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Pastor Otis Moss II, of Trinity UCC of Chicago, Open Letter To Clergy & Voting In 2012 THE SECRET BEHIND WHY IT’S ESSENTIAL AMERICANS RE RE--ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA



Welcome to Precious Stones Magazine an extension of Kreative Images Ministries. It is through my faith that every article you read is heart warming an provokes you to explore your visions. Define recession for your self and continue to explore the gifts and talent assigned to your life. There is a reason an a season designed for your creativity, although it appears your plan is over or no longer necessary, rejuvenate the vision and ascertain the missing link. You’ll discover that the demand is greater than what's available. Oftentimes we say oh I had that Ideal or Invention in my head but I didn’t do anything with it suddenly it appears some else has the same vision. Although that may be relevant to ward pioneering the vision, it’s your assignment to administer the missing link to fruition. Concentrate on your potential then go out and till the land. Inside of you there is a promise of wealth waiting on you, don’t miss your season again. President Obama Quote: “Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain

poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. ... Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. “ Any comments you make will appear on the Editor page in our next issue. Currently we plan to run issues every two months.

Will always lead you when you follow him. No !No! I mean you commit your life in to his hands, trust him and keep it 100.

I can’t compete with the astrologist on giving you a daily horoscope but I can share with you the significance of naming this magazine Precious Stones. You will Learn about different stone in the next five issues . Everyone who has an article in the magazine has been chosen as God’s Stones .

Throughout history, in every civilization, gemstones have been highly prized and sought after. The Bible makes . It has only been since the mid-1800’s that we have begun to identify stones according to their mineral content. In Bible times stones were identified by color, such as the Hebrew term odem which simply means “red stone.” This could have been annumerous references to jewels and precious stones. In Exodus 28:21 the Lord ordains precious stones to be used in the making of the breastpiece of the High Priests’ garments. Zechariah 9:16 says that the Lord’s people will be like jewels in a crown. In Revelation 21:19-20, John names twelve stones that adorn the foundation of the New Jerusalem. The difficulty has been in knowing the exact identity of the stones namedy number of red stones known at the time (i.e. red jasper, carnelian, garnet). As more information surfaces thanks to archaeological findings and the writings of ancient historians such as Theophrastus (372 -287 BC), Elder Pliny (23-79


Ex 28:19, 39:12 Agate is named as the second stone in the third row of the High Priest’s breastplate. Agates are a form of chalcedony (a finegrained variety of quartz) that are banded or lined in a variety of patterns of colored layers. Colors range from white to dull yellow, red, brown, orange, blue, black and gray. The Hebrew word for agate is shebo which literally means “to flame, split into tongues.” “Agate” comes from the Greek word, achates, which is the name of the river in Sicily where agate was mined in abundance as early as 3000 BC. Agates were highly prized among ancient civilizations. It was fashioned into beads, pins, brooches, signet rings, goblets, cups, bottles, bowls, and carved figurines. Large amounts of agate have been found in archaeological digs of Sumer, dating back to 3500 BC. Theophrastus (372-287 BC) appears to have been the first man to write about agates. In his work, Concerning Stones, he notes that agate is a “marvelously beautiful stone” and usually sold at high prices.

PERIDOT (CHRYSOLITE) Rev 21:19,20 Peridot is the modern name for chrysolite which is a lovely, transparent, gem from the mineral olivine. It’s color, which ranges from yellowgreen to a deep bottle green comes from the presence of iron. Peridot (or chrysolite) has been known since Biblical times with the earliest source being St. John’s Island in the Red Sea off the Egyptian Coast. From here the identification of Bible stones gets very interesting. It appears that the identity of two stones, the chrysolite (or peridot) and the topaz have completely switched. According to Pliny (AD 23-69), the topaz (Gr. topazion) was a stone found and mined on the island of Topazios (today called St. John’s Island off the coast of Egypt). This is the world’s principle source for the peridot (chrysolite). No topaz as we understand it today has been found there. So the term topaz of Bible times was actually the peridot (or chrysolite) of today. Conversely the term chrysolite in the Greek is actually the Topaz of today.

Support Heidi’s Fight Against Cancer


have a friend that needs your help. She is 40 years old, married with 4 children and

has been recently diagnosed with cancer again. This is the second time she has been diagnosed with cancer within the past 3 years, some of you may know her; Heidi Marshall Adams. After going through many surgeries and treatments she has chosen to go with naturopathic/homeopathic remedies to save her life. She needs to start treatments and medications as soon as possible. The only obstacle with going this route is that heath insurance companies do not help cover the cost of any medical expenses. This is where I need your help. Her medical expenses may exceed $20,000.


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In 2009, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I listened to the physician and exactly as they instructed, leading to a Bi-Lateral mastectomy, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy Tamoxifin. Almost to the exact date 3 years later I found myself here again being diagnosed with Regional Cancer Reoccurrence. I did not even make it to the “magical” number of 5 years of being cancer free. This time I was a little moved by the news but once again I did as instructed by the physician. Another surgery Axillary Node dissection, chemotherapy and radiation. After prayer and meditation in the Word of God, I started to doubt traditional remedies, coupled with the fact my oncologist when asked why are we back in this situation, said “the chemotherapy failed, and the hormone therapy failed the first time around”. To this day, I have only done one treatment of chemotherapy; then a friend put me in contact with a Certified Naturopathic physician regarding my healing. He offered to provide me with a Naturopathic protocol to remedy any remaining cancer in my body. I have decided not to continue chemotherapy and follow the protocol given to me by the naturopathic physician and believe with all my heart that because of the Love God has for me that he is using me as a Living testimony for what is the truth. If you are able to help this family, you can simply click on the PayPal link below or send a check to: Seema Kauffman 830 Pheasant Ridge Drive Lake Zurich, IL 60047


Yorli Huff gives a straightforward and sometimes frightening account of her life, which can only be viewed as nothing less than a triumph of the human spirit in an unshakeable will to succeed against all odds." From childhood through adulthood, Yorli Huff has come through some of life's greatest tests, and the Veil of Victory is her awesome testimony. This book is ministry. This book is therapy. This book is revelatory about working power of God and how He has kept His hand on Yorli."-Or.LaJoyce Brookshire, bestselling author of Ask the Good Doctor, Faith Under Fire, Web of Deception, and Soul Food "The Veil of Victory is an insightful spiritual journey all people of faith, and those searching, should explore."-Pastor Otis Moss, Trinity United Church, Chicago. It was a great honor to meet and chat with Yorli during the Hyde Park Summer Festival. Two more amazing books soon to be released by this author Engendering Strength Series 1 and 2 by Superhero Huff

The Thunders made the championship series worth watching. Heat and Thunder equivocality were the greatest two NBA teams in 2012 league. The players on both teams had the talent and team spirit each game night to keep you glued to the TV. Every game was played like it was championship night with the win coming down to seconds left in the game.

Congratulations on having a great season this year, you made it to the finals and that’s worth giving glory to God alone, however this season was given to the Miami and they took home the championship. Thunder will be around for a long time, take the experience, use it for growth and make no mistake about it as long as you stick to your game you’ll get that championship. Lebron did it and so can Kevin. Kevin you will know when its coming just stay close to Him.

Pastor Otis Moss II, of Trinity UCC of Chicago O P E N L E T T E R T O C L E G RY


This letter spoke in volumes to me after reading it sent via my Auntie Facebook post. I Think this message needs to be herald around the country, it certainly hit the innermost being of my spirit. I am a Christian one who loves the Lord and nothing nor anyone could make me believe anything other than what my faith has brought to fruition in my life. I hope when you read this letter you will have the same urgency I did about circulating it. Enjoy The Letter

My Brother: Tell your brethren who are part of your ministerial coalition to “live their faith and not legislate their faith” for the Constitution is designed to protect the rights of all. We must learn to be more than a one-issue community and seek the beloved community where we may not all agree, but we all recognize the fingerprint of the Divine upon all of humanity.


here is no doubt people who are same-gender-loving who occupy prominent places in the body of Christ. For the

clergy to hide from true dialog with quick dismissive claims devised from poor biblical scholarship is as sinful as unthoughtful acceptance of a theological position. When we make biblical claims without sound interpretation we run the risk of adopting a doctrinal position of deep conviction but devoid of love. Deep faith may resonate in our position, but it is the ethic of love that forces us to prayerfully reexamine our position. The question I believe we should pose to our congregations is, “Should all Americans have the same civil rights?” This is a radically different question than the one you raised with the ministers, “Does the church have the right to perform or not perform certain religious rites.” There is difference between rights and rites. We should never misconstrue rights designed to protect diverse individuals in a pluralistic society versus religious rites designed by faith communities to communicate a theological or doctrinal perspective. These two questions are answered in two fundamentally different arenas. One is answered in the arena of civic debate where the Constitution is the document of authority. The other is answered in the realm of ecclesiastical councils where theology, conscience and biblical mandates are the guiding ethos .I do not believe ecclesiastical councils are equipped to shape civic legislation nor are civic representatives equipped to shape religious rituals and doctrine.

The institution of marriage is not under attack as a result of the President’s words. Marriage was under attack years ago by men who viewed women as property and children as trophies of sexual prowess. Marriage is under attack by low wages, high incarceration, unfair tax policy, unemployment, and lack of education. Marriage is under attack by clergy who proclaim monogamy yet think nothing of stepping outside the bonds of marriage to have multiple affairs with “preaching groupies.” Same-gender couples did not cause the high divorce rate, but our adolescent views of relationships and our inability as a community to come to grips with the ethic of love and commitment did. We still confuse sex with love and romance with commitment. My father, who is a veteran of the civil rights movement and retired pastor, eloquently stated the critical nature of this election when speaking to ministers this past week who claim they will pull support from the President as a result of his position. He stated, “Our Ancestors prayed for 389 years to place a person of color in the White House. They led over 200 slave revolts, fought in 11 wars, one being a civil war where over 600,000 people died. Our mothers fought and were killed for women’s suffrage, our grandparents were lynched for the civil rights bill of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965…my father never had the opportunity to vote and I believe it is my sacred duty to pull the lever for every member of my family who was denied the right to vote. I will not allow narrow-minded ministers or regressive politicians the satisfaction of keeping me from my sacred right to vote to shape the future for my grandchildren.”

