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Volume 33, Issue 1 August 23,1996

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Maine South H.S. Park Ridge, IL

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August 2.V 199(1

It's all good

by Sean Andrews It is now late August and as we embark on another nine months of school many students by Elizabeth Gibbons are beginning to assume their somewhat norPeople whine and moan that this is a termal academic forms and are just finishing shedding their more relaxed and over-rested rible school. The rules are too strict, the teachones. But some of us realize that this year is ers are mean, the paraprofessionals are always breathing down our necks, and a slew of other our last, or in other cases our first, of high school. What does that mean in regards to complaints. Well, they're wrong. If you put everything in perspective this school really what to expect this year? isn't all that bad. Think about it. How many For seniors, we have a lot to worry about for almost a semester, and then we can finally other schools provide us with so many opporrelax a little bit. It was hard to imagine apply- tunities? Almost sixty clubs are available to join. No ing to colleges and patiently waiting for rematter what your interest you will find somesponses a year ago, and it will not be much easier now. This is it, folks. The start of our thing to suit you. You can go skiing, horseindependant and professional lives. This is backriding, or synchronized swimming. not an easily swallowed chunk of information There are clubs that encompass every subject for most people, and it shouldn't be. But one area: Mathletes, Science Olympics, Equinox, advantage for seniors is that we have the upper Mock Trial, language clubs, Tri-M. These hand as far as experience and memories. Upon organizations provide free breakfasts, time to completion of this fourth year of high school, spend with friends, enhanced knowledge, and some even offer extra credit opportunites. many seniors will be able to look back upon The athletics at this school are outstanding past embarrassments and laugh, at past sue as well. The football team won the class 5A cesses and be proud, or at past mistakes and state football championships last fall, this learn. spring there were thirty-eight CSL All-ConAs far as freshmen are concerned, once frence athletes, and several other teams have again the annual September confusion will take place in the halls. Just a word of advice: keep walking at a normal human pace. Fresh men typically become overwhelmed the first few weeks at Maine South and then they grow into it. However, some well-integrated freshmen make the mistake of becoming a littie, let's say, overconfident in themselves. Anby Margaret Byrne other word of advice: don't become overconIf you haven't figured it out already, fident. It will end up making you look really freshman year isn't what people tell you. It stupid and you'll end up regretting it in the isn't half bad. Although you may be intimilong run. I've seen it happen all too much. dated by your elders, it's nothing you can't Juniors, don't get too excited; there's still handle. I never got hit with a penny, no one one of the longest years of your life ahead of I know has ever gotten hit with a penny. It's all a myth I tell you, evrything. If it hasn't you. There is plenty to worry about academi cally and socially. This year personalities will dawned on you yet, basically all what your start to mature, for better or worse, and some junior, high teachers told you is a lie. You people you used to admire may begin to act may find it disturbing at first, and later it will become a fact of life, but you have been lied like overconfident freshmen. to for about.... well, three years. And of course the sophomores: you can start to relax. Sophomore year' s biggest probAfter experiencing freshman year, I reallem is a hectic schedule, but besides that there ized that entering high school is hyped up to is really nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the be horrifying. In reality, it isn't. It isn't any fact that you are not a freshman anymore. different than moving from sixth grade to seventh. If you think of this move as just and What does Maine South have to look forordinary step on the stair case of education ward to as a whole this year? I don't know. Maybe another football state championship, that is what it will be. But if you think of the "step" as a giant leap into adulthood, that is or perhaps someone will actually put food in the cafeteria. Maybe some freshman will skip what it will seem to you. several academic levels and attend Harvard. It is hard to find someone to blame for the The point is that anything or nothing can hap- "false advertisement" of freshman year. It pen in the next nine months, it actually does could in fact be your parents, who insist on depend on what the students of this school telling you how your growing up and what want and really try to acheive. responsibilty high school brings. If they had

won confrence championships. Even if you are not all that athletic, several teams, namely cross country and track do not hold try outs. Our athletic department, headed by Mr. Rees is excellent. Athletics provide you with an avenue to pursue friendships, fitness, and success. Maine South's facilites stand out among the best in the state. The newly updated writing lab allows studentts who do not have computers at home to create their work with ease. The language lab provides a different type of learning in foreign language, sharpening our interactive learning skills. Many universities do not have science departments as outstanding as ours. The tools we have to enhance our learning through labs and other experiments will significantly help us in our futures. So, the next time you start to complain about Maine South remember how much the school gives to you. Sure, there are many things to complain about, I agree. But all of its good points negate the bad.

