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OCTOBER 16, 2013 • Vol. 10 No. 40

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Rock to the Future Tops the Charts

Chosen Out Of 700 Applicants as a Top Performing Organization

Rock to the Future’s musicians reenact the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.   Rock to the Future recently was officially recognized by the Learning by Giving Foundation as a grant recipient of $1,000 during its most recent grant competition. The Learning by Giving Foundation, funded by Doris Buffett’s Sunshine Lady Foundation, distributes $10,000 grants every semester to over 30 university partners who are teaching students strategic grant making processes in their communities. In order to help anyone learn about philanthropy and achieving their giving needs, the Learning by Giving Foundation created Giving With Purpose, a free, online course offered this past July and August.    Students of Giving With Purpose had the opportunity to follow a more demanding “Giver track” where

they could nominate local nonprofit organizations and advocate on their behalf throughout the course. With over 700 nominations and a rigorous peer review process, Rock to the Future made it to the 80 highest performing organizations and advanced to a final round of voting to determine which nonprofits would receive grants. In total, the Learning by Giving Foundation awarded $130,000 to 40 organizations throughout the United States.   Rock to the Future provides underserved Philadelphia youth ages 3-17 with free comprehensive music education. Using contemporary music and instruments as a tool to motivate and engage students, the program has seen an improvement in not just musical ability but also

academic performance and social skills. As a young organization just starting their 4th year, Rock to the Future has shown strong indications of long-term success and is currently raising money to help more youth this program year. To make donation to Rock to the Future’s year end campaign please visit their Indiegogo Campaign at www.   “We are thrilled to recognize the work of these organizations,” said Alex Buffett Rozek, Chairman of the Learning by Giving Foundation. “Thousands of students in all 50 states and 111 countries participated in the MOOC. Their commitment to becoming effective givers enabled us to identify outstanding organizations in communities across the

/Photo courtesy of Rock to the Future

nation.”   The Learning by Giving Foundation will be relaunching Giving With Purpose again in the future and those interested can already pre-register to receive updates about the second course. Take a look at their  website: to learn more about The Learning by Giving Foundation and to sign up for the next course!    To contact Rock to the Future call 610-416-6742 or by email: Mailing Address:  PO Box 29324, Philadelphia, PA 19125. Program site is located at:  2139 E Cumberland Ave, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19125. Visit their website at •

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THE LOCAL LENS with Thom Nickels by Thom Nickels

  When I ran into my friend Eric in Center City recently, he said he wanted to talk to me “as a journalist.” His tone was somber, and I was concerned.   “I’m a wreck,” he said. “Three days ago I was having lunch with a friend of mine in restaurant Nineteen atop the Bellevue on Broad Street. Not far from my table there was a couple, a man and a woman, maybe in their sixties. At some point the woman got up to go the ladies room, and as soon as she left the man left the table, walked over to the restaurant’s huge balcony window, and jumped out onto Broad Street.”   “He did what?” I said.   “He jumped out of the window, while the waitress fainted on the floor. Management then ushered everybody out of the place. I haven’t been able to sleep ever since.”   There was a distressed look in Eric’s eyes as if the memory of the horrific event were still casting a shadow. “I even spotted the couple on the way up

to the restaurant in the elevator. The man was standing in the rear of the car. What I want to know is: why wasn’t there anything about this in the news? There was nothing in the newspapers, and nothing on TV. There’s been no reporting on it at all.”   Eric asked if I would please find out what happened.   “I’ll try,” I said, while warning him that everybody gets tight lipped when it comes to suicide. “I’ll do what I can.”   Although Eric never told me why he wanted to put a name to the jumper, I got the impression that he wanted a name because, as a Catholic priest, he wanted to pray for the guy.   Back home at my desk, I checked all the local news venues and found nothing on the incident. I couldn’t understand this. A man jumps from a Center City restaurant shortly after Noon, on Broad Street nonetheless, and not a single bit of information about it in the media. Years ago I had heard stories about the suppression of suicide stories because

Thom Nickels is a Philadelphiabased author/journalist/ poet, film critic and feature writer for the Spirit Newspapers. of their unpleasant nature. Some news outlets don’t want to upset readers but yet they think nothing of publishing stories about mass murders and serial killers. One can understand why families and loved ones of suicide victims wouldn’t want this fact publicized in obituaries. Very often an obituary will state that so and so “died suddenly,” which is often a code word for suicide.   The Center City suicide was a very public event, however. The man in question chose a public venue in the middle of the day in a crowded, popular restaurant, and he chose to jump into Broad Street, which has thousands of people and vehicles moving up and

down from north to south at any given time. The choice of Restaurant Nineteen was also a dangerous choice because of the possibility of pedestrians on the sidewalk. What if the man had fallen on top of someone? What if his suicide led to other deaths or permanent injury? No doubt this unfortunate man wanted to create a sensation of some kind.   I called restaurant Nineteen to see if management would confirm that a patron had jumped from one of their windows but I didn’t get very far. “We have no comment, sir,” I was told, albeit politely. I explained that I was very sorry about the episode, and made it clear that

telling the truth in no way indicts the restaurant as a suicide destination. The response, however, was the same. “We have no comment, sir.”   Bellevue management was more forthcoming, as they confirmed that there was a death on the sidewalk in front of the hotel but they would not confirm that the victim had jumped. I was told to call the police. I gave the police the date and time of the incident, based on my friend’s report, and was told that somebody would get back to me by the end of the day. The day came and went, and so did the weekend and most of the following Monday, with no return call. I placed a reminder call to the police, explained that I’d been waiting to hear from them, but was coldly informed that I had to call the Medical Examiner’s Office. Somehow they’d forgotten that they had promised to call me back, and seemed very annoyed at the follow up.   The Medical Examiner’s Office, in turn, told me that their official contact person would have to get back to me, which took another two days.   When I received the information and could give Eric a name, he was thankful, but I was left feeling bad for this guy who had nobody to turn to in his final moments.   Could anything have prevented this?   The situation reminded me of my long conversations with my 95 year old great aunt in the years prior to her death. Aunt Dorothy would often review her life and comment on what it was like to get old. She would talk about what life was like for her when she was in her sixties (“the time when health problems tend to surface”), while adding that the seventies tend to be more balanced. “Once you turn eighty,” she said, “watch out.” Eighty, Aunt Dorothy liked to say, was when the body began to not let you do the things you wanted to do.” As for the secrets of a long life, she repeated this stock phrase many times: “Everything in moderation.” And Aunt Dorothy meant it. She smoked one cigarette a day after dinner; she enjoyed sips of sherry and a good rum and Coke, but never more than two drinks. When I would have lunch with her and go for a third glass of sherry, she would look at me disapprovingly.   She was a meat eater, but at the same time she was someone who believed in the goodness of vegetables and salads. As a steadfast walker, she introduced me

to the world of walking sticks. She loved hiking on the trails near the Valley Green Inn. She loved grapefruit, cantaloupe, grilled cheese sandwiches and Spam. She went to church every Sunday and made it a point to tell everyone that she never used water on her face but instead dabbed it at night with something called Abolene crème. At eighty, she looked fifty.   Relatives would ask her: “Did you sign a pact with the Devil?”   About life’s ups and downs she was tremendously philosophical, and often liked to call her life The Agony and the Ecstasy, after the book by Irving Stone on the life of Michelangelo. In her blunt German manner, she told me there were many times when she felt like just going to sleep and not waking up.   One of her worst personal tragedies occurred after World War I when her fiancé, who had been in Europe at the Front, returned home and broke off the engagement without a word of explanation. She’d often show me his picture which she had in a special box on her dresser drawers. On the back of the photograph, she’d written: “Bill Stanton, the love of my life.” The dashing, smiling uniformed figure didn’t look like the kind of guy who would mysteriously break off an engagement.   Aunt Dorothy described this time of her life as an extreme low point when life did not seem worth living, when in fact the option of going to sleep forever seemed like a good escape. But had Aunt Dorothy climbed to the top of City Hall tower and jumped down into City Hall courtyard, she would have missed the real love of her life, a man she was with for almost 40 years.   One never knows what the fates have in store.   That’s why I never believed her when, in her nineties, she’d tell me that I should just push her into the creek near the Valley Green Inn. “People would think it was an accident,” she’d say, winking.   Good try, Auntie!   The whole family knew her philosophy when it came to living. “It’s great life if you don’t weaken!” she’d say many times over. “No matter what your problems in life, they are rarely permanent. Think of yourself as a train going through a tunnel. The tunnel is dark and foreboding, but the tunnel comes to an end. You come out on the other side.”   I wish somebody had told that to the man in restaurant Nineteen, who ended his life on that beautiful September afternoon.•



Guest Commentary from State Rep. John Taylor (R-177)

  Most neighborhood activists will tell you the longer a vacant property sits unoccupied, the more vulnerable it becomes to vandalism and decay – and the more likely surrounding properties will experience similar decay and destruction.   It’s a known fact that left unchecked, blight will spread block by block until the whole neighborhood is engulfed and eventually destroyed.   Long-term uncollected property tax delinquencies are a major factor in creating blight that leads to property abandonment – never mind the impact

on the city’s finances when an estimated $300 million in delinquent taxes remain uncollected for the past five years.   Philadelphia is often cited as a bad example of what happens when a local government fails to implement effective and fair property tax collection. A number of one-time stable neighborhoods have been destroyed because Philadelphia does not adequately collect delinquent property taxes, nor does the City move quickly to sell tax delinquent properties at sheriff ’s sale.   With new legislative tools

