SpeakEasy's 2022 Annual Report

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Eddie Shields and Kees Hoekendijk with the cast of The Inheritance. Photo by Nile Scott Studios.


We are SpeakEasy Stage - driving Boston theatre forward and sparking dialogue with courageous, contemporary productions made by and for our community.

We are Boston’s Home for the Bold.


SpeakEasy Stage Company produces intimate, entertaining plays and musicals that are new to Boston and compel thoughtful conversation. We champion new talent and future arts leaders, alongside a diverse community of experienced local theatre professionals who share our devotion to excellence. We treat our artists, audiences, and supporters as collaborators, working with us to make Boston a city that is sustainable for artists.



Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am pleased to present to you our Annual Report for Season 31, which covers the period from July 1, 2021June 30, 2022.

I’d like to begin this report by saying “Welcome Back to SpeakEasy!” After an unconventional year of digital performances and adjusting to continuously changing circumstances, we made our longawaited return to live theatre in September 2021. The excitement and vitality — from both our audiences and our artists — was joyous and palpable.

We kicked off this season with a small, but mighty production of Adam Rapp’s The Sound Inside. Beginning with an intimate show about connection and loneliness felt like the perfect way to both navigate our return to the theatre and also reintroduce our brand of bold theatre. We followed up our successful reopening with BLKS by Aziza Barnes; People, Places & Things by Duncan MacMillan; Ahrens and Flaherty’s Once on this Island; and — the show I consider to be the greatest artistic achievement in my career — The Inheritance by Matthew Lopez.

Looking back on this season, one of the things I’m most proud of is the slate of artists, artisans, and administrators that I had the pleasure of working with. I want to sincerely thank our incredible staff and board, the production teams, and every actor who graced our stage. We would not have been able to transition back to live theatre so successfully without your grace, flexibility, and understanding. Even as we saw spikes in the pandemic and had to adjust our schedule in real time, our artists rose to the occasion and pivoted seamlessly, putting on our full slate of shows with little interruption.

Additionally, we also presented those shows to a wider audience with the introduction of our Accessibility programming. Beginning with People, Places & Things, we offered two open captioned performances and two audio described performances for every show. This is a program that SpeakEasy has long aspired to implement, and I am so glad that we were able to do so this season. I’m even more excited that this program will continue to grow and be a hallmark of our company going forward.

As I reflect on Season 31, I’m incredibly humbled by the continued support that we have received from our community. We’re back because YOU stayed with us through uncertain times and never stopped believing in our mission. I am incredibly proud of the work that we have produced, although none of it would have been possible without your generosity. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I look forward to seeing you in-person at the theatre soon.


Photo by Nile Scott Studios.


Our efforts to become a fully equitable and anti-racist theatre company are ongoing and are essential to the identity of our organization. In February 2021 we published our Equity & Anti-Racism Action Plan (SEARAP). This season, we presented our first annual Progress report, to update our community on our accomplishments thus far, and our plans to continue this work.

Some changes implemented include:

● A widely published Community Expectations Statement, which details the behavioral guidelines required to achieve the inclusive and accessible environment for which we strive.

● A script reading committee, composed of artists and administrators from the Boston theatre community, to expand the group identities involved in decision-making surrounding season selection.

● Updated hiring listings to include salary ranges and requirements, expanded job search timelines, and increased artist compensation.

● Significant opportunities for the personal and professional development of our staff and Board of Directors in matters of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access. We understand that this work is never done and will continue to update our commitments and timelines as we learn and grow. To read SEARAP in its entirety, as well as the progress reports that have followed it, visit www.SpeakEasyStage.com/SEARAP.


SpeakEasy Stage and the Calderwood Pavilion reside on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Massachusett people. We acknowledge the truth of violence perpetrated in the name of this country and commit to uplifting the voices of those who have historically been left out of the conversation. We encourage you to learn more about the Massachusett people, their history and their living traditions at www.massachusetttribe.org.


Throughout our 2021-2022 season, we focused significant efforts on expanding our programming, moving towards the goal of having our work be fully accessible to all members of our community.

