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April 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8


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APRIL17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8

G20 reaches a ‘global plan for recovery’ NEWS



n April 2, the members of the G20 met in London, England to discuss the global recession and reach solutions. G20, formally known as the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, is an informal forum for both industrial and emerging countries looking to establish dialogue about global financial stability. Comprised of 19 countries, G20 accounts for 80% of world trade and 90% of global gross profit. The meeting consists of: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, along with the other countries of Europe represented by the European Union. All are current members of G20 and are represented at G20 meetings by their financial ministers. In hopes of executing the summit’s theme of “Stability, Growth, Jobs,” world leaders of the G20 countries were asked to personally commit to these three practical goals. First, all actions necessary to stabilize the financial markets and ensure the survival of families and businesses would be taken. Second, the global financial and economic system would be revised and strengthened to promote confidence. Finally, reforms would be made to encourage sustainable growth of the global economy. At the summit, G20, the Netherlands, and Spain discussed these major commitments and outlined a plan by which to accomplish them. There were two dominant strategies for achieving this. The result of the summit was a compromise between the two theories. The resulting six points communique entitled, “The Global Plan for Recovery and Reform,” was agreed upon by all attending nations. It promises to “restore confidence, growth, and jobs; repair the financial system to restore lending; strengthen financial regulation to rebuild trust; fund and reform our international financial institutions to overcome this crisis and prevent future ones; promote global trade and investment and reject protectionism, to underpin prosperity; and build an inclusive, green, and sustainable recovery.”


This agreement is to provide $1.1 trillion to the International Monetary Fund, an organization of 185 countries that works to secure global financial security, facilitates international trade, and promotes sustainable economic growth. The $1.1 trillion is to be broken up into smaller sums, each targeting a specific area of the global economy. $500 billion is to aid struggling economies by raising the IMF’s lending capacity to $750 billion. $250 billion is to be added to the SDR, or Special Drawing

that it will have more members and will collaborate with the IMF to address financial risks early. The declaration stressed new regulation of finances and economic markets. All financially vital institutions, markets, and now hedge funds will be regulated with strict new measures. All credit rating agencies will also be required to meet an “international code of good practice.” Regulations will also stifle imprudent financial risks, take action against non-cooperative jurisdictions such as tax havens, and PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR.COM

Asha Krichoff

World leaders meet in London for the G20 Summit meeting. Right. This is an international reserve that IMF members can access to maintain exchange rates. However, in recent years it has, “proved inadequate for supporting the expansion of world trade and financial development.” The IMF will receive an additional $250 billion to boost and oversee world trade and a final sum of $100 billion to assist the financial development of poor countries. In the communique, world leaders promised to modernize financial institutions, promote world trade by lowering barriers to international trade, promote sound economic development in impoverished countries, and use funds wisely in an effort to create green and sustainable markets and infrastructure. The communique also stated that the G20 would meet again by a year’s time to review progress. In addition to this financial statement, the G20 leaders also issued a Declaration, “Strengthening the Financial System,” that outlines new regulation methods for the global economy. First, the Financial Stability Forum will be replaced by the newly outlined Financial Stability Board. The FSB primarily differs from the FSF in

require financial buffers to be built up in prosperous times. All changes are in concurrence with the Action Plan conceived at the last G20 meeting in Washington D.C. in November of 2008. While world leaders were planning the future for the global economy in the tranquility of London’s ExCel Center, Europe was rocked by often violent political protests. Demonstrations in London included the 35,000 strong “Put People First” demonstration on March 28. The demonstration involved a vast and varied group of people, with the largest protesters coming from the Stop the War Coalition, Friends of the Earth, and Trades Union Congress. A small group of heavily policed anarchists also demonstrated, adding an element of fear to the otherwise peaceful protests. All groups marched for “Jobs, Justice, and Climate” and a twelve-point economic recovery plan that emphasized new jobs, ending poverty and inequality, and a green economy. On April 1, London experienced several more G20 protests, including an outbreak of violence in front of the Bank of England and a break-in

at the Royal Bank of Scotland. On April 2, London police arrested over 1,000 people. One man died as the result of the April 1 protests. Germany also experienced protests in Berlin and Frankfurt, with protesters crying the message, “We will not pay for your crisis.” The protests were mainly peaceful, some protesters even dressed in costumes such as Robin Hood. In Berlin, the end of a parade was marred by an outbreak of violence, which led to the arrest of several activists. Several similar protests also took place in France. President Obama attended the G20 summit and in an unusual protocol breach, was asked by Prime Minister Brown to address the assembly at the April 1 opening dinner and give some opening remarks on the 2nd. While it was generally agreed at the summit that the U.S. should no longer continue to dominate world finances, Obama still took a leadership position in delegations. As the afternoon deadline for the communique loomed, China and France were at odds over the wording of the creation of a blacklist of tax havens. Obama pulled both French President Sarkozy and Chinese President Hu aside, and proposed a phrasing change that was acceptable to both parties. During his post-summit press briefing, Obama informed the U.S. about the details of the communique and held a question and answer session. He called the summit “productive,” “historic,” and a “turning point.” He stressed the fact that global cooperation is necessary for financial prosperity at home. “If we’re taking actions in isolation in the United States, but those actions are contradicted overseas, then we’re only going to be halfway effective,” he said. Obama also emphasized his traditional messages of responsibility and accountability in the government, that he said would also apply to the financial markets. Obama’s address recognized that there is more work to be done. “In a world that’s more and more interconnected,” he said, “we all have responsibilities to work together to solve common challenges. And although it will take time, I am confident that we will rebuild global prosperity if we act with a common sense of purpose, persistence, and the optimism that the moment demands.”

VOL. 45, NO. 8

APRIL 17, 2009

The GIVE Act awaits the President’s signature STAFF EDITORS

For those Americans that want to make up their own plans for community service, they will be m at c h e d u p w i t h a “s e r v i c e sponsor” and are eligible to win the ServeAmerica Fellowship. The Silver Scholarship is a program offered to Americans age 55 and older. The government is making available post-

ven though Barack Obama has been in office for only two months, Obama has already created a new bill. The “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” or GIVE, was sponsored by Representative Carolyn McCarthy, along with 37 others. The bill was introduced to the House of Representatives, where both Republicans and Democrats voted 325-105 in favor of passing the bill. President Obama has called on Congress to create new service and volunteer opportunities for Americans that will help to build a stronger country. The bill would also create “specialty” corps to deal with certain issues. They will implement a Clean Energy Corps that will focus on environmental conservation, a Healthy Futures Corps, focusing on health care, a Veteran Services Corps, an DC Central Kitchen joins “Be the Change” to support the GIVE Act. Education Corps, and other groups. They will all deal with key provides grants to improve the quality career service opportunities, as well goals by promoting volunteering, and ability of organizations to work as entrance into new careers in nonwhether it is helping students achieve with volunteers. The bill will also profit, public sectors. Silver Scholars in school, weather proofing homes, create innovations in volunteerism will be able to earn up to $1,000 in “greening” communities, rebuilding in the areas of recruitment, training, exchange for 350 hours of service. cities in times of disaster, feeding the and management. The bill will expand opportunities hungry, helping seniors for disadvantaged live independently and youths by doubling the safely, or much more. resources available to The Volunteers for youths with disabilities Prosperity program and allow them, in order will encourage highly for them to become more skilled professionals involved with service. It to target international also encourages adults areas of need. It will to ser ve as mentors mainly target the issue for foster children and of global health. increase the participation The bill will include of disadvantaged youths. a Call to Ser vice Native Americans will Campaign which also have the opportunity will encourage all to give service, as a new Americans to engage in office will be established some sort of service for solely for them. America. It will observe September The bill will also strengthen The GIVE Act creates two 11 as a National Day of Service new fellowships to engage social the National Civilian Community and Remembrance. The bill will e nt re pre n e u rs , b o om e rs , an d Corps (NCCC) to include disaster create a nationwide community- retirees, expanding the bill to involve relief, infrastructure improvement, based infrastructure to leverage Americans from all generations. e n v i r o n m e n t a l a n d e n e r g y investments in service, investments, Older Americans will be allowed to conservation, and urban and rural and entrepreneurship. transfer their awards to a child, foster development. It will also encourage The Community Solutions Fund child, or grandchild to help pay for service partnerships between federal will pilot a program that awards college. agencies.

Obama’s new bill would require students to complete at least three months of volunteer work, ranging from school-based service learning programs, to focusing on severely economically depressed communities.