Aid For Friends Christmas 2013   Help is needed for Senior Shut-ins this upcoming Christmas season. Please donate only new items.   Here are some suggestions:   Deodorant, combs, cookies, perfumes, baby powder, after-shave, linens, slips, robe, stockings, blankets, dish cloths, hair brushes, candy, face soap, shaving cream, flannel shirts, blouses, gloves, pajamas, sweaters, towels, emery boards, change purse, envelopes, body lotion, razors, vests, slacks, underwear (shirts, pants, etc.), socks, sweatsuits, face cloths, hand mirrors, stamps, pens, note pads, shampoo, toothpaste, afghans, slippers, shoes, nightgowns, dish towels, wallets. Of course money is always welcome!   Almost anything new that you feel may be useful or just enjoyed by our senior citizen shut in’s! Thanking you in advance for your generosity and kindness!   All gifts and donations may be dropped off at Bridesburg Recreation Center.     For more information contact Miss Jackie at 215-685-1247, 215-533-6448, 215-331-8417.•

Publishers/Editors.......Tom and Maryanne Milligan Staff Writer .............................Patty-Pat Kozlowski Account Executive........................L. J. Wesolowski Cartoonist/Writer .............................. Jeff Kilpatrick Production/Ad Design ...................Kathy Westfield

available, we can begin to fight blight and reclaim some of our lost neighborhoods and put these properties back on the tax rolls. Under my legislation, Act 153 of 2013, Philadelphia can now create a land bank, which is a governmental or nonprofit entity that acquires, holds, and manages tax foreclosed, abandoned properties. The main purpose of a land bank is to return vacant, abandoned and tax delinquent properties to productive re-use in accordance with local and regional plans for smart growth and development. Additionally, I am working with Rep. Chris Ross (R-

PAL Wrestling Sign-Ups   The Philadelphia Police Athletic League Youth Wrestling team will start its 32nd year of competition with a registration night on Mon., Oct. 28, 6:30 – 8PM, at the Rizzo PAL Center, Belgrade and Clearfield Streets.   The PAL wrestling program is open to kids ages 6-18 from any section of Philadelphia and its suburbs. The PAL youth wrestling team also participates with the Beat the Streets wrestling program. The tradition of the PAL wrestling program can be seen as many PAL youth wrestlers have continued to wrestle at area high schools contributing to both their schools’ league championships and their own personal accomplishments.   Local high schools benefiting from the PAL program over the years have included; North Catholic, Frankford, LaSalle, Northeast, Edison, Gratz, Olney, Lincoln, Abington, Washington, Kensington, Pennsbury, Cardinal Dougherty, Cinnaminson and Camden Catholic, N.J.   There is never any fee to participate in the PAL wrestling program, and all instruction and equipment is provided.   Also, if you may be interested in joining the volunteer staff or for more information, please contact Police Officer Ernie Rehr, Rizzo PAL Director at 215-426-6583.•

Chester) to enact HB 1409, which will modernize and streamline collection of

delinquent property taxes, by centralizing all five state laws currently used to collect delinquent due taxes, in one location.   We know times are tough and good people can’t always pay their taxes on time. We’ve taken that into account by balancing the rights of timely taxpayers with consideration for folks who have run into hard times.  The goal is to ensure that accounts are paid and paid on time, but with options for hardship cases to enter into monthly payment agreements.   While it is not the easiest of problems to fix, modernizing the way Philadelphia deals with blighted,

vacant, tax delinquent properties will benefit all of us and improve the overall quality of life for thousands of Philadelphians. The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/ or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this information in error, please contact the sender and delete the message and material from all computers. •

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Liberty Lands Fall Festival

Glavin Playground

HAUNTED HOUSE–at Frank Glavin Playground, 2600 Westmoreland St., Fri., Oct. 25 and Sat., Oct. 26 – 6:6-8PM - $3 admission. The Girl Scouts and Advisory Council invite you to walk through our Haunted House and enjoy a night out in your community.  Refreshments will also be sold during the event.  Come out, support these two great organizations, and “DARE TO BE SCARED.”•

Adaire School

It’s that time of year again when the 8th graders of Adaire plan to give you a scare. So come join us on Fri., Oct. 25 from 5:30-7:30PM at 1300 E. Palmer St. and see if you dare to walk the halls. $5 for adults; $3 for children.•

The Freaky Farm

Come to a haunted attraction for children 14 and younger. The Freaky Farm: located at Thompson and Albert Streets from Fri., Oct. 25 until Wed. Oct. 30 from 7-9PM. $2 per person. Some proceeds to help the Philadelphia Community Cats Counsel for lost and unwanted pets.

Terror Behind the Walls

Terror Behind the Walls, America’s largest haunted house, is located inside the massive castle-like walls of Eastern State Penitentiary, 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia. Now in its 21st year, Terror Behind the Walls is consistently ranked among the top 10 haunted attractions in the country. Terror Behind the Walls runs on select evenings now through Nov. 10. For more information, the public can visit the penitentiary’s website at or call (888) 763-NITE.•

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  Come out to Liberty Lands on Sun., Oct. 27, from 2-5PM for the 15th annual Fall Festival. featuring autumnal fun for kids and adults including hayride, a children’s costume parade, a moon-bounce, pumpkin painting, food, beverages, music and entertainment, Flea market tables and more. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of Liberty Lands park, a wonderful community-held green space in Northern Liberties. Kids costume parade starts at 1:45PM by the stage -- all are welcome! 926 N. American St. Volunteers needed to bake delicious treats for the bake sale, a key part of the event. You can bake pretty much anything you want, and all proceeds benefit the NL Community Center. Got something you’re willing to bake? Contact Rachel Iannotti, New: It’s easier than ever to volunteer to help out at the event! Just go to http:// WEX3F and pick a time that’s convenient for you.•


Candle Light Name Reading Ceremony in Honor of Vietnam Vets  Liberty Bell Chapter 266 will be hosting a Candle Light/Name Reading Ceremony on Fri., Oct. 25 at 7PM, at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Penn’s Landing. It is to honor and remember the 646 Men from Philadelphia who died in Vietnam. •


Items Needed for NL History Exhibit

Northern Liberties: From World’s Workshop to Hipster Mecca and the People in Between

    Artist and longtime resident Jennifer Baker is curating an exhibit about the history of Northern Liberties for the Community History Gallery at the Philadelphia History Museum, 15 South 7th Street, opening in February 2014.   Using videos, podcasts, photographs, paintings, text panels, artifacts and memorabilia, this exhibit will tell the story, in the

first-person, of our neighborhood’s many transformations over the past decades.   Jennifer is seeking material artifacts manufactured in NL and tied to specific places, like Liberty Lands Park construction or other “digs” - as well as memorabilia like buttons, t-shirts, posters, and so on. Anything loaned for the exhibit will be housed

in a secure display case, identified with the lender’s name, and returned when the exhibit ends.   There will also be exhibitrelated events - films, readings, and a walking tour - at the museum and in Northern Liberties.     Anyone interested in helping in any way - with ideas, design, writing, printing, refreshments for the opening, artifacts, etc., please

email contact Jennifer at (please put “NLExhibit” in the subject line).   The History Museum provides only minimal funds for the exhibit. If any local businesses would like to contribute - with money, help with large printing of images for the walls, or refreshments for the opening - please contact Jennifer to make your

tax-deductible contribution, which will be publicly acknowledged.    Artists Book - As part of the exhibit, Jennifer also is putting together a binder book of artists who have ever lived or worked in the neighborhood. Anyone who would like to be included, please contact Jennifer for information about formatting and submission guidelines. •

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR MEETINGS Zoning Remapping Next Thursday Should properties on your block be zoned residential, commercial, or industrial? For single-family homes or high-rise condos? Come out to the NLNA October General Membership Meeting. Important Meeting on Thurs., Oct. 24, 7PM, 4th & Fairmount. The City Planning Commission will be there with maps of our neighborhood - and they want your help in updating the zoning for every property in Northern Liberties. Because we’ll need to spread out and break up into groups, the meeting is again at St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church, NE corner of 4th & Fairmount (one block west of the NLNA’s usual meeting space). Don’t miss this opportunity to help shape the future of our neighborhood! FACT Meeting FACT MEETING Mon., Nov. 4 at 7PM at Holy Name of Jesus Church Hall.

Guest speakers will be Elizabeth Rosario from Public Health Management Corp. Ms Rosario will speak on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and explain how you can sign up for healthcare benefits. Leigh Whitaker from Sugar House Casino will also address the meeting on the latest developments regarding the expansion of the casino. Friends of Cione General Meeting The first general meeting for Friends of Cione will be held on Wed., Nov. 6 at 7:30PM in the Cione building. We will sell Cione t-shirts for $10. Please come out and share your ideas and thoughts on improvements to Cione. We want to thank ORCA for providing tables, benches and bike racks, Mary Corboy from Greensgrow for the flowers which was a lovely addition this year. Thank you to Peg Rzepski for the assistance along with ORCA for getting the funds to fix the fence. Their assistance has been invaluable in helping


215-843-1780 PIEROGIES:

Potato, Sauerkraut or Cottage Cheese Made fresh in the kitchen of the

UKRAINIAN CATHEDRAL Corner of Franklin and Brown Streets CALL AHEAD TO ORDER


215-634-9208 Corner of Susquehanna & Girard Ave.


