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09. 07. 11

New faces in high places: Meet the new administrators of NSU By Keshara Cox

D r. To n y A t w a t e r New NSU President I pledge my best efforts to work collaboratively with all sectors of the university to advance NSU to the next level

academic excellence and national distinction


With the new fiscal year underway, NSU has some new faces in high places. From a new president and vice president to a new provost and even some new members on the Board of Visitors, NSU is changing with the times. On April 22, NSU chose Tony Atwater to be the new president. Atwater began his presidency on July 1, and he is the former president of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and held the position as Senior Fellow at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. Atwater was chosen as the new president by the Board of Visitors because of his notable accomplishments while president of IUP and senior administrator/teacher. There Atwater increased the university’s enrollment, fundraising, capital construction, the percentage of faculty with terminal degrees and diversified the student body of IUP. In previous jobs, Atwater increased retention and graduation rates, and SAT scores also. He has proven his commitment to better anything he becomes a part of and his wide-ranging experience in fundraising, academic growth, enrollment increase, investment projects and student services makes Atwater a wonderful asset to the university. “I pledge my best efforts to work collaboratively with all sectors of the university to advance NSU to the next level of academic excellence and national distinction,” said Atwater. Although President Atwater has only been in office for approximately two months, he is already advancing the university by signing new deals and appointing others in high places. Sandra DeLoatch has been appointed as the new Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Her tenure began on August 10, and DeLoatch will be in charge of supervising the Division of Academic Affairs while preserving academic excellence throughout the University.

“Dr. DeLoatch’s highly successful background as a teacher, scholar, department chair and academic dean significantly qualifies her to assume the role of Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs,” said President Atwater.

Dr. Sandra DeLoatch new Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sandra DeLoatch has provided her services to NSU for more than 30 years, during which she initiated the university’s Computer Science program while serving as the primary department chair. She became Dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology in 2000. She has made effective strides in establishing the College of Science and Technology as a motivating force by increasing enrollment in the college, expanding graduate program contributions like creating NSU’s first Ph.D. program in the field of science, launching focused tutoring and mentoring programs to aid in improving graduation and retention rates and securing financial support to help renovate classrooms and research labs that are being used by the College faculty. Overseeing more than $20 million in outside funding, Dr. DeLoatch

has effectively done so for research and educational assignments from agencies such as the Department of Energy (DoE), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation, Department of Education, NASA Langley Research Center, Department of Defense and Army Corps of Engineers. The Department of Energy recently awarded funding to DeLoatch to create a Massie Chair of Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Security at NSU and she will remain in this position for at least three years. Dr. DeLoatch is also piloting numerous funded projects that center around progressing the involvement of minorities and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) exercises. In addition, Dr. DeLoatch has authored computer science research articles, mathematics textbooks, and technical reports. President Atwater has confidence that Dr. DeLoatch will thrive in her new position. “She has my full confidence in successfully directing and advancing the academic enterprise at Norfolk State University,” said President Atwater. Another familiar face of NSU, Kim Luckes, J.D., former immediate acting President of NSU, has been appointed as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. From July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, Luckes had a successful tenure which ultimately earned her a spot as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Kim Luckes will oversee and improve the daily organization and management of the University services, procedures, institutional efficiency and preparation for the future. Luckes will provide guidance for the Vice Presidents for Finance and Administration, Student Affairs, University Advancement and Research and Economic Development and Enrollment Management. President Atwater believes this new arrangement in administration will improve the University. (continued on p. 3)

From the East to the West, gay rights take a step forward By Keona Prude

America’s homosexual population and its supporters found themselves rejoicing at the new accomplishments of gay advocacy. 42 years following the Stonewall Riots, known as the catalyst of the gay rights movement, legalization of same-sex marriage in New York and California’s new bill allows the teaching of gay and lesbian history in public schools pushing the country towards a more equal civilization. New York and California both have an affluent history in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and queer (LGBTQ) activism. Both states have faced many uprisings and many turning points but these two events have added to the history. New York is the sixth and largest state to allow same-sex marriage. On June 24, lawmakers approved the bill in a 33 to 29 vote. The law went into effect in late July, and other states that currently permit samesex marriages are: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. The District of Columbia also allows same-sex marriages. There are 13 more states that permit some form of“civil union” or “domestic partnership,” which allows gay couples some rights to an extent. NSU’s LEGASI president, Antonio Williams rejoiced at the announcement of the

new law. “The new law is a historic and liberating event for our culture,” said Williams. “It brings hope to all of us, finally allowing us to forever love freely. It’s beautiful to finally see our people live and simply be gay!” Learning gay history in school is just as important as learning African-American history or even U.S. history In a report conducted by the Independent Democratic Conference, it was stated that approximately more than 21,000 gay and lesbian New York couples would be married within the first three years, and about 42,000 gay and lesbian couples from other states would trek to New York for what is known as a “destination wedding.” In California, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the S.B. 48, the California FAIR Education Act (also known as the LGBT History Bill). This bill requires all public schools to educate the students on important eras and historical engagements, such as the history of gay rights and disabilities education. Gov. Brown signed the bill on July 14, and hebelieves that all aspects of history should be taught to students.

