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PAGE? COMMENTARY T h e mess in the cafeteria.

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Despite repeated pleas for change, students continue to deface the cafeteria.



NEWS Dh( HMBhR 1, 2 0 0 6 • V O L . 4 4 , No. 6

October Students of the Month Art Kamil Galimski-Art 1, Marco MalusaArt I. Stephanie Mathe-Art 1. Travis Metzger-Guitar 1. Julia Phillips-Design and Materialsll, Julie Wayer-Photo III, Emily Wechter-Photo II

Business Brian Hailoran- Entrepreneurship, Peter Mallon-Accounting 2, Jessica PalmerBusiness Law, Emily Wechter-Computer Applications I

Driver's Education Sahar Elhardy, Mika Ella Manalo

Family and Consumer Sciences Louis Affetto-Foods, Ryan Fro id-Cooperative Working Training I, Martina Luskin-Family and Consumer Sciences Careers, Jacqueline Malacha-Fashion I

Fine Arts Andrew Abtahi-String Orchestra, Mark Parrila-Symphony Band

Spanish III, Vivian Cowan-Spanish II. Eric M. Greve-German I. Patrick Mirski-Spanish II Ace, Brian 0"Byme-ltalian II Ace. Maximilian Steiner-German II Ace. Thomas Stritzel-French II Ace, Ashley Tomzik-Italian iVAcc. Danielle Tourtillott-Spanish IV Ace.

Math Kathleen Bellini-Integrated Geometrv'. Bob Bujak-Algebra 1, Jenny Cielinski-Calculas AB, Christian Eusebio-Algebra 1, Jessica Frank-Intro to Calculus, Yara Hamwi-Plane Geometrv, Paige Jaffe-lntro to Algebra, Cori Johnson-Acc. Math Analysis, Caitlin KellyAcc. Algebra 2, Matt K.elly-Intro to Calculus. Joseph Lamb-Soph Algebra, Marco MalusaAlgebra 2 Freshmen, Roman Marin-Algebra 2. Abby Miller-Plane Geometr>', Patrick Mirski-Acc. Geometr>/Trig

Science Jaclyn Barker-Biology I. Annie ChungPhysics I. Gina Colletti-Trans Biology, Taylor DePaola-Biology, Katie GianniniPhysics I, Vanessa Grosskopf-Acc. Physics, Mark Jacobi-Chemistry 2, Stephanie MatheBiology, Allison Mayer-Geology, Ann Merrell-Acc. Chemistry, Brian Mosson-Trans Biology, Michael Nardi-Trans. Biology, Eleanor Pace-Acc. Biology, Keith PatelAP Physics. Amanda Peters-Ex.p. Methods in Chemistry, Annie Reda-Acc. Biology. Mark Szpak-Chemistr>' II, Nikki Vidal-Acc. Chemistr>', Steven Zawila-Chemistry I


Social Science

Andrew Abtahi-String Orchestra, Mike McCall-Drama II, Sean Paoletti-Adv. TV Production. Mark Parilla-Symphony A Band, David Sheny-Drama I. Lindsey Wolf-Intro to Radio/TV

Andrew Abtahi-World History Since 1500 Ace, Doug Bengston-American Government, Katelyn Cottrell- World History Since 1500 Ace, Ann Doherty- World History Since 15

Foreign Language Alec Bajalcaliev-Spanish II, Anna Batkiewicz-Spanish II, Devin Beaugureau-

Garcia. Michael Hansen, Christina Hold. Tomasz Kaczowka, Ewelina Lewandowska. Elizabeth Perricone, Brent Sonin. Eric Zingsheim

Physical Education Anthony Argento, Tara Downes, Cecilia

Technology John Butch-Introduction to Technology. Filippo Gianbaco-Auto Service

Canine search at Maine South by Annette Dean

Last year, Maine South students were alerted that the district was considering canine drug searches. During June, the school board approved the use of canine searches. On November 8 during second period, the first search began. Shortly after the start of second period, Mr. Claypool made an announcement, asking for all students to remain in their classrooms while the search was conducted. A short while later, students crowded around the windows in 2A lounge to witness dogs walking through the halls of Maine South. About twenty minutes after Mr ClaypooPs original announcement, the bell system was restored, and students were told to report to 2B. It wasn't until 8* period that many Maine South students became aware of the results of the search through a letter distributed by the administration. The letter indicated that the canines initially selected three lockers as potential hits. However, when

a second canine did not verify the "hits," and no lockers were searched at Maine South. Many Maine South students found this shocking. "I was suprised that nothing was found, since it's common knowledge that there are drugs circulating throughout Maine South," said senior, Tara Downes. There have even been questions about whether some students knew that the search was going to occur, given the previous searches at Maine East and West. According to the Assistant Principal for Students. Dr Garlasco, "It's possible that students knew, but not probable. The only persons that knew ahead of time were myself, Mr. Claypool, and Officer Waddell." Garlasco said that the Des Plaines Police Department selected the date for the search. The only reason that Maine South was searched last is because of scheduling issues with the canines, who had training and other school searches to attend. The prospect of canine searches was originally proposed to the District 207 school

board by the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation (MCYAF). Following much debate over the issue, the school board developed the protocol, which was followed during the searches at all three schools. According to the protocol, a locker must be identified by one dog as a potential "hit,' and then verified by another dog before it is searched. All identified lockers, would be searched before the normal bell schedule was restored. The protocol also indicates that under no circumstances are students to come into contact with the canines. Maine East and Maine West were both searched prior to Maine South. No drugs were found at any of the schools. Overall, the administration considered the search to be a success. "We support the canine search as another "tool" in addressing drug prevention in our school. We want to make sure that our students are safe and that drugs stay out of our school," said Garlasco.


1,2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6

School shootings on the rise by Bess Featherstone Since September 26 of this year, four different school shootings have occurred nation-wide, costing the lives of five people. It is onl\ about three months into this school year, and alreads one-sixth of the number of school shootings that occurred last year have happened. On Wednesday. September 27. a man named Duane Morrison, 53, walked into Platte Canyon High School, in Bailey, Colorado, dressed like a student. He was armed with two handguns and a backpack that supposedly contained a bomb. Morrison went into an English class where he singled out six blonde girls, allowing the rest of the students to leave. Morrison released four of the airls.

