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[ REFLECTIONS ] A Year with BCC Rally 2013

Celebrating 10 Years





The 10-year anniversary of BCC Rally has prompted a great deal of looking back – how we began, how our events have grown, and the substantial awareness and funds we have raised for breast cancer. After just 10 years, BCC Rally: • Has raised $1,154,000, with $236,000 of that total generated by our Pink Bow Campaign • Is the most successful fundraising organization in the national Rally for the Cure® program since 2008 • Is the largest single donor to Komen Charlotte, providing between 7-10% of the local affiliate’s annual funding • Has potentially touched the lives of 3,750 women who have received diagnostic services, support or treatment from Komen Charlotte as a result of BCC Rally funding • Has been inducted into Komen’s “Lifetime Pink Ribbon Circle” in recognition of surpassing $1 million in fundraising What makes these milestones all the more miraculous is BCC Rally’s rather improbable beginning. In 2004, a group of five women golfers at Ballantyne Country Club read an ad in a golf magazine encouraging the start-up of grassroots sporting events to raise funds through Rally for the Cure® for local chapters of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Everyone knew someone who had been touched by breast cancer, and, as women, the cause resonated. The group planned a women’s golf tournament and luncheon. Rain drowned out the golf, but not the


luncheon. They raised $1,000 from a raffle for various gift baskets. Pink ribbon cookies were on the menu. It was a positive start. The momentum that group generated has been unstoppable. Thanks to the initiative of the founders and the determination, resilience, and creativity of the hundreds of women, men, and children who have since participated in the cause, BCC Rally has changed, grown, and made an indelible mark on Charlotte’s fundraising landscape. So as we marvel over the serendipity of BCC Rally’s beginnings and reflect on our efforts so far, we are mindful of the continuing needs in research and in our own backyard. Although five-year survival rates have jumped to 98% from the dismal 75% of 30 years ago, that scary “1 in 8” statistic still looms large. Many women in our community continue to face a breast cancer diagnosis with the added stress of inadequate financial resources to fight that battle. For some, the lack of access BCC Rally Board to mammograms to help Members - 2013 enable early detection means Carol Aaron the battle is especially tough. Natalie Corrigan Sue Dockstader We thank those who Jacque Farrellhave supported BCC Rally Mulholland Beth Freudenthal over the years, and urge Blythe Kinsey others to join us. Until Elizabeth Kurtz breast cancer has been Terri Williamson eradicated, there can never Reflections be too much pink and our Co-Captains: work will continue. Mary Gilbert Rally On! Sue Dockstader, Jeanne Puckett BCC Rally board president


[ 10

Y E A R S O F B C C R A L LY ]

Rally for the Cure® BCC Rally raises awareness about breast cancer and offers financial support for Rally for the Cure® to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Rally for the Cure is a grassroots program that spreads awareness about breast cancer in support of Susan G. Komen through volunteer-organized golf, tennis, and social events. BCC Rally began as one such group of Rally volunteers, and has since become an independent nonprofit. The funds we raise go to Rally for the Cure, which sends them to Komen for research and, at our direction, to Komen Charlotte. Run in partnership with Komen by Condé Nast, the premier media company that publishes magazines like Bon Appétit and SELF, Rally for the Cure is one of the largest third-party donors to Komen. Rally for the Cure has long promoted BCC Rally to Komen, and helped us enlist our first Komen speaker for an event. That exposure raised our profile and enabled us to develop a close relationship with Komen.

BCC Rally Surpasses $1 Million Mark Over 10 Years $1,200,000

Cumulative $ Raised







2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004


$400,000 $156,000

$200,000 $114,000 $52,500


$ Raised Per Year


$25,000 $13,500 $1,080

The mission of BCC Rally is to bring men, women, and children together to help raise breast cancer awareness and offer financial support for Rally for the Cure® to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. BCC Rally is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.





Much has happened in the fight against breast cancer since BCC Rally’s inception in 2004, and the work will continue until a cure for breast cancer is found. Here’s a look back at some of the miracles and milestones that have occurred in the past 10 years.

2004 BCC Rally – A group of women golfers, all members of Ballantyne Country Club, plan a ladies’ golf and luncheon to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer through Rally for the Cure®. Rain forces cancellation of the golf, but they raise over $1,000 through a raffle. The event held at the Ballantyne Country Club is called Rally for the Cure®. Komen Charlotte – Race for the Cure® raises $1 million. Susan G. Komen – Together with its Affiliate Network, corporate partners and generous donors, Komen raises $750 million for the fight against breast cancer since its inception.

2005 BCC Rally – Raises over $13,000.

2006 BCC Rally – Raises $25,000. The event gains momentum with more participants and more involvement of local businesses through financial contributions and in-kind products and services. Komen Charlotte – Scouting for the Cure™, which began in Charlotte in 2003, goes national. Susan G. Komen – More than 40 Komen Affiliates

participate in Champions for the Cure™, a grassroots program designed to educate Congress, the president, and other policy makers about breast cancer.

2007 BCC Rally – Raises $52,500. The name changes to BCC Rally for Rally for the Cure® and a logo is created. A children’s event and a jazz night join the line-up. More local businesses provide financial contributions and in-kind products and services. BCC Rally sells pink tulle for neighbors to fashion bows to tie onto mailboxes and around trees. Susan G. Komen – Marks its 25th anniversary and changes its logo to include a “running ribbon.” Invests $1 billion in the breast cancer movement and pledges to invest another $1 billion in the next decade. Medical Advancement – Tykerb (Lapatinib) is approved for the treatment of breast cancer. A Komen Scholar led the team that developed and tested it for breast cancer. Evista (raloxifene hydrocholoride) is approved for the reduction of breast cancer risk and the treatment/prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Several Komen Scholars were involved in the trial that led to its approval.

“Whether attending committee meetings, running events, or knocking on doors to sell pink bows, our BCC Rally volunteers show true dedication to the cause to stamp out breast cancer.” Sue Dockstader, BCC Rally board president, at the 2013 check presentation to Komen Charlotte


[ 10

Y E A R S O F B C C R A L LY ]



BCC Rally – Raises $112,000. Becomes the leading fundraiser of Rally for the Cure® nationwide. New events are Pink Bow Gala and Ladies’ Tennis, forming a week’s schedule of events. More businesses continue to join through a sponsorship program. Pink Bow Campaign becomes a formal outreach program. Komen Charlotte – Awards $1 million in community health grants. Susan G. Komen – Course for the Cure™ is first used to train advocates from nine pilot countries as part of Komen’s Global Initiative for Breast Cancer. The organization celebrates $100 million awarded in research grants, the largest single-year investment in research in its history. Medical Advancement – Avastin is approved for breast cancer (revoked in 2011).

BCC Rally – Raises $168,000. Partners with Ardrey Kell High School to publish a student-written children’s book called Ruthie and the Pink Fairy. This inspiring story encourages children to be brave and strong, and shows how even young children can raise awareness and funds. Komen Charlotte – Launches Pink Sunday. Susan G. Komen – Establishes the Komen Scholars Program to provide scientific peer review for breast cancer grants and programs that Komen funds on an annual basis, as well as guidance on breast cancer education and public policy. Medical Advancement – Halaven (eribulin mesylate) is approved for treatment of metastatic breast cancer.


