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FEBRUARY 6, 2009


Advanced Dance performs “Women that Run with the Wolves” at the 2009 Orchesis show, “Abstract.”



VOL. 45, NO. 5

photo by Jackie Hazlett-Morris


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Barack Obama inaugurated as our 44th President.


Orchesis show highlights dancers’ strengths


Golden Globes celebrate the best films of the year


Should Maine South allow a Powderpuff fundraiser?


Hawkettes finish the season with “no regrets”



NEWS FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

America welcomes its 44th president performed service by helping prepare care packages for overseas troops. The same evening, Mrs. Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, attended the Kid’s Inaugural Concert. Entitled “We Are the Future,” the concert reached out to the younger generations that will be affected by Obama’s presidency, with thousands of children of military families

bible, Obama took his oath of office. There was a brief moment of pause when Roberts On Tuesday, January 20, Barack Hussein read the oath incorrectly, leading Obama Obama became the nation’s first Africanto do the same, yet the ceremony continued American President in a historic inaugural undisturbed. The new commander-in-chief ceremony. was greeted with thunderous applause and a The festivities included three days of prethumbs up from daughter Sasha. inaugural activities, the inaugural ceremony, Obama’s much anticipated inaugural a parade, brunch and 10 official address lasted for 18 minutes with balls. The expected crowd turnout a somber, yet hopeful message that for these events was so immense set the tone for his administration. that former president George Bush Though many traditional campaign declared Washington D.C. in a state refrains were absent from the speech, of emergency. This allowed for an Obama still stressed unity and civil unprecedented amount of security responsibility in government. He and raised the inaugural price tag to criticized the Bush administration and an estimated $150 million. promised government reform. Calling The inaugural theme, “A New upon images from the Bible and the Birth of Freedom” celebrated not founding fathers, Obama expressed a only Obama’s election as the first belief that the hard work and courage of African- American president, but also American citizens would overcome the the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s challenges facing the country. Though birth. This sentiment resonated he warned that this wouldn’t be easy, throughout all of the events, which he said, “The time has come to reaffirm included three days of pre-inaugural our enduring spirit; to choose our better ceremony celebrations. history; to carry forward that precious The festivities officially began gift, that noble idea, passed on from on Saturday, January 17, as Obama, generation to generation: the God-given Vice President Joe Biden and promise that all are equal, all are free their families embarked on a 137and all deserve a chance to pursue their mile whistle stop train tour. The full measure of happiness.” tour began in Philadelphia, the The inaugural ceremony concluded birthplace of American democracy, after a poetry reading and a rhyming and ended in Washington D.C. after benediction by Reverend Joseph E. retracing Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 Lowery. The Obamas then escorted inauguration route. the Bushes to a departure ceremony, The following day, Obama and returned to the Statuary Hall for courtesy of Yahoo News attended the opening inaugural Obama is sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts,photo a brunch. This was followed by the becoming our celebration, “We Are One,” at the nation’s 44th president. two-hour inaugural parade along the Lincoln memorial. The event was national mall. attended by 400,000 people, the crowd was in attendance. As promised, the Obamas attended all 10 of entertained by various musicians, many of Inauguration day arrived with huge crowds the official inaugural balls. The first of these whom also read tributes to past presidents and in the capital. Though no official count was was the Neighboorhood Ball at Washington civil rights activists. The event closed with a taken, satellite images reveal around 1.3 D.C. where the Obama’s had their first dance. speech by Obama stressing the importance of million people while the Washington Post Later balls included the Commander-inunity in confronting the challenges America reported a record 1.8 million in attendance. Chief’s ball for military personnel, the Home now faces. The crowd was treated to an invocation by States Ball with special guests from Obama’s “Despite the enormity of the task that lies Dr. Rick Warren, a rendition of “My Country home states of Hawaii and Illinois, and the ahead, I stand here today as hopeful as ever Tis of Thee” by Aretha Franklin, and then Youth Ball for young adults. that the United States of America will endure, Biden’s vice presidential oath of office. John During all of these celebrations, national that the dream of our founders will live on in Williams, Yo Yo Ma, and others then took the media outlets were flooded with messages of our time,” he said. stage to perform a medley of songs played hope, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. over a recording. on the historic day. In spite of this celebratory Day, Obama participated in a day of service at Obama entered the stage at approximately attitude, President Barack Obama looked to the Sasha Bruce House. Obama, accompanied 12 noon eastern time to take the oath the future and addressed the hard work that by Martin Luther King III, helped paint the administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. faces the nation, “Starting today, we must pick house which offers shelter to homeless teens. Standing center stage with his daughters behind ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin Michelle Obama, along with Jill Biden, also his and his wife holding Abraham Lincoln’s again the work of remaking America.” by Asha Kirchoff


FEBRUARY 6, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 5


The Governor’s impeachment trial by Jonathan Stevens Rod Blagojevich, Govenor of Illinois has recently attracted a media frenzy in regards to the corruption charges against him and his administration. A list of corruption charges include conspiracy to commit wire fraud and solicitation to commit bribery. These charges are in response to alleged attempts by Blagojevich to sell government jobs, state contracts, political favors, and the main media attractor-the vacant senate seat of Barack Obama. While the federal government pursues a criminal case against Blagojevich, Illinois congress is currently holding an impeachment trial against the embattled governor. Immediately after his arrest on December 9 of last year, Illinois politicians called for the governor’s resignation. When

artwork by Leah Artwick

Blagojevich defended his innocence and refused to resign, congress moved towards impeachment. On January 9, the Illinois

House of Respresentatives impeached the governor on a vote of 114 to 1. The impeachment trial has now moved to the Senate, where the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court is over-seeing the remainder of the trial. Blagojevich refused to be present for the start of his senate trial on Monday, January 26, believing that the impeachment process was corrupt, biased, and a joke. He claims that the Senate is preventing him from defending himself, after they excluded witness testimony from any witnesses also involved in the Federal criminal case. Chief witnesses for the governor such as U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson and Rahm Emanuel, the President’s chief of staff, will not testify because of their necessity in the criminal case. The governor could have used written statements by such witnesses, or called anyone else to the stand in his defense. Instead of doing so, Blagojevich started on a national media campaign touring talk shows and news programs in New York.

English Department reaches Free Rice goal by Venessa Hofer Thanks to the efforts of Maine South students and staff that participated in the Free Rice drive, 7,481,760 grains of rice have been donated to the UN World Food Program (WFP). Through, the English department donated 528 meals to the WFP Since Free Rice began in 2007, over 58 billion grains of rice have been donated. Free rice was created with two goals in mind: to provide free education to everyone, and to feed the hungry by offering rice at no cost. Those goals have certainly been met. Not only does Free Rice offer the chance to test your knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, it also allows you to quiz yourself on a variety of other subjects. These include art, chemistry, geography, foreign languages, and math. The difficulty level of the questions can be adjusted for any person of any level. This is because as you answer, it keeps track of how many you get right or wrong. For English vocabulary

the highest level a person can reach is 50. These donations are made possible through the support of advertising on the Free Rice site. The ads you see are those of sponsors supporting free education and an end to world

Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar. The WFP administers 400 grains of rice per person, each day. Unfortunately though, Free Rice has recently had to cut back on their donations. Instead of a 20-grain donation per question, the amount has been cut in half. This is due to the obvious problems of the struggling world economy. The hope is that once the economy stabilizes, the 20 grain donation will return again. People from all around the world are contributing to Free Rice, 22 countries in all. The goal is that each country will donate 0.7% of its national income to ending world hunger. Currently five have done so, and most of the others on the list have been given a date in which they are expected to reach the same goal. As of now, the U.S. does not have a set date. According to the United Nations, 25,000 people die every day of hunger. The majority image courtesty of the Maine South English Department of those are children. With those hunger. Free Rice donations are distributed to numbers, it is important that people continue impoverished countries through the UN World to use For more information on Food Program (WFP). Currently, the rice is world hunger you can visit the Free Rice or donated to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, WFP websites.


