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NOVEMBER 14, 2008


VOL. 45, NO. 3

History in the making

Photo courtesy of Anne Wave

Thousands of Obama supporters gather in Grant Park November 3 for the election day rally.



Photo by Anne Wave


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America welcomes our 44th President.


Twilight Zone V- Rock Band 2 Show to begin at vs. Guitar Hero: World Tour. Maine South.



Obama rally a memorable experience.

Cross country goes to state.




NEWS NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3

The 44th President: Barack Obama by Hope Tone votes. He won the states that Senator McCain History was made last week when Illinois had classified as “crucial,” flipping Virginia, Senator Barack Obama was elected to become Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. All the next president of the United States of of these states had been crucial to President America. He and his supporters Bush’s election back in celebrated in Grant 2004. Park in downtown The youth vote did Chicago, where he not play as important renewed his previous role as most people message of hope thought it would. The and change for the percentage of youth voting stayed the same nation. as as it has been in The end of the previous elections at election was difficult around 20%. But, 66% for Obama and of the youth voted for his running mate Obama, a shattering Joe Biden. Obama statistic. had just lost his Obama’s acceptance grandmother, and speech took place in Joe Biden lost his an electrifying rally mother-in-law. Both downtown. Thousands fought valiantly through a period ticketed people Art by Leah Artwick of that was incredibly Obama won the presidential election, becom- gathered, along with ing the 44th president of the United States thousands more who difficult for them. In the Electoral gathered in a neighboring College, Obama won the race nearly two field to watch the events unfold on a jumbo to one, taking in 338 votes while McCain screen. The festivities of cheering and chanting only received 163. Obama won the general occurred until Obama was ready to speak at election as well by nearly seven million 11 p.m. Originally, his victory speech was to

include fireworks but Obama vetoed this idea because of the current economy. When Obama took the stage around eleven, his speech began in a celebratory tone but quickly turned into a more serious discussion. “The road ahead will be long, the climb will be steep,” he told the crowd, but nothing could diminish the crowd’s positive demeanor. There was a general feeling that change was coming at the rally, where chanting, crying, praying, and dancing all took place. Change will become a reality for America, where both the Senate and the White House will be both be democratic for the first time since President Clinton in 1994, to mention the fact that Obama will be the first AfricanAmerican president ever. John McCain and fellow republicans gathered in Phoenix, where he graciously accepted defeat. He conveyed the message of the importance of bipartisan politics, and gave his support and loyalty to the new Commanderin-Chief. The entire world was watching the election, curious to see what would happen in America. The Nation, one of the top British newspapers, reported of Obama’s win on their front cover. Pakistan wrote of how they hoped Obama could help change the declining world economy.

MS students share their election thoughts “Hopefully we will see change—a change for the better. The world’s eyes are looking to the United States and Barack Obama for a change. Although Senator McCain was my first choice, I am behind the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.” -Robert Gale ‘10

“Woo!” -Angie Guagliardo ‘11

“I believe that Obama will do great things for our country. He has strong beliefs to better the United States. He created an eye-opener for all young people to get in involved in the election.” -Katie King ‘10

“I’m excited because it’s time for a change!” -Carolyn Lagatutta ‘12

“America’s been heavily Republican for past eight years—I’m interested to see how a Democrat president and congress will do.” -Kevin Hemphill ‘10

“Change may not always be a good thing.” -Michael Keefe ‘11

“The election of Obama is a historical election. and has opened the eyes of many Americans to the political process, where they were previously disenfrachnchised.” -Mr. States, Social Science teacher


NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3


Hello, my name is by Asha Kirchhoff

In early October, 19-year-old Jennifer Thornburg of North Carolina legally changed her name to the URL, “” to protest the killing of animals for use in educational dissection programs. The teen, who now prefers to be called Cutout, bears the name of an anti-dissection site run by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Cutout is currently working as an intern for the organization, and has been an active PETA street team member for several years. Cutout changed her name to honor Cutout Dissection month (October) and to raise awareness for the treatment of animals before they are killed and prepared for dissection. “Cutout is one of those names that you have to say three times, spell out, and use in a sentence before people process it. Once people get my name down, they normally want to know why I changed it. This gives me a chance to tell them about the estimated 6 million animals used in high school dissection labs throughout the United

States every year,” she said of reactions to her new name. Cutout had a passion for animal rights even when her name was still Jennifer. In seventh grade, she was forced to dissect a chicken wing as a part of her science class. The experiment stayed with her the rest of her

Art by Leah Artwick

Art by Leah Artwick

life. She said that the experiment impressed on her how similar animals and humans are, one

of the major factors leading to her decision to become a vegetarian and ultimately, a vegan. She was also shocked that her school offered no alternatives to the dissection class. When she found herself in high school facing the same situation, she decided something needed to be done and introduced a movement to offer students an alternative to dissection. “After presenting the policy at a couple of committee meetings, getting all the science teachers to approve of the policy, and gaining a lot of petition signatures, the policy finally passed on the second-to-last day of school. I consider the policy to be my baby: After nine months of carrying around copies of the policy and preparing for it to take effect, I finally gave birth to it in June,” Cutout said in an interview with PETA. Cutout, who is still called Jennifer by her family, has said that her family and friends have been supportive of her decision to change her name. Her father said, “She’s still Jennifer to me. I understand why she’s done it. Believe it or not, I totally respect it.”

Chicago Pride Campus offers safe haven by Jackie Hazlett-Morris Chicago Public Schools leaders plan on opening a campus aimed at creating a safe haven for gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual high school students. The idea for the Pride Campus was presented at the end of last year after many studies showing that gay high school students are at a greater risk of dropping out because of social unacceptability and fear of violence. This will be the city’s first school for gay, lesbian, and transgender teenagers. A 2003 district survey shows that gay and lesbian youths are three times more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s study concludes that the harassment factor affects a student’s ability to achieve success in school, causing their grade point average to be, on average, a half-point lower than that of heterosexual students nationwide. GLSEN research shows that acceptance among peers is helped by having gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender support groups at school. Their research also shows that 90 percent of these students are harassed at

school and about 61 percent feel unsafe. The most important factor, according to the GLSEN study, is the exsistence of a state law that protects students from harassment based on their sexual orientation. 39 states, including Illinois and New York, do not have laws offering that specific protection. The Pride Campus is an outgrowth of the Social Justice High School at the Little Village High School campus. The goal of the Pride Campus is to provide all students with a rigorous college prep education through a curriculum addressing various social justice issues in a safe and affirming school environment. According to Bill Greave, Chicago Public Schools liaison on issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, the history classes will include “gay and lesbian historical figures so gay youth can have heroes. We will teach the history of all people, but we are just going to make sure these people are not invisible in that history.” The school would also incorporate lessons about sexual identity in literature classes, said Chad Weiden, the assistant principal at the Social Justice High School and future principal of

the Pride Campus. The school will not be open exclusively to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, but will be open to any student looking for another school option with a safe and welcoming environment. The students would be admitted from throughout the city on a lottery basis. The campus is not the first of it’s kind. The Alliance High School in Milwaukee considers itself “gay-friendly,” as well as schools in California, Iowa, New York, and other states around the country. The best known school for gay and lesbian students, the Harvey Milk High School in New York, has been open since 1985 and has a graduation rate of 95 percent, well above the city’s average of 52 percent. Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan expects the Pride Campus to have a “majority straight” population. He expects many kids to be “attracted to its college prep curriculum” and its message of social justice and tolerance in everyday life. The Pride Campus still needs a location but plans to open in 2010. The school ideally plans to serve about 600 students, making it one of the biggest gay-friendly schools in existence.