Accessibility Programming

SpeakEasy has committed to offering specifically scheduled performances with accessibility resources for all future productions. In January 2022, SpeakEasy began offering two audio described performances and two open captioned performances for every production, allowing those with visual impairments and the Deaf and hard of hearing communities to fully experience our shows. We also offered a special Sensory Friendly Performance of our April 2022 production of Once on This Island for individuals with sensory sensitivities who require an adjusted, more relaxed heatrical atmosphere. We are thrilled to announce that, with the generous support of several grants, these services will remain an essential part of SpeakEasy programming going forward.

Continued Engagement & Access

Throughout this season, we provided over 1,500 underwritten and discounted tickets to more than two dozen community organizations, schools, and youth groups. Examples include Opening Doors to the Arts, METCO, Black Girls Social Club, House of Possibilities, Boston While Black, and the Cambridge Women’s Center. To deepen the theatre going experience for all our audiences, we also offered a range of post-show discussions, specialty panels, and community events for each production.



Serving as the first show back, Adam Rapp’s The Sound Inside captivated audiences with its revolutionary storytelling and themes of connection. The play centers on the budding relationship between Bella, an author and college professor recently diagnosed with cancer, and Christopher, an eccentric student in her creative writing class. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this psychological thriller asked audiences to reconsider and reach out to those people in life that they may have taken for granted.

Beginning with an intimate show gave us the opportunity to safely navigate producing live theatre under new COVID guidelines. Directed by the wonderful Bryn Boice (who coincidentally directed The Children in March 2020, the last show before the pandemic shutdown), The Sound Inside featured exceptional performances by Jennifer Rohn and Nathan Malin, earning them both Elliot Norton Award nominations for their work.

“I’m thrilled to report that the one-year, six-month, and three-week intermission has done nothing to diminish the special joy that is a show at SpeakEasy!”
- Jason Allen-Forest, SpeakEasy Subscriber
TOP: Jennifer Rohn and Nathan Malin. MIDDLE: Jennifer Rohn. BOTTOM: Jennifer Rohn. Photos by Nile Scott Studios.

- Anonymous audience member


OCT 29 – NOV 20, 2021

When we selected BLKS by Aziza Barnes as our second show of the year, we were aware that so many shows centering Black voices and experiences are rooted in their trauma. After the events of 2020 and our release of SEARAP (SpeakEasy’s Equity & Anti-Racism Action Plan), it felt especially important to bring a story which focused on Black joy, community, and friendship. Brought to life by director Tonasia Jones, BLKS follows Octavia and her friends on a raucous, drunken night out which doesn’t quite go to plan.

Strong performances from Thomika Marie Bridwell, Kelsey Fonise, Meghan Hornblower, Sandra Seoane-Serí, Shanelle Chloe Villegas, and Sharmarke Yusuf earned the cast an Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Ensemble. Thanks to Jenna McFarland Lord (scenic), Cassandra Queen (costume), Kat C. Zhou (lighting), and Anna Drummond (sound), BLKS would also win an Elliot Norton for Outstanding Design. We were also fortunate to have playwright Aziza Barnes attend a performance and then join us for a lively conversation about the play’s themes.

TOP: Shanelle Chloe Villegas, Kelsey Fonise and Thomika Marie Bridwell. MIDDLE: Thomika Marie Bridwell.

Bottom: Thomika Marie Bridwell, Shanelle Chloe Villegas, and Sharmarke Yusuf. Photos by Nile Scott Studios.

“When else do you get to see a production about Black women that is completely humanizing? I’ve never felt so seen by a production.”


FEB 11 - MAR 5, 2022

People, Places & Things, Duncan MacMillan’s powerful tale of an actress grappling with addiction, had been on our list of plays to produce for quite some time. Actress Marianna Bassham, who played the lead in the production, first brought the play to our attention after its highly successful New York run in 2017; yet it still took over two years to secure the rights, and a total of four years to make it to our stage. Despite opening night being further delayed by a COVID surge, our production of People, Places & Things opened to great acclaim from audiences, going on to win three Elliot Norton Awards: Outstanding Actress, Outstanding Director, and Outstanding Production.

