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Our Town' slated for production vided into three acts: the first is about a day in a small town; Act II I Owl Totm, this year's all-school is about the awareness of love and Iplay will be shown on February 25, marriage; the last act is about life 26, and 27 at 8 p.m. in the Maine and death." He also added that tne South auditorium. Bij KaXihLz Voo

play is not sad even though it is about death, but instead it shows love and how much you should appreciate each day of your life.

OLLI Town will be staged as the original, without any scenery. The student director is BethAnn Karabin, with Shannon Vincent and Mike Heitzman in the leading roles of Emily and George.

"OuA ToMn is one of the two or three finest plays of the century," said Mr. Donald Martello, director. "The play changed the course of American theater." "The show is well cast which will provide overall enjoyment for the audience," added BethAnn Karabin, student director. The English Department gave the idea for choosing this play because the sophomore classes were reading it. Oux Tomi was performed at Maine South a few years ago but with a limited audience because the play was done in the summer. This time it will be videotaped and cuttings will be used by the English classes. They will also show dress rehearsals to the junior high schools. The stage manager Ted Bales steps • Mr. Martello said, "The play is in as the minister at George (Mike ^full of humor and romance. It is di- Heitzman) and Emily's (Shannon Vin-

cent) wedding in the annual School Play Oui Tt'icil.

Rules tightened Bij Sci^xah Langdcn

Annie'plans Aniiie. Ge,t Vour Gun,



broadway musical, will be presented April 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, and May 1 in the auditorium. Mr. Loyd Spear, music department chairman, said that Annie- Ga.t Voux Gun was chosen because "it's completely different from anything we have ever done before. It's lighterhearted than past musicals and we wanted to get into a lighter vein this year. It also involves a lot o" iids and will give more people ar jpportunity to get involved in music and drama." Aiiiue Get Voux Gun is the story of Annie Oakley, a female sharp-


advance shooter in Buffalo Bill's side show in the early 1900's. "There's No Business Like Show Business" and "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" are some of the popular songs in the musicaj. When asked if the play will be a success, Mr. Spear said, "We've never had a bad one yet, and I hope they'll continue to be as good. tiaine South has a fine orchestra, "id dancers, and plenty of darn yuuu singers, it should be a real fun show for everyone, not only for those watching, but for everyone involved on stage and backstage."

Starting next fall dropping a fifth subject will be wery difficult for students. "When students drop a class, the size of the class drops with them and we would like to operate more full classes," said Mr. Bonney, Chairman of Counselors. 'We can't afford to hire the teachers and get the rooms and then have students drop the course. Choosing a course should be a firm commitment." Mr. Bonney found that students are dropping subjects either because their work load is too heavy or the student does not put enough effort into the class. The principal and assistant principal are working on a definite plan to make it more difficult to drop a fifth solid. Mr. Bonney said one possible plan is to shorten the current quarter limit for dropping a solid, or to include the department chairman, principal, and the counselor in deciding whether or not to let the student drop the class.

Hawkettes win awards, compete in state The Maine South Hawkettes competed at the Badgerette Clinic last November 8 at Mundelein High School. The girls won first place for doing their dance routine, second place for speed learning, and fourth place for their originality routine. The Badgerette Clinic is sponsored by a group of pompor girls from the University of Wisconsin. Barbara Bobrich, Hawkettes spon-

sor, defines speed learning as "Doing a routine after learning it in only a few minutes. It is a real test of squad discipline and attention. " This February 13 the Hawkettes will be competing against 65 other teams in the Palatine Invitational. During the Invitational the varsity Hawkettes will do a 6-8 minute show consisting of their V-Show act with

extra modifications added. They will also perform their novelty act to the music of "Physical", dance to the song "On Broadway", and do a kickline to "Keep on Steppin'". The Frosh-Soph Hawkettes will do a novelty act with the song "Sentimental Journey" at the Invitational. Depending on their success, the Hawkettes might enter the state contest this March 13.

News Briefs AGING TOPICS Speakers from the staff of the Older Adult Services Program of Parkside Human Services Corporation are available to speak to schools, clubs, and other organizations on a variety of topics about older people To request a speaker phone 6965578. COUNCIL FILMS A T/tree Stoogu Shcfut and Mel Brooks' T/ie TweZvt Cha^u w i l l be shown in the auditorium t o night f o r the annual Student Council Film Night. Tickets are Si and the f i r s t showing w i l l be at 7 p.m., with a possible second show at 9. HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP Applications are now being accepted f o r Lutheran General Hospital Service League'sHealth Career Scholarships. The hospit a l ' s Service League w i l l aware $10,000 worth of scholarship funds to q u a l i f y i n g high school graduates who intend to pursue a health career. For more i n formation, see Mr. Reese in the CRC. flENAGERIE DUE Mauie Menageiie, the student l i t e r a r y magazine, w i l l be d i s t r i b u t e d in a couple of weeks. Poetry and prose are being accepted i n V-106 f o r the t h i r d and f i n a l issue. POND DANGEROUS students should not go on or even near the pond because it never completely freezes over, said Mr. Kenneth Reckiewitz, assistant principal. The pond does not freeze because hot water from the boiler motors is fed into the pond. Mr. Reckiewicz said that the school is not trying to impose another rule, but to protect the students. page 2

A few members of Concert Strings gather to plan their trip to trie U of I where the group will perform at the annual String Consortium.

From left are: trie Anderson, June Gaudreault, Mimi Hadawi, Robin Caithamer, Carol Burswold and Karen Dannenhauer.