The GIVE Act will establish an alumni corps of former participants in order to call them into service during times of disaster and other emergencies. The Youth Engagement Zones, a new service-learning program, engages low-income high school students and out-of-school youth in volunteer efforts in order to address challenges in their local communities. The program will encourage partnerships between community-based organizations and schools in high-need communities. It will also apply real world activities to teach students about current issues. The Campuses of Service, for colleges and universities, will support and recognize institutions of higher education with exemplary service-learning programs and will assist students in the pursuit of public service careers. Obama’s new bill would require students to complete at least three months of volunteer work, ranging from school-based service learning programs, to focusing on severely economically depressed communities. Obama plans to set a goal that middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service per year. He also plans to establish a tax credit that is worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of service per year. The GIVE act would also increase education funding and establish a summer service program for students, paying $500 that would be applied to college costs. Obama created this bill to expand federally-funded, national-service opportunities. This bill would more than triple the number of AmeriCorp volunteers from 75,000 to 250,000, at a cost of around a billion dollars a year. AmeriCorp volunteers earn about $1,000 a month, plus medical benefits, housing assistance and scholarships for school, if applicable. This bill will allow Americans of all ages to have the opportunity to invest in their nation’s recovery through the launching of a new era with the GIVE Act. Currently the bill is awaiting the President’s signature.



competitive matching grants to social entrepreneur venture funds. It will provide community organizations with resources to replicate or expand proven solutions to community challenges. It will focus primarily on leveraging public private partnerships in rural areas and small communities. The Volunteer Generation Fund


Jackie Hazlett-Morris and Ashley Kozubal



APRIL 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8

German club has a big win at UIC NEWS



end of the day a first-place trophy was you can go on YouTube and type “Die won for the movie by Maine South Invisipill” in the search box. students, Natasha Grosskopf, Kate Also a third-place trophy was Hurley, Garrett Pluhar- Schaeffer, and won for the skit by Maine South students, Joyce Hanck, Rebecca Hoffman, Katie Kinell, Daniel Petrokas, Garrett Pluhar- Schaeffer, and Brian Siwek. Along with the trophy, other little prizes were given out to the winners: Backpacks, water bottles, pens, note pads, pins, etc. Mrs. Wolf and Mr. Cabrera, the German teachers at Maine South, helped in The first place winners for German movie preparing the students proudly display their prize. for the competition and success. O ve r a l l, t he d ay w a s ve r y Jennifer Roeslmeier. The objective of the movie was to create an fictional successful. Congratulations to all of product and make a commercial for the winners and the Maine South it. If you would like to see the video, students who participated. PHOTOS COURTESY MRS. WOLF

go into different rooms for the first round, except for the events that n Wednesday, February 25, were already pre-judged such as the movie. After the first round, there Maine South German students participated in the annual High School German Day at the University of Illinois-Chicago. This competition is hosted by the UIC Department of Germanic Studies. Schools from all over the Chicago area participate, about 18 schools in total. In this German The third place winners for German skit language competition, smile together with their trophy. students participate in specific categories including Poetry, City Guide, Cultural was a lunch break, and after lunch, Essay, Spelling Bee, Skit, and Movie. the top three schools in each category At the beginning of the day, all of are posted. These schools then the different categories split up and compete in the final round. At the

Jennifer Roeslmeier

How Redboxes are affecting Hollywood STAFF WRITER


ll over the country, Redboxes are beginning to pop up. In front of the grocery store, the pharmacy, and in other high-traffic areas. They are giant movie vending machines. But, many people are afraid to use this new and unfamiliar service. This vending machine offers overnight movie rentals close to home. In Park Ridge, there are several Redbox rental kiosks that have appeared within the last two years. They offer new movies for only $1 per night, plus tax. One is even able to reserve the DVD from the comfort of their own home, and pick it up at their leisure with the assurance their movie is waiting for them. Redbox is just one of the new media rental forms sweeping the nation. The days of Hollywood Video and Blockbuster seem to be ending. No longer will movie-lovers have to pay over $4 to rent a brand-new movie, only for it to be due back the next day. Compared to Blockbuster and other movie rental chains, Redbox clearly offers the cheaper and more accessible deal. Redbox has other competition in in the movie rental business. The truth is, though, renting a movie from iTunes or buying it on demand from your cable company can add up fairly quickly. iTunes new services



allow you to rent movies for a month choice favors Redbox. But, if you are now is the movie industry. In October, for $3-$4. a constant movie addict averaging 2008 Redbox Industry filed a lawsuit Although you may pay that much more movies a month, Netflix is the against Universal Studios for trying to and only get the movie for three or best choice for you. The superiority of force then to sign an “unfair” contract. four days, how many The contract would have times are you likely to forced Redbox to limit watch that movie? The the number of recentlyquestion is, do you get released movies in the the bang for the buck? kiosks, wait until 45 Comcast Cable has a days after the movie similar price. had been released on The problem is that, DVD to offer them, and for just over $5, you can to destroy used movies get a movie for only instead of selling them one night. It seems the for $7. better deal would be This contract would to head on over the encourage better nearest Redbox, where sales for new movies you can get five movies in the theatres and for $5. would protect movie For a while, production companies Netflix seemed to be a who receive millions phenomenon sweeping of dollars in sales of the nation. The square movies after they are red envelopes would released from theaters. show up in your mail, In the months and promising yet another years to come, the new movie as soon as movie industr y and you returned it. Netflix the rental industry are People can rent a DVD for just a dollar from a redbox. offers a flat monthly sure to continue their rate, making it hard to battle for capital in the compare to Redbox. When deciding Redbox to Netflix or vice versa has yet entertainment sector. Its inevitable between choosing Netflix or Redbox, to be determined. It’s a fight that will that differing rental strategies will you just need to ask yourself how occur over the next year, as companies also compete with each other. Rental often you want to watch movies. battle for patronage especially in and movie sales will surely reflect If you are more likely to rent 1-2 these rough times. Oddly enough, the a number of factors as companies movies a month, then the economical biggest competition Redbox has right readjust their strategies. PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR.COM

Hope Tone

VOL. 45, NO. 8

APRIL 17, 2009

Attendance policy a necessity, not an evil Joanna Madej FEATURES EDITOR

more absences,” said Mrs. Tomassi. By encouraging students to save their eight days per semester, or 13 days per year, for when they’re really sick, attendance has improved. In addition, the new attendance system is not meant to make one’s life unbearable and make school a drag. As teenagers, our lives are much more stressful and overwhelming than adults might give us credit for. It is understandable that one feels burnt out at times and wants to take a day off, especially kids who are in AP classes and/or are involved with many after school activities. However, everything should be done within reason and missing school almost all the time is definitely not within reason. Attendance is necessary to stay on track in school and is essential to academic success. Are the magic eight days per semester and 13 days per year perfect numbers? Probably not, but nobody knows what the magic numbers should be. However, Maine South administrators think there should definitely be a cut off, as well as close monitoring of students to ensure that they are only missing school for legitimate reasons. As for deciding whether one was really sick or not and how many days one should have missed, Maine South really does try to “use reasonable judgment,” said Mrs. Tomassi.


Ever since the new attendance policy has been put into effect, many complaints regarding it have been voiced by Maine South students. Students are upset about the fact that a limit has been put on the number of days they are allowed to miss school. Besides those who complained solely because they now actually had to go to school instead of calling in “sick” when they wanted to sleep in, there are also those who claimed that the new system forced them to go to school when sick, spreading the illness around to others and making themselves even sicker. According to Mr. Dagres, Maine South dean, “A student is allowed eight absences per semester, or 13 per year.” While this might seem like a lot, these absences can add up quickly. This is why some students claim that this situation is forcing them to choose between coming to school with puffy eyes, a cough, and a raging fever and facing the supposedly dreadful consequences. However, the purpose of the new attendance system is not to punish those who are ill. The school will understand if one is ill, and although a meeting with the deans may not be pleasant, it sure is better than losing one’s rights and privileges. If someone

is sick, then he/she should stay home instead of coming to school only to feel worse. “I don’t want to see really sick kids at school. If you feel you’re really sick, stay home,” said Mrs. Kathy Tomassi, Maine South School Nurse. Moreover, the deans have not set out to punish students and take away all their privileges just for being sick. They monitor all the students even before they reach their limit of days absent in order to find out the cause the absences. This is done when a student has reached six absences in a semester. A meeting is conducted with the parents to inform them of their child’s absenteeism as well as to find out the reason behind it. Simply being ill is not going to get anyone into serious trouble. Maine South is understanding of illness, and especially of hospitalizations. Consequently, the purpose of the new attendance system is to punish those who call in “sick” whenever they don’t feel like going to school, and not those who are legitimately ill. According to school data, the total number of student absences in term one of 2007 was 1655, while in 2009 this number dropped down to 1129. This is a stunning change of 32 percent. It is thus clear that many of the students in the past were absent not because of illness, but because they didn’t feel like going to school. The school saw the situation was getting out of control. “I have seen kids who have 40 or

