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SOURCE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES Cloonlara, Swinford, County Mayo. Ireland

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Source Photographic Archives An image library established in 1974 to preserve and make the work of contributing press, creative and documentary photographers available to publishers.


This catalogue has a selection of well-known or historical figures from our files together with their library reference numbers and credits. In the first part, are some original photographs. In the second section a few of the many images in our library from secondary sources. At the end of this condensed catalogue is a listing of personalities available from our files. The secondary sources include books, woodcuts and other images in our library. Other catalogues in this series include Ireland, Thematic images, Ironwork, Leo Daly photographs, Netherlands Wild plants, Wynne 19th century West of Ireland, Corsica, France, Dublin, Mayo and lots more to come.


Bn 7839 Charles Darwin

Bn 7821 Edward Carson


Agnes Morrogh-Bernard , foundress of Foxford Woollen Mills. Fox 212. S941 Justin Keating. Photo: Rod Tuach

Joe Clarke, Republican. Bn 3084 Bn 3083. S726 Kevin Street January 1973.Photo: Tom Kennedy

S10342 Capt Boycott with volunteers. Boycott is top row four from right. Wynne collection.

S2595, S3209. Niel Jordan, Listowel, Co Kerry. Photo: Tom Kennedy


Queen Elizabeth., S2281 Photo: Robin Weaver. 218-3-8


S942 Devalera, Photo: Rod Tuach

A324 Hector Gray, Liffey Street, Dublin. Tom Kennedy Year 1968

S9943 DeValera addressing meeting, Castlebar. Wynne



George Morrison, S344 Bn 1203. Year 1970. Photo Tom Kennedy

Thomas Ashe, W15-3-3 (Wynne)

Maud Gonne. B341 ,Wynne

BW 15 Jeremiah J Hogan, BW 15, President UCD 1964-72. Photo: Tom Kennedy

Liam Cosgrave B889. . Photo: Tom Kennedy


Michael Foot 218-2-10 Photo: Roben Weaver


S3344 114-7-25a Brendan Kennelly at Listowel. July 1980. Photo: Tom Kennedy

Ted Nealon, S1651 and Garret Fitzgerald. S1651 December 1977. Photo: Tom Kennedy

S2880 Liam O Leary, film archivist. Photo: Tom Kennedy



Fr Peyton, the Rosary priest. 126-1-1a, July 1980. Photo: Tom Kennedy

Wilson, Harold. 218-2-12. Photo: Robin Weaver. S2294

W49-4-1 Major J McBride

Oisin Kelly, sculptor. S701 Photo: Rod Tuach.

Margaret Thatcher. S3417. Ronin Weaver.


Kaiser. S4903 B8338

Parnell, B4674

Pius X Pope B4952

Salsbury , Lord, S1055B

Bismark and the Kaiser 175-4-15


Gladstone B4672

Cullen ,Archbishop Paul B4984

Strauss J, S1001



Balzac , Honore 180-5-28

Barbarossa 248-7-33a

Arabi Pasha, Egypt. 175-4-19a

Chaucer, Geof. 190-7-19

Nicholas, Czar B8116

French, Sir J ., Inspector Gemeral. B8110

Maud, Queen of Norway, B7997

Longfellow 161-6


Gibbon, Ed. 190-6-29

Henry IV, King 1056-1106. 223-7-5


Dumas, Alexandre B4952 S9805

Manning at age 81. 175-6-39

Tyndall. S4387 Monk, General 1608-1670. Bn 7970

Shakespeare. B6595

Stevenson., Robert 161-6-x



Gutenberg, Johannes. S1218. Bn 6934

Pasteur, Louis. B7954

Young, Bingham. Bn 6580

Stephenson, R. Engineer. 161-5

Peter the Great. A403

Bonny, Anne. 287-7-36

Kitchner, Viscount. Bn 8095

Luther, Martin. S4056 Kipling, Rudyard 214-2-x

Listing of personalities in our library Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of Turkey. Aberdeen, Lady. 19th cent. Ref: 108-2 Acton, Lord. Historian and author. Ref: 180-2 Addison, Joseph. Author. Ref: 191-6. 190-6-28 Adler, Herman. Rabbi. 1839-x. Ref: 180-2 Aesop. cBC 620-560. Ref: 187-6 Alexander, the Great. Ref: 68-1 Alexandra, Queen. c1910. Ref: Bn 8115. Bn 5598 Alexius, 11th century. Bn 6948. Alfonso XIII B7827. B81125. B7826 Alfred, 1st Baron TennysonTennyson, 1809-1892. Ref: 72-7. 176-1. 175-7. 178-3. 181-6. 189-7. 193-5 Alfred, Austin, poet. 1835-. Ref: 180-5 Alverstone, Lord. Chief Justice England. Ref: 180-2 Amedeo Avogadro*. Scientist. 224-4-29 Ameli, Marie. Consort of Louis Philippe. 1782-1866. Ref: 72-2. Ampére. Ref: 224-7 Anderson, Hans Christian, 1805-75. Ref: 187-7 Andrews, Millie*. Actress. B4660 Anne, Princess. S17 Antonelli, Cardinal. Arani, Pasha. Egypt. Ref: 175-4. 175-1-9a Archer, Frederick Scott. 1813-1857. Ref: Neg 224-6-19. Argyll, Duke. b1823. Ref: 176-5 Armstrong, Sir John Ward. Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888. Poet. Ref: 189-4. 193-4. 192-4-x Arthur, Princess Connaught. Ref: Bn 8111 Ashby, Robert. S2754. Ashe, Thomas. W15-3-3 Asquith, Right Hon Herbert, 1852-x Ref: 180-4 Aston, Dr F W, physicist. Ref: 224-3-35. Auber, Daniel. 1782-1871. Composer, French. Ref: 219-1-34. Aurangzib, Great Mogul, woodcut 1655. Ref: Austin, Jane. 1775-1817. Ref: 180-5 Avogadro, Amadeo, scientist. 1776-1856. Ref: 224-4-29. Bacon, Francis. Ref: 191-7

