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Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit



(U.S. Pat. No. 5,167,140)

Featuring Tracer-Stick® fluorescent dye capsules. Concentrated, convenient and specially formulated for use in all hybrid A/C systems!

Many of today’s hybrid vehicles are equipped with a hermetic electric compressor. Problem is, the windings inside this compressor can deteriorate or become compromised when exposed to moisture or strong chemical solvents, such as those found in conventional automotive trace dyes. This can lead to premature compressor failure or, even worse, electrical shock to the technician servicing the vehicle. The Tracerline® Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit is designed specifically to address both of these concerns.

Tracer-Stick® Dye Capsules (2) Purge/Service Fittings

Purge Capsule

R-134a Hose/Coupler

Also Available: TP-3811-0301 Tracer-Stick® Hybrid Dye Replacement Capsules Individually wrapped in a special moistureresistant foil pouch with a desiccant bag. Packaged three to a box. TP-3814 Replacement Injection Kit for Hybrid Vehicles Includes R-134a hose/coupler with check valve, purge capsule and (2) purge/service fittings (dye capsules sold separately).

The TP-3812 Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit Includes: • Three 0.03 oz (1 ml) Tracer-Stick® dye capsules filled with a specially formulated, co-solvent free POE dye with a unique additive package blended specifically for hybrid A/C systems. Individually wrapped in a foil pouch with a desiccant bag to seal out moisture. Dye glows brightly under UV or blue light inspection lamps! • R-134a low-side connect set. Convenient and mess-free. Add dye and refrigerant into system simultaneously, in one simple step. No residual dye left in hose to absorb moisture. Includes hose/coupler with check valve, purge capsule and two purge/service fittings for hose purging and connecting to refrigerant source.


03/10 A09123-3 PRINTED IN U.S.A.

Tracerline Hybrid Dye Injection Kit  

Finds Leaks in Hybrid Vehicles. Safe on Hybrids!