NEWS NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3

Google beats literature for brain stimulation By Claire Cohen Web surfing is good for you. Seriously. A recent study has shown that surfing the Internet can improve brain function. In fact, it’s shown that browsing the web may be better for your brain than reading a book. Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles are the first to evaluate the relationship between Internet research and brain activity. The study was conducted using 24 people, all of whom were between the ages of 55 and 76. Two groups were used during the study: one group of advanced users, and another with less experience. The subjects’ brains were monitored using imaging scans (FMRI). These scans work by measuring the amount of blood flow to the brain during the tasks. While their brains were scanned, they were told to search for a new car or to read a page of a book out loud. The researchers found that both activities

affected sections of the brain that control reading, language and memory; however, Internet research increased activity in the temporal, frontal and anterior cingulate cortex parts of the brain which all contribute to decision-making and reasoning. Although the researchers can’t tell us why, those who were used to surfing the web had twice the neural activation than the lesse x perienced Art by Leah Artwick group. As a person ages, the brain begins to deteriorate, including reduced cell activity and shrinkage, ultimately reducing cognitive function. It has been shown that keeping the mind occupied can preserve cognitive

New Attendance System for South By Vanessa Hofer and Keely Patt that will allow safety monitors to detect if While walking past the attendance office a visitor is a registered sex offender. Each during the past few weeks of school, it was visitor to the school will be subject to these literally impossible to not notice the extensive safety checks in order to better ensure the safety of the school. construction taking place. According Contrary to t o assistant circulating rumors, principal, Dr. Rose the establishment Garlasco,“most that is currently high schools have being crafted will this kind of setnot, in fact, serve as up already, so it’s a Starbucks Coffee really nothing kiosk. Instead, its new, except to purpose is a more us.” practical one. The brickE v e n t u a l l y, t h e work should be structure will serve fi nished very soon; as a school welcome features still to be and security center. added include a Once completed, photo by Jackie Hazlett-Morris computer, desk, all visitors to Maine This kiosk will serve as a visitor greeting center. and the new South will be expected to report to the center and show a machine equipped with specialized detection form of identification (State ID or Driver’s software. According to Dr. Garlasco, “The hope is licence) to the safety monitor. They’ll then be given a visitor’s pass and permission to that everything will be completed by parent conferences. The reason for the specific proceed throughout the building. An interesting feature of this new location is because door #3 (by circle drive), establishment is that it will possess a machine is considered the ‘main’ door for the visitors

performance. According to recent studies, participating in mind-challenging activities can improve the health of one’s brain. Certain computer games, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles are a few examples on how to exercise one’s brain. In order for these tasks to be effective, though, they have to be challenging. For many older adults, learning to use the computer can be a challenge. Browsing the Internet is constantly forcing the browser to make decisions about where to click to get the information they are searching for. In this way, surfing the web can be added to the list of mind-demanding activities. It gives the user a challenge, therefore improving the brain’s function.


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FEATURES NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3


German Exchange a cultural affair By Joanna Madej This October, Maine South had the honor of hosting 39 students from Germany as part of the Maine South German Exchange Program. The students came from an area just outside of Karlsruhe, Germany, which is located close to the better-known city of Frankfurt. The storybook location is just outside of the Black Forest and borders France and Switzerland. Each exchange student had a partner, a student from Maine South, who hosted them for the duration of their two-week stay. The American students were able to pick their own partners and contact them via e-mail for months in advance, making this experience highly-anticipated. The German students took part in many activities. For instance, they visited the Sears Tower and the Chicago Board of Trade and listened in on a trial at the circuit court. They even came to Maine South for a day to shadow their partners. Outside of the planned activities, there was a lot of room to do normal things around the community. This was a big part of the whole experience, as it is certainly interesting to learn and take part in the everyday life of a foreigner. In order to learn as much as possible about the life of the typical American teenager, the exchange students spent a lot of time with their partners. Many went to a Maine South football game or Fright Fest. Others simply went to the movies, the mall, or an extracurricular activity. Whatever the activity, it gave the German students a taste of life that was both different and similar to their own. In effect, the main point of the whole trip and all the activities associated with it was to compare and to see the cultural similarities and differences between the two countries and schools along with an

opportunity to experience the unkown. After all, the point of the exchange program is cultural experience and enrichment. Some of the biggest comparisons sprung up on the second day of the students’ arrival when the German students shadowed their partners at school. For the most part, the exchange students were impressed by Maine South and had a positive experience on the campus. They thought that Maine South was cleaner, bigger, and more colorful than their own school, Markgrafen-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. Many agreed with the idea that Maine South looked like a high school that was taken straight from a TV show. The students noticed the friendliness of the teachers and a lesser need for discipline. They were surprised when they saw that it was OK for students to eat and drink in classes. “They loved the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere they felt at Maine South. Most students said that they were surprised at how friendly, personable, and happy the teachers were,” said Mrs. Margaret Wolf, a German teacher at Maine South. At their school, the exchange students do not get to pick any electives other than a foreign language. Therefore, the students really liked the diversified Maine South curriculum with so many options. An aspect of Maine South the exchange students didn’t like was the long school day. While Maine South students get out of school at 3:15 p.m., Markgrafen-Gymansium’s classes end at 1 p.m. on most days. Also, instead of lunch, the students have two breaks. Besides that, many thought that Maine South was more challenging than their own school. “I think that the school days are harder,” said D e n i s Reznikow, an exchange

student. The exchange students said that getting out of school early and having less homewrok results in more free time. After getting out of school at 1 p.m., many enjoy their hobbies and interests; others simply relax. This is also a great time for taking part in sports, as they are not a part of school in Germany. Kids have to practice on their own time. The exchange students considered this to be a disadvantage and admired Maine South’s well developed athletic program. During their stay, the German students also got many impressions of the U.S. itself. Here’s where the idea of everything being bigger in America holds true, at least to these kids. “Everything is bigger, the schools, streets, supermarkets…” says Denis Reznikow. This was even true of the Maine South population, as there are only about 1,200 students at Markgrafen-Gymnasium compared to the more than 2,500 students at Maine South. The influence of media is also an interesting aspect of culture. Among similarities in music and clothing, many exchange students saw their favorite TV shows from Germany on the TV screens in their partners’ homes. The shows that are filmed in the U.S. and later aired in Germany include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scrubs,” and “Desperate Housewives.” Aside from that, Germany has its own versions of many popular shows, such as “American Idol.” The exchange students have gone back home now and are settling back into their regular lives. They will never be the same, though, for an experience like this left a mark on each of them. Mrs. Wolf stated that,“Students have often said that this cultural experience is one of their favorite and most cherished memories of their high school years.”

