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A Piece of Blarney Stone 10 ways to empower your communication

4 Ways to Make Your Day at Work More Meaningful

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Cristina Cassidy The Importance Of Listening 12 Easy (yes, easy!) Ways to Cut Calories

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I am very proud to be publishing Women With Know How for all business and professional women in Charlotte, NC.


July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

As women, we want and need to connect with each other, especially during this time of economic stress.


We need to support and help each other in our business and in our personal lives. I hope you take this guide and really tear into it and connect with as many of the women featured as possible! I want to thank my sponsors, advertisers, and the women who supported this publication for making it possible. We are now taking reservations for the 2010 directory, don’t be left out! Contact me at for more information.

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“A Piece of Blarney Stone”

10 ways to empower your communication



Ways to Make Your Day at Work More Meaningful

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Simple Steps toward a more natural home P  ROFESSIONAL SPOTLIGHT

Cristina Cassidy

of Cristina Cassidy Productions




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Are You Ready

Storm Safety For Your Family

 Doesn’t Take Much It to Make a Difference  12 Easy (yes, easy!) Ways to Cut Calories

The Importance Of Listening


(Curly or Straight) your communication

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July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Editor Christina Cassidy



Dawn Leitner President & CTA Certified Coach Coach U2 Lead

“A Piece of Blarney Stone” 10 ways to empower your communication

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

The Blarney Stone is an historical stone, or actually part of the Blarney Castle in Ireland where it was believed that kissing the stone can grant you the gift of gab. Yeah, it seems strange in this day and age, but who are we to question tradition? It’s not like I’m saying that Santa Claus doesn’t exist (OOPS!).


There is so much to know about conversation that anyone, even I, could ever realize. You can go though watching talk shows; radio programs; clubs dedicated to public speaking; ordinary conversations; certain rules still apply when it comes to interaction through words. It may sound tedious, I know, but even though it’s your mouth that’s doing the work, your brain works twice as hard to churn out a lot of things you know. So what better way to start learning to be an effective communication is to know the very person closest to you: yourself.

1. What you know. Education is all about learning the basics, but to be an effective speaker is to practice what you’ve learned. My stint as guest at every Toastmasters’ meeting I go to taught me that we all have our limitations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to keep up and share what we know. 2. Listening. It’s just as important as asking questions. Sometimes listening to the sound of our own voice can teach us to be a little bit confident with ourselves and to say the things we believe in with conviction.

4. Eye Contact There’s a lot to say when it comes to directing your attention to your audience with an eye-catching gaze. It’s important that you keep your focus when talking to a large group in a meeting or a gathering, even though he or she may be gorgeous. 5. Kidding around A little bit of humor can do wonders to lift the tension, or worse boredom when making your speech. That way, you’ll get the attention of the majority of the crowd

and they’ll feel that you’re you have listened to when just as approachable, and as they’re at a public gathering human to those who listen. or maybe at church. Sure they read their lines, but 6. Be like the taking a mental note of how rest of them they emphasize what they Interaction is all about say can help you once you mingling with other people. take center stage. You’ll get a lot of ideas, as well as knowing what people 10. Preparation make them as they are. Make the best out of preparation rather than just 7. Me, Myself, and I scribbling notes and often Admit it, there are times in a hurried panic. Some you sing to yourself in people like to write things the shower. I know I do! down on index cards, while Listening to the sound of other resort to being a little your own voice while you more silly as they look at practice your speech in front their notes written on the of a mirror can help correct palm of their hand (not for the stress areas of your clammy hands, please). Just pitch. And while you’re at it be comfortable with what you can spruce up as well. you know since you enjoy your work. 8. With a smile A smile says it all much like And that about wraps it up. eye contact. There’s no point These suggestions are rather on grimacing or frowning in amateurish in edgewise, a meeting or a gathering, but I’ve learned to empower unless it’s a wake. You can myself when it comes to better express what you’re public or private speaking saying when you smile. and it never hurts to be with people to listen how they 9. A Role Model make conversations and There must be at least one meetings far more enjoyable or two people in your life as well as educational.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

3. Humility We all make mistakes, and sometimes we tend to slur our words, stutter, and probably mispronounce certain words even though we know what it means, but rarely use it only to impress listeners. So in a group, don’t be afraid to ask if you’re saying the right word properly and if they’re unsure about it then make a joke out of it. I promise you it’ll make everyone laugh and you can get away with it as well.



Bring More Meaning To Your Days

Janet Anderson

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Anderson PC Solutions


Ways to Make Your Day at Work More Meaningful.


Say hi to everyone Sincerely, ask how they are, ask about their family (if they have confided in you previously). Even a simple smile with eye contact is a warm acknowledgment the other person exists. Think about how YOU would like to be greeted.


Go the extra mile – Clean up after yourself at all times. And when there is a meeting and there are few things left, clean those up too. It only takes a moment for each person to help. Leave things better than you found them. Sound

familiar. I was a Girl Scout, too. If an area in the office is disorganized and it would help you and others to have it straightened up, take a few minutes each day to clean a portion of the area. Others may notice and pitch in. Find ways of improving a situation. Be aware of your surroundings and suggest

Keep in mind, if you truly believe in your company and/or product or project you are working on, everyone needs to want to help others, go the extra mind and generally BE there mentally as well as physically. If you are truly miserable with your

surroundings, do something about it and get out. Find a place you can make a contribution and you feel valued.

shouldn’t, IT DOES. What happens to you at home affects your sleeping and eating habits and how you relate to others….all others. If your husband is It isn’t brown nosing if diagnosed with a live long you truly believe in how illness, your work is affected. humans ‘work’. We are all The more your boss and human and we want to be co-workers know about your respected and treated as personal struggles, the more human with lives outside they will understand. Don’t work. Never feel resentment take this too far. You don’t that you are ‘doing more want it to become “Oh, woe and it is not appreciated’. is me. My life is harder than Believe me SOMEONE yours” We all have issues is noticing. You may not and still have to come to know when, but they are. work and produce. Share And when push comes to with people that need to shove and the higher ups know or understand your are looking for someone limits. to head a new project, or someone to keep employed, I personally have a chronic your actions will speak health issue which limits loudly. my productivity at times. The folks who count on me Helping others should know my limitations and not be just a means to understand how I can meet an end…i.e. a promotion. their expectations. You do it because it is the right thing to do. You will feel better about yourself knowing that you have done all you can do to improve Give people the your world. benefit of the doubt. Most people try to do the right thing. Maybe they had a bad day or maybe something happened to Share your personal them at home, or they are life when appropriate worried about a sick relative. Should your life outside All of these things cause work affect your work? Whether it should or Continued on page 13



July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

or do something that would improve productivity, relationships or tense moments. Be careful not to be bossy about it. Always be thinking of ways to help expedite processes. Help others do their jobs better. This can be a delicate task, but there are times you can share how you solved a similar problem. You can simply offer to take some of the load off someone if they are having a particularly hard period of time. You will be amazed how others will come to your aid when YOU need the help. Be supportive and helpful to co-workers and subordinates as well as bosses. Let people know when they have done something extremely well. It could be a situation they handled, or a project to ended under budget and on time. With the 360° evaluation, all subordinates and superiors would be evaluating how you are to work with.