1. Gay and lesbian citizens did not cause the economic crash, foreclosures, and attack upon health care. Poor underfunded schools were not created because people desire equal protection under the law. We have much work to do as a community, and to claim the President of the United States must hold your theological position is absurd. He is President of the United States of America not the President of the Baptist convention or Bishop of the Sanctified or Holiness Church. He is called to protect the rights of Jew and Gentile, male and female, young and old, Gay and straight, black and white, Atheist and Agnostic. It should be noted the President offered no legislation, or executive order, or present an argument before the Supreme Court. He simply stated his personal conviction. If we dare steal away from the noise of this debate, we will realize as a church we are called to “Do justice, live mercy and walk humbly with God.” Gay people have never been the enemy; and when we use rhetoric to suggest they are the source of our problems we lie on God and cause tears to flow from the eyes of Christ. I am not asking you to change your position, but I am stating we must stay in dialog and not allow our own personal emotional prejudices or doctrines to prevent us from seeing the possibilities of a beloved community.

November is fast approaching, and the spirits of Ella Baker, Septima Clarke, Fannie Lou Hammer, Rosa Parks, A. Phillip Randolph, James Orange, Medgar Evers and Martin Luther, King Jr. stand in the balcony of heaven raising the question, “Will you do justice, live mercy and walk humbly with our God?” Emmitt Till and the four little girls who were assassinated in Alabama during worship did not die for a Sunday sermonic sound bite to show disdain for one group of God’s people. They were killed by an evil act enacted by men who believed in doctrine over love. We serve in ministry this day because of a man who believed in love over doctrine and died on a hill called Calvary in a dusty Palestinian community 2,000 years ago. Do not let the rhetoric of this debate keep you from the polls, my friend. Asking you to imagine a beloved community, your brother and friend, Otis Moss, III, Senior Pastor ,Trinity UCC


NCAA CHAMPIONS 2012 FUTURE NBA PLAYERS The NBA draft 2012 has matched several players to situations that will allow them to thrive for seasons to come.

Two Missouri Tigers were drafted on Thursday night in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft. Former Mizzou Guard Kim English was selected by the Detroit Pistons with the 44th overall pick...

It takes a team to win a title, whether it’s composed of freshmen, upperclassmen or some combination.

The Kentucky Wildcats are the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball national champions, after defeating the Kansas Jayhawks.


Chicago Simeon

Peoria Central Lions

NBA-NCAA-ISHA Wouldn’t it be nice if they became mentors for those moving up in the

ISHA CHAMPIONS 2012 6'5 Aldonis Foote catches two nasty alley oops in the 3A state championship game against north Chicago, Foote led his Peoria central team to the

Class 3A state champion Peoria Central believes it can defeat Simeon.

This was an emotional win for Central Lions who lost one of their coaches Kelvin Jordan who was sure they could win another state championship so along with Head Coach Dan Ruffin Kevin Jordan Sr. stood besides him in honor of his twin brother Kelvin

Trey Kellum Peoria Central, as he helped lead his team to the state championship

-Peoria High state basketball champion stars Aldonis Foote and Kevin Jordan signing with their college recruit

Mid-State 6 Conference boys basketball co-champions Central and Manual each placed two on the all-conference first team. Aldonis Foote and Trey Kellum were first-team honorees from Central, which after sharing the conference crown went on to win the Class 3A state championship. Jeff White and Jacoby Roddy were first team from Manual. The only non-senior named to the first team was Richwoods junior Preston Wells. Central was represented on the second team by Kevin Jordan, Shamar Hill and Jerrell White. Richwoods senior Nate DesJardins and Notre Dame junior Nic Reynolds were also named to the second team.



Just in time for spring & summer Manager Rickie Cannon of Bachrach shows off the new collection of clothing at his store here at The Meadow! The New spring lineup includes, fit suits, skinny ties, their signature Parc 81 casual shirts. Along with their new Colby collection shirts, knit pullovers, linen suits and cotton casual pants. BACHRACH’S EXECUTIVES GIVE ACCOLADES TO MR. CANNON During a Tuesday morning conference call when the owner took over and singled Rickie Cannon out with all the company managers and higher ups on the call. He spoke of how he should be an example to all on how to run a business because he took a store that was nothing and now it is doing remarkable numbers .

Rickie’s Comments : When you believe in something and you are passionate about it you will succeed I'm grateful for the recognition but much more work needs to be done . I remember Saturday it was storming out and I was on a mission to have the best sales day ever and I kept saying to myself "That storm is not going to stop me " I think we needed to do about $1,200.00 more dollars with the weather as bad as it was I continued to believe I and my staff would conquer the quest before us. Praise God it was a victorious feeling when we conquered it.

Rickie got his commitment and dedication from his father the late great Maynard Cannon, who he loves and adores, as a young man Rickie worked with his dad and uncles in the family business Cannon’s Food & Liquor, store in Peoria Illinois, Rickie also acclaims his success to enthusiasm, perseverance and having His favor (God) He has always had an eye for the fashion industry and a destiny that spells greatness. In his spare time he loves to play his guitar.

“Every time you put on a suit coat, sport coat or blazer, a pocket square should be worn.” Even if you are wearing a sport coat or blazer with a pair of chinos, corduroys or jeans, you should still wear a pocket square.

BACHRACH The Meadows at Lake St. Louis, 10 Meadows Circle Drive, Suite 104 Lake St. Louis, Missouri 63367 Phone: (636) 625-1722

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Some of the suppression attributed to the black male is due to: High Stress areas marked by rates of low socio-economic status, high crime, high density, high residential mobility, and high rates of marital breakup; and racial segregation. Many black males have a problem with feeling inferior, unbelief, and the birthing of flesh romances, which result in children of the flesh, who don’t understand Gods system of order. This system consist of Father, Son, Man and Father, Mother, and Children. Both spiritual and natural systems have the father as head of the family. People who try to subjugate you will put brother against brother, shedding one another’s blood, make it easy for you to obtain guns, buy and sell drugs, gang initiation violence, and disrespect. Once they get you committed to selling each other out they have control over you moreover convinced you to destroy yourself. You have given them control of a nation of people whose heritage is powerful, and so authoritative, that every other nationality understands if you ever unite you will and take the helm. Many people have researched and found that we are a gifted people from the lineage of Ham, however “ our gift is being wasted on our personal preferences while the criterion for moving God is lost….collectively we haven’t arrived to our purpose because we are wasting or prayers crying about our pain, and that pain is from a lack of purpose and possession of the covenant inheritance which is uniquely Hamitic….the role that Ham played in scripture has not been realized today and it was here that the blessing rolled down like water.” The essential element that is missing from the eschatological picture that is unfolding in the end times is the Hamaic involvement.” “One of the most lamentable situations in American life as it relates to Hamitic involvement is the value of black flocks inclusion based on our race…even when we are discussing education, housing, economics, politics, it still has a racial kind of vitiation. It is true almost anything dealing with black people will have this flavoring, due to our status and the race-conscious reality in which we live…however at the same time seeing through those lenses only locks us out of the global perspective God designed for Hamitic people as a whole. Given that perspective it become satanic in strategy never to have a comprehension vision of what God really ordained for the sons of Ham. To allow anything to force black people to limit their scope of vision and achievement to only racial base is never to climb the ladder of divine intent.

If racial bigotry has been the tool used against blacks people and obscures the purpose of God then it seems very clear that to embrace the assignments of God under His directions and purpose should eliminate the power of strength of that tool


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If covenant inheritance is pursued within the constitution of the New covenant, the Holy Ghosts is then commissioned or authorized to assist the endeavor because it throws life into a dormant desire Of God that has been waiting on a champion--someone who is going His way! There is a global perspective for the Hamitic involvement, and it involves the prophetic If desertion has been a Hamitic characterization, in that Ham deserted the family’s destiny in Noah, the prophetic posture wasn’t filled. In the breach between Noah and ham, it affected the picture of the prophetic, probably including the Messiah, since the revelation was in the lions of the father (Noah). The descendants of Ham were used in sporadic displays of this gifting, but not as a national entity or a major player in the global scheme of things. It left Ham as he is today, piecemealing his work and office to the benefit of other fulfilling their own destiny. He continues to deal with the pitfalls hidden dangers that have ensnared him as a result of not possessing inheritance. Moses had to use Jethro and his sons (Hamitic origin) as eyes (visions) in the wilderness to assist or participate in the destination (destiny of Israel). “had promised his kindred and their own covenant inheritance. If God gave an independent covenant inheritance to Ishmael surely he didn’t forget Keturahs children. Keturah bore six sons to Abraham more than any. Zimran, J okshan, Medan, Midian, Isbak, and Shuah. This scripture shows how Jethro was able to keep the covenant when Israel had forgotten the name of God. Genesis 18:19 How could Abraham have a covenant with God that The prophetic office (vision) is necessary today of the Hamitic people in the global picture unfolding before our very eyes. When Moses asked Jethro to come and go with him, he said I will not go; but I will depart to my own land and y kindred Num 10:30 ….Out of the lineage of Abraham and Keturah, Jethro was very mindful of his own inheritance. Though Jethro and his family did indeed assist Moses, he was very mindful of the possession of his own covenant and was more aware of it than Moses. If he understood the covenant with Abraham and didn’t feel he had to go with Moses to have one, he just have been mindful of what God did not include all his children? Social mayhem is the result of demonic origination. Spiritual insight reveals the origin and intent of those spirits. See demonic activity can’t be moved by religious formalities and rituals, it requires spiritual warfare. Having a form of Godliness and denying the power thereof that will not get the job done. If you look at Gideon his frustration with Israel condition when the Angel appeared unto him was If God be with us, then where be all his miracles Judges 6;13. Supernatural activity was normal in the bible, but the religious man of the chosen people their rituals were not delivering the people from oppression…so this is why they resort to any means necessary to survive, even if it means today jeopardizing their freedom violating the covenant and in jeopardy of their inheritance. While godliness is profitable to all things having a promise to life that now is which to come I Tim 4:8 or in other words a or in other words a ticket to heaven, our interest is a little more than that. The issue is the power of God to change that which appears to be immovable here. It is this kind of power that is the missing ingredient or the knowledge of it in the church today. Being absent for whatever reason still constitutes desertion, it comes across as abandonment because the purpose is not pursued vigorously . Continued page 31

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In 2010 Bill Quigley wrote 15 reason why we need a revolt in this country” Government works quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists, and for the rich and powerful. But it does not work for people. March 7, 2010 It is time for a revolution. Government does not work for regular people. It appears to work quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists, and for the rich and powerful. But it does not work for people Many of us may or may not agree with his 15 reason, however we must all agree people develop much more when they all start working for the common good of the masses. The reason I’m spotlighting our current President Barack Obama is his tenor has been for the masses at heart. America needs to accept it needs a transformation, it has forgotten its declaration of Independence which stated that when a long train of abuses by those in power evidence a design to reduce the rights of people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is the people’s right to engage in a revolution, which is what’s beginning to happen with the 99%. America has forgotten about her own, women are being bartered, children higher learning education is diminishing because teachers are losing their jobs since lawmakers passed a school finance plan that cut $4 billion from districts in Texas statewide, leaving less teachers with more students in a class room knowing their ability to learn is stifled .

