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25, 2005 • VOL. 4 1 , N O . 10

An address on the state of the axis of evii by Alex Schallmo "They're not supposed to count the days, but they do, even the hours until they go home to Germany, to California, to Tennessee. They've been in Iraq a year," stated CNN Baghdad Bureau Chief Jane Arraf. As one soldier stated, "Fallujah was hell on earth." It was on September 11, 2001 that the United States, for all its police power and strength, was dealt a devastating blow. Shortly thereafter, people began to offer rewards of 50 million dollars to the person that captures Osama Bin Laden. Presdent Bush began to talk of the "axis of evil," and troops were sent to Iraq to eliminate the greater threat. In a short time, Saddam Hussein was captured, but the dialysis- laden Osama Bin Laden remained uncaptured. Recently, Pakistan offered a reward of 25 million dollars for the capture of Bin Laden, in an attempt to bring world attention to the cause. US attention is still focused on " the axis of evil." In 2002, North Korea publically announced that it had nuclear weapons

capabilites, but no measures have been taken to investigate this claim. In 2005, a detailed wartime guidelines manual was written by the North Korean government. It was published recently in South Korea's Kyungyang newspaper, that they would be the next target following the Iraq war. North Korea has ordered its citizens to prepare for a protracted war with the United States, guidelining evacuation procedures to bunkers. Iran is engaged in talks with the European Union about its enrichment of uranium. Iranian Foreign Minister, Kamal Kharrazi, and Iranian officials claim that it only uses the enriched uranium for electricity generation. In November, 2004, Iran agreed to temporarily suspend its enrichment program for economic benefits granted by France, Germany, and Britain, but a clause that allows the country to renegotiate in March 2005 was built into the contract. Iran wants to continue to produce the uranium because the country wants the nuclear power to meet growing electricity demand in the country as well as to become an electricity exporter. Iran is still in debate with the European Union over the future of this program. On January 20, 2005, the U. S. gave

warnings to Tehran to give up the nuclear programs or face uncertain consequences. Vice President Cheney remarked that, "The Israelis might well decide to act first and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess." Luxembourg's Deputy Foreign Minister, Nicolas Schmit, representing the European Union at the talks with Iran, states, "The momentum for such an agreement is very strong, so I am still optimistic that we will achieve that." According to a recent UN report, al-Qaida remains capable of "devastating attacks" with sanctions having limited effect on the terrorist organization. The report states that it is only "a matter of time" before a successful attack occurs. According to the UN security team leader, Richard Barrett, "The biggest fear we all have is terrorists getting hold of the means to cause a mass attack." It would take a combined effort of all 191 UN members to impose a travel ban and arms embargo on those persons linked to al-Qaida*. With the focus in the US placed onI U|a.. the countries that foster nuclear capabi| continue unnoticed, and the world waits to see what will transpire.

The best kept secret at Maine South by Jessica Kertz It's true- Model UN has gone under the radar for far too long. With very little publicity throughout the Maine South student body, the Model United Nations club has often gone unoticed with their crazy, international affairs at work. While it may sound intimidating, it has been the highlight of many students" long lists of extracurricular activities and school years. Each year, roughly thirty students are chosen to participate on the Model UN team based upon a short response inquiring about the student's interests as well as a recommendation from a teacher in the Social Science Department. After being selected, the Maine South team as a whole is assigned to represent two countries in the Model United Nations event. Maine South has a long-standing tradition of getting relatively unknown countries, but the team stood proud this year as Belarus and Uzbekistan. Students are divided into different

committees to represent their countries on one specific, relevant issue on which team members write a position paper to explain the country's stance on that topic. Maine South participates in the Model United Nations Conference hosted by the University of Chicago, which takes place downtown. This particular conference boasts over 2,000 participating students from over 100 schools from around the country. A major bonus is that the conference is held at the renowned Palmer House Hotel where the Maine South team spends four days and three nights. Once the preparation is over, it's time for heated debate and discussion within the actual committee at the Model UN event. Committee meetings are held during the day and provide students with the opportunity to discussa wide array of topics ranging. For example, students discussed "The Future of Peacekeeping" in Special Political and Decolonization, "Women's Role in Government" in Social, Humanitarian and

Cultural, and "Medical Waste Management" in the World Health Organization Committee. After debating and discussing until students are bored to tears, the committee as a whole attempts to pass a resolution for the issue problem, emulating those resolutions passed by the real United Nations. While the students work extremely hard, there is plenty of time for fun and socializing with the other 2.000 students staying at the Palmer House. Students, while under the advisement of sponsors, are allowed to go out to eat, shop, or and do other activities in the city during their free time. Also, there is the infamous Delegate Dance, where the students let loose on the last night with a party i ^ a e Red Lacquer Ballroom with a DJ and loa fun. If you have any interest in participating in Model United Nations, it is highly recommended that you talk to a current team member or one of the sponsors, Mr. Trenkle or Mrs. Kaye.