State Scholars announced

N i n e t y - f i v e Maine South students have been named as A l l State Scholars by the I l l i n o i s Scholarship Commission. The scholarship commission has i d e n t i f i e d over 10,000 students as 1982-83 I l l i n o i s State Scholars according to t h e i r examination scores and high school academic record. More than 37,255 students entered the competition by taking the American College Testing examination l a s t spring. A11 State Scholars w i l l receive a C e r t i f i c a t e of Merit from the Commission which i d e n t i f i e s them as having high academic achievement while in high school. A d d i t i o n a l l y , the Scholars are i d e n t i f i e d to the s t a t e ' s newspaper, r a d i o , t e l e v i s i o n and General Assembly members. A l though the scholars do not d i r e c t l y receive monetary assistance from ISSC, they are nonetheless highly recruited by colleges and u n i v e r s i t i e s who may in turn o f f e r scholarship awards. The winners from Maine South are: Janet Ady, Steven A k i d e i , Jeanie An, '•'ayne Auge, Gail Baldoni, Michael Dauer, Mary Bel f o r d , Alfonso B e l l o , Sarah Bixby, David Bors, Marisa Bott a r i , J u l i e Broeckl, Mark Buranosky, Beata Burger, Carol Byrne, Dennis Cagney, Molly Carpenter, Stephanie

Chun, Cynthia Coltman, William Crosson, Peter C u r t i s , Stephen Delano, Michael Denzel, John Duffy, Douglas F i d d l e r , James Fogarty, John Frenzel Gregory Gebhart, Mitchell Gerdisch, Ana Gonzalez, Daniel Greising, Dani e l Guerin, J u l i a Hahn, Michael Hainey, Mary Helmick, Scott Hendron, Karen Hofeldt, Stephen Hupp, Nancy Irvine, Christy Johnson, Barbara Joyce, Alexander Kaminsky, David Kathan, Barbara Kazmierczak, James Kemmler, B n g i d Kennedy, John Kohler B i l l K o t i s , Daniel Krampitz, Dale Kuntz, Donald Lemersal, J u l i e Locascio, Jeanne Manos, James Marczyk, Sandra M a r t e l l , Steven Mattes,Christina Mayer, Susan McLendon, Paula Meyer, Amy Michuda, Timothy M i l l e r , Scott M o r e t t i , Deborah Nelson, Erin 0 Connor, Curtis Oddo, Laura Olson, Steven Paulik, Ronald P e j r i l , Janet P i a t t , Steve Poklop, John Port, Patr i c i a Pudlo, Robert Reese, Chryssa Regas, Thomas Rhode, Charles Roer, Edwart Rogowski, Craig Rowley, Wendy Rusch, William Savage, A n n S e i d e l , Deborah Schwartz, Anastasia Sizopoul o s , Francis Smith, Lyn SooHoo, Theresa Springer, Sandra T i b e r i , Robert T r u l l , Robert Verbruqqhe, Laurel Walj t e r s , Laura Weaver, Richard Whalen,! Robert White, Anne Wilkas, Karen Yates

Youth officers added as security bi/ LaLiiit


Three security officers have been added this year at Maine South after .being approved by District 207. No |i-particular incident provoked the additional security, but now the level is up to that of the other two Maine schools. These officers are: Bob Lowen, a Youth Officer for the Park Ridqe Police Department; Bob Kristie, a graduate of Maine South, working on his degree; and Bob France, a student at University of Chicage Circle Campus. All three are Park Ridge police-

Doctor $a

men who are specially trained in adolescent problems. Off duty from their regular police jobs, they work at Maine South for 6h hours a day. Two of the three are on at a time during the day, in addition to Maine South's regular officer. Captain Ben Dryer. Mr. Andrew Bitta, dean of students said, "We have never had security in the halls as adequately as we have now. We didn't have enough people to maintain security before in a building of this size." Mr. Bitta added, "The security officers are totally visible. They

are not undercover." The officers follow the same procedures as a teacher would when a student is breaking a rule: write a behavior report. If a student is caught in a serious, illegal act, the officer does have the power to arrest the student, but usually will get the approval of Mr. Bitta. Mr. Kenneth Reczkiewicz, assistant principal, explained, "An overwhelming percentage ot parents would probably agree to having security in school. The second reason is to keep out trespassers who might want to violate our building security."

onlwloin/ with fo/dnoting Fiction


tliose who'stay uc l a t e on Sunday:^ nights are mat doing h<5mework; they ' are watching "Doctor Who." I t is a B r i t i s h fantasy-science f i c t i o n pro- ; (jram following a clever and coura- : geous "tiine l o r d , " najiied "Doctor," ;• on his adventures through time and space. Entertaining p l o t s dnd excellent settings and acting inakeop the program's appeal. "The f i r s t time you see i t , you thint; i t ' s kinda s t u p i d , but you want to see i t again. The second time, you don^t know why you : l i k e i t , and by the fourth or f i f t h • time, you c a n ' t miss i t , " cwnroented senior. Donna Koestler, "Coctor Who"j appears c h i l d i s h at f i r s t w i t h creat u r e s , s e t t i n g s , and events that are ': Obvioysly improbable. I t is designed: for children who do not question what they see, and also i t is more concerned w i t h people's reaction to : events ,,,rather,;tfteoh-..-•

Sttijdent tells of fun in by Laina Coyne "Instead of living with one family like most AFS students, I had the experience of living with two families in Finland," said Peter Curtis, exchange student. "Finland is bordered by Russia, Sweden, and Norway. The country is green and hilly with lots of ponds and lakes. The people of Finland spoke Finnish and Swedish, but my families spoke English fairly well, so communication was not a problem." "My first family lived in a industrial town with about 23,000 people. My second family lived in the capital city of Helsinki, with ^ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 people." IP "My families, who happened to be ^" cousins, owned a 29 acre estate. The house, which was a mansion, contained 22 rooms. An oven was placed

The program's reoccurring themes center on the value of human l i f e and the triuroph o f good over e v i l . : What makes the program: so i n t e r e s t :•: ing are the special e f f e c t s . They are not the gaudy-spectacular "Batt l e s t a r Galatica" e f f e c t s , but o r i g : i n a l creatures and monsters, a mechanical dog, K-9, which was a t a l k i n a : mobile computer and occasionally : an exploding planet. Itore than the e f f e c t s and s t o r y : l i n e many viewers a t t r i b u t e the show's p o p u l a r i t y to the charisma : and acting a b i l i t y of the Doctor, : c u r r e n t l y Tom Baker. Baker's p o r t r a :: yal of t h i s hero, who saves planets .: and people in every program, b a l ,: ances his wealth o f knowledge and : experience with ad" a i r o f naivete : and c u r i o s i t y . He iS; an i n t e l l e c t u a l •: hero: depending on his w i t s , know•• edge and experience: rather than X.physical- iskill.s,. thus making him fi^f^i^iy^^^^ cm page iix.