America retains the right to ‘bare’ arms she would be commended for having such fabulous arms, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just STAFF WRITER about everyone in the worlds of fitness, fashion, and Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Hosiery politics has an opinion about these body politics. Some feel that Michelle Obama’s toned arms should never be worn with open-toed shoes. Never match one’s bag with one’s shoes. Yet, one’s belt should match one’s shoes. Sounds ridiculous, right? In the complex and rather political world of fashion, there are just some rules that are considered a faux-pas if they are broken. Recently, the “inappropriate” wardrobe choices of our new First Lady, Michelle Obama, have sent shockwaves across the fashion and professional world for not following the “rules” of dress. Mrs. Obama has been under much criticism by the media because of her decision to wear sleeveless dresses at White House events and political gatherings where her arms were exposed. Talk about politics. Never before has a set of bare arms launched represent strength. ‘‘New York Times’’ columnist so much discussion than in the weeks since Mrs. Maureen Dowd said, “Let’s face it, the only bracing Obama appeared sleeveless at one of her husband’s symbol of American strength right now is the speeches to Congress in chilly mid-February. In image of Michelle Obama’s sculpted biceps.” 1963, fashionista Jackie Kennedy wore a sleeveless Makes sense. With all of the attention AIG and dress to her husband’s State of the Union Address Madoff receive on the news lately, it’s a nice change in January. Mrs. Kennedy never once got criticized of scenery to see a strong, physically fit woman in for her outfit choice. Not once. In fact, she’s still held our country flashed upon the screen. One fashion editor feels that America focuses as a fashion icon even today. Why so much attention to Michelle Obama’s on Mrs. Obama’s arms because they show that well-toned biceps, triceps, and delts 46 years later? we can keep age at bay, with enough effort and America’s First Lady is buff. One would think that determination. “Arms are one of those things you

Lisa Francis


notice when you age—they can look very poor,” says Lesley Jane Seymour, editor of “More,” a magazine for women over 40. Obviously, it’s working for Mrs. Obama, who works out every morning with the White House trainer. Mrs. Obama’s decision to wear sleeveless apparel inspires the youth in our country. She is highly regarded as a role model to young people, and fitness is definitely part of that package. “Hopefully she can help prevent obesity by being a tangible example of someone who looks good and stays in shape”, says Tyler Thoreson, executive editor of However, not everyone has the “you go, girl” attitude in regards to Mrs. Obama’s lack of sleeveage. Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker has stated in an e-mail message, “I’ve told my trainer that I want Michelle arms. We all do, let’s face it. But, I do think a little more coverage is appropriate.” Whichever way one swings on this issue, one has to commend Mrs. Obama’s ability to make light of her criticism. In a recent interview, Mrs. Obama herself jokingly referred to the uproar. Complimented by ABC’s Robin Roberts on her physique, the first lady quipped with a smile and said, “Well, I covered my arms up.” Nonetheless, with all this controversy, the shoulders America really needs to focus on are Barrack’s, and how he will guide it through the current crises in this country of ours.



APRIL 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8

Make this spring a healthy one

Ayana Takizawa



The earth has slowly awakened from its long winter slumber, and hopeful buds decorate the once bare branches. The world no longer seems lifeless. Undoubtedly, springtime is here. For most, news of the highlyanticipated return of warm sunshine is a thrill to hear. However, with this warmer weather comes pressure to slim down for the lighter clothes and sunny beaches ahead. Being disguised and buried under layers of cozy sweaters and Snuggies all winter has caused many to let their healthy eating lapse a bit. With arrival of spring, a good spring cleaning of one’s diet is called for. These are the top four culprits that should be freed from the fridge and purged from the pantry, once and for all: Culprit 1: White Bread A delicious staple of the American diet, it is loved by children and adults alike. However, white bread is a refined carb, which essentially means it is sugar, another white delight which most tend to have a liking for. Furthermore, white bread is typically enriched (which means nutrients that are stripped away in processing are added back in), but it still does not have as much nutritional value as whole grain bread. Whole grain bread is the healthier choice, as it takes longer to digest and therefore leaves you feeling less hungry. Culprit 2: Soda Soda is essentially a fizzy delight of just empty calories. Just one serving of regular soda packs in more than 100 calories. And how many people stop at just one serving? Go back for refills at a favorite fast food eatery, and one can easily consume thousands of liquid calories in just one sitting. Be careful of some sports drinks and



fruit juices as well, as most of them contain just as many calories and sugar as soda. Instead, choose real fruit juices with lots of vitamins, or green tea which is renowned for its fat burning properties. Of course water is the all-around winner, as its deliciously refreshing purity is what keeps the body running. Culprit 3: Frozen Foods Ready to eat in just a few seconds in the microwave, the frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets may seem the sovereigns of convenience. However, these easy options can spell out diet disaster, as they are deep fried long before they make way to the freezer. As healthier alternatives, look for frozen, grilled fish fillets and grilled chicken patties or strips to get the benefit of convenience without so much fat. And more often than not, resort to the luxury of a homecooked meal, an option less packed with preservative chemicals, and (hopefully) better tasting. Culprit 4: Dairy Fat Dairy is healthy for its calcium and nutrient content. However, whole milk and regular cheese are not exactly waistline-friendly, as a large glass of whole milk can actually have as much fat as a small hamburger patty. However, next to these fatty choices on the shelves, there are always healthier ones such as skim milk, and low-fat cheeses. For those still feeling ambitious after a thorough extermination of these kitchen culprits, a tweaking of healthy habits is recommended. Some even say “you are what you eat.” Though the lists of diet fads run forever, here are four simple tips to get started: 1. Veg ging Out: Filling up on foods that give you the “most bang”—or

in nutrition-speak, satiety—for the fewest calories is very important in a healthy diet. In a recent study, Penn State scientists reported that eating a large, low-calorie salad as a first course may help lower the amount of calories eaten in the rest of the meal. The low-calorie salad included ice berg and romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers, fat-free dressing, and light mozzarella cheese. According to the study, big portions make one feel as if they’ve eaten a lot, even if it is a low-calorie item. 2. Get Hot: First thing in the morning, hot cooked cereal, like oatmeal (300 calories per pound) has about one-fifth the calorie of dried cereal (1400 to 2000 calories per pound) and it helps avoid the 10 a.m. munchies, according to Jay Kenney, a weight-control expert of Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute in Chicago. Eating a high-fiber breakfast can also help stave off diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. 3. Think Green: “Green Tea is a healthier choice than soda for many reasons,” said Molly Kimball, a sports nutritionist at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans. One can of regular soda has about 140 calories, while Green tea has 0 calories. Additionally, studies reported in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” Nutrition found that green tea stimulates the body to burn calories, in turn decreasing body fat. 4. Chocolate Break: “One square of good-quality chocolate can go a long way in curbing cravings,” said Kimball. That means, yes, chocolate is not only

The DOs and DON’Ts of Healthy Weight B ecause young adults are notorious for not getting proper diet and exercise, there are hypes of all kinds of diets everywhere, but do not get overwhelmed: stay simple. These are five rules that should never be broken, according to James Rouse, a Personal weight loss coach at Ochsner Clinic: Do try to keep those teenage emotions under control. No emotional eating! Do drink more water, stay hydrated- 1 ounce per pound of body weight. Do not skip meals, and eat slowly. Do not try to lose weight by eating less and not exercising. Do not attempt to lose more than 2 pounds a week. Moderation is key in all things weight loss, and good habits take time to stick to. permitted in a healthy eating program, but actually encouraged. Dark chocolate is recommended, as the stronger flavor gives more satisfaction for every bite, and its antioxidant properties have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and diabetes. Dark chocolate is also a good source of magnesium, iron, and potassium, and it boosts serotonin, which has a positive influence on one’s mood. Like any test of patience, “good things take time.” Remember that being healthy should be a lifestyle, and this is only the beginning. But eating right coupled with exercise will definitely amount to wonderful changes. Nature is waking up and finally trying to get back in the swing of things, so there is no excuse for everyone else this season. Start today, for a healthier, fitter, spring time you.