Photo by Mrs. Wolf


FEATURES NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3

‘Tis the season—wait, not quite yet by Sarah Geraci Christmas music plays cheerfully on the radio. Major department stores are decked with holiday lights and decorations. The sense of holiday cheer hangs in the chilly air, and it seems like the end of December. However, it is only the beginning of November. As the years go by, the holiday season’s celebrations have jumped from starting after Thanksgiving, to as early as the beginning of October. In 2001, Chicago radio station WLIT “The Lite” aired Christmas music for the first time beginning the day after Thanksgiving. But Angie Zdanoski, The Lite’s Promotions Coordinator said that, “Now, it seems like that date is getting earlier and earlier.” According to Zdanoski, the station’s ratings increase greatly during the holiday season. For the past two years, the holiday music began playing after the first snowfall, which happened to be within the first week of November. This season, however, the date was decided by the listeners and is scheduled to begin November 21, almost one week before Thanksgiving Day. This seems to suggest that people aren’t quite ready for the holidays to begin in early November like in years past. While a majority of listeners agree that the music should begin in late November, there are

still some who would like to tune in early. Target starts to sell its holiday items during “Especially with the economy now, we are the first week of September, the same time getting more calls from people who that they put their Halloween stock out. say that they would like to hear According to Jim Brooks, Niles’ Target Christmas songs earlier because Manager, “[Target] never gets complaints it really cheers from customers; some are just surprised their family up,” that our holiday stock is out so soon. Zdannoski said. It gets them in the mind-set for the “I think people holidays.” are looking for Kohl’s holiday items also are put out hope, and our in the beginning of September. Susan music brings some O’Neil, Kohl’s Operations Manager said of the early stock of holiday items, “It of that to them. definitely helps our sales. We’re all People generally have a really positive response used to seeing the Christmas items early, but we’re just sometimes to the music.” shocked when we see it already. Macy’s, a major We’ve been selling Christmas department store, early for as long as I can begins to sell remember.” holiday items, It is obvious that i n c l u d i n g stores and the media decorations and keep pushing for the ornaments, the first holiday cheer to arrive of October. Although in advance to increase this date is earlier than Art by Leah Artwick their profit. They are able Nordstrom, which starts to sell their Christmas items the day before Thanksgiving, to continually encourage the public to begin both stores begin to sell holiday items before celebrating early simply because the public is willing to accept it. Thanksgiving Day.

Maine South’s Thanksgiving traditions

by Matt Eller Maine South students and staff utilize their Thanksgiving break in a variety of unique ways. Many students stay in the area while others hit the road and airports to travel elsewhere. Families will travel to other states for reunions or just a vacation away from home. For those staying local, students will undoubtedly attend some of the Chicagoland events that surround Thanksgiving. Only one day after Maine South’s break begins is the Magnificent Mile light festival. People enjoy Michigan Avenue with its stretch of trees illuminated. The music and food laments the light festival ever further. Thanksgiving Day holds the 75 annual Thanksgiving parade on State Street. Students can join over 300,000 spectators as the massive parade passes. Maine South students don’t hesitate to visit other states for the nice weather. Sophomore Jenna Zawojski, along with her family, is flying out to Florida for a climate change to perfect their celebration. Some go out of state to meet their family. Freshman Brandon Alexander is traveling south to Arizona to celebrate

a Serbian-style Thanksgiving with his huge family. The break provides an opportunity to thoroughly partake in the things we enjoy. English teacher Mr. Stock took his love of football on the road for his 2004 Thanksgiving break. Mr. Stock successfully attended “three football games within thirty hours.” In one weekend he watched a football game at Wheaton College, followed by seeing our own Maine South state final game. Finally, he topped it off by seeing the Colts in Indianapolis. The actual day of Thanksgiving has its own traditions among different people. This difference ranges from the places people go to the food that people eat. Some students will go elsewhere for their Thanksgiving celebration. As students and staff travel to different places to celebrate they may be accompanied by a large company of people. Mr. McArthur describes his Thanksgiving experience as “forty people in one big room eating” as his family goes to Indiana for a large dinner. However, fun locations close to

home provide an interesting turkey day. Laser tagging is a tradition of junior Dan Kaitis’s family. Along with places to go for Thanksgiving, food presents a variety among students and Maine South staff and their traditions. Ms. Swieger finds “making things from scratch” to be the fun tradition of her holiday season. This includes holiday foods like liver spread and cranberry sauce. Family traditions bring a spin to the Thanksgiving Day meal. Paula Zavala, a junior, along with her family lays out the turkey along side of rice and tacos. Many families have their own special dish for the holidays. Seamus Ryan spoke of his family’s trifle which consists of custard, fruit, and whipped cream as a delicious dessert. Finding different ways to spend Thanksgiving isn’t difficult at Maine South. Interesting destinations, food choices, and party sizes all characterize a typical Thanksgiving. Hawks add their own flavor to a centuries-old tradition of America in a “cornucopia” of ways.

FEATURES NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3


V-Show Preview: ‘The Twilight Zone’ each new V-Show an enticing challenge for him —the challenge of “keeping it fresh,” he says with a sure grin. In his hands, this year and in the years ahead, V-Show will certainly never be “just another show.” Mr. Muszynski leads an assortment of components, each and every one playing an inimitable role both on stage and off. Watching the show, it’s hard to imagine

for the rest of the show.” The ever popular act, Trunk, is a variety of Maine South’s very own comedy acts. They come up with clever punch-lines to poke fun November has arrived, and with its at themselves and their school, and though they rustling scarlet-tinged leaves also comes fresh are side-acts to keep the audience constantly anticipation for the most student-involved entertained between acts, their witty lines are production of the school: The Maine South often most recalled by the audience. V-Show. Describing her first experience on Trunk, The process for this mass production began Jaclyn Barker with studentsays, “It can be staff training challenging to as early as make certain the spring skits school of 2008. The appropriate, and strenuous to be tasteful selection about sensitive process for topics such as tryout acts religion.” Trunk was mainly has always run by the been one of her student staff. favorite aspects For each of V-Show, and tryout act, now that she is the staff took part of it, she is copious notes thrilled about and conferred “being on stage relentlessly in front of lots to come up of people and with a group making them decision as laugh.” to which A Trunk acts would veteran of three stay and Photo by Jackie Hazlet-Morris years, Danny which would The V-Show Footlighters reahearse their dance and song for the performance. Giovannini is get cut. They excited because sacrificed acts for the sake of variety, with the common the magic behind the scenes that makes it so “there is a lot of performing ability and goal of producing a final act list of only the spectacular. But in a very real sense, many experience in everyone this year.” Everyone on finest of the fine acts. Still, in each act that was students and staff are putting to test their best Trunk has given a great deal of effort into each skit and takes it to its “funniest” potential. turned away during tryouts, the staff saw much efforts off stage to run this production. The Stage Band, consisting of various In between these components is the plethora thriving talent that they hoped would continue instruments and refined musicians, works to of talented acts that range from a best-friends beyond this selection process. When the final act list was drawn up and in provide the wonderful tunes and sounds that rock band, to the brilliant ballad sung by that quiet girl in one’s Pre-Calc class. Mr. the hands of Mr. Muszynski, the director and flow throughout the auditorium. The Crew runs imperative aspects of the Muszynski sees V-Show as a “showcase of the producer of this year’s V-Show, the show began to take form. No one knows V-show as well as show including props, stage layout, lighting, whole school,” and hopes that the audience he does. When he became director after Mr. and other minute details that are essential to really appreciates the wide variety of talent in the student body. Mantelo, he was told “not to mess around with create a grand production. Footlighters, a component added to the The theme for this year’s V-Show is “The V-Show,” to follow the traditions. V-Show is a legacy that was born with this school, and those show by Mr. Muszynski himself, opens up the Twilight Zone,” based off of the old “Twilight traditions are still strongly intact. Some of these V-Show to welcome the audience with jovial Zone” series of science fiction. The V-Show include the original closing song of the show, singing and dancing. Jackie Convery, a first- will be playing November 20-22 at 7:30 live music throughout the whole show, and two year footlighter, claims that despite her “lack p.m. in the Watson Auditorium. Tickets are of coordination, the dancing and singing is so $6, and because V-Show is such a highly hours of nonstop entertainment. This year will mark Mr. Muszynski’s 19th much fun” and is hopeful that this collective anticipated event, tickets quickly sell out, so V-Show and year after year, he has led it to a group of roughly forty entertainers can achieve purchasing seats to this exciting event early is sparkling success. But that is just what makes their common goal: “to get everyone pumped recommended. By Ayana Takizawa



