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southwords V d . 13, No. 6

Maine Township High School South, Park Ridge, III. 60068

Dec. 17, 1976

Monitory System Prompted by John Peters The problem of garbage on the cafeteria floor was recently reviewed by several faculty members and students and has prompted the possibility of a student monitory system which would govern ' l u n c h r o o m activity. If one was to go into the cafeteria 8th or 9th period, the custodian could be seen pushing the debris on the floor into one huge pile and then scooping it up with shovels in order to dispose of it. When asked why there Aas so much garbage on the floor, one custodian replied. The kids here don't appreciate the school." He later added. I wish I couldve gone to a school like this. It's a nice school, and I hate to see it going downhill. I couldn't sit and eat here. It would turn my stomach over." •Another custodian slated. 'The kids don't care, and the teachers don't watch em. If the teachers did their job, this (the garbage) wouldn't be here," He also said that he believes that ' a large majority are responsible for the mess and that a possible solution to the problem would be . to make the students clean up the garbage Mrs, Glaser. a paraprofessional and lunch supervisor, believes that, a minority are responsible for the sometimes unsanitary conditions in the cafeteria. The majority of our students really care about other people and themselves ' Mrs. Smaus. also a lunch supervisor believes that students in first, second and third period lounge contribute largely to the garbage in the

cafeteria. Bob Shultz. Senior Class President, commented on the problem by saying, ' I t ' s uncalled for The people act like pigs. The kids don't care about their fellow students It seems as if everybody leaves a little something and it J ust adds up." Mr .\ndrew Bitta. Dean of Boys, stated. "Our lunchroom is a disgrace. Our students don't want to be responsible for picking up after themselves," Mr Bitta also believes that better than half of the students leave a mess, but not intentionally. He also added, ' I can take a visitor and show him around this whole school because I m so proud of it. but I'll avoid the lunchroom because I'm ashamed of it." Mr. Robert Simonsen. .Assistant Principal, said that the problem is mostly due to the laziness on the part of some students Mr. Simonsen doesn't think that the students in general are irresponsible and claimed that. You'll find it in any group of people." Mr. Simonsen also stated. We have tried to get cooperation from the student body but so far we havent seemed to get any. There really is no time between periods to clean it up. 1 really don't understand why the students do it when i t s their lunchroom. We have as many people supervising as we can. But it doesn't seem to be enough I think we have been losing ground on this problem." Michelle Rokavec '78, commented by saying, ' I just don't see why everyone can't pick up their own garbage. People have

to be pretty lazy if they can't walk to the garbage can." Jamie Wareham, "78. said. "Most people are just too lazy. Maybe some people are trying to get back at the administration,'" Mr. Bitta and several of South's top students recently visited Lane Tech High School in Chicago in order to observe how the student monitory system functioned at their school, Mr. Bitta came away very impressed and said, "There was little or no garbage on the floors. It works there because the majority of the students respect each other." If such a system were to be instituted at' South, 15 to 20 students would oversee the lunchroom, discourage others from littering, and pick up between periods whatever garbage that may have been left on the floor. Students working in such a system would be rewarded by more liberal privileges and "honor hall" passes. In order to get such a system started, it will be seen if interest can get generated in such school organizations as Student Council and ••M"-Club. Mr. Bitta believes that such a system will be set up and will work if enough students want it to. Mr. Bitta also .said, "1 would support any student group that wishes to help out." "I don't think it's going to work." commented Bob Shultz. "but it's worth a try. " Mrs. Glaser also claimed. Student monitors would be a great help, but unfortunately they, too, would be disappointed in their peers who care-less',"

Eyrie staff works on year book production.

Yearbook Sales Up by Catherine Dever

Eyrie .sales were a success this year. The student body alone purchased 2553 copies, which is the largest amount ever sold. Book orders were taken three separate times. First orders were taken during summer, when registration and book sales took place in C-101. This sale was the most successful, and totaled 2126. Then a few weeks ago. orders were taken in homeroom, where 267 copies were .sold. The last chance was in the cafeteria last week, where 60 books were sold. This year, for the first time, the whole introduction will be in color. Previously it has alternated pages. This resulted in the staff's good planning of funds under the guidance of .Miss Singer, .Also, once again, there will be an individual faculty .section and individual Junior pictures. These were continued because of their success last year. The Eyrie's staff out of school

activities included attending a summer workshop at the University of Wisconsin. Here they attended classes and worked on a week book (similar to a year book I. They entered it in competition and won second place for this year's theme which was used in their project. Also, this fall, five members of Eyrie went to Northern Illinois University where they won two blue ribbons after having sections completed of this year's book analyzed. The ribbons were for photography and coverage. So with these extra opportunities and experiences, this year's Eyrie staff should be better than ever. Eyrie should be out in the last week of May. Donna Loda, editor in chief, commented on this year's book, "Because of the closeness and teamwork of the staff, we are all looking forward to this year's edition of Eyrie which should be especially more enjoyable because of the addition of a full color introduction."