Ann Del Vecchio, BCC Rally founding volunteer

BCC Rally – Raises $180,000. Men organize Men’s Pink Ball Tournament. Adopts a new logo and publishes the first edition of Reflections, a commemorative book about the year’s events and programs. Komen Charlotte – Race for the Cure raises $1.6 million. Moves to its current office on Randolph Road.



“My focus was to bring Ballantyne together, create awareness about how early detection saves lives, fundraising, and building a firm foundation for growth.”

BCC Rally – Raises $156,000. Becomes a non-profit, public charity organization, and the name becomes BCC Rally. Pink Bow Campaign expands beyond Ballantyne. Susan G. Komen – The first Komen Global Race for the Cure® is held in Washington, D.C. in honor of the race’s 20th anniversary in the U.S. capital.


BCC Rally – Raises $215,000. Ambassador Nancy Brinker, sister of Susan G. Komen, is the guest speaker at Pink Bow Gala. Auction proceeds, donations by business and family partnerships, pink bow sales, and participation in events continue to rise. Receives MarCom Platinum Award for the 2011 edition of Reflections, designed pro bono by SPARK Publications.


[ 10 Komen Charlotte – Awards $1.4 million in community health grants. Susan G. Komen – Komen-funded researchers make history by mapping breast cancer genomes and identifying four distinct sub-types of breast cancer. Medical Advancement – Affinitor (everolimus) is approved for hormone receptor positive, HER2negative breast cancer. A Komen Scholar led the clinical trials that led to its approval.


Board president, Sue Dockstader, accepts Running Ribbon award on behalf of BCC Rally from Tami Simmons, executive director, Komen Charlotte and Mike Smiley, board president, Komen Charlotte.

BCC Rally – Celebrates 10 years. Raises a record $220,000. Becomes the first Rally group in the country to reach $1 million in fundraising. Is inducted into the “Lifetime Pink Ribbon Circle,” a society of Komen’s top corporate partners and donors who invest over $1 million dollars, and receives the “Running Ribbon”

Y E A R S O F B C C R A L LY ]

national award. Receives a second MarCom Platinum Award for the 2012 edition of Reflections. Komen Charlotte – Expands service area to 13 counties, adding Anson, Cleveland, Montgomery, and Richmond. Susan G. Komen – Commits $4.5 million in new research grants specifically aimed at understanding the role the environment may play in breast cancer development as part of a larger commitment of $42 million for research. Medical Advancement – Lymphoseek is approved as a diagnostic imaging agent that helps detect cancercontaining lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer or melanoma. Komen funded the phase 1 trial.

“Charlotte Radiology was our first sponsor. It was just a question of asking and they said, ‘Sure.’ The more you get involved with Rally, the more people are willing to open up and talk about breast cancer.” Penny Eisenberg, BCC Rally founding volunteer


[ 10

Y E A R S O F B C C R A L LY ]

“People have given $5 and say they’re sorry they can’t give more, and I always reply, ‘This might be the $5 that finds the cure.’ “ Jean Rottmann, BCC Rally founding volunteer



[ 10

Y E A R S O F B C C R A L LY ]

“When the Pink Bow Campaign was young, a person outside of the neighborhood saw them and bought bows for all of his neighbors to welcome a neighbor coming home from the hospital after breast cancer surgery. Pink bow has become like the yellow ribbon around the tree.” Lee Lustig, BCC Rally founding volunteer

“We have a network of volunteers working intimately toward a common goal. With this group of women, I wouldn’t put any limitations on where BCC Rally can go.” Heather Nagle, BCC Rally founding volunteer




[SPOTLIGHT] SNYDER’S-LANCE, INC. 2013 PRESENTING SPONSOR the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race concert featuring Josh Turner at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

In a manner of speaking, the decision by Snyder’sLance to enhance its eight-year role with BCC Rally by becoming the 2013 Presenting Sponsor as the organization celebrates its 10th anniversary has been 100 years in the making. A century ago, Philip L. Lance, a food broker in Charlotte, turned 500 pounds of unwanted peanuts into an entrepreneurial enterprise, first by selling them on the street for a nickel a bag. He soon branched into peanut butter and then produced the first peanut butter sandwich cracker, thus founding the Lance® brand of snack crackers. Snyder’s-Lance is commemorating the landmark year of 1913, by both promoting the Lance brand to consumers and giving back to the community. Intent on giving consumers “more of what they love,” the Lance brand launched two peanut butter crackers (Xtra Fulls™ Toastchee® and Xtra Fulls™ Toasty™) and created sampling events, held the “100 Days to Win Snack Challenge” sweepstakes, and sponsored

As part of the 100 year anniversary of the Lance brand, the company awarded one-time grants totaling $1.5 million to 13 Charlotte-area nonprofit organizations. Those grants benefit programs that are closely aligned with the foundation’s focus areas – supporting education, championing healthy living, fighting hunger, and assisting military causes. While the company’s involvement with BCC Rally is separate from the anniversary grants, “we saw the opportunity to elevate our involvement for 2013, given both of us have reached a significant date,” said Sid Levy, senior director, communications and community relations. “BCC Rally’s focus on women’s health strongly complements our interest in championing healthy living. “It’s important that Snyder’s-Lance is doing things that resonate with the issues that impact moms, our core consumers,” Levy added. “Cancer, especially breast cancer, is one of the biggest issues that women have throughout their lives. We like that we’re helping to generate more awareness and funding for fighting the disease, and that it gets our associates engaged.” Levy foresees that BCC Rally will continue to achieve many more anniversaries. “Ballantyne will continue to be a booming area, and BCC Rally is synonymous with that growth,” he said.








[ THE POWER OF PINK ] It may be little, but it’s mighty.

“You can sell bows like nobody’s business.”

That’s what Maura Sanborn and Missy Johnston say about BCC Rally’s iconic pink bow. The women, both breast cancer survivors, appreciate that the low price point makes it easier for more people to express their support. That it’s bright pink color increases its visibility as a sign of honor or memory. That it’s small size makes it easy to take into any neighborhood, office, school, or event. They became so inspired by the symbolism and power of the pink bow to spread awareness and raise funds to fight breast cancer, as well as the passion of the volunteers behind the Pink Bow Campaign, that they joined the effort. They also drew a sense of personal renewal from the pink bow in light of their own experiences with the disease. Each was diagnosed with breast cancer at a relatively young age – Sanborn at 41 and Johnston at 43. Doctors detected Sanborn’s tumor from a mammogram, and Johnston found a lump through a self-exam. They both went through various forms of treatment. As a supporter of Komen and a participant in Charlotte’s Race for the Cure®, Sanborn had been aware of the pink bow. She realized the bow touched her in a different way, and that it was a tangible presence people could “Rally around.” She became a neighborhood captain and raised more than $1,000. She credits the relationships she’s formed, both from having breast cancer and her involvement with the Pink Bow Campaign, for bestowing a new perspective on life. “I’m so thankful to all who said yes and bought a bow, for it gives hope to others battling the disease, and it’s given a sense of peace to me that I got through

breast cancer because Captain: Carol Aaron of the strength of the community behind me,” Captain Business: Jacqueline Farrell-Mulholland Sanborn said. Captain BCC Neighborhood: Johnston, too, had Linda Kelley seen the bows around Event contributors: town, but didn’t know Kristy Boyles Charlotte Hounds their source until her family moved to Kelly McElroy Ballantyne in 2013. She Lacrosse Unlimited Charlotte Paige Strickland attended BCC Rally’s Joe Gibbs Racing Walk and Wag event and bought some bows, feeling a strong connection to them for helping save lives like hers. “When I look at a pink bow, I see life, hope, and a journey that’s behind me now, while others see memories of special people,” Johnston said. “My getting involved is a way to thank others for what they’re doing.” The pink bow motivated Johnston to make a difference within her own circle. She arranged for a campus-wide pink-out day at Carmel Christian School, where she is director of admission and development. In addition, both women equate the Pink Bow Campaign with the need to have regular mammograms. Sanborn noted, “I like pink bow because you’re raising your voice about it, and if thousands of women before me hadn’t raised their voices, I wouldn’t have had a mammogram, and the outcome would be different.”