"Parents are not going engage the schools if they have walk through a metal detector, they have to go through steps access the teachers. " -George Sugai

to to if to

leaving himself with just two. Sometime later, a SWAT team exploded a hole in an adjoining classroom, only to get shot at by Morrison. Morrison then shot and killed Emily Keyes as she was trying to escape before killing himself. In Cazenovia. Wisconsin on Friday, September 29, a 15-year-old boy, Eric Hainstock, killed his principal. Using a gun that he obtained from his family's gun cabinet. Hainstock shot his principal three times. The reason for Hainstocks actions were that he didn't think that the principal would do anything to a group of kids that harassed him, and he was upset about being reprimanded for bringing tobacco to school. Hainstock was arrested and charged as an adult with murder. Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett told In Joplin. Missouri on October 9, a seventh grade student brought an AK-47 to his school. At about 7:45 am, before school had started, the 13-year-old held the gun at two other students, his principal, and the assistant superintendent. The boy kept repeating "Please

dont make me do this." e\en after shootint; the ceiling and breaking a water pipe. Luckily, no one was killed and the bo\ was persuaded to leave the building, where he was taken into custody. On October 2, in an Amish town in Lancaster County. Pennsylvania, a man named Charles Carl Roberts IV went to an Amish schoolhouse with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun and rifle, a bag of about 600 rounds of ammunition, two cans of smokeless powder, two knives, and a stun gun. according to When Roberts entered the school house, he had all of the boys, adults, and women with babies leave. Roberts was left with about 12 girls in the school whom he lined up against the chalkboard and opened fire on. He killed three of them (one of whom was a teacher's aid) and then committed suicide. Due to these recent shootings, officials from the White House and other specialists had a meeting to discuss ways to prevent more shootings from occurring and to make schools a safer place. The solution is communication. The communication link is very important. "Parents are not going to engage the schools if they have to walk through a metal detector, if they have to go through steps to access the teachers," said George Sugai. a professor at the University of Connecticut at a meeting held by President Bush concerning the recent



Seniors: Watch those college deadlines, especially the January deadlines. Applications and transcript requests must be turned in by December 1st Counselors are not here over W i n t e r Break t o process applications, and the SPS office has limited hours.

pfiou> > oiirlesx of luip:/'w\%'w.wvui

Students outside of Plate Canyon High School shootings. Teachers need to be able to communicate with parents, who need to be able to communicate with their children. Metal detectors and other safety technology will not do what a change in school culture will Bringing the students and faculty closer together will hopefully prevent further school shootings from taking place.

The Registrar requires 10 working days t o process applications and transcript request forms.


1. 2006 • VOL. 43. No. 6

A holiday season full of attractions by Jacqueline O 'Reilly Despite the fact the Christmas music has been placing on the radio since early No\ ember, the holiday season officially started the Fridav after Thanksgiving. That Friday was filled with eager shoppers racing to malls at 5 am to get a head start on their shopping. To keep that spirit going in a wa\ that won't lighten \our wallet in the month ahead, the city is hosting many celebrations to keep the holiday feeling around. From December 8 to January 7, Navy Pier hosts its Winter Wonderfest. The month-long festival will have attractions for people of all ages. Some of the favorite activities from years past include an indoor ice skating rink, inflatable games, cookie decorating, climbing walls, and hundreds of trees decorated for the holidays. Santa Claus, joined by Mrs. Claus, will also be there for children from November 25 through December 24. The famous Ferris wheel will also be running. If \ou tra\ el to the Museum of Science and

Industr}, >ou"ll be amazed b} its Christmas

on a journe\ throughout the world to places such as Ecuador and Eg)pt. each reflected in a tree. In addition to Christmas traditions, the museum also displays man\ traditions from holidays such as Kwanzaa, Ramadan, the Winter Solstice, and Hanukkah. If vou're not interested in tra\ elingdowntown for holiday traditions, the Pickwick Theater in uptow n Park Ridge is showing \ arious holiday shows throughout the season. On December 9, "The Nutcracker" will be presented live on stage. The Pickwick will also show "Tt's a Wonderful Life" on December 10. "Bells of St. Mary" on December 11. and "The Polar Express" on December 16. With spirited events around the city and an by Ron Feierisel your procrastinated shopping pulling at your To find other kinds of trees, visit the conscience, it's clear that it's beginning to look Museum of Science and Industry. a lot like Christmas... Around the World exhibit. This attraction is a holiday favorite; it's been around for sixty five years. Visit over fiftv trees, each decorated in traditions from around the world. As you SOUTH WORDS w ander through the manv trees, you are taken A student-produced newspaper of:

Zune zooming to the top? by Katherine Gaudyn As the holidav s approach, many people pause to contemplate the season's most prominent question: What do I want? Coincidentally. the holidax season also marks the arri\ ai of man\ of the year's new technological gadgets. This year is no different. Five years after Microsoft entered the \ ideo game marketplace w ith its Xbox, the company is hoping to challenge the dominance of the music world b\ Apple and its iPod. Microsoft released its media plaver. Zune, in the United States on November 14. Though several other companies ha\e tried to compete with Apple —including Dell, Sony, and Creative Technology —none has been able to rival the popularitv of the iPod. Over .SO.OOO.OOO iPods ha\ e been sold since 2002. Like Dell and others. Microsoft has designed Zune to look similar to Apple's iPod. Other features are also like those of iPod: 30 GB hard drive, 249.99 dollar price tag. 5.6 oz. size, and 14 hours of batterv life. Also like the iPod, Zune can store music, mo\ ies, and photos. However, Microsoft has its own ideas as

well. Zune has a larger screen size than the iPod, though the pixels remain the same. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities which allow the user to send and download songs to and from other Zune users. Still, being a first-generation model. Microsoft Zune has several draw backs w hich may be worked out in the future. Unlike Apple iPod —to which songs from an> source can be downloaded—Zune can play songs onl> in certain formats from certain sources—more specifically, it's own music store. The Wi-Fi feature is limited to simpl> interacting with other Zune users of whom there is a rather small number. In order to protect against copyright infringement, songs dow nioaded can only be plav three times and must be played within three da\s. Unfortunatelv for Microsoft, it may be to late to compete with the supremacy of the IPod. Apple has managed to ingrain the iPod into everydav life. From first graders to grandparents, everyone seems to have an iPod or know w hat it is. And if someone doesn't ha\e an iPod. it's probabh on his or her list this year.

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1. 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6


