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[ Reflections ] A Year with BCC Rally


[ Your donation to BCC Rally is a sound investment ] BCC Rally donates all of the money it raises each year to Rally for the Cure® to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. The national Rally for the Cure is a grassroots program focusing on community events that works to spread awareness about breast health and breast cancer in support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists. Through Komen Charlotte’s work, BCC Rally’s donations are helping to make a significant difference in Charlotte and beyond. • 75% of the money raised by BCC Rally stays with Komen Charlotte to use for local community health grants in its nine-county service area. • From April 2012 through March 2013, Komen Charlotte distributed $1.4 million to 27 grantees – all serving low income, uninsured or underinsured women. The grantees provided: • 3,500+ mammograms • 1,500+ diagnostic services • 1,400+ clinical breast exams, (more than 40 women were diagnosed with breast cancer) • 40,000+ education materials • Served 220 lymphedema patients • The remaining 25% of money raised by BCC Rally funds research. North Carolina received more than $1.7 million in research grants from Komen. Recipients included Duke University, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and UNC-Charlotte.

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[ Reflections ]

Number One Fundraiser BCC Rally continues to be the number one fundraiser in the nation for Rally for the Cure®. With the help of business partners, volunteers, event attendees, and pink bow participants, BCC Rally raised $215,000 in 2012.

[ A Message from

Marsha Gale and Blythe Kinsey 2012 Co-Chairs, BCC Rally ] Marsha Gale and Blythe Kinsey served as co-chairs of the 2012 BCC Rally, the first shared leadership in the organization’s nine-year history. Every year BCC Rally’s goal is to achieve new levels of awareness, support and impact for breast cancer in Ballantyne and beyond. We feel an even stronger responsibility to the cause, given that our fundraising events in September help to kick off Charlotte’s observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 2012 was particularly meaningful to BCC Rally, for we achieved some significant firsts: • The gracious appearance by Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, founder of the global leader in the breast cancer movement, as the keynote speaker at our Pink Bow Gala. To have Ambassador Brinker kindly accept our invitation and publicly acknowledge the importance of our position as the leading fundraiser within the national Rally for the Cure® program for the past four years was both humbling and gratifying. • A pre-gala reception for business partners to thank them for their patronage and to introduce them to Ambassador Brinker. • New technology that enabled gala participants to place bids on auction items using their cell phones. • Securing the early commitments of Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. as the 2013 presenting sponsor for our 10th anniversary, along with the commitments of several other valued business partners. We like to cite the following quote because it speaks to the dedication and passion of our volunteers, the support of our business partners and sponsors, and the generosity of those who attend our events and purchase our pink bows: Peace does not mean to be where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work, but rather to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. Unknown We applaud the women, men and children of BCC Rally who are not afraid of the noise, trouble, or hard work. We all are dedicated to the same vision: a world without breast cancer. Both women and men fight this disease with the hope of surviving. The goal of BCC Rally is to celebrate those who do survive and honor those who do not, and continue our efforts until breast cancer is eliminated.

E BCC Rally Board Members – 2012 Blythe Kinsey Marsha Gale Sue Dockstader Carol Aaron Natalie Corrigan Beth Freudenthal Elizabeth Kurtz Lee Lustig Terri Williamson


Bissell is dedicated to making Ballantyne the best community. | 704-248-2000 |


Bissell Founding Sponsor, Pink Bow Campaign “We recognize the need for assistance to charities in the greater Charlotte community, and we are proud to show our support through coordinating drives in Ballantyne Corporate Park and volunteer activities, as well as through financial donations,” he says. The Bissell organization collects food for Second Harvest Food Bank, markers for Classroom Central, and toys for the holidays. Ballantyne Corporate Park is home to multiple charity runs and walks. The company also holds massive fundraising drives for United Way of Central Carolinas and the Arts & Science Council. As the primary developer of two of the Southeast’s most prestigious suburban multi-use communities – SouthPark and Ballantyne Corporate Park – Bissell is inextricably linked to Charlotte. SouthPark, a dairy farm that was transformed into a world-class community, continues to be one of the finest office, retail and residential developments in the Southeast. The 535-acre Ballantyne Corporate Park boasts over four million square feet of office space, four hotels, including a luxury hotel and lodge, a golf course and a golf school. It’s a given, then, that Bissell adheres to a belief in supporting community-based charitable initiatives that strengthen Charlotte, enhance Ballantyne, and provide a better quality of life, according to Howard Bissell III, senior vice president and director.

Further, Bissell developed a Spirit to Serve Committee, creating monthly volunteer opportunities for employees. Early on, BCC Rally struck a chord with Bissell, too. Howard Bissell lauds BCC Rally for bringing the community together to champion the fight against breast cancer, and the Pink Bow Campaign for its grassroots approach. “The Bissell organization wants the greater Charlotte area to recognize the importance of breast cancer awareness,” Bissell says. “The cause is important to us as an organization as well as on a personal level. We’ve displayed pink bows around our offices, and many of our associates decorate their mailboxes with bows.”


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Pink Bow Campaign Bissell, Founding Sponsor In just five years, the Pink Bow Campaign has taken on a life of its own as an emblematic ambassador for BCC Rally. The pink bow is an enhancement of the iconic pink ribbon symbol of breast cancer. Sales of the pink bow, garnered from displays at special events, online merchandising and tireless person-toperson contacts by a group of devoted volunteers, have netted $161,000 for the cause since the program’s inception in 2007. The campaign netted a record $57,000 in 2012. The pink bow is intrepid, having traveled from Ballantyne to Huntersville to across the country and around the world to such far-flung destinations as England, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. It also inspired neighborhoods, companies and organizations to take up the fight in their own way.

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Here is a sampling of the pink bow’s ubiquity: • Ballantyne Country Club was one of 50 neighborhoods that featured bow-bedecked mailboxes and front doors during BCC Rally Week and throughout October in observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every street in Ballantyne Country Club was adorned in pink. • Students and teachers alike at Ardrey Kell High School, as did those in 16 other schools, sported pink bows in their hair, and on backpacks, briefcases, lapels and lockers. • Between Pink-Outs and the sale of T-shirts and pizza, the Community House Middle School athletic booster club, together with the National Junior Honors Society, raised funds and awareness for BCC Rally. Pink bows were on sale during school hours as well. • Runners in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® wore pink bows like a badge of courage as they made their way through uptown Charlotte. Captain: Carol Aaron • Over 60 companies were involved with Captain Business: the pink bow campaign. They included 3D Jacque FarrellMulholland Systems, Inc., KPMG, Wells Fargo, Aetna, Bank of America, Akima, Crew (Queen Captain Schools: Kelly Brown City in Pink), American Honda Financial Co-Captains BCC Corporation, Southeast Psych, Mixed Pet neighborhood: Veterinary Hospitals, Enhanced Images Jennifer Breunig Medical, Red Ventures, TalentBridge, Jenny Rudemiller Ballantyne Quad, Sirona Dental, Inc., Get in Shape for Women, and many more too numerous to mention. • Ballantyne Country Club‘s Barracudas swim team hosted its annual pink bow event. SwimMAC sold bows while training young people to compete. • Women in the Charlotte Women’s Soccer League clipped bows to their hair while participating in their sport.

