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The Spectacle Winter/Spring 2014

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As I look out my window at frozen Spectacle Pond, and the Burgess basketball court covered in a foot of snow, it’s hard to imagine that in a few months’ time there will be three hundred and fifty campers, and another one hundred and forty staff running, swimming and climbing through these two beautiful camps. As of today Burgess and Hayward are already almost fifty percent filled to capacity for 2014. As for staff, Asa and Jessie just returned from their annual staff hiring trip to the U.K. And so along with an incredibly high number of great returning staff, the Camps will also once again be blessed with a diverse group of counselors from about twenty different countries. In the fall edition of the Spectacle I mentioned that Camp was in its final stages of developing a master plan, and I am pleased to announce that the plan is now complete. We are going to be rolling it out to camper families and alumni over the next 6-12 months, but if you’d like a sneak peak, please click here. As you can see, using the input from a number of past and present campers and staff we have created a plan that builds on the strong history and traditions of Burgess and Hayward, but also ensures and positions the Camps to be an integral part of future generations.

the years; we aspire to help

If you’d like to see the plan in person, and are able to travel to the New York area, Camp alum Katie Rupp (2000-2002) has kindly offered to host an alumni gathering this May, in Manhattan. Stay tuned for further information. And along with our annual summer reunion in July here at Camp, we’re also planning several mini reunions in the New England area, as well as some larger events in London and Scotland in the fall. If you’d like to be a part of these, or if you’re from out of state but know of other Camp alum in your area and you’d be interested in hosting an event, please let us know. One of the beauties of Camp Burgess and Hayward, among many, is that it transcends time and generations. And we often discover at reunions, connections to others we didn’t know existed. Thanks for being part of the Burgess and Hayward family.

them continue to grow from

In the spirit of Camping,

The Friends of Camp Burgess & Hayward Council honors the passion and dedication of current and former campers, staff, CIT’s, neighbors, friends, and community members who have chosen to stay involved with Camp over

and deliver Camp Burgess & Hayward’s vision.

Bruce Netherwood


THE SPECTACLE Join us for our 2nd Annual “First Dip” Polar Bear Plunge!

Participants who raise $250 will receive the “First Dip” towel!

Campfire & Cookout To follow! Saturday, April 26th, 12 pm Camp Burgess Waterfront

**************************************************** “Camp Burgess is where I feel most at home in the world. When I am at Camp, I am free to be me!”

All proceeds will benefit the Campership Fund, which provides assistance to children, who would otherwise be unable to experience Camp.

See the details and registration page here

Upcoming Events Co-ed April Vacation Camp ~ April 21-26 Join us at Camp for an amazing week of good times in the Springtime sun. Camp Burgess and Hayward will be open to our campers and their friends, ages 9 – 16, to come back and reunite with each other on the Cape Open Houses ~ March 30, April 27, May 18 Tours start at Camp Burgess, 1 – 4. No registration necessary ~ just turn up! “First Dip” ~ April 26 Second annual polar bear plunge to raise money for the Campership Fund! Teen Service Weekend ~ May 9 - 11 Spend two days at Camp full of friendship and fellowship, helping us prepare for the summer season! Volunteer Day ~ May 10 Join us for a rewarding day of camaraderie, as we paint, landscape and rake, to prepare for the summer season! Lunch provided.

With the influence of such films Figure 1 as, “Hunger Games” and “Brave,” the sport of Archery has seen a notable Figure 2 resurgence in popularity. All of our campers have the opportunity to participate in this activity, which encourages sportsmanship and physical fitness.

Family Camp ~ May 24 - 26 Come spend your family vacation with us, and enjoy all that Camp has to offer. Summer Camp & Teen Adventure Trips ~ June 22 – August 22 Our programs provide campers with an engaging and supportive environment that encourages hands-on learning, self-expression, leadership building, and an appreciation for the natural world. Friends & Alumni Reunion~ July 19 Former campers, staff, friends and community members unite at Camp.

“Take Note” Friends & Alumni News EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER


Scout Leonard sends this news, “Hey everyone!! I hope your New Year has started off with loads of happiness and laughter (and that it stays that way, of course)! I was a JC at Hayward summer 2013 and I am thrilled to be returning this summer for another fabulous time on Spectacle Pond. Currently, I am halfway through my senior year and trying to enjoy and never forget every last second. I love high school so much that I could probably stay until I am a little old lady. I stay really busy between applying for scholarships and my classes and my student government shenanigans, but I always make time for fun things, including (but not limited to) crocheting, watching Tangled or The Sound of Music, shopping, singing off-key, Taylor Swift dance parties, baking, snuggling my dog, playing my violin, and yummy cheesecake. I hope everyone else is enjoying life just as much as myself. I am very anxious for spring, since it means riding my bike to the library, planting my school garden, sunshine, and the arrival of CAMP! Love and hugs to you, wherever you are!!”