NEWS FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

NU professor visits Chicago Literature classes By Jackie Hazlett-Morris

portray the true city of Chicago, its beauty and The book, “Chicago: City on the Make,” by its rather unattractive side. In the book, Algren Nelson Algren, is a favorite of Northwestern personifies the city; he does not hide any of professor Bill Savage. Professor Savage is a her qualities, good or bad. Rather he displays Chicago native who certainly has an affinity them quite brashly, describing the slums and for Chicago history and culture. He has taught vagrants that inhabit them, the drunks in the at Northwestern University for 14 years on a alleys, and the homeless on the streets. He talks about variety of topics inthe corruption in the cluding twentiethcity’s political offices, century American and the gangsters that Literature, and control everything. Chicago writers of But he also declares the Lost and Beat his love for the city generations. with the famous line, Professor Sav“Once you’ve become age visited Maine a part of this particuSouth on January lar patch, you’ll never 8 to give a lecture love another. Like lovon “Chicago: City ing a woman with a on the Make” and broken nose, you may discuss the many well find lovelier lovemeanings and inlies, but never a lovely terpretations of so real.” the book with the Mr. Marsicano Chicago Literature notes that one of the classes. Professor most important themes Savage is an expert of the book is the duon the writings of ality of Chicago. He Nelson Algren, an says that an important author fascinated idea in the book is that with Chicago both “for every good perits good and bad. photo by Jackie Hazlett-Morris son, there is a bad one. He co-edited the For every appealing 50th Anniversary Professor Bill Savage of Northwestern Unineighborhood, there is Critical Edition of versity shows the Chicago Literature class an Algren’s “The Man original copy of the Chicago edition of “Holi- a dangerous slum.” He also says that Algren with the Golden day” magazine. gives a brutally honest Arm” and the newly annotated edition of “Chicago: City on the depiction of the attitudes and history associatMake,” and has written several essays about ed with the city. According to Mr. Marsicano, Algren for both mainstream and scholarly pub- it is important for people to note that, “While lications. He also wrote “’It Was Dope!’: The he criticizes Chicago harshly for about 95% Paperback Revolution and the Literary Repu- of the text, when he does praise the city, it is tation of Nelson Algren,” and “L’amoureuse some of the most powerful stuff I have ever et l’Autre,” an essay about Simone de Beau- read.” He says that from reading this book, his students are challenged at a collegiate level voir’s love letters to Algren. Not only is Professor Savage an expert on and it exposes them to some original writing. According to Mr. Marsicano, the imagery Nelson Algren’s works, but he also has extensive knowledge on the city of Chicago. He has in the book allows Algren to get closer to the written and edited entries on the Beat Genera- reader and have them share the experiences he tion, Journalism, Fiction, and Poetry for the describes in the text. The imagery also blends Encyclopedia of Chicago, and he is a lifelong with a “poetic prose” and an unparalleled knowledge of history that “creates a unique resident of the Second City. “Chicago: City on the Make,” is an essay voice from Algren.” The book is a great exdepicting the downtrodden of Chicago and the ample of an author who is writing passionately corruption and scandals involved in its histo- about a subject. Professor Savage said that one of the most ry. Nelson Algren uses imagery and themes to

important things to take away from the book is the idea that “hypocrisy is the worst thing.” He says the Chicago is “between things, historically and geographically.” Professor Savage spoke of the decline of Nelson Algren, because his definition of literature did not match the fashion of the time. He also spoke a bit about the history of Chicago, including the beginning of its political structure and the origins of some of the well known neighborhood, to set up the book’s time period and perspective. Professor Savage commented that “this book exists because of high school and college students who have questions” and that is the reason it has survived all these years.

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FEATURES FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

Spotlight on comedy by Xander Tapling The winter season is already in full swing, and with the winter season comes this year’s winter play. This year’s performance is a Greek comedy named “Lysistrata,” written by the Greek playwright, Aristophanes. When asked, the director, Mrs. Lauri McCleneghan, stated that “Lysistrata” was a play she’d always wanted to direct, but was very unlikely to get permission due to the fact that real Greek comedy “was really bawdy.” Due to this, Mrs. McCleneghan spent a great deal of her time and energy before the play even began in order to censor the most explicit parts in order for the play to be approved by the school. The main reason the school was so tentative about allowing Aristophanes’ work to be performed was because it deals so exclusively with sexual tension and with the act of sex itself as a bargaining chip which women use to gain leverage over men. However, Mrs. McCleneghan explained that the real issue is not sex. Rather, “Lysistrata” is intended to convey the message that “when people put aside their differences they can succeed.” In this case, the goal of the protagonist, Lysistrata, and her allies is to stop a long and costly war that has raged across Greece and her colonies for ages. Despite the relatively serious message, McCleneghan laughed, saying that, “sexual tension has always been funny.” While Mrs. McCleneghan and her cast work

hard off in the PA wing, the stage crew, led by technical director Mr. Patrick Sanchez and stage manager senior Katie Rose Brosnan, work on assembling a stage that resembles traditional Greek amphitheaters. To stick as close to the real thing as possible, Mr. Sanchez drew up the stage plans using artist renditions of Greekstyle theatres. When asked about challenges that Greek stages present, Brosnan remarked that she was mostly “apprehensive about the columns.” Unlike most productions where the columns would simply be painted into the background, the stage crew is going the extra mile to create actual Doric columns carved out of cardboard, standing tall on the stage. One continuing motif from last year is the inclusion of on-stage musicians and an all-original sound track, written by Maine South band director, Mr. Joel Matter. From the young to the old, no matter what your political affiliation may be, “Lysistrata” is a play for everyone and anyone who believes in the potential of humanity. Whether you appreciate slapstick comedy or intelligent, refined sucker punches at people’s dignity, there’s something in the play for you. The show runs from November 19-21. The cast includes Rachel Lapp as Lysistrata, Jonathon Jamison as the Commissioner of Public Safety, Nora Pace as Myrrhine, Jonathon Black as Kinesias, Kristin McGuire as the Koryphaios of the Women, and Xander Tapling as the Koryphaios of the Men.

celebration 2009 phone-a-thon Celebration 2009 needs volunteers to help with calling Maine South families to raise money. Come for a couple hours or more! Bring a friend or two. You don’t need to be a Senior to make calls. We also need parent volunteers. Thursday, March 12th 5:00-9:00 p.m. Coldwell Banker Estate Office 991 W. Touhy

Contact to sign up!


by Lesia Witkowsky Take a deep breath and exhale. Finals are over and it’s the start of a new semester. It’s time to discover a new stop along the blue line: Division. Many people ride right past it to get downtown but not many ever take the time to discover what it has to offer. Upon coming out of the “L” station, one is greeted by numerous park benches and a fancy water fountain. Once a Polish neighborhood, Division now houses a variety of people. Even though the street is mostly populated with clubs and bars, there are also many interesting shops and cuisine here that are just as enjoyable. When walking out of the Blue Line station, one is instantly surrounded by wig shops and furniture stores. They are everywhere. If you need a wig or discount couch, this is definitely the right place. At first, the stop seems to lack good restaurants; even a local, upon being asked where the best places to eat are, stated, “I just go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s.” However, Division/Milwaukee has some unique places at which to dine. If one is looking for somewhere fast, though, Veggie Bite (1300 N Milwaukee Ave: 773-7722483) will satisfy those demands. This Veggie Bite location is the second ever in the city of Chicago. The first one is located on the south side; Division, being much closer, makes it a more convenient location for a nice Veggie Chicken surprise. However, if one desires a fancy night out, Aki Sushi (2105 W. Division St : 773-2278080) is the perfect choice. The dimmed lights and pop beats create a pleasant atmosphere, while the choice of food is unbeatable. Whether one is in the mood for a deep-fried Hawaiian maki, the Snow Dragon, or just tuna, one is sure to find it here. The customer looking for an old favorite as well as the one looking for a novelty will definitely be satisfied. However, if one is searching for a simple sit down meal, a good place to go is PotPan (1362 N Milwaukee Ave: 773-862-6990). They serve all the best Thai food, from egg rolls to seafood noodles. For those who prefer spicy foods, the Spicy Noodle dish (or Khee Mao) makes another delicious meal. The next time boredom is causing a problem, check out Division/Milwaukee.