Baex, Joan. Tuach. Bajazet I. Ottoman emperor. Ref: Bn 6943. Balfour, A J. 1848-x. Ref: 180-5. S4276. Ball, Lewis, actor. Ref: 108-3 Balzac, Honoré. 1799-1850. Novelist. Ref: 180-5 Bannerman, Henry Campbell. 1836-. Chief Sec Ireland. Ref: 176-2. 176-3. Barbarossa 248-7-33a Barnapus, Saint*. B6498 Barrett, Wilson. 1846-. Author and actor. Ref: 177-2 Barrie J M. 1860-. Author. Ref: 180-5 Barrington, John. Lord Mayor Dublin. Ref: 69-4 Barry W. Sir. Explorer. Ref: 180-3 Baster, Dr A S J. Economist Britain. Ref: 195-6 Beardsley, Aubrey. 1872-1898. Ref: 73-2. 182-1. 182-2. Beatrice, Princess. Victoria’s daughter. Ref: 176-5 Behan, Brendan. Ref: 68-3 Behan, John. (Pat Langan photo) S685 Berlin, Irving. Composer, c 1910. Ref: Bn 7016 Bernadette, Saint. Ref 193-1 Bernardini, Cardinal. In group. Bn 2109 Bernhardt, Sarah. c1910. Ref: Bn 7011 Bianconi, Charles. Ref: 77-1 Bigger, J G. Lang League and MP. Ref: 70-3. Bn 3000 Billy, King. Ref: S758 Bingham, Sir Richard. 1564. Ref: 66-2 Bismark. Ref: 77-3. 69-1. 175-4. Black, William. Novelist. b1841. Ref: 176-5 Blacker. British psychologist. b1895. Ref: 195-6 Blackie, Prof. Classical scholar. b1809. Ref: 175-7-29 Blaney, Niel. In group. Ref: Bn 1995 Bonaparte, Princess M L. 1902. Ref: Bn 7204 Bonny, Anne, pirate. 287-7-36 Booth, Charles. Salvation Army. Ref: 175-1 Booth, Rosie, actress. Ref: Bn 1135 Bordenskjold, Baron. Explorer. Bn 7957. 180-5 Boycott, Captain. Ref: 70-2. S10342

Listing of personalities in our library Boyle, Patrick. Writer. Photo Pat Langan. Ref: S657 Boylean, Mary. 16th century. Ref: 61-2 Brabant, duc de. Prince Leopold. Ref: Bn 8119 Brackenbury, Sir Henry. b1866. Writer and doctor. Ref: 195-5 Bradlaugh, Charles. b1833. Ref: 177-2 Braithwattle, L. Actress. S2703 Bramhs. 1833-1897. Composer. Ref: 226-1-x Brand, Hendrik. President Orange Free State. Ref: 175-4 Brant, Murial. Artist. Photo by Pat Langan. Ref: S655 Brennan, Ada. Actress. Ref: S1044 Brennan, Thomas, MP. Land League. Ref: B3000. 70-4. Bromberg, David. Musician. Photo Fraine. Ref: S1890 Bronte, Charlotte. b1816. Ref: 175-1. 193-4 Brown, Christie. Writer. Ref: S508. S507. 192-5 Browne, Admiral Guillermo. 338-6-3 Browning, Barrett, Elizabeth. Ref: 193-4 Browning, Robert. b1812. Ref: 192-4. 192. Bryce, James. MP. 1838-x. Ref: 77-3. 188-5 Buddha Amida. Ref: S1259 Buffon, Louis. Naturalist, 1707-1788. Ref: Bn 7265 Bull, John. Ref: 990. 1041. 1074 Burke, Billie. Actress. Ref: 1047 Burke, Edmund. Ref: 1146 Burns, John. Ref: 175-1. 77-3 Burns, Robert. Poet. Ref: 77-2. 191-5. 77-3 Caesar, Julius 285-1-26 Callaghan, Jim. MP. Ref: S2278. S2280. Cameron, Julia. Ref: 189-7 Cammond. Lord Mayor Belfast. 19th century. Ref: 107-3 Campbell, George Douglas. 8th Duke of Argyll. 1823-1900. Ref: 180-4 Caren, George, Sir. Ref: 62-5 Carey, Fred. Actor, 19th cent. Ref: 1119 Carlyle, Thomas. b1795. Ref: 193-5 Carson, Edward. Ref: 1113. Bn 6780. Casey, William, Rev. 237-1-17 Cassell, John. 1817-1865. Ref: B 175/4

Castlereagh, Lord. 19th cent. Ref: 108-2 Cattell, R B Dr. Psychologist, Britain. b1905. Ref: 195-5 Cavanagh, Archbishop. Knock. W27-3-1 Cavell, Edith. Nurse. Ref: 1650 Cecil, William, Sir. Baron Burghley. 16th cent. Ref: 2787 Chamberlain, Joseph. 1863-x. Ref: 181-3 Chambers, E. Psychology. Ref: 195-6 Charles I. Ref: 1651. Bn 7068. Bn 7077 Charles II, King. Ref: Bn 6783. 178-1 Charles XIV. Sweden. Ref: 178-1 Charles XV. King Sweden Norway. Ref: 178-1 Chaucer, Geoffrey. Ref: 191-7 Christopher, Saint. Ref: 177-6 Churchill, Lady Randolf. S3764 Churchill, Randolf. 1849-95. Ref: 181-2 Ciocci, Monsignor. Ref: 2109 Clarence, Duke. Ref: 187-5. 190-1 Clarke, Joe. Republican. Ref: 726 Clemenceau, Georges. Ref: Bn 6790 Clemens, Samuel, Mark Twain. 1835-1910. Ref: 73-3. 2386 Clement, Pope V. Ref: 224-5-23 Cleveland, Grover. 1837-x. President US. Ref: 182-1 Clifford, George. Earl Cumberland. c1590. Ref: 60-2 Clive, Lord. Robert, Baron Plassey. Ref: 2379 Clogher, Bishop of. c1906. Ref: Bn 8352 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. 1772-1834. Ref: 181-1. 191-5 Collier, Constance. Actress. Ref: Bn 5570 Collins, Michael. Ref: S2170. S2681. S2684. S1411. Comeford, R V. Author. Ref: S3982. Connaught, Duke. 1850-x. 3rd son of Victoria. Ref: 181-1 Connaught, T H R, Prince. 1913. Ref: Bn 8111 Connolly, James. Ref: S970. S1414. Bn 5389 Conyngham, William. 4th Baron Plunkett. Statue. Ref: 6283 Cooper, Gladys. Actress. Ref: Bn 7012 Cornwall, Duke of. Son of Edward V1. Bn 7822 Cornwall, Dutchess of. Bn 7822b.