Grey's Anatomy" phenomenon

laid eves on her. However, that relationship was a disaster from the v er\ beginning. It's not uncommon to hear outraged screams Even though these are the basic character of "Can you believe what McDrcam\ did?" and plot description, it is just a small fracor "How can >ou choose Addison o\er Mer- tion of what happens. Everyone within Seattle by Kelsey Keith. Meghan O'Keefe. and Anna edith?" on FridaN mornings after the Thurs- Grace is intertwined and bound to interact or Wolonciej dav showing of "Gre\'s Anatomv" on ABC. have a conflict. This is mostlv due to the fact 1. What illness does Meredith's mothThe "Gre>'s Anatomv" phenomenon has been that surgical interns and doctors w ork -K)-hour er have? sweeping the nation, reaching out to all kinds shifts and basically live at the hospital. of audiences for the past three seasons. Actualh. one of the doctors. Callie Tor- a. Parkinson's What emerged as a simple follow-up to res. actualK did that \er\ thing. Without the b. Meningitis "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday night knowledge of anyone (except George, whorn c. Alzheimer's became a show that commands a night of its she dated for a w hile). she liv ed in the hospital d. Cancer own. basement because she claimed she spent more Seattle Grace Hospital became the setting time there than she would in a house anyvvav. 2. What did Addison get in the divorce of many scandals and dramas; most of them, Needless to sa\. w hen the chief of the hospital however, are not medical in nature. One of the found out. Callie had to resort to some sort of settlement? (circle all that apply) main storylines in the show is the on-and-off house. Good thing George was able to make a. Brownstone relationship between Meredith Gre\ and Der- room for her b. Trailer ek Shepherd. Meredith Gre> is one of the five As anyone can see, this is one of the most c. House in the Hamptons talented interns while Derek is technically her eventful and addicting shows available on d. Art collection boss and a hotshot neurosurgeon. primetime these davs. This season the show As if that wasn't a complicated enough re- moved from its coveted spot on Sunda> nights lationship, Derek moved to Seattle with a lin- to Thursdav nights. At first, it was a much 3. How much money did Denny leave gering past in New York, also known as his despised move because one of the reasons Izzie? wife. Addison Montgomery (Shepherd). Ad- the show became so popular to begin with a. 8.5 million dison is another talented surgeon added to the was that it was during a time and da> when b. 8.6 million mix when she decided she wants her husband people had time to devote to a good hour of back, even though she cheated on him w ith his television. The Thursday night mov e was also c. 8.7 million best friend. a risky one because it was put into the same d. 8.8 million Derek Shepherd. l)eing the morally con- time slot as "CSI" on CBS. For the past few scious person he is. decided to stay with his seasons, "CSI" was the most watched show 4. What was the name of Meredith and wife, instead of Meredith who he was truly in in America, not to mention dominant in its Derek's dog? love w ith. because it seemed like the right thing timeslot. However, after the initial shock ol to do. This caused a lot of discomfort from the the move has died down, many viewers agree a. McDog growing audience in season two because Ad- that the change is also beneficial because it is b. Scout dison was clearl) not the girl for him. something to look forward to in the middle of c. Molly However. Derek and Meredith are not the the w eek. d. Doc only ones in the hospital with a story. ChrisRecently though. "Grey's Anatomy" has tina Yang, another witt\ intern, finds herself made the news for different reasons. There in quite a similar situation because she fell was some drama that resulted from the shoot- 5. What is Bailey's son's name? for another attending surgeon. Preston Burke. ing of the camping episode, where practicallv a. William Their relationship is quite different, though, all the men on the show went on a trip to the b. Jackson because what starts out as an awkward bond woods. In real life, though, there was a dispute- c. Walter betw een the tw o of them turns them into a car- between Isiah Washington, who plays Preston d. Nicholas ing couple. Burke, and Patrick Dempsev. who plays DerIzzie Stevens and George O'Mallev are fel- ek Shepherd. The alleged conflict resulted in low interns who also happen to be Meredith's some violence, but no punches were thrown. 6. What is Dr. McDreamy's sister's roommates. E^ch. of course, has their own dra- Afterwards, both actors apologized and ex- name? ma. Izzie has been involved vv ith Alex Karev. plained that the> are still good friends. a. Amelia w ho is the final intern and also the jerk of the Despite the time change and off-screen b. Nancy group, but then, in season two. got passion- drama, the show still remains one of the most atelv involved with a heart transplant patient. popular in America and will continue doing so c. Jacqueline Denny, and had to make irreversible sacrifices as long as the w riters are able to captiv ate the d. Jane for him. George, on the other hand, has been audience with exciting and meaningful epiquietly in love with Meredith since the dav he sodes. Seriousl). by Anna Wolonciej

Testing your Grey matter(s)



1, 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6

The weight of three little letters by Ogilvie Zavala and Kim Blankshain Imagine it is April. You're sitting in a study hall at Maine South with sweaty palms, gripping onto a pencil like your life depends on it. The funny thing is, your life might just depend on it. You are taking the ACT and your future hangs in the balance. Over three hours later, you walk out of the building relieved, but only for the time being. Weeks pass and you worry that you didn't do well enough. Will you get into the college of your dreams? Will your dreams be lost all because of one test? You spent countless nights taking a test-preparation class, but you have no way of knowing if it was enough. Every year, more than a million high school juniors and seniors take the ACT. which consists of tests in English, Mathematics, and Sci-

ence Reasoning. With grades ranging from 1-36, it is used to help college administrators determine admission for students. In a random sampling of Maine South students, 66% strongly believe that the ACT is important. However, many students believe that other aspects of their education should be taken into consideration by college admissions directors. Maine South junior, Chelsey Zimny, said, "involvement in extracurricular activities [should be taken into account]. It will give them a sense of who you are, and will let them know if you"ll be active in the school or not. r d assume most colleges don't want hermits." "Many colleges are changing to what is termed a more "holistic" approach to college admissions. This means that they look at all

by Gina Tingas









... A CHmUtY!

application parts with equal care...College representatives tell counselors repeatedly that the high school record is very, very important in the admissions process."" said Maine South counselor, Victoria Smith. Students agree with this too. In fact, according to a non-scientific survey, 84% of Maine South students believe that the ACT should only be one aspect that colleges look at during the admissions process. Also, many Maine South students think the ACT is too time consuming. In a random sampling of students, 74% either agreed or strongly agreed that the ACT was too time consuming. Preparation for the ACT can be quite costly. There are companies, including ACTive Prep that sell software to students for nearly 500 dollars. Also, the Princeton Review believes that the test is coachable. thus promoting their classes and educational materials. When asked what she was going to do to prepare for the ACT. Maine South junior Shannon O'Hem said, ""I think Tm going to take the class and tutoring sessions about it." According to the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, the way one's scores on the ACT is directly related to one academic and cultural environment. Higher social classes tend to do better on the ACT. Also, boys tend to score better than girls do due to a biased format. Males tend to do better because they are more likely to take risks, such as guessing on a fast-paced multiple choice tests. Based on the same non-scientific survey, 68% of Maine South students feel that the ACT should be given based on the same non-scientific survey. Most students do agree that there are some important aspects to the test. ""It"s a cumulative grade of what you've learned over so much time, so they can see how much you have learned and how well you can apply it." said Chelsey Zimny. Shannon O'Hem agreed, saying. "The test covers all major subjects and most major points that are discussed during high school as well as middle school." Victoria Smith said. ""Because they [college entrance exams] are used by most colleges as a part of the application process, they are important; however, students need to realize they are only one factor used by college admissions staflFs. high school record is at least equally important. It is natural to be concerned about the outcome of an important test—but should it cause undue stress? No."


