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Our Mission The mission of the SPSCC Foundation is to engage community and build resources to support success for all students.

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Dear Generous Partners, In 2019, the SPSCC Foundation awarded more scholarships and grants than ever before. This is a testament to the support and the value our community places in education. As the need to support college students grows, the Washington State Legislature stepped up to provide more tuition funding for low and median-income students through the Washington College Grant starting in 2020. We continue to believe if students want to attend college, financial resources should not stop them – and we applaud the state for increasing access to college for these students. There are costs, however, beyond tuition and books: costs associated with child care, tools, testing fees, and financial emergencies can prevent students from entering or remaining in school through certificate completion or graduation. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are helping students pay for home internet access and laptop computers – vital needs as SPSCC classes move to virtual and alternate delivery methods. As we focus on immediate needs of first-time students, we also cannot forget the students who are just above the median-income level but still cannot afford tuition – scholarship support for these students is more important than ever! In the year ahead, we are growing the Foundation to support the growing needs of our students, and we will need your help. We strive to remain proactive, staying ahead of student needs by growing our foundation of support. For over 45 years, donors like you have played a critical role in supporting this growth. Through sound financial decisions, honoring the generosity of our supporters with wise and efficient stewardship, we are able to award over 350 scholarships and over 500 emergency grants every year. We will have to work hard to grow this number to support all first-time all students in the years ahead. Thank you for supporting this work – and we look forward to your continued engagement. Together, through our resources and our resolve, we’re making a critical difference in our community. Together, we’re Making the Sound.

Jason Robertson, SPSCC Foundation Board President

Tanya Mote, SPSCC Foundation Executive Director

Investing in Students In 2019, because of donors like you, 362 scholarships and 519 grants were awarded by the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation. You are Making the Sound by supporting students that go on to be nurses, engineers, architects, dental assistants, and business leaders in Puget Sound.


519 grants

54% 36% 9.9%

Average Grant award amount of


Total FTE Running Start International

6,096 4,218 1,239 97

362 Scholarships awarded for the 2019-20 school year.


AFTER SPSCC where do our students plan to go?



Total amount awarded


Average scholarship award amount

awarded in 2019.

14% 8% other

earn basic skills


Total amount awarded

$394,400 31% enter the workforce


transfer to a 4-year school

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

Student Success Student Success is the continuum of educational access, retention, and completion. The SPSCC Foundation supports access to college through scholarships and tuition grants. Retention and completion are supported through a variety of grants which are available year-round to students through an online application. Foundation grants include: ∙ The Completion Fund is tuition support for students in their last quarter at SPSCC to ensure they have the funding necessary to graduate. ∙ The Emergency Fund is available to all eligible students experiencing an immediate financial hardship. Grants are available for past due rent, power or utility bills, car repair, medical or child care bills. ∙ The Testing Fund is available to students taking or preparing to take GED® tests for high school equivalency and to assess college readiness. ∙ The Tools & Supplies Fund is for students in programs which require uniforms, equipment, and supplies as part of their course work.  ∙ The Tuition & Books Fund is for students who are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship and need help paying for textbooks or tuition. 




Faculty & Staff Training



Special Events


29% Tuition 21% Rent & Housing 20% Books 17% Power, Utilities, Health & Child Care 8% Tools & Supplies 4% Car Repair & Transportation 1% Grocery Card


Student Grants



Scholarships & Grants


Greatest Need



College Programs Support



Student Scholarships

*Does not include investment activity

Annual Report | 2019


2019 Highlights In December 2019, the SPSCC Foundation moved to the Dr. Angela Bowen Center for Health Education. This building was the largest donation in the Foundation’s history. In 2019 the Foundation also received the largest cash gift ever, a donation of $550,000 from the Eva Gordon Estate. Our community supported event growth through our two largest fundraisers, The Experience and the Clipper Scramble Golf Tournament. College staff and faculty also pitched in; participation in payroll deduction gifts to the SPSCC Foundation increased from 17% to 37% of staff and faculty. Thank you! With these and many other gifts, we’ve been better able to support SPSCC students and the college, including:

∙d  oubling the size of the College Food Pantry; ∙ creating a program to provide emergency grocery and gas gift cards to students; ∙ launching a textbook loan program in partnership with the SPSCC library; and ∙ hosting many SPSCC alumni events.

Many new grants and scholarships were also established last year, including:

∙ Allied Health Emergency Fund; ∙ United Way Emergency Fund; ∙ Architecture, Engineering & Construction Technology (AECT) Scholarship; ∙ Evalyn Poff Memorial Scholarship; ∙ Larson Family Scholarship; ∙ Phil Weigand Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Boys & Girls Clubs; ∙R  ight! Systems Information Technology Endowed Scholarship; and ∙ Vietnamese Community Association of Thurston County Endowed Scholarship.

