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Echinacea purpurea 'Bressingham Beeloved' AGM


All of us here at Bressingham would like to welcome you to our new Spring and Summer 2024 online digital catalogue after a brief absence last year due to the appalling winter that visited us all in late 2022 and early 2023. In over thirty years of running the nursery I have never experienced a winter that did so much damage. All in all we lost over 35% of our total stock with many genera such as Agapanthus, Crocosmia and Kniphofia being almost completely wiped out. Unfortunately also amongst the casualties were many new varieties from Head Gardener and Curator Jaime Blake’s breeding program. It will take many years of restocking to get back to where we were. That said we have had a good and productive year rebuilding the stocks that we were left with and are very pleased to be able to offer your four new and exclusive varieties bred here at The Bressingham Gardens. Firstly we have our front and back cover introductions from Jaime’s breeding program. Echinacea ‘Bressingham Beeloved’ and Crocosmia ‘Bressingham Dark Fires’. Both are exciting new selections that have been trialled here in the Gardens for now for nearly 10 years and have performed so well that we know they will do the same for our customers. In fact Jaime was so impressed and convinced with the Echinacea’s performance that he sent it for the recent RHS Echinacea trials where after three years it was awarded the covetous RHS Award of Garden Merit. The Crocosmia was borne of Jaime’s desire to find a vigorous and hardy dark leaved form, as the majority of other cultivars in the market failed in both regards. After assiduous selection and trialling we are now able to release this fantastic selection. See overleaf for descriptions.

Adrian has also been busy with two very different selections, a little and large you might say. The first is a vigorous and incredibly abundant flowering Buddleja with a good second flush of flowers when the first are de-headed. Trialled by him for over 10 years with proven characteristics and performance. Secondly we have the more diminutive Campanula ‘Lilac Time’ continuing his series of Carpet Campanula selections, flowering abundantly with distinctive lilac flowers through the summer. Ideal for the garden, patio container and hanging basket. We acknowledge in advance that many of you may be disappointed not to receive a hard copy catalogue but as 95% of our orders are now online it wasn’t economic for us to continue with the paper form and will also reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you will understand and you still will be able to scroll the pages as you would with a printed copy on your screen. Then by clicking the name of the plant it will open your browser to take you to the web page where you can order as normal.

Lastly we have largely held our prices this year as the cost of living still bites for everyone. Our prices are generally below those of most garden centres and considerably below those of other mail order company’s where you will get less for more. We as always pride ourselves on providing you with quality, service and value and remain always committed to doing so. Hopefully you will all find plenty in this catalogue to whet your appetite for the gardening season to come. And don’t forget we have much more availability week by week through the year on our website shop.

Happy Gardening

Jason Bloom and The Bressingham Gardens Team

Please note that a few plants in the catalogue have been marked on the webpage for delivery after April 1st so orders with these plants will be held for despatch after that date

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AGM RHS Award of Garden Merit cm Centimetres D Density of plantings per sq. metre F Months of flowering H Height m Metres PBR Plant Breeders Rights Scented 30cm = 1 foot Tel: 01379 688282

Buddleja 'Bressingham Bountiful'

Trialled by Adrian Bloom for 10 years in his garden, this vigorous and distinct selection is very free flowering with large, sweetly fragrant, pale lilac flowers which will continue into autumn if pruned back by a third after the first flush of flowers. Bees and butterflies adore. H180-240cm F6-9 D1

92948 1 for £11.95 3 for £29.95

Echinacea purpurea 'Bressingham Beeloved' AGM

A magnificent selection by Head Gardener Jaime Blake and painstakingly trialled for many years at Bressingham. Forms a neat clump of deep green, spear shaped leaves above which deep, wine red stems branch to form a dense, upright, bushy habit topped with large, intensely bright pink cone flowers in mid to late summer. Well deserving the recent RHS Award of Garden Merit and as the name suggests it is not only visitors to the gardens who love this plant! H75-90cm F6-8 D3

92950 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Crocosmia 'Bressingham Dark Fire'