And the momentum continues…


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Success is fueled by learning. Kids are fueled by Snyder’s-Lance.

At Snyder’s-Lance, we know that there’s nothing more important for DFKLOGWKDQDJRRGHGXFDWLRQ7KHVHOIFRQ¿GHQFHWKDWFRPHVIURP learning is something kids take with them the rest of their lives. That’s why we’ve been supporting children’s education and leadership programs for years. Together, we can help lead kids in the right direction.


Levine Cancer Institute’s mission is to deliver XPSMEDMBTTDBODFSDBSFBDSPTTUIF$BSPMJOBT 

The Institute’s mission will take cancer care to a new level in the Carolinas, providing:



hospitals and providers.


Watch this video to learn more about Levine Cancer Institute 4DBOUIJT23DPEFVTJOHBGSFF23 SFBEFSBQQPOZPVS4NBSUQIPOF

The Lifestyle You Envision For Your Family The Club with Heart

Offering Memberships to the Greater Charlotte Area. For Information Please Contact 704-714-3625. #BMMBOUZOF$SPTTJOH"WFOVFt$IBSMPUUF /$

[K omen C harlotte G rantee ]


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[K omen C harlotte G rantee ]

Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council – Scouting for the Cure ™ The thinking that young girls should be informed about breast cancer was rather revolutionary 10 years ago when Margaret Stothart, a troop leader with Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council, and her sister, Neel Stallings, both breast cancer survivors, created Scouting for the Cure™ in partnership with Komen Charlotte. This annual half-day program, in fact, spans the generations. It welcomes girls in kindergarten through grade 12, those who are Scouts and not. Female family members, troop leaders and mentors accompany them. The girls learn about breast health in a creative and age-appropriate manner from health care professionals and other experts, and in a safe and nurturing environment.

Scouting for the Cure has become a model, as other Komen affiliates across the country and internationally have implemented the program in their areas. For one project the girls write messages of hope and encouragement on pillows, stuff and sew them, and deliver them to hospitals for women undergoing mastectomies. They write educational messages on slips of paper for breast cancer patients to read for daily inspiration. In addition, they make jewelry and key rings using reminder

beads that represent the five typical sizes of breast lumps. Physical fitness activities help to convey the importance of a healthy lifestyle overall. The girls touch breast models to get a sense of what a lump feels like. A game of BINGO uses questions about breast health. Volunteers from BCC Rally have participated in a Scouting for the Cure event, helping with the wheel of awareness game. They also arranged for a reading by Heidi Eggles, student author of the “Ruthie and the Pink Fairy” book that BCC Rally published as an outreach project several years ago with Ardrey Kell High School. Scouting for the C.U.R.E. also saves lives. Some of the adult women have had their first mammograms at an onsite mobile van and discovered cancerous lumps. Scouting for the Cure has become a model, as other Komen affiliates across the country and internationally have implemented the program in their areas. “It’s a great way to get the word out about breast cancer at a young age,” says Sally Daley, CEO of Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council, “and it’s thanks to organizations like BCC Rally that Komen has the funds for grants.”


Katy Bradfield Helen Adams Realty 704-965-5968

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[K omen C harlotte G rantee ]

Stanly Regional Medical Center – Project C.U.R.E. Many women in Stanly County tend not to get mammograms, and that decision is often at their peril. The county has the lowest percent of women receiving annual mammograms (only 40%) and the highest mortality rate from breast cancer at 30.7 deaths per 100,000 in Komen Charlotte’s service area. With a higher than average unemployment rate, which can translate to being uninsured, a large number of households fall below federal poverty guidelines.

“We believe that no woman should be denied a mammogram because she can’t afford one,” Vaughn says. “All women should have mammograms, especially given there are no cost barriers here because of Komen.” Chris Vaughn, director of Stanly Regional Medical Center’s Project C.U.R.E. (Caring, Understanding, Reaching out and Educating), a Komen Charlotte funded project, has heard a variety of reasons from women about avoiding mammograms– transportation, denial, lack of health insurance, a preference to be reactive rather than proactive, and physical discomfort from the procedure. She refuses to let affordability be one of them. Project C.U.R.E. reaches out to uninsured women with education and screening for the purposes of breast health and early detection of breast cancer. To qualify, women must be over age 40 with no health insurance.

“We believe that no woman should be denied a mammogram because she can’t afford one,” Vaughn says. “All women should have mammograms, especially given there are no cost barriers here because of Komen.” Happily, women are responding to that positive message. Last year, Project C.U.R.E. had completed 220 screening mammograms and 53 diagnostic mammograms, exceeding its goal of 250 mammograms by eight percent, only seven months into its 2012 grant cycle. Ideally, the program reaches women at the very earliest stage, where the treatment can be less involved and the prognosis better. “We can’t stop the trend of breast cancer, but we can stop the trend of mortality,” Vaughn declares. “For women with breast cancer, it’s better if we catch it in the early stages.”


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Photos | Essays | Exercises

Tamela Rich

[ Reflections ]

cancer riders in Wyoming, Kelly, in Charlotte, NC. Tana’s son, L.J.,she hisinvites wife readers to savor

A Year with BCC Rally

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Tana Greene

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Ball Summer 12 - Cover.indd 991

5/15/12 5:51 PM


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[ Reflections ]

Tana Greene found herself asking that question after she and her husband, Mike,

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[Reflections ] A Year with BCC Rally

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BCC Rally Reflections: Recipient of a 2012 Platinum MarCom Award

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Bojangles’ Proud Supporter of the BCC Rally

Communities count on us, 100 years and counting. As our communities grow, so does the demand for flavorful food and beverages, and innovative energy and infrastructure solutions.

SPX is a proud sponsor of the 2012 BCC Rally.


For 100 years, SPX has met that demand with highly engineered products, systems and services designed to solve critical business issues.

Some of the most important differences we make have nothing to do with insurance At Wells Fargo Insurance, we’re committed not only to our customers, but to the communities where we live and work and raise our families. That’s why we are proud to support the work that the BCC Rally and the Susan G. Komen Foundation do to raise breast cancer awareness throughout the greater Charlotte area. Working together, we can make a difference. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. 6100 Fairview Road Charlotte, NC 28210 Mike Murray, Managing Director 704-553-6027 Direct

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Making snacks is our passion. Making a difference in the community is our responsibility.

