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GRAPHIC BRYON SUMMERS | SPARTAN ECHO Researchers define electronic dating violence as “emotional or psychological harm in a romantic relationship perpetrated through the use of electronic devices. By MAYRENES FIGUEREO Echo Correspondent

AP PHOTO/JOHN RAOUX Former NSU stand out Don Carey, now Jacksonville Jaguar has goals to make an impact in the league.

FROM NSU TO THE NFL DON CAREY PRODUCES By DAN ADU-GYAMFI Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Don Carey feels good to be back on the football field again. After missing the 2009 season to injury, Carey worked hard to come back and make an impact for his team. Carey was drafted in 2009 by the Cleveland Browns in the sixth round. This made him the first Spartan to be drafted since 1996. “It felt good. I enjoyed it and it is a great honor to be drafted,” Carey said. His time with the Browns didn’t last long as they waived

him. The Jaguars picked him up and put him on injured reserve to recover due to a shoulder injury. The time off helped him learn what was expected of him. “I got a lot more time to learn the playbook, talk to coaches, and learn the system,” said Carey. Free safety and fellow Spartan, Terrell Whitehead, is currently on injured reserve with the Jaguars and Carey has helped him recover by telling him what he did. They played at NSU together, and to be on the same NFL team is a great situation for both. Story continued on p. 4



Electronic dating violence is the latest trend amongst teens in regards to cyberbullying, according to a recent survey conducted by the Cyberbulling Research Center. The researchers define electronic dating violence as “emotional or psychological harm in a romantic relationship perpetrated through the use of computers, cell phones, or other

electronic devices.” The survey asked 4,400 teenagers ages 11 to 18 in middle school and high school, questions concerning their romantic relationships and technology’s effects on it. Ten percent of teens said that their partner has prevented them from using their computers or cell phones. Seven percent have admitted to preventing their partners from using a computer or cell phone. On an episode of MTV’s True

Life: I Have Digital Drama, Nicole and George are a couple who are both obsessed with the popular social network Facebook. Nicole’s trust in George is crumbling because of his flirtatious behavior online and thinks that he may be cheating in real-life. Nicole demands to see and know everything that George does on his computer and cell phone, and George has Story continued on p. 3

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: WHEN RELATIONSHIPS GO WRONG, PART 2 By BETHANY CARTWRIGHT We asked Lonzo Silas and Lateshia Rogers what they think about relationships from a gender perspective. Dr. Ernestine Duncan provided a professional outlook on the subject.

Where do you think jealousy comes from, and can it kill a relationship?  Lateshia:

I think a little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It’s all how you approach the situation.


Jealousy stems from two things: insecurity and lack of trust. When it comes to jealousy, I think that men have a tendency

to be more jealous than women, they just don’t show it a lot. Women show it a lot and they act on it publically. That can hurt the relationship.

Dr. Duncan

Jealously is a common reaction in romantic relationships that stems from losing or the fear of losing certain aspects of a partner’s love/attention. There is normal jealously and delusional jealously. Normal jealously is based on a real threat to the relationship, for example when one person in the relationship is unfaithful or attracted to someone else. Delusional jealousy exists when there is no actual threat to the relationship. Like most other relationship problems, jealousy can be

overcome. It does require a strong commitment to work on the jealously specifically.

How important is physical appearance in a relationship? Lonzo:

Once you first start dating somebody, all you know is what the person looks like. When you’re dating, it ranks pretty high. I have to be able to look at you for a while.