We are very excited to carry this growth forward into 2020 as we begin a campaign to support Student Success!


South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

COVID-19 Response The outbreak of COVID-19 and its widespread effects required immediate action. For the SPSCC Foundation, it meant canceling many events and focusing all of our efforts on supporting our students in need. Through quick action, the college was able to move classes to virtual or alternate delivery for Spring Quarter 2020. With this change, the SPSCC Foundation received a spike in requests for Emergency Grants to cover laptops and home Internet service. Emergency Grant requests have doubled from an average of 12 to 24 requests per week. As the landscape continues to change, we have seen less technology requests and more requests for rent an utility payment support. Donations to the Emergency Fund have allowed the SPSCC Foundation to be responsive and proactive in helping SPSCC students remain in school during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, and your support has been critical. SPSCC students have reached out to us to personally thank you – our donors – for all of your support during this time.

“[Knowing] there’s people that are supporting you was really, really nice to have. Thank you so much!” – Donovan Long “I am one of many first generation students who have been able to step up and continue their journey. I am beyond grateful for all of your kindness. Thank you!” – Tepualini Failauga Annual Report | 2019



South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

The Gallery Renamed in Honor of Leonor R. Fuller On January 24, 2020, the art gallery in the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts was officially renamed to honor former trustee Leonor R. Fuller for her advocacy for arts and education.

“When I found out that the gallery was going to be named after me, I cried.” – Leonor Fuller During her 17 years on the board, Fuller helped guide and support three presidents, worked collaboratively with 11 different trustees, and chaired the board from 2004 to 2006 and 2017 to 2018. Notable college projects which were completed or underway during Fuller’s tenure include the construction of the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts building, the purchase of 54 acres of property for the Center for Continuous Learning at the Hawks Prairie Center, the Health & Wellness Center, and the Craft Brewing & Distilling Center. “The number one rewarding experience [of my tenure] is being part of the evolution of support we have been able to provide our students,” Fuller said. “SPSCC has made it its mission to provide wrap-around services to help students succeed.” ♦

Leonor Fuller and husband Jay Fuller on far right with family.

Annual Report | 2019


Spotlight on Eva Gordon Leaving a Legacy and Changing Lives in Washington State At the end of 2019, the SPSCC Foundation received the largest cash donation in the College’s history: a gift of approximately $550,000 from the Eva Gordon Estate. SPSCC is one of 17 Washington community and technical colleges to receive a donation totaling nearly $10 million. We’re immensely grateful for this gift from the Gordon Estate.

secretary and as a trading assistant for a Seattle investment firm. Her husband Ed was a Navy pilot turned stockbroker. While the couple had wealth together, they invested their money separately. Through frugal living and investing early in Northwest-based companies like Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Starbucks, Eva grew her money.

A history of lending a hand “Eva had a tremendous heart and liked to A woman ahead of her time throw a rope to help people climb,” said John Eva Gordon, who passed away in June of Jacobs, her godson and a representative for 2018 at the age of 105, was a woman ahead her estate. of her time. She traveled the world with her Her compassion toward those going through brother before she married and did so at a financial struggles was something which time when most women didn’t get to have that reoccurred throughout her life. She was experience. Eva married her husband Ed later known to lend people money and didn’t ask in life—in 1964—when she was in her 50s. for interest when they paid her back. She also Another exceptional thing she did was make did volunteer work for children’s and wise investments. She worked as a legal educational programs.

“Eva had a tremendous heart and liked to throw a rope to help people climb.” – John Jacobs (Eva’s godson)


Eva and Ed Gordon left nearly $10 million to 17 community and technical colleges in Washington state.

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

According to her godson, Eva wished later in her life she had attended college. Perhaps knowing she had an unfilled wish—combined with her giving nature—solidified her decision to leave her wealth to colleges so others could pursue their goals of getting an education. Giving the gift of possibility While Eva never attended college, with her planned gift she made it possible for others to have a chance at attaining an education. Through her generous donation, there’s a tremendous opportunity to build momentum toward cultivating student success. This donation provides a base for additional ways to assist students. Because now more than ever, college success looks like more than simply paying tuition. Unlike four year university students, it’s more common for community college students to have families, jobs, and other responsibilities in addition to attending classes to improve their educational or career goals. Those that are first-generation college students are more likely to attend community college, and are often in need of even more assistance to reach graduation. Additionally, many students have needs which extend beyond what is covered under traditional financial aid. In the last two academic years, through donations and partnerships with community organizations, we’ve been able to step up our level of support by implementing wrap-around services on campus and outside of SPSCC. Some of those services include access to an on campus food pantry, emergency funding, and housing assistance. The Foundation is looking to plant a seed which will allow us to support even more students, and while this gift

