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From the publisher To all my Women With Know How Readers,

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August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide



A special thanks to Fabi Preslar, and her creative team at SPARK Publications for the wonderful work they do! Now I ask you to go a step further and reach out to the women in our recourse guide, and advertisers in the magazine, maybe start a discussion group with like minded women. In our recourse guide, we have women that are experts in various fields to help guide you and your business. When we as women experience the benefits of joining forces and you find the encouragement of other women, you can reach for the stars! Have a great month. Thank you!

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Making a Dream a Reality Streams of Life

The Power of Clean Water

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August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Publisher/President Mimi L. Zelman

Before you Hit Send Think!



Janet Anderson Anderson PC Solutions

Before you hit send

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide



We all use email everyday. Now there is Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to deal with. Who has time? It is such a large subject I am beginning a series of articles concerning general best practices, specifics on how you can be more organized when you send and receive emails. Also, since many of you use Outlook, I will be adding a HOW TO section to the articles to help you be more efficient. Some general ideas to think about when using Email. In this day of instant messages and blogs and ‘what are you doing?’ mentality, we often type and don’t think about it much. First we think everyone is interested in what we have to say and we don’t bother to make sure we actually typed it correctly, let alone that we

typed what we meant! An English professor once wrote on the board “Woman without her man is nothing,” and directed the students to punctuate it. The men wrote: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” The women wrote: “Woman! Without her, man is nothing.” You see, just the lack of punctuation changes the meaning. What you lose in written communication. Only 7% of understanding comes from words. That is pretty scary, isn’t it? 38% comes from the tone of voice, and 55% from body language (Source: “Communication without Words” in Psychology Today-1968). As you can see, you lose the body language part completely, so you have to rely on your words to try to communicate your TONE

in your message. Even if that is done perfectly, you still are only communicating 45% of your message. Make sure you are ‘saying’ what you really mean to say. Don’t shout When you type in all caps the recipient gets the message that you are shouting at them. If you are a bit lazy and don’t like to use the Shift key, you can rely on the formatting you use. If it is in HTML and/ or using Word as the editor, when you type a word at the beginning of a sentence it will automatically make it capitol. If you use plain text or rich text alone, it will not. Don’t’ use sarcasm – use emoticons Be careful using sarcasm in your email. If you had a message that read “You are doing a great job”, you could interpret this as a

Always read before sending. NEVER send a message without reading it through with the ‘ears’ of the recipient. Does is sound like I am angry? Does is sound condescending? Does it sound harsh or rushed? Especially when you are in a hurry. We tend to just stick to the facts when we are in a hurry and it can sound like we are angry. Be careful to read through you message remembering who is going to be reading it.

Spell check your message before sending. Whatever program you use for email, find where you can set up the spell checking prior to sending your mail. It’s not perfect. Remember the computer doesn’t know when you mean you or your. See below how to do this in Outlook. Be careful with blind copy and private setting. Remember NO email is truly private. Even if you set the attribute to private, you have no idea who is getting a blind copy and who it will be forwarded to. When it is private the person forwarding your email cannot change your words without it being evident, but you don’t know who it might be going to.

Next time you type a message and are ready to send it, think about what you are saying, how you are saying it, who’s listening and re-read it before you hit SEND. It could save your job, relationship, or maybe even your life…you never know. How to: This will be the default for all of the messages you create. You can always change an individual message by changing the options in the message to private.

In Outlook: (2003 or 2007) Set spell check to run prior to sending your message automatically. 1. On the main screen choose Tools 2. Click on Options 3. Click on the Spelling tab If the message is not set to 4. Check the first box that Nothing personal private, the person forwarding says “Always check at work your email can change spelling before sending” This really goes without EVERY word you said. They saying, but never send emails could change “Sue is doing Set all of your messages of a personal nature through an outstanding job on this to be private your work email. With the project” to “Sue never gets 1. On the main screen easy access to the internet, her work in on time and I choose Tools you can use another account think she should be fired!” 2. Click on Options to send personal emails and it looks like they were 3. Click on the Email when needed during the day. YOUR words. For this reason Options button The IT dept usually keeps I set all of my messages to 4. Click on the Advanced all of the communication private in Outlook. Sometimes Email Options button going through an Exchange other programs have a 5. In the When Sending a Server for legal reasons. feature similar to this. Below Message section, change Remember all of the ‘love are the instructions to set the the sensitivity setting to email’ Governor Sanford had default that all messages are private using the drop in HIS mailbox? set to private. down arrow.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

real boost OR if you ‘hear’ sarcasm’ from the sender you would be very upset. Remember the sender has an emotion attached to the message and the reader has one too. Make sure you are ‘saying’ what you want to be heard. My next point helps to accomplish this.


Healthy Pet

Family Features

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

A Balancing Act


Protecting your Dog’s Immune System Allie stopped eating when she was 16. Her owner, Dr. Elizabette Cohen says she went crazy trying to find a healthy diet for her beloved pet. “Her problem is that she has a very sensitive digestive system and would suffer from upsets pretty often,” said Cohen, a New York veterinarian and popular radio show host. With a majority of a dog’s immune system residing in the gut, it was critical to address Allie’s digestive health.

Understanding Bacteria Like humans, dogs and cats have short digestive tracts and a complex gastrointestinal (GI) ecosystem. Bacterial cells in their digestive tracts outnumber animal cells. In fact, they account for approximately 95 percent of the cells in the GI tract. As many as 500 different species of bacterial cells may be represented. Some of these bacteria are beneficial, and some

have the potential to be pathogenic. It’s the balance between the two types of bacteria that determines whether the digestive system is healthy and functioning optimally. When the bacterial balance is disrupted, the result is often digestive upsets and loose stools. What Causes Bacterial Imbalance? The intestinal microflora can vary from one animal to the next and is influenced by a number of things, including host species, breed, age,

Prebiotics in Pet Food

diet, environment and geography. But beyond these variables, many factors can work to disrupt the bacterial balance: • Disease • Age • Diet • Stress • Antibiotic therapy Finding a Balanced Solution “I prefer to treat her digestive problems naturally; however, it was challenging finding an effective natural solution,” said Cohen. Dr. Cohen is not alone in wanting to find more natural solutions. According to experts, about half of dogor catowning households seek natural product solutions for their pets. A growing trend in pet care is the use of probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health. Probiotics are live, beneficial or good bacteria supplied

in some form (treat or supplement) to the animal that provide a health benefit. Prebiotics feed (or support) the good bacteria, helping the good bacteria to grow. “Probiotics provide the digestive system with the healthy, good bacteria,” said Cohen. “These bacteria support the immune system and its function, produce important B vitamins and take up space in the intestines. This is important because this space could be taken up by diseasecausing bacteria instead of

Iams Prostora Max as a veterinarian, as a pet reporter, but most importantly, as a pet owner,” says Cohen. “Allie is extremely picky about what she likes to eat and she loves the taste of Prostora. I love it because I’m able to help support her digestive health naturally.” Available through veterinarians, Prostora Max is one of the only probiotics that is derived from the canine gut. It nutritionally manages dog’s digestive