False advertising never said that, we all would have been better off. Personally, I think the bulk of the lies you heard have come from your junior high teachers. Did you ever notice how many times they referred to high school as some far off distant, scary place? Why do they insist on doing that? They insist on stereotyping high school as, basically, hell. It isn't. Yeah, high school can be a total drag somedays, but everything can. Haven't you heard the ever popular phrase, "High school is the best years of your life?" (Well if you haven't, you will, repeatedly, but not nearly as much as the administration's personal favorite phrase...GET DSTVOLVED!!!) What I am trying to say is that your emotions on high school have been predetermined for all of you. It is up to you to change what people have told you. If you choose to accept this mission, Mr. Phelps, you need to understand that this task could take four years to complete. False advertisement dates back decades. But if you really want to stop the advertisements, visit your local junior high, and snub the lies before they start. This tape will self destruct in five seconds.


] Commentary

Inking wells and peacock shells by Tim Barounis sneakers, a new bookmark, a pepf)ermint Next time you wake up in the morning, candle, or perhaps a pair of fuzzy dice. take a temp>erture reading. No, not to see if you #4. Instead of sitting next to oily Joe are sick, but to assess your general attitude Schmoe in study hall, you now sit nest to toward life and the world. It is my feeling that voluptous Jane Doe, who's always leaning if everyone just took a few moments every day over and asking you for a pencil. (If this to reflect upon all that is positive about their neither applies nor appeals to you, simply life, we'd live in a world that was warmer, ingnore #4.) kinder and friendher than any other world I #3. Now that all of last year's seniors are know; a world where everything was beauti- gone (we miss them dearly), you are one step ful and nothing hurt. To help you attain this closer to first chair in band, captian of the fiizzy state of being, I have taken it upon volleyball team, or Southwords Production myself to give you five reasons why you Editor, whatever your ambitions happen to be. should enjoy the difficult annual transition of Note: freshmen be sure to set such goals so starting school. that your inclusion in #3 is insured. #5. Now is your chance to spend some of #2. Chandler's! Yes Ye Old Assignment that cash you've racked up over the summer. Notebooke in itself is reason enough for celeMake a list of all the things you could spend it bration every fall. Not only do they rescue on. For example: red shoelaces for your your life from the disarray of summer, but

they can also be utilized for other purposes. Draw straight lines with them, or stack them to make a Chandler's Fort! #1. You've worked so hard this summer. You deserve a break. Take a few months to do some studying. You'll feel better, and be that much more ready for nextyear's grueling summer months. So, next time a senior knocks you over in the hall, or next time a teacher embarrasses you in front of the class, just remember one of the here stated truths of life. And if you really want your new, positive outlook on life to make a difference, just folow these simple instruction. -walk up to the first person you meet -shake their hand -say to them with fond sincerity, "Dwell forever in bliss."

This is the dawning. by Natalie Mazzuca The future is here today. As they say, "it's all you." The freshmen, that is. Although this is rather frightening to the average upperclassman who sees your average freshman as only a naive little lemming who makes good penny-pitching target practice, it's true. The class of 2000 has arrived; the leaders of the next millenium are here. What will we call them? Zero zero? double o? o zero? This seems like a moot question, but how can they be good leaders if they don't even know who they are? But that's why they're here. During these next four years they will hopefully begin to figure this out, some

finding their way sooner than others. Expectations of this class will not be any different than any other years, at least not immediately. Eventually, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually though, people will look back and see this year's freshmen as more important than '97, '98 or '99, because they are the dawning of a new era. Whether its fair to the 00's or everyone else doesn't really matter. It's just the way things are; hfe isn't fair and if you think it is, be prepared for disappointment. But I digress. When George (Drwell wrote his futuristic negative-Utopia classic, Ninteen Eighty-four, it seemed possible for such a world to exist in

forty years. But now that it has passed and we quickly approach the millenium and 2001, we can see that the HAL-9000 probably won't be making a trip to the far reaches of the solar system. But because we've averted disaster this long, does not mean that someday these situations won't ring true or that parallels do not exist between life today and these prophecies. As the class of the infant age, a lot of the responsibility is yours. Then again, we're all the future. Some of us may never figure out exactly who they are but we all will end up with at least a good idea. The majority of our hves lies ahead of us and what becomes of this world as we turn the century is our funeral or our triumph.