• PECO, VERIZON & PGW.................. $1.50 CHARGE • COMCAST & PHILA. WATER ....... $1.50 CHARGE • Money Orders - 89¢ • Check Cashing 1.4% • Cigarettes • SEPTA Tokens/Passes • Rapid Refund Tax Service • PA Lottery Daily Numbers Hours: Mon., Thurs., Fri. 8AM-7PM; Tues. & Wed. 8:30AM-6:30PM; Sat. 8:30AM-3PM

turn Cione around to make it a better and safe place for families to come. Joint Civic Zoning Meeting Tu e s . , N o v. 1 2 a t 6PM.
Meeting Location: West Kensington Ministries Presbyterian Church, 2140 N Hancock St (corner of Susquehanna Ave).
Regarding: 2100 N. Front Street (corner of Diamond/Coral and Front Streets).
Property owner Kensington Hospital proposes to redevelop existing building and construct a new addition to be used as a Group Practitioner Counseling and Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) Facility whose services will include the dispensing of methadone and provision of counseling services.  This will be a joint civic association zoning meeting of Norris Square Civic Association, East Kensington Neighbors Association, and Hope Street Neighbors for Better Living. EKNA Zoning Meeting Wed., Nov. 13 at 7:15PM. Meeting location: Circle of Hope, 2007 Frankford Ave. Regarding the following cases: 2214-24 Blair St: Demolition of existing structure (horse stable) and new construction of six single-family houses facing Trenton Ave with interior parking accessed via Blair Street. 2113-15 E York St (corner of Martha St): Use of existing building for the preparation and serving of food for a sit-down restaurant with take-out and a liquor license. 2059 Amber and 2113-15 Abigail: New construction of three singlefamily houses. Zoning agenda subject to change. EVENTS Hancock Rec Basketball League Hancock Basketball Program will be recruiting children for our S.N.B.L. – 2013 - 14. This will include our basketball clinic. All games and practice’s will be held in the gymnasium of John Moffet Elementary School, located at Mascher and Oxford Streets. Hancock has a reputation for motivating our children to do their best. Our S.N.B.L. basketball league is designed to strengthen their basketball skills, and basketball I.Q. Children, ages 6 – 12, who are willing to work hard at playing basketball, and are willing to play as a team are invited to register. To register for the clinic and league, please call coach Larry. Starts 1st week of December, 2013. Come join us!!! Register your child now!!! Hancock Recreation Center, 147 W. Master Street, 215685-9886/9877. LHS Free Computer Classes Lutheran Settlement House is now offering FREE computer classes to the community! Beginner @ 9AM12PM Thurs., Intermedi-

ate @ 12-3PM Thurs., and Job Readiness 5-8PM Wed. Each class if free and available to anyone. Please call 215-426-8610 or walk in for more information. Located at 1340 Frankford Ave. 215-426-8610.

PR Tigers Basketball Signups The Port Richmond Tigers are now taking signups for the upcoming Travel Basketball season. Girls and boys, ages 6 through 18, are welcome to sign up at the Tigers Clubhouse (Chatham & Ann), Mon. thru Fri. 6:30PM till 8PM. For more info, call Tom Mack – 215-275-8838 or the Tigers Clubhouse – 215-423-7611. St. Anne’s Bingo Two Progressive jackpots every week. Both currently at $1,199 each. Total prizes awarded each week is over $3,000 plus the progressive jackpots. Smoke free bingo in our social hall with a full kitchen that prepares homemade food for your enjoyment. Bingo is every Sunday with our doors opening at 4PM and games beginning at 6PM. Located at Memphis and Tucker Sts., around the corner from St. Anne’s Church on Lehigh Ave. For more information call 215-739-4590.

Zumba at First Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave., will hold “Zumba” classes on Thurs. from 6-7PM. Admission $6. Exhilarating, healthy and loads of fun. Come and meet your neighbors. Bring a friend. Everyone is welcome. Bible Study Group at First Presbyterian On Wed. evenings at 7PM, a Bible Study Group meets at First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave. Come and bring a friend for informative, exciting and lively open discussions. As always, everyone is welcome. Men’s Softball League Men’s Softball League looking for players for their Spring/Summer 2014 teams at Bridesburg Rec Center, 4601 Richmond St. Wooden Bat League. If possible going to single wall bat. If interested call Dan at 215-605-6004. Hancock Rec Center Programs Hancock Recreation Center is offering a wide array of programming for our community. For the children they will be offering movie night, pool, air hockey, and table tennis this fall for children 17 and under. Also offering activities for adults and seniors. If your organization, neighborhood, or community group needs meeting space, come in and we may be able to accommodate you. Come and enjoy your neighborhood recreation center and get to know its

employees. Hancock Rec Center’s Staff are looking forward to seeing you. 147 W. Master St., 215685-9886/9877. Fishtown Rec Center Programs Daisies and Brownies – Mondays, 6-7PM; Men’s Hockey League – Mon.-Tues.-Wed.Thurs., 6-10PM; Dance Mondays – 6-7:30PM; Tae Kwon Do – Mon.-Wed.Fri., 6-8PM; Tot Rec. – Tues.-Wed., 9AM-1PM; Ceramics – Tues.-Wed., 6-9:30PM; Zoning Meetings – First three Tues. of the month; FNA Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Beautification Meetings – Third Thurs. of the month; Homeless Vets’ Meetings – Third Sat. of the month; Senior Citizen Bingo – Mon. and Thurs., 10AM-2PM. For information, call 215-685-9885. 1202 E. Montgomery Ave. New Fall Classes at Portside Arts Children & Teen Robot Building, Teen Photography, Drawing Club, Special Needs Visual Arts. Check out for more classes! Portside also provides private in-home piano lessons for residents of Bridesburg, Port Richmond, Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Northeast. Portside Arts Center

is located at 2531 E. Lehigh Ave.
215-427-1514; email:
portsideartscenter@ Carmella Playground Fall Activities Carmella Playground Preschool has a few spots remaining for children ages 3-5. Preschool is Mon-Thur 9-12, at a cost of $100 a month. Zumba classes on Wed. at 6:30PM and Hip Hop Dance on Thurs. 6PM - first class free!  Girl Scouts meet Fri. at 7PM. Soccer for kids Wed.-Fri. at 7PM. For more information, call 215685-1235. 2100 Wakeling St, Philadelphia, PA 19124, 215-685-1235. Fall/Winter Adult Activities at Bridesburg Rec Bridesburg Recreation Center, 4625 Richmond St., 215-685-1247, 533-6448, or 331-8417. Zumba, Mon. and Thurs. 7-8PM, Zumba Toning, Wed. Year round! The fee for all classes is $4 (walk-in). Scrapbooking (year-round) – come join! Wed. 6:30-9:30PM. $5 each time you attend. You only need your photos and a book! Ladies Bowling League, Tues. at Erie Lanes, 9AM. $10 bowling, prize money and banquet. Individuals and teams invited to join! Zumba at Visitation Community Center at Visitation, Wed. 7PM and Sat. 10AM at 2646 Kensington Ave. St. Anne Weekly Novena St. Anne weekly Novena Thurs. evening service, 7:30PM. Church of Saint

Anne, Memphis St. and Lehigh Ave. Rock to the Future Free Weekend Music Classes Rock to the Future is offering free Saturday workshops for underserved Philadelphia youth ages 3-17 and families! Exciting classes include learning guitar, vocal workshops, building an instrument, timing & tempo, and more. All workshops are fun and interactive. Rock to the Future provides the instruments and no musical experience is required. All classes take place at Rock to the Future located at 2139 E Cumberland St. For more info, visit Glavin Playground REGISTRATIONS for all programs at Glavin Playground, 2600 Westmoreland St. are now being accepted: instruction for children ages 3 and up, in tap, jazz, ballet, and tumbling; Tae-KwonDo instruction for 5 and older; and Zumba classes, 16 and older. After School Cares Program – follows the Catholic School Schedule for all grades – 3-6PM. For information contact the playground 215-685-9898. Girl Scouts – all ages K through 12. Season as follows:  Brownies – 2nd and 3rd Grade – Monday nights 6:45 – 8PM; Daisy – K & 1st Grade – Tuesday night 6:10 – 7PM; Older Girls – 6th – 12th Grade – Tuesday nights – 7-8PM; Juniors – 4th & 5th Grade – Wednesday – 6:458PM.  All are welcome – information will be available night of first meetings about troop participation. Zumba at First Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church, 418 E. Girard Ave., will be holding “ZUMBA” classes from 6-7PM. Admission $6. Come and enjoy a healthy, exhilarating and fun activity. Bring a friend. All are welcome. Portside Arts Center’s Free Annual Pumpkin Painting Event Fun for the whole family. Come to Portside from 5:306:30PM on Thurs., Oct. 24 and paint a pumpkin! Portside will be supplying the pumpkins but you are always welcomed to bring your own! There are only 30 spaces available so you must register to get a spot.  Please call 215-427-1514 or register online at Portside is located at 2531 E. Lehigh Ave.   Recycle Your Electronics, Clean Out that Basement, and Help NKCDC Raise Money Thurs., Oct. 24, 4-7PM at NKCDC Garden Center, Frankford & Berks. eCycle your old electronics this fall and help NKCDC raise money. ACCEPTED see CALENDAR on page 8



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q Oct 26th 12-2pm Penn Treaty Park Rain Date - October 27th 12-2pm

Presented by Johnny's Hots & Penn Treaty SSD

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ELECTRONICS: Computers & Accessories, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Fax Machines, TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, Projectors, Tapes, CDs, Videos, Cell Phones, PDAs, Pagers, Telephones, Voice Mail Systems, Headsets, Flash Drives, Disks, Routers, Cables, Hubs, Cameras, Video Games, iPods, Vacuum Cleaners, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, AC Adapters, Motherboards, Sound & Video Cards, CD/

THE SPIRIT COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013 DVD Drives, Currency Counters, Receipt Printers, Card Readers, Barcode Scanners & Printers, Batteries (no open cell). Sponsored by Kuusakoski, which provides cost-effective, environmentally responsible recycling services. More on their website and contact Heather with questions at hmccool@ or 215-427-0350 x 103. Hagert Playground Party and Movie Night Fri., Oct. 25 beginning at 5:15PM. Hagert Playground: 2040 Hagert St.