In addition to the incredible performances put forth by the ensemble, People, Places & Things was also the first show that we produced with our new accessibility resources. We were thrilled to offer open captioned and audio described performances for this production, and for select performances for the rest of the season. With the generous support of several foundations, we are thrilled to be able to continue offering these services for all productions going forward.

“I’ve been waiting for a piece of theatre to reignite my passion and drive post-pandemic. Not only that, it reshaped and molded a deeper love for theatre.”
Isaac Tardy, audience member
DIRECTED TOP: Kadahj Bennett and Marianna Bassham. MIDDLE: Marianna Bassham. BOTTOM: Shanelle Chloe Villegas, Victor Shopov, John Kuntz, Marianna Bassham, Parker Jennings, and Sharmarke Yusuf. Photos by Nile Scott Studios.

“Absolutely stunning! This is my favorite show and this production gave it such beautiful, authentic life.”


MAR 11 – APR 16, 2022

A revival of SpeakEasy’s very first book musical – and one of Paul Daigneault’s personal favorites – Once on This Island by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty was a celebration 30 years in the making. Brought to life by director Pascale Florestal and and choreographer Jazelynn Goudy, this show danced its way into our hearts and would win the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Choreography. With themes of resilience, love, and hope, Once on This Island tasked audiences with finding the joy in their lives and not letting go of it.

Thanks to the generous support of MassHousing, we were able to restart our Student Matinee Series and give over 500 students from Boston Public Schools the opportunity to experience this joyous production for free. Additionally, this show gathered one of the most racially and economically diverse audiences in SpeakEasy history, thanks in part to our participation in such discount ticket programs as the state’s EBT Card to Culture and the Huntington Community Membership Initiative.

TOP: Yewande Odetoyinbo and members of the cast of Once on This Island.

MIDDLE: Reagan Massó and Peli Naomi Woods. BOTTOM: Peli Naomi Woods. Photos by Nile Scott Studios.



APR 22 – JUN 11, 2022

Clocking in with a total run-time near seven hours, The Inheritance by Matthew Lopez was easily the most epic production in SpeakEasy’s 31 seasons. Told in two parts, the story follows Eric Glass and Toby Darling, two gay men living in New York, as they try to navigate their lives in an increasingly divided America. Set only a few decades after the AIDS epidemic, this play boldly asks what is the legacy left to us by previous generations? And what do we owe the future and each other?

Hailed as “perhaps the most important play of the century so far” by The Telegraph, The Inheritance, with its exploration of queer identity, not only marked a return to SpeakEasy’s roots, but also highlighted the obligation of artists to pass on stories from generation to generation so they are not forgotten.

“SpeakEasy Stage Company’s production of The Inheritance is as perfect and as vital as it gets. I’ll be thinking about this play for the rest of my life.”
- Christopher Ehlers, DigBoston
TOP: Benjamín Cardona, Greg Maraio, Eddie Shields, Ricardo “Ricky” Holguin, Brandon Curry, and Jo Michael Rezes. MIDDLE: Jared Reinfeldt and Eddie Shields. BOTTOM: Mishka Yarovoy and Mark H. Dold. Photos by Nile Scott Studios.


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present the financial results of our 2021-2022 Season.

Our 31st Season was full of opportunities to evolve and grow as a company. We produced five compelling shows that garnered praise from audiences and critics alike — including nineteen Elliot Norton nominations and seven wins! Our work continued offstage, as we unveiled a new branding approach and deepened our commitments to equity and access.

The season was not without its obstacles: COVID-19 variants led to challenges in rehearsals and caused us to cancel or reschedule performances. SpeakEasy’s response was swift and strategic, with comprehensive COVID safety measures put into place. All of this contributed to ongoing pressures on our budget as we dedicated ourselves to keeping audiences, artists and staff safe.