Greener Living

Family Features

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Simple Steps toward a more natural home


Whether it’s out of concern for the environment or for a desire to live a more natural lifestyle, more people are making green decisions for their homes. In Gallup’s annual Environmental Poll (2008), 28 percent of Americans said they’ve made major changes to their lives to protect the environment, while 55 percent said they have made minor changes. The most common changes involve recycling, conserving fuel, using less electricity and making homes more energy efficient. Another step people are taking is to buy eco-friendly or more natural products for their homes. A recent Yahoo green living survey found that 57 percent of respondents have made green purchases within the last six months. There are simple and affordable steps you can take around the house that will help improve the environment of your home as well as the earth. Step One: Understanding Natural A growing number of companies have come out with “green” or “natural” products. But because these terms do not have regulated definitions or standards, it’s important to know what label claims mean when making buying decisions. For example, when The Clorox Company introduced its line of Green Works natural cleaners, it listed all ingredients on the label and defined what it means by natural: ingredients that are plant-based, biodegradable and not tested on animals. Check a company’s Web site and look for product reviews for more information about the products you want to buy to see if they live up to their claims. Step Two: Take Simple Steps You

In the Know

says, “because they’re natural cleaners that are also effective in getting the job done.” Think reuse! Recycling is great, but it still consumes a lot of energy. Before you toss, ask yourself: “Is there anything else I can use this for?” (Storing toys, sorting change, craft projects, etc.) Buy recycled. For paper product must-haves, purchase recycled, unbleached paper towels or napkins. Kitchen trash bags made from recycled materials are becoming more widely available as well. Car smarts. Save water by cutting the number of times you wash the car each month, and make sure to turn off the faucet between rinses. And think twice before hopping in the car for a ride to the store. Try shopping once every one or two weeks instead of making multiple trips for just a few items. Limiting the number of trips helps save gas and money. Step Three: Get the Family Involved It’s easier to make changes

Here are some definitions of terms associated with green and natural claims. Renewable Resources A natural resource qualifies as a renewable resource if it is replenished by natural processes at a rate that’s equal to the rate of consumption by humans. Biodegradable A biodegradable material is some thing that has the ability to safely and relatively quickly break down into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. Sustainable A sustainable product is something made from renew able resources, which means they can grow back quickly and can be harvested with minimal harm to the environment. Petrochemicals Petrochemicals are chemical products made from raw materials of petroleum. Definitions courtesy of the makers of Green Works Natural Cleaners.

in the household routines if everyone is on board. Talk about why you want to make these changes. Get feedback from the kids on what steps you can take together to make your home healthier and greener. Everyone can pitch in: have the kids help with online research and decisions about new products. Even the littlest ones can help sort the recycling. Making your home a little greener will not just make you feel better about your home, it will make your home a better place to live. For more tips on greener living, visit There are many easy things you can do to make your home a cleaner, greener place to live. LIVING ROOM: One of the easiest ways to save energy is to turn off the television when you leave the room. KITCHEN: Use kitchen cloths, napkins or hand towels made from bamboo or organic fibers. They are made from renew able resources. BEDROOM: Use recharge able batteries for toys and electronics. If you use disposable batteries, be sure to recycle them properly. BATHROOM: Save water by placing a bucket in the shower or tub while waiting for water to get warm. Use it for watering plants or rinsing dishes. YARD: Clothes dryers are one of the least energy efficient house hold appliances. On a sunny day, line dry your laundry.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

don’t have to give your home a top-to-bottom instant makeover. Take small steps to make your home more energy efficient and natural. Each one you take makes the next one easier. Here are some simple steps to get you started: No running on empty. Load the dishwasher after every meal, but only turn it on when it’s totally full. Running several smaller loads instead of a full load wastes both water and energy. Foil spills. Line the oven, broiler and burners with aluminum foil for easier (and less harsh) clean up. Green cleaning. Use natural cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients. Josh Dorfman is a green lifestyle expert and author of “The Lazy Environmentalist.” He places several Green Works natural cleaners on his “50 Best Green Products” list. “I like the Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner and Natural All Purpose Cleaner,” he


Professional Spotlight

Cristina Cassidy of Cristina Cassidy Productions

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Compiled by Kimberly Hughes

1. Tell us about you! Not many people know I’m from a bi-cultural background.  My mother was from Peru, and my dad was born and raised in the mid-West.  I spoke Spanish before I spoke English, and my ability to speak two languages has opened so many doors for me both professionally and personally.  I was born in Washington, DC., and lived there until I was five.  From five to 14 I lived in Central, Florida.  I spent my teen years in Washington, DC, and with the exception of a four-year stay in New Delhi, India, I lived in the Washington, DC area for most of my life. I moved to the Queen City in July 2007. 

Cristina Cassidy Cristina Cassidy Productions


3. What drives your business passion? My philosophy is based on story-telling. It is my passion.  I approach each and every project from that perspective.  Every

business has a fascinating story to tell the world about itself. That story needs to be compelling, captivating and informative.  Also, the audience needs to be defined, because there are a million ways to tell a story.  It all depends on who you are trying to reach.   I base my relationships with my clients on listening intently, providing them with my expertise, and delivering something that not only is going to get them on the map, but also is highly polished and professional.

contributed to the greater good.

5. How long has Cristina Cassidy Productions been in existence and how did you get your start? I’ve been dreaming about starting my own company for over 10 years. While working for another video production company in Washington, DC, I kept thinking of it as a training ground for the future.  I learned everything I could about video production, 4. Who inspires you? traveled all over the world,  Anyone who loves what sought guidance on they are doing, especially technical skills from other with a positive goal in mind, co-workers and through inspires me.  I’m particularly professional training, and attracted to clients and worked my way up to head colleagues who are team writer/producer before players, who are looking leaving in 2007.  The plan at the bigger picture, and in the back of my mind whose business is based was always that one day I on doing the best for their would be my own boss.  In clients.  I love people who February 2008, that dream light up when they are came true.  Moving to talking about what they do, Charlotte had a lot to do about the possibilities their with making that happen.  businesses can provide.  I The business community also am inspired by here is thriving, and I’ve business owners who give never met so many helpful, back to their communities, energetic and intelligent because ultimately, we entrepreneur’s in my life.  I won’t be remembered for basically started by taking how many sales we brought a deep breath, doing in or how much money extensive research on how we made.  We will be remembered for what we Continued on next page

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

2. How can I utilize Cristina Cassidy Productions in my business? My company, and the fantastic team that I have working with me, offer a broad range of video services for businesses of all sizes, although I particularly like working with small to mid-size companies. In this day of the Internet, I’m producing a great deal of video for people’s websites-this includes promos, testimonials, instructional videos, bios, and infomercials.  My 15 years as a video scriptwriter/ producer give me a special insight in how to get your message across.   I sit down with you and help you shape a video that clearly meets your needs, and that includes any writing.  I’ve also been an acting coach, so if the business owner wants to be in the video, I help them get comfortable in front of the camera.  In addition, we video workshops, special presentations and events.