When you’re first dating, it’s great and important. Once you get married, it doesn’t make a difference. Story continued on p. 7

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Looking back to make a move forward By DEBRA GOODE










Imagine the mother who gave birth as a teen that has now become the root of a perpetuated cycle of teen pregnancy, poverty and underclass status within her family and community. Imagine the middle- aged drug dealer who, as a teen, was a high school basketball star dreaming of the major league. Imagine also the homeless man that stands in front of the corner store every morning at the same time, in the same spot, with only one thought of the day – “Sir/Mam, do you have some change you can spare.” Life is about choices and, within each decision we make, we must look back to make a move forward. While sitting in classes listening to the discussions of other students as they regurgitate the information learned year after year, learning seems to have created a natural

social divide. African-American students describe themselves as being different and/or separate from those within the lower or underclass status. They seem to feel that the life situations (poverty, joblessness, homelessness) are beyond them. They imply that the environment and experiences are such that it was or is not possible for them in their lifetime. The reality is, that we are all one day, one check, one decision away from the life of a drug addict, homelessness or poverty. Life is about choices and within each decision we make, we must look back to make a move forward. In looking back, we recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. in his “I Have a Dream” speech. He spoke to the nation and promoted the goal to stand together. He pressed on the idea of the American Dream where all men would be treated equal. As a citizen of the United States, all are privy to life, liberty

and the pursuit of happiness. He referenced African-Americans, Jews, Gentiles and all those who felt deprived, crippled by chains of segregation, exiled, or otherwise. He spoke of the dignity or labor stating that “all work that serves humanity has dignity and therefore has worth.” Thus, a man should always be treated as a man and not judged by the position he holds in society. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. it is everyman’s desire to be judged by the content of his character. Now, make your move forward. Grasp hold of what you have learned to use as a key to promote success for mankind. Maya Angelou says that once we have learned, we must teach. Success lies in how we choose to use our education. Look back and evaluate where we should be as a family, a community, and a nation. Decide that you will make the difference – teach, if only just one.










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GRAPHIC BRYON SUMMERS | SPARTAN ECHO Continued from p. 1 a rough time giving her that information. Not only does this type of behavior show troubles of trust and loyalty within a relationship, but it also serves as an example of how technology and social networking also plays a critical part in some people’s relationships. Six percent of teens said that their partner has posted something publicly on the Internet to humiliate or embarrass them, while 6 percent of boys and 4 percent of girls have admitted to posting something publicly on the Internet to humiliate or embarrass their romantic partner. Over 10 percent of boys and nearly 9 percent of girls said that they have received threatening cell phone messages from their partner.; Nearly 7 percent admitted to sending threatening cell phone messages to their partners. Josie Ratley, a 15 year old of Deerfield Beach, FL., was severely beaten by another 15 year old, Wayne Treacy, the boyfriend of Ratley’s classmate, 13 year old Kayla Manson. It was reported that Ratley’s head was repeatedly bashed and stomped on against the concrete floor by Treacy, over a text message she sent him regarding his brother’s suicide 5 months earlier. Treacy then sent out text messages saying that he was going to kill Ratley, shortly before riding his bike to her school and having his girlfriend point her out to him. Well over 5 percent of boys and 3.4 percent of girls said that their partner has uploaded or shared an embarrassing or harassing picture of them online or through their cell phone, while

5 percent of boys and 3 percent of girls admitted to uploading and sharing an embarrassing or harassing picture of their partner online or through their cell phone. This was shown in a recent tragedy of Tyler Clementi, a freshman from Rutgers University, who committed suicide after his roommate released a video of his sexual encounter with another man. Research also reports that victims of traditional dating violence are more likely to be victims of electronic dating violence than those who have not experienced offline bullying. Those who admit to being the offender in traditional dating violence also report being the offender in electronic dating violence. People who are victims of dating violence, especially electronic forms of dating violence, are significantly more likely to also be victims of cyberbullying. Those who are cyberbullied are nearly four times as likely to experience electronic teen dating violence. Those who admit to being the offender to electronic forms of dating violence also admit to cyberbullying. This growing trend among teens is a testament to the technological and emotional effects on younger students and the schools and lawmakers are trying to make policies to stop cyberbulling, sexting and now electronic dating violence. Lawmakers around the country are trying to pass laws that require schools to teach lessons on dating violence, much like sex education. Florida and Louisiana are the latest states to jump on board and educate their youth on the dangers of dating violence.