Europe Trip Planned An excursion to Europe scheduled for spring vacation is being planned by Mrs. Lee Torp and Miss Patricia Barr. The cost for the trip will be around $785 for plane fare. The sum also includes accommodations, two meals per day and sightseeing tours. .Mrs. Torp also advises an extra $100 for personal spending The countries to be visited are Belgium. Germany, Switzerland and France, The maximum number of students eligible for the trip are 21. Presentlv there are four who

have sent their applications to the ,American Leadership Study Group, the organization that coordinates the tours, "I feel i t s a marvelous experience and it provides students with a chance to learn things that they can't get from books," said Mrs Torp. The tours, arranged by the ALSG, will be sponsored by Mrs, Torp and Miss Barr, since the tours are not school sponsored. Interested students should contact Mrs. Torp or Miss Barr for additional information.

Council Seeks Reforms

Garbage is compiled in the cafeteria daily.

MS Spanish Club Busy This Year There are a lot of clubs to join here at South The Spanish club is designed to promote interest in the culture and customs of the Spanish speaking people of Mexico and Spain. It is open to all interested Spanish speaking students. So far the club has been very busy. For homecoming they had a booth which had tacos and other Mexican food It was a big success On Thursday, Dec. 16. a Christmas party was held at La Margarita Restaurant When finished at the restaurant, the members broke open a pinata in the old Spanish tradition An animal-like pinata is attached to a clothesline, and a person is

blindfolded and given a bat. He then begins to strike at the moving pinata. When it is finally broken everyone races to it and grabs for the sweets inside. The club's adult sponsor is Mrs Blackstad. The president is Maine South's AFS student. Guillermo Ortiz from Costa Rica For spring Mrs. Blackstad said there will be a picnic and hopefully a movie. At the meetings the members practice Spanish and talk about upcoming events. Many students find belonging to Spanish club to be a lot of fun It is a little late to join Spanish Club this year, but to everyone

except the seniors, there will always be next year. Mrs. Blackstad said she wished more students, and especially boys, would join.

A Poem Of Meri* by Julie Egan

There once was an Israeli named Merit, who complained of the non-Christmas Spirit, cause when the day rolled around, He could always be found. In the Middle of the lane yelling— "It's Christmas, Let's hear it!"

Communication between students and administration is beginning to open up more and more Student Council came up with an idea to have a meeting between the administration and students Kevin Conway '77, President of Student Council, presented the idea and it was accepted. This is how it will work: One to three days every week (depending upon amount of interest and business) there will be a Student Council Forum meeting in the conference room in the F'ersonnel Office. Fifteen to twenty students will meet with Dr Watson. Mr. Simonson. Mr. Barker, and one or more of the deans The meetings will be with different people and at different periods each time .Any student who would like to attend may sign up in the bookstore Students are urged to participate because if the idea is not supported well enough, it could be cancelled. Another problem Student Council is investigating is the high food prices in the cafeteria Carl Decanini '77 is looking into

the matter to find out why the prices are so high and where the profit is going, .Also, there is a problem in the parking lots with students being ticketed for parking in the teachers' lots. Students aren't allowed to park there because there would not be enough spaces. Teachers are worried about vanadalism. and several years ago when students were allowed to park there, teachers cars were dented. Peter Omarzu '78. chairman of the Student Rights Committee, looked into this and found that because of a city ordinance, students could not be ticketed for parking in teachers' lots if there were no signs preventing it. There will now be signs put up in this area. Student Council also tried to gel the administration to allow students to bring coals to their last period classes However, this idea was opposed because coats make it easier for drug deals to take place and it would also be easier lo conceal cheat sheets.

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December 17, 1576

SOUTHWORDS ( ..,iv>e^;... I 60T oEPosrew..