Annual Report | 2019

from the Eva Gordon Estate will get us started, it’s only one step toward the work we plan to do. Providing support, showing belief Ultimately, a gift like Eva’s not only provides support and enriches lives, it can also bolster confidence. There’s something so powerful in hearing someone say ‘I believe in you.’ Giving a gift which allows someone to go further with their education is a decisive way to show faith in their potential and ability to achieve. From this point forward, scholarship recipients will know that a centenarian woman they never met believed in them and their dream of getting an education. ♦

Planned Giving Make more than a donation. Leave a legacy. Through a planned gift, you or your family can make a meaningful, long-lasting legacy for yourselves and future generations of SPSCC students. A legacy gift is a charitable donation to the college from your estate assets. Often received after one’s lifetime, these gifts are referred to as deferred or planned gifts. A legacy gift allows you to control the use of your gift to benefit your own financial future and take advantage of tax benefits. A legacy gift can include cash, bequests, trusts, stock, life insurance, annuities, and more. The benefits of planned giving include: ∙ Federal income tax charitable deductions ∙ Reduced and deferred capital gains taxes on appreciated property ∙ Reduction of your taxable estate For more information on Planned Giving, contact Mike Christensen.


SPSCC Alumni Impact Elizabeth Glenn, apprentice turned architect at KMB 2003 - Began CAD studies at Elizabeth Glenn didn’t know what she wanted to do after she graduated with the general transfer degree she earned as a Running Start student at Centralia College. She was waiting tables when she found out about the drafting program at SPSCC. Shortly after learning about the program, she decided to move from Lewis County to Olympia to pursue the educational opportunity. ”I didn’t realize I wanted to be an architect when I first started working,” she recalled.

After one year in the CAD studies program she secured an internship with KMB Architects and from there the path to her future career became a lot clearer. Elizabeth has spent her entire professional career at KMB Architects and is now an associate Registered Architect at the firm. Because there’s more than one way to become an architect in Washington, Elizabeth was able to get her license without obtaining further education once she left SPSCC. This apprenticeship method to becoming an architect appealed to her because of the flexibility. “I would have never become an architect if further education was the only path. For me, this was definitely the way to go. I was working and had kids.” Elizabeth is proud to be a part of an organization that is making an impact and improving Thurston County. One of her favorite recent projects is a health and wellness center currently under construction for the Nisqually Indian Tribe. ♦

Right: Elizabeth Glenn with Mark Beardemphl, Foundation Board Member and President & Partner at KMB architects.


SPSCC (now the AEC Technology program) 2004 - Started internship with KMB Architects 2004 - Completed Certificate of Architectural Drafting  005-2013 - Full time 2 employment at KMB while fulfilling internship requirements of the National Council of Architectural Registration Board 2014-2019 - Full time employment at KMB while completing Architecture Registration Exams 2019 - Became a licensed associate Registered Architect

SPSCC alumni sustain

5,364 jobs, account for $341 million in labor income,

and add $795 million in production of goods and services

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

“My favorite part of what I do is seeing something go from an idea to turning into something physical. It’s an amazing experience.” – Elizabeth Glenn

If you are an SPSCC alumni and want to stay in touch, please visit our alumni webpage:

Annual Report | 2019


Event Success The SPSCC Foundation hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Whether you like dressing up for an elegant evening gala or dusting off your golf clubs for a round of 18, we have something for everyone! Our two largest fundraisers, The Experience and the Clipper Scramble Golf Tournament, have both shown healthy growth over the past five years. Last year, over 400 guests attended The Experience: Sea It to Believe It, raising over $450,000. The Clipper Scramble Golf Tournament also raised an astounding $80,000 in 2019.


South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

Get Involved Host A Party

Want to help students in need? Invite your friends over and throw a Party for a Purpose! This is a great way to have friends gather toiletries for the campus Food Pantry, prepare back to school items for students in the fall, or collectively raise money to support a college program of your choice. We are more than happy to help you plan your party and can even help set it up. Steve Boone and Judy Weigand enjoying a “Party for a Purpose� hosted by Michelle Wickett.