YOUR FACE WITH NEW FEATURE By MAYRENES FIGUEREO Echo Correspondent Months after releasing its ‘Places’ feature, and weeks after a complete facelift of its site, Facebook has birthed another feature that its millions of users must adapt to. The site which is home to over 500 million users and counting, has come out with a new feature that will make it easier for its users to tag their friends in pictures using a new facial recognition feature that operates on facial recognition technology, to help suggest which friends should be tagged in the photograph. As with Facebook Places, the facial recognition feature has raised the eyebrows of the Facebook public. The main concern among Facebook users is the matter of privacy and whether

or not they can control what the technology identifies. The facial recognition technology is not automatic and only allows the tag with permission of the person being tagged. It will suggest a few names and will send a notification to the person who was tagged, and if no response from them, then the photograph will remain untagged. Users are given the privilege to “opt-out” of having their name suggested to friends in regards to tagging pictures. This can be done by changing the privacy settings and disabling, “Suggest photos of me to my friends.” Although the feature is not allowed to tag once the name is removed, friends can still tag those friends manually. To improve accuracy, the face recognition technology will only suggest a small amount of friends

IMAGE FACEBOOK.COM Facebook now recognizes the faces of user’s in photos. at a time, especially because of Facebook’s immense user database. Because ensured privacy are concerns of many of the sites users, they are encouraged by the site to read the terms of use thoroughly before using it. Adjusting account security and privacy settings are also recommended.


AND STRESS AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS By KEONA PRUDE While in college, many students experience high levels of stress, which can ultimately result in loss of sleep. A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found online showed that out of 1,125 college students, 30 percent of them get at least eight hours of sleep based on a study that took place at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minn. Eight hours is the recommended requirement for the average adult. But what are students stressing about? According to the study, school and life stressors keep 68 percent of students awake during the night. The study also shows that stress has a more negative effect on the quality of sleep than alcohol consumption, caffeine intake or high levels of electronic use at night. More than 60 percent of students have distressed sleeping habits. Many college students often ingest drugs and alcohol to help them sleep or stay awake. Taking drugs or consuming alcohol to go to sleep or suppress sleep is a dangerous trend for students because they can easily become addicted. Researchers are concerned with students’ trend to use drugs and alcohol to control their sleep cycles. Students with bad sleeping habits

Hours of Sleep

Students getting less than 8hrs of sleep

1,125 College Students


Students getting 8hrs of sleep

GRAPHIC BRYON SUMMERS | SPARTAN ECHO A study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found online showed that out of 1,125 college students, 30 percent of them get at least eight hours of sleep. are more likely to use medication to remain awake or fall asleep. They are twice as likely to drink alcohol to provoke sleepiness. “There have been times when I couldn’t sleep because I’m stressing about my school work and graduation. I’ll stay in the bed and stare at the wall hoping I fall asleep,” said LaTisha Smith, senior physical education major. “On weeknights, 20 percent of students stay up all night at least once a month and 35 percent stay up until 3 a.m. at least once a week,” said the study. The study also reported that twelve percent of deprived sleepers skip class three or more

times a month or fall asleep during a class lecture. “Students underestimate the importance of sleep in their daily lives. They forgo sleep during periods of stress, not realizing that they are sabotaging their physical and mental health,” said Roxanne Prichard, study coauthor and assistant professor of psychology at the University of St. Thomas. Sleep deprivation can cause severe problems among college students. If you are experiencing issues with sleeping habits and stress, please make an appointment to see a NSU counselor at 757-823-8173.