Does Other Life Exist? Unidentified Flying Objects have been reported as far back as 1897 when in Texas newspapers said that a spaceship collided with a windmill and exploded. It is even said that the creature piloting the aircraft is buried in the town cemetery. Sound corny? For thousands of people UFCis are ridiculous but for just as many people they are real I People from all walks of life have spotted them, from farmers to priests. In the book. The UFO-NAUTS it says •'extraterrestrials have gone to great lengths to camouflage their true intentions, perhaps some extraterrestrials have actually walked among us properly camouflaged or perhaps being of part terrestrial orgin through intermating. " So if the creep sitting next to you in homeroom seems a little strange

maybe this is the reason. All this may sound like science fiction but the question is. does it have a basis? Here's some more interesting ideas about UFOS... 1. It is said that the United States government knows much more about UFOS than they are willing to tell. Perhaps to avoid a panic? 2. It is claimed that 'space babies" have been born all over the world. Some UFO cultists claim that flying saucer friends are engaged in a massive experiment, creating a hybrid race which will someday rule the earth. 3. Author Hans Holzer says that people from other worlds are not here on earth to confuse us they are here to study our world. Maybe they are here to help us solve our problems. Here at Southwords we wanted


School Is Not Rest Home were our forefathers. History is not the only class that is claimed to have no value. Many other liberal arts classes are criticized by students every day. I am no exception to the act of criticizing classes. For instance, geometry always struck me as being totally worthless and equally boring. But Geometry is an example of something that can be used, although it may not be evident when in use. In my case. Geometry has helped teach me At one point, the article refers to reason both mechanically and to the United States History abstractly. class as being useless unless the This is not to say that classes student were going into this suggested by the article are not field. However, aren't the as valuable or may even more philosophies or ideas introduced valuable than the liberal arts in the class used in our own life? classes. True, typing and other By observing what has business courses can be happened, how it happened and considered essential in our why it happened, perhaps we can futures. Yet, if a student limits learn from our ancestors' himself to one particular area of mistakes. After all, time is study, he may be missing out on creeping up on us. and our many other classes that may generation will soon he someday help him with whatever challenged with similar crises as profession he has chosen.

by Patty Hicks In the December third issue of Southwords, there appeared an article titled, "Rest Home For Young. • The Article argued the point that some required classes are really unneeded for students' later lives and that a lot of classes offered are "worthless and boring." Of course, this is a controversial matter, but I feel that the other side of these "worthless and boring" classes should be viewed.


\ I ' M eotMCTb «fc IF I CPM^

TwiTH cHRi5rM« "iswnc;

to see how students felt about UFO's or the possibilities of people from other worlds. Cindy Babinec '77, says, "Yes. I believe in them. I swear I saw one once but nobody believed me! They thought I was crazv." Cheryl Packer '76, stated', "I never believed in them until I took science fiction with Mr. Horna. " Cathy Inserra '78. thinks, " If God created us he must have created some other race also. I'm sure someday we will be confronted with people from other planets. Maybe this will be the end of the world." Says Dave Kane "77. "I'd have to see it to believe it." Steve Helmholz "77, said "There are so many galaxies and star constellations and it doesn't make sense that only one planet is inhabited by intelligent beings." And one anonymous senior said. "Yes. there are possibilities that other forms exist but I don't think they'd take the trouble to come here." What do vou think???

Time To Hit the Slopes .At the first sign of snow, the skier automatically looks to the hills To some this means a trip to Aspen or Powderhorn, while the less fortunate in Park Ridge must gasp at the heights of the