25, 2005 • VOL. 41, NO. 10

^rchesis in modern time [Orchesis] together," said Grace Gondola, a senior and three-year member. ^i^ Orchesis has grown to be very popular over « 3 * ^^^^H "Orchesis" is an ancient ^^^^^P I Greek word that means "to the years, with some of the credit going to the ^ - ^ ^ by James Mantas ^^^B dance" or "to move." The dance classes taught by Ms. Sinclair. The "**^ Doctors wrong for years, as usual: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ • | ^ girls that make the cut for advanced dance classes that are taught at Scientists have finally discovered that a this prestigious dance Maine South are mostly composed of broken heart can really kill you. The brain company definitely prove the meaning to be Orchesis members, which adds to the releases too much adrenaline when under true. Starting in September, auditions are held comaraderie between the girls. intense emotional or psychological stress, Ms. Sinclair remarked, "What makes the to determine which girls will be selected to join causing your heart to freak out. this well-known dance company. "The Orchesis Dance Company a unique challenge A private study conducted at Maine South competition is tough." said Ms. Sarlas, the is that the company members are asked to be also revealed that not getting your loved one sponsor for the past four years. "We have girls proficient in many forms of dance. Each of a gift for Valentine's Day, commonly that dance outside of school, which makes the these dance forms requires specific dance referred to as Hallmark Day, may also cause training to achieve solid and safe range pretty strong." body alignment. Fortunately for —,, . serious injury, if not death. To audition, the Maine South dancers, they can^^T^ girls went through .. What do you get when you tell lawyer jokes advance their technical training two-day workshop just outside of a courthouse?... Arrested!: during the school day in artistic that lasted two to dance, advanced dance, or theater^*^! A man was arrested in New York for telling three hours, where dance." i S * * lawyer jokes outside of a courtroom. He was they learned a particular dance for Over the years, Orchesis h a s ^ ^ * later cleared, but the point remains. the final day when improved with the dancers' technical • e f * Hey, have you guys ever heard that one about the nerds in Southwords'l the audition takes ability growing. They must be proficient in jazz, modern, ballet, and ce. Tryouts are New "SUV" dwarfs Sun, sky: The new CXT hip-hop. The audience has grown as orous, taking ' (Commercial Extreme Truck) is a 9-footwell, with around 650 people several nerve- Kristin Burke poses during an tall, 25,999-pound, diesel engine-toting attending each night to watch the wracking hours in Orchesis practice. monstrosity which is the new supreme ruler performances. which the girls are of all ridiculous vehicles that are bad for Each year, there is one major show in judged by Ms. Sinclair, Ms. Sarlas, and another dance professional. Callbacks add to the March, which contains 15 to 16 dances. There ^ - ^ the environment. I'd like to put some sarcastic comment are full company pieces, as well as individual "^^^ dancers" stress. here, but I'd much rather just daydream The final list of those who are accepted is pieces. The girls perform almost every dance about driving a 30-foot-long CXT posted the following day outside the dance style imaginable with precision and skill. room in the Orchesis display case. This year They take part in parades, the V-show. a n d ' * ^ * limousine—with a pool in the back and alone 115 girls auditioned to join Orchesis, but assemblies. "There is nothing like performing * M ^ bazookas on the front. only 32 made the cut. The new team follows for an audience; it's a total adrenaline rush," Collectors spaz over leaf on quarter: A few tradition by going out to dinner on the night of said three-year member Samantha Byrne. Wisconsin quarters in the Millennium Last year they were selected for the first acceptance. Quarters series have a varying leaf design "Dance is not solely about the body through time ever to take part in the Illinois High in a cornstalk. The variations are selling space," said former sponsor Ms. Sinclair. "It School Dance Festival. Out of forty to fifty online for something around $500. also includes communication, expression, and dances performed in the state, only eight are I remember getting made fun of for paying exploring who we are as humans. The ability chosen, and Maine South Orchesis submitted $2 for a defective Pokemon card. to learn dance technique and then to say one that was picked. All the girls went to the something about the world in which we live is Dance Festival, making it a very memorable ^ 3 * * experience. "^ It's not hypocritical if you like it: On where the artistry comes in." February 10, a Chicago fire lieutenant The next Orchesis show takes place There are six officers in Orchesis, each charged in all of those Northwest arson fires having their own specific role. The President, Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4 at admitted he did it only when he felt stressed. Kristin Burke, and Vice President, Elena 7:30 p.m. at Ridgewood High School. The A day before that, a Grayslake police naglia, organize performances and performance is titled "Human Convection;" sergeant was indicted for stealing $14,000 there will be 15 dances, with two of those oreograph the pieces. Secretary Jenni from the police union. being performed by the advanced dance Mancuso and Costume Chair Mai Parypinski, How's that for irony? Next thing you Physical Education class. make decisions concerning performances and know, "No Comment" is going to be riddled costume design. Nicole Veltri is in charge of Tickets will be sold at the door or can be **^T with sarcastic remarks. publicity, and Julia Edwards is in charge of purchased from Ms. Sarlas in the English*'*^ communications. "The officers really do keep Department for four dollars. I

^ ^

j by Frank Lukes


25, 2004 • VOL. 40, No. 10

Maine South throws the first punch: bv Carlv Calkins

excitement, and sympathy for those involved. For the few moments that the fight is able to survive without outside interference, all is wild, IS High school systematic, and and Maine South transforms into a state of sometimes knowing what nature—a wilderness. The day is not so average to expect everyday is a anymore. good thing. Unless there Statistics show that so far this year, the is a pop quiz or something, spontaneous is not deans and school resource officer have dealt usually an accurate description of days spent with about 17 acts of violence between at Maine South. Then, suddenly, this all students. In the 2001-2002 school year, 58 changes. fights took place. On a day that you thought would Fortunately, the number of be like all the others, while sitting fights per year seems to be in the cafeteria during your declining. morning lounge, you Generally, physical hear that rousing word brawls do not occur at shouted across the random. There is verbal cafeteria: "FIGHT!" communication between the "Oh, there is a parties that leads to the fight. God!" you think, as Occasionally, verbal abuse and you gather your arguments are popcorn and sprint reported to towards the scene to s c h o o l grab a front row authorities seat. "This will be before the a day to remember." disagreement Today, you will not has the have to rely on a opportunity to friend to get the materialize into bloody details of a n y t h i n g the day's brawl. You p h y s i c a l . get nice and close and I kl^k^ W M According to the spend the next several 1^ I'Wit p fja^JQ^al Youth moments watching two kids V i o l e n c e go at each other's throats. Prevention With every punch, the Resource Center, screams grow louder around 54% of all fights you as other kids form a among teenagers temporary ring around the occur because spectacle. You see the anger in "someone insulted the eyes of the fighters; this is someone else or vehemence and violence in its treated them purest form. disrespectfully." As the fight continues, After fights are an by Jon Markowski you see out of the comer of broken up and the your eye the deans and parties are taken away, a school resource officers ¥ spectator returns to the monotony briskly approaching. They push that can be high school, wondering what will aside all viewers in their path and grab the two become of the poor souls who let their parties involved. There is struggle in the break emotions get the best of them. At Maine South, up, and this is just as entertaining. Throughout there are set policies and consequences for the incident, emotions flow through you as a those involved in a fight. When a fight is spectator. broken up, the school officials first determine You know the outcome will not be good. the injuries of the students, if there are any, You feel a combination of pity, fear. and bring them to the school nurse to get looked


at. After the injuries are examined, given that they aren't too serious, the students are then brought into different rooms to tell their side of what happened. They write down their accounts and give them to the deans. In these written accounts, the students are asked to write about the problem's history and how it really started. Also, the deans ask witnesses of the scuffle for their description of what they saw. From all the stories, witnesses, and written accounts, the deans and school resource officers try to paint themselves a clear picture of what happened before and during the fight. "Typically, the stories are different most of the time. We get the black version and the white version, and we realize there are a lot of gray areas in between what the kids are telling us," stated Dean Dagres. This is only natural, and the deans expect to receive conflicting accounts; this is why Maine South's policy states that all parties involved in a reciprocated fight face the same consequences. In the case of an attack on a student without a counter-

S OtJTH wok t)S A student-produced newspaper of:

Maine South High School 1111 South Dee Road Park Ridge, IL 60068 Signed letters to the editor should be delivered to room V-131 or given to a member of the editorial staff. SOUTHWORDS reserves the right to edit material for clarity and brevity and to reject obscene/libelous submissions. Editors-in-Chief News Eiditors Features Editors Entertainment Editor Commentary Editors

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Carly Calkins Kale Funkhouser Ashley Rezaeizadeh Alex Schallmo John Mallory Kelsey Keidi Melissa Hansen James Manias Mike Bielaczyc Rebecca Christopher Corinne Ullrich Steve Conti Greg Mite Bobby Crismyre Katie Katz Jon Markowski Mr. Slalhakis Mr. Ellefson


25, 2005 • VOL. 41, NO. 10


#V look at Hghting inside the continued from page 4 action, only the attacker receives the consequence. Whenever a fight takes place, the school resource officer, Mr. Waddell, is involved. If he deems it necessary, the involved parties may face consequences with the police in addition to those with Maine South. Every fight that occurs at Maine South is punishable by suspension, with the maximum suspension being 10 days. However, should the students decide to participate in community service, they can reduce their number of assigned days out of school. When asked why suspension is seen as an appropriate consequence in this scenario. Dean Dagres said, "We really see it as a cooling off period for the kids. Oftentimes, if they come back to school the next day, they are going to still feel those same aggressive emotions towards the other person." The deans have the best interests of those involved in a fight when giving out punishments. In the aftermath of a brawl, the deans spend a lot of time talking with the dents involved about what happened, why ^ m eey chose to fight, and what can be done to settle the differences. Anger management meetings held with the school social workers are also offered to students involved in a fight. For every one person involved in a fight, there are probably about 10 people watching it. "The first thing these kids should do," according to Dean Dagres, "is get help."