Another fantastic selection by Head Gardener Jaime Blake. This stunning plant has the dual appeal of attractive foliage and great flowering performance. Emerging from the winter with green, slender, grassy leaves that mature to turn deep bronze in mid-summer, over which slender stems branch to hold wonderfully contrasting sprays of red outer petals with yellow inner petals. Strong, vigorous and winter hardy, unlike many other dark leaved forms on the market. H60-75cm F7-9 D3

92901 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Campanula 'Lilac Time'

Selected by Adrian Bloom this free flowering Carpet Campanula is another addition to Campanula ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Purple Fountain’. Chosen for its abundance of lilac bellflowers this plant forms a mound of mid green leaves followed by ground hugging stems bearing an amazing proliferation of distinctive lilac flowers in early to mid-summer. Highly adaptable this plant can be used in the garden, patio container or hanging basket and always delivers a wonderful display.

H20cm F5-8 D3

92949 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Tel: 01379 688282 3

Agapanthus 'Bressingham Blue'

Raised by Alan Bloom in 1970 this selection remains one of the deepest blue flowers available. Vigorous and hardy with grassy, green leaves followed by plentiful, deep blue flower heads.

H75-90cm F7-8 D3

90338 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Agapanthus 'Silver Moon'

By far and away the best variegated cultivar we have tried and tested at Bressingham. Vigorous, brightly variegated, strap like foliage is followed by a stunning display of large headed, mid blue umbels held aloft on stiffly upright stems. Such a flowering display is rarely seen on other variegated cultivars.

H75-90cm F7-9 D1-3

92893 1 for £10.95

Anthemis 'Susanna Mitchell'

A Bressingham Gardens introduction, this long blooming perennial deserves a place in every garden. A spreading carpet of grey foliage is festooned with creamyyellow flowers all summer.

H40cm F6-10 D1-3

91747 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Actaea simplex 'James Compton' AGM

Darker even than C.'Brunette', this clump former produces strong stems bearing large, feathery, dissected, deep purple-black foliage with long, white, bottle brush flowers in autumn. Partial shade and moist, fertile soil.

H120cm F8-10 D1-3

91906 1 for

Anemone nemorosa 'Bressingham Blush'

This distinct selection raised at Bressingham Gardens forms a vigorous clump of dissected, green leaves with an abundance of open, white flowers with the outer petals flushed a pinkish-mauve turning purple as the flowers age.

H20cm F3-4 D3

92693 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Agapanthus 'Bressingham Bounty'

Rarely offered Bressingham bred selection forming large clumps of wide, grey-green leaf blades, with stiff, stout stems bearing large umbels of light blue flowers with distinctive deeper blue stripes.

H100cm F7-8 D1-3

91079 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

£9.95 Limited Stock Tel: 01379 688282

Agapanthus inapertus 'Summer Blue Bells'

Much admired in Adrian Bloom’s Foggy Bottom Garden for many years. Never keen to introduce a new cultivar unless distinct, we now think we should share this hardy and showy, late flowering form with our customers. |It is a sturdy, free flowering Agapanthus whose light blue, pendulous flowers resemble bells, hence our name. H 90-120cm F7-9 D1-3

92874 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Agapanthus 'Loch Hope' AGM

More than worthy of the coveted RHS AGM award this hardy selection never fails to deliver a stunning late summer display. Over a mound of strap like, mid green leaves tall, dark stems are topped with huge, deep blue umbels. H120 F7-10 D1-3

Limited Stock

90378 1 for £9.95

Anthemis tinctoria 'Sauce Hollandaise'

Clump forming, spreading perennial bearing deeply cut, dark green leaves with an abundance of pale cream flowers with a yellow centre. Best in a sunny postition and in well drained soil. A bee and butterfly favourite.