1.2006 •


4 3 , No. 6


"Babel" emotional, intense, incredible by Ron Fciereisel So...Brad Pitt...he pulled a Cloone>. if you don't understand what that means, see "Syriana," the (ilm that won George rioonej an Academ> Award. What? Did the cast of "Ocean's tileven" get Kjgetheron set and swear to all have Oscars by the time the> get around to filming "Ocean s Seventeen; Takin" it to the Streets"? Pitt's performance in "Babel" could gamer him an Oscar 1 here. I said it. 7 hough, it should also be said that Pitts performance, Oscarworthv though it ma> be. is not the onl> great performance in the film—the is uniformK excellent. The title of the film, "Babel," alludes to the stor> of the Tower of Babel. At the beginning of the story, the whole world speaks one common language. They becitme skilled builders and they decided to build a tower that reaches up to Heaven. God saw what they were doing, and knowing that the tower would lead His followers awa\ from Him. confused the common tongue, causing them to speak in different languages so the\ wouldn't be able to understand each other. The catalyst of "Babel's" plot is the shooting of an American tourist, played by Cate Blanchetl, in Morocco. The rest of the story unlblds through four parallel plotlines—obviously the one concerning Blanchett and Pitt as panicked outsiders in a foreign countrj. one about Blanchetl's shooters, one about a deaf-mute Japanese girl and her father f to elaborate here w ould verge on spoiling the (ilm, but trust me, the father plays an integral role), and one concerning Pitt'v housekeeper

New on "Miami Vice: Unrated Director* Cut'* Available December 5 Though "Miami Vice" wasn't a hands down critical (or commercial, come to think of it) success, the idea of a Michael Mann helmed director's cut can only be described as irresistable. This DVD is a renter for sure, simply because the theatrical fihn was so curiously okay. It will go one of two ways: eitlicr the film becomes noticablely better, or a complete and utter debacle. Either way, viewers are in for a veiy nxe treat.

llnding a was to her son's wedding—each of One of the characters, a dcal-mulc .lapanese w hich is somehow related lo the shLXiling. The girl named (hieko. is especiallv interesting film cuts back and forth between the stories as because in the modem world of constant need thc\ blossom, but somehow manages to never for auditor) stimulation —as evidenced b> become confusing. The plot, interesting as it iPcxIs, cell phones, and the growing trend of is, seems to take a backseat to the characters of those inlemal mp.Vcell phone mash-ups—she's the film. Each of them is fantastically w ritten, an outsider. In one incredible scene, she finds rich and engaging. herself in a nightclub. 1 he scene seems simple. "Babel" studies the communications but the way it's presented is top notch, it begins breakdown between people of different with a close up of Chieko. sumiunded by other nationalities, and people in general. Ihat's clubbers and the blaring music. Then the film one of the things that make this movie so switches to a shot from Chieko's point of view interesting: there's a sense of uncertainty and the music cuts out. The scene gtxrs on to to it. What Pitt's struggle boils down to is further establish Chieko's purely visual world. his not understanding and not being able to by switching between her point of view and ^ ^ • j various close ups. This w orks to make the ^^^^M audience empathize with her character. It ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 makes her seem real, something that all of ^ ^ ^ H the characters are. Jj^^D The cinematography in "Babel" is i ^ ^ ^ ^ l first rate as well. During the Moroccan ^ ^ ^ ^ H scenes, the camera shows the audience I ^ ^ ^ ^ H the sparseness and loneliness of the place ^ ^ H while during the scenes set in Japan, the nera works to present a crowded, busy nosphere. In a way, it's representative of the language barrier betw cen the characters. In Morocco, where communication is more or less impossible, there are long, wide shots. In Japan, where the barrier is . itf rvftrnffitiNtttMsuiHH not so much language but communication Brad Pitt, effectivelypuUing a "Clooney." and understanding, there are closer more communicate with the Moroccans. Even though intimate shots. the audience hasn't experienced that level "Babel" is an incredible film, but don't of an inability to communicate, the struggle go into it expecting a Brad Pitt vehicle. Sure, of desperately wanting to be understood is he's in the film, and he's the first billed when extrcmeh relatable. it comes to the previews and posters but. like George Cloonev in"Syriana."he'sonl> a small, albeit integral, part of a much larger picture The audience spends as much time exploring the other characters, and as a result, the film is " T h e Premiere F r a n k uniformly superb. C a p r a Collection"'


Available t^eccmber.S It's Frank Capra, that's why. But if that's not enough of a reason for you, think about the movies in this collection: "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "It Happened One Night." "You Can't Take It with You." "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town". "'American Madness," and "Frank Capra's American Dream." Each of these is a cinematic classic and should be in any film butrs collection. They epitomize the greatness of early cinema and definitely warrant purchase.



1, 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6

Fusion Tour Finishes at Congress Theater by Alexandra Wojciechowski Saturday. November 11 was a night to remember. Five amazing bands spent their last night together on tour at the Congress Theater in Chicago. It was the "Fusion Tour" sponsored entirely by Nintendo. The bands, in performance order, were The Sleeping, Emety, Plain White T's. Relient K.. and Hawthorne Heights. All these bands are exceptional, but ifyou didn't like one of the bands, there was plenty else to do when the show is sponsored by Nintendo. With the new Nintendo Wii coming out this Sunday for the first time, Nintendo made its last effort to get the word out through the tour The hall was filled with tons of Nintendo Wii systems to trial and new games play. The lines were huge, and Nintendo got good feedback. To start the night off. The Sleeping took the stage at five o'clock to warm up the crowd. While different from usual, they did well, especially for their first huge tour. For those that aren't familiar with bands like these or only know what they hear on the radio. The Sleeping sounds a lot like a mix of the Fall Out Bov

vocals and percussion and Breaking Benjamin's guitar. For "Fusion Tour" fans, they sounded like the Scary Kids. Scaring Kids. Next, Emery came out and rocked even harder They sound a lot like The Sleeping but they are more pop with they lyrics. Their sound wasn't as awesome as it normally is, but its theatrics were fantastic. The crowd was

detiniteh pleased with the perfomiance. and it seemed to really jumpstart the concert. They went crazy on stage, and the crowd loved it. After Emery, the Plain Wliite T's stole the stage, and gave special attention to all the boycrazy girls in the crowd. As one can imagine, the room filled up even more. They ended their segment with their two most popular songs: "Hey There Delilah" and "Hate." Ifyou haven't heard them on the radio, they're like Panic! At the Disco. You can also relate them to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Rocket Summer, and

Quietdrive. Getting hyped up for the anticipated Hawthorne Heights, Relient K came out playing all the theme songs fi-om "Mario Bros." with their own twist. The also played their two greatest hits: "Be My Escape" and "High of 75." It was light ftm, and the crowd surfing started. The crowd sang w ith the band, and everyone was dancing. Thev sound a lot like Mae, The Spill Canvas, and Something Corporate. Lastly to top of the night, Hawthorne Heights finished the show, and led the encore until a little after ten o'clock. The entire theater filled up. and the fans went insane. Everyone was sweating from moving and singing so loud. Hawthorne Heights started their appearance with their hit "This Is Wlio We Are." which got the room heated. They also played "Silver Bullet" and "Niki FM." They are a combination of Hellogoodbye and Chiodos (who was actually at the Congress Theater the week before with Atreyu, and "Every Time 1 Die"). To put it simply, they were incredible and peformed admirably. This tour was amazing and the entire audience was captivated. It is truly something other bands should tr>' to live up to.