Mike Smiley, board chair of Komen Charlotte, at the presentation of Komen’s Lifetime Pink Ribbon Award



BOW] Raising awareness has always been as important to the Pink Bow Campaign as raising funds. This year, our close relationship with Komen Charlotte has facilitated the development of partnerships with many local organizations such as the Charlotte Hounds lacrosse team and Joe Gibbs Racing, allowing the pink bow to be displayed at numerous events in diverse communities. This access allowed BCC Rally and the Pink Bow team to share potentially lifesaving breast cancer awareness with thousands of people we could not have reached without the support and encouragement of the staff at Komen Charlotte.




The Pink Bow Campaign expanded its 2013 reach, thanks to the enthusiastic team of volunteers bringing the message of hope and support to their neighborhoods, schools and offices throughout Charlotte, across North Carolina, to states like Oregon and Massachusetts, and to countries as diverse as Peru and Turkey.




Polypore Is Proud to Support The BCC Rally! You may not recognize Polypore by name but chances are our products touch your life every day. Polypore is a leading global high technology ďŹ ltration company, headquartered in Charlotte. We specialize in microporous membranes that are used in many items such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, lawn and garden equipment, vehicles, and in a variety of ďŹ ltration applications in the semiconductor, power and pharmaceutical markets just to name a few. Our membranes are also used in many life-saving devices. Polypore International, Inc.



Serving the world around us — everywhere you look.

SPX is a proud sponsor of the 2013 BCC Rally.



Mixed Pet thanks (704)576-7145 20

for your continued support of Susan G. Komen For The Cure! A BOUTIQUE VET WITH AFFORDABLE PRICES


STONECREST: 704.752.9787

[K omen C harlotte G rantee ]

ANSON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL “We’re grateful that the funds were available and to all those who support Komen Charlotte.”


When Komen Charlotte expanded its service area to four new counties in 2013 – Anson, Cleveland, Montgomery, and Richmond – Jill Lucas, imaging coordinator at Anson Community Hospital, got wind of the development and took action. Lucas applied for one of Komen’s small grants for urban outreach and rural health that target uninsured or underinsured individuals. She was hopeful of receiving the funding for mammograms for their patients, many of whom lack insurance and, as a result, tend to opt out of having mammograms. Anson Community Hospital is relatively small, and the staff feels a special affinity for its patients because they know so many on a first-name basis. Word soon came that Komen Charlotte had approved the screening grant, its first grant to Anson County and the first grant to its extended service area. A rush of emotion overwhelmed Lucas and her staff at the news.

“I ran out of the office hollering and our tech cried,” she said. “It’s a double blessing, both to our patients who don’t have money for mammograms and to those of us who perform them because we’re helping people we know.” This is the only hospital in Anson County. It conducts approximately 1200 screenings a year, which generally result in a dozen or so positive findings of cancer for women and men. Men most often have screenings for mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary glands. Lucas said those whose breast cancers are detected early generally do well through treatment and recovery, and their survival rate is good. Lucas finds that most of the women who do have mammograms are aware of the importance of the tests for early detection. Cost is their primary deterrent. The majority of the patients they see without the means to pay for mammograms are in the 40-60 age range, as they don’t yet qualify for Medicare. Lucas uses the opportunity when they do come in to further enhance their education about breast cancer. Buoyed by the response of the community to the small grant, Lucas intends to apply for one of Komen Charlotte’s large grants. “There’s such a need here,” Lucas said. “We’re grateful that the funds were available and to all those who support Komen Charlotte.”


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Cheers to you! Congratulations to the BCC Rally for another successful fundraising year. We are proud to be your neighbor.

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Some of the most important differences we make have nothing to do with insurance At Wells Fargo Insurance, we’re committed not only to our customers, but to the communities where we live and work and raise our families. That’s why we are proud to support the work that the BCC Rally and the Susan G. Komen Foundation do to raise breast cancer awareness throughout the greater Charlotte area. Working together, we can make a difference. Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. 6100 Fairview Road Charlotte, NC 28210 Mike Murray, Managing Director 704-553-6027 Direct

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B Co-Captains: Wendy Staffieri Iris Levkovitz Event contributors: Ardrey Kell High School Cheerleaders Ballantyne Country Club Staff Cardinal Camera Carolinas HealthCare System - CMC/Pineville Carvel® Charlotte Hounds Mascot, Blue Chiquita® Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Lawrence Cook Photography Bella Photography Jammin JP Productions Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

BCC Rally volunteers and supporters alike responded enthusiastically to the addition of the Walk and Wag Pinka-thon to the line-up of fundraising events. This new event was designed to enable families to be involved together – including the furry, barking, fourlegged family members – in fundraising and spreading awareness. It also welcomed sponsors with their families, as well as neighbors from surrounding communities to support BCC Rally in an informal and fun way. The atmosphere was bustling as about 200 people and dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds took advantage of the beautiful weather to spend time outdoors and sport pink for a worthy cause at Walk and Wag Pink-a-thon’s debut. They walked, ran, cycled and scootered along a 5K loop course in Ballantyne. Festivities included raffles, a silent auction, and face painting. The rousing music provided by Jammin JP Productions encouraged the Ardrey Kell High School Cheerleaders, and Blue, the Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse team mascot, to spontaneously break into dance and keep everyone smiling. One of the most popular activities was the photo booth, where pets and their people could dress up in pink hats, wigs, and boas and have their photos taken against a colorful backdrop. BCC Rally has indeed “gone to the dogs,” but in a most positive manner.




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Life’s good. We want to help you keep it that way. Aetna is proud to support the 2013 BCC Rally® that benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

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[SPOTLIGHT] AETNA FOUNDING SPONSOR, LADIES’ GOLF With an office in Ballantyne, a strong interest in women’s health and breast health and education, and having both employees and members who are breast cancer survivors, Aetna sponsoring BCC Rally makes sense on so many levels, observed Margie Maxwell, president, south capital markets. “The tie-ins are strong,” Maxwell said. “We’re local, BCC Rally is local and the largest Rally for the Cure® event in the country, which is huge, and we’re a health care company that believes in community service.” One of Aetna’s major initiatives is the Breast Health Education Center. Medical professionals staff this interactive online program and answer questions, direct visitors to treatment options, and participate in live chats.

“The tie-ins are strong. We’re local, BCC Rally is local and the largest Rally for the Cure® event in the country, which is huge…” Margie Maxwell, president, south capital markets

At last year’s Ladies’ Golf tournament, Maxwell furthered Aetna’s mission of breast health education by providing the women with statistics about breast cancer in North Carolina and the underserved and uninsured populations statewide. Maxwell applauds BCC Rally’s work over the past 10 years. “Ballantyne wasn’t even built out yet in 2004, and that a small group of women said we need to get health treatment to people beyond where we live is simply amazing,” she said.