“History should be honest,” said Brown. “This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books.” The new S.B. 48 law compels the California Board of Education and local school districts to use textbooks and other teaching resources that explain and edify the contributions and importance of sexual minorities. This change should take place by the 2013-2014 school year. Shaudia Ashe-Johnson, sophomore business entrepreneurship major, shared her sentiments on the new California law. “That’s the best thing I’ve heard in months,” said Johnson. “Growing up, I did have a parent in a same-sex relationship. Seeing it firsthand and learning about it made me feel more comfortable with myself. Learning gay history in school is just as important as learning African-American history or even U.S. history.” Although many people are excited about the passage of these two new laws, some people feel that this will reverse what America was built on. (continued on p.3)

Anthony Gordon | SPARTAN ECHO The gay community has gained much momentum from their triumph and show no signs of giving up the fight.

Spartan Editorial


Spartan Echo

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Keshara Cox Editor-n-Chief

Drivers continue to find it difficult to park on campus.

Keona Prude News Editor


NSU Parking: Friend or foe? Editorial

By Keshara Cox Every year, the on-campus parking situation is the same during the first week of classes: there is none. As everyone returns to work and continue their education, so do the cars. Unfortunately, more likely than not, there are too few spaces to go around. An even bigger concern is with the opening of the second part of the new student center, there is a whole new set of employees and vehicles that come along with it. Administrators that work in customer care, financial aid, the registrar and other administrative offices have brought their vehicles from the front to the back of campus causing a lack of open parking in this lot. Although there were seven reserved spots created along the road behind the student union, rarely all of them are occupied at once. Furthermore, I am confident that of the new 12 parking spots that were created, they do not accommodate all of the staff that has made their way to this part of campus.

Anthony Gordon Multimedia Editor

Bethany Cartwright Managing Editor

It is widely known that the faculty and staff of NSU have the upper hand when it comes to parking because I have never heard any faculty or staff complain of receiving a ticket. I am not saying that it does not happen, but almost every student knows someone that has received a boot or ticket, if they have not experienced it firsthand. The question that needs to be answered is how the university is going to accommodate the new influx in cars? Are they trying to fix the problem by encouraging Spartans to ride the HRT? The opportunity to ride the tide, ferry and city buses is a great incentive to help current NSU ID holders save moneywhile going green. However, it must also be considered that this is not the ideal transportation situation for everyone. Quite frankly, those that it does not appeal to are left to driving around from lot to lot until they are forced to park in a spot that is probably far from their destination.

Despite how traffic tends to die as the semester progresses, the frustration will remain. This is due in part by the numerous events on campus that requires reserving otherwise open spaces and the occasional flooding after a good VA rain. Rumors once surfaced that the old, abandoned Norfolk Community hospital building located on campus would be demolished to become a parking deck. There were also rumors that it would become the second phase of the Spartan Suites dorms. Ultimately, drivers, specifically student drivers, find themselves in a Catch-22. Drive alone, you are on your own time. Take public transportation, you save money. I guess the ideal situation is left up to the individual until the university makes this a more than a student concern.

The Catholic Bishops of New York criticized the law and the votes. “The passage by the legislature of a bill to alter radically and forever humanity’s historic understanding of marriage leaves us deeply disappointed and troubled,” said the bishops in a joint statement. The president of, a conservative family organization, Randy Thomasson, believes the S.B. 48 law will cause parents to remove their children from public schools in order to keep them from learning about “immoral indoctrination.” “Jerry Brown has trampled the parental rights of the overwhelming majority of California fathers and mothers who don’t want their children to be sexually brainwashed at school,” said Thomasson. “This new law will prohibit textbooks and teachers from telling children the facts that homosexuality is neither healthy nor biological.” One thing everyone should be able to agree on is the battle of gay rights is far from being over. Whether you are a gay rights advocate or opponent, we can all expect to see more campaigns, new laws and more changes in our future.