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DON CAREY PRODUCES IN THE NFL Continued from p. 1 “It’s great having him here. We’ve probably grown closer and are very good friends. We hang out at each other’s place a lot,” Carey said. The time off also helped Carey finish school, earning a degree in building construction technology. When his career is over, Carey would love to go into the construction business. “I would love to design or build something that will last. It’s the best thing you can do for a city,” he said. In the first game of the season against the Denver Broncos, Carey did not play. But after that, he played in every game and has been starting since week seven against the Kansas City Chiefs. His breakout performance was

against the Oakland Raiders when he had six tackles and an interception in a 38-31 Jaguars victory. The next week was against the team Carey said was the hardest team he has played against in the division, rival Indianapolis Colts. Carey said they were the most difficult because of four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning. “Manning tries to psych you out by calling a lot of audibles and it’s annoying because he always knows what you are doing,” said Carey. As the last week of the regular season came, the winner of the AFC South division was still undecided. The Jaguars or Colts had an opportunity to win their division, but the Jaguars lost to the Houston Texans 34-17. The Colts’ win over the Tennessee

Titans granted them the division. Carey had a career-high eight tackles in the game but it was not enough for his team to win. Even though the Jaguars did not reach one of Carey’s goals of winning the division this season, he still has plenty of time to do what he eventually wants to do with his career. “My goals are to be smart, a team leader, be at the right place at the right time, win the division, win the super bowl and become a hall of famer,” said Carey. In the off-season, Carey plans to come back to his hometown of Norfolk, VA., and speak to local youth in area schools to show them just how far hard work can take a person. “Real success is defined by what you do to help others,” Carey said.

AP PHOTO/REINHOLD MATAY Carey took time while on injured reserve to study plays, talk to coaches, and learn the system.

NFL AND NBA LOCKOUTS LOSE FANS By DAN ADU-GYAMFI In the battle between the millionaires (athletes) and the billionaires (owners) for new collective bargaining agreements, the people who lose the most are the fans. The NFL hasn’t locked out since 1987 and with the sport being at the height of its popularity, a loss of any regular season game could plague fan base morals. No one wants to go through a disaster similar to the MLB labor talks of 1994 when no World Series was played. In the NFL, the owners biggest gripe is that they say the players take too much of the team’s revenue. An easy solution is to put the rookies on a salary scale like the NBA and MLB do. It has been a complaint for years among the players union that players drafted in the first round make more money than veterans that have proven themselves for years. Both sides would agree to this and some money would be saved. The owners have discussed pushing the regular season to 18 games to make more revenue and they do not need the players consent to do so. Extending the regular season two games would cause plenty of issues. With extra games will there be another bye week? Would rosters and practice squads expand? How would Commissioner Roger

Goodell explain trying to make the game as safe as possible by adding more games to an already rigorous season? The NFL’s problems are minute compared to the NBA. Commissioner David Stern does not want to see the same thing that occurred in the 199899 season. A lockout went into the regular season with teams playing only 50 games instead of the normal 82. Some players went bankrupt and the league

Right now they’re being unreasonable realized that the majority of the players in the league lived check to check and could not afford to have this happen again. Stern wants to cut salary costs by $700 million to $800 million annually, a reduction of almost 40 percent. This number is a huge demand and the players union believes this is an outrageous request. The union is confused by how the owners claim they are losing money but one of the league’s worst franchises, the Golden State Warriors, sold for

a league record $450 million last summer. The owners combat this by saying that the NBA bought the New Orleans Hornets in December because their owner George Shinn was constantly losing money. Billy Hunter, NBA Players Association executive director, in November said he was 99 percent sure of a lockout. “I’m waiting to get some sign, some movement, from owners that they want to reach a reasonable deal. Right now they’re being unreasonable. And I can’t tell you when reason is going set in,” said Hunter. The NFL will find a way to get their collective bargaining agreement right after the NFL draft ends because the differences between the union and the owners aren’t as wide as the NBA. When Stern spoke to radio show host and journalist Stephen A. Smith last year he brought up that when the league reaches a new collective bargaining agreement, it would last longer than his involvement as commissioner. “I tell you what; I am going to go out on a limb for this one. I think that it is fair to say that this is my last roundup, okay? No question about it, in terms of collective bargaining. Of course we don’t know what length of the deal coming out of here but I am telling you that it is going to be a longer time than I am going to be

AP PHOTO/JEFF ROBERSON Salary cuts in the NFL and NBA could lead to a loss of fans and empty seats on game day. in the NBA,” said Stern. With Stern talking about his retirement, his legacy becomes very important to him. He is an important factor of how the league is viewed across the world, the addition of seven new franchises, the salary cap and several other things. Stern wouldn’t want another lockout to be a part of how people remember him and this is why

the NBA will reach a deal just before any regular season games could be missed. Could you imagine the first Sunday in September with no football or the last week in October with no basketball? Luckily we won’t have to because so much money and fans could be lost in this if both leagues can’t get their agreements done.