SECONDARY SOURCES Page 5 Listing of personalities in our library Corrigan, John. Goods Council. 238-2-8 Cosgrave, Liam. Ref: S889 Coster, Lourenz. Printer. Dutch. Ref: Bn 6931 Cowper, William. 1731-1800. Ref: 181-1. 191-5 Creedon, Tim. IT Tallaght. 437-7-x, S5570 Crewe, Lord. Ref: 107-3 Crispi, Francisco, 1819-1901. Italy. Ref: 182-1 Cromwell, Oliver. Ref: Bn 6782 Cullen, Cardinal B4949 Cumberland, Anne, Dutchess. 18th century. Ref: 187-2 Cunningham, 1883-1963. Bust, Travalgar Sq. Ref: 62-4 Cunningham, Patrick, Prof. Scientist. B20118v2 Curie, Madam. Ref: 224-3-37 Curzon, Lord, Viceroy India. 1859-x. Ref: 180-7 Czar, Alexander II, 1818-81. Ref: 187-6. 193-3. Czar, Alexander III, 1845-1894. 1889. Bn6873. 174/4. 189-3. Daguerre Photography. 224-6-7 Daguerre, L J. 1787-1851. Ref: 224-6-17 Dallon, John. 1766-1844. Scientist. Ref: 224-5-28 Dare, Phyllis, 19th cent actress. Ref: 1143. Bn 5369. Bn 8738. Dare, Zena, 19th cent actress. Ref: 1143. Bn 8738 Dargan, William. 19th cent railway builder. Ref: 77-2 Darwin, Charles. Ref: 189-7 B6335. Bn 7839 Darwin, Erasmus. Grandfather of Charles, 1731-1802. Ref: Bn 7264. David, Jefferson, 1808-1889. President Confederate States. Ref: 182-1 David, King. Statue. 1541 Bn 6455 DaVinci* B5132 Davitt, Michael. Ref: 1231 Davy, Sir Humphry, 1778-1829. Ref: 224-3-40 de Forest, Lee, inventor. S3951 de Guise, Cardinal. Ref: Bn 7063 de Paor, A, Prof. Engineer. 255-2-20 Demetrius Poliorcetes Demuth Linchen. Housekeeper for Marx. Ref: 221-1-17 Desmond, Barry, Irish politician. Ref: S3239. S3240. S3241. deValera, Eamon. Ref: 2516. 2828. 2830. Bn 5407.

Devonshire, Duke. 1833-x. Ref: 180-7 Dickens, Charles. b1812. Ref: 193-5 Dilke, Charles, Sir. b1843. Ref: 176-1 Dilke, Lady. author. b1842. Ref: 176-1 Dillon, John. MP. Land League. Ref: 70-4 Dillon, V B Alderman, Dublin Mayor. Ref: 107-4 Disraeli, Benjamin. 1804-81. Ref: 180-5. 193-3 Doherty, Jim, musician. Ref: S1319 Dollinger, Johann, 1799-1891, German theologian. Ref: 182-1 Dom Manuel of Portugal. Bn 8092 Donnelly, Bishop. (in group) Ref: 2109 Dow, Clara. Actress 19th cent. Ref: Bn 8752 Drumont, Edoudard*. Writer. B4696 Dryden, John. From painting by G Kneller. Ref: 191-7 Dudley, Lord. Ref: Bn 8113 Duffy, Charles Gavin. Ref: 188-4 Dumas, Alexandeer. At ages 32, 40 and later life: Ref: 174/7 188-7 Dunlop. Ref: 77-2 Edgeworth, Maria. Ref: 2559, 2560, 2561, 2562, 2564 Edison, Thomas A. Ref: 187-7. 182-2. Edward the Confessor. Seal Ref: 181-7 Edward, King VII. Ref: B7995, B2358, B2644, B6874, B6875, 162/4 Edward, Prince of Wales*. B4698. Egan, Patrick. Land League Treasurer. Ref: 70-4 Egmont, Count. Woodcut 1568. Ref: Bn7096 Eleanor, Queen. 13th Century. Ref: 181-7 Eliot, George (Mary Anne Avans) b1819. Ref: 193-5 Elizabeth I, Queen. Ref: 57/4 Elizabeth, Queen II. S2281 218-3-8 Elizabeth, wife of Henry VIII. Ref: 181-7 Ellis, Dr Haverlock. Writer and medic, 20th cent. Ref: 195-5 Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 1803-1992. Ref: 175-4. 189-4 Engles, Frederick. 1820-1895. Ref: 221-1-16 Erasmus. Ref: 201-7 Ernest II, Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha. Ref: 72-2 Essex, Countess. Ref: 60-2