Perhaps the hardest decision for gamers this holiday season is between the two titans of the rhythm game genre: “Guitar Hero: World Tour” and “Rock Band 2.” For many gamers, this decision is the crux of their holiday purchases, for both games come with hefty price tags if all the instruments are included. Both offer a virtual band experience that the developers (Harmonix and Activision) claim to be the pinnacle of the genre, but both games bring new ideas and their own style to the table this holiday season. Which will prevail? Southwords went to find out.

(above) The main menu screen of “Guitar Hero: World Tour.” It should look very familiar to anyone who has played previous “Guitar Hero” games. (below) The song selection screen in “Rock Band 2.” The difficulty meter on this menu makes picking new songs less of a guessing game for newly-formed bands. Images by Tom Berg

The new guitars both have something to offer. The “Rock Band 2” guitar has quieter buttons, a longer whammy bar for easier reach, and now the start buttons have moved away from the strum bar to prevent pausing the game accidentally. The “Guitar Hero: World Tour” guitar has been up-sized, closer to the size of its competition, and has a sleek new sunburst look on the body. Its buttons look identical to the old “Guitar Hero” style, and the strum bar is still very thick and makes a clicking sound. It also now features a touch strip near the center that you can use to play notes by tapping the strip, to emulate “tapping” solos on a real guitar. The game also adds new solo sections where the notes are all connected by a purple line, and in these sections, you can slide down the touch pad to hit the notes. The “Rock Band 2” guitar has a lighter feel to it than the “Guitar Hero” counterpart, and overall, feels less like a toy and more like an instrument. The bass in both games uses essentially the same system at the guitars, because they use the same instrument to simulate it, but the games both use interesting features to make playing bass distinct from playing guitar. “Rock Band 2” lets bass players earn up to a 6x score multiplier to emphasize how important the bass player really is, and “Guitar Hero” lets bass players earn double the Star Power for the same effect. “Guitar Hero” takes the crown when it comes to guitar and bass. After all the shredding in “Guitar Hero 3,” this should come as no surprise.

ENTERTAINMENT NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3 The “World Tour” drum kit iss very nice looking. At first glance, itt is incredibly different from the “Rock Band” drums. This one has only three drum pads, two on the sides, and one in the middle. There are two wedge-like cymbals above the middlee pad, and it has a foot pedal. Both drum kits are now velocity-sensitive, meaning that if you hit it hard, it’ll register as a bigger sound in-game, and softer with a weaker hit. The “World Tour” drums are hard to pick up for anyone accustomed to the “Rock Band” drums, so it does take a lot of getting used to, but you’ll ll figure it out after five songs or so. The “Rock Band 2” drums have improved on the original designs; the pads are now quieter to stop your dog from running in n barking during every solo. The pedal has been tricked out with high-durability metal to prevent it from breaking, ng, compared to the weak plastic from the original “Rock ck Band” kit. It’s also more sensitive to hits and foot oot taps. Plus, for an extra $30, you can attach three cymbals ymbals to it. However, the cymbals don’t add any extra ra tracks to the game, so they turn into an embellishment hment rather than a game-breaking addition. In n reality, though, the drums between the two games are very close. If you want a challenge, “Guitar Hero” is your best bet, and for a casual sort of simplified experience, go with “Rock Band.” The vocals were disapppointing in “World Tour.”” The microphone is just a smaller er replica of the “Rock Band” one. It works well enough, h, but the vocal interface and gameplay is weak. Instead of separate inked towords on a scrolling screen, the words are linked gether on a single blue line which indicatess pitch. m “Rock While it’s brave of them to try to differ from metimes Band’s” interface, the new interface is sometimes ck Band n ’s” vocal unclear as to where your pitch really is. “Rock Band’s” d iis still ill very good. d interface hasn’t changed from “Rock Band,” and

Better “band experience” Better/easier to follow vocal tracks - Five add-on cymbals are available to follow - Drums come with built-in cymbals for purchase to make the drums more incorporated into the actual game tracks,realistic - Ever-expanding downloadable song rather than as add-ons - New touch-sensitive guitar pads for library that includes the entire library from “Rock Band” guitar solos works really well - Innovations like the song creator are - Guitar play is solid, but not as satisfynice, but don’t work as well as advertised ing as “Guitar Hero’s” - Fewer innovations, but solid gameplay - Better/more challenging guitar parts - Vocal tracks are sometimes confusing -


“Rock Band 2” takes the gold for Vocals. “World Tour’s” wide variety of songs was very impressive, from The Mars Volta’s “L’Via L’Viaquez” to the Eagles’ “Hotel Californnia,” and even Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” “Guitar Hero” also introduced their new music studio, allowing people to create their own songs. It has been reported that the songs are of very low sound quality-about what you hear from the music player on your cell phone. “Rock Band 2” still has a widely-varied set list, including B more wo works from “Rock Band”- specific artists, plus others that hhave not appeared in video games before. Among these artis artists making their game debut, is Bob Dylan, Beck, AC/DC, and a even Journey. “Rock Band 2” does not feamusic studio. Developer Harmonix stated that “They ture a mus wanted to take time to do the job right.” “Rock Band” still has the most downloadable content available, with new songs available roughly every week. As for song selecreally anyone’s game. The music studio is an tion, it’s real innovation but it doesn’t work well. Either eexcellent ex cellent in one will give you a superb selection of songs.

The two games are very similar in many gameplay aspects; however, there are some problems with “Guitar Hero’s” band play. For instance, there is no easy place to look to see how everyone’s doing. pla It lies next to the vocal track, and is not a very good measure of eeveryone’s progress. Also, everyone in the band shares st star power; if one person kicks in star power, everyon everyone’s is drained. In addition, you cannot use Star Power Pow to bail out someone who is tanking, so if one ffails, you all fail. Not to say this is a bad way to play-it’s just very unforgiving. However, All Images by Tom Berg “World Tour” also features a “Rock Band 2,” on the other hand, introdu introduces a number of online capabilities such as li Tour, where h Online you can play with 4 people over the internet. It also has a more innovative tour mode, completing set lists at different cities as opposed to “Guitar Hero’s” 2-songs-per-city tour mode. The gameplay is good on either end, so it is a tie between the two. In the end, “Guitar Guit Hero: World Tour” and “Rock Ban Band 2” both have completely different styles and features that make bo both games very good. However, since both games are very distinct dis from each other, one game may suit yo your needs better than the other. If you prefer to jam with your friends with more of a “just for fun” mentality, plan to sing as your “primary” instrument, or you already own “Rock Band,” then you should purchase “Rock Band 2.” However, if yyou/your friends are more “hardcore” about your virtual band or you wan want the most challenge on guitar or drums, then pick up “Guitar Hero.” Whichever way you go, they are both excellent games, and the instruments for both are fully compatible with each other, so your decision isn’t necessarily final.



