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Tiger P.A.W.S. Personal Academic Writing Space

St. Philip’s College Issue 1 Spring 2012


Tiger P.A.W.S. Personal Academic Writing Space St. Philips College Issue 1 Spring 2012

Cover Art: 1000 Words by Emily Gresham Paint and Magazine Collage on Cardboard

Cover Design by Emily Gresham


Acknowledgments The Tiger P.A.W.S. staff wishes to thank the following people: Sean Nighbert—Chair, Communication & Learning Kevin Schantz—Coordinator, TnT San Juan San Miguel—Director, Writing Center Marissa Ramirez—English Instructor Nereida Reyes– Senior Tutor, Writing Center Mitchell Miranda—Art Judge Thomas Reprographics

Editorial Staff Student Staff:

Faculty Staff:

Emily Gresham

C. Allison Baez

Genesis Lopez

Stephanie Gresham Jamie Miranda Andrea Vasquez


Table of Contents 1000 Words—Emily Gresham ………………………………….. Cover A New Beginning—Emilio Hernandez…………………………...


Don’t Delay—Candace Kenton



Spring is Here—Mike Quigley



Crime in America—Terry Sanders ……………………………... 10 Dark Essence for the One I Love—Emilio Hernandez ……….


Aquatic Angels—Nicole Shumpert ……………………………... 14 Blue Heaven—Dorothy Helen Henderson ……………………...


Crystallize—Dorothy Helen Henderson ………………………...


Happy Birthday—Luis Chavez …………………………………. 18 Starburst—Nicole Shumpert …………………………...……….. 19 The Minority Vet—James Williams …………………………….. The Alamo—Mike Quigley ……………………………………….



Untitled Poem 1—Brandi Flock



Untitled Poem 2—Brandi Flock



Sailor of the Sand—Alicia Kaye



Serenity—Nicole Shumpert ……………………………………...


Untitled Poem 3—Sekaia Holmes ………………………………. 27 When Darkness Takes Over—Luis Chavez …………………...


Alone in the Dark—Nicole Shumpert ……………………………


Shore Birds—Nicole Shumpert …………………………………. 30 Love on Fire—Emilio Hernandez ……………………………….. 31 Untitled Poem 4—Brandi Flock


New York City—Mike Quigley …………………………………… 33 Un Angel—Génesis López ………………………………………. Sloth—Emily Gresham


…………………………………………… 37

Image—Aaron Ball ………………………………………………...


Majesty—Nicole Shumpert ………………………...…………….. 39 Love Eternal—Emily Gresham …………………………………... 40 Tears—Luis Chavez ……………………………………………….




A New Beginning By Emilio Hernandez

In this life that I have now, I would love to hear my child’s laughing sound, this world sometimes seems like nothing, but all that will change when we have a newborn baby, my life was once a living hell, but look my love now we have a story to tell, you gave me love in every way, even through difficult days, but now we have indeed changed our minds, because we are going to have a baby for the very first time, you love me when the walls crash down, but I give to you the angels crown, you love me in the darkest nights, but look my love there will be no more fights,


we have loved until this day, so to the gods we shall pray, so we say let this child be unharmed, and when it is we shall not be alarmed, we are both going to be one big happy family, my love is always crossed with yours, because our love is multiplied by four, with this love that I set free, I’m glad we are ready for a baby, when the day has come, our whole lives will be nothing but fun, we shall always be happy, once again I’m glad we’re ready for a newborn baby, I shall be there by your side and I will help us both survive


s ge’ Jud ice o Ch

Don’t Delay by Candace Kenton

Trees aligned so beautifully, once red-orange, now lush shades of green, Bright and full of life, they dance so heavenly; “Don’t delay,” they fervently say, As they playfully sway. Bold, bodacious, bountiful birds once silenced by the cold,


Conditions, munificently blessing open, sea-colored skies; “don’t delay,” they melodically say. Flat, flush, florals welcoming the golden embers of morning ray, “don’t delay,” they began to Efflorescently say. Whirling, whistling, wind, wiping loose debris away, “Don’t delay,” they Would sprightly say. Like a bolt of lightning an epiphany came; skipping, exuding, proclaiming, Energetically, fervently, munificently, melodically, efflorescently I would convey, rhetorically Aloud, “Today is the day, don’t delay, ‘Carpe diem’; seize the day!”