Despite these challenges, SpeakEasy remained focused

on reviving its key initiatives and moving forward. We continued our work toward becoming a more fully inclusive organization, making progress on the goals set forth in our Equity and Anti-Racism Action Plan (SEARAP). We expanded our accessibility program and resumed our Fellowship Program and Student Matinee Series, furthering our support of underserved communities and emerging artists

This was all made possible by our incredible community, who mobilized to ensure that SpeakEasy could make this return, and who remain steadfast in their generous financial support of our work. COVID relief funding and loan forgiveness from the U.S. government, as well as multi-year support through the Barr-Klarman Mass Arts Initiative and the Mass Cultural Council, supplemented earned revenue while attendance was being restored. We saw similar or increased grants from foundations, and SpeakEasy’s corporate partners and individual patrons were generous with sponsorships and donations,

Massachusetts Arts Initiative $50,000-99,999 Boston Center for the Arts* $25,000-49,999
Cultural Council
Rich Foundation $2,500-$4,999 Berkshire Bank Biogen Matching Gifts Bove & Langa, P.C. Google Matching Gifts Program $1,000-$2,499
Bank Charitable Foundation
Sotheby`s Real Estate
- Coldwell Banker
Seligman & Joseph Castellana 10
The Shubert Foundation
Bank of America John Snow, Inc. Liberty Mutual Foundation National Endowment for the Arts
MassHousing The George
John Snow, Inc. Cathy Marotta,
Roberta L. Orlandino


enabling us to meet or exceed all fundraising goals. Indeed, the Spring Gala was SpeakEasy’s most successful to date, with a record $248,000 raised.

Matthew Lopez’s The Inheritance makes use of a quote from the play’s main inspiration, the E.M. Forster novel Howard’s End: “Only Connect.” Through a period of uncertainty and division, its concise yet profound directives like these that help tether SpeakEasy to the core piece of its mission — connecting with ourselves and each other through the transformative power of live theatre. I’m so grateful to be able to truly connect once again, and honored to be part of the vibrant and dedicated

community of supporters that make SpeakEasy’s work possible. Thank you all for your participation.

Are you interested in becoming a strategic voice for SpeakEasy Stage?

We are looking for dynamic and thoughtful individuals to join both our Board of Directors and our Board of Advisors. Board members participate in a range of activities for the company — from governance and strategic planning to event planning and donor stewardship. For more information about our Boards, you can check out this page.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity further, please fill out this form. If you have any questions, you can contact board@speakeasystage.com.

Statement of Activities

$ 789,188

$ 319,775


$ 1,212,589

Statement Of Financial Position

Earned Revenue
& Administrative
Special Events
EARNED REVENUE Subscription $ 336,613 Single
$ 450,183 Other $ 1,920 Total
Programs $ 1,745,996 General
$ 265,006 Forgiveness of PPP Loan ($ 190,700) Total
$ 2,181,007 Operating Deficit Before Contributions and Fundraising ($
$ 375,809 Foundations &
$ 248,578 Total
Revenue $ 1,836,976 CHANGE
$ 445,157
Fixed Assets
Other Assets
Total Assets
Net Assets
Total Liabilities
ASSETS Current
$ 1,172,074
$ 36,255
$ 1,208,329
$ 1,208,329
- Unrestricted
& Net
$ 1,208,329 Fiscal year: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 Preliminary Statements as of 11/21/22 FINANCIALS

‘92 LEGACY CIRCLE A group of inspired supporters that have declared an estate gift of any size to the company.