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July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

to start a business, and then I just jumped in. That meant joining networking groups and putting together a high-quality team of likeminded video professionals.   The response has been wonderful!  Now, my only problem is that boss of mine.  She tends to overwork me! 6. What is your advice for success to businesswomen? My little Peruvian grandmother taught me a great lesson when I was little.  She would always say to me, “If you have a rock and you have water, which is stronger?”  I would say, “The rock.”  She would smile and say, “Ah, but not if the water has time to drip on the rock.  Drip, drip, drip, and the water can make a hole through granite!”  My advice is to persevere, never give up, be that person who keeps pushing forward.  In time, even with setbacks and disappointments, you will eventually realize your dreams.  One other thing--a strong network of women friends and colleagues will

help you keep that spigot running! 7. What is your proudest moment in business? I haven’t mentioned the Video Tributes that we do. These are wonderful halfhour videos that we do for families, honoring a loved one, usually a grandmother or grandfather, or an elderly parent.  They consist of sit-down interviews with the featured person, blended with hundreds of photos, music, and sometimes interviews with other family members.  I’ll never forget sitting down with the daughter of a WWII navigator to watch the video we produced about her father.  As tears streamed down her face she looked at me and said, “You’ve really captured a true image of my dad!”  Then she smiled and said, “There were things he said that I didn’t even know about!”  Touching someone’s life on that level is what makes my work so meaningful.  8. Professionally, what is your goal for the remainder of 2009?

Besides continuing to grow my business, I have an additional project that is near and dear to my heart. I’m producing a featurelength documentary about two symphony musicians, called “Concerto for Two Brothers.”   I hope to complete this documentary by the end of 2009, with an ultimate goal of broadcast, hopefully, through PBS, and other cable sources sometime in 2010.  (To view the trailer, please go to: http://www. concertofortwobrothers. com) 9. Who do you need to know? I’d love to talk to anyone interested in using video to promote their business, either on the web, or through more traditional means such as broadcast commercials or DVD promos.  Also, PR firms and marketing businesses who want to offer video services to their clients are a good connection for me.  I particularly enjoy working with clients who are doing communitybased work or are helping special needs groups.  For example, my clients

To contact Cristina, please call 704.930.8503 or email


working here

10. Where do you see Cristina Cassidy Productions in 10 years? My approach to life is fairly simple. It’s about paying it forward.  For me that means including others in my successes.  I foresee a time, maybe sooner than 10 years, when I will have a state-ofthe-art video studio that can service a wide range of clients’ needs, that is staffed by highly creative and talented visual artists, and that is recognized throughout the region and beyond.  Does that sound overly ambitious?  I don’t think so...not as long as I keep that water flowing, one drop at a time!

4 Ways to Make Your Day at Work More Meaningful.

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people to behave inhuman like.

A story shares this point with clarity. On a bus, there were 3 children totally misbehaving. One was climbing on the chairs, one was walking up and down the aisle kicking the chairs, and the third was yelling. The father was just sitting in his seat not responding at all. Frustrated, a rider finally addressed him and

When we know WHY people are behaving the way they are, we can be much more understanding and sympathetic. You see, we do want to be caring and understanding, but you may not know when it is important.

Premier . . . .Resources . . excellence in staffing

Recognized for our ability to provide comprehensive, effective, and efficient temporary and permanent staffing solutions. Founded on the belief of developing long term relationships, our focus is on understanding our clients needs and delivering results!! THE BEST TALENT IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!

Locally owned Women’s Business, Located at the Forum@Ballantyne Commons ……serving Charlotte and surrounding areas

Premier Resources . . .Healthcare . . . excellence in healthcare staffing

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

include the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Education Institute, and the Mecklenburg County Community Relations Committee. Groups like these, that are making a real difference in the lives of Charlotteans, are organizations I’d like to partner with.

said something like..” Your children are being very rude. Can’t you control them?”. After a pause, he looked up and said “I’m sorry. Their mother just died yesterday and they don’t know how to react or behave. Neither do I.” The entire bus first became CDL DRIVERS veryAquiet, embarrassed by their insensitivity. Then, $400 - $1100 theFull-Time person who made theAvailable & Part-Time Positions Local, Regional and OTR dissatisfied comment said 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift “I’m a so sorry for your 1 year experience, good work history, loss. Can in some clean MVRI &help criminal history required. way? Maybe take them CALL for 704-521-1202 a time? Go grocery or 800-469-3440 shopping?”


Storm Safety

Are You Ready

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Storm Safety For Your Family


Family Features Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Severe storms, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes can bring about potentially dangerous weather during the spring and summer months. While you can’t prevent them, you can be prepared for them. The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), Energizer and 6,100 local fire departments urge people to get families ready for severe weather by preparing Power Through It All™ emergency power kits. “An emergency power kit can literally be a beacon of light in a storm,” said Chief Larry J. Grorud, CFO, MIFireE and president of IAFC. “It’s very important to have flashlights on hand during power outages;

they are always safer than candles in these situations and can significantly reduce a family’s risk of injury.” “There is peace of mind in lighting the room, knowing you can stay in touch by charging your cell phone and tracking the progress of the storm by radio,” said Betsy Laakko, director of marketing for Energizer. “Awellstocked power kit can help a family do all of those things.” Flashlights instead of candles According to the National Fire Prevention Association, candles are the third leading cause of injuries from home fires, following cooking and heating. On average, one home fire caused by candles is reported

• Include at least one flashlight for every member of the household. Include a battery powered lantern for illuminating larger spaces and rooms. • Include a battery operated weather radio to track the storm. • Include extra batteries in a variety of cell sizes for extended power outages, such as Energizer MAX Batteries (AA, C and D), as well as specialty batteries for critical devices such as glucose monitors and hearing aid batteries. • Include battery-operated cell phone chargers and extra lithium batteries to keep your family safe and connected during severe weather. Lithium batteries are a smart addition to a power kit because they have a storage life of 15 years and work in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 140°F. • Each year, when you change your clock in the spring, check the batteries in your flash - lights and emergency power kit. • Put the kit in a spot that is easily accessible to every family member. Develop a plan • Know your home’s vulnerabilities.

