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30. 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42, No. 2

National Merit Semi-Finalists go for the green by Melissa Hansen On September 14, 2005, the names of the 16,000 National Merit Semi-Finalists were released to the media from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This year, Maine South is proud to have 12 Semi-Finalists, an astounding number that has doubled from 2004. The 12 Semi-Finalists are Kathryn Bratko, Elizabeth Chao, Grace Elderkin, Melissa Hansen, David Krone, Jessica Kunke, Christopher Lenzini, Matthew Lenzini, Daniel Martin, Meghan McKelvey, Krista Porterfield, and Patrick Rhine. All of these Semi-Finalists have the opportunity to receive significant scholarships. These Semi-Finalists were among the 1.3 million students who took the new Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The PS AT NMSQT is given in October and is di\idcd into three sections: critical reading, math, and writing. Test-takers w ho score in the top four percent of their state 134.0(10 students) are notified in the spring, i roni these students, the top onehalf of one perecni ( 16.000) in each state will

photo In the t\tif StittJ

The 12 National Merit Semi-Finalists take a break from standardized tests to take a photo with Mr. Claypool and Ms. Kelly. be named National Merit Semi-Finalists. Those who are not named Semi-Finalists receive letters of commendation and are removed from the National Merit Scholarship competition; however, commended students can receive special scholarships that are open only to commended students. From the 16,000 Semi-Finalists, 15,000 are appointed Finalists in February. Semi-Finalists who are not named Finalists are able to receive one of 1,600 special scholarships financed by corporate sponsors.

Bored of identification /'\- .James Mantas The Board of Education met on Monday, September 12 to discuss safety and security issues concerning all three Maine schools. Among other things, the Board dicussed which doors could remain unlocked, the use of handheld contraband detectors, and the enforcement of student identification. The Board decided to make identification around students" necks mandatory in 1997 and were answered with much expected protest. Students obviously felt the new rule was unwarrantedâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; as did some teachers. "[Students] said that we didn't have a problem, why should we wear them?" explained Mr. Thetard, one of Maine South "s deans. Students and staff alike don't seem very interested in the new change. "I think this is a serious breach of school security," said junior

Phil Forys sarcastically. "1 really don't care about IDs." Over the last few years, IDs became more negative than beneficial. Instead of being used to identify students. IDs slowly became another rule instructors were forced to institute, and another way for students to receive detention. "It really became more of a problem," said Dr. Garlasco, Assistant Principal of Students. "I don't want to get in a hassle with a student... They could theoretically be kicked out of school for not having an ID. That doesn't seem right." Dr. Garlasco, who attended the Board's preliminary meeting, says that the issue had been floating around the Board's meetings for the last few years before they decided to get rid of the policy. "We're just trying to make school a better environment." she said. The new rules in place require students to produce an ID on demand. Staff members still need to wear their IDs at all times. The new ID policy is welcome and overdue, even if not celebrated.

Finalists qualify for many prestigious scholarships. One type of scholarship is a onetime S2,500 National Merit Scholarship, which is given to 2,500 Finalists to be detemiined by state representation. Another type of scholarship is sponsored by 300 businesses that award 1,100 scholarships based on varying criteria. The third type of scholarship is sponsored by National Merit accredited colleges. The total money offered through these scholarships is approximately S33.9 million.

Help the victims of

Hurricane Katrina

Although Hurricane Katrina passed through the Gulf Coast almost four weeks ago, the survivors still need all the help that we can provide. The Maine South Hurricane Katrina drive is over, but you can still help the many victims by donating money to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross ( Maine South has raised over S8.000. Let's continue contributing to this great effort.


30, 2005 • VOL. 42, No. 2


New graduation requirements ^ and two writing- intensive courses. These new requirements are expected to Governor Blagojevich improve ACT scores in Illinois. In 2004. recently signed Senate students whose class schedules included the Bill 575. which increased new requirements scored approximately 1.8 the graduation points higher on the ACT than other students. requirements for high The average ACT score for Illinois students school students in the state of Illinois. This is is 20.3. while the national score is 20.9. the first time Illinois has changed it's Legislators hope the new requirements will graduation requirements since 1983. help Illinois students bring their scores up to The purpose of the bill the national average. is to make students more This law is prepared for college and expected to do more , the work place. "Before than increase ACT we passed this bill. Illinois scores. Studies have had some of the weakest proved that students high school graduation who take difficult requirements in the classes in high school nation," said Governor are more likely to Blagojevich. Many graduate from college. , experts say that Illinois These requirements will not only help graduation requirements college-bound^ are now average, but still students. A study done . not exceptional. by the American • This bill was Diploma Project stated sponsored by Senator that geometry was very , Miguel del Valle and important for students Representative Calvin who want to work in Giles from Chicago. Giles well-paid blue collar said "With this new law, jobs and low-paying, , students in every school in / l}pm null. low-skilled jobs. The Illinois will be learning Governor Blagojevich increased same study all found the critical skills they need graduation requirements that most jobs required for success beyond high four years of English. school. We have to make The law will also help schools offer more sure that we're preparing all our graduates for what comes after high school. It's important foreign language, art, music, AP, and for their future and it's important for the future vocational classes by increasing funding for of our state." Many Illinois legislators believe these programs. that this law will improve the Although many feel the bill will quality of the Illinois improve education in workforce, which will bring f Illinois, some school more businesses here. districts are concerned helping the state as a whole. that they don't have The new graduation enough funding to requirements will be phased implement the new in over the next four years, requirements. Others beginning with the class of are concerned that the 2009. Eventually, they will bill will limit the require Illinois students to amount of electives have four English credits, students can take. two Science credits, three Despite these Math credits (including concerns, the bill was Algebra I and a course passed and will begin with geometry content). to effect this year's by Annette Dean




hv James Manias Just put it on our really huge tab: The president said that he was going to try and rebuild New Orleans. And Iraq. The deficit's only at S4 trillion. Does anybody really know where we're going to get all this money? 28% percent of America still loves the President, but search for "failure" on Google and see what happens. The evidence is right there. Smooch, smooch. FINE: An Israeli couple was fined 1,000 rupees for kissing while getting married in New Delhi. The Hindu priest was disgruntled and complained to police. The couple was tried and found guilty of obscenity. Oh my Brahma. I used to think kissing was gross when I was in first grade, too. Hirsute cabbies of the world, unite: Taxi drivers who are bald, have long hair, moustaches, or wear too much make-up and work in Nanjing. China are going to have to groom themselves for a new 10point plan to make the city look smarter. Hey, who said long-haired people are dumb? And what does a moustache have to do with anything? First intelligent man found: Jim Nundt of Minot, N.D. rode his horse to work after promising to do so when gas hit S3.00 a gallon. From one bad kind of emission to the next. These train tracks and the certain death they assure make me sleepy: In Moscow, a drunken man fell asleep on train tracks and was run over by a freight train, which failed to wake him up. He survived because he didn't move—being asleep and all. Can you say. "What the [diddly] did 1 get run over by last night?"



30, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42, No. 2

Six Flags puts up the white flag by Eric Forbes Six Flags Inc. owns thirty parks in the U.S. These parks have a balance of water, thrills, and family attractions. Soon, this may be altered for some of the company's smaller parks. Six Flags put itself up for sale one week after Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins and Red Zone Investment Company.

Always Pointless...

showed interest in the company. There are other possible buyers, such as Cedar Fair, the owners of Cedar Point Amusement Park. The effects that this could have on Six Flags Great America are minimal. If Six Flags were to get very nervous, they would only sell off some of their "minor" parks. These are the parks that have fewer rides and attractions, making them sometimes less thrilling. Six Flags would then keep their bigger, more popular parks, which are the ones that have

higher income and have more rides and attractions. These larger parks include Six Flags Great America. Six Flags Over Georgia. Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Six Flags" smaller parks have been pulling them down because they generate low income and sometimes develop no profit. Six Flags thinks that the solutions to their problems is to buy undeveloped parks and pour money into them. continued on page 5

by Gina Tingas, featuring Alexa Sipiora


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30, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42, No. 2

continued from page 4 Another one of Six Flags" "Strata-gies" to create more profit is to dump millions of dollars into the tallest and fastest coasters on the planet, such as the Strata Coaster, a coaster that goes over 400 feet. These two strategies have not worked as well for Six Flags as they have tor Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair has also listed as a possible buyer. Cedar Fair owns twelve amusement parks, including Cedar Point. Cedar Fair's biggest park. Besides Cedar Point, the rest of Cedar Fair's parks are medium-sized and have little theme, non-intense rides, and fairly low income. If Cedar Fair were to buy Six Flags or their parks, then most of the parks would be in worse condition than they already are, unless Cedar Fair changes their management methods. In the last few years. Six Flags has sold two parks and bought one. In 2003 Six Flags bought


Jazzland. which is now known as Six Flags New Orleans. It is likely that Six Flags New Orleans" rides will be relocated to other Six Flags parks after the tragic hurricane. In 2004. Six Flags Worlds of Adventure was sold to Cedar Fair and is now known as Geauga Lake. It has been recently announced that Six Flags Astroworld will not be opening next season, due to parking problems that the Great America's lai\, â&#x20AC;&#x17E; ,/" r, park faced and the high popular park. demand for real estate in the area. parks will face such issues. Our own Six Flags These are just a few examples of the fate Great America is not going anywhere, so there of some smaller Six Flags parks. If these is no need to worry. Six Flags, Inc.. on the patterns continue, many of the other small other hand, has a fate that remains to be seen.

Hawks through the decades by Nicky Priovolos How many thousands of students have walked through the halls of Maine South in the past fortysome years? Going out on a limb, my estimate (give or take a few) is around 120,000. From the time the school opened in the early 1960s, faces have changed at Maine South, but the school itself remains the same. Imagine walking through the Maine South hallways in their early years. The doors of Maine South opened in the 60s, amidst the chaos of President Kennedy's assassination and the race to get to the moon. Snippets of conversation about the Vietnam War didn't overshadow the excitement of Park Ridge's new high school opening its doors. Friday nights were spent going to drive-in movies with friends, driving their parents' Fords. The seventy million baby-boom teens of the 60s were not too different from today's teens. The styles for girls included mini-skirts, go-go boots, hot pants, and bouffant hairdos. Among the boys, plaid button-down shirts and polyester pants were popular. Free time was spent attending musicals, listening to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, or psychedelic rock, and skateboarding (which had recently gained popularity.) "American Bandstand" was the most popular TV. show among teens. The "Twist" and the "Monkey" were played at the school dances and were crowd favorites. Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird," which

we see today, the only difference being that is still read by Maine South students today, the now red lockers were once orange. Big was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Maine hair, popped collars, punk rock, black lace South seniors couldn't yet vote because the gloves and a lot of silver jewelry were all trends voting age was twenty-one until 1971. sported at Maine South. Back then, students The 70s. the era of bellbottom pants and would frequent the now disco music set the deceased Golf Mill theater on stage for Maine Friday nights to see movies South's second decade such as "Ferris Bueller's Day of operation. The Off," "Pretty in Pink." Hawks of these years "Sixteen Candles." and "The dealt with many Breakfast Club" (featuring our similar issues as us very own Wilson Field in its today. Homework glory days). time clashed with their The 1990s were an era of desires to watch change. With the 90s came rap "Happy Days" or go music, cell phones, and the roller-skating at the Spice Girls, and our favorite rink. Mood rings and "Friends." The boy band craze bell bottom pants were began with groups such as the popular styles. Backstreet Boys and N'Sync. Weekends were spent The halls of Maine South were at movie theaters flooded with students jamming watching movies such to the rap and pop blasting in as "Jaws" and their headphones. After "Saturday Night receiving their licenses at Fever." sixteen, students paid a dollar In the 1980's, Maine and nine cents a gallon for gas. South's students The faces of Maine South experienced the same Hawks may have changed packed hallways and Madonna was an emerging pop steadily over the years, but the heavy books that we do culture icon in the 80s. school and Hawk Pride remain today. "Flashdance." the same as the day it first opened. Trends may Madonna, and big hair brought Maine South come and go. but Maine South school spirit into its third decade. Teens of Park Ridge has lasted and will continue to prevail. passed through the same rows of lockers that


30, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL, N O . 2

A trip to remember: Germany by Katy Bratko and Larisa Greve their exchange partner. They corresponded Throughout the school, her students know with their partner over the next months in her simply as "Frau," which may seem strange German and in English, until the German to those who speak Gennan, since it translates students came to visit in October. They got to only as "Mrs." However, no matter how experience the joy of running from class to simple her name, Maine class around Maine South's German teacher, South and many saw Mrs. Margaret Wolf, was some good old brave enough to guide 25 American football. Maine Township German As the bell rang, students on a trip to putting an end to final Germany this past summer. exams last year, most Although most kids would students were deciding rather have a job or chase what to do with their after a tan during their three unlimited hours of I'itoio Kiiiru'sv i>l iii'rnian Cluh months of freedom, these freedom. The The German Club poses in Munich students chose to spend a American students had week and a half with a teacher. These students already decided whether they wanted to visit volunteered to jump head-first into culture their partners in Germany and there was no shock. They elected to visit a foreign land, eat turning back; the group flew out of O'Hare foreign foods, meet foreign people, and learn the day after finals ended. how to work foreign bathrooms. After eight hours trapped on a plane, the This was not the first time a group of Maine students were bombarded with German South students risked the terrors of customs, culture and language as they were picked up sauerkraut, and international travel to visit by their host families and entertained for the Germany. Frau Wolf has led such a trip every weekend. The German students had school two years for the past decade. This year's during the week, during which the American exchange beg an in the spring of 2004, when students toured the cities of Karlsruhe, students received an e-mail address to contact Heidelberg, Speyer, and Freiburg. High points

were a boat trip on the Rhine, and a very wet and muddy tour of a mine. The American students also spent a day in the German high school, discovering that in some countries, the teachers, instead of the students, are required to go from classroom to classroom. After a week spent with the German families, the group spent three days in Munich shopping, calling home, and visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein, one of the most impressive castles in Europe. The truly informative part of the trip was staying with a German family. The language barrier was formidable, but many Germans spoke English quite well and would take pity on a stuttering American exchange student. Simple things, like having a conversation, trying something new for dinner, or figuring out how to fiush a German toilet became triumphs. After a week, Germany began to feel like home, and the Germans began to feel like family. There were some mishaps with missing trains, luggage that was too large to roll down train aisles, and a hotel without showers in the rooms. However, in the end it was evident that an international connection was forged with the people of Karlsruhe, Germany, a connection that began in 1995 and that, thanks to the courageous chaperones Mrs. Clark and Frau & Herr Wolf, we are proud to continue.

If these walls could talk... by Atra Asdou Down almost every hallway that I walk through, I find the words "This school sux" written on or etched into the walls with some other profanity neighboring it. Every time I see this phrase. I wonder if its just one person who has a grudge against this school, or if it's a group of vandals? And why do they think Maine South is so bad? Is it that bad to be a student in a privileged suburban high school? Maybe it's the fact that people are getting a decent education with the opportunity to join our trophy-worthy extracurricular activities that turns people off. However, some may consider us lucky not to be a Chicago Public School. As many know, the conditions of the Chicago Public Schools are unfortunate when it comes to things like funding and security, even though they do

have more diversity than we do. It's noticeable that we're becoming more diverse every year. Still, some think our school seems to "suck." We cannot deny the location of our schoolit's not bad enough being in Park Ridge, but we're built on top of a dump as well. Some,

jihom h\ Karit'

Graffiti around the PA wing payphone


however do not even wish to acknowlege it. According to the walls, it's not just this school that sucks, but it's other places around this area as well. But, what good is it being negative about it? Scribbling profanities into the wall won't change the place you're at; it'll only make it worse. The fact is, we're not that bad off for being students at Maine South. Deep down inside, everybody is just a little proud of what school they represent. It's true there are many things we'd like to change about it. but there are also some things that we'd love to keep forever. Bosco sticks anyone? Either way, nothing is one hundred percent, and if you feel like you want to make it as close to one hundred percent as possible, don't go scribbling on the walls. Instead of negative graffiti covering the surfaces of this school, students should learn to realize how lucky they are to attend a safe, titleworthy, school such as Maine South.


30,2005 • VOL. 42, No. 2


Cage fires on all cylinders, misses the mark bv Ron Feiereisel

** 1/2

The TV spots don't do "Lord of War" justice because they make the movie look a lot more longue-in-cheek than it really is. Lines like "Selling guns is like selling vacuum cleaners: you go out. make house calls, pound the pavement." and "I sell guns to every army but the Salvation Army." make the movie seem like a comedy, which it is to a certain extent. As Cage watches a Mujahadeen warrior fire an AK-47 at the enemy, the explosive report that ihe gun makes morphs into the sound of a cash register opening every lime a shell is ejected. "Lord of War" is a jet black comedy because of the depressing consequences of Cage's work. The last movie Nicolas Cage was in was "National Treasure." and it was (not surprisingly) pretty bad. The movie he made previous to "National Treasure" was called "Matchstick Men." and that one was good. "Lord of War." is like both of those movies duct-taped together. Don"t get me wrong: it's not like the plot is similar to the other films, but "Lord of War" has some parts that are great.

JaredLi'[i>['Itty- \lritl\- Orlov.

and others that are just okay. The movie tries too hard to make a point, but is never focused enough to make the point obvious to the viewer. That said. I love the opening scene of the film. Not only does it showcase some of the film's best cinematography, which is one ol the things the movie does right throughout, w also showcases the movie's excelleni soundtrack. The scene follows the productior of a single bullet from the factory through iitransport to the battlefield, where it's loadeo into an AK-47 and fired into its final restingplace, all set to the tune of "For What It'^ Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. Another great shot is the time disassembling of Cage's aircraft by refugees in Sierra Leone. In a matter of a minute or so. we .see the plane broken down from brand new into nothing but a metal skeleton. Almost every scene has something interesting to look at. from piles of u.sed weapons, to an amazing African landscape. Cage plays Yuri Orlov, a Ukrainian immigrant who, after witnessing an attempted mob hit, realizes that there's more money in guns and bullets than in the failing restaurant that his family owns. After his first sale (another good bit of comedy). Yuri convinces his younger bother Vitaly (Jared Leto) to become his "brother in arms." and together, they start selling guns to anyone who'll pay for them. After a few transactions, they begin to make substantial money. Vitaly develops a drug habit and drops out of the game to go into rehab and eventual relapse, while Yuri is living the sweet life, complete with trophy wife, Ava (Bridget Moynahan) and young son. On several occasions, Orlov is confronted by a hotshot Interpol agent played by Ethan Hawke. who will stop at nothing to bring Cage's world down around his ears and land him iti jail. Hawke does a good job of being a by-the-book government agent, although he actually has very little screen time. Watching Cage and Hawke try to outfox one another is one of the staying points of the film. You want to see Cage get away, but you also want to see Hawke catch him. and they both have a respect for each other's business, almost like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in "Heat." Cage is finally confronted with the mortality of his work when he begins to sell to an African warlord, or as he says it, "Lord of War," named .Andre Baptiste (Eamonn Walker). Baptiste is a great villain because when you first meet him, he is funny. e\en channing. Bui just as you