It's like having your cake and eating it too by Vince Ziols "Marie Antoinette," directed by Sofia Coppola ("Lost in Translation'"), takes place in the late 18"^ century Europe, opening with the marriage of the Dauphin of France (Jason Shwartzman) and the Princess of Austria (Kirsten Dunst). "Marie Antoinette" shows the life of one of the most misunderstood queens of all time. Kirsten Dunst helps the audience understand what life was like to a country girl entering the royal life of France. The movie centers on Mari Antoinette's life between her marriat:. to the Prince of France at age 15 ti her resignation at age 19. The movies sexual innuendoes are made though most of the king's court and Marie Antoinette herself The jokes are witty, quick, and usually center on a married couple not being able to have children, which was a big fixation in the royalty society. At parts, the movie seems long-winded with no conversation and long scenes of Versailles or crowds of people just walking around. This

does give a good sense of placement in the movie, though. Ifyou enjoy scenery then you won't mind these long pauses in the story. The soundtrack of the movie helps give it a modem edae over other historical movies. At

Antoinette could grow very tired of the same thing happening day-in and day-out, such as being greeted by dozens of maids when she wakes up and gettuig dressed by the highest ranking maid due to tradition. Help from the supporting actors as Rip Torn ("Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story." "Men in Black"), and Molly Shannon ("Superstar") brought more to the experience of rumors and scandals in 18* century France. Politics play a huge role in the movie because most of Marie Antoinette's actions affect France. She uses money that could be used towards feeding the citizens on a summer retreat and a cottage to remind her of her home in Austria. This plays an important role in the hnioimiltH' ending of the movie, when riots The queen walks through the courtyard. break out because of this reckless spending. times, the soundn-ack can be comical because Though the film was long at some points, it of the constant repetition the queen must showed how misunderstood Antoinettes life follow everj'day. shown though the music. was. Others in her place would not have done Through this, Kristen Dunst shows how Marie the job with as much eloquence.

COMMENTAR DhchMBhR 1. 2006 • Vol,. 4 3 . No. 6


Panic at the polling place by Sarah Collins

show people, they tried to insert their activator card into the paper ballot scanner. 1 cannot The Founding Fathers would not be pleased. possibly comprehend why, as there is no screen Well, actually, most of the Founding Fathers and no buttons on the paper ballot scanner, not would probably be pretty ecstatic that the to mention, no slot that the card fits into. But, majority of the people who came out to vote on invariably, they tried. Election Day were elderly, white landowners. Yes, democracy in America. That We, however, should be terrified. 1 watched vaunted system that allows people approximately 250 people vote on November incapable of following even the simplest 7, and I saw two people under 30. The vast of directions to choose the leaders of majority of the remaining 248 voters were our nation. over 60. This is why we have to get the underThis wouldn't have been such a big deal, 30 crowd to vote. Not so the politicians except this year there were touch screen voting will listen to us. Not because it is our machines in everv precinct. I think most people civic duty. Not because it might change can imagine what it was like trying to teach the the world. But because it is the only way 60-and-up crowd how to work a computer. It to stop America's touch screens from is an exercise in futility. It would have been being written on, punched, and licked. funny, and usually was, except, inevitably, Touch screens weren't introduced for someone would break the machine, which the people who actually do vote. meant 1 had to spend 15 minutes trying to fix They were introduced in it every time anyone voted. the hopes that maybe, if It doesn't seem like it could possibly be so they made voting more diflficuh. Touch the box that you want. Don't like the Internet, teenagers touch two boxes at once. Don't look for a might actually care. They button — any button — to touch. There are no tried rocking the vote, getting buttons. And, please, don't punch the screen. celebrity endorsements, and even making Honestly, I watched a man punch the screen Facebooks. It's time to throw Washington a as if it had offended his mother. And that was bone. Next time there's an election, which will after 1 showed him how to use it. When I didn't be the Primaries next spring, go vote if you

can. If you're not old enough to vote, write to somebody in power about how lame it is that you can pay taxes but not vote. It doesn't matter who you vote for: it just matters that you do. So that maybe one day politicians will take teenagers as seriously as the geriatrics who assault :omputers.


T^^''-''' One of the new touchscreen voting machines.

That's not courteous by Alexa Karas

You've heard the story. You've seen the signs. How come you're not making a diflference? After the final bell rings everyday, our cafeteria has the appearance of a battlefield. There is garbage on and under every table, brownies smeared against the tile, and sometimes soup poured on the glass doors. That's not courteous. Is it just ignorance or is there another reason? Throwing away your lunch should not be that difficult. I have actually seen people creating paper airplanes out of Southwards copies and flying them around the room. Sometimes 1 wonder if certain individuals are trying to make a mess. For example, several weeks ago a group ofboys threw pickles at the windows until they stuck. Do they understand that other people, valuable employees to the district, are cleaning up their silly, childhood games?

I have 2B lounge and I really enjoy walking into a spotless cafeteria. The maintenance staff does a phenomenal job of cleaning up the horrendous mess everyday. They make it seem as though there is no problem. But there is a problem. The mess in the cafeteria has to stop. There have been Hawk Pride lessons and talks from Mr. Claypool. Students have tried to remind others to clean up with posters in the room. Everyone has the information. That's not the problem. The problem is the inaction. Enough is enough. What is our student body going to do about this stain on our reputation? We may be known for our sports programs, our academic excellence, and our professional drama productions, but the public knows little about the internal issue we have in our school. This area is one of the most comforting places in our school. We go there to socialize

with our friends and get a break from our subjects. It is a place where adult supervision should not be necessary. The setting is perfect and the large windows let the sunshine in. We can purchase a hot meal or eat a bag lunch packed by mom. But you can't pack your mom with you to clean up the mess you make. That is your responsibility. Some mess is expected after a long day of 2,500 students using the facility, but the mess in the cafeteria is incredible. This is not merely accidental garbage. Sometimes it is just downright childish behavior. There is no other way to say it: the maintenance staff deserves a lot better. They have to start cleaning up during eighth period in order to finish before dark. So. do something about it. Even if you are a very clean person, pick up the rest of the garbage at your table, wipe clean the soda you spill on the bench, and respect the men and women who respect you.