Spring is Here By Mike Quigley



CRIME IN AMERICA By Terry Sanders Crime in America is a topic that everyone has something to say about. The word crime is a very explosive word; it ether makes a person angry beyond belief, or if you are one who creates crime, the word makes you happy. Now, crime is not just in the streets or in our homes; it is in everyone. Okay, so there are more than one or two different types of crime. For example, one type of crime is the price of gas! The price of gas is not a punishable crime; it is a personal crime. Another type of crime is that the government wants to pass the law to allow guns on campus. If you ask me, the thought of a gun is a crime in itself. Okay, let me ask a question; what do you think of when you hear the word crime? Crime—it just sounds bad. However, looks can be deceiving, so what does the word define as? Crime is a breach of rules or laws. Okay, so knowing that, how many crimes can we find? Well, probably more than we want. Crime is a part of the natural balance of life. It will always be there, and so will we. Back to crime in America, crime is always going to be here, but we don’t have to like it.


Another crime I can list is murder. Murder—that word can send chills down a person’s spine. Murder is a crime that happens every single waking day whether we like it or not. The people that commit murders, how can they sleep at night? I know I can’t, and I don’t kill anyone. You know if you ask me, we are way too nice to the ones that murder someone. We should make the punishment fit the crime, no exceptions. It’s better that we don’t do things that way because we would more than likely be as bad as the ones we punish. Lastly, there is one more crime I want to talk about. The crime I am referring to is death. It is not very far, but it here to stay. Well, it’s not really a crime, but why do we have to lose the people we care about, friends and family? All we can do, for the ones that believe in the Lord, is bow our heads and pray that the ones we lose go to the Kingdom of God. So like I said, crime is everywhere we turn; all we have to do is open our eyes.


Dark Essence for the One I Love By Emilio Hernandez

You make me feel dark inside, when there is nothing for me to hide, I wonder how life may go, but it’s up to us to make it flow, when the grass is green, that’s exactly the way life sometimes seems, I will love you forever as time goes by, because me and you shall love until we die, this is a promise I will make, as long as you promise to never have my heart break, our love is strong to be let go, so promise me we will let it glow, keep it big and keep it strong, because I love to hear you when you sing a song, you are my wonderful cuddle bear,


so I don’t want our love to tear, I promised to love you as I said, but when the time comes we will both die in bed, as each day goes by, I look at myself and I want to cry, I see now who I have loved, my sweet April Ann the lovely turtle dove, when you walk in you smell like roses, every time the door closes, life is better to be lived free, and always left in harmony, when you know the time has come, don’t you ever let our love be done, we will live our lives like cherry wine, because we found reasons that made us combine, Life and love always go by, but not ours because we are going to love one another until we die, Note to self: I promise


Aquatic Angels By Nicole Shumpert



Blue Heaven By Dorothy Helen Henderson

The angels fly so softly, over an ocean of sparkling blue diamond water. The sky that’s up above our heads, changes its colors often. Silvers and golds and pinks and shades of amber blue! The unicorns soar so high with wings spread out They change from one thing to another too The glorious sounds of angels sing While heaven is also filled with laughter People we once knew on earth are “now here” Now together we can journey through the pasture Blue heaven is a majestic place where you can only go When you close your eyes and take your last breath Your heart will surely know.