Nkholas Caf^e in Lord <>f\riii' get to like him and settle into a comfort zone. Bapti.ste sends a major reality check your way and shows you that he really is a bad man. like when he displays his squad of child soldiers— armed of course with Cage's guns—and explains that it doesn't matter who fires the bullet, as long as it hits its mark; or when he uses Cage's munitions for mass murders. Baptiste also asks Cage thought provoking questions about the nature of his work. Next to Cage, Walker gives the best performance of the film. Throughout the movie, the audience is told what's happening through Cage's voice-over narration, which is similar to. but not as good as, Edward Norton's voice-over in "Fight Club." Unlike Norton's utterly dry, yet entertaining work. Cage's voice-over is hit or miss. Sometimes it's great, perfectly offhand and ironic, but other times, not so much. In "Fight Club," Norton could make a point with a wry comment or a couple of lines, but Cage often talks too much before finally getting to his point, if there is one. "Lord of War" isn't a bulls-eye for Cage, but it is pretty close. After sitting through Cage's abysmar'Face/Off."' I realized that this is one of Cage's better movies, even though it's still got some pretty big problems. The movie seems to run a little long, even though it runs 122 minutes. Shaving ten minutes would have kept the film from dragging in the middle. "Lord of War" is good, but it's not as deep as you want it to be.



30, 2005 « VOL, 42, No. 2

Motion City Soundtraclc moving up in the world

"I Am The Movie." is great for its original beat and lyrics. In my opinion, there is no bad J^l^^^ One of my favorite track on the album. Taylor Crowley, a Maine ^P^^f indie-rock bands. Motion South student and Motion City fan, agrees. mk ^ ^ L ' C''>' Soundtrack, has much "You can literally listen to the CD over, and ^^f s B b k ' " ^^^^'^ ^'^ '^^ listeners and over again...It's always fun to see what they fans. The dynamic quintet come up with ne.xt." Pierre's falsetto voice started in Minneapolis in 1999. With each seems to fit perfectly with every track on the member bringing his own musical insight to album. "Commit This To Memory." their newest the table, it isn't a surprise how successfiil their album, was released this year and did just as music has become. Their first album "1 Am The Movie." was well as "1 Am The Movie." With the new released in 2003, and was recognized for the album, the band figured out who they were instant, unforgettable hit. "The Future Freaks musically and personally. With their latest hit Me Out." You wouldn't have guessed this song "Everything Is Alright," Motion City was written in just a few hours. "Two weeks Soundtrack is becoming more and more before we went in, [guitarist Joshua Cain] recognized. Motion City Soundtrack has been compared played the part and 1 sang those words and that's what came out," lead singer Justin Pierre to bands such as Matchbook Romance and the says in amazement. "It was completely Starting Line. These bands all have that sense random. But that's how we work. It's funny of rock, with clever lyrics, a good beat, and when there's talk about how this record could great instrumentals. The members of Motion "make or break us. ..this band has always gone City Soundtrack w ere influenced by such bands as The Flaming Lips and Jawbox. on its gut instinct." I /)r Dina Roiminuzzi

The clevemess of Motion City Soundtrack's songs, and their catchy lyrics is what separates this band from the rest. "If ever there were a band that stood out from the pop-punk soundalikes, it's Min»e«p(f>li's'MMtiUon City Soundtrack. Melodic, clean, crunchy and catchy...with generous helpings of keyboard that zing and whiz with giddy abandon," said LA Weekly. Go and see for yourself what's .so special about Motion City Soundtrack.

Motion City Soundtrack

Demons slain under the lights by Greg Mitchell

Friday. September 16*. marked a historic day in Maine South history. For only the second time in the school history, a football game was played at night, and "under the lights". The first, took place two years ago. on Thursday, September 27'". 2003. The opponent for that game was Glenbrook South, and the result was a Maine South rout. Though the opponent changed, this time it was District 207 and Park Ridge rival Maine East, the resuh remained the same. The Hawks posted an impressive 46 points, and shut out the Blue Demons. This followed another notable showing by the Hawk defense, who, had shut out Glenbrook North the previous week. The Hawk offense was in top form, despite the fact two of their better weapons.

Mark Sagerstrom and Jake Bachmeier, were ailing and unable to play. They tallied 28 points in the first quarter alone, and Tyler Knight was on the sidelines by the middle of the second quarter. John Sherlock, Jimmy Coy, Carl Michas, Tyler Knight, and Anthony Borsellino


The'95 state championship team reunites.

all contributed to the scoring in the first quarter. Vince Kovacs turned in an impressive performance in relief of Knight, completing eight of nine passes. The night was a success, as the student section was in full force and painted in red. "The lights made the game that much more exciting," Senior Jessica Diffendal said, "the atmosphere was amazing." The only minor problem of the night was the lopsided score and lack of an exciting game, as Senior Jon Woo points out. "the football team did a great job, but I wish the coaches would have scheduled a more challenging opponent, maybe Warren or New Trier, for the game." Nonetheless, it seemed the entire Maine South community showed up for the historic game, and this was supplemented by a special tribute to the 1995 State Champion Hawk football team. The players gathered for a reunion on the field at halftime.


