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From the Founder’s Desk Greetings! With a deep rooted-passion and love for sport, Sparky Football was founded to bring joy and well-being to the people around me. It has been a significant accomplishment to create legacies in thousands of lives around the world. This journey with my organization has redefined my life and has led me to be a purposeful individual for others and for myself. It has inspired me to use the power of football to Engage, Educate and Empower children on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (3, 4, 5, 8) to achieve a long-lived social impact. Everything I do – all the things I have done, the people I have met and the places I have been to – I owe to football. Football has filled a great part of my life. I wish to gift these incredible experiences to people around the world and live a meaningful life. Sparky Football is not just an organization, but a way of life for our football family. I want to thank all of you- my children, coaches, parents, volunteers and well-wishers - for keeping me blessed as we continue to embark on this courageous and worthy endeavor.


Founder and Director Sparky Football



Welcome! At Sparky Football, we use the power of football to engage, educate and empower children and youth with critical life skills and psycho-social skills. We strive to create advanced, highly inclusive learning ecosystems through our football curriculum. Underpinning the very origin of Sparky Football lies a commitment to deliver a socially responsible system of holistic development – via football. We are steadfast in our mission to better enable the youth of today to effectively tackle challenges through adaptive and positive behavior.




Sparky Football Featured on TEDx

Heroes of Bangalore Award, Received from Chief Justice Santosh Hedge

National Inclusion Cup 2017 6 Place in India amongst 24 States th

Sparky Football featured on UEFA SPARKY FOOTBALL








SPARKY PHILOSOPHY Sparky Football’s motto, “Make Your Wounds Proud”, represents a critical construct identified, inculcated, and nurtured among all children and youth in our programs: Resilience. Sparky Football is propelled by three principles – Engagement, Education and Empowerment.





SPARKY METHODOLOGY We strive to impart 21st century life skills and strengthen physical and mental fitness through our unique football therapy. Using football as a social tool, we develop interactive, fun workshops to impart 21st Century skills in a tailored and contextual format. Our curricula are developed in collaboration with Coaches Across Continents (CAC)














At Sparky, we use freestyle football as a medium to empower children. Freestyle Football is an art of meditative, therapeutic self-expression which nurtures children to explore the imaginative and creative facets of their personality. Our unique methodology was featured in a Switzerland-based organization, Sports and Dev. “With many organisations using conventional sports to achieve their own programme objectives, Sparky Football has come out to illustrate the need to adopt new methods in implementing sports for development activities, whether it's in New Delhi, Bombay, Karnataka or Lyon. Such novel intentions have seen Sparky Football’s efforts being showcased at the UEFA Euro 16 as well as TEDX. While continuously adapting to new methods of engaging beneficiaries through sports is a topic that needs to be explored further, impact, sustainability and ethics must not be wished away.” - SportsandDev.org





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Happiness on Football Turf “…Our coaches who conducted the session Nikhil K.T, Amar Bhat and Elroy C.F definitely had a happy feeling after watching the kids. Special thanks to Fairplay Arena, for giving us this opportunity"

A desire to play! 14th February, 2019

Puttenhalli boys on grass grounds for the first time January 27, 2019

Our enthusiastic volunteer, Elroy narrates the first football experience at a turf for the Puttenhalli Government school children. As he recollects, "This will go down as a special day for the kids, as well as for us at Sparky! Today, we took the Puttenhalli Government school kids to train at the Fairplay Arena, JP Nagar. The faces of the kids, when we told them that we'd be playing on the turf today was simply priceless! After a short bus journey with 13 kids, we had a fun day where we conducted numerous passing, shooting and off the ball movement drills. The enthusiasm showed by the kids as well as the coaches at this session made it a very fun and a happy session.

As soon as we reached Fairplay Arena, the children from Desire Society seemed to have been filled with great enthusiasm! Like, a freshly watered bud, they looked at the turf with joy and excitement! On the 14th of February, we took 11 children from Desire society to Fairplay Arena for their first turf experience. The session was conducted by our head coaches, Athreya and Nikhil KT.

"It felt like they had played with all their hearts. Their excitement seemed to have driven the coaches and every person present there to ensure that they had a great experience", said Nikhil KT.