FEATURES FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

Orchesis gives ‘abstract’ a new meaning by Courtney Vinopal

The weekend after school resumed from performed a hip-hop mix of Michael and included “Sit Down, Stand Up,” a contemporary winter break, everyone was looking for Janet Jackson songs, choreographed by junior piece choreographed by senior Larissa Bodnar, something to brighten their moods — for many, Haley Mirabelli. Other highlights of the show “In Your Arms,” a lyrical piece choreographed by senior Leah the Orchesis show Hedrick, “Ease held on Friday and on Down Saturday night did the Road,” a the job. Orchesis, character piece M a i n e S o u t h ’s choreographed Dance Company, by Devon is composed of Williams, 29 dancers of all and “Blurr,” a age levels. In the stunning piece weeks leading up choreographed to the show, the by Mrs. Amelia dance group met Ecker Faulstick every Monday and performed and Saturday; by the senior there were also dancers in the numerous extra company. practices held for Overall, the specific dances in Orchesis officers the show. were very T h i s y e a r ’s pleased with how theme for the this year’s show Photo by Jackie-Hazlett-Morris Orchesis show went. Grieco was “Abstract.” said “This year Living up to its Photo by Jackie Hazlett-Morris everyone in the name, the show company really featured a variety Advanced Dance performs an energetic and intense piece, “Women who Run with the Wolves.” worked hard to of interesting make the show the best it could dances that showcased the be, in and outside of practice. creativity of the choreographers The choreography was amazing and the exceptional talent of the and I’m so proud of everyone. dancers. The opening of the show We had an amazing show and featured the entire company. It really bonded as a company.” was choreographed by Orchesis Diana Kuritza, vice president, senior Lauren Grieco president, raved about the show and vice president, junior Diana as well: “Every year Orchesis Kuritza, and inspired by tribal continues to grow as both a dancing. The dance was bright, company and as a group of fast, and colorful, and the friends and this year was such company was rarely seen dancing a big step for everyone. We together at one time — as soon all worked extremely hard to as one group of girls had finished make our show even better that their section of the dance, another the previous years and it most had arrived. definitely paid off.” The rest of the show was Mrs. Faulstick sponsors filled with more engaging and Orchesis, and Caitlin Potts unique dances. Advanced assists in coaching the dance Dance performed “Women Who company. Run with Wolves,” which was After the success of this choreographed by Mrs. Jackie Photo by Jackie Hazlett-Morris year’s show, Orchesis will Sinclair and inspired by the hopefully continue its tradition pressures that women face to become something that they Vice-president Diana Kuritza, Senior, and Erin Self, Junior, hit a pose for of impressive performances for years to come. are not. One group of dancers their show, appropritately titled “Abstract.”

FEATURES FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5


Maine South determined to beat out hunger By Katherine Patterson and Elizabeth Teahan







The music playing in the hallways is a big change this year for both students and staff. This February, even with the mixed opinions of the music in the hallways, there’s an upcoming rhythm that is capable of driving the morals of all the students. The Student Council has organized its annual food drive for this year,, and the thematic slogan is:: “Beat out Hunger!” The Maine South f o o d drive is a yearly event that takes place in order to help the Maine Township Food P a n t r y. S t u d e n t council will be painting the front windows in the main hallway with the number of cans that are donated every day. This will allow students to s e e just how much Maine South can impact the neighborhood, one day at a time. Of course,

as in past years, there will be a competition between the classes to see which class can collect the most cans. During the food drive, the status of the competition will be posted in the display case in the cafeteria. The winning class will choose the music to be played in the hallway during passing periods. The Student Council is kicking off this event on Monday, February 9, and it will last for two weeks, during which canned goods can be dropped off in the boxes inside t h e




a rc


chili), breakfast foods (cereal, oatmeal), jar foods (spaghetti sauce, peanut butter), and kids’ favorites (juice boxes, fruit roll-ups, snack bars). Megan Ellsworth, the student council chair, says that students should take the time and effort to donate food because, “The food pantry lost a lot of food after the flood this year and donating food would be a great way to give back to the food pantry.” The drive will end on Friday, February 20, so be sure to support your class, school, and neighborhood by participating in the food drive. As responsible citizens, it is our job to make a stand against hunger and other worldly crises. The best way to do this is to start locally, offering our assistance to feed those who can’t feed themselves. That is the importance of the food drive to our neighborhood. library. If everyone contributes, then Students Maine South can make a are encouraged photo courtesy of difference in this world. to bring in items During the next few weeks as you’re from the food pantry’s wish list, such as packaged foods (rice, pasta, cookies), canned walking through the hallway listening to the foods (fruit, vegetables, chicken, tuna), quick music, remember how a tiny donation of time and easy side dishes (macaroni and cheese, and money can help “Beat out Hunger.”

Students—Help support the Winter Play, “Lysistrata,” by cutting out the Shop & Share slip below and handing it to any Jewel cashier at check out between February 23rd and February 25th. Five percent of all purchases will go directly to the Maine South H.S Speech, Drama, & Broadcasting Boosters. Your help is appreciated!



‘Watchmen’ Not Just A New Blockbuster

By Michael Loiacono Anyone who has seen “The Dark Knight” knows about the trailer that played before it. You know, the one with all the weird superhero stuff, and it was all slow-motion? Then at the end, it showed the title: “Watchmen.” This film is not out yet, but the graphic novel by Alan Moore, with art by Dave Gibbons, is. In order to understand the plot, you need to know the fictional universe that “Watchmen takes place in. Basically, it’s an alternate reality where the superhero comic fad of the ‘50s turned into a fad of real-life costumed adventurers, as the book calls them. They’re there for a while, but then, the government outlaws them. The only two left legally active are The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan, who is essentially like a god. It’s all set in an alternate 1985, where the Cold War is real and Nixon is, sadly, still president. The book actually opens with the murder of The Comedian. Then, an illegally active costumed hero, named Rorschach, investigates the murder. Rorschach believes that someone is picking off costumed heroes. This soon introduces us to the remaining three characters, Dan Dreiberg, the second Nite Owl,

Laurie Juspeczyk, the second Silk Spectre, and Adrian Veidt, who is known as Ozymandias. Rorschach goes to all of the other characters, Dr. Manhattan included, and tells them about the murder of The Comedian, Edward Blake. The majority of the first half centers on this mystery, and as the hit list slowly grows Rorschach becomes ever more convinced of his “mask killer” theory. Eventually, it all boils down to a point where the heroes need to essentially save the world. The story is very well thought out; it pulls you in from the beginning and never lets you go. You keep reading and reading until eventually you’re hooked, and you can’t wait for some more spare time to find out what happens next. Alan Moore is a genius. With the exception of Dr. Manhattan, this book keeps everything within the acceptable range of believability. Not only that, but every character is fleshed out, and develops as the story progresses. You don’t feel cheated, like you missed something with a character, because no one gets missed. That’s hard to do in a book, or any media, especially with such a large cast. The characters themselves are brilliant. The

great thing about them is they’re all flawed in some way. Even Dr. Manhattan, perfect on the surface, has unfortunately had his humanity taken away when he becomes an omnipotent super being. In other words, audiences can connect with all of them. Even if they are nothing like you, you can still understand them, and you can believe that they exist. The art by Dave Gibbons, while a bit cartoonish by today’s standards, has a draw to it. His nostalgic charm combined and unique style of color culminates into an effect that is very pleasing to the eye. There’s a lot of symbolism and subtext in the comic book “Watchmen.” The book raises a lot of moral, social, and even religious questions as to what is acceptable and what ultimately becomes of us. The inclusion of themes enhances the believability of the narrative. I encourage anyone who doubts the ability of comic books to carry a good, thoughtful, and believable story to read “Watchmen.” It’s not perfect, but it could be as close to comic perfection as anything else. “Watchmen” is dazzling, thought-provoking, and engaging, and is one of the greatest comic books ever written.