Campus Tours

The SPSCC footprint is growing. From the Center for Business & Innovation in Lacey to the new Craft Brewing & Distilling Center in Tumwater to the spacious outdoor Olympia Campus. Contact the SPSCC Foundation if you would like to schedule a time to visit to learn more about how we serve students.

Share Your Story

We are always looking for success stories from our donors, alumni, and students. If you are an alumni wanting to share where you are now, or a donor stating why you give to SPSCC, we would love to hear from you!

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Annual Report | 2019


Innovation Craft District: Craft Brewing & Distilling Center SPSCC is proud to headquarter its Craft Brewing & Distilling program at the Tumwater Craft District, alongside leading distilleries, cideries, breweries, shops, restaurants, offices, and an outdoor amphitheater. SPSCC leases space in a new 10,000 square foot space, which will includes classrooms, labs, small scale production space, offices, a conference room, and more.

Health & Wellness Center In 2017, SPSCC students voted to create a Health and Wellness Center at the college’s Olympia Campus, funded by student fees. The center will include a renovated gymnasium, a new auxiliary gymnasium, weight room, cardio room, and additional study spaces. Construction is now under way on the project, which is expected to be complete in summer 2020. The project is designed by KMB Architects with construction by Pease Construction.

Updated construction of new Health & Wellness Center.


South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

Looking Ahead 2020 marked the first ever SPSCC in the Sun event! Friends of SPSCC gathered at the home Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert in Palm Desert for an afternoon of hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and catching up with friends. SPSCC President Dr. Timothy Stokes gave a state of the college speech as we celebrated the college’s history and envisioned its bright future, including the new state of the art Craft Brewing & Distilling Center in Tumwater and the construction of the new Health & Wellness Center. Let us know if you are interested in joining us next year as we escape the cold weather and venture to the warm California sun to join other Olympians in this friendraising event! Hosts Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert are surrounded by friends of SPSCC

Annual Report | 2019


Lifetime Circle Cumulative Gifts of $25,000 and above

Longtime donors Ray LaForge and Bill Garrett Anonymous Tom and Jeannine* Allen Altrusa International of Olympia Rick Arnold Rose Bailey and Gary Altman The Dominick Bayard Family Dick and Judy Blinn Dr. Angela Bowen The Estate of Angela J. Bowen Dr. D. Mark and Olivia Brown Robert and Lynn Brunton Frank and Gudrun Byles Capital Medical Center Capital Medical Center Guild College Spark Washington Columbia Bank Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation Cornerstone Advisors Corvettes de Olympia Daniel A. Cushman* Wayne and Teri Dickason John Dickson Gayer and Patty Dominick* Don and Celeste Dybeck Mark and Nancy Elliott Charles and Kimberly Ellwanger Event Planning Specialists, LLC Jack and R. Pamela Fell Thomas and Suzanne Fell Valerie and Brian Fluetsch Peter and Kathy Fluetsch Valerie and Brian Fluetsch FORMA Construction Charles and Susan Frank Leonor and Jay Fuller Gannett Foundation/The Olympian William and Kathy* Garrett William and Dana Garson Albert and Nancy Goerig John and Carol Gonnella


Eva Gordon Greene Realty Group Ann Greene L. Lucille Hakala Mariana Halsan* James and Carol Hannum The Nels and Phyllis Hanson Family William Hanson Jerry and Patricia Harper Judy Hartmann and Mike Roberts Dennis and Paula Heck Marco J. Heidner Charitable Trust Heritage Bank Hill-Betti Business Park, LLC Cindy and John* Hough Clara and Sherman Huffine* Information Processing Management Association Ted* and Tanya Jernigan Family Dorothy and William Judah* Junior League of Olympia Charles and Carolyn Keck KeyBank KeyBank Foundation Dale and Annie Knuth L&E Bottling Company, Inc. Ray and Barbara LaForge Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel Ludlow Foundation The Estate of Hal Marcus Inge and Hal* Marcus Dr. Cole and Holly Mason H. “Jerry” and Esther Maury* Edward and Yoshi Mayeda Steve McRavin and Patti Gora-McRavin Liz and Art* Mell Rick and Ellen Middleton Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert Mike and Teri Murphy Patricia Bliss Nelson Nisqually Indian Tribe Northwest Education Loan Association Emily and Edward* Odegard Olympia Federal Savings Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Olympia Tumwater Foundation O’Neill & Sons, Inc. Great Western Supply Daniel and Carla O’Neill Kathy and Jack* Perciful Port Blakely Tree Farms Providence St. Peter Foundation Providence St. Peter Hospital Puget Sound Energy Dr. Gerald Pumphrey and Carol Wintercorn F. Whitmore and Ann Reading* Marvin and Mary-Lynne Reiner Don Rhodes and Nancy Beveridge Kenneth M. Ritchey Estate