Bond is back and better than ever by Andrew Salomon

photo courtesy of

There have been 21 films produced by Albert decided to do an adaptation on the first Bond Broccoli’s movie company Eon Productions novel “Casino Royale.” Since James Bond was In just a few weeks, another famous (there is another James Bond movie out there only a newly branded agent in the novel, the movie character will once again grace the produced by Warner Brothers, which is actually producers decided to fire Brosnan and get a new screen with his awesome presence. His story just a poor remake of an early Bond film, actor. After much deliberation, they decided spans over 45 years. His “Thunderball”). on Daniel Craig, who was impact on pop culture There have also considered a controversial is too great to measure. been six different choice. “Casino Royale” And his franchise is the actors who have was released in 2006 highest grossing franchise played the superto much acclaim. in history. His name is spy: Sean Connery, The newest Bond film, Bond. James Bond. George Lazenby, “Quantum of Solace,” is James Bond is the Roger Moore, one of the most anticipated arguably world’s greatest Timothy Dalton, arrivals of the winter. It is s u p e r- s p y. H e s a v e s Pierce Brosnan, also unique because it is the world from evil and the current the first Bond film to be megalomaniacs, usually one, Daniel Craig. a direct sequel. Most of photo courtesy of part of the organization Sean Connery is the early Bond films had Sean Connery as James Bond SPECTRE (Specialized considered by manyTimothy Dalton as James Bond a continuum throughout, Executive for Crime, Terrorism, Revenge, and to be the best Bond of all time, and concerning SPECTRE, Extortion). Awesome gadgets, beautiful women, has starred in six films, including what many but none of them had as much dependence on incredible chases, and shaken (not stirred) people call the greatest movie: “Goldfinger.” the previous film as “Casino Royale” has on martinis are all part of George Lazenby is probably “Quantum of Solace.” “Casino Royale” is about his daily routine. He is the least well-known Bond trying to the epitome of coolness actor of all of these. He take down a bank and grace under pressure. replaced Connery after for terrorism, set James Bond started the fifth film, “You Only up by Le Chieffe. out not as a movie Live Twice,” and was At the end of the character, but as a literary only in one film called film, Bond takes one. He first appeared “On Her Majesty’s Secret him down, but in books written in the Service.” The backlash is betrayed by 1950s by Ian Fleming. from the public was so his love Vesper Ian was an ex-MI6 agent great, that Lazenby got Lyn. Vesper kills who helped the British in the axe and Connery came herself, and the WWII. It was believed back for one last film. money that Bond that he first wrote the Roger Moore was the next took from Le James Bond books when George Lazenby as James Bond Bond, coming in 1973 Chieffe is taken he was engaged to his wife, and he wrote them as with “Live and Let Die.” He is the longest by a terrorism an escape back into his bachelor years. The first reigning Bond with seven films, and is Pierce Brosnan as James Bond organizer named book was “Casino Royale.” much more of a joking, tongue- Mr. White. With information Vesper gave to This and his other books were in-cheek Bond than the others. him before she died, Bond is able to track really big hits. Several years Timothy down Mr. White, later, movie producers Albert Dalton was and his organization “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry the fourth will be the focus of Saltzman bought the rights to Bond, but the new film. Also some of the books, including only appeared mentioned in the what was to become the first in two films. new film is a double movie “Dr. No” (the rights Then, no films agent who worked to “Casino Royale” were were produced for Le Chieffe already bought by another between 1989, called Mathis. producer, who later turned when “License Now, get ready it into an awful parody of to Kill” was t o experience photo courtesy of the Bond pictures in the late made, and one of the most Daniel Craig as James Bond photo courtesy of ‘60s). “Dr. No” was released 1995. By then, Dalton was exhilarating films of in 1962 with Ursula Andress, Roger Moore as James Bond too old to play Bond, so Pierce the fall. “Quantum of Solace” is sure to be Jack Lord, Joseph Wiseman, and Sean Connery Brosnan stepped in. He was in four films one of the big hits of the year, and should as the soon-to-be-famous spy James Bond. from 1995 to 2002. After that, the producers be a worthy addition to the Bond franchise. photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of



Passing in school, failing at life by Nora Elderkin

School is fun, but it often seems like teachers forget that our lives do not revolve around their classes. Sports are fun, but it seems like we get worked so hard every day that we’re too tired to do anything else. Playing an instrument is fun, but marching around at 8 a.m. every day in 30-degree weather can be annoying. Being a teen is supposed to be fun, but we often get pushed too hard. Take school, for example. One could succeed in an AP class— that is, if it was the only class he took, he never played sports, left his room completely messy, and had no social life. It might seem a little dramatic, but are we really expected to get A’s in all of our classes, be a sports superstar, president of every club, and still have time for volunteer work? If that’s the case, then very few people will get into college. If we want to go to our dream schools, we have to start working too early in our educational careers.

My little sister is in sixth grade, and she recently told me something that made me sad; she said that all her friends are taking the SAT this year. Eleven-year-old kids are being told that the only way to succeed is to take the SAT every year from sixth grade to eleventh grade. What happened to being a kid? On Halloween this year, there was a girls’ swim meet. When asked why it wasn’t any other day, the girls were told that they were too old to go trickor-treating. Whose decision is that? Who decides we have to start being adults before we even have our licenses? In college, we’ll be paying for food and rent, and we won’t be kids anymore. As it is though, we should be able to enjoy our summers without doing the homework for classes we haven’t taken yet. We should be able kick around a soccer ball without worrying about having an extra hard workout if we lose. We should be able to enjoy our youth.

Hopes and fears on election night by Anne Wave Sometimes you don’t realize what’s happening until you take a step back. On election night, I traveled downtown to Grant Park with thousands of other people to attend Barack Obama’s rally. Amid all the excitement, the confusion, and the fear, and the optimism, I removed myself from the noise and put together what was going on; Barack Obama, the son of a man from Kenya and a woman from Kansas, was being named our 44th president. And I was there to watch him accept the title. Throughout the last weeks of the presidential race, I dedicated the majority of my free time to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. I organized phone bank and canvass trips, as well as large t-shirt orders. I knew the election was coming, but ominous thoughts about the possible outcome put the reality of the conclusion out of my mind. At the rally, I was standing in a mob of thousands of people, and next to me were three elderly African-American women. When CNN announced at 10 p.m. that Barack Obama was the projected President-elect, each of the women collapsed to the ground with tears in their eyes. “Never before could I have predicted this!” one yelled through her sobs. “Change has arrived!” I reflected back over the past months, recalling all the trips I had made and all the phone numbers I had dialed. In all of the things that I had done for this campaign, there was one moment and two people that stood out. Their names I don’t remember, but their story is what is important. I met them over the summer. I was in Hammond,

Indiana, registering people to vote. I walked up their front sidewalk and rang the doorbell. I gave my whole blurb about the importance of voting and the amazing opportunity they had to be a part of this unprecedented election. I took out my register cards, offered one to them, and waited for the response. The two women looked at me curiously. Then they probed, asking me what a “white 16-year- old suburban gal” was doing at their front door. So I responded that I was there to register people to vote for the primaries. “No, I mean what is Barack doing for you that made you want to come all the way from wherever you live to where I live? Why are you here, at my door, asking me to register to vote?” So, I answered carefully and concisely. “Well,” I said, “the things that have been happening in Washington for the past eight years are something that I think need to be changed. And Senator Obama can bring that.” They looked at me and then turned to each other. And then they registered to vote. “If you think it’s so important that you’ll travel to Indiana and dedicate a whole day to registering people to vote, and then come to my front door and tell me all this, then by God I am going to register.” As I came back to reality, among all the Obama supporters at the rally, John McCain appeared on the jumbo television and we watched him congratulate Barack Obama for his victory. As he walked off, those ladies nearby began to sing. With their gorgeous, dominant voices soaring over the crowd, they sang; “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

What celebrity would get your presidential vote?

NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO.3

“Bob Saget” -Amy O’Malley ‘12

“Johnny Depp” -Mia Pappalardo ‘09 and Olivia Pappalardo ‘11

“Britney Spears” -Chis Ng ‘10

“Jessica Simpson” -Jimmy Frankos ‘12



The Fall of Disney: From Mickey to Miley By Ted Sherbin

As children, most of us grew up watching Disney classics such as “Aladdin” and “101 Dalmatians.” Now, as our generation watches a new era of children grow up, the name Disney is still magical; however the stories have become vulgar and shallow in comparison. Disney has become centered on selling the “hottest” new teen stars, supporting such singer/actors as Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens. These relatively new stars have gotten their boost from Disney Channel shows and movies such as “Hannah Montana,” and the “High School Musical” series. The question remains: can modern Disney ever compare with classic Disney? The answer lies with the viewer, but many students have expressed strong sense of nostalgia when they watch “Beauty and the Beast” or other Disney movies. The classic Disney musicals will remain in our hearts, even to many of those who say that they don’t like musicals at all. There will never be other films to equal some of Disney’s classic films both in the history of film and in our hearts. Classic Disney lives on even today. Girls talk of their collections of the classic princesses. Ask friends about their shelf of Disney movies. A lot of them will be able to list every movie on that shelf. Reminding them it’s there may even make them want to watch one movie right then. Even in modern Disney, one can easily see the network trying hard to equal what it once was. Disney recently released a prequel to “The Little Mermaid” (how many “Little Mermaid” films does that make so far?). One can see countless ads for Disney’s new upcoming DVD film, “Tinkerbell,” explaining the past of the much loved fairy from “Peter Pan.” Modern Disney movies rarely revert back to the old style of Disney. From time to time, a revamped version of “Sleeping Beauty” is released from the “Disney Vault,” but

the majority of new musicals are sequels or prequels that are pathetic remakes of the classics with slight plot changes. In order to really tell where Disney changed, let’s take a quick look at its past. The Disney Company began as The Disney Brothers, with brothers Roy and Walt Disney in charge. It eventually changed to Walt Disney Company. Under the Disneys, the company started with the classic, incredible idea of a mouse. This mouse, Mickey by name, may very well be the best known cartoon character in the world. The name inspires memories of childhood, such as watching the latest Mickey Mouse video. As time

make this film, modern Disney would stick to the dark story given. Walt Disney thought more of it and made one of the best known movies in history. When Walt Disney, his brother, and other veterans died, younger generations came to rule the Disney Empire, but ultimately it came down to Michael Eisner, the man who headed Disney in the days of some of the greatest classics. From “The Brave Little Toaster” to “The Little Mermaid” to “Monsters Inc.,” these are the days of Disney at its peak. These kids’ movies are all so innocent and well known in our hearts. Because of these great movies (and their knack for selling things), Disney is now a very successful company. Disney currently owns such names as ABC, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films, Pixar, Soapnet, and ESPN. However, all great things must come to an end. As time progressed, Disney lost is magical charm and innocence. Releasing such PG-13 movies as “Pirates of the Caribbean” has turned the once-innocent world of Mickey and the princesses upside-down. The Disney Channel created an outline for mainstream, (questionably) talented pop stars, creating such names as Christy Carlson Romano, Shia LeBeouf, Raven-Symoné, and many more. Shows like “Lizzie McGuire,” “Even Stevens,” and many more provided hysterical, yet notably less innocent, entertainment for the growing generations. Disney quickly noted the potential of this station as more and more stars got their start from an appearance in a Disney Channel Original Movie or TV show. The innocence has nearly left the station now, with shows and movies such as “High School Musical,” “Hannah Montana,” “Life With Derek,” “The Cheetah Girls.” Perhaps Disney is attempting to grow up with Art by Leah Artwick the generation that grew up with them, but they are progressed, Disney, with its ever-innovative also appealing to newer generations, who are ideas, presented the first cartoon movie with full growing up with less and less innocence than sound, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” ever. which started a long line of classic Disney Is it worth it? Again, only the viewer can movies. This classic, along with multiple other decide. It seems, however, that the Disney Disney films, was based on the witty yet dark Channel is quickly taking over the world by stories written by the Brothers Grimm. The gaining more and more mindless followers real story is much gorier. The real story tells of having their souls slowly sucked into the a queen who sends her step-daughter into the wonderful world of sell-outs and questionably woods with a hunter. She expects the hunter to talented artists. Keep the innocence. Think return with the girl’s heart. In any attempt to twice before letting Disney ruin you too.

13 Political Apathy in the USA COMMENTARY

NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3

party that he had too much. In Illinois, bad candidates are frequent, if not traditional, and the 2006 candidates for governor didn’t give voters much of a choice.

the vote went to Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, which is a large amount for a third Politics has a hand in every aspect of party candidate. American life, from student loans (which In 1992, underhanded tactics and scandals many of us will need) to how caused 20% of the population to high the price of gas is. A lot of vote for Independent candidate our daily functions are directly Ross Perot in the presidential or indirectly affected by what election. It is the same reason why our elected officials do in voting isn’t “an American value Springfield and Washington. people are invested in,” according But in an era when only to Mr. Rosenberg. People don’t get 57% of the electorate votes, excited about corrupt government how can anyone expect that and a system that doesn’t offer the the youth will be interested in results they need and want. politics if their parents don’t However, things have begun even go to the polls. Social to change for the better. The science teacher Mr. Rosenberg recent presidential election has reasons that, “People haven’t brought politics to a different level. been empowered by voting and People at all levels of American aren’t feeling that they are a society were talking about their Photo courtesy of Getty Images part of the government.” political views, even leading to the Voters fill the booths on Election Day in Virginia. Voter turnout in this election How can any American feel appearance of buttons and shirts trumped most recent samplings as long lines formed across the country. like a part of the government supporting Obama flooding the after looking at the candidates that run for On the one hand, voters had Rod Blagojevich school. The great thing about all the pins and public office? The presidential election of who enjoys private jets too much and has a shirts is that they brought McCain supporters 2004 paints the best picture of this. The lot of close friends that like taxpayer money. as well as outspoken independents to the table Democrats came out with John Kerry, and His opponent, Judy Baar Topinka, was state to discuss politics. our beloved President Bush (with an approval treasurer to George Ryan who, like Blagojevich, So while there is no doubt that there is a rating of about 47% at that time) was running had close friends with some of those same flaws. lot of apathy among youth in America, “that for reelection. Don’t forget that Topinka also thought that a is changing as the youth are becoming more Bush was born into a legacy of rich oilmen rolling pin could be seen as an assault weapon. involved in government,” said Mr. Rosenberg. and politicians. Meanwhile, Kerry married “Judy Baar Topinka, what’s she thinking?” was The recent rush on the polls during the the woman whose first husband owned the Blagojevich’s message. presidential election has proven that it doesn’t Heinz Ketchup empire. Bush was unpopular in Why would anyone want to get out of bed matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, 2004, but the Democrats chose to put in Kerry, and vote for either Corrupt Thing 1 or Corrupt Socialist, Libertarian, Communist, or Green, who had next to no enthusiasm, since Howard Thing 2? That’s why, in the 2006 gubernatorial just as long as you care about how your Dean’s battle-cry convinced the Democratic race between Topinka and Blagojevich, 11% of government is running. by Andrew Abtahi