AUTO TAGS Titles • Drivers Licenses • Notary 215-423-4563

215-423-4563 Registrations • Restorations

Titles Licenses PLEASE VISIT•• Notary Titles •• Drivers Drivers Licenses Notary Registrations • Restorations OUR NEW •LOCATIONS Registrations Restorations


2401 ARAMINGO AVE. (Located next to Slack’s Hoagies) 215-423-4563 5TH & SPRING GARDEN ST. (Next to Dollar General) 215-236-4103


10 OFF



Join the Friends of Hagert Playground for an evening of food and fun in the playground! Enjoy home-made chili and cornbread, plus hot apple cider, pies, and other goodies. Food and kids activities begin at 5:15 pm, then stick around for a free MOVIE in the playground starting at 7PM! Email to find out more or to help out. Candle Light Name Reading Ceremony in Honor of Vietnam Vets Liberty Bell Chapter 266 will be hosting a Candle Light/Name Reading Ceremony on Fri., Oct. 25 at 7PM, at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Penn’s Landing. It is to honor and remember the 646 Men from Philadelphia who died in Vietnam. Bethel Baptist Church Penny Auction Bethel Baptist Church is holding a Penny Auction on Sat., Oct. 26 from 11AM-2PM. Great items: gift cards, perfume, books, jewelry, homemade cakes, tools for men, Christmas decorations, etc. There will also be food sold and a flea market. Located at 2210 E. Susquehanna Ave., 215426-1909. Classes at Glavin Playground CLASSES: Glavin Playground also offers instruction for children ages 3 and up, in tap, jazz, ballet, and tumbling; Tae-KwonDo instruction for 5 and older; and Adult Zumba classes. AFTER SCHOOL CARES PROGRAM – follows the Catholic School Schedule for all grades – 3-6PM. And all ages of





215-739-9221 316 E. GIRARD AVE. Handling NJ & PA Claims


Girl Scouts. For information about the programs, contact the playground 215-6859898.     Great Fishtown Spelling Bee 12th Annual Great Fishtown Spelling Bee is set for Fri., Oct. 25 at 3:30PM at Shissler Rec Center. The competition is open to students from grades 2-8.  As always, the competition is free and open to any student from any school in Philadelphia.  All competitors will receive prizes and free refreshments.  The winners will receive trophies and other awards. The schools of the winners will receive awards as well.  Over 1000 children participate in this event over the years and we are proud to continue the tradition with the help of the Penn Treaty Special Services District.   Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Fri., Oct. 25 (9AM - 3PM) at St Christopher’s Hospital for Children: Nelson Pavilion, E. Erie Ave. & N. Front St. The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, operated by St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, provides oral health care to qualified new patients ages 1 through 8 by appointment only. Provides dental care to qualified children at no cost to their families. Children qualify if their families are unable to pay for dental services. Call 215-427-8877 to schedule an appointment. Halloween Contest Halloween Contest for boys and girls, 10 and under. Sat., Oct. 26 at 2PM sharp at Bridesburg Recreation Center, 4625 Richmond St. 215-685-1247. Trophies, Door Prizes, Treats, Trombola. Bethel Baptist Church Penny Auction Bethel Baptist Church is holding a Penny Auction on Sat., Oct. 26 from 11AM2PM. Great items: gift cards, perfume, books, jewelry, homemade cakes, tools for men, Christmas decorations, etc. There will also be food sold and a flea market. Located at 2210 E. Susquehanna Avenue, 215-426-1909. Halloween Hoedown Sat., Oct. 26 - 12PM at Penn Treaty Park. Join the Friends of Penn Treaty Park for our annual Halloween Hoedown, featuring Philadelphia’s largest free pumpkin patch, games, face painting, music, fun and other surprises. Come in costume for prizes for best dressed. This event is presented by Johnny’s Hots and the Penn Treaty SSD. Thrift Shop Sale The Free Church of St. John, located at 3089 Emerald St., will be having a Thrift Shop Sale on Sat., Oct. 26 from 10AM-2PM. All proceeds will benefit the Youth Ministry of St. John’s Church. For more information, contact Lauren Gibson at 312-213-4463.

Beef & Beef for Fishtown Bells Beef & Beef for the Fishtown Bells U-10 Girls Soccer on Sat., Oct. 26, 7PM-11PM at the Ukie Club. $25 includes full buffet with draft beer, DJ, chinese auction, 50/50 & bottled beer drink specials.  Costumes are optional but there will be cash prizes for best costume! Proceeds go towards the girls upcoming trip to play in the Disney Invitational Tournament. For tickets see any Bells parent or call Colleen Cain

215-806-0840 or TJ Farrell 267-496-9068. Polish Harvest Festival “Dozynki” On Sun., Oct. 27, everyone is invited to the Polish Harvest Festival “Dozynki”, from 12 noon to 4PM in St. Adalbert Auditorium, Thompson St. and Allegheny Ave. in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Polish food and refreshments will be available, live music, performances by Polish Folk Dance groups, featured items from

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CLEAN PLATE: Beef Bourguignon

by Casey Ann Beck

  It makes me chuckle a little bit when a complaint of French cooking and restaurants is small portions with more of a concern for artful plating than feeding hungry people. In actuality, many standard recipes are incredibly rich and filling, from even just the bread basket with homemade butter to the lavish desserts. Classics like crocks of hot French onion soup with oozing caps of browned cheese, rustic one pot meals like coq au vin, and buttery, flaky tarts with baked fruit could all suffice for the largest appetite.   Beef Bourguignon is a staple among brasserie style menus and, while its recognition is now associated with fine dining, it’s a traditional French peasant dish. Recipes vary, no advanced cooking techniques are required and, overall, it’s near impossible to screw up. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this version at Les Halles in New York, the restaurant that helped ignite Anthony Bourdain’s notoriety.

Beef Bourguignon From Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook 2 beef chuck cubed, cut into 1 ½ pieces Salt and freshly ground black pepper ¼ cup olive oil 4 onions, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 cup red Burgundy 6 carrots, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 clove garlic 1 bouquet garni (2 sprigs thyme, 1 bay leaf and 1 sprig of flat leaf parsley) Chopped flat leaf parsley, for garnish   Season the meat with salt and pepper. In a Dutch oven, heat the oil over high heat until it is almost smoking. Add the meat in batches and sear on all sides until it is well browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the onions to the pot. Lower the heat to medium high until the onions are soft and golden brown (about 10 minutes). Sprinkle the flour over them. Continue to cook for about 4 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, then add the red wine, scraping the browned bits from the bottom of the pot. Bring the wine to a boil. Return the meat to the pot and add the carrots, garlic and bouquet garni. Add just enough water so that the liquid covers the meat by one-third. Bring to a boil, reduce to a gentle simmer, and let cook uncovered for about 2 hours, or until the meat is tender. When finished, remove and discard the see CLEAN PLATE on page 9


Clean Plate continued from page 8

bouquet garni, add the chopped parsley to the pot, and serve.   Beef Bourguignon isn’t at all dissimilar to pot roast or beef stew. The cooking process is essentially the same, but the thing that sets this refined version apart is the addition of red wine. This stew flaunts an elegant, velvety flavor thanks to Burgundy in which the meat tenderizes for 2 hours. Carrots and onions soften and flavor the broth along with the fresh herbs, which are just as pretty soaking in the pot as they are purposeful. Bourdain suggests checking on your stew every 15 to 20 minutes, stirring to ensure the contents aren’t sticking to the bottom of the pot. Additionally, skim foam, oil or scum from the surface of the dish with a spoon throughout the process. The meat and veggie stew on its own is enough to satisfy a big appetite, and most restaurants serve it with a side of rice or noodles. How’s that for small portions? •


Let’s Go Eagles!

Matthew Holmes SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Matthew Holmes Scholarship Fund is preparing to commence the distribution of its scholarships to students entering into high school in 2014. Five $2000.00 scholarships will be awarded to select students. The criteria is listed on the application, which can be found on the website. All documents must be submitted to the committee by January 15, 2014. To apply, you must be an 8th grade student who is a Philadelphia resident, preparing to enter into your first year of high school at a Catholic archdiocese or a private high school that has a Catholic affiliation.

Dave McGrath, longtime Redskins fan has made he has recently come out et and proclaimed, “Let’s

Washington it official….. of the closGo Eagles!”