JoAnn Ross Rotary Club of West Olympia Ruth Murphy Evans Charitable Trust Saint Martin’s University Michael Schmidt* The Nicholas M. Schmidt Family Ted Schultz and Sue Ann Lyle Bertha Schulz* Richard and Laurel Seaman Lynn and Sally Shafer The Estate of Helen C. Shank Capt. (Ret.) Harold W. and Barbara Simpson* Dr. Jerald and Mary Kaye Smith South Seattle College Foundation & Office of Advancement St. Peter Hospital Auxiliary Jack and Evelyn Starr State Farm Company Foundation State Farm Insurance Companies Dr. Timothy Stokes Skip and Gloria Strait Larry and Earlyse Swift The Bruno and Evelyne Betti Foundation The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound The Frederick & Margaret Weyerhaeuser Foundation The Learning Seed Foundation The Titus-Will Families Foundation Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Thurston-Mason County Medical Society Alliance Titus-Will Auto Dealership The Estate of Stephanie Todak The Estate of Elizabeth Tucker TwinStar Community Foundation TwinStar Credit Union Univera, Inc. Brian and Barbara Vance First Citizens Bank (Formerly Venture Bank) WA State Board of Community & Technical Colleges Exceptional Faculty Matching Grants Richard and Mary Lou Wadley John and Sally Warjone Washington Hospitality Association Washington State Association of College Trustees Washington State Employees Credit Union Judith and Phil* Weigand Weiks Family Partners The Estate of Frances Naomi Wilson Bob Wolf* Trudie Yarbrough* Zonta Club of South Puget Sound Zonta of Olympia *deceased

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

President’s Club The President’s Club is our way of honoring our tremendous supporters through their various levels of contributions. Our highest honor is becoming a member of the Lifetime Circle and their inductions are celebrated the President’s Club event. Members Circle $1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous Dennis Adams Anthony and Christie Agtarap Juana Alcala Mark and Lauri Allen Michelle Andreas BCE Engineers, Inc. Barry Bolding and Lupe Salazar Bron’s Automotive Dr. D. Mark and Olivia Brown Marty Brown Roger and Robin Carnes Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar Virgil and Barbara Clarkson Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 11-4 Corvettes de Olympia Ann and Greg Cuoio Patty and Waite Dalrymple Monty Davis Jeffrey and Erin Doan Samantha and William Dotson Exodus Engineering Inc. Thomas and Suzanne Fell Jason Finney Annamary Fitzgerald FORMA Construction Daryl and Kristen Fourtner Fred Goldberg Family Foundation Leonor and Jay Fuller William and Dana Garson Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Lakewold Kelly and Brian Green Hackney Family Dentistry Kyle and Kelly Hackney Travis and Katie Hackney Hands On Children’s Museum Harbor Wholesale Grocery Arlen E. Harris Dennis and Paula Heck Jodi Henderson Hensel Phelps Construction Co. James and Alicia Hill Hoffman Construction Company Hough Education Consulting Betty J. Hutt Sarah Johnson Dan and Kati Jones

Annual Report | 2019

Kaufman Construction & Development, Inc. Charles and Carolyn Keck Amy and Tim Kelly Amee and Craig Kiefer Greg Klein and Joan Marchioro Jon and Karen Kooiker L&E Bottling Company, Inc. Lacey Mid Day Lions Club Lacey Mid Day Lions Foundation Dale E. Larson Irving A. Lassen Foundation Bron and Tuula Lindgren Doug and Cathy Mah Lorrie Mahar Vicki and Mike McKinnon Steve McRavin and Patti Gora-McRavin Susan and Robert Meenk Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert Jace and Sally Munson Meg Myers and Frank Addeo Olympia Host Lions Club Daniel and Carla O’Neill Ostrom Mushroom Farms Caprice Paduano Jeff Pantier Dennis and Christine Peck Dave Pelkey Drew and Kylie Phillips Port Blakely Tree Farms Cynthia Pratt Providence Health & Services R.L. Ray Violin Shop, LLC Rotary Club of Olympia Becci and Andy Ryder Ronald H. Schafer Ted Schultz and Sue Ann Lyle Shur-Kleen Car Wash, Inc. Thomas and Cynthia Slagle Ronna Smith South Puget Sound Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 4603 AFL Squaxin Island Tribe Jack and Evelyn Starr Mark and Kimberly Steepy Valerie Sundby-Thorp and Dylan Thorp The Athena Group Thurston Talk Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Thurston-Mason County Medical Society Alliance