A voice that needs to be heard by Alison Milnamow Did you call your best friend yesterday and did you make sure the two of you were wearing similar outfits (and yet not the same)? Have you been looking forward, maybe just a tiny little bit, to the beginning of school? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are officially a freshman. Let the games begin! Just because you are a freshman, it doesn't mean you are immature, annoying or inexperienced. Well, actually it does. All of your life you have been sheltered by your parents, hid-

den by your surburban lifestyle, and now you not have it again. It isn't because you don't have opinions are here. This is not junior high; you are not a child anymore. So stand up, don't let yourself when you grow up, its just that no one cares become like the many cattle headed towards anymore. Unless you're a professional athlete or famous supermodel, nobody cares what the slaughter as you enter this year. Should you be scared? If you wish, but this you say. This is your chance to make a differis something you should be looking forward ence. Whether it be going out for a sport, to. This is your first chance to express yourself joining a club, participating in a school play, (except for when Madonna told us to in the or writing for the paper, you should get inlate eighties). You can use this opportunity to volved. Yes, the old addage is true, and it is the say what feel and share your opinions. only way to make yourself visible. It's the Whether you realize it or not, most likely you only way you will make a difference. have not had this opportunity before and will



August Z% I^BE

Weed something to do? Varsity Club

by Elizabeth Gibbons Varsity Club is an organization of girls' varsity athletes. All varsity letter winners are invited to join the club. Meetings are held once a month, where members discuss current topics and ways to support girls' sports. The club raises money to donate to charities and the school, and to provide opportunities for athletes to attend sunmier camps. Some services which the Varsity Club provides are filling the juice machine in the girls' locker room and selling the black Hawk sweat suits at book sales. They have also acquired new equipment for the fitness center and helped to purchase a new sound system for the spectator gym. The Varsity Club provides constant encouragement for the female athletes of the school. This years officers are as follows: Kathryn Drozd, President; Lynn Bielski, Vice President; Angela Janik, Treasurer; Deirdre Larson, Secretary. Dr. Allen sponsors the club, and if you are a varsity letter winner and wish to join, sign up in the bookstore.

0 0 and DE Clubs by Katie Rybak The Office Occupations and Distributive Education Clubs are two organizations which many students know little about. Although it is not required, most students involved in these clubs are also enrolled in the corresponding classes. These courses are designed for students interested in a career in business and provide on-the-job exp)erience. Limited to seniors and a few select juniors, the students, through the clubs, are also provided a chance to compete. Such categories of competition like Sales and Advertisement are available on the area, state and national levels. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Mrs. Glunz.

Equinox by Karin Vonesh Equinox is Maine South's creative writing magazine. It not only features poetry, prose, photography and artwork of Maine South students, but it is also published by smdents. Once a week interested students volunteer to get together along with sponsors Mrs. Sommerville and Ms. O'Malley to judge the submissions of their peers. After several sessions, the work is compiled into one of the two issues published yearly, available in the bookstore. Entries should be placed in the boxes in the