in each room to keep it warm. I stayed there for about two weeks., and the best thing about it was that you could just sit around and relax, There were cooks and maids to do everything for you." "One interesting difference between Finland and America was the teenagers, especially thier mode of dress. They appeared to be living irthe 50's, because they wore their hair greased, and they wore leather pants and jackets. Their favorite music, however, was British punk." "The food I ate was not too different from the food in America. We ate raw fish and elk, and we had potatoes at every meal. Food was very important to the people; they took their meals seriously." "In my spare time, I went swimming and water-skiing. I also spent

time sight-seeing and going to art museums. I also saw the Ca stle of St. Olaf which was 500 yea And it was as big and dark a rs old. pected." s I expage 3


to the


Unidentified students: Who are you wonder what effect I might have had VeofL Editor: upon the few thousand students who A popular song asks "Who are you?" The question is a pertinent one, for have sat in my classes throughout my we all face it, in one way or an- career. A few return with specific other, every day of our lives. "Who thanks for something I might have given them, but I will never know am I, really?" We ask, "What kind of person do I aspire to be? Where do I how far the "ripples" extend. fit in among the billions of people'More important, though, is the and trillions of creatures with whom privilege of watching an endless I share this planet and this time? parade of young people, all strugWhat mark will I leave upon the gling with the same question--Who am world, the community, the school, my I? There is nothing more exciting circle of friends, or my family? for a teacher than to watch students Will they be better for my having "find" themselves and grow into an been here? When I am gone, will I awareness of the role they will play have made any ripple in the current in the infinte variety of life. of human affairs?" Conversely, there is nothing more As a teacher, I find the question upsetting than to watch people reespecially poignant for two reasons. fuse to accept the challenge of facFrom a purely selfish point of view, ing up to who they are. Some stuit is only natural that I should dents are simply numb to the ques-

MS discuss M-Club equality " I f the boys can get recognition f o r t h e i r v a r s i t y l e t t e r , why c a n ' t the g i r l s ? " was the question asked of SoutluwicLi. South students were asked f o r t h e i r ideas: Eric Mueller, ' 8 3 , commented, " I t h i n k that g i r l s deserve the same opportunities that the boys get. I f the g i r l s can play the same s p o r t s , they should be rewarded e q u a l l y . " Karen Olson s a i d , " I t h i n k i t would be great! I t w i l l give the g i r l s the same opportunity that the guys get. We deserve i t ! Matt K u f f e l , ' 8 4 , s a i d , " I bel i e v e that i f they want one they should have one, but i t should not i n t e r f e r e with boys' M-Club." Miss Kathryn Pierce and Mr. Bernard Brady, physical education department chairpersons voiced t h e i r opinions: Mr. Brady s a i d , " I t would be fine w i t h me i f the g i r l s had a M-Club, but i t should be one where the g i r l s

page 4

are more involved. The boys' M-Club has only a few a c t i v i t i e s during the year, the M-Club against the f a c u l t y game and going to one of the B u l l s ' games." Miss Pierce s t a t e d , " I r e a l l y feel the g i r l s are capable of having a M-Club as long as i t serves a purpose. I t ' s hard to have a M-Club when the most busiest people i n the school are the ones on a sport and don't have much time to devote to another a c t i v i t y . " Sue Rushford, '83 s a i d , "Why not? We deserve i t - j u s t so we don't have to go through the same i n i t i a t i o n as the guys." Barb Muluaney, '85 s a i d , " G i r l s deserve a M-Club j u s t as much as the boys because the g i r l s work j u s t as hard!" Pat Reninges, '83 s a i d , " I think g i r l s deserve a M-Club because the; do the same sports boys do, and thev work j u s t as hard."

t i o n , spending the day l e t t e r i n g , ^ cheating on quizzes, w r i t i n g g r a f ( B f i t i on desks, or r i d i c u l i n g a n y o n ^ with (or without) an a l l i g a t o r on his s h i r t . Others are suspicious of the question, p r e f e r r i n g to skulk under the comforting blanket of anonymity and mediocrity."Who are you?" l i f e asks them, and they answer "Who wants t o know?" You have to look hard to f i n d them, f o r t h e y ' r e somewhere i n the middle of the gray blur passing in the h a l l . Don't bother looking i n the fieldhouse, or the drama wing, or the music practice rooms, or a t any of the club meetings. Look i n the school newspaper. They're the ones who i n s i s t on being i d e n t i f i e d as ' 8 2 , or ' 8 3 , o r , most f r i g h t e n i n g l y , 1984. They w i l l never leave a r i p p l e , f o r t h e y ' r e a f r a i d of gett i n g wet. Just once, I ' d l i k e to meet Name Withheld By Request. "Who are you?" I ' d say. Then I ' d shake his/her hand I ' l l bet i t ' s c o l d .

Stnceiely, T. R.

The Winning joke i s . . . How many Chicagoans does it take to park a car? I don't know. Seven. One to steer the car and six to move the chairs. Ml. T.R. Kdith, EyigtiAh ttachiA, mn $75 MUh tliU joke. In the. Cktcagq^ TfLtbane. Chicago Joke. Co^tte^t.