Dale and Jamie Tosland TwinStar Credit Union Walmart Spence and Dawn Weigand Brendan and Nicole Williams Thomas and Marla Witt James and Velma Woods Workpointe, Inc. World Vision Rodney Youckton Dan and Brenna Young

Patrons Circle $2,500 to $4,999 Acme Fuel Company Altrusa International of Olympia Bobbie Andreas Rose Bailey and Gary Altman Columbia Bank Crown Distributing Co. of Aberdeen, Inc. Jay Cushman Jeff Davis Dille Law, PLLC Brent and Samantha Dille Steven and Kathleen Drew Mark and Nancy Elliott Charles and Susan Frank Ronelle Funk Jason and Beth Gordon Gradleaders, Inc. Patti Grant, Paige E. Grant L. Lucille Hakala Jerry and Patricia Harper Scott Henderson Cindy and John* Hough Annie Iriye and Steve Pogge JRO + CO Andy Kaplowitz Kiley Juergens Wealth Management LLC KMB Architects Korsmo Construction Ray and Barbara LaForge Lexar Homes Dan Mundle Mike and Teri Murphy OBee Credit Union Olympia Multi-Specialty Clinic Puget Sound Energy Rob and Helena Rice Kenneth M. Ritchey Estate


Rotary Club of South Puget Sound SCJ Alliance Consulting Services Ben and Bernadette Shah Sunset Air, Inc. Tacoma Rainiers Thurston County Chamber Thurston County Chamber Foundation Washington State Association of College Trustees

Director’s Circle $5,000 to $9,999 Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Harold and Dorrie Carr Cornerstone Advisors Delta Air Lines Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Valerie and Brian Fluetsch Kenneth and Beverly Haughton The Haughton Family Thomas Henderson Heritage Bank Heritage Distilling Co. Ted and Tanya Jernigan Family Kidder Mathews The Learning Seed Foundation Inge and Hal* Marcus

Olympia Federal Savings Panorama Right! Systems Inc. Jason and Julie Robertson Rotary Club of West Olympia Saint Martin’s University Gloria Siciliano Dr. Timothy Stokes Skip and Gloria Strait The Bruno and Evelyne Betti Foundation The Evergreen State College Titus-Will Auto Dealership United Way Worldwide Zonta Club of South Puget Sound

Trustees’ Circle $10,000 and up Anonymous Jerald Anderson Jack and Karen Armstrong Robert and Lynn Brunton Capital Medical Center Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation Jack and R. Pamela Fell Peter and Kathy Fluetsch Bill Funk and Marilyn Zuckerman* Albert and Nancy Goerig

The Estate of Eva C. Gordon Judy Hartmann and Mike Roberts Heritage Bank - West Olympia Matthew Ice Information Processing Management Association Kaiser Permanente, Renton KeyBank National Association Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel Lynnette McCarty Nisqually Indian Tribe Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Christopher James Providence St. Peter Foundation Don Rhodes and Nancy Beveridge JoAnn Ross Serendipity Children’s Center, Inc. South Puget Sound Community College South Seattle College Foundation & Office of Advancement State Board of Community and Technical Colleges The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound TwinStar Community Foundation Vietnamese Community of Thurston County Washington State Employees Credit Union Judith and Phil* Weigand

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. 18

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation



Anne Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Donald V. Rhodes Endowed Scholarship in the Arts Frank Family Endowed Scholarship in the Arts Greene Family Endowed Scholarship in the Arts Jack Perciful Endowed Scholarship in the Fine and Performing Arts Jeff Johnson Memorial Scholarship John and Sally Warjone Family Endowed Scholarship in the Arts John S. and Naomi Lynch Endowed Scholarship Scott Farman Memorial Scholarship Sherman Huffine Endowed Scholarship in the Arts and Humanities William and Dorothy Judah Endowed Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences

Charles and Lenora O’Neill Endowed Scholarship in Business, Land Management and Related Studies Donald V. Rhodes Endowed Scholarship in Business Donald V. Rhodes Scholarship in Business Gateway Rotary “Service Above Self” Scholarship in Business Mike & Teri Murphy Scholarship Napoleon J. Lucchini Memorial Scholarship Nicholas M. Schmidt Endowed Scholarship Phyllis Mandel Scholarship in Business and Entrepreneurship Sarah Schroeder Dickson Endowed Scholarship TwinStar Credit Union Scholarship in Business Wadley Family Endowed Scholarship Wesley Anderson Memorial Scholarship in Business