VOL. 45, NO. 8

APRIL 17, 2009

Nuggeting— practical joke or act of evil? Thomas Bielawiec FEATURES EDITOR


and must be quick to gather a group of helpers to assist him or her in the task. Daul, a professional in the technique, explains a superior strategy to picking out the right backpack. “JanSports are easy to nugg; however, some North Faces are hard to nugg since they have a hard and sturdy base.” Other sources indicate that the perfect targets are those who fall asleep during class, leave the room for a sufficient amount of time, or are distracted with other activities. This indicates that a nugger must have a sufficient understanding of his or her environment as well, using math and science to analyze possible outcomes and estimated success. The motivations of nuggeters are often questioned. Many individuals seem to agree with Sophomore Matt Graca when he states, “I nugget because it gives me comfort and satisfaction, and in most situations it’s OK because everyone gets a good laugh out of it.” Nuggeting is rarely the effect of a desire for revenge or disrespect. A lot of times even the best of friends will do it to each other. Junior Jon Bartkowicz says, “anyone can get nuggeted, but overall, it’s just a harmless practical joke that’s

funny.” There are also students who say that nuggeting has negatively changed their lives forever. Sophomore Andrew Brodech, who fell victim to the act while writing a math problem on the board, states, “I was flabbergasted. I fell back and landed on a fellow classmate almost breaking his face…I never have been able to look at my backpack the same way again…ever.” Brodech also blames the nuggeting for getting the math problem wrong on the board. While some claim to have been put into danger by the act, others take the matter even further. An anonymous freshman, who argues that he has been nuggeted on the bus at least 10 times in the past couple of months, offers that “a worldwide alliance is formed to fight the spread of the nuggeting and secure the safety of all people in the world.” Whether nuggeting is regarded as a act of friendship or one of evil, most teachers and students accept it as nothing but a joke. That doesn’t mean, however, that the power of nuggeting should be underestimated and forgotten, as Sophomore Petra Nelson states, “no one is safe.”


s the fourth quarter begins, students need to be more attentive than ever before, because a powerful threat has been gaining momentum around Maine South. The problem at hand is not one involving schoolwork or grades, but instead, one that questions the trust and honor between fellow peers and classmates. An individual that one might consider to be the most sincere friend can soon turn out to be the worst betrayer. The fuel behind all this tension lies solely in the hands of a growing trend: “nuggeting.” Nuggeting, also called nugging, turtling, backpack inverting, backpack flipping, backpack skinning, burritoing, spacebagging, and flipmoding reversal style is a common method of getting unsuspecting people angry, or just giving them a good laugh. The strategy is simple: when a potential victim leaves the room, falls asleep on the bus or is just not paying attention, quickly take all of his items out of his backpack and flip the backpack inside out. Next, place all the contents back in the bag and zipper the backpack back up from

the inside. Everyone has witnessed, if not taken part in, the act. Most seek great satisfaction from the victim that would spend the next 30 minutes of his life swearing while carrying his backpack to his next class trying to undo the acts committed against it. Sophomore Nick Ching states, “the best part of nuggeting is the priceless facial expression when the victim realizes he or she is nuggeted right when the bell rings.” However, most don’t consider nuggeting as harmful as some make it out to be. Many students regard backpack flipping as nothing but a friendly joke. Sophomore Christine Daul states, “nuggeting a backpack always helps lighten the stressful atmosphere of an otherwise serious school day. It’s basically a funny prank, and even though it can sometimes annoy a person, it never physically harms them.” As straightforward as nugging might sound, it is a mission that requires great discipline, focus, and timing. Some individuals naturally obtain the talent while others must train before attempting the trick. A professional nuggeter has a sense of when a right moment presents itself

5 steps to complete an easy nugg:

FIND THE RIGHT MOMENT: The right moment is a combination of setting and background. Make sure the victim’s backpack is easy to access and the victim is either away or unaware of his backpack’s position. REMOVE ALL THE ITEMS: Remove all the books, pencils, pens, gym uniforms and any other items in the backpack and place them in an area where they will remain organized and secure. Make sure nothing remains inside in order to ensure the act’s full success. FLIP THE BACKPACK: Grab the edges of the backpack and reach inside to grab its bottom. Next, holding the edge with one hand, pull the bottom through the top. The backpack will now be inverted. For even better results, inverse the backpack through one of its smaller pockets. PLACE ALL THE ITEMS BACK IN: Put all the items back into the inverted backpack and zip the backpack up through its inside. For extra effect, tie the two zippers with rubber bands. SIT BACK AND ENJOY: The last step is considered the most enjoyable and satisfying. Watch as the victim finally realizes that he or she has been nuggeted and reacts to the act. Most of time, both the guilty and the victim end up in laughter.








APRIL 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8 Film:

Nothing held back in ‘Fast & Furious’ STAFF WRITER



ast & Furious” returns the series to the streets of LA eight years after the first one, and it’s certainly been a long time coming. Vin Diesel returns in “Fast & Furious” as Dominic “Dom” Torreto, a street racer who is wanted in several countries and is on the run after Policeman Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) let him go. “Fast & Furious” takes place about 5 years after the events of “The Fast & The Furious,” set after “2 Fast 2 Furious” but before “The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Right from the start, it drops you into Dominic and his crew hijacking a gas tanker in the Dominican Republic; they succeed, and as Dom gives out the money for the heist to each crew member, one man, Han, talks about moving to Tokyo because of the crazy stuff going on there, setting up the story for “Tokyo Drift.” Dominic and his girlfriend, Letty, head off to the beach so they can be alone, and Dominic explains that he plans to leave the Dominican


Max Mielecki

and stor y work Republic so Letty exceptionally well won’t b e j ai l e d together to form a with Dom when good experience. the police catch up “Fast & Furious” to him. i s n’ t e x a c t l y a Despite Letty’s groundbreaking mix protests, Dom of the two like “The leaves the town as Dark Knight” or “The she sleeps, moving B ourne Identity,” to Panama City, but it strikes a good Panama. Back in balance. Fans of the LA, O’Connor has series will definitely been fired from the not want to miss out police force and on this; however, now has joined the if you haven’t seen FBI. He’s closing a “The Fast & The in on taking down F u r i o u s” m o v i e the cartel of elusive Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, from left to right, as Dom and before, you may feel drug dealer Arturo O’Connor in “Fast and Furious.” Brada. His boss informs him that he the storyline of “Fast & Furious” is a tad lost with Dom and Brian as has 72 hours to apprehend Brada, or surprisingly deep, though predictable “Fast & Furious” sometimes relies on the funding for the investigation will at times. The action sequences are or refers to things established in the be pulled. These two stories continue fast-paced and masterfully executed, other movies, which could potentially to intertwine as the movie goes on, and are reminiscent of those old- be a bit confusing, even if it’s only a and Dom and O’Conner eventually school driving arcade games where small part of the story. Even if you’re meet again on the streets, each fueled you sat down and floored it. The not the biggest fan of the series, “Fast cars themselves all have their own & Furious” is definitely an enjoyable by different motives. For a movie driven (no pun uniqueness about them, and it all ride, from the opening salvos to the intended) by action sequences, seems very real. Both the action photo-finish ending. Film:

‘I Love You, Man’ strikes comedic gold Floy Laverty

to realize he doesn’t have any guy friends of his own to stand up in his he recent wave of “inappropriate” wedding. This begins his journey as he teen comedies, kicked off by attempts to find a best man. He looks movies such as “Superbad” and to his homosexual brother, played by “The 40 Year Old Virgin” certainly Andy Samberg who is known for his know how to draw SNL skits, for a crowd, and “I help in finding Love You, Man” a guy friend. looks to capitalize He ends up on the same teen going through audience that those many odd m ov i e s for me d “man dates” around them. eventually Directed by John meeting a Hamburg, who also man named directed “Along Sydney Fife. Came Polly” and Jas on S e gel was co-writer of plays Sydney “Meet the Parents,” and is mostly “Meet the Fockers,” known from and “Zoolander,” the television directed this film s h ow “How with a well known I Me t You r cast of stars. Jason Segel (left), of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” fame, and Paul Rudd M o t h e r ” Paul Rudd stars star in “I Love You, Man.” and the in this film and, as unforgettable in all of his other movies, he does a Office.” She did a great job for being a “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” fantastic job. Rudd, who was in the old big screen rookie. Sydney is a very blunt, opinionated, hit show “Friends,” and movies such as As the excitement settles down honest man, and Peter thinks he’s “Knocked Up,” “40 Year Old Virgin” from the engagement, Peter begins very fit for best man material. Many STAFF WRITER


and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” plays a man named Peter Klaven who just recently got engaged to the love of his life, Zooey. Zooey is played by Rashida Jones, who is best known for acting in the hit television show, “The



hilarious and unforgettable moments happen between Sydney and Peter, leaving the audience wanting more laughs. The two end up becoming best friends, which eventually gets in the way of his wedding plans with Zooey. She becomes upset about the amount of time Peter is spending with Sydney and they run into some problems. Between laughs and tears, everyone in the theatre enjoyed the movie The ending is very well put together and only made the audience enjoy the movie even more. Many may believe that this was a predictable movie, but nowadays what movie isn’t? This was a great film, and the slight predictability of some scenes doesn’t tarnish that. “I Love You, Man” is now playing in theatres everywhere, and is rated R for pervasive language, including crude and sexual references. Although not as blatantly pervasive as other movies in the “inappropriate” teen comedy genre, fans of “Knocked Up”, “SuperBad”, “40 Year Old Virgin”, and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” will get the most laughs out of this film, and, like those before it, your parents probably won’t find the movie as funny as you do.