Writing Lab or library. All types of writing are suitable for submission; be creative! Equinox thrives on the spirit of Maine South and they by Larry Logsdon need your work to make the magazine the best Students Against Drunk Driving is an it can be. awareness organization. As tens of thousands of sixteen-year-olds across the country receive their driver's licenses each year, it is imperative that they understand the dangers of by Sushila Dalai driving under the influences of alcohol and Model United Nations allows a group of other drugs. Through a variety of activities students to participate in the University of throughout the school year, Maine South's Chicago's simulation of the United Nations chapter of S.A.D.D. strives to keep their (MUNUC) and to stay at the Palmer House message visible. Popular scheduled events Hotel in downtown Chicago for a weekend. include S.A.D.D.'s participation in the Maine South is assigned two nations to Homecoming parade as well as the "Peer represent in the UN. Then, each student (or Networking Symposium" where many area delegate) is put on a commitee and is told what high schools meet to discuss current issues in issues will be discussed. Each student must drunk-driving and what each school is doing become the nation he or she represents. To do to educate their students. S.A.D.D. makes a this, each person researches their country's difference in the safety and well-being of stance on the assigned issues and writes a Maine South's students. For information position paper. A series of meetings with about meeting times, check the Driver's sponsors Ms. Koshgarian and Mrs. Bondi Education wing display case outside of room result in an overall understanding of the rules A-119. and regulations of the UN. The students then get the opportunity to show what they know in a weekend of meetings, caucuses, working papers, and motions. by Karin Vonesh and Anna Kulik Each delegate comes away with good memoHealth Unlimited is an after-school activries and a true understanding of how the ity headed by sponsor Mrs. Vainowski andi United Nations operates. For information on enjoyed by many Maine South students. You" how to get involved, ask your social science may remember some of the organization's teacher, Ms. Koshgarian or Mrs. Bondi for activities from last year: the Fun Fitness Fest, details. Hoops for Heart, the Great American SmokeOut and the Low-Fat American Pig-Out. The group also gathers funds to give out many prizes and gift certificates to those involved in their activities. In addition to these schoolby Mike Delance What is one of the most overlooked and wide events, members of Health Unlimited underrated clubs at Maine South? The answer can be found walking in the forest preserve or is the Chess Club. The Chess Club is also one having after-school picnics. For information of Maine South's most versatile clubs. The on how to get involved, see Mrs. Vainowski. club's biweekly meetings are attended by athletes, academics, and drama enthusiasts. The meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the library. Its members show up whenever they can find time; in fact, they by Karin Vonesh are not required to be at any specific meetings. Scholastic Bowl, one of Maine South's The Chess Club is also the only club that is lesser known "sports," consists students who associated with a team. The club's best play- want to test their brains competing against ers can compete in tournaments with different teams from other IHSA high schools. There schools against players of a similar skill level. are two levels. Varsity and Junior Varsity, in All would-be players are welcome regardless this battie of wits that quizzes on topics rangof skill or experience. Beginners can come for ing from spwrts to math to science to history. instruction or social playing with friends. Which race horse won last year's Kentucky Mrs. Jacobson is always ready to teach the Derby? What are the names of Jupiter's game to new players at any of the club meet- moons? Questions like these and also ones ings. So when you are considering what new about the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jackson clubs to join this year, don't forget about might be heard at a Scholastic Bowl meet. looking a little closer at the Chess Club. The team, like all other Maine South

Model UN

Health Unlimited

Chess Club

Scholastic Bowl

"nt^^iHTi n n I h i n i MIM11 111 I fi >• I7TT> >TTT I i j T r t - m y


Go join a club! teams, does have practices weekly (think exercise for your brain). Anyone interested can see Mr. Lowry or Mrs. Lobitz for details.

own voice is a prospective Speech Team member. No tryout is necessary to qualify for the team, so anyone with the desire is welcome to join. Not all students perform the standard persuasive speeches; other events rangefromthe interpretive reading of prose and poetry to humorous and dramatic duet acting. The team is good practice for actors and actresses as by Angela Janik Who are those red-shirted jjeople in my well. gym class? Where did they come from and The team competes at several competiwhy are they here? Answers to these ques- tions at area high schools on Saturday aftertions are very simple and may be of some noons throughout the year. Students perform interest to you. and are judged by other teachers. Award The Senior Leaders (a.k.a red-shirted winners are announced and prizes are given to people) started their journey a long time ago the top students in each event. as sophomores. During second semester of All Speech Team news is posted on the sophomore year, interested students fill out an bulletin board outside PA-101. Watch the application. These applications give Miss announcements for information about this Goll and Mr. Inserra an idea of what kind of year's team. leader the applicants might be. During junior year, all Junior Leaders meet for fifth period gym class. The one large class is then divided into two smaller classes. This by Katie Rybak year is spent preparing for the upcoming year. All Maine South students taking courses in Junior Leaders learn how to referee games, foreign languages should consider joining spotting techniques for gymnastics and one of the foreign language clubs. weight-lifting, official rules and boundaries The Spanish Club, led by Mrs. Kramer and of games and how to teach swimming strokes. Mr. Fallico, holds morning meetings where Junior Leaders also learn how to teach skills to traditional Spanish food is available for sama class, help a student who might be having pling. Along with the other clubs the Spanish difficulty, be a problem solver, be assertive Club also helped celebrate Mardi Gras last and enthusiastic, and be the best leader he or year. she possibly can. The French Club, which is led by Mrs. In the beginning of the year the Junior Nica, also holds morning meetings in which Leaders go to a team challenge course where croissants and other unique French foods are they must think their way through obstacles available. Traditionally, the French Club also and then try to complete the obstacles. How celebrates with the yearly Christmas party. would you get fifteen people over a twenty The newsletter of the French Club, foot wall without using a ladder? Junior Lead- L'Actualite, also enjoys continual success. ers were able to figure it out! Junior Leaders The German Club, led by Ms. Lorenz, ofare also responsible for the after school health fers similar opportunities to its participants. snack bar. Last year the German Club also performed in Senior Leaders are in the gym classes to Maine South's V-show. assist teachers and students. They do everyThe Italian Club, led by Mrs. Weber, pubthing from leading stretches to refereeing a lishes their newsletter Frito Misto, with great speed-away game. Senior Leaders have a lot success. Along with the other languague clubs of fim while helping others and meeting new the ItaUan Club participates in the Homecompeople. ing parade and window decorating contest. If you consider yourself to be outgoing, Candy sales are held by all the clubs at one willing to help, and confident, you should point during the school year. The profits from consider becoming a Junior/Senior Leader. these sales go to fund the various activities Gym teachers will have an application for which the clubs participate in and the end-ofsophomores in second semester. the-year senior scholarships. In order to join any of these clubs a student must simply pay a small fee in the bookstore when the announcment appears in the bulleby Karin Vonesh tin. Each club is diverse and unique in itself Anyone that loves to speak in front of an and an enjoyable experience can be guaranaudience or likes to hear the sound of their teed from any one chosen.