The poor whom you have with you always, to whom you are to draw your souls out to are unwanted as well as being treated lest than an animal, it’s no longer just black America its universal, The health care act is in the hands of the supreme court, (I have learned a lot about politics since President Obama was elected), the GOP desires to cut Medicare and Social Security censor the internet, make streaming a felony, wants a pay raise, no health insurance, cut food stamps but raise the price of food, “focus on narrow political gains at the cost of the nation’s economic health,” continue outsourcing jobs leaving Americans unemployed ,as well as change voting laws and redistricting. This should not be acceptable, furthermore it’s a scheme designed to make our current commander and chief look like a failure. It’s their belief an African American doesn’t deserve to be in the oval office. Their mindset is not only stubborn, delusional and racial bigotry it expresses a lack of concern for the masses, they are so fixated on destroying a man’s creditability it’s impossible for them to visualize President Obama’s policies are about restoring the countries prosperity and creditability. I can imagine their thoughts as such: How dare you come in and tell us to change our behavior after all we’ve been running this country for 43 years, and it works for us, you just be quiet boy and we will make you a billionaire, you don’t really need to have the heart of American people in mind . If you don’t follow the rules will make sure you are a onetime President. Pay Attention you are being duped. The racial bigotry has stepped up several notches whereas we are consistently fighting the race issue which should not define us, before we are a color we are human beings of the same stock. All mankind were created equal, and among these rights are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There’s nobody greater than the other in the sense of your ability to lean forward in your purpose for being born, Every man has a purpose, a time, and a season, This Season happens to be for the Commander and Chief whose been given the charge to lead this country back to its prosperity. We can clearly see the walls of destruction surrounding him, from within (GOP) planning to defeat him however this isn’t a time to be defeated, we made it through the battle and the war will soon be over, once that take precedence we can collect the spoils from the war. United we stand, divided we stumble, our backs ( jobs, homes, Medicare, social security, ect.) are against the wall the best course of action is to vote and re-elect President Obama. Are you In? Our President is seeking for wisdom and understanding In order that he might assist all in rebuilding America. This president possess from within his inner most being the secret of prioritizing the concern of the masses. Fellow Americans and country men we can’t continue to spiral downward, when clearly the vision is about strengthening the power of America’s Economy, and Infrastructure as well as

Despite the fact you acknowledge he didn’t do enough for your cause, did you form a task force to convey your concerns, whether you did or not stop complaining, and put some action behind your thoughts. We were aware of the fact his position as President was going to be difficult, and he would have wars within his own administration, somewhere along the road we forgot if it takes an entire village to raise a child, how many of us would it take to rebuild a country. I often heard him say I need the help of the American people, yet we stood by the wayside complaining, when we should have formed community committees advocate the needs of community in a united effort to make him aware of things we’d hoped he could assist us in targeting .How many of us joined white to say, Mr. President we established this organization to bring about the desired hope for change, or listen to the efforts he constituted toward change, only to keep being blocked by a bunch of people who are destroying this country. Do you know about the weekly blogs,, or staying connected through social media and email accounts, How aware are you, other than listening to news media who can be bias with their statements. This website ( contact)was designed for We The People. Who used it enough to make a difference stop and ask yourself a question did I do my part after the election to help rebuild America. There are enough innovated young men and women in this country to start your own factories, and business, dealing with green energy tech amongst other things you hear the president speaking about. It’s important that we train our children to listen to policies and laws being enacted concerning our nation. Many had never heard of a bill being pass about Stand Your Ground . Continued on page 30

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Take your hair on an exotic journey and experience the wonders of Argan Oil from Morocco. This high performance line is infused with Argan Oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamin E & antioxidants giving hair exotic shine, nourishment and protection. Crème of Nature Argan Oil... where luminous shine meets healthy hair.

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7 Miracle Foods for Healthy Skin by Emily Doron "The nutrients found in these foods benefit the skin because they nourish us from the inside out," says Sue

Moors, RD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. According to Moore's, glowing skin starts at the supermarket. Sweet Potatoes The pumpkin-colored hue of sweet potatoes not only looks pretty on your dinner plate, but its shade also works wonders on your complexion. Sweet potatoes boast large amounts of beta carotene -- an antioxidant whose red, yellow, and orange pigments dress many vegetables in their vibrant colors. Beta carotene's protective qualities defend against the damage that sun exposure will cause, says Moore's. Salmon Add luster and softness to your complexion by feasting on salmon, a fish with one of the richest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats nourish the skin by reducing the body's production of inflammatory substances, decreasing clogged pores, and averting fine lines and wrinkles. Snapper This tropical fish, like salmon, is also sky-high in anti-inflammatory fats, and it harbors another beautiful skin booster: the mineral selenium. According to Moors, "Selenium has the ability to reduce the risk of sunburn and promote an even skin tone." Snapper itself has a sheen to envy -- in many fine restaurants the fillets are often served skin side up to show off its luminous scales. Kiwi An uncelebrated hero of supple skin is kiwi. This tangy-sweet treat packs more vitamin C per ounce than practically any other fruit. Vitamin C helps maintain the collagen in our skin, keeping it firm. But this nutrient can quickly evaporate through exposure to air, water, or heat, Moore's says. Kiwi is an ideal carrier since it locks in the juicy benefits firmly beneath its furry skin. Sunflower Seeds Slow down the development of saggy, wrinkled skin by spooning sunflower seeds over salad. These seeds are replete with vitamin E -- a powerful antioxidant that decelerates the aging of skin cells, keeping us looking younger longer. Vitamin E is also known for its ability to diminish the appearance of scars. Turkey Choose turkey over other lunchtime meats for its high concentration of zinc. "This mineral maintains collagen and elastic fibers that preserve skin's elasticity and firmness," says Moore's. The healthiest variety to ask for at your grocery's deli counter? Roasted or smoked; flavored turkey, such as honey turkey or turkey pastrami, contains sugar and salt additives. Tea Dietitians continue to debate just how much liquid we should consume each day, but for Moore's, the requisite eight to 10 glasses still stands. "Our body is 70 to 80 percent water, and if we are not drinking enough, our cells don't regenerate and remove waste, resulting in a buildup of impurities." Moore's suggests alternating glasses of water with hot tea or unsweetened iced tea -- green or black. These beverages boast their own supply of acne-fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients (healthy substances from plants)

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Reach people where they live, work, and play.

Whilst the optimist, pessimist and realist were debating how full the glass of water was opportunist Ryan Cannon-Scott drank it. She is Co-Owner and Director of Business Development of MAD Marketing a startup marketing and public relations firm which opened its doors in January 2012. Cannon -Scott holds a B.S. in Psychology and a M.A. in Human Service Administration from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She has more than twelve years of professional work experience, with the last seven years spent in marketing and public relations. She is a dynamic, warm, and outgoing marketing and public relations professional. Ryan took her professional attributes, creativity and her vision along with Jacoby Ihejirika, who is Co owner and Director of Product Development and formed MAD Marketing LLC. What is MAD Marketing ? MAD Marketing is the ONE and ONLY Mobile Digital Advertising provider in the region. They are bringing a unique new advertising product to market that has previously been unavailable in this area. At MAD Marketing, they do everything BIG! MAD Marketing mission is to stop your audience in their tracks, increase your sales, and have a lot of fun doing so! MAD will breath life into your marketing efforts. They offer full video capabilities for your campaign. For example, pump some volume into your special sales event with our superb sound system and LED video screens. Unlike other billboard media, MAD can go almost ANYWHERE. MAD’s $.12 Cost per Impression (CPM), just can’t be beat. As a small boutique firm, they work intimately with clients, of all sizes, to develop campaigns, and get your product or service unparalleled exposure. And if you need something they can’t provide, they have an innovative group of subcontractors who can. Their network of partners can work with almost any budget.

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Compatible with Direct TV and Game consoles

2 trucks operating in the Chicago land (possible coverage to Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Groomed/Trained mobile drivers

 

Each truck will run a maximum of 10 ad spaces per 8 hr slot and ads will run on both sides of the vehicle simultaneously

Truck Features:  3 video screens (side screens are 120” diagonal, rear screen is 105” diagonal)

 

 

4 dual 6” speakers powered at 110w per channel

 All digital content runs off a laptop computer conveniently located by drivers’ seat  GPS real time tracking and history reports

The best

The trucks will operate during the day and night,


Pre-selected routes will be determined by the customers need.

is in yourself

The biggest question is are you MAD enough to change your old marketing strategy to something new? To find out more go to

you’ll make

'The Soul Man'

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A New Sitcom Starring Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash

About Soul Man From the creators of Hot in Cleveland, The Soul Man revolves around Cedrics character, Reverend Boyce The Voice Ballentine, an R&B superstar-turned-minister who takes over as preacher of his fathers church. Niecy Nash ("Reno 911") stars as the reverends wife, Lolli. The pilot also features John Beasley (Everwood) as his father, Wesley Jonathan (What I Like About You) as his younger brother, and Jazz Raycole (My Wife and Kids) as his daughter. The character of Reverend Boyce originated on a second season episode of Hot in Cleveland in which Cedric guest-starred. The Soul Man premiered Wednesdays at 10PM/9C on June 20 . Let us know how you enjoyed the show.

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1-KIT EYE SHADOWS Matte, pearl, and sparkle shades

Waterproof 6 vivid shades Smooth application IMPACT EYELINER

MATTE PRESSED POWDER With shades from light to medium/deep Won't clog pores Suitable for sensitive skin

Shade-matched for darker skin tones Sponge-tip wand for easy application For use with the Natural Hue collection

NATURAL HUE PRESSED POWDER Beautifully matches skin tones Oil- and fragrance-free Dermatologically tested

Creates the look of more lashes Suitable for contact wearers and sensitive eyes Opthamologically tested

Water Proof Creates the look of more lashes Suitable for contact wearers and sensitive eyes

NATURAL HUE LIQUID MAKEUP Matches up to 97% of skin tones Not heavy or cakey on skin Noncomedogenic (won't clog pores)

Deep, vibrant hues that stay true Blends easily for lasting color

New Blast Flipstick Lip Color Two shades. Endless Possibilities.


Expertly matched shades Silky, sheer formula

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50 Begins Your Jubilee Experience.

Every time there is a new dispensation given to mankind there is a new revelation to man from God, mans age changes and there are different lifestyles and rules that are assigned to him/ her, thus there are new blessings and promises.

