping for a salad or sandwich or on its own as a light lunch. It’s an ideal “make a day ahead” dish. The flavors only improve for the next day’s enjoyment.

Michelle Hirsch lives in southern NH and teaches whole foods cooking throughout New England. She is a graduate of the world-renowned Kushi Institute where she also worked developing curriculum. Michelle is the author of Venturesome Vegetarian and can be contacted at SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 21


Does Pollution Make Us Sick? Dear EarthTalk, Aren’t environmental issues primarily about health? Detractors like to trivialize environmentalists as “tree huggers,” but the bottom line is that pollution makes us sick, right? Wouldn’t people care more if they had a better understanding of that? — Tim Douglas, Stowe, VT




No doubt many of the ways we harm our environment come back to haunt us in the form of sickness and death. The realization that the pesticide-laced foods we eat, the smokestack-befouled air we breathe and the petrochemical-based products we use negatively affect our quality of life is a big part of the reason so many people have “gone green” in recent years. Just following the news is enough to green anyone. Scientific American reported in 2009 that a joint U.S./ Swedish study looking into the effects of household contaminants discovered that children who live in homes with vinyl floors — which can emit hazardous chemicals called phthalates — are twice as likely to develop signs of autism as kids in other homes. Other studies have shown that women exposed to high levels of polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants common in cushions, carpet padding and mattresses — 97 percent of us have detectable levels of these chemicals in our bloodstreams — are more likely to have trouble getting pregnant and suffer from other fertility issues as a result. Cheaply produced drywall made in China can emit so much sulfur gas that it not only corrodes electrical wiring but also causes breath-

ing problems, bloody noses and headaches for building occupants. The list goes on and on.... But perhaps trumping all of these examples is the potential disastrous health effects of global warming. Carbon dioxide emissions may not be directly responsible for health problems at or near their point of release, but in aggregate they can cause lots of distress. According to the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, climate change over the coming decades is likely to increase rates of allergies, asthma, heart disease and cancer, among other illnesses. Also, it is quite likely that, as global temperature rises, diseases that were previously found only in warmer areas of the world may show up increasingly in other, previously cooler areas, where people have not yet developed natural defenses against them. And the loss of rain forest that accompanies increases in temperature means less access to undiscovered medicines and degradation of the environment’s ability to sustain our species. Given the link between environmental problems and human health, more of us are realizing that what may seem like exorbitant up-front costs for environmental clean-up may well pay us dividends in the end when we see our overall health care costs go down and our loved ones living longer, healthier lives. To help bridge the understanding gap between environmental problems and human health, the nonprofit Environmental Health Sciences offers the free website, Environmental Health News, which features daily reports on research showing how man-made environmental problems correspond to a wide range of individual and public health problems. Even your local TV station or newspaper likely carries an occasional story about the health effects of environmental pollution. We don’t have to look very hard to find examples of environmental neglect leading to human suffering. But with newfound public awareness and the commitment of younger generations to a cleaner future, we are moving in a good direction. CONTACTS: Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment,; Environmental Health News,

Cigarette Litter


Dear EarthTalk, Has anyone ever studied the environmental impact of discarded cigarettes? I’m constantly appalled at the number of drivers I see pitching their butts out their car windows. — Ned Jordan, via email

69 Milk St (Rte 135), Westborough MA 22 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

According to the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, climate change over the coming decades is likely to increase rates of allergies, asthma, heart disease and cancer, among other illnesses.

It’s true that littered cigarette butts are a public nuisance, and not just for aesthetic reasons. The filters on cigarettes — four fifths of all cigarettes have them — are made of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that is very slow to degrade in the environment. A typical cigarette butt can take anywhere from 18 months to 10 years to decompose, depending on environmental conditions. But beyond the plastic, these filters, which are on

The Wellness Roundtable

A Professional Community of Practitioners in Massachusetts LISA SPELLMAN, LIC. AC. Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts 155 Boston Rd., Southborough MA   sWWWAWHEALINGARTSCOM Chinese and Japanese style acupuncture, 2EIKIANDENERGETICBODYWORK3PECIALIZING INTREATMENTOFKIDSANDTHOSEWHOARE needle-sensitive. YOGA WITH CAROL #AROLYN7AITE #394s7ESTBORO   sYOGAWITHCAROL GMAILCOM WWWYOGAWITHCAROLWAITECOM SvaroopaÂŽ Yoga classes for groups and private instruction, suitable for beginners to advanced students. Yoga for your body, mind and spirit. DR. KAREN MORIARTY Northboro Chiropractic Center 6 Maple Street, Northboro, MA (508) 393-2513 WWWNORTHBOROCHIROPRACTICCOM /FFERINGHEALINGANDWELLNESSTHROUGH chiropractic care, naturopathy, holistic nutrition, massage therapy, EFT and European thermography. HOLISTIC NUTRITION SERVICES, LLC Beth Colon, MS, HHP 155 Boston Road (Rt. 30), Southborough, MA (978) 340-0448 WWW(OLISTIC.UTRITION3ERVICESCOM Transform your health!

CONFIDENT DIRECTIONS Life Coaching for Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journey -ARILYN4AYLOR ,IFE#OACHs   WWWCONlDENT DIRECTIONSCOM Executive life coaching, holistic practitioner business development, vocation transition. 0ARTNERINGCLEARVISIONWITHCONlDENTACTION

WALTER RICE, M.DIV, LCSW 3HREWSBURY -!s   WRICE HOTMAILCOM WWWHOLISTIC SPIRITUAL COUNSELINGCOM Holistic spiritual counseling, stress management, tuning forks, sound table, toning, Reiki, crystal healing, Family Constellations.




MARGARET S. ARNDT (OLISTIC&INANCIAL#ONSULTANTs(617) 244-1966 MARNDT CAMBRIDGERESOURCECOM Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, )NC A"ROKER$EALER -EMBER&).2!3)0# Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.







cigarettes in the first place to absorb contaminants to prevent them from going into the lungs, contain trace amounts of toxins like cadmium, arsenic and lead. Thus when smokers discard their butts improperly â&#x20AC;&#x201D; out the car window or off the end of a pier or onto the sidewalk below â&#x20AC;&#x201D;they are essentially tossing these substances willy-nilly into the environment. Studies done by Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and even the tobacco industry itself show that these contaminants can get into soils and waterways, harm or kill living organisms and generally degrade surrounding ecosystems. While individual discarded cigarette butts may be small, they add up to a huge problem. Some 5.5 trillion cigarettes are consumed worldwide each year. The nonprofit Keep America Beautiful reports that cigarette butts constitute as much as one-third of all litter nationwide when measured by the number of discarded items, not volume. According to the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit that advocates for stronger protection of marine ecosystems, cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item found on Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salt and fresh water beaches as reported from feedback received by hundreds of thousands of volunteers taking part in the groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual Coastal Clean-up event. While the tobacco industry may have its hands full just trying to stay afloat in the maelstrom of ongoing bad publicity, critics say it should be doing more to prevent cigarette butt litter. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just as beverage manufacturers contribute to anti-litter campaigns, and have invested in public education on litter issues, so too should the tobacco industry,â&#x20AC;? says Kathleen Register, founder and executive director of Clean Virginia Waterways, a nonprofit that has spearheaded the fight against cigarette butt litter in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. She adds that cigarette manufacturers â&#x20AC;&#x153;need to take an active and responsible role in educating smokers about this issue and devote resources to the cleanup of cigarette litter.â&#x20AC;? Register suggests a number of strategies including putting anti-litter messages on all cigarette packaging and advertisements, distributing small, free portable ashtrays, and placing and maintaining outdoor ashtrays in areas where smokers congregate. She also suggests putting an extra tax on cigarette sales, with proceeds going toward anti-litter education efforts and to defray the costs of cleaning up butts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Picking up littered cigarette butts costs schools, businesses and park agencies money,â&#x20AC;? she says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;By taxing smokers for anti-litter educational efforts, some of the costs of cleaning up cigarette butts will shift onto smokers.â&#x20AC;? One way or another, Register hopes, smokers will learn that the Earth is not one giant ashtray.




Contact The Wellness Roundtable facilitator: Marilyn Taylor, LMT, Life/Wellness Coach at

CONTACTS: CDC,; Clean Virginia Waterways,


EarthTalk is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E - The Environmental Magazine ( Send questions to: Subscribe:; Free Trial Issue:

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Solutions for Living in A Hollow Natural, upward growth is the feng shui remedy for a house embanked on a downward slope. Don’t forget to fix the front door. BY LYNN TAYLOR

Dear Lynn, My boyfriend and I live in a rental house located in a hollow. The house is on an acre of land and the front door faces the east. We don’t use the front door because it is warped (water damage/settling) and almost impossible to open/close. The hollow slopes down from the street and continues sloping down to the backyard. Our house is “embanked” into the slope. The driveway also slopes downward from the street so we slip and slide trying to get up and out of the driveway all winter long. Drainage issues are ongoing. The bathroom sink doesn’t drain quickly and the same goes for the shower/tub, in which you’re often standing in an inch of water by the time you’re done showering. The house had a leaky roof that caused stains and damage to the ceilings, but the roof was completely replaced last summer. No more leaks but the stains make the house feel “unclean,” no matter how thoroughly I vacuum, mop, dust, etc. Overall it contributes to a feeling of sluggishness and inertia. — Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth, Before we get creative with feng shui remedies I must ask, have you called a plumber? Have you called the town or municipality to evaluate any sewer back up that is their responsibility? It sounds to me as if the conduit from the main water source is part of this problem. I understand that the geography of a hollow does increase the risk of drainage issues, but let’s start with what is easier to change: your house. That stuck, warped (probably moldy) front door, whether used or not, is the formal entrance and access to your house. Clean it up! Front doors are important for reasons almost too numerous to mention. They represent, and literally are, the membrane between your public and private life. Doors are both boundaries and openings. They should be able to open completely so that your home is fully oxygenated, literally and figuratively. 24 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

To not be able to do so would be similar to inhaling only minimally because you can’t completely open your mouth or have blocked nostrils. There is a sense in which the representative parts of our homes correspond to the equivalent in our bodies. The front door is your home’s mouth, so if there is decay, stuckness, misalignment, etc., in your front door, in time it could affect your dental health. If you wear dentures, the door and doorframe should always be a good fit. I don’t know which comes first, the door or the dentist, but you get the idea. And don’t even think about living in any ongoing way with a front door that is somewhat stuck if you are pregnant as the door also corresponds with the birth canal of the human body. Appeal to your landlord to repair, re-hinge and replace this door as soon as possible. Fixing this door, no matter how extensive the work necessary to do so, will be cheaper than money you end up spending on health issues, especially your dental and emotional health. When this healthier entrance is created, paint it knowing that smoother access is now made available to you in all life categories and whatever you deem important. Stabilize the entrance and enhance it with two sturdy potted plants on either side. Install a light — solar, on a pole perhaps — and make the approachway to your front door as inviting and functional as possible. If you see litter or planters with dead plants or old soggy newspapers on the way to your door, there will be a lowering of your frequency even if you consciously dismiss it. You may feel relief once inside, but the detritus you slogged through will still be with you on a certain level. The doorway is a portal. It should “entrance” in the best sense of the word. The transition should be smooth and pleasant. Make it easy for life’s good stuff to find you. Let’s transition now to the property. I probably don’t need to tell you that leaving your property is an uphill

climb and returning home to it, a descent, with corresponding sensations of effort and defeat. I suggest a stone wall for this property — good old-fashioned New England style —stable, enduring and pleasing to behold. Create a terrace-like feel, with different stopping points that slow the grade both down and up. Levels can be demarcated with style, perhaps a chair on one level, some grounding lawn art, boulder or plantings on another. The overall “hollow” aspect is downward and wet. Introducing plants and bushes could use up that water. If there are already some plantings in the area, clean them up. A grove of growth would be just wonderful. Nettles are an extremely healing and nutritious New England herb that do well in wet, marshy areas. Once you know how to avoid the “sting” in harvesting the leaves, use nettle tea as a potent and delicious healing liver tonic or substitute in recipes with spinach for a rich mineral and vitamin boost. In terms of balance using upward solutions, consider talking to the owner of the property and housing a wind farm! On a smaller scale, Oriental grasses — upward, indestructible, flowing year round (especially zebra grass) — are robust and have a special presentation throughout the seasons of the year. Natural, upward growth will be the medicine for this situation. Don’t limit ways of achieving this to my suggestions only; create what makes you optimistic and engages you. It doesn’t have to be the Hoover Dam. Everything has its upside.

Lynn Taylor is a senior feng shui practitioner who teaches and consults in the United States and Mexico for both business and home environments. She has been featured extensively on television, radio and in print. Send questions for this column or contact Lynn at (617) 924-4205 or

Summer Workshop Series With Dr. Judith Swack Healing from the Body Level Up™ A new mind/body/spirit healing methodology for the 21st century Healing from the Body Level Up™ is a unique and effective way to get unstuck and eliminate struggle by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success, so that you can finally achieve your goals! The originator of this holistic mind/body therapy system, Dr. Judith Swack, has demonstrated her amazing phobia cures live on WCVB Channel 5 News, on TBS Superstation’s Worst Case Scenario, and on New England Cable News. She is a respected healer, teacher of healers, author, and major presenter at national and international conferences. Dr. Swack is available for private sessions in person or by phone. Call now for a free introductory 15 minute consultation: (781) 444-6940 or visit

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Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) is a unique mind-body therapy system that:

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The Invisible Pollutants: Electricity and Magnetism With electromagnetic pollution on the rise, applying these commonsense, natural living guidelines can help decrease your EMR exposure.

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lectromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic field or frequency (EMF), extremely low frequency (ELF), microwave radiation, radar, radio and TV frequency, wireless technologies — these are all terms that can be intimidating to most people. Add information about their dangers as pollutants — too “shocking” for most — and only those seriously interested in health and the environment will want to know more. Electric and magnetic fields are two different forms of radiation. Electricity is the current that runs through wiring or appears as lightning. When machinery and appliances are on and the electric current is flowing, a magnetic field radiates from the wiring. The more you know about the origins of electromagnetic radiation, the better equipped you are to protect yourself against its risks. Billions of years ago when Earth formed, it was tiny amounts of electrical waves or currents that brought and kept a living cell together. As this current moves, electric and magnetic fields are formed in the presence of radiation from the sun and atmosphere. These combinations set in motion the unfathomable, coordinated miracle that is the basis for all living things — bacteria, plants, insects, fish, animals and humans — as well as created Earth’s natural magnetic field to which the sensitive orientation and navigation apparatus of all living creatures are attuned. An example of what a minute current can do is documented in the 1985 groundbreaking book, The Body Electric, by physician and researcher Robert O. Becker, MD. The book reports stunning results of regenerating salamander limbs and organs, as well as a child’s cut-off fingertip, with the application of minute electrical current, as long as the wounds are kept clean and without medical intervention.

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The Research There’s been decades of research on the effects of man-made EMR and much of it is conflicting, especially since EMR levels have skyrocketed in just one decade. Our homes are equipped with many new electrical appli-

ances and devices that emit a constant stream of EMFs, not to mention the ubiquitous personal communication devices so popular today. As more electrical devices are introduced, this radiation accumulates, much like the CO2 in the atmosphere. According to Jim Waugh, author of Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation, “Levels of background radiation are 200 million times higher than they were 100 years ago.” As would be expected, industry-sponsored research is most prevalent in the news and assures us that all current levels of electromagnetic radiation are safe for public exposure. The most well-known of these studies, the Interphone study completed in 2006, coordinated multinational case-control studies to assess whether radio frequency exposure from mobile phones is associated with cancer risk. Results were not published until 2010, concluding, “An increased risk of brain cancer is not established from the data from the Interphone study.”1 Industry experts claimed victory and cell phone safety. However, heavy controversy over the study reported in Business Week and other publications, cited serious design and data collection flaws in the study, such as a median cell phone use of less than 3 hours per month. Several of the national reports suggested, for example, that ever having been a regular mobile-phone user offers statistically significant protection against some brain tumors. The finding is so counter-intuitive that it has led most people involved to acknowledge the serious flaws in that study.2 In addition, the study only measured thermal effects (heat damage) of radiation and did not measure non-thermal effects, such as possible cell damage. Devra Davis, PhD,3 Robert O. Becker, MD4 and Magda Havas, PhD5, are well-respected, published researchers who have documented that exposure to the low frequency pulsing of cells phones causes disruption of cellular activity. Comprehensive research by the BioInitiative group, a consortium of renowned international scientists, has also documented EMR damage to humans.6 As a result, the European Environmental Agency, the top scientific environmental authority of the European Union, warns of the possibility of looming environmental disasters from the increasing density of EMR: “The process of electrifying the human body is complex but the bottom line is that disruption occurs from outside electricity, magnetism and radiation.” This disruption results in the production of free radicals and oxidation at the cellular level, causing inflammation that is at the root of many of our chronic 21st century health conditions: arteriosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. The resilient body will continue to keep cellular damage under control until eventually it becomes diseased. It can take years for various diseases to manifest in the body this way. While today’s cell phone research may not show evidence of disease connected to current cell phone usage, how can we know if an epidemic of brain tumors will occur after 10, 15 or 20 years of extended use?

Protection There is an industry for protective devices on EMR for a good reason. They include meters, shielding fabrics, cell phone shields and computer shields. In addition, EMR-sensitive people may have low to normal levels of ionized calcium.7 Potassium and calcium

Arthur N. Gertler M.D. Holistic Medicine 6 6 6 6 6 6

Holistic Medicine Lyme Literate Chelation Therapy IV Therapies Detoxification Oxygenation Therapies Office located at:

D’Arcy Wellness Center maintain a delicate ion-charged balance in regulating cell membrane functions that can be disrupted by outside electromagnetic currents. Supplementing with calcium could help. As EMR can degenerate heath of the cell wall, building cell integrity can be enhanced with good oils, in particular, omega-3s found in fish and krill oil.

Tips to Cut Back on EMR Exposure • Keep a good distance from power lines, cell towers, wireless Internet towers and electrical transfer stations. • Unplug electrical devices when not in use. Statistics show that the average household spends $100 annually on “vampire draw” — energy used by electrical devices that are plugged in but turned off. • Keep your alarm clock at least 5 feet away from body. Avoid electric blankets or wire the circuitry so it can be shut off when you sleep. • Keep your gas and electric hot water heater 12 feet away from working and living area. • Dimmer switches emit EMR on settings except for the highest and off. Keep seating away from the switch. • Limit electronic toys, cell phone and computer use for children. Because children have thinner skulls and their nervous systems are still developing, children are especially vulnerable to EMR damage.8 • Keep an arm’s length away from your computer screen or consider putting an EMR shield around it. • Cordless phone base stations emit EMR even when not in use. Use a landline if possible. • Use manufacturer’s recommendations of keeping your cell phone away from the body (usually 1 inch). Do not keep in the on position when stored next to the body. Use speakerphone or a head set with low power. Use only when the signal quality is good. • Smart meters are being installed on houses and businesses to remotely read utility meters and control appliances in the home. Research your “opt out” choices with local grassroots organizations.

NOTES 1. WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer, May 17, 2010 press release, media-centre/pr/2010/pdfs/pr200_E.pdf 2. “Mobile Madness,” The Economist, Sept. 25, 2008. id=12295222 3. about-dr-davis 4. 5. 6. The BioInitiative Report, 7. Andrew Goldsworthy, PhD, 8., “Important Information on the Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technology”

63 South Main Street, Natick, MA 01760 phone: 781-752-6378 fax: 508-653-3283

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Becker, Robert O., Crosscurrents: The Promise of Electro-Medicine, The Perils of Electro-Pollution. J.P. Tarcher, 1991. and

Mary Shaffer is a freelance writer and elder living selfsufficiently, sensibly and sustainably. Her approach to health care is self-care first and when help is needed search out more than one discipline. “I’m not a scientist nor have I studied medicine, but my years of research and healthy lifestyle have garnered me a great storehouse of practical information about healthy living on a budget.” Mary can be reached at 413-339-4342. RELATED ARTICLES THIS ISSUE • “EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Century” • “Letters to the Editor: Hidden Risks of Cell Phone Usage”

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28 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

hen I started my psychotherapy practice in 1985, the world was dramatically different than today. There was no Internet. There were no cell phones. There was no e-mail. There were no texts. All media — books, newspapers and magazines, were physical and in print. And if I wanted to have a conversation with someone, there were two options: face-to-face and on the phone. In many ways, things were much simpler back then. When my first book, Living With Vision: Reclaiming the Power of the Heart, was published in 1988, I threw a big party at a Boston area nightclub to bring people together to celebrate in community. If I were to publish a book tomorrow, I would set up a Facebook fan page for the book, organize a party on, send out an event announcement using Constant Contact, post announcements on LinkedIn and on my regular Facebook page, and tweet updates as often as possible to let people know. As a writer and psychotherapist, I feel the changes from our old face-to-face-based culture to our modern technology-based virtual culture. As a person, I feel the changes even more strongly, and watch the changes color the landscape of others’ lives. People of all ages can spend hours chatting with “friends” on Facebook without ever leaving the comfort of their living rooms. They can “talk” while dressed in their pajamas and never utter a spoken word. Committees can meet using a free internet conference calling service and never need a face-to-face meeting to get their work done. Teens or older adults can communicate daily with their loved ones through texts and emails, forgetting or perhaps never learning that some topics are best discussed in person and not in a virtual medium. At its best, virtual communication allows us to feel connected easily, quickly and without much logistical work to be at a certain place at a certain time. At its worst, virtual communication leaves us feeling isolated, connected but alone, missing the special meaning of a look on someone’s face, a gleam in the eye, or the warm, nurturing feeling of a hug or caress. Some experiences translate into virtual moments. Others simply do not. In late March, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the increase in

teenage depression with Facebook use. On the one hand, many teens feel a wider social network than the kids in their actual classes at school through their collection of Facebook friends. On the other hand, they may feel lonely and disconnected because all of their communications take place when they are by themselves with only a computer as their companion. If they try to arrange a time to hang out, they may find their phone call unanswered or their plan forgotten as their friend gets lost in a sea of cyber conversations or video games while time marches on. Facebook allows people to post photos that create an image of life as wonderful and fun, even if real life is not nearly so grand. People can create â&#x20AC;&#x153;avatar-likeâ&#x20AC;? personas, never needing to do equal work to develop their inner personas. No matter how many virtual tools we develop to stay in touch, communicate quickly, efficiently and instantly, and replace the need for a meeting real time, if we go too far on the virtual side of the human-technology continuum, a part of our spirit gets lost. If you are sad, does it not feel better to look into the eyes of an understanding friend? If you are scared, can a text replace a hug? Can a kiss be replaced by an e-mail that says â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love you?â&#x20AC;? Our human senses make life richer and more meaningful. Why lose them in our relating with others? While I can talk to someone on the phone and counsel them on Skype, I cannot reach out and touch them, or bring the full energy of my heart to them when we are so far away. Some parts of relating simply cannot be whole when done at a distance. To â&#x20AC;&#x153;be withâ&#x20AC;? someone, really means being with them. What can we do to stay connected to our hearts and others in an increasingly virtual world? Remain conscious of the problem and aware of the danger of falling down the slippery slope. Talk with other people about these challenges to help avoid feeling overwhelmed. Stay in touch with your inner truth by listening to your body, heart and guts for guidance. And remember that machines can go faster than people and may ask us to do things that are not humanly possible or good for us. Maintain your grounding in a world that is speeding up daily. Just like the experiments with the cloth and wire monkeys in my freshman psychology class, there are lessons about the emotional and spiritual cost of a more virtual and less tactile existence. Technology can help us share our words, ideas and thoughts, but to physically feel anotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presence, hold anotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand, and feel the beat of another personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart in a mutual embrace introduces a much deeper, essential dimension of human experience into our lives. May we not forget the importance of being face-to-face people in our increasingly virtual world.

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Linda Marks, MSM, has practiced body psychotherapy with individuals, couples, groups and families for 26 years. She also enjoys empowering people through coaching and mediation. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT, has written two books and thousands of articles, and is the mother of a fifteen year old son. Visit or email Linda at

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 29


YOGA PRACTITIONERS MASSACHUSETTS Arlington The Arlington Center. Chip Hartranft, Director, 369 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA 02474. 781-316-0282. Anusara, Ashtanga, Classical, Iyengar, Kripalu, Vinyasa; insight meditation, yogatherapy, retreats.

Bedford SERENITY YOGA STUDIO, 363 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730. Kripalu-affiliated studio. Spacious NEW studio, fully equipped. Daily classes: beginners to experienced. 781-275-4092 •

Bridgewater Maha Yoga Center, 992 Bedford St. (Rt. 18), Bridgewater, MA 02324, 508-697-3273 Yoga all levels, Hatha, Ashtanga, meditation, massage. Yoga teacher training (YA).

Brighton Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Center, 103 Bennett St., Brighton, MA 02135. 617-782-1727. Loretta Levitz, Dir. Yoga, all levels (including disability), Ayurveda, teacher training, private or small groups.

