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SELECTION 1 From the Source Photographic Archives collection Version 1, September 2013

SOURCE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES Cloonlara, Swinford, County Mayo. Ireland

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Co Kerry. Marie-Claire. B176 Co Kerry. Marie-Claire. B173

Hollymount, County Mayo. Church with iron spire. Tom Kennedy B4541

Lough Owel, Co Westmeath. Tom Kennedy c7311 By Lough Cullen. Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c5712

Munitions fort, Phoenix Park, Dublin. Tom Kennedy c7204

Cork. Tom Kennedy. S116 Co Sligo. Tom Kennedy. c7310

Turlough round tower, Co Mayo Tom Kennedy S985

City Quay, Dublin. Tom Kennedy s81 Co Meath. Tom Kennedy. c6511

Clare Island and Clew Bay, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy.

Burren, Co Clare. Tom Kennedy. c1777 Poolbeg, Dublin. Tom Kennedy c2645

Donegal. Tom Kennedy. S117

Castlebar, Co Mayo. Wynne collection. B372v2 Co Westmeath. Tom Kennedy. B4615

Leixlip, Co Kildare Tom Kennedy. c1623

Denmark Street, Dublin. Lamp holder. Tom Kennedy Co Longford. Tom Kennedy. c2726. Tom Kennedy

Church and round tower, Lusk, Co Dublin Tom Kennedy. c5685

Little house. Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy Bn4411 Shrule, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy B4539

Co Meath. Tom Kennedy. S151

View from Nephin. Co Mayo Tom Kennedy S9856 Portmarnock. Tom Kennedy. c3697

Water pump, Malahide, Dublin. Tom Kennedy

Charlestown, Co Mayo. Wynne collection. B280 Callow Lake, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy. S9997

Mountjoy Square, Dublin. Tom Kennedy c4810

Killarney. Marie-Claire B182

Killarney. Marie-Claire B181

Knock, Co Mayo Tom Kennedy S3323

Ardmore, Co Waterford. Tom Kennedy. CN116 36 Straide, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S10453

Marie Claire, Co Kerry B180

Co Kildare. Tom Kennedy S279 Achill Sound, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S10681

Knock, Co Mayo Erwyn van Meurs B5180

Ardmore, Co Waterford. Tom Kennedy. CN 116-28 Near Swinford, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy B984

Co Cork. Tom Kennedy S2

Glendalough, Co Wicklow. Tom Kennedy C1311 Balla, round tower stump, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S9800

Dolmen at Ballina, Co Mayo S9816 Tom Kennedy

Near Claremorris, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S9807 Mayo abbey. Tom Kennedy S9810

Tourists, College Green, Dublin. Tom Kennedy S69

Dublin, Clanbrassal Street. Tom Kennedy. S73 Glendalough. Tom Kennedy. c3716

Road to the Reek, Co Mayo. Wynne collection. DS9934

Cloonlara, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S9827 Achill, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S10016

Hooker at Kilronan, Aran Islands. Leo Daly. S1057

Achill, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy S10015 Gathering seaweed. Co Sligo. Tom Kennedy S964

Co Donegal. Tom Kennedy. S12

Foxford, Co Mayo Co Westmeath, Lough Owel,. Tom Kennedy. c3763

Murphs, Dublin. Tom Kennedy

View towards Bray Head. Tom Kennedy. c3834 Kinsale, Co Cork c3844 Tom Kennedy

Wicklow mountains. Tom Kennedy. S951

Cloonlara, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c1585

Achill Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c1585

Charles Fort, Kinsale. Tom Kennedy. c3846

Clew Bay, Co Mayo . Tom Kennedy c2291 Co Leitrim. Tom Kennedy. c5678

Statue, Cork.

Clew Bay, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c2554 Frenchpark. Co Roscommon. Tom Kennedy. S876

Co Roscommon Tom Kennedy. S823

Co Roscommon. Tom Kennedy. c5618

Clew Bay, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c2560

Co Leitrim. Tom Kennedy. c4800

Funfair, Tallaght, Dublin. Tom Kennedy. S832 c3753. Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Cloonlara, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy. c4800

By Clew Bay, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c2560 Back of the Reek, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy c2560

Clew Bay, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Cloondara by Shannon, Co Longford. Tom Kennedy. c4746 View toward Croagh Patrick. Tom Kennedy c4057

By Shannon, Co Longford. . Tom Kennedy. c3874

Sugar Loaf, Co Wicklow. Tom Kennedy. c3890

Sugar Loaf, Co Wicklow. Tom Kennedy. c4540

Lough Dann, Co Wicklow. Tom Kennedy c4335

Off Clare Island, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Co Kilkenny, round tower. Tom Kennedy c4236

C3719 Glendalough, Co Wicklow. Tom Kennedy

Dunamase, Co Laois. Tom Kennedy. c3949

Dolmen at Knocknahur, Co Sligo. Tom Kennedy. S282

Caher Castle, Co Tipperary Tom Kennedy c4243

Lough Cullen, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Horses near Swinford, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Climbing Croagh Patrick Tom Kennedy