Obviously, the fight needs to be broken up as soon as possible so that potentially fatal injuries do not occur. For those standing around the fight wondering what they can do to help, it is not suggested by the deans that they themselves get physically involved in the fight to break it up. This would put them at risk of getting hurt and looking as though they themselves were involved in the fight. Obviously, then, there is not much students watching can do to help but make sure that s c h o o l officials are aware of

t h e situation. With so much potential danger in a fight, it makes you wonder why students still find them so intriguing and entertaining to watch. One student commented, "I think because, especially in high school, people are attracted to the drama and the commotion that creates a's like people step back and the people fighting are

on stage." Fighting is essentially a show. Sometimes those involved know this and fight for the sole reason of attracting an audience. Others only pay attention to their aim to hurt the other person out of anger, frustration, and pain. At Maine South, and in school in general, students are expected to maintain orderly conduct. There are behavioral norms and requirements at school and perhaps that is why fights at school are so intriguing; extreme feelings are being acted out. Never in school are students allowed to act with excessive amounts of intensity or draw too much negative attention to themselves. Fighting is dangerous and perhaps non-productive. Nonetheless, fighting will always be fascinating from an onlooker's standpoint and especially entertaining to watch in the paragon of order that should be school.


25, 2005 • VOL. 41, No. 10

This article was severely edited due to underlying literal iron^ by James Mantas

power was implied in the verdict of the Tinker scene." Again, "obscene" is another ridiculously V. Des Moines trial; a non-school-sponsored vague word. What's obscene to a sheltering paraction—the wearing of the armbands—was not ent will probably not be obscene to you or me. "Congress shall make censorable because of students" right to free This lack of definite guidelines is of the same no law respecting an estabspeech. kind that the revolutionary Americans had to deal lishment of religion, or proNote, however, that the Supreme Court with before finally breaking off from an increashibiting the free exercise said in Tinker that "The First Amendment ingly annoying Britain. Underground newspapers thereof; or abridging the rights of children are not co-extensive with do have wider out-of-bounds lines than schoolfi^eedom of speech, or of the press; or the right those of adults." If the free speech power of sponsored papers, but they still have to keep it of the people peaceably to assemble, and to the Constitution was in the self-expressive PG-13. petition the Government for a redress of grievLibelous material will get a newspaper shut ances," The First Amendment to the United hands of all high school students, educational facilities would break down and formal edudown. Libelous material is material that is damStates Constitution. cation would be impossible. aging to someone in any way. Libel occurs when If an underground publication can toe the you go out of your way to ruin someone's repuSo, of course, rules are in place. An unnecessary thin lines, the culture of high school tation. This rule is true for all publicais exponentially improved for everyone. tions. It focuses on things like the priUnderground papers are free to criticize vate lives of public officials and stereoschool policies, workings, and issues ustyping groups. ing methods and pushing boundaries that You can be sued for libelous material, school-sponsored papers can't touch. and therefore, underground newspapers The reason that I bring this up is in must be extremely careful not to print response to the surprising number of inanything damaging, racist, sexist, or dedependent publications that have surgrading to anyone. faced during the last few weeks. The next few rules are debatable, "[Students do not] shed their constisince they focus more on tutional rights to freedom of speech or administrator's mood than anything < expression at the schoolhouse gate," said You can't read a non-school-spon^ the Supreme Court in 1968. The statesored newspaper in class, apparently. I ment was made during the case "Tinker say "apparently" because this is a rule v. Des Moines," a milestone Supreme that doesn't seem to be written anywhere, Court case whose verdict let high school but it is enforced anyway. students protesting war wear black arm i'hdio h\ Kttitii Mu}". You can't distribute your underground bands. Do you think this is a disruption of school? newspaper on school grounds. If there is Those students took a stand for what derground action cannot disrupt the school in a policy regarding distribution of publications at they believed in; where our forefathers fought any way. The word "disrupt" is very hard to Maine South, then it's exceptionally hard to find. for the rights of our fathers, those students define. This vagueness helps administrators As long as distribution doesn't disrupt the fought for us. Those students showed us what by giving broader guidelines of what to punschool's workings, then it's okay. we all can achieve. A blockade of the glass hallway to hand out To all underground publications, and all that ish for. For example, several years ago, when rules your newspaper is not going to fly, but handing will surely follow them, I dedicate my words. came down from the Board of Education sayyour paper to somebody next to the water founMy words are free, as we all are, as long as we ing that IDs needed to be worn around your tain on the first floor of the A-wing fifteen minshould exist; we are free to think, speak, and neck, a group of students—more than two utes after school ends will probably be okay with become. dozen, I'm told—attempted to assemble in teachers and hallway monitors. In the first Supreme Court case directly adfi-ont of the ID office in rebellion. Naturally, A simple solution to this problem is to get perdressing high school publications, "Hazelwood officials found out about the plans and foiled mission—including very specific guidelines— v. Kuhlmeier," the Supreme Court expanded the the attempt before it even happened. from an administrator before you distribute; afpower administrators had to censor schoolter all, administrators at Maine South are usually The reason school administrators can supsf)onsored activities. The Court sjjecifically said even more reasonable than would be considered press others in such a way is because of the that its decision applied only to "school-sponnormal if you smile and be nice. word "disrupt." Students, administrators consored publications, theatrical productions, and My 13-year old sister got around this ona other expressive activities." Administrators- cluded, would be disrupting the school's workings by boycotting the IDs as they distributing her newspaper in the parking teachers, principals and deans—still had limited planned to. Whether or not this is morally across the street from her school. power to censor material within a product unright, or at least American in principle, is and Remember, though, reedom is sometimes not supported by the school (to be unsupported always will be—until the Supreme Court rules a right, but a privilege. means you don't use school technology, money, For more legal information regarding student paper, or pretty much anything provided by the on it, anyway—an argument. An underground publication can't be "obpublications, visit school itself or any person representing it.)This


7 4Vinter got you Beat? ENTERTAINMENT


25, 2005 • VOL. 41, NO. 10

^^^ ^^^^^L ^^H^B ^^^^F^ g ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I by Joe Blanski