Captain: Nicole Stephenson Event contributors: Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne Ballantyne Country Club Golf Course Superintendent - Scott Cochran Ballantyne Country Club Head Golf Professional - Matt Saggio Ballantyne Country Club Assistant Golf Professional - Joe Maher Ballantyne Country Club Assistant Golf Professional - Jordan Stelmach Ballantyne Country Club Golf Shop Apprentice - Bryce Gill Ballantyne Country Club Ladies’ Golf Association (BLGA) Ballantyne Country Club Lady Lynxters Ballantyne Country Club Men’s Golf Association (MGA) Ballantyne Country Club Pro Shop Staff Callaway Golf, Kevin Arkle Chiquita® Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated D.D. Peckers’ Wing Shack Harris Teeter Lawrence Cook Photography Rachel and Brad Couchenour Chuck Eaton Photography Lark Golf Hendrick Acura Joyce Makar, photography Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. Titleist, Dewitt Miles Nicole Trier





A new pairings event held the night before the golf tournament at Aloft Hotel afforded the golfers a chance to convene, converse, and plot strategy with their respective foursomes amid a party atmosphere. Prizes, appetizers, and drink specials further fueled the excitement. All that good cheer carried over to tournament day, which dawned with bright, blue skies. With Aetna as Founding Sponsor, the golfers began with photos and opening remarks from Lori Vaccaro, former executive director of Komen Charlotte.

“How do you measure the growth of BCC Rally? I’m stunned at what BCC Rally has accomplished.”

Margie Maxwell, president, south capital markets, Aetna, Founding Sponsor of Ladies’ Golf.

The women learned from Vaccaro that the funds raised by BCC Rally over the past 10 years have touched the lives of about 3,750 women in need by providing potentially life-saving mammograms and other diagnostic services and treatment. It was a sobering reminder that the golfers were playing not only for fun and the sense of camaraderie and competition, but also for a noble cause. Then it was time to kick off the nine-hole, best-ball, shotgun-start tournament. Most, if not all, the golfers wore something pink, and they took to the links with fashionable flair and excitement. The Ladies’ Luncheon awaited them on their return to the clubhouse – an opportunity to continue the celebration and acquire even more information and inspiration about the fight against breast cancer.





CHARLOTTE RADIOLOGY FOUNDING SPONSOR, LADIES’ LUNCHEON As imaging experts certified and specialized in radiology, Charlotte Radiology aggressively educates women about the importance of early detection for breast cancer, while also providing the most advanced technologies to their patients. Most recently, Charlotte Radiology began offering women in Charlotte the new FDA-approved 3-dimensional mammography.

“Our motto is screening saves.”

Michelle Russell

“Many women aren’t aware of the benefits of mammograms and that most insurance plans cover them at 100 percent,” noted Michelle Russell, breast services marketing manager. “Women think if they notice something, then they’ll get it checked, but by then it may have progressed to a point that they may not have as many treatment options had it been found earlier by a mammogram. Mammograms can show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.

“There’s also a misconception that if you get an annual mammogram you won’t get breast cancer,” she added. “The reason for mammograms is to catch cancer as early as possible, providing better outcomes for the patient.” At the Ladies’ Luncheon, the company provided pamphlets about the importance of regular breast selfexams to supplement mammograms, and they demonstrated proper selfexams using a life-like breast model. Charlotte Radiology values BCC Rally as a partner in education, and considers the organization’s passion in growing year after year “a commitment we like to be behind,” Russell said. “Our motto is screening saves,” she emphasized.


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With pink the color of the day, the mood was especially festive at the Ladies’ Luncheon, for there were Miracles and Milestones to celebrate. The milestone was BCC Rally’s 10th anniversary. The miracles were the advances in the awareness, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer that BCC Rally has been privileged to aid. The theme carried over to table decorations. Tin, the traditional symbol of a 10-year anniversary, was incorporated in the canisters for the floral centerpieces and the miniature watering cans offered as favors for the 185 guests. Packets of seeds were a reminder of BCC Rally’s intention to grow further for the cause. All were atop tables adorned in the vivid pink and green cloths from business partner Lily Pulitzer,

which also provided informal modeling and accessories stations. During the cocktail hour, attendees used their cell phones to bid on an array of enticing silent auction items while listening to Lori Spencer Music. Special guest Natalie Pasquarella, WSOC-TV anchor, spoke of the fellowship of survivorship while diners enjoyed the Asian-inspired lunch prepared by BCC Executive Chef, Anthony Soriano. Pasquarella poignantly shared her aunt’s struggle with breast cancer and the need to live every day fully. Diane Ellis, head of talent acquisition & mobility for Presenting Sponsor Snyder’sLance, Inc., and Dr. Christina Chaconas, from Ladies’ Luncheon Founding Sponsor, Charlotte Radiology, extended welcomes. Nancy Adams, certified genetic counselor,

“BCC Rally still needs you – because despite the tremendous gains made over the past 10 years, there are still many women in our community who cannot afford a mammogram, and do not know that many services are available from Komen at no cost.” Heather Nagle on behalf of fellow BCC Rally founding volunteers Ann Del Vecchio, Penny Eisenberg, Lee Lustig, and Jean Rottmann at the Ladies’ Luncheon




Cone Health Regional Cancer Center in Greensboro, NC, spoke about the hot topic of genetic testing, especially in regards to the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and their relation to breast cancer. “Genetics is the ultimate preventive medicine because the goal is to determine those persons at a higher risk before cancer so they can take appropriate actions to reduce their risk of developing certain cancers,” Adams said. Heather Nagle spoke on behalf of her fellow BCC Rally founders – Ann Del Vecchio, Penny Eisenberg, Lee Lustig, and Jean Rottmann. She called BCC Rally “a tremendous community effort with volunteerism at its finest core along with continued generous support from our wonderful sponsors.” The group donated luggage tags to encourage everyone to continue the journey together. At the close, golf awards, raffle winners, and door prize winners were announced.

6824 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28227 704-563-7800 40


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“We want people to be aware, and to know their body and take control of it.”




Real Men Get Breast Cancer Phyllis and Ron Bush

Men don’t get breast cancer, Ron Bush told himself, even as his doctor was giving him that very diagnosis. Ron’s wife, Phyllis, had felt a knot on his chest and insisted he get it checked. Phyllis, who had been undergoing surgeries and radiation for Paget disease of the breast, a rare type of cancer, was on alert. Ron resisted, saying that men don’t even have breasts. Fortunately, Ron’s annual physical exam was already scheduled. Also, fortunately, the couple had adopted the discipline of attending each other’s exams when serious health issues were involved. When Ron declined to tell his doctor about the knot, Phyllis brought it up. The doctor ordered a mammogram, much to Ron’s protest. “They were trying to squeeze something that wasn’t there,” he said. Phyllis was right to be concerned. Ron tested positive for aggressive breast cancer, and had a mastectomy. “Most men think of breast cancer as a woman’s disease,” he said. “I was floored when I was diagnosed.” Even Ron’s insurance company was rather

incredulous, and hesitated to pay for some of his treatments because he didn’t fit the standard profile – a woman, that is – of a breast cancer patient. Both cancer-free for five years, the couple, who lives in Fort Mill, SC, has embarked on a deeply personal ministry of sharing their story about their journey. As advocates for breast cancer awareness, they make speeches through organizations like Komen Charlotte, American Cancer Society, and their church, and participate in media interviews. They appreciate the novelty of their experience. Many of the groups comment that they’ve never known a male survivor or married survivors, which the Bushes find ironic. In their presentations, the Bushes note that 2,400 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, and 400 will die. They preach the gospel of early detection as the means to save lives, and that breast cancer is an all-inclusive “people disease, not just a woman’s disease.” Phyllis said, “We want people to be aware, and to know their body and take control of it.” For his part, Ron chuckles that “Phyllis nagged me to life.”