At Snyder’s-Lance, we know that all women are special, and so are their health needs. That is why we have a long history of supporting health care programs and initiatives for women and their families. We believe that helping families make healthy living choices creates a better community for all of us.

[S potlight ] Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Founding Sponsor, Family Day For nearly 100 years, Snyder’s-Lance, which manufactures and markets snack food throughout the United States and internationally, has been an integral part of the Charlotte community, and supporting charitable organizations has been central to its culture from the beginning. “Our associates live here, and we recognize our civic duty,” says Sid Levy, senior director, communications and community relations for Snyder’s-Lance. “Corporate stewardship is also part of reaching our consumers in an appropriate manner.” With its headquarters in Ballantyne and healthy living one of its key causes, Snyder’s-Lance considers its involvement with BCC Rally to be a good fit. “One of the core targets for our brands is moms with young kids, and breast cancer is one of the top five health concerns for that audience,” Levy says. Driving sales is not the intent of the Snyder’s-Lance sponsorship; however, increasing brand awareness and goodwill among consumers is a welcome outcome. The company markets its products under the Snyder’s of Hanover, Lance, Cape Cod, Pretzel Crisps, Krunchers!, Jays, Grande, Tom’s, EatSmart Naturals, Archway, O-Ke-Doke, Padrinos and Stella D’oro brand names, along with a number of private label and third-party brands. “We want moms to remember us as a local brand when they go to the grocery store,” Levy says. “We

benefit from the partnership with BCC Rally by letting more moms know we’re there for them and their kids, who are our ultimate consumers.” As the founding sponsor of BCC Rally Family Day, Snyder’s-Lance generously provided a range of wholesome, healthy and great-tasting sandwich crackers, pretzels and popcorn. “BCC Rally is growing and gaining in importance,” Levy observes. “We think the sky’s the limit, and we want to make sure that we’re there as it grows for the future.”

BCC Rally proudly announces that Snyder’s-Lance has further solidified its longstanding partnership with its commitment to be the 2013 Presenting Sponsor. This unprecedented support from a valued business partner is in conjunction with the upcoming 100-year anniversary of the Lance brand in 2013.

“Snyder’s-Lance has been a long-time supporter of the BCC Rally, in support of its mission and commitment to fighting breast cancer,” says Sid Levy, senior director, communications and community relations. “Our commitment to be the 2013 presenting sponsor is an opportunity for us to increase our support in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Lance brand.”


[F amily D ay ]


[ Reflections ]

[ Pink Fall Fair (Family Day) ] Founding Sponsor, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.


Sunny and warm described both the weather and the ambiance of the Pink Fall Fair, BCC Rally’s kick-off event on September 23 on Ballantyne Country Club’s expansive function lawn. Inspired by a new theme of “Encouraging leadership, volunteerism and community outreach,” women, men, and children of all ages from Ballantyne Country Club and the surrounding community enjoyed a packed schedule of activities and entertainment that included:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Musical petting zoo Pink Lady fire truck Jump X-Treme Fitness (Single Rope, Double Dutch and Team Jump Roping) Cupcake walk Hayrides Morrison YMCA’s performance teams South Mecklenburg High School singers Ballantyne Elementary choir Zelnick the Magician Duck race Raffle drawing ShutterBooth photos Pumpkin decorating Music by DJ All the Right Grooves Pinnacle Amusements’ bounce house and carnival games

Concessions included an assortment of healthy snacks from Snyder’s-Lance, as well as popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones.


[F amily D ay ]

Captain: Michelle Walsh Event contributors: All the Right Grooves Ballantyne Elementary Chorus Bella Photography Blumey Awards (Blumenthal Performing Arts) Dancer’s Unite - Hip-Hop John Freudenthal, photography 2218 Troop Girl Scouts Pink Lady Fire Truck Jump X-Treme Fitness Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology Morrison YMCA Showcase Performance Team Musical Petting Zoo Polka Dot Bake Shop ShutterBooth Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. The Hunter Farm Terri Williamson, photography Zelnik the Magician


[ Reflections ]

[F amily D ay ]



The Carolinas Premier Amusement Rental Resource that appreciates the opportunity of serving BCC Rally since 2009.

4101-G, Stuart Andrew Blvd. -Charlotte, NC 28217 (704) 333-2545 30

[ Reflections ]


4XDOLW\KHDOWKSODQV EHQHƬWV Healthier living Financial well-being Intelligent solutions

Life’s good. We want to help you keep it that way. Aetna is proud to support BCC Rally™WKDWEHQHƬWV Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

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[Ladies’ Golf] Founding Sponsor, Aetna Ladies’ Golf, BCC Rally’s original event, is still going strong after nine years. Held on September 25 at Ballantyne Country Club prior to the Ladies’ Luncheon, Ladies’ Golf attracted an enthusiastic group of women sporting a serious amount of pink in their attire and in their cart decorations. Pink was also the color of the day on the course, particularly noticeable on the custom-made flags and tee markers. Playing in foursomes, the women were united by the spirit of friendly competition and genuine camaraderie. With the added challenges of putting and hole-in-one contests, they vied for an assortment of prizes that included trophies, golf clubs and a car. Margie Maxwell, Aetna’s president, South Capital Region, provided moving, thought-provoking opening remarks to the assembled group. Citing the large number of women in North Carolina without health insurance, she said that many of those same women rely on funding from Playing in foursomes, Komen Charlotte for their screenings and treatments. That Komen Charlotte, in the women were turn, relies on support from organizations united by the spirit of like BCC Rally spoke to the importance friendly competition of the golf tournament and its players for and genuine helping those in need within the Charlotte community. camaraderie.

Captain: Karen Matteo Event contributors: Aetna Ballantyne Country Club Golf Course Superintendent, Scott Cochran Ballantyne Country Club Head Golf Professional, Matt Saggio Ballantyne Country Club Ladies’ Golf Association (BLGA) Ballantyne Country Club Lady Lynxters Ballantyne Country Club Men’s Golf Association (MGA) Ballantyne Country Club Pro Shop Staff Callaway Golf, Kevin Arkle GL Photography Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Golf Galaxy Hendrick Acura Lark Golf Jeanne Puckett, photography Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Titleist, Dewitt Miles Nicole Trier War of the Roses Tournament Terri Williamson, photography


Co-Captains: Marcia Myers-Gainer Debbie Tankle Goody Bag Captain: Iris Levkovitz Event contributors:

The event had dual themes of multigenerations and of hope, harmony and renewal.