Essex, Earl. Ref: 2736. 2786. 60-7. 62-7 Eugena, Isabella Clara. Ref: 61-3 Eugenie, Elizabeth Amelie. Empresss Austria. 1875. Ref: 68-7 Eugenie, Elizabeth. Empress France. Ref: 72-1 Fairfax. 1647. Ref: Bn 7093 Farjeon, B L. c1890. Author. Ref: 177-2. 190-4. 190-5 Field, James. Ref: 189-7 Field, John. 1782-1837. Ref: 181-4. 214-2 Field, John. Composer. 214-2-x Fielding, Henry. Writer. Ref: 182-2 Fife, Dutchess. Daughter of Victoria. Ref: 187-4 Fitzgerald, Elizabeth. Daughter of Garret Ă“g. Ref: 162-5 Fitzgerald, Garret S1951 Fitzgerald, Garret. Politician. S1651. Fitzgerald, George, 19th cent Prof, Irish scientist. Fitzgibbon, Lord Justice. 19th cent. Ref: 108-2 Fitzgibbon, Theo. Ref: S218. Fitzwilliam, W, Sir. Lord Deputy. Ref: 66-3 Flaubert, Gustave. 1821-1880. Ref: 189-4 Foot, Michael. Politician, Britain. Ref: S2296. Forester, Arnold. 1855-x. MP and author. Ref: 180-4 Fox, George, Quaker. 167-4 Francis, Joseph. Emperor Austria. 1830-x. Ref: 189-5 Francis, Saint. 1182-1226. Ref: 214-2 Frank, Anna. Ref: 228-3-x Frankland, Edward. Scientist. 1825-1897. Ref: 224-4-32. Franklin, John, Sir. Explorer. Ref: 180-3 Frederick, Empress. Germany, daughter of Victoria. Ref: 176-5 Freema, Edward Augustus. 1823-1892. Historian. Ref: 189-5 French, Field Marshall. c1910. Ref: Bn 8110 French, Percy. Ref: 192-1 Froebel, Frederick. Ref: 59-6 Froude, James Anthony. 1818-1894. Historian. Ref: 189-5 Gabrielle, Ray. Actress, 19th century. Ref: 1087. 1088. Bn 5993 Galsworthy, Olive Edis. Countess of Horewood. 1897-1956. c1914. Ref: 73-4 Galway, James. Musician. Ref: S2765. S2962

Listing of personalities in ourPage library6 SECONDARY SOURCES Gambetta, Leon. 1838-1882. France. Ref: 189-5 Garabaldi, Giuseppe. 1807-1882. Ref: 189-6. 210-1-35 Garfield, James Abram. 1831-1881. 20th President US. Ref: 189-5 Garrick, David, actor. Ref: 180-1 George V, King. Ref: Bn 8097. S3887. 76-1. Bn 8112. Bn 7994. Bn 7995. Bn 8114. 1870 3. 187-4 George, Henry. Writer, US. 1839-1897. Ref: 189-6 George, King, Greece. 1845-x. Ref: 189 George, Lloyd. MP Britain. Ref: Bn 6791 George, Prince of Wales. Bn 7994 Gibbon, Edward. Author. Ref: 191-6 Gillen, Gerard. Musician. A173 Ginsburg, Prof. Sociologist. Ref: 195-5 Gladstone, William Ewart. 1809-1898. Ref: 73-1. 175-5. 189-1. 196-6. 224-620 Glynn, Declan. CEO of NBST. 397-7-33 Goldsmith, Oliver. 1728-1774. Ref: S2388. S1054. 181-4. 191-5 Gonne, Maud. Ref: 107-3 Gordon, General. 1833-1885. Ref: 189-1 Gorky, Maxim. With Lenin 1908. Ref: Bn 7019. Ref: 189-1 Gosse*. Antiquarian. B4893 Gothe, Johan Wolfgang. 1749-1832. Ref: Bn 7262 Graham, James. Marquis of Montrose. 1612-1650. Ref: Bn 7969. Graham, Thomas. Inventor. 1805-1869. Ref: 224-4-30 Grant, President US. Ref: 68-7. 69-6 Granville, Earl. b1815. Ref: 176-7 Grattan, Henry. Ref: Bn 6583. 69-1 Gray, John. Water engineer. Bn 5049 Greene, Mabel. Actress. Ref: 2695 Gregg, Dr. Primate Ireland. Ref: 107-2 Greville, Richard, Sir. 1571. Ref: 60-7 Grey, Edward. MP. Ref: 59-6 Grey, Hector. Shopkeeper. Ref: S85. S800. Griffin, Arthur. Ref: S2685. Bn 6925 Guibert, Yvette. c1910. Ref: Bn7005 Guinness, Benjamin. Ref: 69-4

Listing of personalities in our library SECONDARY SOURCES Page 7 Gunning, Elizabeth. 18th century. Ref: 187-2 Gutenberg, Johann. Ref: 1218 Gye, Mme Alnani. Ref: 187-3 Haakoe, King VII. Sweden. Ref: 147-1 Haggard, H Rider. b1865. Ref: 175 6 Haldane, Prof J B S. 20th century scientist. Ref: 196-3 Haldane, Richard Burdon. MP. 1865-x. Ref: 178-1 Hall, Peter, National Theatre, Britain. Ref: Warner G4 Hardy, Thomas. Ref: 2385 Harold II, King. 26-1-9 Harvey, Martin, author, 19th cent. Ref: Bn 8737, Harvey, William. 1578-x. Ref: 69-2 Hazlett, William. Ref: 194-1 Healy, T M. Land League. Ref: 70-3. 3000. Hedmondt, E C. Actor, 19th cent. Ref: 108-1 Henry de la Tour, D’Auvergne. Ref: 60-2 Henry II, King, France. Ref: 182-1 Henry III. Ref: Bn 7063. Henry IV, 1956-1106. Ref: 223-7-5a Henry VII. Ref: 224-5-24 Herriott. Politician. Ref: 2308 Herron, Dr Caroline.Scientist, UCD. B3614. Hertz, Heinrich. Inventor, Germany. Ref: Bn 6877. Bn 7138. Hesse, Grand Duke. b1868. Ref: 176-3 Heuson, General. 322-3-32 Hitler, Adolf. B7859 Hogan Jerimah, UCD. S3942 Hogan, Gerima. BW 15 Hogan, Jeriminah, UCD Holland, John. Inventor submarine. S3721 Hone, Nathaniel. d1917. Ref: 162-5 Hoope, Rev Bro T A. 19th cent. Ref: 107-3 Horneek, Mary and Catherine. 18th cent. Ref: 187-2 Houghton, Lord Lieutenant Ireland. 19th cent. Ref: 107-1 Hsu Tsai-tien Hwang. b1871. China Emperor. Ref: 182-2 Hurley, Brian. Wind expert. S4043.