Fifties is a period of liberty, freedom, and jubilee, this is the time to proclaim the Lords favor a time of release from all our debts we may have acquired over forty nine years of life, a time to celebrate life. The personal dispensation of Jubilee is not a year as we count it’s a period of ten years The beauty of life after 50 offers you a chance to be renewed again Your livelihood provides opportunities for friendship, service, and learning. But the responsibility to develop power in life is personal. Only you can say yes to livelihood’ Quick Reminder; remember you always reap what you sow, therefore make sure the seeds you are sowing are seeds you want good harvest for. Lets look at fifties as renewal able energy which comes either directly or indirectly from the sun. Renewable energy resourcesare constantly replenished and will never run out. The sun's heat also drives the winds, whose energy, is captured with wind turbines. Everything about or around you is refreshing, your good days and bad days leave you no complaint because of the renewable energy replenish you spiritually and naturally.

Men and Women in their fifties are staying alive, happier, socialize and explore more than those half their age and even appear fitter. They are in their rejuvenation period A Merry Heart is good medicine. Create your day filled with some laughter and sunshine, don’t let the trials of this life age you. Some things you can’t do anything about so take them in stride and laugh a lot. Enjoy the outdoors, free music concerts plays, comedy shows are a great place to laugh out loud. . Start the morning off with some good Inspirational Vitamins, which include Prayer. Medicate yourself with some good Mediation if that is your thing,. Stay active be joining a dance glass or exercise program. If there is nothing of interest you create it Think young, Be unpredictable. Effect a natural look in beauty. Aging is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! Consequentially if you think your beautiful that’s a great mindset. The practical thing is to drink an ample amount of water, drinking a bottle of water before you eat and sipping on it while your

eating helps to maintain your weight and it is healthy. Walk at least 45 minutes a day. Eat healthy by feeding your spirit soul and body. "The over-50s are setting the pace well ahead of their younger counterparts. Being 50 is definitely the new 25. I would love to hear your success adventures from the day your turned fifty and the years after. Please feel comfortable to send them to or

All the photos in this article are women who have just turned 50 or over 55.

DAWNING OF A NEW DAY Inside of me there is a daily freshness. Reminiscing my first spiritual encounter was immense! After a tremendous church service. While I rested on the side of my bed as a sweet aroma permeated my room. The atmosphere which stimulated my spirit, soul and body was entrancing. Ah! I no longer needed to imagine how Adam felt walking and talking with God in the cool of the day, I had entered into that realm. Lingering in the purity of my surrounding I experienced the unbelievable, while basking in

the aura of what I now perceive as God’s presence. Aghast by this unfamiliar territory I preceded to submit. As I opened my mouth diverse spiritual languages began to permeate my tongue, conveying my true essence, my potential in life. Admirably I saw how God created my being. Daily renewing my mind with all the resources he supplied for my existence. You can encounter this is amazing discovery of yourself by taking a plunge into the realm of

the spirit. You will not regret it, don’t just go to church or belong to a self help organization release yourself unto God. Genuinely consider learning one essential element in life and that is to utterly trust Him. It’s not enough to merely believe that He is, you have to be cognizant of His covenant agreement to you and the power that he has planted inside you. This Is the dawning of a new day for you.

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RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY & BUSINESS SHAKE HANDS Relationships first start at home, they are the true core of family values and the ethics of business. You can’t build a strong relationship with out family values because family is the share holders of a multi level business. There is no easy button for strong relationships but their may be an easier button since they are built from the ground up. Relationships have a systematic framework of family in its natural setting, probing from the home you chose to live in, to the way you deal with family crisis. One of the primary functions of the family is to produce and reproduce persons, biologically and socially. This can occur through the sharing of material substances (such as semen, and food); jural ties of rights and obligations; and moral and sentimental ties. Considering that family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children, how can you separate it from shaking hands in business? God’s plan to all mankind is to multiply and replenish the earth, which is designed to maintain and strengthen

the family as a fundamental unit in the world. These are the ups and downs of relationships and the in and outs of business. Building a strong family foundation strengthens relationships and grooms the family's productivity as business connoisseur. Relationships have amazing investment opportunities, you earn a safe and secured return ,when you impart spiritual truths as well as professional development which is the backbone of networking , to empower your financial status, and leave an inheritance to the family tree. One of the best approaches to cultivating good family relationship is to diversify your interest and give each other space. With this type of attitude you learn shared values and long term commitments to each other. Relationships, family, and business are made richer and more complex by the interaction between each other and finding one another's collective wisdom and spirit. Open and honest communication is the foundation for building healthy relationships from any prospective. In relationships you have to become active listeners,

Too Often we seek to be understood instead of understanding issues at hand.

All relationships require accountability, yes you are accountable for your family relationships. Without this element how can you manage a home, children, your finances, your business or even think about a husband or wife, let me make that clear significant other as well. Once you’ understand the family's culture, beliefs, aspirations, trust, respect, compromise, attitudes, expectations, and decision making process, you ‘re ready to shake hands with success. Family and business relations have a mutual dependency's on each other . They merge forming a relationship of unity.

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Apple Bottom Fresh Draped Dress



Playful Fashions found on DR Jays







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Jordan Fetish True story, Adri Jordan has every shoe from the Michael Jordan collection. You will never catch her with any other sneaker on her feet. Adri why do you like Jordan’s so much?

Response: I thought I wanted to play in the WNBA but decided against it, although It is rewarding, I believe I’d do better encouraging people in the justice system to change their lives as well as assisting persons with Medical conditions.

Response: I love the way they feel on my feet it adds to my personality as a Jordan and builds my daily confidence.

Where do you get your wisdom from?

How many pairs of Jordan's do you have? Response: I have as many as were made I grew up as a little girl wearing them. Later in elementary school and High school I played on the girls basketball team and I always felt like I can win with my Jordan’s on. . Where do you shop for your Jordan's. Response: I go to many stores and if I can’t find them I will shop on the internet. Every where Adri goes she’s sporting Jordan’s. Well maybe not everywhere just a lot. Did you watch Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago Bulls?

Response: I look for a challenge in everything I do and M.J. was phenomenal in his tenor. Who do you think is better Jordan or James? Response: I have to stand with Mike, he gained a reputation for being one of the best defensive players in basketball. How long did you play basketball in school? Response: I played through my freshman year in college. I received a

scholarship to attend UNLV. I decided to focus on a career first in nursing and second in Criminal Justice.

Why did you stop playing basketball?

Response: My grandmother taught me to pray and be strong. My mother is very intelligent and although she had some struggles in her life I seen her come out of them like a champion. One other thing about my mother is she played basketball in High school, I have cousins, uncles, and my grandpa also played When is school over for you? Response: I currently have my associate working on my bachelor so I have a few years left Adri its been a pleasure talking with you and I call success forth in His name. Response: Thanks I accept that MVP award be back for the championship soon.

Adri in her baby Jordan's

Career Minded Adri At Her Lemonade stand, Look at her feet and you see Her Jordan's

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The only thing that could induce the desires to fulfill God’s purpose would be selflessness that pleases or loves Him above. This Is one of the reason it’s so difficult to convince that heart it way be in error. Every way of a man is right in his own sight, but the Lord pondereth the heart (Prov21:2) It was not what was best for the family ham considered; he was lead by a heart that was consumed with it. Since Noah was on assignment for God the structure of the family was designed by God and preset for his purpose in the earth. When Ham acted out of his flesh, it automatically set his course against God. Thereby violating the structured design, so though Ham was present he was absent in heart and spirit. There was a dereliction of duty a forsaking of the design of God for the family and populating the earth with the influence of God. This spirit would perpetuate itself in his lineage….as a part of the fleshly carnal side of this man who had divine appointment. In fallen man his fallen nature is synonyms with Satan; therefore it easily identifies with him. Hams name had a much higher designation, it was to stipulate the higher intent of God, and it was born in God’s perfection. Therefore, at the heart of the act of desertion was not surrendering to the purpose of god and was defying the patriarchal order. If the meaning of the name has its definition in the perfection of God, the only way to live up to that meaning is through God. If Noah had a revelation with the messiah a detachment from the father would be a major interruption, especially when God’s method is impartation through the father( Can we see how important it is to have fathers in the home and attached to the purpose of God… that being the case the names of his children would bear this out. President Obama getting elected into office is a sign of the covenant promise made to you as a people. It is another beginning of a hierarchy to make you aware that inferior is not the culmination of your make up, divide and conquer is not the rule, how long do you want to be a cage animal. This season is set aside for the cage bird to sing through divine intervention. We must but the weapons of mass destruction on the altar and leave them there. The true weapons of mass destruction is I am inferior to every race, I am inferior to my brother, I covet the best gifts but the weapons of mass destruction has destroyed my relationship with unity. We are family and if one succeeds we all are successful because my success is the platform to yours and theirs, and ours. David said I look to the hills from whence cometh my help.

The true weapons of mass destruction are I am inferior to every race, I am inferior to my brother,.

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My help comes from the Lord, but the hills are my brothers working it out together as a multitude against the prince of the air, who infiltrates every mind not connect to his father, the father is to leave an inheritance for his children but if the prince can keep you divide by using any force necessary, that same age old slave mentality, racism, and I’m not my brother’s keeper will continue down the road of mass destruction

This warfare is spiritual always has been, we have to connect our hearts and minds to the dominion that was given to us., Yes God made a promise to you as a nation of people so the promise of unity will happen. The question is will you be around to enjoy the fruits of it, will you be one of them?

The operation rescue of my brother takes on new initiative-the

The time now is set aside for deliverance and the Lord is gathering his soldiers rather he has to gather you through the prison walls or pull you off the street, believe that you are necessary and enslaving your minds and those around you is unnecessary.

same crusade of biblical proportions to bring him to covenant influence in his life.

The unification of black power is to show the world that you are going to stand up and be that dominant force to spread the news of success. Know your heritage teach it to young men and women, If your shooting or selling drug to your brother you just killed yourself.


emember you were created to be in his image in his likeness, the suffering ended years ago, so why must you keep going back there, you can be the one to change the world you can be the one to restore a entire nation of people respect. “The operation rescue of my brother takes on new initiative-the same crusade of biblical proportions to bring him to covenant influence in his life. All the help God made available to Israel will be there to assist the sons of Ham.” Egypt My People. BROTHERS LETS WORK IT OUT

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Precious Stones Extraordinary Person It is not easy to get a business started, with a husband and three adorable children Felicha stated but with God nothing is impossible and I am so grateful that he extends His love toward me.

Felicha left the world of corporate America after trying many jobs which never felt quite right to her. After much prayer and soul searching God showed her a way that she could please Him, bring joy to people, and work with her hands. He showed her True Royalty Scents. True Royalty Scent’s however, was not the original name of the business. Her first company name was All About Me Candles and Scents. Felicha will humbly tell you that during a period of fasting God clearly enlighten her that it was not all about her, It was about Royalty. After doing some extensive research on what royalty symbolized, she was so elated and named the company True Royalty Scents.