Is being stuck inside boring you? Has winter got you down? Try reading some Beat literature. •'Everything is going to the beat—It's the beat generation, it's beat, it's the beat to keep, it's the beat of the heart, it's being beat and down in the world and like old-time lowdown and like in ancient civilizations the slave boatmen rowing galleys to a beat and servants spinning pottery to a beat." says Jack Keroauc, the reluctant spokesman of the 1950s counter-culture and literary revolution in America called "The Beat Generation." The Beat Generation, referring to both being physically weary and playing to a new musical beat, rebelled against 1950's conformity and consumerism through their free lifestyles and artistic expression. "On the Road" is the cornerstone of Beat ^ ^ t e r a t u r e , and the book launched Jack ^ ^ r o u a c into literary celebrity in 1957. Kerouac spent seven years of his life on the road and 21 days over a typewriter sweating the 307-page chronicle out. Written in his experimental form of spontaneous prose— stream of consciousness—it is a semiautobiographical account of him and his experiences with his friend Neal Cassidy. It's semi-autobiographical in that he slightly fictionalizes the accounts. It follows Sal „--\ Paradise (Kerouac) as he travels and explores America with the wild and energetic Dean Moriarty (Cassidy). Dean Moriarty is seen as a lawless, eager hero of America, always engaged in finding the sacred "it" of life. In it, we're intimately introduced to the bo h e m ian intellectuals of the Beat Generation and feel his joy and excitement for life. Kerouac paints vivid portraits through his lucid poetic prose in which everything V ofwwtv.roobti^Uom can be completely

felt, whether it be sorrow, excitement, fiustration, enlightenment, anger, or joy. "On the Road" should come with a warning that it will change your life. "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,/ dragging themsehes through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,/ angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in

Jack Kerouax (above) was one of the most noted Beat Generation writers. His avantegarde novel, "On the Road, "featured himself and Neal Cassidy (bottom left). the machinery of night..." So begins Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" for the beat generation. "Howl and Other Poems," published in 1956, is the most important book of poetry of the 1950s and remains a classic in American poetry. All of the poems were spontaneously written and are best read out loud, as intended by the author. Its publication was taken to court to prove that it had literary importance when the United States government attempted to ban its second printing. Written after Ginsberg's stay at a mental institution and dedicated to poet/Dadaist Carl Solomon, the poem "Howl" is an apocalyptic masterpiece of madness, fiuy, and passion from a rejection to the conformity of the time and the intense beautv' and pain discovered. The volume also contains the brilliantly sarcastic and sad political poem "America,'' as well as the vision of beauty, "Sunflower Sutra." Unfortunately, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is not as well knowTi as other Beat writers. Instead, he's known more for his publishing work than his more than thirty books of poetry. He opened City Lights Book-sellers and Publishing in San Francisco; it was the first all-paperback

bookstore in the United States and published abnost all of the Beat literature, including Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," which got him arrested. His classic mindscape of poems, "A Coney Island of the Mind," remains America's bestselling book of poetry. Its poems range from obsenations to songs, political statements, analysis of paintings, and poetry/prose using a wide variety of poetic devises through his style of simple speech. Visually, they splash and cascade down the page, while the words roll off the tongue when read aloud. Though Ferlinghetti makes many high culture art references by his style and subject matter, he remains a people's poet and is definitely a good read. As said on "The Simpsons" about "Naked Lunch." "1 can find two things wrong with that title." William S. Burroughs' mind-bending and gut-wrenching experimental novel is a roaming narcotic's addict at best or a surreal and grotesque maze of a book at least. "Naked lunch," explains Burroughs, " [is] a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork." Written over nine years and through three different countries, the book is difficult to read because it jumps time, characters, and subjects with no explanation until the end of the book. Since its publication in 1959, it has continually shocked readers with the taboo topics of drugs and homosexuality. The book is not filth: a reader just has to be prepared for very unnerving details that contribute to his dark satire on a drug-infested world. The novel itself travels through Tangiers. New York, and the frightening wasteland Interzone with scenes depicting what Burroughs calls "the junk virus." "The junk virus is public health problem number one of the world today," says Burroughs, an addict for fifteen years, "I refer not just to the actual ill effects of opiates upon the individual's health (which, in cases of dosage, may be minimal), but also to the hysteria that drug use often occasions in populaces who are prepared by the media and narcotics officials for a hysterical reaction." To anyone who can handle a strong element of the grotesque in their literature, "Naked Lunch" is one of the wildest and original trips American Literature has to offer. If you need more, the Beat Generation has many other great authors. Among them are Gary Snyder, Ken Kesey, Gregory Corso, Michael McClure. and Kenneth Patchen.



25,2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL, 41, NO. Jl

The revival of decent pop music hy Dariusz Dzien We've all seen the essence of pop music deteriorate over these last few years as MTV bashed the once-respectable genre to boundless extremes full of shame and ridicule. All throughout the pop music blunder, MTV, possibly voluntarily, depraved itself of decency and of being a dependable mediator for uprising pop acts. Nevertheless, many still insisted on utilizint; the channel as the only source of pop music and asserted that the state of the genre was stagnant. Sure, what MTV plays hasn't changed much, but that doesn't permit one to make claims about the genre simply based on such an asinine TV channel. But enough about MTV. Keep any thoughts of the channel out of your head as you read along. Respectable pop music does exist. Consider this to be a semi-formal introduction to your pop enlightenment. Animal Collective should not be categorized, considering that genres are no more than silly, stereotypical classifications of music. However, a few seconds of intense Google research brought success: the Collective came up as "experimental psychedelic free-folk pop." Interpret this as you wish. Five-word descriptions of the vastness of such an art do not do any band justice. As for the members of the band, there are four young, college-educated men behind the genius. Friends since grade school and high school. Panda Bear, Avey Tare, Deacon, and Geologist (all pseudonyms) formed an intimate and mutual understanding of one another's musical styles and abilities. With that, the Collective was able to compose many albums over the last 10 or so years. The result of such familiarity among the band is shown within the coherence of each album-the tracks all relate to each other and flow naturally-as if composition was never forced. But before they considered themselves a single band, the four released their albums separately, simply listing who was involved as the artist, instead of the band. This was made possible because they had their own independent label. Soon enough, the concept, with these innumerable albums in sight, was proven unworthy; their talent needed to be harmonized. The urge for change also came when they sided with another independent

label, FatCat. Although settled, whenever an album is released, the band usually ends up admitting that only one or two of the band members contributed to it. This was the case for their latest release. "Sung Tongs," done only by Avey Tare and Panda Bear.