Centennial Park sledding hill, But in northern Illinois and Wisconsin there are higher points of elevation than the sleding hills and speed bumps we are accustomed to here. A drive of an hour or two can bring one to a ski resort which, although is not the Swiss alps, is at least a challenge to the beginner. by Liz Fichera Snowman " could hardly fill the The novice skier appears in Christmas vacations are spent heart with Yuletide excitement. several types. The first, is the in a variety of ways. Some Staying at home also enables young lady who buys the people believe that traveling to one to catch up on homework and matching hot-pink skiis, outfit Florida is the ultimate idea extra credit reports at the and boots before she even learns while others prefer to stay home. excitement-packed library. that a tow rope is not a new fad Speaking in behalf of those who Those people who are wasting in footwear. However, this ski will not be flying (or driving) their time frolicking in the sun bunny eventually succeeds into South this year, the benefits of and surf will not have half as the land of snowplow by latching staying home are innumerable. much fun! onto a cute instructor. Who. in their right mind, would I can just picture Santa Claus The second type of beginner is want to sunbathe under swaying fainting from heat exhaustion in the know-it-all. Refusing palm trees when they could be the chimney when he comes to assistance and lessons, this home happily shoveling their deliver the presents Back here braggart struggles immediately driveways in below zero in snow country we do not have towards the expert slope, .^fter temperatures? The lucky ones to worry about that problem. sitting in the chairlift who stay home and shovel also Come to think of it. the number backwards, dropping his poles on do not have to worry about of presents has been decreasing the way up and shouting at those buying suntan oil or beach each year around here Is the skiing below him. the dare devil blankets. reason because Santa has left the makes it to the top Once there. .All over the country traditional cold. ice. sleet and slush for. . The final type of beginner must (!!hristmas melodies will be sung, the sun'' be placed in a category by especially by c a r o l l e r s Maybe a Santa in pink swim himself. Intimidated by the Listening to children dressed in trunks on a surf board would not flirtatious bunny, and panic swimsuits singing Frosty the be too hard to lake after all! stricken at the sight of the reckless dare devel, this timid person remams safely in the lodge. Here he sits by the fire listening to stories of broken legs problems. Teachers a r e not totally responsible, yet their and eating the high priced and questionable ski lodge students' lifestyles will affect the class The teachers should somewhat food. keep their assignments flexible enough to allow the student Of course, all new skiers do not time to meet the demands on his four, five or six classes and fit into these calegories. There his very real and important life outside of school. I am not are also the parents teaching suggesting that teachers move from their extreme to our their infants how to ski before extreme, yet I only feel fairness will be achieved with they can walk, and the groups of giggling girls who swarm to the compromise. bunnv hill Teachers need a refresher course. Teachers need to be reminded of how they disliked the homework and the unfair expectancies which their teachers cast upon them. Let the T h * offfcidl student niwspiptr e( teachers try to live the best vears of their lives " in between Maine Township Higti S<tiaol South. term papers, long range assignments, and daily work. Parl( Ridst, Illinois UOii. Wrilttn and (dited IS tim«« eich y*ar by Their apathy can be compared with a senator who has been studenis of the hiqh school. Subscrlptioni included with Activity ticket, involved in politics for so long that he loses perspective of his purchased separately at iS par year, or Individually lor ISc. {Priced higher original goal: to serve the people The teachers become so for issues ot more than 4 pages.! wrapped up with their subject that they forget their job is to EdiioriiiChief Kim Kuralega News Editor Julie KeUer teach and to realize the other classes, responsibilities, and Pratare Eklitor . . Christopher Sopata Sports Editor Rusa Skiba free time which the students need. CorT««|>ondi)i|i Ellen Miircui Photo Editor Brian Maloney Sending teachers back to school may be idealistic, but if Sponsor Mr. Beatty they cannot remember, something must remind them.

Santa's Florida Bound?

Send the Teacher Back To School

by Kim Kumiega Do they forgef IVIany teachers show no understanding of a student and his life. Many teachers only know their subject. Their .subject is the best, and all their students have hours upon hours to study and research their subject. Their class is the most important, and their class is the only one students really care about. Enthusiasm. I'm afraid, is an understatement. Teachers need to realize their students have other classes, and their students have another life, a personal life. I am not condemning every teacher, yet I do believe that many teachers at Maine South practice this train of thought. "For tomorrow, write a five page essay on How Our Government Is Similar Or Different To Three Other Foreign Nations.'•" "But. Miss Jones, I have an English term paper due tomorrow also. C a n t we have a day or two to work on it?" " I ' m sorry. That's not my problem. The paper's due tomorrow" Although this example is a slight exaggeration, this situation is not very far from being true. Teachers have to wake up and understand that students are the teachers'


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AiU4<ap l.»4* weeU ^ t I t f t j i o»r Ktro*S t t v t . J n i e r l i » W«ri« ^ >uk<r>fr> -w-tV* ikk >U<M» '-^«-'" Co**iT >/t ;yi.»^ T^*.» »*•* t * ?^*\d t ^



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• V T . •tk.i V

1 ^ ^ J * * Here





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December 17, 1976

Christmas Commercialized by Tina Prodyma "Well, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." goes the old carol. You can tell Christmas is in the air. Little girls are wearing their Santa Claus pins, the ones where you pull a string and his nose and eves turn red.

Store windows are decorated with colorful lights and fake snow. Uniformed men and women stand on corners, freezing their butts off. and ringing their hearts out, waiting for some generaous shopper to throw in their hard-earned

Christmas Trivia Test by Debbie Gann At this time of the year, tests are the last thing that a typical Maine South student wants to think about. Instead you are thinking of: ( I) What unique gift you can get someone which is under a dollar. { 2) How you can dash over to K-Mart to get that nifty "bluelight special. " ( 3) How to spend fourteen fantastic days out of school. But as the last test of this year, try to see how much Christmas spirit you have by taking this trivial Christmas test. ( 1) Who was Rudolphs father? ( 2) Who found the first Christmas tree? ( 3) Who were the first to put Christmas ornaments on a tree? ( 41 "Oh sporophyte. Oh sporophyte," is a scientific classification for "the star" of which Christmas carol? ( 5) In the song. "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, " what does herald mean? (a) Highest angel (b) One who is adorned (c) Trumpeter (d) Messenger ( 6) In the hymn. "Away In The Manger." what does "the cattle are lowing mean? They are: i a) sleeping (b) mooing