What To Expect From the New Year by Max Mielecki Before we know it, 2009 will have come and gone. Gamers and moviegoers will be looking back at ‘09 like it was yesterday. What games and movies will stand out in everyone’s minds? Here are three that stand a chance to. “Terminator Salvation”: This fourth installment of the legendary Terminator series comes to us after 6 years and countless claims that the series has ended permanently. It is directed by McG (yes, that is his real name,) and written by Jonathan Nolan, who co-wrote “Batman Begins,” “The Prestige,” and “The Dark Knight” with his brother, Christopher Nolan. “Terminator Salvation” is set in 2018; in the midst of the war between Humanity and the Cybernetic menace Skynet. Christian Bale, who is known for playing Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” stars as the adult version of John Connor. The film centers around Connor building his resistance to end the war with Skynet before it can complete the Model-100 Terminators who time-travel to kill the Young Connor in the first film. “Terminator Salvation” will be coming to theaters on May 22, 2009.

“Prototype”: This game is being developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Sierra. In “Prototype,” gamers play as Alex Mercer, a man who awoke one day with no memory of his past and the uncanny ability to shape shift. The game focuses on the power to shape shift as the player goes through an expansive city. Alex can “absorb” people who are unconscious and then shape shift into them, mimicking their looks and voices, and he even gains their memories. In this way, he tries to piece together who he is. Also, every time you absorb a person, your health and energy are regenerated and it adds to your “biomass.” Alex can use biomass to perform devastating superhuman feats, or, for instance, to turn his skin into a tough armor that allows him to crash and rip through cars and buildings with ease. He can also use the biomass to create weapons like spikes that jet out from his back, blades that shoot from his arms, and he can even slam the ground and impale nearby people and objects with fleshy-spears that erupt from the ground. “Prototype” currently has no release date, but it is speculated it will be released in June. “The Beatles”: “The Beatles” is the

provisional title for the new game being developed by Harmonix (creators of the “Rock Band” franchise) and Apple Corps, the company who manages all things Beatles. The game was announced in October after 17 Months of talks between the two groups. The game will built upon the premise of “Rock Band” (play the songs with guitar, bass, drums, and vocals), but will be a stand-alone game built from the ground up and featuring exclusively music from The Beatles. It was conceived by Ex-Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who have put a lot of input into it. The game will have new, special Beatles-themed instruments, and is said to include over 45 Master tracks, spanning from “Please Please Me” to “Abbey Road.” This will be the first time that any music from The Beatles is released in digital form. Players will be able to play as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, but there is no word yet on whether there will be online capabilities. Details are still incredibly scarce but it has been confirmed that will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and 3, and Wii. Harmonix has said that they hope to have the game finished before the end of 2009.



The Overlooked Beauties of 2008 photo courtesy of

by Tom Berg With every year comes enough new music, new games and new movies to fill an entire collection by themselves. While some of it may be complete and total garbage, some of the stuff released in a 365-day span is of pretty darn good quality. The gems from this past year were hard to miss (“The Dark Knight,” anyone?), but there are a few diamonds that many people might have lost in the rough of 2008. Here are some things you might have missed: “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”: This past summer, all the hype was on the big blockbusters that had just hit theatres, such as the previously mentioned Batman movie, along with other movies like “Wall-E” and A screenshot of “Braid” for Xbox 360. Here pictured is the lobby for one of the levels. “Sex and the City.” Attentive Internet-goers, Screenshots don’t do this game justice, however; it really should be seen in motion. however, discovered this gem in the middle Blow for Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. Play- abilities of time reversal, speeding and slowing of July and made it one of the sensations of ers star as Tim, the questionable hero who down time, and some other ingenious powers. the World Wide Web. “Dr. Horrible,” starring spends his time searching for a mysterious Yes, using time powers in video games isn’t Neal Patrick Harris as the eponymous charac- princess. He explores several levels search- exactly a new feature, but when used with the ter, was the result of both impatience at the ing for this princess, each preceded with a proficiency and to the extent that “Braid” uses writer’s strike and an attempt to find new ways monologue about what he’s searching for. them, the concept is refreshed and invigorated While this narrative may sound dim to some, with a new life, and that’s exactly what “Braid” to deliver quality content to movie fans. The movie follows Harris, who, as an ama- it is actually, once experienced, quite moving. breathes into a gaming industry overcrowded teur supervillain, tries to gain acceptance into The vagueness of the plot makes the revela- with first person shooters. “Braid” is available for 1200 Microsoft the Evil League of Evil, a highly-selective tions and twists later in the game all the more points ($15) on the Xbox Live Arcade. group of villains who only accept the top tier shocking. But where “Braid” truly shines is in its The Cab, “Whisper War”: For a band that of evil masterminds. At the same time, he tries to win over the love of his life, Penny (Felicia gameplay. “Braid,” as a platformer, is all just released their debut full-length album last Day), who he sees at the Laundromat every about moving to the right of the two-dimen- April, these guys sound really good. The Cab week. He must also face his nemesis, Captain sional level, in a Mario-esque fashion. The is a band from the Las Vegas area that sports a style that fuses pop rock with alternative for Hammer (Nathan photo courtesy of developers see the similarity, and they a great effect. The lead vocalist, Alex DeLeFillion). Oh, and by play along, including on, steals the show on this album. His vocal the way, it’s a musiPirhana-plant-like en- work on tracks like “One of THOSE Nights” cal. emies and the famous and “Bounce” are sure to garner comparisons The entire quote: “I’m sorry, but to older pop generations such as those in the 42-minute movie is the Princess is in an- Backstreet Boys era, but the style and drive available to watch other castle.” in his voice are sure to propel him past those for free at drhorHowever, once the old groups. It is also puzzle elements of However, this is most certainly a vocal alavailable on DVD the game are thrown bum, and not too much else beyond that. While and as an iTunes in, “Braid” becomes the bass and the drums are definitely solid and download. a true spectacle. One don’t take away from the overall quality of the “Braid”: Not of the key elements of album, they weren’t nearly as flashy as the vomany people have “Braid” is the collec- cals. Perhaps in a future album, listeners will heard about this tion of puzzle pieces, hear more from them, but until then, the drumgame, but the few and Tim uses the ele- mer and bassist won’t be remembered for too who have know ment of time, along much. There are definitely some great guitar what a prize it with plenty of plat- licks and lines on some of the songs, especially truly is. “Braid” forming, to collect the aforementioned tracks. The acoustic guiis an independent these pieces. His pow- tar work on “High Hopes in Velvet Ropes” is puzzle-platforming Neil Patrick Harris stars as Dr. Horrible, a ers vary with each lev- especially notable, and as a result, is arguably game created by a misunderstood evil genius. el, but they include the the best track on “Whisper War.” man named Jonathan