A Well-Balanced Diet

When it comes to nutrition, pets need a balanced diet including: Animal protein to build and maintain strong muscles • Vitamins and minerals for heart health • Antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and Vitamin E to promote a strong immune system • Fiber blend for optimal digestive health • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat • Multi-grain carbohydrates such as corn, rice, sorghum and barley for energy and vitality • Natural calcium for strong teeth and bones Pet food makers study healthy dogs and cats to find which ingredients work best in providing complete and balanced nutrition. For example, nutritional science found in products such as Eukanuba and Iams deliver animal proteins and antioxidants that are especially important to a dog’s health.

the healthy bacteria.” Allie is 18 now, and even though she has some issues common to older dogs, Dr. Cohen says she’s a healthy, happy dog and enjoys the probiotics she’s given in supplement form. “I am recommending

health, promoting a healthy microflora balance during stressful transitions and a strong, healthy digestive system for overall health and well-being.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

In examining your pet food ingredient list, you may see this term — Fructooligosaccharides, or FOS. Pronounced, fruwktoeol-lie-go-sack-er-ides, FOS is a prebiotic found in a variety of foods, such as bananas, barley, garlic, honey, rye and wheat. It is a fiber that is broken down in the intestine by the good bacteria that live there. FOS feeds the good bacteria to help crowd out the bad bacteria, helping to create the right balance between good and bad bacteria. Check your pet’s food labels to ensure the food you’re feeding your pet has “Fructooligosaccharides” listed on the ingredients panel.

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Gardening with Charlie Kathie Bond-Borie

Family Features

Steps to Success

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

with Bulbs


As the days draw shorter and the nights cool down, it’s time to get ready for the fall bulb planting ritual.

refrigerator for 8 to 10 weeks in the fall. Then plant them in late December to early January.

The best time to plant spring bulbs depends on where you live. Ideally, wait until the soil temperature is below 60°F. As a general guide, plant in September through early October if you live in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 or 5; October to early November in zones 6 or 7; and November to early December in zones 8 and 9. In mild winter regions, you can give the bulbs their required cold treatment by placing them in the

Plant a variety of bulbs to extend the flowering season. In addition to daffodils and tulips, include some earlyflowering bulbs – such as grape hyacinths, crocuses, snowdrops and scilla – to herald the start of spring. Late-flowering alliums will continue the show into early summer.

Pick a Site.

Most bulb species prefer welldrained – not soggy – soil, and a location with at least

A former floral designer and interior plantscaper, Kathie Bond-Borie has spent 20 years as a garden writer/editor, including her current role as Horticultural Editor for the National Gardening Association. She loves designing with plants, and spends more time playing in the garden – planting and trying new combinations – than sitting and appreciating it.

6 hours of sun a day during spring through summer. Determine light levels in summer when the trees have leafed out, and make sure the bulbs will not be in the shade when the leaves still need the sun to make energy for next year’s flowers.

Dig Holes. Digging up

the whole bed makes bulb spacing, layering and soil amending easier. The depth of the hole should equal three to four times the bulb height. For example, if a daffodil bulb is 3 inches tall, plant so its base is 9 to 12 inches down. In heavier clay

per 10 square feet. Sprinkle it on top of the soil after planting, not in the hole. Fertilizer in the hole may burn tender young roots.

Arrange bulbs.

Fertilize established bulb beds in fall, too. All the foliage is dormant then, so it may be difficult to locate bulb beds, especially if they’re naturalized. Try planting grape hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) as indicator bulbs. They produce small blue flowers in the spring but also send up fall foliage. Plant them around the edge of the bulb area.

Set the bulbs in a planting bed or in separate planting holes with their roots or basal plate downward. If you can’t tell which way is up, lay the bulb on its side. Fill the planting hole with soil and firm it gently.

Water and mulch. Water the bulbs right after planting to help initiate growth. In mild-winter areas, mulch right after planting to help keep soil cool and moist. Apply mulch after soil freezes in cold-winter areas.

Fertilize. Bulbs need

fertilizer, but the kind of nutrition varies with the plant. Tulips, hyacinths and fritillaria are best served by a 9-9-6 formula fertilizer. Daffodils and snowdrops need nitrogen and potassium and thrive on a 5-10-20 mixture. For both fertilizers, use about 1/2 cup

For more tips and garden information visit

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

soils, plant 9 inches deep; in lighter, sandier soils, plant 12 inches deep. Space bulbs according to the supplier’s recommendations.


Professional Spotlight

Lea Ann Meech of SendOutCards

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Compiled by Kimberly Hughes Tell us about yourself, Lea Ann! I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. My family was transferred to California and Texas during my high school years. I graduated from Stratford High School in Houston, Texas made a beeline for Tennessee where I met my husband David. We married and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he began his architecture career. After 22 years in Nashville his company asked him to open an office in Charlotte, so we moved to North Carolina in 2000 with our two children Wesley (21) and Lyndsey (18). What drives your business passion? As a Senior Manager, Independent Distributor with SendOutCards my goal and desire is to encourage everyone I meet to do 2 two major things: 1) act on their “promptings” - which

Lea Ann Meech SendOutCards


Who inspires you? My inspiration comes from God; he gave me a second chance at life in 1999. I’m forever grateful to my husband for calling 911 one evening to report my medical emergency. Because of that brush with death and the realization that life is truly a “vapor” I strive each day to get my 24-hours’ worth through giving, reading positive literature and learning something new. What do you love most about living in Charlotte? 4) What I love best about living in Charlotte – The business and personal relationships made over the years, the short drive to the beach or to the mountains, the restaurants on my “to do” list, just to name a few. It’s H-O-M-E.

What is your advice for success to businesswomen? With over 25 years of business experience from selling “Stride-Rite” shoes during my senior year in high school to working for an International Trading Company requiring 80% travel all over the world my word of advice is this: “Surround yourself with those you most admire to learn from their success and failure so that you too will be challenged to succeed.” Take on an accountability partner to exchange ideas; remember that “iron sharpens iron.”

Professionally, what is your goal for the remainder of 2009? My goal for the remainder of 2009: to become an Executive with SendOutCards by December 31, 2009.

What is your proudest moment in business? My proudest moment in business was when I was interviewed for the Charlotte Business Journal. The funny story is that the reporter interviewed me and several weeks later the paper sent a photographer out to take a few photos. When the guy began taking the pictures he soon realized his camera batteries were dead after snapping one photo. The article ran with a photo of me sporting the “deer in the headlights” look which no one recognized.

Do you have any hidden talents? My talents are all hidden. Let me know if you find any.

If you had 2 hours of ‘Lea Ann’ time where business was not an option, what would you do with yourself? Okay, you know me all too well...that’s a hard question. For two hours of “me” time maybe I would take a golf lesson or rent a convertible and drive the Blue Ridge Parkway on a pretty fall afternoon.