Depending on where you live, your family could be affected by storms such as flooding, hurricanes, power outages, wildfires, earthquakes or tornadoes. • Locate the safest areas in your

every 34 minutes. Therefore, the IAFC and Energizer are encouraging families to use only battery-operated lighting devices when a power outage occurs. “All too often, home fires are ignited by candles used for light when the power goes out. We are reminding families to stay prepared for blackouts by preparing emergency power kits that include flash lights for every

home to go to in the event of these types of disasters. In certain circumstances, the safest areas may not be in your home but within your community. • Determine escape routes from your home and places to meet. Make a plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate. Prepare your family

• Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911. • Stock nonperishable emergency supplies and an emergency kit. • Use a NOAA weather radio. Remember to replace its battery every six months, as you do with smoke detectors. • Familiarize all family members with escape routes and put your disaster plan into practice by rehearsing what you will do if and when an emergency happens. • Take First Aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes. Protect your home

• Protect and reinforce four critical areas: roofs, shutters, doors and garage doors. • Make trees more wind resistant by removing damaged limbs and strategically removing branches that could pose a threat to property if broken during a storm. • Take pictures of your valuable items for insurance documentation.

member of the family, batteryoperated radios, port able cell phone chargers and extra batteries,” said Grorud. “The simple step of making sure the batteries are fresh in your flash - lights and lanterns when moving the clocks forward this spring, as well as preparing an emergency power kit, could save your family’s life.” “Over the years we’ve heard from countless

Additional items to prepare for an emergency

• Specialty items for infants and the elderly. • Water: The Federal Emergency Management Agency says each person should have a supply of one gallon of water per day for three days, as a normally active person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking, in addition to cooking and sanitation. • Food: enough for at least three to seven days. • Nonelectric can opener. • Paper plates and plastic utensils. • Blankets and pillows. • Clothing: seasonal/rain gear/sturdy shoes. • First Aid Kit: including medicines and prescription drugs. • Cash (with some small bills): Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods. • Important documents: Keep insurance papers, medical records, bank account numbers and Social Security card(s) in a water - proof container or water tight re-sealable plastic bag. • Pictures of family members and pets in the event of separation. • Pet care items. For a complete list of tips for preparing for storms and important home fire safety tips, visit the Keep Safe. Keep Going® Web site, www.

firefighters about their need to educate people about the dangers of using candles during power outages,” said Laakko. “We are so pleased to be able work with our partners in the IAFC to help local firefighters keep their communities safe.” In addition to having a Power Through It All kit, there are other steps you can take to get your family prepared.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Important tips for building a Power Through It All kit:


It Doesn’t Take Much to Make a


July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

By Kimberly Hughes


Amidst the negativity and heartache of our financial woes, Debbie Peterson, founder of Charlotte’s Money Counts, has centered her company’s financial service on identifying the needs of each new client, and assisting them with understanding the options that are available in the marketplace to provide solutions that fit their specific circumstances. Debbie has had a vested interest in finances as long as she can remember. It was apparent to her at a young age, what she was destined to do. As a young child, she recalls reading a Donald Duck comic book in which Uncle Scrooge was sitting in a vault surrounded by coins, and she could not help but imagine how much fun it would be to count the money! Debbie broke into the financial field in 1976, at a time when a woman in the financial industry was a rarity. She says that she

wealth. Multiple consultants were concentrating on their unique specialties, leaving clients frustrated, neglected and under-served.

What makes Debbie different in business? She takes clients on a case-by-case basis and addresses variables that we encounter in daily life, paired with back-to-basics cash flow management observations. was lucky to be raised in a family where no dream or goal was viewed as outside the realm of possibility–no boundaries were too high, no dream, out of reach. Debbie quickly learned the ropes of the financial world, but soon realized that many gaps existed in the systems that were set in place. There was no objective information or plans for one’s absolute and complete financial health and

In addition, Debbie observed a severe lack of education in regards to money, even within her own family businesses. She matter-offactly, yet sympathetically, states, “If no one teaches us how to do things, of course we are going to be ill-informed! We spend a lot of time at work trying to earn money, but we do not take a lot of time learning how to spend it well, and that is my focus – To help people learn how to spend money in a way that makes you happy, not guilty.” From her experience in strategic planning and project management, Debbie found that she was skilled at forecasting and prioritizing to attain goals. She developed her talents with her clients and their needs directly in mind. In September 2002, Money Counts was founded and launched by Debbie and another party. The objective behind Debbie’s vision for Money Counts was to create a full-service and complete overlook of one’s financial state, as well as to present strategies to potentially improve future success. Hence, the Money Counts

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

It’s obvious that America’s financial state, much less the world’s, is quite blurry. We are surrounded by stress, doubt, angst and anger, and for many people those are just the emotions surrounding paying basic monthly bills. Our trust in financial institutions has faltered, and fingers are pointing in every direction, except our own.

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tagline: Strategies for the business of life.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

What makes Debbie different in business? She takes clients on a case-bycase basis and addresses variables that we encounter in daily life, paired with back-to-basics cash flow management observations. “Just as soon as you get things done, things start changing,” says Debbie. “That is the nature of planning. More traditional planning for individuals has been done starting at the end of your life working backwards from today and figuring the major milestones


goals and then to move on to subsequent goals. “That is how I learned to plan in business and I think it works just as well, if not better for individuals.”

to pay stubs, credit card statements and tax reports.

Rest assured, when you are ready to make a positive and proactive change in your financial status, Money What does the face of a Counts will be there for you! typical client look like? All Money Counts has a vision of of us! Debbie is enthusiastic working on a national level, about attracting clients who is already doing business are motivated for change, in 12 states, and is growing open-minded and who quickly and successfully in are facing a transition in our current economic state. their lives. She works with Debbie’s achievements, individuals at any level of based on reaching out to income who want to become others, are reflected in her more mindful about making philosophy. “Success,” she better choices financially says, “is measured by the now, and years down the line. number of people we have Debbie is striving to take the helped and not in how fear out of money and make profitable we are. Our goal is money more fun. to reach as many people as

The economic crisis has been tough on many people and morale is low for millions, but Peterson leaves us with encouraging words – words that we need to tell and retell each other every day! you have to worry about, and is based on assumptions that change all the time.” Debbie combats variables by planning in shorter increments, as we do with our own business and marketing plans. She suggests her clients ask themselves where they want to be in three to five years, and to define what they would like to accomplish, given the resources one currently has. From that point, Debbie helps direct her clients to their main

If you feel that debt is beating down your door, don’t automatically believe that there is no solution to your position. Sometimes people think they are heavily in debt, but they are not! In many cases, it is a matter of fundamentals and taking small steps to make a vast improvement and a difference. Debbie notes the first step to getting on track is to address your current status and get organized with your financial documents, including but not limited

possible in any way we can. What drives me is the relief on people’s faces. That my clients can learn to do things better and they are not in as bad of shape as they think they are! I truly love to help people achieve their goals.” When it comes down to it, we as individuals shape our own destiny. We cannot continue to blame other people, the economy or any other incident for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Change has to begin within us, whether

talk and get the ball rolling in a forthright direction? The economic crisis has been tough on many people and morale is low for millions, but Peterson leaves us with encouraging words –words that we need to tell and retell each other every day! “It’s never too late to start over because YOU CAN make your situation better! It may not be the ultimate that you hoped for but it CAN be better!”