Crystallize By Dorothy Helen Henderson

Crystallize my soul and come ravish my body so sweetly. Come crystallize my soul Kiss my lips and hold me needily We’ll have no worries for tomorrow, for today is all that we see. Come look into my eyes And love me and only me. Yes! I take you as my King, forever and ever I do You’ve crystallized my soul with your words, and your lips are granted true. You sing to me like a mockingbird On a day of sunny blue You cling to my breast and your breath has crystallized me just for you. Now, we’ve become bound by fate, so beautiful you are to me Like a diamond that shines in the light, you are a one of a kind species. Adored by me and admirable to all those in sight. Come crystallize my body and hold on to me with all your might. The night has arisen, love lingers in prism


A primrose path we shall journey Yearning to feel your hands caress my skin and both of our hearts ready for burning. Destined by fate I wait for your love and your soul is what I shall mate The purple rain has passed So our love can last Come crystallize my life at last. Now we both don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but for now you’re all that I’m needing. Pleading to feel your lips on my hips and slow winding down onto my linen Spinning and tossing And tossing and spinning And round and round we both go! Our bodies glistening and shining My mind’s on a high and I am So. So. So . . . Crystallized, crystallized, and crystallized by your soul.


Happy Birthday By Luis Chavez

The one day you celebrate as you wish with freedom. I wish you the best, a day of your drams. Wish for the best, positive attitude. I’m not a magician, for I am a candle. Every year a candle added to the cake. Look around for I was a stranger in the past. Now I am part of your life, part of the candle. You’ll meet new people, every year before the candle’s light. I wish you another candle. Happy Birthday!!!


Starburst By Nicole Shumpert



The Minority Vet By James Williams

This is February, the celebration of our past ancestors. We, as a people, should embrace all our ancestors not by race or creed, but by their sacrifice for freedom and justice for all of God’s creatures. Because of them, we are able to enjoy our freedoms that we have today. Vets, this is a call to honor our forefathers. Please go visit one, and see what they went through during their day. Show them that they are not forgotten and that they are respected and honored. But most Americans forget that the first minority soldier lost his life in the American Revolution and was the first to die for liberty, freedom, and justice. In addition, the Native Americans who fought with Buffalo Soldiers and the Japanese Americans that fought in World War II—all these minority soldiers deserve the same respect as all of today’s soldiers during this month of remembrance.


The Alamo By Mike Quigley



Untitled 1 By Brandi Flock

She stands beside them, Her uniform the same. There is no winner, this is no game. Willingly she is here, she knew the stakes Blood, Sweat, and Tears, She'll do all it takes. There is a price to be paid; the promise of freedom was made. She'll follow them to hell, all those she's come to love so well. A family she gained, but one she'll protect... Only to return home and be one of the countless many. A new war is fought, but another piece of the freedom bought


Untitled 2 By Brandi Flock

A uniform, a Flag, A way of life. Structure, ideal, and the right choice for many. Put on the boots and hit the sand. Make the stand against a faceless enemy. Fear and Sweat and Blood, to protect, to serve, and to love. Always uncertain if we'll see the future, our children, our price paid. Determined to fight, to unite, and to save. On our knees for those who have fallen, On our feet, targets in sight, for those loved and lost. No sleep, No peace, No time.... Until We All Come Home.


Sailor of the Sand By: Alicia Kaye (USN. NAVY SEABEE)

Upon this rock my back to the land, Stars are diamonds in the sky lighting where I stand. My ears strain to hear the call of my brothers. My eyes survey the ocean looking for a shadow on the waves. My mind can still recall the songs of the valiant, the


So different to some, that we sing the same tune. My boots travel the dirt roads, theirs walk on water, But we still fight under the same moon. My heart is heavy but my feet do not move, my knees do not bend. The winds carry a message, the cries of my friends. Fearless sacrifice as the sky turns blood red. The tide brings in memories and the tears that were shed.


My spirit can still feel the laughter we shared now that I lack. Knowing in my heart, they’re never coming back. But still I stand, reluctant to move on. How can we survive with a piece missing so long? “About face!” I hear in my head. A distant vision from a mission long dead No expression on my face, only a single tear. Viewing the road before me, Taking a bit of sand as grains of memories. Traveling on, protecting with no fear. I am a sailor of the sand.


