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What is a Heat Pump?


A heat pump can be a highly efficient replacement for conventional fossil fuel boilers, for heating and/or hot water. Heat pumps absorb free energy (heat) from a low-temperature source (air, water or ground) and upgrades it to a higher temperature, via the refrigerant cycle, (like your fridge at home but in reverse (fig.2). Efficiency ratios range from 3:1 to 5:1 (300-500%), i.e for each 1kW of electricity consumed between 3kW - 5kW of heat energy can be transferred (conventional fossil fuel boilers are around 85 - 96% efficient) - therefore heat pumps are more cost effective, eco-friendly and use renewable energy for the greater good of our environment.


The refrigerant cycle basically comprises of 4 essential components (fig.1). 1) The Evaporator - absorbs heat from renewable source (air, water, ground). 2) The Compressor - raises pressure hence temperatures of absorbed heat. 3) The Condenser - rejects upgraded heat to the source inside (air or water). 4) The Expansion Device - reduces pressure/temperature to allow evaporation (Heat absorption) at low temperatures.

Types of Heat Pump? Air to air:

Heat absorbed from air outside and transferred to air inside (heating and cooling only, no hot water)

Air to water:

Heat absorbed from air outside and transferred to water inside (heating and/or hot water)

Water to air:

Heat absorbed from water (ground or lake) and transferred to air inside (heating only, no hot water) Heat absorbed from water (ground or lake) and transferred to water inside (heating and/or hot water)

Water to water: [ Air to air: is the most efficient Water to water: is the least efficient heat pump system ]

Heat Pumps and the Environment We all have a responsibility, in these times of concern about our global environment, to set an example in terms of supporting government objectives in the reduction of carbon emissions. In addition to Space Air’s internal environmental protection policy, we ensure that our customers are informed about the most energy efficient climate control solutions available. Space Air conducts ongoing environmental awareness campaigns through the media, free seminars, publications and regular staff and customer training. The Altherma™ heat pump is a low carbon, energy saving heating/hot water system, incorporating the latest heat exchanger and inverter technology. Operating on R-410A, an energy efficient non-ozone depleting, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive refrigerant and utilises state-of-the-art electronic controls in Altherma™ with unique twin temperature settings for heating and hot water. These technologies incorporated harmonised to achieve the highest recorded operating efficiencies in all weather conditions.

Facts, Statistics and Benefits of Altherma™ • 84% of energy consumed at home is for heating and hot water • UK 2005/06 average winter temperature is 1.1°C min and 6.6°C max ( • UK annual average ambient temperature ranges between 8-11°C • The average UK climate is considered ideal for air to water heat pump applications as direct replacements for conventional central heating boilers • The boiling temperature for R-410A refrigerant is [minus] -53°C


• High efficiency up to 500% (5:1 COP) • No flues, no ventilation and no gas supply needed (no combustion), therefore reducing health and safety risks • Operation down to -15°C ambient temperature (-20°C with backup heater) • No starting current and no power surge due to inverter control • Weekly legionella automatic protection • Manufactured by Daikin, one of the largest dedicated heat pump manufacturers in the world

The Altherma™ System Altherma™ manufactured by Daikin Europe and supplied by Space Air is an air source, air to water, heat pump system designed to replace the conventional gas, oil or all electrical central heating boiler. Altherma™ provides a compact, high efficiency, low carbon, low maintenance means of providing heating and/or hot water from the same system, with optional solar kit connection. The weatherproofed outdoor unit (Split or Monobloc, both available in 6 capacity sizes), contains the ‘refrigerant cycle’ (fig.1), both systems are extremely quiet in operation and can be ground or wall mounted. Altherma™ has an average seasonal performance efficiency of 320%. Seasonal performance efficiency is - Total energy throughout the year used x total energy consumed comfortably

split system


monobloc system

[5.75kW ~ 16.kW]

up to


Altherma™ can provide water temperature up to 55°C without the need of a back-up heater


Altherma™ Monobloc Option available from Space Air

*Altherma™ System Efficiencies (30-75% savings) Definition of ‘Renewables’ or ‘Renewable Energy’

Definition of Carbon Footprint

Renewable energy is energy derived from resources that are regenerative or for all practical purposes cannot be depleted. For example, the air around our homes is a renewable, regenerative resource from which Daikin’s Altherma™ air source air to water heat pump absorbs energy in the form of heat, which results in energy savings as indicated in the graph below.