Marcus Witherspoon Layout/Design Editor

Kim Luckes, J.D., new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Thomas N. Chewning Board of Visitors

Lloyd Banks Board of Visitors

Henry D. Light Board of Visitors

continued from p. 1

Troy Muenzer Sports

Norfolk State University

“It represents the initial step in the establishment of a new administrative structure at NSU designed to strengthen institutional operations and facilitate my fundraising and outreach roles in support of the university,” said President Atwater. Prior to coming to NSU, Luckes served as Executive Vice President at Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Previous to serving as the Executive Vice President for St. Augustine’s, she served as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. She was also the Director of Human Resources and Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Provost at Hampton University. On top of a new president, a new provost, and a new vice president, Gov. Bob McDonnell has appointed four new people to NSU’s Board of Visitors. The new members are: Lloyd Banks of Cumberland, VA, who is the graduate financial-aid operations manager for the University of Virginia; Thomas N. Chewning of Richmond, VA, a retired executive vice president and chief financial officer of Dominion Resources; Peter J. Kao of Williamsburg, VA, who is the executive vice president of Williamsburg Pottery; and Henry D. Light of Norfolk, of the law firm Crenshaw, Ware & Martin. “The Board of Visitors is an executive branch supervisory board responsible for University operations including requests for appropriations. As a public institution, Norfolk State University is accountable to Virginia’s taxpayers through institutional direction from its active, informed, and engaged Board of Visitors,” according to the NSU website. With the new changes in administration and even on NSU’s campus, the University is preparing itself for another successful fiscal year. Students, faculty and staff can only hope these changes will help propel the university forward in a positive light as NSU remains the “institution of choice.”

gay rights

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New faces

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Kya Francisco (left) and Rashelle Parks (right) share a moment of affection.


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Spartan Sports


Fall Camp Ends As 2011 Season Begins Theme of the team: Dangerous

Spartan Echo

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Spartan Echo

Two Former Spartans Step Up to the NFL


Gold Rises Above Green in Preseason Scrimmage

Calton Ford and Dante Barnes Sign Free Agent Contracts By Troy Muenzer

The NSU front lines collide in preperation for the season opener against Virginia State in the Labor Day Classic.

By Troy Muenzer On Aug. 20, the Norfolk State University football team concluded fall camp with a scrimmage to prepare for the upcoming season. Aug. 7 marked the start of a strenuous two-week camp to get the new team together for. The Spartans kick-off the 2011 season with the return of the Labor Day Classic, at home, as they battle Virginia State on Saturday, Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. in Dick Price Stadium. This first game is critical as the Spartans must showcase their hard work from the off-season in order to prepare for their biggest challenge of the season, going against nationally-ranked West Virginia University. The game takes place on Sept. 10, in Milan Puskar Stadium and will be broadcasted on the Big East Network at 1 p.m., EST.

lost to last season. NSU will also face North Carolina A&T for Homecoming and Senior Day, a team they defeated 23-14 at home last season. “In the MEAC, every week is a fight. To have South Carolina State, BethuneCookman and Hampton at home, as well as North Carolina A&T, those are always hostile places to play at. So it’s nice to have them at home, and I think that certainly will help us get our momentum going if we come into those games with a good record.” Head Coach Pete Adrian added. Norfolk State has a returning veteran team, especially on defense. NSU Defensive Coach’s award recipient, Hasan Craig, as well as preseason All-MEAC team members Corwin Hammond and Josh Turner. The Spartans will be looking for the defense to hold them in the games to put the offense in good field position. Special teams will also play a big role in the team’s success, as seniors Ryan Estep and Troy Muenzer return as the starting kicker and punter respectively.

There is also JUCO transfer, Everett Goldberg, who can kick-off 70 yards and make long field goals. Following the opening conference game, the Spartans will also be on the road to Charleston Southern University in South Carolina, Delaware State, Savannah State in Georgia and will conclude the season at Morgan State in Baltimore, Maryland on Nov. 12. S e as on t i cket s and s i ng l e-g ame t icket s may b e pu rchas e d at t he NSU Ti cket C enter and a l l Ti cket master out l et s . C a l l (7 5 7 ) 8 2 3 -9 0 0 9 , e-mai l sp ar t anst i cket s @ nsu. e du, or v is it w w w. t i cket master. com .

Carlton Ford, Cleveland Browns

Noelle Eagles, the 2010 NSU Rookie of the Year, and two-time MEAC Rookie of the Week.


Setting the ‘Ball’ High By Troy Muenzer

Dante Barnes, Washington Redskins

Men’sandWomen’sCross-Country Spartans Looking to Stay Atop the MEAC in 2011

The Spartans Women’s Volleyball team is back in action this fall season with expectations higher than ever. NSU began preseason with a Green vs. Gold scrimmage that was held on Aug. 20 at 3 p.m. as Interim Head Coach, Brandon Duvall, and Assistant Coach, Dave Albaugh, drafted players from the team forming two squads to prepare for the tough season ahead. NSU’s Lady Spartans will begin their season with a 14 game road swing, starting with the Asics Invitational, a two-day tournament, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York from Aug. 26-27. At the tournament, the team will first face Hofstra, following with matches against Manhattan College and Radford University. NSU will be back on the road the following four weekends, with tournaments in Georgia, Maryland and two in North Carolina before hosting their first home match

versus North Carolina A&T on Sept. 27. Predicted to finish fourth in the MEAC Northern Division preseason poll, NSU has their work cut out for them and plans to battle to the top. “This will probably be one of our most successful seasons in the history of NSU,” stated captain setter Nicole Kessner. “We are breeding a very competitive atmosphere with a roster of 17 girls.” This season’s roster boasts 11 returning players including captain setter, Nicole Kessner; last season’s Most Valuable Player, Charolotte Armstead and Rookie of the Year, Noelle Eagles. NSU also brings in transfers Beatriz Ferreira, Megan Lavo, Ashley Scott, as well as freshmen Taylerlee Bird, Adriana Ramos, and Jasmin Flowers. MEAC conference games will begin on Sept. 28 with cross-town rival Hampton at 6 p.m. in Joseph G. Echols Hall.