Katie Lofblad reports, “I am spending the semester in London, England. I absolutely love it here and all of accents remind me so much of all my camp friends. I am so happy to have so many camp people near me and it has been so fun being able to catch up with them. The past few weeks have been spent doing as much exploring as possible. My favorite things so far have been trying all the new foods and having constant access to all the different Cadbury chocolates--yum! Having spent a couple weeks in Northern England I also loved seeing all the different animals: seals, cows, pigs, goats, horses and pheasants, it’s like being back at the Burgess Farm!” .” Holly Fellowes, who worked at camp in 2012 & 2013, shares “Since leaving camp I have found myself discovering new opportunities through traveling and within my education. After an incredible summer at camp it was time for me to leave behind the red and blue face paint to go on an adventure around the west coast of America, what a blast. Traveling from Boston to San Diego, L.A, Venus Beach, San Francisco and back to New York to fly home. It was an eye opening four weeks around the west coast meeting new people, seeing new sights and exploring all I could possible. No rest for the wicked as it was straight back to reality as soon as I came back from camp. I went straight over to Liverpool, England to begin my second year at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where I study drama. The last semester before Christmas has been filled with exciting new challenges including touring around schools with theatre for education pieces, to protesting in the streets of Liverpool to represent street theatre.

Mark your calendar! Friends & Alumni Reunion ~ July 19th

Continue reading what Holly has to say here. From Sam Clark & Gareth Kolze-Jones- “"It’s nearly 4 years since we were at camp but we met up with Allie (Singer), Sara (MacKenzie), Sarah (McLaughlin) Vicky (Muschinske) and a bunch of the old-camp London folk in January so we’re all up to speed on what’s happening back on the Cape. Truth be told, we contemplated heading back for Summer 2014 but we realized there’s still so much we want to do here in London. That’s not to say we haven’t been busy in those 4 years. Sam’s been running triathlons and learning to knit (she’s so talented) and Gareth’s been saving the world one hashtag at a time and wearing brightly coloured trousers (he’s so pretentious). Now we’re just moving into a new place (still in London) and setting our eyes on 2015 as the year when we’re hopefully going to get back ‘On The Road’ again…"

“Take Note” Friends & Alumni News PAGE 4


From Eryn Morrison, “When I first made the trip across the Atlantic to work at Hayward, aged just 18, I had no idea the great impact it would have on my life. Five years later, after four amazing summers working at camp, not a day goes by that I don’t think about the privilege it was to work there, and everything it has taught me. I am unable to sing Happy Birthday without the never-ending, Hayward dining hall version popping into my head. And as my friend Jo and I know only too well, the colours red and blue are no longer just colours to us. Even outside camp I am a Mariner! But beyond these things, the creativity, the compassion, the self-worth and the joy that fills you up at camp doesn’t leave. You carry them with you every day. So, what am I doing now? Well, after the elation of graduating from university last summer and then filling my days with part-time jobs and volunteering, I am now, finally, at the terrifying exciting stage of applying to ‘grown-up’ jobs. Perhaps if I had never been a camp counsellor, my perspective on jobs would be a lot different. However, knowing how great a job can be when it both challenges and fulfils you; my ambitions have been irreversibly raised. I hope to join the ranks of countless excounsellors, who have turned their passion for caring and mentoring into a career in youth work. I would love to use the skills and experience I gained at Hayward to help young people in my home city of Glasgow and I am always proud to include my camp experience on job applications. These days, I am up to my ears in applications for youth charities and community organizations. So keep your fingers crossed that the right one isn’t far away!” Continue reading what Eryn has to say here! Jo Thomson shares, “Wow, how time flies! It will be two years this Summer that I bid farewell to Camp Burgess and Hayward and shunned the fact that I might not be returning to my home away from home for a while. Since leaving Hayward, and removing the tie-dye stains from my hands for the last time, so much has been happening in my little Scottish life! I spent a month in Australia last winter visiting my elder sister with all my family and was in absolute awe of spending Christmas in the sun! Last Summer I graduated from University, I travelled around Italy and caught up with friends and family who I had abandoned for camp the previous three years. Spending my time working with children hasn’t escaped me though and I have recently accepted a place to do my post-graduate degree in Primary Education. The skills and confidence which camp taught me are already proving hugely transferable and the children at the school I currently volunteer at think I’m some kind of celebrity for teaching them ‘The Moose Song!’ and anything which allows them to ‘Repeat after me’! “ Continue reading what Jo has to say here!