VOL. 45, NO. 8 Internet:

Evolution of YouTube


‘My Favorite Year’ coming to Maine South

Matt Eller

Teddy Sherbin and Courney Vinopal



ith the start of spring comes the anticipation of Maine South’s annual musical performance. The Maine South Fine Arts Department is known for putting on musicals that captivate the audience with lively music and exceptional displays of talent. This year will be no different, as Maine South prepares to present “My Favorite Year,” a 1993 musical based on the 1983 movie of the same name starring Peter O’Toole. The musical, set in 1954, follows Benjy Stone, played by Jonathan Stevens, a struggling writer hoping to find success on the hit television show, “The King Kaiser Comedy Cavalcade.” When he hears that his favorite a c t o r, A l a n Swann, played by Forest Karner, is the guest star for that week, Benjy will do anything to cater to Swann, even after he finds out Swann is a bumbling drunk. Benjy puts his job on the line to keep Swann in the show in this hysterical comedy. The cast, crew and pit have been working hard to put on a great show for the community. They have worked for more Matt Hamielec and Annie Hoeg, rehearse one than two months of the songs from Maine South’s production of “My Favorite Year.“ The musical is set as a to prepare for the 1950s comedy TV show performance. In addition to the usual hours perfecting. Mr. Muszynski assures spent on the show, a few lucky cast the students, “Even though people members have the honor to work with don’t know the show, give it a chance fight choreographers Laura Skolnik because I’m sure you’ll love it.” Tickets are $10, and the and Scott Sumerak. They have been working on both fistfights and sword p er for mances are dur ing t he fights. According to members of the weekends of April 24-26 and May cast and Mr. Muszynski, the staff 1-3. Compared to seeing a musical director, the hardest part of the show on Broadway, that’s a steal, and it’s has been coordinating the fights with right here at Maine South. It’s sure to be a hit for everyone, from second the pit, who supply the music. Choreographer Konnie Kaye, who graders to those who actually lived worked with students on “Thoroughly in 1954. Modern Millie” last year, has returned




to help the cast with the stunningly difficult dance numbers. Student-director Tamara Bodnar has been working hard to help the cast with everything they could need. Also, stage manager Rob Carskie and the crew have been doing everything they can to make one of the largest and most elaborate sets in Maine South history. Now, some students might say: “‘My Favorite Year?’ I’ve never heard of it, and I don’t like musicals in the first place, so why should I bother seeing it?” This show is a musical, but there are so many things that are unique about it. It is a very good comedy with an underlying romance. There are very flashy fight scenes that the cast has spent so much time


like AOL and Yahoo who offer music videos as well. The difference is that PRODUCTION EDITOR h e t i t a n o f t h e I n t e r n e t YouTube’s advertisements do not entertainment world, YouTube, delay the video, which is always a has had a very recent history which plus for impatient internet-users. A our young generation has witnessed pop-up appears at the bottom and and been a huge part of. The people can be easily closed, whereas AOL who first experienced the start of and Yahoo often use lengthy video computer technology are long out advertisements that take their own of high school, but with the help of time to load. A social network graces YouTube. YouTube, it is now easier than ever for people of all ages to have the ability They have channels, which allow users to post media from any place with to create profiles, display their videos, and subscribe to other users’ channels. Internet access. Ste ve C h an , C h a d Hu r l e y, It has messaging and commenting and Jawed Karim, former Paypal features that could take the place of employees, first registered the domain those of Myspace. This is particularly name February, 2005. Its first ever appealing to musicians and visual video, “Me at the Zoo” (featuring artists who can create slide shows, Jawed Karim), was posted April 23 as music, or informational videos on YouTube’s historic debut. To increase their work. YouTube has created a major membership, the creators offered a free iPod Nano to one of its members societal impact as well. Within classrooms at Maine South, for per day. Once membership began to take example, many teachers use YouTube off, Sequoia Capital, a venture capital for easy access to educational or firm which invests in up and coming historic media. Students may use it in a companies gave YouTube $3.5 million presentation or simply post their own in funding. Sequoia Capital has video and access it from the web site. Outside of the funded big classroom, organizations the site is a like Google database of and Apple as a variety of well. videos meant YouTube to teach was bought certain trades, by Google arts, and in October techniques. of 2006 for The prime $1.65 billion e x ampl e i s in stock. the “Expert It b e c am e Village” “ T i m e ” Channel m a g a z i n e’s which is invention of The homepage of the popular video site Youthe year in From here, anyone can post, com- e xc lu s i ve l y for people to 2006 as well. ment on, or watch millions of videos. YouTube continues its legacy as post informative videos on basically it is now the third most visited anything. The channels are also site according to Alexa (a web home to lots of funny videos like information company). It surpasses Potter Puppet Pals or Charlie the Facebook and is only passed up by Unicorn. These videos have become Yahoo and Google. This is impressive, an important part of pop culture. YouTube, through its universal considering YouTube has only been innovations has created an ever-useful around for about four years. YouTube has taken over the music tool to all who are interested in any and music video world. Instead of sort of computer media. People have downloading a song or music video, reason to be excited as they should one can simply look it up on YouTube. remember one of the most impressive With the new high definition feature things about the established YouTube: being used, widespread quality is it’s still just a toddler in this great age sacrificed less for the convenience. of the internet. This is major competition to sites

APRIL 17, 2009



VOL. 45, NO. 8 Music:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs return Agnes Pletnia





fter releasing their 2006 album “Show Your Bones,” it seemed as though Karen O. and company were done for good. The album itself had been made under a lot of tension between the three band members, due in part to Karen’s larger-thanlife stage persona. The album was incredible, but resulted in a lot of intense disagreements between band

not misunderstand; this album is not bad. The album is far from bad, actually. Karen O’s unique vocals ring through the synthesizers just as well as they did through the erratic guitar of their previous work (the only thing that’s really to be missed on this album). What is gained through the loss of the heavenly wailing of Nick Zinner on guitar is a tenderness and melancholy we haven’t really seen from Yeah Yeah Yeahs before


“Grey’s Anatomy” stars leaving? Mary Ruscitti STAFF WRITER


here have been rumors swirling around the media that two actors are leaving “Grey’s Anatomy.” These accusations refer to actress Katherine Heigl and actor Patrick Dempsey, who play doctors Izzie Stevens and Derek Sheperd, respectively. This is a big year of dismissals for the ever-so-popular primetime show. T. R. Night, who plays George O’Malley on the show, has already asked to be removed from the script, and will be written out of the show sometime this year. “US Weekly” reported that it is true that Heigl will be leaving, and

might be justification for moving away from “Grey’s Anatomy.” The plot line has been implying that there are some issues with the characters potentially leaving. Dempsey’s character, Dr. Sheperd, had secluded himself from all of the doctors, because he killed a pregnant woman during brain surgery. He had taken out parts of her brain, and she couldn’t function normally in daily life. His emotions got the best of him, and he decided to seek out privacy in his trailer home in the woods. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), his longtime girlfriend, even went to go and visit him. He threw the ring, which he was going to propose to her PHOTO COURTESY OF ERATI.COM

APRIL 17, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs members from left to right: guitarist Nick Zinner, singer Karen O., and drummer Brian Chase. The trio’s new album is much different than their last, but is still very good. members and an eventual hiatus. A hiatus that looked as though it might be permanent. Three long, turbulent years later, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back…well, sort of. After the initial excitement at the arrival of “It’s Blitz!” wears off, the realization hits – they’ve changed. That’s not bad though. All musicians go through changes in style and they grow and develop, often becoming more advanced in their instrumentation, but that was the beauty of Yeah Yeah Yeahs; all three of them were thirty-somethings from New York at the time of the band’s inception and they had already developed a unique and primal sound that was all their own. It was a sound that had an affect on you and made you either want to dance or get into a fight. The gritty belt of “Gold Lion” and the impossible ethereality of “Maps” are now gone from their work (although their track “Skeletons” gets pretty close). The band has added sleekness to their sound, separating them more from their New York underground roots. Do


(“Runaway,” “Skeletons,” and “Little Shadow” are highlights of this newly adopted characteristic). This new aura surrounding their music will definitely make them a more relatable band and hopefully broaden their audience a bit, as this band definitely deserves the recognition. Sadly, many may say Yeah Yeah Yeahs are selling out, but that’s hardly the case. Their lyrics are still hypnotizing and their melodies are still quirky and unique. It’s as though their previous albums were made by a trio stranded on a deserted island and driven mad by the isolation, whereas this new album marks their return to civilization: they’re calmer and more restrained, but that same savagery lingers just beneath the surface. “It’s Blitz!” is a big departure. The band members have licked their wounds and rekindled a friendship that seemed lost, and the beauty of that shows through each song. So, fans of the first and second Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums be warned: “It’s Blitz!” is very different. Give it a try anyway though, because it’s still great, just in a different way than expected.