To apply or for more information, please visit our website at:

Thank You and Good Luck!

Introducing Health Partners Medicare. Health Partners Plans is hospital-owned. So unlike companies that are just watching out for their bottom line, we’re watching out for you. From our broad physician network to 24/7 member support, when it comes to Medicare, we’re doing it right.


Premium for Basic and Prime plans Copays for primary care doctor visits* Generic drugs (up to 90-day supply)* Fitness center memberships

1-866-901-8000 (24/7) TTY 1-877-454-8477

It’s not just Medicare. It’s better care.

Health Partners Plans is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Health Partners Medicare depends on contract renewal. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on January 1 of each year. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. Health Partners Medicare is available in Philadelphia County. *Cost sharing may vary in Special Needs Plan. H9207_HPM-419-13 Approved 09/2013




CLUES ACROSS 1. Pepsi is one 5. Kilocalorie (abbr.) 8. Canadian flyers 12. Bright fleshy seed covers 14. Exclamation of triumph 15. Dawn (Spanish) 16. Former Spanish currency 18. Illuminated 19. A benefit bestowed 20. Spanish beaches 21. Solid water 22. Baby flowers 23. Surrealistic comic strip 26. Uncontrollable tremors 30. Dapper 31. Ear shell 32. Russian river 33. #1 soup noodle brand 34. Relating to a tube 39. Air Reserve base (abbr.) 42. Relating to Deism 44. More dried-up 46. Pear-shaped vowels 47. Creator of 23 across 49. Leavened rum cake 50. “Much __ About Nothing” 51. Two-sided discussion 56. Snakelike fishes 57. Fold 58. Removed writing 59. Away from wind 60. Small time unit (abbr.) 61. Look at with fixed eyes 62. Former Soviet bloc 63. Vision organ 64. Three-banded Armadillo

CLUES DOWN 1. “’Lil Abner” cartoonist Al 2. Pitcher Hershiser 3. Elvis’s daughter 4. Mt. Lebanon resort town 5. Islamic civil and religious leader (var. sp.) 6. Mexican American 7. A sideways pass 8. Bunny 9. Threatening rain 10. Where one abides 11. Ardent devotees 13. Not moving 17. Ghastly pale from distress 24. Midway between E and SE 25. Writing materials sellers 26. Even golf score 27. Fabric of camel or goat hair 28. Hide from police: on the ___ 29. Patti Hearst’s captors 35. Universal Standard Time (abbr.) 36. British thermal unit 37. Own (Scottish) 38. Digital display material 40. Fall back to a former state 41. Tom __, former LA mayor 42. Runs PCs 43. Wear away 44. Russian marten furs 45. Item used for 58 across 47. A Scottish Highlander 48. Rolls-__, luxury car 49. Jeff Bridges’ brother 52. Bay Area Transit Authority 53. As fast as can be done (abbr.) 54. Metric prefix for 10 to the 12th power 55. Frankenberg river

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Thank You From Lacey Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Pet Health Center Keep your dog healthy for less with our monthly payment plan Regular preventive care is essential for your adult dog’s continued health. Our wellness plan saves you money on the total cost of recommended preventive care and treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments—making it easy to manage your dog’s healthcare costs.

Why does your adult dog need preventive care?

  The Lacey Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund would like to thank the hundreds of people who came out to our 7th Annual Lacey Day. Also we would like to thank the following sponsors and to all that donated to this years event. In 2014 we will be reaching $200.000 giving out to students throughout the city. We couldn’t have reach this goal with out the support of all our sponsors and families. If we overlooked anybody we apologize. Event Sponsor: Fishtown Lawyers - Mulvihill & Rushie LLC. Food Sponsors: Law Offices Of Sandra W. Morris, LLC., Wilson’s Check Cashing, Morgan & Smokey Brown Foundation, I.U.P.A.T District Council 21 Beverage Sponsors: Port Richmond Savings, Roman Soccer, ShopRite Aramingo, Burns Funeral Homes, Teamsters Local 929, B & D Auto Service Center, KD Financial Ser-

Keep your dog healthy for less with our monthly payment plan Regular preventative care is essential for our adult dog’s continued health. Our wellness plan saves you money on the total cost of recommended preventative care and treatments. Best of all, this plan features Vaccinations help Diseases can creep up to manage Prevention is thehealthcare key budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy your dog’s costs .

healthy dogs stay healthy quickly and quietly

to better health


Vaccinating your dog is the simplest way to keep many contagious and devastating diseases at bay. We’ll work with you to recommend aVaccinations vaccination schedule that’s help appropriate for your dog.

dogs stay

Dogs age much more rapidly than we do. Preventive care can improve your adult So even if your dog looks perfectly dog’s quality of life and help add more healthy, illness and disease could be healthy years. It’s essential for detecting lurking undetected. Physical exams and diseases early on, before Diseases can creep up they become healthy tests are crucial for finding more serious—and more expensive. quickly and quietly healthydiagnostic problems not visible to the naked eye.

Prevention is the key to better health

Canine Adult Basic Monthly Payment: One-time enrollment fee:

$34.48 $49.00

- Up to 4 Comprehensive Physical Exams


- Up to 2 Intestinal Parasite Exams - Parasitology Blood Screen (Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis Test) - Up to 4 View X-Ray Screening - Up to 2 Deworming Treatments - Recommended Core Vaccines (Including Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Rabies Vaccinations) - 10% Off Any Other Products (does not include medications) - 10% Off all Blood Tests Yearly Plan Cost: Total Retail Value:


$413.70 $517.13

103 $10300


3365 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134 • 215-739-6401 Facebook:

Save even more with pet insurance

vices, Fishtown Market, Center City Pediatrics, Var Construction Inc., Fishtown Action, Theresa & Joseph Gabor, McElvarr Funeral Home, Mike Driscoll “Ashburner Inn”, Cedar Farms, Rep. Brendan F. Boyle, Les and Doreen’s Happy Tap, Fire Fighters Local 22, Plumbers Union 690, LAOH 87 Table Sponsors: Johnny Hots, Happy 2nd Birthday Brody, ILMO Jack, Grace & Tom Dolan Hetzels Advisory Council B&D Auto Service Center Exhale Lounge, Garrisons Garage Inc, Vince Ovecka State Farm, KD Financial Services, Lou Wolff, Fishtown Fleetwash, AOH Division 51, Nova Star Pharmacy, Orange Theory Fitness, Galfand Berger LLP, 3 D Printing Service, The Ondrejka Family, James Kilpatrick ILMO Virginia Kilpatrick, Annamay & George Rost Fishtown Jewelers (2), Century 21 Lebowitz, Hollywood Tan, Project Christmas Angel, A. C Freedom Art Of Pizza, Murphs Bar, My Philly Heating & Air Condition-Mike Ruth, Gary Markley “ Always in our hearts “. Kristin, Sean, Kieran and Lacey, Hamilton Home Improvements, Starboard Side Tavern & Restaurant, Joey Dunbar. “ Always in our hearts. “ Gert Bryan Dunbar, Cheers Cafe, Murphy Family, Fishtown A.C., Celtic Shirts, Michael , Michael Jr. & Thomas Dolan, Anthony’s Cafe, Grzesnikowski family -Chet, Lisa and Chad, Post Family: Tommy, Donna, Thomas and Donna Marie, John & Jackie Kradzinski, Tina Matsumoto & Family, O’Briens Tire & Auto Service Center, LLC, Loco Pez, Erin Reily Schrack, KBO Plumbing & Heating, Senator Mike Stack, Donielle Davalos- Oberholtzer, Fran’s Deli Primos, Kelly Itzgerald - ILMO Mike Andrews Jr.

Chinese Auction: Port Richmond Savings, Ro m a n S o c c e r, D a n Shissler & Family, Renzi’s Pizzeria, Theresa Stahl, DJ Ottinger, Judy Newton Photography, Mugshot Diner, Port Richmond Pharmacy, Theresa Hair Fanatsy, Megan Donahue, Murphy Family, Tastefully Simple. Stephanie Shuster. Anthony Lemma Home Depot, Bonds Beverage, Fishtown A.C, Hallahan, Tacconelli’s, Denise Kozul & Philadelphia Eagles, Paul’s TV, Muller’s Beverage, Gares Family, Denise & Bill Dolan, Old Philly Pharmacy, MDG, Stocks Bakery, John Taylo & Family, Foursome Philmont Country Club, Regina Rohrich - Scace, Melissa M Miller & Stella & Dot, Heather Ann Felix, Robbie Gerold & Family, Primal Nutrition, Lacey Basket, Joannie Newton, Salon on 4th, Kevin Bryan & Family, Patty Wible, Santucci’s Pizza, Molly Malloy’s, Jane Lockhart, Denise, Miles & FamilY, Uncle Jimmy & Greye, Schaal Family, Big Joanie & Lil Joanie, Joey Livewell & Sean Gallagher, Leticia’s Serenity Studio Also a special thanks to: Michael DiBerardinis & Electrians - Parks & Recreation, Holy Name, Spirit Newspaper, DJ Eric, Exceptions, Cavs Catering, Anthony Lemma - Home Depot, Congressman Bob Brady, Ed Blaney family & Joe Blaney, Fishtown Tavern, Jim Kelly & Family, The Breslin Family. Thank you to Starboard SidesKevin O’Donnell and Pat Milligan for the donation from the celebrity bartending event. Thank you to the present students at Little Flower, it was so nice to see so many new faces. And the recipients that gave their time.• Thank you, The Lacey Team


Who Wants To Be A HOROSCOPES Trivia Champion? ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, it’s important to know that someone close to you supports you no matter what. Don’t let self-doubt overwhelm you. Others support you for a reason.

by Lisa Shaat. 1. In Disney’s Sno w White, which of the seven dwarfs never spoke? A. Sleepy B. Bashful C. Dopey D. Sneezy   2.Which of the following is NOT one of the Seven Deadly Sins? A. Envy B. Lust C. Wrath D. Apathy 3.What product does 7/11 stores give away for free once a year? A. coffee B. slurpees C. big gulps D. hot dogs   4.What is the seventh book of the New Testament? A. First Corinthians B. Romans C. Second Corinthians D. Luke

spine B. in the middle of your forehead C. behind your navel D. at the top of your head 10. Which of the following is NOT one of the Seven Virtues, according to Catholicism? A. Humility B. Vacuousness C. Temperance D. Diligence

VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22 Surround yourself with people who can make you feel good and provide lots of support, Virgo. This TAURUS week you may need all of Apr 21/May 21 the encouragement you Set your long-term goals can get. and work hard to make them a reality, Taurus. Goals can help you stay on track and provide much-needed motivation when you hit rough patches.

LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23 Expect a self-esteem boost when you begin to feel better about all of your options, Libra. Although you may not be in love with all GEMINI of the possibilities, many May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, even though you are very appealing. may not be getting all of the recognition you hoped at work, others are paying attention to your accomplishments. Just be a little patient.

SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you have an un11.W hich European canny sense of imagination city was built atop sevand your creativity will be en hills? running strong this week. A. Berlin Share some of your ideas CANCER B. Barcelona with a trusted friend or Jun 22/Jul 22 C. Athens Romance could be head- family member. D. Rome        12. Maryland was the 7th state to join the union. What slogan is on the Maryland quarter? A. The Bay State B. The Old Line State C. The Palmetto State D. Live Free or Die

ing in your direction, Cancer. If you are in a relationship, then that relationship might grow even stronger. Plan a romantic getaway soon.

LEO Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, you may want to keep some thoughts to yourself this week. Othsee answers on page 14 ers may not be fond of

5. “Christ the Redeemer” is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It’s considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world. In what country would you find it? A. Chile B. Brazil C. Peru D. Easter Island

1301 E. Susquehanna Avenue 215-634-1123

6. Which of the seven seas is between the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe? A. The Red Sea B. The Caspian C. The Mediterranean D. The Baltic      7. There are seven continents of the world. Which one of the following has no deserts? A. Australia B. Europe C. Asia D. India 8. According to the song, what did my true love give to me on the 7th day of Christmas? A. ladies dancing B. pipers piping C. swans-a-swimming D. geese-a-laying 9. According to most Hindu and Buddhist belief systems, where on your body is your 7th Chakra? the base of your

you rocking the boat at this time, so let things settle down.

SAT. OCT. 26 AT 8PM Hot and Cold Buffet DJ • Giveaways! PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME



SAGITTARIUS Nov 23/Dec 21 There are many cosmic energies working in your corner, Sagittarius. You just need to be in tune with the changes that are happening all around you. CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, anticipate some confusion regarding your social life this week. This can grow into a stressful situation if you let it. Instead, keep a level head and trust that things will work out. AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, career concerns dominate your thoughts these next few days, but you have other things on your mind as well. Devote ample time to all of your concerns. PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, exotic thoughts creep into your head, but you have some mundane chores that need tending to as well.


FLEA MARKETS Flea Market in Historic Penn Treaty Park Sat., Oct. 26, at Delaware and Columbia Avenues from 10AM to 3PM. Bring your own table. Send a check for $15 made out to the Tamanend Fund to Barbara Morehead, 2171 E. Letterly Street, Phila., PA 19125, or call for more information 215-425-0393. Penny Auction and Flea Market Penny Auction and Flea Market to be held at Bethel Baptist Church (2210 E. Susquehanna Ave) on Sat., Oct. 26 from 11AM – 2PM. Great items will be auctioned off including but not limited to: gift cards, perfume, books, jewelry, homemade cakes, tools, and Christmas decorations. Food will be sold. Konrad Square Flea Market The Friends of Konrad Square will host a flea market on Sat., Nov. 2, at Konrad Square Park, Tulip and Dauphin Sts, from 8AM to 3PM. Anyone interested in renting a space should call Vicky at 215-426-9654.

saturday college football games specials YUENGLING SPECIAL $2 PINTS $2 YUENGLING LIGHT LAGER BOTTLES All Day Saturday Starting at 12 Noon


$ 75


BANQUET 3 Bottles

$ 00



Miller Lite $ 00 Pitchers





$ 00




$ 00




Our Lady of Port Richmond Holds First Annual Golf Classic

Grandma’s Candle Castle Grandma’s Candle Castle

• Book & Home Shows • Fundraisers Different Scents • Book & Home Shows• •60Fundraisers

QUARTS.................................$11.00 each • 60 Different Scents Available PINTS .......................................$8.50 each SUMMER HOURS GOING ON SMALL.......................................$3.50 each SATURDAY HOURSNOW10AM-6PM HOURS: SAT. Open Every Thursday 6-9PM DISTRIBUTOR APPT.- 10AM-6PM FOR LARGE ORDERS CANDLES Except Holiday Weekends! OF LITTLE Saturday - 10ish till 3PM DISTRIBUTOR CALL Hours 215-425-3219 HOUSE OF MAKE Hours Now Until June 1, 2014. CANDLES Please note new prices;


GREAT 2508 SEPVIVA QUARTSSTREET $11.00 EACH 10% DISCOUNT HOUSE CANDLES ON PURCHASES GIFTS! PINTS $ 8.50 EACH between Firth & Cumberland Street OVER $100 MAKECANDLES $ 3.50 EACH Call Anytime SMALL 215-425-3219 GREAT GIFTS Candles 2508 SEPVIVA STREET APPOINTMENT FOR LARGE ORDERS Make 2508 SEPVIVA STREETGreat between Firth & Cumberland Street Gifts! (between Firth & Cumberland Street) Call Anytime 215-425-3219 Call Anytime 215 425 3219

Over 25 Sponsors and 78 Golfers Tee-Off In Support of Our Lady of Port Richmond Students

  Our Lady of Port Richreg hours 10-6 mond Regional Catholic thru held June 1,its Schoolnow (OLPR) very first Golf Classic on 2014. Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Bensalem Country Club. Summer weather made a



Dr. Silvana Cumani, DMD & Assoc. PC SPECIALIZING IN



2675 E. Cumberland Street 215-426-7307 •

ACCEPTS MOST MAJOR DENTAL PLANS and participate with FOP, Teamsters, Guardian, Keystone Mercy, Health Partners, Fidelio, Delta, United Concordia, Aetna, MetLife, Carpenter and more.


return just in time for a picture-perfect golf outing with 78 participants joining in support of OLPR. Father Dennis Z. Fedak, Pastoral Administrator of Our Lady of Port Richmond School, and Sister Mary Ripp, Principal, gave a rousing send-off to the golfers, who enjoyed four prize holes, a putting contest, plentiful refreshments, and thirteen raffle prizes. After a long best-ball tournament, the golfers met at Polonia Hall in Bridesburg to enjoy a delicious luncheon prepared by Beka’s Catering.   During the luncheon, the first place winners were awarded a cash prize and the first engraving on the Perpetual Trophy. Congratulations to Tom Dooley, Mike Fox, Dave Olsen, and Dave Clark for finishing 13 under par, using NO mulligans!   Thanks to the benevolence of over 25 sponsors and donors, and the generous support of the golfers, Our Lady of Port Richmond doubled its original fundraising goal and raised over $10,000 for the school’s Annual Fund. Our Lady of Port Richmond’s Annual Fund was established in 2011 in order to fortify the future of OLPR and ensure its adaptive resiliency in an otherwise uncertain environment for Catholic schools. “I am truly moved by the generosity of the sponsors and golfers, whose support of the school is quite invigorating. To have the assurance that such business leaders and community members are behind your school and its mission generates such positivity and optimism for our school’s future,” Sister Mary explained. “We are immensely grateful for their help in making the

Before getting their hole assignments, Sister Mary expressed her gratitude to the golfers and shared with them that OLPR students prayed for good weather, and clearly those prayers were answered.

The winning golfers of the first OLPR Golf Classic finished 13 under par and used no mulligans! Congratulations to Tom Dooley, Mike Fox, Dave Olsen, and Dave Clark! event such a huge success and it goes without question that we look forward to next year’s Golf Classic, and those of many years to come!”   For a full list of sponsors, donors, and volunteers, please visit olprgolfouting.•   About Our Lady of Port Richmond: Centrally located in the heart of the Port Richmond community, Our Lady of Port Richmond Regional Catholic School (OLPR) services over 350 students in pre-kindergarten (three-year-olds) through eighth grade. Its degreed and dedicated staff provides students

with a solid faith-filled education through a full academic course of study following the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Each classroom is equipped with state of the art technology and SMARTBoards, and all students experience amenities ranging from a computer lab, classroom netbook computers, iPads, art studio, an accelerated math program and college-level science lab to a full gymnasium, music studio and world language program. In addition, students enjoy a variety of extra-curricular activities including a CYO sports program and daily after school clubs. •

Teaching Sucks: But We Love It! (a little insight into the profession that you think you know) Teaching Sucks: But We Love It! (a little insight into the profession that you think you know) by Frank Stepnowski is now on sale at the Spirit Newspaper officefor $17.95. Stop in and get a copy. Teaching Sucks - But We Love It is an unapologetic retaliation to those that would blame teachers exclusively for the ills that plague modern education, a wake-up call to the uninformed masses, and a love letter to those good teachers that continue to fight the good fight in the face of nearly insurmountable odds, in a nation that seems to increasingly devalue their importance.•








Gene Rahill


Brick Pointing • Cleaning Waterproofing Caulking Masonry Coatings Stucco • Concrete Basement Walls and Floors




Good loving homes needed for children of all ages. PLEASE CALL 215-203-8733 or 1-877-nfi4kid or visit online @ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR

Advertise in the Spirit Newspaper Classifieds!