What do you think the secret to living a great life is? Living a great life is enjoying every day to the fullest no matter what the circumstances. Enjoying freedoms in a country where we can make a life while earning a living. Being a parent, a wife, a daughter and a friend. Making a difference and leaving a legacy.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

is that voice inside nudging each of us to appreciate others by sending cards of “Thank You”, “I Love You”, “I’m Sorry”, “Happy Birthday”, etc., and 2) to send yourself a greeting card filled with positive “I AM” statements. When you envision yourself as “I AM” versus “someday I will” - the positive energy flow brings dreams into realities.

To contact Lea Ann Meech, please call 704.677.8737 or email


August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide


12 Family Features

Design your


If you ask most women to write their ideal job description, consistent raises, more family time and more “me time” would be essential. These three essentials are at the top of working women’s wish lists, according to the 2008 Ask A Working Woman Survey, an annual online survey conducted by Working America.

Tips for choosing the right direct sales company for you

It’s important to take your time evaluating any direct sales company you consider joining. Bonnie and Teresa offer these tips to help you find the company that is right for you. Passion for the Product. Join a company that you feel confident sharing their product. How do they ensure high quality and unique ness? Does the product have a lifetime guarantee? The more passion and confidence you have in your product, the easier it is to sell. Initial Investment. Evaluate the cost of beginning your own business, how quickly you can expect to recoup your initial investment, and what the company offers to continue to support you as your business grows. Ask what incentives they have in place for new representatives to support them in the beginning of their business.

Fair and Competitive Compensation. Ask questions regarding the direct profit, override commissions and pay structure of the company’s compensation plan. It’s important to feel confident that the company you choose has a fair and competitive compensation plan and that you can con tinue to increase your earnings as your grow your business.

The 20,000 survey respondents echoed what so many more working women are feeling these days. They want more time with their families, but can’t afford it. They want some time to themselves, but can’t get it. In fact, 72 percent of the working mothers surveyed said they had less than an hour to themselves a day. These are some of the very reasons that millions of

Great Customer Service. Your customers are your current and future business, so it is important that the company you choose is customer focused. Make sure to ask questions such as: What does the company do to support its customers? Do customers have to pay for their returns? The better your customers are taken care of the better your business will be. Training and Support. Ensure that the company you join is dedicated to helping you achieve the success you are looking for. What type of training do they offer? How will they support your business? Is there a cost involved? What types of training events are company sponsored?

women have turned away from traditional nine-to-five office jobs and have found exactly what they’re looking for in the home-based business of direct sales.

Direct selling is simply person-to-person selling, without the middle man of a retail store. Most often it’s done through fun and casual home parties where people

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

At Silpada, for example, representatives do not carry inventory. Their initial investment is for their jewelry that they can wear and display at their home parties.On average, representatives make up their initial business investment within the first four to six home parties.


gather to eat, talk and shop together.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

“It’s a way to achieve financial freedom, increase self-confidence, and maintain a work-life balance.”


At a time when the U.S. economy is in recession, the stock market is down, unemployment is on the rise, consumer confidence is low and legendary retailers are closing their doors, the direct sales industry is strong. With stable, proven and growing companies, direct sales offers an opportunity to earn significant income quickly with minimal investment and risk, and more personal and family time. More and more women have found the direct sales industry to be an attractive career option. In 2007, U.S. direct sales exceeded $30.8 billion. Of the more than 15 million direct sellers nationwide, 87.9 percent are women. Approximately 90 percent of direct sellers operate their businesses part-time, leaving them more time for family and themselves.

When healthy hair care is your concern, Alan Daniels Salon is your choice. At ADS we specialize in revitalizing damaged manes, enhancing your personal brand with vibrant color and hi-lites, chic cuts and Extensions by SO. Cap USA trained stylists. Luxury and Premium Hair Care Products: Pureology, Redken and Joico Website:

From recent college graduates to stay-at-home moms, working professionals to retirees looking for something more satisfying, women are finding that with a career in direct sales, they can design the life they’ve always wanted. Success Story In 1997, Bonnie Kelly and

“You can make your goals and dreams as big as you want them to be or as simple as you need them to be.”

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Teresa Walsh were two stay- day — a goal for any woman dream of redecorating your at-home moms looking for trying to juggle work and house or need to take on a way to earn extra money home life while maintain ing your family’s expenses, you without sacrificing personal her own sense of self. can.” and family time. They started Silpada Designs, a direct “It’s all aboutBuying empowering Kelly and Walsh want to Automotive Services sales company specializing women with a wonderful encourage women of all in handcrafted sterling silver business opportunity and Chick ages to take charge of their LeeAnn Shattuck, President & Chief Car Women's Automotive Solutions, Inc. jewelry. creating lifelong friendships,” lives and consider a home2597 Lower Assembly Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29708 704-248-8706, cell: 704-724-5679 Kelly said. based business. “It’s a way Today, Silpada is the largest to achieve financial freedom, direct seller, and one of “Silpada means ‘the best of increase self-confidence, the top retailers, of sterling everything,’ and that’s what and maintain a work-life silver jewelry in the United we really try to focus on. It’s balance that blends with any States. In 2008, the company more than jewelry, it’s more lifestyle,” Walsh says. exceeded $265 million in than a job. It’s a lifestyle.” retail sales. Its more than “We are inspired on a daily 27,000 U.S. representatives Walsh adds, “We believe basis by our representatives’ had more than 275,000 that success doesn’t come emotional stories about how home parties, distributing from the degrees you have owning their own business more than eight million or the initial investment you and having control of their pieces of jewelry. make, but from a passion to income has had a positive design the life you want. You impact on their families,” Kelly and Walsh turned can make your goals and Kelly said. a passion for jewelry into dreams as big as you want a business that provided them to be or as simple as To find out more about financial freedom, flexibility you need them to be. With Silpada or to learn about and, most importantly, a way a company like Silpada, if becoming a representative, to infuse some fun into every you want a little time away or visit


August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Home Improvement


Family Features



Low-cost projects that make your home look like a million bucks

If you have big design dreams but are working with a small budget, no fear — you don’t have to sacrifice style and professional-looking results. “When people think about do-it-yourself projects, they automatically think about costly, floor-to-ceiling overhauls,” says designer and contractor Amy Matthews of the DIY Network’s “Sweat Equity” and “Bathroom Renovations.” “However, there are several low-cost projects that homeowners can tackle to freshen up their home’s style and add a punch of personality.”

Shed a little light: Give your kitchen an instant and inexpensive make over simply by replacing outdated fixtures such as faucets, lighting and hardware. You can also add a tile backsplash or under-cabinet lights to really dress up your kitchen. Not only are these functional and designoriented, they really help deliver a big bang for your buck.