“Fight back for those we love. Lift up those who need a boost. Embrace each other with hope and kindness. Empower others to start a movement.” – We Pinky Promise




Survivor Story Tiffany Nam

When Tiffany Nam’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, Nam and her family became dedicated advocates raising funds and awareness for cancer. She decided to wait until she turned 30 before having her own genetic testing. Unexpectedly for Nam, 25 became the new 30. At age 25, Nam received a diagnosis of breast cancer and learned she, too, was BRCA1 positive. Nam underwent the trifecta of treatment… chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – in her case, a bilateral mastectomy and subsequent reconstruction. Given her young age and the prospect of many years to come, she opted for a more aggressive treatment. The treatment and side effects notwithstanding, Nam was determined to continue her involvement with Komen’s fundraising events. Beginning in high school, she had participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® in Charlotte and elsewhere in North Carolina. She since expanded her efforts with her Phi Beta Chi sorority sisters from UNC-Chapel Hill to two of Komen’s threeday, 60-mile walks in Atlanta, forming her team “Pinky

Promise.” She authored the team’s motto, a reflection of her own approach to life: “Fight back for those we love. Lift up those who need a boost. Embrace each other with hope and kindness. Empower others to start a movement.” – We Pinky Promise Nam also participated in Komen’s three-day walk in Washington, D.C. She resolutely raised money, traveled to the site, walked around the city, camped out, and engaged with her fellow walkers. Nam’s sister, Stacy, is community outreach coordinator at Komen Charlotte. At her sister’s request, Nam often speaks at various Komen events about her experiences. Her energy virtually radiates in the photo with her sister by Anchor and Veil Photography. While 40 is generally considered the age to begin regular mammograms, she urges young women like herself to have open conversations with their doctors and to request mammograms if they have concerns. “It seems like breast cancer is overwhelming, but it’s more treatable than some other cancers because of the efforts of Komen and organizations like BCC Rally that fundraise for it,” Nam said. “The statistic is still one in eight women will be diagnosed, but that it’s 95% curable when detected early gives a lot of hope.”


is proud to join the BCC Rally in the fight against Breast Cancer.



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For a woman with breast cancer, a cure would be a hole in one. Thanks to the efforts of our community, more and more women are receiving care and recovering from breast cancer. KPMG is proud to sponsor this year’s Men’s “Pink Ball” Golf Tournament, part of the 10th Annual BCC Rally® benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

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KPMG FOUNDING SPONSOR, MEN’S GOLF One of KPMG’s core values is to support philanthropic endeavors in the communities it serves, and BCC Rally is a perfect way for the Charlotte office to become involved, according to Carl Carande, National Managing Partner, Advisory. The firm sponsors Men’s Golf, bringing together partners and clients to play in several foursomes. KPMG employees attend the gala and bid in the auctions, and decorate their uptown office with pink bows. “We’ve made BCC Rally very much a KPMG Charlotte event,” says Carande. “Finding a cure for breast cancer is one of the issues nearest and dearest to our hearts, both on a corporate level and on a personal level, as we’ve seen how this disease has impacted our families, friends, and colleagues.” KPMG has even taken advantage of its sponsorship of golf star Phil Mickelson, whose wife and mother-in-law have battled the disease, for the benefit of BCC Rally. He personally signed pin flags that were donated for the gala’s silent auction. “KPMG is proud to be part of BCC Rally and part of the fight,” Carande said.


Sirona Dental, Inc. is proud to support the continuing efforts in the search for a cure. Proudly serving our customers for over 10 years!

not all oil change centers are the same come in today to exPerience the difference


Home of the


n Much More Tha nge Just an Oil Cha

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W Captain: John Shrom Event contributors:

Ballantyne Country Club Golf Course Superintendent -Scott Cochran

Lawrence Cook Photography

Ballantyne Country Club Head Golf Professional -Matt Saggio

Hendrick Porsche

Chuck Eaton Photography KPMG

Ballantyne Country Club Pro Shop

Joyce Makar, photography


Randy Joyner Golf

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

With KPMG as Founding Sponsor, the Men’s “Pink Ball” Golf tournament drew a record 106 players for the shotgun start under sunny skies. This event is always a favorite of BCC Rally sponsors and business partners, and many of the men were attired in the appropriate color. Before the men teed off, Mike Smiley, board president of Komen Charlotte, recited the still-startling statistic that one in eight women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. One of those women was his wife. Happily, she recovered without complications and insurance covered her medical expenses of some $300,000. Smiley further noted that others are not as fortunate. Many women are uninsured or underinsured. Not only must they deal with the medical aspects of the disease and how to cover the cost of screening and treatment, but they also worry how to pay rent, make up for lost income because of missed days of work, and find transportation to doctor appointments. Thanks to Komen, and, by extension, BCC Rally, they have help. The men played in foursomes and vied for an assortment of prizes in what is essentially three tournaments in one. Winners were recognized for the low “Pink Ball”, best two low net scores, and the best two gross scores in a foursome. Raffle items included golf bags, shirts, and lessons from the BCC golf pros. An informal buffet completed the afternoon’s activities.


6824 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28227 56





We’re proud to be a sponsor of the BCC Rally, supplying custom tee markers, pink golf balls, sponsor pop-ups, backdrops and other branded items. We applaud all the volunteers who work diligently to raise breast cancer awareness and to offer financial support. At Conder Flag Company, we see the world through rose colored glasses and support all the efforts nationwide to find a cure.




The Lifestyle You Envision For Your Family The Club with Heart

Offering Memberships to the Greater Charlotte Area. For More Information, Please Call 704-714-3625 11120 Ballantyne Crossing Avenue • Charlotte, North Carolina 28277 • 60



BALLANTYNE COUNTRY CLUB FOUNDING SPONSOR, LADIES’ TENNIS Ballantyne Country Club holds the distinction of being the only business partner that has been involved with BCC Rally for all 10 years of its existence. General manager and COO Jill Philmon wouldn’t have it any other way.

about breast cancer that have occurred in a relatively short period of time. She attributes much of that success to education and to organizations like BCC Rally that help enlist funding and spread awareness.

“What an honor it is for the club’s board of directors, management, and staff to be part of BCC Rally for the entire time,” Philmon said. “It shows the commitment we have to the organization. Our approach is what can we do for BCC Rally, for it’s almost like BCC Rally is part of us. As one grows, the other grows.” Taking it one step further, Philmon believes that BCC Rally has helped define the culture of Ballantyne Country Club. The club’s sponsorship of the organization gives testament to the club’s belief in community and caring. The seven core values that direct decisions, define the club’s character, and preserve what is special about the club reflect those philosophies – service, excellence, integrity, diversity, social responsibility, shared purpose, and environmental responsibility. Looking back on the past 10 years, Philmon marvels at the significant dollars raised, the advances in breast cancer care, and the changes in the general public’s consciousness and perceptions

“Back then, you often didn’t find breast cancer until it was in stage 4, and now they’re finding it sooner in stage 1 or 2 when it’s more treatable,” she said. “No one said the words ‘breast cancer’,’ and there was a stigma attached to the disease.” Philmon considers Ballantyne Country Club to be part of the community, not just located in the community, and she attributes that close relationship to BCC Rally. “This one time of year, people who are members and those who aren’t come together for a common cause,” she said. “It’s an amazing, uplifting week.”