We ended the day with a football match and it definitely is a proud moment for us when we see them improve their game every week. This one is to be cherished and remembered always…”


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Fundraising and Donation Drive Efforts

Sharing is caring February 3, 2019

On a bright Friday afternoon, 25 children from our Puttenhalli program received clothes from our donation drives. Some of the donated articles included, jerseys, tshirts, shorts, track pants, sweaters etc. The donation drive was headed by our volunteer turned marketing lead, Gautam Sharma, who was present to ensure that every kid got new shoes and clothes. There was more in store, as one of our well-wishers, Sreeharsha, provided 6 new pairs of shoes to the children.

December 18, 2019

Coach Nikhil KT headed the donation drive which provided shoes and clothes to 50 children in Puttenhalli Government School. The children were thrilled to receive them! We would like to express our earnest gratitude to Mrs. Geetanjalie, a parent from our Purva Panorama program for providing us with the donations!

"I am very thankful to Sparky Football, for providing things that would not have been available for us otherwise", said Riaz, student at our Puttenhalli program. June 29, 2019

After a long and fruitful session on Saturday, our volunteers helped out in giving out water bottles, shoes and clothes to all the kids who were present for the session. The children were overjoyed and we're thankful for what they received. The smiles on their faces said it all and made our day. SPARKY FOOTBALL

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Learning Social Learning Social Responsibility Responsibility

International Women’s Day March 6, 2019

We celebrated the International Women's Day at 'Desire Society', Bangalore. The session entailed games from the International Women's Day 2019 Resource packet provided by our partners Coaches Across Continents (USA). A few games played included, Healthy balance, Fairness in balance, Imbalance scrimmage.


There was a reflection session, where we had conversations around gender roles, opportunities, and social inclusion. The children were educated about various gender stereotypes and discrimination during the session. We concluded with a mutual learning of the importance of women in our lives.

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Learning Social Responsibility The true beauty of the session was captured by Mr. Venkatesh, father of a participant from Purva Panorama program, feeding sweets to all the children. Indeed, we were overwhelmed by the support from the parents!

Earth Football August 22, 2019

Sparky for Social Inclusion August 18, 2019

Sparky Football celebrated friendship with children from our Puttenhalli Government School, Purva Panorama and Brigade Millennium program attending the session encompassing the theme of social inclusion. One of the core values that we at Sparky follow is that each and every individual must get a chance to play and express.


As a part of our curriculum and a strong core value, we encourage students to practice in ecofriendly and environment nurturing habits. In association with this initiative, we celebrated ‘Earth Football’ along with the children in our Sterling Terraces program. It was an event where all the children planted saplings in the apartment. Our founder, Mr. Tejas was present to help the children understand the importance of planting trees and conserving the nature for a better tomorrow.

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Celebrating Collaborations and Achievements On the 20th February, 30 children from two of our programs, Puttenhalli government school and Desire society were taken to 'Biggies: Burger and more' for a treat! Biggies were celebrating their one year anniversary of the J.P Nagar branch and as a celebratory gesture, they had invited children from Sparky Football for free burgers and an afternoon filled with fun and excitement!

A new leaf: Chunchaghatta Government School 13th February, 2019

On the 13th February, we embarked upon yet another journey! A new program at the Chunchaghatta government school was established. Under the guidance of our founder, Tejas, Athreya Kadambi set out to conduct the initiation sessions at the school. There were 29 children who took part in the session, which included 12 boys and 17 girls. The session entailed games from our curriculum specially designed to accommodate new participants. They in turn served as an ice breaker and provided the children with a new experience. The session concluded with everybody having a great experience! "You are doing a great job and we look forward to having you here every week", said the Principal of the school, Mr. Shantakumar.

After everyone relished their burgers, there was a small performance by our little champs, Harshit and Appu. Harshith showed us his eye-catching freestyle skills, while Appu demonstrated his flair with the football!

This was shortly followed by a photoshoot session, where the staff from Biggies and Sparky Football joined the children in what turned out to be a fun and frolic afternoon! We'd like to thank 'Biggies: Burger and more' for providing this experience to our children!