Holden Opening Lotus Yoga. An eco-green studio. • 508-829-7435 456 Main St., Holden, MA, 01520. Beginner-advanced. Gentle-vigorous. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and more.

Marlborough Yoga at Rising Sun. Change your body, mind and life. Beginner, continuing, deeper, gentle, prenatal & Svaroopa® yoga. Yoga Therapy, private sessions & workshops. • 508-786-0788.

Millis Yoga at the Ashram. 368 Village St. Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Pilates, Kids Yoga, Tai Chi. Gong Meditations, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. First class free. 508-376-4525.

30 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

The Yoga Studio. Experience a tranquil and welcoming environment to practice yoga amid calming music, soft lighting and a peaceful, restorative atmosphere. Beginners welcome! 508-376-8508.

Northborough Yogapathways. 291 Main St (Rte 20). Kripalu affiliated studio. Beginner through advanced. Yoga classes, Reiki certification, yoga teachers training. 508-740-9870.

Quincy Real Life Yoga. Hot power yoga and beginners hatha yoga. 101 Adams St. Plenty of parking. $12/class. Bring a friend for $6 • 617-285-5219.

Sharon Breathe Joy Yoga. Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal, Pretzel Kids®, 200-Hour Teacher Training, Pretzel Kids® certification courses, retreats, and more!• 781-784-4848.

Uxbridge State of Grace, 104 East Hartford Ave., Uxbridge, MA 01569. Yoga, belly dance, Pilates, massage, skin care, workshops • 508-278-2818.

Wellfleet Iyengar Yoga with Zack Dixon, Quiet Mind Studio, 95 Commercial Street, Wellfleet. Also offering simple, clear podcast instruction for one hour home practice. • 508-349-2429.

Worcester Yoga Center. Ann Bissanti. Two Worcester locations. 27 years teaching experience. Trained in India by B.K.S. Iyengar. 508-829-6300.

RHODE ISLAND Cranston Bikram Yoga @ Yoga Concepts, Cranston, RI. Mary Ann and Donna Nassa, 23 years. Master certified instruction. Bikram method, beginner to advanced levels. 401-461-8484

Cumberland A New Day Yoga. Gentle, mixed/hatha and evening flow yoga classes. Shake Your Soul® workshops and yoga teacher trainings offered. 508-596-2974

Wakefield All That Matters. Largest center in NE offering 65 yoga classes weekly with awesome instructors, Yoga teacher trainings, store, comprehensive workshops and healthcare team. 401-782-2126 •

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Conscious Being Yoga. Yoga in your own home or office. Individual and group classes available for all levels. Call 802-371-8745 or visit for more information. Open Doors Yoga Studios, 14 locations in MA. 781-843-8224. Hot power yoga and gentle yoga — all levels. 200 & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Westborough Westborough Yoga for healing, transformation and health. Offering Svaroopa Yoga, meditation, private yoga therapy and embodyment, prenatal and gentle yoga. Contact Michelle Gross: 508-341-6424.

Worcester Amethyst Point. 232 Chandler St., Worcester. Hatha/Iyengar yoga, meditation and tai chi/qigong. All levels. Monday-Saturday. 508-753-3975.

Include your studio in this yoga practitioners directory The next ad deadline is August 1, 2011. Call (508) 278-9640 or


58&/5*&5) " //*7&34"3: 5063  + 6/&  Experience the energizing joy and healing sounds of kirtan. Come participate through call and response chanting, dancing, meditation, or simply relaxing and absorbing the music! For more about Dave, audio and video clips, and to find his kirtan in your area, visit:

Dave leads ecstatic chanting throughout the Northeast and nationally. He is a regular kirtan performer and workshop leader at Kripalu. t (413) 374-0789








Millis, MA (508) 376-8508


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MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS: Carotid Artery, DVT, RSD/CRPS, Radiculopathy, Sports Injuries, Pain Identification Call for appointment or information: 401-475-5060 â&#x20AC;¢ Acton, Attleboro, Lee, Longmeadow, Orleans, Sandwich, Somerville, Springfield and Westminster, MA Cheshire, Kensington, Stonington, Wethersfield and Woodstock, CT Amherst, Bedford, Concord, Hollis, Lebanon, Londonderry, Meredith and Milford, NH Brattleboro, Burlington, Middlebury and Montpelier, VT

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 31

Acupuncture & Yoga Center Has Natural Solutions for: Allergies, Allergy Related Conditions Pain Management, Stress Reduction, Overall Well-Being Acupuncture • NAET Allergy Elimination Svaroopa® Yoga Classes • Yoga Therapy Massage: Kripalu, Deep Tissue, Thai, Pregnancy Seasonal Allergies Food Allergies Asthma Women’s Health Arthritis

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Marcia Costello, RN

M. Ac., Lic. Ac.

530 Boston Post Road E Marlboro, MA 01752 • 508.786.0788

Ask the Acupuncturist By Daria Casinelli, LicAc

For over two thousand years, acupuncture has successfully treated everything from cancer to mental illness to infertility to chronic pain in patients both from the East and West.

What should I expect during my first acupuncture treatment? Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental healing system that stimulates the body’s ability to balance its “qi” and heal itself by the insertion of thin, sterile needles at specific points along the body’s meridian system. Qi is the life force that flows along the meridians between these points, which are located within cell groups that have been shown to have especially permeable cell membranes. In biomedical terms, this means that chemical messages (qi) travel faster through those cells. Good health results when qi flows freely along the meridians; disease develops where qi is deficient or blocked. An acupuncturist will form a diagnosis by taking a health history, including asking why you are there, looking at your tongue, taking your six pulses, and maybe pressing on your abdomen. After that she will swab with alcohol the spots where she’s going to insert the sterile, disposable needles and insert them. Then depending on what method she practices and the disorder being treated, she will either leave the needles in or not; manipulate the needles, or not, burn moxa (a healing herb) or not, leave the room or not. The depth of the insertion and how long the needles are left in place, if at all, depends on the method of acupuncture being used. Sometimes the process is repeated with the patient laying on the stomach, sometimes not. The same is true for adding any adjunct healing modalities of acupuncture such as cupping, gwa sha, herbal teas, nutritional supplements, bodywork, healing touch, moxa, etc. Some practitioners use them, some do not. One of the reasons acupuncturists vary so greatly in how they practice is because Asia is big. China, Japan and Korea all have their own distinct methods and it is very common to find variations within those methods based on who’s teaching it. Add to that the fact that the practice of acupuncture is at least 2,000 years old, and you get even more variation. Some schools, and thus some practitioners, will encompass more or fewer biomedical ideas/techniques, and more or fewer adjunct modalities. There are, however, some similarities between forms of acupuncture. All insert needles and all attempt to summon qi. It is the needling techniques that distinguish the skill of one practitioner from another: how a practitioner obtains qi, whether he can or cannot do so, whether he or the patient senses the qi, what the practitioner does with the qi. An acupuncturist senses the qi coming to the needle as a tug on the needle. Some acupuncturists twirl (manipulate) the needle until they feel the qi sensation, others simply leave the needles in place until the qi, in its normal cycle through the meridians, comes to the needle. Some people can actually feel a mild sensation traveling along the course of the meridian when a needle is inserted. Not everyone feels it, and everyone doesn’t have to, but the qi must travel if the treatment is to be effective. 32 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

The length of time needles are retained varies between practitioners. It can be from between 20 minutes to an hour. During that time many acupuncturists turn on some soft music and leave the room to treat another patient. When the qi does arrive patients usually feel extremely relaxed. This is the “acupuncture nap” that patients look forward to, from which they awake feeling refreshed and invigorated. If knotted, their qi has become smooth; if deficient, it has become ample and good health will follow. Some acupuncturists, however, do not retain the needles in the body. They simply obtain the qi by manipulating the needle and then remove it, moving on to needling the next point. If you can’t feel the qi, how can you tell if the treatment is working? The treatment is working if you get better, ie, your symptoms subside either within 24 hours or within a reasonable time period relative to the length of time you’ve had the disorder and relative to your general health. For instance, if you’ve had back pain for over five years, one treatment is not going to do it. Yes, energy can do anything, but energy (yang) has to move flesh (yin) and flesh is a lot less flexible than qi. Generally speaking you should evaluate your rate of progress using your common sense. Depending upon the seriousness of your condition — acute or chronic — for the best and longest lasting results, expect to return for a series of visits. One or two treatments per week is optimal to start, although even a single treatment will provide benefit. Some patients opt for regular maintenance visits weekly, monthly or seasonally for system “tune-ups.”

What should I look for when choosing an acupuncturist?

In some ways choosing an acupuncturist is just like choosing any kind of healer. You should feel immediately comfortable with whomever you are entrusting your most prized possession: your body and all its baggage. Since your first interaction will probably be over the phone, look for respect. Is your phone called returned promptly? Does the practitioner or receptionist give you her full attention? Are your questions answered well? The Buddha said that the right answer depends on asking the right question. So ask yourself: beyond effectiveness, what am I really looking for in a practitioner? The best acupuncturist for you is the person who is effective and meets your needs in the present moment. Are you looking for someone with whom you feel you can really connect? Or do you prefer a little more professional distance? Do you want someone who can speak from a western medical perspective? Do you want someone who can explain Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to you in detail? Or advise about lifestyle? Most importantly, wait to make a decision about your practitioner until after your first visit. Look for a licensed acupuncturist. All six New England states require acupuncturists to pass the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine examination in acupuncture in order to become a licensed acupuncturist. Some medical practitioners, such as MD, DO, chiropractors and others, are not required to fulfill the complete educational and clinical requirements of a licensed acupuncturist, yet they may still be allowed to practice acupuncture. Check your practitioner’s credentials to ensure he or she is a licensed acupuncturist. Consider the length of time in practice. The longer a practitioner has been practicing, the better. Generally speaking five years guarantees that the training wheels are off. This does not mean you should never schedule with someone less experienced, especially if they come well-recommended or are very accessible, but give new practitioners extra scrutiny. Acupuncturists often treat more than one person at a time, using several rooms so they can interview one person while another patient “cooks.” An experienced practitioner can handle two, even three rooms. Beyond that you have to ask yourself how much individualized attention you’re really going to get. Community style acupuncture is a new style of practice where several people are treated together in one room while laying in reclining chairs. Treatments focus mainly on points above the neck and below the elbows and knees so no clothing removal is required. While this type of treatment is very economical, there are trade-offs in privacy and individualized attention. The patient-practitioner relationship is an extremely subtle thing and all practitioners are responsible for creating a relationship that promotes healing. Your practitioner should never seem to be in hurry or to have anything on his mind other than your wellbeing. Hopefully this acupuncture information is helpful in guiding you along the next steps of your healing journey.

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Allston Physical Medical Center 39 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA 02134 617-783-5783 VFAX 617-783-1519 COLON HYDROTHERAPY I-ACT Certified Colon Therapists Featuring the FDA Approved Angel of Water®

The world's premier colon hydrotherapy system, providing the ultimate in privacy.


Daria Casinelli, Lic. Ac., graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2002 and maintains a private practice in Milton, MA. Her website is: http://miltonacupuncture. net. She can be reached at or 617-312-7650.

VHigh blood pressure/


Lori DeLang

Liz Marcano-Pucillo

450 Chauncy St, Mansfield, MA

640 Washington St, Dedham, MA

(508) 261-1611

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SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 33

Beverage Blends

INSPIRED BY AYURVEDA Clinical Metaphysical Education

S PA & S C H O O L Newport, RI 877.832.1372

Ayu Ayurvedic Massage Cert Certification Sacr Sacred Stone Massage Biodynamic Craniosacral, Biody Indian I Head Massage, LLifeline & Reiki Classes LLuminous umino Gemstone Therapy destiny-

for Refreshment and Pleasure

Vedic Astrology & Book of Destiny Intuitive Counseling Pancha Karma Yogic Detox & Rejuvenation Private Appointments NCBTMB approved

By Rosemary Gladstar



San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.ÂŽ  r      r

Loose Herbs & Tea Bags Bulk Botanicals, Bulk Teas Culinary Spice Blends Capsules, Oils, Extracts & Tinctures 47444 Kato Road  !     ! 

 m 34

Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

Capture the perfect mood with a cup of freshly picked herbs

s the years go by, I find myself attracted less to herbs as â&#x20AC;&#x153;medicineâ&#x20AC;? and in their medicinal form such as tinctures and pills, and more attracted to that aspect that focuses on life, health, vitality: herbs in the garden, as skin care, as every day tea and food, as teachers and friends, and a part of life to simply enjoy. Perhaps this refocusing is my own renegade reaction to the poplar trend of viewing herbs solely as medicine, something one takes when one is sick. This is an extremely limited view of all that herbs are and do and will curtail your understanding of the healing power of plants. Herbology is not a replacement for modern allopathic medicine; it offers an entirely different modality of healing. When one tries to superimpose herbology over the western allopathic system of healing, herbalism loses its potency. In truth, there is no separation between health, sickness and vitality or between medicine and food. That is where herbs are strongest, their potency most revealed, their healing most profound â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in the everyday using of them as food, as beverage tea, and as â&#x20AC;&#x153;an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureâ&#x20AC;? type of medicine. And such powerful medicine lies in these sweet brews â&#x20AC;&#x201D; these teas we drink everyday because they taste good and smell wonderful and uplift the spirits. Have you ever had a cup of fresh brewed lemon verbena, rosehips plucked from the vine, fresh roses or hibiscus flowers? Have you ever dug the sassafras root, barked the spring sap flowing birch or the bitter, fragrant wild cherry? Have you ever sipped on the pungent artemesias picked from the wild sea coast, or experienced the lemon-like flavor of the noble pine or flowery fir gathered from the mountains? Beverage blends are teas we brew to satisfy a thirst, a longing of the soul. Now, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my kind of medicine. Have you thought deeply about that beverage tea youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re drinking? Those herbs are grown from the heart of the Mother; they are gifts that capture memories, create moods, evoke the exotic or carry to the heart whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s familiar and homey. Those herbs are nourished by a season of many moons, sun rises, light and storms. Who knows what divine mystery is implanted in the memory code of that plant? Into the tea pot it goes, stirred with a touch of magic, brewed with divine water. Now thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a special kind of medicine. Beverage teas can have a specific purpose. Most are extremely nutritious and do serve as preventive medicine, but they are created more for fragrance, mood, taste and enjoyment rather than with a particular medicinal intention. It is important that your beverage blends taste delicious, fresh, and unique. Do not settle for packaged blends for your every day consumption of tea.

Though teas bags may be excellent for convenience, when traveling and eating out, they are never as good as fresh herb blends. The quality of herbs used in tea bags is generally very poor. The herb must be completely shredded to fit into the bag. Air destroys the vital properties of the plants. To mask the stale taste of the herbs, a current popular practice is to mix the herbs with natural and unnatural flavoring oils. Some of these flavoring oils (such as most of the cinnamon oils used to flavor teas) are downright synthetic and toxic. Most tea bags sold commercially are sealed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This potent toxin is released by heat; a little extra additive in your herbal tea. When buying tea bags, purchase those that are sealed the old fashioned way — with a staple. Most pre-packaged tea blends are made with similar ingredients. I, for one, am bored with Red Zinger-type teas. Be creative! Try new flavors. Experiment with flowers, culinary herbs, with aroma and color. Your tea blends should excite you into drinking them. Whenever possible use fresh herbs. Even the best quality dry herb will taste different than its fresh cousin. It will lose some of its zestiness. My father used to put the corn pot on the stove and when the water was vigorously boiling, he’d hurry out to the garden to pick the corn. That was freshness! Try to capture that same wonderful, eccentric concern for freshness with your herb teas. I always get a chuckle out of folks who tell me they’ve got a great patch of mint growing, then ask me how to dry it so they can make tea. We’ve grown so far from the living world of herbs that people associate herbs with dried plant material. Herbs are dried primarily for convenience, not because of flavor or quality. Always use your herbs fresh whenever possible. The exceptions to this rule are few and far between and do not concern any of the herbs you would be using in beverage teas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual and unfamiliar herbs for your beverage teas. Some of the best flavors are combinations of unusual groupings of herbs. Have you tried basil, calendula, roses, sage? When black and green Oriental teas were gaining much popularity throughout England and Europe, sage was imported in vast amounts into China as their most poplar tea. If you’re a mint lover, there are infinite varieties of flavors available. Try pineapple mint, licorice mint, apple mint and chocolate mint.

How to Create Beverage Teas

Unlike the blending of medicinal formulas where accuracy is required, beverage teas can be created on a whim. Ingredients can be added or substituted depending upon what you have on hand. Following is a list of guidelines to help you: • Know the flavor and properties of each of the herbs you are using. • Start with an idea of what flavor or feeling you wish to evoke. • Blend for beauty, the harmony of the flavors used, and pay attention to aroma. • When your blend looks good and smells good, give it the all important taste test. You will probably have to adjust the flavors as least once. • You may wish to add some flowers just for color, some herbs for their scents, and some herbs, such as Chinese star anise, for texture. • Keep a recipe book of your favorite blends. Believe me, you will not remember all of the ingredients that made that one tea so exceptional! • Your special herb tea blends make great gifts and are always welcome when you’re visiting friends and family.

Proportions of Herb to Water

Most herb books readily agree on proportions: 1teaspoon of dried herb or 2 tablespoons of fresh herb to one cup of water. These proportions are totally arbitrary, however, because so much depends on the particular flavor and quality of the herb(s) being used. Use these proportions as a guideline only, but the final test is in the taste. When 1:1 or 2:1 ratio doesn’t work, discard the rules and adjust the flavors as your taste buds see fit. In truth, I don’t think I’ve ever used those exact proportions. Each herb lends itself to slightly different proportions and different brewing times. Be willing to experiment and adjust proportions until you find just the right amount. Your reward will be the perfect pot of tea.

How Long to Brew

Along with the quality and flavor of herbs, the length of time you brew the herbs will have a definite effect on the resulting flavor. You can ruin a perfectly good blend by preparing it to long. Flowers and leaves of plants are generally steeped in water (water is poured over the herbs) and allowed to infuse for 10-30 minutes. Roots and barks and more woody plant parts are usually simmered at a low boil for 15-30 minutes as a decoction. The longer you let the herb steep or simmer in the water, the stronger the resulting taste will be. If a light and mild blend is desired steep quickly, strain, and serve tea. If you wish a stronger flavor, let the herbs infuse or decoct for a longer period of time. For instance, rosehips, though delicious, render a rather mild flavor. To get the full rich flavor and the vitamin C and bioflavonoid content of rosehips, I usually pour boiling water over them and infuse for several hours or overnight. Here’s two of my favorite recipes:

Everyone’s Favorite Old Fashioned “Root Beer” Tea 3 parts sassafras bark 3 parts sarsaparilla root 2 part birch bark 1 part dandelion root 1 part burdock root 3 part licorice root ½ part ginger root ½ part Chinese star anise 1/8 part orange peel 3 parts fennel seed and/or pinch of stevia

Herbal Enlighten-Mint 4 parts rosehips 2 parts chamomile 1 part spearmint 1 part wintergreen pinch of stevia if desired

Rosemary Gladstar is one of the leading herbal authors and teachers in North America. Founder and president of United Plant Savers, cofounder of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and Native Plant Preserve in E. Barre, Vermont and creator of the Science and Art of Herbology home study course from which this excerpt is reprinted, Rosemary also hosts the 10th annual International Herb Symposium June 24-26, 2011 in Norton, MA. Visit www. or email sagemt@ 802-479-9825.

Rev. N.E. Sam McCartin, CEMP

EFT (Tapping), Energy Work, Healing

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change


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The Role of a Healer By Christine Upchurch, MS

*Àœ`ÕVÌÃÊ>˜`Ê-iÀۈViÃ\Ê >ÌÕÀœ«>̅ˆVÊ œ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜ÃÊÊ;ÊÊÊ>ÃÃ>}iÊ/…iÀ>«ÞÊÊ;ÊÊ,iyiݜœ}ÞÊ;ÊÊ >ÀÊ >˜`ˆ˜}Ê ÊÀˆ`œœ}ÞÊÊ;ÊÊV>ˆLiÀÀˆÊEÊiÀL>Ê/i>ÃÊ;ÊÊ À>˜ˆœÃ>VÀ>Ê/…iÀ>«ÞÊÊ;ÊÊi>Ì…Ê-VÀii˜ˆ˜}ÃÊ

Ê >ÌÕÀ>ÊiÀLÃ]Ê-Õ««i“i˜ÌÃ]Ê*iÀܘ>Ê >ÀiÊ*Àœ`ÕVÌÃ

ՏÊ >ÃÃÊEÊ*Àœ}À>“Ê-V…i`ՏiÊ"˜ˆ˜iÊ

Shaman’s Heart Healing Asrianna Dameron, C.Ht., RM. Accessing Your Energetic Blueprint for Change Psychic Medium • Certified Hypnotherapist Past Life Regressionist • Spirit Rescue Work Shamanic Healing • Reiki Master • Dream Therapy

Sessions offered in person as well as by phone. Lectures and workshops offered on Psychic Development, Mediumship, Hypnosis and Shamanic Healing.

Concord, NH • 603-892-1268 •

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36 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


any years ago as a young, physically fit vegetarian, I faced cancer. I healed myself without medical treatment, a process that required much effort and focus over two years. This personal journey illuminated a great deal about the nature of healing and eventually led me to a new path — working as a healer. When a person is out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, there are many paths that can be taken to wellness. These include using conventional medicine, altering one’s diet, exercising, adopting new thought patterns, integrating alternative medicine treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy or various spiritual practices into one’s life. Some will choose to visit a person who is commonly referred to as a healer. Who goes to see a healer and what role can a healer play in a person’s life? Years ago when I received inner guidance that I was a healer, I rejected the message because I mistakenly perceived it to be a fabrication of ego. I had been under the impression that healing power came from the practitioner and to be a good healer I would have to transcend the typical struggles of being human. In reality this isn’t the case because healing power doesn’t come from the practitioner, but from the divine. So a healer isn’t “one who heals,” but rather one who facilitates healing, utilizing energy and frequencies that are both inside and outside of the body. Healing can be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. It can mean eliminating an illness, becoming more energetic, letting go of emotional problems, releasing addictions, healing relationships, becoming more connected to one’s higher purpose, easing one’s passing or feeling more in touch with the divine. The ways that healing can manifest are quite varied, but there is one common thread: an improvement in quality of life. In its highest form, a healing session initiates a dialogue between a person’s higher self and universal

wisdom, often with the person neither observing the discourse nor controlling the direction of the healing. Through this dialogue, the person’s higher self and the divine choose the appropriate healing for this particular situation and the person’s vibration shifts to attract that healing. I think it is unwise for a healer to try to direct or decide what the appropriate healing should be, because no matter how intuitive, the healer cannot understand all of the aspects of that person’s health challenge and life path. Although there is no formal research supporting the benefits of letting go of attachment during healing, there is analogous research done using prayer that may support this approach. Research documented at has evaluated the effect of prayer on the health of plants. Researchers compared the health of plants divided into three groups: (1) a group that received no prayer, (2) a group that received prayer specifying the intent that the plants be taller with more leaves, and (3) a group that received prayer that was non-directed by asking that the universe choose whatever was best for the plants. The statistical evidence demonstrated that prayer was indeed effective at creating taller, bushier plants, but by far the healthiest group of plants was that group in which no intention was specified. In other words, when someone offered prayerful focus without intent, the plants tended to be healthier than when someone held a specific intent. The most effective healing occurs when the healer lets go of intention and comes from a place of accepting whatever plan the universe may choose. When the healing is left to the divine, people can receive gifts that go far beyond intention and expectation. Christine Upchurch is a Reconnective Healing instructor who empowers people to come into their healing mastery. To learn more about her visit or attend the Reconnective Healing workshop in July on Cape Cod. See page 15 for details.