Priceless Kitchen Project

An updated kitchen can add thousands of dollars of value to your home and create a welcoming space to entertain guests — and you can accomplish it without spending a lot of time and money. With a few coats of paint and stylish accessories, your kitchen can become a showpiece. Tired-looking cabinets? Breathe new life into your kitchen by updating your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Tools you’ll need: • Paint roller and/or brush • Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces • Screwdriver for removing cabinet doors and drawer and cabinet hardware • Primer • Paint Quick tips: When selecting your paint color, keep in mind that a light color will make a room look brighter and more open, while dark colors can help old-fashioned cabinets look more modern. High-gloss paint is often recommended for cabinets; however semi-gloss adds a rich finish. When applying paint to cabinets, use a quality brush — the better the brush, the better the finish. Begin painting at the center of the cabinets and follow the grain.

A little dab will do: Before you commit to a paint color, buy samples and try them out on the wall. See how the color looks during the day, at night and under various types of lighting. Also, be sure to have painter’s tape on hand, such as Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces. Whether you’re painting one accent wall or tackling the whole house, masking trim, baseboards, and other areas with painter’s

1. Before getting started, wipe down cabinets with a tackcloth to remove dust. Sand any rough areas and remove sawdust from the area. 2. Tape walls around cabinets and the backsplash. 3. Remove cabinet doors and handles. 4. Tape cabinet inner shelves and sides. Apply primer coat. Note: Using a tinted primer saves at least one coat of paint, so you can buy fewer cans. 5. Apply two coats of paint. Allow time to dry (approximately 4 hours). 6. Remove tape. 7. Remove door hinges. 8. Prime and paint doors. Note: Use a brush instead of a roller to apply primer and paint to uneven cabinet surfaces. 9. Tape fully cured cabinets and trim. 10. Paint wall base coat. Allow to dry. Carefully pull tape. 11. Reassemble cabinets.

tape lets you avoid a mess and achieve clean, sharp paint lines. Something old, something new: Add one special piece in the living room that makes a great conversation starter. This could be a lighting fixture, a piece of furniture or a unique rug — something signature to your style. You can find great pieces by shopping at designer sales and discount

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Try these budget-friendly decorating tips from Matthews to help get you the priceless design you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.


August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Take a hint from nature and get inspired by the seasons and the beautiful hues outside.


working here

showrooms, or uncover treasures in your own house. Rummage through the attic or basement to rediscover pictures, vases or your grandmother’s antique chest. You’ll be surprised with what you may find.

Accent on accessories: Fancy towels aren’t just for your guests’ bathroom — treat yourself to new towels in the master bathroom and quickly transform it into an updated and inviting space. For your living spaces, changing couch covers seasonally will keep your décor fresh and make it look like you purchased new furniture. Try brown microfiber for fall, white linen for summer and sage green in the spring. Bring the outdoors in: Take a hint from nature and get inspired by the seasons and the

beautiful hues outside. Once you’ve decided on one or two colors, buy pillows, lampshades and other accessories to place throughout your bed room. Experiment with patterns, warm colors such as red and orange, or calm hues such as moss green and sage. Branches and flowers are inexpensive and can also add instant charm to any A CDL DRIVERS living area. $400 - $1100

Full-Time & Part-Time Positions Available

Local, and OTR Soak upRegional the sun: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shift When landscaping, 1 year experience, good work history, clean MVR & criminal history required. buy smaller and younger CALL plants that need time to 704-521-1202 or 800-469-3440 grow. They’ll be ready in a couple of years when you’re ready to sell your house. Fresh cedar mulch or rock landscaping are other great ways to improve curb appeal — they’re inexpensive and will really make your yard pop.

Premier . . . .Resources . . excellence in staffing

Recognized for our ability to provide comprehensive, effective, and efficient temporary and permanent staffing solutions. Founded on the belief of developing long term relationships, our focus is on understanding our clients needs and delivering results!! THE BEST TALENT IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!

Locally owned Women’s Business, Located at the Forum@Ballantyne Commons ……serving Charlotte and surrounding areas

Premier Resources . . .Healthcare . . . excellence in healthcare staffing

Home Improvement

Family Features

Shopping Savvy These days, people are getting more creative with how they spend. When it comes to shopping, many are turning to the Internet for great deals on seasonal items, trendy fashions and the latest in tech gear. Bidding and buying strategies on sites such as eBay play a key role in how much you’ll pay. • Buy it now. Buying the item at a fixed price, ending the auction. There’s

no guarantee if you wait that the price won’t rise higher than the Buy It Now price. • Bid early. Bidding early with a true maximum bid lets eBay’s automatic bidding do the work for you. • Watch, wait, bid late. Watch the listing, waiting until near the end to place a bid. Look for bargains in these areas: • Get the latest toys and

gadgets at a great value to make this year’s backyard vacation more fun than ever. • Shop by look rather than by designer label and then choose the brand with the best price. • The 80s are back – look for nostalgic pop culture classics – from retro clothing to vintage Madonna albums. For more, visit

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Online Bargain-Hunting Tips



August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Reality Making a Dream a

By Kimberly Hughes

in finance, and eventually moved to Raleigh. After the 9/11 attacks, Mitzi’s future ideals and objectives took a front seat. If you remember back to our June cover story of Archie Burkel, the 9/11 attacks were the turning point in her life goals as well. I do have to bring to light the irony of how out of utter tragedy, opportunity and a new way of thinking emerge for those willing to accept the challenge.

Mitzi Kincaid is a different “Dream big – Dream story. Growing up, Mitzi really, really big! Find either wanted to be a ‘checka mentor or someone out girl’ or an attorney. She who has been there is not working at a local and done that… grocery store but she did fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney and she is doing so with purpose, intention Mitzi realized that while and passion. being faced with ‘corporate carnage’, she was ready to Mitzi was raised in a middle- pursue her dream and to class family and was not work actively towards her raised under the influence life-long goal of becoming of attorneys. Her father an attorney. She wanted to was a business owner and own her own law firm, and she attributes her career be her own boss. At the age passion and dedication to of 28, Mitzi applied to law his influence of his own work school and took evening and business ethics. classes at North Carolina Central, the only evening Mitzi went to college for her law school program within undergraduate degree locally a four state radius of North at the University of North Carolina She began her Carolina at Charlotte and evening classes from 6:30 worked to receive a Bachelor p.m. to 9:30 p.m. each of Science degree in Monday, Tuesday and Business Administration. After Thursday evening and graduating, she went on to continued to work full-time work in the corporate world during the day.

Mitzi’s husband had applied for a job in Wilmington and ironically, one week before he started his new career, Mitzi was laid off from her job. Mitzi and her husband sold their home in the Raleigh area and moved to their beach home in Wilmington. Most people would have let this obstacle get in their way but Mitzi commuted from Wilmington to Raleigh (2.5 hours each way) three times per week for the last three years of her journey through law school, continuing to work full-time in Wilmington. “If I was lucky enough to get into law school, I was not going to quit and I wasn’t going let people who laid me off or change my circumstances win. I wanted to control my life – I don’t want anyone else’s choice to impact my life,” says Mitzi. At times, doubt built up and the overwhelming feeling took over. Mitzi told herself, “I may be suffering now but in a few years I won’t suffer so badly.” To keep herself motivated and focused on the future, Mitzi created her business plan in anticipation of starting her own law firm. She would visualize her logo, visualize giving lectures, and visualize the feelings surrounding having her own firm. She let herself feel the

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

As children, I can safely assume that we all had dreams of what we wanted to be and do when we grew up. As I hear and notice today, most children seem to want to be a teacher, doctor, police officer or firefighter. Personally, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I was enthralled with anything that involved water, the ocean and marine life. Obviously, I didn’t follow my childhood career aspirations and I know I am not alone in this scenario.