(c) crying ( 71 Who was the first man to use lights on his Christmas tree? ( 8) The yule log was burned to honor which mythological god'' (a I Zeus (bt Winfrid (c»Thor ( 9) Who was the father of carols? (10) Sir Henry Cole organized the first: (a) snowflake (b) wassail bowl (c) Christmas card (11) Why is Christmas sometimes spelled "Xmas"? (121 Why am I taking this test? The answers are below: 12-9 Correct — You are an expert on Christmas trivia. 8-5 Correct — not bad! 4-0 Correct — Better luck next year! Rozhdestvom Khristovym. or Merry Christmas in Russian! ( 1) Donner ( 2) the English ( 3) the Germans ( 4) Christmas Tree ( 5) Messenger ( 6) (b) Mooing ( 7) Martin Luther ( 8) (c)Thor ( 9) St. Francis of Assissi (10) (c) Christmas card (11) The letter X is a Greek symbol for Christ. (12) You are a sentimentalist of Christmas trivia at heart.

MS Criticized Too Much by Marianne Schmidt We, as students, have a right to our own opinions. We are free to criticize anything we disagree with. However, that is the only thing some students do: criticize. Sure, our school and our administration aren't perfect, but Maine South is better than some other schools. There are a lot of things students can complain about. The new library system, supervisors in the washrooms and the lunch room, and now we even have tags on our IDs. Why do we have these things? Because a few students aren't grown up enough to lake on the responsibilities of adults. These students reflect on the whole student body and show the administration we aren't ready for more freedom. That's why some of the freedom we used to

have is being taken away. The new library system is a good example. It is an inconvenience, but it's about the only way to keep books from being stolen. If people wouldn't steal books, perhaps now we wouldn't be waiting in lines to get out of the library. The students aren't the only ones at fault. The administration has a part in it too. They have to trust us and give us the benefit of the doubt. But first, we must earn this trust. Some students feel Maine South is run like a prison." Maybe they're right, but if they want things to change they cant just criticize. They have to do something! About the only thing we can do is show the administration we are capable of handling responsibilities So if you don't like things the way they are, do something!

money. But the season is starting to change from when I was little. The other day 1 walked into Marshall Field, and was staring at this really adorable dress, wishing it could be mine, when a more "unique" attraction wandered by. Yes. it was no other but Santa Claus! — but what a sickly one! His clothes were hanging on him — he didn't even have a fat stomach! (My fantasies were crushed to pieces.) His nubby black moustache poked through the tattered white beard. Man. if I were a little girl. 1 wouldn't even let him touch me — much less sit on his lap. No second-hand Santas for me! Nowadays. Christmas is really becoming commercialized. It seems like everyone's trying to make a fast buck off of it. For example, look at how early stores began decorating and announcing their "36 hour Christmas sales." The poor little kids walk into the neighborhood Ben Franklin, searching for a different looking Halloween costume. — instead, finding plastic Christmas trees and paper mistletoes. By Christmastime, when you're finally getting into the spirit, the stores whip down all the decorations and paste up Valentines Day hearts. I t s a plot to confuse us all! Then comes the most torturous terror of life — buying presents. I'm one of those smart people that always wait till the last minute — I just love to crush through the wild herd of animals at the store just to pick up that last bottle of Charlie for my girlfriend. By the lime I'm all done, I'm too tired to even enjoy it. Yet. still, every year I look forward to this season. People are so friendly; they smile and say hello. And even though its hectic. I enjoy shopping, for some strange reason. Maybe I love punishment. Yes. the Christmas spirit is possessing me. And I hope that you catch it too. Merry Christmas, everyone!

— M\cKeUe k'jg'tcl)

'Twos the Night Before Xmas' by Laura Hart "T'was the Night Before Christmas" the old Santa drew on his beard, fluffing it out as he went along. Pasting the white over his own dark whiskers, shaking out and pulling on the huge red pants and jacket "bundled in fur from his head to his foot..." he whispered under his breath, glancing at himself in the mirror, chuckling to himself because he realized that he really did'nt need any extra padding, "oh. he was so jolly and plump — a right jolly, jolly old elf " he hummed pulling his boots on and placing a white, curly wig on his balding head. Placing on his red cap. he wondered why no one ever called Santa a hippie.