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he very first and most precious gift that we receive when we arrive in this world is the beautiful breath! It is our most dependable and trusted companion for the rest of our lives and the very last thing we let go of. Breath brings the flow of oxygen or prana into our bodies. Prana is a Sanskrit word which means “force of life.” When someone dies in India, they say their prana has left them. It is the life force that keeps us alive. Every cell in our body needs this energy to survive. It can be in the form of oxygen that we breathe in or in the form of nourishment that we eat. This live energy is carefully balanced with apana or the waste that every cell creates. This waste can be in the form of gases or CO2 that we breathe out or in form of liquid or solids that we excrete. Maintaining balance between prana and apana is essential. If we have excess apana in our bodies, we won’t be able to breathe in new prana or absorb nutrients in our food. Like a room full of clutter, we cannot decorate our room with new and beautiful things unless we get rid of old and useless stuff. Try this simple, deep breathing technique for bringing a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, into your life. 1. Sit straight in a chair or another comfortable spot. 2. Take a deep inhale through your nose. Feel your chest and then your belly expand. 3. If you can place one hand on your belly, try to let your belly expand with the hand, even a bit exaggerated. 4. Hold the breath for a moment. 5. Exhale gently through the nose. If you must use your mouth, purse your lips and let the air leave your body as if you are going to blow out some candles. 6. Rest for a moment. A deep breath has four components: inhale, hold, exhale, rest. Inhale is always done through the nose. If you are holding for too long than you will not be able to control your exhale. The rest at the end of exhale is the moment when literally nothing happens. This allows the next inhale to have more vigor. Deep breathing can be done anytime and anywhere, except for a period of 1-2 hours after meals. Try taking ten deep breaths first thing in the morning. You can do it sitting straight in your bed or at the edge of bed. This will start your day with extra oxygen to help you get through the day. It will also promote digestion and help clear your bowels. Drink a glass of room temperature water after the breathing session to help further with your bowels. Before you hit the pillow at night, sit up straight in the bed and take ten deep breaths. Make it as slow and gentle as you can, bringing full attention to the breath. It might help to chant a mantra you like with each inhale and exhale to clear the whole day of mental chatter. This will help you sleep better and deeper and will also help you stay asleep by calming the mind. Deep breathing will help you calm down and decrease anxiety. This happens by stimulating the calming part of the nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system) while it slows down the anxious part (sympathetic) of the nervous system related to the “fight or flight” response. When breathing is slower, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore heart rate and blood pressure can go down. By engaging the abdominal muscles, deep breathing can stimulate digestion and help with bowels. All of this relieves stress, promotes healing, induces mental calmness and increases concentration. It helps us be in the present moment and enjoy and appreciate every single breath. Try incorporating deep breathing into your daily routines and start healing yourself with the most basic gift you possess. The benefits are many! Ritu Kapur is an occupational therapist and certified yoga teacher specializing in yoga for people with physical disabilities, injuries and/or chronic pain. Visit

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body, heart and movements of the soul Eden’s unique approach creates a safe environment for clients to explore their inner terrain. In addition to her private practice, Eden facilitates ongoing personal process groups that are creative, powerful and enrich lives. She brings a strong sense of integrity, a wealth of experience and deep compassion to her work. This creates an opportunity for transformation and the freedom to live life with fearless passion and joy.



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10 Tips

For Staying Balanced In A Teetering World

by Flynn Johnson

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f you are finding it difficult to make your way through the chaos and confusion that prevails in the world today as we teeter on the threshold of a major cultural shift in awareness, it may be helpful to take the following tips to heart:

Find the sacred today. As the relevancy and moral

authority of many traditional religions recedes, folks are exploring the pathless path between these traditions and finding the right pieces that resonate with their individual needs and longings. As they create a mosaic of sacred practice, they are freeing themselves from the restrictions of dogma and opening themselves to the direct experience of the sacred.

Remember the heart of the spiritual quest is to be who and what you truly are. We cannot become


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Buddha, Christ or anyone else. The spiritual journey is about following your unique thread of destiny woven within the threads of family and cultural circumstances. The song of creation becomes more vibrant as each person sings his or her own unique song.

Embrace your fears. As you draw nearer to the door of your destiny, fears and wounds from the past will become activated. To truly embrace the power and beauty of one’s unique calling can be frightening. The dogs of conformity and mediocrity will wake up and snarl as you approach the depths of your true self. The only way to transmute the shadows cast by your fears is to bring more light to them.

Follow the longing of your heart. It is the arrow of passion that will bring you home. The mind will always find a thousand and one reasons for not setting out on this great quest. It takes courage, which is derived from the Latin word cor, meaning heart, to trust the longing of your heart to guide you to the fullness of who you are.

Polish the gold of your true self. The alchemical

process of transformation requires that we find ways to honor and polish the gold of our soul’s destiny, allowing more and more of our inner beauty to shine through. Often this involves a practice of some kind marrying effort and surrender so that we do not forget that we each carry a spark of divinity within us.

Honor our young people on the threshold of adulthood. Our youth are calling on us to recognize

and honor the quest they are on to discover who they are and what gifts they have to give to a world reeling from its imbalances and excesses. We must honor the momentous significance of the passage from childhood to adulthood, as indigenous people around the world have done for thousands of years.

Practice the spirit of the giveaway. Among

American Indian tribes, people are not judged by how much they own, but by how much they give away. The community elder or leader is the person who places care for the wellbeing of the tribe above his or her own personal needs and ambitions. Without care for others, community disintegrates into isolated individuals.

Tend to the anima mundi, the soul of the world.

The soul of the world flows through each of us like the waters from a great medicine lake. We may drink from this lake and be healed, but we must also feed it with our prayers of gratitude and our tears. In these difficult times of ecological and social crisis, the anima mundi cries out in sorrow and we must listen and respond with love and care.

Revere Mother Earth. She is literally the ground

upon which we stand and the sacred landscape that mirrors our souls. Without her we are lost; in communion with her we are rooted and whole; in prayer and gratitude to her we are holy.

Accept the challenges of your soul. Each of us

comes into the world with our own set of limitations and wounds, giving unique shape and texture to our gifts. Do not reject your shadow for that will only strengthen it. As countless folktales recount, the gold of our authentic self lies buried in the compost heap in the backyard. We have to dig through the muck to uncover it.

Flynn Johnson, MA, is an author, shamanic healing practitioner and the founding director of The School of Natural Wonder, which has been offering wilderness vision quests and nature-based healing programs in Vermont and New Mexico since 1993. To learn more please visit

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SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 39

EMF OVERLOAD: Tempest of the 21st Century by Patricia Burke

Anma, “Rebirth with New Energies Forming”

As the newest electronic devices and apps nestle their way into every corner of our lives, forecasters predict a storm of electromagnetic frequencies brewing that threatens to overwhelm our own energy circuitry.


icky was a rescue dog who joined our family when my son was 7. He resembled Lassie, but his personality was another story. We knew nothing of his history until after our first weekend together. Returning from school that fateful Monday, the boys, who loved their new dog, found all of the trash, every stuffed animal, a ream of toilet paper and most their mother’s left shoes in pieces all 40 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

over the house. There was never a question as to the boys’ priorities; they instantly forgave the dog. Nicky and the family went through many learning curves together and embraced each other’s idiosyncrasies. In addition to abandonment fear, he was terrorized by thunder and lightning. His detection system for thunderstorms was infallible. In contrast to his inherent and sometimes-misguided courage, hours before a storm hit Nicky would begin trembling. He would hide under his humans’ legs or a rug and was inconsolable. July proved to be impossible. His alarm system couldn’t detect fireworks. When a neighbor started lighting rocket flares for various occasions throughout the year, his meltdowns intensified. I had deep empathy for Nicky’s escalating anxiety and his highly sensitive nervous system. My body’s bioelectric system is also on a hair trigger, because after being struck by lightning in the 1970’s, I survived, but the left side of my body and brain and my immune system remain compromised. I find Nicky’s storm trauma especially instructive for our time due to the dramatic increase in man-made electromagnetic frequencies that are coming into contact with the human energy field. Mankind’s bioelectricity system is under siege and a perfect storm is brewing. ARE EMFS DANGEROUS? As electronic devices, communications and implants make rapid inroads into every nuance of our lives, the debate continues about whether the increased sea of electrical frequencies buzzing through and around us is cause for alarm. The wireless technologies that run our world rely on an extensive and ever-growing network of fixed antennas, or base stations, relaying information with radiofrequency (RF) signals. As the number of local wireless networks increase, so does the RF exposure of the population. Our bodies run on complex electrical communication systems where cells, tissues and organs “talk” to each other through continuous electrical impulses transmitted and received along their own network of energy meridians. These electrical impulses regulate every biological process sustaining life. Can “static” from increasing outside frequencies interfere with our body’s ability to function? The World Health Organization’s Fact Sheet #296 (Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Dec. 2005) states: “As societies industrialize and the technological revolution continues, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. The sources include video display units associated with computers, mobile phones and their base stations. While these devices have made our lives richer, safer and easier, they have been accompanied by concerns about possible health risks, due to their EMF emissions. “For some time, a number of individuals have reported a variety of general health problems that they relate to exposure to EMF. While some individuals report mild symptoms and react by avoiding the fields as best they can, others are so severely affected that they cease to work and change their entire lifestyles. This reputed sensitivity to EMF has been generally termed ‘Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity’ or EHS…. [which] is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms attributed to exposure to EMF…The collection of symptoms is not part of any recognized syndrome.” Symptoms of EMF sensitivity are often attributed to generalized stress or psychological conditions and treated symptomatically. In his 2010 book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation, Jim Waugh, a Canadian engineer who conducts EMF inspections of homes and workspaces, identifies the more serious symptoms including “impaired sense of smell, digestive problems, severe thirst, nosebleeds, internal bleeding, altered sugar metabolism, immune-system abnormalities, redistribution of heavy metals within the body, hair loss, pain in the teeth, deteriorated fillings, enlarged thyroid, and testicular or ovarian pain.” Some EMF sufferers report the onset of symptoms following dental work, vaccines, severe attacks by viruses or mold, or a lightning strike. Electromagnetic sensitivity is now recognized in some countries as a physical reaction triggered by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Sweden officially classifies EMF sensitivity as a disability and provides protected housing and support including job retraining for its affected citizens. In 2009, 3 percent of its population was categorized as impaired, with 10 percent of that group recognized as severely impaired. As Waugh explains, “Sufferers experience serious neurological, cardiac, respiratory, dermatological, ophthalmologic and sensory symptoms. Experts agree that sufferers of electromagnetic sensitivity at this level of reaction must reduce or eliminate their

exposure to prevent further damage.” This may result in the need to move to remote areas, job loss and isolation. THE AURA AS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE Animals and humans share a detection system for the threat of rogue electrical impulses. This mobilizes an energetic defense system designed to protect the organism from risks found in nature, such as a lightning strike. The detection system includes the aura, which is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Body hair and ears reinforce this system, which is why some lightning strike survivors felt the skin reflex when their body hair stood on end prior to the flash. When the body detects incompatible electrical impulses, including wireless technologies, it can repel some of these frequencies. At a certain point, which is unique for the individual organism, the aura can no longer block the harmful energies and the body mobilizes defenses designed to protect itself against lightning. Once the system detects a threat, two remarkable defenses are mobilized. First the body makes itself less capable of conducting electrical current. This survival strategy involves withdrawing the life force from the surfaces of the body and the aura, temporarily safeguarding it deep within the organs. The second strategy is that the body attempts to protect itself mechanically by tightening connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments. The bony plates of the skull contract deeply to protect the brain. This extreme re-organization guards against death by electrocution, but severely impairs all other functions. I experience these responses whenever I pass through a store security system or airport-screening device. Like other EMF sufferers, I am constantly adjusting my life to avoid exposure to triggering frequencies. The sensory system coordinating this response is a small part of the larger intelligence of the body. In the past, most individuals lived their entire lives without experiencing the emergency response system for lightning. Many cultures lived in harmony with the vibrational frequencies emanating from the sun and moon. Now, due to the excessive man-made electromagnetic fields buzzing around us, individuals who have never been struck by lightning are living in a constant state of alarm and dis-rhythm, often without any awareness of their compromised condition. When the aura is compromised, nerves have little protection from the environment. Like Earth without the ozone layer, the human energy field with a compromised aura is imperiled. Cell membranes become rigid and defended when exposed to incompatible frequencies and attempt to defend themselves by tightening their borders. The transport system of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cell is disrupted when these gap junctions are impaired. Interventions are not effective until the individual is protected from exposure to triggering frequencies. Sufferers of EMF sensitivity may find their aura habitually collapses in the direction of man-made electrical currents such as computer screens or TVs, manifesting as one-sided TMJ, tone deafness, hearing difficulties, eye problems or neck vertebrae misalignment. They may also have allergic reactions to common items including foods and sunlight. These symptoms occur because their joints are tightening and the bony plates of the skull are contracting. This impairs the flow of cerebralspinal fluid, which should travel up the spinal column and over the back of the head to cool the brain. When the brain is both over-heated and in contraction, it is in a state of impairment. Swedish reports have noted a connection between computer use and mucous membrane dehydration as an early warning of EMF sensitivity. Cravings for chocolate, coffee, salt, sugar or fatty foods accompany the dehydration as the brain signals for food. Sufferers notice fatigue, irritability and other stress indicators from which they recover overnight, then in a day, until they don’t return to a healthy baseline.

Working in the following areas: ~ Desire to abandon drinking alcohol, smoking and other addictions without any side effects. ~ Help with allergies, anxiety, depression, anorexia, any ailment of the nervous system including brain and mind conditions.

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“We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” - Joni Mitchell

THE MERIDIAN SYSTEM OF ENERGY FLOW Meridians are electromagnetic pathways in the body activated in acupuncture, shiatsu massage, yoga poses and other Eastern mind-body practices. Like an underground river system, they flow throughout the living organism, choreographed by the angle of the sun’s rays. Most of the twelve main meridians are associated with and named for organs. Each meridian has a two-hour “high tide,” which forms the 24hour day. Many ancient cultures developed techniques to balance the meridian flows and to harmonize them with the cycles of nature. In Chinese cosmology, yang organs are hollow and yin organs are more complex. continues on page 42

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 41

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42 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

EMF Overload | continued from page 41

For example, the kidneys (yin) filter the urine, which is subsequently stored in the hollow organ of the bladder (yang). Yang meridians begin or end on the face and sense organs, and mediate the external environment. Yin meridians begin or end near the heart. Yang meridians are paired with yin meridians sharing related functions. For example, Heart (yin) is protected by the yang Pericardium meridian, associated with the hollow sac surrounding the heart. Whenever an electronic device such a cellphone is used or worn close to the body, the aura has no chance to detect or repel incompatible frequencies. This is similar to the dog encountering fireworks in July. When the alarm function of the aura is bypassed, the six yang meridians are the next line of defense and protect the brain and heart by discharging incompatible frequencies. Internally, the digestive tract speeds up its function to dump excess EMFs. Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine meridians disrupt their functions to restore electrical balance. Depending on the individual’s constitution, the body expels excess electrical energy with a sudden bowel movement or by shunting heat to the skin or blood. Teeth may also pull frequencies away from the brain because each tooth corresponds to a meridian. Eventually, overused yang meridians lose their rhythms and become exhausted. This is interpreted as irritable bowel syndrome, gastric reflux, high blood pressure, stress, or any of a growing number of illnesses, and treated symptomatically. The Triple Warmer and Gall Bladder are the outermost yang meridians and can be called the electrical bodyguards of the brain because of their pathways around the sides of the head. Triple Warmer runs along the outer edges of the arms, neck and around the ears. Gall Bladder runs from the sides of the face and head down the outside edges of the torso and legs. EMF frequencies of cell and cordless phones held against the ear directly challenge Gall Bladder and Triple Warmer meridians. When the aura is strong and resilient, the use of personal electronic devices for limited periods of time should be easily tolerated. But when the yang meridians are constantly defending the body against artificial frequencies in the airwaves, these conveniences overwhelm the energy defense system. Gall bladder removal now fuels the surgical assembly line that was once filled with children having their tonsils removed. From an energy standpoint, removing the gall bladder is akin to removing the bulb in the alarm light on the car dashboard. It deactivates the warning system but does not address the cause. Of the yin meridians, Spleen is responsible for tissue repair, cell growth and the distribution of “chi” or the life force between all organs when the body is in a state of balance. When the body is in “fight, flight or freeze” mode and perceives it is at war, Triple Warmer (yang) energy displaces Spleen. Like a baseball player who bunts, Spleen meridian sacrifices itself when the body is under stress. Spleen meridian includes the pancreas and thyroid gland. Spleen imbalance disrupts metabolism and blood sugar levels. Weight loss cannot occur

when Triple Warmer is dominant. Spleen vitality is also crucial for the natural menses cycle and fertility. In a healthy organism in a healthy environment, the Triple Warmer dominance of fight or flight should relax completely once a threat has passed. In the sea of EMF energy, it does not release. In fact, the body can become attuned to Triple Warmer dominance as an addictive frequency. In this case, when the energy system relaxes, the individual feels anxious and craves the disharmonious frequencies.

Tod Gunter

Sharon R. Doolittle DVM

Triple Warmer Gallbladder

Spleen Liver

Gall Bladder and Triple Warmer are the outermost yang meridians of the body and can be called its electrical bodyguards. Spleen functioning is disrupted by an overactive Triple Warmer responding to EMF overload, while an overworked Liver meridian may be connected to prostate enlargement due to its flow through the male reproductive system.

Liver is a very resilient yin meridian and can withstand tremendous abuse. Unlike Spleen that sacrifices itself, Liver attempts to work harder. The ancient myth of Prometheus, chained to a mountainside with an eagle pecking at his liver, illuminates Liver’s extraordinary regenerative capacities. Liver overcharge disturbs the production of neurotransmitters in the body and renders meditative states and sleep impossible. When

Liver is unbalanced, sleep is impaired between 1am and 3am, Liver’s high tide. EMF symptoms may intensify during an impacted meridian’s high tide period and not during EMF exposure. Commuters don’t realize they are experiencing insomnia at 2am because they passed so many cell phone towers when they drove home at 6pm. The body shifted the excess electricity to Liver to protect Kidney. For men, the overworked Liver may also be connected to benign prostate enlargement because this meridian flows through the male reproductive system. PUBLIC MOBILIZATION FOR EMF AWARENESS Despite the body’s many ingenious strategies to protect the heart and brain, the sobering truth is that electrical pollution is increasingly difficult to avoid. According to brain tumor analyst L. Lloyd Morgan, BS, lead author of the 2009 landmark report, “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern,” “Exposure to cell phone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some 4 billion participants enrolled. The public must be informed.” Author Jim Waugh echoes, “The proliferation of man-made radiation has become a global biological experiment for which there is no control group.” In Full Signal, the explosive new one-hour documentary investigating the effects of wireless technology on the public, filmmaker Talal Jabari EMF frequencies of cell and cordless phones held interviewed 18 experts in 10 against the ear directly challenge Gall Bladder countries and six U.S. states, and Triple Warmer meridians, contacting the bony as well as concerned citizens plates of the skull. This impairs the flow of cerebraland those stricken with EMFspinal fluid, which should travel up the spinal colrelated syndromes. Reviewing umn and over the back of the head to cool the brain. the film on www.vtcommons. org, author and political activist Chellis Glendinning writes, “Full Signal’s interviewees make it as clear as crystal that — no matter what Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and the Federal Communications Commission tell you — the EMFs blasting from your Blackberry, home WiFi port, cordless phone and laptop, not to mention the public antennas throwing ubiquitous waves to power up your GPS and iPad, can be as dangerous as the ionizing radiation from a nuclear bomb; they’re just slower acting.” Glendinning calls on the public to “join in melting the psychic numbing surrounding this behemoth in our midst” by watching the film and alerting the populace. Americans in particular should be concerned about the levels of ambient radiation around us. According to Waugh, the RF limit in the United States is 580 microwatts/ cm2. The RF limit in the most EMF proactive countries — Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and China — is 10 or under. These countries have set standards to minimize the asyet-unknown risks of electromagnetic fields. In contrast, the U.S. passed the pro-industry Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TA96), sponsored by John McCain. This law prohibits communities from preventing the installation of cell towers due to health concerns. TA96 sets a dangerous precedent. The law grants for-profit industries free rein to infiltrate every home, school and workplace throughout the day and night with an increasingly complex electrical overlay that has never been proven safe, leaving citizens no rights concerning the quality of their habitats. While the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the right to bear arms, this law denies citizens the right to defend from this onslaught. Most recently, a new study published in JAMA, February 23, 2011 and reported on in The New York Times measured the effects of cell phone radiofrequency signal exposure on brain glucose metabolism. The study concluded that a 50-minute cell

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Book Reviews

Vimala McClure The Toa of Motherhood New World Library, Novato, CA, 2011

K_\iXgpj_flc[kXb\_flij# efkp\Xij Ifjjn`cc[`jZfm\ik_\iffkZXlj\ f]pfligifYc\dXe[_\Xc`k% Ypg_fe\fi`eg\ijfe

IFJJA%D@CC<I  GjpZ_`Z?\Xc\i&I\^i\jj`feK_\iXg`jku),p\Xij\og\i`\eZ\ E\nkfe#D8 V nnn%K_\Dpjk`ZNXp%Zfd V -(.$,).$*,/*


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Understanding the sacredness of everything is the lesson of madhuvidya, in Sanskrit, “sweet knowledge.” Raising a child affords many years worth of opportunities to deepen this meditative practice. Yet as longtime meditator Vimala McClure recognized, pregnancy and mothering add a level of chaos that seems at odds with the solitude and quiet of meditation. “Everything I learned about spirituality was tested. Children are mirrors; they will always show you exactly what’s going on inside of you.” In The Tao of Motherhood, McClure explores parenting as a spiritual path, concisely conveying wisdom gained from the joys and sorrows of her own mothering experiences. Inspired by Loa Tzu’s ancient Chinese text, each of the eighty-one brief sections reflect a core teaching, such as Doing; Experts; Battles. Insight on Consumption includes: “A wise mother keeps her child’s life simple. She gives her child household things and tells stories the same way over and over.”

Than Germs: How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health — And What to Do About It is Bigelsen’s wake-up call to the profession, and to patients, that the body does indeed want to heal itself, and invasive medical procedures lead to long-lasting health problems. Citing inflammation as the actual cause of chronic disease, Bigelsen explains that inflammation is not good or bad but rather the body’s first response to injury and, left alone, usually resolves itself. Surgery, however, actually traps inflammation in the body and creates the ultimate stagnation. While allowing that some surgeries are necessary and helpful, such as broken bone repair, Bigelsen cautions that many patients routinely submit to non-critical inflammation producing surgeries. Outpatient “procedures” such as tooth extractions, root canals and colonoscopies injure the body and are agents of inflammation. Noting that “most, if not all, of us have had some kind of medical intervention by age twelve” Bigelsen encourages moving forward with our individual health care using simple, nontoxic approaches. He advocates finding a good bodywork practitioner who can locate where the structure is blocked. Skilled cranial osteopaths, massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors can work with the blood and lymph and connective tissue. If a medical doctor is still your primary physician, get a second and even third opinion from another type of health practitioner such as a naturopath, herbalist, osteopath, or acupuncturist. To any test or intervention recommendation, ask why, and exhaust all other options. Minimizing intervention minimizes the risk of chronic diseases.

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also associated with Reiki Energy Group Salem, MA (978-745-5245)

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. with Lisa Haller Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA 2011 The Hippocratic Oath’s “Do no harm” is in direct conflict with modern medicine (which is not about healing but rather about trying to create the absence of disease). Founder of the American Holistic Medical Society, Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, left the conventional medicine after becoming frustrated with overprescribed surgeries and with the attitude of the medical community to treat symptoms and not patients. Doctors Are More Harmful

Jennifer Lee The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success New World Library, Navato, CA 2011 Analytical business planning can squelch the motivation of even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur. Leaving dry numbers and spread-sheets behind, The Right-Brian Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success is visual inspiration for creative and heart-centered types. Building a nontraditional roadmap to success includes scissors, glue, paint and paper, yet it extends beyond fashioning the customary vision board. Imaginative exercises such as “Getting the Word Out” (also known as The Marketing

BY GAIL LORD Plan) include creating a collage of a perfect customer portrait. Managing the Moola (the financial planning part where many rightbrainers feel an urgent need to do laundry or water the plants) helps reframe limiting beliefs about money. Creating a colorful Moola Map with sticky notes and large paper helps identify income and expenses and makes tracking cash flow a less intimidating process. Along with the exercises the accessible guide includes tips in the form of “right-brain chill pills” and “left-brain boosters.”

Americans, or appropriately apologized for slavery and crimes based on race. The belief systems of some communities doctrinally necessitate forgiveness. Following the unimaginable 2006 shooting of Amish schoolchildren in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, the immediate forgiveness offered to the murderer and his family astonished the nation. Reaction ranged from admiration to indignation. Unconditional forgiveness, as commanded by Amish religious principle, is seen by some a heroic way to transform tragedy; others contend such radical obedience is harmful on a profound psychological level. The deep wounding caused by forgiving too quickly and “the all too easy psychological and ethical assumption that it is always best to forgive” is complicated further by stories of personal betrayals and violence. Whether deserved or undeserved, the desire for forgiveness is universal. Whitney says, “The decision to forgive or not is a choice at the heart of our shared humanity.”