Carbon footprint is a measure of carbon emissions based on energy consumption per kWhr and fuel type i.e direct electric, mains gas, LPG or oil. As indicated in the graph below.

Altherma™ Air to water heat pump kgCO2 Savings per kWhr Consumed (Heating & Hot Water) - Base line Altherma™ 320% Seasonal Efficiency

Altherma™ Energy Savings - Based on 320% Seasonal Efficiency - altherma energy savings 100%



80 61%


53% 42%

40 23%

20 0


13% 0%

heating house energy use

hot water (Dti 2003),

elect. appl









30 20 10

3% 0% Cooking

% Percent of extra savings

% Percent of energy use & savings

- standard energy use



0.0% electric

mains Gas




(savings at 320% seasonal efficiency) Data based on SAP 2005, Heat Pump Seasonal Efficiency (SPF) = GAS/LPG/OIL = 83%, Eletric = 100% Altherma™ = 320% (expected Av. UK) Data based on SAP 2005, Fuel CO2 emissions (energy consumed @ SPF: Electric = 0.422, Mains Gas = 0.234, LPG = 0.282, Oil = 0.319kg CO2/kWhr


How The Altherma™ System Can Help SAP / Part L TER / Code For Sustainable Homes • SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is the system for assessing the energy performance of dwellings. Indicators of the energy performance are energy consumption per unit floor area and energy cost rating (the SAP rating), based on CO2 emissions and a Dwelling CO2 Emission Rate (DER). • The Dwelling CO2 Emission Rate (DER) is used for the purposes of compliance with building regulations. It is equal to the annual CO2 emissions per unit floor area for space heating, water heating, ventilation and lighting, less the emissions saved by energy generation technologies, expressed in kg/m2/year. • TER (Target Emission Rating) is a calculation of Part L1A set by the Government and should be lower than the DER by 20% (Variable). (DER x fuel factor less 20% = TER). • The Code of Sustainable Homes is a star rating system set to exceed Part L1 Building Regulation targets and became mandatory from 1st May 2008. The Code sets minimum standards for energy and water use at each level. The Altherma™ system will help achieve a higher star rating, in accordance with the Code for Sustainable Homes where.... 1 H = 10% better than Part L 2 H H = 18% better than Part L 3 H H H = 25% better than Part L 4 H H H H = 44% better than Part L 5 H H H H H = 100% better than Part L (on heating and water only) 6 H H H H H H = Rating is considered as a carbon neutral home; ie: zero net emissions of CO2 from all energy (heating, hot water, lighting, power etc.) used in the home.

Altherma™ is a flexible system, suitable for any size residence from 50m2 up to 400m2 per system or larger if used in modular form.

Altherma™ Conformity Altherma™, by Daikin, conforms to International and UK standards and regulations: • Is manufactured to ISO9001 (quality) & ISO14001 (environmental) Standards. • Conforms to BSEN14511 British & European Test Standards. Part 1 (Definitions), Part 2 (Test Conditions), Part 3 (Test Methods) & Part 4 (Requirements) - Confirmed test certificates are available. • CE certified including Low Voltage (72.23EEC), Machinery Safety (98/37/EEC) & Electro Magnetic Compatibility (98/338/EEC). • Complies with the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide “Compliance with approved documents Part L1A and L1B of the Building Regulations 2000 as amended 2006”. • Approved under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme - MCS HP0006. • First heat pum in class to be awarded EU Eco-label certificate. • Meets BSEN15450 (Heating systems in buildings - Design of heat pump heating systems). In terms of efficiencies, hot water requirements, seasonal efficiencies and noise level requirements. Altherma™ should be installed:• • • • •

In accordance with BSEN806 “Specification for installations conveying water for human consumption” and/or WRAS (Water Regulation Guide). In accordance with Part G (Hot Water Storage) Building Regulations 2000. In accordance with Part P (Electrical Safety) Building Regulations 2006. By CITB/C&G certified, specialist engineers qualified to carry out the installation of refrigerant pipe work. By CITB/C&G accredited engineers certified with regard to refrigerant handling and in accordance with the latest F-Gas Regulations. During maintenance, repairs and installation. • Refrigeration pipe work, to BSEN378 (refrigerating systems and heat pumps - safety and environment requirements).