Felicha has been able to develop a beautiful line of candles, wax melts., body butter, bath scents, and much more. Initially Felicha had her business working out of her home, however she quickly realized it was taking over the home, that is when she contacted the owner of the Cornerstone Building. Within its historic stone and brick walls, Felicha instantly knew this was her business chosen location. Within 40 feet of Felicha Brown’s shop you will begin to smell delicious scents that take you back to your mom baking sugar cookies in her oven. Entering the space of her new shop in the Cornerstone Underground Arts Venue, your senses will be delighted, your eyes gleam at the beautiful pink walls, the designer displays, with the accents of zebra

designs all around the shop. You’ll find small heart shaped candies just for you throughout the shop, and best of all you will enjoy great customer service. What started out as a candle craft kit that Felicha received from her husband for her birthday has grown into something more than Felicha could even imagine.


When you go to the True Royalty Scents store you leave with so much more. Felicha is the kind of person who can make a friend in an instant, and her love of God and what he has done in her life shines as brightly as her candles do. Her customer’s always leave feeling better than when they came in. Whenever you ask Felicha where the business is going she answers: “I see unlimited possibilities as God continues to broaden my vision. I know for certain that God has blessed

True Royalty Scents.” 321 N.E. Madison, Peoria, IL

I see unlimited possibilities.

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DID YOU KNOW The “bath salts” you’ve heard about have nothing to do with the type that people add to water and use while soaking in a tub. These newer bath salts are designer drugs that circumvent the laws governing controlled or illegal substances, but can be used to get high. Bath salts are made by "street chemists," The active chemicals in these salts — mephedrone, pyrovalerone, or methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) — all have stimulant properties. They are chemically distinct from drugs

such as amphetamine, cocaine, or ecstasy (MDMA), yet have similar effects on the brain. They are thus likely to be highly addictive.

becoming a fad among both young and middle-aged people — one that is worrying public health officials. Bath salts come in powder form. Individuals can take them by mouth, People can buy bath salts at “head but often they snort or inject them, shops” where drug paraphernalia is which is associated with greater risk. sold, at some convenience stores In a report, the CDC warned that use and gas stations, and on the Internet. of bath salts is increasing The products go by names such as dramatically. In 2010, U.S. poison White Rush, Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, control centers logged 302 calls about Ocean Snow, Charge Plus, White bath salts. By May 12, 2011, they’d Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane already logged 2,237 calls — nearly Charlie, Red Dove, Blue Silk, Zoom, eight times as many as all of 2010. Bloom, and Sextasy. Yes it is illegal and you should talk to Using bath salts to get high is quickly your children and friends about this.


TIME. Kevin Jordan shares love and advice with his son Kevin Dwayne Jordan II during the IHSA Basketball Tournament as the Peoria Central Lions took State Championship in 2012 Conference. His father and twin brother took state championship when they played for Peoria High School in 1977.

Bath salts are made by "street chemists," bath salts, a new synthetic drug, can be snorted or injected by users looking for a euphoric high, similar to that offered by cocaine or methamphetamine. Its Fatal!

“To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

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Ten Things You Must Have

Joyua Gibson-Owner &Freelance Make Up Artist Her Brand ! Her Work! This Is The Beginning Of Your Transformation!

JKBU Productions, Inc. Prov10:22 Films

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"what about the children" A film about a struggling family relationship and how the child deals with neglect FILM RATED G - (NOTE: No sexual, profane or violent content)

COMING TO A LOCATION NEAR YOU SOON For more information, please contact Cortez Mack @ 773-719-2365/Jeri Mack @ 773-879-2365

M.A.C.K DEVELOPMENT Making All Children Knowledgeable Placing Positive Progress in Progress Jeri Mack (Character Developer) In 2003 Jeri Mack engendered and chartered M.A.C.K (Making All Children Knowledgeable) Development as an affiliate of Jkbu Productions, Inc. Cortez and Jeri Mack mission has taken the definitive word of etiquette to an unprecedented stance. As the vision began to progress their belief originated powerful workshops. During the orientation workshops Jeri would impart confidence, self-esteem, individuality, and knowledge to her participants. Once that module was completed they advance to more interactive workshops, where the young people received the major steps in conducting themselves as leaders, networking, job training, health awareness, and social etiquette. We'd like to think most of these things are done at home but with two parents working in most homes today we need extra guidance in preparing our children for the future. M.A.C.K Development Program simply put is that arm or leg of the village helping to raise and educate our youth, It's designed to mold character and subdue ignorance among our youth.“ If we teach them today about a possible tomorrow, then they will be equipped to take on the future.�(quote Jeri Mack 2003).

J.K.B.U. PRODUCTION INC. J.K.B.U (Jesus Keeps Blessing Us) Productions, Inc. is a Christian-based production company whose principal commitment is to provide M.E.S.S. (motivation, education, spirituality and success) opportunities through theatrical, musical and positive recreational outlets J.K.B.U is a unique and distinctive Christian production company whose objective reflects through the motivation, education, spirituality and success of a diverse society. J.K.B.U intent is to motivate individuals and communities who will communicate creatively and shape the world’s perception of issues and events that will cultivate the culture of time. J.K.B.U inspires M.E.S.S. to form a close relationship with a vital urban reality and would serve as a pathway to inspire and encourage present and future generations, especially our youth, by engaging in the life and culture of this city, this state, this country and this world.

Cortez L. Mack has been graced with multiple talents in the gospel arena. He’s an dramatists, screenwriter, songwriter, director of theater and choirs, a Christian music producer, arranger, and poet. While working under the umbrella of his Chicago-based Christian production company, Jesus Keeps Blessing Us Productions, Inc, he combined modeling, acting and choreographing.

his original music. Later, Cortez was inspired to write several plays such as, “PRAY FOR THE U.S.A.”, “HE IS RISEN”, and “THE NIGHT THAT CHRIST WAS BORN”, which was beautifully choreographed by Cortez himself. However, Cortez is widely known for this inspirational Christmas play entitled, “A

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Cortez graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Business Management, He has been a long-standing member of the First Pentecostal Church Of God, Inc., under the founder, Bishop James C. Morris, and his current leader, Dr. Bernice Williams, and Overseer, Apostle Christine Morris, where he served as a Youth Leader,

CHRISTMAS LOVE”, which was staged in 1997 at the Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago and the inner-city dramatic play, “WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY?”. In addition to these successful plays, Cortez has completed an inspirational poem book entitled, “I LIVE TO HELP”, compiled of several

Choir Member and (37AD), and Josephus Director, 100 AD),Sunday we areSchool able to Studenta and Teacher, come bit closer to Ordained and Licensed making some Deacon and Minister. identifications sure. Through the inspiration of such gospel groups as Commissioned, The Winans and TAKE 6, Cortez formed his first allmale gospel group named VISION. Suddenly Vision began to minister at several local concerts and throughout the Chicago land area utilizing

original poetic pieces. In 1993 Cortez was prepared to marry the love of his life Jerisha (Jeri) who is now the president of JKBU Productions and founder of M.A.C.K. Development Youth Center, they have two lovely daughters Jeriah and Cari. With their mission and vision clear be assured JKBU Production is on the horizon.

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ZACARDI CORTEZ FREDA BATTLE & THE TEMPLE WORSHIPPERS Long-Awaited CD How Glorious And Excellent Is Our God Available In Stores & Online Everywhere June 12

New 2-Disc Album & DVD From Multiple GRAMMY, Stellar, Dove Award Winners Recorded Live At Lakewood Church Features Special Guest Vocalists: James Fortune, Jason Nelson, Michael Gungor, T-Bone, Bishop Michael Pitts, And More

Debuts His New Single And Music Video "Living For You" Off His Highly Anticipated Freshman CD "THE INTRODUCTION Written And Produced By Super Producer Drathoven And Co written By Singer/ Songwriter C.Lacy


Divine Possibilities Tankard's FULL TANK Project features Jazz and Gospel Greats: Gerald Albright, Tim Bowman

SOUNDS OF THE KINGDOM Linda Tuey Robinson Record Label: Glorious Soldier Music

Inside Story Headline It was announced this week by James Robinson, President of Light Records, the signing of former Destiny's Child member and Broadway star, Michelle Williams.

Nashville, TN (June 7, 2012)

Christie Patterson Record Label: Miles Productions

Authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

Ingredients 1 pound dry kidney beans 1/4 cup olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped 2 tablespoons minced garlic 2 stalks celery, chopped 6 cups water 2 bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper cayenne pepper, thyme, sage, 1 teaspoon dried thyme parsley, and Cajun seasoning. 1/4 teaspoon dried sage Bring to a boil, and then reduce 1 tablespoon dried parsley heat to medium-low. 1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning Simmer for 2 1/2 hours. 1 pound andouille sausage, sliced Stir sausage into beans, and 4 cups water continue to simmer for 30 2 cups long grain white rice minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the rice. In a saucepan, bring water and rice Directions to a boil. Rinse beans, and then soak in a Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for large pot of water overnight. 20 minutes. Serve beans over In a skillet, heat oil over steamed white rice. medium heat. Cook onion, bell pepper, garlic, and celery in olive oil for 3 to 4 minutes Rinse beans, and transfer to a large pot with 6 cups water. Stir cooked vegetables into beans. Season with bay leaves,

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Garlic Chicken Fried Chicken

Fried Green Tomatoes Vegetable oil for frying Recipe Instructions: Wash tomatoes and slice them into 1/4-inch thick slices.

Recipe Ingredients: 1 pound firm green tomatoes (about 4 tomatoes) 1/2 cup white cornmeal 1/4 cup all purpose flour 2 tablespoons sesame seeds 1/4 teaspoon onion salt 1/8 teaspoon black pepper 2 eggs, well beaten 2 tablespoons milk (at least 2% milk!)

In a baking dish, combine white cornmeal, flour, sesame seeds, onion salt, and black pepper. In a small mixing bowl, combine the eggs and the milk and whisk together well. Dip the tomato slices into the egg mixture, then coat both sides of the tomato with the cornmeal mixture. In a heavy skillet, heat about 1/4 of an inch of vegetable oil over a

medium heat. Fry tomato slices in a single layer, about two minutes per side, or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels, or a clean brown paper bag. Keep the tomato slices warm in a 300 degree oven while frying the rest of the green tomatoes.

In a baking dish, combine white cornmeal, flour, sesame seeds, onion salt, and black pepper.

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The Trayvon Martin Case

George Zimmerman

What ‘s disturbing about this case is why so many people want to defame Trayvon Martin, and contribute over a hundred thousand dollars to defend George Zimmerman. Martin is the one who can’t tell his angle of this fatal tragedy. Depending character of several witness they could side with Zimmerman because of racism. I’ve been observing numerous articles and reading comments written primarily by white persons or white supremacy and several of them are extremely insulting.