Hussey, Gemma, politician. 260-5-12. Hyxley, Prof.Aldus. b1825. Ref: 176-4 Ibsen, Henrick. b1828. Ref: S922. 147-7 Ieyasu, Tokugawa. Woodcut. 17th cent. Ingram, Rex. Actor. S2729. Innocent, IV, Pope. 13th cent. Ref: 224-6-22. Irving, Henry. b1838. Playright. Ref: 175-7. 180-2 Israel, Ray. 19th century actress. Ref: 1083 Ito, Marquis. 1838-x. Ref: 177-6 James I. Woodcut welcoming Charles, 1623. Ref: Bn 7066 Jansen, Agnes. Singer. Sweden. Ref: 187-3 Jay, Elizabeth. Actress, 19th cent. Ref: 1010 Jennings, Prof. Scientist B4524 Joachem, violinist. b1831. Ref: 190 John, King. Abyssinia. 19th century. Ref: 175-4 Johnson, Andrew. US president, 19th century. Ref: 69-7 Johnson, Samuel. Ref: 181-7. 191-6 Johnston, Roy. Scientist. 277-1-10 Johnstone, George, Dr. Mathematician. Ref: 162-4 Jones A. b1751. Ref: 190-3 Jordan, Nial, writer. Ref: 114-4-41a Julius III, Pope. Woodcut 1572. Ref: Bn 7089 Kaizer, Wilhelm II. Ref: Bn 2515. Bn 6874. Bn 8115. Bn 8338. Bn 6876. 1754 Karsavina, actress, c1910. Ref: Bn 7002. Kastriota, George. Albania, 1444. Ref: Bn 6940 Katz, Prof D. Sweden, psychologist. Ref: 196-3 Keane, Edmund. Actor. Ref: 180-1 Keating, Justin. Ref: S941 Keir, Hardie. 1856-x. MP. Ref: 178-1 Kelly, Oisin. Sculptor. Ref: S701 Kemble, Charles. Actor, 19th cent. Ref: 180-1 Kemble, John Philip. Actor, 19th cent. Ref: 180-1 Kendal, Mrs. Actress, 19th cent. Ref: 180-1 Kennedy, Brendan. Scientist UCD. Dr. B3285 Kennedy, David. Aer Lingus. Ref: Bn 5218

Kennedy, Justice. b1847. Ref: 176-3 Kennelly, Brendan. Ref: 114-7-25 Kent, Duke. 1767-1820. Ref: 72-3 Kent, Dutchess. 1786-1861. Ref: 72-3 Kickham, Charles. Writer. 43-3-x. 43-1-x King, Billy. Ref: 762. 758. 1246 Kinnock, Neil. MP. Ref: 2277 Kipling, Rudyard. Ref: 214-2 Kitchner of Khartoum. 1850-x. Ref: 177-5. Bn 8095 Klapeoth, Martin. Chemist. B4489 Knox, John. 1513-1572. Ref: 177-4 Kosciusko, Thaddeus. Poland, general. Ref: Bn 6777 Krupp, Gustav. c1913. Ref: Bn 7006 Kuroki, Baron. Japanese general. 1842-x. Ref: 177-5 Lamark, Jean Vhevalier de. 1744-1829. Ref: Bn 7261 Lamb, Charles. Ref: 191-5. 194-1 Lamennais, Felicite. 1782-1854. Ref: 219-1-32 Langtry, Actress, Britain. Ref: 176-4 Lansdowne, Lord. 1845-x. Ref: 177-4 Larkin, Jim. Ref: 995 Lassalle, Ferdinand. 1825-1864. Ref: 221-1-18 Lawson, Wilfrid, Sir. 19th century. Ref: 176-7 Leithner. Linguist. b1740. Ref: 176-1 Leitner, Dr G. Linguist. Lenin. With Maxim Gorky, 1908. Ref: B7018 Leo, Pope XIII. Ref: 1116. B5713 Leopold II, Belgium. Ref: 177-3 Leopold, Duc de Brabant, King. c1915. Ref: Bn 8119 Leopold, King, Belgium. 1790-1865. Ref: 72-2 Letters, Bob. Research Guinnesses. S4177 Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. Ref: 177-3. 224-6-21 Lindsay, Sir Coutts. 1824-1913. Ref: 73-1 Linley, Elizabeth. Wife of Richard Sheridan. 18th cent. Ref: 187-2 Listowel, Earl. MP. Ref: 195-4 Livingstone, Dr. 1813-1873. Ref: 177-3 Lloyd, George. Politician. Bn 6792. L673

Listing of personalities in ourPage library SECONDARY SOURCES 8 Loftus, Sean. Ref: 25-3 Logue, Cardinal. Ref: 2109. Bn 8352 Longfellow, Henry Wadworth. Poet. Ref: 161-6. 177-3. 219-1-36 Lopes, Justice. b1828. MP. Ref: 176-3 Love, Mabel. Actress. Ref: 2664 Lowther, J W. Speaker, House of Commons. Ref: 161-6 Lublock, Sir John. Banker and writer. Ref: 175-7. 175-6 Lucan, Lord S10162 Luther, Martin. 1483-1546. Ref: 1260. 178-7 Lyell, Sir Charles. Ref: 69-5 Lynch, Jack. Politician. S4811 M’Clintock, F L, Sir. Arctic explorer. Ref: 180-4 M’Clure. Robert, Sir. Explorer. Ref: 180-3 Maartens, Maarten. Ref: 161-7 Macauley, Lord. Ref: 161-7 MacHale, Archbishop. 219-2-37 MacHale, J P, UCD. S2360 Macready, W C. Author, Britain. Ref: 179-7 Maecenas. Romean statesman. c70BC. Ref: Bn 8695 Maguire, John Francis. S5715 Mahler, Gustav. Ref: 216-4-22 Malinowski, Prof B. Antropologist. Ref: 195-5 Manelik II, Emperor of Abyssinia. 179-7-41 Mangan John Clarence, writer Mann, Tom. 19th cent. Ref: 175-1 Mannheim, Prof K. Sociologist. Ref: 195-4 Manning, Dr, Archbishop. b1808. Ref: 77-4. 175-6. Manoel, Dom. Portugal. c1910. Ref: Bn 8092. Marconi, Gugielmo. 1874-x. Ref: 161-7. Bn 6878. Maria, Empress, Clouet. Daughter of Charles V. Ref: 61-2 Marley, John. 19th cent. Ref: 146-6 Martin, Fr F X. Prof. Ref: 25-3. Marx, Karl. 1818-1883. Ref: 221-1-5. Mary, Queen with King George. Bn 3887-8097 Mary, Queen. c1910. Ref: Bn 8093. Bn 8097. Matthew, Father, temperance priest. Ref: 78-2. 176-7.