Helen Whitney

Large selection of

Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate FastPencil Premiere, Campbell, CA, 2011 News of the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden sparked cheering and jubilation in the streets. Others, equally relieved at the successful completion of the mission, still wondered: should Bin Laden have been shot, even if he was unarmed? The media focus following the event questioned everything from the legitimacy of the killing to the considerations made for disposing of the body. Yet nowhere in the extended dialogue was there ever any mention of forgiveness. Are some acts, such as those carried out by the Taliban, just too atrocious to be forgiven? Forgiveness: A Time to Love and A Time to Hate opens up the complicated subject of the human capacity to forgive. With stories ranging from political to personal, Forgiveness not only illuminates the power of forgiveness, but also uncovers its limitations. Exploring situations on a global level, including post-genocide Rwanda and the Truth and Reconciliation hearings in South Africa, Forgiveness highlights the shifting nature of apology and forgiveness. For crimes such as the Holocaust and the U.S. internment camps of World War II, nations have begun to publically apologize, something considered unthinkable for a strong nation just a few decades ago. Though many find these acts healing, others fear a national apology without actual amends is only empty rhetoric. Most harmful of all is the nation that withholds its apology. To this day, the Turkish government continues to deny the killing of more than 1.5 million innocent people. “For Armenians, this denial is the second genocide.” Similarly, the United States has yet to fully address the suffering caused to Native

James Redfield The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision Grand Central Publishing, New York, NY 2011 The approach of 2012 is fueling numerous fearful and confusing predictions. Yet many affirm that the Mayan Calendar’s end will usher in a glorious enlightenment. In the fourth and final addition to his Celestine series, James Redfield continues to assert the uplifting possibilities. Returning to characters found in earlier volumes of the series, Redfield unfolds The Twelfth Insight in parable-like form. The hero and his best friend Wil journey to gather pieces of an ancient secret document to make public universal truths. Through his characters, Redfield confronts the gloominess so many feel in the world today: disgust with politics, religious rigidity and manipulation. But the story doesn’t end there. Addressing what Mayans referred to as The Ninth Wave of Creation, Redfield’s 12th Insight reveals the power of synchronicity, truth telling and love. Redfield’s characters don’t find a “new way”, but instead open themselves up to the clear guidance that already exists for all people.

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Gail Lord is a freelance writer living in Massachusetts. Please send book review copies to 51 North Street, Grafton, MA 01519 or email SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change


GLayingORDON the HEALER on of Hands Healing Through the Power of the Holy Spirit

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Treating all ailments and diseases, especially serious illnesses

~ Wellness is more than Probable ~ â&#x20AC;˘ Specializing in Cancer, Heart Ailments, Liver/Blood Detoxifying, Lung Problems including pneumonia, difficulty breathing, asthma and bronchitis â&#x20AC;˘ Calm anxiety and panic attacks with Gordonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s natural and effective healing â&#x20AC;˘ Laying on of Hands, Absentee Healing, Animal Healing â&#x20AC;˘ Also available for workshops, demonstrations, and lectures Call for information or appointment.



%XPLORE9OUR,IFE"%47%%.,IVES 2EMEMBER9OUR,)&%0520/3% What is my life purpose? Why did I choose this life? Nancy Canning was trained by Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, is a certified Life-Between-Lives Therapist The afterlife is not a blank slate. Special

and has taught this work internationally.

hypnosis techniques take you into the superconscious where you access your â&#x20AC;&#x153;soul memoriesâ&#x20AC;? and recall your spiritual experiences between incarnations. You find your own answers to lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s profound questions. Who am I?



PRISCILLA A GALE, REIKI MASTER//TEACHER 978-897-8846 22 Circuit Drive, Stow, MA 01775

Signe Bakke piano Crystalline: Music by Karen Tanaka 2L -074-SACD Clear as light beaming through the purest quartz crystal, Karen Tanakaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s piano music resides in that rarefied region where New Age spirituality, reverence for nature, and minimalist musical repetition unite as one. The compositions, seemingly simple yet confoundingly complex in their rhythmic structure, seem to ascend from the keyboard to a more exalted plane where elemental musical structures and purity of heart meld to create an almost hypnotic musical experience. The recording benefits from the extraordinary engineering of Morton Lindberg. Lindbergâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Norwegian label 2L specializes in state-of-the-art, high-resolution hybrid SACD surround sound. Even when played back in standard two-channel format, the recording stands out for its state-of-the-art union of natural acoustic resonance with up front clarity. Tanaka wrote the title track, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Crystalline,â&#x20AC;? in 1988; she completed its sequel, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Crystalline II,â&#x20AC;? in 1995-96. Both works contrast strongly with the more driving rhythms and city-like energy of her three Techno Ă&#x2030;tudes. Many of the eight nature-based excerpts from Children of Light, written for children, and the three movements of Water Dance, commissioned in 2008 for pianist Signe Bakke, sparkle like diamonds in the sun. Played by a major champion of Tanakaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work, whose every sound mirrors the composerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intent, Crystalline is a luminous adventure whose beauty deepens with repeated listening.

Stressed? Tired?

Zuill Bailey, cello and Awadagin Pratt, piano

Trouble Sleeping?

Distance Healing or in Person Energetically, Physically, Emotionally Miriam G. Smith, M.S. Ed. Certified MCKS Pranic Healer, Reiki Master MGSENERGY COMCASTNETs 46 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

role that The Troubadour, Doug Westonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s folk music club in Los Angeles, played in supporting emerging singer-songwriter and country rock artists of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the DVD includes vintage performances and/or interviews with Carole King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Elton John, Steve Martin, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, Cheech & Chong, Kris Kristofferson, Joni Mitchell, Eagles (not â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Eagles,â&#x20AC;? as Martin points out), and many others. Complete with a CD of seminal tracks by Taylor, John, Raitt, Kristofferson, King, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, and Little Feat, this set conveys what the music of these greats meant and continues to mean. Besides the extraordinary performance footage, including shots from Taylor and Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historic reunion concert, a host of personal reminiscences from veterans of The Troubadour sheds light on the joys and mysteries of the period. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grass was the sacrament. Everybody smoked grass, literally everybody did,â&#x20AC;? says one of the many personalities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You get high for the first time, and you ask, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Wow. What else they been lyinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; about?â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? quips Cheech. But then Cosby acknowledges the downside. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we started doing coke and heroin, things went to shit, as they will,â&#x20AC;? he says. James Taylorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s frank discussion of his addiction, which he kicked in 1983, completes the tale. â&#x20AC;&#x153;How long can free love and pot exist as a cultural foundation?â&#x20AC;? asks Steve Martin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really.â&#x20AC;? But for the short while that they seemed to, the intensely personal music of the new troubadours spoke to countless millions. It continues to speak on this fabulous DVD.

Johannes Brahms: Works for Cello and Piano Telarc TEL-32664-02

Various Artists Troubadours â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Rise of the Singer-Songwriter Concord HRM 32078 00 This two-disc, DVD-CD package from Concord Records is one grand trip through memory lane. Centering on the central

Who else could express sadness like Johannes Brahms? The music of the man who never felt free to consummate his love for pianist Clara Schumann, wife of his dear friend and champion Robert Schumann, unfailingly communicates the deepest longings of the human heart. This disc from cellist Zuill Bailey and pianist Awadagin Pratt stands in testimony to



David Russell Albéniz: Spanish Music for Classical Guitar Telarc 32712-02 The mind boggles when contemplating the relatively short life of Isaac Albéniz (18601909). A child piano prodigy of Mozartian precociousness, he gave his first concert at the age of four. The excesses of his youth, which include his childhood stowaway on a liner bound for Cuba, provide fascinating counterpoint to 15 beautiful selections distinguished, not by outrageousness — they aren’t in the least — but rather by their exceptional color and melodic grace. Russell, who won a Grammy in 2005 for his Telarc CD Aire Latino, plays with the authenticity that comes from having grown up in the town of Minorca, situated on one of the Spanish-governed Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. His performances are enriched as much by their masterful range of colors as their heartwarming glow. Russell’s touching warmth on Albéniz’s classic “Granada” reminds us that love Spanish style is as much about the softer passions as being consumed with flamenco fire. The performance of Albéniz’s haunting “Córdoba” from Cantos de España (1896) is especially rich in atmosphere and feeling. Russell successfully transitions from the

liveliness of the work’s lively opening to a reflective middle section that delves deep into the Spanish soul. This CD works equally well for background listening, focused concentration and reverie.

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Silver Hawk

BY JASON VICTOR SERINUS another deep and long-lasting friendship. The two men met a quarter century ago, and have since spent considerable time making music together. From the sound of their collaboration, each knows the other’s musical and emotional impulses well enough to have evolved a common language that is ideal for the passionate surges and intimate confessions of Brahms. When they play together, each of their phrases breathes as if from one mind. This wonderful CD, whose centerpiece is Brahms’ two major cello sonatas, also includes the “Sonatensatz,” drawn from the so-called F.A. E. Sonata, and transcriptions of seven songs. Each is a gem. Recorded close up, with every grunt and intake of breath preserved as extra-musical commentary, the CD brings to the fore the rich sounds of Bailey’s 1693 Ex “Mischa Schneider” Matteo Gofriller cello and Pratt’s unidentified piano in the Oberlin Conservatory of Music’s Clonick Hall. Turn up the volume and luxuriate in the sound.

9:37 PM

New England’s Largest Native Store & Gallery Art, Baskets, Beads, Beadwork, Blankets, Books, Cards, Clothing, Crystals, Drums, CDs, Flutes, Jewelry, Pottery, Pouches, Turquoise, Wampum Open 6 days • Closed Wednesdays Rte. 12(Jct. 12 & 140) in Winchendon, MA • (800) 310-6929

Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke & Lenny White Forever Concord Records CRE-32627-02 From three renowned pioneers of the electric jazz fusion medium comes Forever, a surprising mix of back-to-the-roots, straight ahead acoustic jazz and electric fusion. The two-CD set, whose release roughly coincides with the 70th birthday of jazz pianist Chick Corea and 60th birthday of acoustic and electric bassist Stanley White, celebrates the men’s perhaps momentary return to an earlier era when, on their way to forming the historic jazz fusion quartet Return to Forever in 1971, they briefly joined with drummer Lenny White to perform as a trio. The first CD, recorded in 2009 at allacoustic gigs in Oakland, Tokyo and Seattle, finds its complement in a rehearsal session for the trio’s 2009 kick-off concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Joined on a few of those tracks by the great violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, vocalist Chaka Khan, and original Return to Forever guitarist Bill Connors, Corea, Clarke and White perform as if on fire. Only the occasional pre- and postperformance chatter and banter hints at the fact that this was a practice session. In addition to 10 tracks composed by Corea, two by Clarke, and one by Ponty, the artists visit classics by composers Thelonious Monk (“Hackensack”), John Coltrane (“Crescent”), and the Gershwin’s (“I Loves You Porgy”). The latter is one of two tracks on which Khan waxes poetic. Moving between jazz standards such as “On Green Dolphin Street” and “Waltz for Debby” and the driving jazz-rock of Corea’s “Captain Marvel,” Corea and crew play with such vitality that you can be sure that retirement is not in the cards for the Miles Davis band veteran.

Bookstore and Gifts, Unit 1 Center for Higher Learning and Healing, Unit 26 288 Littleton Rd, Unit 1 Gateway Building, Westford, MA 978-692-8288 /

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Jason Victor Serinus is a holistic author, bodyworker, whistling virtuoso and music critic ( who resides in Oakland, CA. Please send music review copies to Jason at 2749 E. 17th Street, Oakland, CA 94601 or email SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change


EMF Overload | continued from page 43

phone exposure was associated with increased brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna. While the finding was of â&#x20AC;&#x153;unknown clinical significance,â&#x20AC;? it caused speculation about the cumulative effects of such activity since brain tumors utilize excessive amounts of glucose, and changes in glucose utilization are a key mechanism supporting tumor growth. The conclusion supports the hypothesis that steady and sustained EMF exposure could possibly create conditions favorable for the growth of brain tumors.

the Colon Cleansing Kitâ&#x201E;˘ ($89.50) by Blessed Herbs A 9 day program guaranteed to remove old intestinal debris

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I thought the Colon Cleansing Kit would be good for me but I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect that much old waste removal... boy, was I mistakenâ&#x20AC;?


n October, 27th 2004 we received this letter from one of the tens-of-thousands of people who have taken our Colon Cleansing Kit. He writes:

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dear Blessed Herbs, this was an email I sent to my family and friends after my amazing experience. Since then, six of them have done your cleanse. This is what I wrote... Friends, about a month ago, brother Jon sent me a link to He asked me if I knew anything about their Colon Cleansing Kit. I had always been interested in cleansing but had never actually participated in a program. After spending time on their website, I ordered the kit. I just finished the program and wanted to share my experience with you. It is estimated that the average person carries 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10 pounds of intestinal buildup in their intestines and colon. It is a hard coating of putrification that releases toxins into the bloodstream and prevents us from effectively absorbing vitamins and minerals into our system. It is one of the reasons that many people feel hungry all the time and crave stronger and stronger flavors. As a fifteen year vegetarian and life-long non-smoker, non-drinker... I thought the Colon Cleansing Kit would be good for me, but I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect that much old waste removal. Boy, was I mistaken. First of all, I followed the program to the letter. It is eight days... the first three are a â&#x20AC;&#x153;pre-cleanseâ&#x20AC;? getting you ready for a five-day liquid-only herbal fast. There are two herbal elements to the cleanse. The first is Digestive Stimulator capsules that help you get the bowels moving. The second is Toxin Absorber powder. It includes psyllium husk (an intestinal broom... not unlike Metamucilâ&#x201E;˘ but totally herbal), bentonite clay (absorbs forty times its weight in toxins and pulls the buildup from the walls of the intestinal tract), apple pectin and ginger root (anti-bloating and adds flavour to the drink). During the five-day fast, you take the Toxin Absorber with organic apple juice five times a day, three hours apart. Before bedtime you take the Digestive Stimulator. In addition you drink 6â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8 glasses of pure (distilled water) a day. You can also drink additional apple juice and vegetable broth during the day if desired. I never felt hungry during the five days. I sit here on the morning of the sixth day (waiting to break

48 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

my fast with an organic apple) and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel hungry whatsoever. Anyway, the program suggests that you start seeing old waste on the second day of the fast. That is exactly what happened to me. It was absolutely amazing to see what was being removed.I thought it would start to slow down during the fast, but yesterday was actually the heaviest removal. Lest you think that you spend

These photos show bowel movement containing old intestinal debris passed while taking the Colon Cleansing Kitâ&#x201E;˘ ($89.50). This old debris can form a hard coating that builds up on the walls of your intestines and may release toxins into the bloodstream. To order or learn more visit: or call: 800.489.4372 Orders placed within two months of this ad get 10% off with this promotional code: 4637

the day in the bathroom, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry. There was never a time where I felt a sense of urgency. In addition, it is a very pleasant experience (not violent at all) and you barely need to wipe yourself. There is no burning or rawness that would normally be associated with diarrhea. Sorry for all the details, but it has been a life-changing experience. I played tennis on days 3, 4 and 5 and it was the best I had played in years. My energy and overall sense of well-being is quite extraordinary. In addition (although they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t advertise it as such) I lost seventeen pounds. Thanks, Jon, for sending me the link. I would encourage any of you to do it and counsel that if you do, do it by the letter. I did, and felt like I received the maximum benefit.â&#x20AC;? 5PPSEFSUIF$PMPO$MFBOTJOH,JU 



REBIRTH WITH NEW ENERGIES FORMING As wireless technology advances, Americans are encountering even more inescapable electromagnetic bombardment. The controversial Smart Meter Grid being installed in California and planned for national deployment beginning in 2012 utilizes wireless communication to record real time energy consumption for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart Meters have the capacity to remotely turn power on and off, detect service outages and bill customers at higher rates for use during prime time. They are also endorsed by conservation organizations because meter readers will no longer need to use fuel to drive to homes. But they create a new form of electro-smog pulsing randomly through homes 24 hours a day. California residents have been protesting the installations for many reasons. The utility has made recent concessions by allowing individual homeowners to pay an extra fee to â&#x20AC;&#x153;opt outâ&#x20AC;? of the installation of a Smart Meter on their homes, however the RF frequencies from the transponders still blanket every organism within the grid. Although informed communities are now declaring moratoriums on the installation of the grid, statewide action may be required to demand further safety research. (see â&#x20AC;&#x153;Letters: Hidden Risks of Cell Phone Usageâ&#x20AC;? on page 12). Italy has installed a Smart Meter grid nationwide; however the Italian system is hardwired and communicates over low-voltage power lines. The Ageless Wisdom teaches that mankind is at the threshold of an initiation where fear, worry, and irritation must be replaced with goodness, truth, and beauty. Before the advent of excessive EMF pollution, noted 20th century inventor, musician and Ageless Wisdom author Torkom Saraydarian wrote, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mechanical noise from cars, airplanes, factories and various equipment is very harmful to the aura, especially to the glands and nervous system. The electronic waves to which humanity is subjected day and night are one of the reasons why people cannot make a breakthrough into higher psychic realms. Telephone conversations also have a very heavy effect on the aura around the head and ears.â&#x20AC;? Contrasted with our seduction by technology, the yogis and ancient Chinese masters were able to perceive, diagnose, treat and cure subtle energetic imbalances before they manifested as illness. By performing the salutation to the sun barefoot on the earth, they used their bodies to dowse the subtle environmental influences and used this awareness to balance the relationship between self, humanity and the cosmos. As Joni Mitchell sings, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.â&#x20AC;? Addictive wireless technologies have never been proven safe or compatible with our bioelectricity and we can only speculate about their effects on our evolution to higher etheric realms. Although the airwaves have already reached the flash point for growing numbers of EMF-sensitive individuals, the decisions of ordinary citizens can still forge a necessary course correction and turn the herd back toward the garden. The perfect storm can manifest as either a tsunami of EMF-related illnesses or a quantum leap in awareness of the subtle energy body. We have been gifted with many tools and teachings from cultures around the world to help restore us to the level of etheric awareness that is our birthright. For this grace we give thanks and for this new world we pray. Patricia Burke is a meridian yoga teacher and writer living in Gloucester, MA. Please visit for more information about EMF and the meridian system of Oriental medicine. Anma Jackie Gordon is a visionary artist and yoga teacher in Millis, MA. Read related articles this issue â&#x20AC;&#x153;Electricity and Magnetism â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Invisible Pollutantsâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Living Face to Face in an Internet Worldâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Letters to the Editor: Hidden Risks of Cell Phone Usageâ&#x20AC;?


C a l e n da r

Your source for holistic happenings in New England • Available online at

June 6/4 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Newton, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/5.

6/4-6/5, 7/23-7/24, 8/27-8/28 — THE JOHN HARVEY GRAY CENTER FOR REIKI HEALING PRESENTS a Reiki

6/11 — REIKI CRYSTAL HEALING WORKSHOP with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Learn to use Reiki and crystals as powerful healing tools for balancing the mind, body and spirit. Discover how to balance chakras, clear energy fields, charge crystals with Reiki, select the right crystals for yourself and your client, create crystal healing layouts, program crystals and more. Visa/MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or

6/18-6/19 — THE PRACTICES AND PRINCIPLES OF SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN FOLK MEDICINE WITH PHYLLIS LIGHT. This intensive addresses the traditional causes of health problems, seasonal patterns and influences, spiritual/magical influences and the influence of the land. There is also a discussion of Southern blood types (sweet, sour, bitter, salty); the blood patterns (high/low, thick/thin, weak/strong, good/bad) as a way of assessing constitutional imbalances. Tongue diagnosis is integrated into this approach. 10-5pm. $250. Boston School of Herbal Studies. Call (781) 646-6319 or e-mail:

6/19 OR 7/17 — LEARN TO SEE AURAS with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Auras contain information about physical, mental and emotional states. Learn what to look for and how to develop your inner vision to see auras around people, animals and plants. $135 tuition includes aura viewing practice CD, aura manual, your Kirlian photograph and free aura reading. Visa/MC. (603) 899-3288. 6/20 — HERBAL MEDICINE CHEST with herbalist Phyllis Light, RH, at Harmony Center in Medfield, MA, 7pm–9pm. Phyllis will also teach Herbs for Aches and Pains on Wednesday 6/22, 7pm–9pm. (508) 359-8056. 6/21-10/23 —SKILLS FOR MAINTAINING A PERSONAL MEDITATION PRACTICE WITH JULIE ROST. Presented by YogaLife Institute of NH. 10-week program. Find freedom from stress through longevity of practice., 8 Clifford St., Exeter NH (603) 479-3865.

6/11-6/12 — GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT, twoday workshop. Offered by C. Sue Mautz, LICSW, MSW, BCD and Bill Mautz, PhD. Certified Imago presenters. Restore your connection and turn struggles into opportunities. Safe, comfortable, relaxed environment. Register today at

6/23-6/26 — WANDERLUST FESTIVAL, the one-of-a-

I certification in Jaffrey, NH. Awaken your healing skills! Two days of learning, hands-on practice and no cut corners certifies you immediately to work on yourself, others and pets. Notebook and certificate awarded. 13.0 CEUs Visa/ MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or

6/10 — COMMUNITY AS HEALER HALF DAY WORKSHOP. Learn to be part of a safe heartful heal-



ing team where we literally lend a helping hand. Newton, MA. Contact Linda (617) 965-7846,,

6/11 — 7 MONTH HERBAL CERTIFICATION COURSE. Starting June 11 in Sandwich, MA and June 12 in Winchendon, MA. For more information on all upcoming courses visit or phone (987) 279-4502.

6/11 — MEDITATION: THE SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO STRESS, ANGER, AND CONFLICT. 10am-1:30pm. Facilitator: Jim Rose, M.Ed. In this interactive program, Jim will engage the audience through exercises designed to reveal the power of meditation in resolving conflict, healing relationships and relieving stress. Free. Complimentary light vegetarian lunch. To register:, (781) 444-9013. Scandinavian Living Center, 206 Waltham Street, West Newton. Free on-street parking. Sponsored by Science of Spirituality:

6/11 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/12.

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz. Learn how to use medical intuition for healing and spiritual development. Freeport, ME. Details: (703) 651-6493. www.Dr.

6/12 — MIRABAI DEVI FREE PUBLIC PROGRAM. First Church Boston, 66 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA. 5pm. Spiritual teaching, guided meditation and light transmission (darshan). Contact, (617) 875-7561. Full tour details at events-schedule.

6/12 — WALKING THE DEAD with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Learn advanced Reiki techniques to assist individuals who are either getting ready to transition out of this life or have already physically died, but have not fully transitioned into spirit. Prerequisite: Reiki II. Visa/MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or

6/18 OR 7/16 — PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Lourdes is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and regression specialist. Two regressions are provided. Your subconscious selects the dates and places and protects you from bringing back any uncomfortable emotions. $125.Visa/MC. (603) 899-3288.

kind yoga and music festival heads to Stratton Mountain Ski Resort June 23–26 with yoga, music, meditations and more. Led by the likes of John Friend, Michael Franti and Deepak Chopra! Details visit: or see page 2. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/26.

6/25-6/26 — INCREASING CREATIVITY THROUGH MOVEMENT workshop with dancer/choreographer Sallee Slagle. Free your creative body, increase personal space and experience your body as the instrument of expression. For anyone wanting to be more creative and comfortable with their body. www.dlorien/creativity., (781) 599-1476.

6/27-6/28 — INTRODUCTORY BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY at Sacred Stone in Newport, RI. Michael Dunning teaches personal trauma release in the collective psyche and soma through self-healing techniques, stillness, energy work and primary respiration principles. 18 CEs, NCBTMB. or 877-832-1372.

6/24-6/26 — 10TH INTERNATIONAL HERB SYMPOSIUM. Over 90 workshops for beginners to advanced. Keynote address by Paul Stamets. Held at Wheaton College.

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 49



7/7-7/12 — THE RECONNECTION™ EVENTS ON CAPE COD. Discover your true ability to become a healer.

SEPT 2011 — TEN-WEEKEND HOMEOPATHY COURSE. Offered by New England School of Homeopathy

July 7: Explore the New Frequencies of Healing. July 8: Reconnective Yoga™ Workshop. July 9-10: Level I/II Seminar: Reconnective Healing. July 10-12: Reconnective Yoga™ Classes. Taught by Doug De Vito, Kelly Woodruff and Elizabeth Polito. For details and to register: or 888-ERIC-PEARL.

with doctors Herscu and Rothenberg in Boston beginning September, 2011. Meets Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday, every other month. For further information:, email

7/8-7/10 — VISION QUEST WEEKEND with

the original teachings as presented by ascended master Thoth to Alton Kamadon. This is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension., Andover, MA. (978) 474-8010 or


Monique Lang, MSW and Katherine Dewar, medicine elder, healer. Call (413) 348-2289 and see the website




shire College, Amherst, MA. Free Awareness Through Movement classes. Public events and workshops. Info:


you how to tap into the power of your psychic intuitive strengths and use it to work for you in all areas of your personal and business life! Andover, MA. Visit JohnHolland. com and click on the events calendar for info and registration.

7/9-7/10 — THE JOHN HARVEY GRAY CENTER FOR REIKI HEALING PRESENTS a Reiki I certification in Belmont, MA. Two days of learning, hands-on practice and no cut corners certifies you immediately to work on yourself, others and pets. Notebook and certificate awarded. 13.0 CEUs Visa/MC. (603) 899-3288 or

7/10 — FREE YOGA CLASS!!! Rock Meadow in Belmont, MA. 2pm. Email Conscious Being Yoga for more info and to pre-register. or

7/15 — BE THE MEDICINE HEALING MASTERY INTENSIVE for medical and holistic professionals. Center at Westwoods. New program that prevents and cures as you heal others and yourself to integrate immediately. (973) 647-2500. Janet StraightArrow, medical intuitive.