Cafeteria in Bad Shape by Dina Cida Last Wednesday our administration made a new plan concerning lunch periods. Tabs were put on everyone's ID. cards showing their lunch period. This was supposed to cut down on crowding caused by many students taking two or more lunch periods. Some of this crowding is apparent in the lunch lines. As many students know, getting through the lunch lines during


lunch periods is quite a chore. The snack line is especially crowded. Since we only have 20 minutes for lunch, long waits for food can cause quite a bit of trouble. Many of our students don't feel that the cafeteria is crowded. In the words of many students. "Why do they think ithe administration) that the cafeteria is crowded? They never see anyone standing in there do they?" This crowding may not be evident in the idea of people standing, but as I said before the lunch lines are proof of this crowding. If you ever took the time to think about it. since many students take more than one lunch period that means that many students would be adding more garbage to our already tremendously bad problem. The school has not made it very clear how they are going to enforce this new rule. Some study hall teachers are checking the I D . cards to make sure that students who sign up for library are not going to lunch instead of the library. Will the next step be to check ID. cards at lunch periods'' This would not work very well because all of the people going in and out of lunch lines. It would be easy for any student trying to avoid this check by hiding in a lunch line. Many more students plan a quick trip to a nearby stationary store for some identical tabs to put on their I D . cards for all of their lunch periods.

because he certainly was an odd looking fellow. He buckled his boots and decided that he needed to smell like Christmas So he grabbed a handful of candy canes and popped one in his mouth, pinching his cheeks, he smiled and thought "he had a broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly ..." Looking at his reflection in the mirror he winked, and the reflection of the real Santa beamed and winked back at him. He turned on his heel and drawing a deep breath he lei loose with a jolly HO HO HO!!!!!! and sauntered out of the men's room and intoToyland alMacy's. Positioning himself on his throne his bright clear eyes peering from out of the billows of beard at all the little children clammering to see him. Santa Claus!!! Child after child climbed onto his lap tugging at his beard and whispering in his ears believing that all the magic of Christmas was contained in this man. Suddenly a familiar little girl rushed up and jumped up on his knee Blue eyes glowing and blond curls swinging, she bounced excitedly on his knee. Face shining she began her long list of Christmas needs. "I want ...and could you please get me a ..." And Santa laughed and laughed and laughed, knowing that for this special little girl, he would try his very darndest to fulfill tier wishes, and before the little girl hopped down she kissed his cheek and whispered "Isthat o.k. with you. Grandpa? " Santa smiled — knowing that it would most definitely be o.k. "...and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas .soon would be there ..."

Having Some Fun by Sue Dzickanski Warm brown family room holds The relations, colored lights. .Assembly-line tree, presents .And a silver paper sign savs "MERRY CHRISTMAS • Dad walks in drunk •,Just celebrating' " White Italian lights Short out.

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December 17, 1976


Netmen Down Trojans by Russ Skiba Maine Souths basketball team bounced two more wins into their record this past weekend as they trounced Niles East 84-64, then beat Glenbrook South 74-65 on Saturday. Their record now stands at 5-1. The Hawks looked like they were going to wipe Niles East's Trojans off the court in the first three quarters. An 8 point surge by Russ Schmelzer along with 4 points by Jeff Baker gave the Hawks a 17-10 lead at the end of the opening quarter. Tom Barr had the hot hand for Maine South in the second quarter as he added 8 more points to the cause. Dan Fiddler. Pat Nugent. Russ Schmelzer and Paul Preston rounded out the rest of the scoring for the Hawks in the second period. Maine

South held a commanding 35-27 lead at half-time. In the third quarter, the Hawks went wild. Jeff Baker came through with 9 points while Tom Barr added 8 and Russ Schmlezer scored 7 to give the Maine South a 64-42 lead at the end of the third quarter. The Hawks were content to just exchange baskets in the final period and this made the final 8464 Hawks. "We were playing with a lot of intensity on Friday night." commented Souths coach Quitman Sullins In their victory over Glenbrook South last Saturday. Maine South played three excellent quarters of basketball. However, a late surge by Glenbrook South almost caught the Hawks napping

Volleyball Faces NN by Sue Leonard Volleyball victories have been snowballing as the Hawks have continued to maintain an undefeated status in conference play. The Hawks will seek to clinch the conference title on both levels tonight as they battle Niles North in an away meet at 7 p.m. Last week the Hawks tallied double victories over Maine West and Niles East. Against Maine West. Souths varsity slipped bv the Warriors in two games. 21-19; 20-6. The Hawks bounced back from an early deficit in the first game with a surge of offensive agressiveness and smarts that shifted the momentum and gave South the winning edge. The J.V. capitalized upon West's weak service reception and breezed to an easy 15-0; 15-6 victory. Strong serving performances were turned in by captain Jane Bixbv. and Laura Scaathon '80 The Niles East contest turned

out to be more lengthy than anticipated. The Trojans beckoned the Hawks to three games before dropping the match by a seven point deficit. In the first game South captured the tempo and rolled to a 20-5 victory. South suffered a lag in the second game and was set back 7-20 t h e Hawks settled back into a comfort zone and clinched the match 20-13 The turning point in the third and decisive game in the match came with a fiery defensive save bv Beckv Lukens "78. On the J.V. level, the Hawks surged to a 15-11: 15-10 victoryover the Trojans Hitters Joanie Boesen 80. and Julie Nelson highlighted the victory with strong spiking performances. When asked about the upcoming State Tournament in January. Coach Chris Voelz commented. 'Our true test is going to be in the next two weeks of practice following the Holidays. We need to push these weeks to get us up to the next level of competition.""