MORE To learn more about Money Counts and Debbie Peterson, please visit www. or call (704) 315-5623. Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC. Money Counts is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners.

Dreams don’t retire.SM A unique and collaborative approach to financial planning that starts with your dreams, not just numbers. Diane S. Davis, CFP®, CLU® Financial Advisor 5200 Park Road Ste. 117 Charlotte, NC 28209 (704)522-6565

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

financially or in other ways, to improve what we feel is lacking in our own lives. The current economic state can do two things to individuals, plain and simple: It can either make you, or it can break you. The question within us all, has to be answered – Am I going to sit back and whine and complain about my situation, or am I going to take a stand and start a positive change? Am I going to be a victim and not face reality, or am I going to break away from the negative self

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC.


July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Easy Health & Fitness


by Sharon T. Nuttall, M.Ed.

12 Easy (yes, easy!)

Ways to Cut Calories

The expression “It’s the little things that count” couldn’t be truer than when applied to weight gain. Fortunately, it also applies to weight loss. I think most of us would agree that we’re not sitting around popping bon-bons 24/7! So where are the extra calories slipping in? And what can you do about it? If the word d-i-e-t makes you want to dive headfirst into a pile of donuts, here are some really simple suggestions for fairly painless nips-and-tucks in the calorie department: 1. Carry a small notebook (palm, purse, or pocket size) everywhere you go for at least a week. Did

you know that people who maintain food diaries end up eating about 15% less food than those who don’t? 2. Get the “blues.” Huh? Yep, it turns out the color blue functions as an appetite suppressant! You can go all-out on this one and paint your kitchen and dining room blue, but even blue plates or a blue table cloth will do the trick according to the research.   3. Speaking of plates, how about downsizing. A smaller plate tricks the mind into believing you’ve had more food than when your have a big, half-empty plate. The same goes for liquids.   4. Avoid white starches. Replace white rice, breads and pastas with the whole grain versions. (A good label-reading rule of thumb for choosing breads and pastas: There should be at least 2 g. of fiber for every 100 calories.)   5. Dining-out tip: As soon as you receive your food, request a takeout container and place half your food into it. You’ve cut your calories in half and created a second meal from the “leftovers”!   6. Put your food down between every bite and sip water frequently. This gives the “hunger center” of the

brain time to register that you’re full. 7) Use flavorings such as hot sauce, salsa, vinegar, and mustard instead of relying on butter and creamy or sugary sauces. Also, spicy seasonings actually turn up your digestive fires, causing your body to temporarily burn more calories. 8. Track those steps. Wearing a pedometer will give you a numerical idea of how much you’re really moving. The ideal to shoot for is 10,000 steps a day. But even if you’re well below that, purposely adding in an extra 1000 steps per day from your current level is a great starting goal. 9. Break your meals into 5-6 small ones a day. This keeps blood sugars stable and assures that you won’t be sitting down to eat in starvation mode. But do be sure to follow #1 or you may find that your mini-meals have gradually become oversized. 10. Serve your meals plated rather than family-style. When your plate is empty, you’re done. Having serving bowls of food on the table makes it way too easy to reach for seconds.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

In my work as a health insurance agent, I’m privy to personal health information that others don’t see. Unfortunately, far too many of these health issues are a direct result of America’s epic “battle of the bulge” conditions such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoarthritis. In addition to contributing to numerous even more serious health problems, these factors also contribute to higher health insurance rates or even denial of coverage. That’s a huge frustration both for clients and for me.

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no, we’re not suggesting the chocolate-y sugary puffy 11. Eat a healthy, high- crunchy kind!), whole-wheat fiber breakfast such toast, a piece of fruit, and/or as some combination yogurt. Studies show people of a bowl of cereal (and, who consume a high fiber Continued from previous page

breakfast weigh less. 12. If you use cream in your coffee, switch to powdered milk. If that sounds too painful, ease off all that animal fat by switching to whole milk, then reduced-fat milk, then to fat-free.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Now which of these small changes are you going to try? For most of us, making minor changes in our eating habits is SO much easier than tackling the “D” word. Before you know it, you’ll be slipping back into your “skinny” jeans or buying a little black dress that really is little. Of course, the most important benefit is that you’ll be healthier and feel great. And should you need to apply for health insurance, you’ll reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to check ‘yes’ in any of those health questionnaire boxes. That will make both you and me happy!

When healthy hair care is your concern, Alan Daniels Salon is your choice. At ADS we specialize in revitalizing damaged manes, enhancing your personal brand with vibrant color and hi-lites, chic cuts and Extensions by SO. Cap USA trained stylists. Luxury and Premium Hair Care Products: Pureology, Redken and Joico Website:


Sharon T. Nuttall, M.Ed. is the owner of Health Insurance Solutions, an independent agency specializing in Individual and Family Health Insurance in the Carolinas. You can email her at sharon@ ehealthinsurance solutions. com, call her at 704-3664977, or visit her website at where you can sign up for her free monthly newsletter featuring health and money-saving tips.


July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Hair Raising

By Robyn Crigger, CEO Compass Career Management Solutions-Oi Partners Inc.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

The Importance Of Listening


Today’s workforce is a reflection of the wide range of citizens in our great nation. The United States has always been a “melting pot”, but this is possibly more true now than ever before. With our mix of nationalities, cultures, religions, foreign languages, ages, and sexes, COMMUNICATING with all of these people is becoming more of a challenge. There have been presentations on the difficulty of communicating among the different generations, which truly exists. Add to that different backgrounds and languages, and employers are turning to each other and asking, “how are you handling this problem?” There are some resources in the Metro, who specialize

A company is only as good as its workforce, and employees are the lifeblood of a company. People in the job market will tell you how willing they are to work. However, the employer will need to “level the playing field” and involve resources who can improve the interaction among the employees. The government may provide limited assistance, which has to be requested and processed properly. Still, the responsibility for communicating with one’s employees rests on the shoulders of the employer. Is the employer “listening”? What action is being taken? Communication is a pivotal factor within any company, and it begins with the employer. Listening to the workforce, being informed of credible resources, using professionals to guide the employees through “communicating exercises”, even making employees more aware of

The United States has always been a “melting pot”, but this is possibly more true now than ever before. With our mix of nationalities, cultures, religions, foreign languages, ages, and sexes, COMMUNICATING with all of these people is becoming more of a challenge.

the importance of listening to their co-workers – all of this is needed to strengthen a firm and making it more productive and successful. We need to realize that “listening and communicating” are at the center of a successful company. Let’s not forget the supervisors and directors, who are supposed to relay directions. Employers, listen and learn how to help your workforce improve their communication, which, in turn, will help to grow your business.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

in helping with language barriers. However, the problem isn’t only the different languages but the cultures and age difference compounds the problem. Employers need to take stock of their diverse workforce and identify the exact problems and then seek professional assistance.