30. 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42. No. 2


Entertainment today, featuring Louie Anderson rible better than a bunch of rich kids and their rich kid problems, except the actual word "terMany evils exist in this rible," which spells terrible extremely well. And speaking world. There is terrorism, rapid spread of diseases, of rich kid proband Michael Eisner. It is lems, let's move on the last of these that has al- to movies. What most single-handedly driven an empire insanely popular (Disney) into the ground. Why would such a yet utterly horrible travesty happen? The answer lies in the public's movie portrays rich, pampered love of bad entertainment. For years, bad entertainment has been kids and their spreading faster than the mustard stains on problems? Well, Michael Moore's shirt. Of course, one could that's quite an easy "The just blame MTV and be done with it. But that answer: Breakfast Club." just wouldn't be as much fun now, would it? Let's take a look at television. Many televi- To a movie buff, sion shows today have some of the worst writ- this is rock bottom ing in the universe. Except for Martian writ- for the movie industry. Only two of ing. Which, of course, is just abysmal. There are three base evils of television. One, the characters have as mentioned, is MTV. Its poor taste in music actual problems. has had terrible effects on the music industry. Anthony Michael Hall's character is But we'll touch on that later. Television's second evil is none other than a nerd, which is a ABC. No network (although FOX gave it a run real problem to for its money) has cancelled more quality many people. The shows. As rival NBC found out too late, letting other is Judd Aaron Sorkin go was not the best decision in Nelson who, well. the world. But even that is not even close to the he's Judd Nelson. Isn't that bad television's final evil. The third evil is something so sinister, so enough? Louie Anderson overwhelmingly horrifying, that to gaze upon Furthermore, only hope. it causes instant bad taste. This evil can only how did Emilio be called by its initials: The O.C. Yes. you read Estevez get a part? that right. The O.C. is not a good show. It's He's the least talented member of an otherwise merely a popular filler for FOX to make lots talented family. I am sure that this can be atand lots of money off of Nothing spells ter- tributed to the fact that he, unlike his brother and father, did not change his name to Sheen. But IWSWOND Emilio Estevez's appalling acting aside... Actually, I can't just EFNEICAF leave it at that. The man did do three Mighty Ducks All the letters in the PTHROY movies. I'm sure there are circles can be laws against doing that. rearragned to make: But back to movies, there HTLPSAA A place you can find are many movies that come all of these things. close to the shame like "The REUTMCPO Breakfast Club." At the core of movies are three things: direction, writing, and actAnswer: ing. Missing one is okay, as h\ Manx Diamond


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it can be covered by the other two. Miss all three and you get the movie "Kazaam." Okay, let's rid ourselves of thoughts of that awful movie and shift gears to music, which is almost an equally bad situation. Today's popular music, influenced by MTV, is unoriginal and untalented. Popular bands like Sum 41 / ^ ^HHH| <itid Simple Plan are jfj^^^gJ^^^P grossly overrated. The music industry has dissolved to putting out instant successes that cash in on the popularity of other bands and the old standby of onehit wonders. Many people blame the influence of rap and hip-hop culture. This is a wrong assumption. Rap used to be great and is still great when done right. Rap has entertainment's become emotionless, which is the opposite of what it should be. No music should be emotionless. Yet, this is what has happened to almost all of popular music. In fact, many singers' voices are indistinguishable from the cries of Louie Anderson. If you don't know what Louie Anderson sounds like, listen to a recording of hungry whales. They are about the same. There is no real solution to the problems that have arisen in the entertainment industry. There will always be bad entertainment, but such an enormous influx of it in such a short time is unimaginable. However, we can make advances against this. We can stop movies like the ones mentioned above from ever being made. But how do we solve the most extreme problems? Well, this is actually the easiest: feed the creators to Louie Anderson and hope he does not have a heart attack.



30, 2005 • VOL. 42, No.2

Blogs: our generation's blunder ^ of smiling is virtually nonexistent; instead, pouting and looking away from the camera has become the pose of choice. "Emo" is a huge "• •' The wonderful Internet, contributor to these pictures. Often, you'll find since its inception, has be- a quote/lyric from trendy emo bands embedcome one of the largest in- ded within the images, using Photoshop, which termediaries used to share is also used for other (shoddy) image alterinformation. All Maine ations. Only on certain spaces will you find South students have been exposed to this seem- blog postings or images with any substance. For those who don't know, web blogging is ingly spectacular marvel. However, the expoessentially an abuse of the capabilities of the nential growth of Internet users, coupled with Internet. Anyone can sign up, free of charge, inexpensive Internet providers, has led to the for a blog with MySpace. LiveJoumal, and inevitable creation of dark comers of the Web. Xanga being the most widely used. While their Being an avid Internet user since sixth grade, layouts are distinct, they all serve the same I've come across an unhealthy plethora of blogs, blogging purpose. You are given the freedom journals, xangas, online diaries, and MySpaces, to post whatever you like, and this very premise or whatever you prefer to call them. The sheer is what has caused its vile nature. More often number of active blogs and bloggers is overthan not, this liberty is taken too far. Inane whelming, to say the least. With that in mind, it would be simply unfeasible to generalize things are often posted, ranging from daily ramblings and self-surveys to lyrics, about what goes on in the virtual blogging ^ poetry, and videos. Why this is posted •:- is beyond me. Does anyone, other than ] the poster, actually read such posts? Even so, there are some courageous beings who attempt to address topics C*i ic«*i, v-v-^n'. with some merit. I say courageous because there are people out there ready to refute whatever point you make. When the intellectual comes out of the cave and stops posting meaningless blabber, two topics are brought up constantly: politics and religion. The political conscience of the teenage pholu Luui'lc.:: ('/A-i blogging world is predominantly libPeople write about their daily lives eral, with every mistake of the Bush in their blogs. administration beaten to death. I cannot think of any teen blog that expresses Republican sentiment. The debate of world. Nevertheless, this will attempt to proreligion has no end. Every so often, some vide you with the best portrait known to man bloggers feel obligated to discuss their anti-reof what I like to call "online diarrhea." ligious argument, as if their points haven't been Our first glimpse into this strange fraction reiterated over the last few millennia. of the Internet is, whose parent company was recently purchased by Mr. Rupert Unfortunately, one's life makes up a huge Murdoch for a hefty 580 million dollars. The portion of blog topics. Current events in life high cost comes from its epidemic status, be- seem to be the subject of choice for no apparing the fifth most visited site in the U.S. How it ent reason. The events of the day, what music obtained this status is quite odd, since the site you are listening to, what book you're reading, has no definite purpose. what your grades are, who you have a crush Originally, it was to be a "place for friends." on, what your sexual orientation is, etc. are simHowever, as was the case the other people- ply not interesting. meeting sites, it quickly grew to be despicable. There might be blogs out there that are acIts main use is for posting images, usually taken tually good; however, most posts are deliberat awkward angles of awkward people with an ately ambiguous, pointless, and deceitful. So awkward sense of style. The eon-old tradition turn your online trash into treasure.