appeared many times throughout the rest of the album with great variation. "Who Could Win a Rabbit" touches the childish pop venture, which is the gist of the album. The Collective never released a poppy record, hence their "experimental" title. The catchy melody comes up many times and makes the track seem simple; however, the singing, .sometimes completely indistinctive, leaves it free to interpretation. Leaving one full of euphoria, "Sweet Road" comes in flawlessly: children laughing, simple acoustic guitar, and delicate drumming build up throughout this track, lasting just over a minute, it brings out the childish intent of the band, and how they apparently adore innocence of the young. To curtail possible boredom and to exhibit their diversity, there are the other tracks, which clearly show tribal and folk influence, with the odd drumming and style of acoustic guitar, touched up with sound manipulation and synthesizers. "Winters Love" brings more joyous feelings to A ^ listener, with the gentleness of the first j ^ ^ and unforced singing during the second movement. It demonstrates what seems like improvised lyrics added to accompany the suave guitar. "Sung Tongs" brought the most photo cowlc}^. itnpi'Jatcal-^ unexpected gladness to me, considering the The Annual Collcciive: Panda Bear, Avey Tare. dreary state current music causes. The Deacon, ami Geologist. Collective's unclaimed revival of pop may revolutionize if many aspire to mimic them, 2004's "Sung Tongs" epitomizes perfection. albeit with probable disharmony. It was received with great delight by many; Don't look out for Animal Collective's Pitchfork Media, a respectable online source upcoming Chicago performance. Yet another for reviews, deemed it to be the second best worthwhile and amazing live act, which plays album of the year, only slightly beaten by more new material than album material, is another album/band that also deserves more restricted from us-with ridiculous age than a single-sentence mentioning: The Arcade restrictions that bar anyone under 21. Fire, The album opens up with "Leaf House." a preamble Southwords needs Entertainment writers. to what to expect. The percussion and Review a book. tribal drumming Check out a restaurant. dominate the track Review a movie. with a slight acoustic guitar, as the Expose a local band. repetitive and Review arcades, mini-golf courses, beaches, etc. indecipherable vocals come in. The Write about anything you do for fun, and get it to V-131. mentioned style


25, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 41, NO. 10

me editofgj by Carly Calkins I think the wonderful things in life are those that one wouldn't immediately recognize as such; they are life's day-to-day activities that are inadvertently overlooked. For example, oftentimes, when I come home from school, there is a bowl of freshly-cut fruit waiting for me on the kitchen table, compliments of my grandpa. Usually, I devour the bowl's contents without appreciating them. Despite my lack of always noticing, the fruit does count as something wonderful in my life-not only as a symbol of my grandpa's love for me, but also as a happy part of the pattern that makes my life what it is. I am taking many classes this year, and, oddly enough, the most fulfilling of them all has been my aerobics class. In this allclass, I break a sweat and always feel Spired to do my best because that is what the teacher makes me want to do. The

atmosphere is so positive, and open discussions about life and its trials are had daily. We do all sorts of activities like yoga, pilates, and other unconventional workouts that are really just fun. Ultimately, though, what makes this aerobics class wonderful is finally being in a class where there isn't a norm. The class embraces the idea that not everyone is at the same physical level and that is okay. It is a class in which not everyone has to live up; they just have to live. It's a wonderful break, and perhaps a reality check for me. As do millions of kids on the planet, I think soccer is wonderful. I've been playing it since second grade, and interestingly, it was the only childhood activity that / asked my mom to sign me up for. It is my biggest release because on the soccer field, I don't have to hold anything back. I'm not afraid to be aggressive and loud, as "ladies aren't supposed to be." Whatever I am feeling before I go out and play soccer, whether it's good or bad, it becomes irrelevant on the field. I don't have to think about anything but the game and my teammates. The soccer field is a haven when I need it to be. Whether I'm practicing or in a crucial playoff game, with the ball at my feet, in control of the game, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

Being 17 is wonderful. 1 am in the midst of creating the person who 1 want to become. I still think 1 can conquer the world someday. 1 have no bills to pay and no husband to come home to and feed. I have no boss to adhere to, aside from my parents, but they're cool. I do what I choose on the weekends, and wrinkles have not yet invaded my face. I know that I will not always have the luxury of going to school and learning every day. It is likely that I will not always be able to solidify my thoughts in a biweekly newspaper. My youthflil innocence will not last forever, and so, because of that, I deem this time in my life wonderful. Being 17 is a breeze, and I don't feel bad about it. So, it is the recurring things that fill my life that I think are most wonderful of all. The delicious fruit that is so carefully cut up and waiting for me after school. Practicing warrior pose on a yoga day in aerobics. Playing soccer and delightfully anticipating the turns my life will take. If a person can learn to value and love the things that routinely surround them in life, then that is the most wonderful thing of all.

Laws discriminate against teen drivers by Annette Dean May 25: the day I turn 16, but more importantly, the day I get my driver's license. I've been waiting for that day for most of my life, and it's only four months away. When I was five, I thought that on your sixteenth birthday a giant package would arrive at your front door containing your driver's license. Around third grade, 1 thought that my sixteenth birthday would be a like it was on the television show "Boy Meets World." Cory went to the Dept. of Jptor Vehicles with Shawn and Topanga, afterwards he drove them to the movies. However, on the day I get my license, it would be illegal to drive my two best friends to Crown Theater. My driver's license won't be arriving in a brightly colored package either. No, I'll have to wait for a few hours

in a crowded DMV before receiving the new vertical drivers license. It seems that every day the government is passing another law restricting teen driving. The government states that teenage drivers are involved in the most accidents and that these new laws will keep every one safer. However, when the government is throwing out all of these statistics about how dangerous teen drivers are. they never mention another age group: senior citizens. Although teens cause more accidents, accidents caused by senior citizens are a lot more dangerous. According to a study of the accidents caused by senior citizens, they have a greater chance of being fatal. Why don't we hear about any new laws restricting senior citizens' driving rights? The study also stated that men cause 60% of car accidents and are involved in 74% of fatal car accidents. So, why don't we pass a law restricting the driving rights of men? Of course, we can't do that because it would be sexual discrimination. Teens are being discriminated against for their age. It's obvious why Congress isn't going to pass

any laws restricting senior citizens' driving: seniors vote in large numbers every year, and congressmen cannot afford to lose their vote. On the other hand, very few teens can vote. In fact, the laws that restrict teens from voting are unconstitutional. We have the right to no taxation without representation. However, we pay taxes and we follow laws written by people we didn't vote for. Teens lack basic rights, and because of that, they become victims of the system they live in. So, when May 25 rolls around and I go to the DMV, I'll have to show them that I have 25 hours of driving practice with my parents, and that I completed a Driver's Education class. Then they'll allow me to take the driving test. After all of that, I'll get a vertical driver's license, and the right to drive... one of my friends. If on May 25, a 68-year-old man decides to get his license, he can simply take the driving test and he will receive a horizontal driver's license. He, however, is more likely to cause an accident than I am. It's not fair, but that's the system we have to live with.