Burgers and much more! 20th February, 2019

When a small child scribed the words "Sparky Football" on a burger, our hearts were left overwhelmed!


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Celebrating Collaborations and Achievements them a long way in the future! https://www.instagram.com/p/B1LU4NcFYGV/

Felicitating a Sparky Hero! April 2, 2019

Our lead community coach Akshay who has been with us since 3 years received the 'D' coaching license from Indian Football federation. On being congratulated for his achievement, Coach Akshay said,

Puttenhalli Government School representation at State Level Competition August 6, 2019

“Thank you Tejas sir and the whole Sparky family, it's been a real honour working with all of you, my foundation of imparting values as a coach was, is and will forever be Sparky football and I really thank all of you for helping me be a better coach and a better human every day”

The day was set for the competition as boys from Puttenhalli Government school geared themselves for their first ever football experience at The State Level Football Competition. Nandan Grounds, Austin Town hosted the inter school football tournament which comprised of about 30 schools from different districts in the tournament. 30 boys from primary and high school represented Sparky Football at the State level competition. Their enthusiasm was commendable as they showcased grit and great team spirit during the tournament. We are happy that the tournament was a large success for all of us in providing an enriching footballing experience at a competitive level for the children. It was possible due to the support we received from Puttenhalli government school, Principal, P.E teachers and the nonteaching staff. An experience, that we’re sure would take SPARKY FOOTBALL

He was further awarded by Desire Society in their Annual Function for his contributions towards coaching children and providing an enriching and growth oriented experience! 19 | P a g e

Celebrating Collaborations and Achievements Andrew continues to shine! September 17, 2019

Our Sparky leader, Andrew continued his winning streak by winning the North East India Football Tournament which was conducted in Bangalore. His achievements have inspired many children to strive for similar achievements in football!

Robert is a National Champion! November 13, 2019

We welcomed the winter season with a great news! We were proud to witness the rise of Robert, a child from our Home of Faith program becoming the U-15 Indian National Champion. He represented Karnataka and received the ‘Man of the Tournament’ award in Maharashtra. Karnataka had an unbeaten streak amongst 8 other states in the tournament! We would like to express our earnest gratitude to Mr. Narayan (head of the orphanage) and his school coach Mr. Govind for helping him realize his dreams. We are thrilled to report that he has also been shortlisted for tournaments in Sri Lanka and Malaysia with the national team! https://www.instagram.com/p/B4zEi6sF4b T/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Robert’s story was further covered by the Hindu in an article called ‘Children’s day: Tales of perseverance and grit!’ SPARKY FOOTBALL

Dhruv secures the Best Goalkeeper Award Our star player Dhruv secured the best U-10 goalkeeper award. The tournament was conducted by Kickstart Football Academy. Dhruv has since continued to shine in all football competitions! 20 | P a g e

Media Features The article ‘The Goal is learning’ spoke about the journey of our founder and his efforts towards expanding horizons to different countries. To read more about the article, please visit the below mentioned link. https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/opi nion/sunday-read/the-goal-islearning/articleshow/68972178.cms

Case Study Featured in Sportsanddev.org, Switzerland March 6, 2019

Sparky Football was selected for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals case study by Sports and Development organization, Switzerland! sportanddev.org is the leading hub for the sport and development community to share knowledge, build good practice, coordinate with others and create partnerships. To read more about the feature, please visit the link below. https://www.sportanddev.org/en/article/ne ws/sport-and-sdgs-case-study-sparkyfootball

Bangalore Mirror Feature April 21, 2019

We are happy to share that our work was featured in the Bangalore Mirror newspaper.


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Media Features

Better India Feature


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Celebrating Teamwork Through Football Since then, we have made it a part of our learning culture to play together in friendly games as a means of celebrating our work and providing a platform for each and every coach and volunteer to grow with the team as well as an individual.

Ready, set… Celebrate! “Football is a gift we share with each other" ~ Elroy, Volunteer (In the Photo: Sparky Football Coaches)

March 24, 2019

Football unites us! With a mission to impact the lives of children in our communities we have been striving to make a difference. To celebrate our success and enhance our cohesion, Sparky Football team consisting of coaches, volunteers and well-wishers came together to embrace the occasion with a game of football.