Listing of personalities in our library SECONDARY SOURCES Page 9 Matthews, Charles. Actor. 19th cent. Ref: 179-7 Maud, Queen. Norway. Ref: 147-1 May, Enda, actress, 19th cent. Ref: Bn 5993. Mazarin, Cardinal. Ref: Bn 6776. McArdle, Peadar. Geologist. B20118v2 McBride, Major J. W49-4-1 McCormack, Count John. Singer. Bn 5601 McDoughall, Prof William. Psychologist. Britain. Ref: 195-4 McHale, Archbishop. 1791-1881. Ref: 219-2-37 McHale. J P, UCD. Ref: 2360 McMahon, Hilary, Dr, UCD, B3637 McNally, Leonard. Ref: 188-4. Meagher, Thomas Francis, 1823-1867. Ref: 181-3. 162-4 Meisslinger, Prima Contralto. Ref: 108-1 Mellows, Liam. Soldier. 279-1-36 Mendeléeff, Dmitri. 1838-1907. Ref: 224-4-3 Menelick II, Abyssinia Emperor, 19th cent. Ref: 179-7 Meredith, George. Ref: 162-1. 193-4 Michaelangelo. Ref: 162-1 Mikado, Emperor Japan. Ref: 162-2 Millais, John Everett. Artist, British. Ref: 177-1 Millar, Gertie. Actress. Ref: 1048. Bn 8739 Millar, Liam. Publisher. Ref: 3047 Miller, Dr Emannel. Phychologist, Britain. Ref: 195-6 Milner, Viscount. Ref: 162-2 Milton, John. Ref: 191-7 Mitchell J P, Robert. 19th century. Ref: 108-2 Mitchell, TD. Politician. 276-2-33 Mithredates the Great. 285-2-25 Mohamid Ali. Boxer. S454 Monk, General. 1608-1670. Ref: Bn 7970 Montrose, James Graham, Marquis* Bn 7971 Moore, Thomas. Poet. Ref: 7968. 5065. 5066 Morgan, John Pierpoint. Ref: 162-2 Morris, William. Ref: 146-6 Morrison, George, film maker. S3816

Morrogh-Bernard , Agnesfoundress of Foxford Woollen Mills. Fox 212. Muhammad Ali. S454. Muller, F Max. 162-2 Muller, Friedrich Max, 1823-1900. Ref: 162-1 Murphy, Prof. T UCD. Bn 1034 Mussolini Dictator. Bn 6791. L867. Mustafa II. Sultan. Ref: Bn 6945 Napoleon III, 1808-1871. Ref: 72-2. 146-7. 175-3. Napoleon, Bonaparte. Ref: 107-3 Nares, Sir George, explorer. Ref: 180-5 Nealon, Ted. Journalist. Ref: S1648. S1651. S1774. S1775. S1776. Nealon, Ted. Politics. S1651. Necker, Fredich. 1732-1804. Bn 7963 Nelson, Lord. Ref: 146-7. 53-2. 52-2 Newman, Cardinal. 1801-1890. Ref: 69-3 Nicephorus, Byzanthine emperor. Ref: Bn 6947. 175-4 Nicholas I. 1776-1855. Ref: 72-1. Bn 7249. Nicholas II, Czar/ Ref: Bn 8116. Bn 7006. 175-4 Nicholas, Saint. Ref: Bn 7774b Nightingale, Florence. Ref: 146-7 Nolan, Kay, Dr. Scientist, UCD. B2606 Nordenskiold. Explorer. Bn 7958 Normandy, Robert, Duke. Ref: 1134. 181-7 Norway, King. c1909. Ref: Bn 7997 Norway, Queen. c1909. Ref: Bn 7996 Nowlam, Kevin, historian. Prof. Ref: 2325. 25-1 O‘Connell, Daniel. S4270 O’Brien, Tim C. IDA. 255-1-24 O’Brien, William Smith. Ref: 162-4. O’Conaire, Padraig. S5488 O’Connell, Daniel. Ref: 77-7. Bn 3075 O’Connor, John. MP. W70-4-1 O’Connor, Marc. Champion fiddler. S1720 O’Connor, Rhoda. Education. 260-5-12. 260-4-5 O’Doherty, Jim. Musician. Ref: Bn 5464 to Bn 5473 O’Donnell, Jim. Institute of Public Admin. Ref: Bn 3239. Bn 3240. Bn 3241

Listing of personalities in our library

O’Donovan Rossa. Republican. Bn 2290 O’Hara, Patrick, sculptor. c6466 O’Higgins, Beernardo. 1778-1842. Ref: 181-3 O’Kelly, Sean T W47-6-6 O’Kelly, Sean T, W2-2-2. O’Kelly, Sean T. President. W49-7-1. O’Leary, Liam. Film historian. S2880 O’Leary, Liam. Ref: 2880. 2972. 3066. O’Mahony, Captain. Soldier. 43-1-43 O’Neill, Eoin Roe. Ref: S2616 O’Neill, Tip. US politician. Bn 6311 O’Rahilly, The. Ref: 284-1-10a O’Sullivan, Michael. Land League. Ref: 70-4. Bn 3000 O’Brien, William Smith. Young Ireland. Bn 5041 O”Marcaigh, Kevin. Publisher. Ref: Bn 3047. O”Neill, Phelim. Ref: Bn 6730 Oates, Titus. 1648-1705. Ref: 193-7. Ohm. G. 1787-1854. Ref: Bn 7137 Orange, William the Silent, Prince*. Bn 6781 Ormond, Earl. Ref: 62-5 Orren, Michael, Prof. Oceanography. 327-x-x Oscar II, King. Sweden. Ref: 178-1. 147-1 Owen, Richard, Sir. 1804-1892. Biologist, England. Ref: 189-4 Paderewski, Ignace Jan. Ref: 147-2 Palmerstown, Viscount. 1784-x. Ref: 72-1. 147-2 Pan. Statue, London. Ref: 65-2 Pankhurst, Christabel. c1913. Ref: Bn 7014. S1084 Pankhurst, Emmeline. Suffraget. Bn 7012. Paracelsus 1494. Medicine. 224-5-25 Parkman, Francis. 1823-1893. Ref: 189-4 Parnell, Charles. Ref: 70-4. Bn 6916. Bn 5067. 179-1 Pascal, Blaise. 1623-62. Mathematician. Ref: Bn 7139 Pasteur, Louis. Scientist Bn 7954 Patti, Adelina. Singer, US. 19th cent. Ref: 176-5 Payton, Fr. Rosary priest. Ref: 126-1-1a Pearse, Patrick. Ref: S1033. 218-6-33