H60cm F6-8 D3

90022 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell'

A wonderfully bright semi evergreen foliage plant ideal for plant associations both in the garden and patio container. This distinctive selection forms a dense hummock of wide, brightly creamy variegated margined green overlapping leaves. Best in a sunny warm spot preferably free from hard frosts where it will produce a few large headed, light blue flowers. H60cm F7-9 D3

90665 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Agapanthus africanus 'Snow Pixie'

A delightful dwarf evergreen selection that forms a neat basal clump of strappy, overlaid, mid green leaves with short 50 cm stems that carry large, pure white umbels of flowers that create a magnificent mid to late summer display.

H50cm F7-9 D3

92844 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Actaea matsumurae 'Frau Herms'

A spectacular and rarely offered form of bug bane, this compact selection forms a dense bush of deeply lobed, mid green, glossy leaves with a wonderful display of long lived spikes of white, fragrant flowers in autumn.

H130-150cm F8-10 D1

92135 1 for £9.95 Limited Stock

Anemone nemorosa AGM

Selection from the Dell Garden this natural woodlander quickly naturalises beneath deciduous shrubs and trees. Forms a mat of foliage with a scintillating display of pale mauve flowers.

H20cm F3-5 D3-5

Agapanthus 'Navy Blue

A wonderfully deep selection, this robust and floriferous cultivar forms a clump of strap like leaves above which upright stems carry umbels of brooding, deep blue, starry flowers in summer. H90cm F7-9 D1-3

Agapanthus 'Lilliput'

One of the best dwarf Agapanthus, this diminutive native of South Africa forms a dense clump of slender deep green grassy leaf blades with deep blue flower heads held on shorter stems. Hardy and reliable.

H45cm F7-8 D5-7

91305 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

92907 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Agapanthus 'Bressingham White'

A selection from trials at Bressingham and chosen by Alan Bloom in the late 1960's this strong performer has proved its garden worthiness over many years. Forms a clump of slender, green, strap like leaves with large, white flowerheads on arching stems.

H90-120cm F7-8 D1-3

90865 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

90868 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Amsonia 'Blue Ice'

A recent introduction from the famous White Flower Farm Nurseries in the USA. This selection is much shorter and bushier than the species forming a dense mound of bright green foliage with long blooming, periwinkle blue, starry flowers above.

H30-40cm F5-7 D3

92618 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Agapanthus 'Windsor Grey'

A reliable top performer this large agapanthus forms a clump of wide, strap like, arching leaf blades with strong, tall stems carrying huge umbels of greyish-white flowers with the subtlest tints of lilac. H120cm F7-8 D3

90738 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Astrantia major 'Primadonna'

A compact selection that forms a tight, ground hugging, slowly spreading mound with slender, branched stems carrying clusters of open, deep red, starry flowers. H50-65cm F6-9 D3

Aster 'Cotswold Gem'

A hybrid of A. pyrenaeus 'Lutetia' with A. amellus discovered by Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flowers. Forms a neat, upright, compact bush with large, single, pink-mauve flowers from August to mid October and totally mildew resistant. H65cm F8-10 D3

Astrantia major 'Pink Crush'

A new selection from Jaime Blake the curator of the Dell Garden this shining beauty forms a neat, low mound of green foliage with bright, glistening pink, starry flowers in early summer.

H40cm F5-7 D3

91544 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Brunnera macrophylla

'Jack Frost' AGM

One of the most important introductions of the last 20 years this invaluable plant forms a neat, layered mound of spectacular, bright silver veined leaves with a magnificent display of sparkling blue “forget-me-not” flowers. Superb in containers. H30-45cm F4-5 D3

92078 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


90051 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

£8.95 3 for £22.95
1 for

Bergenia 'Bressingham Ruby'

Our highly acclaimed introduction still takes some beating for its clumps of large glossy green leaves which turn deep ruby in winter, with crimson undersides. Bold spikes of bright rose red cheer up the early spring. A superb foliage and flowering plant.

H60cm F4-5 D3-5

90287 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Campanula lactiflora 'Loddon Anna' AGM

An old stalwart and worthy award winner. Forms a dense clump of upright stems clothed with mid green leaves and topped with exquisite lilac-pink, open panicles of flowers. H100-120cm F6-8 D1

Aster x frikartii 'Monch' AGM

One of the most popular Aster's of all time and rarely beaten by newer rivals. Forming a neat mound of greyish-green foliage with strong stems branching to hold a mass of lavender-blue flowers throughout the summer.