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August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

feelings that were created by the thought of helping people. In essence, she lived in the present with her destined future in mind and lived by her quote, “When you have a dream, do a little something every day, not matter how small, to work toward achieving your day.” “Some days it was thinking about (my) law firm, some days it is working on my business plan or telling people, ‘I am going to have a law firm – Get ready!’ Every day is a positive step to the future,” notes Mitzi. Once Mitzi passed the North Carolina BAR Exam, a

grounded. “It was meant for me to go through that challenge because as lawyers sometimes you lose and I think it was preparation for my legal career. Humility is a big dose of reality!” On the second attempt, Mitzi passed the Bar Exam with flying colors. She passed the South Carolina Bar Exam and excelled enough on the North Carolina Bar Exam to pass the Washington D.C. Bar Exam. “I was holding this piece of paper in my hand and it was like someone gave me the magic key,” says Mitzi. “I could go out and make a living and I was what I set out to be. It was an incredible day and I cannot really describe it. Having a goal and a dream that big

Life is full of foggy roads. We help you find your way to where you want to go.


Clarity ♦ Organization ♦ Accountability ♦ Support

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lifetime of goals and positive steps towards her ideal life came to fruition, but it didn’t come easy. Mitzi did not pass her North Carolina Bar Exam the first time (she failed by 4 points), while at the same time being voted most likely to succeed by her class. Looking back, Mitzi says it wasn’t that big of a deal, but at the time it was heartbreak. She began comparing herself to others and having negative thoughts, but she soon realized she wasn’t alone. Hillary Clinton failed the Washington D.C. Bar Exam and Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley failed the Illinois Bar Exam at least twice. Now, looking back, Mitzi realized it was a lesson for her to become more




“I wake up with this dumb grin on my face every day because I cannot believe I am an attorney.”

Considering that Mitzi’s law firm, Kincaid and Associates, has been organized as a law firm only since April of 2007, she has already attained a great deal of success. She may have achieved her main career goal, but Mitzi has not stopped making new goals for her career and the future. Currently, she has offices in Wilmington, Charlotte and Raleigh, and in the next year she is looking to hire more attorneys for each office and continuing to build and grow her brand and reputation. In the next five years, Mitzi plans to launch an office in Myrtle Beach. What is her next big goal? In the next ten years, Mitzi aspires to have Kincaid and Associates be the largest female-owned law firm in the southeastern United States. Based on her journey to

become an attorney, it is hard to doubt that this will come about. Currently, most large law firms are owned by men. The driving force behind Kincaid and Associates is their clients, and the true love with which the attorneys help people and treat them well. True passion lies in educating clients about the law, especially those who are traditionally underserved. “Everyone needs to know how the law affects us all,” says Mitzi. As her practice grows and matures, Mitzi wants to leave a legacy of a firm that employs and supports everyone, clients and associates alike. She wants that to leave law practice better than when she entered it.

the ropes and say to you, ‘Hey, hey, hey--you are going to be okay and you are going to get through it and you are going to be great!” Mitzi has a passion to help women start businesses and grow their businesses, while protecting their assets and family, She has a passion to make the law easy for people to understand and to help them become as educated as possible about their rights, the laws and regulations.

If I could have a wish for this article it would be for each and every one of you to pass it on to three people. Not for the benefit of my name or my writing, not for the benefit of Women With Know How, but for the benefit of spreading the word of Mitzi’s story in hopes that someone will be To begin your ideal life touched enough to move journey, Mitzi recommends, forward in their life and their “Have a dream! You cannot career, breaking through selfbe afraid to dream it. Get made roadblocks and doubts. rid of the ‘no’s’, ‘not’s’ and If one person can be touched ‘cannot’s’ and just think about to go back to school to work what could be. Don’t worry towards a better career, about how you will get there Women With Know How and I just yet because sometimes have proudly done our job. if you start thinking about the journey, you will not go MORE down that road. Sometimes you don’t have to know all For more information the answers--you just have to about Mitzi and Kincaid figure it out along the way.” and Associates, please visit www. “Dream big – Dream really, kincaidandassociates. really big! Find a mentor com or contact Mitzi at or someone who has been 866.435.5971. there and done that… Someone who can show you

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

for so long and getting it was just an amazing feeling.” The next day, Mitzi was sworn in and the following day, business plan in hand, Mitzi began her own business. “I think about it every day,” she adds. “I wake up with this dumb grin on my face every day because I cannot believe I am an attorney.” Paying her experiences forward, Mitzi now counsels and works with people who have failed the Bar Exam and reaches out to them to let them know that she has been there and you can do it!


August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Easy Health & Fitness


Family Features

Streams of


The Power of Clean Water

Acool, refreshing drink of water is something many people take for granted. But what if we didn’t have access to safe drinking water? Up until 100 years ago we did not. In fact, it was often dangerous. For thousands of years, people all over the world tried different ways to filter drinking water to purify it. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that scientists

chlorine to drinking water destroys bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms. In 1908, Jersey City and Chicago became the first U.S. cities to use chlorine to help provide safe drinking water. By 1941, chlorine disinfection was being used by 85 percent of U.S. water treatment systems, and typhoid was nearly eradicated.

Every year, infectious diarrhea spread by people, mostly children under five years old. discovered germs and learned that they could c arry disease through water and other media. Filtering wasn’t enough. Waterborne illnesses such as cholera and typhoid once killed thousands of Americans each year. During the four years of the Civil War, for example, 75,000 people came down with typhoid, and more than 27,000 died from it. In 1900, typhoid claimed another 25,000 lives. In the early days of the 20th century, chemists found that adding small amounts of

In a report called “The History of Drinking Water Treatment,” (2000), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that “it was disinfectants like chlorine that played the largest role in reducing the number of waterborne disease outbreaks in the early 1900s.” And in 1997, Life magazine declared “the filtration of drinking water plus the use of chlorine is probably the most significant public health advancement of the millennium.”

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

contaminated water kills nearly 2 million

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Division is part of the West African Water Initiative (WAWI), a partnership of 14 organiza Today, the vast majority of tions working to increase water systems in our country access to water supply and rely on chlorine disinfectants sanitation in Ghana, Mali and to provide some of the safest Niger. Along with the World water in the world. So the Chlorine Council, ACC is next time you enjoy a glass providing funds and materials of water from the tap or let to help build permanent safe the kids play in the sprinkler, water systems for small you’ll be able to appreciate communities in developing just how far we’ve come. countries.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

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Water Around the World Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Right now, 1.1 billion people worldwide still don’t have access to clean water. Every year, infectious diarrhea spread by contaminated water kills nearly 2 million people, mostly children under five years old.