Thank you St. Jude for favors received through your intercession to the Holy Trinity. ~Anonymous EQUAL HOUSING

All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preferences, limitation, or discrimination.” We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings are available on an equal opportunity basis. Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia, 866-540-FAIR (3247).



Because You Deserve Royal Treatment


3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room and Hall

00 199 SAVE $100




REAL ESTATE SALES: new or experienced; excellent training program; private office. Call Mike Dunphy at 215-840-8399

ACCU STAFFING SERVICE P r o d u c t i o n / Wa r e house -1st & 2nd shifts. Great jobs for all and those who are bilingualSpanish. Interviewing now to fill job openings. Must have good work history; pre-screening req’d and 2 forms of ID. PLEASE CALL 215-423-2955 ext. 113 Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

JUST OPENED! Position Available Main position is Purchasing Agent with additional responsibilities for in house sales, cost estimating, production write-ups, financial analysis. Skills Required Good communication skills, good command of the English language, good math skills, proficient in Quick Books accounting program, Excel and Microsoft Access data base. Ask for Rob Henry - 215-288-9582

Drivers: Company & Owner OP’s. DryVan & Flatbed. Excellent Money & Hometime. Steady Work. 888-781-5003

Warehouse, drivers license, small cleaning company on Aramingo Ave. Experienced. 215-739-6770 after 10AM.

Administrative Position for Penn Treaty Special Services District The Penn Treaty Special Services District (“PTSSD”) is looking for a part-time Administrative Assistant to provide support to the PTSSD. Duties include attendance at the one monthly evening meeting on the third Wednesday each month, preparation of Board minutes, and other duties as assigned. This position requires strong organizational skills and will involve a commitment of approximately 25 hours per month. Interested candidates should email their resume to Rick Angeli at:



ROOMS FOR RENT Kensington and Port Richmond - fully furnished, safe, utilities included. $300/mo. Call 267-475-3929.

Rooms for Rent. Kensington and Fishtown. Fully furnished, safe and clean. $250 and $350. Call 215-200-2960

2900 Blk. Frankford Ave. - 2 rooms, efficiency. Call 856-305-1556.

25xx Frankford Ave. Priv. furn. shared bth & kit. $375; priv. bth & kit. $500. 215-941-3000.

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 1 apt; 2 & 3 BR houses, Port Richmond & Fishtown. Good credit, no pets. 215-425-3086.


Large 1 BR apt., 23xx E. Clearfield St., recently renovated. $675 a month incl. water & heat. Call 609-668-9409.

2BR Apt. - 25xx Frankford Ave. 2nd flr, $650 + util. 215-941-3000. Aramingo & Lehigh - 1 BR, 2nd flr, eat in kit, diwhwasher, liv. rm, $650/mn + util. Call Joan 267-2575447.


• Shop for Sale. 2880 sq. ft., 3 phase electrical service, air compressor. • 4 auto cylinder heads & block. Reasonable price. Call Bob - 215-692-0676 ROOFING

Peoples Roofing, Inc. We Will Beat Any Written Estimate All Types of Roofing Specializing in Rubber Roofs

215-335-1448 or 215-535-6990 Lic & Insured - Lic #000142



UP TO $1100 CASH $500 CASH







NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE - OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisfy the lien of the landlord, at Public Sale by competitive bidding on October 29, 2013 @ 2pm. Locker Room Self Storage, Inc. Located at 4391 Aramingo Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19124. The personal goods stored in space No: #1219 – Banks, Ebony #935 – Blecker, Erica #504 – Cliett, Everett #1223 – Gibbons, Kelly #1719 – Mabery, Rahaim #1310 – Moore, Leonard #1720 – Rahman, Muhammed #1132 – Reese, Jasmine #1817 – Shaw, Michael

#137 – Barclay, Robert #1227 – Burke, Jennifer #1518 – Connors, Jemel #937 – Williams, Ikram #1026 – Marciano, Patricia #1110 – Quinones, Pablo #139 – Raila, Doreen #401 – Sanchez, Venus #104 – Whitmore, Amanda

Purchase must be made in cash only and paid for at the time of sale, along with a refundable cash deposit. All goods are sold as is and must be removed at time of purchase. Sale is subject to adjournament and we reserve the right to determine an opening bid. LOCKER ROOM SELF STORAGE, INC. (215) 535-8885

LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF INTENT TO REMEDIATE TO AN ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARD Notice is hereby given that DB Real Estate Assets, II (Remediator) has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection a Notice of Intent to Remediate (NIR) a site located at 8000 Pine Road, Philadelphia (the site). The Remediator has indicated that the proposed remediation measures will be pathway elimination and will result in the attainment of the Site Specific Standards for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, MTBE, naphthalene, isopropylbenzene, 1,2-dichloroethane,1,2-dibromoethane,1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene and lead in soil and groundwater, under the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act. The Act provides for a 30-day public comment period for sitespecific standard remediations. The 30-day comment period is hereby initiated with the publication of this notice. Until February 23, Philadelphia Department of Health may submit a request to the Remediator to be involved in the development of the remediation and reuse plans for the site. Philadelphia Department of Health may also submit a request to the Remediator during this 30-day comment period to develop and implement a public involvement plan.Copies of these requests and of any comments should also be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Southeast Regional Office, Environmental Cleanup Program, 2 East Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401, Attention: Mr. Steven Sinding. This notice is made under the provision of the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, the act of May 19, 1995, Act No. 1995-2 (the “Act”).

610-604-4411 ◦





• Washers •Dryers • Stoves • Refrigerators 24-Hr. Emergency Service $ 1000 Charge For Estimate No Charge With Repair


Trivia Answers Part One: 5 points each 1. C. Dopey   2. D. apathy 3. B. slurpees 4. A. First Corinthians Part Two: 10 points each 5. B. Brazil 6. C. The Mediterranean 7. B. Europe 8. C. swans-a-swimming Part Three: 15 points each 9. D. at the top of your head 10. B. Vacuousness 11. D. Rome 12. B. The Old Line State Scoring Under 50: Trivia Amateur 50-85: Trivia Buff 90-115: Trivia Whiz 120: TRIVIA CHAMPION! Check me out on facebook:  Lisa Winnick Shaat.  Feel free to send me your topic ideas, how you scored, feedback, or book me for your next quizzo party!

LOPR Trip to Lancaster

The Ladies of Port Richmond will be taking a trip to the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA, to see The First Noel Christmas on Sat., Nov. 30. Cost: adults: $100; children (11 to 17) $70, (under 10) $60. Installment payments can be arranged. Depart at 9:30AM from Campbell Square Park, Belgrade and Allegheny Ave., dinner, 7:45PM – depart for home, 9:30PM – approx. arrival time. For reservations call Mary Lou Leuters at 215-427-3222.•)

Senior Trip to Branson, MO Senior Ron Aways presents trip to Branson, MO on Sept. 21-26, 2014 for 6 days and 5 nights. Package includes motor coach transportation, accomodations, 5 breakfasts, 3 dinners, 1 dinner cruise with entertainment, 6 shows, visit to Imax Complex, shopping, taxes and meal gratuities and baggage handling included. Only $879 pp/dbl. For more information and reservations call Nancy at 803-720-0310 or Josephine at 215-634-1307. •