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Sun. 2 at Duquesne Pittsburgh, Pa. 4 p.m. Sat. 8 BETHUNE-COOKMAN * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Mon. 10 FLORIDA A&M * Norfolk, Va. 8 p.m. Sat. 15 at Hampton * Hampton, Va. 6 p.m. Mon. 17 at Howard * ! Washington, D.C. 9 p.m. Sat. 22 NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Mon. 24 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE * ! Norfolk, Va. 9 p.m. Sat. 29 at Morgan State * ! Baltimore, Md. 1 p.m. Mon. 31 at Coppin State * Baltimore, Md. 7:30 p.m.

Sun. 2 SAVANNAH STATE ^ Norfolk, Va. 4 p.m. Sat. 8 BETHUNE‐COOKMAN * Norfolk, Va. 4 p.m. Mon. 10 FLORIDA A&M * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Sat. 15 at Hampton * Hampton, Va. 4 p.m. Mon. 17 at Howard * Washington, D.C. 6 p.m. Sat. 22 NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL Norfolk, Va. 4 p.m. Mon. 24 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Sat. 29 at Morgan State * Baltimore, Md. 3 p.m. Mon. 31 at Coppin State * Baltimore, Md. 5:30 p.m.







All times Eastern Home games in BOLD played at Joseph Echols Hall * MEAC game ^ Home game played separate from the women’s team % Philly Hoop Group Classic ! ESPNU televised game

All times Eastern Home games in BOLD played at Joseph Echols Hall * MEAC game ^ Home game played separate from the women’s team # Comfort Inn and Suites Classic

Sat. 5 at Maryland Eastern Shore* Princess Anne, Md. 4 p.m. Mon. 7 at Delaware State * ! Dover, Del. 9 p.m. Sat. 12 HAMPTON * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Mon. 14 HOWARD * Norfolk, Va. 8 p.m. Sat. 19 at North Carolina Central Durham, N.C. 4 p.m. Mon. 21 at South Carolina State * Orangeburg, S.C. 7:30 p.m. Sat. 26 MORGAN STATE * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Mon. 28 COPPIN STATE * Norfolk, Va. 8 p.m.

Thurs. 3 NORTH CAROLINA A&T * Norfolk, Va. 8 p.m. Tues.-Sat. 8-12 MEAC Tournament Winston-Salem, N.C. TBA

Cut out and keep

Sat. 5 at Maryland Eastern Shore * Princess Anne, Md. 2 p.m. Mon. 7 at Delaware State * Dover, Del. 5:30 p.m. Sat. 12 HAMPTON * Norfolk, Va. 4 p.m. Mon. 14 HOWARD * Norfolk, Va 6 p.m. Sat. 19 at North Carolina Central Durham, N.C. 2 p.m. Mon. 21 at South Carolina State * Orangeburg, S.C. 5:30 p.m. Sat. 26 MORGAN STATE * Norfolk, Va. 4 p.m. Mon. 28 COPPIN STATE * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m.

Thurs. 3 NORTH CAROLINA A&T * Norfolk, Va. 6 p.m. Tues.-Sat. 8-12 MEAC Tournament Winston-Salem, N.C. TBA

Cut out and keep

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Blowing money fast:

money-saving tips for a college student’s pocket inferno By BETHANY CARTWRIGHT Echo Correspondent Education can sometimes feel like a full-time job with no salary, and while it opens so many doors to the future, the financial strain it places on a student can be stressful. As refund checks provide a temporary silver lining in the checking and savings accounts of some students, they ultimately lead to calls home requesting personal stimulus packages in the form of a deposits from mom and dad. What better way to ease that strain than to find easy ways to save some of the money students spend semester after semester? Here are some effective, simple ways to save money in the everyday life of a student.