I just want to say before you look at us take a look at yourself in the mirror.

I submitted several question to our Caucasian brothers and sisters who hate African Americans and imply such rhetoric. Where do you think that spirit of crime and hatred came from? How did drugs and guns get in our communities,? Didn’t the mafia create gangs and start the drive byes, who raped our women and put their bad blood of hatred in the spirit of their children? I simply commented you should look in the mirror before you star blaming us for being taught by you and yours. Many like to say Trayvon was a troubled child and there's probably some truth behind that, however on the night in question he was simply walking down the street and illusively defended himself.

Now on to the case. With all the evidence from this case beginning to unfold it becomes clear that George Zimmerman is indeed guilty of recklessly killing the 17-year-old Martin as he walked through a gated residential community in Sanford, Florida, on February 26. According to the press: There is evidence of statements Zimmerman made to police or other law enforcement officials that would prove his quilt in a trial. This statement was released from National Post News on May 25, 2012.“Defendant [Zimmerman] has provided law enforcement with numerous statements, some of which are contradictory, and are inconsistent with the physical evidence and statements of witnesses,” the prosecutors said in their court filing.

Attorney Benjamin Crump (C) waves to supporters with Tracy Martin (R) and Sabrina Fulton (L), the parents of the late Trayvon Martin, after they addressed U.S. lawmakers at a meeting on Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law in Longwood, Fla., June 12.

The statements made by Zimmerman were admissible in court and “in conjunction with other statements and evidence help to establish defendant’s guilt in this case. We recently learned Mr. simmers bond was revoked for failure to disclose income and his wife was arrested for lying as well. Prosecutors provided the judge in the case with evidence that Zimmerman and his wife intentionally misled the court about his financial situation. At an April 20th bond hearing, George Zimmerman’s wife, Shelley Zimmerman, told the court she knew nothing about her husband’s PayPal account. However, in taped conversations, Zimmerman is allegedly heard giving his wife instructions on how to hide the money in the PayPal account from prosecutors. In one call, Zimmerman allegedly asked his wife, “In my account do I have at least $100?” “No,” she responded, explaining later that he was “$8.60” short .

Page 42

Angela Corey, who has strongly suggested that he was an overzealous watch-guard who wrongly suspected Martin of criminal activity In an affidavit of probable cause submitted to the court, two investigators assigned to the case by Corey reported that Zimmerman ignored police instructions not to follow Martin. The affidavit also states that Martin was "profiled" by Zimmerman, despite the fact that he was "unarmed and was not committing any crime."

Continued with Public Opinion. Roxbury March Responds to Trayvon Martin Case

#1 My guess is that they have enough to convict him (fingers crossed) #2 It boggles my mind that the prosecution would want to suppress those statements. I understand why the defense would but now I'm confused! #3 “I would just like to state that the law is written in black and white" This maintains my theory that George had adequate knowledge of the law. He knew the Stand you Ground law, and that it would protect him. #4. “Okay, so he witnessed an event and decided to report it. That doesn't mean that he was incapable of committing a crime himself. Murder is murder. He should just accept the fact that he killed a 17 year old boy who had no intention of harming him. IF and IF Trayvon did go after George, it was because he was being followed. THAT is self defense. Not following a guy because he looks suspicious And the media is calling him racist because he found Trayvon suspicious when he had done nothing wrong. This is called racial profiling. Trayvon Not following a guy be-cause he looks suspicious And the media is calling him racist because he found Trayvon suspicious when he had done nothing wrong. This is called racial profiling. Trayvon could've been blue white or yellow, but he did nothing to provoke George's actions. #5”Treyvon wasn't armed and so Zimmermann's claim that his life was in imminent danger seems questionable. If Trayvon had a gun, it would be more believable. Perhaps if Trayvon had had a gun he could have "stood his ground" and shot Zimmermann, hopefully there would have been a trial in that case too.3.He didn't disregard his suspicions. He did the right thing and reported them to the police. Then he did the wrong thing and followed Trayvon despite the dispatcher telling him to back off.

State Attorney Angela Corey, special prose-

#6 “I would like to say that I am very sad for the lost of this young man but where were the protests when the Bush law was established. Also, where are the protest for the EEOC laws gradually are being taken away from our society or the affirmative action laws that helped not just Blacks but women become equal in the work place. Now, they are being pushed back or the Blacks who refuse to register to vote or when they vote they vote against the Democrats who helped to open doors for many. We all should have protest when the community gave this man the power to think he could do such a unjust thing as this. Today it is Black tomorrow who will it be? This is what happen to the American Farmer when they needed the support of America it's not about Black or White but who gives this man the right to take matters in his own hands. We in America has lost our jobs our control of food to who we haven't taken the time to really search were and when. #7 this is the highest profile case in the country, and Mark O’Mara forgot to turn in the second passport? O’Mara stated he filed paperwork with the court on the 27th of April

Page 43

concerning the second passport, high paid lawyer smart enough to file paperwork, but not smart enough to turn in the second passport. O’Mara defense stated “Zimmerman and his wife never used the money for anything, which indicates there was no deceit.”Wrong! The question about the money was not about spending it, or not spending it .It was about how much money had the PayPal acct had he received. The Zimmerman’s were under oath. The web page that GZ created he was the administrator of “the real George Zimmerman”. Well, I think that perjury charges need to be brought on GZ and SZ. Will America every change the tone of racism or will the oppressed soon become the oppressor? #8 I'm so sick of hearing this guy's name I hope his trial will soon happen. There wouldn't be any news if this guy wasn't so stupid trying to do a cop's job when there was no reason to suspect a young boy for something that turned up nothing. The kid is dead & Zimmerman & his wife were lying when asked about their bank account. How many times has he lied? I think he lied just about everything he said that happened the night he murdered Trayvon. #9He's innocent of murder until he's been convicted by a jury but he'll always be a killer. #10While it is my belief that he is innocent of 2nd degree murder, he lied about his finances and should be treated accordingly, which means bail denied. #11 I understand the circumstances surrounding the trial may have evoked fear, but that does not give him carte blanche to lie about finances. # 12 neighborhood WATCH--got my gun--check. 2. "we don't need you to follow him"--got out of the car and followed him--check 3. did not go to hospital for life threatening injuries--went to personal doctor the next day-check, 4. no toxicology report on Z by the police--check, 5. lie to judge about income and passport--check. I will try not to judge before I see and hear the rest of the evidence because he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Trayvon is deceased to defend himself so all we have is what Zimmerman wants us to know , but the evidence is beginning to shed light on Zimmerman's character and thought pattern the night in question. I ‘d establish the case on a rush to judgment, the call made to 911 operator and the instructions given, confrontation, and chasing after a teen who wasn’t sure what's going on. This young man merely went to the store brought himself some skittles and tea, walked back to his fathers home, was not, trying to steal a car, rob anyone or assault anyone, the call never should have been made and if Mr. Zimmerman had any questions he could have (from his car ) informed Trayvon that he was the neighborhood watch man and he’s checking to make sure Trayvon was alright. For the record Trayvon character, nor past behavior is not on trial so whatever state of mind he was in didn’t warrant Zimmerman to provoke him by chasing, following or whatever he was doing. The end. My heart truly goes out to the families on both sides to lose a son is hard and to see your son potentially going to prison for the rest of his life is equally hard, therefore I stretch my hands out to our Lord and ask they he’d give each parent support during these trying times, Parents don’t blame yourself or deal with the what ifs, what has happened you can’t change it, but you can keep your health and strength because it’s really not about you God has purpose in all of it. In case you missed the Breaking News!

Page 44

Besides that sounding corny as hell, it doesn't match up to what Trayvon girlfriend heardon the other end of their ongoing phone call. She heard Martin say "Why are you following me, man?" and Zimmerman respond, "What are you doing around here?". The difference here are striking and very telling. Zimmerman is crafting his story to make himself appear as innocent and non-aggressive as possible when from what can be heard on the 9-11 tapes he gets out of his car and runs after Trayvon even when the dispatcher says "Are you following him? We don't need you to do that." Zimmerman claims the he was yelling "Help", yet other witnesses and the two separate vocal analysis of other 9-11 calls indicate that it wasn't his voice screaming "Help" and "No, Don't!" just before the fatal shot went off - it was Trayvon's. These are the interviews and the re-enactments that Homicide Detective Chris Serino didn't believe and recommended that Zimmerman be arrested on the spot, only to be overruled by the State Attorney's Office which is what has led to this continuing controversy in the first place. Let's add onto this Zimmerman's history of violent confrontations where he assaulted his ex-fiancĂŠ, and then claimed that she was the true aggressor. Where he was fired from his job as a security guard because he "Snapped" and tossed a woman up against a wall violently. Where he bullied a co-worker with racists taunts so relentless the man was growing emotionally distraught and was racked with thoughts of retaliation until Zimmerman himself was let go. Let's not forget that he also assault an undercover police officer, then lied that the officer didn't identify himself when putting a friend of Zimmerman's under arrest. The officer reported that Zimmerman's response to his telling him "Back off, I'm a police officer" was "I don't care who you are". After that case he was required to attend anger management classes. And lastly, Zimmerman and his entire family lied to the court during his bond hearing claiming he was essentially destitute when in fact he had over $100,000 sitting in his PayPal account which had been generated by his website. A site that triumphantly featured a photograph of graffiti that said "Long Live Zimmerman".

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That photo was of the side of a Black Studies Building on Ohio State University and in my opinion was an act of intimidation and Racial Terrorism meant to strike fear into the students who would most likely fit the same profile as Martin. And George thought that putting this on his site would attract exactly what kind of supporters? Perhaps the kind that posted things like this on the Fox News Website? What a shame—a tragedy, really— because the dead lil’ gangsta could’ve used “‘A-FIRM-TIV AKSHUN” to go to kollige an play footballz and make lotsa cash munny!” […]

Fast and Furious didn’t work to pass new gun control so now Eric Holder will try the race card.

[…] No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 45 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of v i o l e n t retribution against white America. […] Zimmerman was attacked by the man and defended himself with a gun. Zimmerman’s wounds were verified by police. […] 17 = child. LOL!!!!!! Let the LIB word games begin. […] Yet the “justice department” refuses to prosecute any voter intimidation that involves a black k as the intimidator. So when this guy talks, you should listen closely between the lies, they tend to come fast and furiously. Vyan You can read this on Daily Kos.