A d v e r t o r i a l

Hair Raising

By Kim Smith

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

“CURL-O-LAIT” (Curly or Straight)


That’s how we are serving it up at Alan Daniels Salon. Today’s style can be curly or straight hair. Sarah Jessica Parker wears her hair naturally curly for a fun, outdoors look, flat ironed for a sophisticated chic don or defined curly look aided by a curling iron. The day, the mood, the weather (humid, dry, rainy of windy), the occasion (formal or casual) all determine the look. Personally when the sun is out I go for a straight sleek look. On a rainy and humid day I revert to curls. A little history…”the amount of natural curl a hair has is determined by its crosssectional shape. Hair that is most similar to a circle

is straight and hair that is flattened and elliptical is curly or kinky. The more circular the shaft is, the straighter it is. The more elliptical the shaft is, the curlier or kinkier the hair. Cross sectional shape also determines the amount of shine the hair has. Straighter hair is shinier because sebum from the sebaceous gland can travel down the hair more easily. Kinkier the hair, the more difficulty the sebum has travelling down the hair.” The key to maintaining different hair types are the products used. My clients’ hair deserves the finest products. To achieve optimum results, one of my favorite products for naturally curly hair is Texturing Glaze

by Alterna. Only a dime or nickel size amount on wet hair will help control the frizz provide a soft, natural curl. Allowing your hair to air dry or using a diffuser, on your hairdryer to can reduce of some of the dampness. How ya like me now? Do you want Taylor Swift’s flowing soft curls? Spray each section of the hair with Redken Curl Boost Spray and curl it using a flat iron. Then, take a medium size round brush to each curl section and gently brush out each strand. A hot curling iron or hot rollers and curls will be flowing. There is nothing like a little soft and sexy flow. If you want straight hair -

A d v e r t o r i a l

the order of the day. Many clients tell me they wished they had curly hair and some wish they had straight hair. Don’t think perms are the 80s. Perms have come a long way since then. The size of the perm rod and the perm wrap determines your look.

Frizzy kinky curls can be tamed. Whether you want relaxed curls or ‘strict’ strait hair, there are a variety of straight perms available. Yes, there are commercial Too busy for hot rollers, products to provide similar curling or flat irons, curly results, but professional perms and straight perms are application is lasting and

applied with long term results for a healthy mane. Your stylist will encourage you to preserve your professional hair care through use of professional products. Remember hair is dead above the shaft. Professional products are designed to penetrate the cuticle and nutrients vital to your overall healthy hair care. Look for the next subject on hair, “Reflections by Extensions” and “The Anatomy of Hair”. Alan Daniels Salon 4100 Carmel Rd # E Charlotte, NC 28226 (704) 544-7655

Our expertise is managing change and cultivating talent

Executive Search Executive Coaching Outplacement Succession Planning

Search & Recruiting Leadership Development Retirement Workshop Individual Career Counseling Assessments Plant Closings For information call 704-849-2500

8509 Crown Crescent Court Charlotte, NC 28227

Change is constant but never easy!

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you got it! Start off by using Pureology Super Strait Shampoo and conditioner. Follow by applying Super Strait Serum to towel dried hair from mid shaft to the ends. Blow dry completely. Section hair and apply flat iron, moving in swift smooth strokes through ends. You can take it super strait or take the edge off the frizz. Do not forget to use Joico’s Humidity Blocker Spray after the hair is flat ironed. Your new straight look will last all day and night.


Events For Center For Women - Charleston, S.C.

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

July 9 Thursday at Noon FREE Registration required. Brown Bag Lunch Series at Noon Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Divorce Crystal G.H. Lowery and Lynn Murphy, Attorneys at Law Call (843) 763-7333 or email to reserve your seat. Title Sponsor: Mary Helen Condon Moore, CFM and Lynn Anne Gillen, CIMA, Merrill Lynch Business Sponsor: Belk Media Sponsor: The Little Black Book for every busy woman


July 11 Saturday, 10:00 a.m. -Noon Registration required $25 CFW Members $50 Non-Members Women Writers Forum Dorothea Benton Frank Hear from best selling author Dottie Benton Frank on how she has written 9 novels that have stolen the hearts of millions of readers worldwide. Find out how she made a plan to become a renowned author and how it came to pass. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear firsthand how to create a successful and fulfilling career. Each participant will receive a copy of her new book Return to Sullivan’s Island! This program is funded by a generous grant from the James O. and Harriet P. Rigney Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of SC. In Partnership with Lowcountry Initiative for the Literary Arts July 27 September 14, Mondays 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Registration required $35 CFW-Members $70 Non-Members

July 18 Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Registration required: $50 Special Event Women in Political Office for Member of a sponsoring organizations $85 Others Location: Education Building, College of Charleston, 25 St. Phillip Street If the shoe fits, wear it! A full-day workshop for women who want to run for elected office or plan to be part of a campaign. Learn from women who are part of the political establishment and those who have successfully run for office. South Carolina needs more women in political office! This is your chance to explore the process and learn from women who have run. Workshops Include: • Fundamentals of Running a Campaign (including fundraising) • Pathways to Politics: Judgeships, Boards and Commissions • Working with Your Political Party • Using the Internet and Technology to Your Political Advantage • Speaking from Experience: Hear How Four Women Raced and Won! Sponsored by: Center for Partnerships to Improve Education, College of Charleston, Center for Women, Junior League of Charleston, League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area, and SC Women’s Connection/ Clemson Extension Service

Empowerment Group Career Transitions Group This 7 week group will focus on the 4 major aspects of career development: self exploration; identifying those occupational areas that provide the best fit for your interests, background, and skills; researching potential occupational choices to learn about the demand in the current job market, salaries, and potential employers; creating an action plan that will help you turn your career goals into reality. Facilitated by Erin Scheffer. July 21 Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Registration required $20 CFW-Members $40 Non-Members Entrepreneurial Woman Series Solving Your Five Biggest Business Challenges What are the make or break issues you need to identify to keep your business successful? How can you best adjust to a failing economy and still thrive? Find out what resources are available to businesses through the federal stimulus plan and other resources to help biz owners stay afloat during this economic downturn. Join two banking professionals who will share their perspective on how to keep your business healthy. Sheila Underwood, SunTrust and Karen Ross, First Federal Business Sponsors: Croghan’s Jewel Box and SunTrust Media Sponsor: Charleston Regional Business Journal July 21 - September 1 Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Registration required $35 CFW-Members $70 Non-Members