Ballantyne Country Club Staff Belk Bella Photography Charlotte Radiology Designer Chair Covers, Kelly Venable GL Photography Mason and Chuck Gallman Kristyn Kravitz, Floral Manager, Harris Teeter Ballantyne Lilly Pulitzer Lori Spencer Music Neiman Marcus Janice O’Malley Patty Pressley, Classic Party Rentals Rick Siliakus The Wow Factor Cakes, Amy Craparo Terri Williamson, photography


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Founding Sponsor, Charlotte Radiology


The delicate tree centerpieces on the dining tables at the Ladies’ Luncheon on September 25 at Ballantyne Country Club conveyed the event’s dual themes of multigenerations and of hope, harmony and renewal. Surrounded by an abundance of pink decorations, the attendees bid on an array of enticing silent auction items at the opening reception using their cell phones – a first for BCC Rally. They also purchased tickets for raffle items, sat for quick makeovers at the beauty stations and enjoyed a live band prior to gathering for an elegant lunch. The speakers, including Dr. Christina M. Chaconas of Charlotte Radiology, continued the themes of the day.

…the ever-inspirational Wasil Nilan said in her remarks at the luncheon that she “wants to squeak out as much life as possible, and chooses joy every single day.”


[ Ladies’

Golf and Luncheon]

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(704) 562-5220 [ Reflections ]

Keynote speaker Molly Grantham, WBTV news anchor, acknowledged that the cause of breast cancer is “huge in my heart,” and was made all the more poignant by the recent recurrence of her mother’s disease. Grantham’s mother had a double mastectomy when Grantham was 12, and, forthrightly showed her daughter her staples following surgery to impress upon her the disease’s impact. Now that she has her own daughter, Grantham is an especially determined advocate for a cure. The women gave a standing ovation at the surprise appearance of Mary Ann Wasil Nilan, founder of The Get In Touch Foundation®. She was the featured speaker at last year’s Ladies’ Luncheon; however, her treatment then for a recurrence of breast cancer required her to remain at home, where she spoke via an online video service. Undeterred by her illness, the ever-inspirational Wasil Nilan said in her remarks at the luncheon that she “wants to squeak out as much life as possible, and chooses joy every single day.”

[ Ladies’

Golf and Luncheon]


[ Ladies’

Golf and Luncheon]

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and let us help you plan your next celebration!



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Golf and Luncheon]


[ Ladies’

Golf and Luncheon]

Designer Chair Covers Kelly Venable 704-975-2295


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Golf and Luncheon]





6824 East Independence Blvd. ŚĂƌůŽƩĞ͕EϮϴϮϮϳ ϳϬϰͲϱϲϯͲϳϴϬϬ 42

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of Survivors ]

Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council


Little did Vikki Tesar dream that attending a Scouting for the Cure™ event in Union County in 2006 with her 10-year-old daughter, Abby, would be a precursor to discovering a cancerous lump in her breast. Tesar and her daughter enjoyed the range of Scouting for the Cure’s breast cancer awareness activities, including one in which they made bracelets using beads that represented various sizes and shapes of breast lumps. Abby brought home an assortment of literature about breast cancer.

…Abby ran upstairs and retrieved her Scouting for the Cure literature, saying, “Mommy, you need these now.”

A few months later, Tesar discovered a lump. “The event reminded me to do my self-exams,” Tesar says. “I felt something and remembered from the bracelet activity that lumps are in different shapes.” Because Tesar had no family history of breast cancer, her doctor first thought it might be a cyst. Tests confirmed the diagnosis of breast cancer. Upon learning the news at home that night, Abby ran upstairs and retrieved her Scouting for the Cure literature, saying, “Mommy, you need these now.” Tesar underwent chemotherapy and a lumpectomy, and then a mastectomy and radiation because the disease was found in her lymph nodes. Tesar has since shared her experience at subsequent Scouting for the Cure events. When she talks with other women who have had breast cancer, they know she understands their situation and can meet on the same plane. “It’s important to get the message out that women need to take care of themselves,” Tesar says. “We are ultimately responsible for our own health and we should be aware of our bodies. I hope that organizations like Komen can continue to help save more lives.”


Targeted Body Shaping HYPOXI® Studio Ballantyne 12335 North Community House Road Charlotte, NC 28277

(704) 540 2370

 704.333.8999

Deborah J. Aten, DDS Heather R. Dowlin, DMD

704-900-8960 704-540-4252

[ Stories

of Survivors ]

A Survivor’s Story Reba Whaley

T “As small as it sounded at that moment, I thought, thank God, one less thing to worry about,” Whaley remembers. “I had wondered how I’d pay for it and would I die because I can’t.”

The irony is not lost on Reba Whaley that as she turned 40 in 2007 and was about to schedule her first mammogram, she found a lump in her breast that was Stage 3 breast cancer. Whaley’s concern was compounded by the fact that she lacked health insurance. Her doctor ordered a mammogram, which she had at Presbyterian Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center. She was thrilled to learn the mammogram was available to her at no cost because of a Komen Charlotte grant. “As small as it sounded at that moment, I thought, thank God, one less thing to worry about,” Whaley remembers. “I had wondered how I’d pay for it and would I die because I can’t.” Whaley’s arm swelled after several rounds of chemotherapy to the point where she required physical therapy and a compression sleeve. Again, thanks to a Komen grant, the sleeve was available to her without charge – as was the second one she eventually needed. Whaley’s profound sense of appreciation to Komen Charlotte and the many individuals and organizations, like BCC Rally, whose donations directly helped in her time of need, gave her life new meaning.



S u rv i v o r ’ s S t o ry ]

“I decided to give back for everything Komen and so many others did for me,” she says. Now a Komen Ambassador, the gregarious Whaley openly shares her story of despair, hope, recovery and gratitude. An African-American herself, she’s active in Pink Sunday, an outreach program to African-American churches. She participates in Race for the Cure®, and she’s a member of Komen’s newly formed survivor outreach committee. Whaley received Komen Charlotte’s Shining Survivor Award for her optimism and determination throughout her fight with breast cancer, and for serving as an example to others of the celebration of life. “One in eight women get breast cancer, and maybe I’m the one in eight because I’m not afraid to tell my story,” she muses.

Sirona Dental, Inc. is proud to support the continuing efforts in the search for a cure. 46

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Komen Charlotte Grantees

Stanly Regional Medical Center


Over the years, Jan Furr, an uninsured single mother of six surviving children, had been going to Stanly Regional Medical Center for her health care needs. She had several appointments scheduled for mammograms at the medical center, but she ended up not going. The Albemarle resident felt that she could not afford to take the time off from work, as it would cut into her pay. Then one day in 2010, she was driving and ended up there. “I can’t explain it, but I felt the Lord put his hands on the steering wheel and I drove to the clinic,” Furr says.