ACC and the U.S. Agency for

International Development (USAID) recently announced a new two-year, $1.3 million partnership to implement household-based drinking water programs in communities facing some of the most severe poverty and health challenges in the world. The USAID-led programs use chlorine-based disinfection and safe water storage techniques to disinfect and store water in individual households. This can

To get water every day, women and girls in the village of Garin Makaka, in Niger, Africa, must draw water by hand from hand-dug wells about 250 feet deep. Then they must carry it in clay pots that, when full, weigh more than 40 pounds. They make the nearly mile-long trip four to five times a day — all to get water that is unclean and can bring diarrheal illnesses to the village. That’s why the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC’s) Chlorine Chemistry

Dedication ceremony for a new well provided by the West African Water Initiative in the village of Kuduli, in Ghana.

WhatYou Can Do Yes, you can do something about a deadly problem that seems worlds away. Click.

dramatically improve water quality and reduce diarrheal illnesses in vulnerable populations by 50 percent. “This year, as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of drinking water chlorination in the U.S., we want to help others around the world gain sustainable access to safe drinking water,” said ACC President and CEO Jack N. Gerard. Water is life. Projects like the West African Water Initiative are ensuring that people everywhere have the same clean, healthy, life-giving water that we enjoy in our own homes. If you would like to learn more about this initiative, visit americanchemistry. com/100years.


If you’re part of a book club, church or civic organization, PTA or other group, hold fund raisers to help support the clean water efforts of WAWI and World Vision. Donate the money to the Chlorine Chemistry Foundation fund (see:, or use it to shop the World Vision gift catalog. It has a number of ways to help supply clean water — everything from buying a share of a local well to contributing to the general Clean Water Fund. Visit to donate or see the online catalog. This is a great way to get children involved in their world, too. Host.

Bring friends and family together for a Global Dinner. Prepare and share traditional foods from different countries while introducing others to the clean water needs around the world. World Vision has recipes and ideas to help you get started. Visit world vision. org for more.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

The women of Garin Makaka, Niger, show the calluses caused by hauling water from a 250-foot well five times a day.

Visit and take the Clean Water Challenge Quiz. For each correct answer, ACC and its global industry partners will contribute the estimated cost of enough chlorine tablets to disinfect 100 liters of water. With a total commitment of $200,000, ACC’s goal is to help contribute enough tablets to disinfect 100 million liters of drinking water. USAID estimates the program will reach three million people over two years.


Company Health

By Robyn Crigger, CEO Compass Career Management Solutions-Oi Partners Inc.

What are you doing to keep your company


How is your company doing

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

through this Recession? Has


your business activity dropped? What are you doing to better position or strengthen your company? There are no guarantees in business when it comes to growing a company. However, most decision makers find out quickly through the road of “hard knocks” which avenues tend to be effective. Another lesson is that even through tough economic times, a company must invest in those big influences in your business. For instance one of the biggest factors in your business is your workforce. If you don’t have the right people doing the most appropriate tasks, say goodbye to your company’s future. Even with money being tight, money needs to

Efforts that can impact your bottom line can include: Training (Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, etc.) If you want to shoot some “vitamins” into your key decision makers, offer them an Executive Coach. This supports your “choice” people and positions them to be more effective. You can be assured that such steps make a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Company leaders are the ones who make the tough decisions, but a Human Resource Manager can guide those leaders through the maze of suggestions and sales pitches. However, selecting the most effective resource to grow your firm and its workforce will pay for itself many times over. Evaluate or get help evaluating your company’s status. Where are your weak areas? If production and business activity is down, what would be the best way to turn it around? Change is a natural part of business, and yet it is also the hardest. There are a lot of changes happening in the business world today. Perhaps it is time to give your company a “check up”!

Dreams don’t retire.SM A unique and collaborative approach to financial planning that starts with your dreams, not just numbers. Diane S. Davis, CFP®, CLU® Financial Advisor 5200 Park Road Ste. 117 Charlotte, NC 28209 (704)522-6565

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

be invested in projects that will strengthen the muscle of a business. That can include critical pieces of equipment, but if you don’t have the right people, the equipment won’t make any difference.


A d v e r t o r i a l

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Reflections by Extensions


By Kim Smith


by Extentions Our society thrives on “vanity” and there is nothing wrong with that. Why, we have Botox, lipo, vein reduction, semipermanent to permanent eyelids, tattooed eyeliners, acrylic or silk nails, nip here tuck there, all for the benefit of a look we hope appeals to whom we are trying to please. Hair is not lost in the mix for we can not only color, cut, relax or perm, we can now add volume, lengthen, add height, we can create a signature look or model

ourselves after a celebrity. How you say? Extensions! Extensions! Extensions! Alan Daniels Salon is proud to have certified SO. CAP. USA Hair Extensions’ Extensionists. These Stylists have received the technical and cosmetic training in applying and redefining the look you desire.

in the world, produced in Italy from real hand-selected human hair.” The hair is prebonded with 100% keratin (the same protein component of your own natural hair). The process is a time investment, and so is your ultimate signature look. The benefits are enormous. It styles like your hair so you can curl Extensions are real hair fused it, flat iron, wash, brush onto your strands to create an and comb. Extensions are invisible look of longer, fuller available for all hair types and hair. “SO. CAP. Hair Extension ethnicity. products are among the finest

A d v e r t o r i a l

want to show their support for such a worthy cause. Ask you ADS Extensionist for more information. One should not consider this option without the necessary consultation to become better informed about the process, upkeep and maintenance. Alan Daniels Salon guarantees its services in conjunction with client adherence to the aftercare required and maintained. Before any work is performed by a professional Extensionist, the client is required to agree and sign commitments. A brief

questionnaire is also required to assess the viability for SO. CAP. USA Hair Extensions. Be wary of anyone offering to perform these services without in depth consultation and the appropriate chain of agreement. Professional Extensionists’ Leslie Enoch and Jennifer Thomas will transform you. For appointments or questions, please call (704) 544-7655. Alan Daniels Salon 4100 Carmel Rd # E Charlotte, NC 28226 (704) 544-7655

Our expertise is managing change and cultivating talent

Executive Search Executive Coaching Outplacement Succession Planning

Search & Recruiting Leadership Development Retirement Workshop Individual Career Counseling Assessments Plant Closings For information call 704-849-2500

8509 Crown Crescent Court Charlotte, NC 28227

Change is constant but never easy!

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Also available for the daring or “avant-garde” are extensions with ornamental appeal (crystals, feathers and an array of colors). Yes, hair is fashion and you too can turn heads immediately. The transformation can be dramatic. Candidates for such a service range from the person with thinning hair, fine hair or just opting for a different look. Causes are another reason to get extensions. Alan Daniels Salon participates in Breast Cancer Awareness through SO. CAP. USA Hair Extensions. Pink hair is available for those who truly


A Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Family Features

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Tackling neglected cleaning tasks? Cleaning out the attic or reorganizing your bedroom might top your list. But don’t neglect your kitchen — give it a makeover by stocking it with great-tasting, healthy choices. First, take a peek inside your refrigerator and pantry. Look at the expiration or “best used by” dates on food packages. Foods kept past their expiration dates can degrade in quality, and items such as butter and oils can go bad.