Junior/Senior Leaders

Language Clubs

Speech Team

The students of Maine South are involved in a huge number of activites besides those featured in this section. Below is an incomplete list compiled by your 19961997 Features editors. Athletics Attendance Helpers Brotheriiood Chamber Orchestra Cheerleading Chess Qub Chess Team Child Care Occupations Color Guard Constitution Team (AP Hawks) Crew Drama Ecology Club Equinox Eyrie First Aid Team French Club German Club Hawkettes Health Office Helpers Health Unlimited Horseback Riding Qub Hotel/Restaurant Management Italian Club Jazz Band Junior/Senior Leaders Marlins Math Team M-Club Mock Trial Team Model United Nations Mu Alpha Theta National Forensic League Occupational Qubs Orchesis Peers Reaching Out Pep Council Photo Club Pit Orchestra Reaching Scholastic Bowl Science Olympiad SkiOub Snowball Southwords Spanish Club Speech Team Stage Band Students Against Drunk Driving Student-to-Student Swim Timers Track Timers Trainer's Qub Tri-M Varsity Club Vocal Jazz Ensemble V-Show Wrestlerettes

Angnst 2:^, iggE

The wide world of Student Council by Tom Repetto the year. This committee works to solve any p r o b l e m ^ ^ As the great philosopher Aretha Franklin The highly acclaimed V-Show is also that may exist at Maine South. The Council j ^ ^ ^ once said, "Respect, fmd out what it means to supervised and planned by the Student Coun- willing to listen to anyone's suggestion, so 1 ^ ^ me." As this Motown legend looked for re- cil. The Council will be in charge of ticket you have a complaint or suggestion, it can be spect, so too does the Maine South Student sales, advertising and a pizza party for the cast dropped off in the suggestion box outside the Council. Although many students are and crew. Featuring superior Hawk talent and Student Council Office or can be addressed to unaware of it. Student Council is responsible Student CouncD's help, this should be one of any representative. for most of the major activites at Maine South. the best V-Shows in years. The '96-'97 officers are President Tom Student Council sponsors all of the activiThe Food Drive begins in December, dur- Repetto, Vice President Michelle Dulski, ties surrounding Homecoming, except for the ing which Student Council will collect food Secretary April Gann and Treasurer Lany dance which is spwnsored by the Senior Class. and money for food pantries and charitable or- Logsdon. Assisting them are various chairThe Homecoming activities, which are more ganizations. The all-school event often be- persons, complex leaders and homeroom extensive than those of most schools, will comes an intense class competition in which representatives for each grade level. Interinclude a week-long spirit competition in the class contributing the most money wins ested freshmen should listen to the daily which students will dress up in a particular the coveted spirit trophy. announcements for information about joining fashion each day, the parade, the window Student Council is responsible for the Smdent Council. decorating contest and the Homecoming Christmas and Valentine Card exchanges, as Student Council will once again try to Queen election and crowning. Student Coun- well as contributing to the AFS pizza sales. provide students with the opportunity for an cil also runs the Homecoming assembly, as Student Council is also the organization enjoyable and memorable '96-'97 school well as all of the other assembUes throughout that deals with students' rights and issues. year.