The 66th Golden Globe Awards by Floy Laverty

photo courtesy of

Belgium, and two hit men who are told to go on category. This year’s 66th Annual Golden Globe vacation in this ancient city. Collin Farrell plays One of the most special moments of the night Awards went on the air at 7 o’clock on NBC, one of the hit men who hate Bruges. Cameron was when Martin Scorsese presented Steven and with it began praise and jeers of the best Diaz and Mark Wahlberg presented Best Spielberg with a specialty award for all of his and worst movie moments of 2008. The Actress in Drama. The nominees were Anne brilliant films and productions. Hollywood Foreign Press Association vote on Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Kristin In the television award categories, Blake these prestigious media awards, which come Scott Thomas, and Kate Winslet. Lively of just a month before the even more famous Kate Winslet won again—and G o s s i p Academy Awards. her speech was well over five Girl fame, To start off the show, Jennifer Lopez minutes long, helping extend the and Rainn presented the first award for Best Supporting show slightly past the allotted time Wilson from Actress in a Motion Picture to Kate Winslet frame. Mickey Rourke won the “The Office” in “The Reader.” Best Actor in presented Kate Winslet is D r a m a the Best best known for M o t i o n TV Drama her role as Rose Picture a w a r d , in the movie award for his which was “Titanic.” role in “The subsequently The evening Wr e s t l e r, ” won by continued to the tale of “Mad Men.” get better as the a retired In another Jonas Brothers professional television presented the wrestler who s h o w award for Best tries to put category, “30 Animated Film. his life back Rock” won The nominees together by the award for were “Bolt,” reconnecting Best Musical “Kung Fu Panda,” with his or Comedy and “Wall-E.” daughter TV Series. The winner after a life Heath was “Wall-E,” of living in Ledger, who Heath Ledger at the Academy Awards in d i e d e a r l y a Pixar motion the moment. 2006. He won the Golden Globe for Best last year, was picture about a Rourke was Supporting Actor. little robot who also the first nominated for is left on Earth to person to thank his dogs Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Ledger clean up the mess and to have music played won, and they showed a scene of his latest and that humans have during his acceptance last movie, “The Dark Knight,” showing his left behind. The photo courtesy of speech. brilliant performance as The Joker. Christopher award for Best Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, costars of The two main awards of Nolan accepted the award on Heath’s behalf and Screenplay was the movie ‘Revolutionary Road,’ make an appear- the night were Best Motion after they announced his winning, Ledger got a ance on the red carpet. presented by Seth Picture in A Comedy or standing ovation from the audience. Rogan and Elizabeth Banks, who just recently Musical with “Burn After Reading,” “Happy One curious incident that happened seventystarred in a movie whose title is not exactly Go Lucky,” “In Bruges,” “Mamma Mia,” and two hours prior to the “Golden Globes” was school appropriate. The winner of this award “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” up for the award. the announcing of the Best Actress in a Drama was “Slumdog Millionaire,” a Bollywood “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” took that award. Motion Picture. Anne Hathaway was told movie about a street kid who wins millions of “Vicky Christina Barcelona” is the story that she won the award for her performance dollars on a television show. Kate Beckinsale about the lives and adventures of two friends, in “Rachel Getting Married.” Yet the actual and Sean “Puffy” Combs presented the Best Vicky and Cristina who visit Barcelona, and winner was Kate Winslet for her part in Original Score for a Motion Picture award go through major life changes within their love “Revolutionary Road.” Anne told “Access which was won by A. R. Rahman for “Slumdog lives. The second main award for the Globes Hollywood,” “I think it was just a glitch and I Millionaire.” James Franco for “Pineapple was Best Motion Picture in a Drama. “Slumdog don’t really read that much into it and I don’t Express” was a sure win for his category of Millionaire,” “Revolutionary Road,” “Curious think anyone else should.” Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Award. Case of Benjamin Button,” “Frost-Nixon,” and Overall, it was a good show with not to many However, it ended up being Colin Farrell who “The Reader” were all nominees. “Slumdog disturbances. Everyone looked glamorous and won for his roll in “In Bruges.” “In Bruges” Millionaire,” a small film that not many people the speeches, like always, were way too long. is the story of the medieval city of Bruges, have heard of, took the award home for this Hopefully next year’s will be even better.



by Laura Sheehan Powder Puff football is a game of high school flag football where the girls wear the jerseys and the boys’ football team acts as cheerleaders. This would make for an interesting idea for Maine South to use in spring as its fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation, hosted by Maine South’s Hawk Pride student group. Powder Puff games are an excellent way to raise money. After a Powder Puff game at South Brunswick High School in Illinois, the winning team gave the money raised from the game to sponsors of three charities. Over 1,400 people attended the game, raising a total of $10,000 from the event. At Maine South, football games are some of the best-attended events of the year. The Athletic Director, Mr. Steve Adams, commented that there are usually between 2,000 and 3,000 people that attend the games weekly during the fall season. If Maine South hosted these games and charged $2 to get into a Powder Puff game, the school could easily raise up to 5,000 dollars, which is the annual school fundraiser goal. Concerns over such an event, however, come from the recent incident at Glenbrook North High School. This school’s annual Powder Puff game turned into a hazing of freshman. To prevent this from happening at Maine South, these Powder Puff games should be an in-school, faculty-sponsored event. Schools around Maine South, such as Maine East and Lake Park, still host annual Powder Puff games, and there are more volunteers in those schools than ever before. According to a survey on a suburban neighborhood by

the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. Department of Labor, 30.4% of teens, 45% of Mothers, and 36% of fathers volunteer for these games. Safety is always a concern, but it can be controlled with adult volunteers at the game. It offers the community a chance to come together and work towards reaching a goal for its high school fundraiser. This event run and led by student leaders is a healthy part to the development of teens. According to The Corporation for National and Community Service, “School is a key area for youth socialization…involvement in volunteering through schools…can lead to improvement in self-esteem and academic achievements.” What that’s saying is that these games are a way for students to learn and interact with each other by organizing a large event and working together with their peers. Today, America’s youth is a powerful source of volunteers. This generation, according to the CNCS, is “setting a record number for volunteerism and, scholars say, proving to be one of the most socially engaged generations in recent history…that they predict will go on to be a political and social powerhouse.” Through an event organized by students, schools can allow them to learn the benefits of a good work ethic and volunteerism. A girls’ Powder Puff game is a chance for people from all parts of the community to get together and raise money for a terminally ill child with a wish. This worthy fundraiser can benefit both the Make a Wish Foundation and also unify students, faculty and community.

Finals after break ruin grades by Monica Grabijas Winter break is a wonderful time of fun with friends and family. Time is spent sleeping late, and doing little work, if any at all. The last thing any student wants to think about during this time is finals. About two weeks after students come back after break, they have to deal with colossal tests that determine twenty percent of their grades. This short amount of time sometimes means that students have to start preparing and worrying over the time off. This defeats the purpose of a relaxing break away from school. Winter break is supposed to give students time to recuperate from the stressful school year. The fact that finals are right after this break provokes anxiety over a relaxing time. If finals were before winter break, students would have less stress on them and actually

be able to enjoy time away from school. We would be able to get the tests out of the way and not worry over the two weeks. Also, two weeks is a generous amount of time where students often forget what they are learning in school. It’s difficult to come back after a long break including little school work, and to try to relearn everything for finals. If finals were before break, people would be more refreshed on the subjects and get better grades. Not only are the two weeks spent studying, but often new units are covered too. It’s a struggle to remember the material students learned before break and then relearn it for those tests plus the final. If finals were before break, we would remember the material for the tests. Test scores would improve and the general morale of students would be better.

Is Girls’ Choice on Valentine’s Day a good idea?