Says Julia Arsenault, “Julia here, JC 2013! Since coming home from Camp this past summer I started my senior year of high school and played volleyball during the fall. My team made it to the Massachusetts State Championship game but lost in the finals; it was still super fun and really exciting. I have also been busy applying to colleges, including the Camp popular University of Delaware and Syracuse. I am not sure where I will end up next year but I would rather just stay at camp. I can’t wait for Camp and summer needs to come faster!”

From Allan “Snowy” Perry- “Hey Everyone, Snowy here – I worked at camp from 1989 – 1993, just a little update from Australia. Life is great down under I am working for Camp Counselors USA sending Aussies to work at Summer Camp like I did and I wanted to introduce some future Burgess and Hayward campers and counselors. Scarlett who is 6½, Joshua who is 4½ and our latest Tyler who is 15 months old and just started to walk.”

Jocelyn Williams shares her camp story, “I attended Camp Hayward for over four summers. During that time I feel as though I figured out who I was, while also learning about things I never knew. I learned to shoot an arrow and a shotgun, how to ride a horse and water ski. I learned that I was a bit bossy. I learned that I do not like early mornings but really like late night campfires. I learned what a banana boat was and how much I loved s’mores. I learned that I was a good friend. My very best friend of over 30 years and I met at camp. She was a bit shy and I a bit not. I took her out of her shell and she helped me scale back a bit. We learned what friendship was and is and our friendship is still the strongest one I have today.” Continue reading Jocelyn’s story here!

If you would like to donate to an alumni fundraiser honoring 2012 Burgess Assistant Director Bobby Hetherington, benefitting Railway Children, please click here!

“Take Note” Friends & Alumni News EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER


Charlie Allan, who was a Unit Leader at Hayward shares, “I’ve been working in the ‘real world’ since the day I left camp in September 2012. And you know what- even though I miss camp every day, it’s actually kind of fun. I work for Vodafone, which is one of world’s largest Telecommunications companies. I began as a Graduate Intern and now I’m a Project Manager. It’s a lot like being a Unit Leader, except I wear a pencil skirt and know too much about cell phones, (other than how to confiscate them). Luckily, Emma Lawes, my fellow counsellor, Unit Leader and resident of ‘Le Shack’, works for Vodafone too. If one of us is having a tough day, we make sure to take some time out, grab a coffee and have a chat. I love that even in the corporate world, Hayward girls will always look after each other.” Kody Crawford reports, “Hello all of you wonderful camp people! What is your good old friend Kody up to you may ask? Well other than establishing world peace, I am finishing up my last year at college. I study Recreation Management at Ithaca College in Ithaca New York. The past four years have been filled with adventure and great learning but after this semester I have to say goodbye to this wonderful community and try to find a new one! I currently work with my school’s Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs helping program and market different school programs and initiatives. Other than that I am an active president of two student organizations, “Ground Up Crew” (the breakdancing club), and the “Ithaca College Native American Advocacy and Alliance”. With Ground Up Crew, I am in the midst of planning our annual breakdance competition. I am also trying to figure out what I want to do with my life after this upcoming summer at Burgess. I will always in one way or another want to work in outdoor/alternative education hopefully with summer camps but I need to find something to do in the other 10 months of the year! Hope your all doing well and dreaming of summers on the cape.”