New rules for '96-'97 school year by Sushila Dalai Two major changes in Maine South policy will be instituted this year. The first change comes in regard to the way that parking permits are awarded. This year, the seniors were allowed to buy parking permits at book sales, as they had in past years. However, the juniors that will recieve parking permits will be chosen by lottery on the first

full day of school. The waiting list for parking permits will also be decided by lottery. Parking permits are a neccesity for all student drivers. The security guard, Mr. Kitty, does check the parking lot for cars without the appropriate parking sticker on the windshield. The poUcy concerning attendance has also been changed. Instead of attendance being taken only in homeroom, as it was in past

years, attendance will also be done each period. This means that each period, teachers will send attendance cards to the attendance office. The tardy and absentee pohcies of the school will be affected by this change. Other new policies may be created later i the year by Student Council and the aHmini stration.





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Girls' Sports Fall Preview Volleyball by Kathy Korytkowski This summer's tough triple session practices have prepared the volleyball team for what is sure to be a very competitive season. The program looks stronger each year, with more and more players participating in offseason club volleyball. The loss of five seniors will be felt this year. However, the new and returning members to the squad show great potential. Two returning seniors who will hopefully help carry the team to a conference championship are Ursula SzczeUna and Kathy Kortykowski. Szczelina lead the team last year with the top percentage of serves received and in digging. She also had the most service aces. Korytkowski had the top percentage in setting and serving. The girls are starting off the season on Wednesday, September 4 against Waukegan. Come and cheer the team on!

Cross Country

Swimming by Laura Beckerdite The Maine South girls' swimmers have high hopes for 1996. The varsity squad will be led by three retuming All-Conference athletes: sophomore Meghan Sarran who posted last season's top time in the 100 yard Butterfly; talented junior sprinter Jill Bender and senior Laura Beckerdite. The team is looking to improve upon last year's 6-4 record and third place Conference finish. In addition, the girls already have aspirations of reclaiming their title as the victors of Maine South's Hawk Relays. While Miss GoU's JV team ended last season on a fiiistrating note. Her team is hoping to tum things around this year. Even with the loss of five talented seniors, the JV swimmers are also looking to improve upon a third place Conference finish. Both teams are looking towards a young, but outstanding diving squad to play a key role this year. The divers played an important part last season in gaining essential points during close competitions. They will be led by conference medalist Bridget James, and are expected to perform exceptionally well this year. The girls' first home meet is on Tuesday, September 3, at 5:00. Cheer on the team on their quest to beat Prospect that night and on their journey to meet their goals.

by Julie Fob If a flock of teenage girls were spotted running through the streets of Park Ridge or through the forest preserve this summer, it was probably the Maine South Girls' Cross Country team. Hopefully the dedication this summer shown by the girls will pay off this season as the team starts their quest for the conference championship. After a long, hard summer of running, the team looks to last year's All-Conference runners, junior Elizabeth Gibbons and senior Johanna Zumer, to start out strong once again. Sophomore Gina Kremer and junior Amanda Wolf are top runners retuming for another potentially outstanding season. The team will unfortunately carry with them the loss of last year's varsity seniors Sara Payne and Julie Green. The girls will thus be looking towards the leadership of seniors Angela Janik, Kathryn Drozd, Julie Folz, and Zumer.

Tennis season on its way by Michelle Dulski The girls' Tennis season is quickly approaching, with the first meet just around the comer. With the long, hot try-outs behind the team, the coaches are looking to set the line up. Last year, the line up proved successful when the team sent two double teams to state play. Two players, which were a part of these double teams, are last year's seniors Karin Beaumont and Angela Athanasopoulos. Athanasopolous leaves a hard spot for this year's team to fill. She was a four year varsity member, captain, an All-Conference player, and took third in the sectional meet with partner, retuming junior, Isa Werner. Beaumont went to state with another retuming junior, Kris Goodman. Other exceptional seniors that will be missed this season include Theresa Brown, Maureen Jamieson and Audrey Rogus. Although this year's team does not seem to have many seniors, there is a large, strong group of juniors. Retuming members include Werner, Goodman, Kate Rogers, Liz Hughes, Melissa Poulos and Denise Lesniewski. The freshmen, sophomores, and the rest of the team are looking forward to another successful season. Varsity starts off the season Saturday at the Hersey Quad. A few days later, both Varsity

and JV compete against Niles West on Tuesday, September 3. Both meets are sure to be an exciting season preview. Come on out and cheer on the girls-there's more than enough seats for the fans! The team surely would appreciate the support. ZJ^*A*1