July 22 -September 2 Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. -7:00 p.m. Registration required $35 CFW-Members $70 Non-Members Empowerment Group Imagine That! What does your image of yourself or your life look like? What are your hopes and dreams? Deep down in every person is a “smart place” that challenges us to grow and stretch and dream. Imagination is what fuels it. Join us for a workshop designed to help you make the connections that lead to wholeness and actualization by stimulating your imaginative spirit. Facilitated by Dolores Paque, M.P.S. July 23 Thursday at Noon FREE Registration required. Brown Bag Lunch Series at Noon Post Divorce: Living Well is the Best Revenge For many women, going through a divorce is one of the most

painful transitions they will make in their adult lives. Once the divorce is final, there may still be a roller coaster of emotions: relief, anger, hurt, grief, to name a few. How can divorced women move through this difficult process and find happiness and peace of mind on the other side? Join us with Martie Adams, LISW as

we discuss ways to live well after divorce. Call (843) 763-7333 or email to reserve your seat. Title Sponsor: Mary Helen Condon Moore, CFM and Lynn Anne Gillen, CIMA, Merrill Lynch Business Sponsor: Belk Media Sponsor: The Little Black Book for every busy woman Center for Women

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Empowerment Group Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Do you feel overwhelmed with the demands of life? Are you feeling emotionally, physically, or spiritually drained? Mindful practice is ideal for cultivating greater awareness of the unity of mind and body and can be used to address anxiety, fear, and panic. This research-based approach promotes momentto- moment awareness to help you face stressful situations with greater ease. Learn practical coping skills as well as methods for becoming physically and emotionally relaxed. Facilitated by Meredith Boyette Location: First Reliance Bank, 800 S Shelmore Blvd., Mt Pleasant


Fast and Fresh

Family Features

Fast And Fresh July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Terrific meals in no time


Summer calls for light meals that are full of flavor and can be tossed together in no time. To take advantage of summer’s fresh produce, award winning cookbook author and teacher Joanne Weir teamed up with Lindsay Olives to create simple and delicious signature recipes for summer eating. Quick and easy to prepare, these tosses can be made in advance and enjoyed in multiple ways throughout the week. Fresh-From-the-Garden Olive Toss: Fresh chives, parsley, lively lemon zest and savory olives bring summer to any dish. Mediterranean Olive Toss: All the flavors of the Mediterranean come

together in a tasty, sun-kissed marriage of tomatoes, olives, garbanzo beans, capers, garlic, herbs and balsamic vinegar.

Fresh-From-the-Garden Olive Toss adds afresh, savory taste to grilled chicken breasts.

Santa Fe Olive Toss: The taste of the Southwest comes alive with tangy olives, black beans, corn, cumin and fresh cilantro to create this Southwestern confetti. Toss any of these with just-picked lettuces or cabbage, mix with hot or cold cooked rice or pasta, or serve on top of grilled chicken breast, skirt steak, or a barbecued turkey burger. At approximately 100 calories per serving, each Lindsay Olive Toss recipe is a tasty, healthy way to enjoy summer dining. For more easy summer recipes, visit

Mediterranean Olive Toss transforms rotini—whether served hot or at roomtemperature.

The taste of the Southwest comes alive when Santa Fe Olive Toss is served on slaw.

Prep time: 30 minutes Servings: 10 Serving size: 1/2 cup 1 jar (5.75 ounces) Lindsay Pimiento Stuffed Spanish Manzanilla Olives, drained, coarsely chopped or 1 jar (4.5 ounces) Lindsay Garlic Stuffed Queen Olives or 1 jar (6 ounces) Lindsay Greek Kalamata Pitted Olives 12 cherry tomatoes, halved 1 small red bell pepper, stemmed, seeded, and diced 1/2 red onion, peeled, and diced 1 cup canned garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed (about 5 ounces) 3 tablespoons drained capers 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 2 teaspoons chopped fresh oregano Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 4 ounces feta cheese, coarsely crumbled

In medium bowl combine olives, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans and capers. In small bowl, whisk together vinegar, olive oil and garlic. Add to olive mixture with basil and oregano; mix well. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add feta and very gently toss together. Do ahead: Can be made in advance and will keep for 7 days in your refrigerator. Nutrients per serving: 147 calories, 99 calories from fat, 11g total fat, 6g monounsaturated fat, 10mg cholesterol, 588mg sodium, 8g total carbohydrates, 2g dietary fiber, 4g protein

Fresh-From-theGarden Olive Toss Prep time: 30 minutes Servings: 10 Serving size: 1/2 cup

1/2 cup Lindsay Black Ripe Pitted Olives, drained, coarsely chopped 1/2 cup Lindsay Naturals Green Ripe California Pitted Olives, drained, coarsely chopped 1 small celery stalk, diced 1 medium carrot, diced 1/4 Maui or other sweet onion, diced 1/2 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and diced 1 small green zucchini, unpeeled and diced 1 small yellow squash, unpeeled and diced 12 cherry tomatoes, halved 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 2 tablespoons fresh chives, thinly sliced or 2 tablespoons dried chives 1 tablespoon finely shredded lemon peel 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Santa Fe Olive Toss Prep time: 30 minutes Servings: 10 Serving size: 1/2 cup

1 1/2 jars (4.5 ounces) Lindsay Spicy JalapeĂąo Flavor-full Queen Olives, drained, coarsely chopped (about 1 1/2 cups) or 1 can (6 ounces) Lindsay Black Ripe Pitted Olives or about 1 1/2 cups Lindsay Naturals Green Ripe California Pitted Olives, drained, coarsely chopped 1 ear cooked corn, cooled and kernels cut off the cob or 4 ounces canned sweet corn 1 small red bell pepper, stemmed, seeded, and diced 1 small yellow bell pepper, stemmed, seeded, and diced 5 green onions, thinly sliced 3/4 cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Combine olives, corn, peppers, green onions and black beans. In small bowl, whisk together lime juice and olive oil. Add In a medium bowl combine cumin, chili powder and cilantro olives, celery, carrot, onion, to olive mixture; mix well. Taste cucumber, zucchini, yellow and season with salt and pepper squash, cherry tomatoes, parsley and chives. Add lemon as needed. Do ahead: Can be made in peel, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil to bowl; mix well. advance and will keep for seven days in the refrigerator. Season to taste with salt and Nutrients per serving: 115 pepper. calories, 79 calories from fat, 9g Do ahead: Can be made in total fat, 6g monounsaturated advance and will keep for 7 fat, 0mg cholesterol, 153mg days in the refrigerator. sodium, 8g total carbohydrates, Nutrients per serving: 2g dietary fiber, 2g protein 89 calories, 72 calories from fat, 8g total fat, 6g monounsaturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 136mg sodium, 4g total carbohydrates, 2g dietary fiber, 1g protein

July 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Mediterranean Olive Toss


your idea

your partner

your dream

March – April 2008

– even dazzling – meals made by you – yes, you! Plus, the fire department has had to visit Stacey’s kitchen, which is bound to make you feel so much better about your own culinary skills. A fun, helpful, and yummy read!

