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Introducing Spicerhaart Corporate Sales. Our goal – Achieving the maximum price in the shortest time. How we can help you Spicerhaart Corporate Sales is a total management service for repossessions and a range of other property sales. Our specialist team is dedicated to providing the very best service to our customers and delivering exceptional quality. Our goal is to always achieve the maximum sales price for your properties in the shortest possible timeframe. We do it by continually investing in our people, in technology and in providing the flexible service corporate clients demand. We also come with the comfort of an ISO quality assurance standard. In this brochure, you will learn about the Corporate Sales services we offer you, and why our highly driven approach ensures your portfolio is always in safe hands. 02

Agent Selection and Management – Independent agents, chosen on performance. Spicerhaart Corporate Sales selects the agents most likely to achieve the best price for your properties in possession, within the shortest timeframe. When you instruct us to sell a property, we use third-party data to select an agent using robust criteria: –  Outstanding local performance at selling properties similar to yours

– Transparency

We do this by:

– Commitment to Treating

– Mystery shopping visits and calls

Customers Fairly.

– Weekly performance reviews

The Spicerhaart Group has the largest

– Monthly management reviews

independent network of estate agents in the UK, but we only ever select them if they are the best performing agent at the point of instruction. That means your agent is always selected on unbiased criteria, limiting the potential for possible borrower complaints – while maximising your chances of a quick sale at the best price.

–  Providing you with MIS and Jeopardy Reports as needed. We liaise with your selling agent at least twice a week to check progress, and we report all offers to you immediately. If you prefer, you can authorise us to accept offers on your behalf, making the sale process simpler and more streamlined.

Effective agent management When we have selected the best possible

– Evidence of best practice at

agent for your sale, we monitor them

instruction stage

rigorously to ensure optimum performance.


Contractor Management – Demanding high standards, and recruiting fresh talent.

Home Passports – Extra reasons for buyers to choose your property.

Audio-visual Tours – Increasing click-through rates and viewings.

As well as selecting the best performing agent at the time of instruction, we monitor the performance of all contractors – and look for new ones to further improve the range and quality of our suppliers.

Since 2011, we have prepared a Home Passport for every property under management, at no extra cost to you or the borrower.

Audio-visual tours engage buyers and help your properties to sell faster.

These high-quality brochures contain a

is accompanied by a sideshow of professional

vast amount of information that make

interior and exterior photographs. Visitors simply

your property stand out from the crowd,

have to click

Regardless of the service that our suppliers

and they give potential homeowners extra

a link to open the tour in a new window.

provide, we track their performance on all

motivation to buy – potentially speeding

the work they undertake on our behalf.

up the sales process.

This allows us to choose from a pool of

They contain:

proven suppliers and select the ones who can offer the best-performing services, tailored to your requirements. To ensure that quality remains high

– Photographs of the property and an aerial map – An Energy Performance Certificate

across the board, we also conduct annual

– A full overview of the local area

re-assessments to make sure that agents

– Details of local schools and amenities

continue to offer a high-quality service and to recruit new suppliers who have

– Council Tax bands

proved their abilities in the marketplace.

– Local planning applications

Some of the ways in which we manage

– A moving checklist for prospective buyers.

and reward performance are as follows: – On Site Audits on suppliers – Mystery Shops on properties –  Monthly League Table rewarding best performing suppliers.


Home Passports are subject to rigorous quality control, and they are just one of the ways Spicerhaart Corporate Sales works harder to get the best possible price for your property.

Spicerhaart can create a bespoke audio tour for your property for a small charge. The audio tour

The tours give potential buyers a real flavour of what your property is like, and the benefits of living there. They also give them extra reasons to arrange a viewing. Audio-visual tours are proven to increase click-through rates and increase response, helping your property to sell quickly to the right buyer.

Refresh – Automatic, tailored support for aged properties. If a property in possession hasn’t sold within a defined timeframe, our Refresh scheme immediately comes into force – it’s an innovative strategy designed to achieve a sale while mitigating your risk. At the 90-day mark (or another period agreed with you), any unsold property automatically transfers to our Refresh team. They take over management of the case and create a new proposal for you within five working days. During this period, the property remains with the current agent at the same asking price, ensuring there is no gap in marketing. However, the Refresh team get to work and: –  Ask the current agent for a new market proposal –  Get a fresh market proposal from an alternative agent, assessed as being most suitable based upon our agent selection criteria –  Obtain a Local Market Report (LMR) on the property –  Examine other options for the property and investigate why it remains unsold –  Send a Field Agent (if required) to get an independent view of the property

– Create a detailed report with proposals for an exit strategy and recommended agent.