AUTOMOTIVE, WELDING & MANUFACTURING Architecture, Engineering & Construction Technology (AECT) Scholarship “We Build America” Scholarship Col. Robert W. and Laura L. Hakala Scholarship Corvettes de Olympia Scholarship in Automotive Technology Dana Garson Endowed Scholarship H.V. “Brew” Brewington Endowed Scholarship in Automotive Technology Harold W. and Barbara A. Betaque Simpson Family Endowed Scholarship Jim Crabbe Memorial Scholarship Joseph A. Martin Memorial Scholarship Joseph Bidot Memorial Scholarship Matthias Patrick McRavin Memorial Scholarship South Puget Sound Community College Automotive Technology Program Scholarship Titus-Will Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hyundai Endowed Scholarship in Automotive Technology TwinStar Credit Union Scholarship in Automotive Technology Whit Reading Endowed Scholarship in Automotive Technology Witt Family Scholarship in Automotive

Annual Report | 2019

Edith Arnold Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing H. “Jerry” and Esther C. Maury Endowed Scholarship in Healthcare Harold W. and Barbara A. Betaque Simpson Family Endowed Scholarship FOOD, BEVERAGE ARTS & HOSPITALITY Hartmann & Roberts Scholarship in Nursing Ann Reading Scholarship in Culinary Arts Hettinger Family Scholarship in Healthcare Anthony’s Restaurants Endowed Jack P. and Evelyn A. Starr Scholarship in Culinary Arts Scholarship in Nursing Brewing & Distilling Scholarship Jim Crabbe Memorial Scholarship Col. Robert W. and Laura L. Hakala Larry and Betty Tucker Endowed Scholarship Scholarship in Healthcare Culinary Arts Program Endowed Scholarship Lynn Matheson Brunton, RHD Goldberg Family Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship in Dental Assisting in Culinary Arts Panorama Nursing Scholarship Harold W. and Barbara A. Betaque Simpson Paul A. DiDonato, DDS, Memorial Endowed Family Endowed Scholarship Scholarship in Dental Assisting Washington Restaurant Association Providence St. Peter Foundation Education Foundation Gene Vosberg Scholarship in Medical Assisting Legacy Endowed Scholarship Providence St. Peter Foundation Scholarship in Nursing HEALTHCARE St. Peter Hospital Auxiliary Endowed Albert C. Goerig, DDS, Scholarship Scholarship in Nursing in Dental Assisting The Gisela McRavin “Ray of Hope” Bertha Schulz Endowed Scholarship Scholarship in Nursing in Nursing Capital Medical Center Endowed Scholarship The Olympia Physicians’ Endowed Scholarship in Healthcare Carolyn and Charlie Keck Endowed The Stephanie Todak Memorial Scholarship in Dental Assisting Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Col. Robert W. and Laura L. Hakala Thurston-Mason County Medical Scholarship Society Alliance Scholarship in Healthcare Dennis W. Mahar Memorial Scholarship Dr. D. Mark Brown and Olivia Brown Scholarship in Healthcare Dr. Thomas Fell Endowed Scholarship in Healthcare

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Information Processing Management Association Endowed Scholarship in Computer Technology Studies