Mike Rowe, a Unit Leader for this upcoming summer, shares, “Since leaving camp, I’ve come back to England and I’m lucky enough to be able to talk about camp all the time! I work for Camp Leaders, an agency that lots of international staff use to come and spend their summers at camp, doing lots of presentations at colleges and school trying to recruit awesome people to come to America! I meet lots of people who want to have the best summer of their lives, I try to make it happen for them by sharing our stories and a little bit of our special camp magic!” Says Erica Lindsey, “Hey everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the snow! Here in New Jersey, we’re on our third day off from school in a row! Besides the weather, everything in my life is pretty normal. I just finished up exams at school, and am enjoying the second semester of my senior year! I am waiting to hear from a few other schools in April, but as of now I will be going to Boston College in the fall. I’m so excited to be in Boston and hopefully get to hang out with some of my camp friends up in New England. Outside of school, my schedule is full of craziness including playing for a club soccer team, editing my high school’s yearbook, tutoring, and spending time with friends. Summer 2014 is just around the corner and I can’t wait to head back up to Spectacle Pond for more crazy amazing fun, see you all soon!” Camper parent Karen Lieberman-Daly shares her story, “We discovered Camp Burgess through my work with SSY in the mid-1990s. We had recently purchased a cottage in Brewster and that first summer enrolled our two children in a day camp in the town. The camp was not a good fit for either of them (Colin was 7 or 8 at the time), but Colin loved the activities and the action of camp, so we began looking for an overnight camp experience not too far from home. Once he met Colin, Ralph Yohe was sure Colin would thrive at Camp Burgess, and he was right!” Continue reading Karen’s story here!

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PAGE 6 From Our Camp Directors…


What Would a Great Counselor Do? This is the question that has been on the minds of your Resident Camp Directors, Asa Gallagher and Jessie Williams. During this current hiring season, in which we’ll interview hundreds of applicants to fill our summer staff positions, Jessie and I can’t help but frame the process around this seemingly simple question. We both have more than enough experience to know that the success of a camp, or any organization for that matter, can depend on how the employees view their leadership role. For example, what would a great counselor do to prepare for a camper check-in day? Has the cabin been cleaned, or has it been deep cleaned to the point that a parent will immediately recognize it? Was the cabins’ “welcome sign” made in five minutes on a wrinkled sheet of paper, or was the time taken to make an inventive and eye catching sign? Have the counselors met for a few minutes to discuss their opening day strategies, or did they hang out all morning, without being distracted, to fully discuss and write down their ideas for the day? What would a great counselor do to make every detail of the camping experience sensational for their kids? This is the standard that Jessie and I are searching for in our leaders. This is the philosophy we are going to use all summer, to motivate and push our staff to be the best they can be. And what a lesson to learn! It’s something we all struggle with each day – the idea of not only doing your basic job, but striving to be great at it. -Asa Gallagher, Camp Burgess Director

Future Campers There are lots of babies to welcome! Here are just a few recent additions to the Burgess & Hayward family…

Kai Joseph Overell Jennie Johanson Overell & Adam Overell Born February 2, 2014 Proud Auntie Katie Johanson writes: I'm so excited my nephew and future Burgess boy, Kai Overell is finally here! From the moment I saw him there was no question he was born and bred from two camp alumni—in fact, his grandma went to Hayward making him a third generation SSYMCA-er! Not only has he been practicing dining hall worthy screams, he's already mastered no-hands-dinner! I can't wait to teach him the importance of being a proud Pioneer like his mom, how to pontoon jump like his dad and my secrets to packing a trunk for that first summer on Spectacle Pond—in 2021.

Juniper JoLee Yohe Brodnax Heidi Yohe & Sam Brodnax Born January 18, 2013 After going to Springfield College, America’s first YMCA training school, Heidi did some traveling with other B&H alum, her brother and sister, Jacob and Sarah Yohe to Thailand, where Jake's wife is from originally. After that, they all settled in Flagstaff, Arizona. Heidi and her partner Sam have a 1 year old little girl, Juniper at home, who is no stranger to the little diddy “Camp Hayward born and Camp Hayward bred..." Soon after, Jake and his wife Pam had a daughter of their own, Maya. Heidi and her little family are in the process of moving back to Washington State so Heidi can attend The Evergreen State College to receive her masters in teaching. She is hoping to one day teach health and wellness at a community college while coaching volleyball.

Liam Riley Smith Amanda (Prince) Smith & Timothy Smith Born June 26, 2013

After getting married in November 2011, Amanda and Tim welcomed their baby boy into the world this past summer at 7lbs 3oz. Baby Liam spends his days trying new foods, playing with blocks and toys, and jumping in his Jumperoo. He is ready for the Burgess dining hall as he loves when his parents sing to him and clap their hands! Hayward Alum Amanda works as a nurse at the Veteran’s Hospital, but often reminisces about swimming at Haywatch and teaching scrapbooking. The family is hoping to take a trip to Disney soon!

by Jessie Williams, Camp Hayward Director

Out and About on Camp… EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER What’s Happening Year-Round Camp Burgess Farm Director, Tara Laidlaw, is currently developing a set of farm-based activities that will enable Camp’s teaching staff to use the Burgess Farm in a more impactful way, to complement Camp’s year-round Outdoor Education programs.