Proven strategies for aged properties The number of Accounts per Employee (APE) assigned to Refresh case handlers is much lower than in normal asset management teams, giving them much more time to concentrate on aged properties to create a bespoke exit strategy. They do it by drawing on the experience of the whole team, from Team Leaders and Field Agents, through to the Client Account Managers and Managing Director. They also take a 360º view of your property, considering aspects such as whether: – R  efurbishment, which wasn’t deemed appropriate at the outset, would now benefit the property –  The cost of refurbishment is outweighed by a projected increase in asset value – T  here is a market to rent, with a view to a future sale –  Additional bespoke marketing might improve the prospect of a sale – There is an investor market for the property –  The property is suited to auction, and what its projected value might be.


Technology – Manage and monitor your portfolio with ease. Spicerhaart Corporate Sales offers you an advanced online portal that makes detailed monitoring of your portfolio simple and effective. We have invested significantly in the Spicerhaart Asset Management System (SAMS) to create a market leading service for our corporate clients. Within the Asset Management Arena we believe that we offer a market leading online service. SAMS gives you access to all the management information and business intelligence you need to manage properties in possession – from overall portfolio performance right down to individual property level. It also gives you a transparent, day-to-day live overview of your cases and no property is more than two clicks away.

SAMS is unique in that it gives you instant

A carefully selected representative

access to the performance of your portfolio,

manages every AVS case. They make

allowing you to identify areas of strong

monthly (or more frequent) visits to the

performance and those in need

borrower to discuss an in-depth marketing

of improvement.

strategy, plus any cosmetic enhancements

The system is improving all the time – you will soon benefit from additional functions that enhance the service we offer pre-possession.

Assisted Voluntary Sales – Achieving sales without repossession. With the current increase in mortgage arrears, the Government has taken the unprecedented step of reminding lenders that repossession should be used only as a last resort. With this in mind, Spicerhaart Corporate Sales has created the Assisted Voluntary Sales (AVS) scheme, an alternative to repossession that brings a property to market with the borrower still in residence.

Major benefits include:

There are major benefits to this approach,

–  Easy-to-use dashboard based

including for you as the lender. They include:

Management Information and Business Intelligence – Real-time data across your portfolio –  Management of properties by type, location and other factors – Ability to export graphs and data using any variables.


–  Ascertaining the property’s true value from the outset –  Avoiding ‘fire sale’ tactics via auction or private treaty –  Marketing the property in conjunction with the borrower to achieve the best possible price.

that may aid the sale. At the same time, we keep you fully up to date with viewer feedback and provide you with a bespoke suite of management information. As with all corporate services, we use rigorous criteria to independently appoint the best performing agent at the time of instruction. This ensures the likelihood of a quick sale at the highest possible price.


Interest-only Portfolio Management – Identifying shortfalls and creating disposal strategies. If you have a sizable interest-only portfolio due to mature in the next few years, we can assess the extent of your exposure and identify any likely shortfalls in your borrowers’ repayment plans. This unique, fully outsourced service combines an assessment of each property with a detailed review of each borrower’s financial circumstances. This makes it simpler for you and the borrower to make informed decisions and agree an appropriate course of action. The service works in the following way:

1. Establishing extent and value of repayment vehicles We (or an appointed agent) write to borrowers outlining the information we require, arranging a fact-finding visit within seven days. We establish evidence of any repayment vehicle and how far it will cover the debt.

2. Establish current loan-to-value ratios  We appraise the property using an


drive-by appraisal or market appraisal to establish the most accurate loan-to-value ratio.

3. Provide management information and individual mortgage reports We use our in-house management system to monitor any expected shortfalls in mortgage payments across your portfolio, providing you with reports in the format and at the frequency you require. We also provide reports at individual property level, with details of any expected shortfall and summaries of potential exit strategies.

4. Provide borrowers with access to financial advice We provide borrowers with access to advice to establish their options for repayment, including re-mortgaging and equity release schemes.