D^ oC^n^ ^crt^.„ je t'airrte... To o m o . . . /Invo To Carolyn: Be mine. Marc. To Jill: Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy Valentine's Day! Love always, Patty Patrice E.--Happy Valentine's Day, cutie! From the person with the ugly face whom you have to look at every day in lunch. To Kris: Happy Valentine's Day! (You're such a prep.) Love always, Patty. Happy Valentine's Day to a bunch of Hosers—You know who you are. Love, Diane. To Hedi: I miss Library 5b. Ha-Ha. Happy V-Day. Love always, Patty. To Mugs: Happy Valentine's Day, cutie! Me (I did this to drive you nuts!) From one crazy-mixed up to another--I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Lucy L. Lips, Have a good V.D. Got to quit hitting those rabbits. We've gad a lot of good times together. Don't let your teddy get raped! From Peaches Carolyn S.--Thanks for being such a great friend! Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! Your Munch Partner. To Chicken Legs: I love you. Love, Dumbo Ears. BJ--Ooh! A Bird! A Fowl! I will Be my Valentine PDB! TWK. never let you live that down. I hope Clyde, Thanks for saving my neck! lall your dov.-n-to-earth dreams come You're a great guy and an excellent 'true. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle (In friend. Looking forward to our next Florida!) BK P.S. Happy V.D.! mission! Happy Valnetine's Day! Love Squishbom--Happy V-Day! Love, Man- Always, Bonnie. ny Hans, Que pasa? Pa-lease by my M-G., S.M.K., and M.G.T.—Happy valentine! I love ya, Spaz. Valentine's Day to my fellow e.h.'s! Ruth: Hang onto that man. He loves Love, AMA you. Happy V-Day! Di. Irish Guidi--Happy V-Day! Love, Wrestlerettes and Miss Wright-Manny Happy Valentines Day. We love you-Mimi—Gilder will rock--M.G. wrestlers and coaches. Gerard- You're one very special Happy Valentine's Day to Mer and person- Happy Valentine's Day. Love Paul. Love, Cupid. always, Maria. Laura Mulopolous: Gym is great Timmy, Happy Valentine's Day. Love without you! No ,iust kidding, Let's always and forever, Jennifer. get together soon! Pooh Robbie & Paula, Wishing you both a Mark K.: You're kind, sweet and Happy V.D. w/Steve & Bob. Love, Mee. generous. Happy V-Day. Guess Who Erich, Tom, and Kirk: Thanks for TJ: Flash me those baby blues gorthe fun at finals. Stop over somegeous. Happy Valnetine's Day! Love time. Felicia, Kathy, and Barb. ya--MCB. To Guys' Swim Team: It's been a Andy: Happy Valentine's Day. Love fun but wet season! Good Luck in 3M. districts and state. Love always. Jim: Have a lousy Valentine's Day. Your manager. From--Kathy, Barb, Felicia. Honey--if you get me a Delorean To Everyone at S.P.Y.: Happy Valfor Valentine's Day, I'll get us a entine's Day. See you Monday night. waterbed! Love, a Canadian. Felicia, Kathy, and Barb. Jennifer: Love is being with you, Sir Larry Lahart: That laugh has so be my Valentine. Love, Michael. to go. Happy V.D Peaches. To PDB: Love is Tom and Patty. To Curl 63-Chicken Legs-Prep-SlobLove, TWK. Jock-and the other Greek: You are Pj To The Gang: Power to the Gang 82! the best even though you are a litJones tle weird. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Your Giggley, gossipey friends Tigs! Happy V-Day. Love ya tons! From, Tig. P.S. It's really not gossip.

To all my kids. Have a wonderful Valentines Day! Go for it all! It kwas fun, we had a good time! Love, rMom (M.J.S.) To: Spud, Poochie, Diane, and Ami E. Thanks for being there, and for being such good friends. Love ya much, M.J. To Chew and Andy: Life sometimes sucks the big wad, but hana on. One day we all will find the right one. Happy V-Day, Shirley Bird Lee, Let's get physical, horizontally. Love ya. Baby

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"""1 •Soft«V bvrr

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Cheerio--take care friend! Love, Manny Scott--Are you sure you don't have gills? Keep up the good work, swimmer. Deb Baby There, Stay on the phone some more, maybe one day we will be connected. Happy V-Day. Love you always Baby Here Dear Sue Holsen, Thanks for a lot of good times. Love, the Maine South Varsity Football team Bon, Tort, Annette--Happy V-Day you Ethnic Hosers--Love, Guids Evie: We've been through a lot. Hope it works out for you. Go for it. Happy Valentine's Day. Love ya. Guess Who? (I always laugh no matter what.) page 5

leh liebe dieh... KC: You're a great sis! Take it easy. HVD Love ya, Erin To Freshman Soccer Team: We have you covered. Secret Admirers To: Mike, Dave, Steve, Katrin,' Steve, Steve, Bob, Wally, Mike, Ken, Crist, Dan, Tom, Bill, John, Andy, Charlie, my "brother" George, and, Diane...who called me a hooligan! Maureen F.--Lots of french fries coming up soon--Happy V-Day! Love, Man To: Judith, Nance, and Carol Jean, you three will always be the greatest!!! Have a Happy V-Day! Cris Carmody: Happy Valentine's Day. To Barb: I can't; I'm sick. 1 love you. Happy Valentines day! Love Erich To Donna J. I'm gonna cry. I love you. Happy Valentines Day! Love, Erich To Felicia: I can't. I'm on the Raggedy Ann. I love you! Happy Valentines Day. Love, Erich To Patti: Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Erich To Chris and Fran: I'll love you always. Happy Valentine's Day! Love always, Erich Dan Connolly,"The Heart that loves is always young"--You're a shining star in my "Eyes." John & Charlie is their name, and physics is their game! Happy V.D., guys. Love- Mee Laurie, why don't we go "hop on babes" and "parallel park!" H.V.D. Mr. Bentall, Happy Valentines Day! Love, "your favorite student" p.s.Bald is beautiful! Annette, He's in this week-end. Wish me a great one! Have a physical week-end! Laura Dear Donna Juhlin: Your ignorance is not only exceeded by your height. Get physical.--Love, me. El lie. Space, Pita; Somebody loves you! (Loda) Happy V-Day! Janyt: Happy V-D, B-day you sexy thing! To a quite lustful week-end! Guess who! Lake Perch, I'll love you now anc forever; Lots! Happy Valentines Day. Mee p. Butterscotch Bomber--Happy Birthday! Can we play tag on foot next time? Love, Woman Driver Mojo--Keep testing the bounds of reality (but not on me!). Je t' aime Love, me. Daughter Pork--Have a great Valentine's Day. Love, Momma Porky. Cannibal ^Always & forever! SMB Uncle Gordy--Huggies, Kissies, and Lovies t o o , a l l on Valentine's Day f o r you! Bearin and Wooz Michael, Happy Valentine's Day. 1 love you.--Jenny page 6