by Dariusz



"No, because they are not good for the environment." -Matt Rogers "06

u "Honestly, wc icun\ dont care.." -Fran Pilati and Emilv Livacari '06

"No. because it shows us as property of Maine South." -Quincy Hogan '07

. ONI •s»» 1




"No, because we don't have to wear them, so why should we have to carry them?" -Kellv McAuliffe'08

11 The power to end poverty COMMENTARY


30, 2005 • VOL. 42, No.

by Sasha Johnson As a car passes a deprived street, a toddler is putting her younger sibling to bed. She moves her baby sister to her bed and gently sets down the child's head on a dirty pillow. She lifts the plaid pink blanket over her and tucks her in. As the child's watering eyes follow her, the older sister reassures her that it will be all right with a wave of her hand. As the b a b y snuggles in, words ••» ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ appear on ,,„,„,„,„ my comp u t e r screen explaining why she can't move on her own. "This child hasn't yet learned how to walk because...rats chewed off her toes." When I first viewed this clip, it made my stomach chum. Seeing children with nowhere to live and without any security made my heart drop. These children were living on the pavement. It didn't matter what stores they got their clothes from, or what the latest fashion trends were. Their next step was finding food and Ryan Gosluiii supports the One Campaifin.

shelter for their family. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that slowly wears down the immune system. It could take years to finally progress to AIDS. AIDS can be transferred through sex, childbirth, and needles. Most of the Sub-Saharan African population has HIV/ AIDS and is living in poverty. Every day in Africa HIV/AIDS Kills 6.300 people and infects 8,500 people. 1,400 newboms are infected during childbirth or by their mother's milk. Debt AIDS Trade Afi-ica (DATA) is a foundation started by U2's Bono that raises awareness of economic and social problems in SubSaharan Africa, the world's poorest place. Seventy percent of its people live on less than S2 a day. 200 million go hungry every day. This year, at least a million Africans, most of them young children, will die of malaria, and two million will die of AIDS. AIDS has left 12 million children orphans. Another organization is the One Campaign. Many celebrities are backing the campaign, which has given it a lot of publicity. Its mission is to get Americans to stand together one by one to fight global poverty and AIDS. A white wristband symbolizes unity for this cause. Many Africans are uninformed of the details of how AIDS is spread. Some men believe that raping young virgin females will cure them from AIDS. This crime is happening to girls as young as infants. If the male population can be educated, many young girls can be saved from rape and an HIV infection. To show your support, you can purchase any

of these foundations' bracelets. The symbolic color for Poverty and AIDS is white. Even if you just take a piece of torn fabric and tied it around your arm, that is symbolic of your support. It also spreads the word about the epidemic when people ask about its meaning. Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks. Or1 a n d o Bloom. P. Di d d y , Bono, George Clooney. Jamie F o XX , have all signed the declaration, now 'i,«;,,„j,. it's your Orlando Bloom hopes to end turn. Just poverty in Africa. log on to http:// and add your signature to The One Declaration. All it takes is for you to voice your opinion. No one will do anything unless people tell them to. If you won't who will? As Nelson Mandela once spoke, "You can be that Great Generation, it is time to set them free. Poverty is not natural, it is man made and can be over come by the action of human beings. Don't look the other way, don't hesitate, realize the world is hungry for actions not words."

The loss of eloquence in the English language by Jennifer Ingbretson Ah...teenage communication: priceless. With every decade, more and more parents find out the joys of raising kids. When they're little, you can't shut "em up. yet when they turn into teens, you can't get them to say a word: the only response is in moans, groans, and vocal grunts. It's almost as if your talking to a wall, only you may get more from a wall. All teens think alike: that parents don't know what it's like being a teen. Trying to find out who you are. and accepting that it is a part of the journey of growing up. Therefore, trying to fit in and find others who are like you. can be a great task for anyone. Some parents

don't understand that even if they consider it our only job to go to school, it invites a lot more oppurtunities to us than just learning. Our families have all teased us about at least one trait that has seemed to affect most teenagers such as sleeping for twelve hours on the weekend, or the fashion trends that seem quite appalling to the "baby boomer" generation. And teens should also acknowledge that slang use of words is a bit queer. No, I don't mean homosexual, but "odd." the other long forgotten definition of that derogatory term. It's funny, how over time, words begin to have new meanings. Now. words that are extremely offensive are still the most popular names for offending someone. Most people would agree that there isn't

much diversity at Maine South. Yet the extent of our vocabulary usage does tend to have very racial and ethnic undertones and ends up being part of our everyday vocabulary. Funny, isn't it, that some of us don't have the slightest brain capacity to be able to think of better words to replace with such crude and obscene names other than deragatory terms? Whether we mean to or not things what we say can hurt others and isn't completely clear to us, so we can rectify whatever offensive term we accidentally insulted them with. Hopefully, future generations can choose their vocabulary to be a bit more conservatively than what is currently being used in the American teen culture.



30, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42, No. 2

O'Hara leading boys' cross country to state hy Greg Mitchell The 2005 boys' cross country season began way back i n May. shortly after the 3.200 meter relay had finished its successful run in postseason meets. Much of the varsity team participated in a voluntary off-season, summer long camp. In his third season at the helm, coach Greg Nordahl implemented a rigorous off-season work out plan, which had the top runners running upwards of 500 miles for the summer. The team regularly ran ten to

twelve miles a day. The Hawks are led this season by senior Pat O'Hara. who placed third in Conference last year. Seniors Greg Udzielak. Kyle Schriener, G e o r g e Tzortzakis, and Dan Martin, and Juniors Brett Beaugureau and Karl Karrasch round out the top seven. The Hawks started the season off with wins against Niles West, Maine West, and Maine East. They also fared respectively in major invites, including the Lyons Invitational and Peoria Notre-Dame Invitational.

Remember to attend the Homecoming football game tomorrow at 1:30 at Wilson Field.

Who will win the World Series and Superbowl?


