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The Race to Baltimore A Star Spangled Regatta

“N Beauty and Protection ##Cuore di Leone at the Race to Baltimore. Photo by Adam Podbielski

by Adam Podbielski

auta Dormit Victus” recites Bill Carruth, who raced his J/105 Peregrine in the annual Race to Baltimore this year, hosted by the Baltimore City Yacht Association (BCYA). “The sailor who snoozes, loses,” as it is roughly translated, has unofficially been adopted as the motto of the spirited club, which also holds a vibrant Tuesday Night Racing Series throughout the season.  The Race to Baltimore is one of two distance races the club hosts each year and is a favorite among racers north of the Bay Bridge. The race starts at Baltimore Light, at the mouth of the Magothy River, and races back to Baltimore’s picturesque Inner Harbor, straight past the flag-painted buoy marking the spot where Francis Scott Key penned his little diddy. This year’s race saw almost 50 boats compete in eight fleets, including the J/105s as a one-design class.  The rendezvous at Baltimore Light saw some excitement when a passing rain storm ended up producing a waterspout that touched down on the Bay near the Eastern Shore. Though it kept its distance, the water-fueled tornado inevitably raised the hair of at least a few sailors as they prepared for the start of the race.  BA’s Race Committee managed to plot a course with a great downwind leg, de-

spite the prevailing northwesterly breeze coming straight from the finish. Variable winds around the Bay, however, prompted a shortening of the 26-mile course to just under 22 miles, while the PHRF C and Non-Spin fleets ended up sailing about 11 miles. Randy Gray, who raced on the J/111 Cuore di Leone, reported seeing lows from three knots to gusts up in the mid-teens. Gray also remarked that “some boats learned the hard way—rock hard—to leave room rounding Craig Hill Lighthouse!” One of the major draws for this race is the amazing party that BCYA throws, and this year’s was no exception. Anchorage Marina, which is going through a bit of a renaissance under its new management, provided undoubtedly the best spot in the harbor to host 200 sailors on a warm summer night. Guests enjoyed catering by Andy Nelson’s BBQ and drinks by Peabody Height Brewery and Blackwater Distilling, as they took in the beautiful sunset over the city skyline from Anchorage’s waterfront party deck. “I think the party was great... based on how I felt in the morning” jested Ian Craig, BCYA›s vice commodore, who raced his B-25 Project Mayhem. 

Top Three Class Results for the Race to Baltimore: PHRF A 1. Monkey Dust, Craig and Dotty Saunders 2. Afterschock, Paul Susie 3. Squeezeplay, Gregg Brinegar J/105 1. 1. Intentionally Left Blank, John White 2. Jester, Hugh Bethell 3. Crescendo, Angelo Guarino PHRF B 1. Incommunicado, Tracey/Polk 2. Liquid Limit 2, David Kozera 3. Infrared, Bob Sopka PHRF C 1. .45, Patrick Seidel 2. Meatball, Mike Zapf 3. Devil Dog, Robinson/Jensen Multihull A 1. Fair Curve, John Nicholson 2. Thrill Ride, Jim Parrott 3. Temple of the Wind, Douglas Dykman Multihull B 1. Flipper, John Wayshner 2. Osprey, Doug Palmer CRCA-ORR 1. Serenity, Frank McGowan 2. Five O’Clock, Michael Jewell

##Party time at Anchorage Marina! Photo by Adam Podbielski

76 August 2017

Check out for full race results, and be sure to mark your calendars for BCYA’s Harbor Cup coming up October 21 to be topped off with another great party!

Photo: onne van de Wal

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