Scholarship List cont’d Evalyn Poff Memorial Scholarship Faculty Memorial Scholarship FIRE Summit Scholarship Friends of the College Foundation Endowed Scholarship SCIENCE, ENGINEERING & MATH Harry B. Lewis Endowed Scholarship Benjamin S. Ellwanger Memorial Hartmann & Roberts Family Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Heck Family Endowed Scholarship William and Dorothy Judah Endowed Helping Hand Scholarship Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences Herman and Marcia Winters SOCIAL SERVICES & EDUCATION Memorial Scholarship Anthropology & Cultural Resource International Student Legacy Scholarship Management Endowed Scholarship James and Velma Woods Scholarship Bert A. Deck Memorial Endowed Jim Pitsaroff Memorial Scholarship Scholarship in Early Childhood Education JoAnn Ross Scholarship Dr. Cole and Holly Mason Endowed Junior League of Olympia Legacy Scholarship in Early Childhood Education Endowed Scholarship Frances Naomi Wilson Endowed Scholarship Kathleen M. Willis Memorial Frank W. Foley Endowed Scholarship in Endowed Scholarship Legal and Related Studies Kathy Wolf Memorial Scholarship Heidi Hamilton Henderson L & E Bottling Company Pepsi Scholarship Memorial Scholarship Lacey Midday Lions Club Scholarship Mayeda Family Endowed Scholarship Larson Family Scholarship in Early Childhood Education Latinx Youth Summit Scholarship Nellie Robertson Memorial Scholarship Learning Seed Endowed Scholarship in Veterinary Science Leonor and Jay Fuller Scholarship Reykdal Family Scholarship in Education LGBTQ and Ally Scholarship Serendipity Academy Scholarship LGBTQ+ Fund Scholarship The Major Ralph Paduano Scholarship Mabel Burg and Vera Westover in Education Endowed Scholarship Thurston County Bar Association Scholarship Margie’s Fund Endowed Scholarship Western States Auto Theft Investigators Mariana Halsan Endowed Scholarship NW Chapter Marilyn Zuckerman and Bill Funk Endowed Scholarship GENERAL Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Advantage Scholarship McDonald’s Restaurants “The Experience” Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Athletics Scholarships Mell Family Endowed Scholarship Biella Foundation Community and Olympia Brewing Company Technical College Scholarship Employees Beneficial Trust Boone Family Endowed Scholarship Colin Reese Memorial Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Olympia Country & Golf Club Diversity and Equity Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Doris Drees Endowed Scholarship Olympia Rotary Endowed Scholarship Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert Patricia and Jerry Harper Scholarship Presidential Endowed Scholarship Phil Weigand Memorial Scholarship Egbert and Florence Fell Rachel Joanne Weiner Memorial Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Ralph & Opaline Chase Elizabeth and Bayard Dominick & Memorial Scholarship Mary and Bayard Coggeshall Robert G. Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Rotary Club of West Olympia Elliott Family Next Endeavour Endowed Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Sar Rath Endowed Scholarship Em and Ed Odegard New Beginning Second Chance Scholarship Endowed Scholarship Michael Martin Endowed Scholarship in CAD/BIM Technology Right! Systems Information Technology Scholarship


Second Growth Endowed Scholarship SPSCC Alumni Scholarship Steve and Nancy Bean & Daryl and the Diptones “Rock’n Roll” Endowed Scholarship Strait Family Endowed Scholarship Student Success Advantage Scholarship The Athena Group “Authentic Leadership” Scholarship The Chehalis Tribes Friendship Scholarship Tom “Gunny” Shirey Memorial Scholarship Tom Allen Scholarship Vietnamese Community Association of Thurston County Scholarship Vo Family Endowed Scholarship William and Teresea Crabtree Scholarship

GRANT Automotive Completion Fund Betti Auto Tool Program Fund Captain Walt Kardonsky Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Parent Education Dorothy Helen “Hope” Endowed Emergency Grant Greer Basic Skills Tuition Fund Helen C. Shank Memorial Student Need Grant Endowed Fund Julie Ann Cushman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in ABE and Emergency Grants Natural Sciences Grant Oppedahl GED Testing Fund Prickly Heat Acres, K. McMillin Knuth Emergency Grant Rosie the Riveter “Tools of the Trade” Fund SPS Rotary GED Testing Fund SPSCC Advantage Endowed Scholarship SPSCC Completion Fund Strait Family Success Fund Student Success Emergency Grant Student Success Testing Fund Student Success Tools & Supplies Fund Study Abroad Grant Veteran’s Support Fund

VOCATIONAL OR TECHNICAL Helen C. Shank Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Vocational-Technical Education Helen C. Shank Soroptimist International Endowed Scholarship in Vocational Technical Education Nels and Phyllis Hanson Endowed Scholarship in Trades and Technologies

South Puget Sound Community College Foundation

Foundation Staff Tanya Mote, Executive Director Mike Christensen, Campaign and Major Gift Officer Julie Floyd, Executive Assistant Andrew Garcia, Development Specialist - Marketing and Annual Giving Beth Schluter, Director of Finance and Scholarships Evan Skytte, Director of Development LeeAnn Thompson, Development Specialist - Database Management Vy Tran, Events Coordinator Symone Wright, Fiscal Specialist

Foundation Board Mark Beardemphl Linda Villegas Bremer Brent Dille Valerie Fluetsch Daryl Fourtner Charlie Frank Dana Garson Marcus Glasper Amy Head Thomas Henderson Cindy Hough Annie Iriye Ray LaForge Phyllis Mandel Lynnette McCarty Susan Meenk Daniel C. O’Neill Chris Richardson Jason Robertson Ted Schultz Ben Shah Becci Ryder Carrie Whisler Judy Hartmann, Trustee Liaison Dr. Timothy Stokes, College President

OPR 05/20 nk 1,000

2011 Mottman Rd. SW Olympia, WA 98512-6292

Thank you for sounding off in support of students and for staying committed to Making the Sound everything it can and will be.

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2019 SPSCC Foundation Annual Report  

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