No. 10

Social Security's weak state by Derrick Wlodarz Also, unlike the current system that gives On one side, we have President Bush, leadout less to people who work a lifetime but die ing the way to make private retirement accounts at a younger age, under the President's new rea reality for Americas Social Security fix. We form, all savings in such an account would be have a party that can best be described by a passed on to family. Harvard University, for exrecent Chicago Tribune cartoon that depicts a ample, conducted a study to find out if Social donkey standing beside a bare tabletop, quotSecurity or private accounts would give single ing, "Our Social Security fix? Everything is on and married women the table." mmmmmmm^ammmm more return over their Most analysts |||||||gg||iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^^ agree that by 2018, lifetime. Not surprisBy 2018, Social Security as we Social Security as ingly, single women we know it will be were projected to get know it will be running into a defi58% more in personal running into a deficit. cit and the only accounts over Social way to keep it wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "''''''"'''''''''''"'"'"''''''"^ Security accounts; afloat will be to dig married women would out Social Security Trust Fund money, raise our walk away with a whopping 208% more. taxes, or cut back on benefits to our seniors. For skeptics, a true example can be found in The Trust Fund isn't something we should rely the country of Chile. After a financial crisis with on, because as President Clinton stated, "These their own Social Security system, private actrust fund balances are available to finance fu- counts were offered to their citizens. What hapture benefit payments ... but only in a book- pened? To Democrats' dismay, pension benefits keeping sense." Even if we decided to fall back to retirees in the new system are 50-100%^ on reserves, we would run them dry by 2042 higher than those of the stale, state-run system. if no other changes were put into 95% of the total Chilean populaplace. tion has chosen private savngs accounts, giving a Private accounts are a rate of 10.3% per solid way to plug the year on average hole in a system surpassing the that, if left unAmerican Sotouched, will cial Security continue to return of one wrack up a to two per$150-1- bilcent by a lion deficit long shot. per year. American Instead of nations — pushing as well as your 12.4% Poland and payroll tax S weden-( w h i c h have folwould otherlowed suit with wise go up to similar reforms. roughly 18% in In the end, pri2018) into the Sovate accounts would cial Security system, be most important to our you would have the oppor generation. People of working tunity to save it in a personal reage and current retirees could opt to stay tirement/investment account. in the old system without losing any of their Even the most cautious investor would gain promised benefits. three to four percent on their total savings, compared to the measly one or two percent return "Private retirement accounts sound like a social security offers today. More optimistic solid future," explained optimistic senior Clint workers would see as much as seven percent Satorre. "If Democrats have a plan that doesn't or more in return if they chose to invest in involve jacking taxes or slashing benefits, I'd stocks. love to hear about it."



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"Advanced dance because Ms. Sinclair is an amazing teacher and dancer." -Brittany Nemeth '05

"Earth Science because it's self-explanatory." -Ellen Moran '06




"APEuro. ironic but true." -Bettina Chang '08

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"Auto because it's very laid back." -Matt Kwapisz '05


25, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 41, NO. 10


Reconstruction, not demolition, for S.S. by John Mallory Currently, many conservatives are claiming that Social Security is at a crossroads and that it will eventually go bankrupt. To bolster this claim, they say that, for the first time. Social Security will pay out more benefits than the government collects in payroll by 2018. The truth is, this has already happened 14 out of the last 47 years, as recently as 1983. with no negative repercussions. 2018 is a year without a lot of significance in terms of Social Security, although conservatives paint it as such. In Princeton economy professor Paul Krugman's report called "Confusions about Social Security," he talks about the implications of Social Security in 2018. "The Social Security system won't be in trouble. In fact, it will still have a growing trust fund," he said. "The only way Social Security gets in trouble is if Congress votes I to honor US government bonds held by 'ial Security. That's not going to happen. So legally, mechanically, 2018 has no meaning." Another year that is often thrown around by conservatives is 2042. This is the year when "The entire system will be exhausted and bankrupt," according to President Bush. According to the Washington Post, in 2042. "enough new money will be coming in to pay between 73-80 percent of the promised benefits. Even with this reduction, new retirees will still receive more money, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than today's beneficiaries." Also, ten years ago, the Social Security Administration predicted that the system would go bankrupt in 2029. This year, they say it will go bankrupt in 2042. However, if past trends continue, the target year will move further into the future. Another claim that President Bush makes is that. "You'll be able to pass along the money that accumulates in your personal account, if you wish, to your children and grandchildren." iin, this is not entirely true. Low-income kers will be forced to purchase lifetime anies. which are financial aides that give out monthly payments to these workers, but expire at death. They are not eligible to be passed on to heirs. The trillions of dollars that will have to be borrowed to set up private accounts will have


to be paid off by future generations. This is going to place an unnecessary burden on our children and our children's children. To call the Social Security situation a "crisis" is just simply not true. In fact. Social Security is part of the federal budget, so the overall wording of this topic is wrong. If anything.

George W. Bush is pushing hard to privatize Security. this would have to be called "Federal Budget Crisis." It cannot be centralized to Social Security, because Social Security has no trust fund of its' own. Furthermore, citing Chile as a good example to why Social Security privatization works is not a good argument. The Chilean economy cannot be juxtaposed with that of the US. The Chilean Gross Nation Profit is .06% of the US' GNP. Since GNP is a measure of the size of a nation's economy, this statistic shows that 10 million private accounts may work, but 200

million private accounts are risky ways of taking advantage of the market. These are two completely different societies. Privatization will have a completely different effect on the US if it indeed goes through. To imply that the Democrats have no intention of fixing the Social Security "problem" is ludicrous. Democrats realize that changes must be made to an evolving system, but they can't accept the idea of dismantling a pillar of US society. Republicans have been looking for any excuse to dismantle this system. Barry Goldwater tried it in 1964, and the CATO Institute tried it in 1983, and they both failed. President Bush is trying to get it done now using scare tactic propaganda to take the political heat off of his failures in foreign policy, mainly the Iraq War. He distracted the American public in the same manner with proposed trips to Mars and the Immigration Guest Worker Program. I am very confident that Social Security will never be privatized. It's going to be hard for Congress to do something with this when a lot of Republicans, except those who jump on a bandwagon of support every time Bush addresses a certain issue, won't even mobilize behind this idea. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert even said, "Look, you can't jam change down tht American people's throat unlet, they perceive there really is a problem, that there's something there that Social isn't going to work 12 or 14 years from now and it's going to be a catastrophe when we reach that point." Yes, reform does need to be made to this system. Yes, the Social Security system will go bankrupt eventually, but it doesn't necessitate a complete overhaul of one of the most successful public aid programs in American history. Privatization is an overreaction to something that needs to be fixed, not scrapped and completely re-done. Paul Krugman put it best when he said, "Social Security privatization is persuasiveness to the unprepared mind." So when there really is a Social Security crisis in this country, I'd love to hear about it.



25, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 4 1 , N O . 10

Hawks, 1979 to present, gather to celebrate Deines' care by Alexa Karas 1979-2005." Mr. Kerth, former girls' head The girls' basketball team has had its share soccer coach and dear friend of Deines. of ups and downs throughout the season, but apporached the mic and asked a representative their biggest loss will be losing Coach Deines. to raise the red curtain in the spectator gym. After twenty-seven years Behind the of working at Maine curtain, from wall South, this will be Mr. to wall of the Deines' final year, in the spectator gym, classroom and on the stood 48 women basketball court. He has who came to hundreds of memories and celebrate Mr. has worked with just as D e i n e s ' many girls. He has helped retirement. These them grow as players and women were from individuals throughout D e i n e s ' each and every season. basketball teams of the past. They As a tribute to Mr. stood in the order Deines, the basketball of the years they team and assistant played, beginning coaches. Emmy Paiser and Sue McGovem, dedicated Coach Deines. in his final season, takes time to with '79. Mr. Kerth announced several small celebrations pump up his team during practices. each team and to their head coach. The first celebration occurred after the final their records for the season. Friday night home game against Niles West. With each accomplishment, several women The girls lined up on the court, each with a came forward and bowed their heads, holding letter on their back that read: "Thanks Coach a rose in their hands. Some stood alone, while D." There was also a slide show and plenty of others were accompanied by their young sweets to go around. The party dedicated to children, who could quite possibly be the Coach Deines was a memorable one, but it Hawks of the future. Coach Deines grew would not compare to the surprise the emotional during the presentation and had to following day during their home game versus sit down. The sight of the athletes who came Glenbrook North. to celebrate his retirement was overwhelming. After warm-ups, the girls on this year's Mr. Kerth summed up the presentation with varsity team took off their warm-up suits to the prefect expression, "This just proves, once reveal t-shirts that read: "Hawk Basketball a Hawk, always a Hawk."