H75-90cm F7-9 D3-5

91104 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Aster amellus 'Forncett Flourish'

Deservingly awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit. This strong growing Aster is noted for it’s vigour and wealth of deep violet-blue, yellow centred flowers for weeks and weeks in summer.

H60cm F7-9 D3

Astrantia major ssp. i. 'Shaggy' AGM

Also known as 'Margery Fish' of Lambrook Manor fame this selection forms a clump of mid green foliage with a mass of huge, white flowers with green flecks. Moist soil, part shade.

H80cm F6-9 D3

90825 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Campanula 'Moonlight'

Make a mound of light green foliage which is filled with china blue, fading to white flowers . The colour as with many plants , changes with the light. Flush of flowers in early summer and again in autumn.

H20-30cm F6-10 D3-5

91873 1 for £8.95 3 for

92718 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

92886 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Astrantia 'Roma' AGM

A truly wonderful selection by the renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf, a cross between A. maxima and A. major, a neat clump of foliage is topped with a mass of coral-pink flowers. Reflowers readily if deadheaded after first flush.

H75-90cm F6-9 D3

90826 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Campanula lactiflora 'Prichard's Variety'AGM

Widely prized for its deeper blue flowers, this worthy award winner forms a robust mound of upright stems with mid green leaves branching to hold large heads of deeper blue, mauve tinted flowers.

H100cm-120cm F6-8 D1-3

91810 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Campanula poscharskyana 'Purple Fountain'

Low growing habit, purple tinged leaves early in the year, and stems bearing purple, white centred flowers, a striking plant.

H10-15cm F6-10 D5-6

92898 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Cephalaria gigantea Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum'

Imposing plant with large, deeply lobed leaves forming a large clump followed by stems carrying large, pale yellow, scabious like flowers. Prefers a moist postition for best results.

H180-200cm F6-8 D1

91660 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

A wonderful and underused Cottage Garden perennial. Forms a dense mound of large, ferny, mid green foliage with large, coral-pink 'Cow Parsley' flowers in late spring.

H60-90cm F5-6 D1-3

90803 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

One of the brightest coloured cornus in winter. Upright stems form a neat bush carrying mid green leaves in summer. In winter stems are yellow with distinct red tips. Cut back to 15cm. in late march for best colour.

H90-120cm F6-7 D1

91765 1 for £11.95 3 for £29.95

Dierama igneum

A compact and showy species of ‘Angel’s Fishing Rod’. Forms a dense clump of stiff, upright, grassy leaves with slender, arching stems carrying pendant, pink, bell like flowers.

H60cm F6-8 D3-5

Cortaderia selloana 'Patagonia' AGM

An excellent form of this showy, South American native. Forms a dense, robust mound of sharp, grassy, green leaves with airy, white plumes held above on shorter, stout stems. H200cm F8-10 D1

91813 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Geranium himalayense 'Baby Blue'

A great selection of this adaptable species. Forms a vigorous mound of mid green deeply lobed foliage with a mass of deep sky blue flowers with a distinctive white centre. Good in drier soils.

H40cm F6-8 D1-3

Crocosmia 'Golden Ballerina'

Trialled at Bressingham for many years, this robust and showy perennial forms a dense, upright clump of grassy leaves with stiff stems carrying sprays of large, open, soft orange-yellow flowers in mid summer. H90cm F7-9 D3

91388 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hakonechloa macra 'Alboaurea' AGM

A beautiful yet little used grass from Japan. Forming a dense clump of slender stems and wide, lush green leaf blades arching to create a marvellous effect.