[ Komen

Charlotte Grantees]

It was a fortuitous trip. Weeks prior to that drive, she had seen and felt a breast lump, but she told herself it was anything but cancer. Heart disease, not breast cancer, runs in her family, so the thought never occurred to her that she might one day be at risk. Upon arriving at Stanly Regional Medical Center, she had a mammogram, followed soon after by a biopsy, MRI, mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. At times she had “panic attacks on top of panic attacks,” but the caring staff was with her every step of the way – literally holding her hand through procedures and providing comfort, information and support. Throughout the process, Furr’s medical team never mentioned money. Rather, they talked about the availability of mammograms made possible through a Komen grant for Project C.U.R.E. “It’s organizations like BCC Rally and the Komen grants that help people like me,” Furr says. “I tell other women that it’s there for us and all we have to do is take 10 minutes out of our lives to have a mammogram.”

World Class Customer Service 704-563-8787

In honor of Donna Broadaway. You are an inspiration to us all! We love you!!! 48

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Charlotte Grantees]

Breast Cancer Warning Signs In addition to receiving regular mammograms, women need to be diligent about self-examinations. Warning signs* to be aware of are: • Lump, hard knot or thickening inside the breast or underarm area • Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening of the breast • Change in the size or shape of the breast • Dimpling or puckering of the skin • Itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple • Pulling in of your nipple or other parts of the breast • Nipple discharge that starts suddenly • New pain in one spot that does not go away If you have any of these symptoms, please see your health care provider right away to rule out the possibility of breast cancer. *Source: Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

There are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. today. *Source: Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

We’re going pink for breast cancer awareness.

Diebold is proud to sponsor the BCC Rally and support the mission of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.®


When it comes to the Men’s “Pink Ball” Golf Tournament, everyone is a winner. KPMG is proud to sponsor this year’s Men’s “Pink Ball” Golf Tournament as part of the 9th Annual BCC Rally benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Thanks to the Komen Foundation and the efforts of our community, there are more and more winners in the fight against breast cancer.

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[ Men’s “Pink Ball”

Golf Tournament ]


Founding Sponsor, KPMG

They wore pink shirts, pants, socks and even laces, and they decorated their carts and golf bags with pink bows.

“Men in pink” aptly describes the 85 sportsmen who teed up on a hot, sunny day for the second annual Men’s “Pink Ball” Golf tournament at Ballantyne Country Club on September 27. From the shotgun start of the three-game format, to the new “Double Your Money” prize on hole #8, to the raffle prizes and naming of the winners for low pink ball, low gross and low net scores, the men were fully into the spirit of the day. They wore pink shirts, pants, socks and even laces, and they decorated their carts and golf bags with pink bows. Helping to put the day into context was Curt Shaw, a board member of Komen Charlotte. He spoke to the players before they headed out to the course, sharing the story of his grandmother passing away from breast cancer before he ever knew her. He reminded them that breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women and is the leading cancer in women. Shaw noted that thanks to events such as BCC Rally, Komen Charlotte grantees provided more than 3500 mammograms, 1500 diagnostic tests and 1400 clinical breast exams in 20102011. Komen Charlotte also provided substantial amounts of money for research programs at Wake Forest University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and UNC-Charlotte.


[ ME n ’ s

Golf] Captain: John Shrom Event contributors: Ballantyne Country Club Golf Course Superintendent, Scott Cochran Ballantyne Country Club Head Golf Professional, Matt Saggio Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Hendrick Porsche KPMG PPT Photography Jeanne Puckett, photography Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Terri Williamson, photography


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[ ME n ’ s


6824 East Independence Blvd. ŚĂƌůŽƩĞ͕EϮϴϮϮϳ 54

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The Art of Pruning

Full Service Tree Care Serving Charlotte/Lake Norman Area

Grass Man

(704) 819-0026 Please see our website for details:


Supports BCC Rally 11535 Carmel Commons Blvd. Suite 205 Charlotte, NC 28226

Office (704) 341-ENDO (3636) Fax (704) 341-3880

Phone: 704-541-4747 റ&Ădž͗ϳϬϰͲϱϰϭͲϰϳϰϲ

6303 Carmel Road, #101 ŚĂƌůŽƩĞ͕EϮϴϮϮϲ




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[S potlight ]

Ballantyne Country Club Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Tennis When it comes to sponsoring charitable events, Ballantyne Country Club is “the club with heart,” proudly says Jill Philmon, general manager/COO. “It’s a culture that has formed on its own because of the people who live in the neighborhood and club * members,” Philmon believes. “BCC Rally enhances the feeling of community and giving back,” she adds. “It’s a symbiotic relationship between the club, club members and residents working together for one cause.” The staff also feels just as much a part of the proceedings, and demonstrates its support.

A recent article in a club industry publication highlighted Ballantyne Country Club’s role in BCC Rally, which has prompted other clubs to call for advice on how to implement similar programs. Philmon tells them to develop a service attitude of “net giving” – that is, an approach that extends beyond traditional business networking and becomes so much more. This year, the club continued its already strong involvement and generous support by sponsoring the BCC Rally ladies’ tennis tournament. “We’re delighted and proud to be part of BCC Rally, and we all look forward to it,” Philmon says. “It ties in every aspect of the club. It’s become part of who we are.” One of the core values of Ballantyne Country Club is social responsibility, and BCC Rally certainly helps fulfill that endeavor.

*Ballantyne Country Club is a private, member owned club located at the heart of the BCC community in Southeast Charlotte. The club offers memberships to the Greater Charlotte area; residency within the community is not required to join the club. In addition to community outreach events, the multi-generational club prides itself on a full calendar of events and activities throughout the year for members of all ages. This club very clearly is The Lifestyle you Envision for Your Family.


AmWINS Group, Inc. is proud to congratulate BCC Rally on another year of successful fundraising, and thank them for bringing us closer to a cure.

4725 Piedmont Row Drive | Suite 600 | Charlotte, NC 28210 | 704.749.2700 |

Carlisle Companies Inc. is a global diversified company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products serving a broad range of niche markets including commercial roofing, energy, agriculture, lawn and garden, mining and construction equipment, aerospace and electronics, dining and food delivery, and healthcare.


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[ Ladies’ Tennis ] Founding Sponsor, Ballantyne Country Club

A …seek sound medical advice and demand appropriate testing.