Serenity By Nicole Shumpert



Untitled 3 By Sekaia Holmes Save me from who I used to be, make me who I am to become, Grant me peace and serenity, And I will gladly be yours for eternity


When Darkness Takes Over By Luis Chavez

Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days days turn into weeks, months into years That is how darkness takes you Darkness is an unexplainable feeling you get Hearing quietness is a curse You are gone but not forgotten Please end the pain the silence pours on me Bring back the light for our fire is dim I miss you, I need you For you’re my source of light Thank you, I see the darkness fade I open my eyes, or I see and angel through the darkness For it is you I see, and whose hand I grab I close my eyes and open them to see the darkness has vanished


Alone in the Dark By Nicole Shumpert



Shore Birds By Nicole Shumpert



Love on Fire By Emilio Hernandez

My heart right now is made of fire, because of you I am not a liar, with these wings I feel I can fly, with you forever in my life, this love that has been given to me, I will always forever stay happy, you light my soul a flare, in fact it might even be a dare, if our love is set by time, then let us set fire and then combine, with these wings I soar with you, because I am your lover too, you are so full of light, when we both are able to reunite, love does not last forever Hun, but we will make it last as long as the sun, with this bird I give to you, when we get married I will say I do, I will love you with all my might, because I will always hold on tight, this poem is just for you, all along I have loved too, this bird is a symbol of my heart, because your lips taste like strawberry pop tarts, this poem resembles love, because this bird is from the gods above, I shall love you for eternity, because oh my god you are so pretty, this love has been given to you, as long as you will love me too, we shall never tear apart, because we have loved especially from the start. P.S keep your love on fire always with heart’s desire.


Untitled 4 By Brandi Flock We stand united and raise our right hands, not to be heroes but to defend our lands. defined by our training, whether sunshine or raining, uniforms that unify on the ground and in the sky. Bound by honor, dependent on trust: loving or hating but doing what we must. A country protected by bloodshed and tears, trying to rid a nation of fear. Most don't know it comes to 1 shot, 1 kill, 1 blow‌. Shocked and shaken we mourn those lives taken, yet we still stand ready and willing, A military wanting a future with no killing.


New York City By Mike Quigley



Un Angel By Génesis López

Me encuentro en mi cuarto, con la luz apagada. Dejo mis cosas a un lado de la cama. Me voy a sentar a mi lugar preferido y mis mascotas vienen conmigo. Ahí, contemplo el cielo, la luna, y las estrellas, mientras que pienso en hermosos poemas. Mis papas se encuentran en la cocina discutiendo sobre mi actitud, mientras que yo, junto a mascotas, contemplo las estrellas, y pienso en lo que mis papas me reprochaban. Nunca pude entender las palabras de mis papas porque nunca les preste atención y en un descuido me quede dormida. Mientras que dormía escuché un fuerte ruido. El ruido me despertó así que baje a ver lo que paso. Cuando llegue a la cocina me asuste, porque vi a mis papas llorar por primera vez en frente de algo cubierto de una sabana blanca. Al principio, creí que seria por algún pariente desconocido, así que me tranquilice y me acerque. Cuando me había acercado lo suficiente y estaba apunto de tocar la sabana, me detuve para escuchar lo que mi papa reclamaba. “¿Porque? ¿Porque lo hiciste?” fueron sus palabras de arrepentimiento. “Te pedi que nos escucharas. En todo caso, pienso que en parte fue nuestra culpa por no haber dedicado nuestro tiempo y sentarnos juntos a platicar sobre lo que te llegaría a pasar.”