Assistant coach Dave Albaugh prepares the volleyball team for the 2011 season.

The NSU Spartan Women’s Volleyball team split into two on Saturday, Aug. 20 in Joseph G. Echols Hall to gear up for the upcoming 2011 season. Interim Head Coach Brandon Duvall selected members of the team to the Gold squad while Assistant Coach Dave Albaugh selected the other half to the Green squad. Duvall’s Gold squad proved to be the better selection on Saturday as they prevailed 3-1 over the Green in an intra-squad scrimmage to giving the coaches and fans a good look at the new team. Last year’s Most Valuable Player, junior Charlotte Armstead, proved to be just that, as she recorded a match high of 14 kills for the Lady Spartans and led the Gold squad to victory. Gold won by 25-17, 23-25, 25-21, 25-23 in front of approximately 100 fans in Echols Hall. Coaches and fans were given a great preview of the squad’s new members, as freshmen Jasmin Flowers, who stands at a height

of 6’2”, played exceptional defense. She led the team with nine blocks and contributed five kills to help take down the Green. The Gold squad included Bridgewater College transfer Ashley Scott who slammed six kills, and College of the Canyons transfer Megan Lavo who played as setter in replacement of team captain Nicole Kessner. Kessner, a senior, went down earlier in camp with a knee injury. Lavo sent three service aces to the Green team to help contribute to the Gold’s dominating performance. The Green squad featured new and familiar faces as Dodge City Community College transfer Beatriz Ferreira led the team with eleven kills. Senior, middle blocker Jasmine Frazier added ten kills to the offensive along with three blocks at the net in attempt to slow the Gold’s offensive attack. The Green also saw good looks in freshman Adriana Ramos as she contributed seven kills and three service aces.

With a 17-woman roster filled with talent, the Lady Spartans look to come together as a team at the Asics Invitational in Hempstead, New York from Aug. 26-27 to begin what looks to be a very promising season. To show support and watch the Lady Spartans in their first home match, make plans to visit Joseph G. Echols hall on Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. in Echols Hall as they take on North Carolina A&T.

By Troy Muenzer

being fifth out of eleven teams is okay...makes us very dangerous…which is kind of our theme a little bit because we have a chance to do some damage

Norfolk State will open conference play Saturday, Sept. 17, at Howard University in Washington D.C. at 1 p.m. The Spartans have been preseason ranked to finish 5th in conference. “I think being fifth out of eleven teams is okay, it kind of puts you right there, which I like to say, makes us very dangerous…which is kind of our theme a little bit because we have a chance to do some damage,” stated Head Coach Pete Adrian at the MEAC Media Day. The Spartans have a critical season at home as they face conference foes South Carolina State, cross-town rival Hampton and Bethune-Cookman -- three teams they

Two Norfolk State University 2011 graduates, Calton Ford and Dante Barnes, have chosen to take their athletic endeavors to the National Football League. Calton Ford agreed to a free agent NFL contract with the Cleveland Browns, and Dante Barnes signed a free agent contract with the Washington Redskins. Ford was a building construction technology major at NSU and spent the past four seasons as a Spartan on the offensive line. He played in all 45 games in his career, starting in 43 of them. Ford hails from Chesapeake, Virginia where he attended Indian River High School where he participated in football, wrestling and track. Barnes was a mass communications major at NSU and has spent the past two seasons as Spartan. He graduated from Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia before beginning his college career at the University of Akron. There he played in one game on special teams in 2007, but missed the majority of 2008 with an injury. Transferring to Norfolk State in 2009, Barnes was an immediate impact as a defensive back playing in all 11 games his junior season. In 2010, Barnes started all 10 games in which he played, and is the third defensive back in three seasons to land on an NFL team. Both Ford and Barnes have been working out in their respective training camps. Ford is third on the depth chart at left tackle while Barnes remains on the active roster as a defensive back as training camps come to a close.

Quarterback Nico Flores, a UCF transfer student, prepares for the 2011 football season.