5. Offer a managed sale process If borrowers don’t have adequate

Drive-by Appraisals – Establishing loan-to-value of any mortgage. When borrowers are in arrears, you don’t have the access you need to conduct a full valuation of their property. This can hamper your decision-making. Without a clear idea of a property’s current or true value, you can’t always arrive at the best strategy for its future. This is where our drive-by appraisals can help you. Carefully chosen agents conduct an appraisal based on the exterior of the property and local market intelligence, giving you a clear indication of your asset’s current value. This allows you to establish the loan-to-value ratio of any currently delinquent mortgage. It is also a useful service if you need to modify a mortgage or want to assess a book

repayment vehicles or alternative

loan-to-value ratio prior to a sale or acquisition.

strategies, we provide you with our

Whatever your needs, we deliver results

managed possession or Assisted Voluntary Sale service, aiming to achieve

well within agreed SLAs – whether you need a small or large volume of drive-by

the best possible price for the property

valuations – and exceed your expected

in the shortest timescale.

delivery time.

We also ensure we Treat Customers Fairly by offering support to borrowers,

Automated Valuation Model. If the projected

including downsizing services and help

value isn’t within your required parameters,

with removals, conveyancing and

we can conduct a fly-by appraisal,

providing a property move checklist.

Commercial Asset Management – Bespoke exit strategies for business assets. Spicerhaart has a dedicated team handling commercial assets. With over 10 years’ experience, we’re market leaders in managing commercial properties and the risks associated with them. Our commercial team brings their expertise to each individual property, using their findings to create a Bespoke Exit Strategy which considers all aspects of the property and identifying potential risks with managing the asset. Every property is different, so our Best Method of Disposal reports detail a wide range of factors to help formulate an appropriate exit strategy prior to instruction. Where our clients request one of these reports it would include a minimum of the following: – Whether opportunity exists to pay arrears – Copies of occupier’s business plans – Estimated value of business and goodwill –  Liabilities if the business stops

–  Overview of the local area including location, demand and scope for sustainability of the business/premises –  A recommended exit strategy for the client to consider. These clear, concise reports are essential

At a time when repossessions in Ireland are increasing, you can rely on us as one of the few specialists who really understand the Irish market – and have the relationships in place to achieve fast sales at the best available prices.

for finding the right, cost-effective solution for disposing of your asset – whether it’s a high street business, supermarket, stables or any other enterprise. Our bespoke exit strategies are designed to maximise your asset’s value, and you can rest assured that you will work with a team that deals solely with developed and part-developed commercial properties – ranging in value from £15,000 to over £30 million.

Asset Management in Ireland – Experienced and high-performing asset management. Spicerhaart Corporate Services offers a full range of asset management services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our dedicated team works closely with banks, building societies, lenders and housing associations

trading – including business rates,

to effectively manage all aspects

potential vandalism

of property disposal in Ireland.


Be supported – the Spicerhaart group employs around 2,000 people, working in such diverse markets as financial services, estate agency, surveying, property management and general administration.

A winning team Spicerhaart invest heavily in the ongoing training and development of their staff. We pride ourselves in developing both rewarding and exciting careers as well as delivering first class customer service. This winning combination creates a very effective way of working, beneficial to both employee and client. We actively encourage every member of staff to develop their own career and achieve personal goals. You can be sure that when you contact any member of our team you will consistently receive the very best level of service.


About Spicerhaart

Millions of pounds have been invested in technology, supported by extensive training of our workforce, to streamline and integrate all our operations. It has made us one of the most successful and profitable independent companies in the country, with an annual turnover in excess of ÂŁ100 million. We value over a quarter of a million residential properties each year and arrange more than ÂŁ2.5 billion of mortgages. We employ around 2,000 people in more than 200 offices, offering an extensive range of services through our diverse group of companies, which include many well known

At Spicerhaart we are driven to provide the best possible customer service across all of our divisions in order to make your experience stress free and deliver the results you demand. We are delighted that our team of highly experienced, qualified experts regularly receive praise from the people that matter: our customers.

High Street names. From the day we were established in 1989, we have led the way in new developments in financial services and estate agency and we are continuing to grow.

Not only is Spicerhaart one of the biggest mortgage brokers in the UK, we also operate the largest independent estate agency group in Europe, combining the strength of haart, Spicer McColl, Darlows, Felicity J Lord and Haybrook. We have transformed the way in which people buy and sell property – creating a one-stop shop for financial and legal services, surveying and estate agency.


Be part of it – Thank you for reading our publication. We would love to talk to you about how we can make a difference to your business. Contacts MANAGING DIRECTOR Mark Pilling Skyways Amy Johnson Way Blackpool Lancashire FY4 3RS T: 01253 603 001 M: 07773 822 992 E: *Please note that any telephone calls made to Spicerhaart may be recorded and/or monitored for training and data protection purposes.

Spicerhaart Corporate Sales  

Introducing Spicerhaart Corporate Sales. Our goal – Achieving the maximum price in the shortest time.