Volunteer Spotlight

“This will allow our staff to take advantage of the rich ‘classroom’ the farm offers,” Tara says, “connecting the students’ Camp experience in meaningful ways to their academic and environmental learning, while also highlighting healthy eating and environmental stewardship.” ~ Meghan Hill, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

With a couple of successful growing seasons behind it and big plans for expansion in its future, the Farm was in need of another set of hands. As we discussed ideas for an apprentice position, one challenge came up again and again: where will this person live?

Produce from Burgess Farm gets divided three ways. One third stays right here at camp, showing up on the salad bar and in other dishes in the dining hall. One third goes to the Sandwich farmers’ market, where locals love having access to food grown just miles away. And one third goes to nearby food pantries to help address hunger in our community.

Although it swarms with activity during the warmer months of the year when summer campers and outdoor education participants are in residence, Burgess Farm provides year-round opportunities for learning and growth. ~ Tara Laidlaw, Burgess Farm Director

Interested in keeping up with what happening on the Farm? Follow our blog, “Fresh from the Farm”

That’s where our volunteer, Ross Couture, came in...

Ross offered to donate a tiny house – less than 120 square feet – to house the new Guru. Ross has a background in woodworking and carpentry, as well as an interest in working with reclaimed materials. When he’s not building tiny houses, he builds tables and hutches from reclaimed wood that’s

is an

exciting operation that’s been forging connections with all aspects of Camp programming. Established in 2010, the organic farm includes about 5000 square feet under cultivation, an 800square-foot heated greenhouse, and an array of raised beds. It’s also home to a flock of laying hens, five dwarf goats, and a rabbit. Students, campers, and community volunteers all help keep the farm running by lending a hand with weeding, seeding, and watering in addition to animal care and veggie harvests. These activities bring visitors up close and personal with their food, educating them about local and sustainable food systems, food security in our community, and the role farms and farmers play in today’s world.

With a focus on brevity and connection to academic concepts, the activities, which will become part of a comprehensive farming curriculum, will engage students at the farm by expanding their outdoor education experience to include the important topic of farmto-table foods. The Staff will also benefit significantly from engaging students in these experiential learning opportunities, acquiring teaching skills in a new context, while practicing cross-curricular connections.

The Farm at Camp Burgess PAGE 7

hundreds of years old. So when he got the go-ahead for the tiny house, he gathered up gentlyused materials, including lumber, plywood, insulation, and even windows, and he started building from the ground up! Now, with just six weeks left before our Guru moves in, the house is well on its way to being the cutest house at Camp. The exterior is nearly completed – all that’s left is a coat of green paint on the trim. The interior is Ross’s next step, though: a built-in lofted bed, a desk and a set of drawers, and even a tiny woodburning stove are on the list for turning the tiny house into a tiny home. THANK YOU, Ross!



The Camp Burgess Garden is prominently featured in the YMCA of the USA’s “Learning Healthy Choices” guide to serving healthy Camp meals.

PAGE 8 Out and About on Camp…

Outdoor Education @ Camp Burgess & Hayward

Teambuilding Tip: Name Roulette by Leia Crosby, Outdoor Education Director

What's in a name? Knowing someone’s name is often the first step toward developing a meaningful relationship with someone. Therefore, most of our teambuilding programs here at Camp Burgess start with a “Name Game,” where the participants are encouraged to learn the names of the other members of their groups. A recent group from Northeastern University got to experience a casino-esque “name game” during their leadership retreat here at Camp Burgess. The game is called Name Roulette and serves as a high-pressure, exciting, game that tests your knowledge of the people's names in your group and the speed with which you can say them! The group is asked to split into two small circles. The circles are situated next to each other, like a pair of spectacles, with each member of the group facing toward the center of their circle. One circle rotates clockwise, the other rotates counter-clockwise. The two circles are not physically linked, however the outside edge of both circles pass over the same spot about a meter apart. At the whim of the instructor, the circles are instructed to stop moving, and the two people who have been tapped on the shoulder (the ones closest to where the two circles meet) have to turn around and face the person from the other circle. Whoever can say the name of the other person first, wins! What does that person win? He or she has just won the ability to bring the loser to their team, thus increasing the number of people on their team. With every win, one circle gets bigger and the other gets smaller, until one circle acquires almost everyone in the group!