The cast of season five’s “Grey’s Anatomy.“ The popular hospital drama is going through many different changes regarding the plotline, and the characters remaining in the show. she will be sorely missed. However, with, on the grass. She stormed off fellow actor James Pickens, Jr., who mad with lots of questions. plays chief of surgery Dr. Weber, told Stevens was acting crazy, and MSNBC that “[Knight] complains to having crazy hallucinations. Denny Katherine all the time. The energy Duquette (Jeffery Dean Morgan) was on set will be much better when he’s her fiance, but he died in the hospital gone.” a couple of seasons ago. All of the There is still controversy over doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital were whether Dempsey will be following having a hard time figuring out why his co-stars out the door. He will she was acting so paranoid. However, most likely complete the terms of she confided in Cristina Yang (Sandra his contract, and then he may be Oh), who she was not very close moving on. friends with. Soon, the whole hospital Of course, Heigl and Dempsey found out that she was in the final have all the reason to want to move on stages of metastatic melanoma, and to bigger and better things. Both Heigl probably didn’t have much longer to and Dempsey have had successful live. After having surgery to remove starts to their film careers. Dempsey’s the tumors, she seems as if she is all wife gave birth to twins in early 2007, right. This may or may not keep her so his hands must be pretty full. Heigl in the show. Stay tuned to ABC on also got married to musician Josh Thursday nights at eight o’clock to see Kelley in 2007. All these life changes what happens.

VOL. 45, NO. 8

APRIL 17, 2009

Stephanie Bergren STAFF WRITER

As a student who has a full schedule, I am fully versed in the time commitments I have and the limited time I actually have. I understand why homework is helpful for students. It is supposed to help reinforce concepts that are learned earlier in the day. It helps build a memory that would be helpful for finals, standardized tests, and AP exams. Still, many teachers insist on giving work that neither reinforces nor builds memory. The assignments are destructive to the learning process and a waste of time. I hate to have my time wasted. I completely understand that homework will consume much of my time, but there is no acceptable reason why I shouldn’t be learning or exploring new material in my homework. Teachers: I would still complain about the amount of time it takes me to complete an assignment, but, deep down, I would appreciate the effort to making it worth my time. According to a 2006 AP-AOL poll, even 12% of teachers think too much homework is given. While this statistic is hilariously ironic, it points out that students are not exaggerating when they say they have too much work. Some of this work includes

coloring or making a diorama. These activities are geared toward giving more work rather than educating students. Granted, grammar schools tend to waste the most time, and this situation isn’t as noticeable in high school years. Still, building an aqueduct to just show what one looks like is a waste of an assignment. It takes a couple hours to build and ultimately nothing is learned. I did not build a working aqueduct; I just built a structure that looked like one and did very well on the project. In the short run, this is a waste of time. But looking into the future, it restates ideas that are unacceptable to our youth. These useless assignments convey “it is okay to waste time, because you still might do well in the class” or “learning is not necessary to succeed.” Even if it’s true, it is still not a good idea to reiterate. As a student who enjoys learning, I beg teachers to find a way to make homework meaningful. Why should homework be based on rewriting information? Why shouldn’t assignments be educational? What is the point of “getting really good” at a futile activity? Why is homework designed to learn how to do homework and not the concept? Homework has a place in curriculums; busy work shouldn’t.

The lazy grip of “Junioritis”

“Les Miserables.” -Brian Hunt ‘09

“Shrek.” -Nikki Ignoffo ‘11


safe to say the class of 2010 has been hit with a heavy case of this illness. STAFF WRITER The “-itis” isn’t bad and will be caught by Junior year is very unpleasant. After two everyone eventually, but getting it too early low-key and low-stress years of high school, though can be troublesome with everything that you finally come along to the ACT and how juniors must do. Authority loses its power as everything is important since it decides what we all become older and yearn to become more college you attend and, apparently, how independent and lose the controls we’ve faced all successful you become. Whether it’s your parents our lives. High school life has become mundane yelling at you about your grades or stress about and repetitive with the same 7:45 start day in and college and the unknown future, something day out. There is some decision-making, but that clicks in your brain: the only thing you can think usually just consist of caring or not. Junioritis about then is getting out of high school. This usually slowly takes over the brain’s ability to condition of apathy of being in high school is care about high school. First it might start with known as the “-itis”. forgetting an assignment once in a while, but Usually this sensation indifference hits only once it gets to its extreme you start randomly just seniors, but the “-itis” is contagious. Seeing leaving classes and planning naps during classes. seniors chilling out in the cafeteria for periods The “-itis” sweeps into the pockets of your at a time talking about college and leaving home soul with disillusionment of high school and will make any junior want to join in. makes movies that involve high school to be Thinking about the future is so much easier unable peak your interest. For juniors, it’s been than thinking about the present if you’re a junior. 12 years of the American education system, and College isn’t that far away and if you’re planning with one more year the goal of getting to college to enjoy your senior year then one year doesn’t is close. Your GPA won’t change much unless seem that distant. Seniors have no right to claim you don’t do anything at all and with all the talk that they are the only ones allowed to suffer the of college your eyes light up. By your junior “-itis”. year, the high school system has already been If you’ve ever been on a college campus, the mastered so that your excitement of being at “-itis” hurts you even harder. You experience of Maine South is long gone. Junioritis is basically feeling of what college will bring and the high the willingness to take on a new challenge and school apathy begins. The “-itis” is supposed to getting out and starting your life. Whether you start after you get accepted to college, but I know get the “-itis” in your junior year or senior year, too many kids who are itching for college that it’s there is no way of avoiding it.

Andrew Abtahi

What’s your favorite musical?

Busy work wastes precious time

“The Lion King.” -Daniel Glowina ‘12

“Chicago.” -Christina Coy & Danielle Fritz ‘09


APRIL 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 8

North Korea goes ballistic Anthony Eugenis

of Japan added to the world’s already about it. Numerous countries investigated palpable tension. Nobody could n April 5th, in the early hours of predict what was going to happen. the missile site: the Russians sent the day, North Korea launched It is odd that North Korea would fighter jets over the area to get a better a Taepodong-2 long-range missile, risk war with Japan and its allies view while the United States, South defying calls from around the world not to do so. The launch was not only a danger to neighboring South Korea and Japan, but also the U.S., as the missile was capable of reaching Hawaii. In the week leading up to the launch, the debate and arguments surrounding the launch became increasingly hot. North Korea repeated that they would close off talks about future nuclear disarmament if any country stopped them from completing the launch. A Security Council resolution dating back to 2006 complicated the launch; the resolution prohibits North Korea from continuing any ballistic missile program. This would stop any sane leader from shooting a rocket. But A satellite view of the Taepodong-2 missile at the beginning of its flight on April 8. The white dot in the upper corner is the jet on the missile. this is Kim Jong-il’s North Korea. When North Korea hinted at the simply to put a satellite up into space. Korea, and Japan sent warships near possibility that debris could land on It is perfectly fine for a country to be the site. North Korea also accused the Japan or in its surrounding waters, interested in space, but this did not U.S. and South Korea of sending U-2 Japan went on full alert. They set up look like an ordinary satellite launch. spy planes to the site and threatened PATRIOT missile interceptors along If it was truly just a space mission, to shoot them down. the coast and sent radar warships out why didn’t they just open up to the The launch window given by into the sea. All these precautions world about the details? For a satellite North Korea was April 4 to April 8. It coming from the peaceful country launch, they were very secretive is also worth noting that North Korea STAFF WRITER




was very verbal about their plans. They let the whole world know what days and even the hours they planned to go forward with the launch. The launch on April 4 was canceled due to high winds and cloudy skies. Better weather was predicted on Sunday, and, sure enough, there was. That was when North Korea launched their missile. It only took a few minutes for the missile to pass near Japan, but Japan did not shoot it down. They kept it on radar until it passed 2,000 miles away from the country. Japan did an impressive job of operating with calm, patient efficiency, despite the fear in their populace. They were not trigger happy, and instead let the missile pass over. This was the mark of a true noninterventionist country. President Obama gave a speech in Prague concerning the disarmament of nuclear weapons all across the globe. Near the end of the speech, he condemned North Korea’s missile launch. However, an emergency U.N Security Council meeting failed to draft a resolution. hopefully North Korea will be punished for their ignorance, but if they could ignore a previously set resolution, there is no doubt they could, and very well ma ignore future ones.