Girl Gymnasts Get a Win by Sue Fay The girls gymnastics team came up with their first victory this season by defeating Niles East Thursday. December 9lh. The girls placed high in all of the events which gave South wins on both levels. The girls really put it together." commented coach Phyllis GoU. They performed well in every event. This was our highest point total so far this season.' In compulsory vaulting. Roxanne Vogel look first place, scoring a 7.1 Jan Krueger came through in optional vaulting with a 7.05 to capture first. In optional bars. South swept first and second places with Thadine Bak scoring a 7.95 and

Charlene Numrych grabbing second with a 7.1 In compulsory bars. Debbie Tyska scored a 7.3 which gave her a first in that event. The balance beam was another strong event for the Hawks. Julie H u l t b e r g took first in compulsory beam with a 62 while Thadine Bak recorded her second first place of the day innoptional beam when she scored an 7.8. The Hawks took the top two spots in the optional floor exercise Kim McGovern's routine gave her an 8.1 for a first place as Loy Sheflott look a second place with a 7.8. On Friday. January 7. the Hawks will take on Niles East and New Trier East in a home meet beginning at 5:00.

Maine South jumped out to an early 6-point lead in the first quarter, thanks to the fine shooting of Russ Schmelzer. Schmelzer pumped in 10 points for the Hawks this period which gave them their 20-14 edge. Schmelzer continued his barrage of baskets in the second quarter. Tom Barr also scored 4 points for the Hawks in this quarter. Glenbrook Norths Bill Winkler scored 7 points here to keep Glenbrook close. The score was 34-24 at half-time. Maine South really buried Glenbrook in the third quarter. Russ vSchmelzer poured in 8 more points while Tom Barr added 9 points of his own. Pal Nugent and Paul Preston added both 4 points. Maine South led 5940 at the end of the third quarter. Glenbrook South's Mike Schnick got super hot in the fourth quarter. Schnick scored 16 points in this period, however, this was not enough for Glenbrook. Russ Schmelzer qvvced 7 points for the Hawks to make thie final 74-65 Hakws. "We looked good until the fourth quarter, " commented coach Sullins. "Glenbrook used a full court press on us and we were thrown a bit by the pressure. We didn't look impressive.'"


ÂŤf-t. 11.

This year's varsity team members are (top) Assistant Coach Mike Andrews, Mark Lottich, Chuck Daly, Ed Swanson, Dave Areen, Dan Fiddler, Tom Wessel, Ken Fritz, Kirk Meyer, Head Coach Quitman Sullins and (bottom) Adam Kidston, Tony Sewg, Pat Nugent, Tom Barr, Russ Schmelzer, Jeff Baker, Paul Preston, Bob Barrera, and Statistician Russ Gunnell.

Matmen Lose Two by Dan White The varsity Hawk wrestling team will clash with Elk Grove tomorrow. Dec 18. at 2:30 here at Maine South. During the Christmas break, the matmen will compete in the Prospect Tournev at Prospect on Dec. 22. and 23. The Hawks will be trying to get their fourth win of the season. Steve Mikos will be going for his eighth win and Rich Pluta for his .seventh.

Last Saturday, the wrestlers traveled to Niles East and were wiped off the mats by a strong Trojan team 43 to 3. Steve Mikos was the only wrestler to come out with a victory. Coach Tom Ziemek commented, 'Steve Mikos did a fine job last weekend '" On Friday, Dec 10. the Hawks played host to Maine West. The Warriors defeated the Hawks 36 to 15. Rich Pluta wrestled well against his opponent, beating him 7 to 0.