S'agapo Wooz: You're great, Kiddo! HVD and thanx! 4ever, Bear Mike: HVD! Thanx, Love y a , Erin J u n e G . : Happy Sweet 16! Thanks f o r being there! Nanci To Nancy, Mary, and Jeanine--Happy V-day! Love, Your Big Orch Sis The Bers and Porky: Happy V-day to the best friends in the world! I love ya a l l ! Have a great day. Love, Krisber. D.O.: Oh w e l l , huh? Lee: Happy Valentine's Day to the best f r i e n d anyone could have! Love, Porky. BB: Happy Valentine's Day. CJ Kimmer: What's brown and f l o a t s ? or how about--one of these faces j u s t does not belong! Love, Your fel low ordinary. L.J.R.: Thanks f o r being such a great f r i e n d . Just remember, whatever your decision is "Go f o r i t ! " You know I wish the best f o r you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, oaf Writing S t a f f : Be my bloody valent i n e ! Beth and Wendy Amy H.: Thanks f o r always being there. You're a real sweetie. Good luck with you-know-who. Happy Valent i n e ' s Day. Love, Carol. Tony B.: To you, there's a l o t I can say, but not i n here. So, w e ' l l s e t t l e f o r t h i s : Happy V-Day, and l e t ' s go to Mother's. Guess Who? Steve: She's so cute! Happy V-Day! Love, Your Favorite Sister To J u d i t h , Nance, and Carol Jean: You three w i l l always be the greate s t ! Have a happy V-Day. Keep jammin' ! Love, the Sax to your l e f t . Hint: Selmer Rules. L.J.--Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope you l i k e your f l o w e r s . - - R . S . Kid, Most Valentines are red. But t h i s year t h e y ' l l be blue. While I'm away s k i i n g , I w i l l be thinkinq_i)f i(j_nt you. Love y a ' , Mom

nm ini^i kil/lt@(Ri To Terry and Nina and to Terry, Nina, Amy, and the gang: Happy Valentine's Day! Love always, Erich Minsk, Bonz, Gleeny in a B o t t l e , Kramps, and everyone else except Dave: This year would not be the same without y ' a l l . Happy Valentines Day! Love, P and T Puds T r i s h , you won! You and your guest w i l l f l y to the Great White North, spending 6 nights and 7 days in the McKenzie Hotel. In your spare time you w i l l play Beerhunter, t a l k to Elron and Ralph. You w i l l dine at Peter's Donuts and enjoy the luxury. Consider yourself lucky. Take o f f , eh, Hosehead Roger Cup says, " H i ! " He said that there is t h i s guy who came from over there! Happy Valentine's Day! Your Couz Danny, Timmy, and Eric--Thank you f o r making me feel l i k e "one of the guys." A l l three of you are very sweet. Thanks f o r your f r i e n d s h i p . Take care. Love, Debbie


Remember CJ* Teddy, Happy V.D. not to walk in a barber shop s a y i n g ^ j l Baah and leaning your l e f t shoulder; ler;>iJ7 To Cooh Cooh Karen, Mee Mee, and you might get some wrestlers a f t e r Paula Jaula: Happy Valentine's Day you! Guess Who? from the Banana--only 4 more months!

Ulotoh Doctor Ulho /undoy night cyi-L^tnat'rf ,vti,rtif f-'agc scu-": rsore i n t e r e s t i n g and unique than jtcdfrrn heros. Baker's persona} addii^ons of a hat and 17 f o o t lomj iniiTiiticolored scarf add e c c e n t r i c i t y and risveal the trejnendous itnaqinaticin of ;:the character he portrays, • The Doctor represents a code of :hon:QrT almost Tost in a inGdem world sine which values goodness and human :^ife aibove everything. Atthqogftx'^^a&tor Wh<3*' has becoiae

pof>u]ar r e c e n t l y , 11 h^^iiiife^^^SsHbii^i in the eh:ica:go area STnc«:::i§74: • •• JnB r i t e i n , however, "Qoctor Who" is in Its seventeen:th::year and is con^; side red one o f ; the .BBC's inost pcjpyi: t a r programs. TQfB.gafccr, the fourth' actor to play, the r o l e , w i l l soon W repTaced:by: Peter Davison f o r the up-coming s-eason. i.'H SiisidiUji on. Chasmet Tl and


Special effects attract concert bij Vdbbid


Concerts are among the f a v o r i t e ^ a c t i v i t i e s of today's youth. Randy Snodell, ' 8 2 , who used to work at Rosemont Horizon, commented, "Any show that is w i l d , loud, f l a s h i n g , and o u t - o f - t h e - o r d i n a r y tends to be a more popular show." He went on to say that bands use smoke, f l a s h p o t s , explosions, and sparkling l i g h t s . The group Queen used mirrors as an e f f e c t at t h e i r concert, while Black Sabbath has used four foot flames to enhance t h e i r concert. A f t e r Ozzy Osborne l e f t Black Sabbath, his popularity

dwindled. In order to a t t r a c t the fans again, he used gimics l i k e b i t ing the head o f f of a dove on stage. Performers l i k e these were described by Randy as "showmen." At t h i s type of concert, a wide range of ages show up. Children of seven and eight can be seen along with adults in t h e i r 20's and older. The stunts the showmen produce "give kids an u n r e a l i s t i c view of l i f e , but f o r adults i t ' s OK. I t ' s purely entertainment," remarked Randy. What makes any concert, with or without gimics, a good one? B i l l Mel o y , ' 8 3 , claims i t i s "the atmosphere in the conrprt h a l l . " fWhat

voo Come "n^ TrtEse corit^sftrs? /



was in the atmosphere, he did not say.) Chris Serio, '83, agreed, "The people make it fun." Dave Lemonier, '83, explained, "You need a good group with loud sound free of mechanical problems and a good light show." The success of a concert "depends on who you are with," says Colleen Dempsey, '83. According to Judi LeMay, '83, "A lot of it is the audience participation and if you can tell the band really enjoys being there." Beside the obvious fact that a performer's music is the main reason to hear it done live, concert goers know the impact special effects can have along with the liveliness of the audience present.