Net neutrality threatened

hy Betlina Chang

to turn the information superhighwa> into a tollway—those who pay more will have their Nowadays, people use the Internet for sites viewed more easily. everything. It tells them which roads to take, In all likelihood, the burden of this extra how to cook, what time movies are playing, cost will fall on web users because websites and whether or not it will rain tomorrow. But will need more ads to fund their servers, and w hat if tomorrow, you w oke up and on ly ABC's maybe even start to charge membership fees weather page worked? What if to view their sites. And if sites are too new or took ages to load, and Tom Skilling's videos obscure to raise money to pay the toll, they wouldn't open? If we don't take a stand on will simply have to deal with the networks' network neutrality, this may soon be the case. discrimination. There wouldn't be anv

1, 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6

Sif^'on "Mas be. If I know who is running. I will." -Susan Moran '08

"Yes, because I currently ha\e a political opinion." Net neutrality is the principle upon which our free and open Internet is based. As of right now. federal network neutrality regulations protect your right to view whatever websites you choose, all at the same speed. It means that the companies who provide us with an Internet connection solely move the information, regardless of the source. It promotes free speech and entrepreneurial innovation, and that's what makes the Internet such an amazing thing. Sure, we end up with pages like "Cletus's Conspiracy Theories." but we also end up with Google. eBay, and Facebook. The point is, no matter who decides to set up their own domain on the World Wide Web, everyone can view the smallest personal webpage with the same ease as a major company's site. However, what if your Internet provider decided to make its own website function very quickly, while slowing down the loading speed of a competitor's website? View ing and paying your bill would be easy, while researching the rates of another company would take forever. Many of the largest Internet providers, including Comcast. AT&T, Verizon, and AOL Time Warner, have spent about half a billion dollars in the past ten years lobbying to get rid of net neutrality. If this happens, these companies will effectively be able to make our web-surfing choices for us. They intend

more crazy success stories like the YouTube guys because who would actually have the money to spare when they are starting a new business? With all the disadvantages that small businesses bear, losing ground on the Internet should not be one of them. Also, un less you pay money to speed up your own Internet transactions, sending someone a file using the Internet or downloading music (legally, of course) will take much longer as well. And it's doubtful that Maine South would opt for paying an extra fee. so uploading your just-completed paper onto the school's server at two in the morning would be even more nerve-wracking. Lobbyists in Congress are battling over Internet neutrality right now in our nations capital. And yes. I truly mean right now. This is not a problem that will affect us ten years down the line, or even five. Every day. the Internet is becoming more and more a part of our lives. If we do not speak up for net neutrality, the Internet as we know it may cease to exist. Sign a petition, send our representatives a letter, and make our wishes known to our legislators. We want to make our own decisions about what we see and don't see on the Internet. Some people just can't start their mornings without Skilling's forecast. See for more details.

-Marek Sadowski '08

"Yes, because I want to have a voice in our government." -Janev Obcrheide '07

"Yes. because I want my \oice to be heard." -John Rademacher *07

11 Kerry not fit for presidency COMMENTARY


1, 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6

by Michael Coyne In the last presidential race. Senator John Kerr>' came within inches of taking the White House from President Bush. However, just as the would-be Kerry Administration had begun choosing new furniture for the West Wing, the carpet slid out from under them and George W. Bush thankfully won a second term in office. Kerrv' is once again at blows with the White House, as the senator, who is considering running for president once again in 2008, has begun lashing out against the Bush Administration even more than usual. Kerry has been quoted in a recent speech, saying that Bush's men are "hacks" who are "willing to lie." I put the question to Kerry's supporters: if the President and his men are "hacks," then why exactly did they regain control of the executive branch in spite of your people? I don't care what Bush jokes you've heard or even told, readers. One doesn't get into the White House, the world's most powerful and influential office, by being an idiot or being supported by idiots. An idiot would not have captured the thousands of terrorists

" make an effort to he smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq. " - John Kerry that America has detained under the Bush Administration. An idiot or "hack" would not have taken down one of the vilest dictators in the Middle East. Bush's response was far more respectable than Kerry's juvenile attack, when Bush essentially said that he wouldn't stoop to Kerry's level. I'll also note the amusing tidbit that President Bush had a higher GPA than Senator Keny when both men attended Yale. Who's calling whom a hack. Mr. Kerry? Kerrv also let his forked tongue run wild in a speech to a group of California students. He said, "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard. >ou do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." This is perhaps the most enraging thing that I've ever heard this man say. When

politicians ranging from Bush to Senator years ago. Mr. Keny. stop complaining about Hillary Clinton requested an apology of Kerry, why we're in Iraq, and start thinking about how he refused for over 24 hours, until he finally to do the work that needs to be done there. We realized that he had become a Democratic went into Iraq because the CIA, FBI. British liability. And even then his apology was for intelligence, and Russian intelligence all said a "botched joke." not what he actually said. that Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction. This only serves to compound his display of Yes, the WMD intelligence was wrong; it's in the past, so get over it. Focus on the present, the ignorance. Readers, regardless of your feelings toward things that the troops are doing now. Sadaam the Bush Administration, you must agree Hussein, an evil dictator, is out of power, and that no one has a right to insult the noble a fledgling democracy has taken root. I don't American troops serving in the Middle-East. care how you try to spin it; that's a good thing, John Kerry has insulted the soldiers who fight and we need troops to stay there to defend Iraqi progress. and die for the love Kerry has even said of their country. that he'd take away the This man would interrogation tactics that have just blindly Bush just signed off on. pulled us out of This is not a conventional Iraq had he been war. These terrorists elected President are not soldiers of any of the United nation. The Geneva States, which is Convention does not t a n t a m o u n t to apply here. To quote saying that the the great Bill O'Reilly, soldiers' sacrifices "Name, rank, and jihad were for nothing. number is simply not Having American enough." When the troops in Iraq is military captured althe only thing Quaeda leader, Khalid that holds back Shaikh Mohammed, these I s l a m i c they reportedly dunked fascist terrorists. his head in water to It's overlooked make him reveal names that there have and locations of 12-14 been no attacks other terrorists. I don't on American soil care if they dunked his since 9 / 1 1 . If head in water—he's a the troops were terrorist. He and the pulled out, the pholii ( oiirles\ cif kerry.senate.f>o\ people he named would Iraqi democracy Kerry's recent statements have some Demohave killed thousands of would crumble and crats wishing he 'd step off the national stage terrorists would have yet another stronghold. Americans. Our concern should be the safety Guess who their first target would be? America of those thousands, not the "rights" of these would be vulnerable to a massive terrorist insane killers. attack, as the terrorists would regain a foothold, This man cannot run off at the mouth like but 1 suppose a man as politically blind as Kerry this. Kerr\' needs to learn some respect, gain would never consider that. some perspective, and understand that there are Kerry went on to call the Iraq war a result quite a few good reasons that the man that he's of, and testament to, failed Republican policy. once again attacking. President Bush, defeated Give me a break. Mr. Kerry. He said in his him in 2004. If this man runs again in 2008. and November 1 speech that he is, "sick and tired you choose to side with Democrats, please back of despicable Republicans who refuse to debate Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I don't like real policy." What does he think that he's doing? them, but at least they're sane. Well, as sane as a Kerry's recent speeches are nothing but a course liberal politician can be. Even as a conservative, in shoddy mudslinging. That's not debating I would—grudgingly—rather see one of these policy; that's attacking a war that started three Democrats in office than John Kerry.