by Bess Featherstone But McCain and Bush are real close right They vote alike and keep it tight Obama’s new, he’s younger too The Middle Class he will help you He’ll bring a change, he’s got the brains McCain and Bush are just the same You are to blame, Iraq’s a shame Four more years would be insane These lyrics are sung by sixth and seventh graders from Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia. The above verse is only part of the T.I. “Whatever You Like” parody. The

students rewrote the lyrics to T.I.’s hit in their song “You Can Vote However You Like.” The song’s verses switch between supporting Obama and McCain with a neutral refrain. When my 11-year-old brother showed me this video on YouTube, I watched it over and over again, showing my friends and my Government teacher the following week. The song is catchy, clever, and proves that kids are interested in and informed on this year’s election. With such controversy concerning the candidates and their positions, the fact that young Americans are interested in the issues is amazing. This song in particular encompasses many quick facts about the candidates, something that could only be created with a lot

of knowledge on the students’ parts. Though the ability to vote years away, it is important for youth to be aware of situations going on in our country— especially this presidential election that will forever be a unique one with gender, race, and close calls all present. For those of you out there that are looking for a quick way to learn about the election, the candidates, and their broad stances on some issues, I recommend googling the lyrics to this song and educating yourself through the work of a few middle schoolers. Obama on the left McCain on the right We can talk politics all night And you can vote however you like…


SPORTS NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3

Girls’ cross country races down state in the season on a positive note. The girls who ran for Maine South ar the State meet were: Zillmer, Gavin, Beaugureau, Hejza, Sammarco, freshman Kimberly Hejza,

seconds. This placing also awarded her an all-state recognition. Overall, the team placed 20th out of 25 team. Senior, Colleen Gavin, Girls’ cross country here at Maine South was second in the chute for Maine South with has done exceptionally well this seaa time of 18:38. Sophomore, Alexis Samson. According to most of the playmarco was close behind with 19:01. Freshers on the team, this season has been man standout, Austen Beaugureau was on one of the best ever for the Maine Saarco’s heels posting a time of 19:03. South girls’ cross country team. Senior, Michelle Jaworski, was our fifth On October 25, the team finisher with a personal best of 19:19. The ran in the IHSA Regional Meet, Hejza sisters finshed a strong race together; beating all of the other seven teams Senior, Stephanie, 19:37 and freshman, and winning the fourth regional title Kimberly, posted a 19:41. for Maine South Girls’ cross counThe team members have much to be try. Five girls from Maine South proud of their season. “We have had to placed in the top ten runners at the deal with a myriad of injuries, but towards meet. Sophomore Alexis Samthe end of the season we have started to marco came in 10th, senior Stepharun good team races,” varsity head coach, nie Hejza came in eighth, freshman Coach Downing, said. “I’m so proud of Austen Beaugureau came in forth, all the girls on my team. I really hope we senior Colleen Gavin came in third, do well the rest of the season,” added juand junior Kristen Zillmer won first nior team member Jackie Bono. Another Photo by Keely Patt place and the title of the Individual Stephanie and Kimberly Hejza race towards the finish line junior and member of the team, Maureen Regional Champion. O’Donnell, said her favorite part of cross at the State meet. On November 1, the girls ran in country was “spending time with all of the the IHSA Sectional Meet. Overall, the team and senior Michelle Jaworski. girls on my team. Plus the pasta parties are alZillmer attended state alone last year with ways a lot of fun.” Despite the hard practices, finished in fifth place. Coach Downing said that this was “our best team race of the sea- a seventeenth place finish. This year she came the girls still know how to have a good time. son.” The girls have had impressive races re- in first from Maine South with a 24th place Their hard work and dediaction ultimately cently and they hope to finish out the season finish overall and a time of 17 minutes and 40 pays off.

By Meredith Konopinski

First state appearance for boys’ cross country By Lesia Witkowsky Boys’ cross country has come a long way since the season began in August. Many of the members have been training all summer long, focusing on nothing but cross country. Many of the team members ran over 800 miles over the summer to train for the season, and another 800 more during the season. Their hard work has really paid off. In years past, Maine South used to be in the north conference division However, 15 years ago they were switched over to the south conference division. Since then, they had not won conference- until this year. Maine South beat out twelve other schools in order to capture the conference title. The team also was undefeated in their dual meets. One of Maine South’s top runners, sophomore David Eckhardt, attained many records this season. At a home meet versus Glenbrook South he captured the sophomore record and ran the second fastest time ever on the Maine South home course, a 15 year old

record. Also, four of the top five members of the varsity team managed to beat out more old records, gaining themselves places in the varsity top ten list. These records all happened in the same meet. Overall, the team has done better than they had ever hoped. They managed to not only capture the conference title, but they also beat out numerous other teams to become one of the top-five regional teams. Boys’ cross country also placed in one of the top five regional teams. All in all, these accomplishments have gained the varsity a seat at state. “The guys have worked so hard. They deserve every bit of this,” said Coach Nordahl, upon the team’s state qualifications. Never before, in the history of Maine South High School, has the boys’ entire varsity team attended the state meet. The Hawks hoped to go into state placeing somewhere in the top 15 out of 25 teams at the state meet. “This is a bid deal for our team,” Nordahl added. The top seven runners who ran at the state meet were sophomore Dave Eckhardt, juniors Sean Senf, Dylan Wallace,

and Mike Moore, and seniors Gabe Arenas, Ryan Lynn, and Matt Przekota. At state, the boys ran a 5K- a little over three miles. The top finisher from Maine South at state was Arenas, with a 64th place finish. His time was 15 minutes 22 seconds. Overall, the boys placed 19th, not far off their goal. Sophmore, David Eckhardt was second to the finish for Nordahl’s teams, posting a time of 15:48. He was followed by junior, Sean Senf, 15:52. Senior Ryan Lynn was hot on Senf’s heels, finishing with a time of 15:52. Michael Moore raced into the chute, posting a time of 16:09. Junior, Dylan Wallace was finished sixth for Maine South, with a time of 16:17; Matt Przekota crossed the line with a time of 16:23. “After this year we’re looking to move up next year,” Nordahl said upon hopes for next season. The Hawks did very well as a first ever state appearance. They are going to push themselves even harder next year and hope to finish with another outstanding season.