Norfolk State University

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The Norfolk State University Men and Women’s Cross-Country teams return to action this fall to continue their dominant performances from previous seasons. The Spartans will begin their 2011 season on Saturday, Sept. 3 at 11:15 a.m. at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s LidLifter in Princess Anne, Maryland. The Spartan men are defending MEAC champions as they are looking to win their fourth straight conference championship and 11th in the last 12 years. This season they boast an all-veteran roster including last year’s MVP, Vincent Rono; Most Improved, Kameron George and Coaches Award winner, Amos Kipkosgei. Rono finished last season as the MEAC runner-up at the conference cross-country championship with a personal-best time of 24:40.90 in the 8k. On the women’s side, the Lady Spartans are looking to climb back atop the MEAC seeking their second conference title in the last three years. They placed third last season, and this year’s roster consists of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore and two freshmen. MVP Kellen Rutto is amongst the list of returnees, she helped the Spartans to their first-ever conference title her freshmen season. Rutto dominated the courses last

NEWSROOM 757.823. 8562

season as she paced the team in five of their six regular season meets and finished fifth at the MEAC championships with her personal-best time of 18:31.50 in the 5,000-meter. Last season, she also garnered three MEAC Women’s Cross Country Athlete of the Week honors and looks to earn more in 2011. Following the UMES Lid-Lifter, the Spartans will be competing at the University of Virginia Lou Onesty Invitational in Earlysville, Virginia on Sept. 9. The following weekend, on Sept. 17, the Spartans will be returning to UMES to compete in the Cappy Anderson Invitational. Their schedule then calls for the Spartans to head south to Cary, North Carolina to race in the Great American Cross Country Festival, and the weekend of Oct. 15, the men’s team will be competing in Indiana for the NCAA Pre-Nationals while the women’s team will be competing at the William & Mary Tribe Open in Williamsburg, VA. To round out the competitive season, both teams will meet in Princess Anne, Maryland for the MEAC Championship. Those who qualify will compete in Louisville, Kentucky for the NCAA Southeast Regional, and lastly, the NCAA Championships will be held in Terre Haute, Indiana on Nov. 21.




Norfolk State University

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Obesity: From children to teens, and all the weight in between

Spartan Echo

Spartan Student Life


Class of 2015 Gets Their First Dose of Spartan Life The class of 2015 shows some school spirit at Dick Price Stadium during AGOGE Welcome Week.

The “Prepare For Glory” Pep Rally cultured freshmen on how to respond to the Spartan Legion, the football team and the cheerleaders.


By Diane Brame AGOGE Welcome Week for the Freshmen Class took place from Aug. 13 – Aug. 21, 2011. Jam-packed with a wide range of curricular, transitional and recreational events, AGOGE Week is a tradition for the entering Spartans of Norfolk State. Saturday, Aug. 13, was move-in day for the Class of 2015. Far from monotonous, the day included a Family Cookout, Commuter Student Orientation, Meet-and-Greet Socials in the dorms and a Greek Showcase. This surely set the pace for the rest of this eventful week. AGOGE Week follows the classic routine of “work now, play later,” as new Spartans began to attend mandatory scholastic workshops during the day, followed by creative, fun-filled activities at night. The nightly events were a Playfair, “Prepare for Glory” Spirit Day Pep Rally, Scavenger Hunt,

Childhood obesity is the result of eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity to balance it out. EBONY S. BROWN | SPARTAN ECHO

By Keona Prude The topic of weight is a touchy but very relevant subject in today’s society. Many people are overweight and/or obese, but who is to blame for this spiraling effect of obesity? Is it the over-popularized fast-food industry? Perhaps, the downward drift the economy is facing? There is no one certain cause for the nation’s obesity epidemic, but several factors can be attributed to the rising issue. Obesity does not only affect adults,according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2 to 19 years are obese.” Since 1980s, the percentage of obesity among children and teenagers has virtually tripled. On a day-to-day basis, there are several variables that affect the weight of a child. Childhood obesity is the result of eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity to balance it out. American society has become distinguished by settings that advertise increased intake of less beneficial food and physical immobility. The new-age generation spends more time eating fast food than home cooked meals, and children and teens spend more time using electronic devices for fun than actually playing outside. The CDC offers ten explanations for

the obesity rate in children: (1) sugar drinks and less healthy foods on school campuses, (2) advertising less healthy foods, (3) variation in licen sure regulations among child care centers, (4) lack of daily, quality physical activity in all schools, (5) no safe and appealing place, in many communities, to play or be active, (6) limited access to healthy affordable foods, (7) greater availability of high-energy-dense foods and sugar drinks, (8) increasing portion sizes, (9) lack of breastfeeding support and (10) television and media. These factors influence their choices on a daily basis, and children and teens alike need positive reinforcements to help make the right decisions in choosing what to eat and physical activity. Childhood obesity is such a dire situation because it can pose such a harmful affect on the individual’s body. The CDC also reported that obesity can cause a child to suffer from: (1) high blood pressure and high cholesterol, (2) increased risk of impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, (3) breathing problems, such as sleep apnea, and asthma, (4) joint problems and musculoskeletal discomfort,(5) fatty liver disease, gallstones, and gastro-esophageal reflux (i.e., heartburn), and (6)a greater risk of social and