The Sparky Football team consists of the following members (From L-R in the above picture) – Amar Bhat, Tejas. R, Athreya Kadambi, Nikhil KT, Elroy C.F, Ishan Jha and Sreeharsha.


(In the Photo: Puttenhalli Government School session conducted by Amar Bhat)

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Social Impact in Bangalore Sparky Plays for a Cause January, 2020

In collaboration with Jain (Deemed to be University) we conducted a futsal tournament. The tournament was successful in enabling youth awareness and transformation through Sports for Development. Our aim was to raise awareness about Glocal social areas. Some of them included, Suicide Prevention, Gender Equality, Cancer Prevention, World Peace, Road Safety, Environment Protection, Wildfire Awareness, Transgender Rights etc. An amount of 3500 INR was raised through the tournament.

Sparky Football at Under 25 February, 2020

The Annual Under25 Summit invited Sparky Football to speak and inspire the youth of Bangalore. Our speaker, Athreya was present to share our journey with students from various colleges. The efforts to create a long lasting social impact has lead us to bridge the gap between students and children from diverse communities in Bangalore.

The #IAMSPARKY campaign was also conducted during the tournament. Our efforts to inspire youth continues to change lives across Bangalore! “You (Sparky Football) are changing lives. I hope you continue to inspire everybody” Student, Jain University


“It was a great experience to connect with people from all across Bangalore and have our stories heard. We hope that we’ve inspired more students to take an initiative to make a difference”, Athreya, Sparky Football.

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Social Impact in Bangalore Karnataka Government Public School Visit February, 2020

Our mission to empower children saw us collaborate with Karnataka Government Public School. The program was initiated to bridge the gap between the youth and the children by providing a platform for social welfare and learning. College students provided shoes and clothes to the children. They also actively took part in communicating and sharing experiences with them. The children were thrilled to meet us! Their excitement was captured by their smiles during the Freestyle Football performance and Sports for Development (SFD) games.

The session brought smiles to the children, teachers, students and the coaches. Like the petals of a blossoming flower, it was a culmination of people from different walks of lives.

“We are very happy to receive new shoes and clothes. Thank you (Sparky Football) for these gifts!”, student, Karnataka Government Public School.

“I am happy to see the children receive clothes, shoes and a demonstration of Football. We would like to thank the coaches Athreya and Nikhil for taking time out of their schedule and meeting the children”, Ms. Kausalya, P.E teacher, Karnataka Public School.

There was more joy in store for the children as each and every one of them was treated to the sweet taste of chocolates. Coach Nikhil KT was on hand in ensuring that everyone received their chocolates.


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Sparky in the global realm: In the footsteps of our founder Our Founder takes Sparky to the Women’s World Cup, 2019 July, 2019

We are proud and happy to share that our founder was selected to represent India at the Street Football World Festival 19 event for the women empowerment towards the FIFA Women’s World Cup happening in France. Street Football World is an international network of non-profit organizations that uses football to engage young people and teach them life skills.

Empower Conference, Qatar February, 2019

Mr. Tejas represented India and Sparky Football at Qatar with Coaches Across Continents for the World Empower and Peace Meet, conducting a football workshop program on sports for peace for over 600 delegates from 50 different countries.

(Ghana International Footballer, Gideon Mensah with our founder, Tejas. R)


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Sparky in the global realm: In the footsteps of our founder

Sparky Football in Ladakh June, 2019

Sparky Football shared the privilege of working with children on life skills and freestyle football led by our founder in Ladakh with @save_changthang and @toybank_india on their first Changthang valley football tournament with 300+ children. Our founder was instrumental in imparting knowledge and life skills as we reached out to children in the foot hills of Himalayas. We have indeed transcended sharing knowledge and impacting lives in the most remote destinations.


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Sparky in the global realm: In the footsteps of our founder Sharing our knowledge in Nepal and Sri Lanka

December, 2019

We are delighted to share that our founder represented India in Nepal and Sri Lanka, where he would go on to conduct Sports for Social Impact sessions along with Coaches across Continents. The on-field sessions spanned for a duration of one month. He was further the Guest of Honour for Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka.