Dr. Reza Nazemzadeh of Levine Cancer Institute

A record number of women of all skill levels “rallied” for Ladies’ Tennis on September 28 at Ballantyne Country Club, playing a fun round robin format followed by lunch. Still a relatively new event in just its fourth year, Ladies’ Tennis continues to evolve its presence within the BCC Rally calendar. New in 2012 was the addition of “in honor of ” and “in memory of ” banners on the courts and guest speakers at the luncheon. Jill Philmon, general manager of the club, welcomed the players and lunch guests, seated amid a profusion of hot pink, black and white decorations. She shared that breast cancer has touched both her family and friends, which has made the one-in-eight incidence of the disease all the more real to her.


[ Ladies’

Tennis] Co-Captains: Courtney Purviance Barbara Reichard

Event contributors: Ballantyne Country Club BCC Staff Cliff Meneke, BCC Head Tennis Professional Jason Michael, BCC Tennis Professional Barry Bertram, BCC Tennis Professional BCC Tennis Pro Shop Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated GL Photography Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Terri Williamson, photography


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Dr. Reza Nazemzadeh of Levine Cancer Institute encouraged the attendees to be their own health advocates. He emphasized the importance of selfexams and knowing one’s body to be aware of changes. Concerned that something might be wrong? He said to seek sound medical advice and demand appropriate testing. Monica Gallant, clinical nutrition manager at CMC-Pineville, urged the women to eat for health. Food, she said, has a profound effect on the body and can change cell structure. Certain foods, including walnuts, flax seeds, soy, broccoli and kale, all possess strong anti-cancer substances.

[ Ladies’



Scrumptious boutique catering

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Laura Perez 704-497-0973

Quality Structures is proud to support BCC Rally in their campaign to end breast cancer forever!! Owner: John Freudenthal Phone: 704-756-3555


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[ Ladies’




Levine Cancer Institute’s mission is to deliver XPSMEDMBTTDBODFSDBSFBDSPTTUIF$BSPMJOBT 

The Institute’s mission will take cancer care to a new level in the Carolinas, providing:



hospitals and providers.


Watch this video to learn more about Levine Cancer Institute 4DBOUIJT23DPEFVTJOHBGSFF23 SFBEFSBQQPOZPVS4NBSUQIPOF

[S potlight ] Levine Cancer Institute’s Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) and CMC-Pineville

Founding Sponsors, Pink Bow Gala

The opportunity to help build a nationally renowned, comprehensive, patient-focused cancer program bringing both excellent care and cutting-edge clinical research to communities through Carolinas HealthCare System’s network of affiliated hospitals and providers was Dr. Edward Kim’s motivation to join Levine Cancer Institute last year as chair of its department of solid tumor oncology and investigational therapeutics. Dr. Kim’s specialty is studying an individual’s cancer, and then finding the right drugs to treat it based on its particular characteristics. “Our goal is to target and kill the cancer while not harming healthy cells,” he says. “We’re on the precipice of some really novel and clinically transformative discoveries that can change outcomes for patients.” Even with the advances in care for breast cancer, Dr. Kim notes that there is still significant ongoing research because critical needs remain unmet. Many patients, such as those with inflammatory breast cancer, suffer from the disease because effective therapies have yet to be developed.

expanding its cancer treatment facilities and services several years ago. Among its additions are: a radiation oncology center; more operating rooms; robotic surgery; a multidisciplinary team of experts, including on-site surgeons; and supplemental services such as patient navigators.

A charter member of Levine Cancer Institute, CMCPineville is one of the sites that will benefit from the new model for cancer care.

“We want our patients to know we are here for them,” says Atkinson. “With all of our improvements and efforts, we aim to minimize the scariness and confusion of a cancer diagnosis and support all patients’ needs as they go through every step of their treatment.”

“Through our affiliation we’ll be able to offer more local access to expertise, treatment options, research, and clinical trials that the community needs,” says Cheryl Atkinson, vice president of operations at CMC-Pineville. Recognizing that cancer patients prefer to stay close to home for care and daily treatments, CMC-Pineville began

Dr. Kim adds, “I feel fortunate to be part of the team at Levine Cancer Institute and partner with groups like BCC Rally to bring awareness of and make a difference in the fight against cancer.”


[ Pink


Bow Gala]

[ Reflections ]

[ Pink bow

gala ] Founding Sponsors, Levine Cancer Institute’s Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) and CMC-Pineville

“We treat patients as individuals, not as a disease. We’re taking individualized, targeted therapies to the Carolinas, and we won’t be happy until that goal is satisfied.”


Dr. Edward Kim, Levine Cancer Institute

Always a special event as the culmination of BCC Rally Week, this year’s Pink Bow Gala was even more memorable thanks to the gracious appearance by Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G.

Komen for the Cure®. The evening began with a private reception with Ambassador Brinker for sponsors, business partners, Komen representatives and BCC Rally committee captains to greet and

thank her for her tireless role as head of the global leader in the breast cancer movement. During the cocktail hour, an overflow crowd busily bid with their cell phones on an enticing array of silent auction items. They quickly purchased every bottle from the mystery wine wall and also raffle tickets for a stunning diamond and pink sapphire necklace generously donated by Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers. Maureen O’Boyle, WBTV anchor, served as emcee. Dr. Edward Kim of Levine Cancer Institute and Dr. Shirley Scott of Carolina Breast Center (representing Carolinas Medical Center – Pineville) were the featured speakers on behalf of the cofounders of this event. Both shared their motivations to enter the medical profession and their efforts against breast cancer. In her keynote remarks, Ambassador Brinker acknowledged BCC Rally’s record achievements in fundraising and generating awareness about breast cancer, saying that the organization helps attest to the transformative “Power of One” to change cultures and save lives. The fundraising continued after dinner with spirited bidding on an array of luxury auction items along with a signed copy of Promise Me, authored by Ambassador Brinker. Music and dancing capped off the evening. The gala, like all the BCC Rally events, celebrated the power of volunteers united for the cause, while the guests were ever mindful of the continuing impact of this deadly disease.