What to Stock Up On Diets rich in high-fiber whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

A Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Whole Grains. Whole grains have essential vitamins and dietary fiber. Whole-grain foods high in fiber include oat bran, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, rice and barley. How do you know if you’re getting what you need? Check the label. Whole grain should be the first ingredient. Fruits and Vegetables. Low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, fruits and veggies are nutritious, filling foods. Whether they’re fresh, frozen, canned or dried, they’re a delicious musthave for your diet.

Healthier Fats. Fats play an important role in your diet, but it’s important to choose the right kinds. Choose oils high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as canola oil or olive oil, and use soft margarines with no trans fats. Try to steer clear of saturated and transfats, which are often found in mayonnaise, chips, cookies, packaged muffins, snack cakes and crackers. Salt. Most of the sodium (salt) in our diet comes from prepared food. Eating too much salt increases your risk of developing high blood pressure (a risk factor for both heart disease and stroke) and raises it in those who have it. When buying prepared and prepackaged foods, be sure and read the labels first.Watch for the words “soda” and “sodium” in the ingredient statement and look for the symbol “Na” on labels. Choose lower sodium products. Aim for less than 2300 mg of sodium a day

Modern Tuna-Pasta Casserole Servings: 4 Serving size: 1 1/2 cup

4 ounces dried whole-wheat rotini (about 1 1/2 cups) Cooking spray 1 16-ounce bag frozen mixed vegetables, such as a carrot, broccoli and cauliflower blend, thawed 2 5.5-ounce cans low-sodium chunk light tuna, packed in water, flaked 1 10.75-ounce can low-fat condensed cream of chicken soup (lowest sodium available) 1/2 cup chopped bottled roasted red bell peppers, rinsed before chopping 1/2 cup fat-free half-and-half 1 teaspoon all-purpose seasoning blend 3/4 cup lightly crushed (about 1/4-inch pieces) low-sodium whole-grain crackers (about 34 squares) 1/4 cup shredded or grated Parmesan cheese

Prepare pasta using package directions, omitting salt and oil. Drain well in a colander. Transfer to a large bowl. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly spray a 2-quart glass casserole dish with cooking spray. Stir mixed vegetables, tuna, soup, roasted peppers, half-andhalf and seasoning blend into pasta until combined. Transfer to casserole dish.Sprinkle with crackers and Parmesan. Bake, uncovered, for 25 to 30 minutes, or until casserole is warmed through and the topping is golden brown.

Cook’s Tip: With the variety of frozen mixed vegetable blends available to choose from, you can easilyincorporate new tastes into this casserole. You can also change the flavor of the sauce by substituting low-fat condensed cream of mushroom or celery soup for the chicken soup, always choosing the lowestsodium product available. Nutrition Analysis (per serving): Calories, 400; Total Fat, 7.0 g, Saturated Fat, 2.5 g, Trans Fat, 0.0 g, Polyunsaturated Fat, 2.0 g, Monounsaturated Fat, 2.0 g; Cholesterol, 30 mg; Sodium, 537 mg; Carbohydrates, 52 g; Fiber, 8 g; Sugars, 7 g; Protein, 32 g; Dietary Exchanges: 3 starch, 1 1/2 vegetable, 3 lean meat

This recipe is brought to you by the American Heart Association’s Food Certification Program. Recipe copyright © 2008 American Heart Association. For more information heart-healthy grocery shopping, visit

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Leaner Is Better. Making lean choices will help you maintain a heart-healthy diet. Consider skinless chicken and turkey, fish, shellfish and lean cuts of beef such as round, sirloin, chuck and loin. Beans and soy products such as tofu are good meat substitutes.


—that’s about one teaspoon of table salt. To find hearthealthy foods in the grocery store, start by making your grocery list online. Visit to build your list from approximately 800 products ranging from meat and dairy to vegetables and snacks, all certified by the American Heart Association to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Print your list or access it from your Web-enabled mobile phone or PDA. For more nutrition information, visit

• Moderate in sodium, with

480 milligrams or less for individual foods Shop smart! Live In addition, they contain at well! Look for the least 10 percent of the Daily heart-check mark! All products bearing the heart- Value of one or more of these naturally occurring check mark meet the American Heart Association’s nutrients: protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron or nutrition criteria per standard dietary fiber. serving size to be: • Low in fat (3 grams or less) • Low in saturated fat (1 gram Also, seafood, game meat, or less) meat and poultry, as well • Zero* trans fat (less than .5 as whole-grain products, grams) main dishes and meals • Low in cholesterol (20 must meet additional milligrams or less) nutritional requirements.

August 2009 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Simple Substitutions


You can snack healthier just by making some simple changes. Instead of: Regular potato or corn chips

Enjoy: Baked chips or soy crisps (reduced sodium)

Devils food cake

Angel food cake

Ice cream bars

Frozen fruit bars

Pudding made with whole milk

Pudding made with fat-free or low-fat milk

Ice cream

Sherbet, ice milk or frozen, fat-free or (1%) low-fat yogurt

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can help you succeed; you will also learn the basic ingredients of social media including blogs, social communities, podcasts, forums, and more. Course Description: We will introduce the practical skills needed to create, maintain and sustain a successful social media marketing campaign. This course requires active participation from attendees and a willingness to immerse in social media practices — web forums, blogs, virtual worlds, and social communities. Social Media Marketing should be approached strategically. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Web 2.0 sites, traditional ways of doing business as an entrepreneur has been upgraded. This new media causes both threats if not explored and opportunities if implemented as a comprehensive offering. Come learn how to create a social media marketing program that produces results! In this course you will: • Define Social Media marketing based on your business • Be familiar with basic terms and concepts regarding Web 2.0 and social media • Understand the dos and don’t of using social media • Develop a basic Social Media Marketing Campaign to increase exposure About the Instructor: Sherese Duncan, The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner, founded Effició, Inc. in 2001, a business education company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and grow viable cashrich small businesses. Do not confuse her with being a business coach. Instead Duncan considers

herself a “trusted, confident strategic partner” who helps her clients create the wealth and the complete, whole, balanced life that they want by owning a profitable business. Duncan not only leads Efficio and her team, she also loves to teach! Her teaching style is interactive, direct, fun and invigorating. Learn more about Duncan at her personal blog About the School of Business (SBE): This one-of-a-kind virtual university serves as the preferred business school for serious-minded business owners, providing contentrich areas for those who want to engage in solution based learning experiences, educate and train themselves, learn while working in medium to large group settings, and who need a business reference library for continued development. The SBE provides a true entrepreneurial learning experience. As a student of entrepreneurship you’ll have access to resources to help you learn which strategic education path you should take, and a chance to network and schmooze with entrepreneurs that embrace good business practices. Most importantly, you’ll learn that our purpose is to provide access to strategic help in six major areas of business for all levels of development, namely strategy, business, technology, financial, human capital, and marketing. Currently there are six virtual campuses. Click here to take the tour and learn more about the School of Business. Sponsored by: Efficio’s School of Business, a Women with Know How Education Partner.