H30-45cm F8-10 D1-3

92097 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

90881 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90253 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Deschampsia 'Silver Mist'

This recent and exclusive to Bressingham Gardens introduction was discovered by Adrian Bloom in his Foggy Bottom garden. This strong and robust grower forms a dense clump of deep green leaves with a magnificent and long lasting display of incredibly dense, silver flower spikes held above the foliage like mist on an early morning.

H90-120cm F6-9 D1

92804 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Eupatorium purpureum ssp m. 'Glutball

Distinctive selection from Germany raised for its compact, dwarfer habit. Robust, red stems carry purplegreen foliage with large, flat, pink flower heads in summer. Adaptable and easy, seen here in wonderful combination with Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’.

H150-180cm F8-10 D1

90263 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

A robust and reliable performer this great selection forms a clump of neat, upright stems bearing lush green leaves branching at the tips to produce a stunning display of pure canary-yellow flowers in summer.

H90-120cm F7-9 D1-3

Geranium 'Azure Rush'

Very much like it’s sister G. Rozanne but much lower growing making it ideal for the front of the border. Mounds of luxuriant foliage are covered with large, blue, white centred flowers all summer.

H40-50cm F6-11 D3

91924 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


Outstanding upright perennial with branched upper stems topped with large golden yellow and brown flowers in summer

H100cm F7-9 D1-3

90103 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90104 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Helenium 'Kanaria' Helenium 'Waltraut'

Helenium 'Zimbelstern

A German selection with a vigorous, upright habit, square stemmed with mid green leaves and a mass of reddish-brown flowers in summer.

H100cm F7-9 D1-3

90106 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hosta 'Francee' AGM

Pre 1970. Despite the burgeoning number of new Hostas being introduced, some such as ‘Francee’ can stake a claim to have become a classic for its performance in garden or container. From its emergence in spring with tightly furled purple shoots to the mature foliage, the award winning Hosta creates quite an impact. Pale lavender flowers. Excellent for edging a shady pathway.

H120cm F7-9 D1-3

90516 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hakonechloa macra AGM

A beautiful yet little used grass from Japan. Forming a dense clump of slender stems and wide, lush green leaf blades arching to create a marvellous effect. See back page for seasonal association at Bressingham Gardens.

H45cm F8-10 D1-3

90587 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Heuchera 'Prince'

This outstanding selection has proven itself at Bressingham as an eye-catching foliage and flowering plant. Deep bronze purple leaves form a low mound from which erect spikes bear a succession of creamy white summer flowers.

H60cm F7-8 D3-5

90126 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Helenium 'Coppelia'

Widely regarded as one of the best reds of them all. Combining a neat, compact habit with a lovely, deep burnished red flower this Bressingham raised selection never fails to impress.

H80-100cm F7-9 D1-3

90101 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hosta 'June' AGM

Slugs never seem to touch this splendid Hosta. Forms a neat clump of layered, lance shaped leaves that are pale green with a blue haze in spring, maturing to a creamy, golden-yellow in the centre with a bluegreen margin.

H60cm F7-8 D3-5

90340 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Kniphofia 'Tyger Tyger'

A new and exclusive Bressingham introduction bred by Jaime Blake the Dell Garden Curator. A beacon to our visitors. Once described as ‘burning bright’…and the name was born. A dazzling and ‘fearful symmetry’ in shades of orange. Early, floriferous and a strong grower. H75-90cm F6-8 D3

92875 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Kniphofia 'Coral Flame' AGM

Bred here at Bressingham by Alan Bloom and Percy Piper and recently awarded the RHS AGM after trials. This is a vigorous, free flowering selection with large, bladed leaves and bright orangered pokers. Hardy, well drained soil. H70cm F7-9 D3

Hosta 'Sagae' AGM

One of the showiest of the hostas this clump former has large, lance shaped, blue-green leaves with greyblue and creamy margins. Large spikes of white, bell flowers. H60cm F6-7 D1-3

Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'

A stunning and much sought after grass forming a slowly spreading clump of delicate, mid green leaves turning a deep red halfway up the leaf blades. Ideal for the garden or patio.