SPORTS NOVEMBER 14, 2008 • VOL. 45, NO. 3


Boys’ golf finishes strong by Kate Hurley The boys’ golf team represented Maine South well this season. The team had a great start and a great finish under coach Dave Scott. Last year boys’ golf finished sixth at Regionals. This year, the team advanced to sectionals and senior Dave Atas advanced to state. For the Hawks, the competition was intense among the CSL teams. The first tournament of the season was a big victory; the Hawks scored a low 297, defeating conference foes Maine East (373), Maine West (317), Niles North (355), and Niles West (315). Flash-forward to mid-September, when the Hawks pulled in another win, defeating

Glenbrook North and Niles West by just one point with a score of 155. Prospect and New Trier just barely beat the Hawks later on in the season, with one-point differentials in both contests. The only contest at home was against conference teams Glenbrook South and Niles West. Glenbrook South had the best score (156), but the Hawks (152) defeated Niles West (265) again. Against Evanston and Waukegan, the Hawks won decisively. At the end of the season, the team finished with a record of 11-4, placing third in conference behind Glenbrook South and New Trier. Senior Dave Atas and sophomore Tony Albano were named All-Conference.

The post-season team of David Atas, Tony Albano, Matt Burian, Charlie Collins, Larry Foss, and Spencer Groessl captured second at Regionals at Fox Run Golf with a score of 322. Sectionals took place on October 14 at Glenview Park Golf Club, and the team golfed a score of 311, defeating Prospect, who had beat the team earlier in the season by just one point. The Hawks finished sixth, but senior and MVP Dave Atas was not done there. After golfing a round of 73 at the sectional meet, he went on to the state tournament as an advancing individual. There, he posted rounds of 78 and 79 to finish 48th out of over 100 contestants.

Girls’ golf plays up to par by Jimmy Loomis

of whom were able to set career bests for their nine-hole averages. Oberheide, with an average of 40.6 strokes, moved atop the school record books, beating the previous record by a stroke. To reach their full potential, the coaches pushed the mental aspects of the game urging

Another reason for the team’s success was their great chemistry. One of the team’s newest members, Marissa Duric, kept everyone happy, With fall sports winding down, girls’ golf and one team member described her as, “always at Maine South has once again had a very having a smile on, and never giving up in any successful season by setting program records of her rounds.” and growing together as a team. With her senior year just around the In the end, the Hawks’ final record was 7-6 in corner Oberheide has duel meets, with a 5-3 record in one last wish in her golf conference. They surprised golf career: she wants to go to spectators everywhere beating state. This year she came Glenbrook North in a close 186within a stroke of playing 189 victory. That win was great, for a state championship, but their biggest win by far was a but she says with her 185-186 upset over the heavilywinter tournaments and favored Deerfield Warriors. off-season training, she With a very productive season, will achieve her goal. the golf team was able to live up Looking back on to their expectations and advance their season the girls had to sectionals for only the second a great time time in program history. Their “I can’t wait to play dream for sectionals was only next year and hang out possible because the girls shot a everyday with the team. program record, 363, to do well We h a d some great at regionals. memories that I wish Said varsity coach Mr. to make again,” said Hamann, “The team has been in photo courtesy of Oberheide. existence for 10 years now and Junior Rachel Oberheide watches as her shot approaches the hole. This year’s result will every year, we get better. This be hard to top, but next year’s team has a the idea that “the most important hole is the next year was no exception. We were able to have shot. They are returning three of their top four that “the most important hole is the next one.” the best dual meet conference record that we players, and are looking forward to seeing some That mentality kicked in mid-way one.” That have ever had, and we broke the school record young stars emerge. Be careful, a new Maine mentality kicked in mid-way for an 18- hole team score.” South athletic team is on the rise and on the through the season, which resulted in their best This year’s team was led by senior Abby verge of doing something spectacular. play being late in the season. Miller and junior Rachel Oberheide, both


Boys’ soccer season comes to an end By Daniella Kroschel With the Regional meet at home, the boys’ soccer team thought they would be able to win and to advance in the playoffs, but on October 20 the team and Mr. States didn’t get the results they had hoped for. The team started off with a record of 7-2-4 toward the beginning of October. Even though they lost a few games, the team improved in order to win conference and make it into the playoffs. One challenge towards the end of the season was scoring goals. They struggled with that and, as a result, they had a hard time scoring

goals throughout the last six games which prevented them from advancing, as they were defeated by Von Steuben in double overtime. “It was a disappointing season,” Mr. States said, “We had two players who were named all-conference and all-sectional champions: Piotr Kikolski and Frank Marchiori.” The Hawks ended the season with a record of 7-75. They’re hoping that next season they will be able to improve on that. On the other hand, junior varsity had a strong season. Despite having lost to New Trier twice, they won the St. Charles North Tournament. The team started off well, but

towards the middle of the season they had a rough patch. However, they got back on their feet and finished off strongly with a record of 12-2-4. “We had a very spirited squad,” JV coach Mr. Trenkle said. Some key players were Mike Landreth, Diego Villegas, Brad Sharp, and Peter Kumon. They had great games and they wouldn’t have had this outstanding record without them. With the experience varsity gained this year and the new combination of JV players, it could be the right formula for a more promising season next year.

Varsity football continues successful season the offensive side of the ball as the defense was too much for them to handle. The Hawks offense pounded the ball against the Wolves defense, making the score at halftime 46-0.

teams, and we are a very fast and physical team as well. We are ready and willing to leave it all Once the Trevians arrived at Wilson field on the field to reach our goal.” Top performers on Saturday, October 18, the Hawks knew they for the game were Goro, who threw for five were in for a dog fight. The Trevians touchdowns and Chwarzynski, came out strong in the first three who hauled in three passes, two for quarters, playing neck-and-neck touchdowns. with the powerhouse Hawks. On the afternoon of November In the third quarter, with about 1st, the Stevenson Patriots came 2:06 left on the clock, the Hawks to Wilson field hoping to end their were trailing the Trevians 23 to 24. winless drought over the Hawks But the Hawks proved to be too in the playoffs. With about two much for the Trevians to handle. A minutes left in the first quarter, the crucial pass from Charlie Goro to Hawks found themselves in a little Sam Chwarzynski for a 32-yard run bit of a hole. They were down 22-7 ended the game with a final score of to the Patriots who were hungry 55-24 Hawks. for blood because the Hawks had Top performers against New Trier knocked them out of the playoffs were Goro, who threw for more than the last five times they have faced 370 yards and had five touchdowns, each other. All it took for the Maine and Matt Perez, who had three South offense was one play to ignite touchdowns, and also ran for over 50 a 56-7 run, which made the final yards. The defense did a great job of score 63-29. holding the Trevians offense behind Tacking on another win for the the 10-yard markers. Key defensive Maine South Hawks made their Photo by Chris Anderson players include Nick Catino, Corby record improve to a perfect 10-0 Ryan, Zach Glasebrook, Joe Orlando, Senior Charlie Goro runs the ball at Saturday’s Game vs. Loyola. on the season. This was the 6th and Zach Timm. consecutive win over the Patriots in Wrapping up the regular season for the After the game, Corby Ryan said, “As a team the playoffs for the Hawks. Top performers Hawks was Niles West. The Hawks were we’re taking it one game at a time, but we’re for this game were Goro, who threw for six virtually unstoppable on both sides of the obviously wanting to take it all the way to state. touchdowns, Perez, who accounted for four of ball, making the final score of the game 52-0. Our team’s strengths are that we are good on all Maine South’s touchdowns, and Alviti, who The Wolves could not get anything going on sides of the ball, offense, defense and special hauled in two touchdown passes. By Gabby Whittinghill

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