Catherine & Harvey Cotton

Carol G. Deane

Sarah Delaney

Kerry A. Dowling

Jonathan Dyer & Thomas Foran

Andrew Fullem

Gene Bauer & Ellen Shortell

Fulton Charitable Trust

Ken Hirschkind

Pat Patricelli

Glenn Rigoff

Robert Volante

Hannah Weisman & Mike Peluse

David Halstead

Ken Hirschkind

Peter Hornstra

Susan & Mark Irvings

Matt Kelley

Pete & Christine Palladino

Dana Wolf

Julianne Yazbek & JD Paul


Malcolm MacDonald

Suzette & Paul Martin

Bill & Barbara Melone

Joan & Paul Nunes

Faith & Glenn Parker*

Jackie & Bob Pascucci

Erik & Ranesh Ramanathan

Joey Riddle & Paul Miller

Susan & Stephen Root

Robert Siefert & Maureen Shea-Siefert

Nancy Stavis in memory of Edward Stavis Ann B. Teixeira

Stacie Simon & Hal Tepfer & the Puppies

Carol & William Carroll

Lauren Case

Joe Castellana & Jim Seligman

Margaret Crotty Blayne Cutler

Paul Daigneault & Jeffrey Mello

Joseph-Rocque Dion & David B. Wright

Jeff & Erica Drazen

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Ken & Claire Edmondson

Mark Fitzforry

FJN Charitable Foundation

Tom Formicola & Lenny Goldstein

Matthew Fox

Temple V. Gill & Christopher R. Yens

Sotheby`s Real Estate

Kathy McGirr & Keith Carlson

Esther Messing

Betsy Munzer

Network for Good†

Ann Noble & Valerie Grande

Derek Osterman & Erik Johnson Mark Ostrem

Ross Ozer & Scott Gortikov

Grace Parker

Jill Pearson & Dan Ramirez

Margie & Richard Perse

Ellen & Lou Piccioli

Matthew Rehrig

Michael Roitman

$20,000+ Paul Kastner

Keith MacDonald & Tom Webber Sam Yin Anonymous $10,000-19,999 Alex Baker & Butch Chilton

Susan Black & Richard O’Neal

Edward Boesel

Dr. Brian Bourquin & Paul Mataras

Pat & Mary Cogan

Richard and Beth Compson Family Fund

Anne d’Avenas & Jerry Brody

Richard Davies & Alexander Albregts

Jean Walsh & Graham Davies

Hannah Weisman & Mike Peluse Clea & Neal Winneg


Michael Appell & Guy Ronen

Linda Aronson in Honor of Steven Aronson Jonathan Baker

Meegan Gliner

Curly Glynn

Suzanne Greenberg

Garth & Lindsay Greimann

Barbara & Steve Grossman

Steve Guariglia

Rebecca Haag

Mark & Cynthia Haddad

Betsy Rudnick & Bruce G. Posner

Leah Rugen & Andy Boral Dawn & Doug Saglio

Kenneth & Rise Shepsle

Cindy Shulak-Rome

Alejandro Simoes & Gigi Watson

Mark Staloff & Greg Bowne

Jill Stauffer & Cyd Berry

Ellen Davis Sullivan & John Sullivan

The Gregory E. Bulger Foundation/ Gregory Bulger & Richard Dix Stacey & Chris Constas

Lucia & Bruce Field

David S. Godkin & Pamela Haran

Julie Hackett

Nick Scandalios

Robert Volante Paul & Jennifer Walsh $5,000-9,999

Debby Doktor & Marc Fisher Willis Emmons & Zach Durant-Emmons

Constance Gist Guindo & Chirfi Guindo

Andrew Glynn

Betty Goldstein

Carolyn & Alden Hart

Mark Hickey & Jack Cornwell

Bill Kelly

Jeanne Leszczynski & Diane Dicarlo

Russell Lopez & Andrew Sherman

Bob Band Rick Bankhead & Kemper Thompson

Rick Barber & Mark Renaud

Gene Bauer & Ellen Shortell

Bender Hatch Insurance

Cindy Bero & Shawn Farrell

Jon & Dixie Lee Borus

Kristina & Doug Brendel

Kyle Brown

Bernice Buresh

Gary Buseck

Marianne Callahan

Wendy Bailey Hamilton

Jay Hanflig & Donna Sinden

William A. Korman

John & Ann-Mara Lanza

Sandra Larson

Eric Levenson

The Nathan & Leslie Levenson

Charitable Fund

Roberta & Geoffrey Levy

Marianne Sarazen Lonati

William & Anastasia Lyman

Dr. Stuart Madnick

Cathy Marotta,

Richard G. Summers & Bill Thompson

Bob & Nancy Tucker

Carl & Sharon Turissini

Tom Weisend & Daniel Faucher Angela Yarde

Jim Young

Anonymous (3)