H45-60cm F7-9 D3-5

90603 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Kniphofia 'Shining Sceptre'

A rarely offered Bressingham rasied cultivar with a neat, clump forming nature and grassy, green leaves with stems bearing a magnificent display of bright golden-yellow pokers from mid to late summer.

H120cm F7-9 D1

91972 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90134 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90616 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hosta 'Patriot' AGM

A sport of the popular Hosta 'Francee' and fast becoming acclaimed as one of the most striking and distinctive of recent introductions. Broad white margined overlapping leaves of summer long attraction and lavender flowers. For a strong contrast try planting near a purple leaved Heuchera.all summer.

H35cm F6-7 D1-3

90132 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hosta 'Shade Fanfare'

One of Adrian Bloom’s favourite Hostas. It holds its colour well in summer, the leaves seemingly resistant to slug damage (but no guarantees!). These are light green, attractively ribbed and edged with creamy yellow, good ground cover and excellent as a container plant, mauve flowers. H45-60cm F7-8 D3

90135 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Kniphofia 'Innocence' AGM

A Bressingham selection which came from the same seedlings as 'Cobra', both named by Adrian Bloom. Stiff, erect stems bear flowers which begin as copperyorange, fading to yellow then cream. H75cm F8-9 D3

90613 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Kniphofia 'Maurice Blake'

A delicate, grassy leaved plant that bulks up quickly and displays a multitude of bright, brick-red flowers, the individual florets curl upwards slightly, giving a light and airy appearance in early summer. Named by Jaime to honour his late Father a Bricklayer by profession. H60cm F6-7 D3-5

92905 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Lamium orvala

A delightful form of our native ‘Dead Nettle’. Purple leaves upon emergence give over to green with pinky flowers arranged in whorls around the stems. Most garden soils.

H45cm F4-5 D3-5

91680 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Liriope muscari 'Variegata'

This wonderfful variation of Liriope forms an arching clump of slender green leaves with beautiful creamy yellow variegation on the leaf margins followed by a spectacular display of deep purple flower spikes in Autumn. Makes a wonderful container display, whats not to like!

H25cm F8-10 D5

90778 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Kniphofia 'Bee's Sunset' AGM

Raised by Bee's Nurseries in Kent, this lovely and easy variety forms a clump of mid green, grassy leaves with upright stems holding deep yellow-orange pokers in mid summer. H90cm F6-8 D1-3

Lythrum salicaria 'Blush' AGM

A Bressingham Gardens introduction to the UK in 1988 this showy perennial still sparkles in the gardens today. Forms a woody, vigorous bush of elliptic, green leaves with long, fat spikes of blush pink flower spikes.

H90cm F6-8 D1-3

92091 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' AGM

Beautiful North American Hydrangea with very attractive large heads heads of white bracts that look like huge snowballs from the Summer into Autumn and stay on beautifully erect through the winter months after drying gracefully. H100cm F7-9 D1-3

92740 1 for £12.95 3 for £33.95

Miscanthus sinensis 'Kaskade' AGM

Aptly named and richly deserving its RHS AGM. This slower growing grass forms a neat clump of tightly packed stems with slender grassy leaf blades, and stems bearing a cascade of silvery plumes fading to buff.

H120-150cm F8-10 D1

90258 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

90629 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Nepeta x faassenii 'Kit Cat'

One of the smallest and compact varieties available. Forms a dense mound of grey-green foliage with a complete covering of short spikes of pretty, blue flowers all summer long.

H30cm F6-9 D

91835 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' AGM

A perfect ornamental grass for the smaller garden. Narrow, vertical leaves are green margined creamy white, flowering in late Autumn is an added bonus that lasts and look attractive well into winter before cutting back to the ground in spring.

H120-150cm F10-12 D1

90326 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Papaver orientale 'Royal Wedding'

An absolute cracker this Oriental Poppy forms a clump of light green, hairy foliage with stems carrying large, pure white, flouncy blooms with a wonderfully contrasting black centre a reliable performer and easy to grow.