psychological problems, such as discrimination and poor self-esteem. These health risks will follow the child through adulthood and children that suffer from obesity are more likely to be obese adults. Adult obesity can lead to even more severe health risks such as heart disease. On a more local level, the topic of childhoodobesity is still prevalent. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY), “one out of five young people ages 10 to 17 in Virginia [are] obese or overweight.” The study also concluded that Southwest Virginia has the highest rate of childhood obesity (28%), with Southeastern Virginia following closely behind at 24 percent. Northern Virginia and Central Virginia have the lowest numbers, 20 percent and 17 percent sequentially. The American population, as a whole, needs to be educated on appropriate nourishment, regular exercise and the risks associated with not keeping a healthy lifestyle. If adults make more positive decisions with diet and exercise, children will learn to make better choices as well. Being educated to make the right choices should reverse the trend of increasing obese children, which can lower the number of obese adults in the future.


Officers had to shut down surrounding streets while they cleared the complex. The use of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to spread word of everything from parties to freedom movements has increased exponentially in recent months. In some cases, the events have led to street trouble. In Los Angeles in July, a simple tweet by DJ Kaskade telling his followers about a free block party lured thousands of raucous ravers to the landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Things turned rowdy, with revelers hurling bottles at police and some jumping on a squad car. In Fort Collins, firefighters and ambulance crews told police of the out-of-control party at the Ram’s Pointe apartment complex. Dean said police weren’t monitoring the Facebook party site — something some police agencies have begun to do after social

Norfolk State University

media was used by rioters in England to organize looting and by organizers of so-called flash mobs in several U.S. cities. The apartment complex did not respond to telephone calls seeking comment on Monday. Police said complex management could be cited under the city’s nuisance gathering ordinance. Police said Monday that James Skelton, 21, was cited for third degree assault. The charges were related to a fight. Zachary Tiedgen, 21, was cited for disorderly conduct. Two others were charged. Skelton is a linebacker and Tiedgen a defensive end on the CSU Rams football team, assistant athletic director Gary Ozello said. Head coach Steve Fairchild refused comment and said the incident is under investigation.

700 Park Avenue Norfolk, Virginia 23504

T-Shirt Toss and Tug of War earning the Spirit Stick for the evening. Then it was time to party during“Twerk Hour,” with DJ Vince dishing out Echols’ Party hits and Greek organization members showing their pride. When talking with the Class of 2015 about the Pep Rally, freshman Telron Scott said, “It was a nice first college experience, and I enjoyed myself.” “It was real live and very interactive,” said freshman Mitchell Ryan. Freshmen Deshaun Dennis and Sierra Pritchard also had very positive things to say about their AGOGE Week experience. “Everyone is so welcoming here compared to my hometown [New Jersey],” said Pritchard. “I loved it!” said Dennis, “I’m from New York, and this is a good introduction to Virginia.”


NSU/HRT provides free tickets for students

Social media fuels college megaparty in Colorado DENVER (AP) — An apartment complex near Colorado State University that used Facebook to advertise “the biggest pool party of the year’” got more than it bargained for — at least 2,000 people, most of them college students, showed up. It wasn’t long before the police followed. Four people, including two CSU football players, were arrested at the Fort Collins apartment complex on Saturday. Ten people were taken to the hospital, most of them for overconsumption of alcohol or minor injuries. “Some people came from as far away as Denver for this back-to-school party,” Fort Collins police Lt. Hal Dean said on Monday. The party’s Facebook page had nearly 3,000 registered people. Dean said police estimated at least 2,000 people showed up at the complex about 65 miles north of Denver.

“Spartans Got Talent” Showcase, Class of 2015 Ball, Karaoke Night and a “Movie on the Lawn” the night before their first classes. The “Prepare For Glory” Pep Rally truly ushered the Spartan Spirit into William Dick Price Stadium. On Tuesday, Aug. 16, the freshmen were cultured on how to respond to the Spartan Legion, the football team and the cheerleaders during the first pep rally of the year. The Class of 2015 was taught Spartan Calvary chants by seniors Braxton Beaty and Shayla Schafer. SGA President, Juan Luscano, gave the AGOGE History “sermon”, which brought Spartans to their feet with a thunderous roar of applause and cheers. In the Spartan Mini-Games, led by Diamond Walker, Spartan General Coordinator, the Gold Side defeated the Green Side in the Dance Off,