Mawk nigmlights 8-23 Boys' Cross Country Girls' Cross Country Football




S e a s o n Begins 9/4 1 S e a s o n Begins 9/4 1

1 S e a s o n Begins 8/31 Evanston S/V 3:15


S e a s o n Begins 9M


S e a s o n Begins 9/3

1 1


Begins 8/31 '







1 home contest



Begins 9/4




Attgttgt Z3, i9SÂŁ:

Hawk football's back for more by Tom Repetto After last year's unforgettable season, the Hawk football team has set their sights towards another highly successful season. The new seaon will present many challenges, but the Hawks have the determination and talent to meet these obstacles head-on. On offense, many starters will return from last year. Spearheading the offense will be running back Tim Gavin and wideout extrordinaire Rick Totsh. Senior QB Remi Benkowski will direct traffic in this balanced offensive attack. This year's offensive hne, which combines size, strength, speed and

depth, should be one of the finest in recent memory. TTie "Mojo" defense is an experienced and ferocious group that provides the backbone of the Hawks championship team. Anthony Ragona will help make tackles on the hne. Stuffing up the middle and leading the team will be middle-linebackers Tom Janas and Mark "Coon" Cameron. The defensive backfield, led by Tim Strauts and Totsh, looks to grab many interceptions and to make bonecrunching hits. The Hawks' extreme talent and dedication will hopefully propel the team back to the

State Championship where they can defend their title. They have been working hard all year to meet that goal. No matter what happens the team will compete with Hawk pride and prove that nothing is beyond determination. The Hawks have many challenging games ahead of them. Games that aim to be exciting are these against the speedy Evanston, tough Waukegan, as well as the Homecoming game against the Maine West Warriors. It looks to be an exciting year for the Hawks, so come on out and watch the Maine South Hawks defend their state championship title.

Hawk golf team shoots for state This years Hawk Golf team should follow the Maine South tradition of excellence and display a plethora of talent. There is a high skill level on this team as many golfers return. Mike Kraft and his excellent driving abilty will be an extra bonus for the Hawks. Matt

Simpson will lead the team emotionally as well as on the scorecard. Brad Galvin returns to the course hoping to repeat his execellent season last year. Brian Johnson will also try to make his way to a conference championship. The Hawk golfers will also look to

Juniors Matt Makula and Tim Magnuson to compete for the conference championship. The Hawks will try to compensate for the loss of Stino MiUto and Terry Wittek as they strive for personal and team glory. Come on out and watch the Hawks compete.

Cross-country outruns competition by George Hartman Despite the departure of many seniors, the 1996 Maine South Cross Country team looks to the upcoming season with confidence. Lead by the strong legs of All-Confrence runners Paul Berke, Bryan Dayton, and Joe Guest, the team captured the confrence title

for the third year in a row last season. The Hawks have been practicing long hours this summer to fill the large shoes left for them. With their hard work and dedication they look to successfully defend their title as confrence champs. In the front of the pack for the Hawks will

be two powering seniors, Ted Gayford and George Hartman. Junior Tim Zei will also contribute to the team. The Hawks have many challening meets this year, including Deerfield, Highland Park and Maine West. The Hawks look forward to many great victories and appreciate your support.

Soccer looks for post-season success by Nick Georgipoulos One memory remains in the mind of the Maine South Soccer team: the loss to Evanston in the Super Sectional Final. This year the Hawks want to avenge this loss and advance to the state playoffs where they rightfully belong. To make this a CSL North powerhouse, old starters and new faces will have to step up to the challenge. Five senior starters left Wilson Field for brighter pastures. At the defensive end, Kurt Kuempel will have large shoes to fill at goahe, with Mike Semel gone. In front of the stellar goalie will be a new revamped defense. Returning starters include Mike Talaga and Kevin "Mini-Tank" Murphy. The offense will continue to have a potent scoring barrage from returning forwards Erik Kuever and Thomas Buszydlo. Backing them up is All-State sensation Mike Krull. The Hawks will rely on the strong foot

of Krull to produce many goals. The Hawks will have the chance to prove their power this season against such teams as New Trier,

Tim (iavin ruas for the Hawk?,.

Niles West and Evanston as they look forward to a chance to advance deep into postseason play and compete for the state title.

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Vol 33 issue 1