The Honorable Governor Charlie & Lauren Baker
Somerled Charitable/Macdonald CGF Sudarsky Family Foundation
12 12



James Alexander & Thomas J. Stocker

Mark Alpert

in memory of Bill Gustat

Diane M. Austin & Aaron J. Nurick

Margaret Avery

Steve Avruch & Ed MacLean

Jeannine Ayotte

Julita Bailey-Vasco & Dale Vasco

Julie & Michael Bailit

Lisa Beaulieu

Kathy & Marshall Berenson*

Kevin Bleyle

Melanie Blower

Drs. Paul Boutin & Rich Gurney

Jim Bracciale & Richard Kestler

Camilla Brinkman

Mary Lou Buckley

Don & Susan Casey

Miguel Cervantes

Kristine Clerkin & Catherine Hay

Christine Coakley & Michelle O’Connell

David Freeman Coleman Jim Connors

Mindy d’Arbeloff & Jim Peyser

Danné Davis

The Daughters Fund

Sarah deLima

Frank DeSarbo

Jim deVeer

Robert Eyre

The Fife Family Foundation

Mark L. Finklestein

Charitable Gift Fund

Hilary Forbes

Rev. Gretchen Grimshaw

& Thalia Meehan

Laura Haas & Richard Wood

J. William Harris & Terry Rockefeller

Roz & Herb Hill

Debra Iles

Ilene & Richard Jacobs

Frederic S. Johnson

Peggy Johnson

Jonathan T. Klein

Phil Kluge

Edgar Knudson & Louis Mula

David Kronman

Marion Kuntz*

Susan Larkin

Lois Lindauer & Bill Seltz

Mark & Mary Lunsford

George & Jane Metzger

Peter Nessen

Frédéric Nicol

Jackie Norton

Thomas Novak Mary E. O’Connor

Richard Parritz

Lowell Partridge

Jim & Josh Peary-Freiman

Suzanne Priebatsch

Lee Ridgway & Donald Vaughan

Larry Rosenberg

Roland W. Roy

Dick & Dorothy Santos

Ms. Judith W. Semonoff

& Rabbi Alan C. Flam

Andrea Shirley & Joyce Richmond

Ellen L. Simons

Mark Smith & John O`Keefe

Jim Stiles & Randy Bird

Ben Tepfer

Crystal Tiala

Donna & Steve Tritman


Sara & Stuart Altman

Annette Andruss & Jody Blakeway

Kelly Aylward

Rebecca Backman & Stephen Cotton

Kathleen Beckman & Theodore Postol

Ross & Midge Benjamin

Bryan Bierman

Paul Blackborow & Jessica Daniels

Denise Bordonaro & David P Johst

Don & Melinda Boroson

Ken Brooks & Jim Ellis

Laura Carney & Andy Clarkson

Bob Chabot & Glen Doerr

John Cini & Star Lancaster

Ellen Colton

Ted & Carolyn Colton

David Crowley & Fran Pelletier

Olivia D’Ambrosio

David Dalena & Brian Patton

Mary E. Darmstaetter

Jon & Kim Davis

Glenn Edelson

Maggi Farrell

Harry Fatkin

Barry & Lisa Fireman

Glenda & Bob Fishman

Flier-Trueblood Spring Garden Fund

Francis Fornaro

Bruce Fortin

Ouida & Brett Foster

Arlene Franklin & Ray Jacques

Mindy Garber & Richard Cohen

Shelly F. Greenfield & Allan M. Brandt

Grace & Bill Gregor

Eric R. Greimann

Todd Michael Hall

Jennifer Harris & David Condon

Rob Harris Peter Haydu

Kevin Hemenger

Donovan Henry Megan & Chris Holding

Ray Houle

Dennis Humphrey

Eva Kalawski

Michael Kaplan

Thomas H. Kean

Karen Kelleher

Stephen Knowlton & Joseph Pettigrew

Nancy F. Korman

Adrianne Krstansky & Ted Hewlett

Will Lambert Stewart Landers

Ginny Lima

Danielle Maddon in honor of Ann Teixeira

Michael McCay & Dan Salera

Mark & Kate McKone-Sweet