reviewed by Laafvie. WaLtQAi> The Police performed at the Rosemont Horizon Monday, February 1 to a sold-out audience of 18,000, the largest audience The Police has ever played t o . The group's performance was an impressive combination of new and old m a t e r i a l . They started out the set with "Sending Out an SOS" and then r o l l e d i n t o t h e i r recent h i t s i n g l e , "Every L i t t l e Thing She Does Is Magic." comes from many years of success in Other songs which highlighted the the acting profession. concert were "Roxanne," an-old f a v Hepburn is as spunky as you would o r i t e , and " S p i r i t s in the Material expect her to be. At times she's exWorld" o f f t h e i r l a t e s t album Ghost traordinarily beautiful as she hops in the Machine. and prances about the screen. For a powerful encore. The Police Fonda plays the role of the redid a medley o f t h e i r best music, tired professor gracefully, although sometimes during the movie you get including "Don't Stand So Close to Me." the feeling that he is thinking of Not j u s t a mere studio r e p e t i t i o n something else. o f an album, the concert was an exJane Fonda as Chelsea, the daughc i t i n g , professional performance i n ter, gives a nice performance. Her cluding the special e f f e c t s of dry part of the movie, however, should ice and good l i g h t i n g . have been enlarged. Her scenes with The lead group f o r The Police was her father are few and far between. the Go-Gos, and a l l g i r l band from On Goldtn Pond, while showing the C a l i f o r n i a . The Go-Gos gave an enproblems of growing old and the cone r g e t i c show f e a t u r i n g the h i t s "Our flict with youth at the same time, Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got the tells the beuaty of life and should Beat" o f f t h e i r album Beauty and the be experienced by all. Beat. The rowdy, punked-out audience Movie note: I saw P.ixvate Leiion^ last weekend. Only one word is ap- joined in the concert, screaming, s i n g i n g , and dancing to the music. plicable--Yuck! page 7

'On Golden Pond' worth seeing btj KoAtn Vcit(L.i

When I went to see On Golden Pond a few days ago, the first thing that struck me was the amazing simplicity of the film. No twisty bus-plots, nc clumsy, heavy-handed dialogue are to be found--just fine, solid acting by Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda. The movie concerns an elderly couple (Fonda and Hepburn), who have to come to grips with family problems and ultimately face growing old at their vacation cottage on Golden Pond. The relationship between Norman and Billy, the soon-to-be grandson, in the central passages of the movie is predictable, but the fine acting enables the movie to transcend the predictability. As a result, the Tiovie glows with a kind of inner ra^ diance that is rarely found in films today. Hepburn and Fonda both move this film gently along with an ease that



Saudi Arabia: 'IHome Sweet Home?' I O**

No, t h i s i s not another AFS story but a day in the l i f e of a Saudi Arabian. My brother, who happens to be a chemical engineer in Saudi Arabia, recently wrote me to f i l l me in on the other side of the world. Of the many differences between the Arabs and the Americans, the rel a t i o n s h i p between men and women is perhaps the strangest. For example, when a family e n t e r t a i n s , the men and women are always segregated-unless the couple is married. Men and women are not to show the s l i g h t e s t a f f e c t i o n f o r each other i n p u b l i c - - h o l d i n g hands i s even bad. Also, single men and single women should not appear together in p u b l i c . I f they are caught together, the man can be j a i l e d , and the woman can be sent back to l i v e with her mother and f a t h e r . This does not always happen, though. " I t depends on what mood the policemen are i n . " My brother i n s i s t s the women of Saudi Arabia are not looked upon as i n f e r i o r , but when I consider the following t h i n g s , I , personally, tend to wonder. For example, women can onlv assume certain jobs, such as, nursing or teaching. Staying home with the children is a woman's main f u n c t i o n . Women are, a l s o , supposed to wear v e i l s when outdoors--for the sake of modesty. Plus, a women must always cover her upper arms; "Men f i n d them offensive f o r some reason." Men, however, apparently don't f i n d polygamy (having several wives) o f f e n s i v e , because each man in Saudi Arabia is allowed up to four wives. However, the present wives must agree to a new one before the man can marry her, (how t h o u g h t f u l . ) Furthermore, a man can divorce his wife by merely saying " I divorce




Today's super sleuth is a senior boy. He has English seventh period and gym eighth period. In English he is constantly sharing books with people because he has forgotten his own. He chews gum a l l the time and can usually be seen wearing Nikes and oxford s h i r t s . He also has been accepted to a m i l i t a r y school. He went to grammar school at Washington school. I f you know who the mystery person i s , come to V106 with your guess and the f i r s t three people who guess c o r r e c t l y w i l l have t h e i r names in lext week's Sowthooidii. page 8

thee" three times i n a row, and the woman can do nothing about i t . Lastl y , women are forbidden to d r i v e . The women of Saudi Arabia o b v i ously f i n d t h i s behavior normal, f o r they know no other way of l i f e . Whereas, Americans (especially women) f i n d i t r i d i c u l o u s . On the subject of d r i v i n g , my brother comments, " I usually see at least one f a t a l accident per week, along w i t h a l o t of smaller a c c i dents. The Saudis are t e r r i b l e d r i vers; they r o u t i n e l y go through stop l i g h t s and s i g n s . " He adds that t h e i r national anthem i s r e a l l y the sound of honking horns. The main difference between Saudi Arabia and America i s , simply, that the Arabs are much more s t r i c t . F i r s t of a l l , drugs and alcohol are i l l e g a l . I f caught, Saudis are usually j a i l e d f o r a few months, and foreigners are sometimes deported. Since crime is so l i t t l e in Saudi Arabia, the judges only work p a r t time. "Businessmen sometimes do not accept c r e d i t cards or checks, so, I often see people carrying $10,000



in cash when they go buy a c a r . ' ^ ^ ' One hand in c u t - o f f f o r r o b b e r y , ^ one foot f o r arson, and you are beheaded f o r murder or adultery. Films and newspapers are rout i n e l y censored for pornography. A person can be j a i l e d f o r 1-2 months f o r t r y i n g to bring in a R-rated f i l m on video tape. A l l of these laws are based on the Koran--the Islamic equivalent to the B i b l e . Other i n t e r e s t i n g facts are: 1. Shops are open 9-11:30 am and 4-9 pm to avoid the hot hours of the day. The temperature gets up to 130 F. 2. People eat only with t h e i r r i g h t hand; i t is considered very bad manners to eat with your l e f t hand. 3. TV's don't have commercials but 20-minute prayer intermissions. 4. Men often rub noses when greeting each other. 5. And j u s t to make you feel bett e r , the price of gas ranges from 22c to 26C a g a l l o n .