Co-Captains: Mary Cantelmo Jean Rottmann Event contributors: Alan M. Fisher, auctioneer Ballantyne Country Club BCC Staff Bella Photography Chuck Eaton Photography Levine Cancer Institute & CMC - Pineville Jean & Bob Rottmann, Pink Bows Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers

“Events like BCC Rally, the auction and the Pink Bow campaign are critical to raise resources, especially in tough economic times and in light of shrinking government resources.” Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Pink Bow Gala Keynote Speaker

[ Pink

Bow Gala]

“We’ve made palpable progress, but we can’t for a moment lose the momentum in this fight. There’s optimism, hope and courage on the one hand, and the gruesome reality on the other hand.” Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Pink Bow Gala Keynote Speaker



[ Reflections ]

[ Pink

Bow Gala]

“Today we’re seeing a host of historic breakthroughs in science that are enabling people to live normal, healthy lives and that will someday prevent breast cancer. While we’ve made tremendous progress, we face an unforgiving future unless we renew our commitment to this fight. We need a reawakening of the importance of science and killer therapies.” Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Pink Bow Gala Keynote Speaker


[ Pink

Bow Gala] Aon Risk Solutions

“The passion of volunteers, like those of BCC Rally, are the heartbeat of America and what sets this country apart in the world. I’m proud to be here for what you’ve done, and I’m happy to walk alongside you.” Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Pink Bow Gala Keynote Speaker

Community Service Aon focuses on serving our clients and their communities. As a result, more clients choose Aon than any other broker. As the leading provider of risk management, insurance brokerage and human capital consulting, we provide the advice and products that help businesses and communities alike achieve their profit, growth and continuity goals. Aon applauds the continuing work of BCC Rally Aon Risk Solutions 1111 Metropolitan Avenue, Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28204 Bruce Quintana Executive Vice President 704.343.4121 Kathy Lynch Managing Director 704.343.4161

Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources.


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One-on-one investment help Visit your local Fidelity Investor Center.

Charlotte Investor Center 4611 Sharon Road, Suite 125 800.275.6799

Although consultations are one on one, guidance provided by Fidelity is educational in nature, is not individualized, and is not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for your investment or tax-planning decisions. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC. Š 2012 FMR LLC. All rights reserved. 120192_69_AD_SKomen_Charlotte.indd 1

579510.2.6 8/13/12 10:34 AM

Proud Supporter of the BCC Rally t t t t t

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[S potlight ]

Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers Founding Sponsor, Sparkling Pink Auctions Skatell’s experienced staff of certified gemologists, diamond and colored stone graders, and master jewelers can custom make any design according to their customers’ exacting standards. Providing outstanding service is the company’s main priority, and the Ealys apply that same high principle to their efforts for BCC Rally.

As generous donors of both diamonds and dollars, Donna and Mike Ealy of Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers give their support where it makes a difference. BCC Rally readily passes their litmus test. The Ealys became involved with BCC Rally based on their experiences with friends battling breast cancer. What particularly resonated with Skatell’s was that BCC Rally is an all-volunteer organization, and all proceeds go directly to the cause rather than to funding overhead. They also applaud BCC Rally for harnessing the power of community in new ways. “We’re passionate about BCC Rally and honored to be involved because it is efficient, extremely well run, and they take every penny and make it into a dollar,” says Donna. “Mike and I are so impressed that every year they’re able to increase their scope.”

In an ever-increasing show of support, Skatell’s has devoted untold hours to creating custom jewelry for BCC Rally to showcase in live and silent auctions. In addition, they offered a thoughtfully handcrafted diamond necklace, which was featured as the premium raffle item in 2012. Many of the pieces subtly incorporate pink ribbons, pink gems or brief messages of hope and encouragement. As an additional fundraising component, Skatell’s donated 50 rose quartz bracelets with a silver frame charm – ready to accommodate the BCC Rally logo – to sell at the ladies’ golf luncheon, with all proceeds allocated for the organization. Above all, the Ealys value the friendships they have made with BCC Rally volunteers. “We’re connected on personal and emotional levels,” Mike says. “We love those ladies. They could just go about their day, but they’re doing something for women who can’t afford mammograms in Charlotte and beyond.”








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[ Pink

Directory ] “Sparkling Pink Auctions” Founding Sponsor, Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers

ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL Fidelity Investments KPMG Robbins Financial Group, LLC

Lauren Armbrust Cajun Canvas a Painting Bayou *(By-You) Raffaela Feleppa AUTO


Autobell Car Wash, Inc.

Artisan by Design artisanbydesign@

Hendrick Acura

Chris Beloni

Hendrick Porsche

City Art Works

Wilburn Auto Body

Heidi Kirschner


Laura MacLeod



This directory contains contact details of businesses that have generously donated auction items, or given financial (or in-kind) support to the 2012 BCC Rally. Please refer to this list often to find the goods and services you need. By supporting these businesses, you are acknowledging their philanthropy and encouraging their continued support of BCC Rally. Auction Captains:

Technology Captains:

Tammi Brady Ann Nash

Penny Eisenberg Melanie Trotter

Classic Graphics Conder Flag Company Diebold, Inc. Professional Merchandising Services

CONSTRUCTION Alan Simonini Homes Quality Structures, Inc. DENTAL Aten Family Dentistry

[ pink

D i r e c t o ry ]

DENTAL cont.


Luis A. Chamorro, DMD

All The Right Grooves Professional DJ Services

Quimby & Collins Orthodontics

Charlotte NC Tours

Pinnacle Amusements

Harris Teeter/Ballantyne

ShutterBooth - Charlotte

Johnson & Wales University

The Carolina Renaissance Festival

Sirona Dental, Inc.

Charlotte Symphony

Sturner & Murray, DDS

Lori Spencer Music

The Mix Master Elaine Esteves 704-756-4717

Richard Van Gurp, DDS

NC Blumenthal Performing Arts

The Murder Mystery Company


Nascar Hall of Fame

Wine and Design Charlotte

College Admissions Strategies lee@collegeadmissions

Party Pedaler

FOOD AND BEVERAGE Blushing Bake Shop Beverly’s Gourmet Foods Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Cookies By Design Dream Dinners Edible Arrangement Gourmet to Go


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Olive This! Penny Eisenberg Polka Dot Bake Shop Scrumptious Boutique Catering laura@scrumptious Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Switchin’ Kitchens The Hunter Farm The WOW Factor Cakes charlottewedding Trader Joe’s What’s for dinner? Young Plantations/Reids HAIR AND BEAUTY Aveda/South Park

[ pink Mary Kay Cosmetics Indian Land MedSpa Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology Modern Salon & Spa HEALTH AND FITNESS Architech Sports & Physical Therapy Pretty Postures Real Life Fitness Training/ Margy Scharff Hypoxi® HOME / DECORATING Behr Paint Can’t Resist Pillows Classic Creations 704-597-9374 Decorating Den/ Hawkins Team

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Enhanced Interiors 704-770-7133 Frame Warehouse The Clutter Consultant Zen Closet HOME SERVICES Abide Window Services Ballantyne Electric, Inc. Furniture Medic

Courtyard by Marriott at Ballantyne Cox Homestead Lodge, Banner Elk, NC Iberostar Paraiso Maya Ocean Reef Club Ocean Lodge - St. Simons Island The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning


Hunter Douglas Window Designs Division

AmWINS Group, Inc.

Killingsworth Environmental Metrolina Window Washing 704-677-6666


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[ Breast Cancer –

Still a Long Way to Go in the Fight ] The statistics * are staggering: • Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and is the leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide.