Belmullet, currach, Co Mayo Tom Kennedy 179-3-9a Dunamase, Co Laois. Tom Kennedy c3940

Loading the ferry to Aran Islands Tom Kennedy S370

Dunamase, Co Laois. Tom Kennedy. c3934 Co Sligo. Tom Kennedy. S361

By Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Stacking turf, Co Donegal. Tom Kennedy B7719 Kilkenny Castle. Tom Kennedy

Mist over Croagh Patrick. Tom Kennedy

By Swinforx, ancient mount, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy Overlooking Lough Conn, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Snow in Ox Mountains, Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy

Co Mayo. Tom Kennedy. c7271 B253. Herbert Park. Tom Kennedy

Five Lamps, Dublin. Tom Kennedy Bn4170

B27. Tom Kennedy Parnell Square, Dublin. S10226 Tom Kennedy

Caple Street Bridge Dublin.. Tom Kennedy. Bn8872

Nastursian leaf. B507. Tom Kennedy Nails B4875. Tom Kennedy

B26 Door knocker, Dublin. Tom Kennedy

Fencing. S9652 Cat. B5531. Tom Kennedy


Waterfall. B36 Tom Kennedy

Bn7950 Sandymount Strand, Dublin. B6153. Tom Kennedy Horse shoe. c670. Tom Kennedy

Cork, entrance to UCC Tom Kennedy B2443

Leaf. c1050. Tom Kennedy Poolbeg, Dublin. c4544. Tom Kennedy

Knocker, Cork. B2786 Tom Kennedy


Candles. c4794. Tom Kennedy Poolbeg. c6429. Tom Kennedy

Mountains, Spain. B5613 Tom Kennedy

Sandymount at Merrion. C3707 Tom Kennedy By Shannon. c3870. Tom Kennedy

Sun dial, Co Dublin. c6443 Tom Kennedy

A118 Sand. CN102-11. Tom Kennedy

Winter trees, Galway DS7400. Tom Kennedy

Waterfall. c7160 Tom Kennedy

Moving boiler, Foxford. Fox19 Front Square, TCD. L6118. Tom Kennedy

Setts, Cork. S5871 Tom Kennedy


Track, City Quay, Dublin. S7550. Tom Kennedy Co Longford. S379. Tom Kennedy

Ballast Office clock, Dublin. S608 Tom Kennedy

Co Kerry. S4012. Tom Kennedy Hawthorn tree. Phoenix Park. S4163. Tom Kennedy

Decorative stone plaque, Kildare Street, Dublin. S4027 Tom Kennedy

Holland. S9183. Tom Kennedy Swing montage. S9356. Tom Kennedy

Bulb. S7517 Tom Kennedy

O’Connell Bridge. Tom Kennedy. B1788 Dominick Street. Tom Kennedy. c2154

Museum Building, TCD Tom Kennedy. B5539

Malahide Castle. Tom Kennedy. c2666 Hell Fire Club. Tom Kennedy. c3161

c3192 Monkstown, Dunlin . Tom Kennedy

Rathmines.. Dublin. Tom Kennedy. c3745 Tom Kennedy, Dublin By. c6434

Baily Lighthouse, Howth Head. Tom Kennedy. c3250

International exhibition, Dublin 1907. Bn8014

Mulligan’s, Poolbeg Street, lith print. Tom Kennedy. L93B

Matt Talbot memorial, City Quay Tom Kennedy. c5945

Poolbeg, Dublin. Tom Kennedy. S7552 Howth. Tom Kennedy. S7554

Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Tom Kennedy. c6475

Off Moore Street. Tom Kennedy. S14 Pembroke Road, Dublin. Tom Kennedy. S24

Eccles Street. Tom Kennedy. S32

Hector Gray in Liffey Street. Tom Kennedy. S85 Foxford Woollen Mills DF68

Eyebright, Copper toned print Tom Kennedy, DB405

Westport, County Mayo. Wynne. Ballina. Wynne collection. S10147

Class at St Joseph’s school, Foxford. DF48

Poteen makier under arrest. Wynne collection. DS10338v2 Gardiner Street, Dublin. Tom Kennedy. DSv2 386

Cookery class. Foxford. DF130

Evicted family. Islandeady. Wynne collection. DS10158 Road into Sligo. Wynne collection. DS9958

Train at Balla. Wynne collection. DS9947

Building church, Castlebar. Wynne collection. DS9935 Knock with crutches left by the faithful. Wynne collection. DS9926

Castlebar, fair day. Wynne collection. DS9937

Castlebar, Stabol. Wynne collection. DS9891 Black headed gull, Ringsend. Tom Kennedy. DS7804v4

Ballyhaunis. Wynne collection. DS9922

Kinvara, Burren, Co Clare. CN128-19. Tom Kennedy B7894 Enniscrone. Co Sligo. Tom Kennedy

S10014 Co Clare. Tom Kennedy

S10506 Armagh. Tom Kennedy

SOURCE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES Cloonlara, Swinford, County Mayo. Ireland —

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