fiORE MORE MORE flORE VALENTINE'S DAY MESSAGES FROn STUDENTS lo Barb: Thanks f o r being such a Barb. Love CC Cris & J i l l Want cha'to know that you guys are great friends and not j u s t acquaintances. Love, CC Corinne: One banana could never leave the bunch! Love, D.S. To more crazy hosers: Danny, Noogles, Mike, Joe. You guys are a blast and you're completely out of i t , and i t ' s great! Much happiness Always, Love Kathy, "The Hoser" Dear B r i g i d , C r i n k l e , C r i n k l e , C r i n k l e . Sounds good huh? Good luck on that and other such endeavors in the near f u t u r e . Love Barb Dear P a l , you have been one of the best things t h a t has ever happened to me. Take care. A l l my l o v e , Joy Witchy Poo Face Popsicle, Oh me! Ya know. Love from the h e a r t . . . you know who Mona, Dear me very bad! Love Cynicia Hey Judy S., Did you have fun in Iowa? How are your arms? Love, Me Mike User-Abuser H. Cute Derriere Hon! Your Loving Wife, Cync Jeano, Personally we think your gray hairs are cute! I t ' s been fun lapping with you! Love, C and K J u l e : H i ! Nancy.

Crisable and Duke: Listen to your grandmother and put your shirt on!

Nazera, Sorry I didn't write agail but you know me! You're a great and' funny friend! Don't change! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Maria Southwords, Happy Valentine's Day! Love, from a reporter who would like to remain "anonymous." Jimmy I.--Happy Valentine's Day to someone who is part soccer player, part T-Bonist, part comedian but all man! Happy Valentine's Day! Cornelius V. Joeyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Happy Valentine's Day to the only man in my life, now and forever Love, Lisa We rove you, Al! The Band. Christy "Call me Audi" Scheidt: We will be thinking about you while we are skiing. "Whale" on the Athenas! The Ski Bums: Carol, Kay, Judy, Jim, and Brad. Loverboy- You &rQ the besti Foxy Lady. To Laura and Leo: Mucho thanks to two very good friends. May this day bring you great happiness. I would never have gotten this done without you guys. Love, Cindy. SiZZLE-LlPS... Congratulations to our e d i t o r - i n ^ chief, Anne S,izopouJLo!>, f o r heW acceptance to Northwestern. Love, your s t a f f

Wrestlers compete in districts bij Bob McKuHC

The Maine South varsity wrestling ^eam will compete in the Maine West istricts tomorrow at 6 p.m. At the Jan. 23 Elmwood Park Tournament, Dave Ericson captured the first place medal and broke South's season takedown record. Bob and Dave Phillips took third at the tourney, while Jim Paulette, John Okulanis, Dan Greising, Bob McKune and Andy Skoog took fourth. At New Trier last Friday, varsity lost 47-6, JV lost, but the freshmen won. Ericson and Phillips were the only Hawks to win. At Stevenson, the varsity lost, while JV and frosh won. Ericson pinned his opponent, Bob Phillips won a superior, while McKune, Greising, and Jon Turnquest won by decisions. On JV, Andy Rubino, Tony Denardis, Neil Deichmann, and Tony Colletti

all pinned. Varisty wrestler Rich Mull ins is out for the rest of the season. Rich separated his shoulder while wrest1ing at Maine East.

Girls to host Hawk Classic The girls' basketball team will host the Hawk classic on Sat. Feb. 13. Tipoff for the first round is 1 p.m. In the first round Elmwood Park will take on Leyden and Maine South will battle Addison Trial. The losers of the first round will play a consolation game at 3 p.m., with the championship getting under way at 4:30. Coach Mike Deines looks for Leyden to be the team to beat. Deines commented on the tournament, "It's a good opportunity to tune up for

Letter to Editor investigated by


Hu/nm |

The response to the "Letter to the Editor" on the hockey team in the January 15 issue of SoutluWids was overwhelming. The Maine South administration recieved many calls dUI rom parents claiming that the hockI team should not obtain support rom Maine South and they should do something about the player's behavior and foul language. Actually, Maine South has nothing to do with the hockey team. Support is not received from Maine South. Because of this there are never announcements on the "Monday Morning Sports Report" or in the daily bulletin. There is legally nothing that Maine South can do to prevent a hockey team from calling itself a Maine South hockey team.

/ 5-iuÂŤe...uJE CAÂť0 \

Poot... HV<HT


The freshman team is now 8-4-1. Outstanding freshmen include: Chris Rivisi, who broke a freshman record, Jim Okulanis, BobGiannini, Marty Nistler, and Paul Walker.

Principal Robert G. Barker said, "The hockey team in this area which calls itself the Maine South Hockey Team has no connection with Maine South as a school. We do not manage it and we do not sponsor it." Counselor John Tyler commented, "More students should view the game of ice hockey. There's a lot more interest in it. The image of high school ice hockey is pretty well organized." Several students voiced their opinions of the team. Siobhan Keefe, '83, stated, "I think the coverage of the team should be improved because they work as hard as any other team. I think they should be sponsored by the school like other athletic teams." Wayne Auge, '82, said, "The hockey team needs more support from the school."

the last weeks of the season." Maine South will host regionals for the first time the week of March 8. The teams competing are: Maine East, Ridgewood, Ressurection, and Maine South. Deines said, "We're excited about this, (regionals). We have a good chance to accomplish our goal,(to win regionals). We are getting better every game and we're still improving." The Hawks have reason to believe they can win regionals beRessurection by only one, and to Maine East by only two. The conference has been a disappointment for the girls, with only one win in six games. This win did come recently against New Trier, so the team is showing improvement. Also three of their five conference losses were by less than four. When the hawks went up against second place Maine West, they hung close until three fourth quarter turnovers cost them the game.