Answers to Autumn Word Search


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the Museum Gift Shop and an afternoon of merriment. Admission is free. Sponsored by the Polish American Cultural Center Museum and the Polish American Congress. Spread the word! For more information, call the Polish American Center Museum at 215-922-1700. Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser Mark your calendar for the Sun., Oct. 27 Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser to held at the Commodore Barry Club (the Irish Center), Emlen St. and Carpenter Lane in Mt. Airy, from 4-8PM. Many area musicians are slated to perform including Tom Brett, McHugh and O’Neill, Clyde Croasdale, Terry Kane, Andy Maher and his band, Cletus McBride, and Irish dancers. Special guest Bernadette McBride Duffy, 2010 Bucks County Poet Laureat, will read from her recently published book. “Waiting for the Light to Change”, as well. All proceeds ($15 at the door, cash bar) will be forwarded to the “Blue Ladies” of Port Richmond, a group comprising of women who have either had or have breast cancer. Contact Cletus McBride at 215-245-1791 or cletus to learn more. 22nd Annual Lupus Loop 5K Run/Walk Sun., Oct. 27 at 9AM at Fairmount Park Memorial Hall Loop, 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia. Join us in the fight to end lupus! The Loop will take place in Fairmount Park, across from the Please Touch Museum. Register today at! Polish Harvest Festival “Dozynki” On Sun., Oct. 27, everyone is invited to the Polish Harvest Festival “Dozynki”, from 12 noon to 4PM in St. Adalbert Auditorium, Thompson St. and Allegheny Ave. in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Polish food and refreshments will be available, live music, performances by Polish Folk Dance groups, featured items from the Museum Gift Shop and an afternoon of merriment. Admission is free. Sponsored by the Polish American Cultural Center Museum and the Polish American Congress. Spread the word! For more information, call the Polish American Center Museum at 215-922-1700. PRO-ACT Family Addiction Education Program Serves Philadelphia Sessions begin week of Nov. 5 in Northeast Philadelphia, Northern Liberties and North Philadelphia. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the disease affects the entire family. Each month PRO-ACT (Pennsylvania Recovery Organization–Achieving Community Together) hosts a Family Addiction Education Program to help individuals and family recognize and address an ad-

diction problem in a spouse, parent, child or other loved one. Facilitated by trained volunteers who have been in the same situation, these information and support programs run one evening a week for three consecutive weeks at three locations in Philadelphia. Sessions in Northeast Philadelphia meet on the first three Tues. of the month, from 7-9PM, at CORA Services. In North Philadelphia, sessions are held on the first three Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30PM at the Philadelphia Recovery Community Center. Sessions are also held on the first three Thurs. from 6:30-8:30PM at the PRO-ACT office in Northern Liberties. Sessions are free and confidential—first names only. Pre-registration is required. To register, call 800-221-6333, weekdays 9 AM through 5PM or visit programs/pro-act/familyeducation-program/. Fill A Cart/ Help A Vet AOH-LAOH Div. 51 Fishtown will hold their annual Fill-A-Cart Help A Vet In Need Collection outside the Port Richmond Thriftway, 2497 Aramingo Ave., on Fri., Nov. 1 from 3-8PM; Sat., Nov. 2 from 10AM-6PM; and Sun., Nov. 3 from 12-6PM. ALL proceeds go to help the Veterans. Accepting donations such as canned goods, food items, cash, and other personal items. If anyone would like to donate to the cause, come to Thriftway on the above dates. Thanks! Free Total Joint Replacement Classes at Nazareth Hospital Thinking about having a Total Joint Replacement? Scheduled to have a Total Joint Replacement? You and your family are invited to learn more about Total Joint Replacement at Nazareth Hospital by attending a free class. The classes are held twice a month at Nazareth Hospital’s Marian Conference Center, 2601 Holme Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19152. Registration is required. Call 215335-6313 to reserve your seat; please provide your name, telephone number, number of people attending, and if available, date of your surgery, and name of your surgeon. Upcoming dates are: Wednesday evenings at 6PM, Monday mornings at 11:30AM - Nov. 6, Nov. 18, Dec. 4, Dec. 16. For more information about orthopedics at Nazareth Hospital, call 1.866.NAZARETH (1-866-629-2738). Franklin Towne Charter High School Annual Beef & Beer Franklin Towne Charter High School will hold their Annual Beef and Beer on Fri., Nov. 8, at 7PM at Cannstatter Volksfest Verein Hall, 9130 Academy Road. There will be Baskets for Silent Auction and also multiple 50/50 Chances.

Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased at Franklin Towne Charter High School, 5301 Tacony St., or you can get tickets at the door for $25. Heart Walk for Erin McDermott H e a r t Wa l k f o r E r i n McDermott will take place at Citizens Bank, One Citizens Bank Way. Sat., Nov. 9, starting at 10AM. A Fun Raiser will be held after walk at 2PM at Kenbo’s Nut Hut at Frankford Ave. and Norris St. Open Buffet! Baskets of cheer, many other great prizes. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association. Hope to see everyone there. For further information call Shirley or Donna at 215-254-4425.

23, 30; and Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28. • Preschool Storytime will be held the first Wed. of each month at 10:30AM. Contact Sheila for more information at 215-685-9992. Beef & Beer to Benefit Palmer Cemetery Beef & Beer to be held on Sat., Nov. 23 from 7-11PM at Holy Name of Jesus Church Hall, Berks and Gaul Streets. DJ, Food, Drinks, Chinese Auction, Raffles. All proceeds benefit our neighborhood Palmer Cemetery. Tickets are $25. Contact Nancy Bartelle at Be Dazzled Hair Salon, 1365 E. Montgomery Ave. at Belgrade St. or call 215-426-4010.

St. Anne’s All Class Reunion Tickets are on sale now for the first annual St. Anne’s Reunion Committee All Class Reunion to be held on Sat., Nov. 9 – 2-6PM at Cottage Green, 9001 Ashton Road. Tickets are $50 per person. Includes dinner, open bar, food, dancing and great company. To purchase tickets contact: Nellie Hohenstein – 215-634-4665 or email – nellieh307@; Maryann Kaczorowski – 215-427-1316 or email – kaczm@comcast. net; Peggy Weinman – 215668-3875 or email –; Theresa Stahl – 215-425-3219 or email – puffmomma3@ No tickets will be sold after Oct. 19. Buy early, don’t miss out. Limited number of tickets available. All sales are final.

PR Tigers To Hold Texas/Holdem/ Monte Carlo Nite

Bethesda Methodist Church Pot Pie Sale

Here Comes Santa Claus Right Into Your Own Home If you are the lucky winner

Bethesda Methodist Church, 2820 E. Venango St. is having a Fishers Pot Pie Sale on Sat., Nov. 16 from 11Am-2:30PM. Pie orders must be in by Sun., Nov. 10. Call Loretta at 215-634-0896 or Betty at 215-537-8456 to order. Come have lunch. Kitchen will be selling hot dogs, hoagies, etc. Richmond Library Events • Kid’s Cook Monday!! Healthy eating is important for all ages! Bring your kids by for a lesson on healthy eating and an interactive cooking demo at the Richmond Library. Registration required and spots are limited. For more information, stop in and see Sheila. Mon., Nov. 18 from 3:30-4:30PM. •Mommy and Me! Parents and preschool aged kids can join Stephanie, the ShopRite of Aramingo Avenue’s in-store Dietitian, as she reads a book to the kids. Stay until the end to sample a tasty treat! Wed., Nov. 20 at 10:30AM. • Basic English Conversation Group starting on Sat., Oct.19 from 3-4:30PM. This is a great way to practice speaking everyday English. ALL are welcome. For more info, contact Jerry at 215-685-9992. Saturdays: Oct. 26; Nov. 2, 9, 16,

The Port Richmond Tigers will sponsor a Texas/Holdem/Monte Carlo Nite on Sat., Nov. 23 at the Polish American Club (Allegheny Ave. at Richmond St.) Tournament will start at 7PM; registration and doors open at 6PM. Buy-in is $30 with big cash prizes to the winners. Register early by Wed., Nov. 20 for a chance to win “Early Bird Bonus Drawing”. There will be many games of chance available as well as food and beverages. For more info, call Tigers clubhouse at 215-423-7611 or Tom Mack – 215-275-8838. Check out “Port Richmond Tigers” facebook.

Santa & Mrs. Claus will visit your home on Sun., Dec. 1 from 3:30 – 4:30PM. Chances $5 each or 3 for $10. Proceeds benefit St. Anne’s Development Fund. Tickets are available after Mass at St. Anne Church and in the rectory. 215739-4590.•


Sid Needs A Home!   Hey, friends! Sid, here, and I am a distinguished older gentleman, as you can see from my handsome white whiskers. I’m a trim 45 pounds, making me the perfect size for just about any comfy sofa you might want to share. My favorite food is string cheese, and my favorite past-times include sun bathing, channel surfing, and snuggling with my friends. I can be calm when it’s movie night, but I’ll still be pumped for our hike the next morning. I also try to do all of my bathroom business outside! Bring the whole family down to meet me, and be sure to ask for Sid!   If you have dogs of your own, you’ll need to bring at least one in to meet any potential dogs and make sure there is no major personality clash. Please also bring proof that you are allowed dogs/cats at your home if you rent.   Sid is located at ACCT -111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140. Phone: 267-385-3800 (ask for the Lifesaving Department!) Email: adopt@acctphilly. org.   More about Sid: Primary

colors: Chestnut with White markings • Coat length: Short.   If you have any questions about Sid, email• ... by Sue Senn Pet of the Week is a courtesy of the PHILLY PET HEALTH CENTER, 3365 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134. Caring, Reliable, and Affordable veterinary care in the heart of Port Richmond / Kensington!•


WHITE CLAYTON MARTIN, Oct. 13, 2013, age 80, died early Sunday morning at St. Ignatius Nursing Home, 4401 Haverford Ave., Phila. PA 19123, formerly of Fishtown and Spring Garden Section of Phila. Son of Jonas Presullivan White; Brother of Margaret, Virginia, Norma and Jonas White Jr.; friend and care taker, Earle C. Beach. Arr. by DINAN FUNERAL HOME

Burns Family Funeral Homes Family Owned and Operated Since 1939

Burns Funeral Home, Inc. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1428 E. Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125 Phone: 215-634-6858 Robert J. Burns, Sr., Supv.

9708 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114 Phone: 215-637-1414 Gerard J. Burns, Supv.

Martin J. Burns Funeral Home, Inc. 1514 Woodbourne Road Levittown, PA 19057 Phone: 215-547-3040 Lisa Burns Campbell, Supv.



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