Unlike last year, the Atlanta Braves got

After the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in last year's fall classic, we will see a ^ the respect they deserved, and were rematch between St. Louis and Boston in labeled by many baseball experts as the this year's series. Last year the World class of the National League East. For the Series was basically an after-thought from fourteenth straight season, they won the the dramatic comeback by the Red Sox division. This is no small feat, as the NL in the A.L.C.S. This time around the Red East was the toughest division in baseball Sox had better be prepared for much closer series against a much this season, with four out of the five teams having winning records, stronger St. Louis club. The thought that the Cardinals actually improved and the fifth team (the New York Mets), still being competitive. This is from last season's first-place team is a scary one. The revamped pitching important because Atlanta has been playing in a playoff-type atmosphere staff, led by a health\ Cy Young award candidate in Chris Carpenter, as for the past month and half, and with veteran leaders .such ;is .Andruw well as the addition of Oakland ucc Mark Mulder, will put the Cards and Chipper Jones, who have a KM ot play(itf experience. the\ have dv#f tie top. In the series 1 can see the two top offenses in the league been a very resilient and consistent team. Bobby Cox is the best manager offset each other, so the Cardinals improved pitching staff will be in baseball and has the best pitching staff he's had since the Glavine- valuable against a Boston staff that has lost Pedro Martinez and Derek Smoltz-Maddux days. One of these starters, John Smoltz, returned to Lowe to free agency, and Curt Schilling to an ankle injury. This year's best playoff game will be held in a dome and I'm not the rotation this year, and along with Tim Hudson, should carry Atlanta into the World Series. Rookie Jeff Francoeur is poised for a Miguel talking about the one in Detroit. Instead it will be in Indianapolis. Make Cabrera-type run in the playoffs, and Andruw Jones has been absolutely no mistake. This year's super bowl winner will come out of the AFC once again. And this will be the year that the Colts get past the Patriots fantastic this season, belting fifty home runs, as of press time. Last year in this publication. I picked the Patriots to win the Super on their way to the Super Bowl. Remember last year in Indianapolis, Bowl at a time when everyone was caught up in the Terrel Owens love when the Colts lost to the Patriots on a last second Vinitieri field goal? fest in Philadelphia, and crowning Ben Roethlisberger as the next Dan That was with coordinators Charlie Weis and Romeo Cronnel and Marino. Surpriseâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Patriots won in the end. and don't expect anything linebacker, Teddy Bruschi. all of whom are gone this season. The fact less this season. Also, Bill Belichick is the best coach in football. Forget is that the Patriot's schedule is too tough for them to take home-field that Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis are gone, the majority of key advantage in the playoffs from the Colts. The Chiefs defense still needs players in Belichick's system have been there for three or four years, work. Ben Rothlisberger is not as good as he is given credit for. and the and have a very good grasp of the playbook and system. Offensively, Eagles have no running game. The Colts still have Tony Dungy, the they did lose David Patten, but still have the deepest recei\ ing crew in former coach of the dominating defense in Tampa Bay before Jon the league, led by reigning Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. Corey Gruden came along. Let's not forget the team that won the super bowl Dillon is a workhorse, and among the top five running backs in the was largely Tony's team. Right on cue, the Colt's defense has started NFL. Oh. and did 1 mention Tom Brady? He's only one of the most strong, winning the first two games for Dungy's cover two scheme. reliable and best big game quarterbacks in the league. Defensively, With the Colts offense still the best in the league, there will be no one Richard Seymour is great on the line, and with Rodney Harrison and to stop them on their way to the title. Illinois product Eugene Wilson, they have arguably the best safety combination in the league.


30, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 42, No. 2


Hawk swimmers off to great start

by Laura Boysen against Maine West. The team pulled through On August 15, a number of girls arrived at with a victory of 105-85 over the Warriors. the Maine South pool determined to make the Wins came from Zitkus, Musynski, Sarran, and 2005 girls' swimming and diving season a good Leah Artwick in the 200 Medley Relay one. So far, that is exactly what they've been (2:01.24), Hannah Artwick in the 200 IM doing. The team, led by captains Hannah (2:29.95), Walsh in the 100 Freestyle (:59.61), Artwick, Laura Boysen, Leah Artwick, and Lauren Zillmer, is Musynski, full of experience in its Sarran, and returning swimmers, as Boysen in the well as some real talent 200 Freestyle in its younger members. Relay (1:50.18), The team consists of Zitkus in the 100 seven returning seniors Backstroke including Artwick, (1:09.40) and Boysen, Kasia Cien, Musynski in the Brittney Inman, Stacy 100 Breaststroke Vucich, Liz Williams, (1:11.82). Pholo hv Kelsey Keil/i and Zillmer; two returnLater that Colleen Musynski practices her freestyle. ing juniors Kelsey Keith week, the team and Colleen Musynski; traveled to the and two returning sophomores, Jillian Ramirez home of its other district rival, Maine East. The and Sarah Walsh. New editions to the team Maine South girls easily beat the Demons with include junior Fiona Hamilton, sophomores a score of 132-56. Victories on Friday came Olivia Radwanski and Angie Sulimowicz, and from Williams, Musynski, Boysen, and Vucich freshmen Leah Artwick, Maddie Sarran, and in the 200 Medley relay (2:06.35), Walsh in Lauren Zitkus. Also, three new divers, Rachel the 200 Freestyle (2:13.02), Zitkus in the 200 Fuller, Courtney Fuller, and Katy McCourtney. IM (2:26.08), Vucich in the 50 Freestyle have joined the team which will help the Hawks (:28.32), Boysen in the 100 Butterfly (1:09.05), earn more points in meets. Zitkus in the 500 Freestyle (5:49.67), the 200 This well-rounded team got off to a great Freestyle Relay of Musynski, Williams, start at its first meet on Tuesday, September 6 Vucich, and Hannah Artwick (1:53.68), Boysen

in the 100 Backstroke (108.79), Sarran in the 100 Breaststroke (1:21.74), and Hannah Artwick, Vucich, Keith, and Walsh in the 400 Freestyle Relay (4:09.38). The next day, the team woke up bright and early to compete at the twenty-sixth annual Hoffman Estates Hawk Invite. Maine South came very close to a first-place finish, losing to Rolling Meadows by only five points. This fin ish was outstanding, however, considering thi. absence of three of the team's very talented swimmers. The only gold medal winners were Zitkus, Musynski, Sarran, and Leah Artwick in the 200 Medley Relay (1:59.67) and Musynski in the 100 Breaststroke (1:12.44). Other medalists included Boysen in the 200 Freestyle (third with a time of 2:09.96). Sarran in the 100 Butterfly (third with a time of 1:09.01), Boysen in the 100 Freestyle (3rd with a fime of :58.55). Musynski. Hannah Artwick, Leah Artwick, and Boysen (second with a time of 1:49.36), Zitkus in the 100 Backstroke (third with a time of 1:06.21), Hannah Artwick in the 100 Breaststroke (third with a 1:16.91) and Boysen, Leah Artwick, Vucich, and Zitkus in the 400 Freestyle Relay (third with a 3:58.74). Overall, the girls are pleased with the results of their first three meets. They look forward to the rest of the season in hopes of accomplishing all their goals. Come out and support them at their next home meet against Glenbrook South on Friday, October 14.