Peel, Robert, Sir. 1788-1850. Ref: 72-1 Peter the Great. Ref: A403 Pettitt, Henry. Actor. b1853. Ref: 177-2 Peyton, Fr. Rosary priest. 126-1-1a Philip II, King. 16th century. Ref: 61-3 Philip II. 13th century. Ref: 224-1-2a Philip IV, Spain. Ref: 181-6 Philippe, Louis, 1773-1890. France, King. Ref: 72-2 Philips, Captain Mark. 1977. Ref: Warner R55 Phillips, Warner. 1811-1884. Reformer, America. Ref: 189-4 Pinero, Arthur W. Dramitist. b1855. Ref: 190-3. 190-4 Pius X, Pope. Ref: 69-2 Bn 5715 Pizarro, Francisco. Ref: 1214. Bn 6934 Planck, Max. Ref: 224-4-3 Plunkett, Count. S3611 Poliorcetes, Demetrius* 285-2-25 Pope, Alex. Poet. 190-6-25 Pope, Alexander. Ref: 191-6 Porter, Sir George. MP. Ref: 108-3 Powerscourt, Lord. 1871. Ref: 68-5 Priestly, Joseph. 1733-1804. Ref: 224-5-26. Raglan, Lord. 4th Baron. 20th cent British writer. Ref: 195-6 Raja, Simha. 17th century Celon. Ref: 175-2 Ranke, Leopold, von. 1795-1886. German historian. Ref: 187-2 Rayleigh, Lord. 1842. Physicist. Ref: 147-1 Redding, John. 19th cent. Ref: 1092 Redl, Captain. Austrian spy. c1910. Ref: Bn7003 Redmond, John. Ref: 1147. 147-3. Bn 6781. Referty, Dr. National Museum. Ref: 2451. 2452. Reichel, Dr. Bishop of Meath. d1894. Ref: 107-4 Rembranr, Harmensz, van. 1606-69. Ref: 147-4 Reuters, Julius, Baron. 1816-1899. Ref: 221-1-14 Rhind, Geoff, artist. Ref: 486. 487 Rhodes, Cecil John. 1853-1902. Ref: 178-4. 187-1 Rider, Haggard*. Writer. 175-6-3 Roberts, Lord of Kandahau. 1832-x. Ref: 178-4. 187-1.

Listing of personalities in our library SECONDARY SOURCES Page 11 Ronan, Ernest. 1823-92. Writer. Ref: 187-1 Roosevelt, Theodore. 1858-x. Ref: 178-4. 187-1 Rorke, Kate. Actress. Ref: 190-5. 190-2. 190-3 Rosebery, Philip, Lord. MP. Ref: 176-2. 178-4. 187-1 Rosetti, Dante Gabriel. 1828-1882. Painter, poet. Ref: 219-1-33 Ross, James, Sir. Explorer. Ref: 180-3 Ross, John. Explorer. Ref: 180-3 Rousseau J*. 255-7-14 Ruskin, John. b1891. Ref: 175-5. 187-1. 193-4 Russell, Charles, Chief Justice England. Ref: 186-7 Russell, Earl. 1792-1878. Ref: 71-1 Russell, Michael. Ref: S2665 Rutherford, Lord. Scientist. Ref: 224-3-36. Rutland, Dutchess. Wife of Lord Lieutenant. Ref: 187-2 Ryan, Dermot, Archbishop. Ref: S1815. S1813. S1114 Salisbury, Lord. 1830-1903. Ref: 1055. 1840. 186-7 Salmon, George. Academic. Bn 6049 Sam, Uncle. US symbol. Ref: 1074 Saxe Coburg, Saalfeld, Dutchess. 1799-1831. Ref: 72-3 Saxe Cobury, Duke, Ernest 1. 1784-1844. Ref: 72-3 Scheele, Carl Wilhelm, 1742-1786. Scientist. Ref: 224-5-27 Scholefield, Dr D A. University College Dublin. Ref: S429 Schumann, Clara* Musician. B4302. 255-6-11 Schumann, Robert. Ref: 161-4 Scott, Mike, Dr. Scientist. B3626 Scott, Robert Falcon. 1868-1912. Explorer. Ref: 73-3 Scott, Walter, Sir. 1771-1832. Ref: 68-6. 161-4. 178-3 Sebastian, Dom. Portugal, king. 16th century. Ref: 61-2 Sexton, T. MP for Sligo. Lang League. Ref: 70-4 S3000. 70-4 Shaftesbury, Earl. Ref: 161-4 Shakespeare, William. Ref: 1267. 1268. 191-7 Sheehy Skeffingtin, Dr. Botanist. 318-1-25 Sheridan, Philip Henry. 1831-1888. General, America. Ref: 186-7 Sherman, William, general US. Ref: 72-4. 186-7 Shouldice, Chris, Dr. Scientist. 255-1-24 Siddons, Mrs. Actress. 19th century. Ref: 180-2