Every student has to eat, but buying pizza and Chinese food whenever they are off campus, or the café is closed isn’t good money management. Instead, students can save money on food by grocery shopping more than eating out. Buying snacks in bulk can not only curb hunger so the student won’t spend more money, but it will keep them from buying snacks individually from a vending machine or at the Bodega. When it’s time to grocery shop, it wouldn’t hurt to eat before shopping or bring some snacks on the trip. Shopping hungry can cause over-spending on food the student might not need. When eating out with friends,

students should make sure they pay attention to how the bill is being split. Also, if the restaurant doesn’t charge more for it, sharing plates is a great idea. If the student lives off campus, getting a commuter meal plan helps students save money on their meals every semester.

other social media services to keep in touch friends and family off campus can help also help students cut down costs. If a student absolutely must buy portable electronics, they should look for stores that offer student discounts, back-to-school and tax-free specials.



Textbooks can be expensive, so students need to find ways to be creative with saving money for them. Students can use the trade and barter system with classmates and trade textbooks off with one another to avoid the bookstore. Students can also rent their books now that the NSU bookstore has added its new renting system. There, over 50 percent of the original price of a textbook can be saved. Buying used textbooks also saves money; or buying the book new and selling it back, but students may only receive a third of the price they paid for the textbook. They could try to sell their books online or to another student instead to see where they can find the best deal.


While laptops and iPads can be very useful and great to have, they can also put a dent in the average college student’s bank account. Choosing to buy a desktop or using the many computer labs on campus for homework and printing can ultimately be more economical. Using Facebook, Skype, AOL Instant Messenger and

If the student has a computer or laptop, there’s no need to buy a TV or stereo. Purchasing internal and external tuner cards for computers is inexpensive, and allows students to watch cable television anywhere. Legally downloading music from the internet can be a challenge if you want a good deal. Instead, websites such as allow users to create custom play lists and grant 40 hours of steaming per month--for free! Using Redbox, a DVD-rental vending machine, is a cheap, easy way to catch up on recently released flicks for just a dollar per day. If they want to keep their movies, looking out for specials on new movie release Tuesdays or buying gently used DVDs from a movie store can also be helpful. Students who want to leave their dorms for entertainment can always count on student activities to find a new event or outing provided for students for free. Everything from free movie tickets, laser tag and trips to the museum or zoo is available. Students can also check the local newspaper for free concerts, movies and festivals. If all

else fails, there is an unlimited amount of entertainment on the web. Game websites, social networking sites and virtual reality sites are some of the most popular.


Students need to find the best bargains to be able to save money when shopping. Thrift stores and consignment shops don’t have the same condemnation they once had and many people are taking advantage of buying gently used, name brand clothes instead of buying them new. Students could also try places like Walmart for an inexpensive t-shirt or a pair of leggings. When shopping online, look for stores that offer free or discounted shipping on orders.


Impressing friends and potential partners is a big part of our culture, but it can be done affordably. Students can try skipping the expensive salon or barbershop for a while and try finding someone on campus who doesn’t charge as much for the latest hairstyles. Ladies who like getting their nails done can try doing manis and pedis at home or during a girls’ night. Forgoing the dramatic hairstyle or the perfect nails for while sounds like disaster for some people, but it is an option that won’t hurt financially. For everyday necessities such as toilet tissue and soap, students can try sharing the cost with a roommate. Once again, buying in bulk can save a lot of money versus buying items individually


With gas climbing to nearly $3 a gallon, carpooling and proper vehicle maintenance can prevent frequent trips to the pump. Students who live off campus, but close enough to walk, bike or skateboard have the choice of saving gas money and getting exercise. Public transportation is also more affordable, especially with HRT’s new light rail opening soon in Norfolk. For weekend trips and holidays, students should plan ahead. Using discount travel sites like Expedia or HotWire can aid in finding the cheapest flight, hotel or rental rates.