In this Aug. 27, 2011 photo, the door to the pool area hangs off its hinge, and trash, clothing and vomit litter the area after a large party was broken up by police at the Rams Pointe apartment complex in Fort Collins, Colo. A Facebook page fueled the mega-party near Colorado State University, attended by as many as 3,000 people. Four people were arrested and 10 hospitalized. (AP Photo/Fort Collins Coloradoan, Dawn Madura)

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traffic or the more pressing problem of lim “Today it is contained in the city of Norfolk but there is a lot of hope for that to ited parking on campus? change. That’s what they call it; the starter Junior political science major Ryan line,” said Smith. Johnson believes that there will be a change in PHOTOS EBONY S. BROWN | SPARTAN ECHO Students benefit from the HRT partnership with NSU The city of Norfolk is also benefitting Anthony Gordon | SPARTAN ECHO travel for students and employees. “I’ve already encountered one person from the deal made by HRT and NSU. The By Bethany Cartwright who said he’s going to ride the Tide instead of Tide was estimated to have 2,900 riders upon opening. Norfolk State was a large part driving,” said Johnson. Students and employees at NSU have .• the water ferry between Norfolk and NSU students and employees throughout Johnson believes that if all commuters of what completed that number, according Portsmouth long been customers of Hampton Roads the Hampton Roads region; help reduce could take public transportation commuting to Communications Director of the city of • the MAX, a regional bus equipped parking demands and traffic congestion; and Transit, and many have used the HRT bus would be easier, but people who live in other Norfolk Bob Batcher. with Wi-Fi and other amenities system to get to work and class. Luckily, on create greater community access to NSU’s “When I heard that [Norfolk State] cities may not find public transportation con- • the Tide, the new light rail campus while also reducing carbon footAug. 1, full-time students and faculty found venient, free or not. was signing the deal, I immediately thought that they can ride the bus, ferry and now, light When the light rail opened Aug.19, prints on the environment.” As for traffic, Brooks does not believe in my head, ‘we have the 2,900,’” said Batcher. students and employees not only had the oprail for free. Some students can hardly contain there will be any positive change to the daily According to Batcher, the Tide is also the portunity to ride for free that week, but every their excitement for the opportunity free Norfolk State University signed a lettraffic jams. beginning of a larger project for the area. day until June 30, 2012, which is the expirater of agreement with Hampton Roads Tranfare will give them, including Justin Brooks, “In the next couple years we will be able to “Traffic in Hampton Roads is caused tion of the agreement. a junior and finance major who lives close to sit to provide more ready access on all HRT catch a train out of Harbor Park. That’s what by two things: our military presence and modes of transportation. NSU paid an agreed All that will be needed for HRT transit Old Dominion University and will we call transit oriental development. My comwhen you have a highway with three to four is NSU identification, which should be prebe using the Tide often. upon lump sum amount to HRT to cover the lanes and it drops down to two,” said Brooks. ment has always been in three years or so, sented upon boarding. cost of the program, which provides free fare “I’m going to bike over to the stayou’ll be able to ride a bike from Larchmont “The tide doesn’t affect either of those.” NSU President Tony Atwater believes tion and take the Tide to the campus,” said to all NSU full-time students and employees. However, Brian Smith, Interim Chief Comto Manhattan,” said Batcher. NSU students and employees now have free that working with HRT will benefit the uniBrooks. munications Officer of Hampton Roads versity and the community in the future. access to the following modes of HRT trans One question still remains, however: Transit, believes that this project is only the “Partnering with Hampton Roads How will free fare for all full-time students portation: beginning of a change in commute in HampTransit will provide greater mobility for • Fixed routes on regular buses and employees affect the heavy rush hour ton Roads. SPARTAN ECHO Norfolk State University 700 Park Avenue Norfolk, Virginia 23504 NEWSROOM 757.823. 8562 E-Mail:

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2011 Fall Movie Schedule Paranormal Activity 3 Release Date: 10/21/11 The third movie in the series returns and looks to be another fright filled film. The screams and shaky camera style is back and this time the story centers around two sisters. Have you ever wonder what would happen if you said Bloody Mary three times? Well you can find out by watching this film.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Release Date: 11/18/11 This may just be the most anticipated film since the completion of the Harry Potter series and Twihards all over are gritting their teeth in wait. This is the fourth film in the series and it looks to be packed with action and everything that we’ve all been waiting for. Is the fight that has been on hold between Edward and Jacob finally going to happen? Oh, and Bella just might be pregnant.

Killer Elite Release Date: 9/23/11

Happy Feet Two in 3D Release Date: 11/18/11

Jason Statham is in another role that he has become known for, the action movie hero. This movie is based on a true story, and Danny Bryce (Statham) travels the globe in efforts to save his kidnapped mentor (played by Robert DeNiro) from being killed by a group of assassins led by their ruthless leader, Spike (Clive Owen).