Sheri Lynch

Bob & Sheri co-host and best-selling author of “Hello, My Name is Mommy”

Featuring The Collection of Kroghie Andresen



news. Now she’s delivered a wonderful book of recipes. This book will not only make your stomach happy; it’ll help your heart, since all the profits go to help the millions of kids with juvenile diabetes.”

Jeff Glor

The Early Show National Correspondent, CBS News

Reasons Employees

“This is the first cookbook I’ve seen in all my years of reading them like novels (and

writing a few myself) that is for everybody, Stacey delivers a delightful, entertaining,

But I Know Someone Who Can

“Having worked with her on the anchor desk, I always knew Stacey could deliver the

I Can’t Cook,

About the Author

and useful repertoire of recipes in the same wonderful manner she gives us ‘news we can use’ each morning.”

Barbara McKay Media Personality

HATE their

have to live the rest of their lives with diabetes. Thank you, Stacey for all that you do to help find a cure and improve the lives of so many.”

and what companies can do about it by Denise Altman, MBA, CPA, CPBA

I Can’t

Stacey Simms, co-host of Charlotte’s Morning

Reading, writing and diversity at Trinity Episcopal School

frozen holiday turkey, the emergency visit from the local fire department, and the just-cooked soup poured down the drain. Her stories are as honest


as they are humorous. But Stacey isn’t ready to hang up her oven mitts just yet.

She has somehow convinced the best restaurants

An LP Approach to Information Security

in town to share their favorite recipes for this book. Many of the featured chefs have generously

offered practical advice, along with their recipes, to help both serious foodies and hopeless home cooks like Stacey.

Daniel Stowe in Full Bloom

For founder of real estate firm, priorities are about more than finances

Mooresville’s Artistic Side

Self-taught topiary artist’s yard is a cut above

and Cucumber Soup … to White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Yam Soufflé, and New Zealand Lamb. Some of the recipes are easy, others more complicated, but all of them yield delicious results. This book also has another purpose—to raise awareness and funds to help in the fight against type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. Stacey’s son has type 1, and by purchasing this book you are helping to support the work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Charlotte.

Forward by

Carolina Panthers Coach John Fox

Good food, good stories, good cause. Bon Appétit!

George Winston Welcomes Spring in Davidson LNC 0309 Cover Sig.indd 1

Man on a


MARCH 2009



2/18/09 2:49 PM


Richard ‘Stick’ Williams, who’ll be the YMCA’s first black chairperson in 2010, makes community involvement his business

PM0609-FINAL.indd 1


Your time to self-publish SPARK Publications serves as your consultant and creative department to put your published dream into the hands of your future clients. Imagine your own book published...and you maintain all the rights and all the profits. Imagine your products

Business Issue

News on NewsTalk 1110 WBT, discloses the dark side of her own kitchen: the roasted but still half-

But I Know Someone Who Can

8/26/08 2:27:09 PM

Charlotte’s African-American Magazine

Concrete2Green revitalizes communities, spreads love of soccer




of Charlotte’s greatest chefs and one of our city’s worst cooks.


Stacey SimmS

Patrick McFeeley

a collection of essays, recipes and culinary tips. It’s a tell-all collaboration between twenty-five

& Recipes Advice From s Charlotte’ s Top Chef

When her two year old son was diagnosed, she immediately went from advocate to fully committed volunteer. She is not willing to accept that her son and millions of others may

JDRF International Board Member

this isn’t your typical cookbook. I Can’t Cook, But I Know Someone Who Can is

Recipes range from Albóndigas, Bruschetta,


“Stacey has been a long time advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Altman Initiative Group, Inc.

Kroghie Andresen has enjoyed hunting and the outdoors since his early teens in eastern North Carolina. His waterfowl hunting experiences began when he shot two lesser scaup from a stake blind in the mouth of Bath Creek at the age of fifteen. since then his passion for hunting has grown and flourished. Kroghie worked as a banker for First union National Bank, now Wachovia, for thirty three years before retiring in 2004. Though his work had no connection with hunting, he continued to pursue his hobby during spare time away from work. While living in raleigh in 1979, his wife ross, bought him his first decoy to decorate their new den. This started a collection that has grown into over 1,100 North Carolina decoys. An early decision to limit his collection to Back Bay, Virginia, and North Carolina decoys led to a very specialized collection. Kroghie always tried to document the history and provenance of his decoys. The lack of information on many North Carolina decoys led him to research many previously unidentified carvers as well as those that are well known. This research and thirty years of collecting decoys have culminated with this book. Kroghie received a B.s. degree in Civil Engineering from The Citadel in 1966 and an MBA from East Carolina university in 1971. He and his wife currently704.708.6700 reside in Charlotte, N.C. They have two grown children, Clark and Hailey.

Denise Altman has spent the past 25 years observing how companies manage and utilize their employees. Her observations have made her a valued consultant to businesses large and small. She is the President of Altman Initiative Group, Inc., a behavioral Stacey Simms is the award-winning and strategic consulting firm near Charlotte,Morning North News Carolina. In co-host of Charlotte’s addition to working with individual with Al Gardner and Stacey Simms and companies, she is a frequent speaker at on the subjects Health conferences Headlines: Thenationwide Show, both heard of communication, leadership, hiring, on NewsTalk 1110 WBT. Stacey started employee development and retention. Her practical information and humorous her broadcasting career as a TV news insights get rave reviews from her anchor and reporter, first in upstate New audiences. She the author two compact discs York, then in is Charlotte at CBSofaffiliate on behavioral communication entitled WBTV.“Help, She’s a these graduate of Syracuse people are driving me crazy!” and “Help, my School husband is driving me University’s Newhouse of Public crazy!” She has also written a variety Communications. Stacey lives in Davidson, of articles that have been published in newspapers, magazines and newsletters NC with her family. She tries not to set off around the country. the smoke detectors Denise holdstoo a often. Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst. Learn more about Denise Altman and her work at

22 Reasons Employees Hate their Jobs

Kroghie, with Maggie, after a successful duck hunt at Lake Mattamuskeet, N.C. in 2004.

Stacey SimmS

PRIDE May-June 2009


“If you love to eat, but fear the kitchen, follow Stacey Simms to the stove. Imagine delicious

and services beautifully and effectively promoted in a custom designed or creatively re-designed catalog, brochure or magazine. We work with you throughout the process and help you launch directly to your target audience.

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5/1/09 12:19 PM

Women With Know How Magazine  

The premier women’s business resource guide

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