Giving them a reason to play

“It makes it more romantic.” -Frank Colletti ‘11

“It’s a two-for-one deal.” -Gabby Whittinghill & Tricia Adreani ‘09

“I think it’s a lovely idea.” -Mike Divito ‘10

“It’s too cheesy.” -Pat Ryan‘11

1 2 Planes not loud enough to drown out complaints COMMENTARY

FEBRUARY 6, 2009 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

by Nora Elderkin Park Ridge has gotten a lot noisier lately, and many people are noticing. The cause of this noise is not the sound of happy democrats celebrating Barack Obama’s recent inauguration, but rather a new runway (Runway 9L-27R) opened at O’Hare airport in November, and it is causing quite a controversy. Noise levels are higher than ever with these airplanes going right over Maine South and the elementary schools. People are worried that this will cause hearing damage and increase the possibility a plane crash over our schools. Mostly though, it is disrupting the peaceful Park Ridge lifestyle. It may not be so noticeable now, but come spring, relaxing outside will be much harder with so many planes overhead. Sophomore Katie Depkon says that living so near to O’Hare airport affects her relaxation time. She complains, “I can’t even watch T.V. without an airplane disrupting it every minute. It’s really annoying.” Many people agree. It’s very obvious; anyone can walk outside of their house and just count the regular number of planes traveling overhead. Because of plans for two more new runways, suburbanites in Park Ridge, as well as Elk Grove Village, are calling for action. Park Ridge mayor Howard Frimark is trying to address the

issue. In response to this expansion, he wishes to find new methods to reduce the number of incoming and outgoing flights, petition the federal legislature, get funds for further soundproofing of Park Ridge buildings, and use additional noise and air quality monitors. There are multiple problems with the new runway. Flight paths have been changed so that passengers are forced to spend an extra hour in the air. For citizens, problems include being inconvenienced and being in the way of possible danger. In addition, house values may lower because of all the extraneous noise. As for the dangers, besides air safety and hearing damage, there will be an increase in harmful air pollution directly above the heads of Maine South students. Another issue is the timing of the planes. They are not supposed to be flying over residential areas between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM, yet there are planes overhead at 4 o’clock in the morning. Some of the airplanes that fly over Park Ridge exceed the proper noise levels, but because of the averaging system, it is canceled out by times of relative silence. This will lower the overall daily sound level record, which can be misleading. The biggest problem that we as a community face is apathy. While it is highly unlikely that

the new runway will be shut down completely, we can work to stop the addition of two more runways. These runways would triple the damage we are already facing. Residents should petition Rosemary Mulligan by writing letters describing how the airplanes are affecting their lives. Enough of these letters can eventually make a difference. People who want to get involved join the Park Ridge-based group O’Hare Residents for Environmental Safety and Trust (ORD-REST). For more information see The most important thing in circumstances such as these is communication. While the apathetic may think this doesn’t affect them, the new runways cut far deeper when more thoroughly investigated. When walking outside to class, you may not be able to carry a proper conversation. Windows may not be able to be opened when the weather gets warm due to the increased number of loud planes. There’s already a large amount pollution in the O’Hare area without these new runways, so adding more will enlarge the problem we have. We as young adults have to start getting involved in causes that we care about. Whether it is new runways, or even any other issue of today, we as teens need to get involved. We can’t be the typical apathetic teenagers. We need to care.

This V-Day, a note to those lacking love by Anne Wave Winter is unfair. Leading up, the season appears to be glamorous with the picturesque scene of the fireplace glowing, pumpkin pie baking, and holiday music playing. After the joy of the holiday season fades, the ball drops for New Year’s, and we return to our normal lives which we had resolved to change but quickly failed to, the world drags on with leftover snow, frozen water pipes, and subzero temperatures. School inches by and more importantly finals come and go, leaving most feeling like failures. And then the second semester arrives – a chance for new beginnings – but it ultimately ends in disappointment. Then, after surviving the long, terrible, cold month of January, we get smashed in the face in February with the holiday for love – smooshy, gushy, over-the-moon, gigantic-teddy-bear and chocolate-heart-gifting love. Ah, the joys of Valentine’s Day. This year, Maine South and its students are blessed to hold the annual Girls’ Choice dance on Valentine’s Day. That means double whammy for all those out there without a Valentine. Not only are you dateless for that

special romantic dinner, but you’re also single for the dance which you probably would have otherwise enjoyed. But hey, that’s alright. Like those Cubs fans say, there’s still next year! In spite of all that, though, I dare you to find the happiness in this situation. After all, those who were dateless for the Homecoming dance didn’t quite miss out on much. So here’s what I present to you: a guide to getting through Girls’ Choice 2009 – advice and kind words for the lovelorn at Valentine’s GC, straight from my heart to yours. 1. On the bright side, you will not be in danger of contracting any communicable diseases, such as the common cold, or mononucleosis, the kissing disease. 2. No purchase required. All those plastic hearts, flowers, dresses, chocolates, and jewelry on display? Pass ‘em by with your chin up. 3. You will not have to fret on the chance of Bomb Threat Part II. 4. The pressure is off for those awkward moments where the music switches from fast to slow. This more pertains to those of you who would be attending with a date which you have little to no romantic interest in.

5. All the money you save from not buying new clothes to wear, tickets, and your date a flower, you can invest in your college education. The parents will be pleased about that one. 6. If you order a pizza that night, you should probably figure on a rapid delivery. If you go to rent a movie from Blockbuster, there will most likely be every movie option in. If you go to Starbucks, the big comfy chair will probably be vacant. This is all because most everyone else will be at the dance or on a romantic date for two. So go out on the town and don’t worry about running into anyone you don’t want to see. Because you won’t. 7. For girls only: you will not need to negotiate the icy and mountainous parking lot in tall shoes. 8. All of the pictures from the night will begin appear on Facebook by noon the next day. So it’s really like you went anyway. 9. If red and pink aren’t your color, wear whatever the heck you want. It’s not like you’re celebrating the holiday. 10. Just remember: Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa will always love you. No matter what.



Burning skies over the Gaza Strip

by Andrew Abtahi idea that Israel is the Middle East’s only hope sisters, mothers, fathers and spouses. Their With a ground invasion in progress and air for democracy and peace. deaths at the hands of Israeli bombs add to the strikes, the Gaza Strip isn’t the safest place to Congress has given the green light to Israel’s never-ending cycle of revenge. The hate will go be right now. Hamas has been firing Qassam actions, saying Israel has the right to defend on in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; this attack rockets from the Gaza Strip since 2002, but itself and that Hamas has used the Palestinian will go down in history as one of the many. recently there has been a big spike in these people as human shields to do their operations. Diplomatic talks aren’t moving too quickly rocket attacks. In the past six years, there have Seeing as the Gaza Strip is one of the most as Israel fails to recognize Hamas as the only been 13 Israeli deaths from these rockets, densely populated areas in the world, with 1.5 sovereign authority in Gaza. But Gaza doesn’t but they disrupt the daily lives of Israelis, and million people stuck in 136 square miles, any air believe that Israel even has a right to exist and citizens of Southern Israel have to hide in a strike would have civilian casualties. It doesn’t isn’t being very helpful either. The problem bomb shelter every time the air raid is that the United States gave Israel that siren goes off. There was cease-fire notorious green light and, since we give between Israel and Hamas in 2007, them $9 billion a year, they listen to us. but Hamas began firing their rockets But Israel has been backed into a corner. again in December. Israel wasn’t If it were to sign a ceasefire or pull out, it going to allow that, so they mounted would be a Hamas victory. If they keep a full-scale military operation into fighting they will only add fuel for the many Hamas-controlled Gaza. countries, organizations, and protestors who On the other hand, Israel has see Israel’s action as atrocities. Israel has blocked off Gaza so that no supplies dug a hole that has very few ladders out, can get into the country, causing and the only hope is a third-party peace mass food shortages and hospitals deal, which will make Israel seem like it without proper supplies. With most wants peace and also put pressure on the of the Gaza Strip living in poverty, it Palestinians to try to keep the peace as well. is understandable why Hamas would The Palestinian cause is getting sympathy fire the rockets at the country that has Photo courtsey of the New York Times. and if they want to keep it, they will have tried to cut them off from the rest of During the most recent Israeli offensive, a UN building in to listen to any internationally sanction the world. Hamas claims that Israel the Gaza Strip is hit, leading to more international protests. cease-fire. violated the cease-fire by not lifting The only good that can come out of this the siege on Gaza. help that Israel has taken up a “scorched earth” mess is a closer move to a two-state solution. Instead of trying to diplomatically stop the policy in this conflict, choosing not to help the Palestinians need a country instead of having rocket attacks, Israel conducted an air strike thousands of impoverished Palestinians. pieces of land that Israel decides to give them. that killed 225 people on December 27 and The question of the day is what is Israel The best way Israel can take away power from followed that up with a ground offensive that expecting to get out of this pummeling of the groups like Hamas and Hezbollah is by helping has killed 333 women and children in the first Gaza Strip? One of the strongest militaries in out the Palestinian people. It has to come across week. Almost every nation has protested the the world is squaring up against an organization as a nation that wants peace and doesn’t want Israeli invasion and demands that there be a that frequently reverts to throwing stones at to see people living in crammed shacks without cease-fire—every nation except for the United tanks. But the rocket attacks haven’t stopped basic services. Israel can fight against Hamas States. While terrorist organizations have and very well may not, since Hamas will be and extremists, but that doesn’t mean it has to rallied and have gotten support for their fight around as long as there is Palestinian hate for be against the Palestinian people. against Israel, our leaders still have a flawed Israel. The people who have died were brothers,