December, 2019

In Nepal, he conducted a certification training for the coaches and sports individuals from Nepal. These experiences have given us an opportunity to reach out to individuals in our neighboring countries and share our gift of Football!


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Testimonials from Parents "Aayush started his football practice a year ago and I'm a very happy parent. Not only has he started understanding and following the game but is also learning good team work. I couldn't ask for more for his age. Sparky football coaches are extremely patient and dynamic with their approach and very much punctual with their schedule. Looking forward to more such happy learning sessions. Thank you." ~ Subha

“I feel joining Sparky was one of the best decisions for Atharv. Not only does he enjoy the classes, he is growing in confidence too. His ability to toy with the ball, do physical activities with the group, developing values like compassion and sharing is all coming from the activities at Sparky. I love the way Athreya teaches the kids by letting them believe in themselves and allowing them to play to their strengths. I am very happy that Atharv joined these classes and am confident that these classes will help him in his overall personality development, while he learns to enjoy and become better at football� ~ Sriram

"We love that the Sparky coaches are so encouraging, supportive and at the same time create a friendly, fun environment. Preet loves the class and looks forward to it every weekend" ~ Rina


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Testimonials from Parents "Hi Coach, As soon as Ansh woke up he wanted to go for football class. As we came closer to the ground, he realized that he has no stamina to play. Nevertheless, he wanted to come!! That’s what your class means to my son" ~ Manasa

"Tejas and his team at Sparky are a delightful bunch of youngsters that live life to the fullest. They don't just practice it they also infectiously transmit that to all the kids that learn footballing skills from them. Football is life and Sparky personifies that. However when you find that kids want to go into the next Sparky class and not away from it, you can be rest assured that they are doing something right. Sparky gives that spark of living well to every person that they touch. All the best Sparky Team. Do well and we look for a lot longer association with all of you" ~ Kishan

"Sparky football has helped our children Neel and Manan to be more active in sports and fitness. They have improved a lot in football too. They look forward to their weekend classes. Whenever they have some free time they play football at home too which is a remarkable difference from earlier days when they would just watch TV or play games on mobile." ~ Geetanjalie


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Volunteer Experiences "It has been an overwhelming and sublime experience so far. I've learnt so many things out here and it's made me a better person, and learn more about myself and others. Sparky football has taught me that you can be anyone, and if you want to make a change, you can. It's connected me to likeminded people, the team here at Sparky consist of some wonderful people and I hope we can continue to grow stronger.” ~ Amar Ananth

"The kids are the fuel that drive Sparky Football and their smiles are the best motivating factor when you conduct drills. They’re not afraid to open up and be their true self which is amazing. The best part of any person is their childhood. And here at Sparky I'm happy that we play an important part in that stage of their lives” ~ Akshay Singh . R

"It’s more than just Football. It’s about creating a belief that you can explore yourself in a safe space without any judgements or any form of constraints. We have indeed created a change and tons of memories. The kids, coaches, parents, well-wishers and everyone who has been associated with us. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this experience!” ~ Nikhil KT


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Happy Students! "I really love the way Athreya sir teaches us. There is no pressure to perform which allows us to learn at our own pace. He makes it so much fun to learn. He also understands the individual needs of each student and helps the students to become better at those skills. I am happy that I joined Sparky and would love to continue for as long as I can." ~ Atharv

"It's been a year since I've joined, looking back I've made some great friends here and I've improved a lot. I enjoy coming here, it's made me a better person and I enjoy being one of the senior most members of this group.� ~ Kiran

"I am excited to come to Sparky Football as we learn many life skills like leadership. When I learn leadership I am aware of my responsibility. I have also learnt many Football techniques!� ~ Atharv (Attu)


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Make Your Wounds Proud!


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Special Thanks!

Our Partner

Coaches and Volunteers

Students, parents and wellwishers

Sparky Family


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Sparky Football Magazine Editors: Tejas .R Athreya Kadambi SPARKY FOOTBALL

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Together, We Can Make A Difference!

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