6/24 — Join Deepak Chopra from 7:30-9:15pm at the main stage of Wanderlust Festival Vermont at Stratton Mountain. Tickets start at $34.50. See June listing or visit

7/16-7/17 — SINGING SEMINAR. Find your voice and be the singer you want to be. World famous seminars. Strengthen your voice, become more confident, increase your range and more. (781) 599-1476 or sign-up online or

7/17 — ZUZU’S 6TH ANNUAL SUMMERTIME HOLISTIC EXPO! Get a Reading, Henna Tattoo, Reiki or chair massage, shop for crystals, candles, jewelry, incense, & much more! Holiday Inn Hotel, Rt 1 North, Peabody, MA. 10am-5pm, $5 admission.

7/22 — FLIRTING: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF INSTANT SEXUAL ATTRACTION. 7-9:30. $51. The Boston Center for Adult Education. (617) 267-4430 or

8/12-8/15 — INTERNATIONAL AYURVEDA CONFERENCE: AYURVEDA FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH. Hilton Hotel, Woburn, MA. Over 15 presentations including Women’s Power to Heal: Keynote by Mother Maya. Conference registration starts at $450. Register online: See page 17.

8/13 & 8/14 — UP CLOSE AND PRACTICE QUANTUM WEEKEND with Kryon. Join Lee Carroll for an intensive lecture and live Kryon channeling on Saturday. Dr. Amber Wolf joins Lee on Sunday for an interactive workshop filled with new practical thinking around spiritual communication. Haverhill, MA. (978) 474-8010.



Autumn program and enrollment information. Tuesday 7pm. (508) 747-3130.


Autumn program and enrollment information. Tuesday 7pm. (508) 836-8864.

distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine. Come for a day of transformation. John F. Kennedy Middle School, 655 Lexington St, Waltham. 2-5pm. General seating $39; VIP $69. Tickets online (781) 834 2728. Group tickets and sponsorships available.

50 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


8/30 — IPSWICH SPA TECH OPEN HOUSE: Autumn program and enrollment information. Tuesday 7pm. (978) 356-0414.

9/17 — DREAM INTERPRETATION with Ross J. Miller, psychic healer, regression therapist, dream interpreter. Dreams are as varied as people. Some dreams give us glimpses into the future, others can reveal our past lives, still others enable us to communicate with deceased loved ones. The ability to remember, interpret and, when appropriate, act on our dreams, is a valuable tool that anyone can learn. Dreams can warn us of impending danger, help us heal our bodies and our relationships; they also motivate us and give us hope in the future so we can achieve our life goals. This course is for dreamers and non-dreamers alike. You’ll learn how to interpret all types of dreams in this experiential workshop. You’ll also learn how to program your subconscious so that you can remember more of your dreams. All that’s required is an open mind. Saturday, 10am-5pm, Newton, MA. To register for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or past life reading or healing session in person or over the phone, visit our website www. or call Ross J. Miller (617) 527-3583. 9/17 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Newton, MA Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787 www.reikienergy. com. Reiki II: 9/18.

9/24-25 — 5th ANNUAL NATURAL LIVING EXPO in Sturbridge, MA. 135 exhibits and 75 workshops in one weekend holistic extravaganza. Sponsored by Spirit of Change Magazine. See page 5. Watch for details.

9/24 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 32 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. www.reikienergy. com. Reiki II: 9/25. 9/30 — ALCHEMY OF NINE DIMENSIONS INITIATIONS. Center at Westwoods. Experience oneness and deep experiences in this evening of profound awakening integrating the energies of the now through Hand Clow’s

work. See Janet StraightArrow (973) 647-2500

10/1-10/2 — SOUL SHAMANISM WEEKEND. Center at Westwoods. Medicine woman Janet StraightArrow initiates you into yourself offering immediate, profound healing, learning in all areas of your life and working with others. (973) 647-2500.

10/8 — THE CONSTELLATION APPROACH provides the Family Constellation Method to experience healing with one’s family of origin, current family and present relationships. Seminar participants may have an opportunity to “set up” a constellation, to “stand in” as representatives for members in other’s constellations, and to observe the constellations of others. Saturday: 9:30–6, $140. To register: (617) 484-4325.

Ongoing REIKI 1 CERTIFICATION WITH FLORENCE WHIPPLE AND KRISTIN WEBB. Marblehead, MA. 6/18-19, 7/30-8/1. John Gray lineage. Two-day training; history, hands-on practice, 3 supporting clinics. 16.8 CEU’s. Preregistration required. (978) 777-5732 or go online.

e-mail to register. Dates: Sunday June 5, 6:30-8:30pm, Sunday July 31, 4:006:00pm, Friday Sept. 9, 6:30-8:30pm. Check our web site for VT dates and more information. The Synthesis Center,

THE WELLNESS ROUNDTABLE HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS NETWORK. Low key, friendly networking and collaborative attitude towards building community and thriving practices. Monthly meetings (SeptJune) 9-10:30 a.m., First Parish UU, Northboro. Contact

TAI CHI CLASSES. Mondays, 6-7pm, $60/month (4 classes). Saturdays, 9-11am, $80/month (4 classes). Or $100/ month for both weekly classes. Led by Ming Wu, Ph.D, tai chi master. Free Qi Gong class on Mondays, 5-6pm with Erik Harris. 45 South Main Street #100, W. Hartford, CT. Call 800-90-9332 or visit Classes also held at Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA.

BOSTON SCHOOL OF HERBAL STUDIES. Arlington and Lincoln, MA. Affordable, ongoing classes, shamanic plant journeying, herbal apprenticeship programs and medicinal plant walks June 5, July 3, August 7. Call (781) 646.6319 or see

MIND/BODY BALANCE AND ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE. Learn to activate your postural reflexes to stop creating excess tension as you go about your daily activities. As a result, gain improved postural balance, greater ease of movement, increased well being and inner confidence. Ongoing introductory workshops: June 18, July 16 and August 26 at 7pm. All workshops in Brookline. Registration required. Learn more: or call Cecile (617) 359-7841.

MONTHLY REIKI CLINIC. Brenner Reiki Healing, Newton, MA, provides Reiki treatments the first Friday of each month, 7-9 pm ($10 to cover expenses). Additional services include Reiki classes and private treatments. Elise Brenner, Ph.D., Reiki Master Teacher, can be reached at 617-2448856,, Give yourself the gift of Reiki!

PRANIC HEALING FULL MOON MEDITATIONS. June 16th, July 14th, August 11th, plus weekly meditations. Miriam G. Smith, M.S.Ed. (978) 683-6129. mgsenergy@

DR. BERNIE SIEGEL’S MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUP meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 to 9pm in Simsbury, CT at Wisdom of the Ages. Call (860) 651-1172 or visit

CLASSES IN CHANNELING AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION with Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness,

CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION: July 22-24, September 9-11, November 4-6. Weekend workshops teach honesty without blame and listening without judgment. Insight Meditation Retreats: August 19-21, October 7-10, November 18-20. A simple Buddhist practice cultivating calm awareness. Weekends offered throughout the year at Sky Meadow Retreat in Vermont.

channeled by Andrea Seiver. Have a personal reading, join classes, enjoy Evenings with Vywamus. June 2, July 7. (617) 332-1541,

MONTHLY MINDFUL MEAL AND MEDITATION CIRCLE. 2nd Wednesday each month. The Gathering Inn Women’s Spiritual Center and Retreat House, Hubbardston, MA. 6:30-8:30pm. Free potluck dinner, guided meditation. Beginners welcome. (978) 820-1139.

THE JOHN HARVEY GRAY CENTER FOR REIKI HEALING PRESENTS A REIKI I CERTIFICATION in Jaffrey, NH. June 4-5, July 23-24, Aug. 27-28. Awaken your healing skills! The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing is recognized and acknowledged as the leader in the field of Reiki training for its commitment to excellence in Reiki education. Two days of learning, hands-on practice and no cut corners certifies you immediately to work on yourself, others and pets. 13.0 CEUs Visa/MC. Call or go online to sign up now. (603) 899-3288.

MONTHLY REIKI SHARE/CLINIC. Candia, NH. Third Tuesday of the month. Open to all Reiki practitioners. RSVP. Three appointments available each month for complimentary treatments for clients. Classes offered also. (603) 483-0132. Diane Gelinas, RMT.


SHAMANIC DRUMMING CIRCLE founded 1993. Usually second and fourth Fridays of every month. 7pm. Quaker Meetinghouse, Cambridge, MA. Open to all, instruction available. Contact Terrence (978) 952-2704 or Emily (781) 641-3980. Or visit

taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Please see our website for a complete schedule: or (781) 894-9664.

UNITY CHURCH offers weekly Sunday service at 10am.

Yoga (kids 2-12): Frederick, MD June 24-26; Philadelphia, PA July 22-24; Wilmington, NC August 5-7; Dover, NH August 19-21; Concord, NH September 20-October 2. Also, Yoga 4 Classrooms teacher workshop: Dover, NH August 22. (603) 781-3323.


Welcoming and affirming we offer meditation, song, and a spiritual boost. 21 Cedar St. Worcester, MA.

FREE. Self-help study group on Advanced Energy Healing, conducted by Dr. Kusmis, ULCS Clinic (603) 286-8191. Ongoing, 3rd Tuesday each month, 6-9pm. RSVP at for directions and to reserve a seat.

FREE PSYCHOSYNTHESIS INFORMATIONAL EVENINGS. These evenings will introduce you to psychosynthesis and our Professional Training Program. Call the Center in Amherst, MA at (413) 256-0772 or

SUNDAY PACIFIST SERVICE. 10-11am at the Peace Abbey, 2 North Main Street, Sherborn, MA. Call (508) 6552143 or visit for more information.

7/7-7/12 — Join Doug De Vito and friends on Cape Cod for a week of Reconnective Healing™ classes and new spectrum of healing experiences. See July listing or visit

PROVIDENCE ZEN CENTER. Free walk-in instruction, Wednesdays at 6:15pm. 99 Pound Rd, Cumberland, RI. (401) 658-1464.

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 51

new england’s

Holisticdirectory summer 2011

Categories • Acupuncture and Asian Medicine . . 52 • Animal Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52-53 • Astrological Consulting . . . . . . . . . . . 53 • Ayurveda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 • Bookstores and Gift Shops . . . . . 53-54 • Business Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

• Centers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 • Children's Health and Services . . . . 55 • Chiropractors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 • Classes, Certifications & Schools . . 55-57 • Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 • Consciousness Transformation . 57-58

Acupuncture & Asian Medicine Patricia Smith Burkhart, MAC, LIC. AC.

Gentle relief from: • stress and pain • medication side effects • chronic health problems

Whether your issue is chronic pain, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, plantar fascitis, golfer’s elbow, infertility, uterine fibroids, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, a compromised immune system, or a host of other problems, I can help you. Call for a free “meet and greet” appointment.

Holistic Health since 1974

Dr. Yvonne Chen, Lic. Acupuncturist One of the first practicing acupuncturists in the United States, Dr. Yvonne Chen began her acupuncture practice in Washington, D.C. in 1973, moving to Worcester one year later. Trained in China as a medical doctor, Dr. Chen’s years of study and research included in-depth work with both traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Her approach to health incorporates keen knowledge on the nature of disease, use of

energy balancing, nut­ritional counseling and the promotion of spiritual well-being. Acupuncture is especially effective in the treatment of: • Pain: migraine headaches, stress relief, tendonitis, arthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, whiplash, accident and trauma injuries and TMJ syndrome • Improving bodily functions: respiratory ailments, insomnia and impotency • Nervous system disorders: Bell’s Palsy, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and stroke recovery • Behavioral changes: weight control and smoking cessation.

To get started, simply email: Include your category choice, ad text and attach a logo/photo. We'll set up the ad and email you a proof for review.

Ad Deadline: Aug 1 • Questions? Call 508-278-9640 52 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton Integrative and Conventional Veterinary Medicine Here at MASH we offer conventional veterinary medicine and alternative therapies in a balanced, whole health approach to your pet’s healthcare. Our goal is to support your pet’s vital energy for good health and self-healing. We use nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, and traditional diagnostics, along with a caring, compassionate staff to optimize your pet’s health. We are now also offering ozone therapy.

64 65 65      65 65

We recognize that your pet is an important member of your family. From well visits to chronic disease, we offer medicine that respects the integrity of your pet’s mind, body and spirit. In addition to the services offered by our doctors, we have practitioners ready to provide chiropractic, cranial sacral, Reiki, massage, physical therapy, or polarity therapy for your pet. These are offered in our unique Holistic Care Center for Companion Animals, attached to our hospital. We are now offering client education classes, please call for more details. Dr. Margo Roman, Veterinarian and Practice Owner – Classical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, NAET, Cancer Therapy, Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, General Medicine and Surgery 72 W. Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 (Exit 21A off of Route 495) 508-435-4077

Dr. Howard Goldberg has been in chiropractic practice for 28 years in Massachusetts. As a chiropractor and an avid animal lover, he has always found his own animals respond very well to Chiropractic care.

Located at 110 June Street, Worcester, MA 01602. For an appointment or for more information, please contact Dr. Yvonne Chen at 508-755-5557.

Include your business here this Fall. Starting at $40/month, it's affordable and effective!

• Readings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • Retreats and Retreat Centers . . . . . . • Salons and Spas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • Spiritual Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness . . . . . . . . . .

Animal Services

I look forward to alleviating your suffering.

259 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA Free parking in rear. 781.648.0911

Acupuncture of Worcester

• Counseling and Therapy . . . . . . . 58-60 • Healing and Bodywork . . . . . . . . . 60-61 • Healing: Combined Modalities . . . . 61-63 • Health Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 • Herbs and Gardens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 • Holistic Medical and Dental . . . . . . . . 63

We specialize in correcting subluxations in dogs and cats to help: R Enhance longevity and quality of life for older animals R Neck, back, leg and tail pain R Disc/joint problems, limping/muscle spasms R Injuries from slips, falls and accidents R Jaw, TMJ problems, difficulty chewing and nerve problems R Event or sports injuries, behavior, mood changes R Conditions not responding to traditional care

If you are concerned with your pet’s health and wellbeing, please give us a call for a free consultation. H oward Goldberg Doctor of Chiropractic Certified Animal Chiropractor 508-429-PETS(7387) R Holliston, MA Also available for lectures and demonstrations.

Canine Behaviorist

Lisa Nobrega Dragonfly Animal Intuitive Services

Behavioral Consultations These in-your-home sessions bring forth enlightenment, knowledge and the skills to honor your dog’s needs. Understanding language and energy cultivates a solid foundation for a true dog/man partnership. Respect for your dog’s perspective ceases problematic behaviors. Madeira Park Farm R 508-995-6822



Esoteric Psychology Monique Pommier, M.A., Ph.DE

Astrology illuminates one’s psychological landscape and journey. It times life developments and reveals their designs for the soul. I offer astrological services and ongoing psychospiritual counseling with astrology, Jungian and esoteric psychology as a comprehensive ground of exploration and guidance

Jeanne Lareau Animal Communicator/Intuitive Connect with Lost Pets Understand an Animal’s Point of View


Connect with Sick Pets and Animals Who are Ready to Pass Over

Wellness Consultations with Vaidya (Ayurvedic expert) — Traditional Ayurvedic pulse assessment and recommendations for healthpromoting diet, daily routine, exercise and herbal supplements.

Connect with Animals Who Have Passed Over Energy Work 978-732-0040 T

Astrological Consulting Joseph Crane

Practical Astrology

Joseph Crane has been a consulting astrologer since 1988. He is Co-Director of the Astrology Institute and author of numerous articles and three books: A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology (1998) and Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Tradition (2007) and forthcoming Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy.


Questions? Astrologer Eric Linter has answers. Changes in relationships, career, health, finances or spiritual practice are inevitable. Eric’s clarity will help you stay on the right path. His insights help you better understand and appreciate life’s challenges. His clients say Eric Linter is “profound and enlightening” and “one of the best astrologers on the East Coast.”

on current issues and lifelong questionings. By accessing the deeper order of your life, you gain transformative insights into the evolutionary meaning of particular challenges and new perspectives to direct your choices. My background includes an MS and PhD in Esoteric Psychology and Philosophy. Jungian psychology, Eastern and Western Traditions are key foundations in my approach. I have been in practice for 25 years. U Astrological Consultations U U Psychospiritual Counseling U 617-524-7072

Joseph uses astrological consultations to help people understand and work better with their lives. Natal astrology helps determines patterns and possibilities for you in this lifetime. Predictive astrology examines situations and their meaning within larger contexts and their probable outcomes. Horary astrology casts a chart for the time of asking an important question; Electional Astrology gives the best time for a new undertaking. Consultations are in Rhode Island or over the phone. All sessions are recorded. Visit our website for further information and our monthly newsletter. s 401-527-2035

Eric, a professional astrologer for 25 years, works with individuals, couples and businesses. Specialties include career moves, personal creativity and karmic relationships. Consultations are available in person, by telephone, or on cassette. Eric also offers classes, lectures and appearances at parties and special events. For more information and to schedule a private session, contact Eric by email or call:

Day Spa — A revitalizing escape! Select from a variety of soothing, stress-melting options.

679 George Hill Road, Lancaster, MA 01523 v 978-365-4549

The Pioneer Valley’s first full-service Ayurvedic Wellness Center, offering comprehensive Ayurvedic health services to support you on your journey to whole wellness Aging and Menopause G Digestive Disorders Women’s Health G Weight Issues Insomnia G Skin Care G Heartburn G Anxiety Depression G Fatigue G Palliative Care Care During Cancer Treatment

Diet and Lifestyle Consultations with a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Take charge of your health today! Determine your constitution and imbalances according to Ayurvedic methodology and develop a plan based on your individual needs. Ayurvedic Body Treatments. Experience the healing effects of therapeutic body treatments – full-body or site-specific, for pain relief, stress management or simple relaxation. Workshops, Lectures, Yoga. FREE Intro to Ayurveda each month. Foundations of Yoga and early-morning yoga. Seasonal cleanses, cooking classes and more.

98 Main Street, Northampton MA 01060 413-727-8573 G

Bookstores and Gift Shops Crystals G Books G Jewelry G Statuary Incense G Gifts and More! Psychic Readings G Reiki G IET Chair Massage G Classes Workshop and Events X 508-541-4115 X

“I learned more from one session than I did from 5 years of analysis.”

Panchakarma — In-residence 3-7 day cleansing program for deep physiological balance and rejuvenation. Package prices include wellness consultation, 2-3 hours a day of luxurious Ayurvedic herbalized oil applications, private room, organic cuisine.

Metaphysical Shop

122 West Emerson St., Melrose, MA G 781-665-8844

- J.G., Cambridge, MA

Bookstores and Gift Shops continued

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 53

Bookstores and Gift Shops continued

Hattie’s Country Store: Studio and Shop

Herbal Sleep Wraps F Soy Candles F Hand Painted Gourds F Herbal Salves F Watercolor paintings F Greeting Cards F Carved Wood Utensils F Dried Herbs F Woven Rugs F Photography F Handmade Paper Creations F Unique Cooking Aprons F Aromatic Room Fresheners F

Everything in Hattie’s is either created in our studios or grown in the gardens. We utilize organic and recycled, 100% cotton, essential oils, herbs from the garden, and create artwork inspired by nature. We believe that the connection with nature is therapeutic and necessary. We celebrate the earth and the arts. Come visit! 25A Mount Hygeia Road F Foster, RI

s 401.533.0983

Business Services ship that raises awareness, connects you with your passions and deepest desires and holds you accountable to get the results you want.

Terri Bessette Coaching doesn’t just get results, it gets the most meaningful results. Experience profound professional success and fulfillment through intentional focus on your strengths. Coaching engages the uniqueness of the individual. It is an ongoing relation-

With Terri’s Coaching You Can Attain: G Higher quality of life G Peace of mind G Confidence to grow and be the best you can be G Release of financial worry G Freedom to do what you love G Flexibility to spend more time with your family Contact Terri today G 617-669-1698

new age gift shop

Books and music @ Aromatherapy and tools Incense and candles @ Cry­stals and jewelry Learning Center

Workshops @ Reiki Training @ Readings Yoga @ Gaidon Heart @ Bellydance Psychic Development

Centers Bodywork and Readings

Massage Z Cranial-Sacral Z Reiki Z Polarity Full Spectrum Healing Z Angel Readings Spiritual Counseling Z Psychic Readings

Holistic Healing Center

Usui and Karuna Reiki @ Hypnotherapy Reflexology @ Massage @ Crystal Healing Inner Child Healing @ Body Talk™

Classes and Workshops

Yoga Z Tai-Chi, NIA Z Journey Dance Qi Gong Z Crystal Bowl Workshops Psychic Development Classes Z Meditations Healer Training Programs

Hours: Mon–Fri 10 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-5 pm, Sun noon-5 pm. Gift Certificates available. 118 Washington St., Rte. 138, N. Easton, MA 508-230-3680

Host your event here!

163 Main St., Suite 6, Medway, MA 02053

The Silver Willow

Large selection of bulk herbs The Silver Willow’s own herbal tea blends Handmade herbal products for you and your whole family, including your pets Crystal Balls n Tarot Cards n Pendulums Incense n Ritual Tools n Statues Challis’s n Reiki Treaments The largest selection of New Age books in the entire area!

An Herbal, Metaphysical & New Age Gift Shop for all your herbal and ritual needs

Classes in Aromatherapy, Astrology, Tarot, Wicca, Herbs and more

Home of the Celtic Cricket Psychic Reader... What’s in your Future? Readings available in person or over the phone

Tue-Sat 11:30-7, Sun 12-5 pm., Mon-Closed, 54 Fall River Ave. (Rt. 6), Rehoboth, MA n 508-336-8813

508 533-0669 Z

YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR ONE STOP TRANSFORMATION 435 Newbury St., Suite 210, Danvers, MA 978-777-0677

Witch Owned and Operated

78 N. Washington St, N. Attleborough, MA Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri: 12-6; Thurs: 12-7 Sat: 10-4 G Sun: by appointment 508-643-3400 G 877-33-WITCH

54 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


Intuitive Readings


Energetic Bodywork


Channeled Goddess Sessions


Spiritual Adventures


Empowered Marketing Program


Prosperity Classes


Workshops / Support Groups


Crystals, Books, CDs & DVDs

New Customers Receive a 10% Discount OPEN DOORS

Ritual Supplies G Crystals G Gemstones Jewelry G Incense G Candles G Gifts Mediums and Spiritual Counselors on staff Various classes and workshops!

Our two gorgeous workshop rooms are available for rent by the hour and the day. Charming, light filled practitioner rooms are also available for rent. Reasonable rates!

Largest New Age Store in New England

Hot Power Yoga and Gentle Yoga Classes YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

200 & 500 Hours u 14 Yoga Studio Locations Dorchester, Roslindale, North Cambridge, Easton, Westwood, Canton, Braintree, No. Attleboro, No.Scituate, Duxbury, Hingham, Weymouth, Hanover, E. Bridgewater

Private Readings Tarot, Psychic or Mediumship Telephone Readings or Walk-Ins Huge selection of health-related products, jewelry and metaphysical needs 395 Washington Street, Braintree, MA Store open daily, 9 am-10 pm, 7 days a week u 781-843-8224

The Way to Balance,® LLC

Children’s Health & Services

Center for Advanced Healing and Training

engaging creativity inspired approach to autism for children, teens & their families

t t t t t t t

Sandy Blackman, M.A. Holistic Autism Specialist Instead of merely correcting the behavior on the outside, we strive to recognize the light within each individual and help to bring it to its fullest realization. We work with children, families and schools to most effectively and sustainably meet behavioral as well as social-emotional goals with a commitment to improving the overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of your child and, by extension, your family.


Individual therapeutic sessions Parent and sibling coaching Community-based mentoring School consultations/visits Drama therapy Social skills groups Intuitive parent consultations Energetic healing therapies

Aaron & Sue Singleton, Founders

The Energy of Life® (EOL) Process Educational Programs complement all medical and holistic modalities, and empower practitioners and laypersons. EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process for Creating a

Sandy received her Master’s Degree in Expressive Therapies and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University. She has trained in various energy healing modalities, possesses a strong performing arts background and has over ten years of experience. She offers a highly intuitive approach specific to each child, family, and situation.

Life You Love! Workshop Series A totally unique intuitive and healing process that transforms lives, whether you are a healer, doctor, executive, or full-time parent. Use the EOL process alone, or to enhance Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc. The EOL Process for Discernment and Intuitive Accuracy within this series is prerequisite for Medical Intuitive training with Sue Singleton.