Co-Captains: Annette Telljohann Allison Howell Auction Captain: Brittany Derlath Event contributors: Ballantyne Country Club Ballantyne Country Club Staff Kevin Brandalik, Ballantyne Country Club, Director of Tennis Jason Michael, Ballantyne Country Club, Head Tennis Professional Barry Bertram, Ballantyne Country Club, Assistant Tennis Professional Ballantyne Country Club Tennis Pro Shop Matt Bacon, Director of Tennis, Deer Valley Racquet Club, Boone, NC

Tim Buwick, Wilson Area Territory Rep Jim Demos, Head/Penn Area Territory Rep Joe Dunphy, Staff Professional, Blakeney Racquet Club Kinsey Pate, Staff Professional, Olde Providence Racquet Club Bill Schillings, Owner/ Director of Charlotte Tennis Academy Chiquita ® Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Lawrence Cook Photography Chuck Eaton Photography Terri Williamson, photography Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.


Tennis pros from clubs and facilities as far away as Boone coached players at a new format tennis clinic that kicked off the round robin tournament at Ballantyne Country Club, the event’s Founding Sponsor. The weather was beautiful, which accentuated the excitement as the “pinked-up” players took to the courts of the popular tournament. During lunch, Club general manager Jill Philmon spoke about her own history with youth tennis and how instrumental the sport was in laying the groundwork for her developing effective leadership skills. Club member Annette Telljohann, diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after moving to Ballantyne, credited the support of new neighbors for helping her survive. She called it a testament to the caring people of Ballantyne that they reached out so openly to a relative stranger in her time of great need. They helped make her struggles bearable, she said, and the experience happily left her with new lifelong friends. Further, Telljohann urged the men in the audience to remind the women in their lives to have regular mammograms to help keep the disease from “stealing your wife, your mother, your sister.” Maria Logan, a previous BCC Rally chair and yoga instructor, explained how yoga and meditation can reduce stress and improve health.


Deborah J. Aten, DDS Heather R. Dowlin, DMD 704-540-4252 AmWINS Group, Inc. is proud to congratulate BCC Rally on another year of successful fundraising, and thank them for bringing us closer to a cure.

4725 Piedmont Row Drive | Suite 600 | Charlotte, NC 28210 | 704.749.2700 |











Co-Captains: Mary Cantelmo Jean Rottmann Auction Captain: Brittany Derlath Event contributors: Ballantyne Country Club Ballantyne Country Club Staff Virginia Brown Candy Girl Confections Lawrence Cook Photography Alan Fisher, Auctioneer John Kennedy, Floral Manager, Harris Teeter Stonecrest Lark Golf Kristyn Roberts, Floral Manager, Harris Teeter Ballantyne Justin Boudrie, Fine Wine Trading Company Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers

Pink Bow Gala was “in the pink” with an extra measure of energy and festivity as it celebrated the 10th anniversary of BCC Rally and laid the groundwork for future accomplishments. The evening began with cocktails, conversation, the opportunity to purchase “mystery wrapped” pinkribboned bottles from the wine wall, and bidding on an enticing assortment of items in the silent auction. Maureen O’Boyle, WBTV anchor, galvanized the crowd with her engaging personality while they enjoyed a dinner of filet mignon and shrimp. The speakers were especially powerful. Several shared moving stories about their personal encounters with breast cancer. They all generously credited BCC Rally for helping to support advances in research, diagnosis, and treatment through its efforts to raise funds and spread awareness. Rick Puckett, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Snyder’s-Lance, Inc., BCC Rally’s 2013 Presenting Sponsor, spoke about his wife Jeanne being cancer-free for 15 years. He shared that he looks forward to “a lot more years of celebration thanks to BCC Rally.”



BOW GALA] Lori Vaccaro, former executive director of Komen Charlotte, noted, “In 1980, 74% of women diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer lived beyond the five-year mark. Thanks to the investments in research that BCC Rally has helped us fund, today 98% of women diagnosed with stage 1 will live beyond the five-year year mark.” Joe Pagani, co-founder of GoJenGo Foundation with his wife Jen to provide financial assistance and emotional support to local, in-need survivors, relayed her ongoing six-year struggle with aggressive, advanced breast cancer. Her prognosis was grim – a year to live. He’s grateful for her unexpected additional years, and he’s still counting.

“Give so that others can reach their dreams. Giving is the greatest gift. No matter how insignificant it may seem to you, the smallest gift given with the greatest love will change a life. Pass the ball, give an assist, write a note, offer a kind word, love with a grateful heart and, in return, you will have a life of significance.” Trudi Lacey, All-American basketball player, WNBA coach, author, inspirational speaker, president and CEO of Lacey & Co., an executive coaching firm, at the Pink Bow Gala

“As a two-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, Jen’s incredibly strong,” he said. “What’s also helped us get this far is Komen-funded research that developed the drug Herceptin – funds that you helped raise. It’s made a death sentence something we can fight.” Trudi Lacey, All-American basketball player, WNBA coach, author, inspirational speaker, and president and CEO of Lacey & Co., an executive coaching firm, 68

“My wife Jeanne is a 15-year breast cancer survivor, and I’m looking forward to a lot more years of celebration thanks to BCC Rally.”

Rick Puckett, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Snyder’s-Lance, Inc., BCC Rally’s 2013 Presenting Sponsor, at the Pink Bow Gala

presented the keynote address. She urged everyone to “pass the ball, give an assist…as giving is the greatest gift, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. The smallest gift given with the greatest love will change a life.” Judith Salerno, MD, MS, new president and CEO of Susan G. Komen®, expressed her appreciation to BCC Rally in a letter, saying, “With your help, and together, we are unstoppable in the fight against breast cancer.” The live auction also captured the spirit of the evening with attendees enthusiastically bidding on featured items. The stunning pearl necklace donated by Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers, which was the Founding Sponsor of Sparkling Pink Auctions, along with a Caribbean cruise and a golf getaway to Oakmont Country Club, were especially desirable and helped enliven the exchange. Following dancing, the gala came to a close.



Candy Girl Confections CandyGirlCLT

Bulk Bulk Candy Candy

Party Party Favors Favors

Candy Candy Buffets Buffets

Gifts Gifts

Chocolate Chocolate

Baskets Baskets

THINK INSIDE THE BOX! Bojangles’ Proud Supporter of the BCC Rally #TailgateEverything




[S potlight ]

SUSAN G. KOMEN CHARLOTTE REST – Research Education Screening Treatment. That, in a nutshell, is the focus of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, said former Komen Charlotte executive director Lori Vaccaro. “ ‘For The Cure’ means curing breast cancer through research and curing individuals, and that’s about early detection, screening, and treatment to save lives,” Vaccaro said.