Okay, this is one movie you may want to see with your younger sibling only to find yourself more interested them. The sequel to the highly successful movie about singing and dancing penguins is here, and the trailer features a cover of LL Cool J’s classic“Mama Said Knock You Out” and Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back.” the film has music that we can rock to. Unless you live in Virginia, you have no chance of #gettingintouchwithNSUover the summer. Having a conversation with Obama is easier than #gettingintouchwithNSU #gettingintouchwithNSUis commonly confused with calling the rejection hotline. I’m not worried about not #gettingintouchwithNSU, it’s possible that everyone went on an 8 hour lunch break.

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol Release Date: 12/21/11

Dream House Release Date: 9/30/11 The Muppets Release Date: 11/23/11 We all loved them as kids and so did our parents. In the film, the Muppets Theater is in danger of being razed for oil and in efforts to save the theatre, the Muppets reunite. College students are just hoping that it will live up to 1996’s Muppet Treasure Island.

Abduction Release Date: 9/23/11 What if your parents weren’t your real parents? That’s the question that Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) wrestles with in this film about a high school student who turns out to not be who he thinks he is. Whoever he may be, a government agency is interested and will stop at nothing to track him down. John Singleton directs this film.

Beyonce planned on doing a free performance at homecoming last year, but she had trouble #gettingintouchwithNSU

Dream House looks to make you question reality and illusion. The film stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, and it centers on Craig as a father of a family that moves into a haunted house by a murdered family. Or wait, is Craig actually a delusional man who is the father suspected of murdering his family? It should be interesting to find out which one turns out to be real.

Tom Cruise. Is there a reason to say more? Well, the ageless wonder returns in this fourth installment in the Mission Impossible series. The history of this franchise speaks for itself. You just might forget which season it is leaving the theatre because this one packs the punch of a summer blockbuster. Contagion Release Date: 9/9/11 Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard star in this science fiction thriller about a deadly airborne virus that is spreading unbelievably fast. Think of this movie as a combination of “The Happening” and “Outbreak,” serving as the prequel to “I am Legend.” Will it be as good or bad as those… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Listening to NSU’s phone ring forever = Listening to Lil’ B rap for 10 seconds #gettingintouchwithNSU #gettingintouchwithNSUis simple... when your name is Chuck Norris. Write a letter, send an email, call twice, blow a few smoke signals, flick a flash light on and off a couple of times and then you might succeed in #gettingintouchwithNSU Don’t be surprised; #gettingintouchwithNSUhas been a problem since ’94. #gettingintouchwithNSUis easiest freshman year…after that, good luck!

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Radar: T R E V A N T E “At my house, I have a stuffed animal of little Simba from The Lion King,” says R&B new comer, Trevante. “You know, I just turned 18, but I’m still a kid.” However, the self-proclaimed “kid” has vocals that could rival any older artists’. Before a show, he freshly removes from the changing area of his tour bus, in a denim jacket and pants, a rare New Era fitted along with his favorite Beatles tee.Trevante prepares to take the stage and perform in front of a sold out crowd of his supporters on the BET “Closer To My Dreams” tour. “So listen to my heart / lay your body next to mine,” Trevante begins his set off stage left.Priming his fans and paying homage to his greatest musical influence, Michael Jackson, through the classic lyrics of MJ’s “Lady in My Life”. SPARTAN ECHO

Following up his thrilling introduction, Trevante took the stage in front of three levels of roaring fans, performing songs such as “Superstar” and “Be Your First.” “Everybody knows Michael Jackson is my favorite artist and he’s really the main reason that got me into singing,” he said reminiscing with a smile “I remember being 6 years old and I couldn’t do the spins. I used to bump my head on the counters and everything.” “But now, I got the spin down!” Trevante said triumphantly. He finished off his set by performing his lead single “Be My Girl,” a single that has become a mainstay on BET’s 106 and Park countdown, has landed him appearances on Wendy Williams and other major media shows like a veteran in the music industry.

Norfolk State University

Trevante’s music career began in 2005 when he and his family moved to Atlanta, GA to push his music. There, they began their own record label leading to a nationwide distribution deal with FYE to do in-store performances, eventually to him signing with Imani Entertainment Group/Interscope Records. The President of Imani Entertainment Group andKeyshia Cole’s longtime manager, Manney Halley, found Trevante in 2009. Fast forwarding to 2011, the singer has worked with the likes of Tank, Dianne Warren, Darkchild, and Chris Brown in preparation for his upcoming album, I Am Trevante. From the album, Trevante says that fans can expect, “good music.” He goes on to say, “It’s my introduction to the world. I got to write and co-write a lot on the album.”

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PHOTOS QUAME A. HAMLIN | SPARTAN ECHO R&B singers Trevante (left) and Jawan Harris connect with their fans via Ustream after a stop on the BET Closer to my Dreams tour.

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Spartan Echo Volume 59 Issue 1  

This is the first issue of Norfolk State University's student newspaper for the 2011-2012 academic year.

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