Managing your own money

This is the method for saving money that most students don’t want to hear. However, money management is key if students want to hold onto the money they are trying to save. Most banks offer free checking and savings accounts. Saving spare change or simply tallying up what’s been spent in a month can determine which areas in a budget need more attention. It always helps to change old spending habits. For more information about ways to save money, check out these websites: http://www. blog/2006/08/30/27-money-tipsfor-college-students/ http://www.thelaboroflove. com/articles/top-10-ways-forstudents-to-save-money

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Dr. Duncan

The influence of physical attractiveness goes well beyond relationships. Researchers have found that attractive children are more popular with teachers and classmates. Attractive applicants have a better chance of getting the job AND receiving higher salaries. Although we appear to favor a certain standard of physical attractiveness on a cultural level, when it comes to relationships, it does appear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. According to the matching hypothesis people tend to seek romantic and sexual partners who possess a similar level of physical attractiveness to their own.

How long would be healthy to wait to date someone new after you’ve broken up with your girl/ boyfriend?

 Lateshia: I’m not going to put a specific time limit on it, I’m going to say that whenever you are completely over that person and you can safely move on without punishing them for what the other person did, you can keep dating.


I’m not saying you should break up with your girlfriend and go get another one tomorrow, but I am saying it doesn’t have to be a long, lengthy process. If you had to put a time frame on it, I’d give it two and a half to three weeks, if that much.  

Dr. Duncan

This again is a question that is really dependent upon the people in the relationships as well as the circumstances around the break up. There are some people who are more resilient and bounce back from relationship termination well. When this is the case, they can be ready to date and engage in a

healthy relationship very quickly. However, there are others who are emotionally unable to resume a relationship, if their self-esteem has been negatively impacted, or if they have been cheated on and have difficulty trusting, for example. After a series of failed relationships, some feel fatigued and may require more time than they might normally.

How far into a relationship do you think it’s appropriate to say “I love you?” Lateshia:

I don’t think there should be a specific time. I think whenever you feel it, you should say it. I think it’s a question of maturity. Oftentimes people are in a relationship and they’re waiting for the other person to say it. That’s how a quality relationship really falls by the wayside.


I agree, but sometimes people have a tendency to say things

they don’t mean simply because they heard other people say it. I think that a lot of people make that mistake by just throwing the emotions out there when they really don’t even feel it. But, if me and you are in a relationship and we’re together for about a year and a half and nobody is saying they love anybody, what’s really going on here? If you had to put a time limit on it, which is ridiculous in the first place, I would say… maybe 8 months.

Dr. Duncan

In theory, the appropriate time to say “I love you” is when it is true. Often people feel there is a “correct” time to share their feelings in an attempt to feel emotionally secure. When this is the case, the reciprocity of attraction is important.  This simply means that if you like or love someone, you need to feel that the other person like or loves you back approximately the same amount –in other words, they reciprocate your feelings.


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New host Lamont Baldwin, “Getting more comfortable” with Hot 91.1 By RAMAL JOHNSON Echo Correspondent He has approximately 60,000 fans, but he wasn’t old enough to vote in the last presidential election. No, he’s not a famous rapper, but he has interviewed quite a few celebrities, such as Fonzworth Bentley. His name is Lamont Baldwin, and at 19 years old, he is the sole host of “Afternoon Drive,” on Norfolk State University’s radio station, WNSB--Hot 91--91.1 FM, from 2pm to 6pm every weekday. As a mass communications major, Baldwin admits he originally had no plans of pursuing a college education after graduating from the Salem High School Performing Arts Academy. He was one of the television personalities for a local show entitled Teen News Now on the CW 27 for a little over a year, and expected the show to become a hit by the time he earned his high school diploma. “I wasn’t going to go to college at first,” he confessed. “I was thinking the show is going to go national, and I’m going to make some money. What do I need to go to college for? Then the show got cancelled.” In a twist of fate, just a few months after being accepted to Norfolk State, he became a host of a radio show that he had been a fan of for quite some time. “I remember I used to listen to Hot 91.1 [while] driving to the CW 27 station,” he says. “Everything has come full-circle. I’m now on the show that I used to listen to every day while in school.”