1, 2006 •


43. No.6

Zillmer makes cross country hall of fame by Erin Mulligan In the Maine South's girls" cross countr\"s Hall of Fame. onl\ three people have gone down state. The first girl to go was in 1988. I^urie Anderson who ran a 2.5 mile. She came in 24th place, which made her our first and so far. only girl to be on South's All-State wall. Back in 2001. Kim Coppin also ran in state for a 2.5 mile and came in 90th place. Unfortunately, one would need to be in the top 25 girls in order for that person to be considered All-State. Like Laurie Anderson and Kim Coppin, this year's cross country team saw the same talent in Kristen Zillmer. Zillmer came in first for Maine South in every race she ran. She won all conference, along w ith KelK Kohlndorfer, and was the only one to qualif) for state. Unlike Anderson and Coppin. Zillmer ran a three mile race in Peoria and came in 70th

place, with a time of 18 minutes. 8 seconds.

Pluilo h\- Erin

Zillmer distances herselffrom the pack. Her goal was ultimatel> to make it dow n state. Manv believed she had it in her. and all it took

was for her to see that it was possible. In the fall sports awards. Zillmer was awarded as MVP. Not man\ freshmen can sa\ that they'\e been rewarded w ith varsitN s Most Valuable Pla\er. and in the case of Zillmer. it w as ob\ ious that she earned it. In Sectionals, the girls, including Zillmer. were nervous, but up for the challenge. Although as a team Maine South didn't place as well as they hoped. Zillmer's time of 18 minutes and .^9 seconds guaranteed her a place in slate. Only the top ten can qualify indi\ iduallv or the top fi\e schools to state. Zillmer was again the only girl or bo\ cross country runner for that matter to qualify. Miillii>cin Hopefully, she can maintain this le\el of competition. Zillmer is a talented runner and important to the team. Maine South will look forward to these next three years in seeing how far she can go.

Girls basketball focuses on one game, the next one by Nick Ryter The Hawks have lofty goals for 2006 but they don't feel the need to share any of them. Part of the reason the girls have kept quiet is because their coach, Mark Smith, has instilled a sense of respect for other teams. Coach Smith practices a tradition of wearing ties with the school colors of the girls' opponent that day. Once on the court however, you will not see the Hawks coach in anything other than red and black. Between, during, and after games. Coach Smith is continuously challenging the girls to be their best. "We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are," Coach Smith says as he tries to make this year's varsity girls' basketball reach their fiill potential. Emerging from a fourth-place finish in state, top 20 marks in the history of the Illinois High School Association, and a number of records rewritten in Maine South's record books is a team poised to make its own mark. And with the chemistrv and talent of this year's team, comparisons are bound to be made with last year. Returning 10 of 12 players from 2005. the Hawks came out of the Michigan State camp

this past summer with a record of 8-0. Ripping

guard Ashley Tomzik. Along with Tomzik. there are three returning starters in seniors Angle Rieger, and Nikki Wnek, and junior Michelle Tourtillott. The Hawks will keep teams on the ropes with their exceptional team speed and defense, which will benefit from possessing such a deep bench full of quality players. The team has almost two fiill lineups to spell the starting five in seniors Katie Anderson, Julia Brenner, Grace Goro, Lauren Pagone, and Kristin Unti. Juniors include Allison Groessel. Kelly Kohlndorfer, and Karen Solari. Before this group of fearless competitors lies a daunting schedule, but after facing a schedule which contains eight of the top 25 teams in the state, according to the Sun-Times preseason rankings, the girls know they will be a better team come playoff time. "We take a lot of pride in playing a schedule as tough as ours is." said Coach Smith. "But we have mindset that our most important game is always the next one." The Hawks, who are ranked fifth in the fhcilc hy Chelseci Zivkovii same poll, could be in great position to Goro converts a lay up during practice. rise from the five spot given their exposure the nets for the fourth vear is UlC-bound against the top teams in the state.


1. 2006 • VOL. 43, No. 6


Swimmers leave a strong season in their wake by Colleen Muszynski The end of the season came fast for the Maine South girls" swim team, but with all of the hard work behind them and a good taper week ahead, the Hawks looked forward to a successful conference meet. Brand-new blocks awaited the girls as they hosted New Trier, Evanston, Niles West, Glenbrook South and Waukegean at the 2006 CSL Conference meet on November 4. State powerhouses New Trier (442 points), Evanston (421) and GBS (263) rounded out the top three spots, followed by the Hawks (141). Niles West (97), and Waukegan (27). Maine South earned three top-six medals overall, two coming from a fifth-place finish in the 200-yard medley relay (Lauren Zitkus, Sarah Walsh, Maddy Sarran, and Colleen Muszynski, 1:57.75) and a sixth-place medal for the 200 freestyle relay of Kathryn Larocca, Muszynski, Leah Artwick and Walsh (1:48.42). The highlight of the meet by far was Walsh's first-place finish in the 100 breaststroke. The extremely talented junior out-touched her opponent Kristina Walsh of Evanston by twotenths of a second with a time of 1:08.30. and

walked away with South's first CSL girls' swimming champion medal in Chris Deger's tenure as head coach. Other top-ten finishers included the 400 freestyle relay of Larocca. Muszynski, Kelsey Keith, and Artwick (seventh, 4:02.68). Zitkus in the 200 yard IM (eighth, 1:04.85). Muszynski in the 500 freestyle (eighth, 5:40.32), Artwick in the 100 butterfly (eighth, 1:07.70) and the 200 IM (ninth, 2:30.08). Also in the top ten were Angle Sulimowicz, Kristin Kruk, Artwick and Olivia Radwanski in the 200 medley relay (eighth, 2:06.89), Mallory Delany, Jill Ramirez. Radwanski and Sulimowicz in the 400 free relay (ninth, 4:15.45). and Delany, Emily Potratz, Rebecca Mogliani. and Sabrina Buszydlo in the 200 free relay (ninth, 1:54.53). The fully-tapered Hawks swimmers then traveled to Evanston on November 11. ready to swim fast at the Sectional swim meet. The Hawks, again up against some very tough competition, swam to a solid 5* place overall with 116 points, behind Evanston (302), New Trier (293), Loyola (253), and Niles West (119) and in front of North side Prep ( i l l ) , Niles North (74) and Resurrection (59).

The Hawks' three relays earned spots in the top six with the 200-yard medley relay of Zitkus, Walsh. Sarran and Muszynski dropping almost two seconds for a fourth place finish with an impressive time of 1:55.96. the 200 free relay of Larocca. Muszynski, Artwick and Walsh with a fifth place time of 1:46.26 and the 400 free relay of Larocca. Muszynski, Artwick and Zitkus with a 4"' place time of 3:56.13. Sarah Walsh had another tremendously successful meet in the 100 breaststroke. Her time of 1:07.24 was not only good enough for second place overall, she qualified for the state meet and shattered the over twenty year old Maine South girls' swimming record previously held by Tracy Keenan in the 1980s. With only three varsity swimmers leaving for college at the end of this year (co-captains Keith and Muszynski, as well as two year varsity swimmer Fiona Hamilton), the seniors will definitely be missed, but the young, exceptionally talented team will stay intact and in shape for an exciting season next fall. Hopefully, the Maine South legacy will continue to improve.