30 years of Space Air Distributors of Daikin Europe equipment since 1980, Space Air has developed an award winning reputation for excellence in customer services and a wealth of technical expertise on Daikin products. Operating as a technical link between the Manufacturer and Developer, Architects, M&E Services Designer, Installer and EndUser. Space Air Solutions manages each project from initial enquiry - through to completion and beyond and we a able to provide simulation reports, that contain; • Predicted energy savings • Carbon emission reductions • Cost comparisons over alternative fossilfuel type boilers • Temperatures • Building location (for seasonal efficiencies) • Thermal load of your building • Insulation values, and much more. In addition and unique to Space Air, hot water calculations can also be supplied. Space Air also offers commissioning and after sales support, liaising closely with our nationwide network of approved installers, to ensure that all essential components, ancillary items, accessories and drawings are supplied on schedule and that each installation conforms to the Manufacturer’s Standards, current Regulations and Legislation.

Space Air Accessories

Space Air Projects

Renowned for meeting exact requirements, enabling single source procurement, simplified installation, reduce costs and on-site time.

The Altherma™ system is suitable for any application requiring heating and/or hot water, due to its flexibility, and modular design.

Benefits of Space Air accessories include; • Reduces on-site labour by 50% • Complies with the latest building standards • Factory fitted or supplied loose • Single source procurement • Optimised system efficiency

Ideal for; • New build • Replacement boiler • Refurbishment • Mansions • Social housing • Schools • Community centres • Sport/club houses • Nursing homes/care villages • Maisonettes • Rural houses • End of terrace • Flats Space Air has supplied many Altherma™ systems across the UK, please visit our website for further information on these projects.

Space Air has developed a range of over 400 accessory items, manufactured in-house. They can be factory fitted or supplied loose. By utilising the Altherma™ accessory pack you can be assured that each installation is a replica of the next, making sourcing parts and maintenance as simple as possible.

Space Air provide: Simulation reports / Training / Spare Parts / Simplified operating instructions / Fully operational showrooms / Equipment schematics / Maintenance recommendations and more.


Altherma™ Piping Accessory Kits

Outdoor Unit Accessories

Fan Coil Unit Accessories


Technical Specification Split Type System:

Altherma™ Split System Outdoor unit - single phase Dimensions Nominal capacity Nominal input COP

HxWxD Heating Heating

Sound power level Sound pressure level Weight Refrigerant charge Power supply Recommended fuses

[A] Outdoor Absorber Unit:

Altherma™ Split System Outdoor unit - single phase / 3 phase Dimensions Nominal capacity Nominal input COP Operation range Sound power level Sound pressure level Weight Refrigerant charge Power supply Recommended fuses



5.75 1.26 4.56

735x825x300 6.84 1.58 4.34

8.43 2.08 4.05


-20 - 25

°C dBA dBA kg kg


- 20 ~ 43 61

mm kW kW

Heating Domestic water Heating Heating

Operation range



48 / 36 / 30 56 1.7 1 ~ /230V/50Hz 20








11.2 2.46 4.55

1,170x900x320 14.0 3.17 4.42

16.0 3.83 4.18

11.32 2.54 4.46

1,345x900x300 14.50 3.33 4.35

16.05 3.73 4.30



HxWxD Heating Heating

mm kW kW



-20 - 35

-20 - 35

°C dBA dBA kg kg

- 20 ~ 43 64

- 20 ~ 43 64

Domestic water Heating Heating R-410A


62 49 / 37 31

66 53 / 41 / 35

49 / 39 / 33

49 / 39 / 33 108 / 110* 3.7 3 ~ /230V/50Hz 32

103 3.7 1 ~ /230V/50Hz 32

66 53 / 41 / 35

Measuring conditions: Heating Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C - LWC 35°C (DT=5°C). Sound pressure levels @ 1m | 5m | 10m NB: the indoor unit can be up to 30m away from the outdoor unit ERHQ006 - 8A. NB: the indoor unit can be up to 75m away from the outdoor unit ERHQ011A - 16A/W

Altherma™ Split System Indoor Hydro-box boiler

[B] Indoor Hydro-Box Boiler:

Monobloc System:

[AB] Outdoor Monobloc Unit:






Leaving water temperature range



Drain valve Material Colour Back up heater capacity


AlthermaTM Monobloc Outdoor unit - Single Phase/Three Phase Dimensions



Nominal capacity Nominal input COP COP

Heating Heating Single phase Three phase Heating Domestic water Heating Heating

kW kW

EDHQ011A / W


922x502x361 15 ~ 50

15 ~ 55

yes Epoxy polyester painted galvanised steel Neutral white 3 and 6 (2 stage)