Adventure Mountain is in the midst of a facelift! Last spring, Phase 1 of 5 was completed when the 800-foot zip line was built and put into operation in summer 2013. Phase 2 is underway – we are currently constructing two high ropes courses on top of Adventure Mountain in close proximity to the zip line – one course presents a personal challenge, while the other course focuses on the team. The Solo Course is comprised of several elevated challenges linked to a zip line out to an 80-foot tall White Pine tree overlooking Spectacle Pond. From the White Pine you will attach to a second zip line that takes you back to ground level near our existing zip line. From there you will be able to climb up the ladder to the existing zip line platform and zip 800 feet back to the center of Camp!

This game is a fun, lively, engaging way to challenge group members to know the names of everyone in their group.

Want more Outdoor Ed? Check out our weekly blogs!

Our Team Course is designed with groups in mind. Several elevated challenges are being installed and each requires participation from the entire group for successful completion. Stay tuned for more information!



Out and About on Camp… Teen Adventure, Service Learning & Leadership

During the summer, we run Adventure Trips around North America, Community Service Projects, Overnight Camps and Leadership Development Programs. Throughout the rest of the year, we offer weekend and weeklong adventure trips and retreats. Teenagers have the opportunity to challenge themselves with new activities, make new friends, gain independence, and learn valuable life skills. Learn about our year-round programming here!

Check out our 2014 Adventure Trips here! To learn more about our Teen Adventure Trips, Service Learning, and Volunteer opportunities, contact Adventure Trips & Teen Director Jen Wejsa, at

Our Campers are Cultivating a Charitable Spirit!


The Burgess & Hayward Road Crew was formed as a way for our Campers to help out the community throughout the year by aiding in various off-Camp volunteer initiatives; Campers also earn service hours for all of their hard work!

Northern Ireland Leadership June 24 – July 11, 2014

To learn more about getting involved with upcoming Road Crew events, contact Adventure Trips Director Jen Wejsa or Camp Burgess Director Asa Gallagher.

This summer, embark on the experience of a lifetime and travel with us to Northern Ireland, where we will invest over two weeks developing leadership skills and exploring the country’s lively cities and beautiful landscape. Learn more here!

Camp Burgess & Hayward Boasts a Diverse, International Staff The Camp Burgess & Hayward Summer Camp Directors traveled to the UK in January, to attend several summer camp recruitment fairs. A competitively sought after camp for internationals hoping to garner a summer experience abroad working with children, Camp Burgess & Hayward employs close to 200 young-adult role models from across the country and around the world each summer, many of whom have a background in coaching, and their sights set on careers in education.

Emma Box, 2014 Camp Hayward Counselor

“Our campers benefit tremendously from being in the company of such a diverse staff,” says Camp Hayward Director, Jessie Williams, who recalled a recent summer when 26 different countries were represented by Camp staff members. “The campers have the opportunity to engage in a number of international activities that are generated by these amazing counselors and program directors: Scottish Ceilidh dancing, Australian aboriginal art, and English cricket have all been enjoyed by campers throughout the years.” The summer staff members, many of whom are former campers, who have participated in Camp Burgess & Hayward’s Counselor-inTraining (CIT) and Junior Counselor (JC) programs, often speak of “giving back” to a place that has helped them develop into strong leaders. ~ Meghan Hill, Director of Development, Alumni Relations


Angelo Marchulaitis “Uncle Ang”

Assistant Maintenance Director BH: So Angelo, I can’t keep track…how long have you been working here, at Camp? th

AM: I’m coming into my 5 summer. I came on as a full-time staff member last year. BH: You sure are resourceful and certainly have a knack for designing and building innovative structures, such as the Bee Pavilion on the Farm. Where did you develop that skill set? AM: I have an extensive background spanning more than 20 years working in construction, and really enjoy getting to be creative. BH: We’ve also noticed you take pride in developing and facilitating volunteer initiatives. Would you say that is a part of your role as the Assistant Maintenance Director you value most? AM: Yes. Getting to work with the volunteers, and help oversee some of the projects, has been very rewarding. It’s great to see the things we have built [like the picnic tables] really serve and enhance Camp.

Meet the rest of the full-time staff here!

Visit us at , also on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter! For volunteer opportunities and to donate to our Campership Fund, please call Camp at 508-428-2571

Winter 2014 Friends & Alumni Newsletter