H80cm F5-7 D3

90888 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Nepeta x faassenii 'Blue Wonder'

This compact, non floppy introduction always performs. Low mounds of silver-grey foliage gives way to masses of upright spikes of dusky blue flowers which are held for weeks and weeks. Reblooms if deadheaded.

H60cm F6-9 D1-3

91834 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Penstemon 'Purple Passion'

A Bressingham raised selection that forms a neat bush of mid green, waxy leaves and stems bearing large, velvet-purple flowers with a distinctive white throat. Well drained soil and sun.

H60-80cm F7-9 D3

Monarda 'Bubblegum'

A great new compact selection from the USA. Forming a dense bush of aromatic leaves with a stunning display of large, long lived, hot pink, crown like flowers through the summer. Bee and butterfly favourite.

H75-90cm F7-9 D3

92837 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Panicum virgatum 'Purple Haze'

A recent introduction from Bressingham Gardens, with a stunning late season display of foliage and flowers. Forms a clump of tight, upright stems with blue, grassy foliage that is tipped deep purple, darkening and lengthening with age, topped with clouds of airy flowers. H100cm F7-10 D1-3

90843 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

91265 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Persicaria polymorpha

An outstanding non spreading, clumping species forming a neat, well branched bush with mid green, lance shaped leaves with a spectacular and reliable display of stately, pure white plumes in summer. H150-200cm F7-9 D1.

91223 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Nepeta grandiflora 'Summer Magic'

A robust and free flowering selection that has impressed in the gardens here at Bressingham. Forming a mound of aromatic, grey-green foliage with large, long, lilac-blue flower spikes held above for weeks and weeks. A bee and butterfly favourite.

H35-45cm F6-9 D3

92612 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Penstemon 'Rich Ruby' AGM

One of the better selections of recent times, this reliable performer forms a well branched bush of mid green, waxy leaves with long spikes bearing deep reddish-purple flowers in summer. Well drained soil and sun.

H60cm F7-9 D3

Polygonatum verticillatum 'Roseum'

Rarely offered and sought after, this exquisite form of the species has strong, gently arching stems with slender, deep green leaves with an abundance of pendant, light pink flowers held underneath.

H75-90cm F5-6 D3

92705 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Phlox paniculata 'David' AGM

An introduction from the USA noted for it's neat, bushy habit and it's resistance to mildew. Forms a clump of deep green leaves followed by large, rounded heads of pure white, scented flowers in late summer. H70cm F7-9 D3

90844 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90381 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum'

A sought after, variegated 'Solomons Seal' for a woodland situation, with stems unfurling to reveal creamily variegated leaves with pure white, pendant flowers underneath the stem. Harmful if eaten. H65cm F6-7 D3

90660 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Rodgersia pinnata 'Crug Cardinal'

An impressive and very well regarded selection from Crug Farm in Snowdonia. Mid green, large, palm like leaves overlap to form a large mound over which stout, large plumes of fantastically bright pink flowers are held.

H100cm F6-8 D1

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' AGM

This first rate foliage plant is not a grass but a member of the Lily family. Black strap-like leaves and black flower stems with lilac flowers followed by black berries. Best grown in half shade where not too dry.

H10-15cm F7-8 D3-5

90649 1 for £9.95 3 for £24.95

Phlox paniculata 'Laura'

A strong performer, this mid summer flowerer forms a dense clump of upright stems with mid green leaves topped with rounded heads of lilac-purple flowers with a white eye.

H90cm F7-8 D3

Polemonium 'Stairway to Heaven'

Forms a neat mound of white variegated leaves with pink flushes. Closely held stems are topped with spikes of blue flowers. Less prone to mildew than other forms. H90cm F6-8 D3

91386 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Rheum 'Grandad's Favourite'

Alan Blooms favourite of many years, grown for its versatility and marvellous taste. Good for forcing, most soils although best in moist, loamy soils.