Vanity’s role in the American Dream Nora Elderkin STAFF WRITER


ver since we were little, we have been told to not judge a book by its cover. But what does it really mean? We’ve been taught not to judge people based on appearances, but when we meet someone initially, what else do we have to go off of? I’ll be the first to say that forming opinions based on how someone dresses is common. Too often when we meet someone new, we look them over top to bottom and decide what kind of person they are. From there, people who give a bad first impression are often cast aside in the human mind. When a girl has a good fashion sense and wears her clothes well, people are more drawn to her than they would be to a girl who wears baggy sweats and a t-shirt. We


all know that it’s not fair to judge someone’s character based on the clothing they wear, but it has become a subconscious activity. This prejudice applies to teachers as well. Think of the impressions they make on the first day of school. If Malibu Barbie walked into your physics class instead of Albert Einstein, the guys might be excited, but would they learn as much? Would kids worry if they had a Steve Urkel look-alike as their gym teacher instead of an athletic heart-throb? Or would we hold our own school in such high esteem if we didn’t have such a popular principal? We make snap decisions based on appearances. Somewhere along the line we, as a society, decided that looks and brains don’t go together. If someone is attractive or athletic, they are probably not very smart. By the same token, if someone is a

bookworm, a band geek, or a chess master, they probably aren’t the most attractive person in the world. Most of the time, this isn’t true at all. Everyone could name examples refuting both of these stereotypes, and yet most people find themselves accidentally thinking the same thing. I know football players that got into the University of Chicago, beautiful people that play French horn, and cute guys on Scholastic Bowl. The media does not help, either. The majority of celebrities are gorgeous, and their looks propel them to stardom. There are actresses that are not very talented, but they are so good-looking that it doesn’t even matter. People don’t want to go to movies that have unattractive main characters. Appearances are more important than actual talent. Think of the pop stars on the scene. Paris Hilton, for example, has the voice

of a ten-year-old who can’t sing. Yet because she’s beautiful, she has made millions off of a CD that completely lacks vocal talent. Do attractive people really go farther in life? Not necessarily. Look at Bill Gates. He’s no Brad Pitt, yet he’s the richest man in the world. When he was in high school, chances are good that he got turned down by a few girls. Obviously, judging him on his looks did not work well in their favor. People are worth so much more than just their outer appearances. Just because someone is shy doesn’t mean that he/ she is not nice. Just because someone is good-looking doesn’t mean that he/she is not smart. Stereotypes and prejudices are something we all have to work on abolishing. J.R.R. Tolkien, author of “The Lord of the Rings,” wrote for his trilogy a poem containing this life lesson: all that is gold does not glitter.

VOL. 45, NO. 8

APRIL 17, 2009

Obama’s visit incites unwarranted anger in alumni

would speak in any regard to the rights of the unborn. Why should the president’s opinion on one issue become the center of a debate about whether or not he should be allowed to speak at a prestigious

mindless hours studying away—but listening to students state “I’m just going to take it as many times as I have to to get a 30,” and “If I don’t get at least a 25 I’m going to die,” got me wondering: how much does that one four-hour test really matter? I remember sitting in the many, many college information sessions, listening to the admissions counselors state that transcripts, character, creative ability, leadership, liveliness of mind, ability to carry out a demanding college program, and strong sense of social responsibility important were all much more important than the any test score. But still, I stressed over

my SAT/ACT scores and doubted the truth in their statements. The anxiety induced by SATs and ACTs has been a staple of the college admissions process for a long time. However, those admissions counselors may have had a point. About 760 colleges no longer require standardized test scores, and a growing number are beginning to adopt the trend, stating it is not a fair way to evaluate students. Wake Forest in North Carolina is currently the only top-30 national university in U.S. News & World Report rankings that considers standardized tests optional. This policy went into effect for the freshman class

starting in 2009, this year’s seniors. Most of the schools that consider standardized test scores optional are well-known liberal arts colleges located in the Midwest and Northeast. Even so, I’d be hard pressed to find a member of the class of 2010 not worrying about that little two-digit (hopefully!) number set to come any day now. Now that I’m on the other side of the process, I still find standardizing testing an abomination I’d never want to go through again, but wish I would have relaxed a bit more during the process. I wonder how it would have been if I recognized it wasn’t the beall-end-all...


Erin Klein



was thoroughly amused to listen to the numerous juniors in my classes two weeks ago mourn over what they perceived to be the be-all-endall event occurring this month: the ACT. And I was glad that that part of my life, the ominous junior year, was behind me. While I’d be one heck of a hypocrite to say that test scores don’t matter—I too took the prep class and wasted



or its graduation ceremony scheduled for May 17, the University of Notre Dame is one of three universities in the United States at which President Obama will deliver a commencement address. The decision to invite the president to Notre Dame has spurred debate on either side of the political spectrum. Staunch conservative Catholics are furious at the “scandal” and are denouncing the ceremony because of Obama’s action lifting the ban on federal funding for both abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research. On the other side, those who simply aren’t against Obama’s visit feel the need to publicly exclude themselves from the group of alums that have “called the campus saying they have thrown away their Fighting Irish sweatshirts in disgust.” Interestingly enough, the student newspaper at Notre Dame, after receiving 612 letters to the editor about the invitation, reported that 70% of alumni opposed the invitation while 97% of the senior class supported it. Despite the fact that nearly all of the senior class supports the invitation, all of the buzz around this graduation ceremony is that all Catholics are enraged. Conservatives are writing seething editorials claiming Obama to be “militantly anti-life,” and “an extreme embarrassment.” Some prospective students have loudly declined offers to attend the university, and the local bishop, John D’Arcy, has vowed to boycott the graduation – all based on the fact that President Obama, “the most

University of Notre Dame’s invitation of President Obama to be the commencement speaker has angered many alumni. Some have declared their distaste plainly; others, like the local bishop, John D’Arcy, will boycott.


pro-abortion president we’ve ever had,” was invited to speak at this year’s commencement. One must wonder, however, if this address, or for that matter any commencement address anywhere,

university’s graduation ceremony? Any other institution—like the other two he is speaking at—would beg for a sitting president to offer a commencement address. Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and is a former professor for the University of Chicago Law School. He also just happens, as the President of the United States, to have a pro-choice opinion on abortion. With this dismissive attitude, these alumni are putting themselves on a seat above the President as well as any who dissent. As an individual, an opinion on the issue of abortion is completely personal. As the leader of a nation, however, it is important to have the best interests of the people in mind. In the case of rape, or where a woman’s health is in jeopardy, it is necessary to give those involved all of the possible options. President Obama represents the United States, and as a part of this nation, Notre Dame should be honored to host him, regardless of his opinion on one issue alone. A highly-educated audience, such as the Notre Dame graduates and its graduation attendees, should be intellectual enough to listen to all sides of an issue and then make their own choices. The University of Notre Dame is ranked nationally as the 18 th best university in the nation, according to “US News and World Report.” It is appalling that a university of such high rank and stature has an alumni population that acts so irrationally. Who are these alumni to say that their way is the only way? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Anne Wave


APRIL 17, 2009

VOL. 45, NO. 7

Boys’ water polo makes a splash Badminton Lesia Witkowsky


This is the first year for boys’ water polo at Maine South, and the team has done well. Though they hold a record of one win and six loses, outside of playing Schaumburg, the boys have been “right there” in every game. Considering Catholic schools have been playing water polo for over fifty years, and eight out of the eleven teams that have swimming at their schools also have water polo, the Maine South boys’ water polo team should be proud of themselves. Out of a team of twenty-four players, only one has really played the sport before: senior captain, Matt Przekota. When asked about the sport, he stated, “I was the only one who came in with experience and I’ve learned more as a player helping other people play the game.” The team did have a try-out, but it was based heavily upon swimming ability, being able to throw and catch a ball well in the water, and the overall drive of the players. Head Coach Chris Deger states that, “Part of the try-out

was whether or not the players took initiative during play. Aggressiveness and competitiveness is very important in water polo.” In regards to goals for the season, Coach Deger is focusing on just teaching his players the rules of water polo. The seniors are basically “guinea pigs” for this year, learning the sport and having the rest of the team learn from them. With a gang of 24 boys, the water polo team has enough, if need be, to divide into two levels for JV matches. Coach Deger is hoping that the younger players can learn from the older ones this year, and eventually improve from there. Basically, this year is just a crash course into the culture of the sport. As far as wins go, the team will be playing it by ear this season. Coach Deger stated, “If we win, that’s just frosting on the cake. Right now, I just want everyone to learn the game and have fun with it.” With their first win April 6, it seems as though the Maine South boys’ water polo is ahead of their goals. Not only have the players

learned the rules, they have been having tons of fun. Captains this year include seniors Matt Przekota, Ryan Simpson, and Jake Kerin. Other outstanding players are juniors Kevin Polston and Scott Coyne. The two goalies, Coyne and senior Jack Donohue, according to Deger, have been doing remarkably well. “They are not swimmers but are wonderful water polo players,” he stated in regards to the two goal keepers. Senior, Matt Przekota had this to say about the season thus far: “It’s out first year; if we winawesome, if we don’t-oh well. As long as everyone leaves the team with a better knowledge of the game and has fun doing it, that’s all that will matter.” Overall, it looks like everything is going perfectly for boys’ water polo. This year was basically a “trial run” for the sport, but it seems like water polo is going to be around for many years to come. Due to their dedication and hard work, the boys of this year’s team are taking a huge step forward for the future of the sport at South.