by Bess Featherstone For a recent assignment in my English class we were asked to write a paper titled “This I Believe.” It was left open ended and unrestricted with only a two-page limit. We were to write about anything we believe in—something that sounds easy but proved itself to be more difficult than it seemed at first. The assignment turned out to be one of those things that lingered in the back of my mind for

days. I was not thinking about the election in Government or limits in Math, but instead of how I could apply the things that I heard or saw everyday to my English assignment. It was an assignment that intrigued me. What did I believe in? How could I choose something that would be interesting and creative? I decided upon the topic of Ketchup—a necessity in my life that my friends and family are all more than aware of. I was satisfied and relieved after being the first to read my paper to the class, but I realized that I hadn’t even thought about what my classmates would believe in.

The range of topics was more intense than I expected. People spoke of rain, procrastination, greetings, and God. Not one of my classmates took a generic stance with their papers and I was more than impressed. Each time a peer read his essay, he let our class learn a little bit more about themselves. It was the small details and unique ideas that everyone shares that made this assignment so successful and so worthwhile. It’s worth the effort and the time to not only find out what you value in your life, but also to be attentive and appreciate the things that the people you spend time with very day hold dearest to them.


SPORTS FEBRUARY 6, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

Boys basketball staying strong

by Olivia Leiby The Maine South boys’ basketball team is having an outstanding season thus far. Under the strong leadership of Head Coach Tony Lavorato, Assistant Coach Mike Nee, and captains senior Strahinja Nikolic, junior Kevin Schlitter, and junior P.J. Killean, the Hawks are proving to be one of the toughest competitors in the area, with a record of 13-5. So far, the varsity Hawks hold a 4-2 record and are ranked second in conference. The Hawks have beaten Glenbrook South, New Trier, Niles West and Evanston in their second game. Their losses come from Waukegan and the first time they faced Evanston. The victories over Glenbrook South and New Trier are very big accomplishments for the team because both teams have two Division I players. At the Glenbrook South game on December 19, Schlitter led the team with 22 points and six rebounds. Another key player for the Hawks’ win against GBS was Nikolic who

had 12 points and five rebounds, and scored the final basket to secure the 56-55 victory. The next conference game the Hawks played was at home against New Trier. Because of the intense rivalry, this game meant a lot to the team and fans. This was a very exciting game for everybody in the gym, as the teams went into overtime. The team’s top scorers for this game were Killean with 18 points, and Nikolic with 16 points. Defensive players of the game were Schlitter and senior John Alviti who each had 10 rebounds. The Hawks were able to win with a final score of 65-62. On the January 16, the Hawks played at Niles West and won 71-51. At this game, a variety of players contributed to this true “team victory.” This victory contributed to their 4-0, four-game road trip, versus Elk Grove, Niles West, Evanston and Niles In December the boys had lost to Evanston at home, 36-41. However, the team was able to come back strong on January 23. The Hawks played Evanston at Evanston, and were able

to secure a victory in the final seconds. The Hawks beat the Wildkits 67-66. Senior Pat Johnson said, “We won with a free throw with no time left by Kevin Schlitter who was fouled going up for a rebound on the last shot.” At this game, high scorers were Schlitter with 21 points and Killean with 18. Senior Kevin Karrasch said, “Earlier in the season we had trouble closing out games, but we’re getting in a groove and doing better at putting teams away.” In addition to the strong skills of their captains, Alviti, junior Pat Maher, sophomore Matt Palucki, and junior Justin Wasik have played a large part in the Hawks’ success. The Hawks are scheduled to play Glenbrook South tonight. This team is stronger and quicker than ever. They can put big numbers up on the board and have accomplished so much already this season. The Hawks are hoping for good results in the playoffs. Regionals is scheduled to begin March 2, and the Sectional tournament will begin on March10.

Girls basketball hopes for results by Erin Klein The girls’ basketball team this year looks promising as they proceed into the playoffs. The girls currently hold a 14-11 record overall and have gone three and three in conference. With the strong leadership of Head Coach Mark Smith and Assistant Coach Emmy Paiser, the Hawks are hoping for good results as they wind down their season. The varsity girls have been able to produce good results in both their games and tournaments. The Hawks traveled down to ISU over winter break for the State Farm Classic. Here the girls were able to finish in second place out of the 16 competing teams. The Hawks have played each of the Conference teams once and have begun to play them for the second time. They have lost to New Trier, Niles West and Glenbrook South, but beat Waukegan, Evanston twice, and came back a second time to defeat Niles West. “We’ve been battling to get above .500 all season and now we want to extend our record,” said Claire Ristau. In the Resurrection game at home on January 27, the girls were able to produce an impressive victory. “With a wide use of bench rotation, even after being down 15-4 in the first quarter, we were able to come back and win by seven,” remarked senior captain Jackie Rieger. Other captains include seniors Kimmy

Kohlendorfer, Nellie Maher, and Ristau. Rieger managed to score 28 points in the Resurrection game. Coach Smith called her performance “one of the best individual performances in a long time.” In addition to their starters—Kohlendorfer,

photo by Chris Anderson

Senior Jackie Rieger takes the ball down the court agianst Evanston. Maher, Rieger, and juniors Amanda Brait and Becca Hoffman—the Hawks have also received major boosts from junior Marissa Duric, freshman Michelle Maher, and freshman Nina Duric.

Right now the Hawks hold the seventh seed for sectionals, which is scheduled to begin on February 24. “Seventh seems to be our magic number. Last year we were seeded seventh, and we were able to beat the number two, number three and number one seeds,” said Coach Smith. The Hawks also were the seventh seed at the State Farm Classic and were able to produce great results here as well. Of the 20 teams in the Sectional Tournament, the Hawks need to win to move on to Super Sectionals. Last year the Hawks were able to do just that and made it to the Elite Eight. The team is hoping to do as well this year. “It’s been shakey, but we’re going to step it up for the playoffs,” said Rieger. The Hawks are in New Trier’s Regional, and if the team is able to win their first game, they will more than likely have to face New Trier and Evanston again. “It’s tough to beat a team three times,” said Coach Smith about the possibility of facing Evanston once more. One of the team’s goals for this season is to produce 100 wins “over the 4 year program. Were at 96 and battling to get 100 wins,” said Ristau. This would be Coach Smith’s 100th career win as head coach for girls at Maine South. This feat surely seems like a possibility before the seasons end. Tonight the Hawks are scheduled to play Glenbrook South at a “Pack the Place” night.


