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CHARMS Modern History

This season, the naturally genteel look of our warm coastal style crosses the Atlantic to stroll through London’s finest haberdasheries and the belle époque boutiques along the Champs Elysees. It’s Southern charm meets Edwardian chic in our latest series of dazzling and dramatic charms.

BEADED cluster charm PEARL 812370 ~ cultured ~


vintage stamp charm love 812417 ~ everlasting ~

BEADED cluster charm bronze METALLIC 812387 ~ brazen ~

flip charm sea foam 812455 ~ tranquil ~

bauble charm bug 812431 ~ fancy-free ~

bauble charm pearl 812448 ~ demure ~


vintage stamp charm hope 812424 ~ eternal ~

Vintage locket charm 812400 ~ stately ~ tassel charm 812394 ~ iconic ~

lace flower charm pearl 813384 ~ well-rounded ~

True to vintage lockets of the ‘20s and ‘30s, our black, beveled gem locket tilts on a golden bar to open from the top and reveal a secret message or a photo of your nearest and dearest.

COVER (clockwise): Charm Catcher Necklace 34” Pearl 812530 with Tassel Charm 812394, Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Metallic 812516, Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Pearl 812509, Small Beaded Necklace 40” Pearl 812493, Charm Catcher Crystal 812462, Vintage Stamp Charm Hope 812424, Textured Link Toggle Bracelet 812547 with Bauble Charm Pearl 812448, Flip Charm Sea Foam 812455, Bauble Charm Bug 812431


Gem Pearl Drop Earrings 813124*, Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Pearl 812509 with Bauble Charm Pearl 812448, Charm Catcher Necklace 34” Pearl 812530 with Charm Catcher Crystal 812462 and Tassel Charm 812394

*Please refer to Spartina 449, Fall 2014 Fashion Jewelry Catalog



Whether it’s a rare piece of history or an all-out, glittering gala, you have a flair for the finer things. With our modern spin on deco details paired with pearly gems and a pop of chic, our new charms are decadent — just like you!

Textured Link Toggle Bracelet 812547, Vintage Stamp Charm Hope 812424, Bauble Charm Bug 812431, Flip Charm Sea Foam 812455, Bauble Charm Pearl 812448


BRACELETS Take the ReignS

textured link toggle bracelet 812547

small double link bracelet 812554

One of our best-selling bracelets is now even more charming. These beautifully hammered links are now sized to hold Spartina charms around the entire chain. The perfect accent for your mint julep.

Our delicate double-link charm bracelet features two light layers of subtly textured chain. It’s truly all in the wrist, isn’t it?

CATCHERS Bits of Fancy

The perfect bridle for your Spartina baubles, add one of these golden charm catchers to any chain—making it even easier to showcase multiple charms.

horse bit charm catcher 812486 Holds up to 5 charms

charm catcher crystal 812462 Holds up to 5 charms

charm catcher pearl 812479 Holds up to 5 charms

Charms sold separately


Beaded necklaces Lowcountry Meets High Society Whether you’re meeting your gentleman friend in the lounge or at the club, a perfect drip of tiny beads drapes the décolletage like no other.

Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Metallic 812516

Small Beaded Necklace 40” Pearl 812493

Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Pearl 812509

Charm Catcher Necklace 34” Pearl 812530

Charms sold separately

Charm Catcher Necklace 34” Bronze Metallic 812523


Horse Bit Charm Catcher 812486, Flip Charm Sea Foam 812455, Charm Catcher Necklace 34� Bronze Metallic 812523, Tassel Charm 812394, Vintage Locket Charm 812400



There’s a story in every Spartina pattern. Our Lowcountry Reign collection is packed full of European romance, historic heroism and the rhythm of the ocean blue. Now you can create your own story by adding a Spartina charm.

stoddard Charm Zip Phone Wallet 810284

bateau bleu Charm Zip Phone Wallet 810253

1715 Charm Zip Phone Wallet 810277

mary lavinia Charm Zip Phone Wallet 810260

stoddard Mini Charm Wallet 810901

bateau bleu Mini Charm Wallet 810871

1715 Mini Charm Wallet 810895

For padlock charms only

mary lavinia Mini Charm Wallet 810888


Sea la vie Give your wallet more “wow” with Spartina’s Sea La Vie patterns that pop with our clever padlock charms.

Quarterdeck Charm Zip Phone Wallet 805747

Waving Girl Charm Zip Phone Wallet 805761

Haig Point Charm Zip Phone Wallet 805723

Prestwick Charm Zip Phone Wallet 805730

Strachan Charm Zip Phone Wallet 805754

Waving Girl Mini Charm Wallet 805815

Haig Point Mini Charm Wallet 805778

Prestwick Mini Charm Wallet 805785

Strachan Mini Charm Wallet 805808

Quarterdeck Mini Charm Wallet 805792

For padlock charms only


CHARMS Garden party

How does your style grow? With rows and rows of Spartina charms, of course! Wear these with your newest floral frock, and you’ll be the darling of the soirée.