Despite joining the station as an on-air host right out of high school, Baldwin does have entertainment background. He asserted that most people take two or three years before being able to be on air, so he is honored to have his position so quickly. As for his entertainment experience, during high school, he was cast in several plays, and even had, what he refers to, as a “bootleg talk show on YouTube.” Thinking back to his very first broadcast for Hot 91.1, he spoke of the uneasiness. “I was nervous,” he laughed. “I’m getting more comfortable. At first, I was so stagnant. But now, I add a little bit of my personality. I call myself ‘cool corny.’ ” In spite of feeling much more relaxed than his first few weeks, Baldwin disclosed he still has a fear of making a mistake while on the air. “It’s normal. Every personality messes up, or stutters, or stumbles, but it’s all about the recovery. And me, when I mess up, it’s hard for me to get my game-face back on,” said Baldwin. “I think that people heard a mistake, and people think I’m unprofessional. It’s just internal things.” He spoke about having to fill the shoes of the former host, Cymandye, who now works with a media production company. “I had to be re-introduced to the audience and actually build my fan base and let people know who I am,” he said. “But now, people know who I am.”


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THOMAS A. WILSON | SPARTAN ECHO Lamont Baldwin, host of the Afternoon Drive on Hot 91. As far as his own personal influence for “Afternoon Drive,” Baldwin said, “Now, I want to make my show more callerinteractive. I love interacting with callers. That’s my favorite part of the show.” During the interview, Baldwin enthusiastically took phone call requests from his fans and ensured that he appreciated their fealty to his show. Equipped with the ambitions and self-assurance of media notoriety, Baldwin states that Hot 91.1 is in a new era, and he enjoys adding his very own style to the station. “I just love radio, and I would tell anybody who is interested in it to do your research. Don’t just

listen for the songs. Listen and study how everything is done,” said Baldwin. Currently, he updates his Twitter page, @LamontVA, regularly, and also his Facebook status. He aspires to solidify his position as a NSU radio host and anticipates a bright prospect after graduation. “My dream job is of course radio,” he said. “I want to do something like the Afternoon Drive on another station. Or possibly XM. Realistically, I want to say my last word on this microphone, and then get in my car and drive to my radio job. That’s going to happen. Nobody can tell me something to make me think otherwise.”



Attacks on relationships. Slurs about someone’s sexual orientation. Twitter is the new medium of choice to vent how you really feel. As online social networks are connecting more people than traditional relationships, it is to no surprise that beefing over the net is becoming the new thing to do. Tweeting is by far the easiest way to confront issues that you have with someone or something without actually having to deal with it head on. For those who are not in the spotlight, you know, those “everyday people” so to speak, the addressing of things and people they

do not like are more internal and usually understood only by those in their social circle. More likely than not, it is done in the popular and favorable “#subtweet” (subtle tweet) style. As seen recently, celebs decided to take a more bold and boastful approach, by directly mentioning their foe in a negative tweet. Everyone’s timeline was filled with the beef that was cooked up between VA native Chris Brown, former B2K member Raz B and Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance. Now even though both made public apologies after the heat cooled, Chris Brown and Raz B found themselves thrust back into a bad light.


That does not go to say that people other than the rich and famous do not directly mention their grievances in their tweets, but more people will have a better knowledge of whom and what they are mentioning. Then there are always the trending topics. While being the topic of people’s discussion may be something to rave about, it can also be an embarrassment starting more trouble than it its worth. When it is all tweeted and done, is it all worth it? Well, most beef starters on twitter lose followers and a little notoriety. So at the end of the day protect your tweets, or just be nice.

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