Gymnasts in districts Pending the outcome of yesterday's districts, which were held at Maine South, the girls' varsity gymnastics team will take on sectionals at Niles West. Maine East, Maine West, Leyden, Oak-Park, Proviso East and Ridgewood all competed in yesterday's districts. On Feb. 4 at a conference meet held at Maine East Maine South finished 5th out of 6 teams. Michele Ryan placed 1st in conference on the balance beam. Varsity's record is 2-3 in conference. On Jan. 29 varsity beat Niles West 105-103, the highest score in Maine South's history. The freshmen and Junior Varsity won also. On Jan. 23 varsity placed 13th out of 32 teams at the Niles West Invitational. Varsity placed 25th last year and was pleased with this year's improvement. Throughout the year many strong performances have helped the team. Sue Rushford on vault, Debbie Tworek on vault, and Diana Steinhart on floor have scored consistently in the 8's. Due to deadline we are unable to cover districts. If you are interested contact a gymnast who competed. page 9

Haivk boosters psych by



There are many organizations who work behind the boys' teams at South to insure a better season. The Wrestlerettes promote enthusiasm and support for the wrestlers. They make locker taas, attend all meets, and on one occasion, decorated the boys' locker room. They provide refreshments for the wrestlers after the meet, and give the team the warm and lively support wrestling teams usually don't get. They also sponsor a Christmas banquet and a Winter Sports' banquet. Wrestler

Bob McKune said, "The Wrestlerettes provide food, sympathy, and when we win, congratulations;" The Pep Council backs many Maine South sports including soccer, football and basketball. Before all the games, they teepee players' houses. Officer Brigid Kennedy said, "I'love it when we get a earful of girls together to go teepeeing. Sometimes we can't find the house and have to ask someone." Even when the teams are losing. Pep Club backs them at every home game. Cheerleaders are an important

South plus for the teams. Basketball player Ed Schmelzer said, "We hear them^^ cheering and it keeps up our spirij^Mv when we're playing." ^^ The Hawkettes dance at halftime at all home games. They support the team and entertain the crowd. Said Christy Scheidt, "The practices are strenuous but the performances are worth it." The timers work with tha swimmers by recording times and scoring. They also support the team. Senior Steve VanSpankeren said, "There wouldn't be a meet without them."

Hawks play conference leader Evanston bif



The varsity basketball team takes on the first place Wildkats of Evanston tonight, away at Evanston High School. This is a key conference battle because a second victory over Evanston would move them up in the conference standings. The Hawks already upset the Wildkats at Maine South on Jan. 8. The team's 3-3 record in conference puts them in fourth place; behind: 4-2 New Trier, 5-1 Maine West, 5-1 Evanston. Evanston's only loss came from the hands of the Hawks. Evanston has beaten both Maine West and New Trier, while Maine South has lost to both. Consistency is the key to the Hawks future. They have beaten the best but lost to the second and third place teams. A look at a non-conference game provides more evidence that Maine

South has the talent but lack the consistency to do it every night. The team beat St. Viators, the 15th ranked team in state, who, in turn, beat New Trier. Unfortunately the basketball team has played New Trier twice in conference. They will not be able to avenge two early season

Hockey team skates in last home game bij



The hockey team finishes their Chicago Metro League play against Deerfield and Lake Forest, on the 17 and 21, respectively. Face-off for Deerfield, is 8:3C p.m. at Oakton and the final Chicago Metro League game against Lake Forest starts at 4 p.m. at Northbrook Ice Arena. The Hawks are 7-11 in conference and recently lost to second place Glenbrook North 5-1.

Conference meet to be held for swimmers bij



The Hawks' swimming season is reaching its peak. The conference meet is tomorrow at Niles West, with diving starting at 2 p.m. and the swim action starting at 7 p.m. The .Hawks finished the regular season 10-2, winning at cross-town rival Maine East, placing second in the Titan Relays, crushing Maine West, and beating Niles West. Swimmers with exceptional season records are: Jeff Stachelek, who has broken the school's 200 freestyle record, Steve Delano, Fred Palffy, Mike King, and his brother John. JV powers were Roman Berka, Brian Barry and Steve Duerkop, while promising freshmen are Pat Grage, Eric Thorson Matt Par, and Don Mech. Diver Tom Walsh also had an outstanding year. Coach John Doherty said, "I am page 10

losses. To pass the Indians at New Trier, Maine South has to keep on winning and hope New Trier loses. After a slow start, the team has begun to come together. Center Mike Sir said, "We're basically a whole new team, and we're finally blending together

very happy about this season. We've had a lot of successes, like beating Glenbrook North for the first time in the school's history. Even our losses to Evanston and New Trier were close. In all our meets, we've taken more firsts than our opponent. This is the best season we've had in the 12 years I've been here." The district meet will be held Feb. 18 at Evanston. The team appreciates fan support. In districts the Hawks will go up against two tough teams. The home team, Evanston has already beaten Maine South, and Fenwick promises to be another team that has to be dealt with. The following swimmers show the most promise to qualify for the state meet on Feb. 26, and 27; Stachelek, Delano, Mike King, John King, Mazzler, and Vanspankeren.

Against Notre Dame the Hawks took an early lead. By the beginning of the third period the score was 4 - ^ ^ in favor of the Hawks. Then the D o n i ^ of Notre Dame took over. In the last period the Dons scored six goals and only allowed the Hawks to score one goal. This left Notre Dame with a two goal victory, 7-5. With two games remaining their seventh place spot leaves them with no mathematical way to receive a play-off birth. Once again the hockey picture is one of too many injuries and penalty minutes. They will go into the state play-offs minus; urtAT coast VoO 00<M(Âť JXabtH^a BV T H E f%A>l-ftOAO STAT>OK>>


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