Page 48


Understanding the difference between Venture Capital and Private Equity. While they are in some ways similar ventures, they are also distinctly different. Venture Capital invests the money of investors in new business "ventures", and when the business makes a profit the investors see a return on their investments. Private Equity, also commonly referred to as "vulture capital" (which may be the reason for the confusion) means taking a company that is all ready profitable, buying it and placing the debt on the company (not your company), making it even more profitable by reducing employee benefits and payroll, using those increased profits to load the company with debt again on the company (not your company) to the point that the company can no longer afford to pay its debts, throwing it into bankruptcy. Creditors only getting 1-2% of their debts returned, employees ending up on Unemployment Insurance and needing the care of the public sector (you and me), destroying pension plans that employees had paid into and putting it in your own greedy pockets, destroying communities and tax bases. In fact, Private Equity companies could be more accurately nicknamed "Pirate Equity Venture Capital invests the money of investors in new


business "ventures

HPV `Human papillomavirus (pap-ah-LO-mah-VYE-rus) (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. At least 50% of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives. This STD is related to oral sex, Its been proven giving someone unprotected oral sex or receiving it form one that is infected can jeopardize your health. There are more than 40 types of HPV that are passed on through sexual contact. These types can infect the genital areas of men, including the skin on and around the penis or anus. They can also infect the mouth and throat.

How do Men get HPV? HPV is passed on through genital contact—most often during vaginal and anal sex. HPV may also be passed on during oral sex. Since HPV usually causes no symptoms, most men and women can get HPV—and pass it on— without realizing it. People can have HPV even if years have passed since they had sex. Even men with only one lifetime sex partner can get HPV. On It’s states “The culprit: Human papillomavirus (HPV), the same sexually transmitted infection associated with cervical cancer in women. A huge spike in the number of

head and neck cancers linked to HPV over nearly two decades is raising alarms about the risk of the sexually contracted infections in a whole new population: men. A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports there’s been a 225 percent uptick in HPV-positive oropharynx cancers since 1998, according to data from three U.S. cancer centers. The study also predicts that by 2020, oropharyngeal cancer will be the most common HPV-associated cancer in the U.S. surpassing cervical cancer.” Contact your doctor to learn more or you can Google it.

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Re-Election Continued

The President put his neck on the line when he bailed out Chrysler and GM.

Black America this was your time to shine not criticize President Obama saying he’s not doing anything for the blacks, the simple fact that he is the president of the united states speaks volumes , “To say that the President hasn’t done anything for African American ignores the facts. When the president took office, the auto industry was in freefall, with GM and Chrysler on the verge of bankruptcy, record low auto sales and dealerships going belly up left and right. A significant amount of African Americans earn their living from the auto industry; either as owners of dealerships, employees at those dealerships, owners and employees of small companies that supply the major auto manufactures and over a million African Americans who work at the big 3 automakers one the assembly line or in white collar office jobs. The President put his neck on the line when he bailed out Chrysler and GM. Without that bailout, millions of African Americans in the auto industry would have lost their jobs. Today the auto industry is thriving with record sales. Not only are Blacks who would have lost their jobs without President Obama’s bailout still working today, many more who were laid off from factories scheduled to be torn down four years ago have been recalled and working as much work as they can get.” “The President has not only increased funding to HBCU’s but has increased Pell Grants that help Black students not only attend HBCUs, but Michigan, Duke and UCLA.” This President has also fought to eliminate the racially biased drug laws that required long mandatory felony sentences for minor first time crack possession suspect who are mostly Black ,Hispanic and poor, but allowed judges to impose misdemeanor probation for people convicted of first time possession of powder cocaine who are mostly white and middle class. There’s a long list of things you can’t do with a felony conviction; that list is much shorter for a misdemeanor conviction and a direct factor in why so many Blacks can’t find jobs.” Also let’s remember it was President Obama’s banking reform bills that has outlawed subprime loans that have placed so many Blacks in foreclosure. We’ll find out in a few weeks the Supreme Court’s decision on the Health Care Bill which upheld by the courts would address the most critical issue facing African Americans, lack of access and affordability to quality health care. “ “Finally; in the last four years, America has not been attacked and the President has responded quickly and forcefully to national security; and has eliminated the architects of past terrorist attacks that have taken the lives of hundreds of African Americans. President Obama has quickly responded to the natural/manmade disasters of various floods, hurricanes, blizzards in Black communities and the BP blowout which affected the same areas of the country destroyed by hurricane Katrina. I don’t have to remind you all about how the last President responded to attacks on the nation and natural disasters that adversely impacted African Americans.” “Many people forget President Obama’s inauguration speech in which he said that the country was in such bad shape that it would take more than four years to turn it around and slowly it has, but not fast enough for many people. The day after the President’s inauguration, Rush Limbaugh urged Republicans to do anything and everything possible to make sure President Obama was a failure.”

Page 51

Is criticism of President Obama from people like West and Watkins like the Black folks who complained that there were no Black judges, but after they lobby to get a Black judge appointed or elected, they get upset when that Black judge does his job and rules against them in court? We have to take responsibility for ourselves!!! Stop complaining entrepreneurship is very important. Just take a look around at some of the other nationally that have embarked on this country they came united, we were never a people for hand me downs but we’re over here being lazy, , as one person wrote” the U.S. government never created (and never will) an Oprah, John H. Johnson and Reginald Lewis. We need to wake up. When it comes to President Obama where is your loyalty how dare we sit around and do nothing when the man with the highest office is being called a tar baby or his life is threaten. He is not the Savior so he can’t do it all alone he asked for your help and again he said its going to take more than four years to clean up 43 years worth of selling The Americas liberty and pursuit of happiness out for a bowl of porridge, “When it comes to the FIRST black man to hold the highest office. It’s only been 4 years and you’ll turned your backs on him quick, 4 years that’s all it took, when it took from creation to 2008 for white folks to mess things up repeatedly. I never once heard President Obama say he is here or running for office to only serve the betterment of black people but for all. Ok I sounded off a little bit there back to our Commander and Chief President Barack Obama A great leader is created when he/she has a team which supports the mission and vision of their leader. We don’t need a different president during this time since a new president cannot cure what exasperates us. Mitt Romney nor other critics who persist on bashing President Obama on his policies doesn’t have the insight required to begin rebuilding this country. As you will begin to see in my articles Americas problem is not only greed but a broken covenant between God, the lower and middle class welfare simply put the citizens of this country. You cannot build a strong nation by continual sacrifice of the 99% and believe your country is going to remain prosperous. Why would you want to undue what’s working?

This President has also fought to eliminate the racially biased drug laws that required long mandatory felony sentences for minor first time crack possession suspect who are

The medias allegations (FOX NEWS) against President Obama is just another tactic used to discredit him, divide the country along with raising racial tension, Many of these sources are looking through the wrong lens on how to fix the growing epidemic in this country. Wisconsin governor Walker gave you the antidote on what they are using to control you “divide and conqueror” and we keep falling prey to it, If the 1% want to become richer the one thing they must commit to is Change. Instead they are fighting against growth, power and the wealth of a great nation who in God they did trust. “We have known the bitterness of defeat and the exultation of triumph and from both we have learned there can be no turning back.’” We must move forward to stay the same is lunacy an open door for defeat to be a laughing stock to all we supported” A new era is upon us. Even the lesson of victory itself brings with it profound concern, both for our future security and the survival of civilization. The destructiveness of the war potential, through progressive advances in scientific discovery, has in fact now reached a point which revises the traditional concepts of war. Quotes from wiki notes. This will be the continue fall of America‘s backbone, and we will become a laughing stock to all because the majority choose not to change from self destruction to restoration.

mostly Black ,Hispanic and poor,

Page 52

Earth is my story even possible" and connected both his multicultural background and his campaign with the American motto, "out of many, we are one

was sent to rebuild and every time the GOP fought against him they put us in danger. My suggestion is to lay aside our discontentment and elect officials, significantly democrats or republican whose top priority is not to destroy the Presidents vision; then America can continue on the road to recovery. Everything that happened during the President Bush Administration was because his rein had ended. Nevertheless the acclaimed voter fraud accede him to stay pass his time and it cost us many lives which spilled over to the present administration. My fellow Citizens if we allow a changing of the guard to take place now we take a chance on experiencing God’s wrath instead of His grace and mercy toward rebuilding our walls of Jericho, We must unite in establishing “a more perfect union and address shared social problems” .align yourself with this principal and you will make the right choice in election 2012 Re-elect President Obama. What he acknowledge during the 2008 election is still true today; in his heart remains his ideals of equal citizenship and freedom expressed in the Constitution and America's history of slavery, the civil war and civil rights movement with the goals of his own campaign, "to continue the long march of those who came before us, a march for a more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous America.. President Obama described his own family history, stating that "in no other country on Earth is my story even possible" and connected both his multicultural background and his campaign with the American motto, "out of many, we are one .His vision remains we need shared responsibility “This statement can be found in Wikipedia I believe by Douglas MacArthur Farwell address to congress in 1951 “I stand on this rostrum with a sense of deep humility and great pride — humility in the weight of those great American architects of our history who have stood here before me; pride in the reflection that this home of legislative debate represents human liberty in the purest form yet devised. Here are centered the hopes and aspirations and faith of the entire human race. I do not stand here as advocate for any partisan cause, for the issues are fundamental and reach quite beyond the realm of partisan consideration. They must be resolved on the highest plane of national interest if our course is to prove sound and our future protected.” Now Is The Time To Rebuild America and we do that with the Presidents vision of shared sacrifices, we do this by working together like a marriage as one. Are you willing to marry America and begin to work on this team four more years. Again Are You In!

Page 53

Comprehending the job description , for the office of the president of the US is important when choosing to elect candidates for said office. As citizens we listen to the speeches of each candidate not fully understanding the power or legal ramification given to our presidents. Many chose to vote their party rather than the best man for the office believing they can help our situations. This is why I felt it’s important to know how government works.

week, for four consecutive years. The job is extremely stressful. Visible signs of aging usually appear within the first year of a president's term. The president has many responsibilities, both domestic and foreign.

The president of the United States is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a



important decisions regarding national security. He has a team of advisers to guide him, but ultimately the president is in charge of a war. Global Leader

The president has the power to appoint judges as well as grant pardons. By carefully selecting replacements for retiring Supreme Court judges, he can shape the way laws are interpreted. Commander-in-Chief The president is in charge of the military and must make

We can see how some veto's the president has can be overturned and that’s reason enough to vote for equal amount of congress that has the same or equal views to the president you’re electing. n 1996, Congress attempted to enhance the president's veto power with the Line Item Veto Act. The legislation empowered the president to sign any

Qualifications According to the Constitution, all candidates for president must be at least 35, and be natural born citizens and residents of the Unites States for at least 14 years. The president enforces the laws created by Congress. He is

Many countries look to the United States for leadership regarding important global issues, such as climate change,

spending bill into law while simultaneously striking certain spending items within the bill, particularly any new spending, any amount of discretionary spending, or any new limited tax benefit. Once a president had stricken the item, Congress could pass that particular item again. If the president then vetoed the new legislation, Congress could

in charge of 15 departments, each headed by a member of his Cabinet. He also leads other federal agencies, such as the CIA.