SPORTS FEBRUARY 6, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 5

Hawkettes kick it up for Nationals

puts it though, “Every ache and pain has been worth it.” As the winter sports season winds down, The Hawkettes consider themselves a things for the Maine South Hawkettes are family. Their closeness shines every time they heating up. The defending State Champions step out on the floor together. “These girls are look to make it back-to-back titles and add to my best friends, inside and out of the dance their already great season. room. We love each other,” says Moore, “It is Coached by Maine South Alum Jackie truly a life-changing experience.” Graney, the nationally-ranked Enough cannot be said Hawkettes have competed about the Hawkette coaches. in three competitions so far. The motivation provided The first two competitions by the coaches gives the were local, and the Hawkettes girls what they need to dominated placing first in succeed. “Our coaches are both and receiving awards so dedicated, and that is for best technical and artistic probably our strongest factor scores. At “The Maine Event” to success,” says McKenzie, on December 7, 2008 the “They never allow us to give Hawkettes hosted over 600 up.” dancers from 3 states, and This year the Hawkettes took first place for their kick are going by the motto, “no routine. regrets.” When they enter the On January 24, the dance floor the team always Hawkettes once again took first strives to give it all they have place at the UDA Chicagoland and expect the best. Dance Championship at UIC Nationals are just around for their kick routine. They the corner for the Hawkettes. received awards for Best They left on January 29th Choreography and Best Crowd for Orlando, Florida where Pleaser at this competition. they hope to move up in The Hawkettes faced photo courtesy of Kelsey McKenzie the National rankings and the greatest competition The Varsity Hawkettes finish their jazz routine at the “Spirit of America” ultimately capture a National at the “Spirit of America” Competition in Minnesota. Championship (results Competition, which took weren’t available at press place at the Mall of America time). in Minnesota January 9 and These girls share infinite 10. National powerhouses memories that they plan on from throughout the midwest carrying with them throughout attended the competition, their lives. “Hawkettes is one but the Hawkettes were able of the best parts of my high to win the battle for second school life, and I’m sure in both the Jazz and Kick it also is for the rest of my events. teammates,” says Rosales. Captains Audra Walker, “It creates new friendships, Kelsey McKenzie, Mandy teaches you life-long lessons, Moore, Rachel Rosales, and gives you memories of and Christin Ferro lead the high school that you will Hawkettes. Coach Graney never ever forget.” calls them her “right hand,” As the season progresses, and says, “I have never seen it seems that this one will more heart in dancers than I be just as successful as have within these five girls.” their previous ones. With As Rosales says, “Our the dedication, talent, and team’s key to success is truly friendships these girls share, about the love and passion that photo courtesy of Kelsey McKenzie it looks to be something Three of the captains, Audra Walker, Kelsey McKenzie and we all share towards dancing.” special. Mandy Moore, perform their kick rountine in Minnesota. All the girls are out there with by Jimmy Loomos

one common goal of doing the best they can. “All 22 of us live and breathe for the team,” adds Walker. Their dedication also plays a major role in their success. The Hawkettes practice at least four times a week for 11 months of the year. They only get a week off for vacation, in addition to the major holidays. As Walker


Boys’ swimming makes a splash by Erin Klein Boys’ swimming is off to a solid start this season, after losing a large crop of seniors last year. “We lost a good level of depth with the graduation of over a dozen seniors last year,” said varsity coach Chris Deger. The varsity boys currently hold a 2-5 record overall in dual meets, but this record is not reflective of the boys’ talent this season. The team defeated Maine East and Maine West in December but has lost to St. Patrick, Prospect and Highland Park in close meets. Regarding the team’s standing, coach Deger stated “We lost a few close meets that would have aided our dual meet record.” However, the team reamins in high spirits. Senior captain, Jake Kerin, stated, “We have a pair of strong distance swimmers in the freshman class, Drew Whitenack and Michael Zadlo, and we also have five really strong sophomores that will be around for years to come.” The boys have showed a lot of promise in invites this season. At the St. Patrick Shamrock Relays in December, the Hawks swam into third place. They also fared well at the 33rd annual Hawk Relays on January 10, and took second place only to Sandburg. Even with

two disqualified relays, they were able to achieve four gold, three silver and three bronze medals. Gold medals were achieved by the Frosh/ Soph 500-yard crescendo relay of Michael Oulvey, Dave Eckhart, Tom Graziano and Zadlo; the 4 Class 8 X 50 yard relay of Zadlo, Andrew Salomon, Sean Ryan, Rob Juckett, Whitenack, Adam Wojciechowski, Kevin Polston and Michael Szpak; the 800-yard freestyle relay of Szpak, Zadlo, Thompson and Salomon; and the Frosh/Soph 200-yard freestyle relay of Eckhart, Wojciechowski, Graziano and Salomon. The Hawks also showed a lot of promise at the 11 team Sandburg Invitational on January 17. There they faced some of the best teams in the state and were able to move up from a ninth place finish last season to an eighth place finish this year. Sophomore Salomon took forth in the 200-yard and second in the 100-yard Freestyle. Saturday, Januray 31, the team will travel to Conant for the Cougar Invitational. The Hawks will need exceptional swims to defend their first place victory from last year, as they will face tough competition from Conant and, once again, Niles West. “Stand-outs so far this year have been

sprinter and all-arounder, Salomon; senior flyer and breaststroker, Szpak; and senior backstroker Ryan Simpson,” said Coach Deger. The Hawks have also received “a big boost by distance swimmers senior Thompson and freshman Zadlo.” The boys are currently 0-2 in Conference, having lost to Niles West and Evanston. They still must face Glenbrook South and New Trier. The team is in a difficult position because three of the five teams in their conference rank among the top 15 teams in the state. Conference will take place on February 14 at Glenbrook South. Coach Deger described the Conference meet as “a mini state meet,” but remains optimistic. “I am hoping to land at least an AllConference swimmer or two,” Coach Deger said. Junior Jared DeGrazia was a state qualifier in the 100-yard Backstroke last year and took 28th place. After returning to the team from a long rehab stint, he is hoping for a great end of season. The Sectional Meet is scheduled for February 21 at Glenbrook North. There the Hawks must face powerhouses Loyola Academy and Glenbrook South. Prospect and Glenbrook North will also present tough competition. Coach Deger says “It’ll be a tough, but exciting meet.”

Cheerleaders finish feeling cheated by Erin Klein The Cheerleaders have now wrapped up their

season with a successful finish. Though it wasn’t the ending they’d hoped for, the cheerleaders have much to be proud of. Under the leadership of Coach Pati Coy, the Hawks have been able to qualify for State the past two years. This year, however, they barely missed it by one place. Sectionals took place on January 31. Prior to sectionals, captain Jillian Northfell said “We have to get top five at Sectionals to go to State and it will be a tough competition because of Conant and Rolling Meadows.” Other captains include Erin Barrett, Gianna Bosco and Colleen Keesey. The girls took sixth place, just missing State qualification. Though the Hawks knew they would face some of the toughest competition in the state at Sectionals, the team remained optimistic. Before the competition, Kristin Kelly commented, “I think if we work really hard we could win sectionals, but it’s

going to be difficult because there are two other really good teams.” The Hawks’ biggest threats at Sectionals were Rolling Meadows and Conant High School. However, at the Elk Grove invite on January 10, the girls took second place and were able to beat four teams that were ranked in the top ten last year at State. “We beat Rolling Meadows and Conant by a point margin,” said Northfell. The Sectional Competition left many of the cheerleaders feeling cheated. “The judges took a five point deduction for an illegal basket toss that we never had been warned on. It costed us State without even a warning,” said Lindsay Rogers. The team won conference with the same move and used it in their other competitions as well, and never had a deduction or a warning about it. “What is really upsetting too is that two stunts did it and the judges only marked off for one,” said Rogers, illustrating the unfairness in judging.

“There is a tape of another team doing the exact same thing at a different sectional and they did not receive a deduction,” continued Rogers. This turn of events is especially disheartening for the cheerleaders because they had some major goals for State. “We hope to place top five,” saidNorthfell. Rounding out the varsity are seniors Katelyn Barabasz, Nicole Bertini, Christina Coy, Markie Ignoffo, Kelsey Johnson, Kristin Kelly, Amber Nordstrom, Emily Paloian, and Rogers; juniors Breanne Benson, Jenny Chwarzynski, Jackie Felber, Amy Kovalcik, and Claudia Pilati; sophomores Atalie Getz, Brittany Pater, Alyssa Ribaudo, and Nicki Steiner; and freshman Shelly Karabetsos, and Madeline Stanton. “A lot of us have been together for a long time, since Falcons, and its our last competition together,” said Kelly. For 12 of the girls, this is their fourth year on varsity together.

Vol 45 issue 5