relne Each woman hugged Mr. Deines before i game and they placed their flowers into a vase. The women stayed to watch the game and were amazed to see the current Hawks play. Claire Pawlowsk. a member of the 1996 Hawks basketball team, said, "Mr. Deines was definitely like a second father to us. He supported us on and off the basketball court." Lisa Nelson, Karin Beaumont, Alyssa Kulak, Heather Kovaka, and Colleen Tedor accompanied her. It really showed how Mr. Deines touched many lives while he coached. Although the girls have been busy organizing parties and celebrations for Mr. Deines. they still have found the time to win games and continue on in their season. During the last Friday night home game of the season, the girls took on the Niles West Wolves and beat them 67-45. Christina Solari broke the current Maine South record of 21 rebounds set by Cheryl Roma in 1989, with 22 rebounds. The Hawks also succeeded in defeating GBN with a final score of 65-46. Ashley Tomzik was on the top of her game, ending with 23 points. The Hawks have been working consis^^w on defense and it showed during their P B e against GBN; there was not a ball that was left unchallenged. Tomzik kept the plays moving and Nicole Cummings continued with her success on defense. Solari was tough under the net. They played well and ended the day with a final tribute to Coach Deines at a local Park Ridge restaurant. We will miss you. Coach Deines, and hope to see you at future home games, still cheering on the Hawks.

Hawks ^Afield and track'' wins big in early meets by Ben Ng The 2005 Maine South boys' track and field season kicked off with some convincing victories against Leyden and Manley on both the freshman/sophomore and varsity levels. The frosh/soph team tallied 125 points to Leyden's 17 and Manley's two and took first place in 11 of the 16 events. The Varsity also turned in some great performances by winning the meet with 78 points with Leyden scoring 31 and Manley 10. First place finishers on the Varsity Level include the 4x800 relay of Matt Walsh, Pat Moran, Greg Udzielak, and Greg Mitchell (9:00), Tony CoUetti in the shot put (49'8"), Matt Walsh in the 800 meter run (2:24), Matt Annes in the pole vault (13'6"). Gilby Lifton in the 400 meter dash (53.7), Pat Moran in the

Mile (5:00), Dante Sabel in the 200 meter dash (42'0"). Spencer's triple jump mark established (25.1), and the "distance" 4x400 meter relay a new field house record, breaking his old of Matt Walsh, Greg Mitchell, Greg Udzielak, record which he achieved last year. and Pat Moran Spencer is the field's top (3:45). performer, a group that has outscored the track portion Jumper/hurdler enough for head coach Scott David Spencer also contributed to 13 of Tumilty to change the team's the Hawks' first name to "field and track." place finishes with Judging from this first five of his own. meet, the Hawks lookk tj] t^ie Spencer got first in top form as big invit^ place in the 50 high duel meets loom on: hurdles (6.8), 50 February 23 against Gordon low hurdles (6.4), Tech and St. Patrick's and long jump (20'9"), phoui b\ Kulie Kai: March 4 at the Niles West high jump (6'1"), Matt Walsh. Greg Udzeliak. Greg Mitchell. Invite. It should be a very and the triple jump ^ ^ ' '^ora/i won the 4x8 and 4x4 relays. exciting season for them.



25, 2005 â&#x20AC;˘ VOL. 41, NO. 3

irom Chicago to Phoenix and back: no place Uke home ^v Greg Mitchell Following the 1959 National Football League season, the Chicago Cardinals left Comiskey Park and began a journey that brought them to St. Louis for 27 seasons and eventually landed them in Phoenix in 1988. Unfortunately, it wasn't just the location of the organization that moved south; their fortunes and prestige did too. Since arriving in the Grand Canyon State, the team has registered only one winning season-and just barely-when they were 9-7 in 1998. The lack of success has led to seven different head coaches in 16 seasons. What can this dedication to failure be attributed to? For one, like everything else it seems, football is a business. The more fans there are, the more merchandise and tickets are sold. The more revenue there is, the more money can be invested in the team. What this means is that ^ j e et eteam's lack of success can be partly traced ^ ^ t h he e dwindling attendance numbers. In the last

10 years, the highest percentage of seats sold in an entire season was only 85 percent in 1994. Since then, the numbers have dropped like passes to David Terrell. Between 1999-2004, attendance has gone from 79 percent to a league-low 49 percent, a whopping 30 percent difference. To add to the misery, the Cardinals have been tenants in Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium, an average facility at best. Plans for a new stadium in Glendale are quickly deteriorating, as legal problems between the developer and construction authority have pushed the stadium's completion date from 2005 to 2006. However, there is a simple solution to all the organization's problems: bring them back where they came from. Chicago Bear loyalty runs deep throughout Chicago, but a second team wouldn't be absurd. Chicago has already proven that it can support two professional sports teams, as the Cubs and White Sox have both thrived here for over a century. Also, it has been proven a major city can support two professional football teams, as the Jets and Giants have both survived in New York. A second stadium could be built

in a large suburb, like Schaumburg or Naperville, far enough away from Soldier Field. The population base would increase from 3,300,000 in the Phoenix area to near 11,000,000 in the Chicago metropolitan area. Bears' tickets are the hottest ticket in town, and thousands of people that want them are left without tickets. It wouldn't matter if the Cardinals weren't highly successful because Chicago has already shown it can support losing teams. The game would still be a NFL venue, thus attracting interest for other teams and their star players. Even if the Cardinals were losing, Chicagoans would still flock to see Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, or Priest Holmes play the Cardinals. The Cardinals divisional alignment wouldn't be a problem as it wouldn't have to change. The NFC West already includes the St. Louis Rams, so in some ways it would become more convenient. The Cardinals are not one of the best teams in the NFL. However, a move back to Chicago could reinvigirate the franchise, and footbali itself in our great city. The competition for fans, as well as wins, would result in success.