Lady Bug Leaf Ruby 806799 ~ always a lady ~

Celandine Flower Crystal 806775 ~ hopeful ~

Honey Bee Pearl 806782 ~ sweet as honey ~

Frog Prince 806805 ~ fairy tale ~

Snail 806768 ~ steady ~

Hummingbird Crystal 806812 ~ energetic ~

Butterfly Blue 806829 ~ show-stopper ~

I Love Music 806836 ~ ready to rock ~

Shamrock Emerald 806843 ~ happy-go-lucky ~

Fleur De Lis Crystal 806850 ~ couture ~

Passion fruit

Whether your style is wild & exotic or sweet & juicy, these little cuties — studded with sparkling gems — are sure to be the apple of your eye.

Peach 806720 ~ juicy ~

PINEAPPLE 806713 ~ inviting ~

Pear 806737 ~ luscious ~

Cherries 806744 ~ wild ~

Apple 806751 ~ delicious ~


CHARMS Yacht club

Set sail for high style with these gleaming mini medallions, featuring an enamel-accented icon on one side and a bold message on the other.

Yacht Club Anchor 806669 ~ stable ~

Yacht Club Crab 806683 ~ strong ~

Yacht Club Mermaid 806690 ~ smart ~

Yacht Club Sailboat 806676 ~ free ~

Yacht Club Idol Fish 806706 ~ happy ~


As a token of love, friendship or solidarity, our dual-sided salutations charms are the absolute perfect way to celebrate your most special bonds.

Salutation Mom 806911

Salutation Sister 806928

Salutation Friend 806935

Peas in a pod

Our Peas in a Pod charms house a specific number of pearly beads to symbolize each little dear who has nestled his or her way into your heart.

Peas In A Pod One 806867

Peas In A Pod Two 806874

Peas In A Pod Three 806881

Peas In A Pod Four 806898

Peas In A Pod Five 806904

Salutation Cheers 806942

Salutation Merci 806959

Prayer box Don’t let its size fool you, this tiny charm safely keeps mighty hopes and powerful prayers close to the heart.

Prayer Box 808885 ~ faithful ~


garden party

Adorned with the sweetness of a honey bee and the energy of a hummingbird, this Garden Party bracelet is aflutter with all things fresh and feminine.

Tiny Bead Wrap Sea Foam 806980, Hummingbird Charm Crystal 806812, Peas In A Pod Charm Five 806904, Celandine Flower Charm Crystal 806775, Honey Bee Charm Pearl 806782, Fleur De Lis Charm Crystal 806850


TINY BEAD WRAPS Bloom into Spring with colorful beads Like wave upon wave, our new Tiny Bead Wraps are layer upon layer of sparkling Spartina Style! With an adjustable-length toggle closure, this double strand of tiny beads wraps your wrist three times or can be worn as a necklace.

Can be worn as a bracelet or necklace! 22.5� with adjustable toggle clasp. Holds unlimited number of charms.

SIX sparkly colors:

Tiny Bead Wrap Black 806973

Tiny Bead Wrap Sea Foam 806980

Tiny Bead Wrap CREAM 806966

Tiny Bead Wrap blue 806997

Charms sold separately

Tiny Bead Wrap metallic grey 809073

Tiny Bead Wrap metallic Gold 809080


For full assortment details, please refer to our order form. Assortment Code: 801701


DISPLAYS & Assortments Perfectly planned for you

It’s all about presentation. And our stunning Spartina STYLE Credenza Display makes it easy to transform your space into a spectacular retail destination. Like a siren’s song, the credenza’s exquisite presentation, our keepsake packaging and well-produced collateral are specifically designed to draw your customers to their next favorite personalized gift or accessory, which ultimately means more sales for you.



Charm Gift Box Inspire the perfect gift with this cute little box that holds 6 charms on display for mixing and matching with any bracelet or necklace tucked inside. Product code: 801268 Dimensions: 4.5” x 4.5” x 2.5”


SPARTINA STYLE WALL DECAL Vinyl cream decal. To complete the look of your entire Spartina display area, paint your wall with Benjamin Moore paint in Bridal Bouquet 632. Product code: 809233 Dimensions: 48” x 25”

Spartina style LARGE POSTERS

Product code: STYLELP1 Dimensions: 18” x 24”, two sided

table top frame One of the best ways to attract attention is with our solid wood Spartina Style Table Top Poster Frame. New two-sided design that shows real product display on one side and paper poster on the other. Paper poster slides out easily for updating seasonally. New posters free of charge. Product code: 812561 Dimensions: 10” x 24” x 7.5”

Spartina Style Credenza Assortment It’s never been easier to dress your retail space with custom-designed, Spartina boutique fixtures. Professionally coordinated, the STYLE Credenza Assortment is designed to showcase STYLE products at their absolute best for quick and repeat sales. This means built-in lighting specific for jewelry illumination and tempered glass tops for easy viewing. The custom drawers feature organized compartments for easy inventory storage and make re-ordering easier; you’ll never have to guess which pieces to replenish. Assortment Code: 801701


Lovely Layers Don’t let the grandeur of these little beauties fool you. Pearls go just as well with your Sunday best as they do with your Friday night denim. And one more strand makes any look even better!

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Small Beaded Necklace 40” Pearl 812493, Small Beaded Necklace 40” Bronze Pearl 812509, Charm Catcher Necklace 34” Pearl 812530, Lace Flower Charm Pearl 813384

FW14 Spartina STYLE Addendum  

Spartina STYLE Fall/Winter 2014 Charm, Bracelet, and Necklace additions.

FW14 Spartina STYLE Addendum  

Spartina STYLE Fall/Winter 2014 Charm, Bracelet, and Necklace additions.