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your idea

your partner

your dream

March – April 2008

– even dazzling – meals made by you – yes, you! Plus, the fire department has had to visit Stacey’s kitchen, which is bound to make you feel so much better about your own culinary skills. A fun, helpful, and yummy read!

Sheri Lynch

Bob & Sheri co-host and best-selling author of “Hello, My Name is Mommy”

Featuring The Collection of Kroghie Andresen



news. Now she’s delivered a wonderful book of recipes. This book will not only make your stomach happy; it’ll help your heart, since all the profits go to help the millions of kids with juvenile diabetes.”

Jeff Glor

The Early Show National Correspondent, CBS News

Reasons Employees

“This is the first cookbook I’ve seen in all my years of reading them like novels (and

writing a few myself) that is for everybody, Stacey delivers a delightful, entertaining,

But I Know Someone Who Can

“Having worked with her on the anchor desk, I always knew Stacey could deliver the

I Can’t Cook,

About the Author

and useful repertoire of recipes in the same wonderful manner she gives us ‘news we can use’ each morning.”

Barbara McKay Media Personality

HATE their

have to live the rest of their lives with diabetes. Thank you, Stacey for all that you do to help find a cure and improve the lives of so many.”

and what companies can do about it by Denise Altman, MBA, CPA, CPBA

I Can’t

Stacey Simms, co-host of Charlotte’s Morning

Reading, writing and diversity at Trinity Episcopal School

frozen holiday turkey, the emergency visit from the local fire department, and the just-cooked soup poured down the drain. Her stories are as honest


as they are humorous. But Stacey isn’t ready to hang up her oven mitts just yet.

She has somehow convinced the best restaurants

An LP Approach to Information Security

in town to share their favorite recipes for this book. Many of the featured chefs have generously

offered practical advice, along with their recipes, to help both serious foodies and hopeless home cooks like Stacey.

Daniel Stowe in Full Bloom

For founder of real estate firm, priorities are about more than finances

Mooresville’s Artistic Side

Self-taught topiary artist’s yard is a cut above

and Cucumber Soup … to White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Yam Soufflé, and New Zealand Lamb. Some of the recipes are easy, others more complicated, but all of them yield delicious results. This book also has another purpose—to raise awareness and funds to help in the fight against type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. Stacey’s son has type 1, and by purchasing this book you are helping to support the work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Charlotte.

Forward by

Carolina Panthers Coach John Fox

Good food, good stories, good cause. Bon Appétit!

George Winston Welcomes Spring in Davidson LNC 0309 Cover Sig.indd 1

Man on a


MARCH 2009



2/18/09 2:49 PM


Richard ‘Stick’ Williams, who’ll be the YMCA’s first black chairperson in 2010, makes community involvement his business

PM0609-FINAL.indd 1


Your time to self-publish SPARK Publications serves as your consultant and creative department to put your published dream into the hands of your future clients. Imagine your own book published...and you maintain all the rights and all the profits. Imagine your products

Business Issue

News on NewsTalk 1110 WBT, discloses the dark side of her own kitchen: the roasted but still half-

But I Know Someone Who Can

8/26/08 2:27:09 PM

Charlotte’s African-American Magazine

Concrete2Green revitalizes communities, spreads love of soccer




of Charlotte’s greatest chefs and one of our city’s worst cooks.


Stacey SimmS

Patrick McFeeley

a collection of essays, recipes and culinary tips. It’s a tell-all collaboration between twenty-five

& Recipes Advice From s Charlotte’ s Top Chef

When her two year old son was diagnosed, she immediately went from advocate to fully committed volunteer. She is not willing to accept that her son and millions of others may

JDRF International Board Member

this isn’t your typical cookbook. I Can’t Cook, But I Know Someone Who Can is

Recipes range from Albóndigas, Bruschetta,


“Stacey has been a long time advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Altman Initiative Group, Inc.

Kroghie Andresen has enjoyed hunting and the outdoors since his early teens in eastern North Carolina. His waterfowl hunting experiences began when he shot two lesser scaup from a stake blind in the mouth of Bath Creek at the age of fifteen. since then his passion for hunting has grown and flourished. Kroghie worked as a banker for First union National Bank, now Wachovia, for thirty three years before retiring in 2004. Though his work had no connection with hunting, he continued to pursue his hobby during spare time away from work. While living in raleigh in 1979, his wife ross, bought him his first decoy to decorate their new den. This started a collection that has grown into over 1,100 North Carolina decoys. An early decision to limit his collection to Back Bay, Virginia, and North Carolina decoys led to a very specialized collection. Kroghie always tried to document the history and provenance of his decoys. The lack of information on many North Carolina decoys led him to research many previously unidentified carvers as well as those that are well known. This research and thirty years of collecting decoys have culminated with this book. Kroghie received a B.s. degree in Civil Engineering from The Citadel in 1966 and an MBA from East Carolina university in 1971. He and his wife currently704.708.6700 reside in Charlotte, N.C. They have two grown children, Clark and Hailey.

Denise Altman has spent the past 25 years observing how companies manage and utilize their employees. Her observations have made her a valued consultant to businesses large and small. She is the President of Altman Initiative Group, Inc., a behavioral Stacey Simms is the award-winning and strategic consulting firm near Charlotte,Morning North News Carolina. In co-host of Charlotte’s addition to working with individual with Al Gardner and Stacey Simms and companies, she is a frequent speaker at on the subjects Health conferences Headlines: Thenationwide Show, both heard of communication, leadership, hiring, on NewsTalk 1110 WBT. Stacey started employee development and retention. Her practical information and humorous her broadcasting career as a TV news insights get rave reviews from her anchor and reporter, first in upstate New audiences. She the author two compact discs York, then in is Charlotte at CBSofaffiliate on behavioral communication entitled WBTV.“Help, She’s a these graduate of Syracuse people are driving me crazy!” and “Help, my School husband is driving me University’s Newhouse of Public crazy!” She has also written a variety Communications. Stacey lives in Davidson, of articles that have been published in newspapers, magazines and newsletters NC with her family. She tries not to set off around the country. the smoke detectors Denise holdstoo a often. Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst. Learn more about Denise Altman and her work at

22 Reasons Employees Hate their Jobs

Kroghie, with Maggie, after a successful duck hunt at Lake Mattamuskeet, N.C. in 2004.

Stacey SimmS

PRIDE May-June 2009


“If you love to eat, but fear the kitchen, follow Stacey Simms to the stove. Imagine delicious

and services beautifully and effectively promoted in a custom designed or creatively re-designed catalog, brochure or magazine. We work with you throughout the process and help you launch directly to your target audience.

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