New faces for Hawks look promising by Tommy Joyce The "Hustlin" Hawks" boys' basketball team looks to build on last year's winning season. The returning players have certainly gained knowledge and critical playoff experience after

Photo h\ Nick Rxler

Bjelopetrovich shoots in practice

suffering a narrow defeat last year in the regionals to a quality, state-ranked Hoffman Estates squad. While senior Pete Bjelopetrovich is the only returning starter, the lack of returning experience is overcome by the teams" excellent athleticism. The team also has versatility, an important characteristic for a winning basketball squad. The team can score from many different positions on the floor and are not a onedimensional offense. This will help during the long season and hopefully be to the hawks advantage in the playoffs. Led by veteran coach Tony Lavorato. the Hawks" goal is to challenge for the Central Suburban League Conference crown against pre-season favorite to win and rival. New Trier. Because of the Hawks" heart and determination, they will hope to advance through the state playoffs. Coach Lavorato advised the fans to "Look for a focused defensive attack and a wide-open offense to excite the Hawk faithful."" The team will look to new players to step

up and fill in the several key starting spots this season. The Hawks' backcourt includes seniors Ryan Carmichael. Pete Bjelopetrovich. Charlie Haracz, and Charlie Fagenholz, and juniors David Chao, Frank Calabrese, Greg Pierce, Paul Kutska, and sophomore Charlie Goro.

"Look for a focused defensive attack and a wide-open offense to excite the Hawk faithful. - Coach Lavorato

The frontcourt contains seniors Dan Altizer, John Allegretti, Tim Mathisen. and Jake Wilson and juniors Matt Tarpey. Joe Kozak. and Joe Murray. The team's chemistry, attitude toward the game, and work ethic are vital parts for the Hawks to compete for a Central Suburban League South Conference Championship.


\\/^iisi I IK 2 o o e i


Boys' soccer season a big success by Meghan O 'Keefe

I he) had spent the past two weeks pla)ing six intense games against equall) competent At the end of last year. Head Varsity Bojs" teams, including Addison Trail. Lake Park, Soccer Coach Tim Spiegel sat dow n w ith his Leyden. Larkin. Rockford. and St. Charles returning varsity boys. He asked them what North. People w ho had ne\ er been to a scx;cer their goals were for next season. Not only were game came out. Spiegel describes the team's there the individual goals of how man) goals relationship with the crowd as mutualK the\ w anted to score and how well the\ w anted beneficial. "Thev 're such great gu)s that |the to perform, but there were team goals, such as, crowd! wants them to do well so |the team) "I want to be a leader" and "I want to feel like wants to do well for them." Spiegel said. The I know m\ teammates." Spiegel realized then statistics won out in the end. "Warren came that, "they can write and live out their own scripts." He believed thev could make it happen with visualization, affirmation, integritv, and "They 're such great commitment to the promises they had made to themselves. guys that [the crowd] This year, the boys' soccer team finished wants them to do their regular season with a ten-year best record of 14 wins, second only to New Trier in the well, so [the team] CSL. The} always came read) to pla). Their wants to do well for first hitch was when they faced Lake Zurich and lost. The) also lost to New Trier later on them. Warren came in in the season, which gave the team "an insight statistically superior into what |needed) to change," said Spiegel. The real lull, though, happened with two ties but these guys believe between them and Highland Park and Niles West, something Spiegel says usually happens they still should have to a team around "the seventh week of the won. season or the IT"" game." The team was forced to get it together, and - Coach Tim Spiegel they finished the season with a strong win catalyzed by a solid group of starting athletes, which was more or less maintained for the rest of the season. He also commented on in statisticall) superior but these gu)s believe their sportsmanship, sa)ing that it's "not how the) still should have won," he said. they won, but how the) handled themselves The loss left not a dry eye among the Haw ks character-w ise on and off the field." The team fans. The Haw ks had become accustomed to alw a) s shook hands after the game and "pla)ed being able to pull a victory during the second hard but never to the point of being uncalled half. This accounts for their significant for The) reall) played the game," recounts number of one-goal wins. Despite this. Spiegel. Spiegel describes the team as "predictable They won Regional s and then went on to and consistent." This loss caught everyone win Sectionals for the seventh time in 27 years. b) surprise. But there was still another game to pla). This game also marked Coach Spiegel's 100"' career win, forcing him to make good on his the quarterfinals game, determining third promise to shave his head if he accomplished and fourth place. This game could easil) be this goal. The) won Super-Sectionals for the described as the biggest challenge of the season, and Spiegel accounts it as being "the hardest third time in Maine South histor). The) met their match w ith Warren, though. game to coach." The bovs were expected in the second game of the state tournament. to pla) a game onl) a few hours after being

defeated h\ Warren. Ihc) were tired, slightl) discouraged, but still read) to pla). "The) dug up the guts from somew here," said Spiegel. This ma) be due to the fact that the team "had all the components of ever) corn) phrase )ou could ever come up with. And they always went into a game belie\ ing the) would win." The) pla)ed in front of a record-breaking crowd of 3,268 people. It was an intense game. With three minutes left the) scored the goal that solidified their victor); a tie just wouldn't be a good enough way to end this victorious season. Arthur Dinvemo and Tomm) Sullivan were key pla)ers in this game, but it was still, as usual, a team effort. Spiegel says he "played a lot of players and the) all got the job done. The demonstrated exactly w hat they'\ e been doing all season. It typified this team." Spiegel's pride for this team and what the yhave been able to accomplish is seemingl) endless. He describes these players as having to "constantly brave themselves and step up" in this sport, one which "pushes kids to limits in ways they can't themselves, especially while they play up to three games a week." After eight years as head coach, he especially appreciates this team. "Tom, Arthur. Dewey, Leo, Paulieyou get so used to them w hen the) "\ e teen here so long. They reall) exemplified the program," Spiegel said. Another ke) to this winning combination was assistant coach Dan States. Spiegel describes him as giving "the ultimate effort in coaching with me. Hes onl) an assistant by title. He molded and sculpted this team just as much as me." At the end of the season, the) tied the program's record wins in a season with 21. They took home a third-place trophy and medals. At the assembly held in their honor, the entire school honored their accomplishment. The iroph) was handed over to Mr Cla)pool, and Spiegel as well as the team captains made speeches about the season. Robbie Bosco and Tomm) Sullivan even showed off their very convincing British accents. It was apparent to everyone at the assembh that the bond between this team was extremel) solid. They achieved their goal even if thev didn't win first.

Vol 43 issue 6  
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