Which Chicago baseball team had a better offseason? The Cubs-Although their off season acquisitions were nothing monumental, the players they dumped were. Locking up the well-liked double play combo of Nomar Garciaparra and Todd Walker for one more season was key. General Manager Jim Hendry liked the production of Ryan Dempster so much that he decided to sign several other "Tommy John" patients to minor league deals, hoping for similar progress and can pitch before August; that doesn't help the bullpen a whole lot. Fading power hitter Jeremy Bumitz is a less productive version of Sammy Sosa, only he bats lefty, a small plus. And Jerry Harriston, Jr. has no place on the team. However, he can still prove himself to be useful at several positions. But it is what the Cubs unloaded that has made them the better club this ofTseasotJ. Sammy Sosa had been a distraction all season and capped it otTby walking out on his team the last game. There was no way the team could be a team with him still on it. They were split on whose side to take. Plus, with his production down, and the steroids acusations. he would continue to be a distraction. Ahhough Moises Alou was the Cubs strongest offensive threat last season, he was disliked in the clubhouse and is nearing the age of retirement. Relief pitcher Kyle ^ ^ n s w o r t h control was a problem with his fastball, and he was volatile. ^ ^ T h e Cubs will put a younger, faster, and more likeable team on the diamond this spring. And if prospective outfielder Jason Dubois is as good as he was in the minors, and Michael Barrett proves last season wasn't a fluke, the Cubs could definitely have the strongest offense in the NL. The Cubs new young faces will focus on small ball, to put men on base for their big bats, Aramis Ramirez and Derek Lee.

The White Sox-I am a Cubs fan. I wept when the magic ran out of Kerry Wood in October 2003; I love ^ "'â&#x20AC;˘^ ,^^ ^'^'^ team as much as anyone. However, I do believe H^ JftJ^^^ the White Sox have had a better offseason over the ^ ^ f l ^ ^ ^ H last four months. ^_^^H^^B Since winning the division in 2000, the Sox have fielded 80-win teams that have failed to make the postseason. You really have to hand it to Kenny Williams. He went out and molded the team to exactly what Ozzie Guillen wanted. Carlos Lee is a fantastic young player, but his trade netted Scott Podsednik, a premier leadoff hitter, and Luis Vizcaino, a young fireballer. Though controversial. A.J. Pierzynski may be the best hitting catcher in all of basebail, besides Ivan Rodriguez. Jermaine Dye obviously isn't the ideal person to replace Magflio Ordonez, but the 2005 Sox will rely more on small ball, and big bats aren't essential in that kind of offense. Though it may be risky to make such a drastc change in a homerun ballpark, I believe the results will pay off big for the Sox. The White Sox's best offseason acquistions came to the pitching staff. They picked up Orlando Hernandez, who gives them a solid fourth starter and, more importantly, allows Jon Garland to move the fifth spot. Garland is a vast improvement over the "black hole" of the fifth starters from last year. Dustin Hermanson was a very wise pickup because he can be a spot-starter, middle reliever, and closer. The Sox also improved much better than their competition. The Indians big signing was pitcher Kevin Millwood, who has always underachieved and couldn't figure it out under pitching guru Leo Mazzone. The Tigers signed Ordonez, but the condition of his knee is unknown. For the record, I said the Patriots would win it all in December.




Hawk wrestling battles deep into second season ^^•^

i by Steve Contomo

it to the finals, the 125 weight class for a portion of the Dons lots two points season. Wrestling heavier athletes HPPI^H The wrestling season from unsportsmanmaybe give him a competitive Y "* '^^'Y was extended for a few like penalties— advantage at his natural weight class, more weeks than many enough to cost them 119. had planned. After losing the championship. Loera finished with his third first the conference title to New The Hawks, wrestled place sectional finish of his career, the Trier, the Hawks entered the regional well beyond their first Hawk wrestler to accomplish tournament hoping to advance individual expectations, winning such a feat. Loera also has yet to place wrestlers to the sectional meet. But by the end eight matches in the at state, but after focusing his time of the meet, the Notre Dame gym was turned final round. Most on wrestling, he hopes to make this into the Hawks' nest. Maine South edged out were by large margin the year he takes it home. "He is 'in the tournament hosts by just one and a half of victory and pin, as phitiii In Kane Km: it to win it,'" states Fallico, citing State qualifier Rick Loera prac- Loera's moto. "State champ 2005 is points to advance to the team sectionals. Fallico pointed out. The Hawks saw early success, and after the I n d i v i d u a l tices with teammate A.J. Haduch his goal." first round of wrestling, they found themselves sectionals were the following week, which While those two individuals will be on top of the scoreboard, with almost every leads into the state tournament. The number competing for the a state title, the Hawk team wrestler winning his bout. In a few hours, the of Hawk wrestlers competing in the final round is not out of it yet either. They will follow Loera Hawks were in a very different position, down had dwindled its way down to three: Dan and McMahon to Champaign for the moral over thirty points heading into the Olszewski was wrestling for third, and Kevin support and to practice. "We will practice ^ ^ b championship round. However, the Hawks had McMahon and Rick Loera were competiting on timing and conditioning since our indivraral enough wrestlers still in it to give them hope. for first. Fallico wasn't surprised by these competition is very tough and intense this time "There were four teams that had a chance to individuals' success. The three, all seniors, of year," concludes Fallico. win the regional," said head coach Craig were team captains. "Our only surprise," says This year is as much proof as the previous Fallico. "When we entered the finals in third Fallico, "is that Dan Olszewski took fourth and four years: Maine South wrestling is more than place, I believed that we had a chance, but that is an alternate. We expected him to place a program on the rise. Hawk wrestling has a lot things would have to happen. We would higher." brought strong competition to the sectional have to win and other teams would have to help McMahon finished the sectional in second tournament, and has placed several wrestlers us." place, and becomes only the fourth wrestler in in the state tournament over the last four years. The team that ended up helping them the Maine South history to qualify for state three McMahon and Loera can join the ranks of Dan most was Notre Dame, the Hawks toughest times. McMahon has yet to place in the state Tedeschi, Nick Fallico, and Joe Stritzel as the competition. While eight of their wrestler made tournament. However, he wrestled up to the schools latest state place winners.

Two out of three ain't bad, when they're wins by Samantha Byrne

The Maine South boys' basketball sccison got off to a slow start but things are really starting to pick up for the varsity team. Recently, the boys won two out of three games, including their first conference win of the season. It started on Tuesday, February 1, when the team defeated Maine West 60-48. The guys were also 23 of 24 from the free-throw line "which is outstanding," according to head coach Tony Lavorato. Scoring was led by Colin O'Malley with 15 points. Sean Price finished with 12 points and

11 assists. Lavoroto said that the win was, "a tremendous team effort." The ability to finish in the fourth quarter was the difference in the game" and "that is something they have improved on." The Hawks next victory was a sweet one— they upset Niles West 46-34 for their first conference win. Niles West was five and one at that point, and tied for first place in their conference. Scoring was led by Adam Fee with 11 points, and John Wolf with 10 points. This game "was one of the most outstanding defensive efforts of the season" commented Coach Lavorato. The Hawks" defense was able to hold Niles West's star player, who committed to the University of Southern California for next year, to five points for the entire game; he

was scoreless in the second half As for the team Lavorato said," The seniors are starting to come together and the juniors are molding in." With only three games left, they are trying to make a push for the playoffs. The last three season games are all conference, and they are scheduled to play Elk Grove on Wednesday, March 2 at the Maine East Regional. id sickThe team has overcome injuries and ness this season, and now everyone is healthy at the right time of year. Lavoratol it<^Sid that the Hawks have, "great chemistry on and off"the court...they are playing together: the seniors are leading and the juniors are following." "I am looking forward to some great things in the next couple of weeks."

Vol 41 issue 10  
Vol 41 issue 10