“On behalf of Susan G. Komen Charlotte, I want you to know how thrilled and honored we are to have BCC Rally as part of our Charlotte community. Over the past 10 years, all of you have come out to work collaboratively and enthusiastically to spread awareness of breast cancer, and I assure you – you have made an incredible impact on our community.”

30 years. Much of its funds for research comes back to North Carolina because of the large number of universitybased research projects in the state. From April 1, 2013, through March 31, 2014, the dollars going to research from Komen Charlotte will total $500,000. The other 75% is focused locally. During the same April through March timeframe, Komen Charlotte is awarding nearly $1.2 million for local programs that provide screening, education, and treatment to women with limited resources in its 13-county service area. Since the founding in 1980, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has been extremely effective in moving the needle on statistics and outcomes. Back then, for

Mike Smiley, board chair of Komen Charlotte, at the presentation of Komen’s Lifetime Pink Ribbon Award As such, 25% of the funds Komen Charlotte (and the national Susan G. Komen for the Cure®) raises goes toward bench science, meaning national and international research grants. Komen has directed more than $2.2 billion to breast cancer research and has been the primary investor in every major research breakthrough in the last


Staff and Board Members of Komen Charlotte


“In 1980, 74% of women diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer lived beyond the five-year mark. Today, after all the research and investments that you have helped us make, over 98% of women diagnosed with stage 1 will live beyond the five-year mark. You are a big part of making that happen.” Lori Vaccaro, former executive director, Komen Charlotte, at the Pink Bow Gala

instance, the survival rate for stage 1 breast cancer was 74%. Today it’s 98%. Tremendous progress notwithstanding, the fight goes on. “It continues to be the cancer most women are diagnosed with, the prevalence continues to be one in eight, and, even though treatment is up, we


“ ‘For The Cure’ means curing breast cancer through research and curing individuals, and that’s about early detection, screening, and treatment to save lives.” Lori Vaccaro continue to lose more people and at a younger age,” Vaccaro said. Looking ahead, Komen Charlotte is adding some new priorities, including: • Strengthen events, like Race for the Cure® and Laugh for the Cure®

Know your family history for breast cancer risk

• Launch a major gifts campaign

Do you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer?

• Launch a planned giving campaign with Foundation for the Carolinas

If yes, you could have an inherited risk for breast and ovarian cancer if:

Komen Charlotte also is enhancing its relationship with BCC Rally – its single largest donor.

• you were diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age • your mother, sister, or daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age or ovarian cancer at any age • a woman in your family has had breast and ovarian cancer • a woman in your family has had breast cancer in both breasts • your family is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent • a male in your family has had breast cancer For more information about hereditary breast cancer risk assessment, please talk with your health care provider.

“National holds up BCC Rally as a shining tool kit for how to do it,” Vaccaro said. “You show how effective passion, power, and good intent can be.

It is tragic that breast cancer continues to cut short the lives of so many women and men each year. We honor those, including our friend Jen Pagani, who have recently lost their battle.

BCC Rally & Komen Charlotte






If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you could be at risk for hereditary cancer. BRCA1 and BRCA2 (from breast cancer susceptibility) are genes that help prevent cancer from developing. Everyone has these two genes, and they repair cell damage so breast cells can grow normally. The BRCA genes, however, can go awry. When they mutate, they cannot function normally, and that increases the risk of breast cancer. Most inherited breast cancers result from BRCA mutations. People with BRCA mutations are at increased risk for the disease, although not all people with the BRCA mutation will get breast cancer. Inheriting a mutated form of one or both increases a woman’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer. That said, most breast cancers are not linked to inherited mutations. Only about 5 to 10 percent of all cases of breast cancer in the United States are related to inherited gene mutations. Susan G. Komen has invested more than $35 million in over 110 grants focused on BRCA-related research. The aim is to understand the mutations and find less

invasive ways of dealing with the mutation through less invasive treatments. Among the areas Komen-funded researches are investigating are: • • • •

Developing new ways to prevent breast cancer in BRCA mutations carriers, including new drugs, hormone therapies, and dietary approaches Identifying environmental or hormonal factors that could contribute to breast cancer risk in women with the BRCA mutation Understanding how BRCA mutations lead to the disease so that targets for new drugs can be identified Determining if certain BRCA mutations are associated with more aggressive breast cancers and if they occur more often in certain populations

As in all cases of breast cancer, early detection is key. All women should be screened for breast cancer with routine mammograms and clinical breast exams. Source:




[S potlight ]

SKATELL’S MANUFACTURING JEWELERS FOUNDING SPONSOR, SPARKLING PINK AUCTIONS “I’m amazed at these ladies’ ability to increase their scope every year, to keep their enthusiasm and commitment. They inspire us to be inspired and committed to this event. It’s an amazing group of volunteers.”

Just as BCC Rally is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so, too, is Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers reaching a milestone of its own in its relationship with the organization. A business partner since 2005, Skatell’s, which every year has donated at least 50 customized jewelry items, exceeded the 500-item mark.

Donna Ealy, Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers, Founding Sponsor of Sparkling Pink Auctions

to connote awareness for breast cancer. This year’s donations included 100 personalized monogramed pendants in sterling silver and a solitaire diamond pendant on a ten-diamond accent chain.

“We’re good at making jewelry, and BCC Rally is good at promoting our jewelry and working hard to make as much money as possible on what we donate,” said Donna Ealy, owner with her husband Mike. “To me, it’s a miracle how every year they take what we create and make it into something bigger, like a huge raffle item. We feel that what we do is small, and they make it large.” As a manufacturing jeweler with a vast knowledge of jewelry construction, an understanding of the tolerances of different gems, and the skill of its master jewelers, Skatell’s makes jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind or a limited production. The Ealys adhere to that same philosophy in their unique designs for BCC Rally, often incorporating symbols, messages of hope, and the iconic pink used

The Ealys are grateful that the community responds so favorably to their work and comes to the store to become better acquainted with their services. “We’ve done some amazing pieces for BCC Rally volunteers who’ve become customers and friends, and it’s given us a chance to flex our creative muscles a bit and show what we’re capable of creating,” Ealy said. They’re invested in BCC Rally because they find inspiration in the dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of the volunteers. Most importantly, Ealy is hopeful that the company’s efforts will help contribute to finding a cure for breast cancer in the near future. “My personal wish is that all of the world’s daughters and sons will no longer have to face this horrible disease,” she said.


World Class Customer Service 704-563-8787

In honor of Donna Broadaway. You are an inspiration to us all! We love you!!!

New Customers Only




DIRECTORY ] “Sparkling Pink Auctions” Founding Sponsor, Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers


Michael Hamlin-Smith Mr. Bottle Tree AUTO Autobell Car Wash, Inc.

Art by Ravit

Hendrick Acura

City Art Works 704-527-1300

Hendrick Porsche

Jennifer Mecca Pottery jennifermeccapottery.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Lauren Armbrust Marian Hodge Art


This directory contains contact details of businesses that have generously donated auction items, or given financial (or in-kind) support to the 2013 BCC Rally. Please refer to this list often to find the goods and services you need. By supporting these businesses, you are acknowledging their philanthropy and encouraging their continued support of BCC Rally. Auction Captains: Brittany Derlath

Technology Captains: Penny Eisenberg Melanie Trotter

Professional Merchandising Services




Salum International Resources, Inc.