Sidney, Philip. Ref: 2733 Sims, George R. b1847. Ref: 177-2. 190-5. 189-7 Spain, King of. c1910. Ref: Bn 8094 Spencer, Herbert. 1820-x. Ref: 161-5. 189-3. 191-7 Spinoza, Benedict. Ref: 228-2-x Spring, Dick. Politician. 273-2-37 Stack, Austin. 248-1-9a Stamboloff, Stefan. 1854-1895. Bulgarian statesman. Ref: 189-3 Stanley, Henry, Sir. Explorer. 1841-1904. Ref: 161-5. 176-5. 178-3 Stephens, Leslie, Sir. 1832-1904. Father of Virginia Woolf. Ref: 73-2 Stephenson, Robert Lewis. Author. 1850-1894. Ref: 161-6. 189-3 Stephenson, Robert. Ref: 161-5 Stephenson, Sam. Architect. Ref: 492. 493. Stephenson. Engineer. 161-5-x Stevenson, Robert L. Writer. 161-6-x Stewart, Duncan. Environmentalist. S445 Stewart, Louis. Musician. Ref: Bn 5467. Bn 5472. Stewart, Robert, Sir. Stoney, George J. Dr. Scientist. Ref: 162-4 Stortbeker, Klas. 285-1-x Strass J. Composer. Ref: 1001 Stravinsky, Igor. Ref: Bn 7001 Strong, Ethne. Ref: 112-4 Studholme, Marie. Actress. 19th cent. Ref: B5995. Sulaiman I. Ref: Bn 7047 Sullivan T F. MP Westmeath. Ref: 70-3. 3000. Sullivan, Arthur Seymour, Sir. Composer. 1842-1900. Ref: 181-5. 147-4. Supplementary list, personalities Sussex, Duke. 1773-1843. Ref: 72-4 Sweetman, Gerard. Politician. S887 Swift, Jonathan. Ref: 191-6 Swinbourne, Algernon Charles. b1837. Poet. Ref: 147-4. 175-7. 181-5. 193-3 Sydney, Henry, Sir. Ref: 2794. 2798. 63-3 Sydney, Philip. c1577. Ref: 62-7 Synge J M. Ref: 1831 Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe. Historian, France. 1828-1893. Ref: 181-6

Tait, Archbishop Cantebury. 1811-1882. Ref: 181-6 Talbot, Gilbert. 7th Earl Shrewsbury. 1592. Ref: 60-3 Talbot, Matt. Ref: 936 Talbot, William Fox. Ref: 224-6-18 Tandy, Napper. Ref: 188-4 Temple, Frederick. 1821-x. Archbishop Cantebury. Ref: 181-6 Tennyson, Alfred Poet, at age 52 . 175-7-28. Terriss, Actor, Britain. b1839. Ref: 177-2 Terry, Ellen. Actress. Ref: 175-7. 180-1 Terry, Marion, Actress. Ref: 177-1 Thackery, William Makepeace. 1811-1863. Ref: 178-2. 193-5 Thatcher, Margaret. Ref: S2295 Thebaw, King, Burma. Ref: 175-2 Thomas, Saint. Cantebury, 16th cent. Ref: 181-7 Thomson, J J Sir. Scientist. Ref: 224-4-34 Timur, Tamerlane, Mogul ruler,14th century. Ref: Bn 6740 Tolstoy, Leo. Ref: 181-6 Toole, John Lawrence. Actor. Ref: 190-2 Trollope, Anthony. 1815-1882. Ref: 219-2-36a Tuach, Rod. Photographer. S9656 Tupper, Charles, Sir. b1821. PM Novia Scotia. Ref: 176-1 Tyndall. Scientist. S4387 Tyrone. Ref: 62-7 Van Ranke, Leopold. 50-7-3 Vannutelli, Cardinal. Ref: 2109 Vesalius, Andreas. 1514-1564. Anatomy. Ref: Bn 7263 Vial, V, Dr. Scientist. 255-1-24 Victoria, Princess Melita of Saxe-Coburg. b1876. Ref: 176-3 Victoria, Queen. Ref: 72-4. 72-5. Bn 6871. Bn 6872. 3048. 78-2. 73-2. 78-2. 177-5 Vignoles. Railway engineer*. B12. Virehow, Rudolf. 1821-1902. Pathologist, Germany. Ref: 181-5 Von Bora, Katherine*. Wife of Martin Luther. 290-6-x von Schiller, Johann, 1759-1805. German poet. Ref: 178-4 Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. 1813-1883. Ref: 178-2 Wales, Prince. Ref: Bn 7994

Listing of personalities in our library SECONDARY SOURCES Page 12 Wales, Princess. Ref: Bn 8114 Wallace, Alfred. 1823-. Ref: 181-5 Walsh, Archbishop*. B4691. Walsh, Eoin, Young Scientist 277-1-2 Walsingham, Francis, Sir. Ref: 60-3 Walstein, Miss. Actress. Ref: 107-1 Warren, Gamalul Harding, 29th President USA. Ref: 182-2 Watts, G F. Artist. Britain. b1820. Ref: xx Webster, Richard, Sir. b1771. Ref: 177-1 Wellington, Duke. 1769-1852. Ref: 72-2. Bn 6451. Wellington, Duke. b1864. Ref: 174-7 Went, Dr. Academic TCD. 260-4-5 Westcott, Brooke Foss. 1825-1901. Bishop Durham. Ref: 181-5 Wilde, Oscar. 1856-1900. Ref: 73-1. 182-2 Willa, Sir Alfred. Judge. v1828. Ref: 176-1 Willard, Edward. v1854. Ref: 190-5 William, Prince, the Silwnt. Ref: Bn 6781 Williams, Betty, peace activist NI. Ref: S1821 Wills, A, D Sir. Judge. 176-1 Wilson, Harold. Ref: S2293. S2294. Wilson, John. Politician. S4340 Wiseman, Cardinal. Ref: 69-4 Wodehouse, Lord. Ref: 70-1 Wolseley, Garret Joseph. 1833-x. Field marshal and author, Ref: 181-5 Woolf, Virginia. 1882-1941. Ref: 73-2 Wordsworth, William. Ref: 191-5 Wright, Wilber. Aviation. Ref: 224-7 Wynne, Thomas. Photographer. S9936. Yeats, W B. Ref: S966. S1770. Bn 5407 York, Duke. 19th cent. Ref: 107-2 York, Dutchess. 19th cent. Ref: 107-2 Young, Bingham. c1870. Morman. Ref: Bn 6583 Zablatai, Zervi. 1626-76. Smyrna self declared Messiah. Ref: Bn 7076 Zygmund, King. Poland. 1564 woodcut. Ref: Bn 7041


Cloonlara, Swinford, County Mayo. Ireland




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