Fun first season for girls’ water polo way to improve swimming skills while the water polo team and also a varsity having a great time. Basically, it’s swimmer at Maine South, said, “I SPORTS WRITER like lacrosse in a pool. But the girls was so excited when I heard that Water polo is among the newest who have made the team are really Maine South was finally going to get a water polo athletic program. opportunities I t ’s b e e n offered to an exciting the students. and new Many schools exp er ience can’t say that for all the they have such girls!” There an interesting will be a lot and unusual of learning to sport, but do along the Maine South way, but more now proudly importantly, offers students the girls a fun activity are being in the water, competitive a great way and having to get some a good time. exercise, Ever ything and a new else, in time, opportunity to will fall into become a part place. After of the Maine South athletic The girls warm up in the pool as they get ready for another tough match. all, it’s still the beginning of family. Water polo is unlike any other enjoying themselves and getting a the first season. However, there team at Maine South, and the girls lot out of this new opportunity to get are high hopes for our girls water are having a lot of fun. It’s a great involved. Kristin Kruk, a member of polo team. PHOTO BY LESIA WITKOWSKY


Merideth Konopinski


racking up points Kate Hurley SPORTS WRITER

This is not your g ym class badminton. The Maine South girl’s badminton team is smashing... the birdies. Try-outs started March 2nd, and the turn out was pretty good, says Coach Muir, the varsity coach. It was a good situation for the girls trying out for the varsity team. There were a lot of spots open because much of last year’s team graduated. Also, the CSL changed the rules this year: in the past, there were ten singles competitions and five doubles competitions at meets. Now there will be twelve singles matches and six doubles matches at conference meets. Consequently, Coach Muir took fourteen girls on varsity, and there were no cuts. The players on varsity include seniors Lexi Zajdel, Nicole Moersch, Oriana Kamber, Summy Lau, and Angie Micotto, and juniors Carol Costanza, Sabrina Salgia, Vivian Cowan, Mo Kaitis, Colleen O’Keefe, Abby Amelse, Monica Hannon, Amy Ngai, and Alexa Ferreras. The captains are senior Nicole Moersch, junior Abby Amelse, and junior Sabrina Salgia. The players compete in both singles and doubles games, and each win counts as a point for the team. The team with the most points earns a “W.” Last year, their overall record was 4-5, and they placed sixth in conference. Coach Muir is going for a winning record this year, but the team’s start has been a little tough. So far they are 0-2, but there are still a lot of meets left. Vivian Cowan is not disheartened by the team’s record so far. “We haven’t won yet, but we have a lot of talent,” she commented. She and Carol Costanza play first doubles for the team. The team showed that talent when Lexi Zajdel took first place at the East Aurora Tournament playing second singles on Saturday April 4. The rest of the meets are mostly conference opponents, and the Conference meet at the beginning of May is not too far ahead. The team competes at home on May 20 and May 28. If all goes as expected, the season will hopefully end on a high note.

VOL. 45, NO. 7

APRIL 17, 2009

Boys’ tennis facing an uphill battle “It’s tough to replace an experi- planned meet against Buffalo Grove impressed by his team’s effort noting enced player like Andy since he was a was cancelled due to weather. The that, “With a team that is made up of Maine South’s boys’ varsity tennis great competitor and very coachable, Hawks played tough against the mostly juniors, there’s a lot to build team finished last year’s season over- but we have a lot of younger players Leyden Eagles with victories by on throughout the season.” coming a slump after The boys’ tennis many close meets team will be playand missed opporing at the Hawk tunities for victories. Invite on Saturday, In one of the toughApril 18 against est conferences in Loyola Academy state, coming by and other top tenwins isn’t easy, but nis programs Coach Young thinks in the area. The his team can play Hawks are in conhard and win some. ference with pe“The team has a lot rennial state tennis of returning players powerhouses New and with their imTrier, and Glenproved abilities that brook South, but a they learned from senior leader of the last year and with the team, Patrick Mirability to improve evski, says, “We have ery match, we should tough competition be able to compete.” but we always put With seven rein the hard work turning varsity playand concentration. ers, the team has a lot The success usuof experience coming ally follows.” With into the season. The Senior Varsity member Steven Wear, with his eye focused on beating his opponent, gets ready to smash the ball. the season still in loss of Andy Hemp- The tennis players are going to continue to work hard this season to reach their goals and finish with a smile. its early stages, the hill to a study abroad boys’ tennis team program meant the team would be to fill that hole.” their second and third doubles, and is ready to improve from last year’s playing without their number one The tennis team started com- third singles, but they couldn’t get disappointing performance and Singles Player. Coach Young isn’t petition on April 7 with a home the one more victory needed to win have some fun “powering opponents worried though. meet against Leyden after their first the dual-meet. Coach Young was away,” as junior Max Lojewski says.

Andrew Abtahi




Save the date! Sports

Celebration 2009 will be held Friday, June 5 starting at 11:00 PM. Unlimited play cards, dancing, food & beverages await you at ESPN Zone. Then enjoy a sunrise cruise, music and breakfast on Lake Michigan! Buses depart from the school parking lot around 11:30 PM and return around 6:30 AM.

Tickets go on sale in May in the cafeteria—only $40-$50 per person.



Gymnastics looks ahead to a great season SPORTS WRITER


n a sport where a hundredth of a point can be the difference between first and last, and a millimeter to the right or left can ruin a whole routine, boys’ gymnastics headlines the upcoming spring sports season at Maine South. This year’s team is off to a great start with a current record of 3-2. They were able to break the 110-point barrier with a season high of 110.9 points, and knocking off Glenbrook North, who senior Tony Caccomo says, “has had a strong gymnastic program for many, many years.” The Hawks are coached by Larry Kaplan. Coach Kaplan competed in college gymnastics and was all state in the pommel horse in high school. He’s assisted by Howard Kanter, who Caccomo describes as, “very easy to relate to and talk with.” The coaching staff deserves credit for the team’s success. “Often times, tension is created between coaches and athletes,” says Caccomo, “but the coaches make an effort to connect with you on a personal level to avoid negative situations and support

healthy competition.” As for the athletes, Caccomo, along with senior Sean Fuller, lead the team. Both compete in all six events.

120 points. “We are hoping to break into the 120’s,” says Fuller, “but that’s a long way away and would require everyone on the team to hit their sets


Jimmy Loomos

Jason Nabor, junior, practices on the bars set up in Maine South’s fieldhouse. Caccomo’s focus is on the floor exercise, parallel bars, and vault, while Fuller’s efforts are mainly toward the pommel horse. The major goal that the team hopes to achieve is to score at least

Nick Virgilio

perfectly on all six events.” Although reaching 120 points may have been impossible in previous years, the determination that is shared by every member of the squad could make their goal a reality in the

Kelly Gavin

weeks to come. As for individual goals, Caccomo stands out, saying “I would like to go to State on three events: floor exercise, parallel bars, and vault.” By working hard during the off-season, Caccomo is definitely in a great position to make it there. Fuller describes Caccomo as “our top athlete,” and says, “He has a huge strength advantage over most people.” As one of the veterans, Caccomo is often looked to for advice. Because of the team’s bond, everyone always looks out for each other. The team chemistry, coupled with their coaching staff, is in direct correlation with their success. “Our team is a very fun and playful group of kids, who can get work done,” describes Caccomo. “As a team we get along,” adds Fuller. With the heart of the season just around the corner and conference heating up, the Hawks will face challenging matches that they hope to pull off successfully. A far run in the playoffs may still be a bit in the distance; but through hard work and their ability to pull out difficult stunts in key situations, this year’s Hawks will stay strong as the season progresses.

Matt Schueller

Summy Lau

Who is your “Athlete Idol”?

Shawn Johnson


Roger Federer

Mia Hamm.

What’s your lucky item?

My three- legged dog is ironically lucky

My lucky bandana

My Adidas socks

A lucky red gumball

Cubs or Sox?

Cubs of course


Baseball is lame, but Cubs I guess...


Where’s your favorite place to be?


On my trampoline

Buffalo Wild Wings


Vol 45 issue 8  
Vol 45 issue 8