H75cm F6-7 D1

92060 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

91961 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90300 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Rodgersia podophylla 'Smaragd'

Literally translated as 'Emerald', this large leaved selection is much sought after. Forms a canopy of leaves with fluffy panicles holding white flowers in summer. H90cm F6-7 D1-3

Primula sieboldii 'Benjamin'

A wonderful cultivar raised at Staddon Farm Nurseries in Devon. Robust and vigorous forming a clump of light green leaves topped with plentiful umbels of large, deep pink flowers with a white centre held just above the foliage.

H30-40cm F4-5 D3

91170 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Salvia nemorosa 'Amethyst' AGM

This richly coloured salvia is a real gem, forming a clump of wavy edged, aromatic foliage with branched, dark stems held tightly. Rich violet-blue spikes are carried through summer. H90cm F6-9 D3

Rudbeckia laciniata 'Juligold'

A robust and reliable perennial from the USA. Performing well on poorer soils, forms a large, upright clump of strong stems with deeply cut, dark green leaves topped with large, open, yellow flowers with reflexed petals.

H150cm F7-9 D1

92787 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Schizostylis coccinea 'Major' AGM

Beautiful form of the 'Kaffir Lily' from South Africa. Producing grassy leaf blades followed by spikes of large flowers of a vibrant red in autumn.

H75cm F9-12 D3-5

91068 1 for £8.95 3 for

91871 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90261 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95


Stachys officinalis 'Hummelo'

From the famous Dutch plantsman Piet Oudolf, this selection forms a low mound of softly serrated, mid green leaves with tall, upright stems bearing mauve-purple flower heads. H75cm F6-8 D3-5

Rudbeckia fulgida var. s. 'Goldsturm' AGM

An outstanding perennial for late summer and autumn colour. Forming a spreading mat of green, lance shaped foliage with a succession of deep yellow flowers with a black eye. Easy and effective. H60-75cm F7-10 D1-3

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' AGM

'Caradonna' is one of the best and most distinctive Salvia introductions. Forming a clump of stiffly upright, dark purple stems clothed with felty, green leaves topped with dramatic spikes of vivid blue through the summer. H90cm F6-9 D3

92501 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Thalictrum rochebruneanum AGM

An impressive species with nicely structured, lacy, glaucous leaves peeling from a stout central stem carrying a large, branched flower spike with purple flowers. Best in a moist, organic soil that does not dry out. H120-150cm F6-8 D1

90198 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Trollius x cultorum 'New Moon'

This mid sized globe flower forms a neat mound of palm like leaves with slender stems holding large, creamy-yellow, double flowers above in early summer.  H100cm F6-8 D1

91069 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

A new introduction this fantastic, dwarf selection of V. bonariensis is ideal for the front of the border forming a dense, low bush of lavender flowers all summer and autumn.

H60 F7-10 D3

90337 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

92515 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

92018 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Tel: 01379 688282

Rodgersia 'Blickfang' AGM

A magnificent selection in both leaf and flower as the garden group here at the Dell Garden testifies. Large, deep green, palmate leaves held on red stems are topped with impressive bright pink plumes.

H100-200cm F6-8 D1

92079 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination'

A statuesque and imposing selection forming a vase shaped clump of stiffly upright stems with elegant, lilac-mauve spires in mid to late summer.

H120-105cm F7-9 D1

92937 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Uvularia grandiflora var. pallida

A delightful form of the North American native 'Golden Bells'. From a tight clump of grey hued, pale green stems unfurling to reveal soft butter-yellow, pendant, papery flowers. A wonderful woodlander. H45cm F4-5 D3

Veronica g. 'Barbara Sherwood' AGM

An outstanding selection forming a neat clump of glossy green leaves at the base with tall stems bearing beautiful, delicately perfumed spikes of powder-blue flowers. Easy and trouble free.

H90cm F6-7 D3-5

90242 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Stipa gigantea AGM

A dramatic and elegant plant this grass forms a large, neat clump of deep green, arching leaf blades with tall stems bearing large, open, oat like, golden flowers in summer.

H200cm F6-9 D1

91246 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

90226 1 for £8.95 3 for £22.95

Crocosmia 'Bressingham Dark Fire'
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