Hawk Fencers Foiled Marshall 14-4 by Russ Skiba The Maine South fencing team foiled Marshall 14-4 last Saturday. This win moved the Hawks' season record to 4-1 so far this season. Mark Snow and Nick Leever were the big winners for the

Hockey Gets Eighth Win by Russ Skiba The Maine South hockey team shot past Fremd High school 9-3 last Sunday night. The Hawks are now 8-0 and are the only undefeated team left in the league. The Hawk offense put it together in this game. Dean Thomas and Jeff Marshall both scored two goals a piece, while Greg Kania. Dan Sullivan. Jeff Starzec, Bob Havlir and John Thomas got the remaining tallys. Maine South also had 27 shots on goal to Fremd's 12. "This was one of our best offensive games." said Souths coach John Tyler. 'Our back checking was good and we kept our penalties down to five. Over all. this was a very clean game. There was very little center ice hitting." The next Hawk game will be against Maine North this Sunday night at 8:00. Coach John Tyler added. "Maine North had some problems at the beginning of the year, but they came back and beat St. Viator and Palatine. St. Viator was last year's champions in division "

Hawks in this meet as they both went 3-0 in their individual bouts. Ed Kahaitsu. Steve Franke. Bob Loscoscio, and Tom Wilkas all scored 2-1 in their matches and were winners for Maine South. We have been doing well." commented Souths coach John Doherty. "We have shown a lot of progress so far this year. We have only one starting senior (Mark Snow) and the rest of the t e a m a r e j u n i o r s and sophomores, so hopefully next year will be even better." "1 had figured this to be a rebuilding year for us. but right now I'm very pleased with how we are doing. We're a good team

and by the end of the year we should be even better." Maine South suffered their only loss of the year to an experienced Gordon Tech team. In this 12-6 loss. Mark Snow and Tom Wilkas came through for the Hawks by winning 2 of their three individual bouts. In earlier meets this season. Maine South beat New Trier East 10-8. then beat New Trier West 10-8 and finallv beat Maine West 10-8. On the freshman-.sophomore level, the Hawks are 5-fl this year Top fencers for the underclassmen are Bob Condon and Jorand Bratko.

Tankers To Drown NE by Ted Pankau The Maine South boys" swim team will attempt to drown the Niles East Trojans tonight at home beginning at 6:15 p.m. Coach Butler expects a sweep on all levels. .After tonight, the team will be idle until December 30 when the sophomore team will travel to Maine East for the Maine East Invitational, which involves 12 schools Last Friday, the team traveled to Maine West where the varsity lost in a close meet, 91-81. First places went to Keith Thurnell i200 and 500-yd. freestvlei. and Wavne Mad.sen 1100-yd. freestyle "and 100-vd. butterfly I. On Saturday the team traveled to Deerfield where they turned in some verv good times but still lost 93-76.'Keith Thurnell had his

best time of the season in the 500yd. freestyle as he left his Deerfield opponents far behind. Tim Markus raised a lot of excitement as he swam his best time of the season in the 50-yd. freestyle to nose out his opponent for a first place. Wayne Madsen took a first place in the 100-yd. butterfly as he touched out his highly touted opponent. Rob Chapin also swam an excellent race in the 100-yd. backstroke to add another first place for the Hawks. The Hawks lost to Deerfield on the J.V. level John Hall placed first in the 100-yd. freestyle. The Freshman team beat Deerfield by a score of 83-56 First places went to Scott Nicholas dOO-yd. freestyle and 50-vd. freestyle). Eric Mau (50yd. butterfly), and Bob Loll (200 and 500-vd. freestvle.

Gymnastics Team Earns Brutal Win

Rich Pluta (top) breaks down his opponent in last Friday's match against Maine West. The Hawks lost to Maine West 36-15. (Photo by Dan White)

The Maine South gymnastics team finally quit horsing around as thev won their first meet. 74.36-68.39 over Maine West 'This was an outstanding meet." commented South's coach John Riccitelli. "1 had expected to win this meet since both our teams are of .such equal caliber. We won not because we are better than Maine West, but rather that Maine West is worse than we are." Eric Martin gave the Hawks a good start in their first victory when he earned a 6.65 for his routine in free exercise. Maine Souths Kase Kiley continued to show improvement as he scored a 4.45 in this event. Doug Bahry

rounded out the scoring with a fine 6 30 Maine South didnt score too well in the side horse competition, however: they came back fairly strong in the high bar event. Hawk's Brain Ruxton compiled a 5 8 for his performance and moved Maine South out to a slim lead. In the next event, trampoline. Maine South looked good Eric Martin came through with one of his higher scores of the season as he registered a 7.20 for his routine. Tom Christie also did well in this event as he got a 4 75 on parallel bars. Scott Kimbrel scored a 7.40. Eric Martin finished out the

scoring for the Hawks with a 2.73 average for the all-around competition Despite their victory over Maine West, the Hawks suffered a big loss for the season Their top still ring performer. Ken Wahl injured his ankle during the warm-ups at Maine West. It is unknown how long Wahl will be out. The gymnasts will be hosting Niles East this Friday night at 6:30. I doubt that we'll win this one, " added coach Riccitelli. "Last Saturday. Niles East scared 120 points against Deerfield We have only been averaging about 80 points per meet. "

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