Serving the greater Boston area

EOL Visionary Acupressure System t 301-318-6936

on linear meridian techniques. Learn unique protocols for deeper, more rapid release of the Root Cause. Our easy to learn 60-point numbered system includes detailed diagrams: no prior acupressure experience or knowledge required. EOL Rings of Oden™ New Technology for Quantum Healing Revolutionary “Net-Neutral Ionic Energy” technology embedded into The Rings of Oden accelerates light resonance and provides modulating energy frequencies for healing. Users report rapid resolution of chronic pain, injuries, glaucoma, chronic emotional patterns and illnesses. The Rings combine Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, and DNA Holographic Re-Patterning to create specific vortices and frequencies for various conditions. Powerful for self-healing, as well as helping others.


Workshop Series This fusion of ancient and modern techniques makes a quantum leap to address trauma and illness, without relying solely

Other Workshops Radical Hands-On Healing Light Therapy: Healing at the Speed of Light Sound Therapy: Healing with Resonance Introduction to Medical Intuition, etc. 21 Water St. Amesbury, MA 01913 978-834-0341

Chiropractors H o l istic H e a ling C e n ter Dr. Jennifer Lees Network Chiropractor Imagine feeling more ease in your body. Imagine more joy and serenity in your life. Sometimes our capacity to heal may be overwhelmed by the stress of life. Our body

tends to lock up and mold to the stress. After a while we may find ourselves sick, tense, symptomatic or simply just wanting more out of life. I specialize in gentle techniques that unwind these tension patterns. It is my goal to help you move through life’s stresses with more grace and ease. Healing is possible... and it can be easy. Dr. Jennifer Lees 410 Boston Post Road #26, Sudbury, MA 978-443-3248

Classes, Certifications & Schools Baylight Homeopathy Courses Would you like to treat minor ailments and injuries with safe, natural and gentle medicine? Have you tried using homeopathic remedies in the past and would like better results? Are you interested in including more natural alternatives in your existing practice?

Introduction to Homeopathy addresses the use of homeopathic remedies for first aid and acute illness. This course meets one Friday/month for 10 sessions, and serves as the first year of a comprehensive four-year Homeopathic Practitioner weekend program. For details and to register for 2011 fall classes, contact us at: 207-774-4244 G Portland, ME “Baylight Homeopathy has quickly become one of the best schools of homeopathy in North America.” ~Sally Williams RSHom(NA), CCH, HMC

This is an amazing personal growth program! Many of our students take the program just to get the personal transformation. And we also will provide you with the best, cutting-edge healing technology there is. Our program offers: Advanced energy anatomy Full Spectrum healing techniques F Understanding yourself and your clients through the Profiles F A deep bond with your classmates and the healer community of the school F

New England’s premier 3-year

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Certificate Program

The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine is New England’s premier three year Energy Medicine Practitioner Certificate Program designed to take your journey as a healer to the next level. This is the next level for anyone who has stepped on a healing path, medical career, or a path of personal growth and inner transformation.

• 200 & 500 Hr Classical Yoga Teacher Training • Meditation Training • Yoga classes offered daily • Monthly Workshops • Weekend Intensives • Yoga Therapy Training (beginning in January)


Classes start in October and run through June, meeting six weekends over the year. Payments plans available. For more information: F 508-740-3038

Our teachings include a total lifestyle approach; with a keen eye towards helping our students understand that in order to benefit from the yoga practices of poses, breathing, and meditation, there is no better approach than the basic tenets of Yoga philosophy. All of YogaLife’s training programs apply the psychology of Yoga to offer tools for skillful living. Julie Rost, Director

8 Clifford Street, Exeter, NH v 603-479-3865

Classes, Certifications, & Schools continued

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 55

Classes, Certifications, and Schools continued

The (W)hole Point Institute The heart of The Wisdom WAY™ is the point at which our psychology intersects with our spirituality. This point is the space in which we awaken — for real. Alaya Chadwick has drawn on her 28+ years of experience to develop The Wisdom WAY™, a personal, practical, self-sustainable map and method for personal and spiritual growth. Found in The Wisdom WAY™ are the tools you can use to Walk Awake saying Yes to life.

The (W)hole Point Institute offers a wide range of self-development experiences, healing opportunities, and empowerment trainings for individuals and couples or partners. These workshops are both experiential and educational and are offered in group and/or one-on-one settings. Additionally, there are intensive apprenticeship programs which offer personal in-depth study. 2-Day Intensive (W)hole Workshops Learn practical tools to reveal your own unique pathway to (W)holeness. 2-Day PAIRing™ Workshops (People Activating Intimate Relating™) Open to couples and singles, this workshop is for those who wish to bring their relationships to a deeper level of self-appreciation and intimate union. One-on-One (W)hole Life Coaching Relationship Intensives for Couples Awakening Divinity Apprenticeship Reiki Level I and II classes Learn this ancient healing art to support yourself and those around you. …and much, much more! NASW-approved CEU’s available

Oftentimes we feel like we are simply sleepwalking through life. We find ourselves responding to people and experiences as if we are on “auto pilot.” We can feel like we have little energy or joy in our lives. We may wonder, “How do we wake up?” The Wisdom WAY™ is the skeleton found inside most healing modalities, including conventional therapy and alternative practices. What makes this WAY different is that you are the expert. By following the map using your own life experiences, you unravel the mysteries of yourself and reveal the wonder you truly are on all levels — emotional, physical, and spiritual.

“Alaya Chadwick is able to put ‘hands and feet’on extremely complex concepts in a way which connects them to the living reality of everyday life.” — Martha Harrell, MSN, Ph.D.

New England Institute of Reflexology & Universal Studies

v Courses meet state and national standards; CE’s approved from ARCB and NCBTMB. School is licensed by Commonwealth of MA, Dept. of Education

v Professional Reflexology Certification and Approved Continuing Education in Reflexology, Massage, and Reiki v Integrative techniques give students a strong foundation and create a balanced treatment style v Students qualify as professional therapists upon completion

Herb Studio of Harmony Farm Medfield, MA ◆ 508-359-8056

Nature Nurtures, Education Empowers

ChangeYour Life Workshops with Ed Langan

Author of: Wake up to your (W)hole Life Raymond, NH r 603-895-4530

Our goal is to act as a bridge between complimentary and conventional medicine through the training of qualified holistic practitioners. Join us! ~ Now teaching Reflexology at ~ All That Matters in Wakefield, RI Cortiva Massage School in Watertown, MA Intensive training at Upper Cape Technical High School in Bourne, MA, July 2011 v 508-317-3044 v

Intensive seven month Herbal Apprenticeships Advanced Training with facial, tongue, and pulse diagnosis F Monthly Medicinal Plant Walks F Aromatherapy Certification F Evening and weekend workshops F F

12 Pelham Terrrace, Arlington, MA 781-646-6319

These leading-edge workshops are taught by Ed Langan, author of Creating with the Law of Attraction: 10 Principles that will Change Your Life. “Ed was very good at explaining the key points and keeping it simple. It was very positive and uplifting.” — D.A.

Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create whatever you desire:

Ready to Change?


For times, dates and descriptions of the workshops South of Boston visit:


Attract money Improve relationships F Achieve better self-esteem

Elizabeth “Alaya” Chadwick M.Div., MSW., L.I.C.S.W., Reiki Master,

Affordable Herbal Education throughout the year

56 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

Harmony Center, a non-profit educational center, sponsors a wide range of nature-based wellness programs. Classes offered include herbal studies, yoga, meditation, nutrition, earth-centered spirituality, holistic health, native wisdom and skills, plus many more.

Massage | Aesthetics Polarity | RYSE Ipswich • Plymouth • Westboro You deserve an education that honors who you are and who you are becoming. A great education is spiritually transforming: You overcome your limitations and realize your highest potential, at the same time you learn the foundation and skills to succeed. Excellent education is not by chance; it comes from years of listening to employers, graduates and students to find the best way to teach the most valuable information to make you successful. As a leader in energy medicine and

Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

Ed is also available for coaching.

energy based education since 1980, Nancy Risley recognizes that your education is a transformational healing process. As a successful therapist, author and teacher, her vision is to help you realize your dream of work that is creative and supports all aspects of who you are. Whether you work in a spa, clinic, or have your own business, you gain the required skills to create satisfaction as well as increased flexibility, control and income. The next step to fulfilling your future is to call for a no obligation, information interview with our Career Advisor. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your future. Programs take from 4 to 12 months, depending on your schedule: Full-time, mother’s hours or part-time evenings. Accredited. Licensed. Financial Aid available for qualified students. 800-262-8530 v

Interfaith Spiritual Growth and Ordination as an Interfaith Minister First Year: The Way of Contemplation Second Year: The Way of Action Campuses in Portland, ME and Amesbury, MA

World Religions T Art as Meditation Creation Spirituality T Interfaith Worship Spiritual Practice T Community Service

ChIME T P.O. Box 3833 T Portland ME 04104 T 207-347-6740

Learn to teach people to see more comfortably and clearly. Add another skill set to your holistic practice and improve your own vision at the same time. Six 4-day weekends of training in 2011-2012 For more information, see: • 207-439-9821

The Constellation Approach is based on the work of Bert Hellinger and the Family Constellation Method. Saturday Seminars are open to all who wish to experience and learn about the Family Soul. Participants may have an opportunity to ‘set up’ their family constellation, to ‘stand in’ as representatives for family members in other’s constellation and to observe the constellations. 2011 Saturday Seminars

9:30 am-6 pm $140

October 8 ~ December 3

Appropriate for anyone who has a serious interest in embarking upon a personal journey of transformation in relation to the fundamental aspects of their family lineage. Each weekend is a complete immersion into your Family Soul, which creates space for positive change and healing to occur. This program is also the foundation for anyone who wishes to incorporate the Constellation Approach into their profession. Oct 7-9 Family of Origin Nov 12 -13 Relationship with Father Dec 2-4 Relationship with Mother Jan 20-22 Sibling Relationships Mar 2-4 Effects of Illness, Disease, Death Apr 13-15 Couple Relationships May 18-20 Effects of War, Immigration & Religion Certificate received upon completion. Private constellation sessions also available. Jamy Faust, MA and Peter Faust, Mac 617-484-4325

The Immersion Learning Program is held from October 2011 through May 2012.

Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies Offering over 20 years of experience in the science, art and principles of herbalism and aromatherapy.

Ongoing certification courses offered throughout the northeast including: ✴ 7-Month Herbal Certification ✴ 4-Month European-Based Aromatherapy Introduction ✴ 4-Month Advanced Aromatherapy Course ✴ 3-Month Conscious Nutrition Course ✴ Palmistry a tool of diagnoses 978-297-4502

Coaching Advanced Mind Guide

ACHIEVE control over your life and your health. LEARN to manage your emotions, pain and stress. ELIMINATE negative relationships and habits, fears and addictions. G G G

Advancing your Physical, Emotional, and Financial Wellbeing Stella Posternak, MS

Techniques Life Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming Business Coaching Free initial consultation

1693 Beacon St, Brookline, MA G 617-959-4411

Benefits of the Sedona Method®

Cheryl Wright

Life Coach Use day to day, moment by moment, in real life situations Face whatever happens with a new feeling of inner strength, ease and confidence. Coaching Using the Sedona Method® What is the Sedona Method®? A simple, powerful, easy-to-use technique that shows you how to tap into your natural ability to let go of any uncomfortable or unwanted feeling in the moment.

Heart Centered Coaching

Eliminate your stress, fears and tensions Improve your relationships G Be radiantly healthy G Have financial security G Drop addictions and bad habits G Gain emotional wellness and intelligence G Have lasting inner peace, joy and happiness G G

Coaching available by phone or in person Introduction and Support Groups monthly Offices in Watertown, MA & Providence, RI 617-448-8749 G

o Access your heart’s wisdom and guidance

Manage depression and anxiety Lose weight o Improve test performance o Manage high blood pressure o Overcome subconscious scripts o o

Live the life you wish to live

Nickola Turner o 617-680-1134

Licensed Heartmath™ Provider

Consciousness Transformation Andrea Seiver, Ph.D. Channeled Readings Classes Have you spoken with an ascended master recently? Vywamus, channeled by Andrea Seiver, is a master and teacher who is working to help all humans make the shift into the higher levels of consciousness. Readings with Vywamus cover your life work, relationships, past lives, and other

Transformational Healer


Spiritual Teacher Kristin Kirk After experiencing a dramatic shift in consciousness, Kristin began healing within the multidimensional soul and universe. She works in unison with a team of spirit guides to transform the soul by releasing layers of density, old trauma, and conditioning, that have hindered a brighter and clearer expression of the Radiant Self.

issues with his characteristic warmth, humor, and practical advice. Channeled Classes and Spiritual Tutoring help you personally evolve and begin to live in a state of higher consciousness. Evenings with Vywamus: Vywamus shares his energy and discusses your questions on topics of general interest. Donation $10. Other Classes: Learn to Channel • Advanced Channeling For information, contact Andrea at 617-332-1541 • Coming Soon! The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness A Vywamus Book Read more at

This may occur as soul clearing, past life and current life healing, emotional and mental release, balancing of subtle energetic anatomy, integration of multidimensional consciousness, embodiment support, and channeled guidance. With 20 years in practice, Kristin offers healing sessions, both long distance, and locally, for individuals, couples, groups, pets, loved ones, and those who have passed on. She also offers ‘Journey Into Awakening’, a transformational and educational series to support and facilitate the awakening process.



Consciousness Transformation continued

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 57

Consciousness Transformation continued


Energetics Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, teaches Matrix Energetics,© a consciousness technology for insight and spiritual growth — and living a life unbound by the limits we have been trained to believe in. Join Dr. Bartlett in a freewheeling, playful

and possibility-expanding journey that will shatter preconceptions about the seemingly “solid” universe we live in — and how unlimited our potential to change it truly is. If you are ready to embrace a reality where anything goes, miracles happen and nothing is beyond your reach, then you are ready for Matrix Energetics.© For more information and pre-registration seminar discounts, please visit our website.

Massachusetts Society of

Bioenergetic Analysis “Bioenergetics is the vibrant way to health and the way to vibrant health.“ ~ Alexander Lowen, MD, Founder Integrated mind-body therapy, combining talk therapy with guided body movements and expressive exercises. The

Counseling and Therapy Stephen-Wolf Foster, Psy.D.  “The only time is now. The only way is before us.”

- -Shiva K’Ryl Aristos

Authentic Conversation: An Existential approach to psychotherapy, coaching and clinical supervision. In these difficult and dangerous times, many of us are realizing that something isn’t right in our personal or professional lives. We might feel particularly alone, discouraged or lost. We might feel disconnected from ourselves, or paralyzed by trauma, depression, anxiety, or some repetitive selfsabotaging habit that keeps us captive. Our concerns might be about our work, our relationships, our own body. We might not even know exactly what it is, just that our life doesn’t seem right.

Stop Smoking In One Session

Lose Weight Naturally Dr. George W. Mephis, Ph.D., BCH, is a world-renowned Russian healer and spiritual teacher, with 25 years of experience in helping people stop smoking, lose weight and achieve freedom from addiction slavery. He has been called The Miraclemaker for his phenomenal ability to cure incurable diseases. He is the founder of the HypnoEnergetic Movement. This powerful technique stimulates the brain to produce more pleasure hormones, naturally creating a positive state of consciousness and at the same time erasing the negative memories related to addictive behavior.

58 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

My name is Dr. Stephen Wolf Foster. Since 1985 I have been helping individuals, couples and other therapists to navigate through difficult times. With an attitude of “no shame; no blame”, we may engage in “Authentic Conversation” wherein you distinguish your true voice, your true vision and your very real possibility of Transcendence. This freedom allows us to reclaim our authentic sense of vitality, purpose and personal power. As we gain liberating insight, aided by practical skills, we are best able to move beyond the problems and toward the life we would choose for ourselves. With offices in Cambridge and Amesbury, I serve clients from the North Shore to the metropolitan Boston area. For information on how I conduct my work, or to make an appointment, call or visit the website. Whether you engage my counseling services or those of someone else whom you feel might fit you better, remember this: There is no later. Your only time and place of personal power is here and now. v 617-413-3712

Mr. Mephis helps people quit smoking in one session, lose weight and control their appetite, eliminate pain, stress, anxiety, depression and various other physical disorders including cancer in a unique and miraculous way. u

Stop Smoking in One Session


Lose Weight


Eliminate Pain


Stress, Anxiety, Depression


Substance Abuse


Addictive Behavior


Self Destructive Behavior


Cancer Patients Support


Enhance Spot Performance

George W. Mephis | Market Street Health 214 Market Street u Brighton, MA02135 617-507-1991

work focuses on increasing aliveness and self-respect through body-oriented psychotherapy. It helps people resolve emotional problems and release chronic tensions to become more relaxed, and ultimately to maximize their potential for intimacy and joy in life. Visit our website or call for more information and to be added to our mailing list. Training Group, Ongoing Workshops, Exercise Classes, Individual Therapy 617-876-3652

Personal Growth Consultant Experienced Mental Health Practitioner Phone Counseling Brief Therapy for Women

Sam Reichhardt

A Secret Garden for Women

CrossroadS CounselinG Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC Everyone knows the experience of being at life’s crossroads — personally, professionally, spiritually. We often wonder, “How do I move forward?” and “What kind of support would really help?” As a Master’s degreed clinician, a professional member of the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association and a Blue Cross provider, I have served the mental health and relationship needs of Boston area residents through my Newton-based private practice for the past 20 years. I offer individual, couples, and family counseling as fifty minute meetings and free-form breathwork in a two hour session format. I work on a sliding scale basis, and no one is denied services for lack of funding. My approach to counseling integrates traditional Western insight oriented psychotherapy, elements of Buddhist thought, a progressive political perspective and techniques developed through the Transpersonal Psychology Movement. And as a long time student of “A Course In Miracles,” my work reflects deep appreciation for the transformative power of heartfelt forgiveness and the creative wisdom of our Higher Self. Whatever the magnitude or urgency of your concerns, my approach is essentially the same. I offer an oasis for self exploration—a place to attend to your own Inner Voice—and an environment of reflection and encouragement as you move through and beyond your personal crossroads.

n 339-227-2195 ~ Find me on Facebook ~


Free Form Breathwork Free Form Breathwork uses the power of guided breathing practices to foster profound self-generated healing in all aspects of one’s life—practical, emotional and spiritual. Evocative music, sustained focused breathing and facilitative body work are integral elements of this process. This type of work with one’s breath often involves intense emotional release as well as the recollection and resolution of very early difficult memories. Support for Political/Ecological Activists I offer emotional support and practical training for individuals who want to take personal responsibility and collective action toward healing our wounded planet. This includes training in meditative practices, relationship process work, and strategic planning. Consultation will be available to all clients who choose to pursue organizing field work and community activism between sessions. Private Practice Development Training Are you a licensed clinician ready to make the transition to private practice but feeling overwhelmed by the challenge? Hold fast to that dream! I can help you navigate finding your niche, marketing your practice and accessing insurance. To explore the possibility of our working together, a pre-session “Get Acquainted Meeting”— for which there is no fee — is requested. Please call or email me to schedule this session. Newton Centre, MA F 617-965-6552

Life Coaching

Improve motivation, accomplish tasks & more

Holistic Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Holistic Psychotherapy/Clinical Consultation

Holistic Counseling Concepts

Using extensive professional experience to resolve issues related to: Trauma, Grief, PTSD, Anxiety and Phobias, ADD.

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed.

Get to the core — Transform your life! You are on this earth to be happy and realize your true potential.

Certifications: LICSW, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. Visa/MC acccepted.

EMDR R TAT R Hypnosis R Reiki I use a combination of traditional, body centered and energy therapies to increase the speed and deepen the level of holistic healing.

294 Pleasant St. R Ste. 103B R Stoughton, MA

“What im­pres­sed me about Dr. Trish was her natural ability to see through the chaos of life’s web and identify the root cause of problems.” — Bob Olson, Editor, Offering a variety of techniques, including: ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling, Meditation, Energy Work, Crystals, and Aromatherapy

Lori Miller-Freitas, LICSW

Body/Mind Psychotherapy Judith Prebluda, L.M.H.C. Body/Mind Psychotherapy is a therapy modality, which synthesizes the best of Eastern Philosophy, Spiritual Orientation and Modern Western Psychology and Research. Visit my website for detailed descriptions of methods, philosophy, and approaches.

Barbara Madden Johnson M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C. Do you have a belief that, inside of you, you have the potential that yearns to be released? For most, a fleeting glimpse is all they’ll ever have. For others, there is a way. Just imagine…releasing your true potential. Work­ing together, one-on-one, you can over-

Compassionate Psychotherapy & EMDR Barbara Gangemi, LMHC We are each endowed with an enormous capacity for self-healing, and often what’s needed is a wise and experienced guide to show us the way through darkness. Barbara’s style of compassionate psychotherapy, combined with a number of highly effective stress reduction techniques as well as the rapid and profound healing effects of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can lead to new levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well being. Maybe you are having trouble maintaining relationships or employment in the present. Perhaps you remember childhood 781-297-2003

Mindfulness and Spiritual Development Classes These short-term psycho-educational classes focus on spiritual tools to support and enhance your mental/emotional balance, sobriety, healing and wellness. For class schedules and descriptions, please visit my website. 1236 Broadway, Teele Square, Somerville (Arlington line) Insurance accepted. For consultation, please call: 781-643-2313 or email:

come problems that have kept you from achieving your goals and desires. Unlock your potential! Restore inner bal­ance! Come alive! Barbara Madden Johnson, M.A., C.A.G.S., L.R.C., L.P.C., a certified master practitioner and licensed trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, has over 25 years experience helping individuals with: u Career and identity is­sues u Immune and autoimmune illnesses u Chronic fatigue syndrome u Depression u Learning disabilities and ADD u Relationships u NLP Certification Training Program u Bel­mont, MA. Some insurance accepted. For an appointment, call 617-484-1716.

mistreatment, medical procedures that were frightening and painful, accidents, illnesses, even natural disasters. Many people today experience a pervasive feeling of “being stressed.” Whatever the source of your distress, this combination of therapies can bring deep and lasting healing to your body, mind, and spirit. As a licensed mental health counselor and a fully certified EMDR practitioner, Barbara has been practicing psychotherapy for more than eighteen years and EMDR for thirteen years. She considers the opportunity to assist clients to be a sacred trust, and she moves toward the path to healing with the knowledge that, in a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, we can heal what has been too daunting to face alone. Some insurances accepted. Call for further information or to schedule an appointment. West Roxbury • 617-553-0714

Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education

Body-Centered Psychotherapy Listen to your body…follow your heart. The heart is the first organ to form in the body, and is the organizing factor for physical formation, including brain formation. Trauma, deprivation or neglect creates heart wounds, which keep us from accessing our deepest selves. Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) facilitates an emotional, energetic rewiring, helping us activate and express the power of the heart. Emotional safety,

Eliminate the root of physical, social, and financial problems: Unresolved issues stored in our physical and energy bodies can manifest as pain, illness, or mediocrity. Discover, address, and release issues block­­ing health and wealth. View obstacles, relationships, and illness as opportunities for growth and change. Experience resonance-changing techniques that get to the root of problems. Open to an array of extraordinary futures. Private Appointments, Phone Sessions & Workshops Middleton, MA u u 978-314-4545

words, touch, meditation, movement, presence and silence facilitate verbal and non-verbal expression. Meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, self-esteem, purpose and passion, love, intimacy and sexuality follow. Straight, GLBT and poly-friendly. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups Sunday nights in Newton. Apprenticeship training. Books: Living with Vision, and Healing the War Between the Genders Blog: Mediation for couples and families. Coaching for soul-centered living. Body psychotherapy groups. Apprenticeship training. Newton, MA 617-965-7846

Weekly Group and Various Workshops Offered

Glenn utilizes heart-centered therapeutic techniques, and at times powerfully combines hypnosis and psychotherapy. This method is safe, effective and faster than using only talk therapy. The results will amaze you! You’ll notice a huge change in your life as he works with you to make your goals a reality. Don’t wait! Call now to set up your FREE initial consultation. It’s time to create the change you desire.

Conveniently located near the commuter rail in Needham. Just a short drive from Rte. 128/I-95 617-462-6642

Helping People Live Better Lives Glenn Bigonet, M.A. Mental Health Counselor Clinical Hypnotherapist

Help Me Help You

Violet C. Morin As children we all felt, at times, a powerful sense of wonder and magic. How easily that magic is lost in growing up. To successfully grow through sudden losses and distractions in our lives, to regain delight in living, we need to understand this: Either we are accepting what is or we are resisting what is. Paradoxically, mastering acceptance is the key to change!