SPARK Publications

Alan Simonini Homes Aten Family Dentistry



D I R E C T O RY ]

DENTAL CONT Carolina Dental Arts of Ballantyne Village Quimby & Collins Orthodontics Sirona Dental, Inc. South Charlotte Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

The Carolina Renaissance Festival The Mix Master (Bartending) Elaine Esteves 704-756-4717 The Murder Mystery Company Wine and Design Charlotte

Sturner & Murray, General & Cosmetic Dentistry


Richard Van Gurp, DDS

Beverly’s Gourmet Foods


Candy Girl Confections

College Admissions Strategies lee@collegeadmissions ENTERTAINMENT

Carvel Ice Cream Chiquita

FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events, Inc. Harris Teeter/Ballantyne

Hairy Carey

Johnson & Wales University

Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology

Modern Muffin

Voci Spa

Olive This!


Pies for Any Occasion

Architech Sports & Physical Therapy

Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

Enlighten Yoga

Switchin’ Kitchens

Flywheel Sports north-carolina.flywheel

Ted’s Creative Cuisine “What’s for Dinner?”

Lori Spencer Music

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated


Jammin JP Productions 864-812-2808

D.D. Peckers’ Wing Shack


Mixology Class

Dream Dinners

Aveda/South Park

North Carolina Dance Theatre

Edible Arrangements

Escape Hair & Skin Studio

Edible Art of Charlotte

European Wax Center

Painting with a Twist charlotte


Aloha Nails


Indian Land MedSpa

Get In Shape for Women Pretty Postures Pure Barre Ballantyne nc-ballantyne Strength Kinect Fitness LLC strengthkinectfitness@ Titleist Performance Institute/Margo Throneburg Urban Revolution Martial Arts

[ PINK HOME / DECORATING Behr Paint Classic Creations Cork Dork Decorating Den/Hawkins Team phawkins

HOME SERVICES Abide Window Services Ballantyne Electric, Inc. Elite Cleaners Home Inventory Services for Charlotte homeinventoryservices

Designer Chair Covers Frame Warehouse

Lori’s Cleaning Services

Fox Brothers Painting and Renovation

Metrolina Window Washing 704-677-6666

Furnicharm Hunter Douglas Window Designs Division Petit Lyons monpetitlyons.blogspot. com Post & Gray Timber Jack’s Woodshop Zen Closet

Smuggler’s Notch Resort

Grass Man, Inc.

The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

Linda Greenberg Landscape & Design


NYE Landscape Management Company, Inc.

Aetna AmWINS Group, Inc. Aon

Killingsworth Environmental

The Clutter Consultant The Organizing Pro HOTELS & VACATION RENTALS Aloft Charlotte Ballantyne aloftcharlotteballantyne. com Courtyard by Marriott Charlotte Ballantyne

D I R E C T O RY ]

Wells Fargo Insurance JEWELRY

Pike Nurseries LEGAL Gorman & Associates, PA MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION

Ballantyne Jewelers

Polypore International, Inc.

Little Red Designs

SPX Corporation

Origami Owl


Penny Ball Collection

Carolinas HealthCare System/CMC-Pineville cmc-pineville

Premier Designs Jewelry Silpada Designs

MSC Cruises (USA)

Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers

Ocean Reef Club


Charlotte Radiology Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery Preferred Chiropractic Center preferredchiropracticcenter. com



D I R E C T O RY ]

MEDICAL CONT Southeast Psych PETS Camp Bow Wow Charlotte Metro charlottemetro Central Providence Veterinary Hospital 704-844-8387 Mixed Pet Veterinary Hospitals Off Leash Dog Training Park Cedar Animal Hospital parkcedaranimalhospital. Sheba’s Doggy Day Camp

Storm Defender

The UPS Store/Ballantyne

Rudy’s Italian Restaurant



Terrace Café/Ballantyne

Bella Photography & Event Planning alisonbellaphotography. com

Ballantyne Magazine

Cardinal Camera

Eric Evans

Chuck Eaton Photographers

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[ PA RT N E R S ] BCC Rally Honorary Partners and Family Partners Carol & Nelson Aaron

Patricia & Walter Kelt

BCC Ladies’ Golf Association

Kathy & Roy Langley

BCC Men’s Golf Association

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BCC Lady Lynxters

Lee Lustig

BCC Tennis Team 6

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Publicity Captain:

Sue Dockstader The impact of BCC Rally and the Pink Bow Campaign, and the story of the dedicated people involved in this organization have spread throughout Charlotte and the surrounding communities thanks to the news coverage and interviews distributed by the local media. Support from the following publications, television and radio stations, is acknowledged and appreciated for their valuable role in raising awareness and encouraging BCC Rally in the fight against breast cancer.

Print Media:

Ballantyne Magazine Ballantyne Country Club Lifestyle Charlotte Business Journal The Charlotte Observer Society Charlotte South Charlotte Weekly

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Proud to Support BCC Rally!

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Aon is proud to support BCC Rally in its mission to empower new levels of awareness for breast cancer. We salute your commitment and leadership.

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A generous sponsor of many charities and a true friend to the greater Charlotte community, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. has supported BCC Rally for several years, with a year-to-date cash donation of more than $70,000 plus product.

A special thank you to two of BCC Rally’s longeststanding “in-kind” business partners: Ballantyne Country Club, and Skatell’s Manufacturing Jewelers. In 2013, these partners went “above and beyond” a level of support we could ever imagine. Donations and services provided by Ballantyne Country Club helped BCC Rally save substantially on expenses. We couldn’t “do what we do”, without the help and heartfelt support of BCC General Manager, Jill Philmon, and her passionate staff. Through generous donations of jewelry from Skatell’s, including a special 10-year anniversary monogrammed necklace (which alone generated $11,000 in sales), BCC Rally raised more than $30,000 in 2013, attributable to this treasured in-kind sponsor!

Business Partnerships Captain: Terri Williamson


Founding Sponsor, “Sparkling Pink” Auctions Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Tennis

$5,000 (EVENT SPONSORS) Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Luncheon

$2,500 (“Pretty in Pink” Sponsors)

Founding Sponsor, Ladies’ Golf

$5,000 (“Pink Champagne” Sponsors)

AmWINS Group, Inc.

European Wax Center



Killingsworth Environmental

Wells Fargo Insurance

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Harris Teeter/Ballantyne

Carolinas HealthCare System - CMC/Pineville Conder Flag Company Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery

Founding Sponsor, Men’s Golf

Bissell Companies Lilly Pulitzer/SouthPark

$3,000 SPARK Publications

The far-reaching impact BCC Rally has made by serving Charlotte and its 13 surrounding counties in the fight against breast cancer, would not be possible without the support of our business sponsors and partners who donate funds and “in-kind” products and services. THANK YOU!



[ E X PA N D I N G ]

BCC Rally is: • •

An all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization serving the greater Charlotte community in the fight against breast cancer since 2004 The first Rally group in the nation to surpass one million dollars in fundraising for the national Rally for the Cure® program

A 2013 inductee into the Susan G. Komen® Lifetime Pink Ribbon Circle, a society of top corporate partners and donors who have invested more than $1 million to help win the fight against breast cancer

This issue of Reflections is dedicated to the hundreds of volunteers who so generously donate their time, skills, and enthusiasm to BCC Rally and the fight for the cure …10 years and counting.



BCC Rally 2013  

BCC Rally continues to be the number one fundraiser in the nation for "Rally for the Cure"