Legislative The president cannot make laws by himself. He must create a plan that he believes in and find someone in Congress to introduce legislation. He can lobby members of Congress, usually from his own political party, to vote in favor of his ideas. The president does have the power to approve or veto laws passed by Congress, but Congress can vote to override a veto.

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of key provisions in the Affordable Care Act, the health care law commonly known as Obamacare, on Thursday, but on Capitol Hill, Republicans are vowing to press on

the economy and health care. The president is expected to attend international summits to work on these issues. Americans vote for president every four years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That popular vote chooses delegates to the Electoral College. Term is four years and yearly salary is $400,000.

override the veto by its ordinary means, a two-thirds vote in both houses. In Clinton v. City of New York, 524 U.S. 417 (1998), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled such a legislative alteration of the veto power to be

Let’s vote smart ! unconstitutional.

but Congress can vote to override a veto.

Newsletter Title

Page 54

Damon A. Hendricks is a Peoria, Illinois native that has established his artistic roots in Chicago. Drawing his creative inspiration from the “familia� artist gene pool, Mr. Hendricks acquired his talent and love of art and from his father and fellow artist Larry Hendricks. As an artist, Damon has strong community and social awareness that resonates with every brush stroke in his artwork. You can contact Damon Hendricks for any of your social events, party, or church anniversary to paint right before your eyes as he envision your mood. Contact: 773-612-6930 email:

Artist Damon Hendrix

Page 55

DANIEL JOHNSON DNA ART EMPORIUM Statement from self taught artists‌ I was born March 12, 1968 on the south side of Chicago. Some say being born left handed contributes to my natural talent to create. When asked who inspires me, several artists come to mind, Ernie Barnes and his depiction of African American culture in vibrant colors and earth tones to Salvatore Dali and the way he plays on the conscious and subconscious. Most of my inspiration and structure come from my upbringing; having a parent and two older siblings who are extremely gifted , helped to pave the way for me to become the artist I am today. One of the first techniques I developed was the art of shading and highlighting, discovering how to use light, shadow, shade and color through a heavy or light handed stroke to convey stories of happiness, sadness, good or evil. The last 15 years I have worked in ink, pencil, water colors and pastels but oils is my current choice of mediums because of how versatile and creative it allows me to flow. My body of work is a mix of all life like surreal illustrations of jazz scenes, cityscapes and African American History. I choose subject matters that provokes thoughts and emotions. As a self taught artist I paint to share with the world what I see and Imagine also I strive to capture the essence and quality of the old masters. Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson Black Velvet Series

Page 56

Are Female Emcees Back On he Horizon

Mae Day, you can follow her on twitter.

“The word in the Hip Hop community is its driven by bravado and masculinity, and female emcees don’t get the publicity by artist in mainstream. It appears the female artist today are obsolete. Do you remember MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, Lauryn's performance on The Score (The Fugees) and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill? Have you ever found yourself listening to Bahamadia, Apani B, Queen Heroine of the Juggaknots, Ladybug Mecca, Medusa, Free (yes Free from 106 & Park, she held her own on "Patriots" with Canibus), Jane

Doe, and others.? Actuality old school music was more entertaining and it took you on a journey where you felt your life had purpose, Songs like Keep On Trucking We are the World, Keep Your Head To The Sky, and Say It Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud, To date women are on the up rise to achieving global success in this medium, As I was searching I ran across a list of at least 15-17 female emcees’ You can look them up on YouTube and let us know in our Peoples voice comments page. Stacy Epps, Eternia, Tiye Phoenix, Lady Paradox, Jean Grae— assassin, Invincible –Eye of the

Beholder, Boog Brown,-Brown Study, McLeod, Tiye PhoenixToo Late For Us Dynasty, Ill Camille, Ra the MC-Lost One, Rhapsody-Return of the Big Girl, Alyssa Marie-Heart Beat, Amanda Seales-40 Emcees, Psalms One-Open Relationship, Mae Day-Panthers,” If you have a list email it to

If You DesireTo Help Rebuild America Vote Against These This story can fit 100-150 words. The subject matter that appears in newsletters is virtually endless. You can include stories that focus on current technologies or innovations in your field. You may also want to note business or economic trends, or make predictions for your customers or clients.

If the newsletter is distributed internally, you might comment upon new procedures or improvements to the business. Sales figures or earnings will show how your business is growing. Some newsletters include a column that is updated every issue, for instance, an advice column, a book review, a letter from the president, or an editorial. You can also profile new

Inside Story Headline

VOTE 2012 The One Who Cares

This story can fit 75-125 words. Selecting pictures or graphics is an important part of adding content to your newsletter. Think about your article and ask yourself if the picture supports or enhances the message you’re trying to convey. Avoid selecting images that appear to be out of context. Microsoft Publisher includes thousands of clip art images

from which you can choose and import into your newsletter. There are also several tools you can use to draw shapes and symbols. Once you have chosen an image, place it close to the article. Be sure to place the caption of the image near the image.

employees or top customers or vendors.

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From the 1980’s From the 1980's through 2005, Avain Hightower toured with The ChiLites, Marvin Gaye, The Whispers, The Stylistics, The Manhattans, The Dramatics, The Delphonics, We had the opportunity to The O'Jays, Harold Melvin experience a delictiable afternoon of entertainment by Blue Notes and many other the talented Avain Hightower groups that were contracted with Universal Entertainment and full circle. Avain Hightower formed the These artist definitely band Full Circle in 2005. The understand how to place you band consist of keyboards, in the mood of your desire. lead guitar, bass guitar, and You can go to their website drums as well as female and and find out when they will be male vocalists. Avain in your Hightower and Full Circle area.avainhightowerandfullcirc had the pleasure in 2010 of opening for Toni Braxton, Al Jarreau and Smokey Avain Hightower's Robinson at the Country Club professional musical experience started with the amicable show band, The Scott Brothers, in the 1970's. The Scott Brothers were the back up band for various reputable recording artists: The Chi-Lites, Otis Clay, Garland Green, and Tyrone Davis to name a few.

Hills Theatre, Country Club Hills, IL, ConFunkShun at the Majestic Star Casino, Gary, Ind., and War at the Hyde Park Summer Festival in Chicago, IL; and in 2011, Russell Tompkins and The New Stylistics at the South Shore Summer Festival, Chicago, IL, Roy Ayers and War at the Hyde Park Summer Festival, Chicago, IL, and Charlie Wilson at the Country Club Hills Theatre, Country Club Hills, IL. Avain Hightower and Full Circle has never failed in mesmerizing a captive audience with his velvet tones and their high energy performance ranging from Jazz, Pop, R&B to Neo Soul.

Joy and pain will be relieved while listening to Avain Hightower and full Circle

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Beads By T

Theresa’s Story Enjoy a rustic yet sophisticated work of art. Find an incredible assortment of gemstones designed by hand using nature's influence and experience the artistry of Theresa Riley. Slip I into this art experience and feel the emergence of your personal magic. Thank You Email

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Charity Gibson is a seasoned professional Master "Hair Artist". With 15yrs experience in the business, Charity is not only a highly skilled professional who loves transforming clients form drab to "Diva Fab". She takes extra care of her clients, and pride in the essence of her

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conditioning of your hair certainly perks you up with a Diva Style and a fabulous smile. Did we mention Charity means affordable prices because she knows you can’t control your life if you cant control your hair. One visit will always keep you coming back for the luxury she provides. Diva On Demand is located 3540 Flat Shoals, Decatur, GA

Thank God I'm Natural

By day, Chris-Tia is a successful lawyer for a software company. By night, she is a freelance writer and entrepreneur looking to launch her own product line for naturally kinky tresses. Chris-Tia has been featured in USA Today, Essence Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, as well as many other national newspapers for her thoughts on the growing natural hair trend, in addition to issues related to black women, beauty, health, and self-esteem. Chris-Tia is originally from Detroit, but currently lives in Chicago, where she is active in a wide variety of civic and professional organizations. For more information about

I am a very picky when using products on my hair, , after receiving a lesson from these women I found that

be picky wasn’t all bad but I also found out these two women I decide to try something new. Listed below are a few of their secrets:

Honey Hair Shine Not only does honey taste delicious — but it can also restore body and shine to your hair.  1 tsp honey 4 cups warm water Pour the honey into warm water. If you warm the honey a little, it’s easier to pour and mix. Remember, this treatment is for use after shampooing. Douse your hair with your Honey Hair Shine and don’t rinse it out! Then just dry your hair however you normally would and go out with a new glow!

Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub 1tbs brown sugar • 3 tbs Natural Hair Conditioner Mix ingredients together. Apply to damp scalp and gently massage in a circular motion. Rinse well, then shampoo. With One Ideal God will assist you in creating it to be a multifaceted tool to minster and get wealth you must listen and begin the plan no waiting or thinking where the money is coming from start with what you have in you hand.

A Bright Star In The Sky These Simple Words Can Make Your Mind Think Rational! There’s barley any clearance left on the flight to Heaven,. We’re not certain how much fuel is left in the engine, Nevertheless the pilot announces that he’s hoping for a few more passengers before we take off. Attention all passengers Don’t Hesitate, Don’t Wait, Your Confession Ticket Is at the counter paid in full. Once you obtain your boarding pass rush over to security gate and share these simple words with them I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead, and seat of your tripartite nature is saved. Today is a great time to get your pass , Since tomorrow never comes. This is not about religion it’s about making sober minded decisions. In Chicago Midway and O'Hare have emerged with Bright Star Church Shoulder to Shoulder to make sure you’re on the right flight. Captain Chris Harris and all flight attendants are located at 735 E. 44th street where their awaiting your arrival on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Evening at 7: pm. You have to come early because they only been allotted one hour and fifteen minutes on Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:00am till 12:45pm. Of course you can come any day of the week just unsure if you’ll have an opportunity to get that boarding pass but certainly someone will pray with. Please hurry get your family members and get ion the Ark ooo I mean the plane to heaven, See you there I hope.

The 2012 Raw Tears Tour heralds a tsunami of vibrant, poetic, artistic expressions, rushing, gushing, obliterating styles, stanzas and standards as the written and spoken word jettisons convention and flows true only to itself. Inhale RAW TEARS. Release your passions, Emancipate your gifts. The next time you say, "Turn that up; that's my jam," let it be your lyrics, your choreography, your beats, your voice, let it be your Raw Tears we dance to, that next time. Thank you for joining the "2012 Raw Tears Tour." ALL ABOARD!

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