• Anyone can get breast cancer – both women and men. In short, if you have breasts, you’re at risk.

• The two most common risk factors for breast cancer are being female and getting older. Younger women also can get breast cancer.

• Because the exact cause of breast cancer is unknown, there is no sure way to prevent it. Until more is known about prevention, early detection and treatment offer the best defense against dying from breast cancer.

• Breast cancer is the most common cancer in pregnant and postpartum women.

• Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African-American women. It also is the second leading cause of cancer death among AfricanAmerican women, exceeded only by lung cancer. Breast cancer mortality rate is 41 percent higher in African-American women than in white women.

• Every 74 seconds, someone in the world dies from breast cancer.

• Every hour, nearly 30 women in the U.S. are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

• In 2012, it was estimated that among U.S. women there will be:

• 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer (includes new cases of primary breast cancer among survivors, but not recurrence of original breast cancer among survivors)

• 39,510 breast cancer deaths

Closer to home, the situation is just as alarming: • Locally, 38% of women in Komen Charlotte’s nine-county service area do not get mammograms. Mecklenburg County has the highest incidence of stage IV diagnoses. Stanly County and Rowan County have the highest incidence of breast cancer and the highest death rate.** *Source: 2012 Susan G. Komen for the Cure® ** Source: 2012 Komen Charlotte


[ Pink

B o w T r av e l s ]

Sightings In: Australia England France Italy Spain Switzerland Tunisia


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[ Pink Bow

Travels ]

“Oh, the places Pink Bow can go!�


When the first bows were tied on the mailboxes of Ballantyne Country Club, in Charlotte, NC in 2008, no-one would have predicted that this small pink symbol of hope would become so welltraveled. BCC Rally pink bows have been worn in the London Moonwalk, adorned the Spanish Steps in Rome, and even taken a ride on the back of a camel in Tunisia! Because the desire to eradicate breast cancer is world-wide, so the reach of our pink bow will continue to increase as we share the message of hope and support across the globe.


[ Pink

B o w T r av e l s ]

Stateside Sightings In: California Georgia Illinois Massachusetts Michigan New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia


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[ Pa rt n e r s ] BCC Rally Honorary Partners and Family Partners Carol & Nelson Aaron

Melissa & Todd Hintze

Barbara Bauer

Barbara & Todd Jorgensen

BCC Ladies’ Golf Association

Pam & Gerald Levy

BCC Men’s Golf Association

Sid Levy

BCC Lady Lynxters

Stacy Mitchell

BCC War of the Roses

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Heather and Tyler Nagle Barbara & James Reichard Jean & Bob Rottmann Senator & Mrs. Robert Rucho Susan Smith Wendy Staffieri The Walsh Family Lili & James Warnot, Jr. Virginia Williams

Publicity Captain:

Sue Dockstader

Pink bow reached out to the community thanks to media exposure via local TV and Radio Stations:


Radio Stations: WKKT 96.9 “Kat Country” WRFX 99.7 “The Fox” WLYT 102.9 “The Lake” WEND 106.5  “The End” WIBT 96.1 “Channel 96.1” WBAV  V101.9 WSOC  103.7 WNKS  95.1 WKQC 104.7  WPEG  97.9 WFNZ 610-AM



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The UPS Store Ballantyne Commons – US 521





R a l ly ]

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[ Pink Up ]

Thank You


We are truly grateful for their generous contributions.

BCC Rally is an all-volunteer non-profit in Charlotte that raises awareness and funds for breast cancer. A board of nine women (there are no paid staff or offices) oversee the organization from their own homes, with the support of more than 50 volunteers.

In 2004, a small committee of lady members at Ballantyne Country Club in Charlotte, NC, held a golf tournament and raised $1,000 for Rally for the Cure®. From those humble beginnings, BCC Rally now annually hosts a week of fundraising events in September - family day, ladies’ golf and luncheon, men’s golf, ladies’ tennis and luncheon, and an evening black tie gala. BCC Rally’s Pink Bow Campaign sells custom bows year-round for individuals, businesses, neighborhoods and schools to “pink up” their surroundings in a show of support for the cause. The momentous impact BCC Rally has made in the fight against breast cancer would not be possible without the support of our business sponsors and partners who donate funds and in-kind products and services. We are truly grateful for their generous contributions. For a complete listing of business partners, please visit

[ Pa rt n e r s ] $20,000 Bissell - Founding Sponsor, Pink Bow Campaign

$10,000+ Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. - Founding Sponsor, Pink Fall Fair Levine Cancer Institute together with CMC - Pineville Founding Sponsor, Pink Bow Gala Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers - Founding Sponsor, “Sparkling Pink” Auctions Ballantyne Country Club - Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Tennis

$5,000 Aetna - Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Golf KPMG - Founding Sponsor, Men’s Golf SPX Corporation Bojangles’ Wells Fargo Insurance Classic Graphics Pinnacle Amusements

The momentous impact BCC Rally has made in the fight against breast cancer would not be possible without the support of our business sponsors and partners who donate funds and “in-kind” products and services.

SPARK Publications

$3,000 Charlotte Radiology - Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Luncheon

$2,500 AmWINS Group, Inc. Conder Flag Company Diebold, Inc. Fidelity Investments Harris Teeter (Ballantyne)

BCC Rally would like to thank SPARK Publications for its generous donation of their design and layout services in creating this book. Production of the Reflections book is made possible through the partnership of Classic Graphics and a family donation made to BCC Rally.

Killingsworth Environmental Wilburn Auto Body


[ Reflections ]


R a l ly ]

The cost of breast cancer treatment ranges from $20,000 to $300,000 or more.

Celebrating 100 years, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. is proud to partner with the 10th Anniversary of BCC Rally as its Presenting Sponsor, 2013.

Thank You, committed 2013 Partners

Please join us in growing the gift of HOPE for the Greater Charlotte Community! contact us at:

This book is dedicated to the hundreds of men, women, and children who have devoted countless hours to ensure the success of BCC Rally 2012. Whether you have spent months planning an event or acquiring donations, volunteered for a couple of hours, or sold pink bows, the contribution of your time, skill and spirit is greatly appreciated. BCC Rally 2012 would not have been possible without you.

The mission of BCC Rally is to bring men, women, and children together to help raise breast cancer awareness and offer financial support for Rally for the Cure® to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. BCC Rally is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.

Cheers to you! Congratulations to the BCC Rally for another successful fundraising year. We are proud to be your neighbor.

13860 Ballantyne Corporate Place | Charlotte, NC 28277 704.248.2000 |

BCC Rally 2012  

BCC Rally continues to be the number one fundraiser in the nation for "Rally for the Cure"