Jock Talk: From the Field to the Fans "With the help of our new coach Scott Nei, we're improving match by match." -Ryne Krug, Boys' Golf

"For the first time ever, girls' golf beat GBN and GBS within a weel<'s ^q^at 0''Hara is tfie tcajn." awsome."

.gn-cj â&#x20AC;˘lUzitLji

'Boys' Cross Couiitn/

-Katie Katz, Girls' Golf

"We're looking forward to a strong finish at Conference this year, which is at Maine South for the first time in six years." -Emma Keenan, Girls 'Cross Country "This year our record over the first ten games is a lot better than last year, a n d our team is looking really g o o d . I think we're going to have a good season." -Greg Pressling. Boys' Soccer

"We are the best team at Maine South that nobody knows about." -CoUeen Musynski, Girls' Swimming

"With a second plate fiiiisli at tin- Hawk linilc. I think ovir team will be a lot iiioie coiiiKlenl and iKifonii stroiiKlv at our upfoiiunj; iiicct.s." -K;n Kontlik. (inh' Tenuis

"We are looking forward to stepping up to upcoming challenges in Conference, and facing them with full force and confidence." -Christina Solari, Girls' VoUevball "This season is all about heart, wanting it more than the other team, and geuing l)etier t\cr\ (ht\." -Bnan Cummins. Football

PORTS F y v i I.

2 0 0 5


Stands packed for home game debut Kristin Unti hit an important kill. The Hawks by Alexa Karas With the nets strung started coming back with another block by tightly across the court, Solari and Davis and a lot of tough digging by the lights shining brightly junior Katie Anderson; she never let a ball hit for the big home game the ground. With a gradually extending lead debut, and the cheering of 10-6, the referees made a controversial call. section in the proper Taking advantage of the new sideout, the place, the Hawks were ready to start off with a Warriors began working the ball and stole the victory. Seniors Christina Solari. Chelsea momentum right out of the Hawks" hands. The Petersen, and Julie Davis started at the net Warriors tied the score at 13 all, with a call similar to one that against Maine West's caused the earlier Warriors. The Hawks possession change. had plans to beat Maine Coach Butera West quickly, but the called a timeout Warriors arrived with after a block by fierce competitiveness. Maine West. The The excitement and Hawks were heat in the gym were mentally thrown contributing factors to offby the block and the anticipated intensity couldn't seem to of the match. pick up the In the first game, the ftiola hv Alf\a karu\ intensity. With Hawks were sneaky on The girls prepare to beat Maine West. disappointed faces defense, digging almost and an earlier loss every ball. However, the frequent missed serves and inaccurate hanging above their heads, the girls returned hitting led to a first game Warrior victory of to the court. After eight consecutive points made by 19-25. Maine West had just a little more Maine West, Solari picked up the team with communication and a lot more luck. The second game started strong with a big an important kill. The girls struggled through block by Solari and Davis. Adding to that. the next t'eu points, and after a long volley

won by the Hawks, they were back in the game. A solo block by Solari tied it up at 22 all. West charged back with two points and the Hawks answered. With 24 points each, both teams knew there was no room for mistakes. Fortunately, the Warriors spiked a ball into the net and then out of bounds, forcing the match to a third game. The Hawks started scoring point after point, with Anderson camping out at the service line. The Warriors finally managed to stop the shutout after three aces and an 11-point run. The Hawk girls regained possession. Even with the overwhelming lead, the Hawks still played with power. The fans in the stands had their own cheering competition. "The girls played hard and deserved to win." commented Danielle Kapolnek. a Hawk volleyball supporter. "The spirit in the gym from the freshmen, JV, and fans pumped up the team." It was late in the evening, and the heat rising in the gym was equivalent to the rising competition. The crowd erupted once again with another controversial call with the Hawks leading 24-10. The match ended with a final mistake committed by West. "Energy's the game. When you have the momentum on your side, you're going to win, you just have to execute," said junior Kristen Unti. "Truthfully I don't know how we came back, but we got it done." added Anderson.

Girls' golf going strong another season by Tommy Joyce Celebrating its seventh year, the Maine South girls' golf program is going strong. With four seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores the team is very experienced. Seniors Katie Katz and Melissa Miller, who was last year's team MVP, are four-year starters and junior Emily Miller is a three-year starter. Posting a 3-2 record through September 8th head varsity coach, Jeff Hamann says, "We are amidst our best season

katw katz ana Melissa Miller look over a put.

e\ er." A recent victory over the Glenbrook North Spartans was Maine South's first win ever over Glenbrook North in girls' golf The team won the match 186 to 190. with Melissa Miller posting a team-best 40 strokes. The team also beat Resurrection 174 to 190. with Melissa Miller posting the lowest score of 38 strokes. Head coach Jeff Hamann and assistant coach Matt Ellefson state that the keys to the season are to enjoy the moment and to compete. The coaches believe this can be accomplished through hard work

and commitment. The early growth and increase in skill level is certainly evident with current record. This is also an excellent year for the two sophomores to learn and build on the experiences of the juniors and seniors, and to continue their great play in this increasingly popular sport. The girls are doing well and things are looking bright. With a game at perennial powerhouse New Trier who has won four of the five state titles coming up it will be a true test of the girls' skills. With all of the experience on the team, head coach Harmann hopes to finish in the second or third tier. The team is focusing this year on enjoying the moment and competing with hopes for a good finish this season.

Vol 42 issue 2  
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