Lori & David McWeeney

Peg Merzbacher

Ellen & Jonathan Miller

Helaine Miller

Dyan Molina

The Nix Family

David O`Brien

David Osheskie

Lewis Perkins

Sheila Rehrig

Glenn Rizzo & Paul Simpson

Pamela Roberts & Scott McInturff

Peter A. Rombult & Sean N. Murphy

Jeff Rutledge & Tamara Joyce

Mark Saperstein & Eric Karnowski

Chuck Schwager & Jan Durgin

Henry Servinskas & Roy Du Bois

Tracy & Eric Sharakan

Artan Simeqi

Peter Simkin

Douglas & Karen Skillins

Laura Snow

Paula Spencer

Reginald Stanley Martha Stearns*

Bob & Bobbie Steinbach* Kelly Sullivan

Elizabeth Tapper & Peter Simkin

Catherine Cote Tomey & David Tomey

Troy Tomilonus

Teresa Turvey

Lanci Valentine

Pat & Steve Vinter

Davin T. and David P. Wedel Gift Fund Christine & Richard Wellman Laurie Williams

Frances & Richard Winneg

Julie Wood

Peter Wulsin & Michael Comey

Maureen Yoder

Andrew Zucker

Anonymous *Contributors to the Thomas Derrah Emerging Artists Fund

†Gifts made through Facebook to the Thomas Derrah Emerging Artists Fund

This list recognizes donors with gifts of $250+ to our Annual Fund and Sponsorship program from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Patrick Turner David Weintraub Leah Weintraub Rob Wilson & Sergio Mazon Anonymous Ann Sanders & Deborah Heller Sara Bravo Schauwecker


Board of Directors

Michael Appell


Board of Advisors

Michael Appell, Chair

Gene Bauer & Ellen Shortell

Susan Black

Dr. Brian Bourquin & Paul Mataras

Greg Bulger & Richard Dix

Joe Castellana & Jim Seligman

David Freeman Coleman

Christopher & Stacey Constas

SpeakEasy Staff

Paul Daigneault, Producing Artistic Director

Paul Melone, General & Production Manager

Jim Torres, Director of Marketing & Communications

Cathi Ianno, Director of Development

Kyler Taustin, Interim General Manager

Dominique Burford, Associate Manager of Production & Operations

Alex Lonati, Community Programs & Events Manager

Evan Turissini, Marketing & Creative Services Manager

Jenna Rehrig, Development Coordinator

Claudia Bennett, Associate Production Manager

Christian Krenek, Social Media Coordinator

Randy Biagas-Hill, Development Associate

Dayna Cousins, Interim Development Associate

Rachel Sturm, Admin & Subscription Associate

Jolie Frazer-Madge, Literary & Artistic Fellow

Rulas A. Muñoz, Community Engagement & Artistic Fellow

Interns: Ealon Boudreaux, Sarah Katz, Clara Livingston, Emeline Shepard, Grace Twomey, Acsa Welker

Comprehensive list, spanning 7/1/21-11/30/22.

Julita Bailey-Vasco Alex Baker Cathy Cotton Daigneault Danné Davis Kerry Dowling Jonathan Dyer Andrew Fullem, Chair Constance Gist Guindo Susan Irvings Suzette Martin Peter Palladino, Treasurer Joey Riddle Nancy Roberts Alejandro Simoes Ann Teixeira Hannah Weisman Clea Winneg Bob Band Anne d’Avenas Richard Davies Richard Dix Thomas Formicola & Lenny Goldstein Joseph Gimbel & Jo Strobel Meegan Gliner Curly Glynn Laura Haas Ken Hirschkind
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