Help me help you to master your resistance, and in transforming it to creative acceptance, find the wonder and magic of recovery…we can SMILE again! Individual/group/family/couple counseling Trauma/Survivor Therapy ✴ Addictions ✴ Thinking Errors/CBT Work ✴ Inner Child Growth Therapy ✴ Sexual/Gender Identity ✴ Womens’ Issues ✴ ✴

All health insurances accepted Violet C. Morin, M.Ed, LMHC, LMFT Licensed Therapist in RI and MA Harvard graduate with 30+ years experience Wellcare Inc., Johnston, RI 401-272-8773 ✴ Counseling and Therapy continued

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 59

Counseling and Therapy continued

Healing from the Body Level UpSM A new mind / body / spirit healing methodology for the 21st century

Announcing hbluSM A breakthrough new therapy that can change your life, even when other therapies have failed! • Do you have fears, anxieties or phobias that get in your way? • Are your relationships frustrating, painful, or unsatisfying? • Are you feeling unfulfilled with your career, current income, or just life in general? • Do you constantly struggle to achieve and maintain your ideal weight? • Are you being weighed down by chronic health problems? • Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again? When you’ve done your best to solve these problems, but find that they are not

Center of the Heart Whole Health Integration

Joan Holzman, Psy. D. Lic. Psychologist, Lic. Marriage and Family Therapist Dance/Movement Therapist From the time we are very young we take life’s experiences to heart. Over time we may forget our core, hurts and feelings, but they remain with us. Our heartfelt experiences help shape our sense of self and our interactions with others.

under your voluntary control, you are experiencing unconscious self-sabotage. Healing from the Body Level UpSM (hbluSM) is a unique and effective way to get unstuck and eliminate struggle by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success, so that you can finally achieve your goals! The originator of this holistic psychotherapy system, Dr. Judith Swack, has demonstrated her amazing phobia cures live on WCVB Channel 5 News, on TBS Superstation’s Worst Case Scenario, and on New England Cable News. She is a respected healer, teacher of healers, author, and keynote presenter at major psychology conferences. Dr. Judith Swack and her associates Nicole LaFrance, MA, and David Danzig, LICSW, are now available for private sessions in person, or by phone. “This work gave me back my life.” – Susan S., Writer, Boston, MA “I’ve made more progress in the most important areas of my life in just a few sessions than I did in 5 years of traditional therapy. This woman is amazing! I’ve already referred – Jane U., Teacher 10 clients to her.” For a free information package and to book appointments, call 1-800-310-6549 or 781-444-6940, or visit

Bring your Divine Blueprint into Physical Plane Manifestation and experience greater empowerment, improved health (mental, emotional physical and spiritual), increased utilization of your brains potential, greater creativity, and increased energy and clarity.

60 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


Nadsa de Monteiro Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master & Teacher Offering small Reiki classes with personal attention, mentoring and guidance; Reiki shares to provide the opportunity to come together, practice, learn and grow in a sacred, serene and safe space.

Client Comments: s Sandtray – “Sand tray therapy helped me see my life more clearly.” s EMDR – “I had insights I never had before.” s Therapeutic Movement – “It was great to feel the freedom in my body after working with you.” 42 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA 01742 978-369-6138

Also, bring forth your greatest talents and abilities, clear many karmic and genetic patterns, hold greater amounts of light in your physical body, and much more. Great for those who feel ready to shift out of those “stuck” areas into tremendous empowerment, improved health on all levels, and living your higher destiny agreements and highest potentials. Rev. Claire Luft Master Teacher/Master Healer Ancient Mystery School Guide & Ritual Master Heart's Singing Healing Center, Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 v

Healing sessions with Nadsa focus on the individual needs of each person to heal on every level. Using the healing power of crystals, the guiding insight from aura readings and Akashic records, Nadsa’s Reiki sessions are uniquely her own in her approach to healing mind, body and spirit. Nakri Healing Center ✴ Dorchester, MA ✴ 617-285-1056

Pre-Ancient Energy Healing Secrets

48-Strand DNA Activation

Discover our hidden history and the TRUTH about 2012. Learn what is encoded in your DNA and how to preserve it, as necessary to PROTECT YOUR FUTURE! FREE meetups tell how:

Advanced-Energy-Healing Aalia Kusmis, MS, PhD, ND, DD MCEO Level IV Ordinate Consummate

ULCS Clinic 603-286-8191

The John Harvey Gray Center for

Hand. Lourdes holds a Ph.D. in Parapsychology and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Specialist. “Ultimately, Reiki is about serving and loving unconditionally all that has been created, not only in the practice of Reiki, but in all things, during every day of one’s existence. This is what I seek to pass on to you.” - Dr. Lourdes Gray Each workshop consists of two full days of learning and hands-on practice. You will immediately be able to effectively channel Reiki healing energy for yourself, others and pets. In Reiki First Degree you will:

Reiki Healing

I offer a variety of modalities such as: EMDR, Sandtray Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Therapeutic Movement & Psychotherapy to help heal our core issues and attain a more integrated sense of health and well being. I look forward to meeting you.

Healing and Bodywork 22-Strand DNA Activation


Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. Awaken your healing skills immediately and be a powerful channel for Reiki energy! The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing was established by John Harvey Gray and Dr. Lourdes Gray in 1996 to empower and develop a student’s capacity for healing. The Center offers the most thorough Reiki healing training available, ‘with no cut corners’, as it was taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. John Harvey Gray received his entire Reiki training from Hawayo Takata. He was one of the original 22 Reiki Master Teachers trained by her. He was also the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the Western Hemisphere until his passing into spirit on January 12, 2011. Lourdes was initiated by John Harvey Gray as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1996 after intensive one-on-one training by John Harvey Gray. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes has taught over 700 Reiki workshops and trained more than 8,000 Reiki students to date and serves as the director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. In addition to teaching all Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki II Advanced Programs, Lourdes also directs the Reiki Master Program. In 2002, Dr. Lourdes Gray and John Harvey Gray co-authored a biographical and instructional book on Reiki, Hand To

✴ Quickly and easily develop your natural,

intuitive powers. Within minutes, be able to scan and feel a person’s aura and chakras for analysis. ✴ Effectively treat any condition with Reiki energy— physical, emotional or spiritual, chronic or acute. ✴ Immediately be an effective Reiki healer, confidently bringing comfort and calm to family, friends, clients and pets ✴ Receive a training manual & certificate. Upcoming Classes

Reiki 1st Degree Program (12 CEU’s) Jaffrey, NH: June 25-26; Aug 20-21 Belmont, MA: July 9-10 Reiki 2nd Degree Program Jaffrey, NH: June 4-5, Aug 27-28 Belmont, MA: July 23-24 Reiki Wellness Center 2nd and 4th Wed of every mo. 5:30-9:30 pm Past Life Regressions • June 18, July 16 Learn to See Auras • June 19, July 17 Walking the Dead • June 12 Reiki Crystal Healing • June 11 The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing P.O. Box 696, Rindge, NH 03461 Visa/MC Accepted For registration and more information: ✴ 603-899-3288

Reflexology Wellness Center

Amy Kreydin, NBCRT, BD Board Certified Reflexologist Experience deep relaxation and wholebody healing with Reflexology, Clinical Aromatherapy and Metamorphosis in our family-friendly space. Amy specializes in working with


16 Center St, Suite 514, Northampton, MA

pediatrics, chronic health conditions and women’s lifecycle health. G Menstruation G Fertility G Pregnancy G Postpartum G Menopause G Weight Management G Autoimmune Appointments are customized according to your needs, wellness goals and health history. The Barefoot Dragonfly A Reflexology Wellness Center 489 Main St, Stoneham, MA G 617-794-4755

I’ve offered flower essence therapy internationally for over 16 years. I offer sessions by phone and in my Northampton office. I work with clients on a broad range of issues and develop a flower essence formula specifically for each session. Call me if you want compassionate and powerful support for healing into a more gracious and empowered life. 413-667-8820 j

Patricia Warren Reiki Jin Kei Do



Libby Barnett, MSW Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable Reiki Master with 32 years experience. She is coauthor of Reiki Energy Medicine, Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital, and Hospice – over 65,000 copies sold in seven languages. Use Reiki to create more joy and ease in your life. Let Libby's warm, heart-centered approach help you take your next step toward self-love and inner peace. Reiki brings balance and harmony, supporting you doing the work you were born to do. Reiki facilitates transitions, promotes creativity and wisdom, and accelerates spiritual growth, helping you manifest your magnificence. Libby has taught medical and nursing students at Harvard, Brown, Tufts, and Yale as well as staff at Massachusetts General, Beth Israel, Mt. Auburn, Emerson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Southern New Hampshire, New York Foundling, and New York Columbia Presbyterian. Libby was featured in a Reiki segment for the PBS nationally televised series, Body and Soul. For the past seven years, Libby has conducted Reiki classes at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. One of Libby's current passions is teaching hospice staff and volunteers.

Fueled by Reiki energy, their healing touch is enhanced, affording greater effectiveness in calming agitation, soothing pain and providing comfort. In class, a powerful slide presentation captures the essence of Reiki. You hear the Reiki story, receive attunements and practice giving and receiving Reiki. You leave class with an illustrated notebook, certificate, and pin, fully trained and certified to do Reiki on yourself, family, friends, colleagues, and pets. "My commitment to teach the Usui System of Reiki Healing in the authentic, traditional manner inspired me to visit Japan to retrace the roots of Reiki. I am dedicated to teaching this sacred healing art to promote health and conscious living on the planet. I invite you to give yourself the gift of Reiki. It is an easy, effective way to love, heal, and empower yourself. I look forward to meeting you and sharing Reiki." Reiki I, Boston Area Classes: Newton, MA: June 4 or Sept 17 Concord, MA: June 25 Reiki I, Wilton, NH Classes: June 11 or Oct 29 Reiki II Class on day folowing Reiki I Class Reiki Master, Wilton, NH Class: July 9/10 For info on additional classes, call or check our website: Click on Class Schedule To register, call or email the Reiki Healing Connection: 603-654-2787. Visa/MC accepted. Social Work CEU’s and Nursing contact hours available. Reiki Master Training info available on request. E-mail: Fax: 603-654-2771; Phone: 603-654-2787

All Levels of Reiki Jin Kei Do Training Buddho Healing (advanced Reiki classes) “His Garments Hem” Christian Healing Touch Gung Fu Chinese Tea Ceremonies Past Life Regression Justice of the Peace Spiritual Director


✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

New Englands most InternationallyExperienced Reiki Master since 1989 Patricia has taught healing techniques of Buddhist, Sikhs and Christians for over 25 years. She is the appointed East Coast representative of Reiki Jin Kei Do ~ Buddho Healing, authentic and advanced teachings of Usui Reiki in the lineage of Buddhist Monk Seiji Takamori. Patricia was the first woman to teach Reiki in the former Soviet

✦ ✦ S















S Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 1 CD S

Reiki Jin Kei Do CD $16 S















Patricia Warren, Reiki Master Teacher 508-528-5888 ✦

Divine Intervention is “Where the Impossible Becomes Possible.”

Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission

Awaken Your Healing Touch

Union, returning 13 times, as well as to thousands of people in medical, religious and educational settings throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Middle East since 1989.

Advanced Energetic Hands on Healing from the Mayan Lineage. Miraculous Healing for all issues that require attention.

Rev. Claire Luft is a Master Healer and Master Teacher of Divine Intervention Healing. This healing technique is sacred, powerful, and produces Physical Plane Results. Heart’s Singing Healing Center Woburn, MA 781-281-2888 u

Experience colon hydrotherapy in a safe, relaxed environment using state-of-the-art FDA registered equipment. Stephanie Dumas I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Owner

Lexington Medical Building 16 Clarke Street, Lexington, MA Cleansing for the body, the mind, the spirit 781-860-5116

Healing: Combined Modalities

Mark Levin specializes in: Hypnotherapy W Reiki W Polarity Therapy White Light Healing W Remote Healing

able to create very powerful healing processes for hundreds of satisfied clients both within the physical confines of his office, and remotely throughout the entire world. There are many clinically documented cases of spontaneous healing performed by him. Located at 121 B Tremont Street, Suite 19, Brighton, MA 02135. For those who are unable to come to my office, home or hospital visits are available. Major credit cards accepted.

By combining traditional healing methods such as Reiki, hypnosis, and polarity therapy with his original white light healing therapy, Mark Levin was

For an office appointment or to place a remote healing request, please call: 617-233-3986

Devoted to helping you feel better. Energy Healer Reiki Master Certified Hypnotherapist

Healing: Combined Modalities continued

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 61

Healing: Combined Modalities continued v

The Way to Balance,® LLC Center for Advanced Healing and Training Aaron & Sue Singleton, Founders

Resolve WHY you are sick, or feel unfulfilled! We combine Medical Intuition, Massage/Integrative Bodywork with many more modalities. v

Medical Intuitive Readings that get to the Root Cause of why you are ill, or as a means of prevention.


Sonia Freitas, Reiki Level III Reiki healing sessions include sound healing Office Located at: The Healing Center 259 Mass Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474

Visionary Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Sound and Light Therapy, and Hypnotherapy to address issues of anxiety, overwhelm, loss, resentment, and more.

Your Intuition Physician

v Trauma Release Modalities for bone, mus-

cle, nerve, organ issues. Years of pain gone in just a few sessions, or even just minutes. v

The Rings of Oden™ for the release of X-Ray, MRI, chemo, EMF’s, antibiotics, vaccine and other drug residues, environmental pollutants, petroleum, plastics, and more. 21 Water St. Amesbury, MA 01913 978-834-0341

Laura Koniver, MD

As a classically trained physician turned medical intuitive and artist, I have transformed my approach to patient care from traditional, linear thinking into dynamic, open-ended healing. If you are searching for the “why” explanation, I can help. Often, even though we do all the “right things,” like eat organic foods and meditate and exercise, diseases can show up to send us a message about the broader picture. While traditional medicine can often tell us “what” is going on, medical intuition can

Postural Health

for pain-free neck, shoulders, back and joints Cécile Raynor Certified Thai Yoga Therapist Alexander Technique Teacher With the Alexander Technique, a mind/ body method, learn to activate your postural reflexes so you can stop creating excess tension as you go about your daily activities. As a result, gain inner confidence, greater ease of movement and improved postural balance! When you receive Thai Yoga, a healing practice, you enjoy the benefits of a Yoga practice, while the therapist does all the work! It relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the Immune System, and ba-

intuitive HEALING

Wendy Marks

M.Ed, C.A.S., FAPA R Medical intuitive sessions, energy heal-

ing and integrative therapy R 25 years of experience in traditional and

complementary healthcare

62 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

For more information, or to join me on my blog, visit my website at:

To learn more, please visit our website at To schedule an appointment, please call or email us. 781-771-4235

A Higher Balance

Healing Center Heart-centered healing and gatherings for body, mind, soul Judy Christine Copp, M.Ed, RPP, RMT


offer us the bigger answer of “why.” Why is this disease showing up for you, and why right now. I can help you release unwanted disease patterns by helping you understand the energy behind it. As your “intuition physician,” my passion is re-connecting you to Well-Being. I offer online Health eCourses, private consultation and inspirational artwork to remind your spirit of its innate connection to health and to support healing. My online Health eCourses offer positive, daily support that comes directly into your email inbox. These courses run from 2-4 weeks long, and are available on many different topics, including general wellness, parenting, detox, skin care, menstruation and more. I am available for online medical intuition counseling as well.

lances the natural flow of energy of the body. Combos sessions are also available! After a three-year professional training in Paris, Cécile has been teaching students ranging in age from 7 to 87 for almost 20 years. She taught at Lesley University and presented the Alexander Technique as a Stress Management tool in several major medical institutions. Many with medical or chronic conditions find her work extremely helpful in reducing or eliminating discomfort or pain. Cécile has a unique style developed by her enthusiasm for her work, her compassion for her students, and her ability to communicate with clarity, both through verbal and hands-on guidance.

Healing Sessions Polarity V RYSE V Rising Star The Reconnection V Holistic Massage Sound Healing V Reiki V Combo Sessions

mindbody connect Martha Angelini, LCMT Reiki Master 665 Franklin Street, Framingham MA

Intuitive readings included with most sessions. Gift certificates and distance healing available. Gatherings for Personal & Soul Evolution Monthly RYSE Clearings V Angel Circles Weekly Kriya Meditation V Soulcollage® Mediumship Events V Consciousness Studies The Energy System V Yoga V Soul Cinema Usui Reiki Certification V And much more! Guest Presenters Talented guest presenters visit often and are always welcomed to teach programs. Downtown Salem, MA V 781-639-1236

Martha is a Reiki Master, Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Practitioner and Full Spectrum Energy Healer. By combining her skills in both body work and energy work, to help you connect and integrate your physical, energetic and mental/emotional fragments, Martha is able to help with acute issues and assist in a longer term path of wellness. • 508-308-2560

For more info on monthly workshops & private sessions, call Cecile @ 617-359-7841

R Improve your physical, mental, and

spiritual health R Works with individuals to develop their

own intuitive skills “As a healer, I work with individuals in a way that consciously promotes a peaceful and healthy planet. Our healing work takes place despite the conflicts that wash over us in our daily lives. By healing ourselves we create changes that have a ripple effect on the world around us.” R 781-449-5368

Eye of the Eagle Center for Spiritual light

Leontine Hartzell is a trained shamanic practitioner and counselor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, certified therapeutic ener­gy healer, crystal and sound therapist, plant spirit medicine practitioner, psychic channeler, and legally ordained minister. With the help of her spirit guides,

Leontine uses soul retrieval, removal and healing of energy blocks, chakra balancing, intuitive counseling, guided imagery, and energy healing methods to heal posttraumatic stress and related disorders, depression, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, grief, and addictive behaviors. Past life issues and current life traumas that affect the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health are healed to allow the client to move into a life of joy and fulfillment. Private Sessions Long-distance Healing r Phone Readings Workshops and Classes Andover, MA r r 978-475-1268

for You, Your Home, Land, and Office

Benefits of a DEEP Space Clearing: Removes unwanted spirit energy W Improved health and relationships W Reduces EMF rays and geopathic stresses W Releases trauma of land and structure W Receive a better quality of sleep

Karen Piedra Environmental space clearing with plant spirit and nature energies, Reiki and dowsing-geomancy

Check out my spirit-guided fiber art work: New 2011 Class: Earth Healing with Reiki Call for a free consultation: W 508-395-6392 W

Revitalize your home and land! Great for selling and buying homes!

Intuitive Hands-On Healing R Hypnosis Thetahealing R Reconnective Healing® The Reconnection®

National Guild of Hypnotists

True wellness occurs when all parts of ourselves have released and healed. Healings address everyday problems whether they are physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or spiritual. By resolving negative issues and patterns, clients will experience renewed opportunities to live the life of their dreams.

283 Main Street, Kingston,MA 02364 R 508-280-1523

Awaken your dreams for yourself and for the life you want.

Nora V. Helbich, CCH

Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki ® Master Interfaith Minister

Betty Solbjor has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 1996. In 2002 she became a Karuna Reiki® Master, a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and was ordained an interfaith minister. She has extensive experience using Reiki on both people and animals to gently treat many illnesses and emotional problems. Reiki brings about a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. Combined with

Favorite Things Studio

A Place of Art and Soul Elaine is the founder and facilitator of Angel Wings of Light™ Certification Course Level I and II. She is also a Paranormal Investigator, practicing Shaman, Certified Hypnotherapist (specializing in Past Life Regression), Empath, Ordained Minister, and a Reiki Master/Teacher offering private sessions and certifications in all levels.

Magnified Healing, crystal singing bowls, guided meditation, a session can help to restore balance and harmony to body, mind and soul. Services offered: Reiki treatment sessions and training for all levels of Reiki and Karuna Reiki



Bach Flower Essence® consultations and creation of custom formulas


Weddings and other ceremonies

Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals and Better Business Bureau,® Serving Eastern Massachusetts. Waltham, MA w 781-258-7712

The Colon Cleansing Kit $89.50 Removes Old Intestinal Debris

sibili t n

An Herb and Aromatherapy Shop Common and unique herbs for your herb garden. Scentsibilities also carries herbal products including herbal teas,

Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine

To inquire about any of her practices or workshops, please go to her website or call her studio and gallery.

Dr. Jody E. Noé MS, ND

Rev. Elaine Read-Cole

479 Center Street, Pembroke, MA 02359 781-294-7360

books, potpourri, candles, incense and skin care products. Dried herbs are available for making your own herbal teas. We carry a full line of essential oils, oil diffusers and related aromatherapy products including carrier oils and colored bottles for your mixes. Workshops are offered at the shop in herb garden design and planning, herbal topics and aromatherapy. We are glad to fill special requests. Sign up for the monthly email newsletter by emailing us at and receive updates on products and workshops. 750 Main Street, Boylston, MA 01505 508-869-3300 a

Holistic Medical and Dental

Elaine is also a certified yoga instructor and has been a meditation and psychic development teacher for more than 10 years.

Angel Therapy Practitioner® with Advanced Training and Medium certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

If colonic irrigation sounds too daunting, there’s a less intrusive way to give your insides a spring-clean. The Colon Cleansing Kit from Blessed Herbs ($89.50) is guaranteed to remove old waste and hardened intestinal debris through an eight-day herbal program. The first three days are a “pre-cleanse” that gets you ready for a five-day liquidonly herbal fast. There are two herbal elements to the cleanse. The first is Digestive Simulator capsules that assure regular bowel movements. The second is Toxin Absorber powder, with psyllium husk, which works by binding to old debris and removing it from your system. You will usually start seeing results by the end of the second day. Purchase the kit directly from Blessed Herbs (a family owned company local to MA) and receive a 10% discount with this promotional code: 4638 800-489-4372 •

Herbs and Gardens

s tie

Betty L. Solbjor, BFRP,

Health Products




Dr. Jody E. Noé, MS, ND is a Licensed, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, fulltime, academic and clinical faculty at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a published natural medicine researcher. Dr. Noé has been in practice for over 15 years and is a specialist in Integrative Medicine, and Naturopathic Oncology.

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained at accredited naturopathic medical schools, which are 4-year post graduate medical schools accredited by the US Dept. of Education. These medically-trained Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care doctors where they can order labs, diagnostics and diagnostic imaging, perform physical examinations, and refer to specialists when indicated. A naturopathic doctor uses natural complementary and alternative therapies, in conjunction with, or in place of, conventional medicine, based on the individual. 58 High Street, Westerly, RI v 401-596-1770

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 63


Will the Medium With over 13 years experience, Will produces some of the most amazing and accurate readings around. Connect interactively with lost loved ones, ask questions and receive verifiable answers!

Author of over 50 books, Will’s novel, Empyre, published in 2000, accurately predicted the operational details of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Will has been instrumental in recovering six figures worth of lost money and property. He is also an excellent Tarot reader. Formerly with Open Doors, Will is now reading every weekend at Pauline’s Psychic Place, 106 Franklin St, Quincy, MA. By telephone or walk-in. Appointments available • 617-471-8880

Wisewoman Tarot Chanah Liora Chanah Liora is the sixth generation of women in her family to have many psychic gifts. The tarot has been the tool of choice for all.


~ Nancy Johansen,


Gifted Psychic, Medium and Channel A renown intuitive advisor for the past 24 years, Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel and has worked for the corporate sector with a highlight including helping an oil tycoon land a multi-million oil



Intuitive Guidance for Your Life

Internationally known for her work with people via phone, in person, and radio, Jocelyn has been helping and guiding others for over 24 yrs. Known for her ability to “cut to the quick” Jocelyn gives you information you can use for all aspects of your life.

deal! Tarot, numerology, Runes, the I Ching, crystals, palmistry, scrying, and tea leaves can be used to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the world. Receive a reading for relationships, fertility, finding a job, investment strategy, and just about anything! Psychic Readings in person or phone: 30 min = $45 * 1 hr = $70 * $1.99/min. Mediumship Readings in person or phone: 1 hr = $110 * 30 min = $65 To schedule an appointment, or for directions, call or visit Emma online. Friend Emma Tracey Phaneuf on FaceBook! v 401-305-7702

If you are ready to take a journey into yourself and hear your story with fresh ears, you will come out with options, tools, and choices you may not have seen on your own. All sessions are recorded on audio cassette. ~ $25 off your first session. ~ For more information, call or email Jocelyn, Intuitive Consultant 978-694-8946

Using the tarot, along with her psychic abilities, Chanah Liora will give you a stepby-step action plan, showing you how to evaluate your career, assess your relationships, find an appropriate mate, and show how your present circumstances can shape or change your future.



Angel Readings S Reiki S Mediumship Hypnotherapy S Past Life Regression Ongoing Classes & Workshops

Your angel has a message for you...

MARY EDMANDS angelic life coach Your Angels want to help you and have an important message for you. Please know that you are not alone; they are with you now and surround you always.

Readings are our Specialty

Need insight and clarity?

A soul reading can help! By speaking directly to your guides, we will examine your life from a spiritual perspective to discover your life’s purpose and resolve issues about relationships, health, finances and career. Lisa Campion also teaches Psychic Development and Reiki Classes. Offices located at Solstice Healing Arts Center, Medway MA.

Spiritual Counseling  Trance Channeling Med­iumship  Psychic Readings Tele­phone Readings  Tarot Readings Aura Photos: Face and Chakra Body Astrological Charts  Angelic Healings Reiki  Polarity and Energy Work

Are you in the middle of a change, crisis or transformation? c 508-473-0609

Lisa Campion

64 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011 b 508-242-9550

Nancy Christie Johansen is a psychic intuitive medium and certified ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® having studied under Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh in California. Among her credentials, Nancy is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Shamballa Master and Usui Reiki Master. In addition to her own business, Angeltouche, she is currently working as a Registered Nurse and works in a busy emergency room. Private sessions in person or distance by phone or e-mail

With the Love of Angels

Psychic Readings Energy Healings Reiki Classes

Chanah Liora does in-person readings at the Crystal Cave in Medfield, MA. Call to arrange your reading today: 508-242-9550 or visit for an online reading.

Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski North Attleboro, MA S 508-577-4552

Take the first step by calling Mary Edmands, Angelic Life Coach, today and discover who you really are, and begin experiencing the life you were meant to live. Services provided include: Affordable Angel Readings. Consultation by phone or in person. Mary Edmands Y 401-527-7878

Angelica and Angels Landing offer a wide variety of both metaphysical and new age gifts. Browse around, enjoy the softness of the Angelic energy. Feel the magic that Angelica of the Angels and Angels Landing will bring to you. We have a knowledgeable staff to answer any and all questions. We also offer: classes, workshops, lectures, parties, weddings and healings. A reader is on hand at all times. By ap­pointment: Rev. Barbara E. Szafranski Classes Ongoing Weekly: Meditation & Focus on Psychic Development Open Monday through Sunday Angelica of the Angels 7 Central St., Salem, MA  978-745-9355 Angels Landing 131-1 Essex St., Salem, MA  978-744-0170

Retreats and Retreat Centers The Gathering Inn

A place to step out of the busyness and distractions of the world, to be in quiet and stillness, to be a bit pampered and to reconnect to your spiritual center.

A Women’s Spiritual Center and Retreat House

As a non-denominational retreat house, we offer rest and renewal through transformative programs that teach, nurture and expand upon women’s spiritual journeys.

at Daydream Farm

Ongoing weekly classes, circles and gatherings Individual & Group Retreats View the full schedule online

Etna Spiritualist Association Camp Etna A Spiritualist Community founded in 1876 PO Box 125 Etna, Maine 04434 Meditations Church Services Messages from Spirit Services Workshops F QiGong F Somatics Energy Medicine F Mediums Days Private Readings F Yoga F

82 Healdville Road, Hubbardston, MA g 978-820-1139

Throughout the years, Camp Etna has been home to many talented mediums and healers who have shared their spiritual knowledge and insights. The camp offers retreats, classes, and workshops in July and August, and welcomes people from all backgrounds interested in exploring spiritual issues. The peaceful 27 wooded acres are an ideal setting for reflection. Come and visit for a day, weekend or the entire season. Affordable lodging available. F 207-269-2094

Salons and Spas

Organic Color Salon

Elaine Hewitt Master Colorist & Stylist

Call for an Appointment Today! Barrington, RI G 401-273-7005

Let your imagination go — NATURALLY

Creating transformative spiritual, educational, worship, & healing opportunities for individuals, groups, & communities Mindful Recovery Meditation Group

Saturdays 11 am-12:30 pm Supporting recovery through mindful contact with your higher power.

The Advaita Meditation Center is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting meditation and spiritual inquiry. Visit our website for up-to-date information on free summer events. 781-647-0020

The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism embraces a religious and spiritual belief blending ancient wisdom with contemporary thought. Conveniently located off Watertown Square at the Masonic Center, 32 Church St, services are held at 10:30 am every Sunday, with mediumship, live music, inspirational talks, and healing by the laying on of hands.

21 Cedar Street, Worcester, MA H 508-755-6830 H

Meditation Workshop Sat, Sept 10, 2011 Introduction to Meditation Course begins Wed, Sept 21, 2011 Peaceful historic setting, wheelchair accessible. Ample parking. Advaita Meditation Center 28 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA 02451 As an evolving spiritual community, The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism offers weekday evening classes in mediumship, healing and meditation; Medium’s Day the 4th Saturday of every month; plus seminars and workshops throughout the year. For a detailed brochure, a listing of upcoming events, or to speak with the Pastor call 617-923-4334, or visit our website at: www.GreaterBostonChurchofSpiritualism. com. An affiliate of the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and the International Spiritualist Federation.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Fitness

Superior Gray Coverage G Lasts longer!


Permanent/semi-permanent color for grey Natural and foil highlights and lowlights New Client Special ~ 15% OFF (mention this ad)

Sunday Service: 10 am Child care available from 9:30-11:30 am


No Ammonia G No Carcinogens No Animal Testing

Spiritual Practices The Open Door Mission

Unity is positive, practical Christianity. We teach the effective daily application of the principles of Truth taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. We promote a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

We invite you to our Sunday morning services at 10 am held amidst the beauty and prosperity consciousness of an historic mansion in downtown Worcester. Come enjoy encouraging messages, heartfelt music and warm fellowship. All are welcome here.

Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation The oldest Tai Chi school in New England, the Gin Soon Tai Chi Club was founded in 1969, authorized by Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung to propagate Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan in North

America. Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu, founder, received a deep and well-rounded training from Master Lai Hok Soon in Hong Kong and then as a disciple of Yang Sau Chung, first-born and heir of the legendary Yang Cheng Fu. The school has attracted many students from around the world with its traditional approach to training: individual attention, emphasis on correct forms, personal development, repetition, mutual respect, hard work, and integration of body, mind, and qi. All instruction is by Grandmaster Chu and his sons Master Vincent Chu and Gordon Chu. Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation 33 Harrison Ave., 2nd fl, Boston, MA 02111 617-542-4442 •

Contemplative Holy Eucharist

Sundays 5:30-6:30 pm Pastoral, Addictions Counseling, and Spiritual Direction ~ by appointment

Improve your Health Relieve Sress Improve your Circulations Exercise your Mind and your Body

Centering Prayer Group ~ Saturdays 5-6 pm Pastor Carol W. Bolstad, LADC-I

Studios located in Shrewsbury and Sutton. Call for more information.

708 Rt. 134, S. Dennis, MA G 617-650-6497 www.TheOpenDoorMission.Org

Tai Chi Arts Association


SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 65



Holistic Specialties Angels

Colon Hydrotherapy (cont.)

Ross J. Miller, psychic. Meet your angels and spirit guides.

Body Balancing Center. I-ACT & National Board certified.

Visit www.The 617-527-3583

Animal Services

(508) 797-5057.

Lisa Hansen. Divinely guided. Intuitive and gentle. Hudson,

MA. 774-249-8208.

Sharon R. Doolittle, DVM, Inc. Holistic. Smithfield, RI.

Constance Jones. Since 1980 I-ACT/NBCHT Cert.

Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH).

A Non-intrusive Herbal Colon Cleansing Kit. 800-489-4372.


Dr. Margo Roman. 508-435-4077. 860-287-4558. CT.


Counseling & Therapy

Elizabeth Rozan, transformational development.

Pastor Carol W. Bolstad, LADC I. Help with substance use

The Planet Whispererâ&#x201E;˘.

Shawna V. Carboni, LICSW, DCSW. Experienced psychothera-


Joel Perlmutter, Ph.D. Helping with anxiety and relation- 781-862-5104.

disorders. 617-650-6497. pist. 617-782-5020.

ships. Stow: 978-897-9797 or Putnam: 860-928-6619.

Bodywork for the Soul. Suzanne Devereaux, LMT. 25 years

experience. Intuitive shiatsu, CST, Reiki. 860-523-8930.

Certification Programs

Craniosacral Therapy Lelia Joseph, Ed.D., RCST. Craniosacral/Polarity. Fluid biody-

namic style. 508-460-7038. 802-453-7088.

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, IET and Crystal Healing. 508-539-2885.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Dentists Newton Dental Wellness, Dr. Michaela DeSantis. Integrative

dentistry. 617-244-2997.

Genesis Alternative Health. 28 yrs. exp. I-ACT certified In-

structor. NBCHT. (978) 463-8800.

Healthy Spirit. Stephanie Dumas. I-ACT certified


Visit the new

Depression and Anxiety Treatment Healed in 2 Hours. Ross J. Miller, psychic healer.

617-527-3583. 66 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011


Nutritional Counseling (cont.)

Revitalive Health & Wellness Center. Newburyport, MA.

Shari Solomon, Cocoa Plum Nutrition. Health, with you in

Feng Shui

­Past Life Therapy

Home & Business. A blend of the best of feng shui tradi-

Ross J. Miller. Relive past lives and release blocked energy.

(978) 462-1488,

tions. 617-924-4205.

The New England School of Feng Shui. 203-266-4211

Urban Eden. Transform and empower your home/work

spaces. 401-351-5632.

mind! 781-454-7960.

617-527-3583. www.The

Polarity Therapy Soul Essential, Alexis Shaw RPP, RYSE.

508-479-9599. Worcester, MA.

Ghosts Removed


From Your Home/Aura. Ross J. Miller, psychic medium,

Libby Barnett, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher. (603) 654-2787

healer. Call 617-527-3583. www. The CEU’s.

Essence of Healing. Reiki sessions and trainings.

Healing Centers 508-843-1638

Forest Circles, retreats, programs in a magical Maine

Florence Whipple and Kristin Webb, Reiki Masters. Reiki

Groton Wellness: Medical, Dental, Spa, Bistro.

The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.

forest. (978) 449-9919

classes. 978-777-5732.

603-899-3288. Reiki training. Reiki, Polarity & Herbalist: Brenda Legere, Reiki Master.

Hypnosis 978-688-6181.

Shawna V. Carboni, LICSW, DCSW. Experienced psychothera-

pist. 617-782-5020.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, 20 years experience. Call

now: 617-964-2446.

Retreats Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Ctr., Haines Falls, NY.


The Peace Abbey. Sherborn, MA. A multi-faith retreat and

Medical Intuitive

conference center.

Sue Singleton. Finds root cause of pain and illness, helps

you heal. 978-834-0341.

Vision Improvement

Elizabeth Thorson RN, Certified by C.Myss & N.Shealy MD.

Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, MA. Cambridge, MA and Ports-

Nutritional Counseling


Beth Colon, MS, HHP. Transform your health. (978) 340-0448.

Worcester Yoga Center. Ann Bissanti, C.Y.T. 27 years experi-

Holistic Nutrition Services, Southboro, MA 978-340-0448. The largest online yoga (207) 712-9495.

www. your health!

mouth, NH.

ence. 508-829-6300.

directory that is absolutely free.

ADD YOUR BUSINESS TO THIS DIRECTORY. Listings are $160/year (4 issues) and include 84 characters and spaces. Email your category choice and listing text to: or call (508) 278-9640. Next ad deadline: August 1

Holistic New England

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 67




See your aura/chakras live on screen! Includes two large color photos and 20-page analysis. Private aura and Reiki sessions by appointment. Reiki classes, all levels. Full Circle Aura. (617) 620-0888.

Holistic Counseling. Mind-body approach for healing and discovery. Personal/spiritual growth based on mindfulness and self-compassion, to increase our connection to ourselves and to others. Counseling for pet loss also available. (978) 745-8311.





o gr





Ch il

a og

ight Y dL

ams for

i ch

Trainings & Workshops ChildLight Yoga™ (basic kids yoga) June 24-26, Frederick MD July 22-24, Philadelphia PA August 5-7, Wilmington NC August 19-21, Dover NH

Yoga 4 Classrooms


July 25, Philadelphia PA August 8, Wilmington NC August 22, Dover NH

yoga4 classrooms


603-343-4116 for more info or register online:

CL A S S ES Upper Cape Tech in Bourne, MA near Cape Cod Canal offers Professional Reflexology Intensive Certification workshop in July, 2011 plus many classes in mind, body and spirit, dance, culinary, personal enrichment and career training. Call (508) 759-7711, ext. 211 or visit for details.

CO A C H I NG Effective body-centered coaching with Anya Hricko, MA optimizes success from the inside out through leading edge somatic approaches to rewire the brain, shift limiting beliefs and embody new ways of being. Phone sessions available. (413) 517-0232.

Y our A d H ere ! Deadline August 1. Call (508) 278-9640 or email 68

Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

D OWSIN G All About Dowsing. Through dowsing discover more about yourself and your health. Self-instructional DVD’s, books, instruments. (805) 649-5721. Catalog: PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130.

and peace center in Sherborn, MA that offers the opportunity to preplan and prepay for you and your loved ones’ final arrangements ahead of time. Contact chaplain Dot Walsh dwalsh@peaceabbey. org or call (508) 655-2143 for details. Visit

COMPLETE HEALING Healing with the power of the mind to a body that wants to be healed.

FRANK ST. MARTIN Commissioned Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist

Miracles Do Happen! I Believe I Can Help You!

Plymouth, MA


(774) 773-9153

E MF P R OT ECT ION Thrive in the wireless age and protect yourself and family from the harmful radiation emitted by cell phones, cordless phones, wifi, computers, and more. Call to learn about our patented, easy to use products. (845) 679-8049.

H EALING Exploring potential, finding directions and answers, healing the spirit and mind consulting by Linda. (781) 599-8275. Polarity to balance and heal, 1-hour private and 10 minute public sessions available to your location. (781) 2440871. a national holistic directory. Find practitioners, products, books, CDs, stores, magazines, schools, expos and seminars.

ORGAN I Z I N G Mindful reorganization of homes, businesses, attics, basements. Free estimates: (508) 864-8998, (508) 4500137. Treat all space kindly. You’ll feel better!

P Y RAMI D S All About Pyramids. Wellness, meditation/experimental tabletop models. Worldwide research. (805) 6495721. Catalog: P.O. Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130.

FE NG S HUI Clutter? Furniture fatigue? Is your living space stopping you from living? Or is it your workspace that’s not working? Feng shui can deliver you from chaos and clutter and create comfort in your environment. Contact lynntaylor@


Helping many ailments including: Headaches/Migraines,TMJ, Back and Neck Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Menstrual Difficulties,Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica Pain

Sharon, MA AND Wickford, RI

M emorial A rrangements Peace of mind here and the hereafter! Reduce stress at a most stressful time — the death of a loved one. The Peace Abbey is a multi-faith retreat

READ I N G S Licensed psychic and intuitive empath will do readings by appointment. Donna Sprague, Plainville, MA. (508) 954-7191. Medium. With over twelve years of service available for phone, gallery style, and home readings. Also house clearings. Testimonials upon request, call for pricing. (413) 325-5650. Readings for relationships, clarity, career direction, and personal transformation using The Book of Destiny and Jyotish astrology. Ayurvedic consultations available. Private events and parties. Prices listed: karyn@ Newport, RI. (877) 832-1372.

Start Saving Money Today! Update your credit card processing merchant account services with the lowest fees, one single statement, reliable insider advice and prompt customer service.

SK I N C A R E Chemical Sensitivity? Heal your body with our Castile soaps

THE SOAP FACTORY BARS LIQUID SOAPS 3 Burlington Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 1-888-CASTILE

SPACE AV A I L A B LE The Arlington Center has beautiful class, workshop and therapy space available. (781) 316-0282. Arlington. The Healing Center. Beautiful offices to sublet for psychotherapists or body-workers in holistic center. Peaceful and nurturing environment. Please call Lidia: (781) 6435982. Private clinical space available in my Newton Center office suite. Warm and inviting environment for a licensed healing arts professional. Includes shared clerical space, bathroom and large waiting room. Psychotherapist with a Buddhist/ Course In Miracles perspective would be a particularly good fit. Contact Chris Gruener at (617) 965-6552 or imagine@ for more information.

S P I R I T U A L ITY Live In The PRESENT MOMENT. 8 1/2” X 3” glossy white on black bumpersticker. Mail $3 plus two long envelopes ($.44) for 2 stickers: Ashley Lenartson, 198 Sherwood St #3, Portland, ME 04103. (207) 774-5079.



We are giving away 100 free E-Workbook on Practical Spirituality at: http://www.philadelphiasatyoga.4t. com/whats_new_1.html Get them while they last.

Natural Living Expo is looking for volunteers. Join our team September 24-25 in Sturbridge, MA. Email for details, learn more about the event at

VA CAT ION S Immerse in the foliage at East of the Sun, West of the Moon in Moody, Maine. Immaculate, spacious 3 bedroom, beach cottage unit. Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the marsh, yet be across from six miles of flat sandy beaches of Maine (Moody and Ogunquit). View brilliant sunrises and spectacular sunsets. Ideal venue for walkers, runners, kayakers and birdwatchers. Nearby: quaint shops, fine restaurants, museums, Portsmouth tugboat alley, The Old Port of Portland, Kennebunkport. $950/week. Call Joy (781) 910-8697 or


Volunteers Needed: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Music, Pet Therapy & More

Care Alternative is recruiting volunteers to work with terminally ill patients and their families throughout Massachusetts. Volunteers receive training and continuing education related to hospice and the support of the Hospice staff.

For information about classes and volunteer opportunities, please call Lindsay at 508-887-0220.

W AN T ED Place to hold a firewalk seminar. Fall 2011, up to 100 people. Maradaco@ or (734) 686-4455.

W ILD DOLPHIN SWIMS Swimming with wild dolphins. The ultimate human-dolphin connection. Meditative, healing Caribbean island retreats. Yoga, healthy food, Atlantean legends. 1-800326-1618.

“Failure is no more fatal than success is permanent.” —Harvey Mackey

ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS FOR: • Credit/Debit Card Processing • Gift Card Programs • Credit Card Terminals • Virtual Terminals • eChecks • ATMs

Merchant Services Consulting Group is a trusted business partner of Spirit of Change Magazine and the Natural Living Expo. Call Stephen Brudner at 203.653.3604 or email to start saving money today!


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Fall issue ad deadline is August 1

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Questions? Call 508-278-9640 SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change


SUMMER 2011 DISPLAY & DIRECTORY ADVERTISER INDEX A AAPNA...................................................... 17 Acupuncture of Worcester....................... 52 Advaita Meditation Center...................... 65 Advanced Cell Training........................... 22 Advanced Mind Guide............................. 57 Allston Physical Medicine Center........... 33 Alternatives for Health............................. 37 An Apple A Day Acupuncture................. 52 Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center.................................. 36, 54 Andromeda’s Alley.................................... 54 Angelica of the Angels.............................. 64 Angels Talk................................................ 64 Aquarius Sanctuary.................................. 47 Archway Events........................................... 5 Arlington Center....................................... 27 Nancy Slonim Aronie............................... 26 Arvigo Massage......................................... 13 B Susan Barbera........................................... 38 Barefoot Dragon Fly, The......................... 61 Libby Barnett............................................. 61 Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman..................... 61 Baylight Homeopathy............................... 55 Baystate Animal Chiropractic................. 52 Glenn Bigonet............................................ 59 Blessed Herbs...................................... 48, 63 Bone Fide................................................... 29 Boston Brain Works.................................. 17 Boston Health Kinesiology, LLC............. 43 Boston Meditation Group........................ 25 Boston School of Herbal Studies, The.... 56 Brain Awakening...................................... 20 David Brown............................................. 22 Patricia Burke............................................ 41 C Nancy Canning......................................... 46 Amy Caparco............................................. 35 Care Alternatives Hospice....................... 69 Child Light Yoga....................................... 68 CHIME...................................................... 56 Jonathan Chisholm.................................. 43 Circles of Wisdom..................................... 18 Clarity........................................................ 26 Conscious Being....................................... 22 Constellation Approach........................... 57 Joseph Crane............................................. 53 Crystal Cave, The..................................... 44 D Developmental Alphabiotics..................... 9 Sharon Doolittle....................................... 42 Down to Earth.......................................... 29 Dragonfly Animal Intuitive Services...... 53 E Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies, The.................................. 57 70 Spirit of Change | SUMMER 2011

Enchanted Fox.......................................... 45 Engaging Creativity.................................. 55 Etna Spiritualist Association................... 65 Exceptional Dentistry............................... 33 F Favorite Things Studio............................. 63 Feldenkrais Guild..................................... 20 Stephen-Wolf Foster................................. 58 Fourwinds Society, The............................. 6 Sonia Freitas.............................................. 62 G Barbara Gangemi...................................... 59 Gathering Inn, The................................... 65 Arthur Gertler........................................... 27 Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation...... 65 Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism.. 65 Groton Dental Wellness Spa...................... 6 Christopher Gruener................................ 58 H Harmony Center....................................... 56 Leontine Hartzell...................................... 62 Hattie’s Country Store............................. 54 Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc. ..................................... 25, 60 Healthy Connections............................... 54 Healthy Spirit............................................ 61 Heartsong Fine Art................................... 62 Elaine Hewitt............................................ 65 Higher Balance Healing Center, A.......... 62 John Holland............................................. 16 Joan Holzman........................................... 60 I Inner Traditions........................................ 32 Integrative Animal Health Care Center.. 39 Internal Wellness Center.......................... 33 It’s My Health............................................ 36 J J White’s Automotive................................ 39 Jocelyn....................................................... 64 Nancy Johansen........................................ 64 John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing....................................... 60 Barbara Madden Johnson........................ 59 K Kristin Kirk............................................... 57 Jo Anna Klein............................................ 45 Aalia Kusmis............................................. 60 L Langan Creative Arts, LLC...................... 56 Dr. Jennifer Lees........................................ 55 Mark Levin................................................. 61 Eric Linter................................................... 53 Lowell General Hospital........................... 17 Claire Luft............................................ 60, 61 M M.A. Centers.............................................. 71 Judith Mabel.............................................. 21

Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center........ 53 Market Street Health................................ 23 Linda Marks........................................ 28, 59 Wendy Marks............................................ 62 MASH........................................................ 52 MA Society of Bioenergetic Analysis...... 58 19 Massage School, The.................................. 3 Matrix Energetics, Int’l...................... 11, 58 Sue Mautz.................................................. 29 Sam McCartin........................................... 35 George Mephis.......................................... 58 Merchant Services Consulting Group.... 69 Ross Miller..................................... 13, 37, 44 Valerie Miller............................................. 47 Lori Miller-Freitas.................................... 59 Mind Body Connect................................. 62 Mirabai Devi............................................. 31 Violet Morin.............................................. 59 N Nakri Healing Center............................... 60 Natural Pathways...................................... 41 New Day..................................................... 63 New England Clinical Thermography.... 31 New England Inst. of Reflexology........... 56 New England School of Homeopathy..... 19 New England Spas..................................... 14 Newton Dental Wellness............................ 6 Nexus Healing........................................... 64 Lisa Nobrega.............................................. 53 Dr. Jody Noe........................................ 26, 63 O Open Door Mission, The......................... 65 Open Doors............................................... 54 P Pauline’s Psychic Place............................. 64 Emma Phaneuf......................................... 64 Karen Piedra.............................................. 63 Monique Pommier.................................... 53 Judith Prebluda......................................... 59 Providence Zen Center............................. 38 Pyramid Books.......................................... 31 R Cecile Raynor............................................ 62 The Reconnection, LLC........................... 15 Revitalive Health & Wellness.................. 28 Rhys Thomas Healer Training.......... 55, 72 Rising Sun Acupuncture.......................... 32 Joan Ruggerio............................................ 35 Dave Russell............................................... 31 S Sacred Bridging......................................... 19 Sacred Song Reiki..................................... 46 Sacred Stone Healing................................ 34 San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. 34 Sanctuary, The.......................................... 42 Scentsibilities............................................ 63

Schworer & Company Landscaping, Inc. 39 Science of Spirituality............................... 28 A Secret Garden for Women.................... 58 Andrea Seiver............................................ 57 Shaman’s Heart Healing & Hypnosis..... 36 Silver Hawk................................................ 47 Silver Willow............................................. 54 Sky Meadow Retreat................................. 39 Miriam Smith........................................... 46 Jane Smolnik............................................. 16 Soap Factory, The..................................... 69 Betty Solbjor.............................................. 63 Sole Woman............................................... 68 Solstice Healing Arts................................ 54 Some Enchanted Evening........................ 44 Spa Tech.................................................. 7, 56 Eden St. James........................................... 37 Frank St. Martin....................................... 68 Janet StraightArrow.................................. 19 Studio 6...................................................... 34 Edward Sweeney........................................ 25 The Synthesis Center................................. 14 T Tai Chi Arts Associates............................. 65 Elizabeth Thorson..................................... 25 Nickola Turner........................................... 57 U Unity Church of Central MA................... 65 V Ann Valiante.............................................. 38 Valley Ayurveda......................................... 53 Vision Educator......................................... 57 W Gordon Waite................................ 16, 41, 46 Wanderlust Festival.................................... 2 Pat Warren................................................. 61 Way to Balance, The........................... 55, 62 Kristin Webb/Florence Whipple............. 44 Wellness Roundtable, The....................... 23 Westford Ctr. For Counseling................. 43 (W)hole Point Institute, The............. 20, 56 Trish Whynot............................................ 59 Anthony William........................................ 2 Wisdom of the Ages.................................. 45 Wisewomen Tarot..................................... 64 Woman of Wisdom................................... 54 Catherine Wright...................................... 18 Cheryl Wright............................................ 57 Wu Healing Center................................... 17 X-Y-Z Yoga at the Ashram................................... 21 YogaLife Institute...................................... 55 Yoga Studio, The....................................... 31 Zuzu’s Beads.............................................. 53

SUMMER 2011 | Spirit of Change 71


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