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Go where the big lamps can’t! OPTIMAX Jr ™ Mini flashlight is ultra compact, lightweight yet powerful! Reveals even the smallest leaks! Perfect for leak checking hard-to-reach places! Compatible with all leak detection dyes! • • • •

100,000-hour LED bulb Delivers power comparable to 75W lamps Over 4 hours of peak performance Choice of continuous or momentary illumination • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)

Available as:




Hanging clamshell package.

Complete kit with A/C and fluid dyes, EZ-Ject™ A/C dye injector, hose, couplers and plastic carrying case.

See reverse for more new products that make leak detection a snap!

We Take Leaks Seriously!

Snake out those leaks! TP-8677 Kit Features dual-function Quad Max Pro™ lamp (TP-8670) with flexible head and adjustable service mirror. Crawl into any nook and cranny at any angle! Expose leaks normally hidden from direct view! • 3 UV LEDs for leak detection and 1 white LED for regular inspection • 100,000-hour LED bulbs • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)

Pry ’em out with power! TP-1127 Kit Features powerful UV/Blue™ lamp (TP-1100). Packs a wallop and makes even the smallest leaks show with a brilliant glow! • • • • •

High intensity 12 volt 50 watts Instant-on bulb 12-foot cord with alligator clips

All three kits (TP-1127, TP-8647 and TP-8677) include: • • • • • •

EZ-Ject ™ A/C dye injector with hose and couplers (TP-9845) 0.5 oz. EZ-Ject™ universal A/C dye cartridge with solvent-free Fluoro-Lite® dye; services up to 14 vehicles (TP-9870) 1 oz. Dye-Lite ® All-In-One™ oil dye; services up to 2 vehicles (TP-3400) 1 oz. Dye-Lite® coolant and auto body leak dye; services 1 vehicle (TP-3900) Fluorescence-enhancing glasses (TP-9940) Plastic carrying case (TP-1143)

TRACER PRODUCTS A Division of Spectronics Corporation


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Recycled Paper

12/04 A04159 PRINTED IN U.S.A.


Cordless, Ultra-Compact, Blue Light Leak Detection Flashlight

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