En ese momento mi mama lo abrazo, llorando en su hombre trataba de consolarlo mientras que mi papa dejaba una nota junto a algunas pertenencias de mis animals. Cuando ellos se subieron a su cuarto, apargaron todas las luces con excepción de la luz de la sala donde el cuerpo se encontraba cubierto de la sabana blanca. Aquella sabana estaba totalmente llena de sangre y al momento de querer levantarla, me detuve por el asco que me causaba. Trate de tomar las pertenencias de mis mascotas, pero también estaban repletas de sangre. Tome la nota de mi papa que habia dejado en la mesa de al lado para leerla, pero cuando trate de tomarla, se me callo y no la levanter. Al final, dejando las pertenencias que tanto me atraían, decidí subir a mi cuarto para dormer. Subí las escaleras sin hacer ningún esfuerzo y usualmente las siento pesadas cuando estoy cansada. Cuando termine de subirlas, en el cuarto de mis padres escuche a mi mama gritar mi nombre tres veces seguidas. Confudida fui a mi cuarto para pensar y cuando entre, me encontré a mi papa llorando en mi cama mientras que ponia a mis mascotas arriba de ella. Mis mascotas tiesas eh inmóviles no hacian nada de ruido y mi papa al momento de dejarlas sobre mi cama termino bañado de sangre, y me paso como si no estuviera. No sé que me paso en aquel momento, pero había entendido todo en tan solo un Segundo. El cuerpo que se encontraba abajo en la sala. No era de ningún pariente desconocido o de ninguna otra persona, si no que era el mio. El llanto de mis papas no era ajeno, si no que era por mí. Las pertenencias de mis mascotas que se encon-


traban al lado de mi cadaver eran de ellas ya muertas. Ahora todo a mi alrededor tomaba sentido. Trate de desperdirme y disculparme con mis padres por todo el dolor que les había causado pero al final pensé cual seria el punto de hacerlo si para ellos ya había muerto. Al final, salí afuera a ese mismo lugar, a contemplar el cielo por última vez, a contemplar aquella magnifica luna redonda y a las estrellas, pero esta vez sola, sin la companía de mis mascotas ya que ellos se habían ido.




IMAGE By Aaron Ball

We sin and we sin but the Lord doesn't condemn us be we can’t believe He has forgiven us if it

was us we would have done with us and we pretty much abandoned the way we were made to be.

We want that Louie Vuitton Gucci "I got that big time money image" that right there is not our real image

our real image is our Father who made us in His unique image.

Instead we try to be like celebs, friends and follow trends and follow folks on Twitter.

Can we consider following our Father?


Majesty By Nicole Shumpert



s ge’ Jud ice o Ch

Love Eternal By Emily Gresham

Linoleum Print


Tears By Luis Chavez

Tears come in a heartbeat when a love lost or love gained. Tears don’t show weakness!!! Tears show heart!!! I’ve felt tears for many reasons When you are lost tears rush to you Cry when you feel it, it doesn’t change you. Teardrops are what people need to show it doesn’t describe you it makes you better. Tears are the symbol of showing heart and letting it speak, when a teardrop falls you will evolve. Your teardrop speaks.


Our Judges Literary Works: San Juan San Miguel is the Coordinator of the Rose R. Thomas Writing Center at St. Philip’s College. He is also an Adjunct Instructor in the Communications and Learning Department. He has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from UTSA and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from St. Mary’s University. He enjoys traveling, cooking (and eating,) cycling, reading and writing but most of all basketball! He is currently in pursuit of his lifelong ambition to be an NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Coach. Literary Works: Nereida Reyes has been a staff member of the Rose R. Thomas Writing Center for twelve years. She is a St. Philip’s graduate who received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio. As a great grandmother, she still enjoys swimming, cooking, writing poetry, reading, and dismantling the myths embedded in America’s so called generation gap. Art: Mitchell Miranda is an award-winning artist and photographer and a graduate of St. Philip’s College. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a minor in Great Texts of the Western Tradition and a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on World Religion from Baylor University in May 2012. In addition, his studies have taken him to many European countries and to Guatemala. Recently, his sculptures were on exhibit at Baylor’s Martin Museum of Art.



“THE TYGER� By William Blake

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare sieze the fire? And what shoulder, & what art. Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand? & what dread feet? What the hammer? what the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? what dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee? Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? 1794



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