EDHQ014A / W

EDHQ016A / W

1,418x1,435x382 11.32 2.54 4.45 4.46

14.50 16.05 3.33 3.73 4.37 4.22 4.35 4.30 °C -15 - 35 Operation range °C - 20 ~ 35 Sound power level dBA 64 64 66 Sound pressure level dBA 51 51 52 Weight kg 180 Refrigerant charge R-410A kg 2.95 Power supply 1 ~ /230V/50Hz (3 phase 1~ /400V/50Hz) Recommended fuses A 32 Measuring conditions: Heating Ta DB/WB 7°C/6°C - LWC 35°C (DT=5°C)

The Altherma™ is covered by Daikin Europe’s 3-year manufacturer’s warranty when installed, maintained and operated to the recommendations.

[A] Outdoor unit:

[B] Indoor unit:

The unit can be positioned discreetly outside up to 30-75 metres away from the indoor ‘Hydro-box’ boiler.

The indoor unit transfers the heat from the refrigerant cycle to the water that circulates through the wet central heating system. It can be positioned anywhere in the home as it has no need for ventilation, or flues.

• Heating floating temperature • Priority adjustments to suit individual life style • Legionella prevention control • Back-up and booster heater control • Can be wired remotely up to 50 metres • And many more...

AlthermaTM Storage Cylinder

Water Cylinder (C) (optional)

Contains all the hydraulic parts within the one outdoor unit. In this system the water pipes run indoors from the unit. Installation is considerably simplified.

Altherma™ sophisticated controller: The Altherma™ comes complete with user friendly controls. The remote controller can be up to 50 metres away from the indoor hydro-box and provides many features, including: 7 day time clock control for heating and hot water, separate temperature settings for heating and hot water, heating floating temperature, priority adjustments to suit individual life style, legionella prevention control, backup and booster heater control.

• A 7 day time clock • Separate temperature settings for heating and hot water

(120mm Sq x 20mm D)

[AB] Monobloc unit:




Dimensions Water volume Booster heater capacity Max. water temperature Empty weight Colour Power supply


mm l kW °C kg







580 200 3 85 45 Neutral white 1 ~ /230V/50Hz





3rd party solar panels & pump


AlthermaTM Solar kit Dimensions




Heat exchanger

pressure drop max.inlet temp

kPA °C °C °C °C

21.5 110 1,400 35 1 1 ~ /230V/50Hz indoor HB

heat exchange

Ambient temperature

Daikin solar kit

Solar Kit (optional)

max. min.

Power supply Power supply intake

Altherma™ accessories include:

Room thermostat

Room thermostat (wireless)

Fani coil units (heat emitters)



Wo rki ng wi th Da i ki n s in ce 1980

Space Air Solutions Ltd Willway Court, 1 Opus Park, Moorfield Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1SZ Tel: 01483 252 252 Fax: 01483 574 835 Email: Guildford • Bristol • Leeds • Birmingham • Manchester

Daikin Europe N.V. is approved by LRQA for its Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO9001 standard. ISO9001 pertains to quality assurance regarding design, development, manufacturing as well as to services related to the product.

ISO14001 assures an effective environmental management system in order to help protect human health and the environment from the potential impact of our activities, products and services and to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of the environment.

Daikin’s unique position as a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, compressors and refrigerants has led to its close involvement in environmental issues. For several years Daikin has had the intention to become a leader in the provision of environmental friendly products. This challenge demands the eco design and development of a wide range of products and an energy management system, which involves energy conservation and reduction of waste.

Daikin Europe N.V. is the first in its sector to obtain the European Ecolabel for heat pumps. The eco-label signifies that the product in question is among the most environmentally friendly in its range, that it has been subject to strict tests with respect to environmental quality, technical performance and durability.

Space Airconditioning plc is approved by QAS International Ltd for its Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO14001 standard. Assessed for the Distribution of Air Conditioning Equipment and Manufacture of Ancillary components, the ISO 14001 standard acknowledges our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.

Space Airconditioning plc is approved by QAS International Ltd for its Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO9001 standard. ISO9001 pertains to quality assurance regarding design, development, manufacturing as well as to services related to the product.


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